muscular women

Chapter 12: The Final Contest (Part 2)

I place my hands on Jessie’s and Penny’s shoulders and give them one final reassuring squeeze, before I get up. They sit slumped with fatigue, their hair matted with sweat, their bodies dripping sweat from their exertions.

Ryoko stands in the middle of the ring, with arms folded across her chest. I swallow hard as I brace myself mentally, and step forward to stand in front of her.

Jim is beside the timer, which shows 3:00. He will start the timer when my torture begins and it will sound out when time is up, at which point he will make sure Ryoko releases whatever hold she has put me in. Or, I hope he does.

“Lie facedown,” Ryoko instructs, gesturing. “Facing… your team.” Slowly, I lower myself onto the mat, and lie with my left cheek on the mat. “Arms straight beside you.” I comply.

I notice Michelle and Edna moving to the side for a better look. They want to catch the sight of my face as I go through the torture. Ryoko, of course, wants me to show my suffering on my face in full view of Jessie and Penny. I have to try and conceal it as best as I can.

She sits herself none too gently on my lower back, and grabs my wrists. I feel her legs snake around my arms, and I feel a chill — it’s not just any simply hammerlock or even an armbar she’ll put me through, it’s a lotus lock! Very relaxing for her — but near maximum agony for me! She couldn’t have made a better choice — this is the kind of move she’d never be able to put on me properly as long as I still had fight left in my body. But right now, I have to passively receive it.

The timer starts. Immediately I feel the searing pain in my shoulder joints as Ryoko crosses her legs and crunches my arms close together behind my back, pulling on my wrists to help extend my arms and overcome my resistance. Involuntarily my mouth opens wide in a silent scream. Then I catch sight of the horror on Jessie and Penny’s faces, and with an effort of will I force my countenance into as mild an expression I can manage. I try a smile. From the looks on their faces, they’re not fooled.

Ryoko’s shins pin my neck down, while to the side she stretches my arms. She must be exerting next to no effort. I can only grit my teeth. Wait… now she’s grabbed my captive right arm, and she’s drawing it up towards her. She laces her fingers with mine. The witch… she’s bending my fingers, my wrist. The pain shoots down my arm and joins with the pain in my shoulder. I flex my forearm to resist, but she has all the leverage and is using both her hands.

“Come on Katie, scream!” That was Edna. I’ve shut my eyes with the pain. I let out a soft groan. This just makes Ryoko wrench harder on my right hand. I mustn’t cry out… won’t give them that satisfaction. How long has it been? Surely more than half the time is up. I turn my face awkwardly towards Jim and the timer. Oh… just entering the second minute…

Ryoko keeps her fingers laced with my right, and reaches for my left, which I am too late to prevent since I only feel her fingers just as they lace with mine. Now she cruelly bends both my wrists. My body begins to shake a bit, as the pain courses through my arms. Have to resist… just have to endure…

Finally! It’s over. Ryoko doesn’t let go immediately, and Jim comes to urge her to let go. Jessie and Penny half-rise menacingly, and Ryoko quickly releases me. I look up and see their concerned gazes and their tear-filled eyes. I am breathing hard, and all my arm joints twinge, but otherwise I feel ok… I think. I’m glad I didn’t scream out.

“Turn around, Katie,” Ryoko instructs, the delight evident in how her voice purrs. Slowly, reluctantly, I brace myself, my arms still trembling slightly, and turn over to see her standing at my feet, her eyes ogling my muscled legs with a hard glint in her gaze. She reaches down, and inwardly I sigh. Of course — what else? The figure four leglock.

The move that only exists in TV professional wrestling. It does hurt like hell if applied to an unwilling victim, but it is in no way a realistic combat move. However, I am not only an unwilling victim here, but a helpless one. I cannot help swallowing hard — my mouth has gone dry — and my legs tremble a bit with anticipated pain, as Ryoko maneuvers my legs into the figure four position. Already I can feel the strain in my knee — my left knee is the one being bent.

“Oh no,” I hear Penny sob. My body tenses as Ryoko seats herself, her own strong legs tangling with mine, my right foot extended and resting on her chest snugly between her breasts. The pain begins, even before Jim starts the timer. I prop myself up on my elbows, not wanting to appear totally helpless, my lips pressed hard together as I struggle not to show the pain.

