Claire gave a deep sigh as she took a sip from her wine glass and half-heartedly watched the soap that was playing on the television with ever increasing boredom. She felt a tad guilty having a wine at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, but damn it, she was bored to tears!

“Unemployment sucks!” the lovely young redhead grumbled morosely. It had been almost three weeks since she’d had a job, and her record prior to that had been somewhat sketchy as well, jumping from job to job almost constantly, and most of them lasting only a few days. Her CV was a wreck and she was beginning to wonder if she’d ever get a stable job.

It didn’t help that Danny, her overprotective boyfriend, kept refusing to let her go to interviews. Just last week she’d had a fantastic telephone interview with a kind old businessman who was looking for a pole polisher. She had even emailed him a photo of herself at his request (topless). But when she’d told Danny the good news, he’d outright refused to let her go. It just wasn’t fair!

Claire’s dejected musings were interrupted by the sound of her doorbell ringing. Surprised, the buxom redhead went to answer the door, by habit checking her reflection in the hallway mirror. She was dressed down for a day around the house, wearing a pair of figure hugging blue jeans that made her firm, round arse look fantastic, and a tight fitting white t-shirt that clung to her remarkable bosom. Her long auburn locks were tied back in a casual ponytail and despite her lack of makeup she still looked stunning.

Claire answered the door and was surprised to see a man waiting on the doorstep with two oversized trolley bags.

“Fred?” she murmured in astonishment, squinting at the familiar man. “Fred Phillips?”

Claire had met Fred when she’d been employed as a saleswoman for the Funky Lady home sales company. The company sold women’s lingerie and a few rather risqué adult gift products, and it had been Fred, or rather Fred’s wife that had got her fired.

“Claire!” said Fred with obvious delight, “I’ve finally found…err, I mean what a surprise?”

Claire frowned at the middle aged man. Fred was in his early fifties and was a little overweight, with a substantial beer belly. He was dressed in a rather cheap looking brown suit, and his bald forehead was slick with sweat as if he’d been running or something.

“What are you doing here Mr Phillips?” asked Claire in confusion.

Fred’s wife had walked in on her and Fred while she was demonstrating some of Funky Lady’s more exotic products to the older man. His wife had got the wrong idea and chased Claire out of the house and complained to Funky Lady management, resulting in Claire losing her job. The lovely young redhead hadn’t expected to see Fred ever again, let alone on her front doorstep.

“Please, call me Fred,” he replied, grinning widely, revealing his crooked, slightly discoloured teeth. “I’m from Funky Lady and I’d like to show you some of our fine products.”

Claire’s frown deepened. “You work for Funky Lady?” She was more confused than ever now. How could he be working for Funky Lady?

“Err, yes,” replied Fred. “I, um, well I got the job pretty recently. I remember you did such a great job selling to me that I was inspired to give it a go myself.”

“Oh,” replied Claire in surprise. She was a little flattered that she’d inspired the short old man, but really? Someone like him selling lingerie?

“I, err, realise that you’ve probably seen the range before, but maybe I could come in and show you through it anyway?” suggested Fred hopefully. “I’m new to all this, and it would be great practise for me, even if you don’t buy anything.”

“Ah…” Claire hesitated a moment. She was still a bit bewildered by the situation and the way she and Fred had appeared to have traded places. It was throwing her for a loop. Fred did look pretty worn out from walking around town with those big cases though, and she knew first-hand what it was like dragging them all around the place. The poor guy.

“Please,” begged Fred. “I haven’t had a lot of luck so far. For old times sake?” He looked a little like a lost puppy-dog.

Claire sighed. “Okay, sure, I guess there’s no harm,” agreed the soft-hearted beauty, not wanting to disappoint the obviously struggling new salesman.

“So I guess the shoe is on the other foot now eh?” joked Fred with a chuckle as Claire led him inside into her lounge.

“Huh?” asked Claire, not familiar with the phrase.

“I mean it’s kinda funny how we’ve switched places and I’m now selling to you.” As they walked, Fred admired the way Claire’s jeans clung snugly to her lovely round bum.

“Oh, yeah,” agreed Claire. “So how did you find me?”

Fred shrugged. “It’s just a happy coincidence I knocked on your door.”

“Oh, right,” nodded Claire.

Fred was fussing around with his suitcases, bent over as he got himself organised. Claire wrinkled her nose a little as she saw that the back of his suit pants was quite low, showing a rather unappealing glimpse of his hairy butt crack.

“So can you pretend you’re not familiar with the Funky Lady products?” asked Fred. “It’ll help me out and be better practise that way.”

“Sure,” replied Claire agreeably, perhaps this could be fun.

“This is the first time anyone’s actually let me inside their house,” admitted Fred as he straightened up. He was holding a lacy white bra in one hand and a matching pair of g-string panties in the other.

Claire wasn’t too surprised at the rather unattractive salesman’s lack of success. “I didn’t even know that Funky Lady hired men,” she told him. “It’s a little, ah, unusual.”

“Mmm,” Fred nodded in agreement. “I have to adapt the usual pitch somewhat. I don’t think I’d quite look as good as you did modelling this stuff.”

Claire smiled at his joke, unable to stop herself from mentally picturing the old fellow wearing women’s underwear. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

“Right then,” said Fred, taking a deep breath and holding up the bra and panties. “Let’s start with these.”

“Wait,” said Claire. “Shouldn’t you give me a catalogue first?” she asked, remembering the short time she’d spent working for Funky Lady.

“Er, right, catalogue,” Fred glanced nervously down at his suitcases. “Um, unfortunately the catalogues are on backorder so I don’t have any right now.”

“Oh, okay,” said Claire in surprise.

Fred handed the underwear he was holding to Claire. “Try these on,” he instructed.

Claire frowned in surprise at the rather skimpy looking lace garment’s he’d handed to her. “Ahh…” she stammered hesitantly. “I don’t know if…”

“Well I can’t really model them for you, now can I?” interrupted Fred.

“No, I guess not,” agreed Claire reluctantly. “But I’m not sure I want to buy anything right now.”

“No, no,” Fred quickly waved away her protests. “Remember this is just for practise. You don’t have to buy anything, Claire. Just letting me practise my sales pitch is doing me a huge favour.”

“Oh okay. No problem then, I’ll try them on.” Claire took the lingerie and disappeared into her bedroom to get changed.

A few minutes later Claire returned, dressed only in the skimpy white bra and g-string that Fred had given her. Her flawless body looked even better than Fred remembered and his eyes went wide at the mind-boggling sight of the lingerie clad beauty. It was like she’d just stepped out of a lingerie catalogue.

Claire’s ample breasts seemed to defy gravity. The lacy, almost transparent bra that Fred had given her to try on didn’t have the same lift and support as the Funky Lady products Claire remembered, but her large, firm boobs barely sagged at all, so they didn’t really need the lift. They thrust proudly out from her chest like two ripe melons, the dark tips of her nipples clearly visible through the nearly see-through lace, and Fred’s mouth went dry at the sight. The rest of Claire’s body was equally impressive. Long, slender legs, a flat toned stomach and a firm round posterior were all on display in the ‘barely-there’ g-string she was wearing.

“Are you sure this is Funky Lady lingerie?” asked Claire with some concern as she stood in front of the stunned looking salesman, her hands on her curvy hips giving Fred a good look at the lingerie. “The material feels a little more scratchy than I remember.”

“Oh, don’t worry, it’s the genuine article,” Fred assured her as he stepped closer. Before Claire could protest he reached up and ran one hand over the lace of her right bra cup, his fingers pressing into the soft roundness of her ample boob and brushing over the slight jut of her nipple.

Fred slid two fingers down into the bra, rubbing the lace with his thumb and letting the back of his fingers brush deliberately against her bare nipple causing the red haired beauty to gasp slightly in surprise. It was the same technique as he’d used the first time he’d seen Claire.

“It’s the highest quality materials, 100% guaranteed,” he explained, reaching out with his other hand and boldly rubbing the lace of her panties over the warm mound of her pussy.

“Ah yes, so I see,” replied Claire nervously. Things suddenly felt like they were on very familiar ground.

“And it seems to be a perfect fit,” added Fred, cupping both of Claire’s sizeable jugs in his palms and squeezing the supple melons through the material of the bra.

“Hmm,” replied Claire, slightly distracted by Fred’s groping. “The g-string is a bit tighter than I remember; it’s wedged right up my bottom!”

Fred frowned and leant around to look at the redhead’s bum. The flawless spheres of her buttocks were delightfully framed by the skimpy white g-string. Fred ran his hand over the smooth flesh of Claire’s right buttock. He hooked a fingertip inside the back of her g-string, extracting the strip of lace from her butt crack as he gave her bum another squeeze.

“Nonsense, it’s a perfect fit,” he assured her as he somewhat reluctantly stepped away from her, the back of her g-string snapping back into place as he moved back to his case of products.

“Are we done then?” asked Claire. “Can I get dressed again?”

Fred pulled out a small white tube of cream. There was a sticker on the side of the tube that had the words ‘Erecto-sure’ scrawled on, in what looked like ball point pen. “Actually Claire, I think this is the perfect time to show you another product, one of Funky Lady’s top sellers.”

Claire frowned as she looked at the tube. “I thought the Big Boy Toy was the top seller?” said Claire, referring to one of Funky Lady’s vibrators. “And that tube of Erecto-sure doesn’t look like I remember…”

Fred waved away her protests. “It’s a new and upgraded formula,” he explained as he pulled down the zipper on his trousers. “If you just rub some on my penis, I’ll show you how much better it works than the old stuff.”

“Wait a minute Fred!” protested Claire quickly, her eyes wide as she watched the older man’s descending zipper. “My boyfriend Danny has no trouble getting it up. I’m not interested in trying out the Erecto-sure.”

“Oh?” replied Fred in disappointment, he looked crestfallen. “You’re not going to rub it on my cock, just for practise maybe?”

“Ahh…” Claire’s mind raced as she tried to think of some way to change the topic. “What else did you bring along Fred?”

Fred bent over his bag once again and quickly produced another tube of product. “Pussylicious? Makes any pussy taste fantastic, increases sensitivity.”

Claire grimaced, crossing her arms over her substantial chest and suddenly feeling uncomfortable to be standing in front of Fred wearing only lingerie. “Fred, I’m not sure I need any Pussylicious.” For some reason, without a sale on the line, Claire wasn’t so keen to let Fred use the cream on her.

“Hmm,” murmured Fred, not looking too happy at all. “Your pussy did taste naturally delicious,” he admitted. He looked mournfully at the tube of cream in his hand. “Guaranteed orgasms?” he added hopefully, reading from the label.

Claire sighed. “How about one of the massage lotions?” she suggested, remembering the range of products she had previously been selling herself, that should hopefully be safer ground. “We didn’t try those when I was at your place.”

“Massage lotions?” asked Fred with a confused frown.

“Yeah, Funky Lady has a whole range of them, they must be in your sales kit somewhere,” Claire moved forward to help Fred look through his bags of products.

“Er, no,” Fred stopped her in her tracks; he’d gone quite red in the face. “I think I might have left one of the bags at home.”

Claire frowned, that was strange. She’d only ever had two bags of products herself when she’d been selling Funky Lady.

Fred grinned sheepishly. “I told you I wasn’t very good at this. I’ll never make a sale!”

Claire’s heart softened at his despair. “It’s okay Fred,” she assured him. “You did a wonderful job demonstrating the products to me. I’m sure you’ll be brilliant.”

The balding old salesman seemed pleased with her compliment. “Thank you Claire. I really do appreciate you letting me practise with you. You’re the best.”

With that, Fred stepped forward and embraced the rather surprised, lingerie-clad redhead, squeezing her lush body against his. Claire was taken aback, but nevertheless hugged him back, putting her arms around his shoulders. She stiffened a little as she felt Fred’s hands slip down to cup and squeeze her firm buttocks as the cheeky salesman copped a quick feel.

Fred gave Claire’s smooth bum one last grope and then released her. “I really do appreciate your help Claire.”

Claire smiled warmly in reply. “Anytime,” she said with a shrug.

Fred gave a despondent sigh, form some reason he still looked disappointed by something. “Well, I guess I’d better get back on the road. I’ve got some sales to make.”

Claire nodded. There was a moment’s uncomfortable silence as Fred stared expectantly at her.

“Er, Claire?”

“What Fred?” What was it he wanted?

“I’m gonna need the lingerie back,” he told her, nodding at what she was wearing.

“Oh!” remarked the busty redhead in surprise, realising she was still wearing the lacy bra and thong that Fred had give her to try on. “Sorry.” She disappeared into her bedroom and quickly got changed back into her own clothes, re-emerging in the same jeans and t-shirt she’d been wearing when Fred had arrived.

The curvy redhead saw Fred to the door. “Bye Fred.”

“See you later Claire,” the puffing salesman waved goodbye as he struggled down the sidewalk with his two heavy cases of lingerie and sex toys.


Not long after dinner that same evening, Claire was just about to sit down with her boyfriend Danny to watch a movie when the phone rang.

“Hello?” Claire answered.

“Is that you Claire?” hissed a voice on the other end of the line.

“Yes, who’s this?”

“It’s me, Fred Phillips.”

Claire glanced nervously over at Danny who was sitting on the couch waiting for her. Although Claire hadn’t been having actual sex with Fred when she’d first met him and demonstrated the Funky Lady products, there was no way she’d want Danny to find out that she’d let Fred cum in her mouth, vagina and bottom in the process of the demonstrations. At least her run in with Fred earlier that day that had ended a lot more conventionally.

“What do you want?” hissed Claire, stepping into the kitchen and keeping her voice low.

“Claire, I need your help.”

Claire frowned. “Why? What do you need?”

“I’m begging you, Claire,” Fred sounded desperate and Claire’s heart went out to him, despite her reservations.

“What is it?” she looked anxiously towards the lounge where her boyfriend was waiting.

“I didn’t make any sales today and the lady at Funky Lady said I’d be fired if I didn’t make a big sale tomorrow,” explained Fred.

“I’m not sure how I can help you Fred.”

“Please Claire,” beseeched Fred. “You’re the best saleswoman I’ve ever met.”

“I still don’t know what I can do to help Fred. Do you want to practise with me again tomorrow or something?” Claire wasn’t sure she liked the idea of that, she’d ended up feeling rather uncomfortable doing that today, but she had to admit she was rather flattered that he’d said she was the best saleswoman he’d met.

“Look Claire,” said Fred. “I’ve been thinking really hard about my sales techniques and I think I’ve figured out what’s going wrong. When you sold all that stuff to me, you did a wonderful job and were so practical and hands-on in your product demonstrations. Plus you make the lingerie look amazing, I’m sure every woman wants to buy some to look even half as good in it as you do.”

Claire blushed a little at the praise.

“There’s just no way I can show off the products as well as you can,” continued Fred. There was a slight pause on the end of the phone. “But now I’ve figured out what to do.”

“What will you do?” asked Claire curiously.

“It’s perfect,” Fred sounded very pleased with himself. “You’ll come with me and model the products. Once the customers see how great you make the lingerie look they’ll be buying it by the bag full!”

Claire couldn’t help but grin at Fred’s enthusiasm. “That might actually work,” she admitted.

“Excellent!” said Fred. Claire could almost hear him smiling down the phone line. “It’s settled then, you’ll come with me tomorrow.”

Claire’s heart lurched. When she’d said Fred’s idea was a good one, she didn’t mean she actually wanted to go through with it!

“I’ll pick you up at 8 o’clock,” announced Fred.

“Fred, wait…” but before Claire could protest Fred had hung up. The curvy redhead stared at the phone in her hand in shock. What had she just agreed to?

“Who was that?” called Danny from the lounge.

Claire froze, suddenly feeling guilty. “Um… wrong number.”


True to his word, Fred arrived at Claire’s house at 8am the next morning.

Fortunately, Danny had already left for the day so Claire was alone. The stunning redhead greeted Fred at the door wearing the same outfit she’d worn the first day she’d met Fred, back when she was the one selling lingerie. The curvy goddess was wearing a cream business suit consisting of a fitted jacket and mini-dress. Her long, slender legs were bare and she wore matching cream stiletto heels to complete the outfit. Claire figured that if she was going to help Fred sell lingerie she might as well be as professional as possible about it.

“You look amazing Claire,” breathed Fred in awe as he took in the sight of her astonishing figure. The combination of her incredible long legs, large breasts and firm round bum was out of this world. “You’re going to make me a hell of a lot of money.”

“What?” asked Claire with a slight frown.

“I mean, we’re going to sell truckloads of brassieres today,” Fred quickly replied.

Claire gave a relieved smile. “Now remember, after the… er… incident, I’m not really allowed to work for Funky Lady, so we have to keep this a secret.”

Fred nodded. “Don’t worry, it’s our little secret. You’re doing me a huge favour Claire.”

“I’m happy to help. So what’s the plan?”

Fred started to lead Claire down to the path to his car. “I’ve got a really big appointment lined up first,” he explained. “Mrs Thompson at 63 Pine Avenue. Her daughter is getting married in a couple of months so I’m hoping to sell her enough lingerie for the entire bridal party. Plus maybe a few little extras for the hen party.”

“It sounds promising.” Claire’s short dress slid up her sleek thighs a fair way as she got into the car.

Fred reached over and gave Claire’s bare knee a friendly pat. “Thanks again for agreeing to help Claire.”

“My pleasure,” she replied. Claire was actually feeling pretty good about helping out Fred now, her initial reluctance almost completely gone. He seemed like he was genuinely trying hard to make his new sales job a success, and Claire knew first-hand just how hard that could be. Even though Claire was currently unemployed herself, it still felt great to be able to help someone else out.

Fred drove them across town, parking right outside 63 Pine Avenue. Claire helped him pull his two large suitcases of products out of the back seat and lug them up to the door. He knocked confidently, winking at Claire as they waited for an answer.

The door opened and a man about Fred’s age greeted them. He had curly grey hair and a beer belly that rivalled even Fred’s in size. The man was wearing a pair of faded, grubby looking blue jeans and a green woollen jumper that had holes worn in the elbows and looked as though it should have been thrown away years ago.

“Hello. I’m Fred from Funky Lady and this is my sales assistant Claire. We’ve got an appointment with Anna Thompson?” Fred sounded very professional as he greeted the man.

“Anna?” said the man; he had a hoarse, throaty voice as if he was a regular smoker. “She’s not here sorry. She had to go out of town and isn’t due back until tomorrow.”

Claire’s heart fell. She felt so sorry for poor Fred. The buxom redhead had been sure that today was going to be Fred’s lucky day, and he had been so optimistic about his chances for this appointment that the cancellation would probably crush him.

“That’s a shame,” said Fred, he didn’t sound too upset though, at least not like Claire was expecting. “We’ll have to show you through the catalogue instead then.”

The man glanced over at Claire, taking in her substantial bosom. “Okay then,” he agreed.

Claire was a little taken aback at the change of plans, but nevertheless she followed Fred and the other older man inside the house. She was a little nervous as the last time she’d shown lingerie to a man it hadn’t worked out too well. She would have felt a lot better if the man’s wife had been home.

Once they were inside, Claire was pleased to see that Fred remembered to start by giving Mr Thompson a catalogue.

“Funky Lady specialises in high quality lingerie and also a selection of adult products,” explained Fred, further impressing Claire with his professionalism. “I understand that your daughter is getting married soon Mr Thompson?”

“Call me Alan,” the gruff voiced man replied. “Yeah, Alice is getting married in June.”

“Excellent,” replied Fred. “I believe that your wife was intending to look at a few items for the bridal party. Do you know what size Alice was? And the rest of the bridesmaids?”

Alan looked over at Claire. “They’re like her,” he said, gesturing with cupped hands over his own chest as he nodded suggestively at Claire’s expansive bust. Claire blinked in surprise at his crudeness, she also thought it was a rather strange way to describe your daughter.

“Perfect,” Fred said with a broad grin. “My assistant Claire here can model the products for you so you’ll know exactly what they will look like.”

Claire felt a little nervous, even though she’d known this moment was coming. “Is there anything in particular you like the look of?” Claire asked Alan, nodding towards the catalogue in his right hand.

“Um,” Alan flicked through a couple of pages and then pointed to a picture of a slender blonde wearing a white satin bra and thong, complete with white stockings and suspenders. “That looks like a good one for the bride.”

Claire nodded in agreement and turned to Fred. He passed her a handful of white lace.

“Er, where can I get changed?” asked Claire.

Alan shrugged, “you can use the bathroom if you want, it’s the second door on the right.”

Claire nodded and headed off down the hallway and into the bathroom. A couple of minutes later she popped her head out the door. “Fred, can I please see you in here for a moment.”

Fred nodded and hurried down the hall and into the bathroom. His eyes went wide as he saw that Claire had already changed into the lingerie. She looked amazing as always, her fabulously large breasts immediately catching Fred’s gaze, the dark circles of her nipples clearly visible through the lace cups of her bra and she was still wearing her high-heels, making her magnificent legs look even longer. It was a sight that he would never get tired of seeing.

“Wow,” Fred whispered as he stepped inside and closed the door behind him. “You look smoking hot Claire.”

Claire however didn’t seem convinced. “This is the wrong set!” she hissed anxiously, keeping her voice low so Alan wouldn’t be able to hear them.

Fred waved away her complaint. “Don’t worry about it, it’s fine. Great in fact.”

Claire frowned. “I think it’s the same lingerie you had me try on yesterday.”

“Don’t worry, he won’t notice a thing,” Fred assured her, reaching out and stroking her bare shoulder in an attempt to reassure her.

“There aren’t any stockings either,” complained Claire. “This is nothing like the set he picked out of the catalogue!”

“Trust me. It’s fine,” repeated Fred, pushing open the door and putting an arm around Claire’s waist, guiding her back into the lounge where Alan was waiting for them.

“Fucking hell!” murmured Alan when he caught sight of Claire. The man’s mouth dropped open as he stared in wonder at her glorious, lingerie clad figure. Clearly the picture in the catalogue was the last thing on the old guy’s mind.

Claire tensed as she felt Fred’s hand slip down from her waist and stroke across her smooth, peachy buttocks. His hand must have slipped.

“It’s a wonderful set, isn’t it?” said Fred. “An excellent selection Mr Thompson.”

Alan nodded mutely in agreement, his eyes hungrily roving over Claire’s curves.

Fred gave Claire’s bum a quick squeeze of reassurance, “the lace is exquisite quality,” Fred explained, reaching up with his free hand and stroking the lace on the lower side of Claire’s right bra cup. His touch caused her boob to well up a little, deepening her impressive cleavage even further.

“Have a feel of the lace,” urged Fred as he guided Claire forward so that she was standing directly in front of Alan.

The old guy swallowed and reached up, his fingers tracing over Claire’s panty-clad mound and then down along her smooth, bare thigh. “Smooth,” he whispered in agreement.

“Now, I know what you’re thinking,” said Fred, letting go of Claire’s boob and holding up a hand.

Alan looked up in expectantly; it didn’t really look like he’d been thinking about anything much at all, other than the sight of Claire’s sensational body.

“Claire’s breasts are very firm and they may not appear to need much support, but I can assure you that the Funky Lady brassiere provides excellent underwire support,” explained Fred.

“Okay,” nodded Alan, seemingly taking Fred at his word. Alan’s eyes were wide as he looked up at Claire’s big knockers in open admiration.

