I drove up to 51 Walden Court with mounting anticipation. My love asked if I’d like to help her out tonight as it was a full moon and she had something special in mind. Of course I accepted and arrived promptly at nine as instructed.

I turned off my car and went up to her front door. Before I could ring the bell I noticed that there was a bag on her stoop with an envelope attached simply labeled “My Sub”. I opened up the envelope, took out the scented stationary and breathing in her scent, read her soft cursive script,

“My dearest Jeremy,

Tonight is a special night with the full moon rising and I wish to tap the energy of the cosmos. If you wish to join me, take off all your clothes, put them into the bag and walk around to my back door. Prepare to submit to my will fully as I will be using you for my intentions tonight. If you don’t wish to embrace this opportunity, then you may back out now and return from whence you came. Choose your path this evening.”

The letter sounded interesting and there was no way I was going to miss this opportunity. My lover can get very much into her Dom role when she gets the itch, and I expected I was going to be in for quite the night.

With only a little hesitation I decided to go along with her plan. Looking out at her street to ensure nobody was there, I quickly stripped off my clothes. The night was warm, but I still shivered as I removed all my clothes, right there on her porch in full view of the street. Placing the clothes in the bag, I then walked around her house grateful for the privacy it afforded me.

Reaching her back deck, I saw another bag, and another envelope. This time her note read,

“You have pleased me, my sub, by being willing to submit yourself to my will for tonight’s ceremony. In this bag you will find a collection of our toys. You are to put each one on, then assume position #3 and await my presence”

I put my hand in the bag and first pulled out my wide collar. I stretched my neck and fastened it tightly. I knew it would not go easy for me to half-heartedly do any of my mistress’ commands. I then took the two metal chains that fell to my chest and attached them to my pert nipples that were already erect from the night air. They bit onto my sensitive nubs, causing me to wince.

The next item from her goody bag was a set of handcuffs. I set these to the side for the moment, knowing once I put them on, I’d be helpless.

A second small collar was next. It was studded and had a large hook on the outside as well as a shiny metal clasp. There was a little note attached that read, “This is to go around your sack, sub, separating it from your shaft”

I pulled my balls away from my body and put the little collar around my stretched skin. I pulled it tightly like I did the one on my neck effectively stretching my sensitive testicles away from my erect manhood. I grinned looking down. I had done some trimming of my pubic hair earlier and I knew my mistress would appreciate my efforts to keep myself clean shaven for her.

I made sure to position the additional metal clasp towards the front, and I could feel the cold metal rest against my hard-on.

The last item was a black blindfold, which I put over my eyes, effectively cutting off all sight. I then kneeled down on her deck and felt around until my hands found the handcuffs. I put the cold, hard metal around my right wrist, and fastened it in place. Then bringing my hands together, I fastened the cuffs around my left wrist with an audible >click< . Without the key, I was now helpless.

I assumed position three which Wendy taught me meant that I was to be on my knees, back straight, head up and my hands clasped behind my neck, elbows out. Once there I began to feel just how truly exposed I was.

Up to this point, I was busy; but now I was just kneeling there, and was able to feel the beating of my heart, and hear my breathing. With no sight, all my other senses began to heighten. I could feel a soft, warm breeze blow across my naked skin, and hear the sounds of nature. The trees behind my mistress’ house were swaying softly, with the cries of the nightlife filling in the void.

I stayed in my position for quite a while. I couldn’t tell how long, but it must have been at least 20 minutes. Every noise caused me to jump and I wondered what was keeping Wendy. My knees began to hurt and my back was sore, but I kept in position #3 as instructed, not wanting to disappoint my mistress.

I heard her patio door open and I hoped it was Wendy. Footsteps slowly approached my position, stopped, then slowly circled me. The anticipation was finally broken when my mistress voice called to me from the darkness, “Ah, Jeremy, so good of you to accept my proposal. This makes your mistress so very pleased that you’ve chosen to give yourself to me for my ceremony tonight. I hope you are prepared for all that it entails; no wait — you can’t possibly be prepared. I guess you’ll just have to grin and bear it.”

I felt her fingers entwine themselves in my short hair. It felt really good, but then Wendy grabbed tightly and bent my head backward almost toppling me over. I felt her lips kiss mine hard and I was lost in her embrace, stars shooting across my blindfolded eyes. Her breath was hot against mine and I struggled not to lose myself in it.

“I know you have no idea what’s to come, my darling sub, but let me give you an idea,” said Wendy in a dark, husky voice in my ear. “Tonight we’re going to make a little night magik. The moon is full, and I am fertile. The night calls to us to build up some sexual energy, and release it to Gaia so that it might return to us threefold. You are my offering, see. I plan on building your energy up like a capacitor, your body creating it, and storing it until it’s overflowing, then build it some more — then you will release it with me. It’s time to prepare you though, you are far from ready. Stand up!”

