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“I’m positive, Lady Cosette. Couldn’t be surer. He wants the treasure too. Probably hunting for it as we speak!”

Cosette couldn’t resist a sneer. Not at her informant; he was a disgusting little man, not even worth the energy of a sneer. No, at the gall of this…this…this man! Who was he, to hunt the same treasure as her?

She leapt up from her chair, striding across the room in agitation. She didn’t notice the little man’s eyes follow her: her tight breeches showed off every curve of her legs, and her coat barely covered the full swell of her bottom. She had often wished she were less comely to men, stronger looking. And, fond of wearing men’s clothes as she was, she always found it a struggle to close her coats over her large breasts.

She shook her head, waving the small man away. She couldn’t go hunting for the treasure with this man doing the same. The best thing to do, she decided firmly, was to find him and warn him off. Her reputation, as one of the best treasure hunters in Algadion, might do that by itself! If not, she had plenty of weapons, and knew how to use them.

“Devrae!” She called. Her second-in-command appeared immediately. “Devrae, I’m going out to find this man. I don’t know when I’ll be back. Move my men outside the city walls, ready to move north tomorrow morning.”

“Yes, Captain,” he replied formally, and she smiled. ‘Captain’ was much better to hear than ‘Lady’.

Her informant had told her which tavern he’d heard of this man in; she’d try there first, before searching elsewhere.


She coughed, waving a hand in front of her face to clear the heavy smoke. Why did men have to be so fond of those dratted pipes? She forbade the men in her band from smoking.

“Innkeeper!” she called over the noise. “Innkeeper!” He turned to look at her, and she bristled when his eyes immediately dropped to her breasts. “Innkeeper, do you know where I can find a man named Goraith? A treasure-hunter?”

The innkeeper opened his mouth to speak, but the man sitting on a stool next to where Cosette stood cut him off. “And why would a doxie like you want to know that?”

Cosette swelled in indignation, the innkeeper’s eyes widening in delight at the movement of her breasts. “Doxie! How dare you? I’m no doxie!”

“Dressed like that? You’re showing your bottom off to the whole inn. What else would you be?”

“I’m a treasure hunter!” she snapped, face reddening. “Are you Goraith?”

He looked her up and down, eyes lingering on her chest. “Depends what you want.”

“I want to speak to you. Somewhere private.”

He laughed in amusement. “First you tell me you’re a treasure hunter, then you offer to go somewhere private with me? What sort of girl are you?”

“I’m a woman. And I’m not afraid of you, don’t worry.”

He laughed again. “Not afraid? Maybe you should be. If you want to talk somewhere private, come with me to my room.”

“Fine,” she snapped, following him out of the crowded room. In the corridor outside, better lit with lamps, she got her first good look at the man, and gasped in shock.

She had expected some grizzled old mercenary, or oiled merchant’s son, not this…warrior! Muscles bulged in his arms and chest, but not overly so; not so he looked like a freak-show strong man. She guessed he could probably lift the weights, though. He looked strong. Much stronger than her.

He turned slightly, and she got her second shock. He was handsome, in a very masculine way. She felt something shiver low in her belly, and resisted the urge to rub her legs together.

She gave her head a brief shake. What was she thinking? What did it matter how he looked, or how attracted to him she felt? She was here to scare him off, and that was it.

She followed him into his room, ready to deliver a tongue-lashing he’d remember a long time from now. “Look, you – ” she began, then stopped.

He hadn’t done anything but sit on the bed and stretch, but that was enough to scatter her wits completely. She blushed darkly as he raised a eyebrow, and struggled to continue.

“Look,” she said again, in a much softer tone, “Someone told me you were after the mythical treasure in the Dobami mountains, the one with the power to control people’s minds. Well, you’ve got to stop.” She paused, aware she didn’t sound remotely convincing. “You’ve got to!” she said again, voice rising slightly. “I’m hunting it, and I don’t want any competition, so – “

“So you want me to give up?” His voice, low and gravely, sent shivers down her spine.

“Yes,” she whimpered softly.

“And who might you be?”

“Cosette,” she whispered. “I lead the Stone Eagles.”

He nodded briefly. “Aye, I’ve heard of you. They all say you’re pretty good, despite being a woman.”

“Woman can do anything – “

“But I’m not just going to give up, whatever you say. I could sell this treasure for a lot of money. Become a rich man – wealthier even than King’s! So why should I back off, just because you want it too?”

“It’s dangerous, anyway,” she muttered. “You could die! No one’s ever succeeded in getting it in the past, and you don’t even have a band.”

