It was a typical Thursday night for me. Home alone, watching crap on TV and flicking through my phone constantly for any sort of updates. Nothing ever changed. I’d had the Grindr app for some time, but never really thought anything of it. I just liked the attention from it really. I didn’t expect anything to come from it; not friends, not a meaningful conversation, not a relationship. I was never really up for ‘fun’ as they liked to describe it – probably because I’m a little reserved and have never really gone all the way with a guy, which I assumed they’d all automatically expect.

I should probably introduce myself. My name is Jack. I’m 21, 6 foot exactly and pretty toned. Like I said, I’ve never fucked or been fucked by a guy before. I’ve always been nervous about the pain or if I’m not good at it, but it’s always something I’ve wanted to try. It’s something I get off to. I don’t really give off the gay vibe, I suppose. All of my friends are straight and don’t know I’m into guys and have never suspected a thing.

This one particular night changed everything. My phone buzzed and I just assumed it was just another guy starting with the typical ‘hey’ that I wasn’t interested in. This was different. I looked down at my phone to find probably the sexiest guy I’d ever seen. Harry: Chiseled jaw, naturally gorgeous, built and a sleeve down his right arm. My type exactly. After chatting for a while, my level of arousal became unbearable. It had been a while since I’d been with a guy and impulsively asked if he wanted to come over. He agreed. I grew anxious, expecting to be catfished by some older guy that had just taken a model’s photos from google images. He called asking me to come and meet him a few minutes away. My heart was pounding, but I shook it off, hoping that this guy was the real deal.

I could see him waiting at the end of the road, getting closer. It was him. If anything he was better looking in person. A little taller than myself, around 6″2, with a bright white smile. He was wearing a tight white t-shirt – the sleeves tight around his large biceps, the ripples of his abs showing slightly through. He was confident. We talked back up to my apartment and he threw himself on my bed and put the TV.

“I’d say make yourself at home, but you already have” I smiled at him. He laughed at me, his smile making my knees slightly buckle. He insisted that we watch a horror movie, so I agreed and climbed on top of the covers.

“So you’ve never been all the way with a guy?” Harry asked.

“No, I don’t really hook up a lot.”

He moved in closer to me, kissing me slightly on the lips. “That’s about to change” he whispered as he climbed on top of me, placing his hands under my head to bring me closer to him. My hands slid down his arms, feeling his huge muscles. He took off his t-shirt, revealing his washboard abs that I saw under his t-shirt. I copied him. His tongue moved down my neck slowly working their way towards my pecs and further towards my abs. With ease he unbuttoned my jeans and threw them off the bed, revealing my rock hard 8 inch dick through my white CK briefs. He teased me, licking along my inner thighs and along the shaft of my cock through the material. It took all the will I had not to just rip them off then and force him to take it in this mouth.

Harry climbed off the side of the bed and stood up next to me. I looked straight up to his perfect face looking down at me, slightly confused. He unbuttoned his trousers and let them drop to his ankles, now stood in front of me with a tight pair of blue boxers. I could see the outline of his hard dick through them. Bigger than mine, about 9″ maybe bigger. He slowly pulled them down, his amazing cock slapping against his hard abs in doing so.

“I like teasing, I don’t like to be teased” he smirked, grabbing my head with both of his hands, pushing it towards him. I took the head in my mouth, my hand clasped firmly around the base, slowly wanking him off. I licked every inch of it, slapping it across my cheek. He forced it back it my mouth, thrusting his hips as it went deeper and deeper in. I took it all, my nose pressed against him, slightly gagging. He moaned out in pleasure, making me do it again, his dick pulsating against my wet tongue. I could tell me was about to come, but he pulled out before he could. He let out another moan that sent shivers down my spine, I just wanted to taste his cum right then and there.

“Not yet. It’s your turn” he said in a soft voice, moving around to the end of the bed and climbing up towards me. He grabbed my briefs with my teeth, pulling them down, grabbed my cock with his hand and licked slowly around my balls. He was talented. His tongue made its way up my cock, flicking the head rapidly and wanking me off. He took it all in his mouth, and moved his lips to the end again, repeating this process and sucking slightly, his eyes looking up towards me. I had never been sucked like this before and I never wanted it to end. He forced me to lie on my front, spreading my arse and started to slowly lick my hole.

“Fuck, you are tight” he told me, carrying on lubricating my arse. He slowly slid his finger in, causing me to clench at first. He continued fucking me with his finger and then adding a second. “Are you ready?” he asked. I just nodded. I knew it was going to hurt, but I wanted to feel Harry’s huge dick inside me.