Ryoko is lying all the way back, with just her head tilted up. She has her hands on my right ankle. As I meet her eyes she grins at me, then applies an ankle twist to me. This is too perfect a figure four leglock — she is twisting my left knee, overextending my right knee, and twisting my right ankle, all in one move. I give up — I cannot take this. I slump onto my back, feeling the pain shoot through my legs. Oh damn, she’s moved her left leg so that it presses down harder on my left ankle too. She’s so damn expert at this, torturing all my joints.

The pain is making it hard to think, I’m dimly aware that I’m hyperventilating, and flailing about, slapping the mat hard with my arms, jerking my torso around. Hurts so much… every second an eternity… can’t scream, mustn’t scream… my gasping sounds so loud to myself though… am I screaming already? No… not yet… but it’s being dragged out of me… I can’t… she gives a big jerk, her whole body gives a flex… the pain… too much… I can’t… must… not…

The timer sounds… I open my eyes, and grit my teeth as Ryoko takes her sweet time disentangling her legs from mine. My body is bathed with sweat already. I stretch out, heaving as I gulp in air. Jessie and Penny have come to hover over me, propping me up, giving me some water.

“Katie… are you ok?” Jessie asks. I take several deep shuddering breaths, letting the pain slowly wash out of my legs, before I reply.

“Yes… I am… don’t worry. I’m fine. It’ll take a lot more than this for her to beat me.”

“You didn’t scream, Katie,” Penny says softly, her eyes brimming with tears but also with pride. Jessie looks at me the same way. I smile at them, feeling a glow. At least there I haven’t let them down!

I look back up at Ryoko. She’s grabbed the coffee table from the side of the room, and has deposited it in the middle of the mat. So she wants to arm wrestle me? Yes… she’s knelt down in position, facing me, and she beckons Jim over with a smirk. Uncertainly, Jim goes closer and leans in.

I see… that coffee table… so we’ve finally come full circle. Wordlessly I get up, my legs trembling slightly but still well able to support my weight. They feel a bit sore as I stride forward, but I can still fight. I get down on one knee, copying her pose. Staring into her eyes, I raise my arm and lock hands with her.

“We’ve come full circle, haven’t we, Katie,” Ryoko says softly, speaking my thoughts aloud. “Do you remember? How I first shamed you, took your pride away from you, and took your man as a bonus prize?”

I remember all too well. How she first outflexed me, then outmuscled me. How she completely humiliated and dominated my arm with hers. What she did with Jim’s penis, using it as a potent goad, underscoring how I couldn’t satisfy him as well as she could.

“And now… one year on… I will do exactly the same to you again,” she whispers, her grip tightening on my hand. “Déjà vu, Katie… this time, in front of their eyes, the ones you care about the most… they’ll see for themselves how I’m stronger than you, always stronger than you.”

“I’m stronger now, Ryoko,” I whisper back, my soft voice belying the fury I feel rising up in my chest. “Things are different this time. Today I take back what’s mine.”

“Jim’s cock is mine,” she hisses, and I feel her strength beginning to make itself felt. Quickly, I flex in response — and we’ve already begun, off to a slow start.

“Who’s talking about his cock?” I grunt, trying to ignore the twinges in my protesting joints and arm muscles. “You know what you took from me. Today… I beat you.”

“Tough words… coming from a weak woman like you…” Damn it… my arm… it’s starting to shake already. We both have our left hands behind our backs. It’ll be a matter of pride for us to keep it there, to settle this with the strength of our right arms alone. I can’t keep the strain from showing on my face. She’s pulled my arm down by a little bit, but noticeably. The strain is starting to tell on my biceps.

“See? You’re losing… just like you did… loser… you’ll always lose…” Ryoko begins cooing, her voice sounding steady and low, taunting me as we struggle. No… it can’t be like this. I’ve worked so hard… endured so much… to be shamed again like this… come on, arm… come on, Katie. Come on. The pain is not real. I can do this. My arm is as big as hers, it’s just as strong. No, it’s stronger. Come on.

“What’s the matter, Katie? Hmm? Arm feeling weak? Is the pain getting to you?” Ryoko keeps up the litany of taunts, trying to sap my strength and will. Michelle and Edna sitting at the sidelines and enjoying the sight of my discomfiture begin to chime in as well, with similar comments of their own. Their voices… my arm, it does hurt… it does… she did such a good job with that hold… she’s got me halfway down.

“You can do it, Katie!” That’s my team, calling out to me. “Your arm is strong! You can do it! Don’t give up!”

