He asked if I wanted to stray…

My husband is a great guy. He provides without complaint. He helps around the house. He is respected by his friends. He’s nice looking, though really rather average in height, build and weight, but with a substantial package hanging between his legs.

I’m a housewife. I work hard to keep our “castle” in order. We’ve no kids though we’ve tried and we’ve tested. Doc seems to think it will happen as there’s no reason not to. But until that day, well, I keep the home and he provides.

We met in high school. I’d moved to his town from another state and didn’t really cotton to the idea of trying to fit in. I figured, sooner or later all the strange faces would start to be familiar and eventually I’d find a group I could identify with. At least, that’s what I thought would happen.

But one day, as I was walking to my locker, this cute young man did an obvious double take as I passed. I couldn’t help it and turned around as his behavior was so obvious.

When I saw him, he had his head bowed and his brow furrowed, like he was trying to place me. I stepped a bit closer to him.

“Excuse me,” I said.

“Huh,” he responded, obviously coming out of deep thought.

“I said excuse me.”

“Oh. Why?”

“I knocked you down.”


“Just kidding. I said excuse me,” I explained, “just to interrupt your deep thoughts.”

“Oh, yeah.” He thought for a second, then; “Why?”

“Because, silly, you did a double take when you passed me. Do you know me?”

“No. Should I?”

“Well then, why the double take.”

“You looked familiar.”

“Oh boy. Here we go.”

“No, no. Not like in a come-on. I think you look like someone I used to know. I’m sorry if I embarrassed you.”

“Embarrass me, why would you think that?”

“I don’t know. It happened so fast, I guess I just did the most natural thing without thinking.”

“Oh. That’s disappointing.”


“You say Huh a lot.”



“Oh, yeah, huh.”

“There, you said it again.”

“Oh god. Now this is embarrassing.”


“Because, I’m shy.”


“Yes. Really. I’m sorry,” he started to turn, “if I embarrassed you and I’ll be going now.”

“NO! Wait.”

He turned back. “Huh?”

I cocked my head to the side.

“Oops. There I go again.”

He looked at me as a smile began to breakout from my eyes down. Then I couldn’t help it. I mocked him.


“Oh, now you’re going to make fun of me. That’s just great. Make my day, why don’t you.”

“What’s your name?”


“Like the famous mountain climber.”


I burst out laughing. When I settled down, I extended my hand.

“I’m Rene. It’s nice to meet you Sir Edmund.”

“Oh… the mountain climber. Was he a king?”

“No. I think he was knighted or something for climbing Everest.”

“Oh, that guy.”

“Yeah. Anyway, like I was saying, my name’s Rene and if you don’t have a date for the dance on Friday Night, I’d like to take you.”


“Sir Edmund. Please be my date for Friday night.”

“I’ve never had a date,” he admitted, casting his eyes down and looking at his shoes.

“Well then. That makes us even. I’ve never had a date either so I guess I was meant to knock you down after all,” I said laughing.


I was the only one of the two of us who got the joke.

We eventually agreed on how we would meet up on that Friday, and as one thing led to another, we’ve been together ever since.

Don’t ask me how we knew, but we knew. I’ve read all kinds of journal articles (remember, I’m a housewife with lots of time on my hands) with many plausible explanations, but none of them make any more sense than the others. We just knew.

We knew when we danced our first dance.

We knew when we kissed the first time (boy, was that awkward).

We knew when we met each other’s parents and we knew the first time we fooled around.

A special bond developed between us; a bond born of friendship, common desire, heritage, and most importantly a bond made more secure each year as we learned about the world together.

We slept together the first time on Spring break, our freshman year of college. We went to the beach down at Panama City and really did nothing but have sex for five straight days. I walked bow-legged for a week.

From that time on, we were ardent students of all things sexual.

We explored fetishes.

We tried golden showers.

We loved oral sex and occasionally I would open my ass for him.

We had a decent porn collection and really enjoyed the Japanese costume play and the bukkake videos. I don’t know why, but I didn’t find it humiliating for the women. Somehow, the ability to swallow litres of semen or be bathed by dozens of men spraying their ejaculate all over the beautiful faces of the porn actresses and then, their smiling for the camera afterwards, made me realize the infantile drive of the male that needs to be satisfied sexually. I understood and once I understood, I didn’t fight it.

During the first year after college, “Sir” Edmund and I decided I should stay home. I didn’t much like working in the office I’d landed a job at, and I was not only okay with keeping the “castle” in tip-top shape, I very much liked doing so. I even learned to sew.

I took cooking classes, massage therapy classes, I learned two computer-accounting systems to manage our finances and looked at my role as that of an equal partner. I fulfilled my half of the bargain. I even managed our investment portfolio and it grew steadily.

We had friends and our families all lived close, so invariably, two to three times each month, we’d be at one or another social function with people we knew. But twice a month, we’d go out of town, thinking the change of scenery might unlock my cervix and let at least one Sir Edmund’s little spermatozoa find its way home. But even that failed to get me, oops, us, pregnant. Neither of us fretted too much about it and life moved forward.

My husband had one very pronounced quirk. He was constantly trying to help people. Though not a gregarious salesman type, he was always welcome at Church charity functions because, though we both would pitch in, he seemed to thrive when helping people and everyone knew it. He was generous to a fault.

When there was a death in our circle, he would ask me to investigate the likes of the survivors and we’d prepare dish after dish to offer during their grief times.

If someone’s car wasn’t working, we’d provide transportation.

Once, a friend of ours missed her plane, a puddle jumper that only flew once a day, so we drove her 140 miles to her destination. It wasn’t all charity as we stayed at a lake resort nearby for a couple of days before we picked her up and headed home.

Well that’s the way our life went from day to day, and truthfully, not only had I never been one to complain, I really had nothing to complain about.

One weekend we’d gone to New Orleans to listen to jazz (we were dedicated live music fans) and eat ’til we couldn’t walk. But, of course, we walked all over the city. Maybe that’s why we never gained weight.

We walked at the drop of a hat. Most the time, we’d hold hands and be lost in our own little world, but we’d walk just the same, sometimes for three or four hours straight.

We’d found a little café with a jazz trio after our dinner on Saturday night. It was cozy, and gave us a feeling of actually being a part of the show.

As every entertainer will tell you, being on stage is only on half of the show. The other half of the show, the audience, is off stage. That’s it. Nothing beats live music in a venue that is a proper size for the performer. Nothing.

