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Saturday, October 17, 1981. A mere 33 days had passed since Shannon left Michigan to return to her beloved Montana, and she was overwhelmed by the life she’d found.

She spent every weekend with Butch, who she was already convinced was the man of her dreams. Every weekend, the new couple shared several hours of sex, often while massively stoned. Butch’s vast experience, dating back nearly 1/3 of a century, was a perfect match for Shannon’s inexperience. The result was that her sexual skills improved very quickly and dramatically.

Shannon had known ever since puberty that she would love sex, but had no idea that sex would consume her so completely. She loved it so much, and had such an insatiable sex drive, that she had a very hard time during the Sunday through Friday every week that she was apart from Butch.

In addition to the sex, Shannon and Butch enjoyed other activities, such as smoking weed, motorcycle rides, hiking, and long conversation. And much to Shannon’s pleasant surprise, Butch gradually revealed more sensitivity and romanticism to her.

Finally, to top it off, Butch gave Shannon at least one new tattoo every weekend, most of which were inspired by her love for nature. So far she had:

*The aforementioned Native American tapestry on her upper/outer right arm.

*A running horse from her shoulders to her lower back.

*A sunburst on her left hip.

*A marijuana plant covering much of the front of her right thigh.

*Two pairs of dolphins on her right hip.

Shannon hoped that Butch would soon invite her to move in with him, but in the meantime, it was a great consolation for her to spend the other five days every week with her best friend, Gina Marie. Hanging out and smoking weed together every day, and sleeping together every night, the two had become even much closer than ever before. In fact, Gina Marie now felt almost as close to Shannon as to Beth.

On this morning, Shannon was being spooned by Butch as they lay on their right sides. Shannon loved being spooned, as it made her feel very secure, which was especially important to her, having lacked security for most of her life.

The night before, the two had smoked weed for several hours while fucking three times and going down on each other once, until finally passing out.

Shannon now felt that Butch once again had a hard on, which rested between her ass cheeks like a hot dog between a bun. That got her very turned on and she responded by slowly grinding her ass back and forth on his cock. Her wetness from the night before still hadn’t gone away and she was ready for him to slide right in.

And that’s exactly what she expected to happen when he put his hands on her hips and rolled her onto all fours. But then she was in for a very unpleasant surprise. She felt the head of his cock press against her asshole.

Shannon had never experienced any anal penetration, nor did she want to, fearing that it would hurt very badly. She instantly jerked away and lay on the bed.

Butch paused for a couple of seconds, then slowly grabbed the letter she sent him, which was on the headboard behind his bed. He placed the letter in front of her face and, pointing to a particular spot, said “Read this sentence.”

Shannon looked at it and got very nervous, correctly sensing that he was going to use that sentence to demand anal sex from her. She paused for a few seconds in a failed attempt to regain her composure, then went ahead and spoke anyway, fearing that if she didn’t, he would become even more angry.

With a voice shaken with fear, she slowly read “But I like you so much that even after I’m done getting tattoos, I’ll still be happy to give you all the blow jobs you want, and any other kind of sex, too.”

Butch then lay on top of her, grabbed her hair with his left hand and slowly growled in her right ear “You do not fucking break a promise to me, baby girl. Do you fucking understand me?”

“Yes,” Shannon said, crying.

Still in the same position, Butch commanded her “Get your ass up in the air.”

She slowly obeyed him and as soon as she was in position, he went to work. He once again placed the head of his cock on her asshole. She feared that getting fucked up the ass would hurt very badly, but she was deeply in love with him and also feared that he’d break up with her if she didn’t give him exactly what he wanted sexually. So she decided to let him have his way.

From there, Butch placed his left hand on Shannon’s left hip and wrapped his right arm around her thighs, then shoved himself all the way inside her and started fucking hard and fast. She was extremely tight, but because Butch had fucked so many female asses, he knew exactly how to get himself in quickly and completely.

Shannon was suffering worst physical pain she’d ever felt. It was on the verge of unbearable. Tears were streaming down her face and she barely held back the screams of agony she felt like letting out.

Even as much as Butch loved Shannon, he was so extremely excited, he was oblivious to Shannon’s pain. He was now an uncaring beast who was obsessed with nothing but his pleasure. But Shannon also found herself enjoying his domination even more than she had in their previous encounters.

Butch was feeding his pleasure extremely well. Shannon’s ass was the tightest hole Butch’s cock had ever been inside, which he loved.

As he was gasping loudly in pleasure, Shannon grabbed a joint and lighter off the headboard. She lit the joint and smoked while playing with her clit, both attempts to bring herself pleasure to take her mind off the pain. She also hoped that Butch would just hurry up and come. And fortunately for her, he did.

Though he usually held his come for over 10 minutes, this time his excitement and Shannon’s tightness were too much for him. In only about three minutes, he shot his load inside her as he gasped at the top of his lungs and had one of his best orgasms ever, filling him with extreme euphoria.

By the time Butch’s orgasm faded out, Shannon still hasn’t managed to come, though rubbing her clit and smoking the weed had brought her a lot of pleasure and kept her from dwelling on the pain.

Relieved that the ass pounding was over, Shannon stopped the clit rubbing but kept smoking the joint as she felt his cock soften inside her. She waited for over a minute without him saying a word and then was in for another surprise.

Butch, who hadn’t pissed since the night before, unloaded his bladder and spent about 40 seconds shooting a hot stream of his piss deep into her bowels. The warmth felt awesome to her and she loved feeling the kinkiest she’d ever felt.

Finally, when Butch was done pissing, he pulled out and let go of her. She collapsed on her front and he lay on top of her.


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