I can’t let them down… don’t want to let them down… but it’s so painful. Tears spring to my eyes, and not just at the pain. This is unfair. If my arm were at full strength I could win, I actually came in having a chance, I’m sure I did. All they can see now is her arm overpowering mine, yet again. Here’s Jim, watching once again his girlfriend losing to this man-stealing bitch in a test of strength and will. I have something to prove to him — he’s watched me lose time and time again in everything. I have to win. I have to win.

An expression of slight surprise comes over Ryoko’s face. I realize that I’ve clenched so hard my knuckles have gone white. Our hands are shaking and trembling like a vibrator set on full speed. She hasn’t pulled me down past the halfway mark. A more serious look comes over her face. Still not taking her eyes off me except to flick glances at our arms, she frowns slightly and seems to concentrate. I feel her pour out her strength onto my arm, like concrete dripping onto my hand, weighing it down.

Meanwhile the psychological warfare continues, with Team Ryoko trying to psyche me out with comments about the pain my arm must be in, and my dear Jessie and Penny encouraging and cheering me. I arch my back slightly, ignoring the pulses of pain in my shoulder, and give a big pull, recruiting my shoulders and chest muscles into the effort.

I’m… doing it…! Inch by inch… she’s fighting me down every inch of the way… but I can see the anger in her eyes, and it’s a fuel I’m feeding on, as I pull her up slowly… so slowly… the pain building up in my arm and shoulder is excruciating… but her arm is giving way! To mine! My strong arm — my stronger arm!

Her eyes are widened with furious shock, as I jerk our arms back to even. My arm is hurting like hell, but I realize something: I’m used to pain by now. Unwittingly, Ryoko has been building up my resistance to it, ever since she came in and started tormenting me. We look at each other over our clasped trembling hands, and bare our teeth at each other. It’s crunch time.

It’s her muscle against mine now… our two perfectly formed arms… forged in training… now straining for supremacy across the table. With a surge of strength she gains a slight advantage — I rock slightly and jerk back, reversing the advantage, but not for long as she quickly compensates. Our shaking arms waver back and forth like the pointer on a dial.

I’ve put all thoughts of losing out of my head. I refuse to lose. My arm is a throbbing mass of pain now — so what? It’s still stronger. I’m still stronger. You steroid-pumped overdeveloped slut, you lousy man-stealing bitch, you come into my life, think you can keep me crushed, think you can bully me, stack things your way, guess what, I’m gonna beat you like the bitch you are, they’ll all see you’re just a wimp underneath your fake boobs, fake tan, fake useless muscles, you tried to hurt my arm but it’s still stronger than yours…

Only just noticed, our foreheads have come close together and I just said all that aloud to her through gritted teeth. An unfamiliar expression is on her face. In a Zen moment, I realize I’ve never seen this expression on her face before. The closest parallel would be when she wrestled those men in that strip club, but even then she didn’t strain so much. So this is Ryoko when she’s losing, when she actually has to struggle.

I’ve got her down about halfway. I’m winning. I’m actually winning. For the first time, I am winning against Ryoko, one to one, woman against woman.

“Fuck you, Ryoko… you’re going down…” I gasp. I’m drinking in the sight… her arm stretched and bent, losing to mine.

She sucks in and expels breath through her teeth, her spittle flying out onto my lips. “Fuck… YOU!”

Suddenly the whole situation has changed. Ryoko has thrown her left arm over my right neck. We’re both standing — she’s jerked us both away from the table and I stood up by reflex. I’m dimly aware of Jim dragging the coffee table away quickly — then I feel her left arm spasm against the back of my neck and I stagger, doubled over. She has me in a side headlock. Her right arm is still locked with mine in a death grip, neither of us relinquishing it.

The fucking bitch… I was winning… I was WINNING…

“C’mon, let her up! You should be starting this properly!” Jim is protesting, sounding actually angry at Ryoko for once. I can see his feet as he tries to get in between Ryoko and me. Then in an instant, I am free, and Ryoko is stepping back, her face red, her ample chest heaving, backing away with her fists clenched at her sides.

The room is silent, apart from her breathing and mine, and Jim saying “come on” once more, then falling into silence, as Ryoko and I stare each other down. I can see the surprise in her wide glaring eyes, and some emotions I’ve not seen before. Anxiety? Fear?

I step closer to her. Then I raise my right arm and flex it, pointing to my biceps meaningfully. She follows my gaze. Her face hardens. Then she looks back at me… and looks away.

