mutual oral

This story is totally fictional but I hope it gives you ideas. I’m my own editor so any grammatical mistakes are my own. Please let me know what you think, I welcome all comments! –Sultry81


We’re sharing the couch watching a movie that’s forgettable. You’re on one end and I’m on the other. Our legs are twisted together in the middle. You catch my eye and wink and a flurry of heat floods my system. You’ve always been able to do this to me and I love it. You know what you’re doing and I know you love what it does to me. I text you a message, “I’m thinking of a number with 2 numbers. It’s a special number and everyone knows what this number means. Do you know what it is???” You pick up your phone and answer without looking at me. “I need a clue…” You need a clue! I’ve got your clue!

“I’m going to watch this in bed, it’s more comfortable.” How’s that for a clue!

“I’ll come with you.”

We turn off the T.V. and head to the back of the house turning off lights as we go.

I lay on my side of the bed and you lay on yours but we’re both at the opposite end of the bed near the T.V. The movie hasn’t gotten any better and we’re twisting our legs and feet together again. My phone beeps and it’s you “69? :-) ” You know why I wanted to come to bed but you’re trying to make me make the first move.


I slide over to you and not so gently roll you onto your back as I take off your shorts and shirt. You grin at me and I can’t decide if I want to kiss you or go to sleep frustrated!

Sex wins like always.

“Stay put while I take this stuff off!”

You stay where I left you while my extra long t-shirt and panties find the floor quickly. You notice that my nipples are peaked but you also notice that I’ve shaved myself. Your lips purse and you realize that I’ve planned something. You try to scoot closer and manage a foot or so before I again turn you to your back and silence you protests with a kiss and another question.

“Do you know the truth about 69?”

I leave you to ponder my question and launch my plan.

I begin slowly sucking your cock from the side because I want all of it, every sweet inch. I’m gently holding your balls in my one hand while drooling all over and pumping you with my other hand. Your stomach is flexing under my breasts as I lean over you.

I moan around your dick because it feels so good and you are rubbing my butt cheeks with your big hands.

“Nobody gets me hard like you do,” you say to me. I giggle and suck harder.

You mumble something about making me suffer a little bit and move my hips and legs over your chest so that you’re staring at what I’ve shaved. You can see it flexing as I suck on you. You hold my legs apart and stick the tip of your tongue on my clit. I groan around your dick and you squeeze my butt in response to the vibrations in my mouth. I can feel you smiling as you sweep your tongue from my clit to my pussy and then stick it inside of me real quick before you pull it out. My thighs shake and you enjoy trying to make me lose control. I can’t talk because my mouth is full but you know what I want. You tease me with a finger and I moan in waiting. You laugh and stick a finger in and cream drips out of me. I suddenly begin taking your cock deep in my throat and begin rolling your balls in my hands.

I back off of you and then slowly reach over and suck on one of the balls. You yell out loud. I lick all over the balls while pumping and twisting my hands over your dick and you tell me that you’re going to cum. You want to cum. You need to cum, and I stop to turn a little and look at you

Your face has one word written on it ‘Payback.’

So after I stopped you were pretty frustrated with me. You really wanted to punish me. I was giggling uncontrollably and suddenly you wrapped your lips around my clit and sucked while forcing 2 fingers inside of me.

I yelped and immediately clenched my muscles trapping your fingers in my tight pussy. I don’t know how they fit!

You were enjoying my reaction but wishing that your cock was inside of me feeling my kitty muscles squeeze and relax.

I moaned and groaned around your dick in my mouth and all of the extra stimulation had you growing even more. I could feel the vein on the underside of your dick pulse in my mouth.

You groan around my clit and it makes me realize how close I am to coming, so I know I have to win! I take the kitty out of your mouth and kneel between your legs to really get to work.

My hands and mouth attack your cock. You pinch your eyes shut and fall into the pleasure I’m giving you. You can hear the deep slurping sounds I’m making and lots of moaning but you don’t know if it’s me or you.

Both of my hands are twisting around you and your head is spinning. My big sweet tongue is molesting that special spot just under the head of your dick and my fingers are lightly grazing the boys. Your thighs are jumping and your breathing is harsh.

Your hands are balled into fists and your abs are drawn tight.

All you can do is groan because you know I’m going make you cum.

I take one hand and rub my kitty and use the moisture to rub and pluck your nipples while taking you deep. I know you love this. I’m ready to let you cum.

I pinch your nipple and lick your balls while you’re in my throat. It’s over. You can’t take it. You cum straight into my throat. You grab my hair and hold on for dear life. Your back is bent and your head is pushing into the bed while you keep my head in place and grunt and groan. I rub your chest and stomach as you slowly come down and release my hair.

I lick the tip after I swallowed your load and smiled the smile of champions while you try to regain your breath.

I win!

“My kitty still needs attention.” I whisper to you.

I’m waiting for you to give me my tongue bath. My clit pulses with my heartbeat beneath its hood as your fingers reach for it. My breathing increases and you look at me as a predator would view prey. You know I need to cum and if you don’t make it happen, I’ll do it myself.

You put your hands on my breasts and guide me to the bed and as I lay down your mouth trails from my neck down my belly to my clit. Your tongue traces around my little pearl. Your hot breath is making me squirm and moan. Your tongue takes over and devours me. It beats at me. Your lips suck at me.

I can feel the tingling start in my belly and toes. I knew it wouldn’t take long. I feel like I can’t breathe.

“Don’t stop baby! Don’t stop,” I say. “I’m gonna cum, don’t stop! PLEASE DON’T STOP!” You don’t answer me.

You put your hands on my inner thighs and push them open to get better contact. You flick your eyes up and I can see them smirking at me.

My hips can’t stop and my chest is heaving. My eyes close and my hands are grabbing my breasts! “You make me this way. You do this to me!” I scream, as I cum and you don’t stop. My legs lock straight and my back is arched. You don’t stop and you won’t let me down.

I’m light-headed but you keep eating at me and I keep coming. I’m trying to push your head away from me but you’ll have none of that and you won’t let me go. I’ve lost count of how many times you’ve made me cum. I need to breathe dammit! I’m crying and you’re still attacking my clit. I fall away from you looking for a respite and you laugh in triumph!

Victory is yours?

Fifteen minutes go by and we’re still in bed except now you’re on top of me with your arms under me and wrapped around my shoulders using your hold on me to thrust into me so hard that I have to close my eyes every time you do it because you’re pushing into me so hard and so deep and it feels so good!

I have my hands all over your back and am reaching for your butt when you start telling me how good I feel to you and I smile into your chest and cum so hard that I’m short of breath after shouting at the ceiling and squeezing you between my thighs.

We are sweating all over the place and our skin is sticky but it doesn’t matter because I’m about to come again and you’re covered in my juices anyway.

I whisper to you, “I want you to cum so you can feel as good as I feel when you make me cum.”

You tell me “I’m fighting it! I don’t want to cum yet!”

I don’t want you to fight it and reach between your thighs and roll the boys in my hand while I lick your nearest nipple.

That’s all it takes. You’re mine!

Your body locks up. You grunt and moan and feeling you inside of me makes me cum again. I cum so hard and squeeze you so tight that it feels like I’ll never let you go.

As I finally begin to calm down and relax, you kiss me on the forehead and we both drift to sleep still linked still with you inside of me. The last thing you hear is me answering the last question I asked you:

“Do you know the truth about 69?

It’s a race!”

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