muscular t-girl

The amount of fun I had writing this is a provable fact. When I started it, I planned to write one or two other short stories just to reach a couple of pages in length. Instead, it’s my longest story to date.


Christine Dawson licked her lips. The excitement of it all made her heart jump in her chest. She couldn’t believe her luck as she stood in the doorway of her master bedroom and watched the young girl sitting on her bed like a lioness watches its prey. But this had more in common with shooting fish in a barrel than a lioness prowling the savannah. It was a slam dunk and Christine knew it. The nervous eighteen-year-old girl from her son’s school would soon be another notch on the old bedpost.

Christine stepped into the room and sat down next to the girl, careful to leave a good few inches of distance between them. No counting her chickens before they hatched. Christine didn’t plan on screwing this one up before it got off the ground. It was going to take a bit of work–which was fine since Christine considered that half the fun anyway. Her eyes leered at the skinny young girl. The girl’s cute little skirt had lifted up when she sat. The eyeful Christine got of the girl’s smooth thighs convinced Christine that this time the work would only be a third of the fun, the spoils claiming the other two-thirds.

She knew the young girl to be a little bit nerdy and a little bit naive. Both qualities would make her easier to manipulate. “What was that about a book, dear?” Christine smiled inwardly, wondering if the tone of her voice could convey that she didn’t care a lick about the book. There was something else on her mind. Christine marveled at the girl’s tiny size and tight body. Christine didn’t have the body of an eighteen-year-old anymore, but she wasn’t fat either. Her body had thickened. Her breasts and ass swelling in size over the years. But Vicky was so small, she could practically fit the young girl in her purse.

“Luke left it at school, Miss Dawson.” Vicky rifled through her bag and retrieved the book, handing it to Christine.

Christine took the book from Vicky and set it down on her nightstand. “Thank you. I’ll tell him you stopped by with it, dear.”

Vicky seemed a little disappointed and Christine knew why. When the young girl tried to get up, Christine put her hand down on the girl’s thigh to stop her. She reluctantly pulled her hand up a few seconds later, knowing she couldn’t leave it there yet. “Wait,” Christine’s full lips pressed into a smile, “it’s kind of crazy you showed up here today. Luke and I were just talking about you the other night.”

Vicky’s eyes seemed to light up. A happy glow came over the young girl. Christine was happy too. This was even more confirmation that Vicky had a huge crush on her son. With this kind of leverage, she knew getting into Vicky’s panties would be a piece of cake. Christine thanked her luck again. She could have sworn it was Christmas morning, with such a pretty little present having turned up on her doorstep ready to be unwrapped.

“You were?” Vicky asked.

“How long have you known Luke now?” Christine pushed her red hair out of her face and then put that hand behind Vicky’s back.

“Since freshman year,” Vicky answered confidently.

“Mmmhmm,” Christine nodded her head. “You’re always popping up around here, seeing if Luke’s around, bringing him books, school work…”

“Yeah, we share homeroom together.”

Christine chuckled at the girl’s comment. She leaned in closer to Vicky as though they were sharing secrets, smelling Vicky’s sweet fragrance as she did. “Is that all? Come on, you can tell me.” Christine whispered to her with the hint of a smile, “I know the way you look at him. It’s more than sharing a homeroom.” The hand Christine had behind Vicky started to rub her back in a comforting manner.

Vicky’s face began to redden, easily defeating any denial she might make. “You’re right, Miss Dawson. I, I like him a lot.” The nerdy young girl seemed relieved to share that secret. Her face brightened up and she asked, “Does he like me?”

Christine scooted closer and shook her head yes. The relief on Vicky’s face quickly became excitement. But then Christine’s face, which had been all smiles up until that point, took on a more serious expression. “It’s complicated, though,” she began. “Luke listens to me. I’m his mother and I don’t want him dating just any girl that comes along. You could say I’m pickier than he is.” Christine’s cock started to grow in her pants. It told her to hurry up and get it buried inside teenaged pussy already. “You see, if I tell him I like you and I think it’s a good idea he date you, he’s going to.” Christine’s hand fell to the girl’s smooth thigh again, but this time she didn’t remove it. “But… now this is the tricky part, if I tell him I don’t think dating you would be a good idea, he’s not gonna so much as look at you.”

Vicky’s face took on the seriousness of Christine’s. The young girl thought about it for a minute. She asked cautiously, “Do you tell him not to date girls often?”

“All the time. Looking out for your son is the nature of being a mother, dear.”

Vicky bit her bottom lip, her brow furrowing. “What are you going to tell him about me?”

“Oh,” Christine suddenly gave the hopeful young girl a reassuring look, “I’m gonna tell him I like you.” Vicky showed her pretty smile. But Christine didn’t let the young girl off that easy. “Provided I get what I’m looking for out of you.”

“What?” she asked curiously.

“I need to get to know the girl my son is going to date. It’s important that I find out whether you’re going to be a good girl or not.” Christine’s hand started to rub Vicky’s thigh in a way that the inexperienced girl didn’t understand. “I want good girls in my son’s life. You’re going to be a good girl for me, aren’t you?”

Vicky seemed to really think about the question and how it was posed, her pretty blue eyes searching her brain. Christine used the hand not presently on the girl’s thigh to brush Vicky’s blonde locks out of her face. This conversation had turned her cock rock hard. If Vicky happened to look in that general direction, she’d be in for a real eyeful. “I’m a good girl,” she answered. “I promise I am, Miss Dawson.”

“Tell me, dear. Are you a virgin?”

Vicky seemed a little distressed at the question. Or maybe it was because of what Christine’s hand was doing. Christine didn’t know and Christine didn’t care. She already had the fish on the hook at this point. The nerdy young girl finally answered. It came out as a whisper, “Yes.”

“Vicky…” Christine caught a whiff of the girl’s hair. Her shampoo must have been strawberry, but it was mixed with something else. After all these years on the prowl, Christine believed she could smell the sweet scent of fear, and of yearning for approval. Vicky was giving off both in strong amounts. Christine leaned in closer and took in the young girl’s scent openly. “Do you want my son to be your first?”

Vicky didn’t know how to address this older woman’s actions. Christine’s lecherous gestures were something she’d never had to deal with before. She sat there nervously and pretended they meant nothing. It made it more difficult to answer the intimate questions her crush’s mother was asking. “I, I think so. I’ve liked Luke for so long now. I feel kinda… kinda weird talking about this with you, though.”

Christine’s dick remained rock hard at the prospect of busting Vicky’s cherry. Her hand slid up Vicky’s slim thigh until it hit the hem of her skirt. The young girl’s skin got warmer the further up she went. Her hand slipped under the skirt and went still higher. “I bet there are plenty of other girls at Luke’s school who won’t feel ‘weird’ talking about this with me.” Christine’s hand inched closer to the thin material of Vicky’s panties. “He’s pretty popular. Won’t be single for long. I really thought you were going to be the girl for him, dear.”

“I am the girl,” she responded gingerly.

“And I want to be able to tell him that,” Christine smiled. She kissed Vicky on the top of her head and then on her forehead. Her lips didn’t stop there. They kissed down to the girl’s ear and when she spoke softly into it, Vicky could feel her warm breath; the hair on the back of Vicky’s neck stood up upon the feeling. “I want to help you. All you and your pretty little self have to do is help me first. That means your cherry never makes it to Luke. Mommy gets it.” Just as Christine finished speaking, her fingers snaked under Vicky’s panties and started to spread the girl’s thighs.

Vicky’s head jerked away. She looked at Christine and searched the older woman’s grinning, horny face for answers. “You… you’re a lesbian?”

Christine used the hand that wasn’t under Vicky’s skirt to cup the young girl’s face. She lowered her lips to level with Vicky’s and then attached them to the girl’s supple lips. Christine kissed her hard and passionately. She savored the flavor of Vicky’s mouth and then engaged the girl’s tongue with her own. Vicky was breathing heavily by the time their lips parted. “Does that answer your question?” Christine asked smugly. “This should answer any other ones,” she wrapped her hand around one of Vicky’s dainty little hands and placed it on her lap. Vicky’s eyes bugged out and her jaw dropped when her hand landed on the throbbing object in Christine’s pants.

“Fuck,” was the only word the proper young girl could muster.

Christine placed more kisses on Vicky’s face while asking her, “Is your pretty little pink pussy ready for me? Mommy loves sweet little girls and their teeny tiny pussies. Show Mommy your little kitty kat.” Christine’s cock felt so cramped inside her pants. It wanted out desperately. It wanted to sink every thick, throbbing inch of its length into Vicky’s virgin pussy.

“I don’t know if I can do this,” Vicky demurred in between passionate kisses. “It,” she pointed to the monster in Christine’s pants, “felt so big. It won’t fit, Miss Dawson,” she said dauntingly.

