It was the next morning when I really began to worry about not being able to wear the plug as you had said I would. I had finally gotten over the idea of how erotic it would be and the wondering if it would be like when I wore the vibe inside my pussy, and was now conscious of the fact that even though I had enjoyed the anal sex with my husband the few times we did, but it had been so long ago. A toy wouldn’t be easy to wear especially if it were a large plug.

I decide to try and ask you for anything other than the plug in my ass for today, and explain to you my concern over putting it there. I know that it may not do any good for me to ask but I feel that I really can’t wear the plug inside my ass and be comfortable enough to help you clean the bedroom.

When I arrived and you were silent for a while after I explained that I wasn’t sure I could wear it comfortably since anal sex was something my husband and I hadn’t done in a very long time, I felt almost certain that you were trying to figure out some other task for me to do instead. Not surprisingly, my fantasy faded rather quickly when you said, “It isn’t about comfort, but to let you feel me inside you. Then, you can know what I do to you, and I know that I can have you do it. How long has it been since you last had a cock in your ass?”

“I don’t know, probably eight months or so. My husband doesn’t really seem to like going there.”

“But you said yesterday you enjoyed it when you had anal sex.”

I simply nod yes.

“Well then, today should be fun for you. You will find the butt plug on the bed as usual, there is lube on the bed also, but I wouldn’t put much. The plug vibrates, but you don’t need to turn it on right now, just feel me for a while, I will tell you when to turn it on. Of course, if you need any help putting it inside you, I will be happy to help.” The last said with a grin that seemed to almost be daring me to ask for your assistance.

I wouldn’t give you that, no matter how difficult, I will deal with it, I thought as I turned to go towards the bedroom. I almost reached the door, when you said, “Remember, nothing on except panties. Call me when you’re ready for me.”

I couldn’t miss the double meaning behind your words and it sent heat straight through me centering inside my clit as I closed the door to your room, allowing myself at least a few moments of privacy. “Calling when ready for you” sounded like it should be so easy. I was in my own way, getting ready for you, reaching that point of needing you, but still couldn’t think of admitting that need to you.

I walked in and as I neared the bed, not only was the butt plug and lube laying there, but various other toys as well. There was the vibes that I had used earlier, the wooden paddle, ropes, everything I had already had used on me was laying there. Each one brought back the memory of when it was used and I felt myself growing wet, wondering if you had laid them on the bed to tease me, knowing that these items as well as you and I would all be in the same room and all I had to do was say yes and you would use them on me again.

I stripped off my clothes, knowing that soon you would see me in only panties and I would have the small plug inserted into the most private of holes. I squatted down, and poured a little lube on the point of the butt plug and took aim for that rear hole, wondering if I would really be able to do this. The lube helped its passage and soon I had pushed it inside as far as it would go. When my hand had pushed it the rest of the way inside, I was struck by two thoughts, one being that as the plug was into place it allowed my asshole to close in a little, which would hold the plug in. The next being how wet my pussy was against my hand and how swollen my clit felt on my wrist.

I tried to ignore it as I stood and pulled my panties back into place, thinking that the panties wouldn’t help hold it in with the little catch on the plug, but glad you had let me wear them, preferring that to being completely nude with the little blue plug stretching my asshole. I could feel it stretching me even though it was small as I folded my clothes and put them on the bed, delaying calling you and telling you I was ready for as long as possible. I hoped the burning sensation of being stretched big enough for the plug would fade before you came into the room and we got to work.

Not being able to put it off any longer, I opened the door and called out that I was ready for us to begin. You came in and barely seemed to notice me as you began to explain how we were going to change the bedroom around.

I couldn’t decide if I was happy or upset that you didn’t seem to notice my undressed state as I tried to focus on what you were saying regarding the bedroom. I wanted you to look at me, maybe make me feel as if you wanted me, was happy I was doing as you had asked, yet you seemed to not care if I was doing it or not. I was growing frustrated over it, and yet you continued to talk about the bedroom and how you were going to move this and I would clean where it was to be placed and then where it had been moved from.

