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Early Friday morning Doug wakes with a start in an unfamiliar room, and then he relaxes when he remembers that he’s at the shore with Elizabeth for the weekend. As he rolls over to face her, his hand slides under the covers to her hip. He caresses it gently, which makes her smile in her sleep.

He wasn’t supposed to arrive until later this evening. However, after a bout of incredibly hot phone sex with the woman peacefully lying there with him he couldn’t wait to join her at her friends’ shore house, so he’d cancelled his Friday appointments, hastily packed his things and made the one-hundred-forty-mile drive from his place to Ocean City on Thursday night, arriving around eleven-thirty.

He thinks of Elizabeth’s surprise and happiness to see him, having not expected him until the following night, then of her shriek of protest as he began manhandling her towards the sofa on which she had been sleeping when he arrived, pulling the nightshirt she wore over her head as he did so. “No, Doug,” she told him. “Not here … take me upstairs first.”

“I can’t wait, E,” he replied.

“Please, Doug, come on,” she begged. He shook his head. “I’ll make it up to you,” he promised. He moved her to stand in front of the sofa, turning her to face away from him, then started kissing and licking her neck. She sucked in her breath when she felt his left hand fondle her breasts, while the fingers of his right hand traveled over her flat stomach to the crotch of her panties, where he started playing her expertly.

Elizabeth’s breathing became deep and shaky as Doug teased her in silence for a few minutes, her ragged breathing and soft moans the only sounds in the room. He stopped and said roughly, “Take off your panties and lie down on the sofa.” She did as she was told, watching as he quickly stripped, and smiled when she saw his shaft already erect in its nest of black pubic hair. Her tongue involuntarily darted out of her mouth and she licked her lips in anticipation.

She spread her legs as wide as she could for him, and in a heartbeat he was inside her, gasping as her velvety wetness enveloped him. Raising her arms above her head, she placed her palms against the arm of the sofa and pushed against it to help better bear down against Doug. “Oh my, baby … that feels so good,” she whispered as he moved inside her, while he grunted softly in time with his thrusts.

“Leave your hands like that … so sexy,” he ordered her before crushing her mouth with his; she moaned and parted her lips to accept his tongue. Minutes passed as he drove himself in and out of her, moving faster and harder against her, getting increasingly aroused watching her breasts jiggle as he fucked her. When her mouth fell open and her eyes widened, he knew she was ready to climax. “You coming, E?” he asked her, but she was so far gone at this point all she could manage to do was nod. “I’m almost there, baby.”

Elizabeth started whimpering his name, then said, “Oh … this is it!” He felt her tremble beneath him, and she arched her neck as she came with a small, blissful cry.

Doug came shortly after she did, a low growl emitting from his throat as he did so; there was one final shudder, and then he collapsed on top of her with a contented sigh. “Oh, Doug,” she whispered, her breath hot against his ear as her arms wound around him, “that was wonderful.”

“It was for me, too,” he informed her. Elizabeth enjoyed the warm weight of him on top of her for a moment or two, then said, “Hey, where’s your suitcase?”

“In the car. I was so anxious to see you I left it there.” She giggled, practically reveling in the power she had over him, then said, “Why don’t you run out and get it? I’ll clean up here and then we can go to bed.”

* * *

Elizabeth wakes up and smiles sleepily at Doug when she realizes he’s staring at her. “Morning, baby,” she says in greeting as she slides closer to him for a cuddle, resting her cheek on his wonderfully sculpted chest as he wraps his arms around her. He smiles also, feeling the press of her bare breasts against his side and her left leg twining with his legs. “Good morning, E,” he replies.

“Sleep well?”

“I did.”

“Good.” She turns her head to plant a tiny kiss on his chest. “What do you want to do today?” she wants to know.

“Doesn’t matter, as long as I’m with you.” Elizabeth giggles, kisses his chest again and says, “I’m dying to sink my toes in some warm sand … why don’t we have some breakfast, then hit the beach? How’s that sound?”

“Sounds good.”

“Then we can get some lunch at Bull on the Beach, unless you’d rather come back here.”

“Let’s play it by ear, why don’t we?”

“Okay,” she agrees. They lie there in silence for a while, their hands tenderly moving over each other until she asks, “What time is it anyway?” Doug raises his head slightly so he can see the alarm clock on her side of the bed. “Ten after seven,” he tells her.

“Damn it, I was hoping to sleep in while I was down here.” Doug drops a kiss on her hair then slyly says, “I think I know what can put you back to sleep.”