Christine pressed on. She laid the young girl’s slim body down on her king size bed and started to kiss the girl’s neck, then lower. “You aren’t Mommy’s first virgin, dear. I always make it fit.” Christine lifted Vicky’s skirt and admired the girl’s pretty pink panties with flowers. “Strip them off,” she told Vicky, “and show me that sweet little pussy.”

Vicky flipped her panties off with some trepidation. Christine cooed as she got her first glimpse of the young girl’s hidden treasure. “Such a sweet little thing,” Christine marveled. “So soft and small.” It had just a trim bit of hair. Christine lifted Vicky’s shirt up. She noticed the young girl was shaking. Christine embraced Vicky and told her, “Don’t worry, dear. Mommy is going to take care of you.” She said it as she worked on unfastening the girl’s bra.

Christine kissed down Vicky’s warm chest, passing her navel and then letting the sweet aroma of Vicky’s virgin snatch settle into her nostrils. Vicky watched as Christine’s tongue left her mouth and touched the puffy lips of her sex. Christine’s tongue extended further and lapped at the sensitive folds covering her opening. Christine smiled to herself as she felt the young girl’s legs already trembling beneath her. The wonderful taste of Vicky’s virgin sex filled Christine’s mouth.

It wasn’t long before Christine’s expert tongue went in for the kill. She swirled her tongue around Vicky’s clit and then sucked the tiny nub between her lips. This action made young Vicky coo. Vicky’s legs tensed and Christine found herself rewarded with a soft gush of juices. Christine’s tongue pressed into Vicky’s tender opening. “Miss Dawson… that feels so good!”

Christine’s tongue and lips continued to work for a few more minutes. Vicky moaned and arched her back. Pulling her head up, Christine licked Vicky’s glistening pussy lips clean. She greedily licked her lips for any excess pussy juices and with brimming confidence told the young girl, “I told you I’d take care of you.”

Vicky took a deep breath. She was much more relaxed now, but another look at the tent in Christine’s pants made her anxious. “Now it’s time for Mommy to get hers,” Christine said. “You’re going to be a real good girl for her.” Christine brought her lips up to Vicky’s and they kissed. Vicky could taste herself on Luke’s mom. What’s more, she could feel the pulsing neck of Christine’s cock press into her stomach.

“Get my shirt off,” Christine told the girl.

“You’re not gonna tell Luke about this, are you?” the young with a crush on Christine’s son asked.

Christine laughed. She gave Vicky another kiss and then answered, “It might make him more interested if I tell him about your sweet little pussy. The one that tastes so good,” Christine winked at the young girl. “My shirt, please.”

Vicky wrapped her arms around Christine’s thick hips and started to lift the shirt up. Christine watched the young girl stare at her big tits as they bounced free. Christine knew with certainty that Vicky would be a good girl for her. It was one reason she loved girls so much, young virgin ones especially. They didn’t feel like women yet and thus had an eagerness to please and listen to real women. It made them easy marks. Christine lost count of all the girls like Vicky she’d been able to bed over the years. All it took was a little nudge and they were under her, naked, waiting patiently for their next instruction.

“Suck on my tits. Make Mommy’s titties feel good.” Christine dropped her chest down to Vicky’s face and grinned when the impressionable young girl wrapped her lips around one of her stiff nipples. Christine got even hotter, loving the feeling of Vicky’s lips and tongue on her nipple. She let both big breasts crash into each other on Vicky’s face. The young girl’s face and soft lips all over the warm, lightly freckled flesh of her tits made Christine’s cock pulse. She started to hump Vicky’s little mound with her rock hard cock as the young girl found her nipple again.

Christine’s finger traced along Vicky’s chest until she found the girl’s little tits and the hard, pebble-like nipples. Christine twisted the nubs between her fingers and made Vicky moan from under her breasts. Vicky sucked continuously on the big nipple in her mouth, stopping to run her tongue over the tip of it. Christine slowly twisted her nipple free from Vicky’s lips, the young girl following it with her mouth, her eyes closed.

“My pants come off next,” Christine explained to the young girl, “Then you lose your virginity and make Mommy very happy, dear.”

Vicky didn’t really process the older woman’s words. Now that they’d gotten this far, she listened to Christine unquestionably. Christine’s pants were sitting in the pool of clothes beside her bed before Christine could so much as snap. Vicky had expected her to have another layer of clothes between them. Instead she found herself staring at the big tip of Christine’s cock. And was it ever huge. It put the penises from the pornos Vicky had occasionally glanced at on her laptop to shame. How would her little, unstretched vagina take a cock like that?

A healthy-sized drop of clear liquid formed at the tip. Christine collected it with her finger and brought it to the young girl’s lips. Vicky sucked the finger in deep, staring at the monster cock all the while. Vicky wanted to ask Christine whether it would hurt, but she couldn’t say a word in the face of that cock.

“Main event time,” Christine mumbled, more to herself than to Vicky. She gave the long neck of her cock a couple quick strokes, pushing more pre-cum out and then touched the tip to Vicky’s glistening pussy lips. Christine shut her eyes as she rubbed her tip all over the soft folds of Vicky’s sex. “Sure you don’t want Luke to know about this?” she murmured. “I think this sweet little cunt of yours is going to earn you top reviews.”

Christine’s cock felt enormous to Vicky as Luke’s mom positioned it at her slit. “Please don’t tell him,” Vicky let out a little moan. “I don’t want him to know anything.”

Christine dropped her big body down around Vicky and then lined her womanhood up with the young girl’s entrance. “You and me both,” Christine chuckled. She kissed Vicky and said, “Our little secret, dear.”

The first thrust into Vicky’s virgin cunt sent shock waves off for both participants. Vicky’s cries of shock and pain were drowned by Christine’s primal moan. Her cock easily slid all the way into Vicky’s well-lubricated opening. One of many reasons Christine preferred younger girls. The amount of lubrication their sweet pussies produced made fucking easy and exceptionally pleasurable. Both Christine’s and Vicky’s eyes seemed to open at roughly the same moment, Christine’s cock buried deep. The older woman gave Vicky a lust-filled, but nonetheless warm and understanding look. Vicky’s first cock felt massive inside her little vagina and filled her completely.

Vicky could do nothing but hold onto Christine as Luke’s mom took her virginity. Christine lived for this moment. She somehow managed to keep her lust at bay for the time being, using slow thrusts to stretch Vicky’s little pussy. It was so tight that Christine could enjoy even the slowest of strokes. Soon she needed more, though. She needed to plow Vicky’s little pussy and ensure the young girl’s best, most filling fuck, would always be her first.

The thrusts got harder. Faster. Vicky, who could barely contain herself when the thrusts came at a snail’s pace, let out a series of moans. Christine’s tits crashed together as she plunged her womanhood into the young girl over and over again. Vicky buried her face into the soft breast flesh of Luke’s mom and let out a scream. She felt like she’d either explode or rip in two from the relentless thrusts of that big cock. It seemed to only get bigger inside her.

“Look me in the eye while I fuck your tight cunt. Watch Mommy take that cherry,” Christine huffed, all of her energy going into each thrust of her cock.

The young girl’s eyes met Christine’s. Vicky writhed underneath Christine. That cock felt so big, so strong inside her. It made her pussy feel like it was on fire. Christine smiled a knowing smile as the young girl’s eyes rolled back in her head. Vicky’s legs jolted around on the bed, her pussy clamped down on Christine’s womanhood and a flood of juices soon followed.

Christine covered the young girl’s lips with her own. The pleasure she felt was immense. This tight cunt was better than she’d expected. Little Vicky’s pleasure hole made Christine shiver. Every nerve tracing the length of her cock felt stimulated at once. More fluids gushed from Vicky’s sex and surrounded Christine’s thick pipe. Vicky had cum so hard that her entire body was flush and sweaty. The power of each of Christine’s thrusts made her toes curl.

Christine never tired when it came to sex. She was a machine, her womanhood ripping through Vicky’s once-virginal pussy with unbelievable stamina and strength. Vicky’s sex clutched her womanhood so tight. Christine fucked like a wild animal. She extracted every ounce of pleasure Vicky’s little pussy could provide, and then some.

“Oh fuck! Oh Miss Dawson! Oh MOMMMMMMMY!” Vicky cried, another orgasm erupting through her body.

Vicky’s orgasmic cries were music to Christine’s ears. Her cock sawed in and out of Vicky’s pussy with amazing speed and precision. With so much power behind each thrust, Christine’s entire body was covered in sweat. Christine was beginning to register a tingling in her balls, but she wouldn’t let herself cum yet. Luke’s mom frantically kissed the young girl under her.

“Tell me how much you love my fat cock,” Christine ordered the young girl.