I got on all fours, my tight hole preparing for him. I could feel the tip of his cock against me, slowly forcing its way inside me. The pain was almost unbearable, but in a sadistic way I didn’t want it to stop. I slowly pushed back on his rock hard cock, forcing every inch inside me. He slowly started to pull back out, the pain now at its peek, biting my pillow. The pace picked up, and with the pace came a surprising rush of pleasure. I loved the feeling of Harry’s huge dick inside me now, I was getting used to it. He grabbed my hips and pushed faster, harder, deeper and deeper inside me. He pulled all the way out, and lay back on the bed. I got on top of him, grabbed his dick and moved it towards my hole again. I slowly slid down it, pushing myself back up. He was smiling up at me, knowing that I loved the feeling of him inside me. My dick was harder than ever as I carried on sliding up and down me. He started to wank me off rapidly, but I forced his hand away, knowing that I would come at any second and wanted the feeling to last. My breathing got heavier, his moans became more frequent at he was deeper inside my tight hole. The only other sound was the slapping of his skin against mine. I leaned back, watching his thick dick push inside me, turning me on even more. I climbed off, lying on my back, him now moving towards the end of the bed, lifting both of my legs onto his shoulders. He forced himself inside my hold straight away, catching me by surprise and causing me to moan loudly. He was getting rougher but I liked it. Faster and faster he fucked me, the headboard of my bed slamming against the wall. He wanked me off as he carried on fucking me, I clenched the sheet of the bed in pleasure, moaning louder and louder, the pace of his dick pulling in and out of me even faster. My dick pulsated in his tight grip, causing an eruption of come all over my abs and my pecs. He didn’t stop the pace of him fucking me. He slid his fingers through my cum and licked them until every last drop was gone. His dick was throbbing inside of me. He pulled out moving quickly towards the top of the bed and sprayed his load all over my face. I licked up what I could. He slid his cock back into my mouth making sure I could taste every bit of his come as he moaned one final time. He pulled out, licked the rest off my face and passionately kissed me, panting heavily. He looked at me, smiling.

“I guess you liked it then” he laughed.

I knew this wasn’t just going to be a one time thing. I’d definitely be seeing Harry’s huge dick again soon.

This is my very first attempt at writing erotic stories. Please be kind and I hope you enjoy it:

Friday afternoon had taken a turn for the worse. Of all the days the AC could have gone out in her apartment, it had to do it today, the hottest day of the year. Maintenance couldn’t get the part to fix it until Monday, so Kenzie decided she desperately needed some pleasure in her life. She knew just what to do. She would go for a swim to cool off and clear her head. It was a quite little cove that she had discovered about a year ago after she moved into town. Just a short drive from the hustle and bustle of the city, but when she was there she felt as if she were hundreds of miles away from anywhere. She had gone there many times in the past year to escape the daily grind of the rat race and it seemed as if she was the only one that knew about it because she had never seen another soul there. It was getting late in the day, so she didn’t bother with sunscreen. She knew it would be getting dark by the time she got there, and wouldn’t have to worry about a sunburn on her ivory complexion.

She made it. After a few minutes, she had pulled her float from the car and inflated with the black hand pump that came with it. At first it was aggravating to use, but after a couple of minutes she had her technique down. Fast steady strokes would soon have her experiencing the fruits of a job well done. She put the pump away, thinking it would be nice to have a man here with me. “Oh, well,” she thought and headed down to the water. She plunged in and the cool clear water met her with a welcome refreshment and seemed to instantly wash away the hectic day she had come to escape. The plunge had once again delivered the pleasure that she had desperately needed. As she mounted the float she thought, “I am so glad I found this place.” All the troubles of the day seemed to fade away to a peaceful solitude.

The splash startled her. She must have dozed off on her float. As he came up out of the water she could see his outline against the moon, and with its light reflecting off of his dark body, she could tell that he was very athletic and that his muscles were well defined. She felt her heartbeat grow faster and her breaths becoming more labored as her eyes consumed his dark black body. Kenzie had never been this close to a shirtless black man before, and she was feeling a little turned on by it. She thought to herself, “I wonder if it is really true what her girlfriends say about the size of a black man’s cock?” She began to imagine him standing there naked, fantasizing about his big black cock standing at full attention, throbbing, ready to bring pleasure to a hungry waiting lover. As her eyes wandered over his body and her thoughts wondered about his cock. She felt her pussy getting hot and growing moist as her juices began to flow with all of her horny imaginations.

“You startled me!” said Kenzie

“Oh, hi, I didn’t know anyone else was here. My name is Sean. I’m sorry that I scared you.”

“It’s alright. Hi, Sean. I’m Kenzie. I guess I should have known that someone else knew about this wonderful cove, other than myself.”

They were back up on the bank now and the moon was full. Now that he was closer she could get a better view of him. She was right, his muscles were very well defined and before she realized what she was doing, she found herself staring at his crotch. His swim shorts were the only thing keeping her finding out if there was any truth to her earlier fantasies. When her eyes fastened on his manhood, her mouth gaped and she whispered and almost in audible, “Oh, my. It is true.”

“See anything you like?” Sean asked, as he caught her looking down toward his dick.

“Yes, uh, what, I mean no.” She tried to regain her composure.

“It’s okay.” He grinned and said, “I get that a lot from pretty white girls. So, I’m guessing that you have never seen a black man naked before. Would you like to?”

She couldn’t believe what he had just asked her, but she was even more shocked at what came out of her mouth next. “Yes, I want to see that big black cock.”

“Well”, he said, “I will be more than happy to show you my cock, but what about me? Do I get to see that sweet pink pussy that I know is hiding under that tiny little bikini?”

