mutual masturbation

Third Day of Li Su’s visit

Please read the first five chapters to get into this unfolding story!

Still recovering from their ‘afternoon delight’ they got in the car and started towards home. Li Su kicked off her shoes, folded her legs beneath her and caressed Kirk’s hand resting on the console. “You make me feel so special … so free to be myself! Thank you for being you!”

Kirk rested his hand on her thighs and commented “You’re a special lady that I really enjoy being with! But I was thinking …”

A sense of dread crept over Li Su when she heard these ominous words escape from his lips, expecting the worst she stiffened, “But what?”

After her interruption, he continued ” … But, I suspect I will like it even more as we spend more time together.”

Instantly relaxed, she began to giggle “I thought you were going to tell me that it … we were over after today!”

“Hardly! We’ve only just begun. I was also thinking that we should pick up some carryout on the way home so you don’t have to cook and we don’t have to get dressed again for dinner.” Kirk chuckled.

“I like the thought of eating naked and using each other as plates!” Li Su giggled. “However, now its my turn to say ‘But’ …”


“We need to call in our order and you need to go into the restaurant to pick it up.”

Shushing Kirk before he could ask why, she continued. “Your cum is leaking out of me and the back of my dress is wet!”

Kirk laughed understanding her predicament and dialed the restaurant. Li Su began ordering when she recognized the proprietor’s voice on the car’s speaker phone. They chatted in Chinese for longer than Kirk thought was necessary to just order a meal. Li Su, between giggles, spoke in almost conspiratorial tones. Kirk didn’t inquire about their chat when she hung up and decided to wait to see if he detected anything in the owner’s behavior when they arrived.

He pulled into the ten minute only carry out pick up lane and proceeded into the restaurant. Her eyes were riveted on his groin as the proprietor hurried in his direction. “Tell her I put the extra noodles on the side!” she smiled finally looking up into his eyes. “I already charged your credit card so you can hurry home and enjoy your evening with her – she polite, smart and pretty – good for you!”

Kirk returned to the car and handed the dinners to Li Su. “She said the extra noodles are in there.”

“Oh good!” Li Su smiled as he shifted the car into gear.

They shortly drove into the garage and headed for a much needed shower. They gently lathered each other’s bodies and exchanged soft kisses before rinsing off and stepping out of the shower.

“It feels good being here with you!” Li Su whispered as Kirk patted her body dry. “My turn!” she said as she took the towel and knelt. She gently, almost worshipfully patted his dark muscular body dry starting at his feet and working her way up. She rubbed her cheeks against his cock and murmured “My long, thick New Year’s gift makes me feel satisfied too – for the first time in my life!” She kissed the head of his cock softly before gently patting the rest of his body.

“Let’s go out to the pool and relax.” Kirk suggested.

“Great idea! We can talk and rest.” Li Su said as she slipped into the beltless thigh length robe she had started to wear earlier. “I can put this on now that I’ve finished my presentation.” Saying nothing more, she slid her feet into some wedged sandals, stuck her oversized Maui Jim sunglasses on the top of her head and swayed towards the pool.

Kirk watched as she glided gracefully towards the door and reflected on his good fortune – “She’s good for the ‘ol bod and business too!” he thought and slipped on a silk robe. “Better grab some sunscreen for her” he mused and grabbed a bottle before joining her poolside. By the time he caught up to her she’d doffed her sandals, discarded her robe and lay back on a chaise lounge. Her feet were flat on the cushions with her legs spread giving his eyes and hands unfettered access.

He knelt between her legs, warmed some lotion by rubbing it between his palms and gently spread the liquid from her ankles up her slender calves and swirled it onto her inner thighs. “Don’t want you to get sunburned gorgeous!”

“There you go again! You seem to know just what to do to make me feel special. What can I do for you?”

“You can turn over baby so I can cover every inch of your sexy body.” Kirk whispered as he swirled scented lotion over her shoulders and hard nippled breasts. Li Su complied and sighed deeply as he coated her back, taut ass and long firm legs.

“Hope you’ll let me return the favor.”

“That might be dangerous!” Kirk chuckled.

“It could be but I don’t want you to get my thick gift burned!” She suddenly sprang up, squeezed a large dollop of sunscreen into her palm and covered Kirk head to toe as he stood. She murmured “Nice!” as she inspected her handiwork and the glistening black body before her. She resumed her perch on the lounger as Kirk started to settle onto the one directly in front of hers.

“No!” Li Su pleaded “snuggle with me on this one – please.” Kirk threw his robe aside as she made room for him to lie beside her. As he lay back, she rested her head on his chest and molded her body to his.

For the next few hours they languished chatting idly and napping interrupted only by a quick dash inside for a pitcher of vodka spiced lemonade. Li Su perked up only when her mother’s or her soon-to-be ex’s names were mentioned. She was intense in her desire to help her mother be happy and seethed with resentment, even hate towards her hubby. Only Kirk’s reminder about needing to wrap her mother’s birthday gift seemed to lift her spirits.

“I can hardly wait for her to get here so I can give it to her!” The smile returning to her voice as Li Su smiled and wriggled against him. Kirk felt the moisture of the perspiration in the small of her back against his groin as she snuggled closer.

“You’re really looking forward to her arrival aren’t you?”

“Oh yes and if things work out like I hope she won’t have to leave again! And maybe one day she’ll feel like you have made me feel.”

“And how do you feel, Li Su?”

“Content! You make me feel like it’s OK to be me and accept myself for who I am. Without even trying you made me trust you.”

He slid one of his strong hands along her slender, moist hip and pulled her even closer leaving no space between them. “That’s the way friends and lovers should feel baby” he whispered into her ear.

“To be honest” Li Su whispered “all I expected at first was a good hard fuck to distract me from all the drama in my life. But you’ve given me so much more than that. Don’t get me wrong, I really, REALLY love having sex with you – making love and fucking our brains out. But the feeling of contentment I have now is so very special to me. Thank you for that!”

“Don’t start getting too mushy” Kirk chuckled “but I’m glad that you feel good.”

“I’m starting to feel something else too and it’s anything but mushy!”

“What’s that?”

“I feel your big black cock getting hard and pressing against my ass!” she giggled. Scooting upward on the chaise, she lifted a leg and reached between them. She wrapped her slender hand around his hardening cock and pulled it against her moist nether lips. “I enjoy the sensation of your hardness pressing against me and knowing that its all mine – for now at least.”

“Don’t get too far ahead of yourself. Why not just stay in the present and keep your promise from earlier.”

“What promise?”

“That I could use you for a dinner plate and eat off your gorgeous body.”

“Oh that! Are you getting hungry?”

“Yes – for a little food and a lot of you!”

“It sounds like you read my mind. Maybe we should rinse off our ‘body plates’ by taking a swim?”

Kirk pulled away from her body, his cock escaping from her swollen lips, and felt a surge of cool air as he did. He slid further back, swung his feet to the deck and stood over her. Li Su sighed, stretched her legs and stood very close brushing his cock as she did.

“I’m going to enjoy eating off this!” she smiled down at his slightly hardening cock. “I can eat a lot of meat, get plenty of creamy protein and not worry about the calories. With that quip she turned, trotted to poolside with her full breasts jiggling with each step and dove it.

Kirk marveled at her agile movements as he trotted behind her and joined her in the deep end. She spun and began swimming away, her arms churning and legs kicking. “I’ll race you to see who gets eaten first!” Given her head start it was clear that she was going to be the plate first. Although Kirk swam quickly and made up some distance, Li Su touched the deck first. “What’s wrong did that big dick of yours slow you down?”

Kirk chuckled as he swam up behind her, wrapped his strong arms around her tiny waist and said “It might have slowed me down swimming but I bet it speeds up your heart rate!” Gripping her waist he easily lifted her to the poolside deck and quickly joined her. They patted each other dry before he lightly slapped her ass, handed her two huge fluffy towels and gave her table setting instructions.

“Now off to the bedroom you go while I get the food. Arrange these on the floor and lie down. I want your legs spread, your arms resting at your sides and your eyes closed – No peeking!” Li Su smiled in anticipation and walked towards the bedroom’s sliding glass door. “Don’t keep me waiting too long!”

Kirk went into the kitchen, removed a large serving platter from a cabinet and began arranging the food on small saucers. He popped the items that needed to be warmed into the microwave, uncorked a split of champagne and nestled it into an ice bucket, retrieved two glasses, arranged everything on the large platter and made his way to the bedroom.

He paused at the door as he looked down on Li Su. She’d followed his instructions and was lying on her back. Her long hair was splayed on the towel, her arms were extended slightly from her sides with her hands slightly cupped. Her eyes were closed and her legs spread but one was bent at the knee with her foot resting flat on the floor.

Kirk paused and took in the sight of her lithe body. Her full breasts rose and fell as she breathed softly. Her nipples were hard and almost beet red as they pointed to the ceiling. Even from the door Kirk could see that her body was covered with anticipatory goose bumps. Just as he was about to approach her side he noticed a slight movement. Her hands were flexing open and closed slightly in synch with her bent leg which was swaying back and forth as she opened, then closed her legs with a slight rotation of her hips on the fluffy towel.

“She’s anxious for my arrival” he mused as he padded softly to her side and knelt to deposit the full tray on the floor beside her. The slight tinkle of the glasses brushing against each other signaled his arrival. She lowered her bent leg, spread her legs wider and spoke softly – “I was hoping you’d get here soon. I am getting so wet! Can I open my eyes now?”

“No gorgeous, keep them shut – just open your legs a bit more so I can start to eat.”

As he knelt between her spread legs, it was clear that she was not exaggerating about being wet. Her swollen nether lips and inner thighs were already shiny from the flow of her thick cream.

“Thanks for providing the appetizer” he said as he lowered his head between her legs and lapping up her secretions.

“No don’t or you’ll make me cum!” she uttered as she squirmed beneath his touch.

“I plan to – but not now” he replied as he quickly lapped the last of her juices and began planting soft kisses on her prone body. Following each kiss, he replaced his lips with a morsel of food.

His tongue traced the outline of her shaven pubes only to be replaced with a noddle using the chopsticks he now held. He kissed the length of her left arm before stretching it above her head and placing a small cheese crab ball into her palm. He repeated the motion on her right arm and hand.

A tiny bead of perspiration shone on her upper lip as he kissed a path across her collarbones before covering them with noodles. He then dipped the chopsticks into the container of red cocktail sauce before tracing a red swirl around each nipple. She inhaled sharply at his next movement – slightly pinching and lifting her diamond hard nipples one after the other with the bamboo utensils.

“If you do that again and pinch them harder, I’ll cum!”

Kirk quickly pinched each of them harder with the chopsticks but very quickly released them as she thrust her hips upward – his movement too brief to set her off.

She complained “Stop teasing me!”

Just as she settled and relaxed slightly, he placed a jumbo shrimp around each distended nipple. The chilled seafood coupled with the spicy cocktail sauce caused her to utter with labored breath – “Oooh that’s hot and cold at the same time!”

Kirk chuckled, shuffled backward until his lips were just above her navel. The touch of his warm thick tongue caused an extended moan to escape from her throat.

“This will feel a bit cold but brace yourself and lie completely still” he commanded.

“OK” she agreed followed by a sharp “OUCH!” as he poured the first dribble of champagne into her navel.

“Lie still and don’t spill my drink!” Kirk intoned as he dipped his tongue into her navel supping the bubbling nectar. Her initial flinch had caused some of his drink to spill and run down onto her pubic hair which he quickly lapped up.

After filling and refilling her navel cup several times, Kirk began his dinner in earnest. He began by slowly slurping the noodles from each collar bone, then retracing the path with the tip of his tongue before sliding his broad flat tongue back and forth until he was sure no remnants of the noodle remained. As he finished the left collar bone, she anticipated a repeat performance on the right. Instead, he slid his warm tongue downward and circled her full breast in a narrowing spiral until he almost reached the plump shrimp surrounding her engorged nipple. Only then did he shift his attention to her right side. After partaking of the noodle he slid down to her breast and, as he slurped the cocktail sauce, he retrieved the chopsticks from the tray.

He first nibbled the flesh between his teeth alternately biting small chunks of the tasty prawn and transmitting a sexy signal to her now gushing pussy by scraping his teeth on her nipple. She groaned, thrust her hips upward to him. “Go ahead, bite it hard and make me cum!” Instead he abandoned the morsel and kissed his way across her tit, moved up to her shoulder while leaving a wet trail up her now trembling arm to retrieve the cheese crab from her hand. In her excitement she had squeezed the once round hors d’oeuvre into a flat miniature pancake. He lavished attention on her now open palm until every trace was removed before returning to her nipple and retrieving the remainder of the partially eaten shrimp.

“Oh!” she gasped as he moved to her other palm ate its pancake before turning his attention to the other collarbone and the remaining shrimp. After nibbling it while scraping his teeth against her nipple, he quickly consumed the rest of the seafood flesh. With his mouth surrounding as much of her tit as possible, he bit her on one nipple with more force than before and clamped the chopsticks tightly on the other.

“Oh shit! OH SHIT” she gasped “I’m coming … I’m cummmming!”

It was all Kirk could do to maintain his teeth/chopstick grip on her nipples as she thrashed violently. She moaned, tightly gripped the back of his head and ground her hips against his face.

“Fuck me now Kirk!” she pleaded “Don’t make me wait for your big fat cock!”

As she slowly recovered from her explosive orgasm, Kirk slid down between her legs and slurped up the noodles from her pubic hair before drinking her flowing nectar again. He then brushed her prominent clit with his teeth before rolling over onto his back.

“Your turn to eat now baby!” he crooned in his deep baritone voice.

Li Su was trembling with excitement and needed no more invitation. She immediately scrambled to her knees. She took the chopsticks from his hand, deftly lifted one noodle after another and wrapped them around his long cock which was pointing straight up to the ceiling. With precise swirls of her wrist, she quickly covered the object of her passion and with no hesitation began hungrily wolfing down the noodles. As quickly as she swallowed the remnants of the last noodle she began kissing and licking his dick from one end to the other. Then, seemingly unwilling to wait any longer she straddled him placed one slender hand on his chest and encircled his cock with the other.

Positioning his cock as she wanted, she rammed her hips downward impaling herself of his black length. “Why did you make me wait?” she hissed as she banged up and down on him “Why did you tease me?”

Intent on getting revenge and her delayed orgasm she slammed herself onto him with surprising force until an ear splitting scream escaped from her snarled lips. “OH FUCK … OH YES … OH FUCK YES!” she exclaimed and began to slump forward.

Taking this as his cue, Kirk quickly rolled her onto her back without withdrawing from her depths. He pulled her slender legs up and draped them over his broad shoulders until she was folded like a pretzel. Intent on filling her pussy with man milk, he began ramming into her. A grunt escaped her lips in synch with his bottoming out in her sopping wet orifice. As he pounded her he could hear wet squishing sounds from her pussy.

Looking down he saw the pink rosebud of her ass winking open and closed with each powerful thrust. “I’m gonna take her ass too!” he thought. He strained to reach the bottle of red oil on the tray as he pumped. He removed it with his teeth and dribbled the warm fluid onto his cock and her inviting ass.

Hardly missing a stroke, he withdrew his meat from her pussy, positioned the head at her winking back door and began to slowly penetrate her. She grunted “Ouch! That hurts! But don’t stop – pump it all the way in me!” Not wanting to hurt her but yielding to her plea (and his own need to cum) he slammed his thick cock into her ass.

“Ummmph!” she hissed and slid one hand between their loins and started frigging herself with abandon. Feeling a roiling in his loins Kirk slammed into her with powerful thrusts ramming a last deep one in her back door as she erupted. Her face and chest flushed beet red, her mouth flew open but made no sound and her eyes watered. As she felt his powerful eruption deep in her bowels, she went completely limp. With each spurt of his cream into her back door, she called his name.

“Kirk! Oh Kirk! Kirk you are the best! Oh you fuck me so gooood!”

He continued spraying her with semen until, having drained his balls, Kirk began to slowly withdraw.

“Leave it in me!” she pleaded “Stay deep in my ass for a while!”

He complied and after what seemed to be an eternity, he felt his cock soften and make a loud plop as it escaped from her distended opening. Still breathing heavily, she looked up at him and cooed “You’re the best, I’m sore as hell but have never felt so good!”

“If we can stand up, we’d better take a shower” he offered.

“I may have to crawl!” she giggled. Instead he lifted her and walked into the oversized shower stall.

“Let’s hurry and wash Kirk! I want to sleep in your arms.”

Within minutes they were nestled spoon fashioned and drifted into a deep sleep.

Kirk awakened to a distant buzzing that he couldn’t immediately identify so he rolled over to resume sleeping. Just as he dozed off, the buzzing started again this time slightly louder.

“I know I didn’t set the alarm so what the hell is that?” he thought hazily. His slight movement awakened Li Su who recognized the sound and sat bolt upright.

After taking her shower, Jessica decided to walk around the neighborhood and, for the first time during her schooling, enjoy the outdoors. As she walked down the road from the campus, she spotted him with some of his friends at the local coffee house. She was contemplating whether or not to walk up and talk to him or to just leave and wait till later to talk to him. Before she made a decision, she saw him and his friends get up, leave a tip at the table for the waitress, and start walking towards her. She was so nervous about meeting him in front of other people that she decided to wait until later and hoped that he didn’t see her as she walked past his oncoming group. Unfortunately, he did catch her trying to be unnoticed and smiled at what he could only describe as a nervous panic written on her face.

“Hey, Jessica,” he said with a gentle smile. He didn’t want to cause her any unnecessary grief or embarrassment.

“Oh, hey there,” she replied kind of nervously, “what are you up to?”

“Just came back from the coffee shop and we were heading back to the dorms to play some games then do some studying for chemistry… Apparently we ALL need help,” he chortled, “Would you like to join us?”

“Oh, no thanks,” she replied as if the mere thought of being invited was out of the question, “How about I help you clean up that English paper of yours? If I remember correctly, it’s overdue, right?” she asked. Again he smiled knowing full well that she just wanted to talk to him privately, or at least be alone with him.

“Hehe, yeah, it is,” he replied, “Okay, I’ll meet you at about 4:00 then? I’ll skip the poker game and finish studying with these guys. Meet me in room 310 at the library, okay?”

She was, for some reason, so inexplicably happy that he wanted to be with her and her alone while they would be studying. With this she instantly agreed, said her good-byes and then started walking a little quicker with an almost unnoticeable bounce in her step as if she wanted to skip down the sidewalk. She headed to the outdoor mall that the coffeehouse was on the end of. She stayed there until 3:00 then went back to her dorm, all the while thinking about what might happen and what could happen and what she wanted to happen. She took a hot shower, feeling sexier than she ever had before so she rubbed herself until she forced herself to stop so she could meet him on time. She got dressed in a simple black T-shirt that showed her beautiful curves with a flowing white knee-high skirt. She brought along a white sweater just in case it got cold in the evening. She grabbed her purse and her backpack, which were ready to go the moment she came back to her dorm from the outdoor mall and headed for the library. When she arrived at the lobby, she saw him standing at the third floor glass window staring out into space waiting for her. She smiled to herself and quickly walked to the elevator. Her fingers were twitching with excitement so she pushed the button for the third floor extra hard, taking a joyous sensation that she was getting closer to him. As the bell inside the cool elevator dinged, the doors opened with a terrible rumbling noise, as they were very old. She was so intent on getting to that study room that she almost didn’t notice him standing to the side of the elevator where he waited for her to come up.

“Whoa there,” he exclaimed, surprised that she almost hit him because she was so oblivious.

“Where are you headed in such a hurry,” he asked with a quiet smile creeping across his face.

She sighed and ran into him holding him tightly. “I hate you for making me feel so dependent on you all of a sudden, but I have to thank you for the pleasure you’ve given, too. But,” she cleared her throat and started in her business-like tone as she let go of him, backed off, and pushed her hair behind her ears, “Lets finish working on your paper.”

He gave a quiet laugh that made her look at him funny for a second.

“I uh, I finished the paper before I ran into you at the coffee shop,” he said. “My friends and I were having a discussion as to whether I was as clear and succinct as I like to be in getting my point across. You can read it if you want but I finished it already.”

For a second, Alex thought he saw a glimpse of disappointment flash across her face but decided not to say anything.

“Shall I escort you to our study room?” he asked politely.

“Yeah, sure,” she responded.

He offered his arm to her, but she kindly refused. “There are still people here that I know,” she said quietly as if they could hear her.

“Fair enough,” he said, understanding that she wanted to maintain her reputation. And without another word they went to the study room that was farthest from any disturbances.

As soon as they walked into the study room, Alex lowered the blinds and quietly thanked whoever bought them that they went all the way to the floor. The room wasn’t really that big, yet it still had three creaky wooden chairs that were as old as the school, a recently-oiled wooden table that seemed to be the same age as the chairs, a new two-seat couch that the school bought at the beginning of the semester. It was enough room to fit five people in the room comfortably. What was really neat about this room was that one could dim the lights instead of just turning them off and that is exactly what he did. He lowered them enough to be able to see but not much brighter than that. Meanwhile, Jessica had set her sweatshirt, purse and backpack in one of the farther corners of the room, out of the way and sat down in one of the chairs as she waited for Alex to finish setting up the room for a little privacy. He just finished when he pulled out a piece of cardboard.

“For the finishing touch,” he laughed.

The piece of cardboard had a piece of paper glued on one side that said ‘Do Not Disturb. Testing In Progress.’ He taped the sign up then sat at the opposite end of the circular wooden table as her.

“Sleep,” he said.

Immediately, her head dropped to her chest. He sat there for a minute or two, just watching her chest rise and fall with each breath. God, she looks so beautiful, he thought. He got up, and picked her up and moved her to the couch where she could lay down. He set her down gently and stared at her until he reached out a few fingers to brush the hair that had fallen in her face.