“I do,” Vicky managed to sputter out right before a long moan. “I love it, Mommy. Your cock is so huge. I wanna keep it inside me forever!”

“Good girl,” Christine’s breathing became more ragged. Her thrusts never let up, but the tingling in her balls grew stronger until it couldn’t be ignored any longer. “I’d like to stay in this sweet little hole forever… but I really need to cum!” The tingling in Christine’s balls soon became a burning. Just a few more strokes, she told herself.

Before long, a ripple of immeasurable pleasure shot through Christine’s body. She surrendered to her orgasm. Her cock exploded with powerful shots of ejaculate. Christine’s body collapsed, her sweaty tits covering Vicky’s face as she filled the small girl’s body with a massive load. Vicky’s pussy filled with the potent cream quickly. Christine jabbed her hips and sent her womanhood a little deeper into Vicky’s well-used pussy. She stayed right there until the last drops finally finished spilling out from her tip into Vicky’s pussy. Christine slowly pulled her shrinking prick from Vicky’s tender, raw sex.

Neither of them said anything for a few minutes. Christine hefted her heavy breasts off Vicky’s face and smiled down at the young girl. “Great afternoon, wasn’t it?” Christine chuckled. She sat up and looked back at the quiet, seemingly contemplative young girl. “You’ll be sore for a while, but it’ll pass. And it’ll be a lot easier to screw next time, now that you’re broken in,” she advised Vicky.

“You, you’re going to tell Luke I’m a good girl like you promised, right?” Vicky asked, her voice hoarse from screaming her lungs out.

Christine’s gaze lowered to her handiwork. The young girl’s freshly-fucked vagina. Her pussy lips were bright red and Christine could see a tricke of cum leak out onto the bed. A creampie for the ages. “Yeah. You’re a good girl all right,” she laughed. “Get dressed, dear. I don’t know when Luke will be home.”

The realization that Luke could return home at any moment got Vicky up quick. Christine fished the young girl’s panties from the pile of clothes and spread them out on her thigh. Ready to dress, Vicky gathered her clothes. “Can I have my panties back?” she asked Christine.

“Oh no, honey. These stay with me.” Christine brought them to her nose and took a whiff, “You were a virgin the last time you had these on, you’ll never be able to say that about another pair of panties.”

Vicky frowned, wishing she had those panties to wear home. Noticeably sore, she pulled her skirt up over her bare bottom half and then got dressed the rest of the way. Christine saw the young girl whose virginity she’d just taken to the door. Christine waved as Vicky stumbled to her car. She called out to the girl, “Get home safe, dear.”


Luke came home about a half an hour later with no knowledge of what had occurred at home between Vicky and his mom. Christine casually asked her son at the dinner table, “That girl from school. What’s her name? The really skinny one. Vicky, yeah. She dropped a book you left at school by for you.”

Her son shrugged. “Ok,” he said.

Christine picked at her potato with her fork. She knew bringing this up would be walking a fine line, but Christine relished the challenge. “She’s kind of cute, isn’t she?”

“Mom,” Luke put his fork down. “Don’t even think about.”

Christine looked amused. Thought about it. Done it. Got the panties to prove it. “It was an innocent comment,” she lied. “All I meant was she’s a sweet–a very sweet girl.”

Luke turned his eyes back to his food. He took a sip of soda and then told his mom, “I guess. We’re kind of friends. We just don’t really hang out with the same people much.”

“I know you and your friends would consider her a nerd.” Christine risked her next comment coming off as suspicious, “Quite a tight body, though. I’d say so, at least, if you’re asking me.”

“Guys don’t ask their moms about what girls they think are hot. Their moms shouldn’t have an opinion about that,” he told her abruptly.

“Loosen up,” she kicked him under the table playfully. “I was talking about for you, of course.”


Christine found herself heading home from work early the next day. With a cup of soup cooking in the microwave, she ran some clean towels up to the linen closet. Christine walked past her bedroom door doing so. Instead of going downstairs and getting her food, she ventured into her bedroom. Christine pulled open the bottom drawer of her nightstand and grabbed the pair of panties she’d taken from Vicky the day earlier. The aroma of the young girl’s sex was still pungent the next day. Christine’s cock stirred. Then the front door slammed downstairs, causing Christine to put them back quickly.

Christine greeted her son from the top of the stairs. Luke shouted up the stairs before she could get a word out, “How could you do this?!”

“What?” Christine asked coyly. She suspected he was talking about her fun afternoon with Vicky.

“You screwed Vicky!” he cried.

Bingo–she thought. Then she wondered, how could he know? “Fuck. That little minx told on me,” Christine cursed under her breath.

“How could you! Really? I can’t believe this!” he vented, throwing his backpack down.

Christine got to the bottom of the stairs and told her son, “I didn’t plan it. She showed up at our door. Such a sweetheart in that cute little skirt. I’m only human. I have needs. What do you want from me?”

“A mom who doesn’t fuck my friends!” he paced around furiously. “This is just like Kelly.”

“This isn’t anything like Kelly!” Christine stamped her foot down hard. “That dumb slut would have broken your heart in the snap of a finger.”

“HA!!!” he cried out with a fake laugh. “So you nailed my girlfriend behind my back for my benefit?! No, it wasn’t for your own satisfaction! It was for me. That’s rich, Mom.”

“Well,” Christine paused. She remembered Kelly lying naked on her bed. The young girl’s irresistible pussy spread open for her fat cock. “I’d say it was half and half.”

“When does it end with you! Kelly… Vicky…”

“Not to mention all the rest you never knew about,” Christine said with a raunchy smile.

“You think you can take advantage of any girl you see. Just a secret between you and them. It’s sick!” Luke was so angry he didn’t know what to do with himself.

“Unless they spill the beans like our little Vicky. What a shame,” Christine frowned. “I thought she was a good girl.”

“She didn’t spill the beans. Her mom pried it out of her.”

“How?” Christine asked her son.

“Apparently Vicky came home yesterday almost too sore to walk,” Luke cringed. “Mrs. Lewis wouldn’t drop the subject. She found out that Vicky wasn’t wearing any panties. Vicky’s mom put two and two together. She confronted Vicky about who she’d slept with,” Luke’s face turned to one of disgust as a picture of his mom and Vicky in bed popped into his head. “Vicky would only tell her that the sex was consensual. She wouldn’t tell her anything else.”

Christine felt proud of little Vicky. “How did this get back to you?” she asked.

“You mean, how did your choice of victims drag me into this? Mrs. Lewis knew Vicky came here after school to bring me my book. Vicky’s always kind of had a thing for me. Mrs. Lewis waited for me at the end of the day today. She confronted me about Vicky. I had no idea what she was talking about, at first.” Luke started to fume, “Then it became clear to me. I tried to tell her the truth. She wouldn’t believe a word of it. Said she’d be stopping by here tonight to talk to you about what I did.”

Christine let all this new information settle into. Then she asked her son, “Hmm… Mrs. Lewis? Is she the one with the blue sedan. The one I commented on once with that nice figure?” Christine asked with a sly smile.

Luke gave his mother a confused look, but then it dawned on him. “Don’t you dare!” he cried, practically yelling in Christine’s face.

Christine calmly placed her hands on her hips. She glared at her son and responded, “I will or won’t do as I choose. Think before you talk to me like that–in that tone, again. That’s the only warning you’ll get, young man.” With her voice stern and her eyes like steel as they glared at him, he knew better than to escalate things.

Luke’s voice was soft, his gaze avoiding hers. “Yes, ma’am.”

Christine softened a little. “Look on the bright side, you’ll be off the hook with Mrs. Lewis by tomorrow.” She kissed him on the cheek and then added, “You might want to make yourself scarce when she gets here.” She walked out of the room like a woman in complete control… of everything and everyone.

It was the way she babied him combined with the realization that his mom was going to keep doing this if he didn’t stop it that give him his courage back. “I’m staying right here tonight,” he told his mom. “I’m not going to let you manipulate another woman into bed with you.”

Christine surprisingly took his threat in stride. She seemed more amused than anything else. “Big words, honey. But you don’t want this battle. I’ll sleep with whomever I want. Mrs. Lewis is spending the night in my bed. I’m gonna fuck her like I fucked her daughter. Like I fucked Kelly,” she couldn’t resist adding with a pleased grin on her face.


A couple hours passed in the Dawson household. Luke came down from his room to look around, still determined to stop his mom from getting at Mrs. Lewis like she had Vicky and Kelly. He spied his mom watching television on the couch and making a couple calls as though everything was normal. Luke decided it might do some good to reiterate to her that he was serious.

Christine looked up at her son from the couch as he walked into the rec room. “I’m stopping you tonight. I don’t care what it takes,” he cut to the chase.

Christine folded her arms. “You’re crossing a line is what you’re doing, Luke.”

