multiple partners

An hour or so later Tom suggested we go for a ride in his boat to a place where we could have a nice casual dinner. “Thought I hate to suggest it because it means Sharon will get dressed and we won’t be able to enjoy her fabulous breasts and figure,” he said.

“I could use a bite,” Bob said. “Let’s go, you thinking of that place you went the late time you were here?”

“None other,” Tom said, “funky, good food and drink and casual.”

“What do you suggest I wear,” I asked Tom.

“What you have on is fine with me, but you might cause a riot,” he said.

“Something tight,” Bob suggested, “we want to show you off to the locals.”

“I think I may have a tank top and shorts,” I said, “I’ll go change and you can tell me if it is ok.”

I went below and found a tank top with spaghetti straps and a build in bra for support for the “girls.”. My husband always liked it when I wore it and I got lots of attention from others as well. It was tight, low cut, and pushed my boobs together to show lots of cleavage. The shorts were tight enough to show off my shapely ass.

When I came up on deck my outfit was approved by Bob and Tom so we got in the boat and headed down river to the restaurant.

Tom drove, my husband rode up front with Tom, and Bob and I were in the back. I nuzzled against Bob and pushed my tits against him during the ride to the riverside restaurant.

The restaurant was a local favorite and the food wasn’t elegant but excellent. I drew quite a lot of stares as we entered the room. We had a drink, ordered dinner, had a couple more with dinner and after and made small talk.

Tom, being the designated driver, didn’t drink. We were chatting about all sorts of things when Tom asked, “So, Sharon, just how big are those tits of yours?”

“Don’t you remember,” I said, “you stared at them most of the afternoon.”

“Yes, yes I did,” he said, “But I work with numbers, so I need something more than my recollections.”

“If you need to know, I am a 36D,” I said.

“I would have guessed larger, Double D,” Tom said.

“You know what they say,” I said, “Any more than a handful is too much.”

“I have large hands,” Tom said holding out one of his hands.

I took his hand with mine and pulled it to my breast and pushed my tit into his hand. His hand was pressed against my breast and I felt his fingers squeeze me gently. Even through the material of my top I could feel the warmth of his palm and my nipple tingle at his touch. “Yes you do,” I said staring directly into Tom’s eyes, not pulling away.

“I just know they are gorgeous,” Bob said.

“And not a bit of sagging. You are quite a woman, large breasts that are perfect,” Tom said, “and you can go braless.”

“Yes, I can,” I said to Tom, “though if they were bigger they might not be so easy to control.”

“You control them quite well,” Tom said, “and all of us with them.”

I reached up and slowly removed Tom’s hand from my breast and smiled.

We had a couple more drinks and chatted more for another hour or so, I kept looking at Tom and he kept looking back at me and starting at my tits. I felt his gaze on me and was getting more and more excited. Perhaps it was the alcohol, or perhaps it was my nature, but I found myself getting aroused.

We left soon after, Tom and my husband in the front of the boat, and Bob and I in the back. As soon as we were under way, Bob moved over and kissed me deeply and passionately. I returned his kiss just as eagerly and passionately. I was tingling with excitement. I felt Bob’s hand cup my breast and squeeze. I also felt my nipple harden as his kiss continued.

Bob’s hand moved down of my shirt at my waist and slid his hand up under the edge, his hand slid up my belly until I felt his hand cupping my breast under my shirt. He squeezed my tit and brushed his fingers over my nipple as it hardened responding to his touch.

I was getting more and more excited by Bob’s attention. I reached out to caress the front of his shorts feeling the heat of his cock through the material. I felt Bob’s hand move as it slid down to the hem of my shirt and pulled the material upward until my breasts slipped out, He continued pulling the shirt off over my head and dropped it near the seat.

Tom and my husband were facing forward so neither realized what Bob and I were doing on the seat behind them.

Bob lowered his head and I felt his mouth encircle my hard nipple. He flicked his tongue over my nipple and I shuddered with excitement as I felt his suck eagerly at by tit. His hand was below my breast as he sucked.

My hand went back to the front of Bob’s shorts and fumbled with the button and zipper. I reached in to find his thick, hard cock. I wasn’t quite fully erect, but getting thicker by the moment. My hand wrapped around the shaft and I stroked him slowly feeling his cock thicken at my touch.

“I want it, I want it,” I said to Bob. “You are getting me tonight,” I whispered as we approached the Bob’s boat. Tom and my husband finally looked back to see me with my hand inside Bob’s shorts and my top laying on the bottom of the boat.

I reached down and picked up my top and held it in front of myself coyly as we got onto the larger boat. Tom was standing helping off his boat and onto Bob’s.

“What has he got that I don’t,” Tom asked?

“Tonight, me,” I said as I stepped between the boats.

Once on the boat, I went below to get ready for bed. I slipped off my shorts and washed up, brushed my teeth and put on a thin robe. I came back up to find Tom, Bob, and my husband chatting. I walked over to Bob, took his hand and led him to the ladder down to the bedrooms. “Good night,” I said, “we’ll see you in the morning.”

My robe was open and I am sure that Tom knew full well what I had planned for his friend Bob.

Within minutes Bob and I were on the bed, him fingering my cunt and me stroking his cock. I said to Bob, “So, what do you think Tom thinks of this situation? Me down here in bed with you while he and my husband chat upstairs.”

“I am sure that like every man, he wishes he was down here with you,” Bob said.

With that Bob started fingering me eagerly. I felt myself becoming more and more excited by both Bob’s fingering of my pussy, but also by the anticipation I had for the fucking I expected from Bob’s beautiful, thick cock. I moaned as his fingers found my clit and started to stroke it.

Each time his fingers passed over my clit I got more wet and excited. After a few minutes I was tingling all over anticipating that beautiful sensation of Bob penetrating me with his thick, uncircumcised cock.

My pussy tingled as Bob withdrew his fingers and moved to a kneeling position on the bed between my legs. His hand, like before, went to my belly. His other hand clutched his hard, thick cock and he moved its head over my cunt lips.

I opened my legs and felt the head of his dick burrow itself between my labia. He slid it up and down just inside me, and it felt wonderful. “Don’t tease me Bob,” I said. “You know I want you in me.”

“Oh, but it is ok for you to tease me,” he said.

“Please Bob, just fuck me,” I said looking up at him. I started to clamp down around his dick but he slid it out.

“Come on baby, beg me,” he said.

“Please Bob, please put it back in,” I panted.

Slowly he inserted the head again and pushed himself all the way into my eager, wet cunt. I gasped with pleasure feeling his cock fill me and gripped the length of his shaft with my vagina. He lay inside me for a few moments then fully withdrew his cock again. I clamped around the shaft trying to stop him from withdrawing and begged again, “Please, please Bob, I want you in me. Please fuck me, make me come, fill my cunt with your jism, use me for your pleasure,” I said.

He rubbed his cock over my cunt lips again. I sensed something different happening. Usually Bob is eager to fuck me and enjoy that pleasure we give to each other. This time he seemed to be toying with me.

“Don’t play games Bob,” I said. “You know how much you like fucking me, what are you waiting for?”

He didn’t say a word but pushed his cock back into me fully with one vigorous thrust. Again he filled me fully, but didn’t move. I lay there panting with excitement from the fullness of is thick cock filling my cunt.

He stayed fully in me, my hands gripped at his body, “Fuck me, fuck me please. I need you to fuck me. Please Bob, please,” I said.

Again he withdrew and kneeled over me, his cock in his hand glistening with my natural lubricant from my excited pussy.

I moved my hips to him, hoping I could get him back inside my eager cunt and fuck myself on his dick if needed. He moves slightly back to keep me under his control. Again he excited my cunt with the head of his cock by rubbing the head up and down through the folds of my labia.

