Author’s note: Many thanks for the warm reception that my first story received. Many of you commented that you’d like to see more from our intrepid couple so here we are. The original idea for the story didn’t extend past the end of the first instalment so I hope that I don’t spoil it by continuing.

We pick up the story at the end of the first chapter with a little overlap for context. I hope you enjoy…

Nikki woke slowly. She had been dreaming of something. She couldn’t remember exactly what, but she was sure it was a nice dream because she felt happy. She was also warm and comfortable and there was something else too. Something she couldn’t put her finger on at first. Something was different. The bed felt different. The duvet was a little lighter than normal and smelled different; of sex. Not an overpowering stench you understand, but definitely sex. And why wasn’t she wearing any clothes?

Then she tried to move. And every muscle in her body seemed to complain at once. Like a collective voice of protest from body to head that said: “Not today. We’re having the day off”.

But it was a pleasant aching that she felt, like after hard day’s work when you can enjoy the feeling of relaxing in bed.

And that’s when she remembered what had happened to her. She could almost still feel how good Tom’s fingers had felt inside her as his tongue worked her clit. She let out a gentle moan at the memory.

At the sound, a warm lump of man behind her shifted on the bed. Tom snuggled closer so that he was spooning behind her. She felt his arm reach across her and hold her against his muscular torso.

“Hello sleepy-head” he whispered in her ear.

“Hello you.” She replied and wiggled her bottom suggestively against him.

“How are you feeling?” Tom asked

“I’m aching all over. You don’t know a good masseur do you?”

“As a matter of fact, I do.”

With that, Tom’s fingers began to trace gently down her side and across her toned stomach. At the same time, Nikki felt his lips begin to gently nibble at the side of her neck. Her body instantly started to respond. Her skin began to pucker up into goose bumps under his touch and she felt her breathing getting ragged. She wanted nothing more than to melt into his arms again and let him take her to the same heights of pleasure that he’d managed earlier. But she wasn’t sure her body could take it in her weakened state so she stopped his hand with one of hers and pulled away from his kisses slightly.

Tom instantly backed off. “Sorry.” He said “I just thought that after earlier. You know?”

Nikki lifted his hand to her mouth and kissed it gently. “I’m not stopping you because I don’t want you. Please don’t think that. I just need to recover a bit. That was pretty intense before!”

“OK.” There was relief in his voice. “I was worried I’d freaked you out a bit just then.”

“No chance.” Nikki replied holding his hand against her cheek as he snuggled closer again.

“No chance? Be careful what you wish for. You’ve already uncovered my dirty little baby oil secret. Who knows what other dark perversions I’ve got hidden from public view?”

“Oh no!” Nikki chuckled. “And here’s me all naked and weak as a lamb.”

“I know. It’s just as well none of my fetishes relate to stunningly beautiful naked ladies or you might be in trouble.”

Nikki giggled again but the compliment didn’t go unnoticed.

“In all seriousness.” Tom continued. “My main craving at the moment is for food. Breakfast seems a long time ago now.”

“What time is it?” Nikki suddenly realised that she’d completely lost track.

“Just after five.”

“Shit. So I was asleep most of the day? You must have tired me out more than I realised. I’m really sorry. Have you been here the whole time? What a waste of your Saturday.”

“I got up a couple of times. I did a few hours’ work on the laptop too. You were dead to the world. I must have drifted off myself for a bit. That’s why I forgot to get some lunch. You must be hungry too.”

Right on cue, Nikki’s stomach growled its agreement. They bough laughed.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Tom said. “Time to formulate a plan then. Why don’t I go out and get a movie and some take-away and we can decamp to the lounge for an evening of slobbery and laziness?”

“Sounds perfect. On two conditions though. One: you let me pay. And Two: you call in at my flat on the way past and pick up my toothbrush. I don’t want stinky breath just in case I find anyone worth kissing in the next few hours.” The last statement was followed by a sloppy kiss planted on the back of his hand that she was still holding.

“OK, sounds fair to me.” Tom replied. “If you want anything else from your flat then I can pick it up too and then perhaps you might like to stay here tonight so I can keep an eye on you. Just to make sure you’re OK you understand; not because I like looking at you or anything.”