After about a half hour of listening to the music, I noticed a change in Edmund’s demeanor.

In school, he’d played drums in every band he could get to let him sit in. He was steady, not spectacular. Whenever we took in live music, he would lightly tap on the table with one of his hands. When I first met him, he would bang on everything in time with the music, but as he played less and less frequently, he took to lightly tapping to the rhythm of the piece. But not tonight.

When we got back to our room, I asked him if something were bothering him. He said no. However, when we made love, I felt he was somehow not in the moment. But, I knew my husband well enough to know, if something was bothering him, he’d get round to telling me in a day or two. But nothing ever was said and I forgot about it.

For a few months our routine stayed pretty much the same. We were a half year older and no closer to starting a family. But still, we were young enough that the free time on weekends was precious to us and we used it to go places or, if the occasion arose, to help whoever needed help. It was a very comfortable and fulfilling life.

One weekend, we drove up to Nashville to hear some good old C and W music. That’s when his behavior changed again, and changed similar to the way it had changed in New Orleans.

During the band’s break, I asked him if we could go outside for a breath of air. He asked me if I was all right and I told him I was okay. I just needed some air.

When we got outside, there were people milling about, smoking and talking loud, the way people talk when they’ve had a few drinks. We got our hands stamped and walked down away from the smokers.

“Are you okay?” Edmund asked me.

“I was just about to ask you the same thing,” I replied.


He never did break the habit.

“You remember New Orleans?”

“Of course.”

“Do you remember when I asked you if everything was okay?”

“I think so. Was it ’cause I had too much to drink.”

“No you silly goof. That night when we went to the jazz club, you didn’t drum on the table.”

“I didn’t?”

“No. Not that night and not tonight either.”

“Really? You pay attention to that kind of thing?”

“Sure do baby. Got to make sure the king of my castle runs on all cylinders.”

“You’re mixing metaphors.”


“See,” said Edmund, jumping at the chance to point out that I “do it too.”

“Oh. I guess I do. It must be a contagion.”

“Very funny. But listen Rene. I’m okay. I really don’t have anything that’s bothering me that I can put a finger on.”

“Just checkin’.”

For a couple of minutes we leaned against the wall of the building we were standing in front of and just, I don’t know, chilled.

Edmund broke the silence.

“Do you want to go back in?”

“Not really.”

“Do you want to do something else?”

“Um hum. I want to go back to the hotel room and suck out all your pain.”

“Cool. But, I have to be honest. I’m really not feeling any pain.”

“We’ll see.”

Back at our hotel room, I made a big production out of pulling one of the Queen Anne chairs up to the picture window that looked out over the city, and undressed Edmund. The night lights from the street below bathed him in neon glow. It was exciting.

I kneeled and put his feet on my thighs as I sat back on my heels. I scooted closer to him and lifted his scrotum to examine it. This was always one of my favorite preliminaries. I examined him as I would a cluster of grapes (his balls are just huge) and pulled and tugged his testicles and his cock in every direction I could think of.

Now let’s see. We’ve been having sex since we were freshman in college and we’re both twenty seven now. So, for eight years, I’ve been sucking him off and I never, ever, get tired of it. Nor, I’m sure, does he.

I’ve watched dozens of porn videos and know probably twenty or thirty tricks to givong head, maybe more. I like to start slow with a little talk to stoke the fires so to speak. Tonight was going to be no exception.

“Honey, I said.”

“Yes dear.”

“Do you think it’s dirty to put your pee-pee in my mouth?”

“No. I washed earlier.”

“Not that kind of dirty silly. I mean, do you think people would think I’m a dirty girl for letting you use my mouth to dump a load in.”

“I don’t think so.”

“I bet you don’t,” I said licking his scrotum where it connects just at the base in front of his anus. “So, if it’s not a dirty thing, then do you think you can dump a big, big load in my little belly?”

“Holy cow, Rene. If you keep talking like that, you’re gonna talk me off.”

“Oh goody. Now I know what grown-ups mean by oral sex.”



“Please dispense with the little girl talk and just chow down?”

“Oh, Sir Edmund. You’re so masterful.”

But that’s when I knew he was super excited and I really hadn’t done very much yet. As it turned out, I didn’t have to do much either. I barely got the head of his cock up against my tonsils when he let loose with a torrent of cum. I mean a torrent.

Now as I said earlier, my husband’s got a pretty big package and really, really big balls. This night, I could have sprayed everything he gave me from the top of a hook-and-ladder and put out a five alarm fire. I mean this was the biggest load he’d ever produced.

It took every trick I’d ever learned about swallowing cum, but I got it all.

Afterwards, I lay with my head on his thigh as he stroked my hair. I was so in love. How could I not be?

Edmund leaned down and kissed me. When he did, his cock sprang instantly to attention. I mean instantly. Well, he’s a goer, but usually he needs at least ten minutes to recharge. But not that night. In a flash, he picked me up, carried me to the bed and ravaged me with an urgency he rarely exhibited. I, of course, didn’t complain. I was feeling so complete, so needed. I felt like that actor in that cheesy movie that proclaims himself “king of the world.”

But something new was about to be added to our out of town adventures. Neither of us was aware of it yet, but that night put two pieces of a puzzle together. His lack of drumming and my blow-job got him thinking. It would be another three months before he asked me a question; I never thought I’d hear. We were at a film festival in Atlanta.

We’d gone to an after-showing party for a movie we liked. Though we didn’t know anyone, everyone was very nice to us. We met the director, the lead actress and the writer. We’re not gaga over celebrities, but, if you view film as collaboration, and we do, then to meet the people involved in the production allows you a chance to thank them for their effort.

Some party attendees said they were going to hear a blues singer and asked if we wanted to go along. Well, as you know by now, my husband and I love live music so we counted ourselves in and off we went.

For about an hour, everything was normal. We had a beer and a shot, but kept it pretty much on the slow and easy. We didn’t want to get wasted. We only wanted a comfortable buzz.

The room was crowded for the first set but during the break, most of the patrons left. When the music resumed and the singer came back on stage, there were probably fewer than twenty of us in the club.

About ten minutes into the song set, Edmund stopped drumming. I waited a couple of minutes and then pulled at his sleeve to get his attention. I tapped my fingers on the table like I was drumming and put a quizzical look on my face. Edmund shrugged and turned back around to watch the music. He did not resume drumming.