Jessie and Penny suddenly break out in screams and cheers. Michelle and Edna are sullenly silent on their side of the room. They cast doubt-filled gazes at their champion. Ryoko is now striding around, affecting nonchalance, trying to ignore the fact that she just lost a staredown with me, after as good as losing our arm wrestle. I glance towards Jessie’s and Penny’s fiercely happy faces, and allow myself a smile. Now I know for sure: I can win this.

Even with the six minutes of limb torturing, I still beat her! I still outmuscled her! The thought is sending exultant chills up my spine. Jim now makes hand motions, indicating that we should come together in the middle of the room and begin wrestling proper. He is really trying to be fair today, it seems. I suppose he loses nothing from being impartial, and from the look he just threw me I think he is hoping that I’d win. No, more than that — I think he thinks for the first time that I actually stand a chance of victory. Well, thanks for the vote of confidence, Sunny Jim. Could really have done with a dose of that, oh I don’t know, one year ago.

“Bit late in the day, isn’t it,” I mutter out of the corner of my mouth, to his mild and momentary bewilderment.

Ryoko and I both drop into a crouch as we square off. She curls her lips in a snarl, and as if unwilling to believe I’m now the stronger woman, she holds a hand out, inviting me to a test of strength. Very well, I’ll show her again. It would be so, so satisfying, to triumph against her definitively in a muscle against muscle contest in front of our friends and enemies.

Right away I know I’ve made a mistake. I locked my right hand with her left, and immediately she wrenched hard on it. Her left arm is still fresh, and my right is still fatigued and hurting — the adrenalin rush I experienced is wearing off a little bit, and now the reality comes back in waves of pain washing over my right arm. I groan as her arm forces mine back, but I manage to steady myself, with her having a slight advantage. We’re standing chest to chest now, and she raises her other arm, the confidence coming back into her eyes. Well, her right arm must be tired too. I accept her unspoken challenge, raising my left hand and lacing fingers with her.

This, too, is déjà vu — I remember this is the next contest we did after she first beat me at arm wrestling. I remember, too, how badly I lost, and what happened after. It must not happen again. I won’t lose…

Now we are pressed together, chest to chest, our arms straining as we raise them high above our heads. So far I’m holding her even, but it’s hard. We’ve braced one foot in front of the other, and we’re leaning in, our faces a little bit apart. My legs can’t quite support me fully — I can’t thrust. In fact they’re aching a bit now, especially my joints, it’s as if I can’t push forward with the full force of my thigh muscles. My shoulders too — I can’t afford to think like this! My mind is going to all the places where I’m hurting, where she’s hurt me.

Then I hear a soft chant starting. Jessie and Penny are chanting my name softly and rhythmically, and getting louder.

“Kay-tie, Kay-tie…” I am drawing strength from them. Let me put aside this pain — with them in my corner I can do this, I can overpower her. I surge forward, shrugging off the pain in my arms and shoulders, and I see the flicker of surprise in Ryoko’s eyes as she gives up the advantage. She bares her teeth, and I feel her increase the force she’s channeling through her arms.

Now Michelle and Edna start a rival chant for Ryoko. The combined sounds of our names ring in my ears as Ryoko and I push against each other. Damn but she’s strong… really strong… she really is as strong as she looks.

“Aargh!” She gave a big push! My fingers were suddenly wrenched back painfully, making my arms bend. Oh god the pain… I have to bend back, try and straighten out my arms again, have to push her wrists back… oh it’s no use she’s too strong, she’s pushed my right hand down to shoulder level, I’m going down. My knee’s buckling — I can’t take the strain.

Down on my right knee… my body bent to the right. The strain must be showing on my face. My arms are shaking, hell, my whole body is shaking. I’m losing… she’s looking down on me, a gleeful look on her face. At least I’m making her sweat and strain too, but she doesn’t look as much in pain as I am. The chanting is very loud on both sides now, filling the room. I have to fight back… push up harder, get back up, get off my knee… can’t let them down…

“What’s wrong, huh?” Ryoko pants, leering down at my upturned face. “Arms hurt? Legs hurt? Muscles not feeling so strong, huh? Feeling tired? That’s because…” And suddenly she twists her torso sharply, whipping her breast into my face. I’m reeling, my head lolling back. It is a firm, hard breast, thanks to her implants. The impact was like a punch from a gloved fist.

