multipliable women

I walked into the house, closed the door. The air was running but it was still close to eighty inside. I sat my bag on the chair at the table, shed my work vest and hung it on the back of the chair. Thinking, “Where is my wife? She usually meets me at the door with a cold beer.”

I heard something upstairs coming from the bedroom. I sit down and take my boots off. I peeled out of my clothes down to my underwear. Being a roofer, I go through a lot of clothes. I deposit them in the work hamper to go to the older washer in the garage. I turn and head for the shower. I walked up the stairs, “Honey” I said. No answer, I move along the hallway to the master bedroom. She is not alone; surely she wouldn’t still have him here knowing I was coming home. I pushed the door open slowly, I stared at the bed. It amazed me to see not my wife, but the neighbor girl and three of her girlfriends from college. They all froze.

“Mr. Coats, your home.” April said.

“Yea, where is Nancy?” I ask.

“She tried to call you; her mother is in the hospital. Nancy went to be with her. She hired us to take care of you, to give you anything you need or want. There is a letter on the coffee table down stairs.” April said.

“Will one of you run down and get me that letter?” I ask.

The Asian girl stood from the bed and ran out. The other three sat there wearing just thong panties. I got a pair of cut-off jean shorts out of the drawer.

“It’s Friday, I am off till Wednesday taking vacation time. What am I to do by my self?” I ask.

The girl came back into the room; she walked up to me and knelt before me. I looked down at her and she smiled at me. “Thank you. Dear” I said. She just bowed. I open the letter, it read, “Ernie, sorry I am not there. Mother had a heart attack so I went to stay with her for a while. Don’t know how long it will be, a week to six months. Sorry, but there is no one else.

I have arranged for April and her friends to care for you. I told them anything goes. If you want or need them fuck them silly. Lord knows I have, they love sex. I will miss you. I will call once I know where things stand here.



It was short and simple; she left but arranged four young college girls to fill my needs. And it sounds like they have been filling her needs.

I looked at the girls, “Ladies, a few rules: one, when you are in the house panties only if you even want them. Have something by the front door so you can answer it. Two, Make-up, nail polish and your hair styled is a must, three, high heels worn at all times in the house. Now that is my only rules, can one of you cook?” I ask.

The black girl raised her hand. “Good, I want you to go down and close the blinds and start supper, I need food. I am going to take a shower. I could use one or two of you to help scrub my body.” I said.

The girl at my feet, jumped up and said, “Me” then April said, “Me too”. The other girl looked at me.

“I need names so I know what to call you?” I ask.

The Asian girl said, “I am Mina”

The black girl said, “Esther”

The blonde girl said, “My name is Bethany.”

Well, Bethany, you can help Esther out with supper. You may put aprons on. You two come on, I might as well break you in.” I said turning to go into the bathroom. I pulled my shorts off and was standing looking into the mirror as April and Mina came into the room. I turned and looked at them. April is I’d say five foot six inches, red hair, nice large tits with legs come right up to them. Mina is five foot and maybe an inch, medium size tits, enough to enjoy, and skinny legs. April started the shower, “Adjust it for you two, I would have it two hot for your skin. She closed the curtain part way. April came over and kissed me, “I want to suck on your sweaty cock before we wash it.” She said.

She knelt down and took my cock into her mouth; she pushed it all the way in then added both balls. She run her tongue around them, my knees about give out. I was trying to keep my mind from overloading on what my next four days would be like. She pulled away, stood, turned and kissed Mina shoving her tongue into the girl’s mouth. I slid by them and got into the shower. They were right behind me, this was not an ordinary shower, I had built this special, it was six foot and six foot, with twelve showerheads. There was plenty of room for fucking. I started to soap up when April took the net scrubber. “We are here to do that, you just stand there. Mina found another scrubber added bodywash to it and knelt down to do my feet.

“All you girls agreed to be my servants while Nancy is gone?” I ask.

“Not just the four of us, the sorority house did. There will be at least four girls here at all times. Nancy is one of us, she needed help.” April said, “Rinse”

I stepped into the water, April reach up and kissed me. “Nancy told us about your redhair fantasies. We are trying to round up six redheads to fuck you all at once; I will be one of them. But you will have already had me so I will be the seventh red in your bed that day.” April said.