“I think that’s all you think about,” she tells him with a chuckle.

“Maybe.” Elizabeth shakes her head and grins indulgently at him. “How about it?” he wants to know.

“You did say you’d make last night up to me,” she replies. “Why don’t you do that now?” She watches as Doug gets up and crawls to the foot of the bed, and she rolls onto her back. His hands, large and warm, seize her ankles and slowly spread her legs apart. He then settles himself between her thighs, and she shivers in anticipation as she feels his breath warm against her skin. “I like this,” he informs her, as he traces an outline around her dark brown nest of pubic hair. “Not too bushy –” at this she giggles some more – “and not too bare. Just right.”

Elizabeth’s body jolts when she feels his tongue gently lap at her clit, the sensitive little bud swelling under his ministrations. “You like that, E?” he murmurs.

“Yes, baby.” Her trembling hands stroke Doug’s close-cropped black hair as he goes to work on her, and she swears she could die when she looks down to see his pale green eyes staring back at her, and he stops the action for a moment to give her a devilish smile. When he resumes he inserts his index finger into her wetness, and as he pulls it out he crooks it in a “come here” gesture; she exclaims in surprise – and pleasure – as he stimulates her G-spot. “Oh, Doug,” she whispers, “oh, that feels so good …”

He continues licking and fingering Elizabeth until her legs quiver then lock around his head, and she wails softly as she feels her orgasm, good and strong, flow through her; it seems to start from her scalp and continue straight through to the soles of her feet. Then she looks down at him and gives him a huge smile. “That was fantastic,” she whispers. He gets on his knees to regard her in silence, as if she’s something he wants to buy, then in one smooth motion he enters her. She pulls his face to hers and kisses him, tasting herself on his lips, then runs her hands over his shoulders, down his back and to his rear end, which she grips as if for dear life.

Doug thrusts himself deeply into her, then turns them together on their sides so nearly every inch of their bodies is touching as they move against each other. She slides her arm out from beneath him and reaches in the space between them to caress his balls and his thighs; he moans her name against her lips. “You like that, Doug?” he hears her ask, and he nods. “I can think of something you’ll like even more.” With that, she rolls him over so she can be on top, and starts sliding up and down his shaft, steadily increasing the speed at which she rides him.

His hands convulsively grip her hips and he whispers her name, then his fingers move to her clit and begin stroking it; she throws her head back and closes her eyes. “Are you close, baby?” she wants to know, and he again nods in response. “Good,” she adds, “because I’m close too.”

Elizabeth continues to rock herself on his shaft, sliding up and down and clenching herself tightly around him as she does so. “Jesus, E … this is incredible,” he breathes. He grits his teeth as he feels his impending climax, then grunts “I’m coming!” as he explodes inside her. His release triggers hers, and she throws her head back again as waves of pleasure course through her. When she’s done she collapses on top of him.

They rest together quietly for a few minutes, his hands slowly stroking her back, then she tips her face to his for a kiss. “How was that, baby?” she whispers, as she moves to lie beside him.

“Wow,” is all he can bring himself to say.

Doug knows what he’s talking about: about fifteen minutes after returning to bed, having quickly cleaned up in the bathroom, Elizabeth drifts off to sleep again, a very satisfied expression on her face. He gathers her in his arms, marveling at the coziness of the bed – he’s used to having a king-sized one to himself most of the time, while the bed he’s sharing with Elizabeth is only full-sized – and the warmth of her body against his, her breathing soft and even.

Not long after she dozes off, he follows suit, with Elizabeth still nestled against him.

* * *

Elizabeth wakes again just before nine-thirty, smiling as she feels Doug’s strong arms around her. I love this, she thinks. feel so safe and secure when he holds me. She enjoys this feeling for a few minutes then, careful not to wake him, she extricates herself from his embrace to use the bathroom.

Ten minutes later, she’s in the kitchen making coffee when she hears Doug moving around upstairs, then grins broadly at him as he joins her in the kitchen, clad only in gray sweat shorts. “Morning, babe,” she says.

“Morning.” He gives her a quick one-armed hug and a kiss on her forehead. “Coffee smells good,” he tells her, as he pours himself a cup. She indicates that he should have a seat at the kitchen table. “Scrambled eggs, bacon and toast okay for breakfast?” she wants to know.

“Sounds good.”

“Juice is in the fridge if you want it.” Doug watches Elizabeth as she works at the stove, her nightie barely covering the curve of her rear end. “Did I ever tell you that you’ve got the cutest little ass?” he wants to know after taking a hearty swig of coffee.