“… because you’re a weakling…” She swings again, using her breasts as a bludgeon. My face is smashed to the side — it is after all still flesh against flesh, and as long as she can shrug off her own pain from the blows she can keep battering me. “And you always will be…” Another smash. Another jerk of her arms, sending a spasm of pain through mine. The striations on her arms, shoulders, chest and neck are really standing out, as she flexes every muscle she can to inflict more pain on me. “Look at you now… losing…” Another smash, into my temples. “As you always do… because I’m just… plain… stronger!”

I won’t accept this! Her breasts are hanging down in front of my face, as she bends over, and pushes down hard, really hard. My wrists are bending back all the way, any more and I think they’ll break, my arms are being forced painfully down, ever lower… I rear my head back, and send my forehead crashing right into her left breast, bang on the nipple!

Her scream fills the room, and her body suddenly slackens. This is my chance! Instinctively she tries to back away, and her fingers loosen as her body tells her to caress her hurting breast and nipple, but I do not relinquish my grip. Now I am standing upright again, as she tries to rally, tears of pain being squeezed out of her eyes. Our arms continue moving in a sinuous dance, as I begin to get an advantage –


Damn her… she sends a knee driving into my belly. My lower abdomen, actually — it was almost my crotch. But it doesn’t hurt any less for that. I slump, unable to take any more. She releases my left arm, and massages her breasts gingerly, while I reach for my abdomen. She still has my right arm captive. I look up and I catch a glimmer of the fury in her gaze before she twists her body agilely around, spinning in a circle. She wrenches my already tired right arm, trapping it in an armbar.

I clutch at my shoulder weakly, trying to slip out of the hold, but her grip is like iron, and she still has me down on one knee. With brute strength and considerable skill, she muscles my right arm into a hammerlock, forcing a moan of pain from my lips. I try to straighten, but she steps on my calf, and forces my leg down again. My weakened, hurting legs can’t muster the strength to resist her.

Then her oiled left arm snakes around my neck, and I stiffen, panic coursing through me. No! I can’t let her get a sleeper on me! It’s so deadly! I grab at her arm with my left hand. It’s so discouragingly thick… her muscles, so well-developed and strong… can’t get a good grip, her skin is oiled…

Her right arm has mine captive in a hammerlock, and she starts squeezing. Fuck, I can feel her strength already… her bicep is like a rock against my neck… frantically, I suck in a breath as quickly as I can before she cuts me off entirely, and tense my neck muscles as much as I am able. Her foot keeps my left knee painfully pinned, her right thigh rubs against mine. Jessie and Penny’s faces hover in front of me — my vision is already starting to blur.

“Do you give? Katie, do you give?” Jim is asking me urgently. I can’t spare him any breath to reply, but I hope that he can tell I am still struggling, and therefore not out of the fight by a long shot. He can’t count me out of the match unless he deems me unable to continue. I have to make it clearly visible that I can.

Only one chance left… a painfully slim chance… I grab her left wrist with my left hand, since she hasn’t secured a triangle chokehold, eschewing it for a combination hammerlock and sleeper. Then I begin to strain at the awesome, impossible task of making her release the sleeper hold, by pitting my left arm against hers with massively inferior leverage.

This is impossible… but it is the only thing I can do apart from raking her face, which would be ineffective anyways from this angle. I can’t even tell properly where her face is, though I can feel her breath hot on my neck. She could easily back away from my fingers. I have to do this somehow… pull her arm away… get some space for air to pass through my throat… get some air to breathe…

An eternity is passing… as I strain against her at this titanic task… I don’t think I can… vision swimming… lungs beginning to scream… arm trembling so violently…

My heart is thudding with desperation. I feel light-headed. The asphyxiation is causing yet another adrenalin boost. I can feel my whole body wrench spasmodically — and I’m free! I can breathe… oh the sweet air… I suck it in greedily in big shuddering gasps, my throat still feeling her skin, but now with that sliver of space I’m creating.

“Raaarrggh!” I hear her scream with rage and her bicep clamps hard on my throat again. With my second wind, I can think a little bit more clearly — I put my fingers and thumb on her wrist, and begin to squeeze hard, for all I’m worth. Now only forearm strength is left to me — my back, shoulders and upper arm have been fatigued beyond their limits, and I can feel I definitely won’t be able to pull her arm off me again. Instead, if I can make her feel pain in her joints, which she can’t use her muscles to resist…

Is it working…? I can feel her beginning to shake, the tremors spreading from her left hand and travelling up her arm, until her thighs tremble against mine. Then her grip loosens — her arm slackens, and I can once again gulp in some air. She wrenches hard on my right arm, driving it further up my back — I ignore it. I am now pulling her left arm out and away from me. She is sucking in her breath through her teeth, her face beside mine. Her left hand is open, her fingers unable to clench because of my thumb driving deep into the base of her palm and my fingers digging against the back of her hand so hard that my knuckles are white.

