my fantasy

He found himself standing in a room with nothing in it but a large four poster bed, candles mounted round the walls, sweet musky scents permeating the air with a hint of something he couldn’t quite put his finger on. The room was warm and inviting yet he was shivering his hands slightly trembling. The fragrances hitting him were that of roses, cinnamon, the musky aroma of sandalwood and what was that other scent he could smell? He couldn’t quite recall it. The blood in his veins was heating. The twitching in his pants told him that even though he was shaking, trembling and cold, his member was alive and reacting to the sight and scents around him.

The door opens and before him stands a vision hot and mind blowing. Tight leather corset laced so that her breasts are mounding out the top of it, a cleavage he knows without thinking he would love to be buried within. His shaft throbs, straining against the fabric of his pants. Smooth creamy skin, long brunette curls cascading down her shoulders, lips that you would gladly die kissing. Black stilettos, black fishnet stockings caress legs well defined and graceful leading up to a black g-string that is hugging a mound that makes his mouth water. Licking his lips he takes in the vision as she moves slowly, gracefully towards him. She holds in fingerless black lace gloves a black satin cloth, a whip hangs from her wrist. His hands tremble as a shiver races from his head to his twitching hardness, to his toes.

She stands in front of him, her body lightly brushing up against his she trails one hand, the black silk blindfold up one of his arms. The other hand runs nails up the other arm her whip rubbing against him as it follows. He moves his hands to touch her, embrace her, to pull her hard to him.

She stops, softly whispers ‘Stop sir! Do not move. This is your fantasy, please don’t spoil it. Keep still and put your trust in me.’

Laying both her arms around his neck and shoulders, she secures the blindfold firmly around his eyes, tying it securely at the side of his head. Her breasts firmly against his chest as she does so, his member stirs more as his pulse quickens, his mouth begins to water. He is in the dark.

She pulls away from him, unable to see her now but still he can sense and smell her near him. Shivers and tremors course through him, his nipples reacting, hardening and aching. A twitching problem is straining within his pants. His breath held he waits for what will happen next.

He feels her lightly kiss the side of his neck, nibbling his ear. She takes his hand and leads him towards the bed gently pushing him down so he sits on the edge. ‘Lie down sir – on you back. Stretch out and relax’ she says. He obeys and slides easily over on the smooth black silk sheets. He feels her remove his shoes, socks, warm air hits the soles of his feet. Blindfolded, trembling and shivering despite the warmth of the room he lays there. He is totally unaware of what is going to happen to him. Knowing only that this is his fantasy, but which?

He hears and feels her move up onto the bed her body straddling him, softly sitting on his stomach. Gasping and groaning he moves towards her only to be told ‘NO.’ He lays back down licking his lips his whole body now trembling.

He feels her stretch out across him, bindings wrapping around his left wrist cool, soft. She moves to his right wrist again he feels the cool soft touch of bindings wrap around him. She shifts her weight on him. He feels her moving down his legs softly brushing the insides of them. His member jerks violently within his pants aching for release. He feels her hands on his left ankle. Cloth wraps around it firm and tight, he feels the same happen to his right ankle. He has an uncontrollable shiver course through his body, his back arching in response, he sighs.

He feels her leave the bed, her weight no longer there. The sound of her moving around catches his ear. He feels his right foot being pulled gently, his legs spreading as she secures his ankle to the right post. Movement again, this time he feels his left foot being pulled across the sheet as she secures it to the left post. Beginning to feel a little vulnerable he begins to tremble more, his insides heating. He feels her weight on the bed again, her lips lightly brushing against his. Like a static shock he jerks in surprise to the touch. The sweet smell of her skin assaults his senses as her mouth moves over his. Lightly she licks his lips, her tongue forces its way softly into the depths of his mouth only to leave again. ‘Relax sir you are safe in my hands’ she says. He feels her leave the bed.

Once more he feels his left hand being pulled across the sheets as she secures it to the post. Licking his lips he relishes her taste. His body still shivering uncontrollably, his pulsing shaft reacting the same way. He feels fear, excitement, uncertainty and lust. His mind and body assaulted by so many emotions at the one time. Sensations, primal and wild flow within him. His right hand is being dragged from him to be secured to the final post of the bed. He lies there blind and bound, his pulse racing to keep up with the speed of his heart. His nerves are on overdrive. He hears the sound of her footsteps walking away. She stops. The door closes.