With out looking my way, you said that I should go clean over by the dresser first on that near empty wall so that we could begin. I walked over and began cleaning, still feeling irritated that you could ignore me so easily, and noticing as I walked how the butt plug shifted inside me, the rubber base making my tight panties stretch over my clit teasing it.

The more we cleaned and I watched you moving things around, the more turned on I became. Watching you move things, seeing your strength and wondering what you could do to me with that strength, and the plug nestled inside me still pulling my panties over my clit, all combined to keep me wet. I began to wish that something was buried inside my pussy; mainly I wanted you buried in there, filling me up. I began to want you to make me cum as you had done that one day, I needed it. I still wasn’t sure how to admit it to you, nor was I sure that I ever would be able to reach that point of saying what I needed. Admitting needs was something that I had never been good at, and this was no different.

When all the big furniture had been moved, we decided to stop for a drink. I went into the kitchen and poured a drink, I noticed, without you having to mention that I should. I smiled as I thought of how easy it would be if you would just tell me what to do, just let me go with the flow of it, rather than have me admit to “needing” it first. Yet, I also knew from what I had read that the first part of this whole thing was that I had to admit to myself and to you that I needed you to take control of me.

As you sat down at the table, I placed your drink in front of you, and then took my seat. We drank in silence for a short time, and then you broke it with, “Is it comfortable inside you yet?”

“Well it is better than it was at first, but still not entirely what I would consider comfortable, especially sitting on these hard chairs.”

With a laugh at my comment you question, “Is it turning you on to have me inside your ass?”

I am slightly embarrassed as I say “Yes.” but not surprised by the question anymore. I wonder how I am becoming use to your blunt questions. Knowing as I do that no one had ever spoken to me so bluntly about sexual related things, not even my husband, yet I was not surprised by your questions or comments and already just slightly shy in my responses to you, seemed an amazing feat for you to have accomplished.

“Good, when we begin cleaning again, I want you to turn it on. I want it turned all the way up.”

“Ohhh, Okay, I guess if you want me to turn it on I will.”

“If I didn’t want it on, I wouldn’t have said to, would I?”

Feeling like a scolded little girl just from the tone of your words, my first thought is to say “No, Sir.” but feeling that would probably sound silly, I say simply, “No you wouldn’t have.”

I guess you noticed the thoughts I had flickering across my face because your next question to me was, “What was your first thought?”

I blushed as I replied honestly, “That I had been scolded and should respond with ‘No, Sir’.”

“So why didn’t you respond with that?”

“It felt silly to say that to you.”

“No, it was only silly to not say what you felt you should. If you are going to give yourself to me at some point, I want for you to call me sir and maybe even Master, to prove to us both that you are mine. And you, I hope, will give yourself to me soon. If not for any other reason that what you already know I can make you feel. You want to feel that don’t you?”

“Yes,” I whisper pausing for a minute before adding “Sir.” in an even quieter whisper, still feeling like a little girl in who had done something they shouldn’t have and wishing I could find a way to make it right again. Blushing as I called you sir, feeling the word my tongue and how strange it made me feel to call you that. I had only used “Sir” with my husband in the past, always with a little bit of sarcasm attached to it. He always claimed he was right so I would give him a mock salute and say “yes sir”, but saying it to you was different, there was no sarcasm attached to it when sitting there your eyes seeming to take in every emotion I was feeling.

In a small way, saying “sir” even though it was so quietly said that I wasn’t sure if you heard me or not, was a bending of my resolve. It was during this moment that I knew without a doubt that I had to find out what it was that you could show me. I wanted so badly to tell you that and I was trying to word it so it made sense in my head so I could put it to voice, when you interrupted my thoughts with, “Well, lets finish up the bedroom so we can move onto other things.”

As, we walked towards the bedroom, I wondered what you had meant by other things, and knew what I wished those other things would be, but still knowing that before those other things would happen, I had to tell you I wanted it to.