Claire breathed a smile sigh of relief, remembering that when she’d told Fred the same thing, back when she’d been the saleswoman, he hadn’t believed her, and she’d been forced to let him touch her bare breasts to assess their firmness.

“Perhaps you need to see Claire’s breasts without a bra to make a comparison,” Fred offered.

Claire frowned. Fred hadn’t needed to make that offer, the silly man. Nevertheless, with a defeated sigh, she reached behind her back and unclasped the bra. Her vast boobs spilled free, barely sagging at all and jutting out impressively from her chest. They were lightly freckled and topped by small stiff nipples.

Both Alan and Fred moaned at the sight of the tall redhead’s spectacular bare breasts, startling Claire a little with their reactions.

Fred didn’t waste a second, his hand reaching up and cupping one of Claire’s ample melons and giving it a firm squeeze. “As you can see, Claire’s breasts are very firm and require only minimal support, but I can assure you that the bra is very comfortable, isn’t it Claire?”

Claire winced as Fred gave her tit an extra hard squeeze, the firm flesh welling up between his groping fingers as he sunk them deep into the round globe. “Yes. It’s very comfortable,” she managed to stammer as Fred rubbed his thumb across her nipple.

“Go on,” urged Fred, letting go of Claire’s boob and pushing her closer towards their still seated customer. “Have a feel for yourself Alan.”

Alan gave a small moan under his breath as Claire leant forwards over the chair he was sitting on, her heavy breasts falling right in front of his face. The overweight fellow licked his lips and reached up, cupping both of Claire’s big tits, one in each hand.

Claire bit her lip as she let Alan have a good feel of her breasts. He gave several appreciative moans as he squeezed and groped the busty redhead’s wonderful rack, rolling the ample spheres around in his palms and then pinching her nipples.

“So? What do you think?” asked Fred over Claire’s shoulder, watching as Alan eagerly massaged Claire’s firm jugs in his hands. “Can I put you down for a set?”

Alan nodded, causing Claire to gasp as he gave her nipples a little twist. “Yeah, I’ll grab a set.”

“Excellent,” said Fred. “Now… how about something for the bridesmaids?”

As Fred held the catalogue out and flipped through a few pages, Alan turned his head and craned his neck to look at the other man’s suggestions, but he didn’t once let go of Claire’s tits. The redhead frowned awkwardly as Alan continued to squeeze and fondle her expansive breasts while browsing the catalogue.

“How about that set?” suggested Fred, nodding towards one of the pages.

“Okay, let’s see her in it then,” agreed Alan, finally releasing Claire’s big tits with great reluctance.

Claire, a little out of breath from the thorough groping she’d just endured, was bundled off to the bathroom with another handful of lingerie to get changed into.

This time it was a lacy black bra and g-string with an ultra-short, silky, black skirt that barely covered her arse. Once again the quality wasn’t as good as Claire remembered from her time at Funky Lady, but hopefully Alan wouldn’t notice.

Claire returned, wearing the black lingerie, to see that Fred and Alan were now sitting side by side on the couch. As she approached them she heard Alan let out a small murmur of awe at the sight of her.

“Another excellent selection,” said Fred, gesturing for Claire to come closer. She approached tentatively, standing directly in front of the couch.

Fred and Alan suddenly both reached for Claire. The redhead gave a startled yelp as she was pulled down onto the couch, and stretched face-down over the two men’s laps.

Fred gestured over towards Claire’s bum, which was facing upwards over Alan’s knees. “As you can see, this set comes with a sexy little skirt, which is made of the softest silk money can buy.”

Claire felt Alan’s hand on her arse. “It is soft,” he murmured, rubbing his hand across the back of her skirt and over the curve of her buttocks. Claire felt the back of the little skirt flipped up and then Alan’s hand ran across her bare buttocks, her entire bum pretty much exposed with just a skimpy g-string to cover her modesty. Alan squeezed Claire’s right buttock.

“Roll over Claire, so Mr Thompson can see the panties better,” instructed Fred. “There’s not a lot of material on that side.”

Claire rolled onto her back and looked up at Fred. She could feel something hard pressing against her bottom, something in Alan’s lap.

“Have a feel of the panties Mr Thompson,” urged Fred.

Alan didn’t have to be told twice. Claire bit her lower lip as he the grey haired man pushed up the front of her skirt and ran one hand across her panty-clad mound. The beautiful redhead’s eyes went wide as his hand pressed up between her thighs, cupping her crotch.

“It’s very nice as well,” said Alan as he ran his hand down over Claire’s bare thighs.

As their customer explored Claire’s thighs and crotch, Fred’s hands absently dropped down to squeeze Claire’s breasts through her bra. The busty redhead frowned as the salesman groped and tweaked her breasts through the black lace. She thought it was Alan who was supposed to be testing out the lingerie, not Fred.

Claire gave a small whimper as she felt Alan stroking her pussy with two fingers. His hands were still on the outside of her panties, but the way he was caressing her through the lace was quite distracting.

Fred leant down towards Claire, the whiff of his unpleasant breath causing her to wrinkle her nose. “I’m thinking it might be a good time to show him Erecto-sure,” said Fred. “Does he have an erection at the moment?”

Clarie frowned. She could definitely feel something poking into her arse. “I think so,” she replied, somewhat uncertainly.

“Reach down and check,” suggested Fred.

Claire paused for a moment, it seemed a bit forward to put her hand between Mr Thompson’s legs, but then again, his hand was still busy between her own toned thighs, so he probably wouldn’t mind.

Claire reached underneath her prone body, slipping her hand down into Alan’s lap. The plump older man gave a groan as she cupped his bulging crotch through his jeans. Just to be sure, Claire gave his cock a squeeze. It was definitely hard.

“He’s hard,” Claire whispered to Fred who was still pinching her nipples through her lacy bra.

Fred grinned, “perfect.” He turned to Alan. “You may not be aware that Funky Lady also offers a wide range of adult accessories, such as massage lotions, sexual lubricants and erotic toys,” explained Fred. “I understand from your wife that you’re also after something fun for the hen’s night and bachelor party?”

Alan shrugged, his hand still busy between Claire’s legs.

“I’ve got the perfect thing,” said Fred, reaching into the case beside him and pulling out a tube of cream and reading from the label on the back. “This is Erecto-sure. An organic cream that not only guarantees a long-lasting erection, but also helps you get it up again afterwards and makes your load bigger.”

Claire frowned; she didn’t remember the Erecto-sure having a white label and the description that Fred had read from the packaging didn’t quite sound how she remembered it. She also wasn’t sure why they’d want it at a hen’s night or a bachelor party.

Mr Thompson sounded convinced though. “That really sounds useful,” he replied, clearly intrigued.

“Would you like to see it in action?” asked Fred. “Claire will show you how to apply the cream, or if you’re not comfortable she can put it on my cock.”

“No, no, use mine,” said Alan quickly.

“Fine,” agreed Fred, sounding disappointed.

Claire took the cream from Fred and climbed off the men’s laps and then knelt down in front of Alan. She was pleased for Fred that Alan had agreed to use his own penis, as she knew they were much more likely to get a sale if he experienced it for himself rather than just watched it being used on Fred.

She reached up and unzipped Alan’s jeans, then reached into his fly and pulled out his already hard cock. Alan gave a small moan of pleasure as she gently stroked it with her soft hand. His dick was quite short, but rather thick, and was already trembling and erect.

Claire squeezed some of the cream out of the tube of Erecto-sure and began to rub into Alan’s stubby cock and hairy balls with her soft hands.

“Oh God!” groaned the middle aged man as the gorgeous, busty redhead stroked his cock.

“Does that feel good?” asked Claire as she slowly wanked his cock, her large breasts jiggling in her lacy black bra as her gentle hand slid up and down Alan’s stiff prick.

“Fucking amazing!” gasped Alan, wriggling back in the couch as she masturbated him.

“You can see that the Erecto-sure has made your cock completely hard,” noted Claire as her other hand began to fondle his sensitive testicles.

“Uh!” grunted Alan, his hips jerking on the couch.

Claire’s eyes went wide as Alan suddenly lurched on the couch and a thick spurt of cum rocketed from the tip of his cock. The middle aged man gave a throaty groan as his load fountained up into the air, almost catching Claire in the face before splattering down over his protruding belly. Alan gave another more subdued groan as Claire continued to stroke his cock, milking out his sticky load.

“Wow, that’s a lot of cum,” announced Claire as the last few dribbles oozed from the trembling tip of Alan’s cock and ran down over her hand as she squeezed his softening prick. Truthfully she’d seen much bigger loads, but she didn’t want to spoil Fred’s potential sale.

“Nicely done Mr Thompson,” said Fred who was still sitting beside him on the couch. “Claire’s now going to help demonstrate the restorative properties of the Erecto-sure cream.”

Claire blinked up at Fred, not sure what he meant.

“Suck him hard again,” instructed Fred with an exasperated frown.

“Oh, right,” replied Claire, frowning herself as she hesitantly regarded Alan’s cock, which was still in her cum-covered hand. It was now completely soft, like a chubby little worm, the tip sticky with his spent sperm. Because of his large belly she wasn’t even sure she’d be able to get her mouth at the short little organ.

“Hurry up,” urged Fred when Claire looked up at him again.

Claire nodded and sighed in resignation. She pushed apart Alan’s thighs and tilted her head, leaning right in beneath the shelf of his beer belly to get her mouth at his flaccid penis. Her tongue darted out, lapping at the tip and tasting the strong, salty musk of Alan’s cum. His jism didn’t taste as bad as she’d been expecting, only faintly unpleasant.

Alan gave another moan as Claire’s tongue again licked around the head of his cock. She then reached up and pushed his stomach up out of her way as best as she could, pressing her face in towards his groin to capture the diminutive length of his entire shaft inside her warm mouth. Alan groaned as Claire started to suckle on his soft prick, bobbing her head slightly as she worked his spongy glans with her lips and tongue, using all of her oral skills in an attempt to get him hard again as quickly as possible.

“That’s nice,” whispered Alan, patting the top of Claire’s head and stroking her soft red hair as she sucked him off.

Claire shifted her mouth lower, swiping her tongue over Alan’s hairy scrotum and slurping on his balls, using the tip of her tongue to gently tease each wrinkled testicle in turn, before returning her sucking mouth to his still limp penis. She gave a moan of mock pleasure, pretending to be enjoying the taste of the Erecto-sure cream as she blew the chubby, middle aged man.

“How’s it going?” asked Fred impatiently after Claire had been sucking on Alan’s penis for several fruitless minutes.

Alan shrugged. “I don’t think it works.”

“Sure it does,” replied Fred. He sounded a little annoyed. “Claire, are you doing it right?”

Claire gave a muffled reply and nodded around her mouthful of cock and then redoubled her efforts, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked forcefully on Alan’s drooping penis.

For the next half hour Claire sucked away like a professional, using every trick she could think of to try and get the man hard. After the first ten minutes she’d taken her bra off and had him play with her big tits while she slurped and sucked at his balls and shaft, but even that had failed to inspire even the slightest thickening of his flabby, lifeless prick.

Finally she was forced to admit defeat and lifted her head from the portly man’s lap, her tongue and jaw aching from the effort of her unproductive cock-sucking. She was too embarrassed to meet Fred’s eyes; she hated to think that he might lose a sale because of her.

While the humbled redhead went to get dressed, Fred concluded business with Alan, working out his final order and taking a small handful of cash from him. At least he was still buying some lingerie from what little Claire could tell.

Alan gave Claire a farewell peck on the cheek and a quick squeeze on her bum as she was leaving and then she followed Fred silently back to the car, still feeling horrible about her failure.

“I just don’t understand it,” said Fred once they were both sitting in the car, still out front of the Thompson’s house. “That cream always works.”

Claire wasn’t sure what to say. “I don’t understand it either,” she lamely agreed. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d failed to get someone hard using her mouth. With or without Erecto-sure.

“Were you doing it right?” asked Fred.

Claire shrugged. “I think so,” she replied, doubting herself.

“Hmm…” Fred grumbled. To Claire’s surprise he reached down and unzipped his pants and pulled out his small, unattractive cock. “Show me what you did.”

“Um…okay,” agreed Claire somewhat uncertainly. She looked down at Fred’s cock and saw to her surprise that he was semi-erect already. “Should I use the cream?”

“Um, yeah whatever,” replied Fred. “It’s in the back.”

Claire nodded and unfastened her seatbelt, leaning across to the back of the car to retrieve the tube of Erecto-sure. As she pulled out the cream she felt Fred’s hand slide across her arse, squeezing her bum through her skirt.

Erecto-sure in hand, Claire sat back in the car seat and turned towards Fred. He moaned softly in appreciation as she reached across and started to rub the cream into his cock and balls. Claire couldn’t help but feel relief as she felt him rapidly stiffen in her hand, quickly growing fully erect. Perhaps she hadn’t lost her touch after all.

“Is that alright?” asked Claire as she started to toss him off in her soft hand, her palm gliding smoothly up and down Fred’s hard shaft, the cream acting as a lubricant.

“Yeah, that’s good,” replied Fred, his breathing sounding shallow. Claire’s hand was a blur over his cock, rapidly pumping his erection. As she’d done with Alan, she reached over and started to stroked the tight sack of Fred’s balls with her other hand, quickly and skilfully working him towards climax.

“I’m almost there,” moaned Fred after a few minutes of vigorous wanking. “Use your mouth so we don’t make a mess of the car.”

Claire obligingly bent over Fred’s lap and plunged her mouth down over the head of his erection. At the touch of her mouth, Fred grunted and lurched in the driver’s seat and his cock started to spurt.

He cried out in pleasure as he bucked his hips up and squirted his load into Claire’s hot, sucking mouth. Claire worked her hand on the lower part of his shaft, tossing him into her mouth until his shudders had subsided.

She then swallowed down his rank, salty load. “Was that okay?” she asked once she’d forced it all down her throat.

“That was perfect,” replied Fred, his forehead beaded with sweat. “Now see if you can get me hard again with your mouth.”

Claire nodded determinedly. This was the real test, and there was no way she was going to fail twice in one day.

The motivated beauty dipped her head back into Fred’s lap and captured his spent cock between her pursed lips, sucking him into her mouth. Fred gave a groan as the busty beauty began to slurp on his flaccid organ. He slid one hand underneath her and into her business jacket to palm her heavy breasts through her blouse as she blew him.

The busty redhead doggedly used every trick she knew to get him hard again. She licked and nibbled, slurped and sucked, and completely threw herself into the blowjob with great gusto. She even took his craggy, grey-haired testicles into her mouth one by one and sucked tenderly on them, determined to succeed.

Finally, after ten minutes of bathing his genitals with her tongue and mouth, she was rewarded with a trembling, stiff penis.

Claire popped her mouth up off Fred’s hard cock and looked victoriously up at him. “It worked! You’re hard.”

Fred smiled down at Claire. “Good job.”

Without another word he pushed Claire’s face back down into his lap, his hard cock spearing between her soft lips and sliding across her tongue, pushing deep into the back of her mouth. Claire gagged slightly at the sudden intrusion, but she agreeably resumed sucking his cock. After all, it wouldn’t be fair to get him hard again and then leave him untended.

Tired from her marathon oral session with Alan, and the efforts to revive Fred following his first orgasm, Claire was actually grateful when he eventually grabbed hold of the top of her head and started to fuck her face.

The panting middle aged salesman moaned as he rocked Claire’s head in his lap, his hard cock sliding deep into the back of her throat. On each down-thrust, Claire found her face pushed into his grey pubes, and she had to force herself to ignore the disagreeable odour of sweat coming from his crotch and all the while continue to pretend to be enthusiastic about sucking his cock.

“Oh, yes. That’s good!” groaned Fred as his cock was repeated jammed into the back of Claire’s mouth.

Suddenly, without warning, Fred bucked in his seat and his cock ejaculated wildly into Claire’s tight, hot mouth. Fred rocked forward in his seat, holding tight onto the top of Claire’s head and pushing her down roughly into his lap as he unloaded his distasteful spunk over her tongue, filling her mouth for a second time.

“Oh yes!” grunted Fred as Claire swallowed his foul ejaculation, her mouth popping off his cock as soon as he released her head.

“Was that okay?” asked Claire anxiously, grimacing as she swallowed the last remnants of his cum that lingered in her mouth.

“That was perfect babe,” replied Fred. He glanced down at his cock. “You missed a drop.”

Claire gave a small sigh and bent over, swirling her tongue around the head of Fred’s cock and licking up the small dribble of sperm that was leaking from the slit at the end of his softening dick.

Fred zipped up and then drove Claire home, humming happily to himself. Fortunately it was still the middle of the day so Danny wasn’t home to see Fred give Claire a kiss on the cheek goodbye while squeezing her breasts beneath her jacket.

“I’m sorry things didn’t quite go as expected with Mr Thompson,” said Claire as she was getting out of Fred’s car.

“That’s okay,” replied Fred. “I’m sure we’ll have better luck tomorrow,” he added as she pushed the car door shut.

Claire blinked in surprise, but didn’t have time to ask him what he meant by tomorrow as he was already driving off.


Sure enough, the next day, Fred once again arrived at Claire’s house at 8am.

Claire was wearing a low-cut, emerald-green coloured mini-dress that hugged her curves enticingly, with a matching linen jacket. Remembering the poor quality lingerie that Fred had asked her to model yesterday, she’d actually found a set of Funky Lady lingerie that she’d bought for herself back when she was working for the company. It was a deep ruby-red bra and thong set, complete with matching red stockings and suspenders. The lingerie was in fact the very first set that Claire had modelled for Fred, back when the she’d been trying to sell to him.

“You look sensational Claire,” complemented Fred when she greeted him at her front door.

“Thanks Fred,” she replied. She had been intending to tell him that she couldn’t help him with his lingerie sales today, but now that she was face to face with him, she just didn’t have the heart to let him down. For some reason the old guy reminded her of a lost puppy-dog, and after her failure yesterday she didn’t want to let him down again.

“I’ve got another great appointment lined up for us today,” explained Fred as Claire followed him down her garden path to where his car was waiting. “Ms Candy White, 123 Beech St.”

Claire nodded. “Okay. Are you sure she’ll be home? We don’t want to be stuck trying to sell to her husband like yesterday.”

“Don’t worry, she’s divorced, so no danger of that,” replied Fred.

Claire breathed a silent sigh of relief.

It was a ten minute drive to Beech Street, and as soon as they arrived, Claire helped Fred lug the two cases of merchandise up the path to Ms White’s front door. Claire was a little surprised to hear blaring rock music from inside the house.

Fred banged on the door and the music stopped. The door swung open and a tall, lanky teenager wearing a pair of faded jeans and a plain white t-shirt greeted them. He looked to be around eighteen or nineteen and had longish, greasy hair hanging from beneath a black cap.

Fred didn’t seem in the least bit phased that it clearly wasn’t Candy White at the door. “Hello, is Ms White home?”

The teenager shook his head. “Nope,” he replied with a grunt.

“Ah, I see…” replied Fred. “You’re her…?”

“She’s my mum,” he replied.

“Oh, you’re Dylan?” said Fred, again surprising Claire yet again. How did he know her son’s name?

The teenager shook his head. “Nah, I’m Andy. Dylan’s watching TV.”

“Will your mother be home soon?” asked Fred.

Andy shook his head. “Not ’til this evening.”

“That’s a shame,” replied Fred. “We’ll just have to show you through the catalogue instead.”

Claire’s mouth fell open in surprise. Was Fred really suggesting they show this young man through a lingerie catalogue? Claire had a fair idea of what most teenage boys did with a lingerie catalogue…and it wasn’t buying bras for their mothers!

Andy smirked as he looked over at Claire, taking in the breath-taking curves beneath her clingy green mini-dress and long, slender legs. “Fine by me.” Claire immediately wished she’d worn something a little more conservative.

As Andy pulled the door wide to let them in, Claire leant over and whispered in Fred’s ear. “No Erecto-sure today!” she hissed insistently. Her jaw was still a little tired from yesterday, and she was pretty sure that Danny wouldn’t be too happy if she made those blowjob demonstrations a regular habit.

Fred hesitated a moment before agreeing. “Fine.”

Claire apprehensively followed Andy and Fred inside the house and into the lounge. Lying on the couch watching TV was young man who looked a year or two older than Andy. He was shorter and chubbier than his younger brother and had a patchy looking goatee on the bottom of his chin. Claire realised suddenly that Fred would be expecting her to model underwear in front of these two young men, and she wasn’t sure how she felt about that. Hopefully Fred would keep his promise and the Erecto-sure would stay in the case.

“Who’re they?” asked Dylan, sitting up on the couch and looking at Claire in particular with interest.

Andy shrugged, but Fred expertly took the lead, handing both young men a Funky Lady catalogue.

“Good morning gentlemen,” he greeted them. “I’m Fred from Funky Lady, and this is my sales assistant Claire. Funky Lady specialises in high quality lingerie as well as a selection of unique adult products.”

Andy looked disinterested, whilst his older brother Dylan looked confused. “You’re trying to sell us women’s lingerie?”

Fred smiled patiently. “Your mother actually made this appointment, but I’m sure if your bear with me you’ll see plenty that interests you.”

Dylan still looked doubtful, but nevertheless he started flicking through the catalogue.

Claire’s stomach was fluttering nervously. She wondered if she should tell Fred that this was probably a waste of time, but he seemed so confident and professional that she didn’t want to interrupt him.

“Do you see anything you like the look of?” Fred asked Dylan. Andy was still standing by the door, not even glancing at the catalogue that Fred had given him.

Dylan glanced down at a picture of a stunning young blonde wearing a lacy teddy and stiletto heels. “It all looks pretty hot to me,” admitted the older and chubbier of the two brothers.

“I realise that it’s pretty hard to choose from looking at pictures, so Claire here is happy to model anything you like the look of,” offered Fred.

This seemed to get Andy’s attention. “You mean she’ll strip of like those chicks in the catalogue?” asked the suddenly eager teenager.

Fred nodded. “Which set would you like to see?”

Andy shrugged. “Fucking any of them.”

Claire stepped over to Fred and whispered in his ear. “I’m wearing the red set right now.” She didn’t particularly fancy getting into the cheap lingerie that Fred had given her to model the previous couple of times.

Fred looked back at her in surprise, his gaze dropping down to look at her long, red-stockinged legs. He then tore his gaze away and turned back to the two young brothers. “Fortunately Claire’s wearing that red set on the fourth page already.”

Andy grinned. “Fucking excellent! Let’s see it then.”

“Is there somewhere I can get changed?” asked Claire.

Dylan frowned. “I thought he said you already had it on?”

“Oh, of course,” replied Claire. For some reason she felt more awkward stripping off her clothes in front of the two young men rather than getting undressed in private and then returning in her lingerie.

Claire swallowed nervously and reached behind her back for the zip on the back of her dress. The two young men became very quiet as they heard the sound of the zipper sliding down, and Andy came closer, walking in to sit on the couch beside his brother.

Claire let her green dress fall forwards off her shoulders and slide down the curves of her body to pool at her feet.

Andy and Dylan both sighed in wonder at the sight of Claire’s lingerie-clad body. Her dark nipples were clearly visible through the intricate lace of the bra and there was the small dark patch of her pubic mound discernible through her tiny red g-string. She was still wearing her high heels, which made her fabulously long legs look brilliant in the sheer red stockings, complete with suspender belt and garters.