“Oh, God, I can’t take it anymore, please Bob, please, please fuck me. I need it so badly, put your cock in me and fuck me,” is said loudly.

Again, he inserted himself deep and I clutched at his shaft with my slippery vagina. Again, as quickly as he inserted himself into me, he withdrew again.

“Oh, God, why are you doing this to me. Don’t you want to fuck me? Please Bob, please, I’ll do anything you want, but please fuck me,” I said, again loudly.

He kneeled there above me, his cock glistening and thick, “Anything,” he said?

“Yes, yes, whatever you want. I just need to feel you fucking me. What do you want? You want to come in my mouth again? You want to fuck my ass? You know I love the way you fuck me, so yes, yes, whatever you want I’ll do it,” I begged.

“Anything at all,” he asked again?

“I’ve told you already, yes, anything you want, just please put that beautiful cock of yours back inside me. I ache for the pleasure you give me. I cannot think of other men since I have known you, I want the pleasure you give me and am willing to do anything,” I said.

He pushed his cock back into me and again was still. I savored the sensation of his thick cock stretching me wide. The volume of his cock filled me completely and I purred with pleasure enjoying the sensation if him in me.

Again he withdrew completely; I looked up at him my eyes begging him not to stop. “Please Bob, what can I do to convince you how much I need your cock,” I asked.

“Here is what you have to do,” Bob said with a determined look o his face, “I want you to fuck Tom.”

I was shocked at his proposal, “You know I usually am the one who makes the choice as to who I fuck, and I have told you so before,” I said.

Bob moved forward and inserted himself again into me as I rolled my hips back to accept his penetration. Again, he entered me completely, waited a few seconds, and slowly took it away.

“I know, but I feel that I might have you at a slight disadvantage now,” Bob said. “The shoe is on the other foot now, I have something you want and am going to tease you until you do what I want.”

“No Bob, please don’t ask me to do that,” I said, “we have something special, we know how to please each other more completely than anyone has before. You know I’m the best fuck you’ve ever had, why would you want to ask me something like that.”

“I am not asking,” Bob said.

I was shocked at his reply. Seems my infatuation with the sex Bob and I have had was purely one sided. “So if I don’t fuck your friend, what then,” I asked?

Bob took his cock in his hand and hefted it and moved closer and wiped the liquid from his cock onto my belly just above my cunt. “Then Sharon won’t be getting any more of this,” he said.

“No Bob, please don’t put me in this situation,” I begged. “We have something special, or I thought we did, please don’t treat me like a slut.”

“You are a slut, I know it, Tom knows it, your husband knows it, and deep down you know it,” he said.

He quickly moved forward and shoved his cock roughly into my cunt. I gripped it as tight as I could and moaned with pleasure. He fucked me vigorously for a few seconds then withdrew again. “If you want more, then do the fuck what I tell you,” he said.

I lay there on the bed, my legs spread as Bob left the room. I had no idea as to what was going to happen next.

As I lay there I ran my fingers over my excited cunt. It made me tingle with excitement as my mind raced ahead as to what would happen next. I ached for the fucking I needed and in my mind, only Bob could give me.

A few minutes later Bob returned to the cabin. “Get up, we’re having a party up on deck,” he said.

“What kind of party,” I said.

“We are having a party up on the deck,” he said again. “What part of that didn’t you understand?”

“Ok, ok,” I said, “I understand.” “Do you have any condoms? I ain’t fucking your friend without one.”

“That isn’t for you to decide now is it,” he said.

He got up and went into the head and came out with a couple of condoms. Showing them to me he said, “Ok? Now get up there.”

I got out of the bed and looked into the mirror and fluffed my hair before heading up on deck.

On the sunning forward deck Bob, or someone, had laid out several cushions. As I approached I saw that Bob had thrown on a pair of shorts, but that Tom and my husband were still dressed. Even with all my sexual bravado, I felt a little foolish being nude while they were dressed.

“Ok, let’s get this party started,” Bob said as he saw me.

“Tom, you’re the guest,” Bob said, “You get to go first.” “That’s ok with you, right,” he said to my husband who only nodded.

Tom looked a bit flustered; perhaps the idea of fucking a woman he had met only hours earlier with his friend and the woman’s husband watching was a bit overwhelming.

“Come on Tom,” Bob said, “don’t be shy. Sharon, help him get undressed and ready.”

I walked to Tom and kissed him passionately grinding my pussy against the front of his pants and my tits against his chest. After a few moments I stepped back and started unbuttoning Tom’s shirt. Once he had the shirt off, I unbuttoned his shorts and slid the zipper down.

His shorts dropped to the deck and I reached my hand into his boxers to find his cock. He was starting to get excited so I wrapped my hand around his dick and squeezed. I kept my hand on his prick and slowly kneeled in front of him. With my other hand I helped Tom slide his boxers off.

His cock was about the same size as my husband’s and he was hard very soon after I wrapped my hand around his dick. I stroked his dick slowly and though about what I was going to do. I pushed his cock against his belly and started tonguing his ball sack. He moaned loudly as I licked at his balls. I stopped for a moment and said, “Like that do you?”

“Oh yes, I like that,” Tom said.

I went back to tonguing his balls and took them in my other hand and cupped them in my palm. I squeezed them gently as I moved his cock back down and engulfed it quickly with my mouth. I sucked him for a few minutes, he moved his hands to my head and started fucking my mouth.

“Slow down Tom, she’ll suck your balls dry if you get too excited,” Bob said, “save some for that nice tight, smooth pussy.”

I slowed my pace on sucking Tom’s dick, knowing full well that Bob didn’t want him coming in my mouth. Tom’s hands moved down to cup my tits and I could feel my nipples harden.

After a few more minutes I heard Bob say, “Ok, that’s enough of that. You want some pussy, right Tom?”

Tom mumbled something and stepped back expectedly. I lay back and slowly spread my legs so that he could see what he was going to get. I reached down between my legs and brazenly opened my pussy for him.

“What the fuck you waiting for Tom,” Bob asked? “She’s ready for you to fuck her, aren’t you Sharon?”

I played along with Bob’s lead and said, “Oh yes Tom, I am so ready.” “Bring your dick over here and fuck my cunt. Come on baby fill me with your dick, I think I can take it, but go slow, please.” Tom needed no encouragement; he knelt down between my legs. I reached out and took his prick in my hand to guide it to my cunt. “Wait, Tom, you need to use a condom, can’t be too safe these days,” I said.

He pulled back looking slightly dejected. “It’s still great,” Bob said to him, handing him the condom.

Tom quickly opened the condom and rolled it onto his shaft. I turned my head and winked at Bob while Tom was putting on the condom. Bob knew exactly what my plan was for Tom.

Again Tom knelt between my legs. I lifted my hips slightly and guided Tom’s prick between the swollen lips of my vagina. His cock was hard and slid in easily. “Slow down a bit Tom, let me get used to this cock of yours,” I said.

Tom pushed himself deep into me as he could go and I felt his balls against me. He moaned at the sensation of penetrating me and I let out a little gasp of pleasure. This cock felt pretty good as well.

“Slowly,” I said, “I’m not used to you as yet.” Tom followed my instruction and slowly slid his cock deep into my tingling cunt and then slowly back out. “Oh, God, you are thick,” I said to Tom, “it feels so good.”

Tom started picking up speed and moaned, “This cunt is so tight,” as he fucked me.

“Oh, yes, yes, fuck me Tom, give me all that beautiful cock of yours,” I moaned loudly as Tom plunged deep into me with each stroke. I clamped down with my vagina tightly to caress his shaft. After a few minutes, I looked up at Tom and said, “Tom, you have to stop, please stop. Take it out.”

