navy seals

Kevin stared at the woman that lay next to him. He had been in the Navy for a few years now and had met a few women that he really liked. As he ran his hand against her soft silken skin, he thought of the talk that he had with his father when he decided to join the Navy.

Could he be as lucky as he was and find someone to love him for who he is? Could she love the man and the monster that dwelled inside? He knew he could control the wolf and its abilities, but could she live with the idea of being married to a shape shifter, a freak of nature.

All of these thoughts ran through Kevin’s head as he looked upon Martina’s sleeping body. The sex during the night, and at the end, the love they shared, was beyond imagination. Kevin wondered if she had ever been to the states, he would love to introduce her to his mother and father. Kevin felt the love swelling in his heart and he leaned down and softly kissed her shoulder.

“Mmmmm if you wake me up that way all the time, I’m going to have to let you move in here. I know it has to be better than that old nasty barracks you stay at,” Martina said as she rolled over on her back.

“I never would have guessed that you’d be even more beautiful waking up, than you are at night. You seem to have a soft glow that just envelops you,” Kevin told her as he kissed her forehead.

“Oh my, I have a little charmer on my hands. You know Kevin, it’s pretty easy to have this — glow — as you call it, I must have cum ten times last night,” she said.

“Well I aim to please, and it’s very easy to please someone that you’re…” he started to say.

“Let’s just say that I’m fond of you,” Kevin finished.

“There’s something I want to know Kevin, have you ever made love in the shower to a woman that will do absolutely anything you tell her to?” she asked.

“Um — no, but I have a feeling that I’ll be able to answer that with a yes later this afternoon,” Kevin replied as he stroked the side of her tender breast.

“I’m going to start a pot of coffee, why don’t you get the shower going and I’ll be right back,” she told him as she slipped out from under the covers.

Kevin watched as she walked out of her bedroom. His heart was beating fast and he had trouble breathing. He wondered if this could be what everyone else called love?

‘Enough day dreaming Dvorska, get the shower going and get a move on,’ Kevin thought.

As Kevin was starting the shower, Martina was getting the coffee on. She had a huge smile on her face as she poured the water in. For most women when they wake up after being fucked silly, they would be smiling, however she was smiling due to Kevin’s feeling. Her plan was working to perfection, and within a few weeks he’d tell her every move his team did.

‘Men are so fucking easy to control. Throw them some snatch and find what they like in sex and they’ll sell their mothers to a pimp for more,’ she thought to herself.

When she finished, Martina went back upstairs to join Kevin. As she entered the bedroom she heard the shower going and stopped at the closed door. She was an experienced operator and knew exactly what to do, as she knocked on the door.

“Excuse me Sir, housekeeping. Would you care for some fresh towels?” she asked.

“Sure, the big fluffy ones are the best. If you have one, a little pillow mint would be a nice touch,” Kevin replied with a laugh.

Martina opened the door and walked into the now steamy room. She slowly pulled the shower curtain back and peered in. Kevin’s taut muscular body was covered in white foamy soap and his back was towards her.

If she wasn’t trying to set him up to be killed, she would have made sure his hard cock was always available and always hard.

She stepped in and moved behind him, running her hands over the firm meat of his ass. As she pressed her breasts against his back, she moved her right hand around and wrapped her fingers around his cock. Slowly and seductively, she began to jack his cock which caused him to moan softly.

“Now that’s what I call room service. I’ll have to talk to my secretary and have her book this hotel from now on,” Kevin said.

“Next time you’re in town Sir, bring her with you. I’m sure I can make her stay just as enjoyable,” Martina whispered as she planted soft kisses across his broad shoulder.

Kevin turned around and placed his hands on the sides of her face. She tilted her head up and accepted the soft kiss as she felt his tongue slide between her lips.

While one hand was jacking his hard cock the other was slowly massaging his heavy balls. He moaned into her open mouth when she ran her thumb quickly across the sensitive head.

“Jesus Martina, you’re the most erotic woman I’ve ever heard of. Veteran porn stars aren’t this hot,” Kevin said after breaking the sensuous kiss.

“There’s something you should be aware of Kevin. You’ve only had a taste of what I’m capable of. You could be with me through you’re whole deployment and still not experience every sexual thing I’ve done. That includes the normal vanilla sex and the sex acts that some people would find outrageous and perverted,” she told him and then sucked his nipple into her mouth.

“What’s some of the more outrageous things you’ve done?” he asked in a low voice.

“You’re not going to get those stories unless you tell me some too. I’ll answer that one but you have to tell me things in return, it’s only fair,” Martina told him as she continued jacking him.

“Oh God you have magic hands. What’s your first question?” he said.

“What happened when you went out the other night and came back needing a pick me up?”

“Martina, you know I can’t talk about the missions. It just isn’t done,” he moaned.

“My father is in the intelligence field, when he’s home he trusts me with some of it. If he has a problem with something, I can sometimes help him think it through. I can do the same for you with whatever happened,” Martina said.

“Ok you make a valid point. We lost one of the fire teams and one of them is missing. We all want to get him back but we were told to stand down. That’s all I can really say,” Kevin said and then kissed her hard.

After a few moments Martina broke the kiss and hugged him closely as if she was consoling him after a funeral. She did this so he wouldn’t see her smiling at the fact she just broke him. It only took a few days of fucking him silly. Now that he trusted her, her assignment just got a lot easier.

“I’m so very sorry for the loss of your friends Kevin, I really am. I have feelings for you and I don’t want to see you get hurt, I wouldn’t know what to do,” she told him as sincerely as she could.

“Don’t worry about me. Let’s just say I have some special talents that get me through the toughest of missions. Now it’s your turn to tell me something. What’s some of the nasty things you’ve done in the past?” Kevin asked trying to change the subject.

“Fair enough, but I warn you, don’t judge me or think badly of me. Who knows, with the feelings I have for you, you may get to try some of these things yourself if you ask me,” Martina told him.

“Trust me when I say, there are a lot of things about me that people would judge me for, and in some cases fear me. You don’t have to worry about me judging you,” he replied as he kissed her softly.

“I used to have a boyfriend and we got into some very crazy things. I got off on all sorts of stuff, like kneeling down in the bathtub and letting him use me as a toilet,” Martina told him as she looked at his face for a reaction.

“Ok — I guess I’m a little out of the loop on some stuff. What do you mean, use you as a toilet?” he asked, a little confused.