Lying there in total silence, his limbs bound he shivers, not moving a muscle. His heart racing yet he isn’t moving. What will happen next?

He hears the door open and footsteps entering the room. Not just one set. The air fills with perfumes none the same. He breathes in deeply taking in ever scent, his ears straining to here the steps and movements around him. Dear lord is it that fantasy that he has been granted? To be pleasured by more than one woman at the same time – to be totally at their mercy?

He feels someone climb onto the bed. Feet press against the sides of his ribs. He breathes in deeply – holding it he waits. He feels another climb onto the bed this time at his head. Not daring to move a muscle, his tremors subsiding giving in to sheer excitement and anticipation of the pleasures to come. He feels the pressure on the mattress at either side of his head. He feels another pressure on the bed, this time between his legs. ‘Dear Lord three!’ he thinks to himself.

He feels a hand at the front of his shirt and at the same time one is at the belt and front of his clothing. Lying unmoving, hardly daring to breath he waits. The sound of tearing fabric reaches his ears as the shirt is cut from his body. Jaggedly she cuts the shirt from neck to waist exposing his chest. Shock and excitement hit him. Gasping he cries out, as his back arches up slightly. He feels his belt being undone, his buttons and zipper opened. He feels a hand on either side of his waist, slowly beginning to pull his pants down, and the weight on the bed between his legs has gone. How is she pulling them down? How can she stretch across him to remove them yet put no weight on either side of him or the bed? Or – is there two of them. That would make four angels or would they be devils to pleasure or torture him.

He feels something hard and cold against his stomach. His reflexes jolt with the feel of the cold metal. The sound and feel of the scissors slicing through his boxers, as hands tear them from either side of him. His member quivers, hardening with the thrill racing through him. The pleasure he is experiencing from the sheer exhilaration of the hands running across his skin, the scents assaulting his nose and the frustration of his inability to see or touch the flesh that is touching and teasing him. He lays there naked from the waist down, his shirt in tatters at his sides. His skin clammy despite the warmth, shivering. His manhood stiff and swollen begs for attention despite the trembling going on in the flesh around it.

He feels four hands start running up his legs, brushing the insides, tracing around the lines of his muscles. Tremors and thrills running wild, his groin ablaze, his jewels tightening. The thrill of the nails being dragged up the insides of his legs, hands brushing against them and the tingles they were sending through to his mind, his shaft and nipples.

At the same time he feels the mattress around his head move. He feels the weight around him shifting. He feels a hand touch his head gently stroking his hair and forehead. Fingers lace viciously, entangled within his hair. A smell reaches him. His aching member reacts. His nipples harden even more. His head firmly gripped and pulled up slightly. His nose, mouth, face find themselves smothered by a mound so sweet and soft he nearly looses all control right there.

The feeling of soft flesh against his face, his tongue darts out licking, tasting and his lips start sucking the sweet flesh. Groaning no regard for the ache of his hair, being tugged as his head is moved this way and that. His mouth hungrily clamps onto that sweet musky flesh surrounding his face.

He feels a hand reach and squeeze between his legs while another clamps firmly around the shaft of his member. His mind racing from the juices flowing into his mouth and over his face, while at the same time he feels a warm, wet mouth clamp onto the top of his quivering member. His jewels squeezed and a hand plays up his shaft. His mouth like that of a starved street walker devouring a meal, sucks, licks and bites at the flesh above it. His face and chin dripping with her juices. His member throbs, engorged as it now feels two tongues lapping at it. Teeth dragging against the sides of his shaft send ripples along it. Nails scratching lightly down it. His sweet orbs teased, stroked and squeezed.

Suddenly the sides of his ribs sting as a whip hits them.