“Of course. And I’d only be staying because I’m too weak to walk home, not because I like you looking after me or anything.” Tom could hear the smile in her voice as she spoke.

“Right then.” Tom reluctantly disentangled himself from Nikki and slid out from under the duvet. “I’ll get right on it.”

Tom handed Nikki her coat and she dug out her purse and handed him some cash. They exchanged mobile numbers and agreed that pizza was what they wanted. Tom rang ahead and ordered while Nikki fished out her keys for him.

“It’s flat number 6b. Will you find it OK?”

“I’ll be fine.” Tom replied. “I’ll give you a call when I get there and you can talk me through what you want me to grab. Have a think about what sort of film you want. Right, I’m off. Wish me luck!”


Tom grabbed a small rucksack from the hall and a coat from behind the front door and headed out onto the street.

His head was a bit fuzzy from sleeping during the day and it was good to get some fresh air.

It also gave him time to reflect on the weekend’s events so far. A lot had happened in twenty four hours. At this very moment, the woman that he’d been looking forward to seeing about this time yesterday was currently lying naked in his bed. The thought left him shaking his head and grinning from ear to ear.

It was easy to find the door to Nikki’s flat. His guess of where she lived had been about right. He hadn’t realised the these houses were broken into flats but he was right that she was about 4 doors down from him on the other side of the road. He paused at her door and took out the keys she had given him. Suddenly he thought about what he was about to do and felt a bit apprehensive. It almost felt like a violation to be walking around in someone’s flat when you didn’t know them that well. Still, it was her idea after all. In any case, he’d promised to phone her so she’d practically be with him anyway.

He put his hands-free kit in his ear and called her.

“Hi” Came Nikki’s voice.

“Hi, I’m outside your flat.”

“I know, I can see you.”

Tom turned around and saw her looking out of his bedroom window. She was holding the phone to her ear with one hand and clutching the duvet across her front with the other. Tom gave a little wave .

“I can’t wave back because I’m kinda tied up with my hands here.”

“I know, I was hoping I’d trick you into dropping the duvet.”

“Cheeky! Are you going in or what?”

“OK, here we go.” Tom opened the door and walked in.

It was a good sized flat and Nikki kept it pretty clean from what Tom could see. He was glad he’d had a chance to clean up his place before she’d woken up the first time because she probably would have been appalled to see the state of it if she’d walked in like he was doing now.

“Where am I going then?” He asked.

“Bathroom first. It’s at the far end of the hall.”

Tom walked down the hall noting the kitchen on the right and lounge on the left. The next door on the right was closed and he presumed the bedroom lay beyond it. At the end, he pushed open the last door and stepped into a compact bathroom.

“OK, I’m here. What do you need?”

“Well, the toothbrush should be by the sink. You’d better grab my toothpaste too. There should be a washing bag in the cupboard under the sink you can put it all in.”

“OK, got that. You you want some shampoo too in case you want another bath?”

“Yep, that’s a good idea. shampoo and conditioner are on the side of the bath. You can leave the bubble-bath behind, I think I can manage without it.”

Tom chuckled. “Anything else from here?”

“Nope, all I need now are some fresh clothes. You’d better head for the bedroom. First door on your left.”

As Tom gently pushed open the door to Nikki’s bedroom he could smell her. Tom always noticed the smell of an unfamiliar building but here the smell was stronger and it reminded him of her. He took a deep breath and savoured her scent. They say that smell is one of the most evocative of senses and Tom found himself remembering the same fragrance as he had snuggled up to Nikki earlier. He recalled how soft her skin felt when he’d kissed her neck and how she’d responded to his touch.

“Are you there or what?” The voice in his ear shook him out of his daydream.

“Sure, what do you need from here?” He replied.

“Well, I’ll need something to wear tomorrow. I’ll just wear these jeans again but I’ll want a fresh top to change into. You’ve seen most of my outfits. What do you think I should wear?”

“Wow, this must be a first; me being asked for fashion advice! What sort of thing do you want?”

“I dunno, it’s not like I was going to be going out in it. I thought perhaps you might have a favourite you’d like me to wear.”