“I heard it only controls women, so you’d be in more danger than me.”

“Nonsense,” she snapped. “You’re lying. Now, promise you’ll stop searching!”

“Or what?”


He stood with one smooth movement, suddenly standing close to her: so close, her breasts almost brushed his chest. “Why don’t you stop this play-acting, and admit what you really want?”

“What? I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she denied quickly, aware her breathing was coming much too fast and her skin felt flushed. “Why are you standing so close to me?”

“Why aren’t you moving away?”

“Because…because…why should I?”

He smirked down at her, grabbing her arms and yanking her against his chest. She gave a small gasp, barely able to resist the urge to rub herself against him. His erection ground against her stomach, and she arched forward slightly. “What…” she gasped, “What are you doing? I demand you release me this instant!” But her voice came out breathy and weak.

“Shut up,” he growled, and kissed her.

She gasped into his mouth, letting his tongue slip between her lips. He ravished her mouth, uncaring of her struggles. She pounded her fists against his chest and kicked at his shins, but she might as well have been attacking stone. Eventually, she fell limp in his grasp, her knees weak with passion.

“Ooh,” she moaned helplessly, as his hand curved round her breast. She couldn’t even move to stop him as he ripped open her coat, sending buttons spinning across the floor.

He growled in frustration at the thin silk shirt she wore underneath, doing nothing to hide her erect nipples. He pinched one roughly, making her shudder in delight, before yanking it open, exposing her breasts to his hungry eyes.

“No…” she whispered softly, “You mustn’t!”

“Why not?”

She couldn’t answer him. Instead, she arched her hips forward, giving him access to the fastenings holding her breeches closed. “Please…” she begged, forgetting what she’d been about to say. “Please!”

He laughed, undoing her breeches and sliding his hand in side. She moaned again, half in pleasure and half in embarrassment at how wet she was. She was Cosette, leader of the Stone Eagles. She wasn’t supposed to be this desperate for a man to fuck her!

But she was. She moaned again and again, crying out like a common whore as his fingers moved skilfully over her sensitive flesh. She groaned in disappointment when he pulled away to shove down her breeches, helping her step out of them.

It was a mistake. As he turned to pull off his own jacket, her mind cleared slightly. What was she doing? She didn’t need any man! Hadn’t she proved that, again and again, to men who thought a women who dressed and acted like she did must be desperate for a husband? And now she was gasping and panting for more after just a few touches.

The air cooled her naked skin. As he started to undo the buttons on his shirt (he hadn’t cared about hers!) she grabbed her coat with a cry, pulling it round herself to hide her breasts. She reached for her breeches, but it was too late. He turned, and saw her ready to escape.

Giving up any thoughts of getting dressed, she ran to the door, flinging it open and pounding down the stairs. She didn’t think about what she’d do outside, half-naked in the streets. She just needed to get away from this man, before she did anything even more foolish!

She glanced behind, hope rising. He must have paused to dress: or maybe he had given up on her! She sprinted down the hall and out into the common room, ignoring the stares of the men she passed.

She was almost at the door when disaster struck! Her bare foot caught an uneven floorboard, sending her flying to the ground. She landed on hands and knees with a grunt of pain. Too late, she realised that the force of the fall had thrown her coat forwards, exposing her naked bottom and pussy to the entire common room!

Whistles and shouts broke out behind her as she attempted to get to her feet and push back her coat at the same time, succeeding in neither. Then, to her horror, a strong hand grabbed her arm, pulling her up.

Goraith! She almost wailed in dismay before he tucked his shoulder into her belly, heaving her up onto his shoulder. This time, there was nothing she could do to prevent her coat falling down around her ears, showing off her bottom to the eager men.

“Sorry, boys,” Goraith called. “Didn’t expect her to be so frisky!”

Her face burned as men broke out in laughter, yelling lewd comments about exactly what they thought of her. But Goraith didn’t give them long to enjoy the view, before marching away with her, back up to his room.

“How dare you!” she shrieked, as soon as she got her breath back. “Put me down this instant!”

He ignored her, carrying her into his room and shutting the door behind her. “I thought we were past this stage,” he said. “You were begging for it earlier.”


“You weren’t?”

“I hate you!” she snapped as he put her down, flying at him to pound her fists against his chest, uncaring that her coat hung open, exposing her breasts. “I hate you, I hate you, I hate – “

She shrieked as he grabbed her around the waist, expecting to be swung upside down once more. But instead, he dragged her over to the bed, where he pulled her over his lap.