“Holy fucking shit,” whispered Andy at the sight of gorgeous redhead.

“It’s quite a set,” agreed Fred. From his position standing just behind Claire he could see the firm round cheeks of her arse, delightfully framed by her g-string. “Spin around and show them the back, Claire,” he instructed.

Claire turned, giving the two brothers an eyeful of her pert round posterior.

“Fuck me,” breathed Andy. Dylan was silent in his admiration but didn’t take his eyes of Claire’s remarkable body.

“Claire, why don’t you sit down on the couch there, so they can get a closer look at the product,” suggested Fred, pointing to the couch where the two lads were sitting.

“Err, okay,” agreed Claire. As she approached the couch, the two young men quickly shifted apart to give her room and she sat between them.

“The lace is incredibly smooth, you should feel it,” advised Fred.

Andy was the first to react to the suggestion, reaching up and cautiously stroking the lace cup of Claire’s bra with the tips of his fingers. Claire tensed slightly as Andy ran his fingertips over the curve of her right breast, his fingers lightly brushing over her nipple and causing her to bite her lip.

Dylan was bolder, sliding his hand over Claire’s hip and cupping her crotch brazenly through her panties. Claire gasped at his audacity.

“You’re right, it’s silky smooth,” remarked Dylan. Claire could feel his fingers applying pressure, pushing right up between her legs as he felt her pussy through the sheer lace. She felt incredibly uncomfortable at the young man’s intimate touching, but tried to remind herself that he was just trying to gauge the softness of her panties.

Andy ran his fingers across to Claire’s other breast, this time cupping the ample mound with his palm and giving it a gentle squeeze through her bra. “Is the catch on the back easy to work?” he asked Fred. “I often have trouble getting girls out of their bras.”

“Give it a try,” Fred encouraged him.

Claire leant forward to let Andy get at the catch on back of her bra and Dylan reluctantly extracted his hand from between her silken thighs.

Andy took hold of the bra and unfastened the three little hooks at the back, letting it fall open. As he pulled away her bra, Dylan put a hand on Claire’s shoulder and pulled her upright so they could get a look at her impressive naked tits.

“Wow, nice tits,” murmured Dylan as he peered at the topless redhead with great interest. Claire’s jugs looked even bigger unfettered by her red bra. The vast melons were round and high on her chest, topped by nipples that had already stiffened in the cool air.

“It came off easily,” noted Andy, tossing Claire’s bra away out of reach.

“This might be an excellent moment for you to try this,” announced Fred, interrupting the two staring young men and handing Dylan a small bottle.

Dylan frowned at the bottle. “Nipplicious?”

“It’s cherry-flavoured nipple drops,” explained Fred. “Makes nipples more sensitive. I’d suggest you apply it to just one of Claire’s nipples so you can compare the taste and sensitivity to the other one.”

Dylan swallowed and looked back at Claire’s breasts.

“If that’s something that would interest you of course,” added Fred with a knowing smile.

“Hell yes,” replied Dylan. He opened the bottle and pulled out of the dropper. With his other hand he reached out and took hold of Claire’s ample right breast, giving it a squeeze. “I just put a drop on her nipple?”

Fred nodded.

Dylan grinned and rubbed his thumb across Claire’s already stiff nipple, licking his lips in anticipation. He then carefully applied a couple of drops of the Nippilicious to her nipple.

“Oh! That’s cold!” gasped Claire, she never got used to that despite having had it applied to her breasts several times in the past.

Dylan nodded towards his brother. “You try that side first Andy, then we’ll swap.”

“Oh my!” gasped Claire as both young men leant down and slurped her nipples into their mouths. The busty red head gave a small moan as they started to suckle on her generous breasts.

Their techniques were surprisingly different. Andy used mainly his tongue, licking and flicking her nipple gently as his hand squeezed at the underside of her heavy breast. Dylan, on the other hand, was much more rough and eager, pressing his entire face right into Claire’s big tit and feasting hungrily. Several times Claire gasped as she felt the rough scrape of Dylan’s teeth as he practically gnawed at her cherry flavoured tit.

After a few minutes, Dylan gave Claire’s nipple a final lick and then sat up. “How was that?” he asked as Andy also relinquished her left breast with a final slurp and squeeze.

“Um, that was great,” replied Claire rather breathlessly. She was feeling a little overwhelmed at having the two young men attached to her breasts at the same time. “The right side definitely felt nicer,” she added, quickly remembering which breast had had the Nipplicious applied to it.

“Probably my superior technique,” Dylan joked to his brother as they swapped sides.

“Whatever,” grunted Andy sourly as he sat down on the other side of Claire and reached for her right breast.

Once again, the two young men dived down and took Claire’s ample breasts in their mouths. Claire moaned as Andy tenderly slid his tongue over her hard right nipple while Dylan bit down on her left, the brothers happily gobbling at her big knockers with their mouths.

Claire gasped as she felt a hand slide up the inside of her left thigh, she glanced down to see Dylan’s hand move between her thighs, once again cupping the mound of her pussy. She was even more shocked when his hand slipped inside the waistband of her red panties and his probing fingers stroked through the neatly trimmed red pubic hair above her pussy.

“Um, I’m not sure that’s appropriate Dylan!” gasped Claire in protest as Dylan’s fingertips crudely brushed down along the slit of her slightly moist pussy.

Andy lifted his head off Claire’s right breast and was surprised to see his brother’s hand stuffed down the front of Claire’s thong.

“Actually Claire,” interrupted Fred. “This might be the ideal time to show the boys Pussylicious.”

“What’s Pussylicious?” asked Dylan who had also lifted his head up from Claire’s breasts, but still had his hand down inside her panties, his fingers working at her sex, seemingly unconcerned by her earlier complaint.

Fred held up the new bottle. “It makes any pussy taste fantastic, plus it increases sensitivity. Guaranteed oragasms boys.”

“We’ll orgasm from licking her cunt?” asked Andy, sounding doubtful.

Fred chuckled at this. “No. She’ll have an orgasm.”

“Let’s give it a go,” said Dylan, extracting his hand from Claire’s g-string and reaching out to take the bottle of Pussylicious from Fred.

Knowing exactly what was coming, Claire bent down and peeled off her g-string, lifting her hips up off the couch as she pushed it down past her thighs and let it drop to her ankles where she kicked it out of the way.

Claire then lay back on the sofa and opened her slender, stocking-covered legs, exposing her pussy.

“You should have a good taste first,” recommended Fred. “So you can compare before and after using the Pussylicious.”

“I’ll go first,” said Dylan, pushing past his young brother to kneel in front of Claire’s spread legs. Claire gave a small moan as the young man buried his face between her lithe thighs and swiped his tongue up the length of her slit.

“She’s already wet,” remarked Dylan before dipping his head back down and licking and nibbling his way over the lips of her cunt and flicking his tongue over her clit. Claire gave another groan as he sucked on her clit and reached up, sliding a finger up inside her snatch. Dylan’s pussy licking technique was much like his nipple sucking; rough and eager.

After a couple of minutes, Andy impatiently tapped his brother on shoulder. “Stop hogging her, it’s my turn.”

Dylan reluctantly gave up his place as the younger of the two brothers took his place between Claire’s legs. The busty redhead was actually quite eager to feel Andy’s tongue on her cunt after experiencing his tender oral assault on her nipples earlier.

“Oh!” gasped Claire as Andy’s tongue licked it’s way up the length of her wet pussy. Claire gasped in sudden pleasure as the teenager rubbed his face into her pussy, his nose nuzzling her clit and the stubble on his chin tickling the lips of her pussy. He was very good, almost as good as old Mr Sharma who had treated his cunninglingus almost like a religion, back when Claire had worked at the charity shop with him.

Dylan only let his brother eat her out for about thirty seconds before he pulled him out of the way and started to apply the Pussylicious. Claire gave a small, slightly disappointed sigh at the absence of Andy’s agile tongue.

“You seem pretty sensitive already,” remarked Dylan as he applied several cold drops of Pussylicious to the moist lips of her vagina, causing Claire to gasp and bite her lower lip.

Dylan immediately bent back down to his task, his tongue worming it’s way into Claire’s wet cunt as he feasted eagerly on her soaking pussy.

“Oh Dylan!” squeaked Claire as he flicked her clit with his thumb as his tongue pushed into her slit, causing her to gasp in pleasure. Her cry was only half faked. Actually more like a quarter.

While Dylan feasted on the redhead’s delicious cunt, Andy sat down on the couch beside her and lent over to casually resume sucking on her still-hard nipples, adding to Claire’s stimulation.

Claire soon didn’t need to fake it as she moaned in pleasure at the dual oral efforts of the two young men. She moaned and groaned in pleasure with every nibble, slurp and suck on her clit, cunt and nipples as the brothers worked over her most intimate places with their unexpectedly talented tongues.

After several minutes of their attentions it was too much for Claire. “Oh my God!” screamed Claire as Dylan sucked relentlessly on her clit and Andy lovingly tongued her hard nipples. Claire bucked on the couch, her thighs pressing up around Dylan’s face as she cried out in orgasm. “Yesss!” gasped the busty redhead, grinding her pussy up into Dylan’s face.

When she’d finally finished cumming, Dylan lifted his face up from between Claire’s elegant thighs, an expression of triumph on his face. “I guess we can say that stuff works well,” he remarked. Claire saw that across the room Fred was grinning happily too.

“Let me have a try too!” complained Andy. Claire’s eyes went wide as the younger brother took Dylan’s place between her legs. Was he really going to eat her out again? Didn’t they ever get tired?

Claire gave a loud moan as Andy’s tongue swirled around her ultra-sensitive clit.

Dylan, meanwhile, had other things on his mind. He held up the bottle of Pussylicious and regarded it thoughtfully. “Does this work on cocks as well?” he asked Fred.

Fred frowned thoughtfully. “I don’t see why not, the principle is the same,” he replied with a careless shrug as Claire’s eyes widened slightly in alarm.

Dylan grinned as he stood up on the couch beside Claire and started to unbutton his jeans. “Have a suck on this first so you can tell me if it tastes better when I put the Pussylicious on it,” said Dylan as he pulled out his semi-erect cock. He looked bigger than either Fred or Mr Thompson from the day before, although from the musky whiff of body odour that assaulted Claire’s nostrils she assumed he hadn’t showered that morning, typical teenager.

With Andy still busy between her legs, Claire turned he head towards Dylan and obligingly let him feed his cock into her warm mouth.

Dylan groaned in pleasure as his cock slid across Claire’s tongue and deep into her mouth, the tight seal of her lips sliding down his rapidly hardening shaft. “Oh fuck!” he groaned as his cock was enveloped in Claire’s warm mouth. “That feels awesome.”

Claire gave a small, muffled moan around her mouthful of cock and began to conscientiously suck on Dylan’s erection.

Andy looked up from between Claire’s succulent thighs. “Holy shit, she’s actually sucking you off?”

“She’s got a mouth like a vacuum,” replied Dylan, putting his hand on the back of Claire’s head and pushing his cock deeper into her mouth. Claire’s eyes widened and she moaned in protest as Dylan slowly started to thrust himself into her grudgingly cooperative mouth.

After a few minutes of slowly pumping his prick into the naked redhead’s mouth, Dylan pulled out and applied a few drops of the Pussylicious to the head and shaft of his cock. He paused a moment and then applied a couple drops to his testicles as well.

“Lick my balls first,” he instructed.

Claire took a deep breath and then swiped her tongue over Dylan’s hairy scrotum. Despite the strawberry-flavoured drops, Claire could still taste the rank musk of his sweaty nut sack. Not wanting to lose the sale for Fred however, she moaned in mock delight as she slurped noisily at each of Dylan’s testicles, pretending they were the most amazing delicacy she’d tasted.

“That’s good,” murmured Dylan in appreciation, clearly enjoying the feel of her tongue on his nuts. “Now open your mouth again.”

As soon as Claire obliged, Dylan shoved his hard cock back into Claire’s tight, wet mouth, then grabbed hold of her long auburn locks and started to keenly fuck her face. Claire gagged slightly at the young man’s crude invasion, but she then quickly relaxed her throat and did her best to avoid choking, letting him use her hotly sucking orifice for his pleasure.

It was apparent that Dylan was incredibly turned on at this point, and wouldn’t last long inside Claire’s talented mouth. His penis was stabbing erratically into the back of her throat and the tight sack of his balls was slapping against her chin as he bottomed out in her mouth. After only a few more moments, with a sudden hoarse groan, Dylan began to spurt down Claire’s gullet.

Claire’s eyes looked alarmed as she hurriedly started to swallow, gulping down the first few blasts of Dylan’s cum and then pulling back so that the final spurts coated her tongue instead of shooting straight down into her belly.

“That was fucking amazing!” groaned Dylan as he stepped down off the couch and watched as Claire noisily swallowed down the remainder of his load.

While Dylan stepped back and collapsed onto a chair, Claire noticed for the first time that Andy was no longer busy between her legs. The lanky teenager had his jeans around his ankles and was busy applying some of the Pussylicious to his own hard cock.

“My turn,” he said impatiently, stepping in front of Claire.

The buxom redhead gave a weary sigh and slurped Andy’s cock into her mouth. Unlike his brother, Andy was standing on the floor in front of her, not the couch, so she had to lean forward to capture the teenager’s hard cock between her lips and swirl her tongue around the end of his todger.

“Shit! You weren’t kidding!” groaned Andy as he felt Claire’s tight mouth slide down his hard cock. The busty redhead’s hands slipped around the back of Andy’s thighs pulling him in towards her as she started to bob her mouth up and down over his cock.

Unlike Dylan, Andy’s cock tasted clean and recently washed, and Claire gave a moan of appreciation at that fact as she sucked noisily on the rigid organ. The younger brother’s penis was also a little longer, so deep throating him would be more of a challenge, although the hard prick was not quite as wide as Dylan’s thick shaft had been.

“Fuck! That’s incredible,” breathed Andy, closing his eyes and luxuriating in the sensations of Claire’s skilfully sucking mouth. Unlike his older brother, Andy wasn’t trying to face-fuck the gorgeous redhead. He merely stood there as she did the work, her head bobbing up and down and her wet lips sliding along his trembling shaft.

“Oh man!” groaned Andy, reaching down and running his fingers through the red locks of Claire’s hair as her mouth moved rapidly over his cock, sending pleasure soaring through the young man’s body. “This Pussylicious is stuff amazing!”

Andy groaned ecstatically as Claire pulled her mouth briefly off his cock, her tongue dancing down the underside of his shaft and then swirling over his scrotum, lovingly licking his clean tasting testicles.

“Shit that’s good,” grunted Andy as the busty redhead licked his balls. “I’m gonna cum soon babe.”

Claire gave a small satisfied moan and then plunged her mouth back down over the head of his penis, her throat making a lewd squelching noise as she pushed her ovalled lips right down to the very base of his dick. Andy gave another long groan as she expertly fellated him.

“Uh! Here it comes!”

To Claire’s surprise, Andy pulled out of her delicious mouth and took hold of his trembling cock in one fist. He gave a few quick strokes and then let out a loud cry of pleasure.

Claire gave an alarmed squeal as Andy’s cock spurted. His hot cum splattered copiously all over the gorgeous redhead’s mouth, nose and forehead, liberally coating her pretty face.

“Wow,” murmured Dylan from behind them. “Nice facial dude.”

“Great job Claire,” agreed Fred. “Why don’t you get cleaned up while I conduct business with these two gentleman.”

Claire gave a weary nod of agreement and disappeared into the bathroom to wash Andy’s load off her face. She wasn’t sure if the boys were going to buy anything for their mother, but she was certain that Fred would sell at least a couple of bottles of Pussylicious.

When they got back to the car, Fred was overjoyed. “That was absolutely brilliant Claire!” he gushed excitedly. “I’ve never seen Pussylicious demonstrated better.”

“Really?” replied Claire with mild surprise. “It was a little… different I guess.”

“Did it actually work?” asked Fred with genuine interest.

Claire shrugged. “I guess their cocks tasted ok.”

“Huh,” grunted Fred thoughtfully. He reached over into the back seat and grabbed the Pussylicious. “Show me.”

Claire gave a slightly startled gasp, but Fred was already sliding his hands down the front of her emerald green dress and into her bra to rub his greedy palms over her nipples and squeeze her enormous hooters.

“Okay, but we have to be quick, I want to be home before my boyfriend gets back,” said Claire, leaning over and unzipping Fred’s fly.

The busty redhead reached into Fred’s pants and pulled out the older man’s already stiff cock. The whiff of body odour that immediately assaulted Claire’s nostrils was even worse than usual, and she wondered if Fred had even had a shower that morning.

Claire steeled herself with a determined sigh and then leant further over, sliding her delicious young mouth staunchly over his stubby organ, causing Fred to curse loudly with pleasure.

“Oh fuck, that’s good!” groaned Fred, grabbing Claire’s shining red hair and immediately starting to fuck her mouth forcefully, his flabby hips hunching up off the car seat as he shoved his cock deep into her throat.

After a few minutes of letting Fred repeatedly jam his cock between her full lips, Claire’s eyes suddenly went wide with alarm. She gagged slightly and tried to lift her head up out of Fred’s lap. Fred however, was having none of it. With both hands strongly gripping the top of Claire’s head, he held her down and continued to ravenously assault her glorious mouth.

It was only when Claire pointed urgently at the small bottle of Pussylicious, still resting on the seat beside Fred, that the retired lorry driver finally released her head.

Claire’s mouth popped off Fred’s rigid erection with a wet smacking noise and she sat up, gasping for air. “We forgot to apply the Pussylicious before I started sucking you off,” Claire explained breathlessly.

“Huh?” grunted Fred, a little irritated at having his blowjob interrupted. Then her comment seemed to finally register. “Oh right. Sure babe, put it on.”

Claire shot Fred a relieved smile and then grabbed the bottle, applying several drops of the strawberry flavoured liquid onto the older man’s prick. “That’s better,” she announced, gently patting Fred’s glistening erection and then putting the stopper back on the bottle.

“Good. Now hurry up and suck me off, so I can get you home,” demanded Fred impatiently.

Claire dipped her head back into Fred’s lap and resumed her cocksucking without delay. He gave a long, relieved groan as her capable mouth slid back down his cock-shaft, her lips working their way right down to the very base of his prick.

Either the Pussylicious had worked it’s magic, or Fred had already been worked up by Claire’s initial suction, because within two minutes Fred let out a delighted growl and thrust his entire penis into her mouth until her nose was buried in his pongy pubes. He gave a second strangled bark as he ejaculated profusely down her throat.

Claire kept her mouth pressed tightly around the base of Fred’s cock as he spent himself, the last few spurts dribbling over her tongue and leaving his customary rank aftertaste, despite the strawberry flavouring of the Pussylicious. Claire considerately licked his knob clean and then straightened, glancing around guiltily to check that no one had wandered by on the street and had seen her servicing him. Fortunately the coast was clear.

Fred was leaning back in his seat, breathing hard with a thick sheen of sweat dotting his forehead. “Well, that Pussylicious definitely seems to have multiple uses. I’ll have to keep that in mind for tomorrow’s demonstration.”

“Tomorrow!?” repeated Claire in alarm, turning to look at Fred in distress.

“Why of course my dear,” said Fred, grinning lewdly at the gorgeous redhead who had just, yet again, given him a stupendous blowjob. He patted her reassuringly on her smooth thigh. “We’re onto a great partnership here Claire. Sales are through the roof. At this rate I’ll be Funky Lady’s Saleswoman of the Month!”

Claire’s eyes widened in surprise. ‘Saleswoman of the Month’ was the title that all Funky Lady’s sales girls aspired to. Claire remembered that during her short tenure selling lingerie she had been awed by the size of the bonuses offered for such a prize. Could Fred really be close to achieving the title?

“I can see you’re impressed,” remarked Fred. “And tomorrow I’ve got a great customer lined up. He even owns a shop. This could be the big one!”

Claire frowned suspiciously. He?

The lovely redhead swallowed warily, and then grimaced as she tasted the remnants of Fred’s sticky load on her tongue. “Okay Fred, one more day, then that’s it. No more.”

Fred grinned from ear to ear. “Of course Claire! You won’t regret it.”

“But on one… no two conditions!” interrupted Claire before Fred could get too excited.

Fred raised his eyebrow enquiringly.

“First, no more Erecto-sure,” asserted Claire.

“Yes, yes,” agreed Fred quickly. “And the second condition?”

“No more Pussylicious.”

Fred gave a disappointed sigh. “Those are my best selling products Claire.”

Claire was determined. “I’m sorry Fred, but I’m just not comfortable demonstrating them after the last couple of days, and the way my own sales career ended with misunderstandings over those products.”

Fred relented. “Okay Claire. You’re the boss. You are helping me out here, after all. It’s a deal.”

Claire gave a satisfied nod and then they shook on it.


The next morning Claire looked stunning as always. She was dressed in a fitted white blouse and charcoal skirt. The blouse clung to her formidable bust, almost making her look top heavy in the best of ways, and the skirt fell several inches above her knees, leaving her long, bare legs looking their slender and elegant best.

“You look absolutely perfect again Claire,” said Fred as she climbed in beside him and they drove off to their appointment.

“So what kind of shop does our customer own?” asked Claire conversationally.

“It’s a charity shop,” replied Fred.

“Really?” blurted Claire in surprise. “I used to work at a charity shop.”

“Huh. How about that? Maybe that’ll help with the sales pitch. You having experience and all.”

“Maybe,” agreed Claire uncertainly. She wasn’t sure she wanted to disclose too much about her experiences in the RSPHNFFP charity shop. The fact she had been offering her body to a group of local teenagers in return for charitable donations could very easily have been misconstrued by someone who didn’t know the full story. Still, she did miss the sweet old man who had run the shop. He’d had the most talented tongue she had ever experienced.

They soon reached their destination and Fred parked the car out front of the small house. He grabbed his two suitcases of Funky Lady products and headed up to their customer’s front door, Claire tottering along behind him in her tall, black high heels.

Fred rang the doorbell and within seconds the door swung open. Claire’s mouth dropped open in surprise when she saw who was greeting them.

“Mr Sharma!?” gasped Claire in amazement.

“Claire!” the old shopkeeper seemed just as surprised as she was.

“You two know each other?” Fred remarked in astonishment.

“We do indeed,” the old man confirmed. “This attractive young woman used to work with me at the charity shop.” Mr Sharma smiled warmly at Claire. “It’s wonderful to see you again Claire.”

Mr Sharma stepped forward and warmly embraced Claire, pulling her lush young body tight against him. As they hugged, Claire smelt the familiar spicy fragrance of the old shopkeeper and her pussy tingled involuntarily at the fond memories the aroma brought back.

“So Fred said you owned a shop?” said Claire when they broke off their embrace. “Are you back at the charity shop?”

Mr Sharma nodded. “That’s right Claire, the whole matter with the police was just a giant misunderstanding. It’s all been sorted and the shops up and running again. You know, if you’re ever looking for work, you’re welcome to return Claire. You were always a wonderful co-worker with great dedication to the cause, as well as being sensitive to my religious needs.”

Claire couldn’t help but blush at the compliment.