“I got my cunt off by letting him piss on my body, and I even let him do it once right in my mouth and face,” Martina said and then dropped to her knees and looked up at him.

“Holy shit, are you putting me on Martina?” Kevin asked in astonishment.

“Not so fast handsome, you don’t get to keep asking questions without answering some yourself,” she told him and then sank her lips down his hard cock.

“Oh damn that feels good. What’s your next question?” Kevin breathed.

“You said one of your teammates was missing. Was it anyone that I met through you?” she asked and then took his cock back in her mouth.

“You didn’t meet him, but I can only tell you that his name is Pete,” Kevin answered as he placed his hands on her bobbing head.

“Well I hope you find — Pete. Now it’s your turn to ask another one,” Martina told him as she jacked his dripping cock just above her face.

“Have you ever been with more than one guy at a time?” he asked.

“You know I’m willing to answer anything you want and tell you about myself. Your questions are pretty vanilla, but alright, yes. When I first got into town I found that club I took you and Dan to. It made me so fucking hot watching everyone.”

“I got up on stage and started rubbing my pussy. After a while men would come up and shoot off on my body and face, and then the other women would come up and lick it off. I ended up being gang banged by thirty men for over two hours,” Martina told him.

Kevin looked down at her in shock. How could she walk after being fucked, probably in every hole, for over two hours? He really hoped her next question wouldn’t be about his job, he was starting to feel uncomfortable about the information he’s already disclosed.

“My turn to ask one, my young fucking stud with a big fat cock. You still haven’t come out and specifically told me what really gets your cock hard. What would really set your rocks of Kevin? I don’t care what it is, I won’t judge you — you can trust me — sweetheart.”

“There is something that I have thought about ever since Kat was here,” Kevin said a little sheepishly.

Martina stood up and wrapped her arms around his thick neck.

“Oh goody now we’re getting somewhere. What was it, having two women at one time? Maybe it was sharing your hot fucking cum as we kissed each other,” she said with a gleam in her eyes.

“Not really, it was — well — it made me pretty hot when I called her — um — a bitch,” he told her by avoided her eyes.

Martina beamed with pride, her husband would be proud of her on how fast it was to gain the trust of one of the worlds most elite fighting men. Now that she had her way in, there would be no secret safe from her. That is as long as he was alive, which hopefully wouldn’t be too much longer.

“Is that what you want to do to me? You can tell me my young lover; do you want to call me nasty names? Don’t look away Kevin, look into my eyes so I can see you as you answer me,” Martina said as the seductive tone dripped off her tongue.

“I think I’d enjoy that very much. I don’t like to be mean but it would fun to maybe just pretend to be mean, but I don’t want to say something that will hurt your feelings,” he told her.

“Kevin, that’s what’s nice about role playing. You get to act the part without really being like that. I find it erotic being a submissive sometimes, and sometimes I like to take a more dominant role like I did with Kat,” Martina said to him as he started to loosen up a little.

“I just didn’t want to sound like I was a pervert or something. I really, really like you and didn’t want you to think badly of me,” Kevin said as his cock dripped pre-cum onto the floor of the shower.

“You’re not a pervert Kevin, and as a matter of fact, I want you to call me all the names you can think of. The catch is, I want you to do it while you shove that fat cock of yours up my ass finally. I’ve been thinking about that for sometime now,” Martina replied as she reached for a bottle of baby oil on the shelf.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you Martina,” he said a little worried.

“Just go slow at first until I get used to it. After that you can let yourself go and fuck my ass as hard as you want, and call me any name you want. The nastier the name is, the harder I’ll cum, and I really want to cum so hard that my legs are weak,” she replied as she applied the baby oil to his cock.

“Ok, if you’re sure, you — bitch,” Kevin told her, still a little hesitant.

“You have a lot to learn about talking dirty, my young apprentice,” she said with a laugh.

Martina faced the back of the shower and grabbed onto the little bar that held the face cloths. Given the size of his cock she was going to need some support. She teased Kevin by doing a slow grinding motion with her hips as she looked back over her shoulder with smoldering eyes.

“Ready when you are Kevin,” she whispered.

“A gentleman never keeps a lady waiting, so here it comes,” he told her as he grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them apart, revealing her tight back door.

“I’m not a lady right now, I’m your fucking whore, and your whore needs her ass torn apart by that unholy cock you have,” she told him.

“I think I have the hang of it now. Why don’t you shut that fucking mouth of yours, the only thing it’s good for is sucking cock and pussy and drinking hot piss,” Kevin told her sternly.

“Why don’t you make me — you fucking weakling,” she said, egging him on.

“You’re going to regret that — cunt,” he growled back.

“Fuck off. I didn’t know they let little boys into the Seal teams. Why don’t you go and find a school girl who thinks that’s a big cock — peewee,” Martina continued.

With one hand on his cock and the other pulling her left check to the side, he pushed the first inch of his cock passed the ring of her asshole. Kevin could tell that it took an effect on her as her knuckles turned white on the bar and she lowered her head.

“Slowly Kevin, when you fuck someone in the ass, you have to go slow at first. Let me get used to it, then you go full speed,” she said in obvious discomfort.

Kevin pulled about half an inch out and then grabbed the baby oil. After squirting a large amount on the exposed skin he pushed forward making sure he pushed more meat into her rectum.

“You’re a quick learner Kevin, keep it up lover,” Martina told him.

Kevin repeated the procedure of oiling his cock and pushing further into her body. He couldn’t believe the amount of pressure that was surrounding just the first couple of inches. He wondered who was going to have more pain. Martina, who was breathing heavily, or him because of the vise like grip of her asshole.

It took a long time and a lot of baby oil to push the length of his cock deep within her bowels, but finally his balls rested upon her skin as he began to pull out an inch and then slowly push it back through the tight ring.

“How does it feel Martina, am I hurting you too much?” he asked.

“It feels like I have a baseball bat stuffed up my ass. Give me a moment to calm down baby, then you can take it,” she whimpered.

“We can stop when ever you want to Martina. I don’t want to hurt you — I…” Kevin started to say.

“Pull it half way out and then slam it back in. Let’s see if I’m ready,” she told him.

Kevin pulled half of his thick cock out and thought of her discomfort. He grabbed the baby oil and emptied it on his sensitive flesh. He grabbed her shapely hips and forced himself inside her quivering body.