Tom was about to protest that he hadn’t studied her in enough detail to have a favourite but they both knew that wasn’t exactly true. Their regular encounters in the street over the last few weeks had given him plenty of opportunity to examine her clothing. Without any particular coaxing on his part, an image popped into his head of her walking towards him wearing her jeans and a tight red top with a sweeping neck-line. He remembered it because it was the first outfit she’d worn that had shown off her cleavage.

“Err, OK. You’ve got a red top that I remember. It’s got kind of a round neck-line. I don’t really know how to describe it.”

“I know the one you mean. I don’t have many red tops. Do you see the chest of drawers next to the dresser? I think it’s in the second drawer from the top. Have a look.”

Tom crossed the room and pulled open the drawer in question. It was full of neatly folded tops. Tom recognised a few of them. After a quick rummage, he found the one he’d remembered.

“Got it.” He said. “I’ve tried not to mess things up too much in there but I’ve got clumsy big man-hands remember?”

“Yeah, I remember. Don’t worry, it won’t be the first thing your hands have left in a mess recently but I’m not complaining!”

Tom didn’t quite know how to respond to that so he just asked: ” What else do you need.”

There was a short pause from Nikki and then: “Well, this is a bit awkward but, um, I’m gonna need something to wear underneath it. Do you think your big clumsy man-hands can manage to hook me out some undies?”

Tom had known this was likely to happen – after all if she was going to need fresh clothes then underwear had to be at the top of the list – but the thought of going through her most intimate clothing had been too much for his poor little brain to handle on top of recent events. So he’d just blanked it out. “Keep it together Tommy-boy.” He mentally chided himself. It’s just some fabric in a drawer nothing to get excited about.

But when, under Nikki’s guidance, he pulled open the top drawer of her night-stand, he was forced to re-consider that statement. Tom had been under the impression that women tended to stick to plain and boring but comfortable underwear most of the time with the occasional “special occasion” lingerie. But it seemed he was wrong about that. The drawer was packed with a bewildering array of bras of all different colours and styles. The only thing that they had in common was the fact that none of them looked plain or boring. In fact it looked like someone had walked into the nearest high-end lingerie store, bought one of everything and put it there for Tom to find. As Tom gently sifted through them, he couldn’t help but picture what Nikki would look like wearing them. He’d only seen her fully naked from behind but that didn’t stop him from painting a vivid picture in his head of how her gorgeous body would be presented to him in some of the bras he was rummaging through.

“Tom? Can you still hear me?” Nikki’s voice snapped him back in focus.

“Yep, I’m here. What am I looking for?”

“Well I’ve got a particular bra that goes with the top. The neckline doesn’t work with most of them. It’s a red balcony bra. Do you know what that is?”

“I think I’ve got it. It’s quite, um, lacy.” Tom pulled out the garment and held it up. The cups were made of very sheer lace and were only just over half the height of some of the others. Tom could see how it could be described as a “balcony” bra. He had a quick peek at the label. 32 B it said. A nice handful but not much more, just the way Tom liked it.

“That’ll be the one.” Nikki carried on, oblivious of his careful study of her skimpies. “There should be some knickers that go with them in the drawer below.”

“OK, I’ll have a look.” Tom put the bra on the bed and opened the lower drawer. Unsurprisingly, it contained a similar array of panties to the selection of bras he’d just seen. There were plenty of different styles and colours. Nikki seemed to like thongs as there were more of these than any other type. Tom couldn’t fault her preference; he was extremely partial to a good thong too. Remembering just what a sweet backside she had, Tom’s imagination kicked into overdrive thinking how it would look framed by the small strings of some of these. He was so pre-occupied with the thongs that he reached the bottom of the pile without finding anything that matched the bra. But he found something else. Under all of the knickers, he discovered a small bottle of lube and vibrator. It was a simple cylindrical device, the type where you twist one end to switch it on. Tom was momentarily frozen as an image popped into his head of Nikki writhing on the bed furiously working the vibe in and out of her soaked pussy. Not for the first time this weekend, Tom had to rearrange has manhood to accommodate its hardness.

“Have you not found them yet?” Again her voice brought him back to reality. “You can’t miss them, they’re the same material as the bra.”