Fred looked rather confused by it all. “Er… shall we go inside and take a look at the merchandise?” he suggested, changing the topic.

Mr Sharma nodded agreeably. “Most definitely Mr Phillips.”

The scent of spice inside Mr Sharma’s home was even stronger and Claire had to squeeze her thighs together to try and control her emotions, and the physical response of her own body.

Fred immediately took the lead, handing Mr Sharma a catalogue as he began his well-rehearsed spiel. “I’m Fred from Funky Lady, and this is my sales assistant Claire,” he began. “Funky Lady specialises in high quality lingerie as well as a selection of unique adult products.”

“Er, sorry to interrupt,” interrupted Claire. “But are you sure Mr Sharma is the right customer for Funky Lady?” As much as she wanted to help Fred out, she didn’t want Mr Sharma getting ripped off.

Fred frowned in annoyance, but it was Mr Sharma himself who answered Claire. “It’s okay Claire. I’ve already spoken with Mr Phillips here, and he’s promised me a considerable wholesale discount. I believe his products will sell excellently in the store,” he explained in his cultured sub-continental accent.

Claire frowned doubtfully at Mr Sharma’s optimism, but then she remembered some of the charity shops teenage customers. She didn’t doubt that young Peter and his friends could make good use of Erecto-sure. And then there was Pussylicious… if Mr Sharma was to…

Claire’s eyes widened as she came to a sudden realisation and she had to suppress a moan of anticipation. The busty redhead hurriedly leant over to Fred. “Did you bring the Pussylicious?” she whispered urgently.

Fred frowned at Claire and shook his head. “No, you told me not to,” he whispered back to her and Claire felt her heart sink. “What’s got into you anyway Claire? Are you trying to ruin this sale for me?”

“No Fred,” she replied, realising that she was indeed acting rather strangely. “I’m sorry. I’ll behave.”

Fred gave a satisfied nod, but shot her one last suspicious glance before he turned back to Mr Sharma who was still thumbing through the Funky Lady catalogue. “So… has anything caught your eye Mr Sharma?”

Mr Sharma nodded slowly and showed Fred the page he was looking at. The picture was of a curvaceous brunette in a baby-blue matching bra and thong panties. The lingerie had a subtle pink floral design and there was a pink flower on the hip of the model’s panties. It was quite beautiful.

“An excellent choice,” nodded Fred, reaching into his case and pulling out a handful of blue lace. “Claire will be happy to model your choice,” said Fred, handing Claire the lingerie.

“That would be most acceptable,” said Mr Sharma enthusiastically. “From what I remember Claire has a most excellent figure.”

Claire frowned slightly at Mr Sharma’s apparent eagerness. She wondered briefly what would happen if the sight of Claire in her underwear inspired an erection in the old shopkeeper. From her limited recollections of Mr Sharma’s unusual religious beliefs, she would have to suck him off to avoid a cosmic imbalance…or something along those lines.

“Um, is there somewhere I can get changed?” asked Claire.

“Just through there,” Mr Sharma nodded to the door behind her.

Claire smiled thankfully and disappeared into what seemed to be a storeroom of sorts. It looked as though it was filled with mostly junk, but Claire was sure she recognised a pair of delicate porcelain vases that were on a shelf near the door. It was a bit odd that he had all this stuff at his house, but perhaps Mr Sharma was still getting the stock back into the newly reopened charity shop.

She quickly got undressed and slipped into the pale blue lingerie that Fred had handed her. Once again she was pretty sure it wasn’t quite the same as the set in the catalogue. The material didn’t feel particularly soft, and this set didn’t have the pink floral pattern like it was supposed to. This time Claire decided not to bother Fred with the problem. After all, he was already a little annoyed with her for suggesting that Mr Sharma didn’t need to buy lingerie.

Claire slipped her delicate feet back into her high heels, knowing that they showed off her long, graceful legs beautifully and therefore made the lingerie look even better, and then headed back into the lounge where Fred and Mr Sharma were waiting.

“Oh very, very delectable!” said Mr Sharma animatedly when he got his first look at Claire’s spectacular, lingerie-clad body. Even Fred let out a low whistle under his breath at the magnificent sight.

Fred didn’t waste any time, stepping forward and reaching up, cupping Claire’s right tit through her bra and giving the ample melon a firm squeeze. He opened his mouth to begin his spiel about the brassiere’s soft material when Mr Sharma interrupted him.

“Excuse me Mr Phillips, could I have a brief moment alone with Claire?” the old shopkeeper requested.

“Er…” Fred frowned in surprise, his sales-pitch thrown completely off track by the unusual request. “Okay, sure. I could use a couple minutes in the crapper actually.”

Mr Sharma blinked in his own surprise at Fred’s crude request. “The bathroom’s down that way.”

As soon as Fred had left, Mr Sharma got to his feet and addressed Claire. “Claire, we may have a problem.”

“What is it Mr Sharma?” asked the wide-eyed redhead.

“This is a little awkward,” admitted Mr Sharma, glancing downwards towards his crotch.

Claire’s eyes went wide as she spotted the familiar and unmistakeable bulge in the front of the old gentleman’s trousers. “Oh.”

“I’m afraid the sight of your magnificently large breasts and glorious young body has stirred me more than is proper. And as you are aware I am unable to relieve myself, due to my religious doctrines.” At least Mr Sharma had the decency to look apologetic regarding his predicament.

Claire smiled knowingly, “Would you like me to suck you off? Like we did back at the shop?”

“That would be most satisfactory, my dear,” Mr Sharma quickly agreed.

The beautiful, lingerie-clad redhead dropped to her knees in front of Mr Sharma and started to unzip his trousers. Suddenly she paused and glanced over at the bathroom door. “Oh! But what about Fred?” she asked in alarm. “He could come back at any moment.”

Mr Sharma waved away her concerns. “Oh, don’t worry about that Claire. As you know it has been quite some time since I have experienced your lovely young mouth on my penis. I am certain that I will only last an instant.”

Claire smiled in relief and resumed pulling open Mr Sharma’s trousers and fishing out his familiar, stiff erection. It was just as she remembered, not particularly large, and extremely wrinkled and brown, but it was clean and had a faint scent of cinnamon that Claire remembered quite fondly.

The busty redhead began to slowly stroke his cock in her soft right hand, her left hand slipping inside his underwear to tenderly squeeze his hairy balls.

“Aaah, very good Claire,” sighed Mr Sharma as her soft hand slid up and down his deep brown erection. “But don’t forget that a sacred tenet of my religion is that I must not spill my seed outside of a woman’s body.”

Claire nodded quickly. “I haven’t forgotten Mr Sharma, I was just getting you warmed up.” Emphasising her point, Claire leant forward, opening her mouth wide and plunging it immediately down on the old shopkeeper’s cock. Mr Sharma gave an abrupt grunt of pleasure as Claire’s lips slid all the way down to his pubes, her wonderful mouth completely swallowing his hard penis.

“Oh gracious Claire!” groaned Mr Sharma as her agile tongue swirled around his trembling shaft as her mouth drew back up his cock and then she sucked enthusiastically on the swollen tip of his prick. “I have greatly missed your wonderful mouth.”

Claire gave a muffled groan in reply as she slurped heartily on the head of Mr Sharma’s stiff organ. He tasted mildly spicy, much nicer than the cocks she had recently been sucking.

The sound of a flushing toilet came from the bathroom and Claire’s eyes widened in alarm. The sound seemed to disturb Mr Sharma’s calmness too, as he immediately grabbed Claire by her long red hair and started to thrust his stiff dark dick between her yielding lips, vigorously fucking her mouth in an effort to get off before Fred returned.

Claire gagged in surprise as Mr Sharma forcefully used her mouth, the normally mild mannered old man swearing in a foreign language as thrust erratically into her throat.

“Holy shit!” gasped Fred when he returned to the lounge to see his busty sales assistant on her knees in front of their customer, the older man almost violently jabbing his cock into her wetly sucking mouth.

Mr Sharma froze at Fred’s voice, turning to look at the middle aged lingerie salesman. He had paused with his cock completely buried in Claire’s pretty, pursed mouth, his dark, hairy balls resting on her chin and her nose in his pubes.

“I…err…” stammered Mr Sharma, blushing at being caught red-cocked, so to speak. There was a long moment where no-one spoke, as if the room had been frozen in time.

Claire abruptly gave a half-choked gag and he looked down in surprise, having forgotten about the busty redhead’s need to breath.

“Oh, sorry Claire!” he blurted, releasing his grip on her long auburn locks.

Claire sat back on her heels, coughing and gasping for air. Being a skilled deep-throater, Claire probably could have held out longer, but Fred’s sudden return, and her rather compromising position had taken her by surprise as well.

“Oh, sorry to interrupt,” said Fred quickly, sensing a sale. “Please don’t mind me. Continue.”

Claire opened her mouth to object, but before she could speak Mr Sharma thrust himself back between her lips, gagging any reply. The buxom beauty gave a muffled complaint and then compliantly resumed her suction.

“Uhh!” Mr Sharma gave a satisfied groan as Claire sucked deeply on his dusky old cock. He reached down beneath her bobbing head to cup and squeeze her enormous jugs through the pale blue bra she was modelling, fondling the ample orbs as she sucked him off.

“You’ll note the softness of the material,” commented Fred as he watched Claire give the old shopkeeper satisfying oral sex.

“Yes! Very nice!” groaned Mr Sharma as he groped her great big tits and pinched her stiff nipples through the lingerie. “Ah, Claire. I can feel myself almost reaching culmination!”

“Mmphf!” Claire nodded with her mouth still stuffed with his prick, making an unintelligible comment in reply that neither Mr Sharma nor Fred understood.

“Oh fuuuck!” he gave a shout of intense pleasure as his cock convulsed over Claire’s tongue, his old spunk squirting repeatedly into the back of her young mouth. Mr Sharma tightly gripped Claire’s head as his hips shook and he spurted his spicy load down the gorgeous redhead’s throat.

When he gave a final shudder and a low moan of bliss, Claire pulled her mouth off his spent dick, swirling her tongue lovingly around the head of his cock to make sure she had captured every drop of his jism.

“That really was first-rate Claire,” complemented Mr Sharma as Claire pulled his foreskin back and forth a couple of times to squeeze out a final dribble of his cum which she almost eagerly lapped up.

“Wow,” commented Fred who was massaging a bulge in the front of his trousers as he jealously watched Claire give Mr Sharma’s penis one final suck before wiping her mouth with one hand and standing back up.

Mr Sharma seemed to have regained his composure and was frowning rather intently towards Claire’s crotch.

“Are you okay Mr Sharma?” asked Claire, noticed his apparent uneasiness.

“I am finding myself in a rather difficult position. As you know Claire, under the doctrines of my religion we are now in a position where there is a rather concerning cosmic imbalance.”

“Oh, that’s right!” replied Claire, sounding almost eager as she realised what the old shopkeeper was referring to.

Mr Sharma nodded sagely. “In order to carry out the needs of karma I have no choice but to maximise your pleasure in return.”

“Oh, yes of course!” agreed Claire very quickly. She looked over at Fred. “Did you bring the Pussylicious.”

Fred seemed a little confused by the exchange. “Huh? What… er no, you said not to. I already told you that.”

Claire gave a small sigh of disappointment as she peeled off her baby-blue thong, and sat down on the couch, spreading her lithe legs wide. Fred blinked in surprise at the sight. Claire’s pussy was just as beautiful as the rest of her sensational body, and the trimmed patch of public hair above her cunt was as red as the hair on her head. “I guess you’ll have to lick my pussy without the Pussylicious Mr Sharma.”

Mr Sharma glanced slightly self-consciously over at Fred. “You don’t mind Mr Phillips?”

Fred hesitated only a moment as he realised what was going on. “Actually Mr Sharma, I have a better idea,” he reached into his bag of Funky Lady products and pulled out a pair of vibrators. “These are two of our most popular vibrators. This is the Fairy-Flutterer. It’s designed for clitoral and labial stimulation, and this other longer one is a Big Boy Toy. Fantastic for penetration. I think if you were to use these products on Claire, it would be an ideal opportunity to meet your religious needs and at the same time continue our demonstration of Funky Lady’s merchandise.”

Mr Sharma grinned broadly. “A most efficacious suggestion!” he agreed, taking the two vibrators from Fred and then kneeling down in front of a mildly disappointed, spread-eagled Claire.

Claire’s pussy was moist with her anticipation of feeling Mr Sharma’s wonderful tongue, despite her hopes of that ripped away by Fred’s last minute sales-pitch.

There was a slight buzzing noise as Mr Sharma switched on the Flutterer. “Oh!” gasped Claire as the old shopkeeper started to rub it gently over her clit. Perhaps the vibrators weren’t such a bad alternative to his tongue after all.

“Oh Mr Sharma!” moaned Claire in genuine pleasure as the Flutterer did it’s work. Mr Sharma rubbed the small vibrating toy over the lips of her pussy and then over the nub of her clit, the rhythmic stroking of the vibrator against her pussy was really very pleasurable.

Claire suddenly gave a sharp intake of breath as she felt the second vibrator, the Big Boy Toy, nudge against the opening of her cunt. “Uhh! Mr Sharma!” she cried out as he pushed the vibrator inside her. She gave a loud, long groan as he slid the sex toy deep into her tight pussy. The sudden penetration and combination of the two vibrators was just too much for Claire and she convulsed in orgasm, her long, lithe body arching as she cried out in climax.

“Oh God!” she groaned as Mr Sharma gently sawed the Big Boy Toy in and out of her shuddering pussy, the gorgeous, buxom redhead whimpering softly as she rode out her magnificent culmination.

“Oh, that was wonderful Mr Sharma,” murmured Claire softly. Surely that had satisfied her old co-workers unusual religion.

Mr Sharma didn’t appear to have finished however, continuing to work the long Big Boy Toy in and out of Claire’s cunt as the Fluttered continued to work it’s quivering magic on her clit.

“Oh Mr Sharma!” groaned Claire, leaning back on the couch, closing her eyes and moaning as he continued his mechanical assault on her cunt unabated.

A few seconds later, Claire felt something hard, warm and wet poking against her cheek and her eyes snapped open in surprise. For some reason, Fred had stripped off his trousers and was standing up on the couch beside her, bottomless. His hard cock was poking insistently against her soft cheek, the oozing tip leaving a trail of sticky pre-cum over her face.

“What are you doing Fred?” asked Claire, her voice still strained as she struggled to maintain her composure with Mr Sharma working both vibrators all over her sex.

“Just a quick product demonstration…”

Claire opened her mouth to ask what product, but her question was silenced as Fred took the opportunity to shove his cock into her open mouth. The busty redhead gagged slightly in surprise, but had little choice other than to start sucking him off as he grabbed her by the hair and began to fuck her mouth, driving his stiff erection eagerly between her full lips. After all, she’d had her eyes closed while she was cumming, so maybe he’d used one of the products on his cock when she wasn’t paying attention and was indeed just demonstrating something for Mr Sharma.

“Oh, that’s good!” groaned Fred as Claire swallowed him whole, her talented mouth slurping away as he jammed his dick hard and fast into her mouth. He reached down to grope and squeeze her enormous boobs through her bra as she sucked him, the ample melons more than overflowing his groping fingers.

Claire moaned around her mouthful of Fred’s disagreeable penis. She definitely preferred the spicy and exotic taste of Mr Sharma’s prick to Fred’s slight off smelling organ, but the way Mr Sharma was working her cunt with the vibrators was doing wonders to take her mind off the disagreeable job of sucking Fred’s cock.

Suddenly however that pleasure disappeared as Mr Sharma turned off the two vibrators and set them aside. Claire gave a muffled moan of distress at their absence, but Fred merely tightened his grip on her hair and increased the pace of his vigorous face-fucking.

“I have just had another idea for our mutual karmic pleasure Claire,” she faintly heard Mr Sharma explain over the squelching noise of Fred ramming his stubby erection into her throat.

Claire moaned eagerly around Fred’s lewdly thrusting prick as she felt Mr Sharma’s erection nudge up against the lips of her soaking pussy. She was so turned on from all the vibrating action that she was aching to feel a hard cock thrusting into her yearning snatch, and apparently Mr Sharma had recovered from his previous orgasm in Claire’s mouth with remarkable speed for a man of his advanced years.

Fred hastily pulled out of her abused mouth and Claire blinked in surprise.

“Wait a moment Mr Sharma,” Fred said, stopping the old shopkeeper from fucking Claire. Claire gave a small moan and bit her lower lip anxiously as she willed Fred to shut up and let Mr Sharma fuck her.

“Is there a problem Mr Phillips?” asked Mr Sharma, glancing down at where his cock was brushing against Claire’s beautiful pussy, the swollen head nudging against the lips of her labia and causing the busty redhead to moan.

“No, of course not,” Fred assured his potential customer. “I just had a better idea for your karmic pleasure and another chance to demonstrate one of the Funky Lady products.”

Fred climbed down off the couch and went to his suitcase of merchandise, his stiff cock bobbing between his legs as he walked, glistening with Claire’s saliva. He pulled out a small tube and held it up proudly. “Shag-o-Lube! Gets the biggest things into the smallest places!” he announced, reading from the label on the front.

Mr Sharma frowned.

“You should test this out,” explained Fred. “Claire loves it up the arse, so I’m sure that it’ll still satisfy your religious requirements.”

“That does sound very interesting,” agreed Mr Sharma as he accepted the tube of Shag-o-Lube from Fred.

“Excellent,” Fred replied, rubbing his hands together eagerly. “Claire darling, why don’t you get on your hands and knees so Mr Sharma can fuck you up the arse while you continue to suck me off?”

“Um…” Claire blinked in surprise at the completely outrageous request. Truthfully however, it wasn’t the crudeness of Fred’s instruction that was bothering her; it was more that Mr Sharma wasn’t going to stick his lovely cock into her cunt. Her loins were yearning for satisfaction after the prolonged stimulation of the Fairy-Flutterer and the Big Boy Toy, and truthfully she generally found getting fucked up the arse more uncomfortable than pleasurable.

“Come on Claire,” urged Fred as he saw her hesitation.

“Oh, sorry. Of course,” she relented. This wasn’t about real sex after all. This was merely a sales demonstration.

The sexy, obliging redhead knelt down on her hands and knees between the two older men. Mr Sharma kneeling down behind her as Fred moved \ in front of her, feeding his eager erection straight back into her warm and agreeable mouth.

My name is Mike, and I have an addiction. My addiction is the female body and all its attributes. The woman’s body is the most amazing piece of artwork ever made. It has driven man insane just thinking what he could do with it.

Myself? love to seduce women, not just any woman, but somebody else’s wife. The hottest wife’s are the girls married within the past year who did not live with a boyfriend before the wedding. They are the almost virginal girls who wanted to wait for the right man to come into her life before she gave herself to him completely. They are usually the most naive and willing to learn. These girls have experimented with sex ever since they said I do, and are innocent enough to indulge in what they think is harmless flirting.

The woman’s personal bed is the preferable place to seduce a woman into, it’s the bed where her husband makes love to her in the privacy of their own home. It’s the bed where I love to take advantage of a married woman’s body sexually sending her into orgasmic ecstasy.

Once a woman has an orgasm in her own bed by another man’s touch, she cannot get it out of her mind. The memories surface every time her husband makes love to her in that very spot, or she is touched the same way her lover touched her. She is usually ashamed for her indiscretions, but the fact is, the more remorse she feels, the more she thinks about it, the more she thinks about it, the more turned on she gets, and the more chance I have at getting in between her silky-smooth legs time and again, until she is accustomed to having another cock opening the glistening lips of her pussy. She will frequently tell herself that she will not continue with the affair, but her bodies overpowering sexual urges, usually betray her. Her only hope is her mind becoming stronger than her body’s sexual demands. In the end, as it should be, her love for her husband prevails, but not until she has been thoroughly taken advantage of and used for someone else’s pleasure.

I enjoy turning men’s spouses into sluts like I did my own. Her name is Kim, and she is my admitted slut. I turned her into one myself. Kim was a very naive girl until a few years after we married when I started bringing men home for the sole purpose of seducing her out of her clothes and into a kinky sex life. This is all explained in previous stories.

Kim has had her fair share of strange men and the occasional cock of a friend, thrusting forcibly into her body. Wanting to be the loving housewife and mother, Kim resisted at first until a man she had the hots for in school slid his hard dick balls deep into her sizzling cunt with my encouragement. She fought the feelings for a while, but could not break the hold lust had on her after having more and more experiences with different men. We took turns breaking her in the first night, and many more nights followed. She then became addicted to the newness of sex with other lovers. Finally, as time went by, she insisted that I partake of my own favorite past time. She knows all about my exploits as we share all the experiences. In fact, she encouraged me to bed a certain girl herself.

Since she knows I have an infatuation with petite girls with a fine ass Melissa was a perfect target for me to seduce. Incredibly enough it is Kim that has taught me how to seduce other women. She has even helped with a few.

Married only seven months, Melissa worked at a mall in a retail store. Wow she was cute. The kind of girl who looks innocent yet with a passion in her eyes to excite even the most ethical man.

Melissa is a petite brunette with brown eyes and pure white skin that looks soft and delicate. She is about 5’4 with a small set of breasts just large enough to fill a man’s hand fully. Her nipples are soft and pink like her lips, both sets. Her ass is easily her best feature, round and firm to fill a pair of jeans to perfection. Melissa was just 19 and ripe for seduction.

Her husband was a very conservative man just two years older than she when they married. He is very dedicated and loves his wife so much that he would never think of cheating on her. Fact is, he did not want to try new things with Melissa with the fear that she would think him a pervert. We were going to put his feelings to the test.

Melissa and I hit it off right away with me gaining her trust over a 3-month period. I worked nearby so I always made sure to see her and occasionally meet her for lunch as friends. She often told me about her husband Kevin traveling monthly to gain more trust from his business clients and had little time for his newly wedded wife.

Little did he know that his lovely spouse was telling another man that she was not getting the sex she had hoped for when they married. You can’t just fuck like rabbits right out of the honeymoon, then leave for a week at a time, thinking your 19-year-old hot wife, who is going through a sexual awakening, is satisfied.

Women have a habit of telling me things I have absolutely no right knowing. I know way too many things about friends and female co-workers. I worked with one girl who would keep a picture of a baby in her car to keep her virginity intact. At the time, I was the naive one, thinking, she was a good girl until her best friend, whom I also worked with, told me that vaginal penetration was the only thing her friend didn’t do. She told me there are many ways to have sex without him entering her pussy and said her friend used her other two openings more than often. Damn! She told me she had soft skin because she would always have her boyfriend cum on her large tits and stomach, then rub the sperm into her skin. Melissa has told me more than expected, but the stories were a whole lot more innocent. Melissa has a sex drive that was burning a hole into her panties, and she didn’t even know it.

Practically a virgin when she married. Melissa wasn’t deflowered until her boyfriend, now husband, dated for eight months. Even then, she did not want to have sex very often since she rarely felt right doing it without a ring and when they did it was pretty straight forward missionary sex. At the time, she desired her husband to want her for herself not her body, so she rarely tried to experiment with anything.

I wanted that luscious naked body in my arms, moaning my name while I shoved my cock deep into her wet clenching pussy. I didn’t want to keep her for my own, just borrow. I made a plan to finally seduce Melissa mentally by putting sexual pictures and ideas into her mind then add a physical touch to bring her even closer to the sex she deserved and so desired. Too bad it wasn’t her husband doing the fucking.