“Wake up.”

Immediately she opened her eyes and tried to sit up on the couch but he stopped her by putting his hand on her left shoulder and gently began applying pressure, not to force her but to guide her back to the couch before she sat all the way up.

“No, no, stay laying down, it helps keep you relaxed,” he told her soothingly, “There you go nice and quiet.”

“Ok, ok,” she said, slowly removing his hand from her shoulder not because it was uncomfortable but because she didn’t trust herself to not let his hands roam all over her body at that particular point in time.

“How are you feeling,” he asked.

“I’m feeling kind of excited, but at the same time, kind of afraid,” she replied.

He puzzled over this for a few seconds as he heard a quiet moan escape her lips. The trigger’s still working, he thought, give it a little more time; I’ll reduce the strength of the trigger as she is further programmed. He knew what the consequences were if he gave even one suggestion that would have adversely affected her.

“Why are you scared? What are you afraid of,” he asked.

“You,” she said very plainly after trying to resist the small burst of pleasure that spread throughout her already tingling body. “I know you changed me, ever since you helped me with my homework. I love the way you have made me feel about my own sexuality, and just the way you’ve made me feel so much pleasure. But you scare me when I have no control over what you are doing to me. I know you haven’t done anything seriously wrong, you’ve probably touched me, but still the fact that the possibility remains that you could force me to do something that I otherwise wouldn’t do frightens me.”

He sat back watching her as she told him this and pondered what to say back to her that would make her feel at ease that he only means the best for her. Why did he hypnotize her in the first place? Was it only because she was a bitch that needed her attitude changed? Or was there something deeper in what he might’ve seen? Could he just say it was fate that threw them together and he wanted to watch and see what would happen? He really did like her. Was he the one for her? Was she the one for him? Thoughts flew around his head at lightning fast speeds as he tried to think of something to say.

Putting stress on each word knowing the symbolic weight they carry, he asked her, “Do you think we could be together and stay together based on more than just a sexual relationship? Is that within the realm of possibility in your mind?”

She looked at him for a moment with a tear forming in her eye, knowing full well that once she told him the truth, she would feel an intense burst of pleasure while he would feel disappointed. She didn’t want to tell him the truth but she knew the consequences wouldn’t go away if she lied.

“It is possible, but it’s not likely,” she said, arching her back because of the electric feeling that went straight to her wet pussy. “I have someone that I’m waiting for, and they’re waiting for me. Truly, I’m sorry…”

In that instant, he cut her off with a kiss. At first she tried to resist, but her arms went numb with every attempt to stop him. There was no motivation for pushing him away. He broke the kiss and backed up for a moment looking at her with a pained calm etched in his face. Then, smiling at her, he leaned in for a gentle kiss, which she returned in earnest grabbing a lock of hair and keeping his lips glued to hers. They kept their lips together for what seemed to be an eternity, erasing all the tension that had just built up in their discussion until she let go of him. He came back up and opened his eyes and looked back at her, marveling at the warm, blue eyes that just opened, the soft luscious lips that had gently opened and let in a breath of air, the now rosy red cheeks that were so soft that Alex felt were delicate to the touch, the dirty blonde strand that fell in her face.

“I promise you will be aware of everything that happens to you from now on. I will love you until you go to whoever is waiting for you,” he said quietly.

She tried to sit up.

“But what about you? Are you going to try to love me even though I won’t feel the same about you? What’ll happen when I’m with him? You’ll be hurt,” she argued.

“I’ll survive,” he said, “besides, I discovered that all I want for you is happiness, and if that is found with another man, then why should I object?”

“You promise you’ll be okay when that happens?” “I promise that you won’t have to worry about me when that happens.”

“Okay. Kiss me again please.”

“My pleasure.”

As he leaned forward to kiss her, he moved from the chair that was facing her to the couch and put his left knee between her legs as they tongue wrestled. She felt his hands move up and down her back and got a tingle running up and down her spine giving her goose bumps. She reached her hands around until they were moving down to his waist where she grabbed a handful of his shirt and pulled it up around his shoulders. He broke the kiss and helped her take his shirt off and dropped it next to the couch. He bent back down to kiss her before unsnapping her bra through her shirt. She looked at him for a second as if to say ‘not bad’ then helped him in taking her own shirt off, which she dropped on top of his shirt. She teased him a little with her bra, showing a little then covering herself again until he pulled at the bra, pulled it out of her grasp, and dropped it on top of her shirt. She giggled to herself as she shook her tits inviting him to play with them. He wasted no time and buried himself in her valley which he found out was quite ticklish when he tongued her. He kissed the inside of her right breast slowly kissing his way up to the nipple which was already a hard nub. Once he reached her nipple, he circled it with his tongue before sucking it into his mouth. Meanwhile his left hand found the other tit and was alternatively mauling it before focusing on the nipple and pinching it, first soft then hard then twisting it one way then the other before flattening it against the breast then pinching it again to make it stand at attention. She on the other hand could do almost nothing but stifle her moans and push his head further into her right tit wanting him to suck it harder. For a second, he couldn’t breathe so, as gently as he could, he bit her nipple until she yelped and drew back so he could get a breath.

This didn’t last long because as soon he got a breath, she pulled him towards the other tit and said, “Bite this one, too.”

He did as was commanded of him and continued to suck more and more tit into this mouth and every once in a while, he nibbled her nipple until she almost screamed in ecstasy. She almost came just by the stimulation of her tits and she would’ve gone over the edge if he hadn’t stopped to catch a few more breaths. She started hyperventilating, waiting for more, until he kissed her lips and felt her mound. With one hand, she was tugging at her own nipple while the other hand was pulling up her skirt and moving her panties aside so he could get easier access to her already sopping wet pussy. He used one finger and started finger fucking when he realized she was so slippery he could add another finger. On top of the moaning she was already doing, an extra finger made her that much closer to coming. When he realized how wet she still was, he tried to add another finger but it was too tight so he kept fucking her with two fingers. She, on the other hand, had her eyes shut tight and was biting her lower lip while still playing with her tits, mashing them together, and then pulling on the nipples making them nice and long then trying to suck them into her own mouth before twisting them harder than Alex did. Slowly, both pain and pleasure started to feel the same to her and he noticed her abusing her tits till they were bright red. To her dismay, he stopped fingering her and pulled off her skirt and panties and dropped them on the growing clothes pile. She sat up and kneeled on the floor, and following his lead, tried to take off his belt, but with the amount of stimulation she had received, she was all thumbs. He helped her undo his belt and the buttons but she managed to get the zipper down and his pants around his ankles in no time. What hit her in the face was an already hard cock that was spring loaded when she pulled his pants down. They both laughed about that for a second before she looked at it and stuck her tongue out to taste it. Hmm, she thought, doesn’t taste as bad as I thought. She decided to put more of it in her mouth when she heard Alex giving tips on how to use her mouth on his member.

“Try your best to not bite that often… swirl your tongue around the head… time your breathing..,” he suggested.

She didn’t respond but nodded her head and went back to giving him an incredible blowjob considering it was her first time giving head. She felt his cock pulsate in her mouth as she tried to go deeper and swallow it. Meanwhile her other hand was at her pussy fingering herself madly trying to come, and it was working. She moaned with him in her mouth and the vibrations just drove him crazy. He was finding it difficult resisting the temptation to shove her head further on his dick, but he managed to keep one hand on her tit and the other on her shoulder just in case she accidently bit him. They both knew that the other wasn’t very far off so Alex pulled out of her mouth and laid down on the couch jacking himself off. She was about to help when he shook his head.

“I’m going to ask some basic questions,” he said with a grin.

She was about to ask why now, but then she got the idea quickly and sat down fingering herself to a frenzy.

“Is your name Jessica,” he asked.

“Yes,” she moaned.

“Is your last name Rivers?”

“Yes,” she moaned again, her whole body twitching in response.

“Do you go to school near here?”


She arched her back, her breasts jutting out into the cool air hardening her nipples.

“Do you live on campus?”


He quickly picked her up and flipped her upside-down so that his cock was in her face and her dripping snatch was mere millimeters from his face. She immediately started sucking his cock and he started licking her slit in between questions.

“Are you enjoying this?”

“Yesh! Yesh! Yesh!” she yelled as she was almost gagging herself on his dick.

“Do you want to come?”


“Okay… Cum!” he said.

After that, a renewed vigor overtook him and he licked that clit back and forth so fast he might as well have been using a vibrator. This took her over the top as she practically shoved his cock down her throat while uttering a gurgling moan for almost a full minute until he came. Load after load after load of cum spewed from his cock. He couldn’t believe how hard she made him come. She even swallowed most of it. As he took a few breaths, he realized she wasn’t moving. He moved himself from between her legs and rolled her over on the couch to check for a rising and falling chest and a pulse. She had come so hard that she passed out. He laughed silently at this and looked at her now compared to, he looked at the clock, TWO HOURS AGO?!? Oh wow, we’ve been at this for awhile now, he thought, let’s get cleaned up. He quickly put on his clothes and was going to help clean her up and get dressed when he stopped for a second. He pondered the idea, then pulled out his phone and took a picture of her with her eyes closed, cum drooling form the side of her mouth, her tits still firm with hard little nipples, and a recently shaved pussy. SNAP! went the picture, saved on his phone and sent to his email. The safest place he could think of to store things this beautiful in nature.

After he put his phone away, he picked up her panties, gave them a sniff as if remembering that beautiful scent, then slowly moving them up her legs until they looked like they fit right. Next was the bra, which he had little difficulty in putting back on after kissing her voluptuous breasts one more time. He then put her pants back on then as gently as he could, he put her shirt on. Because it was dark outside, he knew it was going to be cold thanks to the radio meteorologist’s report, so he decided to put her sweatshirt on her. By the time the room was tidied up, it was almost 7:45. He decided that it would be good to take her home and get some sleep himself, because he had class in the morning. Sigh, he thought, I hope we get to know more about each other more than just our sexual preferences. And so, he picked up her backpack and purse along with his own and had her lean on his shoulder. They disappeared into the cool night, him supporting her the whole way.

It had been a tough year for my business. Every time we thought we had hit bottom, some new twist would put more pressure on us, forcing round after round of layoffs until I finally closed the office and began working from home. I felt terrible about losing the friends and colleagues I had developed over the years and it was frankly depressing.

Working from home wasn’t all bad though. There is a lot to be said for the freedom a one man shop offers.

During one of the many quiet moments I had early in December I wrote a quick note to many of my former colleagues wishing everyone a happy holidays and a prosperous new year.

Moments after I had sent the emails out, I received a reply from our former CFO Mary.

Mary was one of several women in our office but she was the one that I caught myself fantasizing about most often. She was tall and slim with piercing blue eyes and long brown hair that glowed with an amazing red fire when the sunlight hit it.

Being the CFO she was very conservative in manner and dress; which added to my fantasy about what she looked like underneath the sweaters which she routinely wore almost as a uniform. Occasionally she’d leave the top button undone giving me a glimpse into that secret world leading down between her breasts.

On the rare occasions Mary would have a glass of wine after work, she’d smile and laugh in a way that lit up the room, but all too soon she’d catch herself and before long she’d head home to her husband who I’d only met once, and wasn’t very impressed with.

Alas, workplace propriety and the fact that she was married kept me from ever pursuing her any further than masturbation fantasies.

At first I didn’t recognize the name when her response came in. The name read Mary Stone. I remembered that Stone was Mary’s maiden name. I thought ‘wow, I guess things have changed in the last six months’.

I opened the email and it read: I was just thinking about you the other day! Hope you are doing well too! -Mary

I quickly shot back an email saying that ‘I hoped she was thinking good thoughts’, almost immediately she replied ‘Always…’

I tried to get some work done but it was no use. The old fantasies had crowded out any room for work, so I crafted an email re-writing it over and over. I felt like Shakespeare working on a sonnet, but my masterpiece ended up reading, simply: ‘Would you like to go to lunch and catch up some time?’

Not quite D. H. Lawrence, I know.

The reply came quickly. ‘I’m free today’. Four syllables that were as sweet to me, as any line transmitted via Ethernet.

Two hours later I walked into the restaurant we used to take clients to. I had shaved (first time in days) and put on a suit (first time in months) and was feeling pretty good.

There she was. Standing by the hostess station smiling. The red in her hair blazed, and her eyes dragged me in. She was wearing her usual sweater with a green and red Christmas vib, however this sweater was much tighter than any I had remembered. Her cleavage was clearly visible forced up by a push up bra that I could just see a hint of.

“Hi, wow.” I stammered.

“Hi, you look great.” Mary replied.

We had an awkward handshake/hug that felt pretty good in spite of its clumsy execution.

We sat at a table and smiled at each other for a moment, I was afraid to break the spell, and she seemed happy to enjoy the anticipation. The spell was broken, not by me but by the server as she asked us for our drink order. I was caught off guard and was happy to let Mary order first.

She said, “I think… I’d like a glass of champagne, the Roerder.”

The server turned to me and I said “Why don’t we share a bottle?”

“Why not? A bottle it is.” Mary agreed.

We spent the next few minutes quickly recapping the last few depressing months. I told her how bad I felt about the company failure, and she told me about walking in on her husband with his assistant.

Her story though rather than depressing was liberating. Like the song says, she let herself go… to Hawaii. She spent time doing things for herself.

We shared the champagne as she told me stories of her adventures and as the champagne disappeared the stories became more intimate.

Mary told me that before she had married she had only had three lovers, and in the last five months she has had six. One of them she confided was a true one night stand, a man she had met in the bar across the street; she had even had to perform the walk of shame the next morning.

As she spoke she’d lean close to half whisper and her breasts would be shoved together and towards me. I could feel my temperature rise, and I could feel my cock take notice.

She went on to tell me how she felt like a new person. She felt comfortable with herself and for the first time in a long time she was really happy. She was exploring in a way she hadn’t since she was a teen.

When she finished she stared at me and smiled, studying my face, still leaning across the table, still pressing her amazing breasts together.

I leaned across the table and kissed her.

I think she was surprised, but only for a moment. Her lips melted into mine and the kiss went from contact to passionate in moments flat.

I paid the bill (I think) and in moments we were opening the door to her apartment. We stepped inside and as soon as we did she turned on me and stepped close, I fell back against the door forcing it shut with a bang. We stood there kissing and hugging. Our lips pressed against each other exploring and probing. I touched her lips with my tongue and they parted. I tasted her lips; the hint of champagne and of her warmth invited me deeper. Her tongue teased mine for a moment then attacked. We tasted each other and she forced her tongue deep into my mouth I held her face against mine and I felt her hands on my chest.

She broke the kiss and began to push away. I was still leaning against the door and as she turned away from me I grabbed her hips and pulled her back against me. She let out a surprised ‘ooh’ as her amazing ass came into contact with my crotch. I held her hips there against me pulling them against my raging hard on. She leaned forward, arching her back and began to grind her ass against me. Her hips moved in powerful circles then up and down.

“Do you like that?” She said looking back to me.

“Yes, it’s incredible, God don’t stop.” I replied.

She said “I went to a strip club and I saw what the girls there would do. It was a total fucking turn on.”

As she said that she bounced against me.

To hear her say ‘fuck’ was too much. I had never heard her swear before. My hands roamed over her back. I took a handful of her long brown hair and pulled. It caused her back to arch further and increased the pressure on my groin.

“Yes” she hissed “I love that.”

I pulled her hair harder, bending her towards me. I let my free hand run over her hip and her side then over the magically soft sweater to her chest. I felt the base of her tit and the hardware of her bra, and then I felt up and over, exploring the mysterious shape of the chest I had fantasized about so often.

She kept grinding as though music were playing and I kept exploring every inch of her chest.

“Come on.” She said. I need to fuck you so bad.

This time I let her break contact, although she grabbed my hand and dragged me to the bedroom.

She stood by the bed and began to pull her sweater off. She stopped half way and stared at me.

“Well” she said expectantly.

I got her meaning and dropped my coat and began stripping as she revealed more and more to me. The sweater removed, revealed a beautiful porcelain skin tone, unmarred by ink, only a few beauty marks here and there.

Next came the skirt, button, zip, drop, revealing sexy black panties that disappeared between her large firm ass cheeks.

She was impatient and I was falling behind. She stepped close and unclasped my belt and undid the button. She tugged my pants down kneeling as she pushed them down. I stepped free of them as she took hold of my boxers. She pulled them down, slowly at first sliding the fabric over my stiff erection. She pulled and my cock sprung free bobbing lustily before her as she pushed my boxers to the floor.

She looked up at me with a smile. “I like it” she said.

Then Mary took my cock in her hand, stroking it and running her fingers over it. She raked her nails gently down the shaft and over my balls, then stopped and cupped them squeezing gently. She heard my moan and looked up.

“I never used to take the time to explore cock, now I love it.”

I said “Then by all means, explore.” and I put my hand against her head and pressed her close. She pointed my cockhead to her mouth and took me to her lips. I stopped pressing so that she could tease the head with her tongue swirling around, wetting it kissing it, then slowly bobbing her mouth on it. With one hand she stroked the shaft and with the other she squeezed my balls playing me like a musician.

I pulled her against me, and I felt her hands go to my hips, stopping me. She sucked and bobbed, I rotated my hips, fucking her face, taking my cock out to her lips then pulling her mouth onto me again. Each time she’d stop me, until I pulled her onto me and she gagged. She pulled back and looked up with watery eyes.

“I think I need more practice” she said.

I lifted her to her feet and we kissed deeply. Her hand was slowly kneading and stroking my cock.

“I love sucking cock. It turns me on so much. I really love sucking your cock, see?”

She took my hand in hers and pressed my fingers against her panty clad pussy. I love the feel of silky underwear and as she ran my fingers over her I could feel how swollen her labia were and as we slid further between her legs I felt wetness and then how soaked she was. She cooed lustily as we ran our knotted fingers over her sodden panties. She guided my fingers and pressed them against her. Her breathing was heavy and she rocked her hips forward trying to give me better access. I felt the blood coursing through my veins and causing my swollen cock to bob in time with my heart beat. I wanted her so badly, and now I was about to have her.

“I’m so wet. God you’ve got me so fucking wet” she whispered. “I want your cock inside me so badly.”

Her hand went back to my cock. I wrapped my hand around hers, and we stood there; me guiding her hand around my throbbing cock stroking and squeezing, and Mary guiding my fingers deftly over her swollen pussy. We rocked and stroked and moaned and swore, until I couldn’t take it any longer.

I lifted my hand from her pussy to my lips. Her scent was intoxicating. I extended my tongue and licked my finger. Mary hungrily leaned forward and sealed her lips over my finger and mouth. I felt her tongue on my fingers as we both devoured her wetness.

I needed more. I moved my hand to her ass, and kissed her deeply, then smacked her butt, feeling the wonderful fleshy sting, and enjoying the sharp crack and her surprised intake of breath. I turned her towards the bed. Unclasping her bra and sliding it from her shoulders. With her back to me I looked down over shoulders and could see her beautiful tits.

Her nipples long and rigid, were begging for attention. I hooked my fingers in her panties and pulled them down gently and slowly, delighting in watching the soaked fabric cling to her pink and blossoming pussy lips.

I pushed her, she yelped and fell onto the bed. Her ass was spectacular. Round, muscular and full I could see her ass cheeks tighten and squeeze as she wriggled on the bed. I kneeled behind her and held her hips. Lifting her to her knees, she lifted herself to her hands, and on all fours looked back at me,

“Do you like what you see?” She asked.

“More than you can imagine.” I replied.

I ran my hands over her back and down over her ass. I could see a pink handprint where I smacked her.

“Show me more” I said. “Show me where you want me”.

She lowered her face to the mattress and snaked a hand between her legs, spreading her knees wide. Her fingers slid over her pussy.

“I want you here.” Mary said.

I moved closer. I placed my hands on her ass and my face close enough to take in her amazing scent. Mary continued to run her fingers in circles over her labia. I could see her clit swollen and peeking out from between those heavenly lips. I puckered my lips and blew gently on her pussy. I saw goose bumps erupt over her ass.

“Ohhhhhh” Mary moaned. I saw her fingers pick up the pace, and then spread apart, parting her pussy lips. I blew again and again she moaned. She was now working her pussy quickly. Left and right, left and right, then up and down, up and down. Unable to contain herself I watched as she slid a finger inside her succulent pussy. I almost came as I watched that finger slip inside her and heard a deep moan from Mary.

“That is so fucking hot Mary.” I said.

I moved in and kissed her pussy pressing my face fully against her slippery wet cunt. This drew the loudest moan yet.

“Oooooohhhh God YESSSS” Mary exclaimed. I ran my lips over hers the same way she touched herself. My mouth making circles, then left and right and left and right. Her hips rocked with my movements. Her back arched exposing more of her to me. Her cunt was so swollen that the lips were parting themselves. I moved my mouth up and down, and up and down.

Then I plunged my tongue deep inside her. Mary pressed hard against me crying out, “Oh fuck yes, yes, yes.”

I felt her pussy tighten on my tongue and then tent, trying to take me deep inside her. I swirled my tongue, and rubbed my lips against hers. Her taste was sweet and light, her juices were slick and hot.

I tongue fucked her again and again. My tongue plunged deep, then shallow, then around her cunt in large decadent circles. As I kissed and licked she got back into the action by flicking her fingers against her clit. I lounged and licked her fingers as they played against Mary. I then licked her from her clit, all along her delicious cunt and up between her amazing ass cheeks. I spread her ass cheeks and licked her again from pussy up and to her perfect little asshole. When my tongue swirled over her button, I felt her tense and freeze.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

“I’ve never… I’ve never felt that before.” Mary admitted.

“Did you like it?” I asked.

“Try it again” I heard her say.