As he asked this he didn’t waste a second, he knelt down in front of her. She laid back on her float and she could feel her legs open for him. If was almost as if someone else had control of her body. She could feel the heat from his breath as he moved closer. He pulled down her bikini bottom and tossed them aside. He moved his head in a little closer to get a better view of her pussy. She kept it neatly trimmed and he could she that she was primed and ready by the way her pussy lips glistened in the glow of the moon. She felt her face grow hot when the reality hit her. She was lying naked before a muscular black stranger that was about to have his way with her and that just turned her on even more. His face brushed her inner thigh and the feel of his whisker-stubbled face sent electric impulses of ecstasy through her body. She opened her legs wider to let him know that her pussy was his for the taking. She grabbed both sides of his head with her hands, and noticed the contrast of her ivory skin against his ebony darkness. This made her want him even more. He began to lick her slowly. As his tongue started its way up her inner thigh, she arched her back a little from how good it felt. He worked his tongue up her thigh and began to lick around that sweet juicy pussy. He could smell her sweet musk and could feel her animal desires increasing. She grabbed his head and directed it to her aching love spot. He gave her one big lick and a quick flick against her clit and she softly moaned, “Oh, yes.” He began to lick her faster and harder. She arched her back, her moaning and writhing in pure pleasure grew stronger and stronger with every lick. Then he stopped.

He stood up again, this time she watched with more sexual hunger than she had ever know before. He began to pull off his swim trunks. As her lover stood there now, completely naked, her eyes turned to his big black cock, now fully exposed. She had never seen a dick that big before. It was bigger than she had fantasized it would be. Kenzie couldn’t wait any longer she had to feel it. She grabbed it with both hands and began to stroke it. It felt even bigger than it looked as she again notice the contrast of her white hands against his dark monster. Her eyes locked on to his as she began to lick him. Starting at the base of his shaft and working her way to the head with long slow licks. As she reached the head, she could see the pre-cum starting to form and she knew she wanted to taste him. She took big head of his dark black cock into her mouth and began to suck him. She wasn’t sure it was possible, but she was almost certain that this huge dick was getting even bigger as she tried to take every inch of his manhood into her mouth. Her pussy was aching. She couldn’t stand it any longer. She laid back, spread her legs and began to beg him. “Please fuck me, Oh, God, please fuck me! Please, I want to feel that monster cock inside my pussy! Own my pussy and make me yours with that big black dick!”

He plunged in.

Kenzie gasped. “Oh, God!!!” She arched her back to meet him thrust for thrust. It felt so good. She wanted to feel every inch of that rock hard cock in her hot wet pussy. She grabbed his black ass and wrapped her legs around him. He would thrust his cock in long, deep, and slow for a couple of strokes. Then he would pick up the pace and fuck her fast and hard. Every time he would change it up she moaned, “Fuck me, Sean, fuck me hard with that big black cock!”

Sean grabbed her and in one swift move had flipped them both over. Now Kenzie was on top. “Ride my big black cock like the dirty little white girl that you are. Show me how much you like to fuck my big hard dick!” Kenzie lost all inhibitions and began to work that pussy up and down on that big shaft. Riding his big black cock like a horny little cowgirl. “Oh that cock feels so good,” she would moan in pleasure each time she would slide her hot, love soaked pussy down Sean’s ten inch pole of erect ecstasy. She rode him like she was possessed and loved every stroke. She could feel her climax building up strong in her. She was going to cum, and she was going to cum hard. She tensed up, every muscle in her body was anticipating this. “I’m cumming!” she screamed, “Oh, fuck I’m cumming!!!” She felt wave after wave of sheer pleasure come over her. She was almost at the point of losing consciousness, it felt so good. Sean kept fucking and she kept cumming. She had never climaxed like that before. Now she wanted Sean to cum too. She knew he was ready. His body tensed, he closed his eyes, shuddered, and exploded. His huge load of hot cum filled her swollen, fresh fucked pussy so much that it couldn’t hold it in. She didn’t want to lose a drop. She wanted his cum, she was hungry for it. She wanted to make sure she milked his cock of every last drop of his love juice. She unmounted him and dropped to her knees, grabbing his wet, sticky black goodness, she took him in her mouth just as he exploded again. His cum was hot as it filled her mouth. It had a sweet and salty combination to it that she was hoping for and knew this would be something she would crave from now on. She sucked him and licked him, making sure to cover all ten inches. She loved tasting her sweet pussy mixed with his manly goodness. She was more than happy to lick his big black cock clean.

They were both spent. As Kenzie drifted off to sleep in Sean’s arms, she secretly hoped this was the beginning of a wonderful relationship filled for years to come with mind-blowing sex. With a satisfied smile on her face she knew the plunge had once again delivered the pleasure that she had desperately needed.

DISCLAIMER: This story is a pure work of fiction. All characters involved are over the age of 18. This is my first time writing anything of this nature, so I appreciate any and all feedback (positive or negative). If the story is well-received, I will post more chapters later.

Ashton woke up the next morning to see Calvin sitting on his desk chair, turned and intently watching him. He sat upright, rubbed his eyes and quickly covered himself with his dark sheets. As he realized that they both had fallen asleep naked, he slowly removed the blanket from his crotch. He didn’t need to be embarrassed about anything; especially with Calvin.