Pain suddenly shoots through my body and I utter a choked scream. My resistance collapses, and her full weight bears down on me behind again as I slump. What just happened? That pain, stabbing at me from my sides… no, from behind… that bitch Ryoko just kneed me in my lower back!

Before I can muster the strength to resist she’s got me facedown. She’s clambered on top of me — I thrash as I try to get out from under her, but she has my wrists. She plants her butt firmly on my lower back, sending a twinge of pain through my torso. I feel her draw my arms up and behind me — I’m too weak, and in too much pain, to resist, and she wedges them firmly behind her thighs. This is it — I’m finished… the camel clutch, locked in completely.

No… no, this can’t be happening… How did she get me into this? I was fighting with everything I had…

She cradles my chin with her hands and tilts my head up towards her. Already I can feel the twinges of protest in my back and neck. I can only kick my legs futilely. Now we are face to face. Her sweat-beaded face is close to mine as she stares into my eyes hungrily, devouring the despair I must be showing. Her breath is hot on my lips as she begins to murmur, almost kissing me.

“That’s it, Katie… you’ve lost… you know you can’t get out of this… why don’t you just give up now? Or no… wait… don’t… that’s not nearly as much fun…”

“You’ll never make me give up, bitch,” I groan. Mentally, I brace myself, despite the crushing despair in my heart. I won’t give her the satisfaction. I won’t submit. She’ll have to knock me out cold.

“Come on… feel the pain… give in to it… surrender to me…” she coos hypnotically, rocking back and forth gently to increase the pain.

“Katie? Do you give?” Jim is hovering nearby, sounding anxious.

“No…” I croak. Is that my voice? I’m trying to speak through the pain. This is so humiliating… to be made to sound like this in front of him.

“Keep asking her, Jimmy darling,” Ryoko sneers, “she’ll submit any time now… I’m breaking her… I’m the stronger woman, aren’t I?”

Jim makes no comment. I can see him looking at our bodies, locked in this mortal combat, and licking his lips nervously.

How can I escape this? This is the camel clutch, and she’s locked it in perfectly. The pain is making it hard to think. Her face is looming over mine, filling my vision. A sweatdrop hangs off her nose, and falls onto mine. Her warm breath is hot on my lips, mixing with my raggedly drawn breaths. I’m helpless. I can’t get my arms out anywhere useful. I can’t get onto my knees to push up. Her arms are free for her to do whatever she wants to me.

So I have to get her to do what I want her to do… my last chance…

“You can bend me, Ryoko… but you’ll never break me…” I gasp.

“Oh really?” Still cupping my chin, she reaches down with one hand and begins fondling my nipple… pinching, stroking it, making it swell and go rigid. “I’m not only going to break your body, Katie… I’m going to break your will, too. Tonight… it is your total surrender to me, Katie…”

I moan, the pain and pleasure mixing together in a mind-numbing swirl. This isn’t what I want her to do… I have to introduce the idea somehow… “You think this is enough?” I try to sound confident. “I’m much more flexible… than you think… You’ll never bend me enough… to make me give up…”

Her eyes narrow. Yes! “I’ll make you eat those words, Katie,” she says. This sounds promising. “Just as how I’ll make you eat my pussy after you’re a sobbing wreck of a defeated woman…”

She puts both her hands under my chin again. I brace myself.

I’m screaming… a choked scream… she has just leaned back and is pulling on my chin with all her might… the pain is lancing through my back… but now I can free my arms!

Desperately, the adrenalin pumping through my veins again, I clutch the mat and press upwards, my back hurting so badly as it tries to bear her weight up off the mat… she’s now trying to grab my arms while still keeping my chin captive, but now I am on all fours. The strain is suddenly much less. She still crouches over me and tries to jerk hard but now I can grab at her wrists. With my fading strength I pull and push, as hard as I can.

I force her hands out and away from my chin. Finally, some breathing space. We are both panting hard, as she slips off my back and I bring myself up onto one shaky knee. I’m still just barely matching her arm strength, holding her arms straight out in front of us, maintaining my grip by sheer willpower alone now. My arms are too tired, just too tired. There is one last thing I can do with them, but they cannot win the match for me, I just know it.