We walked into the bedroom and just before we began cleaning again, you reminded me “Plug should be turned on from now until we are done. I will tell you when to turn it off again.”

My acknowledgement is to reach down where the control was held by my panties and I feel it come to life inside me as I turn the dial full speed. The plug’s vibrations are soothing to my asshole but the more I feel it buzzing inside me the more I realize that this is going to keep me thinking about it, the more it will tease me, taking me to that high that I only feel when with you.

After only a few minutes I feel the buzzing inside my asshole throughout my pussy, turning me on, I began wishing it was buzzing inside my pussy instead. The thin wall between the two holes, are just thick enough to tease me. The vibrations, causing my panties to vibrate over my clit, just enough to be noticeable and turn me on, but no where near enough to take me over the edge or even close to the edge, just teasing me enough to make me want more.

I wanted so badly to be able to reach between my legs and tease my clit with my fingers while it continued working my asshole, but knew that you wouldn’t like it if I tried to do so.

So, I continued trying to clean, and hoping that eventually I would forget about the little plug massaging the inner muscles of my ass. Knowing that it was a useless hope, as it continued to working inside me, each movement causing my ass to grip it more firmly, the vibrations seeming to reach deeper inside me as I continued to bend and pick things up and move around your bedroom.

I wondered if you had any idea what the vibrations were doing to me, had you teased someone else in this way and where they able to tell you how much it turned them on. “Would I really want to know if you had teased someone else in this way?” I questioned myself, wondering over the slight jealousy I felt at the possibility, made even worse by the thought that if you had teased them, then surely they had later felt the things that I knew that you could make me feel.

As my mind was filled with thoughts and my ass was filled with your cock, I was wishing so badly that I could just tell you to use all those things on the bed and make me yours, you continued to move around the room, moving this or that so I had a new area to clean up. It still drove me crazy to be here, cleaning your room with this plug buzzing away inside my ass, naked except for panties, and you continuing on as if there was nothing going on. “How could you not notice me half dressed or hear the buzzing that seemed so loud to me?” I wondered quietly, frustration growing with the need inside myself.

The last thing you wanted me to clean was the closet. I really didn’t think too much of going into your closet, after all, cleaning your bedroom had seemed like such a personal thing in the beginning and really wasn’t that big of an issue now, especially with you in the room and doing your part to help. I figured if there was anything too personal to you wouldn’t have me to clean that area. In order to clean the closet there were several boxes that I had to move out of the closet, so I could put them back in place a little more neatly.

Even that, I didn’t think too much of other than it was part of my job for you, to clean it all up and make it neat. Sitting on the floor was the only uncomfortable part of doing as you wanted me to do at that time, because sitting on the floor, shifting forward to get a box, and then back to full sitting position while the plug continued to buzz away inside me, kept it in steady motion. It pushed deeper inside me while I sat and the pressure eased again when I leaned forward. I thought that it began to feel as if I were fucking myself in the ass with every move. My clit having swelled so much in need that it reached towards my soaked panties, begging for more, yet still only being teased by them.

It was the last box in the closet, the one hidden among all others and I looked at it cautiously, I could tell it didn’t have a lid on it, and I was about to ask you if you wanted it out as well, but when I looked around for you, you were not in the room anymore. I naively figured that if there was anything of a personal nature hidden in your closet that you wouldn’t have left the room.

Reaching in one last time, I pulled the box out. With it right in front of me, unopened, I was unable to not see what was inside the box. Inside was a note, with my name once again written on top of it. I was surprised by that, feeling that if there were something you wanted to say to me that you had no reason to hide it in a note nor in a box inside the closet.