“I could say the same thing about you,” she tells him. She loads a plate with fluffy scrambled eggs, crisp bacon and toast, and brings it to him. As she stands next to him, his hand strokes her thigh, then moves under the hem of her nightie to her bare backside and rubs it. “Can’t keep your hands off me, eh?” she jokes as she moves away from him to return to the stove, where she has a small pot of hard boiled eggs waiting to be peeled for her own breakfast. “Nope,” he replies with a laugh as he digs in.

Doug washes the dishes, then after quick showers they get ready to head to the beach. Elizabeth puts on a bright red and navy blue tankini and matching boyshorts which display perky little breasts, firm thighs and a nicely-shaped rear end to their fullest advantage. “Damn, E,” he tells her, as he surveys her from head to toe. “What’re you trying to do to me?”

“I’m trying to get you to the beach sometime this weekend,” she replies. He’s got on black board shorts, and she frankly admires his well-defined chest. “Should probably put sun block on before we leave,” she adds. “I’ll get your back if you get mine.”

“I’d rather get your front,” Doug leers. Elizabeth shakes her head and rolls her eyes at him. “Time enough for that later,” she says. She pulls her hair up into a ponytail while he grabs the bottle of sun block from the nearby dresser. He squeezes some into his hand, moves to stand behind her and rubs the lotion into her pale, creamy skin. When he’s done, he massages her shoulders, and then runs his hands slowly, tantalizingly up and down her upper arms. “Doug … come on,” she scolds him.

“All right, all right, I give up,” he tells her. He hands her the sun block so she can do him, and as she rubs the lotion on his back she thinks what a fine specimen he is – slabs of muscle packed on just right, wide shoulders tapering into a narrow waist and slim hips – and gets lost in reverie thinking about all the times she’d run her hands up and down his back as he fucked her with slow, steady strokes, the times when her fingernails grazed the skin (once or twice even drawing blood), the times her fingers convulsively gripped his broad shoulders as he thrust himself inside her, and she feels her mouth go dry. “E?” he asks, wondering why she’s taking so long; with a shake of her head she clears her thoughts. “Sorry,” she says. “Let’s get going.”

* * *

Doug carries the beach chairs while Elizabeth has a beach bag slung over her shoulder, packed with towels, a blanket, some bottled water, a Tom Clancy novel for him and gossip magazines for her, their mp3 players and (of course) more sunscreen. They set up shop on the 94th Street beach, and then he says, “Race you to the water,” and takes off. “Cheater!’ she shouts and starts sprinting after him, laughing as she does so. She catches up to him in knee-deep water, gasping when the cool water splashes up her thighs. “Want to go out further?” he wants to know.

“Only if you hold my hand,” she tells him, so he takes her hand in his and they walk out to a point where the water hits just under her breasts. “This okay?” he wants to know, and she nods.

They play in the ocean until they’re pushed back to where they started, and Doug leads Elizabeth to deeper water three more times to ride the waves. The fifth time he stops to kiss her … then runs his right hand over her hip and to the front of her bathing suit bottom. “No, Doug,” she tells him, as she bats his hand away.

“You know what? I’m getting a little tired of hearing ‘No, Doug,’ Elizabeth,” he snaps at her. “I don’t want to be hearing that all damn weekend.”

“Not where people will see. It’s not right.”

“No one can tell what I’m doing. The water’s up over your waist.” He turns her to face away from him, and his left arm snakes around her shoulders as his right hand moves carefully over her crotch; a casual observer would think Doug’s just holding Elizabeth from behind to keep her upright in the water. His legs lock to brace himself against the waves as his fingers, large and warm, continue to tease her; she sags against him and her head lolls onto his shoulder.

The tip of Doug’s index finger traces tiny circles on her clit, and it takes all of Elizabeth’s strength to keep from moaning, from crying out his name; then she squeals softly as he repeatedly taps the receptive nub at the top of her sex. He starts slowly, then increases the speed at which he stimulates her, then his voice rough against her ear says, “Hurry up, baby, people are getting closer.”

“Do it harder,” she practically snarls, and he obeys, keeping a wary eye on any bathers who might get too close for comfort. Then she comes with a soft moan, his left arm around her shoulders tightening so she doesn’t fall.

After she’s recovered, Elizabeth turns to face him, wraps her arms around him, and stands on tiptoe for a kiss. “Payback’s a bitch,” she reminds him with an impish grin, before moving away from him to jump for an oncoming wave.

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