Tom quickly flicked through the pile again and spotted them.

“I’ve got them, kinda like lacy hot-pants?”

“Yep, that’s them. I think that’s just about all I need except some pyjamas.” Tom was a bit disappointed. He had been hoping to keep her naked all night but he couldn’t complain if she wanted to curl up in a nice comfortable set of boring flannel pyjamas after what she’d been through.

“Where are they?” He asked.

“Back to the big chest of drawers. In the bottom drawer, you’ll find a plastic bag. Just chuck the whole bag in your pack. It’s got some sleep-wear in it. I’ve not had a chance to wear it yet so it’s still in the bag from the shop but it will be perfect for lounging around in.”

Tom did as requested without bothering to look inside the bag. After the clothing he’d just been handling, the prospect of looking at some sensible sleep-wear didn’t exactly pique his curiosity. Anyway, the pizza would be waiting for him and he was hungry.

After checking with Nikki that he had everything he needed and a brief discussion on film choices, he disconnected the call and headed off towards the dvd rental shop.


Nikki lay on her back on the bed. She was summoning up the energy to get up. After she’d watched Tom go into her flat, she’d returned to the bed to continue their conversation on the phone. She’d had no reservations at all about letting Tom wonder about her flat without her which surprised her. Normally it took Nikki a long time to trust someone. She was naturally a fairly solitary person and she didn’t let her guard down easily. In the past, this had been the reason for relationships to fail when boyfriends grew frustrated as they sensed that she never fully opened herself to them emotionally – and perhaps sexually too. On the rare occasions that she had felt like opening up to people, it had come after she’d taken a long time getting to know them. Now, with Tom, everything was backwards. The circumstances of their meeting had completely by-passed her defences. The fact that she had been so vulnerable and Tom had cared for her so sincerely meant that she simply felt instantly comfortable in his presence.

So now she was in the utterly alien situation of trusting someone completely but not really knowing them at all. The prospect of getting to know Tom better was something Nikki was looking forward to a great deal.

But, whilst she had felt comfortable letting him explore her flat, she’d still got a thrill out of guiding him towards her underwear drawer. Luckily, thanks to her recent predilection for matching lingerie, she knew their contents would have been quite a sight to any red-blooded male. Tom had already made it very clear that he found her attractive, both with his comments and with the way he looked at her. This made Nikki much more confident and brazen than she could ever have imagined herself being. It wasn’t strictly true that she needed that bra to go under the red top but she’d always thought it was one of her most sexy and she loved the idea of Tom holding it up and trying to imagine what she would look like wearing it. He’d played it cool on the phone but she could tell by the way he’d gone quiet a few times that it was having an effect on him.

The fact that she was lying naked on Tom’s bed whilst she encouraged him to examine her underwear was having as much effect on her as she hoped it was having on Tom. As she’d held the phone in her left hand, her right had slipped between her legs almost without her noticing. She’d been surprised by how wet she’d been and it felt so good as her fingers had gently spread her lips, working her juices around and making her even more slippery.

Whilst Tom was searching for the briefs, she’d momentarily wondered if he would find her vibrator at the bottom of the pile. The thought thrilled her more than she expected. She could have done with having the vibe to hand at that moment actually. It felt like she would only have had to turn it on and slip it into her moist tunnel and she would have climaxed almost instantly.

It was probably for the best that the call had come to an end not long after that. She’d meant what she’d said to Tom earlier about her body not being ready for another orgasm.

So now she lay and waited for Tom’s return. It felt strange to be alone all of a sudden. She was used to it of course but it had felt so good to share some relaxed, intimate company that she felt the contrast of being by herself intensely.

Knowing that he wouldn’t be long, and wanting to have made it downstairs by herself in time for his return, Nikki finally built up the strength to move. She was a little unsteady on her feet but she managed to stand without too much drama. As liberating as it felt to be standing naked in Tom’s bedroom, she decided to hunt for something to cover herself prior to his return. Since he’d been looking around her bedroom, it felt only fair that she return the favour.

It didn’t take her long to find a fluffy white robe in the wardrobe. It was a little big for her. The hem was down to her ankles and it wrapped almost around to her back but it would have to do.