I felt my cock slid into Mina’s mouth, April looked down at Mina.

“April, wash my asscrack.” I said.

“Yes Master” April said. She moved behind me and run the scrubber in my crack, I bent a little giving her move room she cleaned it well. When she was done I didn’t have to tell her anything, she stuck her face in the crack and tongued my asshole. I had hold of Mina’s head shoving my cock deep as it would go. Mina choked and gagged, but she didn’t stop. Mina started playing with my balls; April pushed her tongue inside my ass. Then I felt another body, it was Esther and Bethany. “Supper will be about forty minutes in the oven. We thought you might enjoy all four of us together.” Esther said.

Esther stood at my right side, Bethany was to my left. I pulled my hand from Mina head and slid it around Esther, I pull my other arm around Bethany. I kissed Esther, then to Bethany, back and forth to each one. Mina was forcing my cock even deeper. I lowered my head to Esther dark skinned breast and licked them with the water running down over them. I sucked her nipples, raking them with my teeth. She moaned, I looked down and Mina had a hand between Esther’s legs. I looked down at Beth’s crotch and one of April’s hands was there. April shook her head and re-inserted her tongue into my ass. I was thinking that we were paying these girls for this, my wife had hired me a sorority house full of whores to service me while she was gone. This has to be a dream, no woman would do that unless she was doing someone else. I know it wasn’t because I didn’t keep her satisfied, sexual or anything other way. We had money, nice house, several cars, neither of us wanted kids yet.

Mina just sucked my balls into her mouth along with my nine inch swollen cock. April was now at my left side and Beth was tonguing my asshole, damn her tongue seems to be longer. With that thought, I tried to drown Mina, she swallowed and swallowed, over and over and then some more. She handled it all, April was right there licking her face and kissing Mina. April sucked my still hard cock into her mouth; she licked it and slurped on it till she was sure I was done. They finished washing me and shampooing my hair. The water off, the curtain pulled back, they all dried me off. Esther went to check on dinner, I put my shorts on. My wife is gone, she left me, her forty-five year old husband access to the girls of her college sorority house, that would be thirty plus girls to fuck and suck with.

I may just have to take all my vacation time. We’ll see how well they can cook, and keep house. Hell, not really worried about that, with so many of them roaming the house in just panties or nothing at all but high heels.

During supper, sitting in my recliner eating, I should say, being fed by April. Esther was on her knees sucking the hell out of my cock. These poor girls didn’t know what was coming. I had already come once; my dick is now hard again. Soon as I am done eating I am going to fuck Esther’s asshole after I lick it for a little. April said, “That all, you cleaned your plate.”

I smiled and pulled Esther loose by the hair. I spun her around, stuck two fingers into her pussy, she moaned. I pulled them out and eased them into her ass. With the liquid still there I pushed my cock into her asshole, she cried out and then started pushing back to meet me. I drilled her ass till she begged me to fuck her pussy. So out of one hole and slipped into another just as wet, hot and tight. I fucked her hard, keeping the thrusting motion study. Trying to push in deeper every so often, just to make her squeal, she arched her back as she came, she got really tighter, I kept pumping in and out. She screamed as she finished. She pulled away and crawled over into the corner, and curled up whimpering.

I looked for Mina; no one else was in the living room. I went to the kitchen; the three of them were finishing the dishes. I grabbed Mina, “Come on Doll, I fed you once but you’ve got something else I want.” I leaded her to the dining room, I lifted her onto the table, sitting down in a chair I started licking her clit. She moaned as I licked then pushed three fingers into her slit. I forced my fingers in and out as I sucked on her clit. Her breathing sped up, she tensed. I sucked on her clit holding it with my lips and flicking my tongue across it as fast as I could. Mina screamed as she came, her juices running out onto the tableclothe. I licked her hole as fast as I could. I rose up and pushed my cock deep into her cunt all the way in one movement. She roared, “OH fuck” she came again. I started sawing in and out of her cunt. She was laying flat back on the table.

