Some people might say my life, as it is now is somewhat disturbing. Disgusting, that I’m going to hell for what I do. But to be desired, to be used makes me feel special. You are probably wondering what I’m talking about. So I will start from the beginning.

No one knew my name; pale and unfamiliar, undesirable a nonentity. I spend most of my days wishing I was someone else. Secretly waiting, for someone to pull me out of obscurity.

It was the first time I had noticed the sun, streaks of light through the window touching my naked body. I was used to going through the motions but that morning I felt different. Jumping into the shower I noticed my pert nipples. Suddenly my pussy began to ache I was still a virgin so my only option was to masturbate. I began caressing my generous tits, slowly making my way down to my slit. I positioned the shower head so that the water was hitting my clit, it felt amazing but it wasn’t enough. Looking around I found a back brusher. I Scrunched up a face cloth and shoved it in my mouth to lessen my screams as I started to tease my slit. I inserted my fingers to get it ready for the back brusher; putting it deep inside me I was imagining that it was a huge cock. The climax left me shaking and delirious. I was ready to deal with whatever shit was thrown in my path after that.

It was nearing the end of my shift, another day where no one noticed me. Packing up my bag I was feeling depressed. I thought my session in the shower would have kept me feeling good, but in all honesty guilt had crept in. Coupled with complaining customers I was ready to cry. I decided to go for a drink before I made my way back to my solitary flat. It’s not something I would usually do as I have no one to do it with, but I needed it badly.

I ordered a large vodka straight and sat in a dark corner pretending I was reading a book. I sat there for a couple of hours, as I was about to leave I noticed a man sitting at the bar who seemed to be staring at me.

So I went and ordered another drink. I positioned myself near his barstool and I am pretty sure he brushed himself against me as he got up to leave. To my surprise when I went back to my corner he was sitting at my table.

He didn’t speak a word for the next hour he just sat silently close to me until he got up and left. I didn’t have the guts to speak to him. But I was intrigued and my pussy was soaking wet.

When I got home I couldn’t stop thinking about him and had to relieve my aching pussy once again. I decided while teasing my clit that I would go to that bar every night in the hope of seeing him again.

The next night I returned to the bar, my heart sank when I couldn’t see him. I ordered a drink anyway and sat in my corner. Eventually he arrived my heart was thumping, my pussy was leaking like a tap. He came straight over to me and sat down beside me. I was wearing a mini skirt and a see through top with a bra underneath. He gently put his hand on my bare leg and slowly moved up to my slit. I was finding it difficult not to scream with pleasure.

“I see you dressed for the occasion and your cunt is soaking wet”. “I don’t want to know your name or what you do for a living. I don’t want to know what you like or don’t like. I just want you to do a number of tasks for me, so just say yes or no”.

I said yes immediately. The fact that another human being was rubbing my clit was enough for me. I would have said yes to anything at that moment.

Task one: “I want you to make another woman’s cunt wet by just talking to her. Once you have done that, I want you to take her to me to prove that she is soaking. No touching allowed or you will have failed. I will meet you at midnight in Bumper nightclub don’t speak to me until you have completed your task.”

With that he got up and left. I was confused but extremely aroused; I thought to myself fuck it why not. It’s not as if I have anything else to do. I finished my drink went home to touch up my makeup and made my way to Bumper.

I was feeling hot and sexy, still wet from my previous encounter with Mr. X. It was 11.30, I was that worked up that I went straight over the first girl I seen. She was stunning, long red hair deep brown eyes and full lips. She was wearing a long figure hugging dress with enormous tits more or less on show. She seemed to be waiting for company so I took my chance.

“Hi I’m Kate what’s your name?”

She smiled and said her name was Laura. I was dying to touch her tits. Which would have been very inappropriate and of course I would have failed my task. So instead I just started chatting. The conversation turned to sex so I just went for it. I knew he would be watching so I had to do my best.

“I’m a virgin so even the thought of seeing you naked gets me excited I am sorry if you think this is inappropriate but you are just so beautiful”. She was still smiling so I continued.

“Your breasts are perfect I would love to rub and lick them, squeeze your hard nipples until you scream” she started to fidget but told me to continue.

“My pussy is so wet I really need to touch you, bite and slap your full firm bum I want to hear you beg me to fuck you.” She started to move closer to me and whispered in my ear.

“You are a very naughty girl can I touch your pussy?”

“Yes please”, after all Mr. x didn’t say anything about anyone not touching me.

It was easy for her to touch without anyone seeing. I had removed my panties before I came into the nightclub. She began rubbing my clit and inserting her fingers in my hole it was thrilling. My whole body was throbbing in need of a hard fucking. I desperately wanted to suck her nipples to lick her pussy but I couldn’t I could only talk.

“That feels incredible; you must be an expert at this. I want to watch you masturbating.” With that thought I climaxed trying to act as normal as possible so no one noticed which was very difficult. I asked her if she was wet and if I could introduce her to my friend as he loves wet cunts.

He was sitting waiting for us, as we approached him he ushered us in the direction of the toilets. He demanded that Laura pull up her dress. She revealed big floppy lips glistening. He grabbed her and pushed her into a cubicle and made me hold her arms tight behind her back. Revealing her enormous tits he started to suck them and spank them calling her a whore. She took his huge cock in her mouth and started to suck hard. I watched in amazement her big mouth taking it all in. Pleasing him, while he pulled her hair.

He then moved in behind her teasing her pussy with his cock.

“Would you like me to fuck your cunt?”

“Yes please”

“How much would you like my cock inside you?”

“I’m begging you please, put your cock in and fuck me hard”.

“What about your asshole would you like that fucked as well?”

“Oh yes please fuck me”. I was ready to explode this was the most thrilling experience of my life. I wanted him to fuck me but he wouldn’t even look at me.

He put his cock in her tight asshole and started to pound her, smacking her ass at the same time. I was told to pull her hair and slap her face which felt invigorating. I could see her tits bouncing and her moans were driving me crazy.

I reached down and started rubbing my clit. He was alternating between her pussy and her asshole calling her a whore and a slut. It only took a matter of seconds for me to climax; my hand was covered in pussy juices.

Laura started sucking my fingers lapping up all my juices. Mr. x didn’t seem to like this so he shoved his cock back in her mouth. She sucked and licked that huge cock until he squirted his cum all over her face.

He left straight after that. Laura and I were left to clean up; she asked me if I had enjoyed myself.

“Yes but I would have liked to be fucked as well.” Leaving the toilet she gave me her number and that was the last I seen of her.

I looked around for Mr. x but couldn’t find him. So I got my things and left. As I was approaching my flat I could feel someone behind me, it was him.

“You did very well tonight; you passed the test, now tell me your name”

“Eh my name is Kate”.

“Okay Kate I will meet you tomorrow evening at the bar and will tell you then what your next task is.”

Jia sat naked handcuffed and blindfolded in the galley as I fed her breakfast. A bite of egg, a piece of bacon, wipe her mouth. Some orange juice, more egg, a bite of toaster waffle, wipe her mouth. A crystalline drop of syrup fell to her perfect breast, slowly dripping toward a puffy nipple and I leaned to slowly lick it off. I felt Jiu draw a breath and her body stiffen, her spine straightening, jutting out those superb breasts. But this time I could see the nerve endings on her skin rise and her breathing heightened slightly. That was not fear or dread, that was sexual excitement.

I took a piece of waffle from the fork and rubbed it around her nipple, then put it in her mouth. While giving her a sip of juice, I licked off the syrup and lingered to suck on the nipple. Again, her breath caught in her throat.

“Why Jia, I do believe you like that,” I said.

I fed her some more eggs and bacon, but then dropped a piece of waffle into her lap. It nestled against her landing strip and she sat there, unsure of what to do.

“Of course I can’t leave that down there. I’ll have to get it for you, won’t I?”

I touched her knee and slid my hand up her shapely thigh toward the waffle. To my surprise, she parted her legs, and the piece slipped down in front of her vaginal opening. As my hand got closer to her pussy, I felt her hips give a tiny thrust, willing my hand to touch her there. I glided my hand up her mound, my middle finger parting her labia and stroking her clit. She inhaled and her head tilted back slightly. I brought the waffle piece up, dragging it along her slit and across her silky stomach and delightful tits before rubbing her lips with it. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. I put the waffle on it and she chewed it slowly, deliberately, pausing to lick her lips after swallowing it.

This was getting interesting.

I gave Jia another sip of orange juice and with an almost imperceptible smile she let some of it dribble out of her mouth onto her chest. I watched the tiny golden river drip off her right breast into her lap.

“Now look what you’ve done. I suppose I’ll have to clean that up.”

My finger traced the juice’s route, pausing to smear it around her nipple. I leaned in to gently lick some off her neck and she shivered as I rolled her nipple in my fingers. I continued licking the juice off her neck, moving down toward her chest as my fingers lightly traced the OJ’s path across her stomach toward her legs.

As my tongue neared her breast, she moaned softly and arched her back, thrusting her breasts out. She leaned her head back as her breath quickened. As I began to lick the juice from her breast without touching her nipple, my hand spread the juice around and just below her navel. My tongue made circles around her nipple and I watched it enlarge. When my hand moved toward her slit, she moved her ass to the edge of the chair, spreading her legs further and humping my hand. I sucked the end of her breast, careful not to touch the nipple as my middle finger parted her labia and sought out her pussy. Inserting my finger brought a gasp and a little groan from her. My thumb found her clitoral hood and lightly stroked it. She humped my hand harder.

I bit and licked her nipple and she cried out.

“Oh, you like that do you?” I said. She didn’t answer so I bit again while adding another finger and curling them upward to her g-spot. Her body twisted slightly and she gasped again.

“I said, do you?”

Jia nodded and I stood as I continued working my fingers into her pussy. With my other hand I freed my hardening cock from my pants. She heard the zipper beside her head and guessed what was coming. But instead of stiffening or turning away, she turned her head toward my cock and opened her mouth. This was a pleasant surprise.

As the first inch passed her lips, she did something else I didn’t expect—pushed her head forward to take my cock to the back of her mouth. Oh, was that great. Now it was my turn to groan. I picked up the pace of my fingers fucking her and stroked her clit harder. She would sometimes pause between strokes to pant a few breaths, then dive back even harder on my rock hard dick. She was moaning louder every minute and I was reaching the point of no return.