“No!” she yelped, realising what he was about to do. “No, Goraith, you can’t – OW!” she shrieked, as his hand smacked down over her bottom. “Goraith! Don’t!”

He ignored her. Her bottom bounced as he spanked it, quickly turning a rosy red. She squealed and shrieked, thrashing over his lap, but his arm was like an iron band around her middle. Her face flushed a red as her bottom as he continued, her entire body burning with humiliation. No one had ever spanked her! Not even when she was little! And now she was a grown woman. How dare he spank her like a child?

But however much she kicked and struggled, she could not get away. He held her firm, his arm coming down relentlessly. Her bottom blazed with pain. She wouldn’t be able to sit for days!

“Feel lucky,” he grunted, his arm not stopping for a moment, “That I didn’t do this downstairs. If you run away from me again, I won’t care who sees me spank you.”

Cosette bit her lip, falling limp as she gave in to his hand. He didn’t stop spanking her for a moment, and to her horror she felt tears well up in her eyes. “Please!” she begged, all thought of resistance gone. “Please!”

“Will you stop trying to get away, and admit you want me?”

“Yes!” she squealed, willing to agree to anything if it would make him stop spanking her. “Please!” she cried again, feet drumming against the floor.

She sobbed at his final few spanks, burying her face in her hands. She felt too humiliated to look at him as he pulled her up, balancing her gently on his lap. Gasping with pain as her tender flesh hit his rough breeches, she squirmed slightly, trying to find a better position. She didn’t notice his hand until it was too late.

“Oh!” she squealed as he slipped his hand between her legs, rubbing his fingers over her pussy. “Oh! Stop!”

“Really?” he asked, smirking at her embarrassment. “Because to me, it feels like you enjoyed that.”

He was right, she realised, her blush deepening. She hadn’t noticed while he was still spanking her, but now she realised that she wasn’t just squirming to try and alleviate the pain. She could barely stop herself from rubbing against his leg!

He laughed, pushing her back onto the bed and crawling over her. He slid his shirt off easily, before reaching down to undo his breeches. He didn’t let go of her to let her take of her own coat; he probably thought she would try to run away again.

Cosette shuddered slightly at the thought. It he meant his threat, she would never run away from him again! One spanking was enough. More than enough!

Besides, it wasn’t like her coat hid anything but her arms. It certainly didn’t cover her breasts!

She moaned as he kissed her again, invading her mouth with his tongue. With one hand he fondled her breasts, pinching her nipples in turn, making her gasp and writhe. He slid his other slowly down her stomach, making her muscles twitch and jump, before sliding one thick finger up inside her.

“Oh!” she gasped as it filled her, making her buck her hips. “Oh! Please!”

He started to kiss and bite her neck, leaving a trail of dark bruises down to her collarbone and on towards her breasts. She couldn’t stop herself from trailing her hands over his chest, groping the hard muscles and tangling her fingers in wiry hairs.

“Please!” she moaned, making him chuckle against her skin.

“Please what?” he asked teasingly, the fingers inside her moving a little faster.

“Fuck me!” she gasped. She arched her back, pressing her breasts against his chest. “Please, fuck me!” she begged. Couldn’t he see how desperate she was? She felt so empty, and needed to be filled.

He withdrew his fingers. She moaned in disappointment, before screaming when he thrust inside her in one smooth movement. She felt a moment’s pain as her maidenhood broke, but it was quickly overcome by pleasure.

He groaned as well, overcome by the tight, velvety grip of her pussy. Uncaring of any pain she might feel, he thrust in again and again, driven mad by her tight hole.

She thrashed beneath him, legs jerking as her belly tightened. She’d never felt like this before! She hadn’t known it could feel so good, or she’d never have waited so long to have sex!

She screamed again, throwing back her head as she came, shuddering in the most intense pleasure she’d ever felt. Her pussy tightened as she came, driving him wild: he sped up his thrusts, about to come. Now she’d come, the pain returned, and she moaned, trying to squirm away, but his grip was too strong.

He came with a shout, his seed spurting into her, making her moan again. He collapsed on top of her, panting for breath, before rolling to one side.

She didn’t resist as he curled an arm around her waist, pulling her close. Get up! A small part of her mind screamed. What are you doing? He spanked you and fucked you, humiliated you in front of the entire inn, and now you’re just going to lay there?

She ignored it. She felt so good, so relaxed. In moments, she was sleeping beside him.

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