The further Melissa and I talked, the more I steered the conversation towards sex. Melissa only had two boyfriends before she met Kevin. They of course tried to get into her panties, but were sent home with the proverbial blue balls. Kevin was the first, and only guy she let touch her body intimately, skin to skin. He was not the most knowledgeable lover either, getting most of his educations either from porn, or the neighborhood slut. Neither one taught him how to really satisfy a woman.

When Melissa and I would talk, she would confide in me and within time asked how to be a better wife and lover to gain more of Kevin’s attention. I asked her if she had ever performed oral sex on him. Apparently, she had just recently learned about giving head and was curious, but had no real desire to learn. In fact, Kevin was the one who didn’t want her to “degrade herself” with an act like that. He thought Melissa to good a person to take a cock into her mouth like a “common whore.” Like I said, women seem to talk freely to me about anything. Melissa usually treated any topic like, talking about the weather. I was the safe friend who was sneaking into her mind and hopefully into her bed.

Our conversations got pretty personal, I would tell her:

“The act of a woman kissing a man’s cock, and lovingly sucking him into her mouth, is by far the most intense and erotic sexual act for a man to experience.” I suggested she tell him to shave his privates for her, to see if he looked more appealing. One day she couldn’t stop laughing as she told me that she made the request for him to shave his balls. “No way in hell” was any sharp object going to get near him. I didn’t blame him, but I made sure she knew that a man’s balls looked and felt much more desirable to a woman when smooth and clean.

“And what makes you an expert on the subject?”

“Well, if you must know, women have told me so. They prefer a clean-shaven man to a rough hairy set of man balls” I said with a smile and a wink.

Melissa looked at me and realized that I told her that I was shaven and blushed like a school girl. “I want to do things for him. I just don’t know how to please him the way you suggest. He’s so straight-laced. I want to be naughty, but I don’t know how.”

“Stop trying to please him.” When you finally start having sex with your particular pleasure in mind you will become so much more aware of your personal sexual desires. Your body will come alive with a passion that you never imagined. It’s inevitable that he finds you much more desirable when you are enjoying sex with an intensity instead of just putting out for him. When you enjoy making love to him, it will make him feel like a stud. Which brings me to the next question. “Do you two ever fuck or do you always just make love?”

“What’s the difference?”

“One day you’ll figure that out.”

A few weeks went by, and we were having one of those conversations again. I asked how her oral talents had developed. She blushed and told me she didn’t want to talk about it.


“Because I’ve tried it but not very much. He still doesn’t think his wife, should be on her knees before him, servicing him like a prostitute.”

“Why not, I’m pretty sure most husbands, think the way to keep out of trouble with other women, is to have a wife who will act like a slut for him.”

“The whole truth is, when I tried to suck him, I would think about you, and wonder what it would be like for him to shave. I would feel the worst guilt, like I was cheating.” This was the first time she actually looked embarrassed after saying something. I told her I was sorry and asked if she still had the desire to find out what a clean-shaven man looks like.

“Yea I guess so, wait a minute, are you suggesting you show me?!”

“Just asking a question, did you let him cum in your mouth?”

“Yuck, no way was I going to let him put cum into my mouth. That’s gross. Besides, he still thinks only sluts do that, he would never go for it.”

“Just try it, you may not like it, but it will bring you closer because of the intimacy of the act. One more thing Melissa. There is no way a man cannot want to be sucked. If he doesn’t let his wife do it thinking it is wrong, then I’m thinking he is looking to get it from someone else. There are plenty of women with oral skills willing to perform for a man. I’ve experienced plenty of cock sucking girlfriends, many times they were not MY girlfriend.”

“You think he’s hiring a hooker for a blow job?” And you have been the other man?

“It could be anybody, even another married woman just like you who has a husband who won’t let her suck him.” “And to answer your second question, yes I have been the other man. As I’ve said before, sometimes a girl just wants to be her husband’s slut, If he doesn’t let her, well sometimes she finds another man to be a slut for. If I happen to be there when she wants it…It’s okay with me. She looked at me with her pretty eyes with a question but did not ask.

Now that I was emotionally into Melissa’s sex life, I wanted to get closer with her physically. I liked the idea that she thought about me, when having sex with Kevin. I intended to use this to my advantage.

One day I was informed that Kevin, was going out-of-town for ten whole days. I decided this was the week I was going to let Melissa practice her oral skills on me, and hopefully more. I was determined to have her pussy, but I was going to be a patient man. I told Kim my plans, and she offered any help she could give, saying it would be fun helping her husband to seduce a girl like Melissa.

Kevin planned on going to the city only 60 miles away, but he insisted on staying at a hotel so he could focus on the business at hand. Since it was not really that far, and Kim was no longer needing to work I asked her if she wanted to help with teaching the newlywed couple how to please each other. Kim has had no problem letting married men screw her, or guys with girlfriends have their way with her body, so she agreed to give a helping hand.

The day he left I wanted to get Melissa alone so I loosened her battery cable in her car while she was working. Easy enough if you know how to get the hood open without the keys to the vehicle.

About the time she got off from work, I showed up and walked her to the disabled vehicle. After a couple of fake calls from me, I told her that a friend would come and look at it. After I re-connected the cables without her knowledge, I offered her a ride to my place so she could be comfortable while waiting for the car, and so I could begin her physical seduction and eventual adultery.

I do not do drugs, but a burning joint in the ashtray with the windows rolled up, does wonders for loosening up a woman I plan on seducing. Melissa didn’t know the difference between cigarette smoke and a marijuana joint, so she didn’t know why she started feeling funny. By the time I got her to my place, she was stoned for the first time and feeling fine.

Melissa wanted a drink, so I added a small bit of relaxant to a soda to loosen her up even more. I didn’t want her falling asleep, just relaxed enough to accept suggestions. Once it took effect, the rest was easy. When we talked, I put my hand on her leg, shoulders, back and even grazed her ass just to see how responsive she was. I started rubbing her shoulders, but she was so relaxed that she barely noticed. She just kept saying how good it felt.

“How has your sex life been lately? Is there anything I can help with? My offer is still open.”

“My sex life is none of your business.” Then she slipped and said, “Last time you had a suggestion, I ended up sucking your cock instead of my husbands. I want to keep your face out of my bedroom if you don’t mind, but if you must know Kevin has loosened up a bit. He lets me suck him, but only as a prelude to sex.”

So, she did think of me when she tried oral sex. Very nice to know.

I stood in front of Melissa rubbing her shoulders, my covered cock just inches away from her mouth.

I teased her more and asked her if I had a nice cock.

She opened her eyes looking straight at the outline of my semi erection. “How am I supposed to know?”

“You said the last time I had a suggestion, you ended up sucking my cock didn’t you?

“That’s not what I meant, and you know it.”

I was now running my fingers through her hair massaging her scalp then to her neck again.

“You still have not answered me. How is your sex life?”

“I don’t know.” What is so important that a man get a blow job? I’m feeling very funny, what was in that drink? Your hands are making me tingle all over.” “A lot of men if given the choice would give up fucking pussy before the blow job.” She turned towards me her face flushed by the feelings of my hands and my words and strongly disagreed. Without thinking, Melissa told me that the proper place for her man’s cock is between her legs. “In fact, I wish he was here now; I could sure use it.”

“Use what?”

“His cock, I’m feeling very unladylike at the moment. Your hands are turning me on, you should stop.”

Her words were out of character since she was always a proper lady when we talked no matter the subject. I really don’t think she knew what she was saying.

“Well, I believe that a man’s cock belongs where a woman allows it to enter her beautiful body. And if you don’t mind me saying, your mouth looks like the most inviting place I could think of.” As I gently touched her lips, I told her that her mouth looked very sexy and the only thing missing, was a cock sliding between her lips.

“Don’t say those things, it makes me nervous. I can’t seem to shake this feeling. I want Kevin so bad right now.”

“What would you do with him”?

“Make him make love to me. No wait that’s not what I’m feeling. I’m confused.”

“What do you want”? “C’mon say it Melissa.”

I shifted my position and was now behind her. My hands were very slowly moving down her front and sides, getting dangerously close to her heaving breasts. She was leaning backward into me, and I was sure she could feel my hard cock pressing into her back.

“Melissa, you know what you want him to do, say it.”

“I want him to screw me. There I said it. I want Kevin to be here right now so he could make love to me.”

“Don’t say those things it makes me nervous. I can’t seem to shake this feeling. I want Kevin so bad right now.”

“What would you do with him?”

“Make him make love to me. No wait that’s not what I’m feeling. I’m confused.”

“What do you want”? “C’mon say it Melissa”.

I shifted my position and was now behind her. My hands were very slowly moving down her front and sides, getting dangerously close to her heaving breasts. She was leaning back into me and I was sure she could feel my hard cock, pressing into her back.

“Melissa, you know what you want him to do, say it.”

“I want him to screw me. There I said it. I want Kevin here so he can make love to me.”

“My body is burning up, I need a cock.”

“It’s right here girl. “Take mine for now, until you can have the real thing.” I was hoped to play on her feeling that, this was all an erotic dream. I moved around and was now standing right in front of her with her blouse wide open. Her tits looked perfect as I gently pulled her light pink nipples making her roll her eyes into the back of her head. She was squirming in her seat, no doubt getting moist and ready for the taking.

“Take what you want, what you need.”

Several seconds passed as she contemplated on what was going on. Her body was being uncovered, exposing her supple breasts to another man’s eyes. She could not figure out, why she wouldn’t stop if it was so wrong. After all, she is a happily married woman, wed just over 11 months. Her anniversary was coming up soon, but all she could act on was the physical feeling surging through her body. She never felt this out of control before. It was new and exciting, yet taboo. How could something so wrong feel so good?

Then, as if she could resist no more, reached forward, pushing my shorts and underwear to my ankles. I made sure she was the one doing most of the work, so she could remember, that she was the one undressing me. She was the aggressor.

She instinctively reached out and touched only her second cock, her first out-of-wedlock. She caressed it and fondled me paying close attention to my smooth cum filled balls.

“Now is your chance to do what you want. Take them into your mouth and show me what you want to do with your husband.”

“Soft, very nice, your right, they do look delicious, and your cock seems to need some attention.”

With that she engulfed it into her mouth and sucked slow and deliberate taking in every sensation she could feel at that moment. Her body was tingling from head to toe. I’m sure her clitoris was swollen, by the way she was grinding her legs together. She gently fondled my full balls while her eyes stayed open and fascinated at her new find. I don’t think she realized what she was doing, but she was doing it oh so right. Her enthusiasm was amazing as she experimented with my cock inside her sucking mouth, her saliva dripping to her breasts. My cock was getting to the point of no return quickly, so I had her back off a little.

“In just a minute, you can have your chance to take them fully.” I sat on the couch next to her and told her I wanted to taste her lips. She looked at me and watched, while she felt another man touch her lips with his own, our tongues mingling our saliva together. Melissa closed her eyes as I took advantage of her lust and sucked her tongue gently into my mouth. Again, she swooned to the sensations. I was palming her firm tits and tweaking her wet nipples at the same time marveling at the feel of this innocent girl’s naked breasts as I completed the removal of her top and bra. We kissed for only a minute as I didn’t want her to “wake up” from her so-called dream. I pulled away and gently guided her down to my cock filling her mouth again. She was a willing student as I guided her on how to lick and suck a man’s balls teaching her how to bathe a man with her tongue. Melissa felt as if she were standing there watching herself use her mouth on another man’s cock knowing it was wrong, but either could not or would not stop the degrading act from happening.

“Melissa, do you realize you have another man’s cock in your mouth other than your husbands?” She moaned again not able to stop if she wanted. Her body had taken over as her senses were stimulated by the drugs inside her, and I wanted to take advantage of the situation before it wore off.

My hands roamed down to her pants sliding inside to get a feel of her ass skin to skin. I continued.

“Your husband is miles away, while his wife is sucking down another man’s cock and licking his balls. Have you ever licked any man’s balls before Melissa?” No answer, Should we stop Melissa? If you don’t stop I’ll assume you want to go further.” I waited a few seconds for an answer not really expecting one.

From our past conversations, I was sure Kevin never received this kind of oral treatment from Melissa. She just kept licking my balls with her wet tongue and sucking my cock until I was nearly ready to explode.

Kim had agreed to seduce Kevin, so I would not be surprised if her mouth was around his cock at the same time teaching him how to appreciate the artwork of a great blow job.

I pushed Melissa’s pants, along with her panties, down past her hips and over her thighs, letting them drop to the floor so I could get a good feel of her charms. I found her panties soaking wet and the smell of her pheromones filling the air was intoxicating.

I was at the point of no return and told her. “You are being a very good cock sucker; I’m going to cum in just a few seconds. Are you ready to have your first taste of a man’s cum?” That’s what a slut would do, take every drop of cum into her mouth. Then I want you to swallow it down your throat so it will all go into your stomach. “Do you hear me Melissa? I want you to taste it.” She muffled out an acknowledgement, letting me know that she was hearing what I was saying if not fully understanding what was about to happen at that moment, but it was too late to change course, and she was far to gone.

“Hear it comes Mel…. Ohhhh yesssssssssssssss. Damn!!! “Swallow it slut!! You’ve never let Kevin do this, YES that’s it. If he doesn’t let you be his slut, you can be mine.” I seemed to cum in buckets as Melissa swallowed every drop of cum I shot into her sucking, gulping mouth. I could tell she was shocked, but was in no position to stop it from happening. It seemed to last forever as Melissa had her own mini orgasm at the same time grinding her legs together and moaning around my shaft as she sucked harder than before. She was draining my balls completely using her hand on the shaft to perfection stroking me trying the get all the cum into her mouth.

The act of shooting my sperm into a young innocent married woman’s mouth is incredible. The same mouth and lips that tenderly kiss her husband every morning and every evening now had a tight seal around my hard shaft tasting my cum just before she swallowed it down her throat.

Melissa eventually swallowed all the cum and continued to fondle the balls even after my cock went soft inside her mouth. She was hungry for more now, and I intended on feeding her fire.

I did not want it to end since I had not penetrated her pussy as of yet, but I knew I would if Melissa kept responding like she has.

“Melissa, I’m going to touch your pussy now unless you stop me.” I found her entrance and slid my middle finger between her swollen labia. My fingers slid into her body easily, and I could hear how wet she was as I violated her most private parts.

“I think I loved what just happened, but I’m still confused. I never thought the way you talked to me would turn me on so much” she said. “This all seems so real. I can’t believe what I just did. I’ve never sucked anyone like that before. It was so wrong, but I can’t seem to stop. I do feel like a slut right now.” Melissa kept mumbling, trying to put the pieces together, but her dream continued. “Kevin help me, I want more.” With a little girl whisper, she asked the question her body forced her to voice.

“I can’t believe I’m asking this, but, will you make love to me? My body is on fire and I need it.”

My cock twitched and started to grow again while she continued to suck her new toy while my fingers sloshed around in her pussy.

“No I will not make love to you. That act of sex is for you and your husband to do when you’re together. I’m not your husband; I’m your lover, and as your lover, I will Fuck you if you agree you are being a slut right now! I promise, you will know that you have been fucked when we are done.”

“Melissa, I want you to do exactly as I ask.”

I pulled her up to me and positioned her legs on both sides of mine so she was straddling my hips. I told her to look at herself in the mirror across the floor. “Look at you. You are completely naked straddling another man’s cock, ready to take it into your married pussy. You’re not acting like much of a lady, are you?”

She looked at herself for the first time, seeing her nude body getting ready to betray her even more. Her brain seemed separated from her body at the moment as two fingers swirled around in her pussy making her throb inside.

“Only a slut would fuck another man while her husband is away from home.” I brought her forward to pull her tits into my mouth sucking one nipple then the other. She watched in the mirror as I teased her body with my hands feeling her breasts and squeezing her ass savoring the feeling of young fresh meat.

“Don’t answer me with words Melissa, only with action. I’m going to count to three, I want you to follow my directions, or I will not let you be my slut.” I was making sure her adultery was all her idea. It will be what she remembers when she becomes lucid a little later.

“When I say one, I want you to shove your tongue as far into my mouth as it will go for a full minute. I want you to kiss me passionately.”

Looking directly into her eyes while rubbing her moist nipples between my fingers, “One” She did as I asked shoving her wet tongue into my mouth. I sucked on it hard as if it were her pussy, I was eating it while caressing her entire body that was losing more of its innocence. I pushed her away after the minute had passed and noticed she was breathing much quicker than before.

“On two I want you to rub your pussy and clitoris flat against my cock. It will be the first time your pussy has ever touched another man’s cock Melissa… “Two” She hesitated for only a moment. She watched as her body lowered itself, engulfing the length of my growing shaft. Her pussy and engorged clitoris glided back and forth, leaving a coating of wet pussy juice on my shaft. She watched in the mirror for several minutes until her clit was about to give her another orgasm. Suddenly, it hit. She threw her head back and had a loud and unfulfilled orgasm wetting my cock even more. Her pussy lips were so swollen, that half my cock disappeared between them while she slid back and forth on it, touching her engorged clitoris every time she moved backwards.

Melissa looked at me in shock and fear. She was surprised at what just happened and afraid at what she knew would be next.

I felt her body up as I told her how much of a slut she was for letting herself have an orgasm on top of another guys cock.

“Melissa, what kind of girl orgasms on another dick? What kind of girl gets naked with another guy while her husband is out-of-town? What kind of girl let’s another guy suck your tits and finger your pussy? I can smell your sex Melissa.”

Her eyes were slits and her breathing was at an all-time high.

“In a minute I want you to say what kind of girl you are acting like Melissa. “Don’t say it just yet I want you to prove it with one more act of depravity. I want you to say the word, and when you say it, I want you to slide your slippery cunt down my shaft, until it is shoved deep inside your married body. I don’t even want to see my cock. I want to feel my balls touching the lips of your pussy.

Melissa put her head down on my shoulder rocking back and forth not able to stop her gyrating hips from rubbing her pussy against me. “Ready Melissa? Look at me now.” She rose up and grabbed my cock her lust showing in her eyes. It took me by surprise at what I noticed the most. Her left hand was wrapped around my cock, and for a moment, I could see her wedding ring. What a site, a married woman with her wedded finger wrapped around another man’s cock, getting ready to plunge it deep within her womb. Melissa started rubbing the head against her swollen opening, wetting it for the impending penetration. She knew what was coming and felt powerless to stop herself.

“Ready?” A nod “what kind of girl fucks another man while her husband is away Melissa?”

“A slut, I’m a slut” Oooooh, She let her body drop, allowing her pussy lips to be opened by another cock, other than Kevin’s. She moaned a loud moan “I’m your slut.” She slid completely down in one motion until she was impaled by my cock. Melissa’s first cock ever, second only to her husbands. Her head flew back and her mouth dropped open as Melissa let go of all her muscles dropping down hard, until her own cum, splashed out against my balls. I could instantly feel her wetness running onto my legs. I was completely inside my prize penetrating her most private parts, balls deep. I had her seduced to fuck and now I was going to make her my slut.

“Oh my god” she said as she threw her head back and ground my dick back and forth up and down, thrusting her pussy onto her fuck toy. She started fucking me with an intensity that showed how much in heat she really was. I was sure she would look at this moment with shame later on, but now, she could only focus on getting totally fucked.

She had her eyes closed tightly, saying, “I’m a slut, fuck me” over and over as if she was trying to convince herself. She easily reached multiple orgasms screaming and moaning like a whore in heat.

I was no longer in control. I was being used like a piece of meat; I was her personal dildo, and I didn’t mind one bit. Her orgasms kept coming until it was my turn. I held her head and looked into her glossed over eyes. “If you don’t stop my dear slut, your cunt is going to be soiled, soiled by another man’s cock, I’m going to shoot my cum deep inside your body, coating your insides with my cream.”

She looked at me with a moment of clarity and a slight fear, but again, her mind and body were separated. She couldn’t control what her body wanted; it wanted satisfaction. Her face turned from young girl, to deviant slut in an instant. With a guttural sound, she said, “fill me up, fill me with your seed. I need it all.” I was in no condition to argue. I let loose with a huge orgasm of my own, shooting my cum deep into Melissa’s previously innocent pussy, coating her walls with a thick coating of sperm, not Kevin’s, mine.

She didn’t let up and kept riding me, making our combined juices splash out of her body, wetting us both. She rode hard until her own orgasm subsided, collapsing against me like a rag doll. Wow, this girl could fuck! Last time I saw this much heat from a girl, Kim was being violated by another man’s thick cock, and she couldn’t stop cumming on him.

I grabbed Melissa, picking her up, leaving my shrinking cock inside of her body. I laid her onto her back and proceeded to kiss her hard on the mouth. She wrapped her arms around my head and pulled me to her. “I need more, give me more Kevin.” Her defense mechanism insisted it was Kevin she was having sex with, I could tell she was still in her dream world. This just turned me on more, my cock started coming back to life again.

“Yes, I can feel you getting hard again, please give me more. I want more; I need more.”

I started stroking slowly, this time in and out of her soaked pussy while holding her head so she would look me in the eyes. “Melissa, Kevin isn’t here; you are fucking another guy besides your husband.” I started to fuck her harder and harder. Her eyes were no longer glazed over as she was waking up from her dream state. She had a panic look on her face for a moment as I got lost in my own desires to fuck this married woman, slamming into her hard and fast. She could no longer react, except for her out of control moaning. She just had her way with me, imagining I was her husband, now I was going to have my way with her, knowing I was not.

Bam, Bam, Bam I slammed into her. I didn’t even know how long until I could feel my cock beginning to throb, I was getting ready to plant my seed again, into this hot ass woman beneath me.

“No, please don’t” she said waking up fully just before I shot my load and ground it into her pussy as deep as I could push it. She had one more moment of clarity right before her body betrayed her one last time with another orgasm. “Your not my husband.” Then she passed out asleep.

I dressed her while she slept, taking liberties, running my hands over her body while I covered it once more with her clothing. I started getting hard again eventually, but new I would have more opportunities with her soon. She eventually woke up barely, but I was able to get her to the car so I could drive her home. The drive was a bit awkward as she stared straight ahead clearing her mind, trying to understand what had happened and how. Melissa had been fucked by a friend, or, had she fucked a friend. She was not sure which. What she did know, is she enjoyed the sex more than she should have, and was dangerously more aroused than she thought possible.

After getting her car put where it belonged, I waited a few days to let things settle down for her. It’s always better to let the girl you took advantage of stew about the seduction, this way, she thinks about it more. I wanted it all to stick in her mind. I’m sure Melissa masturbated over the thoughts that clouded her brain. In fact, I was counting on it.

part 2

After the two days past, I was going to contact Melissa. I instead received a text from her telling me that we had to talk at her place. Apparently, she wanted to talk while at her home because she felt she could be in control in her own surroundings with wedding pictures of her husband looking at her. Usually when a woman says that they want to talk, in means the guy is in trouble. I knew it was my chance to get her on her back again, this time in her own marriage bed spread eagle screaming as I slam into her without mercy. This time I was going to get her naked, then take my time enjoying her luscious little body.