She had better luck negotiating the stairs than earlier but it still tired her out more than she expected. She had to stop and sit on the bottom step for a rest. That’s where she was when Tom came in the front door.

He looked up surprised to see her and broke into a chuckle. “I never know where you’re going to pop up next!” He laughed. “How are you feeling?”

“Better.” She replied. “Just having a little rest before trying to make it to the sofa. That pizza smells good.”

“Think you can make it to the lounge while I get some plates and set up the film?”

“Yep, I’ll cope. If you hear a crash it’ll just be me falling over.”

“OK, as long as you don’t damage any paintwork if you do. You’ll heal but I hate decorating.”

“I’ll try to make sure I land on something soft. Like my head.”

They both went about their tasks smiling. Soon, they were curled up on the sofa happily munching on pizza and settling into the film. It was a low-budget film that neither of them had heard of before but Tom had recognised a few of the names on the cover and it sounded like it would be easy to watch and not completely vacuous. As it happened, they both enjoyed it very much, there were plenty of light-hearted moments and the occasional touching scene too.

They had a break in the middle after the pizza was finished because Nikki wanted to brush her teeth, a task she insisted that she could manage for herself. As she disappeared upstairs with the rucksack Tom had filled with her stuff, he cleared up the plates and empty boxes.


When Nikki returned, she had changed out of his large white robe and into a black silk gown. In stark contrast to his large garment, this was a perfect fit for her slender body. Although it was far from tight, the thin silk clung to her curves and ended just above knee level leaving enough leg on show to add a hint of sexiness to the look.

“Where did you get that from?” Tom asked in surprise.

“It was in the plastic bag you got me. Didn’t you look inside?”

“Nope, I’m too much of a gentleman to go looking in a lady’s bags. Plus I assumed it was just some comfy flannel pyjamas and I wasn’t too interested!”

“Hah, but enough of a rogue to go rummaging through her underwear drawers?” Then Nikki raised an eyebrow at him and her voice became lower, almost sultry when she added: “So you don’t know what I’m wearing under here then?”

Tom’s curiosity was instantly aroused, as well as some other parts of him – not for the first time this weekend.

“Er, no. I guess I don’t.” Not exactly a witty reply but the diversion of blood flow away from his head and on to other parts of his anatomy was not making it any easier for him to think straight. “I’m guessing not flannel pyjamas then?”

“Not exactly.” Nikki didn’t seem to want to elaborate further.

She sat back on the sofa but this time, instead of staying to her side like when they were eating, she leaned onto him, snuggling up against his side until he had to lift his arm or have it pinned uncomfortably against him. After that, there was nowhere to put it back down except across her shoulders. They settled into a relaxed embrace and Tom pressed the remote to continue the film.

Tom found it harder to enjoy the second half. It wasn’t that the film got any worse, rather he was getting distracted too much. His thoughts kept returning to Nikki’s cryptic comments about what she was wearing. In their current position, her head was leaning against the side of his chest which meant that he had a clear vantage point from which to study her without being noticed. At first, her dressing gown was wrapped too tightly around her for him to see down the front of it. But, as time went on, every small movement she made loosened the cord that held the gown closed. Eventually, Tom thought he could see some sheer black fabric underneath. The slow-motion strip show that Tom was receiving, combined with the feeling of Nikki pressing her body against him, left Tom in what he could only describe as a painful state of arousal. His cock was so hard that it was literally throbbing. He was trying his best to avoid bumping it against her and was grateful that he’d switched off the lights so that they could better enjoy the film.

Nikki shifted her position again and yawned loudly. This was followed by a big stretch that had her arching her back and lifting her arms out. Tom couldn’t take his eyes off her breasts as they strained against the silk robe. He swore that he could see her nipples push against the fabric but decided it must have been a seam in whatever she was wearing.

When she relaxed back against him, the sash had come undone completely. One side of her robe now lay open against his legs with the other side hanging across her held in place by gravity. She seemed not to notice and made no attempt to cover herself back up.