Suddenly, I pulled my cock from her mouth and stood her up. Turning her around I pushed her down on the tiny galley table on her belly. I lined my cock up and shoved it into her pussy in one thrust, holding it there. She screamed and arched her back as she came. I felt her juices coat my cock and run down my balls as I started fucking her. She would groan or cry out with every thrust and her body would go rigid when I hit a particularly good spot.

I wet my thumb and rubbed it around her asshole. I felt her stiffen a little as I began pressing it into her gorgeous ass. Soon, though, I was alternating thrusts in her pussy and asshole and she was moving with me.

I spit on her hole and withdrew my cock from her pussy, still slick with her fluids. I used my dick to spread the spit around a bit, then began pressing it into her ass. She raised her head up from the table and her asshole tightened.

“Relax Jia,” I said as I pushed her head back down, “you’re going to like this.”

Gradually I felt the resistance leave her body and her asshole relaxed. But she was still holding her breath.

“Breathe,” I said, and on her exhale the head of my cock penetrated. She let out a little pained groan and I held still to give her time to get used to it. Again I spit on my dick and began working the head slowly in and out.

After a moment, she relaxed so I started pushing my cock further in, a quarter inch at a time. She was still uncomfortable but was getting used to the intruder. Finally, I bottomed out and just held my cock there. Then, slowly and gently, I started fucking her ass. After a minute she started moving with me and I heard her breathing rising again.

Increasing my speed, I heard her start groaning again. As I fucked her ass harder, I reached around between her legs to play with her clit. Her head came off the table and she let out a loud moan. Again I increased my speed on both her clit and ass. Now she was panting and grunting and I took in the sight below me: Jia laying flat on the table, blindfolded, breasts spreading out to the side and shaking with every thrust into her ass, her cuffed hands reaching and grasping, trying to escape their bonds, her long legs straight and standing on tiptoe as I pummeled her ass.

I kicked it into a higher gear, fucking her ass even faster as I continued working on her clit. She started moaning louder. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer and I grabbed her hair, yanking her head backward and off the table.

She went wild—screaming and cursing in Chinese as she came. Seconds later I felt my own orgasm starting. I thrust viciously into her ass as I cried out. She heard me and tightened her ass as she came again. I felt my come shooting up from my balls and blasting deep into her bowels. She gave one last cry and collapsed on the table. I fell on top of her, breathing hard.

When I had rested a moment, I stood and took my softening dick from Jiu’s ass. It came out with a pop, followed by lots of cum. She just grunted, but didn’t move. I cleaned my cock in the head and brought out a warm, damp cloth to clean her ass and pussy. I carefully cleaned her up, being especially gentle with her swollen pussy. It had taken a beating.

I stood her up and walked her back to her table. After strapping her down, I removed the blindfold and again, saw the tears. But this time she looked straight at me and in a voice I didn’t recognize, said “Please don’t leave me here.”

I was stunned. The accent was almost British, the words crisp and clear.


“Please don’t leave me here again. You don’t need to tie me up, I won’t go anywhere or try to hurt you,” she said, her eyes vulnerable, pleading and brimming with tears.

I looked deep in her eyes and made a decision. I took the straps off her hands and feet and let her stand for the first time on her own. She looked at me, then down at her naked body, back up at me and started to cry.

“Thank you,” she said. She tried to take a step but her knees buckled and she collapsed into my arms. I picked her up and carried her into the little salon by the galley, laying her on the small love seat.

Again she said “Thank you,” as her tears turned to little sobs and she clung to me, “thank you…”

Holding her in my arms I said “It’s okay Jia, you don’t have to thank me anymore for untying you.”

She pulled back and looked at me, “Not for untying me,” she sniffled, “for saving me.”


Chapter Twelve

The morning brought blazing sunshine and heat, the air conditioner clicking on loudly. Shannon woke first and climbed in the shower, trying hard not to think of the news. If she could keep her mind on Suzie, everything would be okay. She’d find Suzie and return to her life. She’d leave Aiden and Nick, forget what they’d put in motion together. She’d go back to a simple, uncomplicated, boring existence far away.

With a sigh Shannon braced her arm against the wall and rested her head. Last night had been easy friendship turned to something erotic and beautiful. When she’d asked for tenderness and comfort, they’d offered it up easily, and when they’d taken it a step further, edging into new, forbidden territory, they had made it so damn easy.

Damn it, how would she make it in Chicago? Every morning she would think of Aiden with his serious face and those eyes broadcasting every last emotion he felt, of Nick’s easy bad boy smiles. Of the heat they raised, the desire they made course through her, the easy friendship, the dark promise of something fearsome and wondrous to come, the…shit, she was in over her head.

“Hey there,” rumbled Aiden’s deep voice, making her jump.


“Sorry to scare you,” he chuckled. “I’ve got to stop into the field office. Nick’s checking with the M.E. back home. I’ll bring some real food back for lunch.”

She peaked around the curtain and sighed. Aiden looked still rumpled from sleep, his tie on crooked and his suit wrinkled. He looked like he was ripe for seducing and she squelched the urge. “All right. If we go anywhere one of us will let you know.”

He parted the curtain and grabbed her in a fierce kiss, consuming her lips with his own. She clutched at him, mindless of the water, and just as her body swayed to his he stepped free. “Hold that thought.”

He was awake now, and winked at her, disappearing out the door once more.

She finished up and wrapped herself in a robe, coming out to discover Nick was awake and breakfast had been delivered from room service.

“We’re just racking up the charges aren’t we?” She smiled and sat across from him.

His hair was loose, falling waves, and he was shirtless. He looked like a wild native of some fantasy island, and when he saw her looking that gleam hit his startlingly green eyes.

“Breakfast can wait, cher.”

“I’m starved.”

He laughed and pushed a plate at her. Eggs, sausage, grits, and toast with butter and jam on the side. There was coffee and orange juice and she took one of each, feeling famished. They ate, discussing baseball of all things. She lived on the north side of Chicago but rooted for the White Sox, and Nick was surprisingly well-informed on their season so far. It was so much safer to talk of inconsequential things.

After she finished he stood, jeans riding low on his hips, unbuttoned, the delineation of his torso and hips drawing her eye as he strode behind her. She heard him crack his knuckles and then he was massaging her shoulders.

“That’s heavenly, but it tells me you have some bad news.”

Nick’s chuckle was a humorless sound. “Taylor and Finnegan’s reports came back, dey were done in by de Belladonna Killer. Aiden found out before he left your- Parker was killed de same way. Belladonna paralyzed him and he was suffocated. So bad news is we have ourselves a serial killer blast from de past who used to kill for a family now locked away.

“Dere is good news yet, chere. If he got Suzie with the Belladonna she’d get sick, but survive, that’s not actually how the killer murders people, he just uses it to make them weak. After this we get to check de hospitals, cher.”

“Really? She’d be okay?”

“Sick, but she’d get better.”

“Then let’s get calling.”

Two hours of looking up numbers on the laptop and waiting on hold got them nowhere. No Suzie in any hospital or any urgent care center. Nick tried to convince her this was good news but the frustration was mounting.

“Come on cher,” he pulled her to the bed by the window and pulled her robe off.


“Be a good girl and maybe dis massage will have a happy ending.” He winked and she laughed, laying down.

“Is now really the time?”

He pulled a bag out and began to pace things on the nightstand. She watched, chin on her hands at the myriad of bottles and strange things. “Um, Nick, why the gloves?”

“You’ll see.” He winked. “Close your eyes, chere.”

She did as he instructed and hear more movement, the flick of a lighter. Shannon was sorely tempted to open her eyes but he tsked, anticipating it. At long last the bed dipped and his hands smoothed over her back. He spread warm oil over that smelled sensual and clean, and his rough hands worked it along her muscles. She couldn’t help but moan.

He massaged everything expertly, arousing and relaxing her. She bit her lip but the moans escaped. His hands slid along her sides, teasing her breasts only to skirt away. At long last his hands stilled.

“Turn over,” he husked, voice deep and rough. “Keep those eyes closed.”

She did as bade and he slipped a towel beneath her, protecting the bedspread. “But Nick, I want to see you.”

“Chere,” was all he said, an admonishment and plea in one.

The exquisite torture began anew, and he skirted all the places she ached to be touched. He smoothed every muscle until she felt like flowing lava, until Shannon couldn’t move even if she wanted to.

After an eternity, finally, he brought the heated oil to her breasts. She cried out as he massaged and teased, drawing his rough dingers slowly across her nipples until she thought her body might come from that alone.

One hand slid down and roughly shoved two fingers insider her dripping wet pussy. She shrieked with it as roughly he began to work her, his other hand still gentle on her breasts. He found the spot inside and pressed hard, bringing his thumb to her clit in a gentle echo of the fingers above.

It happened so fast, but she was screaming, thrashing as she came, moisture rushing out from her as Nick seemed to pull the orgasm from deep inside her. Shannon shuddered with it, crying out his name, wailing until the last fluttering passed.

“Chere, open your eyes now.”

She did and he was naked,, hair loose and free, cock hard and at attention. “Yes,” she hissed, begging.

“Cher, I’m sure you know dat I like a little kink in bed.”

“I’d guessed,” she said with a trembling smile.

“Has anyone ever touched you here?” His finger skimmed down, sliding over her taut butt cheeks.

Shannon sucked in a breath, eyes wide, and shook her head no. She had friends who enjoyed it, some that didn’t, but the thought of something so dark and decadent with Nick was intensely appealing.

“Do you trust me, cher?”

She nodded.

He crawled up and bent down, lips close to hers. “If you want me to stop, say stop and I will.” He kissed her then, hungry and deep. Her fingers buried in his long strands Shannon raised her head, desperate for more, but he pulled away quickly.

She watched as he grabbed an assortment of things; a box of gloves, some weird plastic squares, a jar, and a small wooden box. “What is all that?”

“You’ll see,” he said with a wink, and lit a stick of incense.

He made her raise her hips and infolded one of the plastic squares to reveal a padded side, sliding in beneath her. He opened another on the floor and then donned the gloves. Shannon couldn’t help but giggle.