I held her by the thighs, her legs straight up in the air me looking through her calves. Mina had not stopped coming yet. With every thrust, she came more and more. She was primed; her juices were running down over her asshole. With ease I pulled out and pushed against that tight puckering hole, she cried, “NO.” To late, I was already half way in, she screamed and come again. “Yes, Please fuck my ass” she sobbed. I went in deeper, I pumped in and out. The slurping was loud, damn this one was extremely tight. She moaned and groaned begging me to come in her ass for the first time. “Sorry doll, but I’ve done come once tonight. It might be two or three days before I will come again. My dick will stay hard as long as it has playmates. I was pumping away, thumbing her clit when she passed out. I pulled out and picked her up, I put her in one of the spare room to sleep.

I returned to the kitchen, April and Bethany was sitting at the counter drinking coffee. I walked up to April and kissed her. I forced her legs open, pushing three fingers into her cunt. I pulled away, she said, “Hey.” I walked to Bethany, I looked back to April, “You’re getting it later, I want you to spend the night in my bed.”

I pulled Beth off the stool, I dragged her in the living room and threw her on the couch. I crawled up over her straddling her chest. I grabbed a hand full of hair forcing her to inhale my cock down her throat. I force fed her till I felt better, I re-positioned so we were face to crotch, “Suck my cock” I said. I pushed three fingers into her wet pussy, I lip-locked her clit and flicked it with my tongue. She moaned around my cock. I pumped my fingers in deeper and deeper. She came, I pulled off of her flipped her onto her knees. I forced my cock in and deep quickly. She screamed. She also came again, and again. As I fucked her twat, she came over and over. I pulled out, I lubbed her ass with her own juices, I pushed two fingers in, then two fingers from the other hand, I pulled her asshole open slowly.

Widening it little by little, once it looked big enough I pushed my cock into her asshole. She moaned a “Thank you”

I said, “I am not done with you yet.”

“What are you going to do?” She ask worriedly.

“I am going to make you suck and lick my cock clean of your own shit.” I said.

“yuck” she said and thought “I’ve done it before.

I humped her ass for thirty minutes or so. She was pumping back into each thrust I made. I pulled out and turned her around, I sat on one end of the couch. I had Bethany laid on the couch with her head in my lap. She sucked my cock and licked up and down the shaft and ball sack till she had it clean.

“Ok, you’re done, lick your lip and kiss me.” I said.

She kissed me, I grabbed one of her tits and squeezed it hard. “Ouch what you do that for?” she ask.

“I want you to go upstairs and get into my bed and wait for me. Oh wake Esther and take her along. We will be up later.” I ordered her. I walked into the kitchen, April was not there, I searched the house nowhere to be seen. I went out onto the back porch, “It’s a good thing I live out in the county. You wouldn’t walk outside in your neighbor naked.” I said.

“Just waiting my turn, the night shift won’t be here for at least three hours. Wait till you meet Heather and Amber, they are twin sisters. Enough talking on my part.” She said laying her head in my crotch. She licked my cock, then sucked on it. It had never gone soft, but it was back standing upright. April was lying so I could milk her boobs, I played with them.

She leaned back, “You didn’t know I was doing your wife did you? She ask.

I pinched a nipple, “No, but we will do her together when she gets back.” I said.

“Mmmm” she mumbled around my cock.

I sat back to relax and enjoy the blowjob this young woman was giving me. It had been a long day, in the office by five am, on the jobsite by seven, worked all day, then come home to find four horny college girls in my bed, three of them down, working the fourth with more on the way to spend the night. Now I was thinking that my wife might be doing something like these girls are, shagging other men for money. Well, at least she gave me this gift, I awoke. I was lying flat on the couch; April was on the floor beside me. Someone was in the kitchen, making breakfast, I smelled the coffee, I stood looking for my shorts. I found them at the foot of the stairway. I walked into the kitchen, there were two beautiful blonde girls sitting at the table. It was like looking at a Norse painting, they were identical, and naked as the day they were born. I thought that they would look good in animal skins. Esther turned smiled and came to master and dropped to her knees, “Master, good morning”

“What are you doing?” I said.

“I am bowing to the man who mastered me last night.” She said.

“Well, stop it. I am no more your master than they are.” I said.

“Mr. Coats, you are now our master. You have earned that right. As the code says, any man that out fucks you is your master. Last night you mastered three of us after a full days work. We are yours to keep if you want.” Bethany said from her knees beside Esther.

I looked down at them, “Are you talking slaves or what?” I asked.

“Not exactly, we would be your servants, you would house us, feed us and we would work for you and satisfy all your sexual needs as the sorority code demands. If you fail in those services we have the right to leave just as we have to right to offer ourselves to you.” Bethany said.