“Holy fucking shit! Holy fucking God damn shit!” Martina screamed out.

“I should stop — fuck that’s tight — I’m hurting you,” Kevin said in a pleading kind of tone.

“Don’t you dare stop Kevin, keep going, do it again!” she yelled at him as she moved one hand down between her spread legs.

“Hang on — slut — here it comes,” Kevin told her in a commanding voice.

Kevin quickly slammed the entire length of his cock deeply into her ass. He heard Martina catch her breath as he repeated the act one more time.

“Oh — fuck yes — again God damn it — again!” she screamed out.

Kevin did just what she asked; he fucked her back door with a vengeance. Martina had one hand on the rack and he could tell it might break free from the force of the sex act. Kevin decided to take a chance with the woman he was growing very fond of.

He placed one arm around her stomach and effortlessly lifted her off the shower floor. With his other, he held the center of her back and picked up his pace.

“Oh my God — yeeeeesss, take it, make me yours forever,” Martina cried out in a mix of pain and pleasure.

“That’s right, you’re mine slut and I’ll fuck you like I want!” he screamed back.

“Yeah, that it’s stud, claim your property. Own me you motherfucker!”

“I’m going…” Kevin screamed out as he pushed in and then pulled out.

“To…” Kevin pushed in again.

“Fucking…” he screamed one more time as he shoved in as hard as he could.

“Cuuuuuummmm,” he yelled as he shot rope after rope of hot scalding cream deep into her intestines.

Martina’s legs started to shake as she felt the creamy juice start to fill her anal passage. It was a good thing that he had her off the floor or she would have collapsed instantly as her own climax overwhelmed her bodily functions.

It was a strange sensation when, for the first time in her life, she actually started squirting all over her hand. The fact that she was doing something she had never done before was over shadowed when she lost control of her bladder and began pissing out a stream of golden fluid onto the shower floor.

“Holy — fucking — God — daaaaammmmnnn!” she screamed out for the entire world to hear as she ripped the towel rack off the back wall of the shower.

It was a good thing that Kevin’s reflexes were as fast as they were. He quickly wrapped his powerful arms around her and held her close as she twitched in his arms. He didn’t know if she was alright or not, she seemed to be holding her breath and she wouldn’t stop convulsing.

‘Oh my God I’ve killed her!” he thought

“Calm down Martina, stay with me baby,” he told her in a soft voice.

“I’m — oh my — I’m here — darling,” she said in a voice that only a person like Kevin could hear.

As he lifted her up, his cock dislodged from her ass and she groaned out in relief. Kevin quickly turned her in his arms so he could see her face, what he found astounded him. Her eyes were glazed over and the skin around her neck was bright red from cumming, or screaming. His last opinion was closer to the mark as he thought that the color came from not one, but both of them.

“I — I — don’t know — what — happen…” she tried to say.

“It’s ok Martina, I’ve got you, I’ve got you,” he said as he held her close to his body.

“I’ve never — that’s never…” she told him in a ragged voice.

“There’s one thing I want to tell you and — please — accept it for what it is,” Kevin said as he placed her unstable body down on the floor of the shower.

“Anything — just don’t — let me go — just yet,” she whispered.

“This will be the first time I’ve ever said this — to any woman. I love you,” he told her as he stroked the side of her face.

Martina had her face against his powerfully built chest and had a thought, just one supreme thought. ‘Game — set — match. He’s mine now.’

“I — I think — I love — I think I love you too,” she whispered and then kissed him deeply.

They would have continued to kiss each other if it wasn’t for one thing. Kevin’s pager was beeping and vibrating all over the table just outside the door.

“Kevin, there are two things I hate in this world. One of them is weak men, the other is that God damn pager of yours,” she said in an annoyed tone.

“This is the life you get when you date a United States Navy Seal,” he said as he stepped out of the shower.

Kevin grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist as Martina stepped out of the shower on shaky legs.

“You ok Martina?” Kevin asked

“Yeah, I’ll live but it’s going to a while for my ass to close shut again. Just so you know, that was a first for me. I’ve never been held in the air, while I was being fucked,” she admitted while she dried her trembling body.

Kevin walked into the bedroom and picked up the pager. The number displayed was the duty office and thankfully not a recall code. He picked up the phone and found it was dead. He tapped the button on the cradle with no luck on bringing the phone to life.

“Hey Martina, this phones dead, is it ok if I check the one down stairs?” Kevin asked.

“Sure handsome, you can check out anything you want in this house. That includes the hot French woman in the upstairs bathroom,” Martina said as she stuck her head out of the bathroom.

“Depending on what the duty office wants, I might just take you up on that. Us young guys have strong recuperative powers when it comes to sex with hot French — whores,” Kevin told her.

“Well done, my young apprentice is learning at an accelerated rate,” she said and went back inside.

Kevin went down stairs and entered the living room. He found it exciting walking around in Martina’s place wearing nothing but a towel. He picked up the phone next to the couch and heard the dial tone, but just before he started to dial the number, there was a knock on the door. He hung up the phone and walked over to the door.

When he peered through the peephole he saw some type of repairman holding a clipboard. He made sure the security chain was in place and opened the door.

“Hi, can I help you?” Kevin said politely.

“Hi, sorry to disturb you Sir, we’re going around and letting everyone know that the phone lines are back up and we’re sorry for any inconvenience it might have caused. Would you mind if I come in and check that it works?”

“That won’t be necessary, I was just going to make a phone call and I got a dial tone,” Kevin told him.

“That’s great. Thanks for your time and sorry to disturb you,” the repairman said and turned to leave.

Kevin shut the door and went back to the phone. He dialed the number and in a moment the duty office picked up.

“Combined Joint Special Operations Duty Office, Petty Officer Franklin speaking, how can I help you?” a young woman’s voice answered.

“Hi, this Petty Officer Dvorska, I’m returning the page I just got,” he told her.

“Thank you Petty Officer Dvorska, Lieutenant Dawson is expecting your call. If you hold, I’ll put you through,” she replied.

“Thanks, I’ll wait,” Kevin said as he pulled the towel off and rubbed his wet hair. It took a few moments but soon he heard his team leader’s voice.

“Lieutenant Dawson,” Adam answered.

“Adam, this is Dvorska, you needed to talk to me?” Kevin said.

“Yeah Kev, I know we’ve been told to stand down but we have something brewing. We’ll be gone for a couple of days. Go ahead and report and I’ll fill everyone in, the others should be here within the hour. By the way, where are you right now?” Adam asked.