“Why do I feel like this is the most unusual body cavity search ever?”


To her shock he bent down and buried his mouth into her pussy. She cried out as he began to viciously lick and suck. He spread her thighs wide and devoured her. Shannon cupped her own breasts, hands sliding against her skin still slick with oil. It felt magnificent, in that forceful, commanding way that was pure Nick, and she found the next pinnacle quickly.

As the pleasure still washed over her in waves, he gave her a gentle kiss. To her shock next she felt a finger on her nether hole, spreading something thick. Subconsciously she jumped.

“Shh, chere, I go nice and slow. Dis is supposed to be pleasure for us both.”

“All right,” she panted out, but she was still nervous. She trusted Nick, he was a good man, but this was brand new territory, never before explored.

“You do any of dat yoga, cher?”


“I want you to do dose belly breaths, breathe with your diaphragm.”

“Oooh, big word for a Cajun.”

“Chere, you really want to make fun of me now?”

She felt a large finger probe the little hole and sucked in her breath. “You have a point.”

He stroked and teased, and Shannon had to admit it felt good. It was a wicked thrill of sensation, heightening the anticipation wondering what came next.

“Keep yo’ legs bent, chere. Now when I push in, you push out, got it?”

Biting her lips she could only nod. She was on the knife edge of anticipation and right then would have done any damn fool thing he said.

A single finger slid in an sensation exploded. She pushed out, just as he’d directed, and it eased the passage into her tight channel. It was a familiar sensation but inverted, turned on its head, positively wicked.

He went slowly, adding digits, massaging her. After each insertion he bent his head and brought her to the edge of climax with his tongue. At long last, to her shock, he had four fingers in her. It was burning, stretching, but the dark thrill was ever present.

A deep ache began inside her and she wanted to be filled, in every way. She wanted him inside her, madly, and begged him so.

“Chere,” was all he said as he changed gloves and rolled the condom on. She watched him work his cock, and gulped. He was so large, it seemed impossible he’d fit. He spread more thick goo from the jar on as she trembled.

The he sat, stretching his legs beneath hers, along her body. She grippedhis thighs and tried to c allm her nerves.

“Keep breathin’ like dat, chere, do what I taught you.”

Then he was pushing in. There was a light pain, a spice to the burning stretch. The sensations were foreign and familiar, dark and consuming. He went slowly as she gasped, nails digging into his flesh. Sweat beaded on his forehead as he worked his hard cock inside her.

After san eternity of push-pause-push-pause he was fully seated. A tumble of Creole words tumbled from his lips as her head spun. The effort had decreased some of her arousal now and though it felt good, she knew she couldn’t orgasm this way.


“I know, Chere.”

He peeled the gloves off and tossed them down with the other dirty ones on the pad on the floor. He donned a new pair and opened the little box. She saw inside was a strange piece of plastic, three inches long, one end capped with three silver half balls that were tiny. It was pink and translucent, and she could see a battery inside. He twisted it and it began to buzz.

Nick grinned, a flash of white teeth against swarthy skin. “A man should never be afraid to ask for help.”

He placed the toy against her clit and she jumped, body tightening, suddenly aware once more how he filled her deeply. One hand kept the toy pressed to her and the other reached up to tease a nipple. He began to move.

Nick was surprisingly gentle as he moved, allowing her to fully enjoy the dark delights of the forbidden without any pain. The orgasm seemed to begin simultaneously in her mind as well as between her legs, and burst over her like fireworks. As soon as she went off Nick began to pound her.

His muscles bunched as ecstasy and determination grew on his face. She tried to watch, but her own pleasure made her throw her had back and cry out, eyes squeezed shut. Quickly he joined her, crying out her name hoarsely as she gripped him tightly.

She had to reach down and jerk the toy from her when she became white-hit sensitive. He still filled her, hard, but unmoving as they panted.

“My god.”

“Call me Nick,” he quipped, and tweaked a nipple. “You liked dat, chere?”

“Ungh,” was all she could say.

He pulled out and got rid of the dirty things, wrapping them in the pads then putting them in the bathroom garbage bag which he tied shut. They showered together and he gently wiped the oil from her, kissing her wet, clean skin until she was once more begging. This time he bent her over, speared her pussy, and brought fingers to stroke her nubbin. It was a slow, gentle ride, deeply satisfying. They were only chased out by the cold water.

Back in the room they teased each other, toweling one another off and laughing. With all the darkness of the past days the light feeling was just what she needed.

She slipped the robe on just as the door opened. Nick lazily pulled the sheet to cover up his nudity and she froze, blushing. Aiden closed the door and gave her a stern look. “Don’t be embarrassed. It’s not like I caught you at anything I didn’t think you’d be doing.”

“And we’ll keep score, cher,” Nick said with a wink as he lit his cigarillo.

She sat on the other bed with a sigh, blowing her bangs from her face. “It’s almost even more embarrassing when you two can be so blasé about this.” She really should be more cosmopolitan, she thought, when she was the one that was going to have to push them into acceptance. Funny they seemed to be there already and she was the one drowning in moral qualms.

Aiden scooped her up off her feet and kissed her soundly. “Relax, sweetheart. Well, I’ve got more information on the Piementes. I’ve got a colleague going to visit George Piemente at the Farm today. If Mingham is in town he should be with his mistress Georgia. No hits on her credit cards but if she has a place here her father will know about it.”

“So what do we do until then?”

“We have local cops looking for Suzie. She’s a person of interest but they know she didn’t kill anyone. If we go out looking we’ll trip them up. The best thing to do is wait for Jerry’s call with Georgia’s location. I brought lunch but I’m back early. Let’s go up to the pool and have fun, try to…forget things.”

She wrinkled her nose. “I’ll just burn in the sun.”

“We’ll be happy to cover whatever you need with sun screen, cher.”

“My turn,” Aiden said, dodging the pillow she threw.

They both lathered her up, quite thoroughly, and just when she began to hope it would to something more they let her go, changing openly into their trunks. With a sigh she followed them out to the elevator, and up. She knew this was all to keep her busy, prevent her worrying, and stop her from running out and mucking the investigation up but she still felt frustrated and helpless.

The pool was crowded so they managed to find three chairs together and lay there in the sun. She had the shade of an umbrella while they unapologetically tanned. Nick grumbled about how he could do this at home and tan all over which started teasing between the two men. Aiden called his friend a nudist and Nick called him a farmer.

Laughing, Shannon went for a swim as they laughed at one another. God help her, she thought as she hit the water, it felt right. With all the madness around them, being with them both just felt so bone-deep right. For all Nick’s gruff exterior, underneath he was an amazingly affable spirit, the perfect complement to Aiden. The good ol’ boy looked like what he was- a high school football star aging gracefully, but under it was a fine mind and a steel core. They were such opposites, but the best of friends, and they each called to her in their own way.

She suddenly didn’t want to think of the future. For one guilty moment she wished that Suzie and the money stolen from the town had her on a cruise out to the Virgin Islands where she would be safe and could start a new life, leaving Shannon to enjoy these moments with the boys forever. It was foolish, she knew, and there was more to it now. There was a killer out there, and as long as he was undiscovered Suzie wouldn’t be safe.

Her mood darkened and she swam to the edge, muscling past teenagers splashing. Leveraging her body from the water she smiled at the way they stopped arguing and Nick and Aiden watched her. “I need to do something. Waiting is killing me.”

“It’s time for lunch anyway,” Aiden said, standing and stretching. The short time might have added some color to his honeyed skin and she found herself examining every inch with her eyes.

“You kids go on ahead, I’ve got some calls to make.” Nick, standing with an impressive stretch. That drew her attention and she burst out laughing. “Homme, how come you get de eyeball and I get laughter?”

“You two have no idea how beautiful you are,” she laughed out.

“Did you just call us beautiful?”

“Women,” Nick grumbled. “She’s all yours, homme.”

“Come on, I’ll show you a neat trick,” Aiden said, taking her arm.

In the elevator he held the close doors button until they did, then immediately pressed their floor. “Cops, fire, EMT’s use this all the time. Even if other people are waiting to go down we’ll go directly to our floor.”

“I’ll have to remember that at work. I end up serving a lot of people in high rises.”

That shuttered cop look came over his face and guilt flashed through her. Stepping to him she drew him down for a kiss, wanting to distract him.

When the doors opened they stumbled out, locked together. She licked the salt of his sweat from his lips and wrapped her towel around his waist, backing up and leading him to their room. She lead him to the clean bed and tried to force him down, but he grabbed her and she went sprawling with him.

“God, you bought that teeny little bikini just to drive me nuts, didn’t you?”

“Maybe,” she hedged and licked his throat.

“I want you so bad I’m afraid I can’t be gallant.”

She reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a condom, handing it to him. “Not a problem.”

He simply parted his trunks and fished his cock out, almost completely hard. Ripping the foil packet, he pulled it out and rolled the condom on while she watched, fascinated. He scooted up against the pillows and grabbed her, cupping her head and bringing her down for a kiss.

Eager and aroused, body still incredibly sensitive from the morning, she pushed her bottom aside and sank down on his cock, delighting in his cry. He pulled the small triangle tops aside and moved her up, claiming a breast as his hands urged her to move.

She gripped the headboard and rode him, sliding against him, his trunks catching on her clit. She undulated now, feeling him fully hard, deep inside. He bit her nipple gently and soothed it with a kiss, moving to the other. Flicking it with his tongue she felt moisture spurt between her legs and began to move like a madwoman.

Beautifully he came a mere second before she did and they kept moving, thrusting, riding the spasms out. When they slowed she met him for a kiss, and Aiden sucked her tongue, making her shiver. It was over too damn fast.

She tried to pull off but he locked her against him, still buried deep.

“Shannon, do you really think leaving will be that easy?” he asked, lips against hers.

She pushed off and rolled aside, leaving him cold. “I don’t know. I just don’t know anymore.”

We were both headed out the door to face the day. “Don’t forget, dinner is at 7. I have something special planned for you. I think this will be a birthday you won’t forget, ” she said, flashing that huge sparkling smile.

I thought about her comment several times as I worked through the day. I texted her once asking her to give me a hint. Her only reply was, “patience! You’ll enjoy it.”

