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No cheating, no gang bangs, just a husband and a wife.

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Morgan Bloom crunched the numbers again trying to find a way for her husband to be able to buy his dream car. He had always wanted to restore a 1967 Mustang. He’d found one for sale a few weeks earlier, but no matter what she did she couldn’t find the last five thousand needed for the ten thousand dollar asking price.

Raising two kids, getting them off to college, and helping with their expenses kept getting in the way. His forty-fifth birthday was in three days and she so wanted him to finally have this one thing for himself. He had worked hard to provide for his family, and every couple years they would discuss the Mustang and how much fun they would have restoring it and taking it to shows.

The car they found already had most of the new parts, so aside from paint and all the labor Dan would need to do himself, it was a great opportunity. She tossed the stack of bills in the drawer and walked away disgusted.

Across town Dan Bloom finished up the brake job and lowered the car back to the ground. He met with the customer in the lobby and took care of the bill. It was the last of the day for him. He would spend the next hour or so taking care of the day’s paperwork and then hand out the paychecks to the guys.

He’d been in his office about an hour when the other mechanics piled in. Everything was done for the day and one of them had gone for some beer. They sat around shooting the shit until one of the guys asked about the Mustang.

“I think I’m finally giving up on that dream guys. Every year we try, and every year they just get more expensive. It seems like it’s always just out of my reach. Maybe I should pick a cheaper project, like a 72 VW Beetle.”

“Hey, what about one of those old Buicks, like a…Skylark?”

Dan Bloom only truly hated one car, it was the Buick Skylark. He’d had one and it stranded him twice, hundreds of miles from home. It leaked oil constantly, and had more squeaks than an old rocking chair.

“Ya, that’s what I want, an old piece of shit.”

He handed out the pay checks but made a nice payback joke as he did it.

“The truth is, I just took the money from payroll to get the Mustang, and I’ll square up with you guys over the next few years.”

“Ya, ha, ha, real funny boss.”

He shooed them out of the building and locked the place up. He stopped by his car and looked back at the four stall garage he’d owned for over twenty years. He’d met his wife right here in this very parking lot when her car broke down just up the street. It had been love at first site; he’d even prolonged the time needed to fix her car just to spend more time with her.

He hopped in his car and headed home thinking about all the great times they’d had over the years. They’d raised two wonderful children, a son and a daughter. Both of them had gotten into college with partial scholarships.

While he knew he’d never get his Mustang, he figured it was worth it. Once it was braces for Tracy, and then braces for Carl, then it was baseball camp, and soccer camp, it just seemed like there was always something more important.

He pulled into the driveway feeling pretty good about life. He walked inside and found Morgan in the kitchen getting ready to set the table. He went to his room to shower and change and when he returned the table was set.

She set the pot roast on the table and he served them both a modest helping. He told her about his day, and she told him about trying to juggle the bills. He told her it was no big deal; it had all been worth it.

“I know, but it had always been something we would do someday. It just sucks to say it’s over now.”

“It was a pipe dream, a good one, but still just a dream. I wouldn’t trade a single thing honey, we did it right. We paid the house off in fifteen years, we paid the shop off last year, we stayed on track and it’s paid off.”

“You sure you’re ok sweetie?”

“Yes, I was just remembering back when I met you at the garage. It’s been almost twenty years, can you believe it?”

“I know, I was talking to my sister today, she was asking what we were doing for the big twentieth anniversary.”

“Ya, how are they doing?”

“You know, same old thing, making lots of money and fighting all the time.”

“They can have all that drama, I’ll take my life any day.”

“Amen to that. Carl called, he needs new cleats, he said it could wait until next month but I went ahead and told him to buy a pair on the card.”

“That’s good, how did he sound, I know he was worried about his next math test.”

“He said he got an 84, so I guess he did better than expected.”

After that they talked about Tracy and her school work, and then it was a couple hours of TV before they went off to bed for the night. This had been their life for years, and while it had been plain, or even hum drum, it was comfortable.

Monday morning rolled around and after a happy birthday breakfast he went off to work like usual. The guys at work gave him a gift, and when he opened it, it turned out to be a model of a 67 Mustang. He got a good laugh out of it and then started his day.