Adjusting his eyes, he looked up to Calvin, “So do you enjoy watching me sleep?”

Calvin smiled, “You’re just so peaceful when you’re asleep. You even had that half grin on your face the entire time.” Calvin got up from his seat and walked over to Ashton. He leaned into Ashton, pulling him into a soft and gentle kiss. As he pulled down, he softly bit on his lower lip.

They faced each other for a few minutes, until Ashton broke the silence with a “Good morning.”

Calvin reached over and grabbed Ashton’s semi-erect penis. It seemed to grow harder and he ran his fingers through the small veins that stuck out. “So is your cock always hard in the morning or am I to blame?”

Ashton laughed, running his hands along Calvin’s forearm, “I guess you could say I have more of a reason to be turned on right now.”

Calvin gripped a little harder, “Why don’t I take care of that for you? You sure need it.”

Ashton nodded his head as Calvin slid down to his crotch. He licked just below Ashton’s stomach, gently tickling him with the tip of his tongue, “I can still taste the cum from last night. How about giving me a fresh batch?”

Ashton ran his fingers through Calvin’s hair and confidently replied, “You’re going to have to work for it.”

Calvin grinned, loving the newfound confidence that Ashton possessed. His eyes grew bigger as he examined Ashton’s growing cock. It was just as long as his, which was saying a lot. Not wanting to use his hands, he lowered his head and gently placed the head of Ashton’s dick into his wet lips. He kept it there for a few seconds, licking the small slit gently with his tongue. He saw how this motion made Ashton tingle, knowing that he had found that sweet sensitive spot. In one motion, he choked up on the hard dick, able to take it almost halfway. He adjusted his mouth to the size of it, barely able to comfortably keep his jaw open. Ashton’s cock seemed to fit perfectly in Calvin’s hungry mouth, and just having it there gave Calvin a rush. He eased up a little, sucking slowly while running his tongue along the bottom. His tongue could feel every ridge and every vein, then finding that same sensitive spot along the head. Ashton’s cock had a taste that Calvin could not describe; he just knew that he loved in. He bobbed his head back and forth, taking all of Ashton’s length. He could feel the tip of Ashton’s penis tap the back of his throat every time he took it in. Ashton was thrusting slow, not wanting to choke Calvin. It took every ounce of willpower to keep himself from cumming right when Calvin licked the tip. Calvin knew that this was Ashton’s first blowjob, and he was determined to make it one he’d never forget.

Ashton let out a few moans, “Ohh fuck!” as Calvin continued to suck his long cock. He felt like he was in a trance; not thinking about anything. He just felt that warm, wet mouth all over his sensitive dick. He felt Calvin’s tongue tracing along his shaft and those wet lips gliding along his length. He looked down to see Calvin looking up at him with a mouth full of cock. His eyes had a look of innocence, yet they both knew what he was doing was far from innocent. Calvin started picking up the pace, bobbing his head back and forth as Ashton closed his eyes. The spit all over his dick made it go in and out of Calvin’s mouth smoothly as he pushed his head all the way in; touching the soft patch of Ashton’s pubes. Ashton had gone into that ecstatic state: his body grew numb except his dick. He could feel his heart beating faster and started to breathe harder. He knew that he was close; so close that he didn’t want this feeling to stop.

He looked down at Calvin and spoke, “Calvin, I’m so close. I’m going to cum!” He then tried to pull his body away from Calvin’s hungry mouth. But Calvin didn’t want to let go; he put his arms around Ashton’s body, not allowing him to pull away.

Ashton was mere seconds away from busting when he looked down at Calvin, “Dude, if you don’t let go I’m going to cum inside your mouth!” Calvin gave him a nod, signaling that he was ready for the load; he wanted it inside of him, he wanted to taste it. Ashton couldn’t take it any longer; streams of hot cum gushed out of the tip of his cock, coating the back of Calvin’s throat. Calvin’s eyes grew bigger as he felt the cum spraying all over his mouth. Ashton just kept squirting stream after stream, losing full control of himself. Calvin could taste the warm cum on his tongue; it was sweet with a faint saltiness and was definitely like nothing he’d tasted before. He kept it in his mouth for a few minutes, savoring the juice he had worked so hard for. He finally swallowed it all in one gulp, feeling it seep down his throat, coating it generously.

Calvin had swallowed so much cum that it took him a few minutes to be able to speak, “I never knew how good that would taste.”

Ashton laughed, “And here I was thinking that I should pull out.” Calvin licked up what was left on his lips as he was lifted up. Ashton pulled him in to a sensual kiss, running his tongue along Calvin’s, tasting the remnants of his jizz. Calvin embraced him into his arms and savored the moment they were in.

Glancing over Ashton’s shoulder to see his alarm, he saw the time, “Now I really, emphasis on really, hate to go, but I have a class in about 20 minutes and I would really love to not spend my first day smelling like sweat and semen.”

Ashton laughed and gave him a final kiss, “Yeah, you should go get yourself cleaned up. You might want to use mouthwash you little cocksucker.”