With a loud cry, I execute a judo hip toss on Ryoko! The effort makes my whole aching trunk spasm with agony. Ryoko flips over my right shoulder as I swing her with her arms, using my hips. She lands flat on her back, and lays there, stunned for a few precious moments. I sink to my knees, clutching my back and my abs. I am in a world of pain. Everything hurts so much. I need rest so desperately.

But I can’t afford any! Ryoko is now spread-eagled in front of me — Jessie and Penny are very near, to the side, as are Michelle and Edna, who have moved closer for a better look — and this is the first time in the match she’s been properly down. This may be the only chance I get. What can I do? What do I use? What part of my body still is strong enough to make Ryoko submit somehow?

I’ve made my decision. As I clamber forward and get into position, I am hoping desperately it is the right one. With her glorious abdominal muscles stretched out beneath my gaze, I plant my crotch right on her neck, and cross my ankles. I plant my hands on her knees, to try and keep her legs subdued, as I begin to squeeze Ryoko’s face in between my thighs. This can do it! This can get me the victory!

If my legs can just hold out long enough…

She starts thrashing around, but I try to ride her. Then I feel her grab my upper arms. Her fingers are like steel, digging excruciatingly into my muscles. My arms are indeed too tired to resist hers now, and she pulls my hands back and out. Her legs are free, and in a flash she’s jerked her lower body up and caught my head! This is now… a 69 double head scissors!

Her scent fills my nostrils, as I am sure my scent fills hers. She’s managed to roll so that we are now lying on our sides, and I have to plant my right hand to try and prevent her from rolling me onto my back all the way. I’ve lost the higher ground advantage. I can see, out from the fleshy prison of her thighs, the anxious gazes of all four of the spectators. Apart from the occasional exhortation, they’ve gone silent — as if somehow they know, this is it, this is the final stage of the match; this is the decisive hold. Jessie and Penny are looking hard at me, as if they are trying to feed me strength with their gazes alone.

Jim’s erection is completely obvious through his flimsy boxers. What a sight this must be for him. I can’t spare him any more thought — this is the deadliest duel of my life.

Ryoko and I squeeze each other for all we’re worth. Her superbly muscled thighs… so intimidatingly strong-looking… they are indeed every bit as strong as they look. My own legs have been hurt, but they’re the freshest muscle group in my whole body. They’re all I’ve got left. But this is a test of endurance as well. Neither of us can breathe fully, to draw in much-needed oxygen to fuel our muscular exertions. The woman who runs out of stamina first, or gives in to the pain first, will be the loser. The woman who runs out of strength in her legs first, allowing the other to extricate her head and breathe properly, will be the loser. The weaker woman will be the loser.

And right now, that may well be me.

My vision is already swimming. Blackness is closing in on the edges. My left arm is trapped beneath her body, and my right arm has to brace myself against her. Both her arms are free and they’re wrapped around my aching torso. Her clasped fists dig into the small of my back. My legs are two throbbing masses of muscle fatigue and lactic acid agony. I can feel her, trying to slide her face out from between my legs. I feel the slipperiness of her skin on mine, and I clamp my legs together with unbridled desperation. If she gets her head free, that’s it for me. I’d be finished.

For me there is no hope of pulling my head out, not right now. Her legs are trapping my head too well in a secure vice.

Then I feel the pressure around my head and neck coming in surges. She’s pulsing her thighs, trying to apply short, sharp jerks. I can’t even moan properly with the pain, but I’m feeling it. She’s so strong. I can’t hear anything — but I can see the four spectators leaning forward, watching avidly, fists clenched, anticipatory looks on Edna’s and Michelle’s faces, and anxious lip-biting distress on Jessie’s and Penny’s. I can’t see Jim but he’s probably hovering over us. Ryoko and I, both stretched out, legs extended and flexed to the max — what a sight we must make. Am I going to survive this?

She’s trying to slip her head out, as I feel myself begin to weaken. I release my right hand and hold her head forcibly in between my legs, and she wastes no time — I’m on my back. No escape for me now. Nothing for it, but to squeeze and try to outlast her. I place both hands on the back of her head, going for broke. No matter what, Ryoko, you are not getting out of this unless I am unconscious. I am not letting your head go. I will not submit.