I dove back to her pussy kissing and licking and feeling her temperature rise again. I slowly worked my way back to her ass. Then I very gently slid over her asshole. She didn’t say anything so I slid back and lingered. My tongue was pressing more firmly against her ass this time. Her fingers went back to work on her clit. I heard a moan. She relaxed against me and I swirled my tongue against her butt. Poking and teasing.

Mary moaned “That is good… Oh that is soo good.”

She dipped a finger in her pussy and fucked herself as I wriggled my tongue against her butt.

“Oh, don’t stop. I think I’m gonna cum.” Mary said loudly.

She fucked herself and attacked her clit as I spread her ass cheeks wide and tongued her sweet butt.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh FUCK!” Mary cried.

She froze and I felt her butthole spasm against my tongue, again and again. Mary then went back to frantically rubbing her clit. Her hips began rocking and her ass cheeks squeezed my face tightly.

Her pussy was gushing so I slid down and tasted her cum. Thick sweet pearly juices from deep inside her most private region coated my lips and my tongue.

She slowed her pace and I followed suit, rubbing her ass and kissing her gently.

She took me by surprise as she spun on me. She pulled me close to her by the hair and kissed me.

“I can’t believe that.” Mary said earnestly. “I have never felt that before.”

“Really?” I asked.

“That was incredible. I didn’t know my ass could be so, so, sexy.”

She pulled me up onto the bed.

“Now it’s your turn.”

Mary climbed atop me and kissed me. She pressed her pussy against my pubic bone, my cock tapping against her pussy. I moved my hips trying to get the head of my dick against her, but she kept pulling away.

She sat up and looked down at me.

“I want to make you cum as hard as you made me cum”. Mary said. She squeezed her tits, and forced them together; ll the while grinding against me, with my prick being crushed by her amazing ass.

“Tell me when you are close.” Mary instructed. I nodded.

Mary raised her knees and planted her feet on either side of me. She put a hand on my chest and pressed herself to a squat. She took my cock in her hand and placed me against her pussy lips, stroking the head against her still soaking cunt. Then without warning she dropped down, my cock boring into her. We both had the same automatic inhale followed by a moan.

“Ohhhhh yes.” Mary exclaimed.

She began to bounce. I watched as my cock disappeared and Mary ground against me, then she’d rise up and drop down again. I thrust against her, meeting her as she’d drop down then pulling back as she’d rise. We found a rhythm and rocked against each other.

Mary leaned forward and smothered me with her perfect tit. I sucked her long hard nipple between my lips and flicked my tongue against it.

“Oh fuck.” Mary said.

I ran my hands over her ass and felt her butt tighten as she thrust against me. Mary hugged me tightly against her as I suckled hard on her sweet firm nipple.

I ran a hand between her ass cheeks and pressed a finger against her asshole. This time Mary didn’t freeze, but thrust harder.

“I can’t believe how good that feels! Keep it right there” Mary commanded.

She thrust and rocked, each time her ass pressing a little harder against my finger and her cunt a lot harder on my cock.

“Yes, Yes, YES.” Mary screamed and pressed herself up away from me. Driving down on me, she had her hands on my chest, her tits squeezed seductively between them.

“I’m fucking cumming again!” Mary cried. Grinding and bouncing and grinding again. My cock sliding deep inside her, I felt the raucous spasms of her cunt muscles and it was too much for me.

“Oh God, I’m getting close!” I declared.

Mary’s eyes popped open.

“Tell me, when.” Mary continued to bounce watching me closely.

I Moaned and declared “Yes, Yes, I’m so fucking close!”

Mary quickly pulled herself away from me, my cock popping out of her pussy.

I was shocked, knowing I was at the point of no return I couldn’t stop now. Mary pivoted on the bed and took my cock in her hand, and stroked me furiously.

“Cum for me baby! I want to see it I want to see you cum for me!” Mary exclaimed.

The orgasm exploded from deep inside me. I felt my loins relax then contract as a long stream of cum erupted from my cockhead straight up, then splashing down on my cock and Mary’s hand. She was wide eyed as the next load erupted.

My body was on fire. No one had ever stroked me the way Mary was.

A third stream spumed up and covered Mary’s hand. My load lubricated her frantic stroking until I felt the waves of my orgasm pass.

Mary slowed her pace.

“I wanted to watch you cum, like in a porno. Is that ok?” Mary asked.

“Mary, you can do that to me anytime.”

She collapsed alongside me, still gently kneading my softening cum soaked cock in her hand.

“I can’t believe how good your tongue on my ass felt.” Mary said.

“I can’t believe no one has ever tried that with you. Your butt is amazing.” I replied.

“Thanks” Mary said “I guess I just never trusted anyone; back there. Clearly, I still have a lot of exploring to do.”

Mary and I spent most of the day, and the rest of the week together. Right up until Christmas Eve. She promised we could explore some more Christmas night after she went shopping.

Yes it was a very Mary Christmas.

“Dad, quick! Pull in here,” Kylie cried, breaking the droning monotony of the off-road tyres on bitumen.

I stood on the brakes and heaved my Toyota Prado off the road to the right, bumping slowly onto the dirt track between the gates of a vineyard. The name on the sign had no significance to me, but none of these boutique wineries ever did. As we crawled up the long, winding drive, I couldn’t see any of the usual signage, flags and fanfare that welcomed the pretentious masses to the cellar door.

“I don’t know that they’re open, Sweetheart,” I offered as we pulled up outside the nondescript metal farm shed.

“It’ll be all right,” Kylie replied, “we order heaps of wine off these guys for the restaurant. They won’t mind.”

Kylie told me to wait in the car, and she skipped off into the shed to find someone. My eyes fell briefly on her cute little ass in those faded denim cut-offs as she bounced out of the sunlight in through the gaping roller door.

“Restaurant,” I scoffed to myself with a shake of my head, as I continued to watch her. She’d been waitressing at an upmarket wine bar ever since she’d turned eighteen. It was the sort of place that charged upwards of $25 a glass, apparently perfectly matched to equally overpriced morsels of tapas. And in response to the celebrity chef craze, they’d expanded into ripping off the sharp elbows crowd for lunch and dinner too.

She stopped just inside the shed, and I could see her talking to someone who hadn’t yet appeared in the doorway. She moved her hands in animated explanation, and her head tilted to the side, causing her mane of glossy auburn hair to wash across her back from one side to the other.

She extended her hand to the approaching stranger, now in my view. He looked about my height, a full head taller than Kylie. Although he seemed to have a good ten years on me, in his mid to late fifties. He took her hand, and rather than shake it, he pulled her in for a kiss on the cheek.

Kylie welcomed the attention, smiling brightly and brushing her free hand across her chest. She played with the buttons on the front of her shirt a few moments longer, with more smiles and head tilts, then turned to me and waved me over.

I introduced myself to Michael and thanked him for seeing us when he was obviously closed.

“Oh, it’s no problem at all,” he explained. “I’ve always got time for Kylie. She’s one of my best customers.” Then to her, “I just can’t believe it’s taken so long to finally meet you in person. How long have you been buying off me?”

“I’ve only been working at the restaurant for nine months,” she replied.

“God! It feels like a lot longer than that.” He shook his head and asked Kylie if she was going to place another order for the restaurant.

“Oh no. Dad and I are going camping up in the National Park for a few days. I just saw the sign on the gate, and thought I’d pop in to say hello.” Then she smiled and fingered the button that was struggling to hold her shirt together across her heavy breasts. “And maybe pick up a case or two.”

Michael chuckled knowingly, and ushered us over to a rustic timber bar in the front corner of the shed. It was a functional affair, with half a dozen miss-matched stools in front. Behind the unfinished hardwood counter, shelf after shelf overflowed with countless wine bottles, all sporting the same label. A quick scan around the interior of the vast shed saw bottles give way to neatly stacked boxes stamped with the same logo, and eventually row after row of towering oak wine barrels.

I turned back, passing my gaze discreetly across Kylie’s toned thighs, which were crossed alluringly under the bar. Michael poured an inch of white wine into the last of three glasses that were lined up on the bar in front of us.

“This is last year’s savvy,” Michael announced, as Kylie swirled her glass in front of her face and lifted it to her nose.

I watched her slowly close her eyes and breathe in the aroma of the wine. Then she lowered the glass to her full lips, which parted slowly to take in the rim. Kylie held the wine in her mouth for a moment, moving it around her tongue, tasting it fully. It was a seductive sight to be sure, and I caught myself holding my own breath as the tip of her tongue flicked across her lips as she swallowed.

Conscious not to stare, I focussed my full attention into my own tasting glass, and threw it down like a shot of something much harder. “Mmm, that’s not bad.”

Kylie wrinkled her nose and glared at me with those steel grey eyes. Her expression said it all: shut up, Dad, you’re embarrassing me.

Michael hadn’t noticed my philistine behaviour, or at least hadn’t been rude enough to react to it. He instead was enjoying the delicacy of my daughter’s oral performance.

Kylie pushed her glass away, leaving the lion’s share of the sample swirling gently in the bottom. “Have you still got any of the 2009?”

“You’re a tough one,” Michael smiled. “It was a bit wet last year. I should have known better than to try and sneak that one past you.”

He lined up three fresh glasses and splashed another tiny sample into each from a new bottle. I took my time with the second tasting, holding it in my mouth a little longer, before swallowing it down.

“Mmm, I think I prefer the first one. It’s a bit sweeter.” But really, what the fuck did I know? I would have preferred a beer.

There was no wrinkled nose this time. The look I got from Kylie was one hundred per cent stink eye. Her impatiently bobbing hiking boot completed the picture.

I kept going, trying to find some safe ground, “Have you got any pinot noir?”

“Sorry, mate,” Michael replied, as Kylie tasted the 2009. “We just do sauvignon blanc here.”

“Oh don’t mind him,” she apologised. “Pinot’s the only one he can remember from the degustation I dragged him too a few months ago. He’s more beer and nachos.

“That, however,” she took another slow, seductive sip, “is beautiful. How much have you got left?”

“Actually, we’re coming to the end of that one. The Hilton in Sydney nearly cleaned me out.” Michael went on, telling her all about his monster order and other wine-related business.

I gestured at the first bottle still sitting on the bar, and Michael expertly poured me a full glass as he spoke to my daughter. I didn’t need to look at her to know she was rolling her eyes.

“You know, the thing about wine,” Michael said, pouring Kylie and himself a full glass from the second bottle, “is that it’s all down to how much you enjoy it. All the rest of it…it’s just bullshit.”

I laughed and held my glass out to his. “To bullshit.”

Michael clinked my glass, repeating the toast. Then he touched his glass to Kylie’s with a silent nod, while she beamed at him.

I went to offer mine to Kylie, but she had already lifted it to her lips. I returned my attention to my own wine, and slowly nursed it during their inane conversation about tannins, oaky lingers and other pretentious nonsense.

After lots of flirting and feigned offence, Kylie had arranged to buy three boxes of the treasured 2009 sauvignon blanc. I balked at the six hundred dollars that she had negotiated him down to, especially as it came off my credit card, but what was I going to do?

We each carried a box of twelve bottles out to the car, loading them onto the floor in the rear foot well. And as I was rearranging some of the camping gear, Michael returned with a fourth box. I could see from the date printed on it, that it was my favourite from last year.

“This one’s on me,” Michael smiled. “To bullshit.”

“Oh,” Kylie groaned, with her hands on her hips and her head cocked to the side. “Don’t encourage him.”

I thanked him warmly, shaking his hand, then climbed in behind the wheel. As I clicked on my seatbelt, I watched Kylie hug him in the rear view mirror, pressing her breasts into his chest and planting a kiss on his cheek. It had been a while since she was that warm and affectionate with me.

Then again, I suppose that was my fault.

Once we were back out on the highway, Kylie broke the silence, “Oh my God. That was such a good deal.”

“Sweetheart, that was six hundred dollars. For only three dozen bottles.”

“Dad,” she explained, now more serious, “we sell that for ninety-five dollars a bottle at the restaurant. Michael can easily sell a single box for six hundred.”


“Exactly. And why did you think we bought three?” The question was of course rhetorical. “Now that he’s sold out to the Hilton, I can give one of our boxes to the restaurant, and Andrew will give me six hundred for it. Hell, if it’s the last box, he’ll give me eight.” She snorted to herself. “He’ll probably sell it for a hundred and fifty a bottle now. Anyway, you get your money back, and I get two dozen bottles of the best savvy I’ve ever tasted.”

“Fuck me! That’s amazing,” I replied.

“You sound surprised. Don’t you think I know what I’m doing?”

“I guess it’s hard for me to accept that my little girl’s growing up,” I offered. “I mean, look at the size of those tits.”

Kylie shot me the filthiest look she had in her arsenal, her head snapping around so fast, I thought she gave herself whiplash.

“What?” I pleaded. “It’s from that movie. You know, Vampires Suck, or Breaking Wind, or something? It was the best one of those Twilight movies”

Her glare faded, but she kept staring at me with disbelief.

“Oh get fucked. That was funny.” I said dryly.

Kylie shook her head to herself, then turned away to look out her side window. But I still caught it. That smile she tried to hide from me. I could always rely on her filthy sense of humour.

I snorted a laugh to myself. I had finally managed to put a crack in her armour.

“What?” She turned back to me.

“Oh, I was just thinking about the dad in that movie. You know, when she finds the blow-up doll in her room. He says, ‘I put it in a warm bath for fifteen minutes before I use it so it isn’t creepy.’”

“Oh, that is so wrong,” Kylie laughed.

We both laughed, trading funny lines from that and other tasteless movies. But before long, the laughter gave way to silence, as the valley of farms gave way to national park, and the clear blue sky gave way to clouds, and then torrential rain.

“Well, camping in the rain should be fun,” I mused as we pulled onto another dirt track, or more accurately, mud.

“Yeah, there’s nothing like being trapped in a tent together for a week to bring us closer together,” she said sarcastically.

“I’m glad your mother suggested it.”

“I’m glad we’ve got the wine,” she retorted with a smile.

“Come on, it’ll be fun. Just like we used to. How long’s it been?”

“Five years.” There was no emotion in her voice anymore.

We were silent for a while, as I nursed the Toyota down a steep track towards the river.

“Wait a minute,” I argued. “Remember the last time? We had to hurry back for your fifteenth birthday.”

“Okay then: nearly four.” Her tone told me she was done on the subject.

I pulled up as the track disappeared into the river, the heavily wooded mountains looming ominously above us. It wasn’t a big deal, I’d done this crossing dozens of times over the years, often in less capable cars than what I had now. But the water was flowing a lot faster than I ever remembered it.

The white noise of the driving rain on the roof competed with the roar of the river in front of us. The whole time, the sound of the wipers on full bore fought to be heard above the din.

I stole one more glance at Kylie’s shapely thighs, then lifted my foot off the break and eased the nose into the fast flowing river. It was always a bit unnerving driving into water, but if I kept us pointed at the track on the opposite bank, I knew we’d be all right.

A thick, white foaming bow wave formed around us, before being carried off downstream on my side of the car. We were getting buffeted a little, but I could see the water was only half way up the body of the Prado. But we were still going down slightly. About a third of the way across, I saw the water in front of us glow as the headlights dipped below the waterline.

“Are we okay?” Kylie asked in response to the car being rocked more violently in the deeper water.

“As long as the water doesn’t come up over the bonnet, we’ll be fine,” I replied.

I began to wonder whether I should have bought the Landcruiser instead. It was a more serious four wheel drive than the Prado, and if I’d got the optional snorkel, it could have coped with having its engine dunked. As it was though, we seemed to pass the centre point of the river, with the water only coming up to just short of the window line. We were heading up, much to the relief of both of us.

Then, about three quarters the way across, we lurched violently to the right, my side of the car dipping down sharply about forty-five degrees. The fast flowing river started pushing us over.

“Daddy!” Kylie’s hand shot up to the grab handle on the pylon in front of her as our world tilted sideways

I threw the steering wheel to the right in an effort to throw the Toyota’s weight back into the oncoming river, and gunned the engine to get more force behind it.

It worked, the car tipping back upright. But we were well off the track and now driving with the flow of water. I stomped on the brakes, but it was too late.

The bonnet plunged down beneath the river. The entire windscreen filled with white foam, then murky green water. But we were stopped.

“Oh God, Daddy!”

“It’s all right, Sweetheart,” I assured her, tapping at the inch or two of daylight at the top of the windscreen, “we’re not all the way under. And we can still get out the back.”

I could see it from the mirror, but Kylie spun around in her seat to see nothing but grey sky out the rear window.

“It’s okay,” I reassured her. And we exchanged a nervous smile.

Despite not having a snorkel, I noticed that the engine was somehow still running. I quickly threw it into reverse and planted my foot on the accelerator. But the miracle came coughing and spluttering to a halt as the engine sucked in nothing but water. We were done.

She was looking to me now for what to do. I told her to crawl out the back of the car, but to wait before opening the tailgate.

She unclipped her seatbelt and nimbly climbed up between the front seats. I followed her as she scrambled over the back seats, my view filled with the perfect vision of her ass mere inches in front of my face.

She waited for me in the rear compartment, perched on top of all our camping gear. I asked her how it looked outside as I squeezed up beside her.

“It looks like a river,” she said with confusion.

“No, Sweetheart. Is there any debris or anything floating towards us?”

“Oh, no. There’s nothing. It’s clear.”

“Okay then, out we go,” I said, not quite able to get myself to the window.

Kylie swung the rear door open. But as soon as she did, water splashed up from the rear bumper and poured into the car. She screamed, but I urged her on, pushing her out with my hand firmly on her ass. She tumbled, half falling out the back of the car, but quickly gaining a footing.

“Fuck that’s cold!” she complained, standing in waist-deep water at the rear of the car. The rain was well on its way to soaking her hair and shirt, causing both to cling to her body.

I was quickly out beside her, equally unhappy with the temperature of the water. I grabbed the tent and sleeping bags from the back, and thrust them at Kylie and ordered her to the closest bank. I heaved the esky to the edge of the boot, and piled on the blow-up mattress, foot pump, a tarp and some rope. Then power lifting the load, I used my body to push the rear door closed before following Kylie to the shore.

“Get that tent set up as quick as you can,” I puffed, stepping up onto the bank.


“No, up there,” I replied, pointing to a grove of trees on a small plateau about fifty metres up a steep slope to our right. “The river might burst its banks overnight. We want to be high up.”

Kylie struggled up the slope, slipping a few times on the wet grass, but she stayed on her feet and got to the level ground up ahead. For me, however, the climb was a lot harder. I was in a painful shuttle crawl, heaving my load an arm’s-length up the slope, then crawling on my knees to follow it.

When I got to our camp site, I saw that Kylie already had the tent laid out near the grove of eucalypts, and was threading one of the flexible poles through the sleeve. She’d wrapped the waterproof fly around the sleeping bags to protect them from the rain, and I shoved the inflatable mattress in under the bundle when I dropped my load. When I got to her, she had already started threading the second pole, and I jumped in and guided it through the gap at the top of the dome tent, before threading it back down my side.

With the poles crossed in an X, we both clipped the open ends into the rings at each corner, and the blue dome rose out of the grass in one, graceful motion.

“That’s a mighty fine barn, English,” I said in what I suppose was more of an Irish accent, as I grabbed the mattress and sleeping bags to throw inside.

“The Simpsons?” Kylie asked with a furrowed brow, as she caught the corner of the fly I threw to her.

“Witness, Gen Y” I said indignantly. “With Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis. She was fine.”


“The chick from Top Gun.”

“How about something that was made after I was born?” she laughed, now in a crouch, securing the fly and hammering the pegs into the ground through the rings.

“Never mind,” I sighed. “You right here? I’ll see what else I can salvage.”

She waved me away with a nod of her head, and I slid back down to the river on my ass, before wading back over to the car. The water had well and truly got inside, with more splashing in through the open rear door. All our clothes and other soft items were drenched, although I did manage to recover a couple of dry towels from on top of the fishing gear. With those over my shoulder, I grabbed the portable Webber barbeque and made my way back to Kylie.

Hauling the awkwardly shaped Webber and its stand up the slope nearly killed me. But when I crested the ridge, I was rewarded with the sight of Kylie tying off the last corner of the tarp around one of the nearby trees. She was reaching up on her tip toes, the bottom of her shirt pulled out from the waistband of her shorts, revealing her sexy taut stomach. Her sopping buff shirt was almost transparent, clinging to her lean frame. And the little rivulets of water cascading down her body took my breath away.

I brought the barbeque in under the tarp, and got about setting it up on its frame. Kylie came in out of the wet, brushing the excess water from her shirt. I tried not to stare as her hands brushed down across her breasts and stomach, but I just couldn’t pull my eyes off her. Even when I snapped my fingers painfully in the frame, I kept leering.

“What about the gas bottle?” Kylie asked between chattering teeth.

That was what finally snapped me out of my fixated inspection of the lacy frills across the top of her bra, visible through her waterlogged shirt. I spun around and looked down at the Toyota, ass up in the river. “Oh fuck.”

“Come on then,” Kylie laughed, “I’ll give you a hand.

I made her wait on the bank, as I waded back in to retrieve the gas bottle for the Webber. And when I came trudging back to her, she asked me to go back for the wine, complete with pouting lips and puppy dog eyes.

I only grabbed three of the four boxes in the end, before hip checking the rear door shut and heading for slightly les wet land, rolling my eyes the whole way.

Another bastard climb up to the camp site had me disgorging my shipment of wine in the tent, next to the esky and other items we’d saved. While back out under the tarp, Kylie was crouched down, hooking up the gas bottle to the Webber.

“Hey, I only saw one sleeping bag in there,” I said, peeling off my shirt under the tarp.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” she looked up at me, her grey eyes begging for forgiveness, “I dropped it in the river.”

I couldn’t help but sigh. Then, “That’s all right, Sweety. We’ve still got one. We’ll just have to share. Right now, just get those wet clothes off before you freeze to death. We’ll get the rest sorted later.”