Calvin looked over as he grabbed his clothes and replied, “It takes one to know one.” He got dressed and headed out of Ashton’s room, leaving him lying there. He remained still for a few minutes trying to take everything in. It took a while to digest what had happened over the past twelve or so hours, and the more he thought about it, the more freaked out he got. Before coming to college, Ashton was a straight-edged kid who lived safe. He never made decisions without thinking them all the way through; weighing the consequences and taking his sweet time before he chose. And yet here he was, a string of impulses later, lying in his dorm room after having this one night fling with this guy he just met last night. Just yesterday, he was a virgin, and now he had gone where most straight men never go. It didn’t help that he was still coming to terms with his newfound sexuality, but all of this rapid change was starting to make him go insane. He just couldn’t keep thinking about all of this right now, so he got dressed and went for a long walk around campus.

As he walked, he hoped that he would somehow stumble upon some clarity. These actions weren’t like the old Ashton and he wasn’t sure if he approved of his newfound persona. He just knew that those few moments of impulse and giving in to his desire made him, in simplest terms, happy. There wasn’t this long period of deliberation, but just glimpses of chance: and maybe all of those risks were coming back to haunt them. He knew he needed to find the answers soon, he just didn’t know if he was ready to find them.

It was about 7 when Ashton came knocking on Calvin’s door. Calvin quickly answered the door, greeting him. Ashton’s quiet demeanor and smile-less face told Calvin that something was up, so he welcomed him in and motioned for him to sit down. As Ashton sat down, Calvin looked over at him, “So what’s on your mind Ash?”

Ashton replied, “I just came here because I needed to talk to you and figure things out. This whole chain of spontaneous events isn’t me. Hell, the past 24 hours has been a series of impulse after impulse, and now that the dust has settled, I’m not sure how I feel about all of this.”

Calvin interjected, “I totally get what you’re saying. I mean, it’s not like I just got up to random guys all the time and make things happen. I just saw a chance with you and knew that if I didn’t take it, it’ll never come back around.”

Ashton continued, “Exactly. And I’m having a problem with all of it because I never take chances without seeing where I’ll end up. I mean, we don’t even know anything about each other beyond first names.” And as Ashton continued, Calvin somewhat felt relieved. This whole thing had been a little too much for him. He thought that by leaving last night when he tried, he could avoid all of this mess, but here he was having the conversation he didn’t want.

Ashton continued, “I just don’t know if I’m ready for this”

Calvin asked, “Ready for all of what, exactly?”

Ashton replied, “All of it: this friendship/relationship/friends-with-benefits crap. Calvin, before I came here, I liked girls. And ever since that first night in the showers, I’m conflicted. I just don’t know if I want to come to terms with all of this.” Ashton’s words were hard pills to swallow because although he felt the same, part of him felt wanted more.

Calvin cut him off, “I understand Ash. And we don’t have to be polite about this, we’re adults and we made a series of decisions that maybe we’re not so proud of. So why don’t we just end this conversation now with a simple goodbye” He couldn’t explain how those words flew out of his mouth. He just knew that if they continued talking, they’d deep into complication subjects that he always avoided.

Ashton, surprised at Calvin’s agreement, responded, “Thanks for getting it. I’m just sorry it went down like this. I’ll see you around.” As he finished, he gave Calvin an awkward hug and left. Calvin just stood there, knowing that he probably just let go of something really special.

A couple weeks went by as Ashton kept his distance, not just from Calvin, but from everything he’d been feeling. Although they were only a few rooms away from each other, their paths never crossed, giving Ashton a sign that maybe it wasn’t meant to work out. He did, however, find that distance only made his feelings intensity. It was as if the more he tried to rid himself of those urges, the more they controlled his every thought. He tried to mask them by focusing on his studies and meeting new people, but they just kept coming back to haunt him. Meanwhile, Calvin was struggling with his own conflicts. Unlike Ashton, he came to terms with his new sexuality quite easily. This transformation of sorts really helped him understand why his past relationships never worked; because he didn’t have exactly what he needed. Although he seemed to have found his new identity, he was still the same Calvin that only hooked up, never committed. He told himself that straight, gay or bisexual, his tendencies wouldn’t change, not for Ashton or anyone. He told himself that all the time, but inside he knew he was wrong.

Ashton had told himself that he was doing great, but he knew that he wasn’t. These urges had taken over and he found that he couldn’t concentrate on anything without feeling the need to satisfy his cravings. It had never been so bad; he had been a virgin for the longest time and his needs never controlled so much of his daily life back then. It was only about 9 when Ashton had finished his work. He looked down to see his cock, fully erect inside his loose shorts. He knew that masturbating wouldn’t solve his issue and he’d only be yearning for more. So he turned off the lights and tried to sleep; hoping he could forget about everything. He closed his eyes for a few minutes, then the images started to appear. He saw Calvin’s silhouette in the shower, rubbing along his chest as the water dipped down his body. He rolled to his side trying to make it go away, but it wouldn’t. He then saw Calvin’s face as he was about to penetrate him for the first time. He could feeling his dick throbbing from the thoughts he had. He knew he couldn’t escape them anymore. He sat up on his bed and caught his breath. Without thinking he grabbed his key and bolted out of his room. He rushed down the hall shirtless and barefoot, seeing that all the other doors were closed. His cock remained hard as he made it to the door and knocked. Those few minutes he waited seemed like a lifetime. Calvin opened the door wearing nothing more than a thin pair of boxers. Surprised to Ashton, he thought his eyes were deceiving him.