Tom could now see the left hand side of her outfit. Under the gown she was wearing a sheer black baby-doll. His eyes traced a path from her collar bone, down across the swell of her breast. Her nipple was clearly visible through the fabric and Tom could see that he’d been right about how much they were poking out. His gaze lingered for a long time while he tried to commit every detail to memory. Her breast was shapely and firm but not too large and Tom couldn’t help fantasising taking the perky nipple into his mouth. As he continued his visual exploration, he noted the flat, toned stomach and the slender hips that were supporting the string of a black thong. The side of her gown that was covering her hung a little lower here so he couldn’t see the little triangle of material covering her mons but he could easily imagine what it would look like. The hem of the negligee stopped high up her thigh and Tom was treated to a view of her long, bare left leg stretching away into the distance.

“So, what do you think of it?” Nikki’s voice cut through his trance.

For a moment Tom didn’t know what to say. He didn’t really think he could find the words to articulate what he thought at that particular moment. But then he noticed that the credits were rolling up the screen and he realised that she must have been talking about the film.

“Not bad at all.” He managed to say. “I never understand why some films make it big at the cinema and some go straight to DVD. I think that was better than plenty of films I’ve paid good money to watch on the big screen”.


It appeared that Tom was somewhat slow on the uptake. It had taken Nikki more effort than she’d expected to work her gown loose. She must have done the sash up too tightly. So she’d had to wriggle around a lot more than was natural in order to get it to slip open. In the end, she’d had to fake a big stretch to get it to fall open completely. It had been worth the effort. In the parts of the film where the screen had been dark, she had been able to see Tom’s reflection in it. She could see almost a hunger in his eyes as he looked at her. She also noticed the significant bulge in his jeans just inches from her hand. She was getting seriously turned on knowing the effect she was having on him. She could feel her nipples grazing against the fine mesh of the negligee whenever she moved. The sensation was exquisite. She was aching to feel Tom’s fingers on her skin again.

So when she asked him what he thought of it. The last thing she’d been thinking about was the film but, yes, it did seem that Tom was a little slow on the uptake. This might be quite endearing in other circumstances but, right now, Nikki was seriously horny. It seemed as if more direct action would be necessary.

Sitting up slightly, Nikki held her neck and moaned.

“Ow, I must have had my neck at a funny angle. It’s gone all stiff. Are your hands still on duty?”

“For you, always.”

“Let me sit up a bit so you can get better access.”

Nikki sat upright and lowered the gown completely off her shoulders so Tom could better access her neck. She sighed as she felt his hands slide up her back and under her long hair before working her neck and the top of her back.

After a short while, Tom seemed to find the angle difficult because he swung a leg past her so that she was sitting between his knees and he could turn to face her straight on. This gave Nikki the perfect opportunity to move things along. She shuffled herself backwards until she felt his thighs touching her hips. In this position, she could feel that Tom had to lift his elbows up high to keep working her neck. When she leaned back against him, his hands had nowhere left to go but forwards onto her upper chest. She snuggled against him, keenly aware of his hard cock pressing into the small of her back. For a moment, Tom’s hands were frozen in place.

“Don’t stop.” Nikki whispered.

Tom finally seemed to get the hint and his hands resumed a gentle caress. Allowing his elbows to drop down to Nikki’s sides, Tom dragged his fingers down across her front. The touch was so light that Nikki found herself arching towards them. As they brushed over her rock-hard nipples, she shivered with the sensations and gripped his thighs with her fingers.

She groaned as she felt Tom’s lips against the side of her neck and tilted her head to allow him more access. Her breathing was ragged now as his hands continued working their way downwards across her stomach to her thighs. When they reached the hem of her negligee they stopped and began moving back upwards again, dragging the hem up slightly with them. Nikki had opened her legs in the hope that he would go exploring between them. But Tom was in no hurry and he worked his way back up to her breasts again this time cupping them more firmly and rolling her nipples between his thumb and index fingers. The slight abrasiveness of the mesh fabric added to the sensation and Nikki gasped.

“You look so good.” Tom breathed in her ear.