I looked down at her, Mina has joined them, and Esther. They were giving themselves to me for fucking them half to dead. This sorority is something else. “Tell me did Nancy, my wife, do any of this?” I ask.

“Yes, she did and does. She is required that once every ten years to pledge herself to the sorority by performing and giving time in honor of the house, just as her mother does. We are a sex based group, clear back to the first scarlet letter. We service the husbands and males of the members past and present, as will our future members. Nancy needed you to be happy while she was going, so she called on us. There is no pay, just the joy of serving you and her house. I must say it has been a good ride so far.” Bethany said.

“The four here last night have decided to stay on full time over the summer. Others may join in with us if they don’t want to go home. I have talked to Nancy and she has oked our request.” Esther said.

“Could you handle the six or more of us?” one of the twins said.

“I don’t know about you two, but yes. What a minute, Esther you talked to Nancy, when did she say she would be home. I need to talk to Nancy, I need to know this is what she wants. I have no objection’s, what man would object to a bunch of college girl fucking his brains out and cleaning his house also.” I said.

“Ernie, I have a scratch that you didn’t get to last night.” April said behind me.

“I turned, I suppose you talked to Nan last night too?” I ask.

“Yes, she said she would be at least two months on this assignment. We are yours till she returns, besides the six here there are seven maybe eight girls plus the house mother that will be moving in here for the summer.” April said.

“That is fifteen of you, one of me. Good thing I own my own business, I will have to put Harry in charge because I see that trying to work and keep the bunch of you will be more than I can handle.” I said.

“About that, you should go to the office a few hours a day, Trina, your office assistant is one of us, she will need you there to sign the days paperwork and a few other things, she will be joining us a few night a week.” April said.

I stood there, this was turning toward a area that I didn’t like. “I need some food? Esther what is there for breakfast?” I said.

“Eggs, scrambled, bacon and sausage, biscuits and gravy, it is done I just have to serve it up in bowls. I will be just a minute. If Mina and Bethany help it will be there sooner.” Esther said.

I eat, went in and shaved, I showered got dressed, I had locked the bedroom door so I could think. Things were changing, and I can’t said it wasn’t good. The sex last night sure capped a long day, but this everyday for the summer. My wife won’t talk to me, she won’t face me about all this. I am going for a walk in the woods soon as I get out the door.

I slipped down the stairs, moved toward the front door. I heard the girls talking, “They are going to come get him in about an hour, he will be our master then once they change him. When Nan get back she will have some new recruits with her. All of us will serve our master forever.” One of them said I couldn’t make out the voice.

I grabbed my emergency pack out of the closet by the door along with my custom walking stick. I eased out the door and around the side of the house, staying low with the hedge between me and the house. I got to the tree line and turned up the trail. This trail joined a bigger trail about two miles away. I had been hiking about ninety minutes, when there was a stir in the air, next thing I know I am staring into big teardrop shaped eyes and a grayish pale face. That didn’t last long, I awoke again. This face was similar to the earlier one but a little more female. I heard, “You will be fully healed in a few hours, sleep till you heal.” It said in my head. When I come to the next time I was back on the trail. I stood a little wobbly, I looked around this is where they took me. I picked up my pack and stick. There was a book under the pack. I bent and picked it up.

The title read, “Using your new powers” I opened it and started reading odd pages, trying to see what it was about. I found a chapter called, “Your walking stick” I read some of it. Your stick is now much more; grip your stick about midway or the center of the stick. Now think plasma wave, a short plasma wave. So I tried it, I sheared several large tree off at arms height. I had to dodge them as they fell. The chapter said that I could learn to control the strength of the weapon.

I found a quite spot and started at the front of the book, by the time I had finished I had memorized the book. I just had to practiced using the powers I now had. One I really liked was the ability to push myself off the surface with my mind and propel my self forward, yea, flying. I could use the same power to move objects, I could bent metal, reshape rock, I could detect items underground. I could now control peoples minds, making them do as I say. I could see into the future, I had amazing strength and knowledge. I could store things in the organic computer they put in me, I could access the internet from anywhere by tapping a satellite. I could hack any computer on the planet just by being close enough to touch it or any cable or wire going into it. That is just a few of the more powerful things I could do, one other thing that sounded cool; I could control blue plasmic energy that is in the atmosphere of the planet. I could pull it into balls and throw them or point a finger and shoot a bolt of plasma at a target.