“Um — over at Martina’s. I didn’t think it would hurt, you said we were on stand down boss,” Kevin told him, hoping he wasn’t in trouble.

“I’m not pissed at you Kev. You just make sure you still have enough energy for your real job, and for God’s sake don’t get her pregnant,” Adam said.

“Don’t worry — Dad. Getting a girl pregnant would not be a real smart move on my part, trust me,” Kevin told him.

“She seems like a nice lady Kev, why don’t you tell her I’m taking the team up to Germany for a little R and R. Let her know we’ll be back in a few days, that way she won’t dump you for leaving all the time. I wouldn’t want her to miss you too much,” Adam told his point man.

“Me neither boss, she’d fuck me to death if she did,” he joked.

Kevin hung up the phone and went back upstairs to get dressed. Martina was slipping a light sundress over her head as he entered the room. If he didn’t have to go to work, he would have gladly went back to bed with her and stay there all day.

“Sorry Martina, L-tee is taking us all to Germany for a few day of relaxation. When the boss says jump, you start jumping. I guess you’re just going to have to do it alone for a few days till I get back,” he told her.

“Yeah right, you’re going to go there and find someone who’s a bigger slut than I am and I’ll never see you again,” Martina said with a little pout.

“I don’t think so, and besides it’s just going to be us guys getting drunk and trying to get over what happened,” he lied as he tossed the towel over the brass rail at the foot of the bed.

Kevin reached for his pants but before he could put them on, Martina dropped to her knees in front of him and took his limp cock in her mouth.

“Martina, I really don’t have time for this. Trust me when I tell you I really wish I could,” Kevin moaned out loud.

“Oh come on Kevin, just one more to keep me satisfied till you get back,” she pouted.

Martina took his now hard cock back into her mouth deeply. She knew Kevin liked it when she gagged as his cock slipped into her throat. She repeated the process as Kevin looked down at the beautiful black haired woman. She looked like a high paid whore with her lips obscenely stretched open because of his girth.

He was torn between his sense of duty and this woman’s magical mouth. He was a Navy Seal and his selection was easy, for him anyway. Kevin reached down and pulled Martina up to her feet. He could tell she was displeased with his choice.

“Damn it Kevin, it’s impolite to stop a woman from sucking cock when she is literally begging for her man to fill it with cum. Let me make it mind blowing for you so you’ll remember me while you’re gone. If you won’t shoot a load down my throat, I’ll let you use my mouth as a toilet,” Martina pleaded with him as she jacked his cock.

“I don’t know if I can get into watersports just yet, perhaps when I get back we can experiment with different things. It made me feel pretty special when you called me your man just then,” Kevin told her, and then kissed her deeply.

Martina returned the kiss with passion but never let go of Kevin’s cock. If he stayed there much longer he was never going to leave, so he broke the kiss and pushed her back softly.

“Ok you win,” Kevin said.

“I knew you wouldn’t leave me hanging,” Martina said as she jumped on the bed in a classic doggie style position.

Kevin had other ideas when she was turned away from him. He quickly reached down and put his underwear and pants on. He got caught when Martina noticed too much time had passed and he still wasn’t on the bed with her.

“Oh you asshole, you tricked me to let go of your cock so you could get dressed,” Martina complained as she rolled over on the bed.

“Sorry lover — man I liked saying that — I knew it was the only way. I’ll be back before you know it,” he said and leaned down and kissed her quickly.

Kevin grabbed his shirt and slipped it on as he left the bedroom. Once he was outside of the house, he saw the base taxi coming around the corner. If he hurried he could hitch a ride and save himself the walk to the compound.

He flagged it down and the taxi pulled up next to him. As the van pulled away, he looked over at Martina’s house and thought of her lying on the bed pouting about getting tricked.

“Oh damn, I was so busy trying to get out of there that I forgot to tell her about the phone guy. Oh well, they work now so it’s not important,” he said quietly.

1400 hrs Special Operations Task Force briefing room.

Adam Dawson looked at his assembled fire team. He had taken part in a few covert operations that dealt with undercover work but this would be the first time he had to do it with just one other person. He started to second-guess his decision on taking Kevin with him. He was still very green and he got spooked when they found Bravo torn to pieces.

“Alright guys, this is the game plan. Myself and one other drive to Predjama castle posing as a National Geographic researcher and his trusted cameraman. We are to try and capture Valenta again but with a more subtle touch. As an added bonus Hawkins is giving us a chance to look around for any clues as to what happened to Pete Newman,” Adam told his team.

“Well if you’re looking for volunteers, I’ll go L-tee. I can be good slave, yessa I sure can mas’er,” Carl said in a totally unbelievable southern slave accent.

“Sorry Werner, we have to be discrete on this one and since you’re black, you’d stand out like a whore in church. Besides to go along with that idea you’d have to have fresh whip marks on your back — not that the idea hasn’t crossed my mind though,” Dawson said with a smile.

“Ha, ha, very funny mas’er,” Carl shot back.

When the team finally settled down from laughing at Carl after being bitch slapped by the L-tee, Adam looked straight at his team Chief, Bob Holiday.

They want me to take you Bob. What’s your thoughts on it?” Dawson asked.

“Well if it was my team and my call, I’d take Dvorska. He’s more than capable of pulling off the snatch with you and if I was going to look for Pete — you’re damn skippy I’d have him with me. That is if it was my team and my call Adam.

“That’s pretty much what I told them too, thanks Bob,” he replied and then looked at his point man.

“What do you say Kev, feel like taking a road trip?” Dawson asked him.

“Yes Sir, I feel…” but stopped short as he remembered their first encounter in his office.

“Since you ripped my ass about how I — feel — last time, I’ll just say sure Adam sounds fun,” Kevin replied as the whole team broke up laughing again.

“Ok it’s settled, Kevin and I are undercover, Bob you take the rest of the team in when we call for a pick up. If you need extra help pull them out of Miller’s squad. We head out at 0400 with a car rented off base. Bob, see to it that we have the special luggage and Kevin you check on the papers and the cameras, make sure you know how to work them really well,” he told them.

Fire team Alpha stood up and filed out of the room to gather the required gear. Adam pulled Bob Holiday away from the others and when they were safely out of the room, he locked the door behind them.

“You got anything on what we discussed last night?” Dawson asked him.