Tom looked dumbfounded but slowly stopped his thrusts and slowly pulled out of me. He knelt there not knowing what to do next. Slowly I reached for his slick cock, wrapped my hand around the shaft and stroked him slowly until the condom slipped off his cock. I reached back for his cock and guided him back to my aching cunt, “Now Tom, fuck me, fuck me hard and deep. Fill me, fuck me, come in my cunt. Empty your balls, Tom, fuck me,” I screamed.

Tom never hesitated; he plunged in and out of me. I could tell the sensation of his bare cock in my hot, moist pussy would shorten the time he would last before shooting his load. Moments later I heard him groan and felt the first of his spurts of his sperm deep inside me. I clamped down tight with my cunt, “don’t pull out Tom, I want you to come in me. Give it to me baby, empty those beautiful balls in my cunt. I want you to enjoy fucking me as much as I have enjoyed you fucking me,” I said looking up at Tom as his face contorted with pleasure.

Several more spurts of Tom’s jism filled my cunt before he collapsed on my chest exhausted and completely drained. I lay under him and wrapped my legs around him, holding him until I felt his slick cock deflate and slip out of my cunt.

“Damn,” was all that Tom said.

As Tom got off me, I noticed that my husband was standing nearby. He was naked and his cock was hard and in his hand.

He moved to me, kneeled down and said, “Roll over; I want to fuck you from behind.”

I rolled over got up on my hands and knees and spread my legs. He moved in behind me and guided his cock along my oozing cunt. I gasped as he shoved his dick deep into me forcefully. He slid all the way in on his first thrust and I could feel his cock forcing Tom’s jism out of me. It made a squishy sound as he grasped my hips and started thrusting deeply in and out of my pussy.

His cock was soon slick with the warm come oozing from me. I soon felt the warmth of come running down the inside of my thigh. I felt like a slut in a gang bang video.

My husband soon was slowing his pace down, pushing himself deep into my cunt and pulling my hips back against himself for deeper penetration, then pulling his dick completely out of my pussy before thrusting himself back into me. After several moments I lowered my head to the mat leaving just my ass up for my husband. His thrusts caused my tits to sway up and down with each vigorous thrust.

Moments later, I felt myself approaching my climax. I was getting closer with each thrust of his dick. But, before I could get to my climax, he pulled his cock out of me and started rubbing it against my ass. He glided his slick cock along the crack of my ass for a few moments, then he changed position and I felt the head of his cock push against my asshole. Before I could squirm away, the head of his cock penetrated my ass and he buried his cock into my ass. His cock twitched and I felt warmth fill my ass as his cock exploded shooting jet after jet of his sperm deep into my ass.

She advertised as an escort in multiple classified ads online and her phone rang before the alarm was due to go off. Instantly it was as if she was never asleep. She sprang out of bed with cell in hand, answered and the caller was addressed in what seemed one single motion from being dead asleep. Naked she walked into the master closet with this regular client on the other end.

She didn’t like him much but he had what seemed to be an endless supply of $100 reasons to answer the phone. It wasn’t that he was offensive to look at he was actually not bad looking. It was his constant drug habit that disgusted her. He was forever gritting his teeth and offering her the stuff and pleading with her to join him and she was not interested. She didn’t mind having a drink with him as long as she was in control of the libations and he couldn’t take advantage of her. She had to laugh to herself. Who was taking advantage of whom? That was a good question she thought.

He drank like a fish when he was high and she spent a good amount of money on alcohol entertaining him but the spending meter tilted largely towards him. He called on a weekly basis at all times of the day or night from a different hotel room, wasted on his currently favorite drug and always when he was out of alcohol. She would stop and pick up whatever he wanted from the liquor store on the way. If she didn’t know better she would think he was sober because he acted so completely normal except for the excessive drinking which seemed to have no effect on him.

She wondered what he would want from her today. He was wildly unpredictable which scared her and more than a little excited her at times. More than any other client she let him have his way with her by playing his little games and being the complete slut her soccer mom friends didn’t know existed. She carried in her car trunk a medium sized bag full of what she referred to as her “props”. It was filled with the things she used to entertain regular clients like this.

Regulars were more demanding than the occasional client because their ongoing visits required a slow but steady escalation of kink to maintain their interest. Let’s face it, who is willing to pay over and over for the same old thing, right? She pulled into the hotel parking lot and called him from the car.

He answered and asked her what she was wearing. She indicated tan short-shorts, a semi-sheer grey tank top and sandals. He snorted “Not hot enough, you need to change and meet me in the bar downstairs”.

Great, she thought he is in one of his demanding moods which meant she would have to try and calm him down. She grabbed her bag, slipped into the hotel and then the restroom on the first floor. She knew better than to look towards the registration desk when she passed.

She had been here many times before. She also knew who was working this shift and that she would be taking care of him financially afterwards. It was a small price to pay but she regularly tipped hotel staff including the cleaning ladies. They weren’t stupid and it was just smart business to make sure they looked the other way. She would occasionally see one of these hotel employees or one of her clients in public at the grocery store, one of her kid’s ballgames or a school function. They would smile at one another and keep moving. That was the unwritten rule. You watch out for my back and I will watch out for yours. No need to create a scene in front of others and promote unnecessary questions right?

In the restroom, she unzipped the bag and extracted a pair of grey heels with a miniskirt to replace the shorts. The semi-sheer grey tank top worked perfectly with the too-short jean skirt and heels. She left her push-up bra in place but removed her matching panties. Once they were secured with the shorts and sandals in the bag she exited and headed directly to the front desk. She told the desk-clerk she knew all too well, “My husband’s flight has been delayed and he will be checking in later, would you mind checking this bag for me while I wait for him in the bar?” He grinned and said, “Of course, please hang onto this ticket and I will see you later”.

She strutted to the bar and swept the room with her eyes. He wasn’t there and she was not surprised. This would somehow be part of his game today. There were three men sitting at the bar and it was as if someone famous had entered. Their conversation sputtered to a sudden and complete halt and they tried to act like they didn’t notice her. She smiled at them which only made it worse. They were at one end of the bar so she sat in the middle by herself. This would be interesting to see what Cokehead would do next. All of her regulars (unbeknownst to them) had nicknames and his was more than appropriate.

The bartender brought her a gin and tonic with a slice of lime at her request and she thanked him. Then her client entered and walked right past without a glance and sat himself one seat away from the group of men. They exchanged pleasantries and he commented something about watching the game currently on the flat screen over the bar in his room prior to coming in. She wondered what he was up to because he surely had something in mind.

She was almost to the bottom of her drink and just beginning to get annoyed while the four men chatted amiably about sports. Suddenly they stopped talking and out of the corner of her eye she saw all four heads swing her direction in unison. “Here we go”, she thought. “What is he up to?” Two of the men excused themselves and left the bar leaving one of them with him. Cokehead got up and walking towards her sat down in the seat next to her. Still annoyed she asked him what he had in mind for this afternoon. He laughed and said “that nice young man down there is hot for you but he thinks you are out of our league. I bet him $ 100 I could get you to buy me a drink” and he laughed. She had to admit she was amused at his little game, ordered another gin and tonic and a double scotch neat for him. The poor bastard at the end of the bar was watching and shook his head.

Cokehead waved him over and asked him to join them. He pulled out the barstool on the other side of her and introduced himself as Dave. He was about six feet tall, slender and well-built but had freckles all over his face. He made her think of Opie from that old television show and she knew instantly the nickname would stick. There she sat between Opie and Cokehead, wondering where this was going but she already knew. That rat bastard had planned it all along. Within 30 minutes they were all three headed to the room upstairs.

Upon entering the room Opie was instructed to have a seat on the overstuffed armchair in the corner of the suite. She excused herself to the restroom to freshen up. When she returned she was surprised to see Opie was completely naked and tied to the chair with duct tape on his wrists, mouth and legs sporting a massive circumcised erection. It was so large she was shocked. Damn if it didn’t look to be the same size as her black suction cup member from this afternoon, but as pale and pink as a baby’s bottom.