Luke’s face animated. “Me crossing a line? You crossed all of them when you started screwing every girl that came to the house to see me!” he vented again.

My house.” Christine got up and patronizingly patted her son on the shoulder. “They might have showed up for you, but they stayed for me.” Her sharp words left an impression. “You think Vicky didn’t like it? You think Kelly didn’t like it? I fucked those girls and a hundred more just like them until their sweet little pussies couldn’t take one more thrust. And you know what? They begged me for more.”

Luke knew he couldn’t let her win. He hardened himself to her words and replied, “Mrs. Lewis isn’t some girl you can mold and manipulate. She’s married for crying out loud! And when she finds out you’re the one who boned Vicky, she’s going to hate your guts.”

An undaunted Christine told her son, “I love a challenge.”

“I won’t let it get that far!” Luke shot back.

His emotional promise received a calm, collected reply from Christine. “I want you to know that you tied my hands here, honey. You should have heeded my warning. My love life isn’t up for debate. I’m a woman with needs. When you threatened them you left me with no choice.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” he inquired impatiently.

“A co-worker of mine has a daughter who just got back into town. Her calendar is pretty empty. She’s really a remarkable young woman,” Christine flashed a cunning grin. “I phoned her while you were upstairs and told her that I just so happen to have a cute son stuck at home with nothing to do tonight. As luck would have it, she went to one of your football games last time she was in town and she remembered you.” Christine checked her watch, knowing perfectly well what time it was already. “Should be here any minute.”

“Your little games aren’t going to work on me. I’m not leaving this house for anything,” he stared at his mom very seriously.

“I wouldn’t do that,” Christine’s said, her tone smug.

“And why not?” he snapped back at her.

“Alina is a very sensitive young woman. She doesn’t have any of the patience and self-confidence a woman like myself has acquired over the years. Standing her up would make her feel mighty bad,” Christine played sad with a pout.

“It’s on you if she does.”

“That would be fine. It really would,” Christine smiled evilly at her son. He had so much to learn. “But you see, Alina isn’t going to blame me. She’s going to blame you.”

“I bet Vicky and Kelly blame me for what you did to them. I’m fine with the blame as long as it keeps me here tonight and another unsuspecting girl out of this house and away from you. I’m not playing your games. I’m staying here… period.”

Christine startled her son by bursting into laughter. “You really don’t get it. The game is over. This is checkmate. Now you better run upstairs and make yourself presentable for Alina. I think she’d consider anything less from you an insult.”

Luke’s voice got louder. He didn’t like being laughed at, by his own mother especially. It was even worse knowing that she was in the wrong. “I’ll say it one more time: I’m not going anywhere tonight! No matter how long you talk, you’re not going to guilt me into a date with her.”

“You still don’t have a clue. Do I have to spell it out for you? Honey, you’re smart in a lot of things, but you should have known from the start you can’t go toe-to-toe with your mother.” The way she continually tooted her own horn made Luke feel like his head would explode. “I’ll explain this to you only once, and in no uncertain terms. Alina isn’t like other girls. Your mom wouldn’t set you up with just any girl. She’s got a cock. And from what I’ve heard, it’s a doozy. You know what else? She’s a real bruiser. The girl is a pit bull.”

Luke got mad at himself for not guessing sooner that this chick had a dick. Of course the girl his mom sets him up with would have something extra in her pants. It was Luke’s turn to grin. “Mom, do you know how many rushing yards I have this season? I think I can handle one girl, even if she is packing.”

“If you say so, son.” Christine hoped Alina wouldn’t hurt him too bad. “Her mom did give me some interesting tidbits about her. She was expelled from school. Poor girl,” Christine shook her head sadly. “The situation was actually much like this one. Some guy thought it would be funny to ask her out and then stand her up. He had a good laugh about it with his friends. You know what Alina did? Of course you don’t. Well, she found the guy and his girlfriend out on a date,” Christine found herself getting aroused just by recounting the story. “Took them back to her place and she fucked his girlfriend into multiple orgasms. All while he looked on helpless. As she was pounding his girlfriend, she made the girl tell him him how much bigger her cock was than his. How it made her cum so much harder and better than he ever could in a million years. Then she fucked his brains out and left them both stranded naked on campus with cum dripping from all holes.”

Luke’s face had gone white about halfway through the story. He tried and failed to regain his composure. He didn’t want to believe it. “This is another game you’re playing,” he told her.

“Your ass is toast. No games. No bluffing. Just remember that you left me no other choice,” she smiled with a cool detachment. “But there was one thing I started to think about when you said you weren’t taking her out, no ifs, ands, or buts. You don’t have a girlfriend. Your only family is me and she sure as hell isn’t going to mess with me.” Christine’s smile became more menacing, “Maybe she’ll dress you up like a girl. I’m talking girl’s clothes, makeup, the whole nine yards. And make you the girlfriend. Fuck you silly like that for a few weeks. I think that would make you two even. Hey, this might be a good suggestion to make to her when she gets here.”

Luke’s mouth went dry. He finally understood what his mom meant by checkmate. Luke legs started to give. Luckily a chair was behind him to break his fall. Christine gave her son a kiss on the head and a big hug. “I love you,” she told him with all the loving warmth of a mother. “Even if I have to call you Lucy for a while. In fact, I think I might like that.”


As it turned out, Luke didn’t have long to consider his predicament. The doorbell rung. Luke had a feeling it wasn’t going to be Mrs. Lewis. Christine called out to him from across the room, “I’m not answering it and I wouldn’t leave her waiting long. Let her down easy, Lucy,” she laughed.

The walk to the door was the longest twenty steps Luke had ever taken. His arm felt like it weighed two-hundred pounds as he lifted it to the door knob and turned. He slowly pulled the door open and locked eyes with the girl standing there.

Luke’s jaw must have knocked loose from his mouth when he saw her. Standing on his doorstep was a woman with a mix of physical features he never would have thought could exist all on one person. Easily 6’4″ without the heels she was wearing. Blond and likely north of 200 pounds, perfectly divvied up between muscle and feminine curve. Her face exotic and beautiful with full, red lips to top it off. Her arms were thick and toned. Those arms hung right next to her huge, natural-looking breasts. The tits packed tightly in a soft-colored blouse. Her blouse was just transparent enough to make out her perfectly-defined abs through it. A thin waist led down to a woman’s hips. She wore a black form-fitting skirt which ended just below mid-thigh and still showed off plenty leg. Legs which looked like they could squat seven-hundred pounds. Three-inch high heels completed the outfit. They also made sure Luke felt like a dwarf.

Her hand extended and Luke met it with his. “Alina,” she said.

Luke ran his tongue around his mouth to make sure it was still in working order. “Luke,” he replied.

“Are you wearing that tonight?” she asked of his grubby clothes in an accent that sounded Eastern European.

Luke snapped out of it. He had to get rid of this girl somehow. A way which didn’t leave him answering to “Lucy.” “I… I, uh… have to level with you. I had no idea my mom set this date up. I have something to do tonight. I’m really, really sorry.”

Alina gave him a dubious look. She started to lightly shake her head. “You shouldn’t make a blind date if you’re going to see the person and decide on the spot you don’t want to go out with them,” she told him in an unforgiving tone. “I hate guys who play games.”

“That’s not it,” Luke tried to defend himself. “I’m not playing games. Really. My mom called you. It was her fault. She’s the one playing games. She’s using you as a pawn. I swear she made this happen,” he tried to explain. It came off like a little kid deflecting blame.

“I showered and I dressed for a date. No fickle tease is going to ruin my night.” Alina grabbed Luke by the wrist. “You and I are going out tonight.” Luke tried to wiggle free from her grip on an instinctive reaction. His struggle led to zero success. Her strong hand around his wrist felt like an iron shackle with nail polish.

Just then, Christine rounded the corner. The satisfied look on her face renewed Luke’s pleading. “It was my mom. Please Alina. Let me explain. She bedded my girlfriend!” Luke blurted out desperately and then turned red afterward. Christine started to laugh, but Alina stayed stone-faced.

“Have a good time, you two,” his mother told them. Alina proceeded to drag Luke outside by his wrist. Luke looked back at his mom desperately for a reprieve. She mouthed the words, “Love you,” then shut the door.


No amount of explaining in the car would budge Alina’s made up mind to have this date. When she did speak, it was only to say, “I figured we would go to someplace nice. Your choice of attire ruined that idea. I know this burger place I used to go to. It’s my carb day, anyway.”

Luke sat passively in the passenger seat. He thought of something else which might bolster his case, “I have a car. If I knew about this date, why wouldn’t I drive and pick you up?”

“You sure talk a lot. Only about yourself. It’s very rude,” she chided him.

“And so is kidnapping,” he muttered. Looking down at his wrists, he could still see the imprint of her hand where it had held him.