I didn’t text her back because I didn’t want her to have time to prepare mentally. At 8:00 knowing she had just taken her shower, I knocked on her door. She answered in her robe and looked shocked at my arrival.

“It’s kind of late for you to be coming over, isn’t it?”

“You said you wanted to talk.”

“Not this late, and I’m not exactly dressed to have a serious conversation. I walked in telling her that I just wanted to hear what she wanted to talk about. “Look, I’m still not sure what exactly happened the other day, but it should not have. It was wrong, and I’m sorry if you feel I’m that kind of girl. I’m still confused as to how it all came about. I do know for sure I cheated on my husband for the first time, I feel so awful. I haven’t been able to sleep at all and certainly can’t believe we made love more than once.”

“Don’t forget how it all started Melissa, with my cock in your mouth. By the way ,you are a great cock sucker. If I remember right, that was the first time you tasted a man completely. What was it like to swallow another guys cum even before you tried it with your husband? Oh and by the way Melissa, we didn’t make love, we fucked.

“Please don’t say that, I’m ashamed as it is. I did some disgusting things with you that never should have happened. The worst part is that I don’t even do some of that stuff with Kevin. I don’t know what got into me.”

I didn’t want to be callous with her, but being direct seemed to get results. “I did Melissa; I got deep down inside of you when you sat on me. Balls deep remember? In fact, you shoved me inside of you so deep I thought my balls would get into your pussy. You were so wet! You can’t hide that you enjoyed it Melissa. Fucking I mean. Not just making love, you enjoyed the act of fucking another man. Being in control while you plunged yourself down on my cock like a jack hammer. You were a sexual animal Melissa. You really know how to work a cock. I don’t think you’ve ever cum that much have you? Your cum was dripping down my legs for goodness sake.”

“Please stop. Why are you doing this?” I could see in her eyes that she was having a flashback of what happened. Reliving it again, watching herself throw her body up and down on my cock, cumming with every thrust. Her body was betraying her once more making her juices flow without her approval.

“I don’t want to stop. You are a very hot woman, an attractive sexual creature with a passion that should be let free. In fact, I’m going to help you let it out Melissa.” I stepped behind her and put my hands on her shoulders whispering in her ear. “You have a very hot tender body that yearns for a man’s touch.” I reached around while kissing her neck and cupped both her breasts through her robe. “Your tits are magnificent, I can’t help but to caress them. Don’t beat yourself up so hard Melissa, it wasn’t all your doing. I had a joint burning in the car so you would relax on the way to my place. That’s why you were so at ease at first. Then I put a little more help in your drink so you would become more agreeable. That’s why it all seemed like a dream when we were fucking behind your husbands back.”

“What, you drugged me?!” She tried to struggle, but her muscles wouldn’t let her “You raped me! Why would you do that?”

“I just made suggestions Melissa. You were the one who drove your pussy down on my cock. In fact, you were the one who asked me to made love to you. That’s not rape, that’s a hot girl learning how to let out her inner slut. And why? Because you are a gorgeous girl with a fantastic figure, I wanted your body then just like I want it now.”

“I wanted to help you feel what you have been craving, deep hard sex without emotion.” She didn’t stop me as I roamed down to untie her robe letting it drop open. “Your body is wanting it right now in fact.” I reached inside and touched her flat stomach with nothing between my hands and her soft skin. “Remember how it felt when you forced my shaft into your moist opening the very first time, and how it stretched your hole? You almost came immediately. Don’t worry Melissa, this time you are free from any drug except your own hormones. Tonight we are going to fuck without them. We don’t need them anymore.” I moved up and again cupped her breasts, this time skin to skin feeling how soft her skin was and how hard her nipples had become.

“We can’t, this is wrong, why are you doing this to me?”

“Melissa, you’re not fighting me. I bet your pussy is already throbbing and getting moist. It knows when it wants to get fucked, I think you know we are going to have sex again tonight. As soon as you saw me, I bet your pussy twitched just a little didn’t it?”

“I was unfaithful to my husband. I don’t want to cheat again, not here, not in my own house, not where Kevin comes home to.”

“Would you feel better if we went to my place again? That would be even worse if we drove to my place to have sex in my bed wouldn’t it?” My hands went down to her stomach finding that she was wearing some silk panties. I slipped my hands under them through her pubic hair and slipped a finger between her closed legs feeling that she was in fact, wet.

“That’s not what I mean. I can’t think. What’s happening? What are you doing?”

“What’s happening? I just showed up 5 minutes ago and my hands have already opened your robe, felt your tits and found your pussy wet.” I released her and sat down in the chair that I knew was Kevin’s. She stood there looking at me not bothering to cover herself.

“Drop your robe to the floor Melissa, let me look at you before you allow me to ravage your body. The other day I let you have your way with me. Tonight I’m going to fuck your brains out.” She sighed a light sigh that was barely audible. She followed my instructions dropping the robe to the floor standing only in her sexy panties. Drop your panties, I want to see your sex.” She looked ashamed as she slowly did so. I’m going to fuck your pussy tonight without drugs proving that you are a slut. Come over here and stand in front of me so I can touch you.” I saw a tear run down her cheek and asked what was wrong.

“I don’t know why I can’t stop. I can’t seem to help myself. I don’t want to cheat on Kevin again, but I just can’t seem to say no. I reached for her tits and sucked them into my mouth licking her already hard nipples while I pushed a finger inside her pussy entering easily from her own slippery wetness. I kissed down her belly to her vagina licking her clitoris for the first-time tasting her delicious sex. She opened her legs allowing access as I licked her pussy while I shoved a second finger into her body rubbing her G-spot producing a moan from her lips. A couple of minutes later her first orgasm started to approach, Just before it hit, I stopped.

“Take me to your bed Melissa. I’m going to fuck you in your wedding bed this time.” She was panting from the near orgasm and couldn’t focus too well as she just walked away in defeat. I followed watching that tight ass as she went into her bedroom. Wow what an ass. That will be mine soon also. Kevin is pretty conservative, therefore I don’t think he would have tapped it yet.

“Get on your bed and spread your legs, she did. I got between her legs spreading them more so I could get a good taste of her pussy. Her lips were already glistening from her arousal as I went down on her licking from her anus to her clit in one slow movement. I asked if Kevin does this to her and to my surprise, she said no. How could any man not devour every inch of this girl? She still had much to learn and I was more than willing to be her teacher.

I took my time eating her pussy and lapping up her orgasms while fingering her g-spot. My hand and tongue were getting a good workout as Melissa achieved orgasms multiple times with my touch. I decided to teach her something few women even know about. I wanted to make her squirt.

I stood next to her with her on her back close to the side of the bed fingering her slowly for a few minutes until I could tell she was getting close to another orgasm. I hooked my two middle fingers around her pubic bone inside her throbbing pussy. I’m sure she had never considered being able to squirt cum until I rubbed her just right. She grabbed my arm looking at me with a fear of the unknown. She never felt these sensations before so I told her to relax and let herself go.

“Your about to feel like you have to pee. Let it go. You’re going to have an intense orgasm like you’ve never felt before.” Usually when I do this with a girl, I’m ready with a folded up towel to catch all the fluid that gushes from her body. If you have never made a woman squirt, it’s an incredible experience to watch but it’s also very wet.

I wasn’t prepared with a towel this time, I just figured the mess would be a reminder of our evening together. And besides the erotic odor would linger and serve as a reminder of her infidelity.

I started working my fingers and arm right and bam! It hit. She tensed up tight and screamed so loud that if it was my first time I would have thought I hurt her. Melissa’s pussy contracted hard, shooting her juice into the air splashing against my hand. Her cum shot across the bed even wetting the floor. The orgasm lasted a good while almost making her pass out.

She looked at me with eyes the size of saucers breathing extremely hard her breasts heaved while trying to catch her breath. “That was the most incredible feeling I’ve ever experienced! I didn’t even know a woman could ejaculate.”

I stepped back and got completely undressed while watching Melissa try to catch her breath. It was time. I was going to fuck her again, this time with no drugs.

“Melissa I know you don’t want to cheat on Kevin, but I’m going to fuck you now.” My cock was rock hard and pointing north as I got on to the bed between her open legs. Foreplay was over as I guided my cock between her pussy lips entering her forbidden zone once again. This time she was completely sober and knew what we were doing. I hit bottom, my balls touching her ass as I looked at her and kissed her softly. We started moving together in rhythm grinding each other, fucking quickly and rapidly slapping skin against skin; the smell of sex in the air was again intoxicating. I pulled out with a pop as if her pussy refused to give up its prisoner without a fight and plunged back in again. Melissa was constantly moaning passionately saying fuck me, fuck me as I finally turned her over and presented her glorious ass to me. Later, I thought. I would have her ass soon as I again entered her pussy from behind slamming into her beautifully rounded butt cheeks while pulling her hips to me harder and harder. This was pure unadulterated raw sex. I was fucking a 19-year-old married girl just days before her second wedding anniversary. Pounding her with no regrets, no resistance.

Melissa pushed back fucking right along with me making our loins hit harder and harder slapping against each other. We could both hear the sloshing of her wetness between her legs as she seemed to have one long continuous orgasm.

I pulled out hearing a huge sigh from Melissa not wanting to be empty, but she wasn’t lonely for long. I stood at the side of the bed and pulled her to me raising her calves to my chest while guiding my well-used cock into her gaping hole slamming home once again. I put my arms at her sides leaning over her body bending her knees against her chest. I shoved into Melissa slamming into her deeper than before. In this position, I could really drive into her hard, making her scream. I’ve always been amazed at the sexual pounding a delicate looking girl can take while in the heat of passion.

She started yet another orgasm when finally I lost all control. “I’m going to cum Melissa, where do you want me to shoot it?”

“I’m a such a slut, keep fucking my pussy. Cum in my CUNT! Shoot it in me you bastard, use me like a dirty whore!”

I could hardly believe the intensity of her words as I blasted a huge load of wet sticky cum deep into Melissa’s womb, soiling her body again and turning her into more of a slut than she could fathom. Thankfully, she was protected by birth control. My cum spurted so hard and deep inside her body I was sure the sperm would have been able to swim to an egg. She dug her finger nails into my ass pulling me even deeper into my target yelling “YES, YESSSS cum inside me. I can feel it!”

During the night, we fucked several more times in every position we could think of. Spoon, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl. Our lips were both chapped from all the kissing we did as Melissa performed like a total slut, both hating herself and loving it all at the same time. She became an excellent cock sucker not caring that I would pull out of her pussy and shove it into her mouth for her to lick clean then put it back into her cunt. By morning, we were both exhausted. We slept off and on together with moments of penetration and more screaming. Melissa rightfully looked like she had a wild night of passion. She had hickies on her tits, stomach, ass and between her legs next to her well used pussy. She was going to have a lot of explaining to do if they didn’t disappear before her loving husband came home. Maybe by then Kevin will have some explaining to do himself.

If Kevin could see his faithful wife now, Melissa was being used by another man as a willing sex toy in his own bed. While he was out-of-town, I was using his pillow as a cushion for his wife’s hips as I fucked her from behind. I was the one in his bed with his naked wife fucking her body in every position giving is wife orgasms with my hands and cock. She was committing adultery repeatedly not knowing what to do or how to stop. Melissa was being consumed by the heat of her own passion.

I was lying there in the morning looking at Melissa’s naked body again admiring her beautifully curved ass. I took a picture with my cell phone and sent the picture to Kim. Melissa finally stirred barely waking while I ran my hands freely all over her body. She stretched herself, jutting her breasts out and noticed me admiring her ring and started to cry.

“What’s the matter Melissa?”

“I cheated on my husband again! I don’t deserve to wear this ring” as she twisted it on her finger. “I let you fuck me in my own bed; my husbands own bed. I’ve never felt so ashamed yet so sexually alive. I’m ashamed that I enjoyed every moment of the sex we had. I’ve never tasted a man’s cum before I tasted you. I didn’t even know sex could be so good. I can’t believe my own words begging for you to fuck me. I must have been possessed. How can I beg for a man, not my husband, to cum inside my body? Oh, just the thought of it makes me start to tingle and want more. How did I become such a slut? How can I face Kevin? I now know the difference between making love and fucking. My god, I love to fuck.

“Look Melissa, you are a very hot and sexy girl. I’m going to teach you things you can use on your husband for you to come closer together. Everything we do I want you to do to him. I can open your mind to new things you’ve never thought about doing.”

While I was talking to her, my hands were concentrating on the perfect curve of her ass cheeks. “C’mon, let’s get you cleaned up. I took her hand again and walked her to the shower where I soaped her well used body. I paid a lot of attention to her ass making sure to put pressure on her anus. I told her that Kevin deserves everything her body has to offer while I hooked my middle finger barely inside her hole making her jump and tense. “You want me to teach you everything don’t you Melissa?, not to leave anything out?”

“Do I have a choice?” she said. She was getting turned on again expecting to get more cock shoved into her body.

I pushed my finger slowly into her ass, Melissa opened her eyes finally realizing what I was doing.

“No way, He’s not going to get that. That is not for sex!”

“Relax Melissa, your body is full of erotic zones and this is one of them. I had my finger in her anus up to one knuckle and my thumb in her pussy moving around slowly. “If you give this to him, he will be putty in your hands. It would complete your trust in him, and he will love you for it even more.” I pushed up to the second knuckle making her tense up and have an orgasm for the first time with anal stimulation. While she came I was sucking on both her tits flicking her nipples with my tongue.

When we exited the shower, she went towards the bed naked and spread her legs inviting me to fuck her again. Instead, I dressed and told her I had to go. I did have one more request before I left.

“Get on your knees and suck my cock one more time Melissa.” She mindlessly walked over, dropping to her knees in front of me, pulling my cock in her hand. “Use your left.” She sucked my cock and stroked me with her ring hand. I was enthralled with her wedding ring wrapped around my cock for some reason.

“Do you still think yourself a slut Melissa?”

She pulled out for only a moment and said, “How could I not be, Look at me. I’m on my knees sucking your cock?”

She was sucking so good that I couldn’t hold it anymore and without warning blew a load into her mouth. She stroked me harder and sucked as if she was thirsty for every drop of my cum. My cock throbbed multiple times shooting several streams of sperm into her sucking mouth to the point that it overflowed running down her hand coating her wedding ring perfectly. She willingly gulped down the rest of her treat as if it was the natural thing to do. She even looked at her messy ring and licked the cream off of it swallowing the remainder of my cum. I pulled my pants up and turned to walk through the house to the front door. I turned to see her still on her knees naked looking down at the floor. The next few days are going to be fun.

While leaving I stopped before the door and looked towards a wedding picture on the wall with Melissa and Kevin. They looked good together and in love. Their second wedding anniversary was coming up soon. I looked at Kevin and told him.

“Your wife is turning out to be quite the fuck toy Kevin. I hope you enjoy her new fondness for cock. Oh, and I don’t think I will be able to resist her ass for much longer my friend. It’s so perfect I may fuck it before the week is up.”

Fact was; he was already reaping some rewards. Kevin was going through his own education, with my sweet wife as the teacher. Kim was making him hungry for Melissa to wrap her lips around his cock by sucking him herself showing him what he was missing. Kim has had a lot of practice with oral sex; in my opinion, she could go pro with her sucking skills. It took some time for Kim to seduce Kevin, but she finally convinced him that she was worth the effort. When Kim received the picture of a nude Melissa, she became determined to seduce Kevin even more getting him between her legs.

Kim gave Kevin the works sucking his cock slowly making sure to touch every nerve a cock would have and licked his balls sucking them deep into her mouth. After Kevin recovered, Kim asked if Melissa would ever swallow his cum the way she did or even suck him with the lust Kim showed. He responded by telling Kim that Melissa has tried using her mouth, but did not get very far since Kevin felt as if she was above the act. Little did he know that the first-time Kevin was getting serviced by Kim’s mouth, his lovely innocent wife was getting pummeled by my cock. That same night she swallowed every drop of my cum right after I pulled it from her throbbing pussy. She tasted her own cum mixed with mine. I didn’t know how, but Kevin hadn’t had full sex with Kim yet and I knew Kim was a slut. He was trying to be a good husband refusing Kim’s obvious flirtations to fuck her.

The next day Melissa couldn’t get her adulteress actions out of her mind. Why in the world would she give herself so freely to another man. Why would she allow another to touch her, kiss her and fuck her? Someone else was doing things to her sexually she could not even do with her own husband. She realized it was a bad idea letting me into her house when she was so vulnerable. She needed time to sort things out. Time is exactly what I didn’t want her to have any more of.

The very next day I walked up to her home to see her again. She looked nervous when opening the door telling me that she could not have sex with me anymore.

“That’s okay I just want a little suck from you.” as I walked past her into her home.

“No way, you can’t believe I would just go to my knees and give you a blow job just like that would you?”

“That’s exactly what I want you to do Melissa, remember? You admitted that you were a slut. You and I fucked just yesterday, we ended with me gushing into your mouth. You licked my cum from your own wedding ring. Your mouth has become some prime real estate for my cock.”

“So, get on your knee’s slut and suck me.” Her mind may not have wanted sex, but her body was still feeling the pounding she received just a day before.

I reached for her tits squeezing them knowing she could not pull back. She closed her eyes hoping this would all go away, but it didn’t. My hands went to her pussy and ass caressing her like the slut I was making her.

Melissa finally came to her partial senses and asked.

“Okay, if I give you head will you leave?”

“Your mouth is all I want Melissa.”

“Fine, get to the couch.”

“Not so fast, I have to get into the mood also you know.” I stepped forward and kissed her softly on her lips massaged her body while placing her hand on my cock. I told her to take it out if she wanted to get it over with. After only a minute she pulled my cock out and slid to her knees on to the floor. She looked lovely on her knees about to fill her mouth again. She engulfed the head and sucked eagerly as if thinking the faster she sucked, the quicker it would be over. She was almost right until the phone rang, saved by the bell.

“Oh hi Kevin.” She got up and walked around getting her mind off the tingling feeling between her legs. I could tell she was embarrassed as if Kevin could see what she had just been doing.

I fell back against the couch annoyed with the interruption then laughed at the irony of it. I was upset because Kevin had interrupted his own wife giving me head. Melissa went around the back of the couch and was asking when he would be home. I smiled and thought, how rude. I would show her. I was satisfied with her mouth working on me, but a better target presented itself.

I stood and walked toward the back of the couch taking my pants off in the process. I didn’t give her time to realize what was happening and quickly lifted her skirt while pushing her over the back against the cushion.

“Uh! No, no, I’m OK,” she was telling her husband as she tried to keep her composer. With Melissa bent forward against the back of the couch I placed my hand in the middle of her back holding her in position. With my other hand, I pulled her panties down to her ankles. She tried to tell Kevin that she couldn’t talk too much because she was getting ready to go out, but he just kept on talking not realizing his bride was about to be taken again. I lined up my cock at her opening rubbing the head up and down her bare pussy getting the head wet from the juices her body was secreting. Finally, I started pushing slowly into her body knowing she could feel the intensity of her tight walls being stretched yet again by her lover, although this time her husband was on the phone and heard a sudden muffled moan coming from his wife’s lips.

“Are you okay babe”? Yes, just not feeling right” as she tried to push away to free herself from the intrusion. I hit bottom, my hips pushing against her ass. Ohhh. Honey I have to go. I didn’t care if Kevin could hear his wife being taken or not, in fact, I wanted him to hear her screams so he would know another man was making his girl cum, so I gripped Melissa’s hips and started pumping hard and fast into her pussy slapping her ass with my hips. I suddenly pushed my thumb into her anus making Melissa drop the phone on to the couch screaming out “I’m cumming!” Damn you, fuck me, fuck me. I pulled out of her throbbing cunt and shoved two fingers inside her to make her cum even more. My fingers kept her in a constant state of orgasmic bliss. She was to the point where her juices were running down her legs into her socks. I knelt down going to my knees and licked up the juice from her body, tasting again how delicious a young woman can be. I then stood, turning her around kissing her full on the mouth making her taste her own orgasm while placing her onto the couch once again. This time I shoved into her pussy from the front banging her as hard as I could while she wrapped her arms and legs around my body.

After I could take no more and was almost ready to fill her with a load of cum, I pulled out making Melissa moan at the sudden loss. She could hardly stand so I picked her up into my arms and carried my little slut into her bedroom.

“Do you want more?”

“Yes please finish me, let me cum more.”

“Why Melissa? Why should I fuck you more when you are asking me to help you cheat on your husband yet again? I want to hear you say it.”

“Because you turned me into a slut damn you. I hate that I’m a slut, but I need you to fuck me more.”

After placing her on the bed, I laid on my back and told her to climb aboard. She didn’t hesitate and climbed onto my cock letting her pussy open fully to wrap itself around my probing shaft. She rode me hard grinding her loins into mine until I had no choice but to shoot my own cum straight up in to her clenching pussy while at the same time she flooded my cock with her own orgasm. Her nails were digging into my chest leaving her own marks for me to explain to my wife.

While Melissa was being betrayed by her body, I took advantage of the battle in her mind, she was trying to be a good wife, but her body was urging her to perform as the slut. I turned her over to her stomach and put Kevin’s pillow below her hips making her ass push out seductively just asking for trouble. While she was coming down from her high, and the good girl was again coming near the surface, I pushed my middle finger into her ass.

“No, not there please.”

“Don’t worry I won’t fuck you in your ass just yet. However, I do want to tap that ass soon my dear slut. I continued to finger her tight hole until she started to whimper small moans. After a few minutes, I got up to leave telling her that I just came for a blow job, but thanked her for giving me her pussy instead, making her feel even more ashamed.

“Melissa, before I leave I need to tell you something I want from you. I want to tell you this because I want you to be thinking about it before it happens. Melissa, I want you to be able to give your body freely to your husband and in teaching you how to be a slut for your husband, I need you to be a total slut for me.”

“I have been a total slut for you. I don’t like the idea that I have been having an extramarital affair these past few days. I’ve been acting like a total whore, and I want to stop. I don’t know what has come over me lately. Kevin was the first and only man I’ve ever had. Now I’m letting you penetrate me and cum inside my body while in my husbands own bed. How do I become an even bigger slut than I already am?”

“I want your ass Melissa. I want to shove my hard cock balls deep into your sweet ass. I’ve been infatuated with it all along, I want you to give it to me willingly. If you let me fuck your ass, I promise to only fuck you when you ask me for it. Think about it.”

“Wait, I can’t let you put your cock into my ass; it’s too big for one thing, and besides, I may have liked your fingers back there, but I’ve never even considered letting my husband do that.”

“Think about it Melissa. If Kevin does it first, it will hurt, because I’m sure he doesn’t know the first thing about penetrating a woman’s ass. I’ll be gentle and teach you how to give yourself fully to him. Don’t worry, I’ve done it to other girls, and it always turns out great.

Let’s get together tomorrow and we can fuck some more. Come over to my place at 7′o’clock and wear something sexy. Wear a pair of your tightest shorts to show off your ass.” She looked stunned again, but said nothing as I turned and left.

As I was walking away I noticed I had a few texts from Kim. I must have been having my way with Melissa when I received then.

“Next time you screw one of your girlfriends when she is talking with her husband, make sure she hangs the phone up before she cums. Lol.”

I later found out that Kim took the phone from him just in time for her to hear the end of Melissa’s scream. Kevin didn’t react much from the sound coming from his wife since he had just been serviced by Kim’s mouth again. He was becoming convinced a woman’s mouth is just as sexy as what is between her legs and can produce pleasure just the same.

