Tenal Region — 9-TYH Constellation — CUY-8YB System

How long had she been out cold? Her head felt like it had been pressed over an orange peeler with dull blades. She tried to move. Her body didn’t feel any better than her head. Slowly, she moved a few extremities. Fingers, toes, feet, arms. She pushed herself onto her hands and lifted her head up slowly, her dark curls brushing past her eyes and draping about her head.

She had seen that being come out of the sarcophagus. That blue, electric blue being had wrapped her hands around Emerson and pulled him in. The voice she heard had been very seductive. She knew Emerson would have not resisted. He was such a sucker for women’s voices. Hearing a woman moan in ecstasy was enough to push him over the brink during sex… even comm sex. One thing she had to admit about her lover is, well… he did know what true pleasure was. How to give it… how to receive it… how to enjoy it… how to see it be enjoyed. It was her lover. She had wanted to show that blue transparent bitch who was boss of who’s cock. She had hit a wall. Or something. What the fuck was that anyway. A force field? In here? This thing was older than technology itself, it seemed. All things “hardware”.

She looked around. It was hard to see in the dimly lit hall. Lighting came from up ahead and somewhere near the floor. Straight ahead, she could see the sass door through which they had come through. It came into focus, finally, the cobwebs clearing from her brain. She tilted her head left and her hair dropping away revealed Nate, still standing, apparently, a camera drone hovering and clicking away near his head and… of all things, his fly open and his large hard cock in his right hand. He was staring intently at something to her left.

She titled her head that way, but all she could see was Emerson on his back, apparently unconscious. That was where the other lighting was coming from. He seemed to have some kind of blue aura. Apparently, the blue translucent bitch was gone, vanished as strangely as she had appeared. The humming sound wasn’t there anymore that had been present earlier, an odd calm fallen on the room.

She got up groggily and straightened her clothing, as Nate seemed to sober up and get dressed… What had happened while she was passed out? She was almost afraid to ask Nate. The man kind of made her uneasy. She didn’t know him well but his aura of strength was unsettling. He was one of the veterans of Emerson’s squad. The guy never had the brains to get any further up the ranks than that, but he could sure pilot a battleship. One of the best. It was rumored he might be piloting a fleet issue battleship or marauder-class ship on the next rotation through the Outer Ring. He had a huge build that he kept up as often as he could, seen spent hours in the gym. His physical power was immense, his aura of strength very present. His face was the tan and rugged face of many Brutor men, a fiercely tribal people that had struggled immensely in its history of slavery. His heavily bejeweled dreadlocks and square jutting face features made him look menacing in the half light of the hall they were in. More than once she had wondered about the man’s capacity between the sheets. He seemed never to have any short supply of partners… What would running her hands on his heavily muscled chest provoke in her, she mused. Maybe one day she might find out… One thing was clear from her early sight… he had an impressive cock.

She walked over to Emerson and bent over him. He seemed to be coming to. But the blue light was definitely coming from him. How bizarre.

He opened his eyes. And smiled. A smile to disarm an army of women. In the space of a heartbeat, she melted, crystallized, smiled back and helped him up.

“What happened?” she asked.

“You didn’t miss much” he winked at Nate.

“What!” she looked from one to the other. “What happened?”

“Well… that Eusethia chick…” Nathaniel started.

“She disappeared in a flash!” finished Emerson. “Took me out like a light. Bam!”

Nate seemed unsure… an uncommon emotion, apparently, for the giant.

Emerson stepped in closer to Calixte. Whispered. “Fear not. All in pleasure.” The last words sounded like a whisper… or a sigh… or like the sleepy breath of lovers at ease. Like a blue pulse around his bestubbled face.

He cupped her chin with his hands, gently, and brought his face close to hers. “Where is your heart, soft one.” He breathed softly at her. She could only look into his eyes. They were no longer the blue she knew. They danced with a light only glimpsed. The creases at the corners of his eyelids were a smile in themselves.

She threw her arms under his own, around his back and pulled herself to him. “I thought…” Sigh. “You’re safe now.” She hugged him hard, slamming her head into his shoulders, closing her eyes. Breathed in deeply and sighed. He was so cold. His body. Usually, he exuded warmth.

He put a hand under her chin and pulled it towards his lips. They kissed. Again, she noticed how cold his skin was. Had they been in this frigid hall so long that they were losing their body warmth? How long had she really been out?

“Is my skin cold too?” She asked, her eyes in his again.

“Oh no! You’re warm! So warm.” He beamed. Both his hands slid around her neck and buried themselves in her thick wavy hair, tracing cold patterns at the top of her neck. It made her shiver.

“Yo, Emerson, we better scram. As much as I enjoyed the light show earlier, I think we’re expected back at the recon ship.” Nathaniel sounded a tad irritated. Public displays of affection not his cup of tea, eh?

“Why rush, Nate? Comms are down in this hall. It must be shielded electromagnetically for some reason. Why not enjoy the… sights.” The last word, again, a sigh. A brief brush of cold air. Emerson traced his fingers down her back, riding the wave of a chill down her spine. Emerson had glanced briefly at Nathaniel, a weird glint in his eye.

“Hmm… why not.” Nathaniel got closer to them, behind her back. “You never did tell me how good a fuck your Wing Commander was.”

Calixte opened her eyes wide, glared intently at Emerson. What the fuck did they think they were doing…

She was tight against Emerson and his arms were firmly around her. She felt another pair of hands, above her waist, tracing their way down to her hips, cupping her ass. “Hmm… a nice piece indeed, man. Nice and firm.” Nate’s hands squeezed her ass.