Kylie undid her buttons and pulled the soaked shirt off, revealing that magnificent lacy bra. I’m sure it had an official colour, like mauve or lilac or something, but as far as I could tell, it was pale purple.

Next came her tiny denim shorts, exposing a matching set of panties with a little bow on the front. To that point in my life, few things were more erotic than the sight of Kylie pushing those shorts down her long, glistening legs.

I actually felt dizzy.

She left her underwear on, standing there in bra and panties, and hiking boots as well, wringing out her clothes and long hair. We hung our wet laundry on the length of rope she’d run under the tarp, and I handed her the dryer of the two towels

We scurried into the tent to finish getting ourselves sorted. After zipping ourselves up inside, I got to work pumping up the inflatable mattress, while Kylie hooked up a makeshift clothes line with the string from the cover of our last remaining sleeping bag.

She took my towel and hung it up, before doing the same with her wet underwear and then slipping into the sleeping bag. I’d unfortunately missed the show, wrestling with a stubborn knot in my boot laces, but that was probably for the best.

The last thing I wanted her to see was her father climbing into a tight sleeping bag with her, sporting a massive erection.

I sat on the mattress a moment, trying to delay the inevitable. There was going to be no room to hide from her in there. Oh Jesus, I thought to myself.

“Come on, Dad. Hurry up, it’s freezing.”

I sighed, then slipped my undies off, hanging them on the last few inches of string left by the towels and Kylie’s sexy purple delicates.

I looked over my shoulder at my daughter, wrapped up like the proverbial bug in a rug. Those big grey eyes watching me intently.

My shivering was uncontrollable. But to be honest, I’m not sure how much of it, if any, was to do with how cold it was.

I lifted up the open flap of the sleeping bag until I saw the gentle curves of Kylie’s slender body, her pale skin contrasting heavily with the black and red tartan pattern of the inside of the bag. My cock started to stir, so I quickly dived in beside her, then turning my back to her, I zipped the bag closed. But as I did, the zip also pulled Kylie and I tightly together.

She was trembling too, but I was sure that was entirely due to the cold. Me on the other hand…

My cock was proudly at attention, and I was in a living hell.

I lay there with my back to her, absolutely resolved to keep my erection away from my daughter.

“Oh, Dad, this is silly,” she eventually said after a few minutes. “Roll over.”

I swallowed hard and shifted myself around onto my back. It was agony, her body brushing against mine with every tiny movement.

“They’re only breasts. They won’t bite you.” And with that, she wrapped her arm and her leg around me, pushing herself hard up against the full length of my body. The sensation of her soft flesh pressed against me was indescribable.

Kylie rubbed her thigh up and down mine, getting higher each time, until eventually she brought her knee up across my groin. I barely got my hand to my cock in time to shield it from her smooth inner thigh.

Crisis averted, but she just kept rubbing against me. It was driving me crazy.

I turned my head to look at her, and she was staring at me.

“Are you all right?” I managed, my voice catching in my throat.

“Yeah,” she breathed. “I’m just cold. Can you please put your arms around me?”

I swallowed hard again and shifted my right arm around her shoulders, stroking her upper arm. But my left was still dutifully holding my erection away from her leg.

“Both arms, Dad,” she protested. “I need you to hold me.”

Her patrolling leg was on the upstroke towards my shameful little secret, and I just couldn’t move my hand. But when her leg swept down again, I shifted myself onto my side to face her. I stuck my ass out hard into the cold zipper to create a void between us for my cock, bending my knees up to hold her legs away from me.

In that position, I was able to get both arms around her, and I rubbed my hands across her back. The friction of my palms on her beautifully smooth skin was warming, and I thought I was onto a winner.

“Better?” I smiled.

Kylie stared at me for a long minute, then eventually asked, “Why do you keep pulling away from me?”

My blood froze. “What do you mean?”

“You always pull away from me,” she said. “For as long as I can remember.”

“I don’t pull away from you, Sweetheart,” I lied.

“Yes you do. All the time. Whenever I give you a hug, or try to touch you, you get all awkward and pull away from me.

“I don’t understand it. We were always so close when I was younger. We were best friends. We did everything together.” She paused to steel herself for the next part. “But ever since I started menstruating, you’ve wanted nothing to do with me.”

My eyes overflowed with tears. “That’s not it at all, Sweetie…”

“Then what is it?” Her own eyes were wet and beginning to overflow. “I know you hate that I work at the restaurant and don’t want to go to uni anymore. I know you think all those people are snobs. And I know you think I’m one of those people you hate so much…”

“Kylie, that’s not…”

“I know that’s not it.” She was openly crying now. And so was I. “Because you’ve wanted nothing to do with me for a lot longer than that.”

“Oh, Kylie, no…” My heart was breaking.

“What did I ever do…?” she sobbed loudly. “It’s not my fault I’m a girl, Daddy.”

I had no idea what to say. How on Earth had I managed to make my daughter feel like that?

“Do you even love me?”

“Of course I do,” I managed to shoot back, through the excruciating pain of what she’d just asked. “Kylie, you mean the absolute world to me. There is nothing, I mean nothing at all more important to me than you.

“I don’t give the slightest fuck about those assholes at the restaurant.” I was sobbing uncontrollably at this point. “I don’t even care about you not wanting to go to uni. Fuck! You know you’re uncle John studied journalism at uni. And he’s working in a fucking call centre at an insurance company for fuck’s sake.

“The most important thing to me is that you’re happy. Sure, I want you to be able to take care of yourself, but…” I had to wipe the tears from my face. “It makes me so unbelievably happy to see you loving your job the way you do. It is so hard to find your passion in life. Believe me! And to see you so in love with what you’re doing…it makes me want to cry.”

Kylie wiped the tears from my cheek with her palm, then asked, “So why don’t you want to be close to me?”

“Honey, it’s the exact opposite.” I said the words before I realised what I was saying.

“What do you mean, it’s the opposite?” She was genuinely confused.

I had nothing left. The dam had burst, and I couldn’t hold back the torrent any longer.

“Sweetheart, you’ve become such a beautiful woman…” Even though it was pouring out of me, I still couldn’t find the right words. I prayed to anything that would listen for my little girl to understand, and not make me say it.

She stared into my very soul, perplexed. The nervous anticipation of being on the cusp of discovering the biggest secret of her life was written all over her face.

Fuck you universe!

“Kylie, I love you so much. You are the most special thing in my life. It’s just…I mean…you are just so beautiful.” I held my hand over my face and groaned into my palm through gritted teeth. “I whish I didn’t feel like that. I just…I find you so…I can’t help it, but I…I’m reacting to you.”

She furrowed her brow for a moment. She still wasn’t getting it.

“When you hug me, and snuggle up to me…I…um…”

Her eyes finally flashed with realisation. “You mean I turn you on?”

I felt the heat and pressure of the blood in my face. It was so strong around my lips and nose, I thought I would start bleeding. “I’m so sorry, Sweetheart. It’s not your fault. I just…”

“Oh, Daddy.” She gently touched my face, her eyes locked with mine. It wasn’t pity. It was something warmer, kinder: empathy.

“I didn’t want you to feel anything. I didn’t want you to freak out.”

“You…you get an erection when I touch you?”

All I could do was nod, as the tears streamed out.

“I don’t care about that,” she sobbed. “I want my Daddy back.”

And with that, she pounced on me, throwing her leg over my thighs and rolling on top of me in the tightest embrace I’ve ever felt. We held each other and cried years worth of heartache and resentment away. I told her how much I loved her, and she, how much she missed me.

When the tears eventually ran dry, we lay there in each other’s arms, listening to our breathing and the constant drum of rain on the tent. I kissed the drying tears from her cheeks, tasting the saltiness. She did the same, and before long we were planting soft little kisses on each other’s lips. It was nothing sexual, just lovely, sweet little kisses to recharge the intimacy between us.

Kylie’s eyes began to sparkle, and she smiled brightly between kisses. I ran my fingers through her thick, damp hair, tucking as much of it as I could behind her ear. The domed walls of the tent had turned everything a muted tone of blue, but her auburn mane had somehow managed to retain its deep glow.

Her eyes too, fought the muted blue of the dyed nylon. “Your eyes have little specks of gold in them,” I said.

Her smile beamed, “So do yours.” She kissed me again.

The emotional outpouring had taken a fair bit of rigour from my cock, but it was still pretty hard. And now we seemed to be past that wall between us, the weight of my nubile daughter’s naked body on mine was causing the blood to return.

“Is that it?” she asked, looking down between us briefly, but unable to see past her breasts squashed into my chest.

“Yeah.” I blushed again. “Sorry. It…ahh…”

“It’s okay. I don’t mind,” she smiled. “But can you move it a bit? It’s just a little uncomfortable there.”

I reached between us, forcing my hand between our tummies — mine hairy, and hers so sensually smooth. I felt Kylie’s flesh soften slightly on the back of my hand as I reached my target, and moved my aching cock to the side, nestling it in beside her hip bone.

“Mmm, that’s better,” she breathed, as she snuggled back into position.

We talked for hours, like we hadn’t in too many painful years. We told each other how we’d felt all that time, and what we’d each been going through. We even managed to appreciate the irony in the situation — to stop her pulling away from me because of my attraction to her, like a dickhead, I’d pulled away from her.

It was so incredible to have my little girl back.

It started getting darker outside, so we decided to cook some dinner while it was still light enough. I hadn’t managed to rescue any torches from the sinking Prado. Standing there under the tarp with a damp towel around my waist, I sizzled up a couple of steaks and some onion on the Webber.

“What do we do about that?” Kylie asked, tilting her head down to the shipwrecked Toyota. She was also wrapped in a wet towel, and holding a pair of buttered bread rolls.

“We’ll have to wait to be rescued. The car’s fucked. It’ll have to be towed back to civilisation. Unfortunately my phone’s in the centre console,” I pointed down to the car with the tongs.

“And mine’s in my bag. Not that we’d get reception out here. How long before you think someone will come by?”

“That river’s picking up, and judging by this rain, it’s only going to get worse. I don’t think anyone who knows what they’re doing is going to be coming past here for a while.”

Kylie wrinkled her nose at the prognosis.

“We’ve got shelter and plenty of food, I went on. “So we should be all right for a while. I don’t think we need Bear Grills out here just yet.”

She snorted a laugh and leaned up against me.

“Have you got those buns?” I asked, switching off the barbeque.

“I’ve got buns,” she chirped. “How about these?” And with that, she stepped away, thrust her ass at me and lifted up the hem of her towel to expose that perfect little backside.

My mouth fell open.

“What? I can’t have fun with this?” she pouted, as she let the towel drop back into place. “Too soon?”

I smacked her on the ass with my free hand, eliciting a squeal, followed by a long giggle, as she sidled up against me once more.

The Webber secure and our steak rolls assembled, we went back into the tent and ate our dinner, sitting up side by side in the sleeping bag. Kylie wouldn’t waste one of her good bottles, so we instead shared one of my bullshit freebies, drinking straight from the bottle, as plates, glasses and other utensils also hadn’t been rescued from the car.

“Not that I’d ever admit it,” Kylie said after a long swig of the lesser wine. “This actually goes quite well with a barbecued steak sandwich.”

I snatched the bottle off her with a shake of my head and roll of my eyes. She sat there, grinning broadly while chewing a mouthful of steak.

Darkness fell, and we were snuggled up tightly in each other’s arms again. My raging cock was sticking into her stomach, but true to her word, she didn’t seem to mind. It was just so lovely.

“Does it hurt?” she asked after a long pause in the conversation. “Your hard on?”

“It kind of aches,” I replied, growing more comfortable with the freshly forged bond between us. To say nothing of the wine. “I imagine it feels a lot like when you’re uncontrollably horny.”

All she managed in reply was an, “Oh.” An eternity more of white noise from the rain and river, then she said, “If you need to take care of it, you know, masturbate, I don’t mind.”

“That’s all right,” I smiled, “I’m not going out there in the cold to wank off.”

“No. I mean you can do it here if you want.”

“Thanks, Sweety. But I’m certainly not going to send you out into the rain while I stay in here and do that.”

“I’m not going out there,” she snorted. “If you want to take care of it here, now, I’m okay with it.”

I pondered the offer long and hard to the soundtrack of raging water, but eventually decided against it. Kylie explained that “uncontrollably horny” really shouldn’t be suffered, but in the end, I couldn’t be convinced.

I kissed her goodnight, bringing an end to the conversation.

When I woke the next morning, I was spooning Kylie tightly. I could feel my engorged cock between her ass cheeks, and the sensation was an unbearable agony.

She stirred when I shifted my weight on my arm, pressing back into my cock. It was an electric surge throughout my body.

“Oh for God’s sake, Daddy. Would you please wank. It’s been poking me all night, and I haven’t gotten any sleep.” She was whiney and groggy, and definitely irritable.

“Are you sure you don’t mind?” I just couldn’t take it anymore.

“Just hurry up, so I can get back to sleep.”

Fuck it!

I reached down between us, grabbing my cock from the soft cleft of her spectacular ass. My precome was all over her buttocks and the small of her back, so I didn’t need any lubrication.

It felt so good stroking my shaft, rubbing my palm and fingers up over the slimy head, then back to the base. With every pump of my cock, my knuckles and the back of my hand ran up and down the crack of Kylie’s ass. Her soft flesh, slick with my own precome, moulded around my fist as I went back and forth.

It didn’t take long. Maybe fifteen or twenty strokes before I bucked in pure ecstasy, shooting thick streams of semen all over my stomach and my daughter’s back.

I just kept coming in wave after glorious wave, choking the head of my cock with lusty abandon.

I lay there breathing hard into Kylie’s neck, the afterglow washing over me in a blissful warmth. I kept stroking my cock slowly, more for the feeling of her ass on the back of my hand, than the sensation in my own loins. And my body sliding against her cum-coated back felt so sinfully magnificent.

Kylie’s body rose and fell in time with mine, as we lay there quietly until the drum of the rain overtook my breath as the loudest sound in the tent. Then, the sleeping bag’s zipper tore through the white noise.

Kylie sat up, throwing back the flap of the bag. She knelt forward, reaching for the makeshift clothes line. The sudden absence of her body chilled me, but the vision of her lithe form bent over in front of me, glistening as it was, was well worth the heat loss. She sat back down and twisted, exposing her left breast to me. I was struck with how erect her nipple was, sticking out nearly an inch.

“Hey, I’m up here.” Her words jolted me back into the moment. Her expression, thankfully, was amusement. She handed me her panties, which were still wet. “Can you please clean your cum off?”

I folded her panties into a thick square and began wiping my semen off her back in gentle strokes. I’d managed to get some as high up as her shoulder blades, and elsewhere, it was dripping into the crack of her ass. I took my time, savouring the impromptu sponge bath. Then, when I could draw it out no longer, I turned her panties inside out and wiped down my front.

“Well, I’ll definitely get pregnant if I wear these,” she smirked, evaluating the cum-soaked panties in her hand, before hanging them back up.

Warmly zipped back up with me, Kylie snuggled in facing me with her head on my chest and her leg draped across me. She was sleepily caressing the hair on my chest and stomach. Occasionally, her fingertips caught in the sticky friction of the cum I hadn’t cleaned off well enough.

I kissed the top of her head and told her I loved her. She made one of those contented little mmm sounds and snuggled into me harder. Her leg rubbed back up my thighs, then passed over my still hard cock.

“Isn’t that supposed to go down now?” She was awake. There was no drowsiness in her tone.

“Ahh, sorry, Sweetheart. Sometimes it takes a while.” Yeah, when you’ve just wiped your own cum off your daughter’s back with her dirty panties, I thought to myself. That erection, I knew, was going nowhere.

“I’m obviously not going to get back to sleep,” she huffed. “Do you want to get breakfast started? I’ll see if I can air out this tent a little.”

“It is getting a little musty in here,” I agreed. The tent reeked of sex.

I got to work on some bacon and eggs on the Webber, while Kylie fussed about in the tent. I looked over to see she had it opened up and was wiping down the walls with the sleeping bag cover. It wasn’t a great approach, but it was enough to get rid of the excess condensation and water that had pooled at the entrance.

When she joined me with some buttered and sauced buns, she got her first look at the car, or what was still visible of it. The water level had risen overnight, and the river had picked up speed. A white rooster tail of foam plumed up from the rear window, washing down on the front of the maroon roof where it met the waterline.

“So that’s us fucked then,” she observed matter of factly.

“No worse than we were before,” I replied. “I think the river will go a lot higher. There’s no break in this rain.”

Bleary eyed, Kylie sat back in the sleeping bag munching on her bacon and egg roll. Although obviously tired, she had a peace about her that I hadn’t seen in a long time. She watched me intently as she ate, studying me over the chewed rim of her breakfast.

When she broke the yoke, it spilled over both sides of her roll, dribbling down her chin onto her chest, and down her forearm on the other side. She methodically traced the line of yoke on her breast with her index finger, then slowly brought it to her mouth, sucking her finger clean. When she finished with her décolletage, she proceeded to lick the runny yoke from the back of her other hand, and followed the trail down her arm.

Her eyes never left mine during her cat cleaning. And seeing that she’d missed the spill on her face, I traced my own finger along the line of egg from her chin to her lips. Still staring, she took my finger into her mouth and sucked it clean.

“Juice?” I asked.

Kylie nodded, taking another large bite of her roll to try and capture the escaping yoke.

After retrieving the bottle from the esky, I took a long gulp of the orange juice myself before passing it over. She held the bottle while she finished her mouthful.

“You used to watch me like that when you were a little girl.”

She smiled as she swallowed the last of her food. Then she took a swig from the bottle.

“You would just stare at me for hours, studying every little thing I did. You were my little shadow,” I smiled, taking back the bottle.

“I never stopped, you know? Lately I just did it without you catching me.”

“I knew.”

She smiled again.

Once I got the juice back in the esky, I zipped us up in the sleeping bag and we settled in for the day. We held each other close and listened to our surrounds. The drum of the rain. The roar of the river. The sound of Kylie’s breath in my ear as she drifted in and out of sleep.

I woke some time later to the sound of urgent breathing in my ear. It took me a minute, but I became aware of Kylie’s arm wedged in between us, rhythmically twitching back and forth. My own cock twitched at the realisation that she was masturbating in my arms.

My cock slid against her stomach, resting against her wrist. Kylie shifted her head slightly to look into my eyes, her cheeks flushed. Neither of us spoke.

I squeezed my own hand between us, rubbing her smooth belly with the back of my hand. Kylie stared into my eyes as my fingers found my throbbing cock and began stroking it against her. I felt her breath in my mouth. Our faces were so close, our noses rubbed together. There was even some incidental contact between our lips.

We lost ourselves in what was happening. I was completely overcome with the feeling of my cock in my hand, and my cock against Kylie’s stomach and forearm.

I wedged the swollen head between her smooth wrist and soft belly with every stroke. Then, without warning, Kylie’s fingers gripped around my shaft, replacing my hand with her own. My whole body flushed with warmth as my daughter wanked my cock.

I urgently twisted my hand around, pressing my palm flat to her tummy and diving down. I slid across Kylie’s smooth mound and found her steamy folds with my fingertips. I dove deeper, running my fingers down the length of her slit. Her wet labia parted around my digits as I rubbed back and forth.

Kylie moaned into my mouth, and she began rolling her hips in time with my strokes. Then as quickly as it had started, she let go of my cock and replaced my hand on her pussy with her own.

I wanked myself against her a few minutes longer, my hand slick with her pussy juice. Then we swapped again, briefly pleasuring each other, before returning to ourselves.

Eyes still locked, our lips now pressed together, but not kissing, we swapped again. Kylie’s hold of my raging cock was overwhelming. She was going to finish me. I feverishly probed at her sopping pussy, digging my middle finger deeply into her cunt, while working her clit with my thumb.

My little girl ground down on my hand, her pussy clenching my finger in a spasm that rocked her whole body. She moaned loudly into my mouth and wildly pumped her fist on my cock.

I lost it too, erupting violently in an orgasm that just wouldn’t end. My cum gushed up my full length, coating both our stomachs in my warm, sticky seed.

We both kept touching each other as we came down. As our breathing slowed, we melted into an incredibly tight embrace. Our combined body heat was so intense, we were both sweating.

I gently sucked my daughter’s lips between mine, and we began kissing softly, open mouthed, but with no tongue.

“Are you okay?” I breathed into her mouth.

“Uh-huh,” she moaned back into mine between those lovely little kisses.

Her eyes eventually closed, and she nestled into my neck. I held her tightly to me, sliding my hands across the toned muscles of her back. The warm wetness of my cum and our sweat between us was strangely comforting. I didn’t want this moment to end.

My eyes welled as I held my daughter for the remainder of the afternoon. Silently breathing in her scent and burning every tiny tactile sensation of her body into my brain. I loved her so much.

“Are you hungry?” She stretched against me, groaning like a lazy cat.

“That’s code for, you want dinner. I saw her eyes twinkle back at me. “I know female speak. I pay attention.”

“Well, if you know ‘female speak’, then where’s my dinner?” she grinned mischievously.

Shivering out by the Webber in my still wet towel, I surveyed the river below. It had finally burst its banks, and was easily twice as wide as it had been in the morning. Large branches and other forest debris raced from right to left, crashing into each other and submerged trees along the edge with loud, frightening cracks.

“Where’s the car?” Kylie asked, her cheek pressed against my bicep and her arms wrapped around my waist from behind.

“It might still be where we left it,” I replied, turning the sausages. Then waving the tongs down the steep valley to the left, “But I’m guessing it’s most likely somewhere down there.”

She gave me one of those disinterested teenage noises and continued caressing my stomach. The little dried globs of cum stuck to my hair pulled annoyingly as she went, but there was no way I was going to stop her. Never again.