However, I timidly reached forward curiosity getting the best of me and pulling out the note, not daring to let my eyes travel further into the box than the note. I opened it and began to read,

“I thought I would surprise you a little, by hiding this for you to find if you had done as I asked of you today. I know that after having my cock inside your ass for the last little while, your pussy needs some attention as well. I imagine it is good and wet for me, needing me inside it. I am also sure you have wondered about the panties though, considering the design of the butt plug keeps it in place so well, and you may have figured the panties were simply to hold the remote. That is true to some extent, but in this box, all the way at the bottom, there is another vibe, I want you to place it inside your pussy, turn it on high, and continue to clean the closet. Start it slowly and then increase the speed. I don’t want it to be too much at first. I am afraid it will be somewhat smaller than you need inside you at this point, but that couldn’t be helped. You are not to cum, just wear me inside both holes from now until I tell you to get dressed. Have fun cleaning the rest of the closet, I want it vacuumed and all the boxes back inside it neatly, you may leave this box out until last, so that all the toys on the bed can be placed inside it, until you are ready to give yourself to me. If you don’t do as I say, I will know that you chose to ignore either the note addressed to you or ignore your duties to me. Either of them will not be looked upon by me as minor. Come and see me when you are done, everything still in place and working.”

I sit and stare at the note for at least five minutes after reading it, thinking about how I was unsure I could stop myself from cumming while your cock was buried inside both my asshole and my pussy, both vibrating, and what would happen if I did cum. “Wouldn’t the pleasure of cumming be good enough at this point to risk whatever came from it and if I did cum, how would you know that I had?” I questioned myself. I knew I would have to put it inside me, otherwise you would be able to tell that when I told you I was finished cleaning but how would you really know if I had cum or not? Video camera in the bedroom was possible, but I felt I would have seen that during the cleaning.

Then, I was able to tell myself that I could do it easily, without cumming, since I had never gotten off on just vaginal penetration before. Of course that was pussy only and I wasn’t sure what effect having my asshole filled at the same time would do, but still felt that if it did become too much and I found I could cum from that alone, I would do so and just not admit it to you.

I reached into the box, after having made up my mind that I could do this or at least figure out a way to work around it.

The first thing I pulled out was a soft cloth, black silk I thought, as I wondered what it was for. Underneath it, I found a pair of handcuffs, some rope, a bar of some kind, butt plugs that were larger than the one I was wearing, then another black silk cloth like the first one, as I realized more and more that these were toys for sex, and you had meant to tease me further by making me dig to the bottom of the box and wonder what uses there would be for them all.

Pulling out the second black silk cloth was when I found more pictures, like the ones that use to be inside the drawer, but these women were using things that could have been inside the box, black cloth over the eyes as a blindfold, handcuffs on wrists rather than the ropes, women tied with the bar between their knees, holding them open. Each picture I saw added a visual to the items in the box, each one teasing me with the thought that they were experiencing the pleasure that I could have if only I told you that I was ready. The visual adding to my already heightened need to cum, and had me thinking about the vibe that would soon be inside my pussy.

I hurriedly pulled the rest of the pictures out, finding more rope coiled in the center with another cloth covering up what I assumed was the vibe you meant for me to wear. When I uncovered it, I realized exactly how far you were going to take teasing me. It was one of those vibes I had seen in magazines and porn books that my husband enjoyed looking at. It had the shaft, and then a thing coming off it near the base, meant to tease the clit and was favorably considered by most women as the best pet bunny to own. I had never used one but having read how enjoyable they was, I was sure that I was going to cum and cum quickly, probably be ready to cum again before I saw you.

I hurriedly pulled down my panties in the need to find out what it felt like inside me. Before inserting though, I tested out each button, seeing what it would do and feeling more and more certain that I was about to have an amazing orgasm once it was inside me and turned on high.

I slid it inside my wet pussy and began the spinning motion of the shaft on low, amazed at the feeling of it turning inside me, rubbing against my G-spot, and curiosity made me jump to the highest speed possible on the rotation. Having it turning inside me and the vibe still working my asshole, I only continued to grow wetter. The turning of the vibe, causing the little bunny ears to slide against my clit, and causing it to swell even more.

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