I got back to the house about eight hours later. I walked into the kitchen, April said, “Are you ok?”

“Yea, I need some food, I haven’t eaten since breakfast.” I said.

“I’ll fix you a sandwich and some sides of potato salad, coleslaw and a few pickles.” Esther said.

“Where did you slip off to, the sorority elders were here to welcome you into the house. We couldn’t find you. They will be back tonight. You have to meet them so they can determine if you are fit to care for us.” April said.

“Sorority elders, how old are these people?” I ask.

“Well, one of them is your mother-in-law; I think she is about the oldest among them.” Bethany said.

“Then your people had nothing to do with what happened to me on the trail?” I said.

“What happened on the trail?” April ask a little worried.

“I am not sure totally, can I trust the six of you? I ask.

They all nodded, I ask them to follow me out into the back yard. “What happened to me I don’t fully understand yet. But they altered my body in way that defies the things I know. Watch as I show off a bit, then you decide if I can protect you or not.” I said. I pointed at several chunks of wood waiting to be split. A blue beam shot from my finger tip hitting the block of wood, it exploded into splinters. Second I blasted the trash barrel with a ball of blue energy vaporizing the can. Next I flew around the backyard, picking things up and stacking them beside the garage building. I landed.

“What the hell?” Heather said.

“I was hoping you could tell me.” I said.

“We have no knowledge of this?” April said, “I have never heard of the protectors having these kinds of powers.”

“I am not complaining mind you, but am I the only one like this. I can also connect to the internet via satellite. I checked my bank account. It seems someone deposited just over one billion dollars into my savings account and about two hundred million into my checking account. I am a rich man, a horny rich man. There are three of you that I have yet to sample. What time will the elders be here? When will I get to meet the rest of the charges?” I ask.

“The elder will be,” April looked at her watch, “anytime, they said seven. You were gone all day. Anyway we are holding a ‘meet the Master’ gathering here tonight at nine. All have been informed about the house clothing rules. So at nine there will be about thirty naked coeds running around here.”

“Ok, this is May, I now have the money. This place is history. I will start Monday house hunting. Oh, is there anyway I can talk to my wife?” I ask.

“Talk with the elders on that. I wouldn’t say anything about your powers to them. I think we should keep that quiet. Does everyone agree?” April ask.

“Good idea, they might freak over that.” I said.

The door bell rang, and then I heard Joyce call out, “Anyone here?”

I stepped into the living room, greeting her and the elders, “Joyce, sorry I missed you this morning. I needed to think so I went for a hike.”

“Ernie, so glad you have accepted your role it this.” Joyce said.

“Well, Mother dear that is still out there. I was hoping you and the elder could explain it a little more.”

“Ernie, this is the elder’s Karen, Tabitha, Sharron, Gwyneth, Alison and Francine. We comprise the elders in this area of the country. There are six sets of elders. We find men that will make good protectors of the house. At this time our house here has no protector, when this opportunity arose and Nancy needed help to complete her mission. We thought of you, you own your own business; you are strong and have the contacts in the area. You are well liked by the citizens in the area. We started grooming you for the position. Your job will be to watch over the girls, they will serve you and Nan for your service. One task is keeping the sorority house in good repair. You will be paid for any construction work your company does. The girls are the payment for the other parts of the job. Nan has already agreed to this, in fact it was her idea, she loves you so.” Joyce said.

“About Nan, is there anyway I can talk to her?” I ask.

“Nan is fine, but she is busy, she maybe able to call you in a few days.” Joyce said handing me a cell phone, “Here, this is your new phone. Lose the other one; you can use this one for everything. This is the directions on how to contact any one of us.”

I took the little notebook and the phone. I looked at it, it was the same phone I was currently using. “I run into something this afternoon, did you ladies have anything to do with that?” I ask.

“What was it? We had nothing planned for you today other than this talk.” Joyce said.

“Nothing, a little trouble, I thought maybe it was a test.” I said, “Don’t worry about it.”

“We understand that the girls here have organized a little gathering here tonight. And from the way you and these six are dressed you have enforced some rules.” Joyce said.