“What did you say?” she asked him with a raised eyebrow.

There was no chance he would repeat what he had said. “Why can’t I convince you my mom cooked this whole thing up. It’s all about her getting her own way.”

Alina didn’t immediately answer. She turned the wheel and pulled into a random parking lot. The intimidating young t-girl turned her head and stared at him without uttering a word. Maybe she had heard his under the breath comment. “Are we going to have a problem tonight?” Alina tapped her painted nails on the steering wheel. “I’m not liking your attitude so far. When you’re not talking about yourself, you’re talking about your mother. Tell me now if this is going to continue. I’m going to have to do something about it, if so.” Her eyes narrowed as they looked down on him.

“No problem here,” he choked out.

The car fell silent after that. Back on the road, Luke’s eyes drifted over to the towering t-girl. She had the most beautiful face he could ever dream of. But then below that her body was hard and muscular. Then there was the matter of her cock. He didn’t want to think of that. He stared longer than he should have at her big, perfect breasts. Had the story his mother shared been true? Did this breathtaking mix of masculine strength and feminine beauty really force a guy and a girl and then leave them both naked on campus? It seemed plausible from what Luke knew of the girl so far.

The car stopped. Luke realized they were there. Alina got out the car first and opened his door for him like the guy in the relationship would. The threat his mom made about “Lucy” haunted him again. She grabbed him, by the hand this time, and pulled him with her into the restaurant. A few people stared as they walked in. It wasn’t every day you saw a girl like Alina. Luke couldn’t help but eye her curvy, muscular butt as she walked in front of him to a booth.

Alina called over a waitress and ordered while Luke sat across from her uncomfortably. Then she ordered for him, and without asking him first. This seemed to be even more evidence to Luke that his mother’s “Lucy” suggestion might not have been a joke. He had to say something about it while they waited for their food. Before it was too late. “I know you told me I was bringing up my mother too much,” he began. Luke took a nervous sip of ice water to wet his throat. “But she must have made up this story. She said you got expelled for, for…”

Alina cut in, “If you have something to ask, ask it.”

Luke jumped in again, “I just wanted to hear it from you. You weren’t expelled for, uhh, the serious thing she said you were. Right?”

“I don’t fuck girls,” Alina declared. “Unless it’s to prove a point. They disrespected me,” the muscles in Alina’s neck seemed to swell. “And you’ve done nothing but disrespect me all night. I may need to tweak your attitude.”

“I’m, I’m sorry,” he stammered, as he seemed to be doing since the moment he met Alina. “I’ve been a little off. My mom blindsided me by making this date.” Alina’s nostrils flared and Luke realized he’d said the wrong thing. “But! But, it’s not that I wouldn’t want to be on a date with you,” he hurriedly tried to please her. “If you’d let me explain this whole thing, it’s just that I needed to be home tonight. My mom boned my friend yesterday. Now she’s going to do the same thing to the girl’s mother if I don’t stop her tonight. She’s always lying. She manipulates everyone!”

“You shouldn’t speak badly about your mother,” Alina replied sternly.

“But that’s how she does it. She manipulates and she lies. I need to stop her.”

Alina’s face refused to reveal what she was thinking. The muscular t-girl took a long drink of water from her glass. She looked around the restaurant and then she said, “I never lie anyone into bed.” Alina’s voice got more heated, “If I want something someone won’t give me, I change their mind. I don’t need to manipulate anybody.”

Her response didn’t inspire confidence in Luke. “What, what do you mean you change their mind? You like beat them up?”

“No!” she shot his question down, her agitation at it showing. “I’ll ask someone out and make it clear what I want. If they say no, I can smother them under my ass. Or between my tits,” she pushed her breasts out by tensing her biceps, “until their answer changes.”

Luke sunk down in his booth seat about a foot. It hit him that in all likelihood, this muscular t-girl was going to take his anal virginity tonight. And there was nothing he could do about. He stopped asking questions after that.

The food came. The waitress set it all down on Alina’s side of a table. Two burgers, a large milkshake, an order of fries, and onion rings. “Which one is mine?” Luke pointed to the burgers.

“Yours?” Alina furrowed her brow. “You didn’t order anything. I ordered these for me,” she answered. Alina picked the cherry off her milkshake and licked the whipped cream off of it. The cherry was almost the same color as her lips. She popped it into her mouth and then picked up the milkshake and twisted the straw around. She brought the straw to her full lips.

“Oh.” Luke went quiet again. Luke watched Alina eat. He waited to order himself a Coke until the waitress came by to check on them. Alina slathered barbeque sauce on everything and switched between taking bites of each burger. Her muscles flexed and bulged with every movement she made. It was obvious that she’d finish everything at the table. His curiosity got the best of him and he asked, “Do you always eat like this?”

“Like what?” she asked, a big bite of the bacon cheeseburger in her mouth. Her eyes focused on his, like she was ready to blow up at whatever he might say.

“Uh,” he shrugged, “I don’t know. I guess I just like watching you eat.” He wanted to pay her a compliment somehow, but he realized too late that that one might come off as lame.

Just then a young couple walked through the door of the restaurant. Alina watched them closely. Luke took a sip from his Coke, waiting to see what she would do next. It was a good thing he hadn’t ordered any food. Alina had tied his stomach up in knots. After the couple ordered, the guy left for the bathroom. Alina got up from the booth without saying anything to Luke. She walked over to the girl and they started to converse. Luke strained to hear them, but his ears couldn’t pick them out from the rest of the restaurant. At the end of the conversation, he did make out a giggle from the girl. Alina returned to the table, seemingly satisfied with herself. Another minute passed and the girl she’d spoken to unexpectedly, to Luke at least, left the restaurant.

Luke stared at Alina, trying to figure out exactly what she’d told this other girl. When the guy came back from the bathroom, he was very obviously surprised to find the girl he’d been with gone. Luke watched him look around the restaurant for her and that’s when he spotted their booth. Alina waved at the guy and smiled. It was the first smile Luke had seen from Alina. The guy’s demeanor immediately changed and he hastily left the restaurant. Luke was too afraid to ask.

Alina’s plates were nearly clean when she told him, “I expected more of a conversationalist.”

“I don’t feel too good,” he was actually telling her the truth after all he’d been through today.

“We’ll get the check and leave,” she told him.

“Thanks.” Luke checked the clock on the wall. With any luck he could still get home before Mrs. Lewis ended up naked in his mom’s bed.

The check came. Luke reached into his pants and found no wallet. He remembered he’d never changed. Alina reached into her purse and pulled out cash. “I’ll pay you back when I get home,” he told her.

“You will have paid me back already by the time I get around to driving you home.”

Luke was left to wonder if her comment was a joke or not. She provided no hint. But he became more convinced that she wasn’t going to drop him off at home as they got in her car. “What are you going to do with me?” he asked the t-girl that towered over him in a small voice.

“We’ll go back to my place,” she answered.

“Then what?” he bit his lip.

“You know what,” she replied with a hard look on her beautiful face. “I won’t have to smother you, though. Not unless I want to. You’ll do whatever I want. You’re too afraid of me already to put up a fight. Am I right?”

“Yes,” he replied meekly.

“Is that so?” she crossed her arms under her breasts and watched him closely.

Luke shook his head softly up and down. Tears welled up his eyes.

“If you despise liars so much, why are you lying to me? That’s a dangerous thing to do,” she remarked.

“I’m not lying. I said you can do anything you want,” he choked out.

“Because you’re afraid of me, huh? Is that the only reason?”

“Stop rubbing it in!” he cried.

“I think you like being afraid,” she observed. “I mean what I say, and tell you what I want, regardless of how you’ll react. Must be refreshing, considering you live in a house with the mother you do. For what it’s worth, I believe you about her.”

What she said about his mom made him feel good. Then he really thought about the rest and responded, “No one likes being afraid unless they’re at a scary movie or something and know things will be back to normal afterward.”

“The fear is only part of it. You couldn’t take your eyes off me all night. Did you think I didn’t notice?” To Luke’s amazement, she started to smile again.

On the defensive, he told her, “Everyone looked at you when we got to the restaurant. I assume it comes with the territory.”

“Not like that,” she continued undeterred. “Your eyes followed me everywhere I went like they were attached to my body. To my tits and to my ass in particular.” Luke’s face started to redden. “You were like a little puppy,” Luke hadn’t been sure she was capable of laughing until she did then.

“I, I was not,” he stammered.

Alina’s face turned more serious again. Her brow lowered and she looked at him long and hard. Then she leaned across the car and kissed him. The kiss started out forceful before softening. Or maybe it was Luke who softened as his body turned to jelly and his heart hammered around his chest. Alina’s supple lips opened. Her hot tongue snaked through his half-open ones and swirled confidently around his mouth until finding his tongue. Alina had her strong hands holding his arms. She pressed his body all the way into the passenger door, continuing to maul his mouth. Luke panted like the little puppy she’d just mentioned when Alina finally broke the kiss.