That night, as we sat on the rooftop garden of our hotel drinking cognac, I asked him if, when I pointed it out to him, he gave any thought to why he’d stopped tapping.

Instead of answering, he asked me if I’d ever thought to be with another man.

I was floored.

“Never. Edmund, what on earth made you ask me that?”

“Well it’s just, you know, I guess after being with me for so long, you might be tired of the same old, same old.”

“Are you kidding? I can’t imagine a more perfect relationship. I,”… then it dawned on me. “Are you tired of me?”

“No baby. Not the least bit. I’m as sure of my love for you as I am that my fingers have nails at their ends.”

“Then why on earth would you ask me a question like that?”

“Well, you asked me why I stop drumming sometimes when we’re out listening to music. I think I’ve figured out why.”

“Why. And for goodness sakes how does it equate to that silly question you asked me?”

He thought for a minute, refilled our glasses, took a sip and answered.

“Here goes as best as I can figure it out.”

I waited.

“That time in New Orleans, did you see that couple that sat in the corner?”

I shook my head no.

“Yes you did. You smiled when she stood up and it was apparent she was pregnant.”

“Oh yeah. I think I vaguely remember.”

“Then in Nashville, do you remember that group of four people that were really into the music?”

“I think so. No, not really.”

Well, it’s not important that you remember exactly what they were like. And tonight, did you catch that couple that were smooching without a care in the world?”

“Yeah. They were really into each other. In fact, now that I thank of it, they kind of reminded me of us.”

“Exactly. And you know what all three groups had in common?”

“They like music.”

“Obviously. No. They were all young.”

“So are we.”

“We are. But we’re not that young.”

“I don’t really think about our age.”

“I didn’t either for a long time. But seeing people younger than us having a great time doing the same thing we’re doing made me realize something.”


“That we’re getting older and as much as I adore you, I so want to start a family.”

“So do I baby.”

“I know you do. That’s why I asked you if you wanted to be with another man.”

“Oh my goodness. You mean you want me to receive sperm from another man?”

“Once again… exactly!”

“Not get into some kinky stuff like have my wife fuck another man while I look on type of stuff?”

“Lord no. I couldn’t stand the thought of sharing you. I don’t mean I’m being selfish, it’s just that, when we’re old and gray,”

“And without kids?”

“I hope not, but when we’re old and gray, I want to be able to sit on a beach someplace and know I gave you everything you ever needed, including fantastic sex.”

“Speaking of which, I think I’m going to blow you now. That way, when we go down to the room later, we’ll shower, and then I’ll do that thing you like, and it will make you hard as a rock. Then after we dry off, I’ll let you lay on the bed and I’ll use you for two, maybe three hours while I have a gazillion orgasms.”

“What thing?”

“You’ll see. Now slip those trousers down around your ankles. Wifey needs to feed.” I love silly sex talk.

I also love giving my husband head in places where we might get stumbled upon by another person or persons and that’s exactly what happened. Edmund had just started coming, when the rooftop door opened and another couple came out. I didn’t stop and Edmund couldn’t stop. But as I was finishing trying to swallow quickly, I started giggling and coughed. Cum went everywhere.

It was hanging from my chin.

Some had come out my nose.

I was trying to compose myself while Edmund very deliberately stood up and pulled his pants up, fastening the snaps and buckling his belt.

When he was dressed, he pulled me to him and kissed me deeply.

I heard the girl say; “Cool.”

When we got down to our room, we undressed laughing like little kids. Edmund started to head to the bathroom.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“I have to pee.”

“Not without me you don’t.”

“Oh. That thing.”

“You got it buster. Let’s hit the shower and shower and then shower off.”

When we got into the shower, I got to my knees and held Edmund’s cock waiting for him to pee. When he finally let loose, I sprayed it all over my face and boobs. Then he got on his knees and I peed right on his rapidly inflating erection. I took hold of him and he was hard as granite. Then we took a real shower.

That night I fucked Edmund.

I rode him with a fury I’d not realized was in me. I pounded my body up and down on his staff while he fondled my breasts or stuck his hand in my mouth. When he stuck his finger in my ass, I came hard. It was the first of many orgasms I’d have before the sun came up.

One of the innovations for physical training in the military was incorporating high impact aerobics into the otherwise boring routine. When I was working as a Training Officer for a basic training company, I got the opportunity to take an advanced course in planning and teaching a new regimen of physical training. This was a 30-day course and involved not only a lot of classroom work, but also included a sprinkling of nutrition, anatomy, and overall wellness. A lot of intense physical workout was included as well. This course was designed for trainers and supervisors to plan and conduct a well rounded program of physical conditioning that helped prevent injuries while taking the most number of people to their highest level of physical fitness.

During this course we had a civilian female aerobics instructor come in and teach basic high and low impact workouts, and how to incorporate aerobic sessions into a good program. She was extremely fit, 6-pack abs, well muscled legs and calves, and a pair of high riding tits just shy of a C-cup. She was about 5’6″ tall and had auburn hair cut in a shaggy short style that let her flip some fingers through it so you never knew she had just finished a hard workout. She wore skin tight leotards for all the sessions, and just looked positively delicious.

Most of the time she barely worked up a sweat with the class, but occasionally we pushed her pretty hard. I loved being in the front row when she did our aerobics sessions. Her leotards would get semi-transparent with sweat. That was one workout I enjoyed, plus, when we did stretches, she was so limber I had to fight getting hard as I watched her.

I eventually asked her name, and where she lived. She had originally moved to this desolate place with her ex, who was also military, but they broke up, and she stayed around since she could make pretty good money as an instructor. She told me her name was Janet, and she lived off the post near the area where Mandi and I had moved from. She also recorded her own music onto cassettes for the classes, and I noticed she didn’t have a wide variety of music. During some of the sessions, she would swap tapes several times.

Mandi had gotten into a couple of exercise shows on ESPN every day so she could lose some weight. She taped them daily and when I came home from work we would do the same session from the morning so both of us were getting two-a-day workout sessions. Mandi’s taped classes didn’t come close to getting me up to my target heart rate, but I went along for support and it more than offset my beer consumption.

After I moved to the brigade level headquarters operations section, I began working out with the staff. I helped with the planning and sometimes led the sessions. We were able to get Janet once every other week for a high impact aerobics session in one of the gymnasiums on the post. After the sessions, I would chat with her for a few minutes and ask about some of the exercises, suggesting some particular ones for the staff, since the headquarters staff as a group were, on average, older than most of the other groups she taught. I also asked about her music, which tended to be a bit repetitive.