“You should try the tits, bro.” Emerson spun her around, holding her shoulders and Nate was right there, towering over her, a slight smirk on his dark face. Frozen in shock, she felt his huge hands move from her hips to her stomach then up to her breasts, cupping them easily and squeezing appreciatively. “Why yes indeed.” They seemed to say. Now his hands were warm… hmmm…

“What the fuck do you think you’re…” she started, cut short by Nate’s warm mouth against hers. He smelled slightly of sweat, mostly of musky leather, pepper and wood. She couldn’t remember the essence, but she knew it… maybe something from the plains in her childhood. As his tongue parted her lips, he tasted of salt, stinging her tongue a bit. His mouth muffled her cries of protest and both pairs of arms kept her securely fastened between them, like a solitary stone between the four clasps of a betrothal band.

Now Emerson’s hands were undoing her belt and zero void suit, fasteners unlocking faster and faster. And Nate had shrugged his gloves off, sliding his bare warrior’s calloused hands under the tank top she wore under her suit, now fully in contact with her firm breasts. He looked down at her appreciatively. Clearly, he liked what he saw, judging by the bulge she felt forming in his pants. One hand slid behind her back to hold her fast against him, while he unfastened his own suit, parting its front with his other hand. So she would, indeed, see that chest up close. She would have hoped in slightly different circumstances.

“What a smoking body!” He exclaimed as he yanked the rest of her suit off.

“I told you.” Said Emerson, as he undid his own suit. “Well worth of every attention.”

She was now in her underwear and tank top — who needed bras in zero-G — between two male bodies, one warm, one getting warmer by the minute.

Nate slid his hand down her flat stomach to her underwear and slipped frankly under it, cupping her pussy. She felt a flare of warmth and heard something like the rustle of leaves.

“Hmmm… so it also works like that.” wondered Nate aloud. What the hell was he talking about…

Then she noticed that some of the veins in his bullish neck had turned a dark shade of green, almost grey on his dark skin. “Feed, my friend, feed” he whispered — did he say ‘feel’ or ‘feed’? — , as he slid a finger between her pussy. She hadn’t realized how wet she was. She never had been so vulnerable… never since…

Emerson was cupping her breasts now, pressing an erect hard cock between her ass cheeks and starting kissing her neck. “Such warmth, little sister.” He breathed in her ear, getting more passionate by the second.

“I think I’m going to enjoy this very much” said Nate as he lowered her panties to her knees. “Hold her shoulders, bro.” and in a swift movement he hiked her legs around his waist, pressing his hot dick against her pussy. “I think you might even like it.”

His cock pushed inside her pussy and she felt how big it was, stretching her slightly. “Your turn, bro.”

As if on cue, Emerson pushed his cock against her asshole and started sliding in. Slower and slower, until his full length was deep into her.

She was so full. Both men were inside her and staying there, enjoying her and getting larger as well. Oh, the feeling. She let out a scream as both got to their deepest. A ragged scream both of pain and pleasure.

They started moving. As they eased out, she felt such a strong and unexpected sense of loss and emptiness… Her eyes grew wide… Then welcomed them back as they made her explode. Oh, god. Her eyes bulged out.

She let her head fall back and her gaze met the ceiling. It was a perfect polish. What she saw in there made her heart lurch. Her own face, flushed with pleasure, her mouth agape with abandon. Was she enjoying herself that much?

Yes… She was… She welcomed their moves now, opening up totally. She started moaning as they started grunting with pleasure. She opened up more and let herself go totally with the flow of their thrusts, watching herself be fucked by these two hunks.

She dug her nails into someone’s flesh and screamed into Nate’s shoulder, coming violently. She was ready for more though and screamed it, thrusting her head back, eyes closed, leaning into Emerson.

She snaked one arm around the back of his neck and let herself bob with each one of their thrusts, faster and faster.

A steady burn was building in her holes, making her eager for her inside walls to be touched. Nate’s cock had grown thicker, if at all possible and felt somewhat prickly, like small thorns on the stem of a rose.

She grabbed her nipple with her free hand and pulled on it, pinching it hard, eliciting a rough moan from her.

Her ass as well was beginning to burn a bit from Emerson’s thrusts, the only relief came when his cock was fully deep in her.

“Fuck me harder! Come on!” The men gasped at her outcry and grunted as they redoubled their effort, bouncing her faster and faster.

Her moans were meshing more and more into one continuous cry of utter abandon.

Her hair was flung every which way, sweaty at the tips where it whisked against the sweaty bodies of her lovers.

“Yes, you are enjoying this very much, little sister.” The voice behind her.

“Oh… yes… come… cooome in meeee!” she gasped.

Nate’s cock throbbed heavily. Flooded her in extreme heat. Tore her pussy apart. Tiny spikes drove into the walls of her pussy as if his cock was latching in, never to leave again. The pain suffused her nerves and melded with the pleasure.

A few seconds later, she felt Emerson’s warm sperm shoot up her ass, soothing the burn entirely.

The combination was too intense… She came again, digging nails into her breast. Her gasp was silent, all breath driven away from her lungs.

Her vision swam and seemed to fade to white.

The feeling in her was of something blooming fast… spreading inside… icing her limbs…

Was she passing out?

She couldn’t see. She couldn’t feel anything anymore.

As if her orgasm had totally obliterated any feeling. Numbed her through and through.

With a dark flash, she seemed to come out of it.

Opening her eyes, she knew she was somewhere else.

On her back.

Her body was a cold block of stone.

She stirred.

OK, maybe not stone.

A curved glass pane hissed open on top of her, freeing her.

Damn… She was in the Hel’s clone vat bay.

Emerson was standing next to her vat, fully dressed, a look of bewilderment and then silent horror bloomed on his face.

“No… you didn’t just…. Oh god… what is going on…” He buried his face in his hand.

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