Calvin looked over at a frantic Ashton and spoke, “Ash, what are you doing here? Is everything alright?”

Ashton spoke so fast it was hard to keep up, “No, everything’s not alright. Ever since our talk a few weeks ago, I haven’t been able to do anything without having these urges. Hell I couldn’t even sleep tonight without my cock throbbing between my legs. I know I said I needed space and that I wasn’t ready to come to terms with everything. But fuck thinking things through. I need this. I need you, right now.” Just as he finished, he grabbed Calvin by the waist and pushed him against the wall, slamming the door in the process.

Calvin stopped him for a minute, “Are you sure you want this, if you say yes, then I’m not holding back.”

Ashton got to his knees and quickly pulled down Calvin’s boxers then replied, “I’m sure. And Calvin, please don’t hold back on me.” He grabbed Calvin’s hard dick in his hands and started beating it. He could feel it growing the more he played with it. He then took it in his mouth and started sucking along the shaft. He forgot how good a Calvin’s cock tasted. Calvin almost came with the intensity that he was feeling. Ashton eased up on it, trying to take it deeper and deeper, wanting to feel all of it in his hungry mouth. He bobbed his head back and forth, each time taking a little more of it. Soon, he could feel Calvin’s tip at the back of his throat. Spit started flying as Calvin thrust harder and faster. Ashton opened wider, lowering his tongue and allowing the cock to slide in and out without friction. At point, his gag reflex was thrown out the window and he deep throated that cock like he was an expert. Calvin was breathing harder as Ashton took his huge length. Ashton knew that if he continued, he’d had his mouth full of warm cum, but he didn’t want just an intense blowjob; he wanted to go all the way. He stopped sucking Calvin’s cock and sat up on the counter, spreading his legs to show his tight ass hole. Calvin, confused at first, knew what Ashton was doing.

Ashton looked over at Calvin and instructed him, “I want to you get my hole ready for your cock.” He then bent over and with both hands, starting spreading Ashton’s cheeks apart, showing his little hole. He pulled Ashton out a little to get better access and in one motion, licked along his crack to the base of his cock. He once again had the taste of Ashton’s ass in his mouth; he savored it and wanted more. He dipped his head down and started licking, making circles around Ashton’s hole. These movements made Ashton quiver. He then used the tip of his tongue to get deeper, forcing it into Ashton’s ass. He took a finger, coated it with spit and started to trace along the edges of his ass. He slowly inserted it inside and started to finger Ashton very slowly. Ashton relaxed his ass as Calvin was fingering him and slowly his ass started to open wider.

Calvin was up to two fingers when Ashton cried out, “Ugh. Stop teasing me, I’m ready.” Calvin was starting to see a new side of Ashton. He wasn’t that timid guy who he found in the shower room anymore. Ashton was confident as he took control of the situation, telling Calvin exactly what he wanted. And Calvin was more than willing to oblige. He grabbed his cock in his hand, coating it with spit, and positioning it right next to Ashton’s hole.

Ashton grabbed his writs and instructed, “And Calvin. Don’t hold back.” Right when Ashton finished, Calvin mercilessly slammed into Ashton’s ass, giving him his entire length. Ashton let out a huge scream as he felt Calvin penetrating him fully. Calvin stopped, keeping all eight inches of his cock inside Ashton.

As Ashton adjusted, he said to Calvin, “I take it back. You are so not a tease.” Calvin laughed as he started to thrust in and out of Ashton’s ass. His ass was still tight like he remembered, He could feel the friction between his cock and Ashton’s insides as he pulled in and out, keeping the tip of his cock inside of Ashton. Taking Ashton’s former words to heart, he started to ram inside of him. He put his hands on the wall as a brace and started thrusting faster and faster. Ashton lifted his legs up, allowing better penetration. He finally had that feeling he was longing for and as Calvin mercilessly pounded his hole, he knew he was satisfying those urges. He started to moan as Calvin was massaging his prostate with his cock. He leaned Calvin in and they started to kiss while he was being fucked. Ashton could feel Calvin’s body heat on his skin, and as he started to fuck harder, a thin layer of sweat started to drip down his chest.

He broke the kiss for a second and spoke, “Fuck me Calvin. Fuck me just like that.” Calvin kissed him one last time then pounded away, giving Ashton exactly what he wanted. He started into Ashton’s eyes that had that same look of desire as he did a few weeks ago. After about an hour of fucking, Calvin had reached his moment of climax; he couldn’t feeling his body aching, just the feeling of his cock inside of Ashton. He knew that once he hit this point, it would only be a matter of minutes before he would burst. He grabbed Ashton, and fucked him harder than he had before. Ashton knew that he was close and he held tight, wanting Calvin’s seed inside him. Calvin finally locked Ashton into a deep kiss and started to cum. Ashton closed his eyes as his ass started to fill with warm jizz; a feeling that almost made him explode. Calvin started panting as his body grew weak; he could feel his sensitive cock still inside of Ashton, drowning in a pool of his cum.