“More importantly,” I went on, “where is your pubic hair, Young Lady?”

She giggled into my arm. “I wax, Daddy.”

“The whole lot?”

“Uh-huh, the whole lot — legs, bush, armpits, everything.” Then another giggle, accompanied by a tussle of my chest hair. “You could do with some attention yourself. You’re Robin Williams hairy!”

“Love me like I am, Baby. There’s going to be no manscaping in this backyard.”

“Good.” She squeezed me tightly. “I like you all rough and manly.”

We retired to the tent with our sausage sandwiches and another bottle of the cheap stuff. Kylie sat on my lap while we ate, my free hand wrapped around her. With no hair on her delightfully smooth tummy, my dried cum crumbled and flaked off her skin as I brushed over it. And of course, my out of control cock pushed up into her ass distractingly.

We sat like that, talking well into the darkness about Kylie’s job, and her part-time study to become a sommelier. She’d only been at the course a few months, but she was absolutely loving it. The tears spilled from my eyes as she spoke so passionately. I squeezed her tightly, and kissed her naked shoulder.

“You really don’t mind I’m not going to university?” she asked in response to my kiss.

I felt for her chin in the dark and kissed her firmly on the mouth. When our lips parted, I whispered, “I want you to be happy.”

I got another contented little hum, then a long, slow kiss, still without any tongue. “I love you, Daddy.”

“I love you too, Sweetheart.”

“Can I teach you about wine?”

Sure,” I smiled. I didn’t give a shit, but if she was happy, I was happy.

She began with a brief tutorial on aromas, but given we had no glasses and could only smell the wine from the bottles, it was a lost cause. She went on with a general description of sauvignon blanc, explaining how it was crisp and elegant, and perfectly matched with fish and cheese.

“And what will they say at sommelier school when they find out you think it goes well with a steak sandwich?” I teased with a tickle in her ribs.

She giggled in my lap. “We’re not going to tell them. This little camping trip of ours is a secret. It’s just for you and I.”

“What happens on tour, stays on tour?” “Exactly!” she announced, showing the early signs of inebriation.

Kylie continued with her lesson, teaching me how to taste wine properly. I rolled my eyes with impunity in the darkness. But obviously the test bottles we were working our way through were having an effect on me, because I just couldn’t get it.

“Look, just take a small bit into your mouth,” she repeated. “Hold it on your tongue and let it flow all over it. You’ve got different taste buds in different parts of your tongue. You’ve got to make sure you coat them all.

“No! Don’t swish it around like mouthwash.” She slapped my arm. “Look, like this.”

I was about to explain to her that it was pitch black in the tent and I couldn’t look at anything, but as I opened my mouth, she slipped her tongue between my lips. It was so soft and warm and wet, and tasted sweetly of wine.

I don’t know how that was supposed to teach me anything, and wondered if she’d actually intended it to. Regardless, I sucked her tongue gently, swirling and probing my own back into her mouth.

It was definitely a ruse on her part.

We both fell down onto the mattress, kissing passionately. I held her head in my hands, running my fingers through her soft hair. She was breathing heavily through her nose, whimpering into my mouth as we lost ourselves.

Kylie’s legs parted as I rolled on top of her, bouncing comically on the inflatable mattress below. I brushed her long hair out from under her shoulders, fanning it over the edge of the pillow, and continued to kiss her. I felt her left hand clutching at my right hip, her smooth thighs hooked tightly over my own.

Her right hand burrowed down, finding my shaft and gripping it tightly. I let a moan escape into my daughters mouth as she manipulated my cock in the non-existent space between us. I felt my super sensitive head squelching against her sodden lips, just rubbing back and forth.

“What are you doing?” I gasped when I could finally pull myself away from her kiss.

“I’m wanking with your cock,” she moaned.

Good enough for me. I kissed her deeply again, working my way down to her neck with gentle little bites and kisses. I then sucked her earlobe into my mouth and whispered my love for her in her ear.

Kylie continued rubbing her pussy with my cock. She spiraled my head against her clit, periodically running it down the length of her soft folds to her opening. About half a dozen laps in, she let my swollen glands rest at the bottom of her down stroke, her wet labia softly clasping the end of my penis in a perfect kiss.

A gentle tug and a roll of her hips engulfed the first few inches of my cock in her tight, wet pussy. She bore down on me with her nubile cunt, pulsing around my hardness.

I couldn’t believe it. I was inside my beautiful daughter. Every filthy, taboo desire fulfilled in a single wanton moment.

Then, without warning, she unsheathed me and slid my engorged head back to her clit. She teased me like that for an eternity, kissing me deeply and moaning seductively into my mouth.

Once again, she dipped the end of my cock into her molten core.

An agonizing infinity later, her right hand released my shaft and slid around to my hip. I trembled with anticipation, unable to believe this was really happening.

“Oh, Daddy,” she exhaled, as her fingers dug into my buttocks and pulled me into her.

Her hips bucked up to meet my full length. I was instantaneously buried to the hilt in my gorgeous little girl.

I cried out in ecstasy. Kylie’s hands moved up from my ass, stroking my back. I slowly pumped myself in and out of her.

“Oh, Daddy,” she moaned breathlessly. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Sweetheart,” I panted back. “You are so special to me.”

Kylie’s pussy was a hot, slippery glove around my cock. Her toned, silky smooth thighs were the perfect vice, along with the confines of the sleeping bag, holding me tightly to her. And her whining moans were music to my ears in the pitch darkness.

My thrusts in and out of her picked up speed, exaggerated by the bouncing of the blow-up mattress beneath us. We both grunted like animals, licking at each other’s mouths and faces.

Kylie snorted in between grunting moans, trying to speak. Finally, she managed to get out, “Oh… Daddy… Daddy… I’m… come… come… I’m… Daddy… I’m… coming.”

Her nails dug painfully into my back as she spasmed underneath me. She tried desperately to stifle her pleasure, holding her breath and sounding like she was trying to stop a sneeze. But finally the dam burst, and she overflowed with a primal, guttural scream.

She completely let go, letting herself be swept away by the euphoria.

My daughter’s sopping cunt drowning my cock and her total utter abandon swamped me. My own orgasm built like a tsunami, filling my body with impossible tension, before crashing ashore in a torrent of unadulterated pleasure.

My cock exploded inside Kylie’s beautiful pussy, flooding her womb with my seed. One electric spasm after another had me blasting spurt after spurt of spunk into my baby girl until I just couldn’t move anymore.

I collapsed spent on top of her, puffing and moaning like a madman. Kylie ran her fingers through my hair and kissed the side of my face until I calmed down.

“Are you all right, Sweety?” I whispered.

“I am so perfectly happy. I love you, Daddy.”

“I love you too, Kylie. I really do.”

“Listen,” she said, the smile audible in her voice.


“The rain. It’s stopped.”

Sure enough, the drumming rain on the tent had fallen silent. Only the roar of the swollen river remained.

I fell asleep on top of her, inside her. The next morning when we woke to the sound of the rushing river and birdsong, we lazily made love in the sleeping bag. We stared into each other’s eyes the whole time, her little flecks of gold sparkling in the muted blue tones of the tent.

The sun was out as I barbequed up the last of our bacon. And while the river had obviously peaked overnight, it still raged beyond its banks. The Prado was nowhere to be seen.

“I reckon we’ve still got another day here at least,” I said, laying an egg on top of the bacon already in Kylie’s bun. “It’ll take a while for that river to go down.”

“It’ll at least give us a chance to dry out these clothes.”

“And that sleeping bag,” I grinned.

“You’re terrible,” she laughed knowingly, punching me in the arm.

The sleeping bag never got a chance to dry out. We spent the rest of the day snuggled up inside it, and made love twice more before falling asleep that night.

The sound of diesel engines woke us the next morning. It was a convoy of four heavy duty four wheel drives, each stuffed to the gunwales with families of campers. They’d stopped by the river, and were inspecting our upturned Prado fifty metres or so downstream from where we’d abandoned it.

Kylie and I quickly climbed into our clothes and slid down the hill to greet them. After an embarrassing explanation of how we’d been caught out by the weather and got ourselves stranded, the happy campers fired up the winch on the Landcruiser I should have bought and had us upright and out of the drink in short order.

Amazing how easy it is when you know what you’re doing, I thought to myself. Hairy or not, I’m far from an outdoorsman.

They helped us load our gear back into the Prado, and were even kind enough to tow us back to the nearest town. The local mechanic/smash repairer didn’t seemed fussed with the prospect of mucking out the car, although he did note that it would probably take about three weeks or so by the time he got the necessary approvals from my insurance company.

After we got the car sorted with the mechanic, we had missed the only bus out of town that day. So Kylie and I ended up checking in at the motor inn down the street for the night.

Armed with fresh supplies from Woolworths, Kylie took the first shower while I called home.

“Oh my God! Are you all right?” Andrea cried.

“Yeah, Honey, we’re fine,” I told my wife. I went on to recount what had happened to the car, and how we eventually got back to civilization.

“As long as you two are okay. That’s all I care about.” Andrea was always good like that. It was just a car, and the insurance would take care of everything. Then she asked when we were coming home.

“We’ll get the bus to Sydney tomorrow, about lunchtime,” I explained. “By the time we get in though, it’ll be too late to catch anything home. So we’ll stay the night there. We’ll have a look at the flights, and maybe the buses too.”

“If you stay another two nights in Sydney, I can drive up and get you on Saturday, if you like?”

I pondered the prospect of another two nights alone with Kylie in a fancy Sydney hotel. It was an easy decision. “Sure, that’d be great. No doubt she’ll make me take her shopping for some new clothes.”

Andrea sniffed a laugh, then asked, “How are you two getting along?”

“Actually, we’re doing really well,” I said. “We had plenty of time to talk. Really cleared the air.”

“Oh, that’s fantastic! I knew going away together would bring you two closer together.”

“It’s certainly done that.” I smiled to myself.

Andrea and I spoke a while longer. When Kylie was done in the bathroom, I put her on the phone with her mother. Kylie was all smiles and animated gestures as she chatted away on the phone, giving her account of our adventure.

I stood in the shower, letting the hot water wash away the previous few days. I took stock of what had happened, particularly between Kylie and I. It was funny, despite all my hang ups earlier, it felt completely natural to me. Even the realisation that I had cheated on my wife for the first time in twenty-four years seemed somehow okay, because I’d done it with my daughter.

Absurd logic, I know. But it felt natural.

As I dried myself after my shower, Kylie studied me intently with those big grey eyes. I stood up after toweling off my calves and feet, and smiled at her. She was standing there in the nude, with her head tilted to the side.

“Come on,” she smiled, leading me back into the bedroom.

Two steps onto the carpet, Kylie turned to face me. Without saying a word, she ran her hands down my chest to my stomach. As she got lower, she went down onto her knees in front of me.

Her eyes locked on mine, Kylie took my cock in her hand and kissed the head softly. I stared down at her, running my fingers lightly through her freshly shampooed hair. Kylie smiled, then sunk her mouth halfway down my length.

The sight of my cock disappearing into my daughter’s mouth was incredible.

Her lips gripped my shaft and slid back to the sensitive glands, her wet tongue cradling my cock as she went. With just the head in her mouth, she licked at the seam, then sank back down on my prick again.

The visual and tactile sensation of Kylie sucking my cock like that was amazing. She bobbed up and down on me, holding my hips for leverage. My own hands were on either side of her head, pulling her closer as I fucked her mouth.

I got carried away in the heat of the moment and pulled her head into me a bit too hard. I felt the head of my cock wedge into the back of my darling daughter’s throat, and she started gagging.

“Oh, Sweetheart! I’m so sorry,” I cried.

“It’s okay, Daddy,” Kylie smiled up at me, wanking my shaft with her hand while she caught her breath.

She took my cock back into her mouth, but kept her hand gripped around the base as she fellated me. Her other hand, I saw, had slipped between her legs and was feverishly rubbing her pussy.

Thank you again Angel Love for all your help…’re one heck of a talented and patient editor!


We have given each other every imaginable red or pink present over the years on Valentine’s Day from edible underwear to sex toys that looked like fire hydrants. It became apparent to my best-bud-girl, Jenn, and I, as well as to a number of our friends, that we had become “Valentine’s Day Professionals.”

Jenn happened upon a very simple explanation for why we were such experts at celebrating this lovers’ occasion when she said, “It’s because we practice so much in the off-season.”

We’ve become Valentine’s Day “mentors” and “coaches.” I work on the guys who are only creative enough to buy candy and a pair of panties, and Jenn works on the women who in the past might desperately try to find a matching red bra and panty set as they rummage through their bureaus as late as the morning of the event. One couple in particular, Henry and Leslie, repeatedly thank us for the coaching and tutoring that has now made them professionals at enjoying what is now a season for them as well. It started with a conversation several years ago that the four of us had while attending a mandatory Christmas party at work.

“We realized years ago that the Christmas season can become a burden because it’s stretched out over too many weeks and even months,” Jenn told them.

Jenn and I found that by “shortening” some holiday seasons and conversely “lengthening’ other holidays that our appreciation for all the events increased dramatically. Valentine’s Day, for instance, is now officially kicked off in our household as well as in Henry and Leslie’s on February first. The first evening on our Valentine’s Day Season begins decorating any little box we can find that will become our Valentine’s Day “Wishes” Box. Each of us has to slip a little piece of paper into a little slot each evening before we go to bed with another “wish.” The box sits on a night table right next to the bed until February 14th. This tradition in its own rite fuels both our imagination as well as our excitement which just simmers and is ready to boil over by the time the official Day is upon us; greatly due to the fact that one of the rules for our Valentine’s Day Season is to abstain from orgasms until the actual day is upon us. Whew.

“That won’t be hard for us,” Leslie told Jenn, “We sometimes go months without having sex together.”

Jenn’s response was, “Well how often do you tease or flirt with each other?” Leslie gave Jenn her undivided attention as this, “first coaching session” that we remember commenced.

Jenn and I are both quick to admit that giving suggestions and tips to people almost always excites us just as well. Jenn gave Leslie a litany of ideas, some of which Jenn thought of on the spot that made her want to go try them out on me!

“Buy one or two of the sexiest pairs of panties you can find, and then just hang them in the shower after you’ve rinsed them out. Even if Henry doesn’t say anything it’ll make him think. Tell him that it’s fun for you to wear the sexy underwear sometimes because it makes you think about a very special lovemaking session that you’ve had together. Wear nightgowns or T-shirts to bed for a week…..and then let him find you sleeping naked. Have a cup of coffee with him or watch him shave one morning while you’re topless.”

Jenn’s list kept going; Leslie had to take notes. And then Jenn ended that first session by suggesting that Leslie leave the list somewhere that Henry might find it!

Jenn was hornier-than-billy-goatness that night at dinner when she told me about the talk she had with Leslie, and asked that I help out a little bit with Henry. That is easier-said-than-done for me; I’m not the kind of guy who typically can talk to another guy about turning a woman on; but I promised to try as long as Jenn would tutor me a little bit through a viable process.

“The next time you and Henry are talking about the price of anything, could you mention something like Jenn just told me that she saw a vibrator for a hundred dollars, or Jenn realized that the price to replace her favorite vibrator had doubled in just three years? Maybe you can broach the topic of sex disguised as an economic indicator?” Jenn suggested.

And with that we developed a couple of tactful ploys that would hopefully get Henry’s imagination cranking. And it worked. As Henry and I were looking at a brand-new line of table saws one afternoon I remarked, “The price of these things is a third of what it was ten years ago….but you know what? That’s not the story everywhere….Jenn told me this morning that the price to replace her favorite vibrator had doubled in just three years. I just hope that it’s as efficient, easy-to-use, and made as well as this saw.” Henry sort of snickered because I don’t think he knew what else to do.

But I had planted a seed that made an appearance about a week later when Henry almost embarrassingly asked me, “Do you and Jenn use a lot of toys?”

I spoke as if I was talking about my newest cordless screwdriver. “Sure. She and I both love them. We’ve got them in the bathroom and in the night tables. And just looking together through a catalogue or an on-line site for new items is a lot of fun….and we have some favorite websites that aren’t just big porn or unreliable outfits. There are sites out there to fit everybody’s needs; some of them are as businesslike and marketed with all the specs and customers feedback as if you were researching the purchase of a new toll; and in fact that’s exactly what you’re doing.”

I had planted yet another seed because about a week later Henry asked me for a URL or two of sites that both Jenn and I thought were both reputable as well as fun.

Just as February first is now our kick-off day for our “Valentine’s Day Season,” the last weekend of January has become a wild one for us; it’s almost as if we’ve conditioned ourselves to prepare for the two long weeks without orgasms. This year we spent the better part of Saturday night and almost all day Sunday on the sofa in front of a fire. Jenn gave me a wonderful modeling show of all the special costumes and clothes that she’s acquired over the years as we both recalled memories that were attached to each ensemble. Our favorite was a short black halter-topped dress that was slit on the sides with a very low-cut front.

We remembered “testing” whether or not it was suitable in public. Jenn proceeded to see if she could stoop to pick up something that she had dropped and sat as if she was at dinner to see how far the hem would rise up on her legs. She walked up the stairs as I stood off to the side of the banister watching out for overt views of her snatch. She tried both getting in and out of the car and tried reaching up high enough to get a coat off a rack. Even something as innocent as trying to put a coat on would give me a glimpse of a nipple and even a very substantially revealed thigh. She ended up wearing it out just one time; to a little open-decked and candle-lighted restaurant we went to in the Caribbean. We remembered when she came back to the table after using the Ladies Room almost completely out of breath. A woman had placed her hand softly on the inside of Jenn’s leg as Jenn leaned over the sink to scrape a tiny speck of errant lipstick off the corner of her mouth. It had been a woman who had been sunbathing somewhat close to us with her husband or friend earlier that afternoon on the beach.

Modeling that one skimpy dress this year on the last weekend before we kicked off our rituals for this years’ Valentine’s Day Season opened the floodgates of our imagination. I asked Jenn to stand front of me as I “inspected” the dress. I slowly pulled back the neck so I could see more of her breasts. She stood leaning over a table as she recalled the incident in the bathroom as I played the part of the stranger; only I encouraged Jenn to tell me, “what is it that you wished that the stranger had done to you if you had been together longer?” A series of uninhibited thoughts and desires unfolded as she now sat naked in front of both me and the fire.

“I wanted to turn around and lift my dress up so she could see my pussy. I wanted to show her my breasts and tell her to show me hers.” Jenn and I had realized years ago that sometimes revealing fantasies to each other in the long run could help each other love each better in new creative ways.

“I wanted her to put her finger inside me,” Jenn said as she sat with her eyes shut and her legs wide open. “I wanted to masturbate in front of her, and then I wanted to tell you about what I had done as I watched you masturbate in front of me.”

I told Jenn to lean over a coffee table as I pulled the waist of my sweat pants slightly down. I blindfolded her and then directed my cock into her mouth. “I want you to suck this and then I want you to tell me what other hole of yours you want me to put it in.”

“Stick it in my pussy,” she said after a couple of minutes, “I’ll open my legs far apart and then I want you to stick your cock in my pussy. And I want you to finger my ass.”

Jenn rubbed herself as I humped her. The hem of her black dress sat high on her hips; she had moved the neckline to either side of her breasts. My thumb was deep in her ass, and her muscles begged it to be even deeper. I repeatedly pulled my dick all the way out of her and then baited her anticipation of when I would slowly stuff it back in her. Our movements got quicker and I could feel her hand beginning to rub her clit firmer and harder. We orgasmed together, I let my sperm go all over her pussy as well as shot some into her wide open anus. We had all we could do to make our way to the sofa where we flopped down under a comforter. Neither of us alone nor maybe even together thought that we had enough energy to put another log on the fire.

Jenn and I conveyed our overall concept of a Valentine’s Day Season to Henry and Leslie after it appeared that our suggestions of teaching them how much fun it was to “tease and build anticipation.” They ultimately adopted a theory that Jenn and I simply stated as “no matter how many times you make love each week or month, you can tease and flirt every day of the year…anytime, anyplace.”

Jenn helped Leslie edit some initial “wishes” to put in the Valentine’s Day Wishes Box. Leslie shared Henry’s two favorite wishes with Jenn, both of which have ultimately become mainstays for them in maintaining fun year-round “preseason activities.” His favorite was, “I want you to watch me when I’m naked through a window when you’re outside,” and his second most favorite was, “I want you to help me shave myself at least once a month.”

Likewise Leslie shared with Jenn what her two favorites were that Henry had wished for; first was, “I like it when you go to bed with clothes on but then I find out in the morning that you’ve stripped naked.” Her runner-up most favorite was, “I’d like it if you sometimes would come into my workshop and let me watch you take off all your clothes.”

Now there are certain liabilities inherent with some of these wishes. For instance, one time Leslie didn’t know that I had come over to borrow some tools when Henry was outside mowing the lawn, and I got a great shot of Leslie washing a sliding glass door when she wasn’t wearing any clothes. (I must admit however that Henry appeared to have become a very astute pussy-barber.) And Jenn now goes over and bops into their house somewhat guardian-like ever since Leslie came prancing into the kitchen from the workshop one morning wearing only a g-string as Jenn was innocently just pouring herself a cup of their coffee.

I have absolutely no idea what “wishes” Jenn has put into the Valentine’s Day Wishes Box so far this year…..and I’m not about to tell anyone what wishes I’ve already put in there for Jenn. I can say however, that even though we’re only just about a week into our Valentine’s Day Season that this fricking rule about abstaining from orgasms has got-to-go. This morning Jenn made me rub myself on a towel that was lying next to the sink in the bathroom for a couple of minutes as she watched and played with my nipples; probably in retaliation for me insisting that I had to rinse her pussy myself with the shower attachment as she was taking a bath.