“A few for inside the house, it is the same rules Nan and I go by at home.” I said.

“Really, Nan never said anything about that.” Joyce said.

“Would you have told your mother that you and Charley run around naked in your own house?” I ask.

“No, I see your point.” Joyce said, “Is this anything else, we have to go.”

“Yea, how long is Nan’s mission to last?” I ask.

“About five to six months” Karen said.

“I’ll try to hold out till then, with all these girls working here. I just don’t want to forget her.” I said.

That night the house and backyard were full of naked women. All of them under my charge, I had met each one personally. Couldn’t tell you most of their names, but I know out of all of them there were five redheads besides April. I was in the livingroom when the doorbell rang, I went on high alert. I stopped Bethany just as she was about to open the door. “Stop, Bethany, let me get it.” I said with a smile. I kissed her on the lips and told her to get me a fresh drink. I looked out the side window panel. Three men in black suits, feds I thought. I opened the door, I was wrong. The slugs hit me in the chest, I staggered backwards, I stopped realizing nothing was wrong with me. The three men watched as I straightened up.

“Why the hell did you do that?” I ask.

One of them raised his pistol again to shoot, before he could I brought both hands up palms out, arms extended and hit the grouping with two plasma balls. They were gone in a blue flash of flame. I ran to the street, a car sat idling. I walked up to the passenger’s side and looked in. The man at the wheel looked at me. He slammed the car into gear and roared off down the driveway. I threw several plasma balls at the car. Three of the five hit the car; it vanished with a blue flash. The other two balls melted away into nothing. Now I had more questions, and no one to answer them, these men might have known something, but I now had these girls to watch over. I can’t be out there hunting killers.

I went back into the house; most of the young ladies were standing there looking at me.

“They, well a few of them, saw what you done. Who were those men? We are in shock that our protector has such powers. The way you handle those men tells me, you are up to the job.” One of them said.

I looked into the group, my six were not there. “Where is April, Mina, Esther…..” I was interrupted.

“We are all up here?” Esther said.

“Good I didn’t loose any of you. I don’t know who they were, but they came to kill me, and maybe take all of you. I won’t let that happen. We need more rooms, a lot of you will be spending more time with me, and so I want the house to accommodate all of us. Monday, I will start looking for tonight we party.” I said.

“You still owe me, Master.” April said.

“Ok, new rule number four, don’t call me master or anything close to it. My name is Ernie. If you want to give me a nickname ok it with Nan first. I don’t own you, you are not my property, you are free to come and go. I know you are bound by the house. Ladies, this is your home now, you will always be safe here.” I said.

“Ok, Ernie, I want you now, the twins and I want to do you together.” April said.

“Go wait on my bed.” I said, “Rita, you’re the house mother, no one leaves here tonight, no one comes in that door. If anything happens start screaming. I will come running. Now I have three more ladies to break.”

I went up to my bedroom, walked in the door, the three of them had found Nan’s playthings and were dressed for fucking. April has on a green corset with garters and stockings, plus Nan’s seven inch heels. The twins, I think that one is Heather; she is in a black leather halter and matching leather mini-skirt with thigh high leather boots. Amber has the same outfit but in white.

“Ok, this is how we’re going to start, the twins will suck my cock and balls. I will lay on my back on the bed, April will straddle my face so I can lick her. Once April has come she will move down my right side and replace Heather. Heather will replace Amber and Amber will replace April. From there we will work that out then.” I said and laid back. The girls took their positions. As April lowered herself to my face, I feel the twins start their fun. April cooed as I licked her clit, then I pulled it between my lips and sucked. She moaned, and moaned more while I held her clit with my lips and flicked my stiff tongue across it.

I took pleasure in this for ten minutes, I pushed her forward a little and she moved along till her hole was over my mouth. I licked her pussy lips slowly forcing my tongue deeper into that sweet hole. She cried out, “Oh, shit, that feels so good.” Once she was enjoying my tongue, I pushed two fingers into her ass. She was breathing so hard, I could hear it with her thighs covering my ears. April begged to stick my tongue deeper, so I did. It filled her pussy. She screamed, “Oh fucking shit” as she come. She sat still for a few minutes, I pushed my tongue back into her. She moved, “I couldn’t take another orgasm like that so soon.” She said.