Ashton brought Calvin in for a kiss, “You don’t know how good your cum feels in my ass.”

Calvin, still catching his breath, replied, “I’m pretty sure I do.” Using every ounce of strength he still had, he picked up Ashton off the counter and carried him a few steps to his bed. He lowered them down gently, keeping his cock inside Ashton the whole time. He then gave Ashton a couple last strokes, and then pulled his cock out from inside of him. Ashton could feel the cum oozing out of his hole and onto Calvin’s sheets. He opened his mouth as Calvin brought his cum-drenched cock over to him. He took it all in, sucking the remaining cum off the edges of his dick.

Calvin leaned in for a kiss, “Mmm. I’d have to say that my cum tastes better than yours.”

Ashton, surprised at Calvin’s comment, responded, “Is that so? Well there’s only one way we can be sure.” Calvin grinned, then moved down towards Ashton’s cock. Ashton had only been beating it for a few seconds when streams of his cum splashed all over Calvin’s mouth, coating his lips with hot semen. Calvin wasn’t quick enough at licking up the cum as some of it dripped down his chin and onto Ashton’s crotch. He licked up what he could with the tip of his tongue and tasted Ashton’s fresh jizz. Based on the look on Calvin’s face, Ashton could tell he liked it.

Ashton spoke, “So what’s the verdict?”

Calvin, licking his lips one more time, replied, “You put up one hell of an argument Ash, but sadly it’s a tie.”

Jess stepped into her hotel room with a sigh of relief. Her business trip had just begun, but it felt good to be off the road and in a clean room. She liked her job as a college recruiter for her company, but sometimes the travel was tiring. It was also lonely, but she couldn’t help that tonight. Her coworkers weren’t arriving until tomorrow, and it was already past nine o’clock. She was black, pretty, and single, but she had only been on a few dates this year because of the travel.

Jess decided to grab some food and turn in. There was no way she was getting in the rental car again, so she hoped the hotel restaurant was decent. Her company could afford to put her in the more upscale hotels even in this recession. Jess was fit and liked to eat healthy, and there was too much temptation to eat junky food on the road. She threw her bags on the bed so she could change out of her road sweats. After a relaxing shower, she put on tight jeans and a low cut blouse. The dark red color looked good on her medium brown skin. She was on the shy side when it came to meeting new people, but she liked looking and feeling good.

As she expected, the hotel had a nice sit down restaurant, but since it was past dinner time, it was only sparsely populated. The hostess sat her at a table facing the bar, and Jess took the opportunity to watch the crowd. A few other business people and some rumpled road warriors were watching the game, but there was no one interesting. She settled in with a drink and a chicken sandwich.

It wasn’t until she was almost done that a tall, muscular white man walked in. Jess watched with her mouth open as he sat down at the bar and ordered at drink. He had on a silver button down shirt that seemed to barely contain his chest, and his ass looked round and firm in dark pants. It’d be fun to see what was under those, she thought to herself. She glanced back up and realized he had turned around and was now watching her. She immediately looked away, blushing. Looking up again, she noticed his face, while it had some hard lines, was very pleasant to look at. He nodded to her and raised his drink in her direction. She bit her lip and lifted her drink too. Turning away, she sighed and tried to focus on her sandwich.

After a minute she felt a presence beside her. Thinking it was the waiter, she reached for her purse. When she saw those dark pants, she looked up with a gasp. He smiled and gestured with two new drinks in his hand. “Do you mind if I join you?” he asked in a deep, smooth voice. She swallowed and shook her head. “I’m not very good at guessing drinks, but I hope you like screwdrivers.”

“That’s fine,” she said quietly, then cleared her throat. “Thank you.” Her heart was pounding, and she wondered what she could say to such a beautiful man. Fortunately, he was easy to talk to, drawing out her basic story and supplying her with his. His name was Robert, and he wasn’t a bodybuilder, just a businessman with a heavy travel schedule like hers. “You must meet a lot of girls like this,” she said as a joke.

“I do, but very few are as beautiful as you,” he said without any hesitation. She blushed and looked away. “I’m glad I came down for a drink.”

“I don’t usually talk to strange men while I’m traveling.” She nervously tapped her hand on the table.

“You picked a good day to start,” he said, tracing his finger over her hand. “If you’re willing, I’d love to have you come back to my room.”

Wow, she thought to herself. She’d had lots of come-ons and invitations from men while traveling, but she’d never thought to accept them. Surely it was too dangerous! Then again, none of them had ever come from such a handsome man. And her instinct told her she could trust him. She swallowed and considered it for another second. “Sure.”

“Great. Let me go settle up, and I’ll be right back.” She could only nod as he stood up and went back to the bar. Jess took care of her own bill, wondering what had possessed her. Meeting a stranger in his hotel room? As she watched him back, she imagined what kind of power lay underneath those muscles. Like a gentle giant, he spoke with purpose and control, and she knew he could use that strength for either pleasure or pain.

“What’s your room number?” She asked when he came back. “I’m going to let my friend know where I’ll be.”

“Sure. It’s 1217, and my full name is Robert Smith.” With shaking hands, she texted the name and number to a coworker of hers who would arrive tomorrow. At least she had some insurance in case this turned out to be a bad idea.