Cokehead laughed at her reaction, “who would have thought he was packing that?” he grinned. “I told him if he was a good boy I would let him give you that $100 bill instead of paying me for the bet. It’s only fair since I cheated him…” followed by another grin. He continued, “So – here is what I want to see…” She knew she was going to be in for a long afternoon and was thankful she had called her sister on the way. The kids were going to spend the weekend with her and she had agreed to pick them up at school.

Opie was nodding his head vigorously once the questions started. Cokehead was running the show. “She’s a hot piece of ass isn’t she? Would you like to see her cleavage a little better?” He said. “Go on sunshine — take that top off… Wait a minute, I need another drink first.” After the drink was made he instructed her again to take her top off. Playing his little game she turned around with her back to the boy facing him. She grabbed the bottom on each side and reached up with both hands and slowly lifted her top. When she was done she tossed it on the bed and walked slowly around the room. She softly touched Opie’s knee when she walked by and his cock jumped. His eyes followed her every move looking her up and down. He was enjoying every minute.

Cokehead was gritting his teeth and grinning at the same time. He was enjoying himself very much. “Take your panties off and leave the skirt on for me.” He said. “No” was the reply. He almost dropped his drink, “WHAT?’ he said. “I said no, because I’m not wearing any, see?” She slowly lifted her tight little jean skirt. It didn’t have to move far to reveal a little red landing strip above the slightly swollen lips below. “I don’t have any on. If you boys were smart enough I would have showed you in the bar but you didn’t think of it.” She laughed.

“Sit on the bed and spread your legs right here” he said, indicating the corner of the bed right in front of Opie. She thought “he is going to give this kid a heart attack by the time this is over but ok…” Once she was seated and instructed to remove her bra she reached behind to unsnap the clasp. Now she had her hands crossed holding the cups of her bra in place and she grinned. She felt her pussy swell. It always did when she was being a tease. Poor Opie didn’t stand a chance. His cock was twitching and jumping at only being a foot away from her. Helpless he pleaded with his eyes to see her tits.

She laughed and showed him a stiff nipple and covered it up. Cokehead roared at the poor boy’s reaction. Opie had thrown his head back and tried to thrust his hips forward to touch her. Of course it didn’t work but now there was the slightest hint at pre-cum on his cock. She leaned forward with the bra still in place and gave it one little lick to clean it off.

She didn’t wait for the next instruction and dropped her bra. She cupped her breasts lifting each one to her mouth and flicked the nipple with the curl of her tongue. Then she leaned forward and placed a hand on each of his spread knees and slowly dragged her hanging breasts back and forth across his cock. Opie was almost out of control and she backed away quickly. She was enjoying this too much now and wanted it to last.

Cokehead was in the other corner and had whisked himself out of his pants and into view pulling rapidly on it. “Damn” he said, “You are so fucking sexy. I want some of that”. She winked at Opie and walked across the room. She spread her legs and bent forward at the waist giving Opie a new vista to admire. She lowered her hair softly into his lap and curled her tongue around him. Then she held the tip with two fingers and dropped to the base of his cock and licked slowly up the full length of it. She took the head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around to coat it with saliva, then slowly worked her hand up and down in a twisting motion. She could hear him sucking air through his gritted teeth and the ice cubes rattle in his glass.

She stood up quickly with a grin on her face for a change. “I’m sorry did you want a drink instead?” She laughed. She knew he didn’t want her to stop but she was in control, at least temporarily and wanted to take advantage of it. She didn’t have it for long.

“We are out of ice smart-ass! — Go get us some. Wait — I’ll take you. Put your top on.” He said. She reached for her bra and he said “no — just the top”. “But you can see through it” she replied. “That’s right, you can see through it. Put it on.” She dropped the bra and pulled the sheer grey top over her head. There was no mistaking she was practically naked. Her full breasts were in clear view and her nipples jutted out like they wanted through the soft cloth. She felt naked, no, she felt worse than naked, like she was going to be put on public display. In the room it was fine but she was terrified to go out in the hall like this. She also knew he would not take “no” for an answer, and that he would compensate her well for pushing her own boundaries for him. Then he produced his own prop and she gasped.

He had pulled it out of a bag next to his chair. She hadn’t noticed it before and wished she had. It was a butt plug like the one she had at home. This one was a shiny metal that looked almost like chrome. It was about the same size as hers but the ball was a little larger. Instead of a T-shaped stand or handle it had a purple gemstone about the size of a golf ball on the other end. He motioned her to come closer and when she did he put the bulb end in her mouth. “Turn around and bend over” He said. She turned towards Opie and looked at him with this giant thing in her mouth. He had his tongue out of his mouth reaching towards her with sheer lust.

He pulled her apart with both hands and licked her ass and pussy until she was soaked. Then he asked for the plug and she gave it to him. She rubbed her clit furiously while he pushed it in place. It was so much bigger than what she was used to but it finally found its way. She had never felt so full there before and it was uncomfortable. She made herself focus on relaxing and it helped a little.

She turned around and he had a leash in one hand and a collar in the other. After they were both in place he made her walk around the room to display this new look to them. He held one end of the leash and walked her like a puppy. She was now a puppy with 4 inch grey heels and a sheer top, her nipples jutting out over the very short little mini-skirt with long smooth creamy bare legs and her auburn hair hanging in her face. She was trembling at what might happen next.

“Hey Dave, I am going to take our little bitch here for a walk would you like to come along?” He said… “Oh you can’t because you’re all tied up. No worries I will leave the door wide open so you can listen to her heels all the way down the hall and back.” He was really enjoying himself now, she thought. He said, “Come on sunshine lets go see if we can find that ice machine” and out in the hallway he pulled her by her leash.

“Now listen to me”, he said softly. “You are not to address anyone we meet. You are not to talk at all. You are my possession right now. I expect my possessions to stand up straight, walk pretty and look straight ahead.” She nodded OK not knowing what else to do. She was still trembling and tried again to calm herself.

He left the door wide open and Opie was clearly appalled at his plight. He was in direct view of anyone that walked by, duct-taped naked to an armchair with a very large cock sticking straight up in the air. It bobbed wildly every time he moved drawing even more attention to his member. She winked at him again to try and help him calm down and he got it… He had no choice but to wait for their return.

Her handler walked patiently by her side as she walked slowly down the hall looking straight ahead. She prayed silently to make it there and back with no interruptions. She strutted just a little because he had told her to and it helped her regain some confidence. Then she panicked. The elevator was between them and the ice machine. “He wouldn’t!” She thought to herself. To her dismay he paused at the door and looked at her. She looked straight ahead as she had been taught. He laughed and said “good girl – If you broke character I was going to make it a lot more difficult for you but you are a good girl”.

They reached the ice machine and he filled the bucket and then handed it to her. “Hold this against your chest” he said. She did as she was told and gasped when it touched her. The sheer top was no protection at all and her nipples landed directly on each side of the cold glass. He turned her around and they headed back to the room. Then the elevator chimed its arrival. She panicked again and felt like she was going to collapse but somehow she held it together.

Out of the elevator first came the maid’s cart and then the maid herself. “Oh, I am so glad I know her” she thought. She had tipped this girl many times in the past. The young Hispanic was clearly startled at this sight but recovered quickly when she recognized the woman on the leash. She said “hello”, turned and practically ran down the hallway towards the other end. As she passed the open door she glanced inside, tripped and almost went down. Finally reaching her destination she looked back towards the couple for another look and let herself in the room.

They returned with no further incident and the leash, collar and top were removed. She made him another drink and sat down quietly on the bed. He was clearly amused and enjoyed his new drink while he thought of his next moves. Cokehead turned to Dave and asked him ‘Are you ok?”. He nodded vigorously in response. He asked him “have you ever watched a man and a woman have sex in person?” Opie shook his head and his cock strained upwards again.