“Case closed,” she said. Alina started to pull out of the parking lot.

“But if you believe me, about my mom, about Mrs. Lewis, you’ll take me home?” he asked her.

“Not a chance.” At the next traffic light, Alina looked over Luke’s body from head to toe. Luke could see the lust in her eyes. His gaze drifted and then suddenly zeroed in on her skirt. He gulped when he saw the massive tent growing there.


She drove him to a hotel. Alina got out of the car and opened the door for him once again. “I’m staying here while I’m in town. My mother doesn’t like the way I spend my nights,” she explained. Alina hooked her arm into his and led him through the front door of the building. They got to her floor as another guy happened to be walking down the hallway. He saw Alina and ran down the stairs in the opposite direction.

Inside Alina’s hotel room, she grabbed a soda from the fridge and then sat down on the bed. Luke looked around the room and couldn’t find a single chair. Alina could tell by his face what he was wondering about. “I put all of the chairs out on the balcony. A bed alone does it for me. If someone doesn’t want to come up on the bed with me, they can sit on the floor.” Luke looked from the floor to the bed, unsure which would be better for him. “If you can’t decide, take the floor.” Alina seemed to be getting a little impatient, “Guys can never make your their minds.”

Luke sat down where he had been standing on the carpet by the bed. He licked his lips, still tasting that kiss they’d shared. He looked up and found himself to be at roughly eye level with the monstrous bulge in her skirt. “You can take my heels off while you’re down there,” she told him. Luke took each of her heels off. Alina sighed, wiggling her toes. “Now kiss them,” she told him.

“What?” he squeaked. He didn’t think she’d go that far.

Alina pushed one of her big feet into his face. She lifted it up so that the heel was against his chin and the toes ended somewhere above his hairline. This left this entire face covered by her foot. “I said kiss them,” she wiggled it against his face. “If you had chosen to come up here with me, I would have said ‘kiss me’ instead.”

“Wuhh, cunnn I uhhh cummm up therrrrehhee?” his voice came out muffled under her foot.

“Hmmm…” Alina rubbed her foot around his lips and nose. “You may.” Luke started to get up, but Alina pushed him back down on the carpet via her foot against his chest and said, “First you give it one kiss as a penalty.”

Luke knew there wouldn’t be a better deal in the future. He sucked it up and pursed his lips, smooching with the arch of her foot. Afterward, Alina lowered her foot, pausing to strum her big toe on his bottom lip and then beckoned him up on the bed. She said, “Come here, my little pup.” While not in love with it, Luke considered “my little pup” better than “Lucy” and so he didn’t say anything about it.

Alina turned her body toward him on the bed and folded her legs. She started unbuttoning her blouse, to Luke’s fascination. Luke only had a few seconds to study her chiseled arms and abdomen before the bra came off too. Two feet from his face sat the most wondrous set of tits he’d ever set his eyes on. Despite himself and his desire to get home and stop his mother, he fell under their trance.

“Suck on my nipples.” Luke didn’t need to told twice. He leaned in and took one of her stiff nipples between his lips. Alina ran her long nails along his back. Her perfume smelled wonderful. Luke switched from one nipple to the next. He tried to take as much of her areola into his mouth as he could along with the nipple. His hands found their way to her breasts and started to squeeze them.

Alina’s powerful arms shot up and caught his hands before he’d managed to get in one good squeeze. She pushed him off of her and back against the bed. “Suck means with your mouth,” she told him harshly. “I didn’t tell you to grope them with your greedy little hands!”

“I’m sorry! I thought it was ok.” This was more worked up than Luke had ever seen her. “I should have asked or waited for you to tell me what was ok.”

“Lift your arms,” she said curtly. Alina peeled his shirt off. Her long nails dragged over his chest, then all the way down to his pants. Those came off next. “Kick out of them,” she told him. Alina seemed to calm down from the earlier incident as she let him go back to sucking on her breasts now that he was left in only boxers. Alina’s nails slid down his back and slowly pushed through the elastic of his underwear. “Have you ever been with a woman?”

Luke had been so wrapped up in her tits that he hadn’t even realized where her hand was until it split the cheeks of his ass. Her nipple fell from his lips, “Yes.”

“I mean a real woman,” she clarified. “One like me.”

“No,” he answered quickly.

Alina’s eyes went back and forth from his face to his backside. “Have you ever put anything in your ass before?”

“No,” he answered again.

“Good,” she said. Her eyes locked on his and his did the same with hers. All of the sudden he found he couldn’t look away. Alina let her nail lightly trace down to the opening of his asshole. “Are you hard?” she asked, the answer in full view.

“Uh-huh.” He couldn’t pry his eyes off hers. She rarely blinked, her first two fingers now toying with his entrance.

“Take my skirt off, little pup.”

Luke’s hands reached her skirt. He fumbled with it, not knowing how much time passed while his eyes stayed on hers. Alina reached around herself and got it off. She lifted up, keeping her eyes focused on his and wiggled the skirt free. Alina put her hand on top of his head, she manually lowered his gaze to her lap. He saw a pair of panties which looked like they were stretched to their breaking point by the enormous trunk standing up inside them. Luke’s hands were shaking. He realized his arms were extending out toward Alina’s engorged prick. “Do, do you want me to take it out?” he asked.

Alina nodded her head, she seems just as engrossed as Luke. His hands fixed to the band of her panties and pulled them down. Alina helped him along the way by lifting her butt off the bed. Her big hard cock, pink in color, with blue veins running the length of the shaft, popped out and bounced around in the air. Alina whipped her panties off from around her ankles. She slid her powerful legs out on either side of Luke and stretched them out on the bed. Luke found himself closing the distance between her cock and his face.

“Can I suck on it?” He asked her, then wondered if that had been him speaking. It sounded like him talking, but could he really have asked her that? Being straight and all…

“You may,” she replied, “but only enough to get it slick. I’m going to deflower your ass with my first cum.”

Luke thought he’d just press his lips to it, suck the tip. His lips made contact with her throbbing length. His lips opened wide to accept the monster. He drew her womanhood into his mouth and sucked it deep. Drips of pre-cum slid down his throat. Alina’s incredibly strong hands locked around the back of his head. She pushed his face lower on her cock. Luke suppressed a gag. He looked up at Alina and she looked back at him. Her face, usually so unrevealing, told him everything he needed to know about the pleasure she was receiving. “Mmmm,” someone moaned and Luke genuinely didn’t know if it was from him or her.

“Stop,” she told him as though she didn’t want him to.

The grip of her hands on his head prevented him from stopping. He tried to speak. “Mmmuhhmmghh,” was all that would come out. Her massive womanhood was too thick to speak around. His words vibrated through Alina’s throbbing pole.

“I said stop,” she told him again. Amazingly, she seemed just as powerless as him to stop. She pressed another thick inch between his lips. Luke’s face got redder. He tried pressing against her herculean thighs to no avail. Finally her hands relented. Luke dislodged her large organ from his mouth and caught his breath. “We’re going to have to do that from start to finish sometime. Maybe on our next date,” she told him. “If I like what I get from you tonight.”

Alina threw Luke under her arms, lifted him off the bed and roughly stripped his boxers off. Luke cringed when he saw his cock next to hers. She really was that much bigger. “What should I do now?” he asked.

“Now,” she ran her nails along his thighs, “you kiss me.” It turned out that Alina did most of the kissing. She threw her heavy body into his and kissed him with a savage lust. They made out like that, her body on top of his and her hard nipples poking into his chest, until she told him to roll over.

Luke knew it had all come down to this. He’d been drawn too deep in this to think of disobeying. He was beyond the point of even knowing if he wanted to… disobey. He didn’t know if he wanted to put a stop it. He hoped she wouldn’t ask him that question. Luke turned his body over. He felt Alina’s weight shuffle lower on the bed, then her big hands on his small cheeks. Luke’s eyes shut and his body tightened. Alina’s nails dug into the soft, smooth skin of his butt. She spread his cheeks in silence and looked at his little wrinkle. The next thing Luke felt was a glob of saliva land on his hole as Alina spit. He winced, trying to brace himself for the worst.

Instead of the humongous tip of her womanhood on his hole, he felt a lone finger. Alina’s finger rubbed around the rim of his opening, never going in. Luke’s cock stiffened even more against the bed. “I’m going to enjoy this,” she declared, “…and you’re going to hate it.” Suddenly he could feel her massive cock head against his tiny entrance, “But then, pup…” Alina’s hips thrust forward and her cock went hard into his hole, “I’m going to make you love it.”

