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The house was all eyes, according to Isabel as she was trying to run inventory of the healer’s stuff. She kept noticing shadows pass by the entrance, and it made her feel as though she was being checked on. ‘New healer nerves I guess’ she thought, deciding to shrug it off.

She had inspected Creya, who was bouncing back to good health nicely, and checked over Creya’s new baby. She had also cleaned the place that she mentally called ‘The Clinic’, where she guessed she would be taking patients, and then cleaned the cave where the medicinal supplies were stored, which she called ‘The Laboratory’.

Bren and Merk had finished cutting the stones for their new fireplace around noon, and then came in for a break and a midday meal. Fran had brought a few big chunks of roasted meat for their dinner, and Isabel had shared the meal with her mate and his friend. Merk watched her intently during the meal, but every time she met his eyes he would redirect his gaze.

After the quick lunch, Bren had given Isabel a kiss, complete with some very enjoyable manual exploration of her womanly parts, and then departed to her future family room along with Merk. They were using the afternoon to polish their cut stones and make them fit together to form the fireplace.

Left with the lingering feel of Bren’s hands on her body, Isabel was briefly distracted from her plan for the day. Soon however, she was trying to figure out what could be useful from the storage of the late healer.

While Isabel was wondering what type of herb the dried grass she had found on the bottom of a cane basket could be, she saw a new shadow next to the entrance of the clinic that didn’t pass by. She looked up and saw a small child staring at her, probably four years old, and dressed only in a leather short shirt that left bare arms and lower legs exposed.

The child, she could see from the feminine features of the face, was a girl who for some reason wasn’t playing with the other kids. She had long mahogany hair that looked like it hadn’t been combed recently. There was some ash on her face that made her blue eyes seem like they composed half of her face, and there was just a touch of fear in them.

Isabel smiled, “Hey, little one…”

She didn’t move, just waited for the child to react. The girl cautiously came farther into the open, and now Isabel could see that she was holding the hand of another kid. This one was about two years old from what Isabel could tell, with a shock of ginger hair. She could only guess what its gender was because he, or she, was dressed in the same way as the girl.

“What is your name, sweetie?” asked Isabel, and mentally wondered again why these kids were isolated from the group of playing children in the other side of the house.

The girl stepped from one foot to another like she was not sure that she had the courage to speak, but she finally answered. “My name is Arja like my mother, and this is my brother Erk here.” She threw a nod at the small kid who had started to suck on his finger.

The name tugged at her memory and Isabel finally remembered, ‘That’s why the mahogany hair looks so familiar!’

“You are Merk’s daughter?”

Arja immediately stiffened, and looked like she was ready to run. Erk stuffed another finger in his mouth, and began to make some mewling sounds that Isabel, with a moment’s delay, recognized as sobbing.

She smiled again, “Don’t worry, I just asked. So, why don’t you come in with your brother?”

Isabel sat on her soles, trying to project calmness. Arja slowly entered the clinic, and dragging Erk behind her, sat near the entrance of the laboratory.

“Why are you not playing with the other children, Arja?” asked Isabel and Arja just shrugged.

“Since that trash accused my father as a bringer of bad luck, the parents of the children forbade them to play with us. Only Erya is making me company, but she is with her mother now, so we are on our own.” Arja seemed composed like she was talking about trivial things, but Isabel felt sorrow for the girl who had lost her mother, and then was treated like a criminal because of the psycho shaman.

“I think I have some lunch left, are you hungry?” she offered as she tried to figure out how to start a conversation, but Arja just shook her head,

“Thank you Healer, but we already ate. Fran gave us meat too.”

“Right. So…” Isabel looked at Erk, who was now sucking only one finger, and then at Arja. “Would you like to help me with the stuff here? I’m still trying to find just what is stored.”

Arja’s face lit up, and she gave the first smile Isabel had seen from her.

In the next hour, they sorted the herbs, and Arja even knew some of the names. Isabel shared with her what she knew about the herbs present. Arja was listening as though she was memorizing the information. Erk even stopped sucking his finger and started playing with the lid of a basket.

While Arja was busy with putting all the dried thyme in one pot, Isabel asked, “Arja, are you cold?”