She tried to be casual as they walked upstairs. “So, have you been with a black woman before?”

“Many times,” he said. “I love women of all colors.” She liked hearing that. She herself had dated all kinds of men, and she knew someone’s background didn’t automatically make him a good lover. She could feel her panties getting wet with anticipation. They reached his room, and he held open the door for her. As it slammed shut, she examined the room for warning signs. It turned out to be just a boring business class room; the only thing of note was how neatly all his possessions were placed around the room. It was as if room service had just come through.

“Wow, you’re a very neat person,” she said.

“I like order,” he said simply. “Feel free to relax. Would you like something to drink. Water?” He suggested when she shook her head. She accepted his glass of water and let him lead her to the loveseat in the sitting room. The water felt cool to her throat; she hadn’t realized how hot she felt. Robert was talking again about something, and she was happy he was trying to put her at ease. She loved how his dark blue eyes were set behind a strong nose, and his lips looked very smooth and kissable. His shoulders were so wide that his chest looked like a triangle going down to his waist, and what an impressive bulge underneath. She could see the firm legs underneath his pants, and she wanted to reach out and feel if they were all muscle.

“Jess?” She looked up, embarrassed at being caught off guard. “I guess your mind is somewhere else,” he said, smirking.

She gulped. “Well, yeah…” Trying to recover, she said boldly, “I was just wondering when we would…you know…”

Instead of answering, he put one hand behind her neck and pulled her into a kiss. Just like everything about him, the kiss was careful and controlled, but it set her insides on fire. His other hand traced a line down her neck and under her breasts, and he took time to massage each one. She ran her hand up his leg and felt nothing but smooth, hard muscle. She went a little farther and felt the outline of his long, thickening cock. She let out an involuntary moan.

Robert broke away to kneel in front of her. “May I?” he asked, and she nodded eagerly. He unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off while she discarded her blouse and bra. Robert massaged her legs and spread them wide. Jess liked to keep herself shaved, but with all the traveling she had started to let a small patch of curls grow on her mound.

“I’m sorry, I haven’t been maintaining well,” she said. Even as she was speaking, his hands and tongue were exploring her folds. I guess he doesn’t mind, she thought. His tongue found her clit and flicked it, sending a jolt through her body. Then he laid his tongue flat against her and licked slowly. Two fingers found her wet slit and dipped inside. She leaned her head back and pushed her hips toward him, enjoying the blissful sensations. In no time she was at the peak of an orgasm.

Sighing, Jess opened her eyes to see him standing up. The bulge in his pants was even bigger now. “Shall we?” he asked, nodding toward the bed. She pulled herself up and untangled herself from her pants. She watched appreciatively as he removed his clothes, folded them, and laid them on top of his suit case. He also reached into a smaller bag and pulled out a few condoms.

True to her impressions, he was muscular all over but also completely shaved. She had never seen a man with no body hair before, and she was surprised at how erotic it seemed. His cock looked long and clean, and she knew she had to taste that first. Lying in bed beside him, she rubbed her hand down his chest to his cock, which jumped at the attention. She lowered her head and licked the pre-cum leaking from the tip. She dove down and tried to take as much of him in her mouth as she could. It was much too big, though, and she used her hand to make up the difference. She started a slow rhythm, sliding her mouth up and down while licking with her tongue. He groaned, but didn’t let her suck for long. Gently pushing her away, he said, “I want to be inside you.”

Jess leaned back and touched herself as he unwrapped and put on a condom. He pulled her over on top of him, and she took time to rub the smooth skin on his chest and arms. Slowly she lowered herself on top of him, gasping at his width and firmness. He filled her completely, but after a moment she was able to get comfortable and start slowly rocking against him. He lifted his legs slightly to bring her to him, then slid his hands around her ass. Jess moaned as she shook with another orgasm.

Robert rolled her over and pulled away, and she sighed at the sudden emptiness. Gently he turned her face down and pulled her ass toward him. Entering her from behind, she felt his cock go even deeper than it had before. He wrapped his arms around her, cupping her breasts, and pulled her up to him. He ran his mouth along her neck and started to pound into her, forcefully fucking her as he released his power. She gripped the back of his neck and held on as they both lost control.

He gently laid her down on the bed, and she sighed when he left her again. She closed her eyes and snuggled into the sheets, wondering if she was only dreaming. The handsome man eventually came back to her with a glass of water, which she gulped down while he climbed in behind her. She shivered as he wrapped his arms around her and pressed against the length of her body. Even if it was a dream, it was a good one.

She must have dozed; the next time she opened her eyes, the TV was on and he was sitting up beside her. When he saw she was awake, he gently rubbed her arm. “Your phone beeped,” he said. She grudgingly left the warm bed and found her phone among her clothes. It was a message from her friend. ‘YOU’RE DOING WHAT???!!!’ Smiling, she texted her back. ‘Everything’s fine. Going to my room now.’ She gave one last look at her muscle man and started to dress. “I had a good time,” he said when she returned to the bedroom. “Can I see you tomorrow?”

“Absolutely,” she said, walking over to give him one last rub and kiss. “Maybe I’ll stop by for breakfast in the morning.”

He smiled. “You know where to find me.”

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