After one particularly good session, where a group of us in the front row actually made her work hard to keep up with us, I asked if she wanted to record some music for special sessions to do with the headquarters staff. I especially wanted to incorporate at least one low impact strength session quarterly. I told her about Mandi’s workouts and asked if she would like to come over for some drinks, a meal and a recording session.

I had amassed a huge collection of CDs with a lot of good music for aerobics, and she had a large collection herself that she was yet to record for exercise sessions. We decided to try out recording some 110 minute cassette tapes, since her sessions generally lasted about 50-55 minutes. She was delighted with the invitation and told me she looked forward to meeting Mandi.

Janet showed up at our house on the post right on time on Saturday at high noon. I looked out and she waved me out to help carry in her collection of CDs. I had gotten out my 10 channel mixer and quickly hooked up Janet’s CD player to it. This would let us mix CDs from multiple sources, along with albums and include some sampling. Janet and Mandi seemed to hit it off immediately, and when they went back outside to Janet’s car, I heard some tittering and looked out.

They were looking into a cardboard box in Janet’s trunk. Just then, Mandi looked up and waved a wine bottle at me. Apparently Janet loved wine too, and she and Mandi were deciding what wine they wanted to drink from her stash while I did all the work of recording a mix for aerobics. Janet was wearing tight blue jeans and a white cotton blouse with a deep V cut, showing off some tempting cleavage framed by delicate lace, and some kicky little strappy high heels. She looked good enough to eat, and I hoped that would eventually be the case.

Mandi had fixed some munchie foods, and we sat down to work. Janet had, per our prior agreement, worked up four routines; two each of high impact and low impact. We worked out the time lines and set out to select the music.

I had tapes ready on the cassette, and Mandi helped arrange the CDs I would use for the mix in two stacks. She would load one, I would load the other. Mandi and Janet drank wine, and I sipped a beer, and we munched on cheese and lunch meats. The dogs stayed at our feet, begging scraps, and Janet, being a dog lover, didn’t disappoint. Both the dogs took to her immediately as well, and I found myself the odd man out of a love fest in the making.

Janet and Mandi seemed to constantly bump into each other, or brush together, and at first I hadn’t paid much attention but soon it was obvious. In between tracks, I wondered if Janet was checking Mandi out and maybe try to hit on her. I wondered if my efforts as a horndog were about to be throttled.

Mandi had been close to other women before, and we had gotten naked with a lot of other people. She had helped me give massages before, and she never seemed to shy away from physical contact with other females, but on the other hand, she never showed a proclivity toward being any more than comfortable with another woman. On just a couple of occasions had I seen her kiss another woman, and that was pretty much in play.

This seemed different, though. Janet complemented Mandi on how nice she looked, and told me I was so lucky to have married such a beautiful woman. Mandi blushed but positively beamed. I thought she was going to cream her shorts. I decided to concentrate on my work and let things fall where they might.

We completed the first session in about 2 hours, and set up for the second. We took a short break. Janet went to retrieve a bottle of wine from her car but Mandi stopped her and told her to look in the closet in the kitchen. We had a rack of 24 bottles freshly stocked and Janet squealed with delight.

Mandi went over, and before I knew it, the two of them were tightly hip to hip pulling wine bottles from the rack and exchanging the virtues of each. Mandi grabbed a corkscrew and opened one of the bottles they selected, and poured each a glass. Janet moved to where she was very close to Mandi and lifted her glass. She smiled at Mandi and said, “It is so nice to meet some lovely, intelligent people among all the rednecks around here.” Mandi was smiling back with a look akin to lust on her face, loving every minute of it. After a sip of wine, we headed back to work.

The next session went a bit slower when Janet discovered a mistake in the time line of exercises and we had to re-record about 20 minutes. The session became grueling in the last half hour, and by the time we wrapped it up we were all tired and ready to stop for the time being.

Janet had slowed the flirting with Mandi, especially when we hit the final stretch and we were mixing several samples together for the final exercise, and then had to transition into the cool down phase music.

When we finally put it to bed, Janet slumped back in her chair and let out a long, “Whew!”

“Really!” I agreed, and Mandi just sighed.

We got a refill and I suggested we go out back for a rest in the shade.

Mandi piped up and said, “Why don’t we take the dogs up to their walking area, and relax in the woods there?”

Janet liked the idea, and I didn’t care, so we loaded the dogs into the car. Janet said something to Mandi, and Mandi just smiled and shook her head yes, and Janet went out to her car and got a small bag and dumped it in the back with the dogs. We had a mid sized station wagon to make carrying the dogs easier, and the three of us squeezed into the front of the car. Mandi had put something in the bag too, but I didn’t notice what it was.

We arrived at the wooded area where we walked the dogs in a matter of a few minutes’ drive. I let the dogs out, and they began sniffing around, waiting for us to take a walk with them. I went to the front of the car and got a fresh beer out of the little tote cooler. I whistled one of the dogs back from the direction he was headed, and started around the car.

I noticed that Mandi and Janet were busy doing something. As I walked around the car, they were in the middle of changing clothes. Janet had stripped to a small lace bra and bikini panties, and was digging in the bag. Mandi was wearing her walking shoes and nothing else.

She retrieved a small tank top and pulled it over her head, smiling at me and said, “Well, don’t just stand there and stare.”

I chuckled and replied, “No problem. Mind if I simply leer a bit.”

She laughed as Janet, without a bit of hesitation, peeled out of her bra and panties too. She slipped on a small tank top and grabbed a pair of minuscule shorts, which after she pulled them over her ass showed off a nice crescent of butt cheek. I got a glance at Janet’s pussy for just a second, and noticed she was shaved completely clean. God knows I love a clean shaved pussy!

I quickly finished my beer and grabbed a refill, and we took off, letting the dogs to their thing out ahead of us. Mandi and Janet had travel mugs full of wine, and sipped occasionally. Mandi began telling me a brief story.

“You didn’t know I had already met Janet, did you?”

I gulped and wondered where this would lead.

“She stopped by where I work one day after she had done an aerobics session and I was filling in on the early shift.”

I wracked my brains trying to remember when she had to do an early shift.