Luke cried out. He clutched the sheet on the bed and tried to stifle his reaction to the pain. Alina kept pushing until inch by inch, she’d buried everything in his little asshole. He knew by the slap of her big balls against his that the whole, massive monster was inside him. He told himself the worst of it was over. He silently pleaded with Alina to go easy on him. The muscular t-girl withdrew her womanhood from his bowels and then buried it inside him again swiftly.

“Mmuhhhmmmm,” he whimpered and moaned at the same time. “Please…. not so harddddddddd,” she thrust again on the last word.

Alina blocked whatever he’d said out. Her singular focus was on the tight asshole wrapped around her cock and the pleasure it could bring her. Even she couldn’t stay stone-faced with the gratification she was receiving. Alina let out a long, let-your-hair-down moan. Her long nails dug deep into the soft flesh of his buttocks. She pushed his smooth cheeks together around her womanhood. Alina’s put her immense strength behind the next stroke inside him. The tender walls of his asshole could do nothing but cling to their invader.

“Your ass is a perfect fit for my cock,” she told him.

Luke’s reaction was that her cock was ten sizes too big for his ass. “Uhhhmgmm…!” he groaned into the mattress.

“Milk my cock,” she ordered him. “Milk my dick with that ass!” she yelled. Then she moaned, banging her chiseled body into his.

Luke’s own cock ground into the bed. His inner muscles involuntarily squeezed and milked her shaft. Just when he felt his raw and abused asshole couldn’t take another demolishing thrust, it got a little easier. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he withstood her pounding weapon. Again and again she thrust into him. Her womanhood pummeled his insides. The tip of it hit a spot deeper inside him than he thought possible. He cried out to her, “Uhhhgghhhhh… ohhh… shit. Alinaaaa!” He felt something. Deep. So deep. It had to be pleasure. Luke felt it again on the next thrust and he moaned.

Alina leaned down, her tits pressing into his back. She switched to short thrusts to accommodate her new position. She told him, hot breath hitting his ear, “I’m going to stop going easy now.”

Luke only had enough time to worriedly ask himself, “Easy?” before Alina’s monster drove in with enough force to knock the breath out of him. She hammered his hole with what felt like immeasurable strength. Alina had returned to her original position, moving her hands from his butt cheeks to his hips. She held him with the grip of a vice and humped her womanhood deep inside the warm tunnel of his ass. One thunderous stroke. Two. Three. Four. Her monstrous girth rearranged his insides.

A string of thunderous thrusts which ended with a loud slap of her balls against his began. Luke’s body somehow managed them. His tender little hole clung to her weapon the whole way, clamping down at the end of each impaling thrust. All of Alina’s amazing might and heavy weight banged into his. Her cock pulsed, spitting out pre-cum inside him.

“Ohhh… that’s nice,” she moaned. “No one,” a ripple of toe-curling pleasure shot from her cock to the rest of the body, “No one has ever taken my cock like this!” It might sound silly, but in that moment, Luke took that as maybe the greatest compliment of his life. He remembered what she said about milking her cock. Luke summoned the strength to massage her womanhood with his tight butt. His asshole was a world of pleasure for Alina to gratify herself with.

Luke found that the harder he worked to please her cock, the better it felt inside him. A merciless thrust that would have been painful enough to make Luke black out when they started now gave him pleasure. The next time Alina buried her massive pole to the hilt inside him, he did something she’d never seen before. He thrust his little butt back at her, moaning as he did. A smile Luke couldn’t see washed over Alina’s face. She withdrew and then filled him again. A rhythm developed wherein each of them worked together to get her throbbing monster in and out of him faster and to greater pleasure. It was the first time Alina had ever fucked someone and had them work with her to do it. It gave her a divine feeling.

A building sensation in her balls told Alina her orgasm was approaching. She cried out, “I need to cum!” Alina slammed her cock into him again.

Luke processed her words and felt the same need as her. His balls seized, his cock exploding all over the sheets on the bed. “OHHHH… fuck! I’m cumming too!” he wailed.

Luke’s orgasm made his asshole tighten up even more. It was a clamp around her girth. A relentless, milking clamp which wouldn’t be denied. “I can’t hold it in any longer!” she warned. With a piercing spasm of pleasure shooting through her cock, Alina drove every inch into his hole. “I’m cumming! Luuuuuuuuke, I’m CUMMING!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

The muscular t-girl’s legs started to shake. She bit down hard as she could on her lip as her balls let loose. Volleys of hot cum exploded violently from her tip. The shots of ejaculate were so abundant that Luke’s insides were quickly covered in the thick goo. Her womanhood kept spewing more and more. She filled him with a never-ending supply of t-girl spunk. Luke’s asshole swallowed every drop she could give. Blast after blast of burning hot semen and her balls still weren’t empty. Alina’s legs finally gave out, her body collapsing on Luke’s. Only then did the end of her load finally spew deep inside him.

It was a race to catch their breaths as both showed their exhaustion. Alina withdrew her cock from his hole. Luke was physically drained, his ass full of cum. Alina stayed there, with Luke pinned under her. She couldn’t recall a time she’d had less left in the tank than now. She’d certainly worked off those two burgers from dinner.

“Do you want me to take you home?” she whispered in his ear.

“Are you asking me?” he replied.

“Yes, Luke,” she nibbled on his ear, “I’m asking you.”

“Can I stay?” her cum dribbled from his ass onto the bed.

“Mmmmhmm,” she traveled up his torso with her nails.

“I want to stay then.”

Alina rolled off on him so that she was on her side facing him. She pulled his body to hers. They kissed and then Luke buried his face against her neck. Completely spent, both were asleep the second their eyes closed.


Hours earlier, Christine sat in the living room of her home with the television on. She knocked out a little work waiting for Mrs. Lewis to show up.The anticipation was hard to take. Christine’s cock wouldn’t leave her alone.

The doorbell finally rang. Christine was up in an instant, telling herself, “It’s showtime.” A rather prim and proper looking woman stood on the other side of the door. “My son told me you’d drop by tonight. Come in,” Christine ushered Mrs. Lewis through the door. The other woman of roughly the same age as Christine took a look around the house, clearly disapproving. “I’m Christine. How are you tonight, Mrs. Lewis?”

“Very upset. You can go ahead and call me Valerie, I guess,” the woman sneered. “Do you know why I’m here?” she asked.

“Luke was a little cryptic, but he did give me some information.” Christine made a fresh appraisal of Valerie’s body. An hourglass shape brunette with full breasts and pouty lips. Christine wanted to see more.

“I have reason to believe your son took my daughter’s virginity yesterday afternoon,” she said matter-of-factly. “Then left her panty-less to drive herself home.” The disdain Mrs. Lewis had for what she thought Luke had done was obvious. She looked down on Christine just as much. Christine had raised the boy, after all.

“Oh my,” Christine gasped, trying to hold back a smile. “I have something to show you,” she said. “Will you follow me upstairs?”

With Mrs. Lewis in tow, Christine walked up to her bedroom. She flicked the light on and with her back turned to Mrs. Lewis, let her devilish grin show. Christine opened the bottom drawer of her nightstand and then closed it with Vicky’s pretty panties in hand. She showed them to Mrs. Lewis and said, “These were Vicky’s from yesterday.”

Valerie’s mouth opened, but no words came out. Christine pulling out her daughter’s panties was not what she expected. “Did he fess up or did you find those in his room?”

“Well, Valerie…” Christine started to rub the soft material of the girl’s panties. “Luke’s innocent. I know for a fact he didn’t take Vicky’s cherry.”

“Cherry? Christine, I find that language to be vulgar. And what do you mean? My daughter didn’t stumble around barely able to walk and panty-less as a joke.”

Christine’s cock lurched in her pants. “It only seemed right to take her panties after I took her virginity,” she said with a grin like a Cheshire cat.

Mrs. Lewis’ face went from shocked to angry. “What kind of sick joke is this? I see why your son turned out the way he did.”

Christine brought Vicky’s panties to her nose and took the scent in. “Smelling these reminds me of Vicky’s sweet little virgin pussy. Before I got to it. Back when it still was a virgin pussy,” she rubbed her actions in smugly while rubbing the girl’s panties on her face.

It became apparent to Mrs. Lewis by the bulge in Christine’s jeans that she wasn’t joking. The prudish woman didn’t know how to react. “You are being entirely inappropriate,” she informed Christine uncomfortably.

“It happened right here on this bed.” Christine loved the way she made Valerie uneasy and confused. She went even further with her taunting, “She was calling me Mommy by the second, or maybe it was the third time she came around my big cock?”

Mrs. Lewis still didn’t know how to react. She’d come over here thinking Christine’s son was the thief who stole her daughter’s virginity, not Christine herself. Blushing at Christine’s language, Valerie responded, “I would prefer it if you didn’t talk in those terms, Christine.”