At three o’clock Morgan pulled into the parking lot and walked to the bay doors looking for Dan. He wasn’t working on any of the cars so she asked one of the guys.

“Wow, you look…great Mrs. B, Dan’s in the office I think.”

“Thank you David, We’ll be busy for a little while…”

The lobby was empty when she walked in so she adjusted her skirt and walked into Dan’s office. He was filling out smog forms and didn’t look up. She closed the door and locked it.

“I’ll be with you in just a…holy fuck!”

“Hi handsome, I’m leaking fluid, can you take a look?”

She lifted the front of her skirt revealing her naked freshly shaved pussy.

“I think I need a lube job and a tune up, but you’re the expert, you tell me.”

He got up and almost knocked his chair over trying to get to her.

“I should wash up real quick.”

“No, I can’t wait; I think my engine will explode if you don’t hurry.”

She dropped down to a squatting position and started opening his fly. He moaned as her hand slipped inside and grabbed his growing cock. She pulled it out into the open and swallowed it with her mouth. She sucked on it while it grew to full strength.

She let him go and stood back up to open her blouse. She was wearing a push up bra and her cleavage was incredible. She pulled the cups down until her nipples showed and then smiled at him as she backed up to the desk and lifted her ass up onto the edge.

“Time to put that dip stick to use Mr. Mechanic…”

He stepped between her waiting and spread thighs and squatted down to lick the smooth skin. It had been years since she’d shaved her mound and he’d forgotten how much it turned him on. He started licking and got caught up in the moment.

She hadn’t been planning on this, but he was so good when he went down on her she just lost track of everything. His finger snaked up inside her wet pussy and she moaned out in pleasure. She could feel an orgasm rushing up on her and she tweaked her nipples to help it along. He sucked on her clit and she exploded.

“Oh shit honey, ya…oh god that feels good!”

He sucked and poked until she returned to earth, and then stood up and rubbed his cock between her swollen lips.

“God, hurry up and fuck me Dan.”

“Oh really, I haven’t heard that word come from your mouth in a while.”

“Ya, way too long in fact, now fuck me like you did when we first met, fast and hard!”

He shoved his cock up her pussy and grabbed her hips for support. She leaned back and started playing with her nipples while he lifted her legs up in order to get deeper. She started moaning out loud and he started losing control.

“God you’re amazing Morgan, you are the greatest wife a man could ever…UGH!”

He started bucking his hips and groaning as he pumped his amazing wife full of cum. She felt him exploding and it set her off just like it used to when they fucked on this same desk in the distant past.

“Damn, you know just how to fuck me silly.”

He stepped back letting his wilting cock slip from its tight little place in heaven and grabbed a clean rag. He cleaned his wife up before himself and helped her sit back up. She pulled his face into her cleavage and wished him a happy birthday.

“You are one incredible woman Morgan.”

“I wish I could do more, and trust me; tonight I’m really gonna rock your world.”

“Twice in one day, I should have more birthdays.”

“I’m sorry I haven’t been this way more often. Lord knows you deserve it honey.”

“Hey you just made my day sweetie trust me.”

She buttoned up her blouse until it almost covered her bra and then unlocked the door.

“You might want to put him away honey.”

He tucked his limp cock back in his pants and zipped up just as she opened the door. She told him to hurry home and headed for her car. He stood in the glass doorway and waved as she drove off.

“Hey boss, you don’t need a Mustang when you’ve got that waiting at home, trust me.”

“Ya, no kidding…”

He returned to his paperwork with a big smile on his face.

At around five thirty he pulled into the driveway and walked into the house. Morgan was standing in the living room in a silk robe. Her hair was cut in a new style and she was wearing makeup. Her legs were covered in black sheer stocking and her feet were in her six inch stilettos.

“To the shower lover, and then return to me, naked.”

He practically ran up the stairs to his room and most of his clothes were off when he reached the shower. He scrubbed from head to toe and then shaved his face. He put on cologne and deodorant and then returned to the living room.

“God Dan, forty five years old, and you still make me wet when I look at you naked.”

She was standing in the living room with a glass of wine in her hand. She had removed the robe and he looked her over slowly. She was wearing a shelf bra that left her nipples in the open. Her stockings were being held up with a black garter and her shaved pussy was hidden by a black lace thong.