As I arrived home that evening, I opened the door to the wonderful aroma’s of her cooking. We enjoyed pre-dinner conversation over a glass of wine as she finished making dinner. It was fabulous.

After dinner, I started to gather up the plates and she said, “just leave it. We have more important things to do tonight. Follow me upstairs. “

I felt a slight tremor of excitement and anticipation as my mind began to race through the catalog of possibilities. Bondage? Pegging? Perhaps some other kinky role play.

In the bedroom she told me that her surprise would “take some time to prepare and that I should get naked and lie on the bed… but first, put these on.” She handed over four cuffs and a blindfold. She only smiled at my quizzical look. Then walked toward the closet and slipped off her work clothes, bra and panties and shimmied on a pair of tight short shorts and a very form-fitting tank top. She looked absolutely slutty and stunning all at once.

I slipped off my clothes. She chuckled at my growing cock. Walking over she gave my penis a little tug and coyly said, “you better save some of that for later. I hope you’re up for it.” Laughing, she laid me on the bed and fastened the cuffs to the four corners and made sure the blindfold was firmly in place. Then… she left the room.

Lying there for what seems like hours but was probably more like 15 minutes. My mind continued to wander through a variety of possible fantasies and with each new mental image, I wondered if this was the pleasure that awaited.

I heard footsteps up the stairs. They they approached the bed. I felt those wonderful lips of my wife meet mine. A long hot passionate kiss. Our tongues danced and then she released and began to kiss my cheeks, my chin, my neck, my shoulders. A tender open palm slide up and down my chest pausing to tease my nipples. Then I felt her lips near my ear, whispering, “I told you tonight would be special.”

Then as I continued to feel her hot breath on my neck, I felt a hand on my cock. Her hand, but her touch was more nervous and tentative. She was usually aggressive handling my meat but tonight her touch was more timid. Then her breath on my neck and another whisper, “This will be really special.”

As she finished the words, she kissed my lips and at the exact same instant I felt a mouth slip over the head of my cock. OH SWEET JESUS. She has a friend. But who is it, I wondered.

She kissed my firm and hard and swear her tongue tapped on my tonsils as the other pair of lips mouthed my cock. First nibbles up and down the shaft and then taking it inside. Slipping about half of the shaft into her mouth. And she began to swallow with my cock in her mouth. The sensations on my cock head were mind blowing.

Neither woman spoke… at least I assumed the other mouth was a woman’s. Then I seemed to be the center of a frenzy of sexual stimulation. One hand cupping my balls. A mouth sucking my cock. Fingernails raking over my chest. A mouth nursing my tiny nipples. A hand sliding under my ass, squeezing my cheeks.

Then two hands under my ass. lifting me up onto a pillow. The mouth released my cock and moved lower, sucking a ball into her mouth and working it rhythmically as a hand stroked my now fully engorged shaft. I felt breasts dragging over my face. Hungrily, I tried to capture a nipple with each pass of the tender breast flesh. There, finally I had it. Sucking and swirling my tongue around the wonderful little nub.

The mouth released my balls and moved lower teasing between my cheeks and inching closer to my ass. The breast escaped my lips and again I felt her breath in my ear. “I hope you’re enjoying your surprise.” I groaned in appreciation. “But there’s more,” she breathed so lustfully.

My body jerked, my mind raced as I realized what was happening. There was a tongue probing my ass. A mouth whispering in my ear. And now another mouth on my cock. HOLY SHIT. This has to be a dream, I thought to myself. But the sensations were incredibly real. My cock lurched and twitched in the mouth as my body quivered from the tonguing in my ass. And again, a tongue diving deep into my mouth.

The bundle of nerves around the head of my cock was about to explode. The mouth was expertly sucking me to the edge and then backing off with long licks up the shaft… only to drive my cock back deep into that warm wet mouth for intense sucking friction… before backing off again.

The tongue continued to dance around my ass, ocassionally tapping on the center of my anus, then working circles outward. After a brief pause I would feel the tongue tip nuzzling against the bottom of my ball sac. Then it would lazily work it’s way along the trail back to my ass. It was absolutely incredible.

The kisses on my lips were exquisite and consumed my passion. My entire being was one big center of pleasure. I could hardly contain myself and my growing need to cum.

Suddenly, I heard a finger snap. Everything stopped. All sensations ceased and I heard footsteps leaving the room.

Shen reclined with his arms spread across the back of the bench and breathed easily as he sat in the small waiting room.

He’d arrived at Sweetness’s gate at half past the sixth bell, as ordered, and handed his Summons to the guard. She’d led him here.

Quiet place, empty except for him. Couple of benches, two chairs and the yellow-brown sandstone walls. Could have been any place in the Temple, really, if he hadn’t been paying attention to geography on the way in.

‘Ho-hum,’ he thought. ‘Why in the nine hells am I here?’

How long had it been since that last incident? What? Two months now since that weird episode where — so they told him — he’d almost died?

There had been Talla, then a fuzzy, timeless greyness, and suddenly Yinna riding him. Since then, he’d felt great. Yet here he was, back in the Temple — somewhere near the hospital if he knew his directions at all.

But if he was here for a check up, why in the evening?

A door, opposite to the one through which he’d entered, cracked open. A woman in a plain, white skirt peeked through and, upon seeing him, opened the door the rest of the way.

“Shen M’han?” she asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” he replied, not yet rising to greet her.

“Come in, please.”

“Alright,” he said with a heavy sigh.

He gathered himself up and sauntered through the doorway. The room behind was darker than that in which he’d been. Thick drapes were drawn against the setting sun and a scant few candles were all the light available.

As his eyes adjusted, he realized the room was empty of furniture save for a single bed. He took this in as he made out the shapes of two girls standing side by side at the other end of the room. The expressions on their faces were — mystifying. They knew something that put those quirky smiles on their lips and they weren’t going to tell him.

The woman in the yellow skirt closed the door behind him.

“We need to test you,” she said, quite formally.

“Really,” Shen replied, unimpressed.

“Yes,” she said. “Do you remember your first attempt at performing an Upgrade?”

A faint twinge of shame came over Shen’s face, but it washed away in less than a heart beat.

‘That was a long time ago,’ he thought. ‘You’re talking about someone else.’

“Yeah,” he answered, letting his voice drawl a bit. “What about it?”

“We may give you another chance,” she said. “Do you want it?”

His heart skipped a beat; he had to force it to relax.

Deep breath. That had been Talla’s advice, hadn’t it?

“Yes,” he said, the casual aura he’d been projecting suddenly all but vanished.

“Good,” she said. “My companions are Primers.”

With a jerk of her head, she indicated the two brown haired girls in white skirts.

“Survive them until seventh bell, and we’ll put another bolt in your quiver.”

Another chance, that meant.

“Survive them?” Shen asked slowly, raising an eyebrow.

What was that supposed to mean?

The woman in yellow raised both her eyebrows and tilted her head with a downward glance at his shorts.

Oh, wait a second …

“Didn’t the sixth bell just ring?” he asked in amazement.

“Indeed,” she replied, her voice dry. “I’m sure they’ll be gentle.”

With that, she turned on her heel and went out by a door different from the one through which he’d entered.

The two girls approached, smiling fully now.

“So, uh -,”

“Uh?” the slimmer of the two girls answered.

“You’re going to spend the next bell -”

“Trying to make you come,” the second girl, the one with the larger breasts, replied.

“And I have to, uh, not come?”

“That’s right,” the girl answered, smiling with an almost sadistic glee.

His mouth forming an ‘o’, Shen involuntarily stepped backwards.

“Ah,” he muttered as he became aware of his situation. “So where you girls from?”

“Within,” one said.

“Abundance,” said the second. “Wanna see?”

He could already see, in fact. The little top she wore did little to hide the general shape and size of her breasts. She wasn’t quite like Talla in that department, but she was still generously endowed.

“Well, Abundance,” Shen said, with a breath. “I guess I would.”

“Oh,” she admonished playfully. “Don’t call me that. That’s what we call the Sorceress.”

“Then just for tonight,” he answered, “you two are my very own Sorceresses: Within and Abundance.”

They giggled, both glancing at the closed door through which the woman in yellow had passed, making sure his seditious word play hadn’t been overheard. From the way their cheeks had flushed, he’d have to take note of the effect of such appellations for future use.

“Okay,” Within answered. “But just for tonight, and don’t you tell anybody.”


“Do you think he’ll last the whole bell, Mistress?”

“Of course not, Jora,” Tia answered, not looking up from the documents in front of her. “No one lasts the whole bell.”

The woman in yellow twisted her lips. She was new here and hadn’t known that.

“So why do we -?”

“To get them to try their hardest,” Tia cut her off without looking up. “Men require motivation, impossible goals and such.”

Tia paused a moment and looked up thoughtfully, not at her underling but rather just over her head.

“Not my idea, mind you.”

One side of her face twitched, the closest she would ever come to shrugging, and went back to her work.

“Why are we testing him, Mistress?” Jora asked.

“Have a look,” Tia said, sliding several sheets of parchment across the desk. “What you’ll see is that since his strange Catatonia incident, Shen here has been behaving very strangely. I interviewed several of those who have Served him since and they all indicate that his previous traces of nervousness and premature ejaculation have vanished.”

Jora looked the sheets over.

“I don’t know the boy personally,” she said. “Are you certain these problems didn’t go away gradually?”

Tia raised an eyebrow in a way that made Jora step back.

“Yes,” Tia said slowly. “I did take care to interview several women who Served him before. They found him unsteady, as suspected.”

“Of course, Mistress,” Jora replied. “So we’re testing him again to see if he can be used for upgrades?”

“Ostensibly,” Tia admitted. “That’s our rationalization.”

“In reality?”

“I’d like to know what happened to him.”

A long pause.



“What of the one who Served him the night he went Catatonic?”

“I met her, briefly,” Tia said, almost dismissively. “When we Awakened Shen. She confirmed that he was very unsteady that night as well. He even ejaculated in her mouth, apparently by accident, I recall her saying.”


Tia bobbed her head from side to side.

“Still,” she said thoughtfully. “Now that you mention it, it might be worth interviewing her in greater depth.”

Jora nodded agreeably.


The Within and Abundance girls had at least started slowly. He gave them that.