“I asked her why she was wearing leotards and stuff, and we got to chatting. She has stopped by occasionally since, and when you mentioned about doing a recording session with an aerobics instructor, I wondered if Janet was the person. Knowing you, I figured she was.”

I really wondered about that remark but let her continue.

“When she stopped by the other day, I asked her and since she didn’t know my last name, wouldn’t have put the two of us together until then. But when she told me where she was going on Saturday, I told her she was coming to my house. We laughed about the coincidence, and decided not to say anything to you to see how you would handle it.”

Now it was my turn to be surprised.

“So have you been having fun at my expense?” I asked.

“Of course,” she laughed, and Janet joined in the chuckle.

Janet said, “The change of clothes was for your benefit, just to see you drop your chin on the ground. Plus, Mandi didn’t know I secretly wanted to see her naked anyway!”

We all laughed at this, but I noticed Mandi seemed to perk up at this statement. We kept walking, making small talk and Mandi made sure we kept the conversation away from work or aerobics, and we told Janet about some of our adventures in Europe. Janet laughed about Mandi’s first visit to a nude beach on the coast of Spain, only to run smack into another couple from our unit in Germany that we were in the same bowling league with. We laughed about Mandi not knowing what to say when they came over and sat down with us, all totally nude.

We finished our walk and headed home, enjoying the cooling air.

Mandi asked me if I would make something on the grill, and when I asked Janet if she could handle a steak, she surprised me by saying, “Large, and bloody rare!”

I got busy making dinner and Mandi and Janet sat outside under the tree in the back yard chatting like old friends, chairs side by side, arms almost touching. They tittered and laughed like a couple of school girls and there was plenty of casual touching. I stayed out of the conversation, watching them carefully as I cooked the steaks.

I wondered how I would steer this into something sexual, and began scheming on some alternatives. Many of the schemes went to the wayside, since Janet and Mandi had already met and knew each other, at least casually. I set a nice table, lit some candles, put a fresh bottle of wine in a bucket, and called the girls in for dinner. They both looked positively delightful, little tank tops with perky breasts poking through, tiny shorts with no underwear. They were a pervert’s delight.

Janet ate like she hadn’t had a meal in a while, appearing positively ravenous. Mandi was hungry as well, but couldn’t keep up with Janet. After we finished, I began clearing the table, and as I put the dishes in the dishwasher, I smelled a familiar smell. I stuck my head in the living room only to see Mandi and Janet smoking a joint.

This caught me off guard, since I was subject to random tests and had stopped smoking dope some time ago. But Mandi had nothing to worry about, and I let them have at it. It must have been really good stuff, because they appeared totally wrecked by the time they finished. Mandi and Janet were sitting on the love seat, almost cuddled up and sipping wine. Mandi had leaned back in the corner and looked almost asleep.

I decided to get started on the 3rd recording session, and donned my headphones and got to work. Since I was recording for a low impact session, it was easier to set up the transitions and I bounced between songs that kept the same steady beat. Janet had turned toward Mandi and stroked her face as I watched in fascination.

But before I could say anything, I had to take a piss, and after setting the next song up, headed for the toilet. When I came back into the living room, I stopped dead in my tracks. Janet was kissing Mandi in a long, slow, tongue swapping kiss, and Mandi was responding in kind. I watched as Janet ran her hand under Mandi’s tank top and caressed a breast. Mandi’s nipples were rock hard.

I went back to my chair and watched for a minute or so when Janet turned to me and said, “If you’re cool with this, you can join in a little while.”

I just gulped and stammered an acknowledgment. I went back to recording, almost missing the last cue, and watched as Janet removed Mandi’s tank top and started nibbling at her breasts. Mandi had leaned way back, and moaned while holding on to the back of Janet’s head. Janet left Mandi’s breasts, leaned back, and took off her top. She was definitely aroused as well, and just when I thought she would return to Mandi’s breasts, she raised up slightly and gently pushed a beautiful tit onto Mandi’s lips.

I never thought I would see this but Mandi responded by sucking most of a breast into her mouth, reaching up behind Janet’s back to pull her closer. Janet pushed her breasts together and alternated them in Mandi’s mouth. After a few minutes of this, Janet retuned to Mandi’s breasts and began gently and slowing caressing and kissing each. After a few more minutes she slipped a hand slowly down the front of Mandi’s shorts, and I could see the lump of her hand finally reach Mandi’s pussy.

Mandi stiffened slightly and began to moan in earnest, slumping down and straightening her body out to give Janet a better line on her clit. Mandi had a very sensitive clit, and it took a while for her to get warmed up before she would let me manually manipulate it, and she especially liked having her breasts sucked at the same time. I didn’t know if Janet was lucky or instinctive but she had Mandi on the verge of an orgasm.

I was rock hard by now, but stayed with the recording, since I was close to completing it. I put the headphones back on and continued to watch as Mandi finally shuddered through an orgasm, rocking through several spasms until she finally almost violently lurched away from Janet’s fingers. Janet pulled her over to cuddle against her and let her snuggle her head between those beautiful tits. Janet just smiled at me and let Mandi fall into a light sleep.

When I took off my headphones, she asked me quietly, “Are you almost finished?”

I nodded yes, wondering what this fine babe had in mind, but went back to the last few minutes of the recording. When I finished, I put on some easy music, flipped on the speakers, and turned the volume down low.

Janet eased from under Mandi, stood up and motioned me over. I walked over to the couch, and she pushed me down on the couch, pulling me out to the edge and then pushed my shoulders back to the back of the couch. I grabbed my shorts and quickly slipped out of them as Janet waited. I was laying in an almost straight line with a raging hard-on bobbing in the air. Janet slipped off her shorts, and I hoped she would hop on to my needy cock, when she turned and moved to Mandi.

She gently moved Mandi around and grabbed her shorts and easily slid them off, leaving her naked. Then, after a brief kiss, helped Mandi to her feet and moved her over to me. She turned Mandi’s back to me and eased her down and pushed her to where she was laying back against me. Janet began caressing Mandi’s breasts again, and started pulling her slowly toward my waiting cock. I couldn’t see much past Mandi’s shoulders, when I suddenly felt my cock engulfed by a hot warm mouth. Janet slobbered around on my cock and got it slippery, and then pulled Mandi closer. I figured I would slip into Mandi’s pussy, but Janet maneuvered Mandi’s hips until I felt penetration starting, but it wasn’t in Mandi’s pussy. I was slowly working my cock into Mandi’s tight ass!