So April took Heather’s place and she moved over and Amber sat on my face. Amber knew this was going to be good, but she didn’t know how good. I repeated the act on Amber, then Heather. Heather got off and then passed out. She couldn’t handle it. Heather woke a few minutes later smiling, “Where did you learn to do that?” Heather asks.

“I don’t know, are you complaining?” I ask.

“No, I know that I want more of that later.” Heather said.

I put all three of them face down stacked up on each other. I fucked them slowly one at a time. I moved up then back down fucking each pussy for about three minutes each. Twenty minutes later all three of them were coming. I fucked them till their juices were running down onto the floor. I hurried around and pulled a drawer open and grabbed the jelly lub. I came back to the stack of pussies and asses, I lubbed each one so I could fuck their ass the same way. This time I started at the top. I forced my cock into Amber’s ass. She moan and said, “So good” I jabbed it all the way in, she groaned when it bottomed out. After a few minutes, I pulled out and forced my cock into April’s ass, she screamed, “Damn it is huge. It wasn’t that big a while ago when I was sucking it.”

“No, it wasn’t, I just enlarged it from nine inches to fifteen inches and from a girth of two and a half to five inches. I fucked April’s for three minute period, I pulled it out.

April said, “Put it back”

I pushed it into Heather’s ass, she screamed, “Oh bloody hell” she tried to pull away, but she was on the bottom and couldn’t move. I pounded her for about six minutes, she begged me for more when I pulled it out. I forced my cock back into April’s ass, she moaned, “Ahhh” I fucked her ass for about three minutes, as they got more accommodating I picked up the pace soon they didn’t even know I at been it and out. They were wrapped up in their pleasure of coming. An hour later, they started begging me to stop.

“So you’ve had enough?” I ask.

“How that hell did Nan ever please you?” April ask.

“She is a horny woman that loves fucking?” I said.

“Fine, we are going to one of the guest rooms.” April said.

They left walking funny; I put shorts on and when down to get me some water. In the kitchen, I found Rita sitting at the table, “Can’t sleep?” I ask.

“Not that these girls are excited that their protector has arrived. I am worried; something about this doesn’t feel right.” She said.

I turned toward her, I watched her beautiful face, she looked tired. I know what you mean, “Those men at the door, hell this whole thing. I come home from work yesterday to find four college girls waiting in my bed for me. My wife is off doing who knows what, these powers are dumped on me, then four men gun me down at my front door, then the sorority my wife belonged to makes me a protector, worse of all my mother-in-law is actually talking to me and being nice about it.” I said. My tea was ready.

“That woman is never nice to anyone, I understand your concern. Don’t forget the thirty-something college girls now living in your home. I have to be here to as house mother.” Rita said.

I slipped my tea, I got to thinking. “Rita would you sleep with me. I am use to have Nan there. the spot is open.” I offered.

“Would you fuck something like me after all these girls?” She said.

“Wouldn’t think twice about it, you are a beautiful woman. I think sleeping with me every night would do you wonders.” I said.

“Sure, your wife won’t be back for five months. What if I don’t want to leave?” Rita said.

“We will work something out, she can’t get mad. She is the one that left and give me a sorority house full of women to fuck.” I said.

“You do have a point. Surely she thought in the back of her mind that you might bond with one of us, and that one becoming a favored.” Rita said.

That is when I noticed she still had her clothes on, “Rita, did you hear rule number one?” I ask.

“What, ooohhh” she said looking down, “That applies to me also. Good thing I run every morning.”

“You can wait till I get you upstairs, I will peel them off you.” I said sipping the last of my tea. I set the cup in the sink, walked over to her. I pulled her to her feet, I kissed her deeply and hard. When we broke, I lead her upstairs. I took Rita to my bed, I closed and locked the door. I kissed her again. I stepped back and unbuttoned her blouse; I slid it off her arms and dropped it to the floor. I removed her bra after kissing my way down her chest. I bit her nipples, first one then the other. I unzipped her pencil skirt and pulled it down, she has a garter belt holding up black stocking. She raises one foot to let me pull the skirt away then the other. I toss it with the rest of her clothes. I remove one stocking at a time, then the belt. She is bare, I stepped back to admire her body, “Damn, the running has paid off. You are solid, a lot more solid than those youngsters.” I said.

“Thank you” Rita said.