After laying him down on the bed, the former had begun kissing him very gently and the latter to rub her still clothed breasts against his groin.

“You should know,” Abundance said. “That there are no rules here.”

“Hm?” he asked around Within’s enthusiastic kisses.

“None at all,” she went on. “You can come while I’m rubbing you.”

Even as she kissed him, Within reached down past her partner’s breasts to grasp his erection through his shorts.

“Or even,” she pulled away long enough to say, “while I’m squeezing you.”

“But you’ll last longer than that, won’t you?” Abundance asked.

“I’m sure he will,” Within whispered in his ear, nibbling all the while. “At least let us get it out of his pants and have a look …”

Abundance murmured appreciatively.

“Then you can come anywhere you want,” the girl said as she pushed her breasts into the base of his erection. “My tits.”

“My pussy,” Within whispered.

Shen moaned and wished it hadn’t sounded so much like a whimper.

“Oh, you like that?”

Shen withheld any further sounds. This bordered on cruelty, this test of theirs.

“Would you like to see my pussy?” she asked. “And then make a big mess all over it?”

Her tongue traced the edge of his ear.

“Let’s see, then,” Within whispered.

While her partner worked the lower end, the slimmer of the two girls got up on the bed and threw a leg over Shen, straddling his face.

No panties. Of course there weren’t any panties.

“See my pussy?” the girl simpered. “So nice and tight. You wouldn’t believe what I could do with it.”

Nine gods, he was not going to last a whole bell if this kept up. Not one tenth of a bell, the way this was going.

“And the hair,” she murmured. “So soft. I have one of those upgrades, too …”

Shen felt his erection swelling, uncontrollably. The girl working his cock knew how to use her breasts. No doubt. She was hitting just the right spot at the base of his erection to force a crude and quick orgasm from him. If he didn’t do something quickly, he was going to fail this test.

And he couldn’t have that.

He wanted a second chance at the Augmentation Chamber, and this was it.

What did he do, these days, to calm himself? Deep breaths? Not likely. Every time Abundance pushed one of her tits against him, his whole body shivered involuntarily. He couldn’t take a deep breath, what with all the gasping.

What else? What else?

Think, damn you.


Focus on what?

Well, that presented itself right before his eyes, didn’t it? How else to take his focus off himself than to take charge of the situation.

His hands, which he had left limp in an attempt to ignore all about him, now firmly grasped the rear of the Within girl hovering over his face. He pulled her down, bringing the light brown curls of her genitals to his lips.

Wetly, he licked. And deeply.

“Oh, I think we got him, Abundance,” Within called out triumphantly. “Push him!”

Then his tongue touched the rim of her vagina, tasting the juices that leaked from her tunnel, and she gave a start.

“Oh, hell,” she breathed.

And his tongue pushed in.

She’d made a mistake – exposed a piece, a player of board games might say. Every piece on the board should be guarded, and she’d left one without any protection when she’d volunteered her Discipline.

‘I know what you like,’ Shen thought. ‘And I can concentrate on pleasing you and ignore everything else because I know it’s working.’

Even as Abundance unlaced his shorts, he knew he could beat them, at least for the moment.

“I don’t think we can make him come in his pants,” Abundance said, sliding the offending clothing out of the way.

Within only murmured back, lost in the techniques Shen had been perfecting for weeks now with one partner and another.

“Let’s see what happens when he feels my nipples against his cock, hm?”

Shen wasn’t paying attention and neither was the girl who rode his face. He knew he had her when she began rocking and grinding.

The moans weren’t far behind. So even as he felt that nipple slide the length of his erection – Even as he knew the head was swelling and turning purple — he knew that he could hold on.

Within tensed, driving her hips down and squeezing his head between her legs. He felt her cheeks turn rock solid with the tension in her muscles. Just for a moment, he felt her juices leaking over his chin — and then she screamed.

In pulses her orgasm came, each one punctuated with the release of a spot of sweet tangy juice from her moist tunnel. Each one noted by a smaller and smaller squeak from her throat.

“What in the nine hells?” the other girl asked, almost laughing. “He made you come?”

Within slipped off his face and off the bed to kneel on the floor, a look of complete shock on her face. She glanced at her partner, nodded once in acknowledgement, and then stared at the far wall while she tried to recover.

Abundance twisted her lips.

“Fine, then,” she declared. “You suck him. I’ll work the top half.”


Zhair’lo’s opportunities to meet Sealed Virgins had seemed to have dried up, and he couldn’t be sure why. He was certain that he was doing things correctly, at least from a technical aspect, so that couldn’t be it. Form had been using him to clear out its backlog, but at nowhere near the rate that Endowment had.

Was that because he was so often on foray with the Hunters? For now, the trips out in to the woods were never longer than four days, which gave him plenty of time to come into the Form’s Triangle and ejaculate all over some poor Sealed Virgin’s stomach or ass.

Thrilling as that was. Zo’kar, lucky bastard, had drawn the two remaining Facial girls.

But Zhair’lo did his duty and, true to their nature, the girls of Tight and Iron did not grace his bed.

This night, however, would be different. After six weeks of slowly going through Form girls, he was finally getting a chance at Sweetness. There was hope, here, of finding someone important who was also sympathetic to his cause. If Zoe had given them access to Form and the ability to send messages, what could a girl from Sweetness provide?

He thought that he might be able to count on Kenji, and maybe a few of the other Hunters who had had similar experiences, if it came to something insignificant like sneaking him off somewhere to meet Talla.

But overthrow the Temple? No one owed him that kind of loyalty. No one he had met seemed to have the drive to try anything like that. Every one of the men at Lyric’s camp had been through the same test that Zhair’lo had taken. Every one of them had passed with full marks.

Consequently, every Hunter to whom he spoke was unfailingly loyal to the women and their Temple.

Every night, Zhair’lo wondered how he had passed the test. What had they measured in him which had resulted in permission for weapons training? No answers were forthcoming. They’d been testing what? His obedience? His stamina? When the girls had told him to stop, he had obeyed. What else was there to do? He had nothing against them — no desire to hurt them. They were as much playing pieces as he was. Even exhausted and overloaded with sexual frustration, it had been clear to him that they’d had no more say in their actions than he did in his.

His anger was directed towards the Temple — the Temple in front of which he now stood.

“Sweetness, tonight, huh?” Zo’kar asked as the two of them stared up at the small triangle above the little gate.

There was a twist in his lips that came through in his voice and it had nothing to do with what drove Zhair’lo’s cynicism.

“What’s with you?”

“I was just getting used to the horses,” Zo’kar said. “Now I’m off to that Hunter’s Camp. They’re turning me into you.”

Zo’kar sighed.

“Still, we get to fuck lots of women, wherever we are. Right?”

“Yeah,” Zhair’lo confirmed, taking his turn to sigh.

There was no getting through to Zo’kar. He was the one that Kenji spoke of when Kenji said that most people were happy. Zo’kar didn’t care about any particular woman and didn’t see any reason Zhair’lo should care. Sure, he had a certain appreciation for Talla, given what she’d done for him, but it went no further than a faintly glossy look he got in his eyes when Zhair’lo mentioned her.

Nine hells, there was even a pretty good chance Zo’kar would be Served by Talla someday as they rotated the women around. An opportunity that would almost certainly be denied to Zhair’lo.

‘What if I’d waited?’ he thought. ‘What if we hadn’t been caught? We could have been together occasionally, me and Talla, once a year if we were lucky.’

“Zhair’lo and Zo’kar?” a gentle female voice called out.

The boys turned to look at her. The first thing they noticed was that she wasn’t wearing armour. The woman who came to escort them through the Temple always wore armour.

‘Always from Form,’ Zoe’s voice echoed in his head.

‘Only Form wears armour,’ Talla’s voice added.

But this woman wore orange: a strange short and very transparent skirt he had never seen before and a pair of sashes across her breasts.

And not a stitch of armour. He tried not to stare as he searched for any sign of leather protection or weaponry — the skirt really was see-through and the dark patch of pubic hair was clearly apparent even in the dim light of wall mounted torches.

‘No armour. It means they trust you,’ Zoe’s memories advised.

The woman took their scrolls from them and indicated that they should follow her. When she turned away, Zo’kar gave Zhair’lo a sideways glance before nodding toward the finely sculpted, and nearly exposed, cheeks that twitched in front of them.

Zhair’lo smirked.

Yeah, Zo’kar really was a hopeless case.


The girls were starting to get desperate. Within was inhaling as much of his erection as she could while Abundance was smothering him with her breasts. But it would go no better for her than it had for her partner.

It turned out Abundance had a Point upgrade, and as much fun as her breasts were for him, the attention he could lavish on her nipples in turn would prove too much for her. When he reached under her belly, questing for her lips, she made no resistance but rather welcomed him. When he plunged between those lips, she let out a sigh and pushed her breast more deeply into his mouth.

It took barely any movement from Shen, for she did most of the grinding all on her own. He teased her, keeping the pressure on her weak so she had to work harder and harder to get the sensation she needed.

Within removed his erection from her mouth to watch in fascination as her partner began moaning and forced Shen’s hand to push harder against her mound. He obliged, simultaneously letting his teeth sink — every so gently — into the flesh of her breast.

That was how he made the second girl come, with one finger and his teeth upon her nipple. When the pulses around his digit ceased, she backed off to sit her bare rear on the floor while gasping for breath.

“Enough of this,” Within said sternly. “Sit him up.”

Abundance groggily came around and helped her pull Shen up so he was sitting on the edge of bed with his legs spread. Within pushed the large breasted girl down, positioning her under Shen’s testicles. She started licking underneath and Within went back to working the tip.

He watched, helplessly unable to do anything to distract himself, as they worked in flawless coordination. Abundance would take both of his testicles in her mouth, then pop them out and lick her way up to his tip. As she did this, Within would come off the tip and flutter her tongue down until it was her turn to take his pair in her mouth.

They did this over and over again and Shen fought to keep himself as steady as he could.


Zhair’lo and Zo’kar were having their own battle — attempting to maintain eye contact with the gorgeous specimen of femininity who, having led them to a small room laid out much like a school, was briefing them on their duties as Conduits.

“As you can imagine,” she cooed to them, leaning the backs of her thighs against the large desk at the front of the room, “things are a little more delicate here than elsewhere.”