Mandi moaned in pain, and moved back up, but Janet began kissing on her breasts and slowly pulled her back onto my cock. She moaned again, but let the pressure stay. Janet lifted Mandi’s legs into the air, and slowly began kissing down her body toward her pussy, at the same time, pulling her down my body, causing my cock to slip ever deeper into Mandi’s ass. Mandi moaned half in pain and half in passion, until Janet finally found her clit with her lips, and she began to squirm around on me. This caused me to penetrate her ass further until she had the entire length buried in her ass.

I reached around and mauled her breasts while Janet ate her pussy. I let go of the breasts and grabbed her ass cheeks, slowly lifting and dropping her back onto my cock. Mandi kept writhing around as Janet did a number on her clit, and things were going great until I felt something against my cock. Janet had inserted a finger into Mandi’s pussy and was moving it around.

I stopped moving, and felt a second finger inserted. Mandi was still writhing around on my cock, unable to move any further. She was literally and figuratively bound without ropes, unable to move around very much. I could see the top of Janet’s head moving around, when Mandi reached out with both hands and grabbed Janet’s head and ground it into her pussy. She was really rolling around on my cock, almost painfully, but I enjoyed the feeling of something I didn’t get to do very often, go balls deep in Mandi’s ass. Her pussy was dripping so much juice and saliva it dripped onto my balls and ran down my legs.

I felt some different spasms in Mandi’s ass as she neared another orgasm, and Janet pushed 3 fingers into her pussy, rocking them in and out in a slow, steady motion. Mandi slowly built toward an explosive orgasm, and when it finally hit, her asshole gripped my cock like a fist, and I could feel Janet’s fingers probing deep into Mandi’s pussy. Mandi convulsed and jumped, but kept the death grip on the back of Janet’s head, until finally, with one last, violent jerk, pushed Janet’s head away, crying, “No more…please.”

Janet looked up with a shit eating grin, face covered in pussy juice, and smiled. She gently caressed Mandi’s breasts as Mandi relaxed against me. She was breathing hard, and had her head turned to the side, almost gasping for breath.

I let her calm down slowly, when she turned her head up toward me and asked, “Can you take that out of my ass now?”

Janet laughed a low laugh, and helped Mandi gently rise, wincing when my cock popped free.

“Ouch!” she cried, “That hurt.”

Janet told her not to worry.

“I’ll kiss it and make it better,” she promised.

Mandi smiled lasciviously at the thought, and sat back down on the couch.

“Go wash up,” Janet told me, “and hurry back.”

I was in no mood to argue, and went into the bathroom to give my cock a brief but thorough cleansing. I grabbed some petroleum jelly as I was leaving and headed back to the living room. Janet had moved our round, glass coffee table from the center of the living area, grabbed some pillows and had Mandi lay out on the carpet with a pillow under her head.

I was still rock hard. Janet had me get on my knees above Mandi’s head, as she got on her knees and straddled Mandi’s head. She leaned down to Mandi’s pussy in a classic 69 position, and backed her pussy over Mandi’s face toward my cock.

Looking over her shoulder, Janet said, “Put it in my pussy.”

I obliged and scooted closer, seeing Mandi’s face just under Janet’s pussy. Mandi reached up and took my cock in her hand and guided me into Janet’s pussy. I slid the entire length in with one smooth stroke, banging into the bottom of her pussy with a gentle bump.

“Damn,” Janet cried, “You are really thick. It feels even bigger inside me.”

I heard a brief snicker from Mandi, and then a muffled voice said, “Why do you think I have so much trouble getting it in my ass?”

Janet laughed and pushed back against me. I began to slowly stroke into her slippery pussy, enjoying the feeling. My balls brushed Mandi’s face as I moved.

Janet told Mandi, “It’s your turn on my pussy now, sweetie. Show me what you got.”

I never thought Mandi would eat a woman’s pussy, but she dived in like a trooper, slopping her tongue at Janet’s clit. It was difficult going, though, since my cock was buried in Janet’s pussy and Mandi couldn’t get her face in a good position.

We went on like this for a few minutes when Janet broke away and said, “Put some of that slick stuff in my bottom.”

Hope beyond hope, Janet was going to let me get some of that fantastic ass of hers. I took the lube and pulled out a dollop on my fingers. Janet had a cute, round little pucker, with just a little crinkling around it. As I worked the lube into her tight little asshole, it began to loosen and open slightly. Mandi watched in fascination as I probed one, then two fingers into Janet’s back hole.

Mandi pulled the pillow closer under her head and watched as I placed the head of my cock at Janet’s asshole. Janet pushed back toward me slowly, pushing with a groan until the head popped past her anal ring into her rectum.

“Damn, you feel even bigger back there,” Janet complained.

“You asked,” I replied, and she responded by pushing back toward me, slowly taking inch by inch.

She began to slump downward slightly, and I responded by spreading my legs further. This movement put Janet’s pussy right onto Mandi’s mouth, and I could see the wide-eyed look. Janet groaned again as I reach the top of her rectum, and pushed past.

“Oh damn, that’s deep,” she cried, as I kept my stomach pressed hard against her ass.

Mandi had reached her hands around Janet’s bottom, and grabbed her ass cheeks.

As I began to make slow, easy strokes in Janet’s ass, Janet started moaning and said, “Okay, Mandi, it’s your turn to make me feel good.”

Mandi dug into Janet’s pussy, liking at her clit and munching away. Janet buried her face in Mandi’s pussy and began to lick in return, so that each was giving and getting at the same time. I picked up the rhythm in Janet’s ass, until I was long stroking from my cock to full depth, probing Janet’s ass as deep as my cock would go. Both girls started moaning and groaning, and Mandi hung onto Janet’s ass tightly as she pressed her mouth onto her pussy.

I didn’t think I would last much longer when Janet began to scream a muffled scream, considering she had pressed her mouth tightly into Mandi’s pussy. Her orgasm seemed to start at her toes, and worked up through her legs to her pussy, as I felt the spasms on my cock as I continued to plow into her rectum. She arched her back a second and shook, continuing to scream that muffled scream into Mandi’s pussy.

This apparently got Mandi going, and she followed closely with another orgasm of her own, responding by moaning into Janet’s pussy. This finally set me off, and as they were calming down, I shot a huge load deep into Janet’s ass. I had 3 or 4 crushing spasms before it finally subsided.