“Nothing much yet, I have someone doing the background on her and the phone is done. It was pretty funny Adam. When our guy went to do the sound check, Dvorska answered the door and wouldn’t let him in. The damn kid did it for us when he called you,” Bob told him.

“I sort of figured he’d be there, I hope Martina left him enough strength to do the op. Between you and me I bet that girl is a real tiger in the sack,” Adam said.

“Hell if she checks out clean, I might just have to try to steal her away from the rookie and show her what a real man can do,” he told his team leader.

“Oh you mean like me,” Dawson said.

“Whatever — just do me a favor and bring Pete home,” Bob replied and then left to join the others.

Kevin Dvorska was in the map room gathering everything he could on the town and the surrounding area. He had a large stack of maps and photos on the table so he slung the cameras over his shoulder and placed all the travel documents and identification on top. Once he had his load cradled in his arms he opened the door and walked out.

He had a few hours to study and memorize most of the Intel on the area. It wouldn’t be wise to take a lot maps with him so he had to commit them to memory and then get some sleep for the drive in. This was currently on his mind as he rounded a corner in the hallway.

Suddenly there was a startled scream as he collided with someone and dropped most of his stack of papers. When he looked down, he saw Kat lying on the gleaming tiled hallway with his papers mixed in with her cleaning equipment.

“Kat, I’m sorry I didn’t see you. Are you ok; you’re not hurt are you?” Kevin asked with concern.

“Oh hi — um — Kevin right? I’m fine, it happens from time to time around here,” she replied as she started separating his Intel from her cleaning equipment.

When Kevin saw that she could see his maps and satellite photos, he quickly began scooping up all the papers so she couldn’t get a long look at them. But then again, she was just a cleaning lady and probably wouldn’t know what the hell she was looking at anyway.

“I really am sorry about running into you like that. I should be more careful when I’m walking around here. Maybe I can buy you a drink sometime to make up for it,” Kevin said trying to draw her attention to him.

“Sure, that’s sounds nice. I really like the enlisted club on base. You could buy me a beer there tonight if you want,” she said as she stood up and placed her spray bottles back in her cart.

“Um — maybe not tonight, my L-tee is taking us all up to Germany for a little rest and relaxation. When we get back it’s a deal,” he said as he held the large stack of documents closely.

“Ok I’ll take a rain check, but you owe me two for having to wait,” she told him.

When he looked closely enough he saw she had a small mark on her right cheek. At first he thought he actually hurt her, but it didn’t look like a fresh injury.

“What happened to your cheek? Did I do that, oh man, I really feel bad now,” he said apologetically.

“Like I said earlier, it happens sometimes around here Kevin. I’ll be fine, but you still owe me a few beers later,” she told him as she pushed her cart around the corner and disappeared.

Kevin continued on down the hall to the briefing room where he would have some room to spread everything out. It was going to be a long afternoon but he had to make sure he was prepared to go in the morning. He was pretty proud of himself that Adam Dawson put so much faith in his abilities.

Then a cold chill ran down his spine as he remembered what had taken Bravo squad out. If there was a chance to look for the missing Seal, more than likely he would go up against someone very dangerous. Someone who was comfortable changing into one of the most perfect killing instruments since the age of the dinosaur.


Kat sat alone in the housekeeping office as she contemplated on weather or not to call Martina. She didn’t believe the story of going to Germany, not with the amount of maps and satellite photos he was carrying. She noticed one of the photos had a tag on it that read Predjama castle and some photos of a man she didn’t recognize.

Kat knew she had to let Martina know, but after being reprimand for trying to help, she didn’t know if she could keep this up anymore. No matter what she did, it was never good enough for her and she didn’t understand why Martina was so interested in this Seal team. She finally decided to give her the information, because she really didn’t want backhanded again.

She picked up the phone and dialed the number. After letting it ring for two full minutes, she hung the phone up and sighed. Just then her supervisor came in and looked sternly at her.

“Shouldn’t you be taking care of the floors in the east wing?” she asked.

“Yes Sir, I was just taking a break and getting something to drink,” Kat told her.

She quickly got up and grabbed her cart. It really would not be a good idea to get fired. Martina would really be pissed off then, and a backhand would be the least of her problems. Kat could try again in a few hours or after she got off work.

0330 rear parking lot of the Seal compound.

Kevin had just finished putting the last of his luggage in the trunk of the Fiat sedan when Bob Holiday and Adam Dawson walked out with the rest of the gear. Adam had a duffle bag of clothes and Bob was carrying two large black suitcases.

The Lieutenant threw his back in and grabbed one of the heavy suitcases from his team Chief.

“Come here Kev, I want to go over this gear with you before we head out,” Adam said.

When Dawson opened the suitcases Kevin saw pictures of castles all over Europe. There were also numerous folders stuffed with papers, and he assumed they were notes about the castles they supposedly visited.

“I put all this stuff together yesterday afternoon, just in case. What you need to be aware of is what’s underneath,” he said.

Dawson pushed the hidden catch on the handle and lifted the lid on the false bottom. Kevin saw two disassembled silenced MP5 sub machine guns and twenty extra magazines neatly secured in their respective cutouts. Kevin had seen a lot of the equipment that Seals normally had at their disposal, but this was the first time he’d seen something like this.

“Let me guess L-tee, you didn’t pick this up at Sears did you?” Kevin joked.

“We don’t usually carry this type of luggage; we got this stuff on loan from Johansson. The other one has a M14 with the starlight scope. If we get stopped for any reason then the cops will just see the research stuff,” he told Kevin.

“What about our backups?” Kevin asked.

“There’s a 9mm Sig Sauer under each of our seats,” he told him as he closed the suitcase and loaded it into the trunk with the other one.

Bob came around put his hand on Kevin’s shoulder.

Listen up Kev. Ever since I saw you in the woods back at home, you’ve impressed the hell out of me. I’ve been with the teams almost twenty years now and believe me when I tell you this. I’ve never seen anyone one with your abilities — ever,” Bob said.

“Thanks Bob, that means a lot coming from someone with your experience. I’ll try not to fuck up and let you down,” Kevin said as he shook his hand.

“Trust me Kev, you fuck up and Bob will be the least of your worries. Here’s the key, you’re driving,” Dawson told him.

“Hey why do I have to drive L-tee?” he asked.