“Take off your skirt and leave the heels on” he said “and lay down on your stomach with your legs spread”. After she had complied he grabbed one of the pillows off the bed. She raised her hips and ass while he stuffed it beneath her and between her legs. The gemstone at her anus sparkled in the fading afternoon light streaming through the sheers from behind Opie.

The pillow hit just right on her most private spot and she started moving instinctively. With the plug in her ass and the pillow between her legs, her ass and hips made slow wide circles and their speed began to increase. She didn’t want this – “not now” she thought. She could feel the black man’s presence and she willed him away. She would not let him come here, not like this, not in front of these men.

Cokehead removed his clothes, and stood beside her head next to the bed. She moved towards him and engulfed him. She had to shift a bit from the pillow but that was fine with her because she did not want to lose control. While she serviced him she was acutely aware of Opie watching the show from behind her. He was starting to become more vocal and she knew he wanted released from his binds and more. He was forced to watch as this man forced her over onto her back and mounted her. He was clearly very turned on and didn’t last long. It was only then she remembered the condoms in her purse. “DAMN” she thought. “DAMNIT why did I forget – I never do that!”

His cum was now leaking out onto her thighs. Cokehead sprang off the bed and grabbed the other man’s slacks and pulled $100 bill from the wallet, rolled it tightly and walked over to Opie. He removed the duct tape from his mouth with one swift pull. “Dave, open your mouth, here’s the money you owe me.” He said. Opie didn’t get it but he did what he was told. Then Cokehead whispered his directions in her ear and she grinned.

She rolled off the bed and approached Opie, dropped to her knees and took him into her mouth. Just like her toy at home she could barely get it in but she managed, using two hands to work him while she sucked and licked the head. Then she turned around.

She backed onto him with great anticipation of being filled completely. His cock barely fit but she worked it in her slick pussy and leaned back on him like he was her chair. He was clearly very excited and tried to move with her but was unable. She did it for him and began to grind and work herself on top of him. Then she hopped off and faced him, stepping up onto the chair, with one foot on each side of his hips and dropped back down on him again. She whispered in his ear as she bounced up and down “I would have fucked you if you asked me in the bar”. With that he could not hang on any longer and lost his load in her already soaked pussy. She stood up on the chair, turned around and planted her messy crotch right on his face. “Put the 100 in my pussy baby”. Once it had been inserted she removed herself along with the money and turned to him with a grin. He was now completely spent and lay relaxed still taped to the chair, with a big grin on his messy face. “That was fantastic — Can I see you again?” He said.

My wife’s sister Pam and her husband, Paul, were coming over for a cookout and planning of our first get together. They were bringing their house guest, Jim, Paul’s roommate from college days. Jen was taking care of the rest of the meal and I was to bring home the steaks after going in to work to check on an order from my best client.

It is a beautiful Saturday, and I pull in to the garage a little after 1:00 pm. I go through the back door of the garage with the steaks and extra charcoal. There I am greeted by the site of your sister Pam sunbathing naked by the pool, oiled up and looking beautiful. Then I look towards the house and see you with Paul screwing you doggy style and you sucking on what must be Jim’s big dick. Jim must be 10-11 inches and thick as a coke can.

My dick immediately hardens and I walk over to Pam, who still doesn’t realize I am even here and get down on my knees and start eating her pussy. She jumps a little and looks startled and then says, “About time you got home. Eat me up I am horny. Jen has been hogging all the men!”

Pam’s pussy is already moist and I insert 2 fingers along with my tongue and try to make her crazy. Then after a couple of minutes I lick my ring finger and pinky, then stick them in her ass. This gets a good moan from her and she tells me, “Yes, finger fuck my pussy and ass!”

While working on Pam’s holes I hear you moaning and sneak a peek just in time to see Paul’s friend Jim pull his dick out and start jacking off on your face, rope after rope splattered your beautiful face. I hear you yell, “I’m cumming!!!

Paul rammed his dick all the way in your pussy and I could tell he was shooting his load into your pussy. I get back to concentrating on Pam and can tell her pussy is getting wetter and wetter. She asks me, “Please stick your dick in me!”

I tell her, “Not till after you have got off, this way!” Then I proceeded to increase my speed and tongue action. After another minute or so your started moaning and squirming.

You said, “Oh god, I am cumming!”

I cram my fingers all the way in as far as I could and push hard with my tongue against Pam’s clit and got a mouthful of Pam’s juices. After Pam’s squirming had slowed, I looked up to see the 3 of you standing and looking at us. Your face is still got Jim’s cum all over it and Jim and Paul are just grinning at Pam and I.

You say, “I glad you found someone to pass the time with. I think though, that we are missing a perfect opportunity here. You guys keep Pam entertained and I am going to follow through on my idea.”

Pam said, ” Ya’ll heard Jen, I am ready to be entertained, now! So let’s get started.”

I quickly took off my clothes and stood there naked with my 8″ dick raring to go. Pam started sucking on Jim’s dick and jerking on Paul’s meat with her left hand. I started licking on Pam’s right nipple and playing with the left boob with my hand. After a minute or two Pam had got Jim and Paul up and running, too. I then asked, “Pam, how do you want to try this?”

Pam said, ” I want all 3 of you at once, of course!” She then stood up from the lounger and said, “Paul lie down on your back, Rusty, you got my ass lubed up, so you fuck my ass and Jim I want that big dick of yours in my mouth for now.”

We of course complied with our requested roles. I had never seen anything so horny, live before and for sure not participated in the act. I had only seen this in a porn film, but here was my s****r in law with all of her holes filled with dick and one of them was mine. Paul and I started slowly and gradually got into a rhythm and were syncing up nicely. I could feel his dick going out as I was going in through the thin wall separating Pam’s two orifices. I kept watching as Pam was sucking Jim as deeply as she could, her moans of pleasure muffled by his dick. Paul and I gradually picked up speed and Pam was trying to meet our thrusts. I don’t know if she had ever tried this before, but she was performing awesomely, if you ask me. She was bouncing up and down on Paul and managing to take my dick in her ass and still keep sucking on Jim. Pam was starting to pant and moan, faster and faster, and the 3 of us tried to keep up. None of us wanted to cum before Pam, but she was going to have to hurry. I was ready to burst from the tight ring of her ass clenching and unclenching on my shaft.

Pam suddenly pulled Jim from her mouth and screamed, “Oh my god, I am cumming!”

She stuck Jim’s dick back in her mouth and tried to keep sucking. I could feel her spasms and then I felt Paul thrust all the way in and start shooting his load and that pushed me over the top, I rammed my dick all the way up Pam’s ass and shot a huge load for me in her chute.

Pam stopped sucking again and said, ” I’m cumming again!”

She kept jerking on Jim’s dick and he groaned and started shooting another big load all over Pam’s face and tits. She didn’t stop jerking until he stopped shooting! she then put it back in her mouth and started trying to suck out the last drop.

Then we heard a round of applause and heard a female voice say, “Wow! what a performance. That looks delicious!” We turn and see Jen and 5 other friends watching.

Jen said, “These club members were the closest but 2 others are on the way. We are starting today, so get ready!”

(to be continued).

Kristi gave me the once-over. “So is that the order of the day, swimwear? I remember we pretty much lived in our suits on the last trip.”

“Um, yeah, I guess. You know Kori though, she tends to favor as little as possible. I think naked is her preferred mode of dress.”