Arja raised her eyes surprised, “No, it is warm in the house. And …” she gave her a naughty smirk, “I like running with bare feet. But don’t tell Fran, she always wants us with shoes and it’s not fun!”

‘So, Bren is not the only cold-resistant Neanderthal here…’ mused Isabel and shook her head.

When they were finished Isabel smiled and said, “Would you want to come with me? I have to see what is going on with my fireplace. You know..,” she winked at Arja, “you never know what the men will do if you leave them unsupervised for a prolonged period!”

Arja chuckled and stood up, dragging Erk up with her. Isabel closed the curtain to the clinic, and then headed to her family room with the children.

Bren and Merk had finished building the fireplace and a nice, cheery fire was burning in it. Bren was mounting a leg of some animal over the flames to roast as Merk was bringing in a bucket with water. A torch was burning in the room and there was a new curtain, and a few stone and wooden cups around the fire. Even a wide bed made of wood and covered with furs was ready.

Finn was with them, playing with a conifer, and didn’t pay her any attention, too focused on chasing his toy.

When the men saw them, both stopped their activities. Bren smiled at her, “I see you have found Merk’s children.”

Arja looked adoringly at the little cub, and Erk pointed at the tiger, “Finn!”

Finn dropped the conifer, sat back on his hind legs like a domestic cat, and gave them his most royal look, as if to say ‘Look at your King!’

‘He certainly likes being adored,’ mused Isabel, as she watched the children petting Finn.

She returned Bren’s smile and nodded, “Yes, we found each other. Arja is very keen on learning everything about the medicines.”

Merk was looking like he wanted to leave, and he simply left the bucket, saying, “Come Arja, bring your brother. We have something to do.”

Arja seemed disappointed, “But father, I…”

He took her hand and obviously something telepathically had been exchanged, because Arja looked at Isabel and said, “Thank you for being so kind to us. We have to leave…”

Giving Isabel a smile, Arja followed her father with Erk in tow. Erk was again sucking his finger, noticed Isabel.

Finn looked more disappointed than Arja, and returned his attention to the tortured conifer, starting the chase again.

When they were away, Isabel looked at Bren, “Do you know that the other children shun Merk’s son and daughter because of what that fucking murderer said?”

Bren nodded, “Yes, but I couldn’t do anything.”

She started to pace in the room, feeling agitated. Bren closed their curtain, leaving them veiled from the other eyes in the house, and leaned on the wall.

She stopped cris-crossing the room as her thoughts came together. “This is terrible Bren. Won’t this change now that the shaman is no longer influencing the crowd with his madness?”

Bren seemed thoughtful, “Well, in time yes, but…” he hesitated, trying to figure out how to explain some basic things to her, “You see Isabel, a grown male without a mate has no status. I mean…” he again tried to find the words as she had furrowed her eyebrows at his explanation.

“The male who has lost his mate is still a hunter, but he is out of the hierarchy; he is not complete, he has no fire where he could stay. Merk is staying with his kids at Fran’s fire because she didn’t want to lose her grandchildren. Arja was her daughter, you see. If Merk can’t find another mate here, he will have to leave the tribe when the spring comes, to try to find another tribe where he will be accepted. That’s the law.”

Isabel was really stunned, “And what about Arja and Erk?”

Bren sighed, “They will have to go with their father, I’m afraid. I’m not sure that Merk will be successful with finding a mate in the other tribes around here. All know about the shaman’s words, and even if some agree to accept a new hunter, many females were lost to the wolves, so Merk probably won’t easily find a willing female.”

Bren looked like he was thinking very heavily on the possibility of Merk being cast out.

‘Obviously the predators here are much more dangerous than I thought,’ decided Isabel at his comment about the wolves. Bren was deep in his own musings and didn’t hear her thoughts.

She sat on the bed and stroked the soft fur that looked big enough to cover the whole bed. Bren followed her and sat next to her taking her hand. Surprisingly, he was silent.

“We have to do something to change the lie the shaman has put in their heads!” exclaimed Isabel. Glancing at Bren, a thought crossed her mind, “Bren, can I ask you something?”