“Because you’re the point man stupid, you’re job in life is to get the team to any given point. Since I’m the team on this one, you get me to the stupid castle,” Adam said with a smile.

“Oh I thought it was because you outrank me — Sir,” Kevin replied.

“Yeah that to, now let’s get a move on. When I give you a call Bob, don’t stop to smell the roses on your way in,” Adam said and then climbed in the sedan with Kevin.

Bob Holiday watched as the two Navy Seals pulled out of the parking lot and started the drive to Predjama castle. It wasn’t normal for just two operators to go out on a mission with their backup hours away. He thought about the young Seal who was driving the car. If he could use that unique gift of his and keep his cool, it shouldn’t be too long before he got a call to pick up his two friends.

Bob turned to go back inside the compound and get some sleep. He would stay there around the clock until this mission was complete and everyone was safely home. When the door shut closed the other person who was watching the car drive away emerged from the shadows. Kat knew she was correct about the Germany trip but she hadn’t been able to get in contact with Martina. She turned around and went back into the shadows. She needed to keep trying to reach Martina.

Meanwhile across town, Martina stepped through the curtain that led to the dimly lit stage and couches. She noticed the elderly couple was once again seated in the front and watching two young males in a sixty-nine position. It appeared that the wife was enjoying it more than her husband was as she pushed a small vibrator against her clit.

Martina felt sorry for him a little bit. Most of the shows that happened on stage were always hot and everyone enjoyed them so she went over to sit next to him.

“How’s it going tonight? You look like you could use some excitement,” she said.

“Sure, how about a blowjob?” he asked.

“I’ve been here before and I know what you like. Why don’t you try it again,” Martina told him seductively.

“Oh, in that case, sure I could use some excitement. Take your top off so I can see those tits of yours, and then get Daddy’s cock in your mouth and suck me off you little bitch,” he ordered her.

While Martina was busy taking care of the request, she had no idea that at that very moment her phone was ringing off the hook back at her house. When she finally took the old man’s cock in her mouth she wondered if Kevin was busy in Germany getting the same wonderful blowjob from someone else. She’d have to ask him when the team returned to Aviano.

0510 hrs 5 kilometers from the border of Slovenia.

Adam Dawson kept checking the map against the distance signs along the side of the road. If they were correct they should make the castle within the hour. According to his briefing from Johansson the tours would start at 7, so they had plenty of time to talk with this operative before she had to go to work.

“Looks like you’re doing pretty good Kev. We’re right on time so we can meet up with the CIA chick before she starts her tours,” Adam told him.

“Thanks Boss. Are you sure you don’t want to sit in the back? I can put a little hat on, open your door for you,” Kevin joked.

“If I wanted that, I would have brought Carl with me. I brought you because of your uncanny senses. By the way — humor isn’t one of them,” Adam shot back.

The two Seals came upon a straight stretch of road — finally. Most of the time it was, get up to speed and then slow down for another curve. Kevin looked down the road, and even though it was still dark out, he could make out a small building up ahead. Those uncanny senses that his team leader prided him on just kicked up into high gear.

“We’ve got trouble up ahead Adam,” Kevin said, and then sat up in his seat a little straighter.

“I can’t make it out from here, but if the map is right it’s the border of Slovenia. Johansson didn’t say anything about security check points this far North,” Adam complained.

“Ok so what’s the game plan here Boss? We take them out and everybody and their brother will be looking for us,” Kevin asked.

“We don’t do jack shit if we can help it. We’re just a documentary team — that’s all. We really can’t pull the Sig’s out if it turns bad. How’s your hand to hand training?” Dawson said.

“Let’s put it this way — better than yours,” Kevin told him.

The Fiat sedan slowed down and came to a stop just in front of the long red striped pole that blocked the road. A uniformed man walked up and tapped on the window. He wasn’t smiling and it appeared he was military and not a regular cop.

When Kevin rolled down the window, he said something that they couldn’t understand. When he said it again Kevin handed him his travel papers and his passport. The soldier looked at Adam and repeated his request, which Adam instantly complied.

He looked over both sets of papers and then looked in at Adam who was older and more than likely the one to do the talking.

“You two are American? You are a long way from home are you not,” he said.

“Good morning Sir. We are a long way from home, and this is our last stop before we get to head back to the states. We’re with National Geographic. We’re doing a documentary on ancient castles of Europe. We were just on our way from Rome and going to someplace called Predjama,” Adam said with a smile.

The soldier did not return his smile as he stared at Kevin and then back to Adam. After a few tense moments of silence he stepped back from the car as another armed soldier stepped out of the small guard shack.

“Please if you would, step out of the vehicle and move to the rear of the car,” he ordered.

The two Seals opened the doors and moved to the back of the now dusty car. Adam was concerned but not overly just yet. The one good thing about the two of them is they weren’t nervous. If they were, they would have pulled the bolt back on their weapons.

“So your name is Dawson Adam is that correct?” the guard asked.

“Yes Sir Adam Dawson, that’s me. I’m a TV producer with National Geographic, I make documentaries about different subjects,” he said.

“And you’re last name is Dvorska. That sounds Serbian to me,” he said to Kevin.

“Serbian, no way Sir. My grandparents immigrated from Poland just before the Germans attacked. I’m his cameraman and butler,” he lied.

Kevin moved in a little closer to him.

“You should know that Mr. Dawson is very famous in TV. He makes normal people stars overnight. So I kind of have to suck up to him — if you know what I mean,” Kevin whispered.

“Famous? Who has he made famous?” the guard asked as the other one approached.

“You two may not be aware of this but, have you ever heard of Sylvester Stallone?” Kevin asked.

“Do you mean that one guy from Rocky movie?” he asked as he looked at his partner.

“That’s the guy. He actually got his start as a cameraman for Mr. Dawson here. I’m trying to tell you he makes people famous.”

“Oh wow, we are sorry for stopping you Mr. Dawson we had no idea who you were,” he said.

“That’s alright gentlemen, you couldn’t have known. I try to keep a low profile when I’m outside of my mansion. Hey I got a great idea for the story, if you two would like to help,” Adam told them.

“What — us?” the military guard asked excitedly.

“Sure guys you look like you have a lot of potential for TV. Kevin why don’t you get your camera and get some shots of these two warriors,” Adam told him.

Kevin went opened the trunk and got his video camera out. When he looked back up, Adam had his hands up pretending to find their best side. When he finally had the shot he wanted he positioned their weapons in front of them and then stepped back.