She raised her eyebrows, looking at me. “Really? She’s been running around starkers? I’m sure you must have enjoyed that!” She turned and pulled a small bikini out of her bag, a pink, blue and green number I didn’t remember seeing before. Without a trace of self-consciousness she stripped out of her tight shorts and small tank top, turning to face me, holding her bikini bottoms in her hand. She looked amazing, lithe, gorgeous and beautiful. Even as she took my breath away, I noticed that she had decided to stay with the smooth look, her mound bare and smooth, her pouty pussy lips protruding slightly, slick and pink. As always, I felt my body responding to her.

I breathed out heavily. “Damn!”

She smiled. “You approve? You seemed to really like the smooth look the night we all went out with Morgan and Rain, so I thought I’d stick with it for awhile. I kind of like it, it makes me feel sexy and naughty.”

“Uh, yeah, I do like it a lot! It’s incredibly sexy, there’s just something about that look. It’s sure working for me!”

She laughed at that. “Really, are you hard already, just from looking at me? That’s one of the nicest compliments a man can give a woman, did you know that? The stiff dick salute! You guys get all aroused just from looking, or from a touch, then we see or feel your nice big bulge and we get all wet, and the next thing you know…”

She crossed to me where I sat on the edge of the bed and put her hands on my shoulders, her breasts close to my face. I gently kissed each of her nipples and they obliged by puckering quickly, distending and hardening. She gasped out a small “Ohhh!” then asked me to raise up so that she could pull my trunks down to my knees. When she did so, my cock sprang out, rigid and throbbing with desire, and she gripped me, using a twisting stroke as she drew her hand up and down my hard shaft.

Staring at my sex as she briefly masturbated me she smiled, then looked up into my face. “I guess you realize now that I’ve seen a fair number of cocks, since you know about my, uh, habit.”

More than a little uncomfortable with that thought, I nodded, wondering where this was going.

“Well, I can honestly say that you have the most gorgeous, big, perfect cock I’ve ever seen – and that’s a totally unbiased opinion, not just because you’re my guy, my lover. I love it! What do you think about that?”

She’d caught me off guard, and I laughed. Whatever I had been expecting, it wasn’t that! “Well, thanks, I guess. I’m glad you’re able to be so totally unbiased when it comes to cocks. And I’d sure rather finish first than last in that category. Or even second, for that matter.”

She leaned against me, releasing her grip on my penis and straddling my legs with her own, allowing my head to rest against her breasts, one hand playing with my hair and the back of my neck while her other rested on my back. I reveled in the feel of my face against her chest, hearing her heart beat inside and feeling the warmth of her, one hard nipple against my cheek. I cupped her ass with one hand, the other in the small of her back, holding her to me as she rubbed her chin gently on the top of my head. My erect cock was between her thighs, the tip just touching her vulva. Not looking into her face, I was able to ask her something that was kind of nagging at me.

“Kristi, why are you here?”

I felt her body stiffen slightly. “Are you disappointed that I came?”

“Oh no, not at all! In fact, I’m thrilled that you’re here, but in your note, the one you wrote to me that last night we made love, after Morgan and Rain left, you were pretty definite about me taking time alone to make up my mind.”

I waited for awhile, perhaps almost a minute, before she spoke. “Well, it just seemed like maybe things were going to be OK, the last couple of times we talked it just felt, I don’t know, better, somehow. And then the closing got postponed, and Kori called, and it just seemed like fate, you know? I’ve missed you, so much!”

“I’m so glad, I’ve been missing you pretty bad too. I guess Kori told you that I want us to try again. That I can’t even imagine losing you.”

“Adam, I haven’t talked to Kori since before you joined them, when she called me – well, except for a few words just a little while ago – so no, she hasn’t told me anything. Really though, you want to keep me?”

Keep her?? What a weird thing to say! I laughed, I couldn’t help it. “Yes babe, I want to keep you. If you still want to keep me, that is. I know I’ve been pretty tough on you.”

“We’re both pretty guilty of that. I love you Adam – can you love me, can you accept who and what I am?”

I shook my head and looked up at her. “I know I can love you, because I do and I think I probably always will. As for the rest of that, all I can promise is that I’ll try. I have to try, because I don’t want to be without you, and yeah, I think maybe I can accept it. I’m starting to see things a little differently than I used to.”

As we talked I had noticed that the tip of my cock nestled up against the soft lips of her pussy had put her hips in motion, gently moving back and forth to stroke her own hard clit and moist lips against my spongy, swollen tip. My balls ached with arousal, and I could feel her heat.

She rubbed my neck as she spoke. “Do you really think you can deal with me making love to another man? That you could even watch, like I want you to?”

“I’d rather you said ‘having sex with’ rather than ‘making love to’, but yeah, maybe. The idea repulses me and excites me at the same time, so I don’t know how it will be. I guess I won’t ever know for sure until I try, will I?”

She laughed softly. “No, I suppose not. When? Can we do it soon?”

It was my turn to laugh. She seemed so eager! “Why, are you in a hurry for some reason?”

“Yes! I’m so horny – I’ve been celibate for almost three weeks now, like I told you I would, even with cute, horny Scotty hanging around, and I need to get laid, and soon! How about you? Have you been getting any?”

Uh-oh! How to tell her my sordid tale? “Uh, yeah, I’ve actually been pretty well taken care of, I guess you could say.”

She leaned back and looked at me, waiting for more details.

Even though Kristi had been one of the main instigators, pushing me to “spread my wings, break down walls, try to be more adventurous,” etc, I had been very worried about this moment all along. I was never completely sure she really wanted me to do some of the things I’d wound up doing, or perhaps she’d thought I wouldn’t – or possibly couldn’t – take her up on her offer.

“Remember baby, you were the one that encouraged me to go out and, uhh, sample a little forbidden fruit, as they say. Don’t get mad.”

“Adam, I’m not mad. If I was mad would I be standing here naked and horny with your cock between my legs? I’m a little surprised, maybe. I figured if you did anything it would be slow and careful, like you always are, but you sound like you just dived right in! So tell me, what has happened to you other than your evening with Sue and Rick?”

“Umm, well, a couple of things. You remember Dana – you mentioned her just before I went back up to work?”

“I remember. Back to Sue and Rick for a second, you still owe me that whole story, this doesn’t let you off the hook for that, you know.”

I nodded. “I know, but later, OK? We really should go and make nice with K and Ronnie pretty soon, and it’s also lunch time.”

She giggled. “No matter what happens, you never forget about your stomach, do you? No food for you until I at least hear about Dana. She’s that real cute girl I met at the picnic, isn’t she? The one with the hot little figure that kept teasing all you guys?”

“Yeah, that’s her, but she’s a woman, not a girl, as she informed me in no uncertain terms.”

Kristi scoffed. “Sure, what is she seventeen, eighteen maybe?”

“Lord no! She wouldn’t be out there on site at that age, she’s in her twenties.” I didn’t remind her that Dana was only twenty one. Twenties was enough information. My stomach growled loudly. “Look, let’s go eat and I’ll tell you all about her afterwards, OK?”

“No Adam, tell me first. Maybe I can help take your mind off of food just a little.” So saying, she reached back and guided my hard cock to her wet and willing opening and gradually lowered herself onto me, sliding slowly down my erect member until I was fully encased in her hot velvet grip. We both groaned at the sensation, and the certain knowledge that two bodies that were meant to be together had finally reunited.

Neither of us said a word, clinging to each other as she slowly moved her hips in small, careful increments, clearly enjoying the feeling of my cock touching all the right places deep inside her body. I held very still and let her use my erect penis to touch herself where she needed it the most. It all felt incredible to me, and when I sensed her body stiffen and her pussy tighten I knew she had brought herself to a minor orgasm, a fact soon confirmed by her loud gasps and her fingernails digging into my shoulders. She rode through it, squeezing me, then slumped against me following her release.

“God, that felt good, I needed that so bad!”

I hugged her to me, laughing. “I could tell, that was so fast! If you were a man that would have been a premature ejaculation, and then I could be all disappointed and pissed off.”