She never wore thong underwear, opting for white cotton bikini panties. This was something special just for this occasion. He’d always joked that she’d only have to wear them a few minutes, before he removed them.

“I’m going to suck your dick Dan, I’m going to suck it like I used to…would you let me do that honey?”

“Uh huh…”

She pushed him to the sofa and he sat down. She got between his legs and started teasing the head of his cock with her tongue. She rubbed his balls while she slowly started working her mouth up and down his shaft. He wrapped his fingers in her hair while she started using her hand on the bottom half of his cock.

He’d forgotten how good she could be when she wanted to, and it always seemed easier to just have sex. They both got off and it was just…faster. Now she was giving him the royal treatment and he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. He started thrusting his hips at her mouth and she started working faster.

“Oh god Morgan!”

His cock exploded and she sucked and rubbed and hummed draining him of every delicious drop. He exhaled deeply and his hips fell back to the cushion. She rested her cheek on his stomach while she held tight to the root of his cock.

She’d made this a wonderful birthday but he still wanted something sweet to eat. He picked her up under the arms and put her on the sofa on her back. He dove between her legs even as she was saying he didn’t have to.

He teased her through the thin lace while he watched her play with her hard nipples. She looked down at him and her eyes were glassy. He pulled the thong to the side and split her pussy open with his tongue. She let out a moan as he slipped two fingers inside her.

“Oh fuck honey…lick my clit.”

He started flicking her clit with his tongue as his fingers found the little spongy g-spot hidden up inside her pussy. Her hips started bucking and he sucked hard on her clit while his tongue slid side to side across the hard tip.

She went off like a rocket and the juice flowed from her swollen pussy like a river. His cock was rock hard and he wanted her more than ever. He used his foot to push the coffee table across the room and pulled her to the floor. He pushed her legs forward and thrust down into her in one swift stroke. She grabbed her legs while he started hammering her pussy with hard grunting strokes.


“You sexy…fucking woman…god I love…you.”


He hammered away at her until she climaxed again and then slowed his assault. She pulled away and got on her knees. She never offered him this view, or position. She thought it was too impersonal, and she liked to see his face when they made love.

“Go ahead birthday boy; fuck me good and hard from behind.”

“Are you sure sweetie?”

“Oh ya, grab my hips and fuck me lover.”

He couldn’t resist, he shoved his cock back into her and started pounding away at her still firm and beautiful ass. Her hand came up and fondled his balls for a second before she started playing with her clit.

“God it feels good like this…I should get on my knees more often.”

“Damn you look sexy honey; I’m not going to last much longer!”

“Fuck me baby, hurry!”


“Oh ya, ya, ya, shit I’m cumming Dan!”


He pumped and thrust until his balls were empty. His head slumped forward and he started rubbing her back. She was moaning at first, and then she started giggling.

“What’s so funny, sexy lady?”

“I just can’t believe I had sex “Doggy style”. I’ve always hated that word, but damn it felt good.”

“I’ve never complained as long as I get some, but damn woman, I should turn forty-five once a week.”

“I’ll tell you what; I’ll dress like this once a week, if you’ll fuck me like that once a week.”

“Are you trying to give me a stroke?”

She adjusted the thong between her ass cheeks and got up from the floor. He stood up and she wrapped her arms around his neck. He kissed her long and deep while he rubbed her naked ass cheeks.

“So did you buy more than one pair of this awesome underwear?”


“So that would be a very sexy yes.”

“Hey, will you grab me a two liter of root beer from the garage?”

“Your wish is my command.”

He walked to the garage and opened the door. He turned on the light and yelled.

“What in the fuck!”

“Oh ya, I forgot to tell you, I bought you the Mustang.”

“Wait, what…how did you manage that?”

“I sold my grandmother’s jewelry to my sister. It just sat there in my jewelry box, so I figured the Mustang would be more fun. I even have enough for the paint job.”

He had tears in his eyes as he walked to the car. He was butt naked and probably didn’t even notice. He leaned on the door sill and just choked back his tears.

“You didn’t have to do that Morgan, I would have been alright.”

“Maybe so, but this was something I wasn’t willing to give up.”

“Have I told you how great you are honey?”

“Not in the last three minutes…”

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