“I feel good.” Nikki managed to reply. It was true, she couldn’t believe how good Tom’s hands made her body feel. Now they were heading back down across her stomach and to the hem of her flimsy outfit. As she hoped, he traced a slow path up her inner thighs until his fingers made the gentlest contact with the edge of her panties. Nikki was hoping that he would touch her there and she knew that, if he did, he would feel her wetness through the material. The thought of just how soaked she was turned her on even more. But Tom made her wait just a little more as he followed the outline of her thong up where it met her lower abdomen. Here, he teasingly slipped under the waistband just enough to brush the top of her neatly trimmed bush.

Nikki was unable to prevent herself from rocking her hips upwards in the hope of forcing his fingers downwards but Tom was already sliding his hands back and out of her panties again. Nikki’s disappointment was soon banished when he slid them straight back down across her mons. Even through the material of her panties, Nikki could feel her lips pushed open slightly as one finger slid directly between them. She groaned with the sensation again trying to force her hips towards him. Tom seamed to sense that the time for teasing was past and he rubbed up and down her slit a few more times before slipping his hand back under her waist band.

Without the barrier of her panties, his fingers felt even better on her soaked pussy. She could feel how open her lips were and he began gently pushing a finger against her opening while the other hand drew light circles against her clit. With one finger now sliding inside her and the stimulation on her sensitive button, it wasn’t long before Nikki felt the waves of an orgasm building.


Apart from how amazing it looked, the other thing that Tom was learning to love about Nikki’s body was how responsive it was. He loved the way she arched her back towards his touch and the little noises she was making. She was so wet and he’d easily slipped a finger inside her. Now, he slowly added a second as he increased the pressure on her clit. Tom could feel the orgasm building inside her and, intuitively, he knew to finish her off before it built to strongly. He didn’t want to knock her out like last time and he could feel that any more build up might take her orgasm past that point. It seemed that the stimulation he was providing was having the desired effect because Nikki’s already uncontrolled movements became even more intense until he was literally hanging on to her.

“Oh God” She cried out and Tom felt a huge spasm rip through her body.

She collapsed back against him breathing hard while he slid his fingers out of her before gently massaging her slit while she got herself back under control.

“That was amazing.” She gasped once her breathing had settled down enough to talk.

“It certainly was.” Tom replied. “You OK?”

“Oh yes. I’m more than OK.”

“Good, I didn’t want to make you pass out like before.”

“Don’t worry, I’m still awake. In fact, I think it’s very much time that I returned the favour since you’ve been making me feel so good and it feels like you deserve some relief.” That last statement was punctuated by Nikki squirming her back against is rock hard erection. “The problem is that I don’t know if I’m strong enough at the moment to give you the treatment that you deserve.”

“It’s OK, you don’t have to…” Tom’s reply was cut short by Nikki’s finger across his lips as she sat up and turned to face him.

“I just mean that you might have to help me a little that’s all.” She corrected him. “Now come here.” With that, she grabbed the front of his T-shirt and, with a strength that surprised him, she pulled him forwards until he mashed his lips against hers in a fierce kiss. The intensity of their first kiss took Tom by surprise. At some point, his arms had found their way around her body and he held her tightly as their tongues explored each other’s mouths. When they eventually broke apart, they were both breathing heavily.

“Mmmm” Nikki murmured. “Note to self: do that again.”

“No time like the present.” Tom said and closed in for round two.

This time, Nikki’s hands slid inside Tom’s T-shirt and she began exploring his body while they kissed. Now it was his turn to enjoy the feeling of hands on his body. And it felt good.

Nikki lifted the hem of his T-shirt and he took over the job of taking it off. After casting an appreciative look over his body, Nikki rearranged herself so that she was sitting properly on the sofa and she started to pull him across so that he was straddling her. Because of the angle he had been sitting at, he had to stand up first so he could position himself where she wanted him. But as he moved to kneel astride her, she stopped him with her palm flat on his chest. “While you’re up, you may as well take those jeans off. You won’t be needing them.”

Tom stood back up and happily complied, also taking off his socks. “Better?” he asked and settled himself down with his knees either side of her thighs.

“Much.” She replied and, with her gaze lingering over the bulge where his cock strained against his boxers she added: “I’m glad to see I’m not the only one getting excited here.”

“You have no idea.” Tom said.

Nikki was sliding her hands up his thighs with her thumbs running up the insides of his legs until they reached his balls.