The boys nodded amicably and didn’t look down below her waist at all, though her genitals were ever in the periphery of their vision. Zhair’lo had no doubt that, in the brighter light of this room, the skirt she wore would turn out to be more than just translucent.

He’d be able to see everything.

“While I am sure that the two of you are quite confident,” she went on. “You should know that the Seizing points are scarcely separated in this Division and that you must take great care in positioning your … selves.”

This last sentence she finished with a slow turn of her eyes towards their pants. Zhair’lo found his own gaze inexorably drawn to her skirt.

Yep. See through. Quite the mat of hair in that triangle.

He twitched his gaze back up, hoping she hadn’t noticed.

“Unlike Endowment and Form,” the woman continued in her sweet tone, “we actually do have to call off Upgrades because of incorrect Seizing. So please pay attention. I would hate to blemish your vaunted records.”

The boys nodded again, utterly attentive.

Next, they watched as the woman lifted herself up to sit on the edge of the desk and slid back across its surface until her knees touched its edge. Zhair’lo gulped, quite involuntarily, as she untied her skirt and laid it down across the width of the desk, under her tightly closed thighs.

“Watch closely,” she admonished.

Unable to speak, the boys merely stared back at her eyes — which she rolled.

“Watch closely — here,” she emphasized, pointing at the triangle of hair between her legs. Their eyes shifted.

“There are three Disciplines in Sweetness. As you well know.”

With this, she spread her legs, lifting her feet and planting them on the desk. In that position, her lips parted a little all by themselves, revealing a thin pink line through her hair.

Zhair’lo tried not to bite his lips. He’d done lots of upgrades after all. Hadn’t he rubbed his erection against the very finest — and largest — breasts? The most pert and beautiful nipples? He really should be able to look at a woman’s crotch without gasping for air.

“First is Pussy,” she said, lightly brushing her soft, dark curls. “Make contact only with the outside of the genitals. The Source will undoubtedly turn her body to make it easy for you to avoid the … vertical cleavage.”

“Second is Lips,” she went on, parting her flesh to give them a view of the pinkness inside, including her somewhat engorged and reddened clitoris. “Keep the tip of your penis between the lips. Avoid touching any of the hair and do not delve towards the vagina.”

The boys waited, unable to tear their eyes away nor — really — to breathe properly.

She shifted her weight back a bit and opened her lips a little farther down, letting her clitoris fall under their hood as she exposed her tunnel to them.

“This last, Within, is the most delicate of all,” she said carefully. “We have very specific rules about sex between people of very different ages. Contrarily, a certain amount of contact is required in order to facilitate the transfer.”

“Zhair’lo,” she said. “You should be clear on exactly what you will do tonight, for you will be doing a Within upgrade. You must know, with perfect clarity, what you are permitted to do. Do you understand how important it is that you listen to what I say next?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good,” she said.

Zhair’lo wouldn’t miss a word.


At half past the sixth bell, Tia looked up from her work and waved across the room to Jora, who was busy considering her own papers.

“Go collect the boy,” she instructed. “See how long he lasted.”

“Mistress,” Jora replied.

She gave a curt bow as she rose and moved across the room to the door. Pushing it open very gently, she peered into the room beyond.

“Mistress,” she whispered again. “He’s still going.”

Tia’s eyebrows rose as she stopped in mid scrawl.


She gathered herself up and walked around her desk so she could join Jora peering through the crack in the door.

There indeed was Shen, lying on his back on the bed while both of the girls lay alongside him their positions reversed to his so they could simultaneously lick his erection. At the other end, they kept their legs spread so he could penetrate each of them with two fingers.

One of them, the Within girl with her light fuzz of soft, brown pubic hair, was panting heavily. As Tia and Jora watched, she grabbed Shen’s wrist and began jerking at it with considerable force. She took her mouth away from his penis so she could bite her lips and let out a muffled scream.

“Incredible,” Tia said.

Jora, never having seen this particular test, could only nod.

“It feels a little odd,” Jora pointed out. “Watching them like this.”

Tia considered this with a tilt of her head. She withdrew from the doorway and silently closed the door. Standing straight, no longer the voyeur, she knocked heavily on the door.

Jora noticed a faint smile on her Mistress’s face, an unfamiliar expression of bemusement, as she counted off a few heartbeats and pushed the door open.

Shen was sitting up, looking bewildered and not entirely mentally present. He hadn’t bothered covering his erection.

The girl who’d just had the orgasm was kneeling on the floor, still panting and quite naked. The one they’d brought in from Endowment sat next to Shen, her breasts covered haphazardly by her top and her skirt having fallen back into place.

Tia turned her nose up just slightly as she walked across the floor and examined the girls who would not meet her eyes.

“Some trouble here?”

There was no answer. Jora stifled a giggle. Her Mistress’s imperious air was a little too much.

“How many orgasms have you two had?” she asked, neither expecting nor receiving an answer. “More than he has, I’d wager.”

She let that linger as she passed around behind the Within girl.

“Did we forget our purpose here?”

That deserved its own set of heartbeats for rhetorical flourish.

“Very well,” Tia said. “Shen, dear?”

Shen, in some fugue like state, awakened with a jerk and looked at her.

“You’ve passed, dear,” she said. “It’s alright now.”

Eyeing his erection, she considered each of the girls in turn.

“We’ve never had this problem with this test before, you see,” she pointed out to the room at large. “Things like erections are taken care of by this point. But what shall we do with you?”

She looked back and forth between the two girls.

“Which of you — no, no,” she said. “Neither of you gets to mesh with him.”

The girl from Abundance found herself being pulled down to the floor.

“Off with your top, you,” Tia instructed. “Shen, stand up.”

Her last act was to put a hand to the side of each girl’s neck and push their heads together.

“You know what to do.”

Tia turned to Jora and lowered her voice to a conspiratorial whisper which belied the attitude she’d laid on the younger girls.

“Let him sleep for a bit afterwards and then send him home.”

“Mistress,” Jora said with a bow and watched her superior leave the room.

She was to be allowed to watch, then?

Clearly, neither of the three participants in the test were concerned by her presence.

The Within girl, still delirious, leaned helplessly upon her companion. Fortunately, the other girl knew what she was doing. Jora watched as she stroked the boy with one hand and fondled his testicles with the other.

“You’re done, Shen,” she breathed. “You can come now. Get us both.”

Shen looked down at the two sweat tacked faces that were turned up under his throbbing erection.

“You sure?” he panted back.



The large breasted girl began pumping madly away at him, desperate to finish the deed.

“Here it -”

That was the last thing he uttered before his orgasm took him.

Jora watched his cock twitch and spray a thick stream of semen across the foreheads of both girls, dripping down the side of the Within girl’s face into her hair and ear.

Shen’s body spasmed violently, jerking his hips back before the second volley launched from his manhood. At that angle, there was no way it could hit either girl’s face. Instead, the Abundance girl took it across her cleavage — the best she could do, really.

His body was soon righted, though, and she carefully lined his erection up again so it could play it’s last spurts of white liquid across both of their faces, dotting their noses and lips in alternation between the two girls. Jora thought that the distribution of semen seemed quite fair.

Somehow, the boy remained standing in spite of his obvious exhaustion. Maybe it was just that the girl continued to milk the last of his juice out onto her chin. It wasn’t until she let go of him, letting her hands drop to her sides, that he fell to a sitting position on the bed and slowly slumped over — unconscious.

“That was well done, girls,” Jora commented drily. “Clean yourselves up and be off now.”

She clapped her hands to startle them into motion.

“Yes, Mistress,” they murmured and, stumbling, moved to obey.


Oral pleasure, it turned out, never got boring. It didn’t really matter how many times a girl — or a pair of them — worked his erection via mouth and tongue, it was never anything less than incredible. These two had done a good job, as good as any he could remember.

As it neared time to move on, the black-haired one slid on and off his swollen, rock hard member while the one with the lighter brown hair licked his balls from underneath.

The odd thing about Sweetness girls, Zhair’lo realized while looking down at them, was that he couldn’t tell much about them from the outside. Sure, one of them was an Initiate from Pussy, so she had that thin layer of hair between her legs, but the other was either from Within or Lips and was as bare as anyone else he’d seen.

They looked up at him adoringly before the brunette working his testicles stood and fetched his robes. The other, quite naturally, kept sucking him while maintaining her simpering eye contact. She would stay on his cock until the very last possible moment.

Just as the knock came at the door, the upper half of his fur robe was placed over his shoulders. It was the signal that, in a few short moments, he would leave this room. The lower half of his robe was wrapped around his waist and still the girl, her head now hidden in folds of fur, continued her work.

“Here,” the light haired girl said and thrust a glass into his hand.

Zhair’lo looked at it wryly.

No choice, really. This had already been explained to him.

The girl twisted her lips and tilted her head, as close to a shrug as a woman would ever give him.

He drank deeply, draining the glass. It tasted and smelled like water, but he knew better. Even if the only thing he felt coursing through his body was a vague sense of refreshment, the part of his brain that was wise to the Temple told him that the drink was doing things to his body.

The last set of knocks came at the door and it began to creak open. The two naked girls whisked themselves aside and out of visual range, letting his robe fall about him. It was time to perform. The drums were already beating, which was a comfort after the dreariness of so many Form upgrades.

Zhair’lo was also pleased to discover that Sweetness’s idea of an Augmentation Chamber ran more along the lines of Endowment than those of Form. He entered the Chamber from a place between the pair of altars where the women waited for him. Lighting came from the sides of the chamber, behinds the altars, where fires burned in recessed tunnels so their light shone only on the altars and their players. Up past that pair of women, there could be any number of others watching and Zhair’lo wouldn’t know it.

‘Except that they’re breathing,’ he thought. ‘I can hear them … feel them.’

On his left, reclined almost to the point of lying on her back, was a woman wearing a heavily jewelled green blouse and nothing else. Her hands were folded across her bare stomach as she stared at the ceiling, her legs crossed so they wouldn’t be hanging awkwardly over the edge of the altar.

Across from the half naked Sorceress, a nervous Virgin awaited him, equally unclothed but far more nervous. Zhair’lo felt a surge of sympathetic uneasiness when he recognized the girl’s discomfort. He pushed it away, reminding himself that he could help her — would help her — and that in very short order all of her misgivings would be washed away.