As I was relaxing, Janet pushed up onto her arms, partially sitting up, and pushed me backward. I though she wanted me out of her asshole, but instead, as I sat back on my legs, she followed, pushing backward with her hips and keeping my cock buried in her ass. She cleared Mandi’s head, reached back, and pulled against me tightly, slowly grinding her ass in a small circle. I reached around and caressed her tits, slowly tweaking her nipples.

Mandi slowly rolled over and climbed onto the couch, not looking toward us. Janet kept the motion up until my cock began to soften. She reached under me, and began to brush my balls with her fingers, playing with them enough to keep me hard. I concentrated again, and felt my cock growing back to its maximum size. Janet responded with a moan. I reached down for a moment and found her clit, and began to roll it with a couple of fingers. She moaned again, but finally pulled my hand away to be replaced by her own.

She suddenly began to furiously stroke her clit, and I could feel the rapid motion of her hand. Mandi looked up and watched for a few seconds with a lazy smile, as Janet finally worked through another orgasm. She pushed back hard against me, writhing on my cock, and finally settled down. She reached back, and pushing on my thigh with one hand, slowly eased off my cock.

As it finally slipped out of her ass ring, she mimicked Mandi with a quiet, “Ouch!”

Mandi laughed and asked, “Did that hurt a little?”

Janet chuckled and said, “Just a little.”

As Janet stood up, I could see cum and lubricant leaking from her still distended asshole. A large drip eased out and began to run down the back of her left leg.

When she finally realized it, she reached back and went, “Ooops. Looks like I need to clean up.”

As she headed toward the bathroom, she staggered slightly, and I went over to catch her. I told Mandi I would be back in a minute, and took Janet to the bathroom. I grabbed a washcloth, and wiped the leakage from Janet’s leg, catching another large drip from her slowly closing asshole before it could run very far.

I rinsed the washcloth in warm water and leaned her over the sink and gently finished cleaning around her pussy and asshole. She moaned with pleasure, arching her ass into the air further so I could finish the job.

I asked her if she was all right, and she said, “Sure, just a little wasted and lot fucked.” I rinsed the washcloth and hung it up and turned to leave. Janet was easing onto the toilet to take a leak, and I told her to call me if she needed some help. When I returned to the living room, Mandi was asleep, breathing slowly and deeply.

I picked her up and carried her to our bedroom, placed her on the bed, and turned down the covers. I rolled her in and covered her up, and returned to the living room. Janet was there, sitting on the edge of the couch, finishing a last splash of wine in her glass.

She looked at me and said, “You guys are so sweet. I have really enjoyed myself tonight.”

I sat down across from her in the side chair, and after a sip of beer, said, “You and Mandi surprised me tonight.”

“Is that bad?” she asked.

“No, not at all,” I replied. “I just never thought Mandi would actually get into sex with another woman. I must say, though, it wasn’t entirely a bad thing for me.”

She laughed gently and replied to that, “You never know. I’m just glad she did. I enjoyed sex with you too. I could tell the way you moved during aerobics that you probably knew what you were doing in bed.”

I felt complimented, but decided it was time to head for some rest before we both fell out. I would have liked to have another shot at Janet, but she appeared to start nodding so I told her to relax for a minute while I fixed her a place to sleep.

I went into the den and made her a bed on the couch, added a couple of pillows and went back to the living room. She had leaned back and was fast asleep. I picked her up and carried her to the den, laying her gently on the couch. I took a minute to observe that beautiful body, and covered her up. I pulled the covers over her and left. After letting the dogs out one last time, I turned off all the equipment, doused the candles, and headed to bed.

Typically, I woke up early, and let the dogs out in the back yard. I filled their water bowl, and made a pot of coffee. I had put on some gym shorts but slipped them off while I played with the music equipment. I decided to make myself a personal tape mix while I had all of Janet’s CDs at the house.

I put in a fresh tape, lined up the CDs I wanted, and began to record them. I got a cold beer to sip, and laid out some country ham to thaw for breakfast and fired up a pot of coffee. I had been up about 30 minutes when I saw a light in the hallway. When I looked, I saw the bathroom door go shut. It was Janet, finally alive. I heard the shower come on, and a short while later, heard her come padding down the hallway. When she came into the living room, she was naked, save for a towel she was briskly drying her hair with.

“Please tell me that’s coffee I smell,” she said with a smile.

“You bet,” I said, “help yourself.”

She came back a few minutes later and moved over to where I was recording, almost standing against me with her tits close to my face.

She leaned down and quietly told me, “My asshole is sore this morning. You really drove a truck in there last night.”

“Quit your bitching,” I laughed, and she smiled conspiratorially, and sat down in the love seat with her legs curled up under her.

She looked squeaky clean, and even with no make-up was downright beautiful. I had left the back door to the yard open with the storm door closed. By it were two large windows that gave a good view into the house. I had left the vertical blinds partially cracked, so the sun was beginning to beam in. Janet sat in the partial sunlight, sipping her coffee.

I heard the dogs on the porch, and got up and let them in. They ignored me and went straight to Janet. She sat her coffee down and rough-housed with them for a few minutes. I ignored them and kept recording. Janet went and got a refill, and asked what was for breakfast.

“Got the munchies?” I asked.

“You bet,” she answered, “and I am going to need a big breakfast.”

I laughed and told her to give me a little time. She took her refill back to the living room, and I decided to see how Mandi was doing.

I walked into the bedroom and found Mandi turned toward the wall, curled up in a semi-fetal position. Since she didn’t ordinarily sleep like that, I climbed onto the bed and leaned over to kiss her on the cheek. I saw immediately that there were tears in her eyes. I got up and quietly shut the bedroom door and went back to her.

“What’s the matter, baby?” I asked.

She tried to turn further away, but I gently pulled her back toward me.

“Speak,” I told her.

She suddenly reached up and pulled me close, hugging me tightly and began to slowly weep.

I held her for a few minutes and finally said, “So, are you going to talk to me?”

She finally broke into a sobbing voice and blurted out, “Are you going to divorce me now?”

I was incredulous for a moment, and finally asked, ‘Why would I want to divorce you?”

She sobbed some more and finally blurted out, “Because you think I’m queer.”

I was stunned, and for a moment was shocked, then had to stifle a laugh.

“Baby,” I cooed in her ear, “you are the sexiest woman I know. I would never think of leaving you.”