Kevin began filming them from different angles and then let the video camera down and started snapping stills of them. After about 20 different shots Adam went up to Kevin and asked for the camera.

“All right guys, I really want to get some action shots of you. Why don’t you put Kevin spread eagle against the car and pretend to search him,” Adam directed them.

The senior guard placed Kevin against the car and started patting him down as the other pointed his weapon at the young Seal.

“Great, great, you guys look so real. I bet you two are really high up in your military,” Adam egged them on.

“Um — well — yes, yes we are. We are better than those Navy Seals your country is so proud of,” the guard boasted.

“Oh wow that’s amazing! You hear that Kevin, they’re better than Seals!” Dawson exclaimed.

“Yeah, that’s amazing Mr. Dawson,” Kevin said sarcastically.

“Ok guys, that’s enough shots here we really should get going to Predjama. Kevin why don’t you get a few of my business cards out and give them each one,” he told his point man.

“Um — I forgot to pack your cards Mr. Dawson, sorry,” he told him.

“Haha, I guess you will be watching us in the movies Dvorska,” he said as they laughed at him.

The two Seals got in the Sedan and headed off towards their destination. When they were safely out of sight, Kevin reached over and shoved Dawson up against the passenger door.

“Hey what was that for Dvorska,” he said with a laugh.

“Gee I don’t know L-tee, it could be because I just got patted down by probably the two dumbest geeks in Slovenia,” he told him.

“Take it easy Kevin. That’s how it’s done when you do undercover shit. Besides, you’re the one who started it with that Sylvester Stallone shit. Next time don’t forget my business cards, idiot.”

There was a brief silence and then both Navy Seals busted up laughing. Kevin tried to pick up the pass due to the lengthy stop at the checkpoint but Dawson slowed him down. They made it past one checkpoint and didn’t need any more unwanted attention.

It was seven in the morning before they finally made it to the outskirts of Predjama. Kevin pulled off to the side of the road atop a small rise in the terrain overlooking the town. When the got out, Kevin grabbed a camera with a telephoto lens and snapped a few pictures of the town. He didn’t really care about the pictures it was the zoom capability he needed as he searched the area for any sign of Radovan Valenta.

Adam Dawson joined him in the search using a large pair of binoculars. Although there were people milling about in town, there was no sign of their intended target. He did notice however that there were a few people around the front of Predjama castle.

“Hey Kevin, check out the castle. It looks like we might have to jump straight into one of the tours,” Adam told him.

“I can’t really make out any details of the people from here Boss, but yeah it looks maybe the start of a tour,” Kevin replied as he adjusted the settings of his lens.

“Ok Seal, lets get going. Remember our game plan and stay in character as long as other people are around,” Adam said as he climbed back in the Sedan.


Martina heard the banging on the front door and slowly crawled out of bed. She only had a few hours of sleep so who ever it was better have a damn good reason for trying to knock the front door down. When she finally made it down stairs and opened the door she saw a very pissed off Katharine looking at her.

“Jesus Kat, I just got to bed. What the hell is so important?” she asked harshly.

“I’ve been trying to get in touch with you since yesterday afternoon,” Kat replied as she walked past Martina roughly.

“Kevin left so I went out and enjoyed myself, not that I have to answer to you.”

“That’s why I’ve been trying to reach you. Kevin and his Lieutenant left,” she told her.

“I know Dawson took his team to Germany to get away for awhile,” she replied.

“It wasn’t Germany, and it wasn’t his team. Kevin ran into me in the compound and dropped a bunch of maps and photos of Predjama Slovenia. Him and his team leader loaded up a sedan and took off around four this morning. I think their headed to Predjama without the rest of the team,” Kat told her.

“Holy fucking shit! That motherfucker tricked me!” Martina screamed as she jumped towards the phone.

Martina quickly dialed the number for her husband’s office and waited. When the young female answered, Martina knew he was still gone.

“Where is he God damn it! I need to talk to him,” she screamed into the phone.

“Martina I’m sorry, he is still in Predjama, but if it’s important I can get a message to him,” she said quickly.

“You’re right about that you little bitch, it is important. Kevin Dvorska and his team leader, Adam Dawson are in Predjama as we speak. I don’t care if you have to whore yourself out to the whole Army, but get that fucking message to him — now!” Martina said rudely and slammed the phone down.

“I hope my husband kills that son of a bitch slowly while his fucking back stabbing officer watches,” Martina whispered as her whole body shook with anger.

Dvorska house, Galveston Texas.

Luka Dvorska was busy washing the vegetables off in the kitchen sink when he heard his wife cry out in the other room. He quickly dropped them and ran to the living room. He found his wife of thirty-three years lying on the floor clutching her chest in panic.

“Beth, what it is, what happened?” Luka said as he cradled his wife in his arms.

“Oh my God, Luka, don’t — don’t let it happen — please don’t,” she said in a weak voice.

“I don’t understand Beth, don’t let what happen — what’s wrong sweetheart?” he asked her.

“Kevin, he’s — he’s in danger,” she gasped.

“Beth, trust me, Kevin is a Navy Seal, and he’s not in danger. Now please, what happened?” he said as he tried to calm her down.

“Kevin — he’s in trouble, you have to help him Luka — please, he’s your son,” Beth tried to say.

“I will, I’ll help him, but I still don’t know what you’re talking about Beth,” Luka said as he stroked her wet matted hair.

“Luka — oh my God — Luka you have to do something,” Beth whimpered.

“I swear to all mighty God and Heaven I’ll help him but you are making no sense at all Beth,” Luka pleaded with her.

“I fell asleep and I had a dream about Kevin. Oh my love, it was so real,” she said softly.

“Ok then, it was just a dream. You’re here in Texas and everything is fine, and so is Kevin. You just had a bad dream, but trust me, Kevin is just fine,” he said, trying to console her.

“It’s just that the castle he was in was so scary,” Beth told her husband.

“I don’t get it Beth, what castle?” he asked her.

“I don’t know Luka. It was a large castle built into a large cliff,” she told him.

“What did you just say?” he asked in an astonished voice.

“I said he was in a castle, but the scary thing was the cave entrance,” she told him as she snuggled closer.

Luka Dvorska had one image in his mind as he wife talked to him. There was no way Kevin could ever be there, the odds were too great.

“What about the cave baby, tell me about the cave entrance,” he told her.