He nodded and she continued, “How is it that you and your people weren’t able to find out that the shaman was lying to you about the Sky?”

“We are not like you Isabel. Your mind is so different, so open and so…” he made a movement with his hand like he was trying to describe something unusual.

“The shaman becomes shaman because he has stronger mental powers than the others. He can read with a single look, the thoughts of a grown man, and he can have almost absolute control over the weaker minds. You saw how he was able to control us and…” he shook his head. “I’ve seen him, when he was angry, actually destroy another mind. He killed the man who was accused of crime several winters ago. I know that the other shamans are no different in their powers.”

Isabel was starting to realize that there was more than just superstition here. Bren nodded,

“Yes, it’s not just old tales, Isabel. We can’t read the shaman’s thoughts as we can with each other. He obviously had no control over your mind, although I saw that same look on his face when he tore that man’s mind apart. And you were standing there projecting your thoughts so brightly that I had the feeling that they were fire!”

He looked at her, “You are a mystery. Everyone can read your mind, and yet even a shaman can’t control you. When you are angry everyone is affected, and when you feel deep emotions like when we mated, it was like I was experiencing again and again that mating on several different levels. And not only me, the others also felt it. You have a mind that can be more deadly than the shaman’s, but you simply don’t use it that way.”

Isabel pondered the information, “So, when I realized that the shaman was pretending, I actually wiped out his influence over your tribe and imprinted my thoughts?”

“You didn’t put them in our heads like the shaman would do; you somehow jammed his mind from having power over us, but without implementing your will on us. We acted, following you of our own free will, and many of us appreciated it.”

Isabel really was speechless, ‘Maybe growing up in a world with no telepathy had shielded my mind? Or maybe the Human mind is wired much differently than we thought…’

“Maybe.” Agreed Bren, and encased her in a hug. Isabel hugged him back and they laid on the bed just cuddled together.

Bren kissed her ear, “We have plenty of water that is already hot, just as you like it…”

She turned her head to him, “Thank you Bren.”

He nodded at the fireplace and released her, so she stood up and went to the fire.

She began undressing as Bren watched her from the bed. She was removing her clothes slowly with teasing movements of her hips and breasts. Bren looked captivated with the way she was preparing for her bath.

When she was naked she folded the clothes over a basket on the floor, and began pouring hot water into a big wooden vessel.

Isabel felt wonderful taking this makeshift shower with the buckets and the leather sponge after the long day. She wiped the warm sponge down over a breast and along her body, and then looked over at Bren. His trousers were tented up, and he was following every movement of her body.

Then she noticed his gaze was glued to the apex of her thighs, and he curiously asked, “Why do you have no hairs there Isabel?”

She brushed the sponge over her mons, “I used to have, but I decided to get laser depilation last year. Do you like it?”

He smiled, “Very much. The feeling against your smooth skin is great, but why are the hairs not growing. You are here for many days, and I haven’t seen you shave there?”

She put the sponge next to the bucket and lifted one foot over the edge. “Do you remember the things that we are inventing and we called machines?”

When he nodded, she continued, “One of the things is a machine that produces a light that we use to remove our body hairs permanently. We call it fashionable, a trend that most of us follow, and I decided to try it because shaving is so much more time consuming.”

She plunged the sponge down along her leg, and Bren followed her movement, “So, that’s why your legs and arms are so smooth and you have no hair on your armpits…”

His cock was now trying to cut through his trousers and Isabel got an idea.

Feeling bold and starting to get horny, she ordered. “Undress!”

He didn’t argue with her and immediately stood up. He removed his shoes and pants, revealing his naked and muscular body. His cock was fully aroused, pointing at her. Isabel felt the wetness in her pussy, and the wonderful sense of her nipples begging to be touched and sucked.

She dropped the leather sponge and stepped closer. Bren wasn’t moving, like he was afraid that she might decide not to fuck him.

Isabel touched his chest with her nipples. His nostrils trembled, and he gently caressed her pink nubs with his calloused hands.

Seeing the hungry look in his blue eyes, Isabel put her hand over his and said, “Bren, listen to me!”

He looked at her, stopping the ministrations on her breasts and waited.