She once again hugged me tightly, sobbing, and asked, “Sexier than Janet?”

“Sexier than Janet,” I whispered. “Don’t think for one minute that last night has changed my mind about that. As a matter of fact, I think you’re even sexier than ever.”

She kept holding me tightly and gently continued to cry.

I pushed away from her a bit, took a corner of the sheet, wiped her face and told her, “Shush now. If you enjoyed yourself last night, that is what counts. Just remember, I had a good time too, and you were incredible. I can’t believe you had me buried deep in your ass”

She continued the death grip hug for another minute, and finally whispered, “Are you sure you don’t think I’m a lezzie?”

I chuckled in her ear, and said gently, “Asked and answered, dear.”

She hugged me again, and grabbed the sheet and wiped her eyes again, and said, “I bet I look like a mess.”

“You’re just beautiful,” I teased, and told her, “Janet is up already, and I have coffee on. If you will head on to the bathroom and get cleaned up, I will make breakfast. Now don’t be too long, and don’t worry about what to wear. Apparently we are having naked breakfast!”

She smiled, punched at me half-heartedly, and said, “You pervert!”

I laughed and said, “When the shoe fits….”

I led her to the bathroom and headed back toward the living room. Janet was still curled up on the love seat, listening to the song that was recording. I took Mandi a cup of coffee, and on returning, I asked her if she would help me make breakfast.

“I don’t really cook,” she answered.

“No problem,” I told her, “you can be the assistant.”

We went into the kitchen and made a hearty breakfast of country ham, scrambled eggs, toast, and fruit. As we were putting it on the table, Mandi came from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her head, but nothing else.

“I see you have complied with the dress code,” I said, and we all laughed.

Over breakfast, the conversation turned to Janet. After her divorce, she decided that she didn’t want to be involved in another relationship with a man, finding that she liked women better. But she still enjoyed sex with a man on rare occasions, mostly when she could find a couple like us who were amenable to sharing.

She also didn’t want a long term relationship with a woman, since, as she said, “If I get PMS bitchy the same time another woman gets PMS bitchy, one of us would end up dead!”

We chuckled over this one, as we all ate heartily. Even Mandi had some munchies left over from the previous evening’s smoke, and ate ravenously. As we were finishing, Janet took Mandi’s hand and told her that she had thought about not coming over to visit with us until she learned that Mandi was my wife.

“I just thought you were the most beautiful, sexy woman around here!” Janet told her.

Mandi blushed, and thanked her, and Janet asked her if she was all right with what happened last night.

Mandi looked over at me almost fearfully, but I interrupted and said, “The sexiest lady in these here parts is just fine today, aren’t you baby?”

Mandi blushed even deeper and gripped Janet’s hand and told her quietly, “I’m glad you came over.”

Janet smiled, and we let the conversation drop. I told the girls we should get dressed, since our goofy neighbor Blaine might pop in any time. While he knew that we had a rule about being disturbed before noon on Sundays, he tended to push the time to around 11′ish.

I grabbed my shorts as Mandi and Janet headed back through the house, and after dressing, I cleared the table. Mandi came back in a small tank top and cut off jeans, and told me to go back to recording and she would clean up the kitchen. Seconds later, Janet returned. She was wearing a semi-transparent white leotard that had a deep scooping neckline, and a leg line that came way up over the top of her hips, leaving much of her ass exposed. So much for modesty. She began to look through the CDs and pulled some for another mix she had in mind.

Almost on cue, Blaine popped in the door.

“Hey, what you up to?” he asked, as his eyes began to adjust from being out in the sunlight behind the house.

“Just recording some music,” I answered back.

He must have thought for a minute that Mandi was standing there, but when he actually took a close look, he saw Janet with the headphones on, moving to the music that was playing. His jaw dropped and he ogled her up and down.

“Who-who-who is that?” he stammered.

I looked at him, and told him quietly, “Put your tongue back in your mouth and act like you have some class, asshole, even if you have none at all.”

He tried unsuccessfully to not stare at Janet, and with the sunlight streaming through the window in the back door, it was patently obvious Janet had absolutely nothing on under the leotard. She glanced up, saw Blaine, smiled sweetly and continued to mess with the CDs. Blaine was aghast.

“That’s the…the…the….you know…..the,” I interrupted him quickly and said, “The aerobics lady.”

“Yeah, the aerobics lady! What in the hell is she doing here?”

About that time, Mandi looked into the living room, and seeing the look on Blaine’s face, told him, “Blaine, you better quit falling all over yourself before I have to call Molly to come get you and drag you home by your tongue!”

Blaine shook his head, but failed to lose the stunned look on his face. Just then, Janet pulled the headphones off her ears and said, “Hi.”

Blaine just stood there with his mouth open. I heard Mandi laughing, and Blaine tried to talk but nothing came out.

“Does he do this often?” Janet asked.

I just laughed and said, “Put the phones back on. I’ll let you know if he regains the ability to speak….assuming you could call what comes out of his mouth speaking!”

She laughed and slid the headphones back over her ears, and I heard Mandi laughing from the kitchen.

I picked up my beer after I got the next song started, grabbed Blaine by the arm and pulled him outside.

“Dude, you have absolutely no cool whatsoever!” I snapped.

He was looking at me with a strange look on his face, and finally said, “Damn, how you just sit there playing with music and stuff when she is standing right in front of you dressed like that?”

I laughed and said, “Blaine, some of us have a little class, and a little restraint, and can also be a gentleman.”

Blaine looked askew at me, and then blurted out, “She spent the night didn’t she? I saw that car over here yesterday, and it never left.”

“What’s your point?” I asked.

“But how…what…whaaaa!” Blaine choked out. “What is she doing here?”

I smiled a tight, lip curling sneer, and told him in a low, conspiratorial voice, “She came over to have a raunchy, no holds barred threesome with Mandi and me.”

Blaine turned completely pale, then his face turned red, and he finally stammered angrily, “Quit the bullshit, man! What’s up with the aerobics lady at your house? How the hell do you know her? C’mon man, what the fuck?”

I laughed and sipped my beer, enjoying his discomfort, and quietly told him, “We are recording music for her to use in her aerobics classes so she doesn’t have to change tapes during the routines. I am helping her get together a seamless routine from start to finish. Plus, I am assisting her in putting together different exercise routines for different audiences. Or did you forget I took the advanced PT trainers course?”

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