She chuckled at the image. “Yes dear, but if I were a man I’d be limp, useless, and ready to roll over and take a nap, and all you’d have would be a big gooey mess, so you’d have every right to be pissed off.” She squeezed me hard with her pussy muscles, and I gasped. “Do I feel like I’m useless, finished, ready for a nap?”

“God no!” I grasped her ass and began to fuck her in long hard strokes, driving myself into her. It felt great, and I could feel my own orgasm bubbling inside, but with my thrusts she crashed into another of her own before I got there and her spasms broke my rhythm just enough to slow me down, not an entirely bad thing. As she came off her own wave she put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me down.

“That’s all, no more of that. You hold still and tell me about Dana, and I’ll direct the orchestra for awhile. You’re in charge of the lyrics, I’ll make the music. You’ve apparently been getting laid regularly, so this is my turn. Now talk.”

So I told her about Dana, a little of the detail leading up, but mostly about the day we had spent together, from before dawn on the ATV’s through the shower at the end of the day, and about her and Harley, and me arranging for champagne, and being asked to be best man for them.

Kristi rode me as I spoke, timing her movements to the waxing and waning of the story, and she came again as I told her about masturbating Dana’s hot little pussy to orgasm under the big Wyoming sky, and again, harder, when I told her about the shower scene. As she recovered from her fourth orgasm of the afternoon and as I was closing in on my own, she suddenly stood up, my cock sliding wetly out of her, and stepped away.

I objected, gasping at the sudden sense of loss. “Ohhh fuck! What are you doing?”

“I’m done. I think that will hold me for awhile, thank you!”

“What do you mean, ‘done’, and ‘thank you’? I’m not done! Get back here!”

I tried to grab her, but she stepped out of reach, laughing and looking at my throbbingly hard cock, slick with her secretions. “Yes, I can plainly see that. But you’ve been getting lots of sex, so that will just have to wait for later. Besides, you said you were hungry!”

“Lunch can wait. Please come back here! Please?”

“No, not even if you beg, although that is kind of fun! I think we’ll save you for later. Maybe at the party tonight I’ll take it out and show everyone what a lucky girl I am – you could be the entertainment, I could give you a handjob while everyone watches. That should make the women horny and their husbands jealous!”

Despite that horrifying image, I felt an excited tingle go down my spine and settle in my balls. “Oh c’mon babe, quit teasing!” I grabbed my cock at the base and waggled it at her. “Look, still hard and ready, no waiting, horny sluts welcome!”

She laughed as she slid into her bikini bottoms. “I’m not so horny anymore, thanks to you. If I keep you aroused all afternoon you should cum like a firehose later. That will impress everyone!”

My gut clenched at that thought, but my cock throbbed and jumped, and she noticed. “Fuck, Adam, you’re getting off on the idea!” She laughed. “Look how hard you are – you’re harder than when I first got off of you! You really are expanding your horizons, aren’t you?”

I can’t deny that the scene she suggested was having an effect on me, but I muttered “Not that much, that’s too gruesome a scene to even consider.”

Laughing at my comment as she finished tying her bikini top around her, she opened the door and stepped into the hall. “Well, I’m going to go have lunch with our friends.” She gazed down at my still engorged cock. “Join us when you can fit that into your pants again – and no jerking off, that’s cheating! I really do want to save your energy for tonight, although I’m not quite sure how that will play out. I’m sure an opportunity will present itself. Bye!”

She left, leaving just the two of us, me and my poor neglected hard-on, behind in the room. I looked down to find him staring up at me. “What the hell are you looking at? It wasn’t my idea to stop! If you’d have been a little quicker we wouldn’t be in this situation!”

I think I heard him mumble something about “damned if you do and damned if you don’t, you bitch when I’m too quick one time and not quick enough the next” or some such thing, then decided it might be considered slightly crazy to be having a conversation with my penis, so I went to clean up instead. Using cold water, I cleaned Kristi’s juices off of me, enjoying her sweet musky scent and sort of proud that I had given her so much pleasure. I was still incredibly amazed and thrilled, not to mention slightly stunned, that she was here. It had felt so wonderful to be in her arms and to have her in mine, and just phenomenally good to be inside her body again!

I knew I’d hear more from her about my tryst with Dana, and she had yet to hear about my three-way with Ron and Kori, unless Kori was even then gloating about winning all her bets! With that scary thought I hurriedly got my suit back on, stuffing my still semi-erect cock in and tying the drawstring. As I prepared to leave the cabin a thought occurred to me and I dug around in my toilet kit until I found my small pill bottle, shaking out pills until the remaining small Cialis tablet Sue had given me showed up. I put the rest away and swallowed that one, then went to join my friends for lunch.

I emerged into the main cabin to find it empty, but I heard movement on the deck above. Climbing the stairs I found Ron sitting at the helm with Kori and Kristi standing just behind him, one off each shoulder with their backs to me. I let my eyes run up and down Kristi’s delicious body, noting her sleek curves and the diminutive size of her bikini and feeling a shiver of arousal run down my spine and explode in my groin. She always affects me that way; I think she always will. Again I was nearly overwhelmed with joy at having her there with me so unexpectedly. What a great surprise Ron and Kori had pulled off! I realized I owed them big for this one.

Kori, not surprisingly, was topless. On the other hand, perhaps I was mildly surprised that she was wearing even the bottom of her suit, as she had seemed determined to spend as much time naked as possible. Maybe having Kristi there changed the equation a little bit. Selfishly, I hoped not!

Hoping they weren’t already telling her about the events of the previous evening while I wasn’t there to explain my part, I blundered right in. “Hey guys, is anybody besides me getting hungry yet? It’s after 1:30, and my stomach is starting to think my throat’s been cut!”

The girls both turned and smiled at me, Kori shaking her head and speaking first. “Trust you to think about food when you have two gorgeous and barely dressed beauties right here for the taking! You’re hopeless!”

“No, actually I’m hungry. And I’ve been given to understand that sexually speaking, like the Stones said, I can’t get no satisfaction. So I thought I might as well eat. How about you Ronnie, you want some lunch?”

“You bet! Here I am, totally devoted to my duty as captain, remaining at the helm and guiding us safely through these dangerous, shark-infested waters, and neither of these wenches will even bring me a damn sammich! Or a sam dammich, whichever the case may be.”

Kristi reached out and roughly tousled his hair. “What a drama queen you are! Shark infested – sure they are! Pirates too, I’ll bet!”

He leered at her. “Arrghh little missy, they call me Peg-leg Pete – would you like to feel why?”

She smacked him open-handed on his shoulder, laughing. “No Peg-leg, that line may work on all the other girls but I’m wise to you! You’re just wanting to get a free grope, and I’m not buying it.”

He grinned back at her. “Damn, girl, it’s good to have you here! I’ve missed your laugh – we all have. One thing though. You’re way over-dressed.” He looked meaningfully at Kori, letting his eyes settle on her bare breasts momentarily, then back at Kristi.

She glanced around at each of us. “Huh! I guess I am the only one with anything on above the waist. OK, that works for me!” She reached back and tugged the string on her top, pulling it off and tossing it onto the bench seat behind her, smiling at me as she shrugged her shoulders and shook her smallish breasts slightly. I smiled back at her; I couldn’t not smile, even if I’d tried.

Ronnie gazed appreciatively at her tits. “Mmmm, those are every bit as nice as I remembered! And don’t you feel better now?”

Kristi snorted at him. “Give me a break Ronnie, your wife’s tits are much bigger than mine – not that I don’t appreciate the compliment.”

He reached out and caught her around the waist, pulling her to him where he sat. “One thing you’ve to understand about men and tits, Kristi baby. When we’ve seen one, we want to see them all! And yours are quite lovely, trust me.”