He stepped up onto the dais between the two altars, his face lit by the torchlight shining from the sides of the room, and stared into the darkness. From the echoes of his footsteps and the resonation of the drum beats, he knew it to be a tall and deep space, but his eyes could discern nothing. Somewhere, however, were those superior to him in rank and power. So he bowed, following the Protocols that had been laid out for him, and turned to his left.

It was only a few steps — Sweetness seemed to like its affairs a bit cozier than the others — to reach the altar, but attendants were already upon him, whisking away the lower part of his robe. A murmur went up from the audience as his erection was revealed. No particular voice stood out to his ears, but the collective intake of air was still quite loud.

‘Nine gods,’ he thought, ‘how many women are up there?’

The Sorceress tilted her eyes to the ceiling and sighed. He couldn’t see her face very well, given that the torchlight was at her back, but enough light came through from behind him that her blue eyes twinkled.

“You’d think they’d never seen one before,” she muttered wryly.

Which was oddly fitting, given what she did next. Her legs had been crossed so that the ankles shielded her genitals from his eyes. As she finished speaking, she uncurled herself, spreading her legs in the air and revealing her immaculate triangle of warm, soft, black hair.

Spreading further, stretching her thighs out, the flesh of her lips was pulled slightly apart to reveal a thin line of pink peaking out from beneath her hair.

Zhair’lo staggered for a moment, overcome with the beauty of what had been so gracefully revealed to him. It had been so smoothly done that he was reminded of the women of Form with their powerful muscles and talent for gentle movements.

He straightened himself, slightly embarrassed.

‘You’d think I’d never seen one before.’

And he hadn’t. Not like this, at least.

The Sorceress beckoned him closer and the drums took up a new beat. It was just like Endowment in that respect. How odd that Form, the home of Facial and the source of all things musical, seemed so averse to anything even faintly approaching melody or rhythm. At least the Sweetness women had this much figured out.

His hands soon found themselves nervously holding a chalice. There was nothing to do but observe as the woman in front of him dipped her fingers into the clear syrup and lowered them to her genitals.

It wasn’t enough to merely rub the stuff in. Of course not. One hand was used to spread her lips, revealing the opening to that warm, pink tunnel.

Zhair’lo gulped. Eleven upgrades. He was looking upon the entrance to a passage of almost unbelievable perfection. What would it be like to slide up inside her? He wouldn’t be permitted to find out. His job, a duty he suddenly found most distressing, was to not-quite penetrate her.

Instead, in a gesture of consolation so ill advised that it almost seemed as if it were laid out by design to tease him, he was permitted to watch as she slid her syrupy fingers in circles, running around the rim of her vagina before sliding two of those fingers up inside herself.

He held back a whimper, watching helplessly.

“Ah,” the Sorceress sighed, either slightly discomfited by the penetration or mildly aroused by it. “Now we’re ready. Come here.”

There wasn’t much further to go, really, but he shimmied a bit towards her anyway.

For her part, she splayed her lips out of way.

“You know what to do, right?”

He nodded, too nervous to speak, for here was the whole thing laid out for him: the gorgeous soft hair pushed out of the way; the lips and engorged clitoris just above his target; and the entrance … the sweet tunnel within …

Taking his hardened shaft in hand, he placed the tip against the upper edge of her opening taking great care not to touch her clitoris — the whole thing could get screwed up if he did.

The moment of truth approached. He planted his feet as firmly as he could, keeping his balance against the wave of nausea he would feel once his body started Hunting. This was the peril against which he’d been warned. A moment of dizziness could move him one way or the other, and a rub against pubic hair or lips could find him Seized to the wrong Discipline.

But he held, gulping and inhaling cool air to stomp on the twisting feeling in his gut. The Sorceress rotated her hips, leading the tip of his penis on a trip around the rim of her vagina.

The nausea intensified and Zhair’lo buckled down, feeling a cold sweat come between his body and the half of a robe he still wore. The woman had warned him, hadn’t she? That Sweetness upgrades took longer to Hunt for?

Endure, she’d said. That was all. Just endure.

So he hung on and, just as the urge to vomit rose almost to unbearability, it snapped.

He’d Seized.

His state of hyper alertness had taken over. The Sorceress, whose face had previously been shrouded in darkness because of the arrangement of torches, was now revealed to him. The twinkling blue eyes, which had seemed to shine in the darkness anyway, were still there. But the features of her face were sharp, her brow furrowed as she focused intently upon him.

He couldn’t escape the feeling that he was being … examined. It reminded him of the night of Talla’s quadruple upgrade, when that doctor (the one who had not been dressed as a doctor) had poked and prodded at him to make sure he wasn’t damaged.

Something was odd about this one, though. Her chin seemed to quiver and her mouth opened a bit. Nothing too weird. Nothing that rung any alarm bells for him. Just odd.

“Not too far,” she breathed at him.

This time he found his voice.

“Of course, Mistress,” he said.

He was steady now, seeing more in the dim torchlight than any normal person probably could. Now for the truly delicate part of the operation.

It would not be enough to simply run his cock around the edge of this perfectly displayed opening. No. He would have to push the tip just inside in order to make contact and get a proper charge from her.

And no farther than that could he go. The woman in the briefing had been very clear on that. The ridge at the back of the head of his erection was not to pass into the Source’s body. That would violate the Temple’s restrictions on differences in age, for the woman against whom he rubbed had more than a decade on him. She might be twice his age, for all he knew.

So Zhair’lo set himself in place and pushed …

It was disconcerting not to mesh at this point. The mesh was such a thrill, yes, but it was also a comfort, to merge in that emotional way with another person — to know that her arousal and his were synchronized.

There was no mesh here, even though every fibre of his being was telling him that it should have already started. Intellectually, he’d known there’d be no mesh. The tasteless drink had taken care of that.

And there he was, on a precipice to perfection, when the strangest thing happened.

The Sorceress moved her hips, pushing down. It surprised him. She wasn’t supposed to do that. Taken unaware as he was, he was a moment too long in backing away. He felt the tight ring of muscle around her entrance pass over the head of his erection … and he felt it once again as he pulled away, sliding himself back out of her.

She gasped, but it was the quietest of inhalations. Probably only Zhair’lo heard her. Was it very important, what had just happened? Had she meant it? It must be very uncomfortable, lying on her back on a slab of marble. Maybe her muscles had just gotten tired?

Zhair’lo paused only a moment. There was almost no chance that anyone else in the Chamber had noticed, so subtle had the penetration been. Whatever had happened, the woman made no more movements whilst he softly drilled away at her most tender flesh.

His senses heightened, the affect of the magic he was beginning to absorb. He could hear every breath from the audience, every rustle of cloth and dragged movement of foot against smooth marble floor. He risked one glance sideways into the audience. There were two Sorceresses and a Queen there, as well as hundreds of other women behind them. None showed any awareness of the mistake that had been made.



The sun shone brightly through the large windows leading out over the garden and pool. Last night, Danyelle poured her heart and soul to her two masters and both welcomed her even more – now into their own bed. Never had Danyelle known such warmth and love. Danyelle entered the couple’s bath and relieved the previous night’s wine and champagne. Then, she entered the large shower and began to bath when her master entered the room with her. The hot water steamed the windows so he must have thought it was his lover in the shower because he began to speak to her.

“Can I bring you anything, more towels, or some breakfast, perhaps?”

Danyelle froze, daunted, she replied, “No.”

The master opened the door of the shower and peered at her through handsome green eyes. His shirt removed, he glistened with the sweat of physical labor. “Are you sure, if you don’t need anything, I’ll join you.”

Danyelle drew him into the shower with her; attacking him. Clawing at his strong arms and back, biting his neck and shoulders. She unzipped his jeans and thrust her hand into his pants, releasing his member. The master reached below her legs and pressed on her soft mound pressing his fingers inside her. Roughly, he squeezed both butt cheeks before bending her over the marble seat. Danyelle drew a deep breath knowing her master was a powerful lover, capable of both fierce and gentle strokes. The master removed his soggy jeans throwing them aside. Erect, the master inserted his member into the young woman. Deeply, the master penetrated her removing any remnants of virginity her ass retained.

Danyelle knew that refusing any part of her body would mean punishment, and punishment meant banishment. Danyelle loved her master, and therefore; would not refuse any request, no matter how painful. Except with him, despite the size, the master penetrated deeper than anyone else had, and Danyelle loved the feeling. The sensation grew inside her pulsating down her back and into her lust. Danyelle exhaled and breathed deeper this time as the master pushed in deep and held himself. Danyelle knew from the first night together that the master would only cum where he was given permission and Danyelle knew his favorite places to cum. Danyelle knew how to push his buttons, how to drive him to ecstasy, how to force him to explode.

“Lover, will you cum there?”

She began to rub her smooth clit, reaching underneath, and rubbed his smooth balls as he stroked into her ass.

Their sex lives together were short, but the young woman knew how to please him. He wanted to explode inside her but he was not ready. The previous night the young girl called her ex-boyfriend and he called back. She should be shown now who the master was. He pulled her to him wrapping his arms around her. Danyelle arched her back and accepted the master’s mighty thrusts deeper into her ass. Powerfully, he pumped his hips and squeezed the young girl. Then, he shoved her down onto the shower floor and faced her. Danyelle accepted the throbbing penis into her mouth.

He must want to punish me for calling my ex, she thought as she swallowed his member. Danyelle was adept at deepthroating, but the master’s throbbing cock was more than she ever took. Danyelle pulled back working her long young tongue around the shaft, taking a moment to breathe deeply before the master punished her throat again. But this time, the master entered her slowly allowing her to breath. He looked deeply into the girls blue eyes. The master pulled Danyelle to her feet and placed her straddling his lap as he sat on the marble seat. With hot water running down her back, steam billowing across the glass and stone of the marble shower, Danyelle began to pace her movements with her master’s movements. She rocked and swirled arching her back in rhythm to his. Danyelle could feel the long shaft of his manhood deep within her and could feel the shaft rubbing gently across her clitoris as she stroked back and forth. The master rubber her smooth back gently caressing her shoulders and neck. She kissed her lover, running her tongue across his lips and around his ears. Biting down hard as tears began to well in her eyes, Danyelle cried out for joy, pain, and love. All of her demons leaving her she reached climax. Looking deep into her master’s eyes as she reached her highest point, Danyelle could see the love and forgiveness in her master. She knew the anal pounding came from her disobedience, but the incredible climax came from a deep love that only forgiveness can bring.