“Mmmm…” Christine took another whiff of Vicky’s panties. “She told me before I stuck it in that I was too big. Poor girl didn’t think it would fit inside her little pussy. She might have been right, but we made due.” Christine said with a wicked grin.

Mrs. Lewis’ eyes darted down to Christine’s crotch. The size of the bulge located there made her chest incredibly warm. Suddenly she grew flush. “There’s no excuse for a grown woman to, to act like you have.” Mrs. Lewis’ eyes finally returned to Christine’s.

Mrs. Lewis’ long glance at her growing bulge wasn’t lost on Christine. Her plan for getting Valerie into bed had been to use Vicky. Christine had access to all of Luke’s online accounts. She’d threaten Mrs. Lewis with spreading it around school that little Vicky puts out, and then provide the saucy details that would make the girl’s life hell. Christine realized that she could have Valerie without having to show her claws, so to speak. This way might even be more fun.

“You’re right,” Christine told Valerie. “I shouldn’t be saying these things. Especially about a sweet little girl like Vicky. So naive and trusting. You have a right to be angry with me for exploiting that.”

“Thank you, for that at least. I just hope this won’t happen again,” Mrs. Lewis couldn’t seem to keep her eyes on Christine’s face. It had to be because she never expected Christine would have a cock.

“You’re married to Dr. Lewis at the local clinic, aren’t you?” Christine effortlessly steered the conversation where she wanted it to go.

“I really can’t see why that would be relevant…”

Still playing with Vicky’s panties, Christine continued, “He must work a lot of hours. And he is a man getting older. I wouldn’t blame you for trying to catch a peek at my cock.”

“I’ve done no such thing,” the excessively proper woman said, her voice shaking. “I find this display you’re putting on disgraceful.”

“I have a theory about women.” Christine undid the button on her jeans. “See, girls Vicky’s age want to fall in love. They want to get a guy like Luke to like them. They want a storybook romance.” She unzipped her pants. “But once a woman gets to be about your age, she’s had all that.” Christine fished her incredibly hard erection from her panties. Mrs. Lewis said nothing, unable to look away. “Chances are they’ve also had a lot of empty nights, with a husband too tired and too small to please them.” Christine lewdly started to stroke her massive womanhood. “They don’t want to fall in love anymore. All they want is a big, throbbing cock to fill their cunts. Do you want it?”

“Stop this,” Valerie said, even as she watched a bead of pre-cum form at the tip of Christine’s dick. “You think I’m going to see that, that huge cock and forget about what you did to Vicky? Forget about my husband?” Mrs. Lewis rubbed her chest.

The thrill of conquest shot through Christine’s veins. “Something tells me there’s a naughtier Mrs. Lewis lurking just under the surface. I think you should come closer and get a better look.” Her hand stroked her shaft slowly.

“You, you’re absolutely wrong. That’s, that’s a ridiculous request. I think I should go.” Valerie knew her pussy was sopping wet. She shuffled her legs uncomfortably. Christine’s other hand started to massage her big, cum-filled balls. Mrs. Lewis found herself inching closer to the lewdly-displayed penis.

“You know, I really love virgins. There’s nothing in the world like being someone’s first. Taking something for yourself no one else has. Were you a virgin when you got married, Valerie?” More pre-ejaculate oozed from her tip. Christine’s cock pulsed in her hand. Valerie found herself on her knees before Christine. She’d gotten so close that she could smell the musk of cock.

“What?” Mrs. Lewis asked, her eyes looking up from Christine’s womanhood. Christine watched as Mrs. Lewis’ face got steadily closer to the purplish-red tip of her cock.

“Do you want to suck my big, huge dick, bitch?” Christine could stop with the niceties now. She made sure her cock got even closer to Mrs. Lewis’ full lips on the next stroke.

The prudish woman wanted to say that was preposterous. She wanted to rip her eyes from that big cock and storm out. She wanted to do anything but say, “Yes.” Mrs. Lewis cast her eyes down and said so with a mix of shame and self-hatred in her voice.

“I know I told you to call me Christine, but I want you to call me Miss Dawson from now on.” Christine gripped her cock at mid-shaft and pointed the big head right at Mrs. Lewis’ face.

“Who, who do you think I am?” Mrs. Lewis tried to snap herself out of it. But she couldn’t look away from that big cock. She could do nothing but watch Christine slowly stroke that thing of hers.

“Growing a backbone? Guess I’ll just have to put this cock away,” Christine started to pull her panties up.

“Wait, Miss Dawson!” Mrs. Lewis begged. “Please don’t put it away. Please can I suck your cock?” she pleaded with a pained expression.

“That’s better,” Christine told her. Her cock swelled even larger in the face of this victory. “Of course you can suck my cock.” Mrs. Lewis lunged at the cock. She dropped her head into Christine’s lap and went straight for the tip. Christine grabbed her shoulders and wouldn’t allow the head of her cock to enter Mrs. Lewis’ full lips. “First you have to do something else for me.”

Mrs. Lewis questioned Christine with her expression. Christine lifted her butt off the bed and whipped her jeans and panties off. Naked from the waist down, she scooted further up on the bed until her back rested against the wall. She looped her arms under her knees and lifted, spreading the cheeks of her meaty ass. “Rim me.” The excessively proper woman looked like someone had punched her in the gut. Valerie wanted to walk out, but she didn’t have the strength. Christine made the decision easier, “Or you don’t get this fat cock, bitch.”

Mrs. Lewis crawled across the bed to Christine with the intention of committing this ugly act. Eyes closed, she pressed her face into the spread cheeks of Christine’s ass and planted her pursed lips on Christine’s pucker. She gingerly touched her tongue to the orifice. It would be hard to express the joy Christine felt as the woman who’d clearly thought herself better than Christine now tongued her asshole.

“Look at me when you’re rimming my ass, bitch. I want to see your pretty eyes on mine,” Christine told the woman. Mrs. Lewis tried to reposition her body in a way that would let her look at Christine while she degraded herself. She just couldn’t see over Christine’s big balls, no matter what she did. “Lie back on the bed,” Christine told her, deciding a new position would give her what she wanted.

In the new position, Christine lowered her soft ass onto Valerie’s chest. Mrs. Lewis watched Christine’s cock bob as the woman who’d boned her daughter scooted up on her face. Christine settled her backside down on Mrs. Lewis’ face. Valerie’s eyes were visible now, but only her eyes with Christine’s ass and low-hanging balls covering the rest. The prudish woman submissively returned her tongue to Christine’s ass. Christine shivered as Mrs. Lewis practically french-kissed her hole.

“Tsk-tsk. I wonder what Dr. Lewis would think if he saw you now?” Christine gloated as the eye contact heightened Mrs. Lewis’ degradation. If possible, Valerie’s face got an even brighter shade of red.

Christine reached behind her ass and started to undo Mrs. Lewis’ top. She managed to expose the prudish woman’s breasts. Christine rubbed and humped her ass on Mrs. Lewis’ face like she was riding her. Deciding it was time to try something new, Christine lifted her ass off Valerie’s face. Mrs. Lewis coughed and struggled for breath. Christine sat down on Mrs. Lewis’ stomach and rubbed the woman’s tits together. She slapped her throbbing cock on them and then placed the throbbing pole between the two orbs. With a jab of her hips, she fucked Mrs. Lewis’ tits.

“Spit between your tits, bitch.” Valerie did as ordered and worked up a glob of spit, getting it as close to Christine’s cock as she could. The lubrication made it easier for Christine’s cock to slide in and out of Valerie’s tits. “Try to suck my cock, bitch.” Mrs. Lewis’ head craned forward. She opened her lips and tried to catch the head of Christine’s glistening prick. She managed to flick her tongue across the pre-cum oozing tip. Christine groped and fondled Valerie’s big tits, holding them roughly together as she fucked the perfect globes.

Christine didn’t want to spend her load on foreplay. She wiggled up Mrs. Lewis’ body, presenting her cock to Mrs. Lewis’ mouth. “Go ahead and suck it.” Valerie opened her lips as wide as they would go and took Christine’s womanhood between them. She worked her tongue and plenty of spit around the huge cock filling her mouth.

Christine bent forward and sent more cock into Valerie’s mouth. “Suck that cock,” Christine said. Suck it deep!” she kept pushing until her tip brushed against the opening of Valerie’s throat. Christine’s cock forced its way inside Mrs. Lewis’ tight throat. The prudish woman gagged, Christine’s smile growing. She stopped only when her entire womanhood had been swallowed up. Christine snapped her fingers in the air, bringing Mrs. Lewis’ watery eyes back to her own. Withdrawing her cock, she then shoved it back in.

“Do you want this big cock deep in your pussy, bitch?” Christine asked, ripping her womanhood from Mrs. Lewis’ mouth.

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