Kim said Kevin treated her like a prostitute at first saying that Kevin wants hot sex, but thinks Melissa is too good a girl to get nasty. He treated Melissa like the school girl he knew, not realizing that school girl is all grown up and wants to get laid hardcore. Kim educated him in the art of sex during the week convincing him to also cheat on his wife.

I was looking forward to the next day. I had a friend who had participated in turning Kim into the slut she is today and used her body on several occasions. I was sure he would love to be part of making a slut of another wife. Steve was also married, but his wife thinks sex is just a wife’s duty to her husband and doesn’t get much from the act. Kim has kept him married by being his slut behind her back.

Part 3

The next day came and a little before the time Melissa was supposed to arrive, Steve showed up, I wanted to introduce him to her right away, but he wanted to hide until I had Melissa naked and asking to be taken again. We split the difference and decided to wait until I had her sexually aroused.

At 7o’clock on the nose we heard a knock on the door. It was Melissa; I guessed right that her recently turned on body would win out in the arguments she was sure to have with herself. I was confident, that her day went by slowly, while her moral mind battled with her lust driven body. She more than likely could not understand why she was putting on a pair of slutty shorts while she was getting dressed.

“Damn Melissa you look hot as hell. Turn for me, nice ass, are you sure those shorts fit? No matter, you won’t be in them very long. She was wearing a form-fitting top with no bra and athletic shorts that left little to the imagination. I could see her butt cheeks from the bottom, the material was riding tight up her ass making her look like the slut I wanted her to be. “I’m glad you listened to my request, thank you.”

“I figured I needed to get this out of my system so I could get back to being a good wife again.”

She allowed me to kiss her as I ran my hand down her back to her ass where her cheeks were peeking out. Melissa was a willing participant this time. Her mouth was soft as she kissed me back passionately letting my tongue enter her mouth freely. We were still at the door with my hands roaming over her entire body when Steve made his presence known.

“Who was at the door?” Melissa jumped back feeling startled at the unexpected visitor.

Don’t worry Melissa, he came over unexpectedly just a little before you arrived. He needed a place to stay for a few hours while his wife was having an all girls party.” Melissa looked both relieved and annoyed at the prospect of not being violated again, and embarrassment in being caught in a compromising embrace.

“Steve this is my married friend Melissa, her husband is out-of-town right now so I’ve been keeping her company while he’s away.” She shook his hand, but felt uneasy as Steve greeted her. “Hi Melissa, wow, you’re a knockout, I would love to keep you company sometime. It looks like it has its benefits from the kiss you were dishing out. I definitely walked in too soon. If I waited a few more minutes, I may have seen a lot more of you, although those shorts show some fine assets. Let me know if Mike gets boring, I’ll be more than happy to spend some time with you.”

Melissa was so embarrassed she didn’t know what to say. She was beat red in the face as I led her to the couch.

“She’s a great kisser too Steve, I’ve also been taking some liberties with her lately. In fact, she is also turning out to be a more than adequate cock sucker, right Melissa?

Melissa was in total shock that I would talk about her in front of another man and didn’t know what to say in defense.

“Whatever you say my friend, maybe I can find out soon. See you a little later.” Steve left the room and let her, and I talk.

“What were you thinking telling him that? I can’t afford to let people know I’ve had another man in my bed! I need to go. He saw us kissing, and you were touching me, what if my husband finds out?”

“Slow down Melissa, why are you here?”

“What do you mean? I…I…to have sex with you…but I don’t want him to know about my infidelities. I just want to get this feeling out of my head. I thought we would be more discreet.”

“I think this is turning you on Melissa, another man in the other room knowing you have been a slut. You are obviously dressed for sex. Don’t worry Melissa, his wife is a prude. He also has a lover who takes care of him so let’s sit and relax, he’s not telling anybody. I leaned into her kissing her on the neck sending shivers down her spine. I moved to her ears and finally, her soft supple lips. She gradually forgot about Steve as I fondled her tits and moved between her legs. I had my hands under her shorts in her leg hole feeling her pussy through her panties turning her on, making her forget we were not alone. I eventually got a finger inside her pussy making her hot enough for her to lose her inhibitions. I removed her shirt and started to suck her nipples to hardness.

“I brought her to the real world again by telling her that Steve could more than likely hear her moaning. She started to straighten up when I shoved a second finger into her pussy rubbing her g-spot to orgasm. She tried to fight the urge to yell, but her orgasm was too strong. She let out a moan that we were sure Steve heard.

Little did she know Steve was watching the action from the crack in the door waiting for the right time. After her orgasm, I stood in front of her and took down my pants presenting my rigid cock to her married mouth. She was still feeling the tingling from her orgasm so she didn’t hesitate to reach for my cock. She engulfed it into her mouth sucking like a vacuum.

I motioned for Steve to come out and pointed for him to sit on the chair in the opposite corner, there he could have a good view of Melissa’s terrific ass. Occasionally, he would quietly move to the side so he could see her mouth working on my cock.

I brought Melissa up to kiss her lips again so I would be able to finger her moist pussy some more. She was moaning when I spoke.

“Do you want to fuck Melissa? That’s why you came over isn’t it? Do you want me to take you to my bed and ravish your slutty little body before your husband comes home?”

A single quiet “Yes” was spoken by her. Whatever I say or do, I want you to continue sucking my cock. Don’t you dare get up or look around or I won’t fuck you, do you understand?” I guided her head down to my cock again after she nodded in the affirmative. “No matter what I say Melissa.” She sucked my cock aggressively using both her tongue and lips; I could see that she was wanting to go further.

“I told you she could suck cock didn’t I Steve?” Melissa tried to pull away, but I held her mouth on my cock. “I told you whatever I say don’t stop sucking.” She gave in letting out a sigh and continued her blow job.

“She is also a great fuck Steve. Her pussy gets really wet when she gets turned on, she’s an orgasm machine. She has a terrific ass too doesn’t she?”

Steve finally spoke. “Yes she sure does. If what you say is true, then she is turned on already. My angle shows that her panties are wet clear through to her shorts. So, you pounded her from that angle to you say?”

“I sure did, in fact, I plan on doing it again tonight. I love staring at that ass while my cock invades her cunt.”

“That’s pretty hot; I sure could use some of what you’re getting.”

“You heard the man Melissa. Steve, why don’t you come over here and sit by me. Now Melissa don’t be shy, suck his cock just like I taught you.”

Melissa was beyond embarrassed to the point where she couldn’t refuse. Steve sat by me and pulled her to him. He kissed her full on the mouth shoving his tongue into her as if he were trying to taste her tonsils. Melissa allowed his hands to fondle her bare breasts and nipples turning her on even more. Her mind again lost as she felt her own hands unclasp Steve’s pants and heard his zipper just before she reached inside and pulled out his hard cock. She stroked him and was looking at me with her half-closed eyes almost looking for permission to go further in her slut training. I nodded and smiled just before she lowered her head and took yet another cock other than her husbands into her mouth. She sucked with her usual passion getting Steve up close to the edge way before he expected.

“Oh my, dude! She has a golden mouth. Damn. That’s it girl suck me down.” Melissa didn’t disappoint him. She showed him her new skills beautifully sucking and licking his dick and sucking his nuts into her mouth. “Slow down girl or your going to get a thick drink soon, I’m not ready just yet, wow.”

While Steve enjoyed Melissa’s sucking I stood up and undressed getting ready to violate Melissa’s body again. After removing her shorts and panties, I could see her pussy was glistening. First I tasted her pussy, licking with the flat of my tongue. After eating her out for a few minutes I positioned my full cock between her wet lips and slowly pushed into her innocent body repeatedly fucking her with a steady rhythm while she moaned in pleasure. Her pussy must have wanted it because she was pulsing inside, sucking in it’s captive. Melissa never took her mouth off Steve while she moaned in pleasure at the intrusion. I screwed Melissa like this for about 10 minutes while caressing her back and ass memorizing every curve she possessed. I don’t know how Steve held out, but the look on his face showed he was in ecstasy.

“Melissa, I think you’re ready for more. I want you to fuck our friend with that newly broken in pussy of yours. I’m going to pull out of your pussy and when I do, I want you to crawl up Steve so you can lower your cunt on to his dick. I know you need fucked tonight, so we’re going to take turns using your body. Do you understand Melissa?” I was still sliding my cock through her slippery opening as she grunted an affirmative, her mouth still forming a tight gasket around his dick.

Not wanting to wait, Melissa put her hand on my chest. She pushed me back, making my cock exit her tunnel making a lewd wet sound. She then crawled up Steve until her juicy opening was just above his cock head where he could feel her heat radiating from her sex. Without hesitation, she dropped her body around his shaft engulfing it fully with the tight walls of her pussy, his cock entering where only two men had ever ventured. I watched with amazement as she fucked him with a fire in her loins. She moaned and groaned like a whore, not giving Steve much of a chance to take control. She was the aggressor this time, Melissa’s body wanted the pleasure we offered and nothing was going to stop it from the sex it demanded, not even her own mind could control her body’s thirst for the overwhelming lust she felt.

Melissa ground and rotated her hips onto his, again making her orgasm. She leaned forward pushing her tits into Steve’s mouth, feeding him her erect succulent nipples.

I stood on the couch with my hard cock in front of her face and had her suck her own pussy juices off my cock while I watched. My married lover become more of a total whore before my eyes.

“My god this girl is a crazy slut. Damn you know how to pick them. She’s going to break my cock off, but it’s worth it.”

“Melissa, how does it feel to let yet another cock push into your pussy? Tell Steve how much of a slut you have become.”

She held Steve by the head still grinding and forcing herself on to his shaft. Melissa looked straight into his eyes with her own eyes glossed over and her teeth clenched, “I’m a slut Steve, do you like being fucked by sluts? I’m going to fuck you until you shoot your sperm inside of my body. Don’t disappoint me Steve, I want it all, every fucking drop!”

“Holy shit, this girl is crazy hot, can I keep her?”

After several minutes of Melissa using Steve as her own personal dildo and sucking my cock clean, we took back control and had Melissa positioned on her hands and knees. I quickly thrust into her with no resistance. Pulling her curved hips to me, I pounding against her ass as hard as I could, Steve fed her his juice covered cock letting her clean him off as she did my own. After a while we had to switch positions, since her pussy and mouth were too much to handle all at once. Back and forth, we traded off between her mouth and pussy driving her into a sexual frenzy.

I had already shoved my thumb into her ass to the second knuckle with no complaint from Melissa, she was getting used to having fingers in both holes and I wanted her ready for something much bigger. I made a decision and told Steve to stick his thumb into her ass so he could continue to stretch her back hole. I was wanting to wait for another day to violate her nether regions, but the intensity of the fucking along with the view of her perfect naked ass in front of me was too much to control. I decided that tonight, I had to have her fully. I intended to take her anal virginity.

Neither Steve nor I were able to hold out any longer, we both told Melissa we were going to cum. “Are you ready to take our loads slut?”

“Oh god yes, cum deep inside my pussy and mouth at the same time guys. Please, I need you to feed me your sperm.” She was having non-stop orgasms. Just before we came, Melissa told me to let Steve have her pussy. Steve, fuck my pussy, I want you to shoot your cum into my body.

“MMMfff” Melissa gurgled as she forced my load out of my balls and into her mouth, she drank willingly, swallowing the thick fluid, sending it into her gullet. She acted as if she couldn’t get enough cum. She sucked me dry until I went soft, falling out of her mouth.

“C’mon damn you Steve, fill me up with your sperm, make me your whore, take me damn you!” Neither Steve nor I could believe this girl, her lust was boiling over the top into the abyss of sexual pleasure. She had never felt this intensely good before, her body forced her to take all she could.

“Here you go slut”, BAM, BAM. Spurt after spurt forced its way into her clenching, throbbing pussy which was sucking Steve’s cum out of his balls and into her womb. His sperm added to Melissa’s own wetness, soaking into her vaginal walls imprinting the memory of her infidelity with his liquid DNA. Her pussy will always remember the feeling of being defiled by yet another mans cock.

Even after Melissa fell forward to the floor she continued to moan. Her eyes closed tightly as she ground her legs together, twitching from her strong orgasmic convulsions.

Both Steve and I watched and looked at each other in amazement, Melissa was in her own world turning into a creature of pure lust. She finally looked at us both with hunger in her eyes.

“I want more; I need it. Are you going to fuck me again? Please?” She begged as she fingered her swollen opening rubbing Steve’s cum into her sodden flesh.

I talked to Steve alone telling him I wanted to finish the night with her solo. He understood and went home to his frigid wife. “Maybe sometime you’ll share her ass with me” He said with a wink.

“Let’s take a bath Melissa.” I took her hand helping her up from the floor. We walked to the bathroom where I filled the tub and washed her body with my own hands, being sure to touch every inch of her smooth skin. I succeeded in giving her another orgasm while my fingers were inside both her pussy and ass. I pushed two fingers into her anal cavern stretching her ass so it could accommodate a much bigger member. Finally, she was ready. I told her to straddle me; she pushed her pussy down my cock and began to ride me while I probed her anus, getting it ready for it’s own perverse debauchery. The feeling was of course magnificent, but it was time.

“There has been a change of plan Melissa. I’m going to fuck your ass tonight. She looked at me concerned, I lifted her pussy off my cock and let her ass rest against the head. “You’re going to finally lose your anal virginity Melissa. I want you to guide your ass on to my cock until it is all the way into your bowels. You have a fantastic looking ass, It needs to get tapped and I intend on doing the tapping.

“I don’t know if I can.” She said with genuine concern.

“Don’t worry, that’s why I want you to do it, I may do it too quickly and hurt you. With you doing it, you will be the one in control of the speed and depth as I enter you. You can go slowly in and out until we are fucking the way you want.” I had put some oil into the water and was rubbing it into her ass as I was washing her, getting it ready to be sodomized.

She closed her eyes and put her head into the space between my neck and shoulders and surprisingly fast, let herself down on to my cock. The head popped into her opening through the tight muscle producing an audible gasp from Melissa, to my surprise she didn’t stop. She slowly let her weight down to my hips, apparently wanting to experience all the pleasure her body could muster, not caring how it was produced.

“That’s it Melissa, push my cock into your ass.” She continued in and out, deeper with each short push, gasping and moaning until she was anchored to my loins, balls deep.

“How does it feel Melissa? You have a man’s cock inside your ass for the first time. Too bad it’s not your husbands cock. Maybe you can convince him to fuck you like this sometime.” Her body was being penetrated with short stabs, the walls of her anus being stretched with every in and out motion, she kept at least half of my cock inside her body at all times.

“It hurts a little, but it’s starting to feel strangely good as long as I keep moving, It’s different…, oh god, I feel another orgasm coming…oh no, not again…yes! I’m cumming…! I reached between us and shoved two fingers into her vagina adding to her pleasure of suddenly having another orgasm. This girl had cum more in the last 24 yours than she had in the previous 12 months.

All I could think of is the wickedness of seducing another man’s wife, corrupting her to the point of giving away her virgin ass and letting me fuck it before even her own husband could enjoy it. Melissa no longer had any purity to offer her husband; I took it away, keeping her virginity for my own. He would always be the second man to fuck her ass, Maybe.

“Do you want me to cum inside you Melissa?” Do you want me to soil your ass also?” We were only fucking for a few minutes, but I was in no position to stop Melissa from her movements and had no desire to. Melissa was doing an excellent job moving her body. I was coming to the point of no return quickly from her incredibly tight orifice. The mind-blowing fact that I was seated fully inside her virgin ass was too much to hold back.

“Of course, that’s what a slut would want isn’t it, to take your cum inside my ass I mean? Yes, fuck my ass and cum inside me.” Melissa started to hump me with more ferocity until I told her it was coming. She planted a kiss on me, shoving her tongue down my throat, almost touching the back of my throat. She plunged down my cock so hard, the water splashed to the floor. “I’m cumming Melissa…OH MY gawd I’m going to fill your…….ASS!! I pushed up and came hard into her bowels as Melissa slammed down on my hips as if it was her pussy getting fucked.

After I emptied my balls completely into Melissa’s ass, we soaked in the tub while my cock finally slipped out of her body, we stayed there kissing and fondling each others bodies until the water got cold.

“I never thought of anything ever penetrating my ass, I know it is a nice visual for men, but as a sex object? Never. That was incredible, thank you for the education, I think.” We then dried off and went to my bed where we slept for the rest of the night in each other’s arms. We woke up a few times to add to her wetness between her open and willing legs. Melissa even asked me to fuck her ass one more time so she could remember the feeling and how dirty it made her feel.

Kim was staying in the same hotel as Kevin and I was wondering if she was alone in bed or had company. Before I went to sleep I took another picture of Melissa, naked in our bed for her to see. I sent it as a text and labeled it. “Nowhere a virgin. Don’t come home too early” With a smile and wink attached.

I woke up the next morning hearing voices coming from the other room. Melissa was on her cell phone with Kevin trying to explain why she had not answered the home phone when he called last night, or her cell phone.

I whispered. “Because my dear Kevin your lovely faithful wife was with two men who were having their way fucking your dear girl. Oh bye the way, your wife has an exceptionally tight ass.

When Melissa hung up she looked disturbed. I asked what was wrong, she said that Kevin had just confessed to her that he had slept with a woman last night, but was vague in what happened. I had received a text this morning and went to read it out of curiosity. Sure enough, it was from Kim, congratulating me on my latest conquest, she also sent a picture of her pussy. It looked used and stretched as if it had just been fucked. Another picture showed a shot of cum running out of her cunt. I wanted to show it to Melissa and tell her that yes he did have sex with another woman, my wife. But of course I didn’t. I had to make a plan to get Kevin and Kim together, with Melissa and me.

“So, Melissa, what if he was having sex with another woman?”

“He better not have cheated. After not even a year with me? Sleeping with another woman? Who would do that. I bet he met a whore and she seduced him into bed with her, the tramp!! Our anniversary is only days away the bastard!”

I started laughing at what she was saying. “What? It’s not funny. I think he screwed another woman.”

“What’s so funny? Really? Do you remember any of the events of the previous several days my dear Melissa? Or shall I call you slut Melissa. Let me remind you. In the past days you have sucked my cock, my friends cock, swallowed both our cum, fucked both of us while you begged for more. In fact, I lost count of how many orgasms you had with your willing pussy. I’ve never seen a girl cum so many times, therefore, I’ve never seen a girl enjoy sex as much as you have. I have personally deposited my sperm as far into your pussy as it would go. You have been fucked so many times in the past week that I’m surprised you can still walk, considering you just had your ass reamed only 12 yours ago. My cum is probably still leaking from your pussy and ass into your dirty little panties. By the way, you slept at my house in my bed last night, if sleeping is what you would call it.”

Melissa looked at me in shock and realization. “Oh my, your right. What have I done. I’ve acted like a total whore letting you fuck me. I even let your friend Steve fuck me, a total stranger! I’m the cheating whore. I’m the one who committed adultery. He called me confessing in one weak moment, and I’ve been a total slut the past week. What am I going to do?”

This was working out to be better than expected, I needed to make a call.

I called Kim and made sure good ‘ole Kevin gets his manhood taken care of as much as possible. She agreed to have as much sex with Steve as possible, so the married couple had nothing to hold over each others head when everything came to fruition.

Steve was no longer a faithful husband to his wife, once a man plays between another woman’s legs, it’s hard to go back to the normal. To open Kevin’s narrow mind a bit, Kim showed him things he thought were dirty and demonstrated how beautiful it really was.

Now it was my move. After I told Melissa about my lovely wife and confessed to almost everything, leaving out some details, we made another call.

Ring,ring… hello this is Kevin. “Hi Kevin, I just found out that you have been taking liberties with my wife”…”In fact it has come to my attention that you have had her on her back all week.”

“What? Who is this! She never told me she was married.”

“So, you admit having sex with my her? I also heard you were on the receiving end of her oral gifts…”

…I’m sorry, I don’t know how it happened, she is just so…

“Hey, don’t I know it. She is very persuasive with that ass of hers wiggling side to side in a tight dress. A few men have almost ruined their marriage chasing her tail, so your not the first, and probably won’t be the last. You do have a wife don’t you?”

“What do you want? I can’t loose my wife.”

“You don’t have to Kevin. What do I want? This is going to be tough for you. I want you to watch me…”

“Watch you…do what?!”

“I think you would like to spend more time between my wife’s legs without any strings, wouldn’t you Kevin? I’m giving you the chance. I just want you to watch your lovely, sexy wife Melissa, get fucked by me my boy.”


“That’s right, I want to fuck your wife while you watch. I want to show you how to fuck her and to satisfy her. She is a very hot and sexy woman.”

“What do you know about her?”

“I know you don’t want to lose her at any cost do you?… No, I didn’t think so.”

“Truth be told, I’ve been fucking your wife all week Kevin, so I know first hand how hot she is, but I also know she doesn’t want to loose you. She loves you, but I know how to please her, and you’re going to watch me do it, or maybe lose her. She will seek out more cock if you don’t learn how to satisfy her needs.”


“That’s why she didn’t answer her phone Kevin, I was between her open legs drilling her! When you called the other night, I had your wife’s pussy lips wrapped around my cock and she was cumming all over it. I also know you had just given my wife a mouth full of your own cum, so don’t go giving me the old, she’s my wife routine.”

“You can come watch me spread your wife at the address Kim gave you last night after your fling. Look, you had your fun, Melissa had hers, and I’m certainly having mine. Remember, you don’t have a right to get mad since you have been dipping your dick into somebody else’s wife. See you soon, and don’t call her for a while, I intend on having your wife’s cunt for breakfast this morning, I would let her talk to you, but her mouth is full of my dick.” click.

Melissa was still at my place with my cock in her mouth sucking, so she heard the whole thing. She was upset at first and shocked at my bluntness. She started crying but soon realized, she had done far worse while he was away. I told Melissa that I wanted to fuck her again before her husband got home the next day. I knew she wouldn’t resist anymore, so I leaned over and started kissing her. I was in the process of making out with Melissa and feeling her up when Kim startled her.

“Well, hi you two, what did I walk into?”

Melissa stood and started to pull down her top that I had just started to remove, fortunately, Kim told her not to worry.

“Hi Melissa, I’m Kim, your apparent lovers wife. So, this is the little slut you’ve been banging this past week, very cute. It’s always the innocent looking girls that seem to be the easiest”.

“You should know, you got addicted to other men pretty easily, and you’re the most innocent looking one I’ve had so far.”

“True, true. Well Melissa, it’s only fair for you to screw around with my husband, since I have been screwing yours. From what I’ve heard and seen, you are quite the sexpot.”

“Oh my gosh Kim I am so sorry. I had no idea.” Melissa was embarrassed beyond belief.

“Melissa please, don’t worry, remember? I’m the one who was sharing a bed with your husband, so I do believe we are even.” Melissa just stood there staring, not sure what to say. I wasn’t sure if she was more surprised from being caught kissing this woman’s man, or that Kim had just admitted fucking her husband.