Danyelle stepped down from her master, still holding his gaze. Knelling before him, she took him once more in her mouth. The taste of her lust drove Danyelle to the edge again. Reaching between her legs, she inserted one finger, then two, as she stroked her master with the other hand. Moaning and stroking, Danyelle drew deeper upon her master’s member taking him fully into her mouth. Sucking tightly on the head and licking the shaft, she could feel the master’s own lust growing. Danyelle knew that she would swallow him, again. This time, she would not share it with his wife. This load would be hers. Stroking faster and working harder, Danyelle accepted the juice from her master’s member as he groaned and shook, erupting volumes of love into her mouth. The salty juice mixed with hers bringing Danyelle to another orgasm. Sensing her actions, the master lifted her onto his still erect cock and penetrated her ass again, penetrating her just as she reached climax again. The couple kissed, sharing saliva and semen, probing each other’s mouths for the first time. Danyelle realized this was the first truly deep kiss she shared with her new master.

Danyelle dried off and exited the shower turning to dry her master. The room was damp from the long, steamy shower and the two added their towels to the mess of clothes on the floor. The two, now dry, lay across the bed to rest after their long session of lovemaking. Danyelle curled up onto her master’s chest and rested her eyes hoping she would dream of a place of no demons and praying that her mistress would not be too upset that Danyelle took her place in his bed.


“I’m sorry to wake you miss,” said the young housekeeper. “I have to clean in here today.” Danyelle stirred, and read the clock.

“It’s no problem. I should be out of bed by 10 o’clock anyway. Has the rest of the house been up long?”

Danyelle looked at the young housekeeper. She must have only graduated from school this year. Her master was such a great man to give young people a chance.

“They’ve been up since the sun came up, always do,” she replied.

Danyelle realized the girl had a great presence about her. As if she were somehow older than she looked. Danyelle slipped out of bed trying to remain covered as much as she could. The girl, busying herself with the room, appeared not to notice. Danyelle let the covers drop and walked into the bathroom. The girl, unbeknown to Danyelle, watcher her naked rear walk away.

“I can get you some towels if you like, ma’am,” called out the girl.

Danyelle ignored her and started her shower. The girl brought the towels and slowly entered the bathroom, Danyelle waited for her. “Just put them over here,” she replied as the girl now viewed Danyelle’s naked form. Danyelle approached the girl, looking into her eyes.

“You’re very beautiful. How old are you?”, she asked.

The girl, afraid, looked down and replied, “I’m 18.” Danyelle eyed the girl. Her lips were full and naturally red. No doubt, the boys pestered her for oral sex, and probably more. Then, Danyelle had a question.

“Do you sleep with him?”

Surprised the girl stepped back and left the room. Danyelle watched her walk away. Tall, fair complexion, full bosom, great mouth. Danyelle looked at her reflection in the mirror and could see a resemblance to the girl.

“Sweetheart, what is your name,” called Danyelle after her.

The girl stopped picking up the clothes and looked at Danyelle, “I don’t want any trouble. I need this job. My mama doesn’t help out any, and they are very good to me here.”

Danyelle could see the tears swelling up in her eyes, and stepped toward her embracing the young girl.

“I won’t get you in trouble, dear, tell me your name.”


Danyelle stood naked listening to young Monica talk about her childhood, how she met her master, and about Monica’s relationship with the mistress. Monica’s figure was similar to Danyelle’s. Tall, slender, hard, yet soft. Her bosom was larger than Danyelle’s but fit her body well. Monica’s mother was a drunk and the master took her daughter in and cared for her. In exchange for a yearly salary that provided for Monica and her sisters, Monica worked at the estate whenever she was not in school, which was more often now that she finished.

Danyelle stood and watched the girl staring at her breasts. Monica raised her eyes from Danyelle’s breasts and looked deeply into her eyes.

“You don’t sleep with him do you, but you enjoy his wife.”

Monica hesitated but did not answer; her secret intact, and began cleaning again.

Danyelle took the shower she attempted earlier but continued to ponder the girl cleaning her room. Something about her intimidated Danyelle. She obviously loved the couple, but her loyalties were stronger to the mistress than the master was. Danyelle shaved her legs, pubic area, and washed her body with lovely lavender soap, the memory of yesterday’s lovemaking session with the master still fresh in her memory. Her butt was a little sore from the session as well. Anal was not her favorite, but she felt she deserved the punishment for betraying her new family. Monica was someone she would find more about. Maybe her master would be weak after a long day and susceptible to her questioning.

Monica thought about the beautiful new houseguest. Eventually, they would find a way to be together. Monica had a way with women. Her mistress taught her well. Monica looked into the shower and watched the new girl shave her long legs. After watching the couple enjoy Danyelle on the pool deck two nights ago, she was eager to taste Danyelle for herself. The way she could take the master’s long cock excited Monica. Even though she herself never enjoyed him, the many times she witnessed his nude body brought her excitement. He knew about Monica and the mistress. Of course, he was too great a man to mention it to her. She hoped that on her birthday, he would come to her, but so far she had not been visited by him. Now, she feared she would never enjoy him. Only recently did she taste him whenever the mistress saved his load for her. Monica was due any minute with her mistress. Maybe there was a fresh cream pie waiting for her when she arrived in her mistress’ room today.

Monica finished cleaning the room and hurried down the hall. Her mistress expected her at 1 o’clock, and she was already very late in completing her chores. Monica entered the mistress’s private study expecting to find her alone waiting on Monica, but today there was a visitor.

As usual, Monica wore blue jeans and sneakers with a tank or halter top. Today, she wore a blue, V-neck t-shirt that fit tightly across her bosom. The male visitor noticed her immediately and grinned. No doubt, he expects to be treated to one of the master’s many women. Too bad for him, Monica was not part of that. She belonged to the master’s wife. The man was shabby, and wore old jeans and a rustled shirt.

“Monica, this is Mr. Dawson. He is Danyelle’s pimp,” said the mistress.

Monica nearly fainted. Danyelle was a whore.

“It’s nice to meet you Mr. Dawson.” It was not, thought Monica. There could only be one explanation for Mr. Dawson’s presence in this study, in this house, on this estate.

He was a dead man.

Danyelle arrived as summoned by the mistress as soon as she could be dried off. She slipped into her robe, naked and smooth, hoping to enjoy Monica and the mistress. When she arrived at the study, she nearly fainted. There, in the study, stood her ex-boyfriend, looking as if he came to claim a prize. Danyelle tightened her grip on the gown and turned to plead with the mistress. This must be her punishment. She was banished. The mistress rose and walked across the room, her beauty, and grace undaunted by the presence of the pimp. Monica moved to Danyelle’s side and helped her sit on the couch. The mistress opened the interior door leading into the master’s study.

“Would you step in here,” spoke the mistress.

The master stood and walked into the study. His large body stopped next to the pimp, a tiny man in stature and significance.

“You’ve called this house after being asked to stop. You’ve come onto our property despite being asked to leave and never return,” shouted the master. Creases formed running from the points of his eyes. Evil.

The pimp looked as if he may protest, but the master continued to shout.

“The women in this house look to me for security. I cannot let your presence in my house go unanswered.”

“You listen here, that bitch is mine,” pointed the pimp weakly, realizing that his voice was miniature compared to the master.

Danyelle rose to protest, to tell her master that she was committed to him and him alone and that she would never contact him again, but before she could speak Monica grabbed her and pulled her down again placing her arms around her and whispered, “Be quiet.”

The master picked up a rod from the fireplace and struck the man repeatedly.

Monica watched as two men from the outside crew escorted Mr. Dawson out of the house and then drove him away. Monica did not know where. If he never returned and never attempted to contact Danyelle again, he would live. Danyelle stood and rushed to her master, crying.

“I’m sorry…,” and then she collapsed, the experience too great to bear as the thought of banishment came crushing down around her.

The master caught Danyelle, picking her up and carrying her into the his study, and placed her on the couch. The mistress pointed for Monica to leave. Her date with the mistress was no doubt canceled. Returning to her chores, she decided tonight would be a good time to see if Danyelle would like to visit the lake for a moon light swim. Naked, of course.

Danyelle awoke in her master’s lap. He brushed her hair and played with the long blonde strands. “You saved me from him,” she said.

“Yes, but he will be back, I am afraid. He thinks you belong to him.”

Danyelle held back more tears. “Why didn’t you give me to him?”

“Because you belong to me and you belong here with us.”

Danyelle sensed the master’s loins stirring. She looked into the deep green eyes that looked back full of mystery and power. She turned and stretched her naked body the length of the couch so she could lie on her stomach. She unzipped her master’s pants and probed his erect penis from its frustrated trap. The first few licks brought him fully hard and Danyelle seized his cock like a hungry bird to a worm. She slowly took him deep into her mouth careful not to make offending gagging sounds. His breathing increased and Danyelle knew that he was ready, and close. The master pulled her silk gown up and began massaging her butt and legs. Her rhythm increased and she began to take the master deeper, building up hot saliva along the shaft. The master began to finger her butt and Danyelle spread her legs to give him more access. He drove his finger deep and pulled it back slowly causing Danyelle to squirm, the sensation along her back forcing her to take him even deeper. His breathing increased and Danyelle began to work her tongue and mouth quicker knowing he would soon release into her mouth. When he finally erupted, it was too much to swallow at once and some ran out. She continued to suck and savor the salty juice as the master violated her anus with is strong finger. Danyelle exploded from the sensation as she licked cum from his shaft bucking violently against his finger. She orgasmed throughout her whole body. Danyelle stopped and looked at the mess. The master stood and Danyelle knelt before him and cleaned the remaining cum from his shaft and balls.

“Thank you for saving me,” she said as she wiped cum from her lips.

“I will not let anyone take you from me,” spoke the master.

“I have questions,” said Danyelle.

The master took her in his arms and held her there for a long time.

Then finally, “I have answers.”

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