I got slowly to my feet and Wendy spanked my naked ass with her open palm *smack* I yelped and jumped a little which elicited a chuckle from my lover. “Good, that’s good. You are already on edge, which will make building up your energy all that much more potent…”

I felt her attach a leash to the collar around my neck with an audible . Then she pulled my hands down in front of my body and undid the left one with her key (I’ve seen her keep it on a small chain around her neck before). Roughly, she pulled both my arms behind my back and refastened the handcuffs preventing me from reaching out.

She moved up against me, and I felt her body heat next to mine. She tugged on my collar making my nipples pull out painfully, “Time to go for a little walk, sub. We must move you to the offering place, where we can perform the spell.” I felt her move out in front of me and give my leash a tug. I obediently followed behind her, shuffling my feet so not to lose my balance. I was awash with embarrassment and apprehension, blindly being led on a leash to who-knows-where. However, I was also not a little excited, and I could feel my erection swaying in front of me, leading the way. I could also feel my balls spread from my body, pulled away and exposed.

Wendy lead me down her lawn away from the house. I could sense us moving into the woods and felt the cold crisp crackle of dead leaves under my feet as I slowly was led. I stepped carefully to avoid the undergrowth. I felt my mistress give a sharp tug to my neck, “Keep up, sub! I’ll drag you if I have to.”

Soon she came to a stop and I felt her come back up to me. I felt her lips brush against my ears and my cock strained against its collar. “We’re at our first stop, sub. It’s time to start the buildup of your energy.”

With this she took off my blindfold and I saw that we were in a small section of the woods. The full moon shown down through the tree branches illuminating my naked, bound form. I finally could look at my mistress and she was a vision, wearing her lovely corset, and black panties along with some shiny leather boots. Her face had dark makeup on, with red lips accentuating the look. I could immediately see that her Dark Goddess has risen this evening.

Wendy went behind me and pressed up against my back. Reaching in front of me, her long fingers found my cock and began to stroke it. I quickly grew in length and began to sigh, leaning my head back against her shoulder. I strained against the cuffs, but was held in place by her strength and body.

All too soon, her long fingers stopped jacking me off and left me wanting. She took the key off the chain around her neck and unfastened the cuffs behind my back. If I thought I was free, she soon put that idea to rest as she refastened them in front of my body. Then she reached to the ground and picked up a length of rope that was lying on the forest floor. She expertly tied the rope to my handcuffs and went over to the nearby tree. I looked up and saw that the rope was tied to a pulley in a large tree branch directly overhead. Wendy pulled onto the other end of the rope and quickly the slack was taken up until I was standing on my tip-toes, hands stretched above my head. Wendy tied off her end of the rope and came back to my hung body.

“There we go, sweetheart,” she sighed running her fingertips across my chest. “Now you are right where I want you, prepared to build up your energy. Shall we begin?” She reached down and picked up her riding crop that was leaning against the tree and began to lightly rub it across my frame. I knew better than to try to escape her blows that were to come, as she only would make it worse.

Stepping behind me she raised her arm up and brought the crop down across my naked ass. *Crack*, the noise sounded to the silent woods. I stifled a cry, and did my best not to lurch too much. Not that I could go very far, stretched to my fullest on my tip-toes.

Over and over again she lay her crop against my skin until I was seeing red from the sensations. I couldn’t help but cry out several times and began to tremble. Sweat began to collect on my taut skin. Finally she stopped and sidled up to me. Putting her hands into my hair she bent my head backward and bit my neck. “Dearest, we’ve just begun, but already I see how your body is building up the energy I need. However, you are only producing one type, I need some sexual energy to be created as well.”

With this she kissed me deeply and ran her hand across my bound cock. “Oh dear, this won’t work,” she observed as I had grown flaccid while she was whipping me. She reached down and with both hands began to fondle my penis until it began to grow under her long fingers. I swayed under the rope to her ministrations and quickly grew very erect, the blood being cut off in my cock by the tight strap that was wrapped around my balls.

“Now, that’s so much better,” she observed. Wendy then took another length of cord that had lain on the forest floor and tied it to the strap around my sack. She took the other end and moved away from me until she reached another tree across the small clearing. Pulling on her end she took up the slack and began to pull on my manhood, stretching it away from my body. I was forced to shuffle forwards as best I could with my hands stretched to their limit. Bent backwards I was pulled from two ends, and she tied off the cord to the tree.

“Oh baby, you are in such a terrible state, aren’t you,” Wendy asked running her crop against my erection causing it to jump. “Your cock is all stretched out, and you are unable to get any relief on your toes like that. This should be perfect. Your body will strain and stuggle without release in this position while I go prepare myself for the final part of the ceremony.”

With a final crack of her crop against my stretched dick, she turned and left. I could see her disappear into the darkness, slowly walking away leaving me to languish in inescapable bondage and pain.

– to be continued

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