“I want very much to mate with you again, but I don’t want to be hurt and then to have to wait again to heal. So you have to help me get wet enough for you, so I can handle your enormous cock in me.”

Bren seemed intrigued at her words and eagerly nodded.

Isabel continued, “So, first I will satisfy you with my mouth, so you can vent off the pressure from not having sex, and then you will fuck me slowly. This will help me adjust to your size, and when I am comfortable you can go on with fucking me as you used to.”

Bren was looking at her like she had cast a spell on him. She giggled, “What do you think Bren, can you do it twice?”

He grunted, and the hunger that was lurking in his eyes emerged in full force. He gave her a kiss that felt like he was trying to fuck her tongue with his. When he finished with the kiss, Isabel was out of breath.

He pulled her nipples, causing her to arch in the sudden pleasure, “On your knees woman!”

She obeyed, sensing her folds getting wetter, ‘Am I discovering some hidden inclination to being submissive in sex? Or is it the anticipation of tasting my favorite lollipop?’

She didn’t have time to write an essay on that thought because Bren’s penis was forced into her mouth, and before she could formulate another one she sensed the tip of his cock trying to screw her tonsils, and his hands grasping her hair.

Without teasing overtures like the last time she had done this, Isabel started sucking his cock, relaxing her throat and allowing him free access. He began slowly, and after the first few strokes, started building the pace of his thrusts while her tongue was frantically groping along his massive shaft.

She fondled his balls, felt them pulsing with the need to expel his seed, and grasped the base of his cock, rubbing the veins that fed his erection.

Gulping down the pre-cum while sucking his penis, Isabel felt her own arousal building inside her. The influx of his hormones in her system was increasing her endorphins like nothing else she had ever experienced before having sex with Bren.

Giving him a blowjob was getting to be her favorite, decided Isabel while Bren’s grasp on her hair became stronger, and he started fucking her mouth more aggressively.

His cock was twitching on her tonsils, and with a powerful trust that almost made her bite him, his seed began pouring down her throat. Isabel swallowed eagerly, feeling high like the last time she had sucked him. But this time she didn’t touch her clit wanting the pressure of desire inside to build up until she would be wet enough to receive him.

Bren released her head and helped her rise to her feet. When she was up, Isabel felt light headed from the hormones that were rushing through her brain. She was almost absent mindedly aware that Bren had put her on the bed and snuggled closer to her.

She turned her head and met the most beautiful blue eyes, ‘Maybe under the influence of his sperm I’m having a more emotional view of my surroundings, but his eyes are really pretty…’ She lifted her hand and traced the lines of his strong eye ridges as she licked the taste of his seed from her lips. Bren’s eyes widened, and then to her surprise, he gave her a deep, tender kiss, sharing the experience with her.

When they broke from the kiss, Isabel lifted on an elbow and whispered in his ear, “Bren, I still have to be prepared for our mating…”

Bren looked quizzically at her, “I thought you are already aroused? I can smell you.”

She pecked his neck, “Yes, I am, but not enough for easily doing it…”

When Bren continued to look questioningly at her she sighed, “Okay Bren. I’ll put it straight. I need some oral stimulation, you know?”

He was obviously not getting it, so Isabel asked, “How did you arouse your brother’s mate when you were at their fire?”

Bren seemed to be in deep thought for a moment, “I was usually fucking her after my brother, so she was slick and ready. He showed me how to rub her pleasure nub when needed. But that wasn’t necessary. She was always ready with my brother, so I just stepped in when it was my turn.”

“Okay, then I want to show you how I like it, Bren. Do you think you want to try? Some men don’t like to do it.” Isabel waited for his answer.

He sat up on the bed looking curious, and nodded, obviously intrigued by her words.

She lay on her back and smirked, “Okay, I am going to show you what I mean…”

Looking at him she imagined the scene, so he could pick it up from her mind.

‘I’m lying on the bed with my legs wide open. You are between my legs and sucking my clit while your fingers are ploughing my tight pussy. Your other hand is playing with one of my nipples…’

She felt aroused just by the thought, and Bren seemed ignited by the idea.

Without any further comments he moved between her legs, that Isabel had already eagerly opened wide, and knelt in front of her most intimate parts.

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