“Oh my dear, it was so creepy. It was an entrance to a cave next to a castle and I saw a wolf’s head guarding it. It was like something out of a movie or something. My baby boy was in a fight with another — wolf — and he couldn’t fight him off. My God, my baby!” she said as she collapsed in his arms.

“It’s ok Beth, its ok, just calm down. Kevin is just fine and I’m sure he is nowhere near any such castle. You just had a bad dream about your son, now just calm down and tell me more about this castle,” Luka said as he held her close.

“It was beautiful Luka, large and majestic, but that damn cave entrance,” she said.

Luka Dvorska didn’t need any more information on the castle, he already knew what his wife was talking about. His mother Marta had described it in vivid detail the day she told him what he really was. She told him about Baldomr and Nevanka, and how the ‘gift’ was passed on from generation to generation. The place was known as…

“Oh Luka, it was so real. I’ve never had such a vivid dream before and I’ve never heard the name Predjama. Have you Luka?” she told her husband as he shivered for the first time with fear.


Kevin Dvorska and Adam Dawson pulled up in front of Predjama castle and were immediately awe struck with the architectural design. Here was a castle that actually used the southern face of a cliff as the back of the impressive fortress. Dawson thought who ever came up with this idea was a fucking genius.

“No matter what happens, stick with the game plan. You ready for this Kevin?” Adam asked.

“As long as you don’t have me patted down again, I think I can handle it Boss,”

They stepped out of the car and looked up to the top of the massive structure. Kevin couldn’t help but take a picture for his own collection of photos. Then he remembered what he was really here for and began snapping photos of the small group of people that were gathered at the entrance. They both turned when they heard a woman’s voice addressing the group.

“Good Morning everyone, welcome to Predjama castle, my name is Kristine and I’ll be your guide this morning,” she said.

Kevin saw the lovely woman and immediately thought of Martina. If he didn’t have feelings for her, he would have put the full court press on the CIA operative. Adam didn’t have that problem as his mouth opened in a silent gasp.

“If you’ll forgive me for just one moment ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to say hello to our special guests,” Kristine said as she pointed towards the two Seals who were walking towards her.

“Hello Gentlemen. I assume you two are the ones I’ve been expecting,” Kristine said and then extended her hand.

“Hi, I’m Adam Dawson with National Geographic and this is my assistant and cameraman Kevin Dvorska. It’s a pleasure to meet you Ms….” Adam replied as he shook her hand.

“Duka, Kristine Duka, but please call me Kristine. I was expecting you earlier this morning, I hope you didn’t have trouble finding the town,” she said with a gleaming smile.

Adam Dawson noticed one distinct thing about her; she never took her sparkling blue eyes off his as he pulled his hand back. When she finally looked over at Kevin, she caught her breath as she looked at him.

“Um — sorry, what — what was your name again?” she stuttered.

“Kevin Dvorska, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Are you alright? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost,” he said with a puzzled look.

“Um — no, it’s just…” she started to say.

“Kristine, I think the tour group is waiting for you,” Adam said.

The two Seals followed her back to the group and as they did Adam gave his point man a quizzical look. Kevin shrugged his shoulders indicating that he had no idea what her problem with him was. Kristine stopped in front of the group and took a deep breath.

“I do apologize for the delay everyone. First I would like to introduce Mr. Adam Dawson from National Geographic, and with him is — Mr. Kevin Dvorska. He will be taking pictures of the tour group today so hopefully some of you will be in the documentary,” Kristine said.

As Kristine Duka turned to enter the castle, her shoulder length auburn hair swished with such style and grace that Adam felt his crotch throb. Her shapely hourglass figure seemed to glide across the floor like a spirit.

“Ok everyone, a few things I have to let you know about today before the tour officially starts. This is the main foyer of the castle and as you can see, the rooms are open for your viewing pleasure. There will be a few rooms that have red ropes in front of them that you will not be able to enter. But please, do not let that stop you from taking as many pictures as you like,” she told the group.

“Also I will be talking about the castle’s long and distinguished history from as far back as 1274, so if I need to speak up for anyone please let me know. Also if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me,” she told them as she started the tour.

As the tour went on, Adam pretended to be interested in the history of the castle as Kevin snapped away feverishly. Kristine was very informative, and to her credit, had extensive knowledge of the place. He knew from the briefing back at the compound that she grew up here but she definitely knew what she was talking about.

“Now this ladies and gentlemen is one of two special entrances that the occupants of Predjama castle took great pride in,” she told the group as she opened a large floral painting.

Kevin took a picture of the medium sized opening with a red rope in front of it. It appeared to be rock but that couldn’t be right.

“Predjama castle was not only built into the face of the cliff but the architect saw to it that the caves were combined into the design. They have been used as an added shelter, a party area, and in one case in the 15th century this one was used as an escape route for Knight Erazem Lueger when the castle was under siege. This particular entrance leads to a small river about five kilometers north of here,” Kristine said with a small bit of delight.

“Um — excuse me Kristine, you said there were two of these cave entrances. Where is the other one?” Kevin asked.

“Actually it’s in the front of the castle, off to one side. I usually save that one for the end of the tour because of the unique rock formation around the entrance,” she told him.

“I should let everyone know something that I should have told you at the beginning of the tour. Predjama castle is one of the top ten haunted castles in Europe. Now I have actually stayed in the castle and I can assure you that you might see or hear things as we go along, but please don’t be alarmed,” Kristine added and then looked right at Kevin.

“I don’t think Baldomr Purgstall or his wife Nevanka mean any harm,” she said in a softer voice.

Kevin suddenly had a cold chill overtake his entire body as he heard the name — Baldomr Purgstall. His grandmother Marta had mentioned that name about six times before her death. She deemed it necessary to instill the family lineage into his memory at every chance.

Kevin knew it was no coincidence that she stared right at him as she spoke the name. The cold chill was suddenly replaced with fear. Did she know about him? Did she know that he was a werewolf, a monster capable of killing a human being within seconds? Now he understood why she acted so funny when they first met.

“Um — excuse me Miss. Can you elaborate on this Baldomr person?” a woman asked from the group.

“Why yes, Baldomr and Nevanka Purgstall were the last known inhabitants of Predjama Castle. It is rumored that Nevanka’s first husband was killed by a pack of wolves and she soon married Baldomr. The town’s people said the he had something to do with it, but no proof was ever found.”

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