First one side then the other as a whip is flicked across them. Gasping, his body jerks at the sting of each lash of the whip. His nose rams into the mound over him with each stroke. His stiffened shaft sinking deeper into the mouths teasing it as the lash lands and his hips react. He cries out in shock, groans in delight. Again his sides are lashed, his body is in overdrive, and his senses are reeling. He is fighting for control. His body is convulsing within, every nerve trembling without, his maleness aching for the need for release. The feel of the hot wet mouths licking and sucking his shaft, set him aflame. The delicately soft hands he feels pumping him hard and fast. Sending his shaft deep within their mouth that so hotly envelope it. The feel of another hot mouth sucking his orbs deep within it reach his senses. Rolling them within her mouth he feels them react. Coating them hotly with their juices, they stir a quickening within his shaft. Sucking and dragging them back out of her mouth, he is lost to his emotions. His sides being lashed, his face christened with the nectar of the gods, his member devoured as are his jewels by devils with mouths and hands of angels.

The air around him is wild and electrifying. The sounds of the whip cracking against flesh, the breathing of the bodies around him increasing along with the tempo of the action. The tang of body odours and sex juices in his nostrils and on his tongue, all mixing with that of the scents and perfumes around him.

The whip now lashes wildly at his ribs, his nipples, his shoulders and his arms. His skin buzzing with the sting, the pain and thrill it sends racing through him. The reaction of his nipples, his manhood, his tightened orbs to all, as the sensations travel the length of his spine. His neck and back arching up instinctively in there primal need.

He can hear and feel the one above him reaching her peak. Her gem is rock hard and swollen. Her mound is dripping over him like a waterfall. The two lapping at this manhood he can hear panting. The juices from their mouths he feels dripping down his shaft. The breath of another, he suspects to be the one who was whipping him, deep controlled and heavy. His hands desperately fight against their bindings, longing to grab hold of the torso above him and drag it to him. To grab the two between his legs and make them do his bidding. He is desperate to thrust his aching member deep into their mouths. To rip the blindfold from his eyes and see the devilish delights which were driving him out of his mind was all he craved.

Raising his head and shoulders, his lips leaving the folds of the swollen mound above him, he cries out. Groaning and panting, as his pulsing shaft shoots hot sweet honey into the mouth of the sweet angels dining on it. He feels their mouths on him hot and frantic, licking, sucking, sharing his juices as his jewels tighten and release with each release. The sound of the angel above him crying out stirs him on as she lets her nectar flow over his face as her body climaxes. The feel of the woman whipping him faster, harder, while his orgasm and those around him unfolds, heightens the vibrations coursing through him. His manhood reacting like that of a primal animal out of control convulses in the mouths of those lapping at it like a popsicle. The air around him now loud with groans, moans, cries of pleasure and orgasmic delight. Panting and gasping, flesh lost to the exhilaration of the dance.

Exhausted, spent his body collapses back down onto the bed. His member softening, his jewels empty, both still twitching. His flesh burns, painful and marked, tingling where the whip has kissed it. His face sticky with honey, his nose blocked from the juices he has drowned in. His entire being lost to the heaven bestowed on it.

He feels the bodies move. Legs, hands, mouths leave him. Weights move on the bed around him. Footsteps click against floorboards around him, swishing noises of satin and nylon. The sound of a door opening and closing followed by total silence crashes against his ears.

Blindfolded, bound and spent he is alone again unable still to move or see. No longer wondering what is to befall him. He simply exists in the moment lost to his lustful banquet.

A door opens. A single set of foot steps is heard against the flooring as it makes its way to him. A hand brushes the side of his face, his nerves causing him to move closer to it. He feels his right wrist freed from the bindings, then his left, his breath still coming in shallow pants. A hand gently slides the blindfold from his eyes and lightly traces across his lips.

His eyes once more meet those of the vision that had walked into the room at the beginning of this adventure. She moves gracefully slow and unbinds his right leg then his left, lightly tracing the line of each foot. He sits up, giddy his senses return, his eyes following her every move. His breathing slowing as does his pulse, as his body regains some control. As the burning fires stirred and enflamed cool to embers before the presence of the goddess before him.

She stands at the end of the bed and looks at him smiling sweetly. Her eyes ablaze like a simmering volcano yet green like jade. The whip still held tightly within her hands, glistening with his blood. Her pheromones give away that which her body and eyes conceal. ‘Well sir, I hope you enjoyed your fantasy and that I blew your mind to the heavens above?’

Speechless he simply smiles and shudders in remembrance of the waves still racing within his body and mind. His eyes and maleness still smouldering and twitching reveal beyond a doubt, what she has stirred in him.

August 2018
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