This year we started a new tradition of giving each other four very professional looking and LaserJet printed “Cum Coupons.” It’s an experiment to see just how far we can push each other by demanding we give our partner whatever sex they want on-the-spot whenever a “Cum Coupon” is presented, and it goes without saying the disclaimer “Void Where Prohibited” is there to protect both of us from any legal ramifications when we’re somewhere like the grocery store and the “Spirit of the Season” comes upon us!

To whoever reads this story :

Firstly, please be warned that this is one of my earlier works.

This means that although I don’t give laundry-list descriptions, I do describe the characters in detail at times. … Sorry. m(_ _)m

(Originally this was the third story in a compilation of themed quick stories, each of which matched a certain literotica category. The compilation itself was based in a world where drugs were commonly used for mind control, sexual pleasure etc.)

Secondly, italics are used to indicate thoughts, and bold is used to indicate emphasis.

Finally, this story contains a whole bunch of husbands, one college student, and a lot of men pleasuring each other in various ways.


Ysoi’s Early Works – Gay Mode

18/September/2054 ~20:00Hrs.

Part 01…

Nathan blushes. Looks down at the transparent grey stim-tube into which his cock has been inserted, held in place by straps locked about his hips. It squeezes him gently, vibrating quietly about his length; pulsing from one end to the other. His swollen knob and his balls beneath are the only visible evidence that it is not in fact a woman’s strap-on. It feels strange. Embarrassing. Good nevertheless. As if Julie were wanking him gently whilst running her tongue from base to tip. Her insistence on avoiding the leaking and glistening tip at once frustrating but also erotic.

When will she arrive? He had expected her to be waiting with the other women. Had expected to serve both her and her friends in this, his first impregnation orgy. Had looked forward to seeing her in ecstasy with no care as to who gave it to her or who she chose to go with. What did it matter so long as she was happy? He had only wanted to please her.

But now? The air is as warm and damp as he had been told to expect; but where he had anticipated the wonderful fragrances of aroused women and their assorted perfumes, there is instead nothing but the scent of freshly-washed men and equally cleansed but now damply glistening cocks. The scent of male pre-cum mixed with just the slightest fragrance of sperm. Where is she? Why isn’t she there already?

He had looked forward to feasting his eyes upon not just her gorgeous body but those of his friend’s lovers as well; but instead he finds that both she and they are nowhere to be seen. That the tired, panda-eyed university student who stands by the only door and who had strapped the stim-tube about his hips is the only woman to be seen. Janet wasn’t it? She’s short, delicate and still pretty despite her tired and unkempt appearance; but she’s also off-limits, a spectator rather than a participant, and so his attention turns to the board that stands beside her.

“An Observational Experiment into the Adaptability of Male Sexual Behaviour.”

Is there some kind of trick behind the words? Is there something that they hadn’t spotted behind the innocent facade? It had seemed like a chance too good to miss. Just an hour of their time in exchange for a night in the relative luxury of a VIP lounge; a chance for the whole department to indulge in an orgy of love with their own partners and lust with each other’s. He’d found both the images and their accompanying questions oddly unsettling though, for he had recalled emotions and feelings that he’d thought that he’d grown out of; and the absence of any women meant that there was nothing to push those memories from his mind.

How many times has he seen his friends naked? How many times has he joined them and their wives in bed, or invited them into his and Julie’s? He has seen them in passion and ecstasy, has seen them pissing and cumming and shown them as much as he has seen; and it seems easier to count the nights when Julie and himself have slept alone together than do the opposite. It makes sense therefore, that he should have no problem seeing them stood as he is now, but he feels both embarrassed and awkward regardless; and he sees the same emotions upon them. All uncertain. Many blushing. Hundreds of them in an endless sea about himself.

In reality he sees just five men besides himself, but the wall-screens are powered down and unlit; and so it seems as if he stands in the middle of an infinite landscape of masculinity. As if he stands in the midst of a forest of innumerable cocks. They range from as short and thin as Tom’s to as long as David’s and as fat as Harry’s, and they cover the whole range of what might be considered healthy and normal. They jut forward and upward without exception. They bob up and down and twitch as they strain towards women who are still inexplicably absent; and also, equally without exception, the quietly buzzing, high-tech codpieces cover their length from pubic hair to swollen and glistening helmet.

Alex, Dave, Eric, Harry, Tom. No sign of the jerk or his sycophantic buddy. No sign of the women who would normally by now be busy stroking themselves impatiently between their thighs, if not already fucking each other senseless.

Could it be that they had failed the scientists’ questions in some way? That they had detected some anomaly within their characters? Something that made them unsuitable for an impregnation orgy? He swallows. Feels dizzy with fear at the thought that he might not be worthy of his beautiful wife. Glances at where he knows unseen cameras gaze at those who stand within the room. At the staff who no doubt watch everything that their cold, glass eyes record. He knows that he’s not perfect. That he’s too weak. That despite his wife’s adoration and insistence that he never change, his face and long blonde hair make him look slightly feminine.

The letter said that it was an experiment in human sexuality, didn’t it? That after the questions they would be expected to indulge in a night of condom and contraceptive free sex. Could they have they decided that their experiment would go better with the far more masculine Tod and Jackson? Or perhaps that the women would be better off without their sperm?

He has no confidence to tell himself that it’s not possible, but he glances at the men who stand about him and he cannot believe that they too could have failed such an exam. They are all kind men, all polite or reasonably so; but who could question their worth as a male? Who could doubt that David was one of the most selfless men alive, or that for all of his youth, Alex had the kind of physique that was made for statues? Who could deny that any children sired by them would not only be genetically sound, but also well-loved and looked after?


He gives a start of surprise.

“Hi, Eric.” he swallows. Turns to where his toned and redheaded friend stands to his side. “It… It’s not what I was expecting…”

“Yeah. Same here.” his friend pauses; his normally ashen skin touched by scarlet at the cheeks. His breathing uneven and his eyes a touch unfocused despite the calmness with which he speaks. “Those questions were pretty weird, weren’t they.”

Just for an instant Nathan wonders anxiously what is wrong with his friend. Just for a single instant he fails to recognise the symptoms that the other presents, and then he blushes. Glances down without meaning to.

Fuck, he’s big.

His friend is close to cumming. He looks upward hurriedly. Tries to forget the trickle of thin, pale white fluid that dribbles out of his friend’s plump helmet. To ignore the way that his friend’s cock had thrust almost directly up at him as if ready to launch its sperm towards his face in a manner mimicking the films and photos that he had been shown.

Oh fuck… I don’t lean that way!

“Y-yeah… I… I…” he stutters. Swallows. Shudders as the insistent vibration about his manhood causes a blob of sperm to bubble up and out of him, then prays that it won’t take him all the way. That it won’t make him spray his seed across the handsome man who stands before him. “I thought you’d done some of these studies before… Is it… Is it normally like this afterwards?..”

“Just men?” Eric grins. Shakes his head. “No way. Normally it’s just fill out the surveys, get into the room and start shagging. Could be the girls are answering questions as well, but I thought this one was a men-only study…”

“And… And, uh… And these things?..”

He gestures without thinking. Sees the pink upon his friend’s face darken to scarlet as he glances down. Sees him swallow then shake his head.

“Definitely not normal!”


Silence. He realizes that Eric is still staring at his erection. That his gaze is moving across it. That rather than change the subject or laugh off his friend’s attention; his own gaze has moved to Eric’s far longer and slightly fatter manhood. He remembers the photos that the university-girl had shown him. Remembers films of men sucking other men to climax, of men accepting each other’s sperm across their faces. How many of the men from the photos could maintain their composure whilst deep-throating that wonderful -

Wonderful?! I don’t lean that way!..

He swallows. Banishes the thought hurriedly. Knows that his friend doesn’t lean that way either. Even during their threesomes with Julie or Sara; even when one of them thrust into a woman’s arse whilst the other thrust into her pussy; they’d thought only of the beautiful woman between them, hadn’t they? He licks his suddenly dry lips. Remembers the way in which Eric’s cock never failed to slide along his own on its way into Julie or Sara. The way in which Eric would sometimes surprise him by lapping not just at his wife’s sodden pussy, but also at Nathan’s rigid cock half-buried within it; laughing that he had right of way by virtue of marriage. The way in which Sara had giggled that her husband was wanking him as he helped her to thrust her buttocks upon his shaft. The grin that Eric had given when he thanked him for returning the favour, their seed mingling in lines upon her firm, caramel-coloured buttocks.

It had all been nothing but mischievous fun, hadn’t it? It had always been purely heterosexual, hadn’t it? There couldn’t have been any desire for him behind it, could there? But what if there had been, though?

What if secretly Eric had always wanted to return to those long summer holidays that they had sworn to keep to themselves, to forget and move on from? To the carefree days of their youth when it had been nothing unusual for them to watch each other climax over a copy of penthouse? To compete as to who could cum the most times, or who could shoot his seed the furthest? To race to spray their sperm across a digestive as if competing in a game of soggy biscuit, only to laugh and share it afterwards. He feels his head swim at the thought.

No. Not Eric. He’s so tall. So strong. So insatiable when it comes to his wife. Fuck, they’ve finished many a night wanking off to movies of her with other women once she’s retired to bed in exhaustion. There’s no possibility that he could lean that way!

But himself?

He stares at his friend’s throbbing and jutting cock, oblivious to the time that has passed. Why is it that it fascinates him so strongly now? Why is it that he wonders whether Eric’s sperm tastes as wildly forbidden as it did all those years ago? That he thought of Eric during the not just unexpected but vaguely disturbing questions that they had been asked during the pre-admittance survey?

And what if Eric had been asked those same questions, and thought of him?

“I… I, uh… They asked if I would… If for Julie’s sake I would…”

He flushes. Fuck, he can’t say it. Can’t bring himself to admit it. He looks up, hoping for understanding; and when Eric looks up as if sensing his anxiety, their eyes meet and his friend nods his head ever-so-slightly.

“Me too. For Sara’s sake.”

“M-My own… And someone else’s… I said… I said I would swallow… For Julie…”

“Yeah. I said I’d do it as well…”

He feels his face burn. Feels not just a touch of comprehension, but a touch of relief as well. Sees a nervous smile upon his friend’s lips for the first time. Feels the vibrations about his cock subside so that they don’t cause the sudden stiffening of his cock to lead to its natural conclusion. He gasps and bites his lips. Closes his eyes for just a moment and sees a look of interest and something else upon Eric’s face when he opens them once more.

Something? Yes. Acceptance. Willing acceptance.

Oh fuck… Do you want me to do this, Julie?..

“Then… Then this… You think they want us to…”

“Honestly, I don’t see why they’d care. I’ve never heard of anything like this before. It’s not as if they can’t get any number of guys to fuck and suck each other senseless…” Eric pauses. Looks about himself at the men with whom they stand. At the defiant interest and anticipation that has in part replaced the earlier uncertainty. “Tod isn’t here though… Nor Jackson…”

“Then they’ve got rid of two homophobic jerks…”

“Yeah!..” Eric laughs. Shakes his head. “I can’t believe it, but…”

“Everyone here said yeah?.. At least in return for something…”

“Yeah. I think the girls are probably going to have their fun without us tonight.”

“And us?..”

Us. It hangs in the air. Us, as in them and the men, or us as in just them? They both blush. Glance away from each other. See hundreds of men stood in pairs; blushing or laughing, their cocks erect and thrusting wetly towards each other regardless.

“For Julie and Sara?..”

Nathan. His voice a whisper. He’s helpless to stop himself from glancing up and down the man who has been his friend since childhood. His eyes catching Eric’s once more as he tries to look upwards hastily. His heart skipping a beat at the sight of his friend’s tongue between his lips, of his eyes anxious but attentive. Willing to see how far they will be forced to go.

Only for them?.. Not just because it’s him?..

“I… I’d swallow… Even if -”

The door opens then closes behind William, and with the entry of their friend, the lights start to dim and fade to nothing.

Part 02…

“Firstly… Uh, gentlemen?.. Here please?”

Her voice is little more than a whisper. She coughs. Raises a hand and waits for the greetings and chatter to stop, then steps away from the wall against which she had pressed herself. “Um… Firstly, I… I want to thank all of you for taking part in this… Ah… Um, hold on a bit, I’ll just… Uh, computer? Please activate screens?..”

“Activating Screens. No signal selected.”

A disembodied voice fills the room as the wall-screens flicker then come to life. Lit but blank. Their soft glow only a partial replacement for the lights that have switched off. The men suddenly only seven instead of hundreds; in almost total darkness rather than fully lit. She smiles nervously, as if proud that she has achieved some small victory; then pulls on a pair of thick-lensed spectacles before lifting her gaze towards them.

And then she blushes for the first time.

Oh God.

She gives a little squawk, looking downward immediately; then removes her spectacles before hiding herself behind a sheet of papers.

“Please… Please wait a bit…”

“We will, Janet.”

Dave. He’s not only their friend, but also both their boss and the oldest of them all. They stand in silence whilst the student calms her nerves; too eager to find out what is happening to do anything else; and in the absence of their voices the gentle buzzing of the contraptions about their cocks draws their attention to the cause of their uneven breathing. They wait for her to continue; but they do so knowing that just as they cannot help glancing at their companions’ wetly gleaming glans, so their companions glance at theirs as well.

“Uh, sorry… Um… Thank you… Um… I… I’ll just read the briefing if, uh, if that’s okay…”

“Go on.”

“Thank you, uh… Thank you David. Everyone.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Just take your time.”

The men respond as one; their voices calm and understanding despite their desire to find out what is happening; but they grin at each other at the same time. Raise their eyebrows and nod their heads in silent appreciation; wondering what the diminutive student might look like undressed, or how she might react to the attention of their wives.

“Thank you…” her voice is, if possible, even quieter; and she keeps her eyes downward. “Um… Well… You have no doubt noticed that there are fewer of you stood here than sat within the waiting room. It says. Um… Those of you who are here are here because you have not only passed a psychological test with flying colours, but you because you have also been found to possess a devotion to your wives that is admirable. Those who are absent did not possess those qualities, and will not be offered the same opportunity as yourselves… Activate video – Ah… Um, Computer? Activate video feeds, please?”

“Activating Pre Assigned Video Feeds…”

The walls light up at her words, and regardless of their composure before the lights had started to dim, the seven men offer a chorus of awe and wonder at what they see. Their wives make love both playfully and passionately all about them; giggling in mischief and crying out in ecstasy; their cries drowning out those of the men. They are a tangle of shining faces and naked bodies; of splayed or clutching limbs; of thrusting fingers and toys; of lips that kiss and tongues that lick. They do so so wildly and with such abandon that not one of the men can feel confident that he knows exactly what his wife is doing or with whom; but they grin in delight and laugh in awe anyway.

Holy fuck!..

The young student’s whisper; caught so perfectly within a brief lull in the sounds of passion and ecstasy that the men cannot help but laugh despite themselves. She buries her head once more, lifting the papers so high that they see her chin and the swell of her tiny breasts below; then giggles before shaking her head and carrying on hurriedly.

“Um… Computer, please reduce volume to level 1!.. Ah… Sorry about that…” she giggles again, and she makes no sign of being aware of how many of her audience vow silently to get her if not into their marital bed, then at least into their wife’s arms. “Um… Anyway… These are the women that you love, and for whom you have all stated that you would step outside of your comfortable sexuality. It says. You have all stated that you would masturbate another man, or perform oral sex upon him, or even swallow his semen; and in exchange for group demonstrations of such we will bestow rewards of suitable value upon those who make love about you.”

The seven men flush as one, some wincing as well; but she shows the same lack of observational skills by carrying on regardless.

“No doubt you have some concerns as to why we would want to witness such things given how easily we could ask the same of homosexual men, or even pay actors to perform your roles. Please therefore be aware that whilst the required demonstrations are sexual in nature, we are interested in you on a personal level, and it is your attitude towards this exercise that we will be testing.”

“Um… As a demonstration of what we desire from you, and as an offering of goodwill to yourselves; we will upgrade your lover’s entry rights to unlimited for a period of one year; and in exchange your first task is to do nothing more than allow yourself to ejaculate at least once across a companion’s penis…” she pauses then. Swallows then lowers her papers a fraction to look at them with scarlet cheeks before hiding once more. “To make this even easier upon yourselves, you will find junction tubes within the cabinet. These will attach to the stim-tubes that have already been fitted to you and can, unlike the aforementioned, be set to stimulate you to climax rather than to hold back.”

Another chorus, but this time of shock.

“Regarding the terms of the exercises, it should be stated that all of the tasks are to be considered a group exercise; and you will be considered to have succeeded in the task only if each one of you achieves the stated objectives. Further, all tasks must be carried out upon the section of the floor outlined in – Ah. That’s wrong.” she pauses. Gestures vaguely towards them without moving out from her hiding place.

“It’s normally outlined, but today it’s that small black section with the cabinet… Um… Anyway… Moving outside of that area will result in instant failure. I, uh, I know it’s not tons of room, but, I think it’s so that the cameras can record it fully… Well, um… Those who wish not to take part may leave at any time safe in the knowledge that any achieved prizes will remain theirs; whilst those who remain may feel similarly reassured that all memories pertaining to this test will be wiped from the minds of any departing before they exit the centre. Furthermore, as stated prior to your participation, the results of all testing carried out today will be anonymized, and any anonymized data obtained will be shared only with the sponsor. Unless you have any questions, you have fifteen minutes to prepare yourselves, then fifteen minutes to perform the task specified. Um… Any questions?”

“Then, uh, I’ll go now… I’ll pop back in every now and again just to see how things are going… Thank you once more! Um… Computer, please start timer?”

“Now Starting Pre Task Timer…”

She escapes as soon as the computer responds, the door closing behind her as a timer appears superimposed upon the orgy that plays upon each wall; and for almost an entire minute the men stand in nervous silence. What should they do? How can they show that they’re willing but not eager? They flush, glancing at each other for some sign of a way forward; and only one of them is able to fully overcome his fear of ridicule or discrimination.

What would you want me to do, Barbara?

David. He glances about himself. Smiles quietly at the sight of his friends. They’re all young men. All good men with good wives. They’re uncertain and scared, though. Focused upon each other, upon what thrusts from between their thighs and upon the reaction of those whose opinion doesn’t matter rather than what truly count. Do they desire each other? Do they want to pleasure each other? He smiles again. Suspects that some do. Knows that one does. Suspects that some don’t. It doesn’t matter anyway.

He looks at the women who play so obscenely about them. At his wife giggling in delight between a younger woman’s thighs as another younger woman pounds a strap-on into her pussy from behind. Blushes at the sight as he imagines being able to offer her such pleasure again and again for a whole year.

He pads onto the black section of the floor and towards the cabinet whilst his friend’s catch their breath and blush and stare in silence. Do they think that he’ll denounce the whole thing as being obscene? He smiles. Feels certain that for all their anxiety, they’re just waiting for someone to make the first move; that though they’re not willing to risk stepping forward first, they’ll rush to join him even if other’s denounce him.

And so what if he has to touch or even suck a cock? It’s neither beautiful like Barbara nor desirable like the kind young women who frolic with her; but neither is it horrible or repellent. It’s just a stick of flesh. Little more than a boneless finger with a tube through which it can spit its owner’s sperm; and he sees no reason why he should worry about it doing so. He lifts the cabinet’s glass lid whilst his heart races regardless of his conviction; then reaches in to pick up a junction-tube before turning back to the men.

“Anyone mind if I give a speech?”

“You’ll do it anyway!”

“Just go for it, Dave.”

Tom then Eric.

“Yeah, I will.” he laughs, sits upon the cabinet with his cock jutting up before him then leans forward to meet their gazes. “Now, I know all of you; and I’ve always felt proud to consider you my mates. I know that you love your wives as much as I love my Barbara; and I also know that when your girl tells you that she wants to see your cock in another girl, you’re more-than-eager to please her.”

“No kidding, Dave!”

Tom. His words almost lost in the chorus of agreement with which the men greet David’s words. They grin as one, laughing and chuckling as they do so; and he waits for them to finish their agreement before letting his gaze travel across them once more.

“Now some people might say that that’s just what men do; but what I also know is that as much as you enjoy other girls, the one you want the most is the girl watching. The one frigging herself as she watches you, or being gobbled by another girl, or being fucked by another man. Sure, that new girl might be great, and I’m sure you want her to cum her brains out as well; but it’s not her smile you want the most. It’s not her thank-you that will make your day.”

He pauses once more then; but though they nod their heads in agreement, the six men stand in respectful silence whilst he swallows and licks his lips before continuing.

“Now I want to see Barbara like that. Crying out as she cums. Squealing in delight as she makes someone else cum. As much as I wish that I could keep up with her, though, five or six times a day is my limit now… And don’t gloat that I’m just a middle-aged fart, ‘cos we all know that all of our limits put together are nothing compared to our girls!” they laugh at that, and he grins then carries on once more. “So what do I do? We don’t have enough room at home for that sort of action, and I can’t afford this; and even though I could just let her attend one of the freebies, it’s never as good with strangers, is it… Well, now I’m looking at us stood here; and I’m thinking that as far as women go, we’re all pretty meh; but you’re my mates, and at least your clits are easy to find, and I’ll do whatever it takes to give her that.”

“I’ll let you shoot off over me, or wank or suck you off if that’s what they tell me to do, and to be honest I’d be dead chuffed if you all had the best orgasms of your lives because you’re my mates and you deserve it, but I’ll think of Barbara as I’m doing it… And as for yourselves… Well, I know that there are some of you who like men now, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some will come to realize that you like men soon; and if you look at me or each other and think, hey, I wanna suck that cock, then I hope you’ll get stuck in and have the time of your life, and let Barbara and I take care of your girls anytime you want to do some more male-bonding!”

“Christ you can’t ‘alf waffle on, Dave!”