“Shower time, I need to bath you, don’t worry Nan gets the same treatment. I wash all I have sex with. The shower is huge, I think there is dry towels.” I said. I took her hand and lead her into the shower. I adjusted the water, “Set it for your taste.” I said.

I washed her body, her crotch, ass and everything I could get soap too. I used a water bottle to flush her pussy out several times, then the same bottle to flush her ass out. She was ready. I dried her off, I kissed her. I dried my self off. I picked her hard little body up in my arms and carried her to bed. I laid her down and crawled in beside her.

“I am guessing about twenty-eight?” I said.

“What, no. I am thirty-eight.” She said, “What a way to ruin a moment?”

“The moment is not gone; I just had to know so I know what I can get away with.” I said.

I put a hand on her belly; I rolled into her and kissed her long and hard, lots of tongue work. My hand was squeezing her breast. I kissed her away from her mouth, out and round her face. I worked my way down her throat, along her chest. I moved back and forth, up and down on her chest and neck kissing her. A few minutes of that and she was screaming, “I am coming.” I nibbled on one nipple then across to the other, kissing between her breast and all over them over and under the lower side of each. My hand is rubbing her belly and brushing her bush. I kiss my way down the center line of her abdomen, she is in tears, the joy is putting her over the edge. I push my finger down into that small well-trimmed bush, they go right through it. Down they go to her little knob. My middle finger starts it’s rhythm across the hardening little bump. Rita moans, “Oh, God, I am coming again. My lips are at her belly button, she is squirming wildly, not able to remain still. My finger flicking across her clit, my lips kiss her lower abdomen, hips and in her bush. I remain this way till I heard her groan and scream, “Damn you, you are good at this. I am coming again.”

I just smiled, “I am just getting started.” I lowered my head down to replace my finger with my tongue and lips. My fingers found a place between her legs, it is hot, wet and juicy. My tongue tasted her juices, they were good. I sucked that knob between my lips, holding it in place, I flicked my tongue across it, three finger pounding in and out of her cunt. She screamed, “More, push your whole hand inside me. Fist fuck my pussy.”

I repositioned so I could grant her request and still sucking and licking her clit. I started working my fingers and thumb into her, she moaned, slowly she opened to my hand. My tongue flicked across her clit, she grabbed my head screaming, “More, god more” I could see my hand starting to move in farther. My tongue moved across her knob so fast and lightly, she was going mad. Suddenly my hand popped all the way in. I started pumping my arm back and forth and twisting it at the same time. She screamed, “Yes, pump the fist in me” I locked onto her clit again and sucked, she passed out. I laid there for a few minutes waiting for her to wake. After ten minutes, she never awoke. I worked my fist out, “What the hell are you doing? You leave that arm right where it is? It is not done either. Start fucking me with it, I am still alive, that was the best orgasm I have ever had. Now give me another, Please” Rita said.

I pumped my fist back and forth into her, I sucked her clit, my other hand squeezed her large tits, then it slid under her, I found her asshole. I pushed two fingers into her asshole; it was so wet from her juices she didn’t even notice. Time for a change-up, I moved around and said, “Roll onto your belly.” She did, I spread her butt cheeks, I started kissing her cheeks and down her crack, licking followed. She started moaning again, I kissed and licked my way down to her asshole. She jerked and moaned when I tongued her asshole. She was really enjoying the fist-fucking, now she was also enjoying my tongue on her little brown hole. Rita was grunting and begging, “More damn you, stick something into my ass and fuck it.”

I got my open hand wet from her pussy, I started four fingers into her ass, she screamed, “Fuck yea, that hurts, and it feels so damn good” I forced my left hand into her ass, it was in. I closed it into a fist and I work both fist into her pussy and asshole. She was crying, “Yes, yes, yes” over and over. Ten minutes later she shoved her ass into the air about breaking both arms, threw her head back and roared, “Fuck me, damn you, aaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhh.” She dropped to the bed and passed out. I pulled my hands out, when it the bathroom and showered again.

The pounding at the door told me they were all awake. I went to the door, opened it and stepped out into the hallway, I was naked and had a massive hard-on.

“Is Rita all right?” someone said.

I snickered, “When was the last time that woman got laid?”

They all shook their heads, they didn’t know. “I hope to, not let it get that bad again” I said.

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