Tom gasped at the contact and Nikki gently stroked them with her thumbs while her fingers reached up and pulled down the waistband of his boxers. She tugged them down until his cock and balls were exposed and then gently wrapped her fingers around the base of his shaft.

Tom had always considered himself to have a good sized cock. It wasn’t intimidatingly large but he’d never had any complaints and it was fat enough that Nikki’s fingers only just met around it.

“You’re so hard.” She murmered.

“Tell me about it.”

“So I’m guessing this must be feeling pretty nice then?” She said as she worked her fingers gently up and down his throbbing pole.

“Uh-huh.” Was all Tom could manage in reply. Her grip was slowly tightening as she went, increasing the sensation.

Without warning, she stopped with her hand wrapped about base and looked up at him.

“I want you to feed it to me.” She whispered, maintaining eye contact with him so he could see the hunger in her eyes.

No verbal reply seemed necessary so Tom lifted himself up, still on his knees, so that his crotch was level with Nikki’s head. She kept her grip on the base of his cock and used it to direct Tom’s movements until the tip was barely an inch away from her mouth.

Tom watched as she gently moistened her lips with her tongue and opened her mouth. Then she gently licked the underside of his glans. Tom would have closed his eyes to enjoy the sensation but he wanted to watch her as she slowly guided his cock forward and into her mouth. She kept her lips open enough that he only felt the slightest contact from them as she took about half of his length. He could feel her warm breath around his aching member as her tongue began gently licking the underside of his cock.

It felt fantastic and Tom could feel the pre-cum dripping from his dick until Nikki licked it clean. Then she started sliding her lips back and forward over his cock and he had to brace his hands on the back of the sofa to keep upright.

Tom knew he wasn’t going to last long like this. It felt too good and his balls were so full from the excitements of the last few hours.

“Christ Nikki, that feels so good. You’re going to make me cum very quickly if you keep that up.” He felt it was only fair to give her some warning.

In response, she just purred around his cock. He felt the vibrations right down to his balls. Then she began taking longer strokes, taking about three-quarters of his rod past her lips. All the time, her tongue kept working on the sensitive underside. Her free hand came up to gently play with his balls and Tom looked down at her.

The sight of this beautiful creature happily feasting on his cock was enough to send him over the edge. He felt his balls pull tight to his body and a massive orgasm jolted through him. He could feel ropes of his hot jizz shooting into Nikki’s mouth. It seemed to go on and on. Nikki gamely kept up her work, coaxing more and more of his seed until she literally milked him dry. Eventually, the spasms subsided and Tom felt his cock begin to soften in her mouth. Suddenly unable to hold his weight up, he collapsed back onto her lap. His cock slid out of her mouth with a gentle popping sound and he leant forward, partly for support and partly because he wanted to hold Nikki against him.

“Wow.” Was all he could say.

“You like?”

“Uh-huh. Just a bit. “

“You seemed quite, er, full.” This was accompanied with a little giggle.

“Sorry about that. I guess I needed that. God, I’m a wreck now. I can hardly move.”

“Ah-ha, revenge is sweet. It’s about time I turned the tables on you.”

“I’m not complaining.” Tom meant every word of it.

Eventually, he built up enough strength to dismount and lay back on the sofa.

“Man, this has been a pretty intense weekend. And it’s only Saturday.” Tom mused.

“Yep, it was hardly more than twenty four hours ago that I collapsed. It seems like a long time ago now. Come to think about it, I never did properly thank you for rescuing me.”

“I think what you’ve just done counts as a pretty good thank-you” Tom laughed.

“Seriously, thank you.” She took his hand and looked into his eyes. “For everything. I’m so glad you were there.”

“Me too.” Tom held her gaze for a moment before lightening the mood. “Perhaps next time you want to speak to me, you could just come and have a chat instead of falling at my feet.”

“Huh. You’ve got a cheek! How long had you been eyeing me up and never once tried to speak to me.”

“All part of the master plan my dear. I like to maintain an aura of mystery to draw my victims into my evil clutches.” Tom added an over the top evil genius laugh.

“I see, and, now that I’ve fallen into your evil clutches, what fate is in store for me?”

“Well, I guess I’m supposed to tie you up somewhere.”

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