“Yes, and fuck you, Tom!” he laughs with them; and then they stare once more as he spreads his legs slightly before carefully but firmly easing a junction-tube onto his upward-thrust knob. Catching his breath as the tube locks onto that already wrapped about him. “God, that feels odd…” he gasps, licks his lips then looks up once more. “But right now, I can’t cum over my own knob, so if one of you wouldn’t mind?..”

They laugh once more then; and for all their previous nerves, they join him eagerly at the single cabinet.

Part 03…

“Christ, it’s fiddly!”

William. His laughter nervous. His hands shaking as he tries to aim his plump cock towards the silicone tube that has locked onto David’s stim-tube; his glistening, swollen glans bobbing up and down as he aims it towards the older man’s.

“Go on.”

The other men greet his anxiety with breathless whispers of encouragement. Swallow and lick their dry lips. Know that soon they too will ease their erect members towards another’s. That perhaps their seed will splash across the knob of a man who wants nothing more than to worship their manhood. That perhaps they might stand face-to-face with a man who would be more than happy to close that gap. To let his lips mirror the contact lower down.

“Don’t worry, mate.”

A whisper of encouragement from David. He pulls his hips backward gently when the younger man misses his target once more.

“Just pretend it’s Mary’s arsehole!”

Harry. For once it’s not Tom. A small burst of chuckling greeting his words. William pulling back then chuckling as well.

An’ who says I wouldn’t rather it was Dave’s?!

“Put a word in for me with Mary and I might let you do it!”

The five watching men laugh at the brief exchange, but it is tense with excitement and intrigue. Would they really do it? William grins then pushes forward once more. His aim steadier. His nerves calmed so that his aim is shaken only by his arousal and pounding heart. He places his swollen helmet against its target then looks upward. Meets David’s gaze as they hold their cock mere centimetres apart.

“Good. Now, gently…”

The soft tube expands about the younger man’s fatter knob, wrapping about it as if it is a woman’s mouth before stretching to lock onto William’s. It moves as if it is alive, shrinking about his knob until is as thin and transparent as a condom; and then it contracts length-ways, pulling the two men together.

Fucking hell…

A whispered exclamation from Alex. All seven men staring as the two now-shrink-wrapped knobs are pulled inexorably towards each other. They close together millimetre by millimetre, red lips toward red lips; and then both David and William shudder and catch their breath whilst their audience gasp as contact is made. It is as if their cocks are kissing, each swollen purple helmet thrust against the other; but rather than stop there the junction tube continues to contract.

Oh God, that’s…”


Whimpers of pleasure mixed with gasps of awe and wonder. David grits his teeth and William bites his lip as their knobs vie for dominance within their silicone sheath. They balloon outwards as each is crushed with increasing force against the other, both twitching despite the efforts that each man makes to hold his manhood still; and then suddenly William’s jerks downward beneath Dave’s.


The two men gasp as one, their eyes widening and bodies tensing; but even before they have finished their gasps, William’s helmet slams to a stop directly beneath David’s. They shudder once more then, their knobs held so tightly together that they look like two flattened and glistening plums, a dribble of milky white escaping from each. They stand in silence with teeth clenched and eyes narrowed as their jerking cocks vibrate against each other; and their audience stand in equal silence, well aware of the struggle that the two endure. Will one of them climax? Will one of them shoot his seed into the pale white liquid that bathes their cocks? The two breathe raggedly, standing like that for almost ten seconds as a trickle of thick, white sperm oozes out of David’s cock, but then the moment of danger passes. They relax, catch their breath and grin at the men who watch in awe.

“Come on ya chickens!..”

“We’re in this together, aren’t we, mates.”

William then David.

“Then I’ll go next.”

Tom. He holds a junction-tube that is shaped like a “Y”, its three openings at equal angles to each other. He swallows then looks down. Grips his small cock and forces the tube about his blunt helmet until it locks onto the tube about his shaft; the two spare openings on either side, ready and waiting for their occupants.

Part 03…

What would it be like with two?

Nathan swallows hard. Cannot help but wonder what it would feel like to have not just one but two erect cocks pressed so hard against his own. He glances at Eric. At his long, fat cock and the drop of sperm that glistens upon its small, red opening. Would he do it as well? It shouldn’t matter. It should be of no importance whose cock spurts its seed across his, or alternatively whose cock he spurts his across; but he wants it to be Eric’s.

“I’ll do it.”

“And me.”

Alex and Harry. They look as flustered as he feels. Step forward until they face Tom from either side, their cocks not only long but thick as well; broad spears of flesh cloaked in silicone, thrusting determinedly towards Tom’s smaller and thinner manhood. They take their time, but the other men watch in silence, as aware of the younger man’s physical perfection as any woman.

Alex goes first. His hands shaking, his chest heaving. His golden eyes flickering uncertainly from his pale knob to Tom’s face. He stiffens as his knob finds the soft, velvety opening; swallows and stares as his cock jerks within his hand. Will he cum? The men catch their breath. Swallow and stare whilst he gasps as a blob of thick white jelly bubbles up out of him; another following the first to dribble down to where Tom’s penis no-doubt throbs within the still opaque tube.

“Sorry, Tom.” he whispers an apology once the danger has passed. Licks his lips and pushes his cock into the now-wet opening whilst his red-haired friend and supervisor holds his cock firm against his thrust. The junction-tube wraps itself about his knob almost eagerly, locking onto his stim-tube then turning transparent before sucking him towards the older man’s smaller knob; and the men watch with bated breath. Barring the extra opening it is almost exactly the same scene as they have just witnessed between David and William; but Alex is as young as he is handsome, and with that youth comes sensitivity.

“Count to ten!”

“Think of fish-face!”

He goes to grin at their casual advice, but he has no sooner started to do so than he is stopped by the sensation of his not only plump but rigid knob pushing against Tom’s. Can he hold back? Can he somehow resist both the vibrations about his long, gracefully curved shaft as well as the pressure of Tom’s far-smaller knob pushing and sliding wetly against his own? He whimpers out loud and blushes in shame whilst the older man shivers and grits his teeth, and he goes rigid when his knob is pulled onto the top of Tom’s; but to the men’s surprise he somehow avoids his climax.

“Well done, Alex.”

Tom. His voice unsteady. His words followed by a chorus of quiet congratulation before David offers his own.

“Good work, both of you…” he pauses. Looks down and wonders if they haven’t already started along the route to losing the first prize. “But there’s only one more junction-tube, and it’s a double.”

Part 04…

We’re so close.

He flushes. Stares at the long, broad cock that juts towards him. Feels dizzy as the small red lips kiss his own. As watery sperm bubbles up between them as if they’re French-kissing. It takes so long. It had seemed like an age whilst watching David and the other three, but now it takes even longer. He gasps and bites his lower lip as their tiny red lips kiss again and again. Imagines them shooting their sperm into each other as his cock swells even further and the stim-tube’s vibration slow to an almost complete stop.

“You okay, Nathan?”

He nods his head, unable to trust his voice. Oh God, Eric!.. He shudders and closes his eyes as his friend’s cock thrusts against his own. Remembers the time when they had used their cocks as swords in a mock-duel. When his growing frustration with Eric’s greater range and their growing arousal had caused them to use them as what must surely have counted as the world’s slowest pump-action shotguns instead.


He breathes in his friend’s scent. Grins at the memory of his friend’s sperm splashing across his belly. Why had they stopped doing that? Why had they -… He opens his eyes wide. Stares at his still shuddering friend. He remembers their first threesome. Remembers a drunken night with a big-titted girl whose name he’d never learnt. Her hand upon his cock. Guiding him. Encouraging him. The all-consuming orgasm that had sent his sperm flying and splashing across his sleeping friend’s face. The daze in which he’d watched her ease his cock into Eric’s mouth, knowing that he chose to go along with her.

The horror and guilt that he’d felt the next morning. The fear with which he’d retreated from the suspicion that he might lean that way. That the women in his life might not exceed the importance of his handsome, unsuspecting friend. That he might desire Eric even more than he desired them. That he might desire Eric as much as he desired the beautiful young woman who was for some reason seemingly intent on becoming his wife.

“I’m ready.”

Eric. Nathan flushes. Looks at his friend’s handsome face in a daze. Might Eric have harboured some feelings for himself as well? It seems preposterous but he wonders anyway. He decides that he’ll offer himself if Eric shows any enthusiasm during the tasks. That he’ll try to taste his sperm once more. God, he wants to cum so badly! He wishes that he could wank himself. That he could spray his seed across Eric then kneel down and accept his friend’s seed across his tongue in return. He wonders if it would be the end of their friendship if he offered to do so.


He blinks. Looks towards David. Recalls that Harry’s cock is still partially unsheathed. That they’ve decided to give Alex as much time as possible to calm his nerves.

“I’m… I’m ready.”

“Then Alex?”

“I’ll… I’ll try my best…”

“Don’t worry about it. We’ve still got two minutes left, so just take your time.” David smiles. “Besides that, we’ve got fifteen minutes to do it, so from what I saw when you were with Barbara, you’ll have no problem even if you do cum.”


With that Alex takes a deep breath. Grins and nods his head. Glances at where Harry stands patiently whilst the four men not attached to him watch in interest and the man stood just before him tries to calm his racing heart. Will Alex cum? Will he be the first to spurt his seed across another man’s cock? Despite the risk that his doing so might ruin cause them to fail the supposedly easy task, only he can hold his hand up and promise that he hopes wholeheartedly that he won’t.

One careful and cautious minute later Harry’s fat and swollen glans jerks upwards after vying futilely with Alex’s. It glides wetly across the younger man’s twitching manhood before jamming to a halt, sandwiching Alex’s helmet between itself and Tom’s; and with that exquisite friction Alex loses his battle.

“Oh fuck, I’m sorry!..

He gasps, trembling like a leaf as his hips jerk helplessly; and with each sudden thrust of his impressive cock another burst of his thick white spunk spews into the tight silicone sheath; swirling and wrapping about the two that press against it. How many times have the men who stand grinning about him seen such a thing? How many times have they looked aside in apparent disinterest as a companion’s cock sprays its seed across a woman, or even into empty air? There is nothing new or uncommon about the sight of a friend climaxing, but the four spectators watch with emotions ranging from interest to awe and amusement to delight regardless.

Again and again his cock erupts into the clear silicone sheath as he clutches at Tom and Harry, his legs almost buckling beneath him. Again and again his cock jerks against the two that sandwich it whilst Harry and Tom gasp and grit their teeth and shudder against him. His sperm surges against and across the two cocks that have stiffened and swollen against him; a wave of heat against their glans that oozes thickly along their twitching shafts; and only then, when it is far too late, do the two older men realize their mistake. The warmth that swirls thickly about their cocks, the exquisite friction of Alex’s pulsing glans and jerking shaft combined with the knowledge that it is their young friend’s seed that warms them so, is more than both Harry and Tom can withstand.

Oh my fucking God!..

An awed whisper from Nathan, lost in the gasps of appreciation and cries of ecstasy that fill the room. His eyes wide, his heart pounding and his painfully rigid cock twitching in sympathy as Tom and Harry add their sperm to that which is already trapped against their flesh. He stares entranced as the three handsome men cum against each other, clutching each other tightly lest they fall; and even though he knows that it is an innocent embrace, he cannot help wondering what would happen if they were to kiss.

He imagines them French-kissing hungrily. Mouths open. Tongues duelling. Hands reaching down to stroke each other’s cum-drenched cocks before sliding wetly into each other’s mouths. David and William copying them, and then the pressure of Eric’s lips about his stiff cock focus his attention on his red-headed friend… He flushes immediately, stiffening and counting down from ten over and over until the moment of danger has passed; and then he sees his best friend not in a fantasy but in real life, his eyes shining and a smile upon his lips.

“I want -”

“Now Starting Timer for Task One…”

Eric’s whisper is cut short by the return of the computer’s artificial voice; but those two words play continually through Nathan’s lust-dazed mind until the activation of the junction-tube, and almost simultaneous onslaught of his climax, wipes his mind of all thought.

Part 05…

Fifteen minutes.

David grins. His eyes shut and his chest heaving. A shiver of post-orgasmic pleasure rippling through his body as he struggles to catch his breath. He feels the gently padded floor beneath his back. The weight of William’s naked and still youthful body above his own. His buttocks firm upon his thighs. His balls soft and warm between them. The slippery, greasy warmth of William’s cum mixing with that of his own; washing about his shrinking cock as the junction tube contracts even further in an effort to keep their cocks pressed together.

Christ, fifteen seconds would have sufficed.

He feels too weak to move. Feels drained both of sperm and energy. What was that?! The intensity of his orgasm had surprised him. The pulses of William’s cock against his own had spoken to some primitive joy deep within him; the heat and the thrust of the younger man’s powerful jets of sperm along the length of his shaft had seemed mind-blowingly intimate.

“You okay, Dave?”

William’s voice sounds breathless and unsteady. Shaken by the strength of the orgasm that had caused him to thrust his cock as far as it could go beneath his own despite the tightness with which they were held. He had spewed his cum along the pulsing base of David’s cock then; sending rivers of thick white jelly along the bulging ridge that ran beneath it; and in return David had squirted his seed not just along William’s cock but past the edge of the stim-tube and into the pubic hair beyond.


David stutters. Realizes that William is still not just hard but rigid beneath his cock. That were the stim-tube to be obliging and were his own cock not already against his belly, the handsome young man on top of him could with one easy thrust send his cum-drenched cock at least against if not into the hole that so far only Barbara had used.

Would it turn you on, darling?

He blushes at the thought. Smiles wryly.

Not as much as me taking him, right.

He smiles wryly. Thinks that he’d be worried about his wife’s obsession with getting him to stick his cock into other women if she didn’t also demand that he do the same to her afterwards.

He glances to where Eric is knelt over Nathan, their blatantly erect cocks glistening wetly within the sperm that the two had released almost immediately. Will they manage a second orgasm each? He smiles. Knows not only that they could easily do so but also that he should tell them to save their energy for whatever tasks await. He keeps his silence, though. How long till Eric gets to make his dream come true? He can’t help a grin. Knows that they’ll make a hot foursome with their wives. That there isn’t a man present who would try to stop them.

“Shall we copy them?”

A grin and a whisper from William, accompanied by a twitch of the cock that thrusts beneath his slowly growing manhood. David blinks. Looks up at the handsome young man who gazes down at him. Does he mean what he thinks -

“I’ll never choose you over Mary, Dave.” William interrupts his thoughts. Reaches down to trace his cock through the thin silicone that binds them together. Strokes and caresses it as it swells against his fingertips. “But there isn’t a man alive I’d choose over you, and there are plenty of women I’d choose you over. If you want us to use the stim-tubes again, I’ll do it. If you want me to suck your cock in front of everyone here, I’ll do that as well. Even if you just want to lie back, close your eyes and pretend I’m a random girl, I’d love nothing more than to make you cum over or in me.”

Oh God!..

David feels his heart stop. Realizes that even though he’d anticipated some of his friends wanting to get off with each other, he’d never seriously thought that one of his friend’s might want him. Should he say yes? Should he let his handsome young friend pleasure him? Should he let his handsome young friend stick his undeniably male organ into his mouth or arse? After-all, it’s just a stick of flesh.

His earlier thoughts seem so naive now, his previous composure so fragile. If William’s cock is just a stick of flesh, then aren’t Barbara’s pussy and arsehole just tubes? And if they are, then how does William’s mouth or arsehole differ from Barbara’s? His first thought is that he loves his wife whilst he only likes William, but what then of the hundreds of often nameless women who have taken his cock into themselves? What then of the times when women had sat upon and ridden his upward-thrusting cock in almost complete darkness regardless of the fact that he couldn’t even see them well enough to know whether or not he knew them?

“Fuck, you’re big.”

A barely-audible chuckle. David shakes his head at his indecision. Realizes that his cock has answered for him. Looks down to where his cock thrusts obscenely up at William. To where his once-more-swollen helmet thrusts at the ring of silicone that marks the start of the stim-tube and at the same time prevents his cock from pushing into the other’s jungle of curly black hair. To the fingers that brush against that hair as they stroke gently at the silicone that stretches across his glans.

Fuck it. It’ll make him happy.

“And you’re as hard as a rock.”

David grins. Feels his heart pound and a touch of heat upon his face. Is this how it started with Eric? He touches the fingers that stroke his manhood. Pauses before sliding his fingers down to the cock that quivers against his own. Traces its gentle curve upwards then lowers his hand until he can grip it almost tenderly. “You… I… I’ll suck you off, William.” he sees the younger man’s eyes go wide. Sees a grin of astonishment and delight appear upon his face. “I mean, I promise that by this weekend I’ll suck you off or wank you or do whatever you want; but please let me go slowly, okay?”


William nods his head. Licks his lips. Shivers and closes his eyes then bites his lower lip.

“And now? Wanking?” he wraps his fingers about David’s long, hard cock. Grips it gently. Admires the feel and warmth of it within his grasp and against his palm as he starts to move his hand up and down. So this is David’s. He grins. Wishes that he could remove the still-gently vibrating stim-tube. That he could feel the older man’s cum against his skin. Could feel more directly the hand that has started to move rapidly up and down his shaft.

“Oh fuck that’s good…”

He moans quietly in pleasure before realizing that his friend still hasn’t answered the by-now redundant question. Opens his eyes then smiles at the look of concentration and determination upon David’s face.

Why did he wait so long to admit that he desired the older man?!

He feels his cock shudder; feels his pulse pound in his ears; realizes they’re making no pretence. No attempt to hide what they’re doing. Their arms working hurriedly. Noisily. Hands moving rapidly; working together upon each other’s shafts. Groping and squeezing each other’s swollen knobs.


He whimpers in pleasure. Feels his balls tighten against David’s. Feels David’s shaft shudder against his own. Reaches his free hand to stroke the older man’s handsome face. To trace his jaw and neck down to the small, erect nipples upon his firm chest. He sees David smile. Feels the older man’s spare hand move tenderly against his balls. Caressing and exploring them. Reaching further back to touch the very edge of his anus. William shivers and grins at the other man’s hesitant touch. He’ll let Dave take him there. Go down on Mary as he does so. Lick her sweet pussy as the older man pounds his cock into him.

“Promise… Promise you’ll fuck me in front of Mary…”

He whispers the words not through any desire for discretion but because he has no breath for anything louder. Sees David nod his head and smile then swoons at the thought of kissing him. At the thought of licking his lips. Of licking and sucking upon his tongue. Faster and faster their hands move upon each other’s cocks. They gaze eye-to-eye. Grin and nod their heads. Lick their lips as their eyes flutter closed.

“Oh God, that’s so good, Will’…”

“I’ve wanted you… For so fucking long… Dave!..”

A hissed whisper from William. He pants in pleasure and exertion, his chest heaving as his cock pulses against David’s palm; his own hand a blur upon his friend’s far longer cock. They’ll take their time later, worship and explore each other another time; but for now they wank each other almost frantically. It feels as if the sound of their wanking should deafen them; as if the force of it should shake the building to the ground; as if the pleasure might blow their minds.

“Will’! Oh God!.. Oh God I’m close!..

Me too!

Their cocks jerk against each other within their cum-lubricated sheath as blobs of sperm bubble up out of them. The motion of their hands turning erratic. Their arms aching. They carry on regardless though; staring at each other whenever they can open their eyes against the pleasure that assaults their minds; and then William jerks. Arches above David. Pants as if hyperventilating.

Oh God, he’s so handsome…

David. His eyes widening in wonder. His body suddenly tensing.

I’m cumming Dave!

“Oh Will’!..”

They clutch each other. Embrace tightly. Cry out in ecstasy against each other’s necks simultaneously. Hands spasming about cocks that pulse and jerk within their suddenly weak grasp. Jet after jet of sperm spurting towards the other. David’s cum once more catching in lines and blobs of white upon the younger man’s thick, jet black pubic hair as William’s gushes into that which already bathes their shafts.

Oh!.. Oh, Dave!..


They shudder together as the pleasure dies down. Whimper against each other’s hot flesh as they clutch at each other. Move as one till their lips touch. Gaze into each other’s eyes and pant as they kiss at first hungrily then gently. Tongues at first aggressive then cooperative. Grins upon their faces as their hands caress each other’s face and back.

God that was good…” Dave; his cheeks scarlet and his eyes contented once they have finished the kiss. “I guess we’ll have to do this in front of Mary and Barbara, won’t we…”

“Yeah…” Will’ smiles, gazes at the older man. Has he ever seen Dave look so content in just two climaxes? He grins once more. Strokes the other’s brow and can’t help imagining what Dave’s cock will feel like within his arse even though he knows that they both need some time to rest, that their cocks will remain a jumble of soft flesh and cum for at least a few minutes. “She’s always told me to go after you, you know… We always imagine we’re in a foursome with you and Barbara… That you and I suck each other off as they gobble each other, and then I fuck her whilst you butt-fuck me and Barbara butt-fucks her…”

“God, Barbara would fuckin’ love that!..” David laughs quietly then. Strokes the younger man’s buttocks before suddenly pausing and smiling as he feels their combined seed start to dribble out of his stim-tube and into his pubic hair. “You know she’s got a thing about Mary’s bottom, don’t you?.. Every time we have a threesome she asks me if I did her from behind… If I say yes, she’s got my cock in her bottom quicker than I can blink, and if I say no I’m the one on my hands and knees with her strap-on in my butt!”

“I thought you’d been eager for Mary’s arse recently!” William laughs as well then grins suddenly. “How about we have a butt-fuck night asap?! Everyone gets to do everyone else!.. I know Mary would love that, and -”

“Task One Time Up.”

The computer interrupts him.

“Task One Failed.”

Part 06…

They stand in a line before Janet, their backs to the wall and their bodies forced together side-by-side by the limited space upon the black padding. Watch her in a mixture of embarrassment and arousal as she kneels before each of them in turn, unlocking then removing the sperm-drenched stim-tubes before cleaning their still-erect cocks.

