Being a collared slave means that my Master knows everything about me …

Girl hates going to the dentist and gets herself all worked up prior to walking into the door. This short story is about Sir’s slave and a dental appointment to have a molar prepared for a new crown. As we all know, dental work means several needles, chalkboard-screeching noise from the drills, and discomfort — many times leading to pain (or at least in this girl’s head). Yes, she has an extreme dental phobia … nightmare causing, tear creating, life-time phobia.

Master is aware of the fear and on a prior dental trip, He had ordered her to be prepared to take deep breaths and think dirty, BDSM sexual thoughts as she waited for the dentist to begin a procedure. He suggested the mental exercise of a night-time training session with Sir where she found great sexual pain, mixed with extreme pleasure. Following His orders, Sir’s slave pictured Him taking her into her first sub-space (her virgin voyage) … where Master made her crawl naked to a full-length mirror, pin her breasts with wooden clothes pins and use a birch rod to mark Master’s breasts and ass cheeks. He had her beat them until they were like a candy cane, dark red stripes and glowing. Those thoughts/images calmed her and allowed her to get though the appointment in a better state of mind than her past experiences. He called it a “self-mind-fuck”.

Last Friday, she had another appointment scheduled. She reminded her Master the evening before. He told her it would be another opportunity for her to get in some practice of mind-fucking herself. He suggested she conjure up one of the first anal sessions that Sir instructed girl in. Something He was sure would take her mind off the dentist and get her body more willing and able to allow “probes” to enter … Following His orders, Sir’s slave pictured Master preparing His property for an onslaught of anal violation. She imagined Him binding her arms behind her back, bending His slut over and impaling that exposed, puckered hole.

Sir believes in taking no prisoners! He rocked and fucked his slave’s waiting hole. There was no “calling Uncle” … that ass was His and He was going to train it! And, girl hasn’t forgotten that first ass-fuck yet!

Once Sir had put that idea into girl’s head, she thought about it in bed the night before and felt like it was worth another try. The first time helped her get though the terror and maybe … just maybe, it would help get her through the upcoming 2.5 hour appointment. She started thinking about her anticipation of fear and needed to take herself to calm, erotic dental thoughts.

Arriving at the dentist the next morning, girl texted Master to let Him know she was there. Her dentist was running late and girl was trying not to stress about the delay. As usual, Sir comes right back with some humor telling her to get her mind to one of their sessions (“…ass training by Sir”), and states that girl’s dentist will be amazed with her near-cumming while visualizing her joyous discovery when she became Sir’s ass-slut.

The little text/chat perked girl up and got her thinking about anal sex with her Master; and, smiling, girl pictured her ass up in the air at the same time her mouth was being invaded with fingers and stainless steel implements. She knew she could do it!

Girl was called by the dental assistant and took that long, scary walk back to the treatment (torture) room. Once girl was reclining in the chair and the bib was resting atop her uplifted nipple-poking breasts, she was left alone to hyperventilate for an unbelievably long (in girl’s mind) time. She texted Sir to give Him her location and how she was feeling at the moment … He calmly texted her through the process of taking deep breaths, relaxation, and told her again to capture the perfect “ass-training moment” to get through her fear-induced ordeal. Sir told her to go to that place where she felt euphoric and stay there where she could re-live a pussy-clinching experience.

Girl took her mind to the first ass-training session with Sir where she was in her shower, naked with beet red stripes upon her breasts and ass cheeks from Master’s ordered birch rod stripes — applied prior to the shower. Each nipple had three tight clamps snapped on them. A thin, cyber-skinned dildo (that Master had girl obtain for ass training) was in her hand and she was following Sir’s commands of attaching an 8″ suction-cup proxy cock (Frank) to the shower wall. Soon she was fucking Master’s pussy, deep and hard, over and over … feeling His possession of His cunt. She had gotten to the point of flying high in sub-space, seeing and feeling every minute cell of her being that was owned by her Master … she wanted to please Him.

Girl was so into sub-space that after practicing Sir’s orders of near-cumming up to and including reaching a 98% near-orgasm, she was given full permission to jump off what she perceives to be a mountaintop cliff and free-falling down through an amazing orgasm . . . she was slapping His breasts, flicking the three pins attached to His nipples and gasping in pain — wondrous, orgasmic pain! His pussy was wet, swollen and taking the deep, loud thrusts … rubbing the inner walls raw.

All of a sudden, girl’s Dentist was asking if she was OK … girl, moaned back to him (if only he knew where her mind, ass and pussy were at that very moment!) … “good, feeling good”.

When Sir would have allowed her to exit the shower, girl took additional pins and attached them to each side of His pussy lips. She detached His pussy from the cock on the wall, turned around and grabbed the new thin proxy (newly named Andy) with the pink tipped head, sucked Him into her mouth and got him good and wet.

Leaning forward, she took one hand and touched her puckered opening … she began working to stretch her ass cheeks to allow Andy’s tip to prod Sir’s anal orifice. She felt it!! The thin cock trying to make its way into the area that only wanted to allow things to exit. But, girl wanted to feel Sir entering that last uncharted territory. She wanted Him to “own” everything — including her virgin asshole. The tip had the hole open a little bit, she pushed harder, bent over further … held her breath, nipple clamps hanging down sending spears of pain upward — three pussy clamps on each side keeping her attention as she was bending over and pressing them against her legs.

Taking an enormous breath, fingers on both inner cheeks with the crack between and Andy secured between the thumb and forefinger, she turned Andy a couple times and PUSHED him until his head had forced its way past those barricading muscles of Sir’s ass!! OMG, she was so excited, so wanted Master to see and feel His cock entering where no one had ever touched before!

Girl took herself to that scene while sitting in the dental chair . . . she kept her eyes closed as the Dentist was injecting the hated needles; drilling with those loud, unyielding instruments; doing all the things that girl had extreme terror of; but, she didn’t feel it, didn’t see it, didn’t mind it. She was taking deep breaths (Mr. Dentist thought it was her fear), squeezing Sir’s pussy, thighs, toes … wanting to feel what she felt that night in the shower with Sir.

She enjoyed it, every second of the re-play of Sir’s invasion of His rear cavity. Her pussy was wet; luckily her chest was covered, so no signs of the rock-hard nipples were seen.

Girl found that she can endure her phobia, if she follows her Master’s command to find a “scene” and re-live it. She had her hands on the black leather dental chair and imagined her ass up high; being invaded by her Master.

She looks forward to practicing this new technique over and over. Master does “know all” and His cum-whore will be having mind-fuck play each and every time she goes into an uncomfortable environment. Ass fucking, pussy beating, breast bondage always with cum dripping and staining the dental and doctor chairs.

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