My legs are so, so tired. My whole body is aching, all my muscles protesting. My lungs are on fire. I close my eyes — nothing to see but the ceiling, and occasionally Jim on the edges of my vision. That, and Ryoko’s nether regions, the valley of her tight, muscular glutes. Her all too muscular glutes. I cannot help but call up the images — all those times she has pinned me, helplessly, beneath her pussy or her anus and forced me to service her — all those times she has tormented me with these muscles now squeezing the life out of me — all those times she’s mounted Jim and squeezed every last drop of cum out of his loins with these muscles of hers…

My cheekbones feel crushed. My arms tremble as I keep pressing on Ryoko’s head. My legs are going numb. Soon I will no longer be able to exert the crushing pressure I need to defeat Ryoko. Her strength shows no sigh of relenting or flagging. She’s released my waist. I feel her hands clutching at my knees. She’s trying to part my legs. Right now, if her arm strength is matched with my leg strength, she would probably win.

Tears flow from my eyes freely — from the exhaustion, the pain, the mental ordeal. This is too much. How can any woman in my position take as much punishment as this? How much more can I go through? It’s so tempting. Just to give in. To surrender. Just to admit that she is the stronger, superior woman, and live like this for the rest of my life. What a nightmare that would be — can’t let that happen. But is it worth all this pain? This torture? This near-mortal combat that is making my heart thud like a hammer in my chest, as my body goes into emergency fight mode?

She’s slapping at my thighs now. I’m losing consciousness. I feel the spasms in my leg muscles — once, then twice — now they’re shaking like mad and I know, this is it — the cramps are setting in at last. In just a few moments I won’t be able to squeeze anymore, and that will be the end. Ryoko will have her way with me, and knowing her, she will prolong my torture and draw out the match in front of everyone watching before finally allowing me to submit.

Wait. The pressure — my head… it’s gone. I can breathe. I greedily gulp a lungful of air — it’s full of Ryoko’s sweaty scent from her crotch area, practically under my face beneath my chin, but right now it’s so incredibly sweet. Jim is pulling at my hands. What’s he doing? He seems to be yelling something. I’m feeling a bit woozy. Can’t quite make out what he’s on about. He’s not trying to help Ryoko again, is he? Would be just like Ryoko — to have instructed him before the match to interfere against me at the last minute, or something. That’s it — I’m done. My legs are cramping. Can’t squeeze anymore. I’m letting go of her now. My arms and legs fall to the mat, so that I lie here spread-eagled. Do your worst, Ryoko. I still won’t quit. Just put me to sleep. I won’t submit to you.

I can hear again. Dimly, I begin to make out the sounds, as Jim rolls Ryoko off me — rolls her off me? What? My chest heaves as I catch my breath slowly, and awareness starts to return. I turn my head and tilt it slightly down. Ryoko is lying beside me, her face at my crotch level. Her eyes are half-lidded. Her mouth is open. A thin trickle of drool is starting to come out.

Michelle and Edna are stock-still, hands on their mouths, eyes wide. Jessie and Penny are clutching each other, not making a sound, but they are staring wide-eyed at us, and Penny looks as if she is about to have a fit any moment, about to burst with something.

Jim is bending over Ryoko’s head. He leans down, and whispers something to her urgently. Ryoko is swooning. As I weakly prop myself up on my elbows, I see her stir slightly, and her lips move inaudibly. Apparently Jim can hear what she just said — he straightens up, with a solemn expression. His lower jaw trembles slightly as he looks at me, and he says:

“Ryoko… is unable to continue. The winner of this match… Katie.”

I’ve won.

I’ve won.

I blink the tears away. Penny and Jessie are screaming hoarsely, crying unashamedly. Michelle and Edna look at the softly moaning and gently twitching Ryoko with looks of faint horror. They glance at me, with — apprehension? Fear?

As the adrenalin fades swiftly from me, all the different parts of my body start registering their utter displeasure at recent conditions. I’m going to have to sleep for a week after this, to recover from the strain I’ve just been through. I still have energy enough, though, to do what I must do.

“Yes… yes… do it…” Penny and Jessie yell at me, as I clamber over to Ryoko’s side. She is holding her head, and as I approach she raises her hands, trying to ward me off. I slap them aside.

“Take your medicine, loser,” I snarl. She meets my gaze, and holds it for just a moment — then flinches and looks away. I allow myself a grim smile.

How many people actually know what it is like, to be actually knocked out cold by someone else? It’s a primal fear that gets instilled into your entire nervous system. For a good long while after someone has choked you out, through whatever means, your brain registers that this person has the power, the strength, the ability to deprive you of life-giving air. For a good long while, you cannot look that person properly in the face without feeling a stab of terror at the memory of asphyxiation.

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