Kim walked up to Melissa, gently removing her top, exposing her taught breasts and palming them with her small hands. “I think you forgot your bra my dear.” Melissa stood frozen as I stood behind her, lifting her tits to my wife offering them to her. Kim’s hands held the soft flesh, touching them and gently massaging the two orbs before her. Melissa most certainly had never been touched in this manner by another woman, she was unsure if the feelings going through her body were fear, or hunger.

Kim lowered her head and took a small sensitive nipple into her mouth, suckling it to arousal, getting a soft moan from Melissa’s lips.

“Don’t worry my dear, I’m not a lesbian, nor do I want to turn you into one. I’ve found there are different types of pleasures, a woman’s body is full of opportunity to experience some of the most satisfying pleasure one can experience.

I was tugging on Melissa’s shorts, letting them fall to the floor while my beautiful wife moved to kiss the lips of the young naked girl standing before her. The kiss was Melissa’s first, it was no doubt an intense moment between the two women as Kim gently took advantage of Melissa’s state of mind, slipping her tongue past her lips into Melissa’s mouth to mingle their saliva. My hand found its way between Melissa’s thighs, parting her legs, and entered her pussy with two of my fingers, bringing a gasp and moan from her lips.

You were right dear, she is an erotic looking one. Her white skin looks perfect. You would never expect her to act the slut, but I guess a week ago, she didn’t even know she was one.”

Kim asked Melissa to show her how she sucked her husbands cock. I sat on the couch and pulled Melissa down by the hips until she was on her knees before me. I was getting used to this position and hoped I would enjoy her this way many more times.

“I don’t know if I can do this Kim.” “Why not, I’ve heard you have become quite the little cock sucker Melissa. Here, let me get you started.” Kim unfastened my pants and lowered them along with my shorts to the floor. She then took my cock and started to suck the head. Melissa was enthralled at watching another woman suck on a fully erect cock right in front of her eyes. Even though Kim has sucked me thousands of times, she could easily bring any man including me to orgasm way too soon.

“Now it’s your turn Melissa, suck his cock for me, I know you want to.” Kim put her hand on the back of Melissa’s head, gently guiding her to my swollen member. Melissa wrapped her fingers around the base as the head entered her mouth, sucking it as if Kim wasn’t even there. “That’s it my pretty girl, now suck on his balls, men like that.” Kim leaned in to suck some more guiding Melissa to take my balls into her mouth. They both started licking the shaft at the same time, sending me into ecstasy. Kim took this opportunity again to kiss her new friend with the cock head between their lips while fondling Melissa’s floating breasts. After a long passionate double cock sucking Kim pulled away.

“Keep sucking his cock and balls, I’m going to see how the rest of your body looks. Kim slid behind her and felt how wet Melissa was by entering her pussy with one finger.

“You do have a very nice ass Melissa. Have you given it to my husband yet? He’s a sucker for a pretty ass. I would be willing to wager that you are a great ass fuck” She just moaned from the finger inside her pussy, not wanting the probing to stop.

“Why don’t you show me how you fuck my husband now.” Kim guided her new lover to her feet, instructing her to straddle my cock. Kim herself stroked my shaft and rubbed the head against Melissa’s pussy lips, getting it lubricated for penetration. Melissa was still nervous, so Kim, while guiding my cock, pulled Melissa’s shoulders down until her pussy lips opened to the force of my shaft being smothered by the warm and slippery folds of Melissa’s pussy, until I was again, buried inside her vagina.

“That’s it, up, down, slow and easy. My goodness, you are wet. Your pussy is being pulled out every time you move up, very sexy. As I said before Melissa, I’m no lesbian, but you look absolutely delicious. You are so young and innocent looking, yet, your sweet pussy is leaking all over my husbands balls, I think I may need some of you before long.”

Kim eventually returned her hand to my shaft and nudged Melissa forward, forcing me to exit the warm, wet cavern. Kim sucked my cock, licking Melissa’s cum, tasting the flavor of the 19-year-old girl before pushing it back inside. Kim now was getting lost in the lust as she couldn’t resist licking and devouring the creamy mess Melissa’s pussy was leaving on my shaft. She did this several times then stood beside Melissa to shove her tongue inside her mouth giving her a taste of her own juice.

I had already introduced Melissa to her own taste of pussy, but Kim wanted her to do more. She had Melissa slide her body off mine, then replaced it with her own pussy. She stripped off her clothes and straddled me, forcing herself onto my cock fucking me while whispering into my ear. “I want her to taste me.”

After riding me for only a moment Kim got off telling Melissa to suck my cock that was now coated with Kim’s juices.

“I’ve never tasted a woman before.”

“Don’t think of it as tasting another woman, you’re sucking a cock that happens to be coated with some tasty juices. Kim guided her lover down to where she could taste her first pussy, other than her own. Again, Melissa was confused as to why she was so compliant with the obvious attempt to corrupt her mind and body, into the impure acts of unnatural sex.

Both Kim and Melissa took turns fucking my cock and licking the cream until I had to finally cum.

“Don’t cum yet my love. I want to see you pound our new friend from behind.” Melissa got on her hands and knees presenting her ass to me. I wanted to take her nether regions, but I hoped Kim was horny for something else.

I positioned Kim under Melissa; she got into in a 69 position so they both would have a wet pussy to play with. Melissa was looking at unfamiliar territory and was unsure as to what to do. I quickly shoved my full length inside her used opening, grinding myself against her body, in and out, round and around, driving Melissa crazy with lust. Kim in the mean time, had her tongue out, she was licking and sucking the clitoris above her. I could feel her tongue licking my shaft tasting more of Melissa’s cum juices. Every once in a while, Kim would pull me out and suck the coating off the shaft. Melissa started to orgasm and was so lost in her lust, that she shoved her tongue inside Kim’s pussy for the first time and started eating the best she knew how, making Kim moan with delight. I could hold out no longer. I shot a huge load of cum inside Melissa’s pussy. I seemed to have a longer orgasm than usual this time, dumping more cum deep into the wanting pussy, giving her a cream pie for Kim to devour.

“Yes, cum deep inside her, shoot it all in her pussy. Eat me Melissa, oh yes, lick my cunt, I’m cumming too. While Kim was having an orgasm, she grabbed and pulled Melissa’s head into her pussy, wetting Melissa’s face with Kim’s juices. Finally, after I went soft and slipped out of Melissa, Kim started fingering her, pulling the cum out of her cunt. The sperm dribbled out of Melissa’s used hole, running into Kim’s waiting mouth while she continued to lick at the creamy mixture in front of her, like a kitten lapping it’s milk, keeping Melissa sexually high as I watched in awe.

While Melissa was strangely enjoying all the new perversions being presented to her, she kept wondering what would become of her, she knew this was so wrong, yet she continued to lick the strange offering in front of her, looking forward for whatever was next. She had been seduced to love sex, the dirtier the better. How would she be able to face Kevin. She also had been transformed from a loyal, straight-laced, teenage bride, into a sex starved slut that couldn’t help giving in, to the deprivation it seemed, of any act of sex. Melissa knew she would be fucked in front of her husband soon, she either couldn’t or wouldn’t stop it from happening. Kevin, was going to witness first hand, how much of a slut his wife now was, and since he also committed the sin of coveting another man’s wife, knew he was powerless to stop it.

This is my first story and it was edited by RexBrookdale. So any comments positive or negative are welcome.


Chris knew he was lucky to have a job. He’d been hired as a trainee zoo keeper, which basically meant shovelling animal shit from one place to another. Obviously not a glamorous job, but having dropped out of school at the ripe old age of 18 he wasn’t complaining.

Recently, things had gotten rather more interesting. He’d been assigned to shadow a senior zoo vet who specialised in breeding endangered animals.

Their most recent project involved pandas. Without going into lots of detail, suffice it to say that it can take months, sometimes even years, to find a mate for one animal let alone an optimal match, one that reduces the chances of inbreeding and disease.

The lead person on the project was Juliet, the vet he was shadowing. To say she was stunning doesn’t do her justice. She wore her long red hair just below shoulder-length, and the oversized glasses perched on her delicate nose drew attention to her limpid pale blue eyes.

She never wore makeup yet she still looked great If only she had been bothered to measure herself properly, he fancied she would have found herself somewhere in the vicinity of a magnificent 32DD.

Her loose-fitting clothes kept her curves well-hidden. Most of the time, trousers covered her well rounded derriere and the loose tops she usually wore meant no one took notice of her attributes. But work consumed her life, it was her first love – perhaps even an obsession – and it appeared to take precedence even above her own satisfaction.

After months of research, two suitable pandas were finally found: Pau from a German zoo and Liu from a Canadian zoo. They seemed a perfect match for one another, and were even shipped together to their lab, with the aim of introducing another panda into the world and, hopefully, more than just one.

Yet weeks later nothing had happened, neither panda had shown an interest in the other and Juliet had no idea why. All of the time and money spent researching would have been wasted unless these two mated.

To Juliet, the thought of having to report total failure loomed and failure meant losing her job which didn’t sit to well with Chris.

Juliet, fast running out of scientific reasons for the mating failure, turned to alternative remedies. He came in one day to see their enclosure surrounded by scented candles, lights turned off, and Michael Buble warbling out the stereo.

Personally, this situation would have turned off any man; if this was Juliet’s idea of an aphrodisiac, well then he could see why nothing was happening.

Chris however took a different route toward solving the lack of panda chemistry between Pau and Liu. His brilliant plan had evolved a day or two ago while working around Liu; he surmised that perhaps there was something wrong with her.

She was probably just a really ugly-looking panda; which could explain why Pau wouldn’t go near her. Thus the solution became clear.

He waited till everyone had left for the day then slipped some Viagra carefully into Pau’s bamboo. Meanwhile he decided to glam Liu up a bit; that same day he arranged for her to visit a dog groomer, an expert in getting dogs ready for award shows all around the world.

If she could work her magic on an Old English sheepdog, then surely she could work wonders on a panda, he figured. After all, both were hairy and walk on all fours.

Later that day when Liu came back, her fur clipped and washed he looked her over and found himself wishing desperately for her to actually appear more attractive to Pau; or, he mused dolefully, maybe all it had done was the equivalent of polishing a turd. Still, the chances were looking better: with Pau sexually aroused and Liu sexually arousing this might actually work.

Juliet attired in cargo shorts and a white tank top, her hair pulled back into a tight pony tail, paced the floor outside the panda enclosure. Back and forth in front of the glass viewing window, she paced. She and Chris were the only ones left in the building that evening; the pandas were sleeping, motionless except for their steady breathing, in their enclosure.

There they were, watching the motionless creatures intently from behind the viewing glass. To say the tension was thick was putting it mildly. They’d been watching them all day with bated breath. Pau hadn’t yet noticed Liu despite her makeover, nor had he eaten the drugged bamboo.

“How did the Panda feel when he lost his food?”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Juliet muttered angrily, afraid she would be overheard by the pandas.

“I’m just trying to get us relaxed. Being this tense means we can’t think.”

The expression on her face changed from worried to anger as she turned on Chris. “This project is the biggest of its kind! If I fail I will never be able to live with myself, it needs to work otherwise pandas will just die out. Do you want that?”


“What the hell is that supposed to mean? Will you just shut up, or fuck off?!” Her face was stern. She had no sense of humour at the best of times. Hardly surprising he reasoned. Her life’s work seemed on the verge of failure. They’d find some way to succeed; after all, even Macaulay Culkin had had some success in his profession.

The silence was deafening until Juliet spoke.

“Look Chris, I’m sorry but you have to understand how important…”

“Shhhh, Look at Pau!” he whispered. “That dumb lump has finally found the bamboo!”

Chris wanted this to work as much as she did. To be honest, the crap work was worthwhile if he could continue to shadow Juliet. Thus for him, it was simple: he had gotten used to surreptitiously ogling and fantasizing about her body as she busied herself around the lab. She was a far cry from the previous vet, an elderly man who’d had more hair in his ears and nose than on top of his head.

Soon the bamboo was nearly gone with all eyes were fixed keenly on Pau. The change was sudden: the panda’s eyes grew wider, his breaths became ragged, and he started to groan.

Their whoops and cheers soon quieted. It seemed Pau was humping everything in the cage nothing within the enclosure was safe from his rampage … save Liu.

Chris tried to lighten up their sombre mood. “Maybe his mother had forgotten to tell him about the birds and the bees,” he suggested dryly.

“Well there is one more thing I can do but it’s highly unethical and possibly dangerous.” Her tone of voice was the one she used when she’d already decided she was going to do what she wanted whether he agreed or not.

“Look. We have already done an extreme makeover on one panda and given the other Viagra. I think we have gone way past ethics at this stage, so come on what is this thing?”

“Well, I can administer pheromones to Liu. I can broadcast them in tiny droplets by using a spray. Once he scents them on Liu, Pau might become aroused. The dangerous part is, in order for the spray to be effective I’ve got to do it at close range, so I’ll have to go into the enclosure.”


“So, there is therefore a fairly good possibility of being exposed myself while spraying Liu. That means he might become attracted to me… But I have to do it!” She was reassuring herself more than anything at this point.

I tell you what,” said Chris. I’ll come in with you.”

So there the both were standing just outside the enclosure gate: Juliet with the spray in hand and Chris with a taser, though frankly, a little electric shock wouldn’t help should a panda weighing over a hundred kilos decide to charge.

The stepped into the enclosure and closed the gate behind us, then tiptoed over to the resting Liu. Juliet aimed and sprayed twice then they backed quietly away.

Given Juliet’s explanation of how the pheromones worked, Chris was expecting immediate effects. Maybe not fireworks and slow-motion running toward each other … but, well, something more than what actually happened.

Pau, who had been languidly snoozing a good distance away at the opposite side of the cage, sniffed the air, rose onto all fours and crawled slowly over to Liu, stopping just inches short of … full-on Panda Lovin’.

They could see that Pau was, well, randy as hell … which was good. But as they observed his readiness and interest, they realized he had no clue.

What next? Chris wondered to himself.

This was when he had his best idea yet. Moving quietly away into the hay-strewn clearing near the front of the enclosure, he beckoned to Juliet.

“Listen … I have an idea. They need to show Pau how to do it. Get down on the floor on your back.”

Pulling her down on the floor he got in between her legs slowly leaned forward toward her shorts-covered crotch. There was just a thin bit of khaki cloth between his face and her pussy. His over active imagination was running overtime.

He didn’t know whether it was just the effect of residual pheromones in the air, but residual pheromones or not, he was now randy as hell, and forced himself to refrain from releasing his pent-up frustrations and fuck her now.

Instead, while inhaling deeply her womanly scent, he stayed in this position hoping that Pau would get the hint and follow suit. Chris sure as hell wanted to take it one stage further; but he wasn’t going to risk getting slapped or slapped with a sexual harassment suit.

Poised over Juliet, he looked in Pau’s direction. Pau was still static Chris was beginning to have serious questions about Pau’s mental state. Added to that, a fit of laughter threatened to bubble up as he visualised what the situation must have looked like to the casual observer, two grown humans lying in a panda enclosure, mimicking oral sex, to show a panda what to do.

“I know what we’re doing wrong.” Juliet looked down at his prone form resting between her legs. “We need to take off our clothes!” She almost hissed with excitement. “Well obviously, they’re masking their scent, aren’t they? Pau needs to see us naked, and then he will try to replicate it.”

Juliet was beaming with pride at her moment of inspiration. Chris thought perhaps he was dreaming; or perhaps the pheromones and her woman’s scent filling his nostrils were making him hallucinate. Warily he kept his expression as neutral as possible, and nodded his head to show he was absolutely on the same page with everything she proposed.

But actually, the situation didn’t became reality until he saw her actually stand up, ready to peel off her clothes.

Off came her white tank top, revealing a plain white cotton bra holding back her impressive chest. His brain kicked in and reminded Chris that he’d been right on the nose: 32DD … and beautiful. He gazed at her. Still beaming, her green eyes twinkling and face flushed with anticipation – surely this was going to show Pau what he needed to know!

She could see her goal was within reach, as she reached behind to unhook her bra and let it fall to the floor. Oblivious to everything but achievement of her life’s goal, she hardly even noticed Chris’s condition, so wrapped up in the pandas, was she.

He lay there, gazing up at her.

If there was such a thing as a god then he had given Juliet the most perfect tits imaginable. Chris had seen numerous boobs – well, mainly online – but these were by far the best yet.

They stood high and proud on her chest as if they were at attention, her light pink areolas were things of beauty and he forced himself not to grab her, push her down, and jump on her right then and there.

Juliet giggled as she suddenly snapped to his condition, noticing his rapt expression, open mouthed, drool forming at one corner and his tongue licking his lips as he continued gazing at her. Under his watchful stare, her nipples started to harden.

“You know I still have my shorts on, and the button is such a problem. Do you mind doing it for me?”

Was she serious? He couldn’t tell for sure, but who was he to pass up such an opportunity? He got to his knees and leaned closer, his head now directly underneath her heaving chest. His hand automatically reached up and grabbed her full breast, heavy and firm in his hand. He pinched her nipple which caused Juliet to jump a little before playfully shoved him back down onto the ground.

His imagination took charge and her khaki shorts, in actuality loose-fitting and quite un-sexy, morphed into skin-tight ones with seams straining to keep her voluptuous ass from bursting out. ‘She wasn’t kidding!’ he thought dazedly, as he tackled the top button trying desperately to get it open.

He blew cool breath onto her stomach, causing her muscles to shiver and goose bumps to appear…. And then they were off: her shorts and panties both together, dropped and pooled at her feet.

He pulled her down onto her back, pushed her legs apart and crawled in between eagerly; he couldn’t wait to taste her. Her neatly trimmed pussy glistened with juices, her arousal evident with all of his prayers answered. No need for fantasies now; he’d arrived at Nirvana.

Capturing her dripping nectar, the tangy taste of her pussy electrifying his taste buds, he began to lick her from bottom to top finishing on her clit, flicking it before starting again. He continued to feast on her delights as she began to moan softly, her head moving from side to side in ecstasy. She opened her eyes.

“Look!” she gasped. “Pau is copying us!”

At this point quite frankly Chris couldn’t have given a toss he wasn’t going to tear myself away from her. She had tormented him, invaded his dreams, and he’d fantasized about her constantly ever since she’d arrived at the zoo. He wasn’t going to stop now; and it seemed she agreed, at least her body did.

Perhaps her mind was still focused on Pau and Liu. His continued attack on her pussy rewarded him with a torrent of juice into his mouth; he forced his tongue deeper into her, his teeth gently nibbled on and then lightly scraped over her swollen clit, and he kept on nibbling.

She began to thrash around, but he held onto her, one hand pressing gently but firmly on her toned stomach, and soft skin; his mouth stayed glued to her throbbing clit until she suddenly stopped … then she exploded.

Her hands shot down to his hand pushing his face further into her dripping mound, letting out a guttural groan that reverberated through her body, he felt as well as heard her orgasm take her over the edge.

Juliet looked down at Chris; he could tell she was fascinated by the sight of her juices coating his smiling face. He grinned wider, and wondered if she sensed the full brunt of sheer lust he was barely holding in check.

He leaned back, pulled down his shorts and boxers to free his raging boner, the mushroom head spitting pre-cum, waiting to be satisfied; and stood there showing her his full length.

Juliet got to her knees staring face-to-cock, her mouth dropped open; perhaps she was impressed, or perhaps because she wanted to suck Chris. He couldn’t stop himself. He thrust forward and watched his cock pierce her rosy lips and her eyes open wide in surprise when she got her first taste of his cum on her tongue.

She began to protest a little when his cock went further into her mouth; it made Chris even more excited as he felt her mumbles vibrate around his cock. He just kept pushing into her, and noticed that she started to get used to his length filling her mouth.

He began to guide her further down, reaching to stroke her hair then took hold of her head to pull her closer in until her throat opened enough to take his head inside. Every nerve ending tingled in his cock, enveloped in her warm wet mouth. When he finally bottomed he’d hit the back of her throat. Pulling out slightly before reinserting it back again, he slowly got into a rhythm, thrusting in and out.

The slurping noises she made were making the act that much more naughty as she actually enjoying his cock nestling in her mouth. He let her up for air before she engulfed it again. Soon she took control, shoving her mouth back down onto him eagerly, and he could feel her throat open up each time to accept his cock.

His ability to hold off his orgasm started to wane, so he picked up the pace, thrusting harder and harder. His balls tightened and begin to smack against her chin as his cum boiled upward.


Without any warning his cum shot deep into her mouth thick and plentiful, slowly coating her throat on its descent. He was delirious, watching her trying to swallow it all. But he wasn’t stopping anytime soon. His hips jerked wildly, cum shooting out with every jerk till finally he slowed down. The flood diminished to a trickle and his legs buckled.

He lay there on his back on the sweet-smelling straw with his eyes closed and heard Juliet lay down opposite him. From out of his fog of delicious post-orgasm he opened his eyes and watched her spread her legs. His gaze lazily followed her hand as it dropped to her centre, lewdly spreading her pussy, exposing herself wide open to his gaze.

His cock began to respond hardening as he watched the show. Rising up onto his knees, took hold of his cock, and gazed down at her. His breath caught as he watched her lovely, heavy breasts rise and fall with each breath, her nipples taut and hard.

He watched her tongue snake out and slowly licked her lips as she gazed up at Chris, wondering what was to come. He bent down, hooked an arm under each leg and pulled her close. Slowly he pushed forward, the tip probing, spreading her mound, allowing entrance into her swollen slick nether lips.

He watched the mushroom head disappear down deeper then buried his length into her hot, tight, slick, velvet tunnel. Immediately he felt her muscles cling desperately around his cock; she pulled Chris in deeper and deeper until he bottomed out, his balls resting against her sweet, firm, upturned ass.

The complete feeling both felt caused them to let out a satisfied groan simultaneously. Then he grabbed hold of her hips, braced himself, and started first to pull out of her before slammed home again hard so that her beautiful breasts jiggled from the impact.

Steadily he picked up the pace; the jungle surroundings providing a perfect backdrop to the animalistic love making. Harder and faster he fucked her. Juliet’s hips bucked and her breath began to come out in ragged gasps each time he bottomed out.

Suddenly Juliet pulled Chris down onto her, his lips to hers, kissing him hard and he felt her long sexy legs hook around behind, pulling him deeper into her as another orgasm gained momentum then started to take her into overdrive. Her boobs were crushed in between their slick bodies, and he grunted as she let out loud grunts getting quieter with each contraction.

Chris’s raging erection was still hungry for more satisfaction: he flipped her pleasured, limp body over, slid his hands over her and grabbed a handful of ass in each hand and pulled her butt cheeks open, exposing her puffy cunt. His tongue seemed to have a mind of its own and lunged out and began lapping away at her dripping pussy.

“Ohhhhh … fuck, please stop … I can’t cum anymore, I’m too tired.” Juliet’s usually assured voice wavered; she sounded almost plaintive, caught between pleasure and fatigue. He just dismissed her pleas and pushed himself up to mount her forcing his cock home once more.

“Ahhhhh. It ain’t over till the young man sings!” He wasn’t that far off from cumming and despite the onset of fatigue from so much intense exertion he wasn’t going to let a single opportunity be wasted.

So he picked up the rhythm of his thrusts once again, watching her butt cheeks redden with each slap of his balls as he thrust into her, the juicy sluice of cum making the slapping sounds even louder. She started to lift her ass up to meet his thrusts, despite her body still thrumming from the orgasm she’d had only a few moments ago.

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