“Ah… Um… I’m sorry…”

She apologises to each one in turn as she takes up her position before him; and even though it means that she has no way to avoid their cocks at far closer range than shocked her before, she keeps her eyes downward.

“I’m sorry… I’m really sorry…”

“Please don’t… It’s hardly your fault I couldn’t cum!”

Tom. He grins and laughs quietly as he looks down at her, but he blushes as well and his eyes look full of disappointment and regret.

Fuck! Why hadn’t he realized sooner that he was too sensitive to stand such stimulation so soon after orgasm?!

He curses himself inside, oblivious to the glance that the student throws towards him; but his anger turns to not just embarrassment but arousal within an instant.


He swallows. Glances at the almost beautiful young man whose orgasm had driven him to a climax that would have had him on his knees were it not for the support that both he and Harry had given him. He had kept quiet even though the junction-tube had been too powerful, for he had been entranced by the sensation of Alex’s body so incredibly and intimately close to him. He had wanted nothing more than to see his friend climax and to feel his sperm squirting once more across his manhood; but by the time that breath-taking event had taken place his own cock had taken too much punishment to respond as it normally would.

“I’m sor-…”

She stops mid-sentence. Blinks and stares then blushes. Takes the torn remnants of the stim-tube that Eric holds out to her, then glances as if helpless to do otherwise at the long, fat and undeniably rigid cock that thrusts towards her.

“No… I’m sorry… I, uh… I tore it…” he flushes. Looks down and catches her gaze, then hesitates. Frowns. “I know… I mean, have I…” she looks at down at that, reaching for another cloth, and he blinks then shakes his head. “I’m sorry!.. Of, of course I’ll pay for it!..”

“Ah, no! You don’t have to…” she keeps her eyes upon his length, grasping it gently; then wipes her cloth from base to tip along the top before wrapping her the cloth about the swollen, purple helmet and rubbing it as if polishing it to a shine. “Um… It looks like this has been cleaned already?..”

A glance and a cheeky grin at Nathan.

The other men laugh good-naturedly as the two best friends flush scarlet; then protest the unfairness of her treatment as, rather than move on from Eric to Nathan, she instead leans forward and licks the former’s tiny red lips. He shudders, catching his breath as he does so; and then he tenses and closes his eyes as she leans further forward to engulf his knob within her mouth. She whirls her tongue about it before balancing herself with her hands upon his thighs and sucking at his swollen tip with all of her might, her cheeks hollowing with effort. She bobs her head up and down upon his length, working his cock deeper and deeper into her throat whilst the men grin and encourage her in delight; and then she can go no further. She turns her gaze upwards and towards Nathan, her nose in Eric’s copper-coloured pubic hair and his cock buried within her lips; then jerks her head backwards. She releases his cock with a popping sound and a gasp whilst Eric whimpers before her and the other men laugh and applaud her; and she grins once more up at Nathan.

“I’ll teach you how to do that if you want?..” she looks down once more then, “I’ll demonstrate on you as well if it helps…”

He nods his head eagerly in response, struck silent by what he has seen; and she grins, biting her lower lip, then idly flicks Nathan’s erect and twitching cock so that he gives a yelp of surprise whilst the other men laugh once more.

“I think I’ll leave this one till later.” she giggles, then stands up and pulls her spectacles on before sweeping her gaze across the seven handsome and naked men who stand grinning and shaking their heads before her. “Um… You failed task one, but if you’re okay to carry on then… Ah… The reward for task two is one month’s free entrance for each of your wives for each point that you earn… And the task is… Well… Starting from when I leave the room, you’ll hear the computer state a new technique or position every now and again; and you have to try to make another man cum in that way. Now, if he cums inside you then you’ll get one point, and if he cums on the floor you’ll get two points, but if he cums over you, you’ll get four points.”

They stare at her in shock as she hurries away then, their hearts stopped within their chests and their faces scarlet; and they turn to each other as the door slides closed.

“Oral Sex.”

A grin spreads amongst as if contagious. They nod their heads and beaming as they each other’s delight, and then David breaks the silence.

“Well, who’s up for a -”

He is the only one to speak, but he gives a gasp and stops mid-sentence. Bites his lip and shudders as Alex shows them all just how well his kinky and middle-aged wife has trained him to deep-throat her strap-on.

Oh God, Alex!..

And then a gasp ruffles David’s pubic hair as William does his best to engulf the beautiful knob of the young man who beat him to his goal. David groans once more as the young man swirls his tongue about his shaft; then closes his eyes and chuckles as all about him his friends close their mouths over another’s swollen cock, or gasp in pleasure as another closes his mouth about their own…

Part 07…

Seven men lie drained and contented upon a floor that was once pure black but is now criss-crossed with lines of milky white, and splattered with blobs of thick, jelly-like sperm.

“Can any of you cum again if you have half an hour or so?”

The attendant who had gone by the alias of Janet.


“God, no way…”

The men reply as one, struggling to sit up as they do so, and she smiles, gazing at their limp and reddened cocks with none of her earlier reticence. She pads over to where the male half of her most frequent couple struggles to catch his breath, then squats easily and directly before him. Lifts her skirt and giggles without shyness or any hint of submissiveness as his eyes widen at her sparse, ash-blonde bush and the crinkly, glistening labia that protrude from her plump mound.

“Thanks to you, I can hardly walk,” Raul, the sexy Spanish teacher, said, holding a textbook awkwardly in front of him.

We’d been exchanging flirtatious glances and littering our emails with racy double entendres for a while now, but none of it amounted to any real misbehavior. Yet here he was, in person, in my classroom after hours, sporting an impressive tent in his pants.

“Hardly?” I smiled. “Was that intended to be a pun?”

“Exactly,” he replied, his Castilian accent beautifully decorating the word. His glance flickered toward his lap and he grinned sheepishly.

Widening my eyes and lowering my voice I said, “Can I see?” I meant it playfully, but I was more than half serious. My heart thudded loudly at my daring, and I could feel my pulse even in my fingertips. The room felt unusually warm.

A smile played across his lips and he rose from where he was leaning on a desk and shifted his balance indecisively. He shook his head slowly as he said, “This is a very bad idea,” but his steps carried him toward me nonetheless.

His confidence seemed build as he approached my desk, and he stood behind my chair. I was paralyzed with indecision. He shifted his weight and said, “I can’t get any closer,” unequivocally giving me permission, more than daring me, essentially commanding me, telling me to act on his proximity.

I could smell the leather of his coat, the faint scent of coffee, and something else. He smelled masculine.

Licking my lips and not breaking eye contact, I reached for his thigh, and slid my hand up his leg and under the hem of his coat to the crease of his groin, my thumb making contact with something very warm through his tailored dress pants. A slight nod of his head, a lift of his chin, another look that said, “I dare you,” encouraged me to continue, and my fingers followed his warmth to its source, and I finally rested my hand on the mound of his rigidly erect penis. He blinked and his expression changed slightly, became more intense, as my breath escaped me and my posture shifted, arching my back and instinctively assuming a more vulnerable position, exposing my neck submissively as my hand began to massage his erection, my fingertips memorizing its contours and sensing the pulse of his blood and the heat of his virility. I was instantly captivated by what my hand had found, and I felt as though I were a woman starved who had finally found a delicious source of sustenance. I wanted it. With every fiber of my being I craved it, and my mouth salivated in response.

A muscle in his cheek twitched as my index finger traced the crown of his penis through his pants, and he took a sharp breath. He was very, very hard.

His right hand found my breast and he lifted it in his hand. My skin screamed for more of his touch as my already hard nipples stretched toward his caress, and I silently cursed my sweater for deadening the sensation of his touch. As if hearing the thoughts my brain was screaming, he ran his fingers up to my neckline and plunged his hand inside my shirt, finding my breast again and rubbing my erect nipple with his thumb, then teasing it with his fingertips before massaging the whole breast again.

If I were a cat, I would have purred. The hairs on my neck stood up as chills raced up and down my spine, but I continued rubbing and squeezing the hard shaft in his pants. The thin jacquard fabric of his slacks impeded my access to him, and I found his zipper with my thumb, but greed or fear bid me to leave it in place for a moment longer. My instincts begged me to ease my hand into his pants to touch that delicious flesh, but I postponed that pleasure for another minute, not wanting to lose this delicious place where we were, but there was also the risk of being caught in a compromising position.

That risk I ignored.

I lifted the hem of his coat to reveal the bulge my right hand was so busily caressing, feeling the ridge along the underside, and I leaned forward, resting my mouth softly on that spot and exhaled slowly, breathing my heat onto his raging member.

A gasp — a groan — it was some primal sound of desire that escaped his mouth, and he closed his eyes and squeezed my breast in response. Dimly aware that we could be interrupted at any time, I pulled back and my thumb found his zipper again. I stood and whispered in his ear, “Come with me.”

I gave his dick one more gentle squeeze as I brushed past him, but after a few steps, not sensing his movement, I turned to see a strange, stricken expression on his face.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I saw Frank,” he whispered.

“What?” I asked, confused. “The principal? Where?”

“Through the window,” he murmured, now striding across the room to peer through the tiny window to the hallway. “He was right there, at the window.”

“He was looking through the window?” I deadpanned, disbelieving. The principal had probably only been in my hallway twice that year, so it was extremely unlikely that he’d be wandering around after hours looking in windows, but if he had… Let’s just say that the ultra-conservative, morally perfect administrator wouldn’t just let it go if he caught two married people fooling around on his watch.

“He…” Raul stopped, “He was looking up. Maybe he was looking at something above the door.”

“Shit,” I said, slumping back into my chair. “Do you think he saw us?”

“I hope not,” he said. Then his countenance changed, “I don’t think he could have. From that angle he would have only seen my back; he wouldn’t have seen anything. Besides, if he had, he would have interrupted, wouldn’t he?”

“I think so,” I whispered.

I was still undeterred. It should have been a mood killer for me, nearly getting caught, but it wasn’t. It wasn’t that Raul brought out the exhibitionist in me, it was more that he brought out the careless. I wanted him and didn’t care who saw. I still would have taken him by the hand and pulled him to the storeroom to finish what we had started if I weren’t certain that the mood HAD been killed for him.

Resigned and disappointed, I shut down my computer and shoved the stack of grading into my bag. “Let’s go then,” I sighed, glancing his way. He had already moved to the door and was as far from me as the walls of the room would allow, and I assumed he was afraid of what Frank might think if he saw us looking too friendly, but he was acting like he was afraid of me.

The halls were empty as we exited, and Raul walked a safely platonic distance from me all the way out of the building. He held the door for me, but then peeled off in a separate direction as soon as we hit the sunlight.

“I’m sorry,” he murmured, looking me in the eye as he backed away. “I’ll talk to you later,” and he was gone.

Dumbfounded, I shook my head and turned toward my car, hoping the hurt wasn’t written too plainly on my face.

I drove around for a while, too frustrated to go home, and found my way to a winding mountain road just west of town and accelerated into the curves while I tried to get my head on straight. Cresting a bluff, I took a pullout that overlooked the valley I’d just escaped and cut the engine, leaning forward to rest my chin on the steering wheel. I was immediately surprised by the chirping of my phone: Caller Unknown.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hola,” came the reply. “Where did you go? I’ve been trying to reach you,” came that delicious Spanish accent across the line. “I wanted to tell you I’m really sorry about what happened.”

My heart sank again. Sorry. I wasn’t sorry, except sorry that we were interrupted. “I was out of cell range,” I explained.

“I want to apologize,” he said again. “I freaked out back there, and I bolted. I didn’t know what to do.”

Oh, I thought. He’s sorry because he bolted. That’s different, then. “Don’t worry about it,” I said.

The line was awkwardly silent for a moment before I heard his voice again, lower this time. “I can’t stop thinking about it – about you,” he purred. “I keep thinking about how good it felt to have you touch me, and I want to see that look on your face again.” He paused, “I want you.”

I shifted in my seat, struck silent as my heart pounded. This was an appetizing turn of events.

“What was the look on my face?” I asked.

“Desire,” he said. Then, “Lust.” Another breath, “Joy.”

I exhaled slowly.

“Where are you?” he asked.

I cleared my throat. “In my car. I’m west of town, overlooking the city,” I paused. “Where are you?”

“I just got home,” he said. “I have, at most, an hour before my wife gets home.”

I cringed a little at that. I was married too, so I had absolutely no case for jealousy, but I didn’t like thinking about the woman who took for granted the man I desired, but then, that gave me pause to wonder if perhaps some woman felt that way about my husband and me, and noted that I probably didn’t care – at least at that moment I didn’t.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“Nothing,” I said honestly. “Just sitting here, chin on the steering wheel, looking at the world. What about you?”

“I’m sitting on my bed. I just took off my pants. You left me with quite a problem.”

“Oh, did I?” I breathed, leaning back and visualizing him there, in his gigantic suburban home on his gigantic suburban bed with a gigantically raging hardon while he fantasized about a woman who was decidedly not suburban. “Wish I could help you out with that.”

“I wish you would help me out with it.”

My panties were already wet from our earlier adventures, but as my hand grazed the fabric between my legs I found that my juices had soaked through my jeans.

“Are you touching it?” I asked.

“I still have my boxers on,” he said, “but, yeah, I’m squeezing it.”

“Is it leaking?”

“Yes,” he said. “There was a lot of pre-leak earlier, but thinking about it has me ready.”

“I wish I could taste it,” I breathed.

He groaned. “If we hadn’t been interrupted, I’d have taken you to the storeroom to let you have more than a taste. I’d have to be careful though,” he said. “You get me so excited – I wouldn’t want to come before I had a chance to enjoy you.”

“If you came,” I whispered, listening to his breath, “I’d lick you clean, getting every last drop off of you,” I paused to hear his breath change as I spun my fantasy, “and then I’d suck and rub your dick until you were hard again, and desperate for release. Then you could enjoy me all you want.”

“Are you touching yourself?” he asked, his voice slightly hoarse.

I looked around before I started narrating for him. “I’m in my car and I haven’t seen another car in over ten minutes. My seat is leaned back and one hand is feeling my stomach and massaging my breasts,” I breathed. “And my right hand,” I paused, “my right hand is in my pants,” I said honestly. “I’m rubbing my clit with the slippery cream dripping from my pussy. There’s so much of it,” I said. “You got me so excited.”

I heard his breath catch. He was definitely jacking off now; his breath had a rhythm that betrayed his movements, even though it sounded like he was moving slowly.

The thought of his hand rubbing his deliciously stiff, oozing member was enough to get me off. I closed my eyes and pictured him, lying back on his bed and naked from the waist down, his eyes closed, his hand slowly working his meat and occasionally reaching down to cup his balls, a bottle of lube carelessly open beside him on the covers. I pinched my nipples and shivered.

“What would you have done if we hadn’t been interrupted?” I asked him.

His breath had a ragged edge to it. “I would have taken you to the storeroom and closed the door,” he said, “and I would have pushed you against the counter and pressed my dick against you so you’d know the effect you have on me.”

I leaned my seat farther back and my fingers honed in on my clit as he spoke.

“I would have kissed your lips, and then I would kiss your ear, your neck, your collarbone. I would have rubbed and teased your nipples until they ached at attention, while I breathed the scent of your hair.” He paused for a moment. “Then I would have pushed you down to your knees, and you would exhale your hot breath on my dick again, like you did earlier. And you would unzip my pants and pull out my penis. You would suck it into your mouth and I’d have to fight not to just come all over your face.” His breath was even more pronounced, and I realized we were breathing at the same pace as I rocked my hips and rubbed my clit in the bucket seat of my car.

“What are you doing right now?” he asked softly.

I resumed the earlier narration. “I just slipped my fingers inside my pussy and it’s soaked,” I said. “It’s hot and tight and wet, and I can’t help but wonder what it would feel like if it were your dick instead, pushing inside me, stretching me open around the head of your cock.”

I stopped and listened to his breath.

“Is your hand on your dick?” I asked knowing it was, but wanting to hear him say it again.

“Yes,” he replied.

“Squeeze it for me,” I said. “Run your fingers from base to tip and give the head a squeeze.”

He was silent, so I could only guess he obliged.

“I wish my mouth were where your hand is,” I said. My fingers moved quickly across my clit and I knew I could come if I kept it up. Picturing him was enough. “Now as you work your hand up and down I want you to imagine that it’s my mouth, and I’m on my knees at your feet, licking your dick and sucking on you while you pull my hair and rock your hips in ecstasy.”

I paused again to listen to him. I could just discern the rhythmic sound of his movement, but it was his breath, his breathing was shallower and decidedly influenced by his building need, and it was making me crazy. I pinched my nipples and felt a shudder race up my spine. I was so close.

“If I were there,” I asked, “where would you come? Would you pull out of my mouth to shoot your cream on my breasts, or would you pulse hot in my mouth, with me licking the last drops from your spent member?” The images flashed in my mind as if they were reality. “Or maybe you’d pull out and cram your pulsing cock in my pussy at the last second so you can fill me with your seed?”

I was there.

My body shuddered, and I gasped, “I want to feel you come, Raul. I want to make you come.”

Wave after wave of pleasure rocked my body, in spite of my limited space behind the steering wheel. I squirmed in pleasure and satisfaction, but my lust did not subside

The line was silent for a moment except for his breathing, and it sounded like he was very close. “Voy a correrme,” he groaned, his voice trembling and barely above a whisper. “I’m going to come.”

That did it for me. I came again. “Oh, god, you’re coming,” I breathed, picturing his head thrown back in ecstasy as his hand pumped his cock, his seed landing on his chest and stomach, and I thrust my fingers deeper into my quivering pussy, humping into my palm with my clit as I pressed back into the drivers’ seat. I shook as the next orgasm wracked my body.

As the pleasure subsided I realized that I could no longer hear his breath.

“Are you there?” I asked.

“Yes,” he replied quietly, “I’m still here.”

After a pause he said, “Next time you come, I want it to be because I’m inside of you.”

My heart soared at the thought.

“Do you think that’s likely?” I asked. “You’ve given me enough fodder today for me to have ‘personal time’ several times this evening and then again and again over then next few days and unless we’re rearranging our schedules, I don’t think you’ll be there.”

“You know what I mean though,” he persisted. “We have to find a way. I want to feel you.”

“Okay,” I said. “Find a way.”

“I have to go soon,” he said. “My wife could be home any minute.”

“Yeah, I do too,” I replied, zipping my jeans and putting my seat back up. I had steamed my windows all by myself and it was still afternoon. “See you tomorrow?”

“Hasta mañana,” he whispered as we ended the call.

The weekend seemed so long, and, thanks to Raul, I was unnaturally happy to return to work on Monday. What a switch from my usual disdain for the workweek.

Raul was keeping a low profile after the incident with Frank, but the principal wasn’t acting strangely so we felt like we were safe. We ran into each other in the usual places – the mail room, the copy room, the cafeteria, but people were always around, so we could manage no more than a casual, “How’s it going?” He had a crazy affect on me though, and more than once, after a chaste and public exchange, I had to go to the ladies’ room to, uh, dry off.

I realized I was having a similar affect on him when he walked through the staff lounge where I was eating with my friends. I happened to be consuming a banana at the time, and I saw his eyes widen as we locked gazes and I brought the long slender fruit to my opened mouth. He shifted his folder to block view of his crotch and ducked into the men’s room. My friends didn’t notice, but I smirked happily to myself at the thought of his dick twitching.

Using work email or even the network to communicate wouldn’t have been wise since it was monitored, but occasionally my cell would vibrate during class with a new text message: “I want you now,” “You look so sexy today,” and “I wish you would touch me again like you did the other day.” I was finding it difficult to keep my composure in class when I wanted to spring out of my skin every time I thought about him.

On Wednesday morning he slipped into my classroom as I was organizing my lessons for the day. He stood a casual distance away, but spoke in a quiet, conspiratorial tone. “What are you doing after school today?” he asked.

I smiled. “I was supposed to have a PBS meeting,” I answered, “but it was cancelled because Mandy’s daughter is sick, so I guess I’m not terribly busy.” I turned and leaned against the same counter he was leaning on. “Why do you ask?” I flashed him a quick, naughty smile.

“Did you say you have a credit card that your husband doesn’t have access to?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said. We had talked about it before when my husband and I were having marital issues and I set up an additional independent bank account to start squirreling away funds.

“I have cash,” he said, “so you don’t have to pay for anything, but would you mind using your card to guarantee the room? There’s a motel just about a mile from here and I thought maybe…” his voice trailed uncertainly.

“Won’t your wife notice if you don’t come home at the usual time?” I asked.

“I’m supposed to play tennis tonight until about nine, and she doesn’t know that my partner cancelled,” he said. “Is there something you can tell your husband?”

I thought for a moment. “I can tell him I’m having coffee with Heather,” I said. “We meet up regularly and usually stay out until about that time.”

He turned his body to face me and I automatically mirrored him. We were still about three feet apart, but it felt magnetic. “When will you be finished here?” he asked.

I grinned, “I can get a sub now, if you want.”

He smiled and reached across to touch my fingers on the counter. “That’s how I feel too,” he said, “but we can’t check in until three.”

That was ten minutes after the final bell. I could be ready by then, I thought, and told him so.

Before he left he moved close and gave me a quick hug, but whispered in my ear, “I can’t wait to taste you.”

My knees nearly failed me.

Five minutes before the bell my phone vibrated its announcement of incoming message. “Meet me in the Safeway lot at Broadway and Plant Street. I’ll drive from there.”

My heart raced.

When the bell rang, I left right behind the students and fought through the row of impatient parents picking up their kids in the circle drive. I arrived at Safeway at 2:54 and saw Raul’s car already there. I parked inconspicuously amongst the other cars and wandered over to his and hopped in, pulling off his magnetic sticker on my way.

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