She laughed as she put an arm around his shoulder. “Thanks Ronnie, really. I hope you don’t get tired of seeing them before this trip is over.”

“Never!” He brought his hand up, about two or three inches off her breast and splayed open as if to fondle her, then stopped. “May I?”

Kristi looked at him for a second, then looked over at me. They all did, waiting expectantly for me to say something, but my throat had gone totally dry. This was somewhat new territory for us – Kori was always touching everyone, of course, and the various games, teasing, and pool wrestling matches brought us all into a lot of contact, but Ron openly and eagerly touching Kristi in a purely sexual manner was new. And strange.

Of course, I had spent much of the previous evening deep inside of his wife, and had spilled my seed into and onto her, suckled at her breasts, and tasted her pussy, so what could I say? Kristi was obviously all right with it and was just checking with me to be polite. I smiled and shrugged, giving them the OK, and Ron’s hand closed over Kristi’s left breast, cupping and gently squeezing her.

My heart jumped into my throat as I heard Kristi moan softly and put her hand over his, holding it to her. “Ooooh, that feels nice! You have nice strong hands – squeeze me a little harder!”

Now it was Ronnie’s turn to groan, deep in his throat, as she pushed her tit into his hand. “Mmm, you feel so firm – it’s almost like muscle or something. “Honey, you should come feel this!”

As some of you may remember, I recently did something that I had never imagined doing. I arranged to meet a man that I found online, had drinks with him in a hotel bar and had sex with him in an elevator, a hallway while strangers watched us and in a hotel room. This was something that my husband and I had fantasized about during our love making sessions, but it had never occurred to me that I would actually do it. I guess I knew that I would enjoy the sex, but I shocked myself with my overwhelmingly positive reaction to things like exhibitionism, public sex and my lover’s big cock. By the time we parted company that evening, I knew that I wanted more of it and Jerome had agreed that he would provide it.

I am originally from India, and I was trained from birth to think only of arranged marriage and sex within that relationship. You can see why the concept of sex with a total stranger was a bit of a stretch for me, and that’s also why my husband made a comment about my virginity in part one of this story. I guess the fact that I had arranged my own marriage to a non-Indian meant that I was more open to new experiences that I had thought I would be. For those of you who are concerned, I am on birth control—this 42 year old does not need another pregnancy at this stage in her life.

About a month after the hotel encounter, we put our two children on a plane for a preplanned trip (planned three months ago) to visit my husband’s parents in another state. Since that meant my husband and I would be alone, we had decided to take vacation time from our jobs so we could do things together. Almost immediately after the hotel event, we started to talk about the possibility of meeting my lover again during our vacation.

I contacted Jerome and he agreed to meet with me again. We decided that we would go on a “date” to a local bar that also offered dancing. My only conditions were that the bar be far enough from home to make it less likely that we would see someone we knew, whatever we did had to be private enough that we wouldn’t get arrested and I didn’t want to be gang banged in the bar (this last condition caused him to laugh). He agreed but also added that he might surprise me a couple of times during the course of the evening. We set a date that was on a weekday so the bar wouldn’t be too crowded. He would pick me up and drive me to the bar, and my husband would drive there separately so he could watch and intervene if things got too far out of hand.

Unfortunately, a few days before our date, my husband found out that he would be required to attend a meeting at his corporate headquarters with the CEO—that is as close to mandatory as you can get and the “request” superseded his vacation. He would be leaving the morning of the date only to return the following evening. However, he told me that I should go through with my plans. It made me a little apprehensive, but I was so excited by the slightly risky sex in public potential for the date that I agreed to go alone. Moreover, I really wanted Jerome’s cock in me again and I didn’t know when such a good opportunity would pop up again.

I had originally decided to dress casually for my date—probably about the same way I dressed for the hotel encounter. There would certainly be no bra or panties, but the clothes would be almost “business casual”. I’m not sure why, but my thinking about how to dress became much more daring after I found out that my husband wouldn’t be there. Maybe the whole thing seemed more sinful and erotic when I thought about being alone with a lover with no “chaperone”.

After I decided on a different approach to dressing, I went on a shopping trip to find something “sluttier” to wear. I got so excited while walking the mall looking for it that my dripping pussy wet the crotch of my shorts (good thing they were navy blue)—I hadn’t worn panties on the shopping trip. I actually masturbated in one of the dressing rooms when I was trying on dresses. I just had to relieve the tension.

The outfit I finally chose had a halter type top that tied at the neck with a deep plunging neckline, open sides and a bare back. It was very apparent that I was braless since both sides and a small part of the bottoms of my tits were visible from the front and not just the sides. The fabric over my tits wasn’t form fitting (just tight enough to stay in place) and was only wide enough to cover the front of the breasts. I have big tits (36D) so a dress with loose fabric over the bust like this allows my tits to sway freely and is very revealing and very erotic looking on me. In addition, when trying it on I noticed that the material was translucent so my nipples and areolae (large and dark as on most Indians) were clearly visible and my cunt lips were noticeable when I was back lit (I didn’t wear panties to try it on and had no intention of doing so on my date). The skirt was about mid-thigh in length. The whole outfit left me as close to being nude as I could be without actually being nude. I also made sure that my pussy was cleanly shaven, because I love the skin-to-skin feeling (Jerome shaves his cock) that I get when my pussy is bald and I didn’t want pubic hair showing through the dress. I know that it seems odd that I’m OK with having my dark nipples show through the dress but not pubic hair. I guess it’s just a matter of personal taste.

I didn’t tell my husband until after the date what had inspired me to buy that dress (I hadn’t discussed my original dressing plans with him so he didn’t know the difference). However, I did model it for him the day before he left. His reaction was to bend me over the sofa, lift the skirt and fuck my brains out. I think it’s safe to say he liked it.

The next night, Jerome arrived just before 9 pm as we wanted to reach the bar after dark and because it meant that the neighbors would be less likely to see me. After I let him in the door, he looked me over and signaled his approval of my dress by grabbing me and kissing me hard. His hands were all over my body and his fingers briefly entered my pussy. I told him to slow down because I didn’t want the fucking to start in my foyer, although I was tempted and I did take a long feel of his hard cock through his pants. I locked the house, put a wrap over my top as there was no sense flashing my tits to our neighbors and fellow PTA members, and we left for our night of sex. I took a handbag with makeup and my wallet, but I left my cellphone at home. I knew I was committed to whatever Jerome had planned for the evening.

Shortly into the drive, Jerome’s right hand pulled my skirt up to my waist and the fun began. He spent much of the 30-minute drive with his hand on my pussy or on one of my tits as he had untied the top of the dress as soon as we left my subdivision. At first, I was nervous that I might be spotted, but it was dark and I had the expectation this time (unlike our first encounter) that I would be naked and having sex in public, so I did nothing to stop him. He was careful to never let me cum, but I was extremely horny and my pussy was dripping wet by the time we reached our destination.

When we arrived, he parked on the largely deserted top deck of a parking garage. I got out of the car with my top still untied, and I didn’t bother to cover myself until we were at the elevator and he had pushed the “down” button. I guess I really have become an exhibitionist, because it excited me that several people we passed on the parking garage ramp had a clear view of my chest. He squeezed my ass a couple of times in the elevator, but he was forced to behave himself. An older couple got on the elevator two floors below ours, eyed my largely exposed chest with poky nipples and gave me what could only be described as an evil look. I think they disapproved, and that was the end of any possibility of carnal activity there. It was too bad because the elevator was very slow, and we otherwise could have had some fun on the ride down.

The bar (it was actually more of a nightclub) was close by so the walk was short. I noticed that it was slightly upscale and that it was mostly occupied by couples. Many of the women were young and were wearing revealing clothing, but I still saw several guys (and girls) giving my tits a close look. What a turn on! Jerome had apparently called ahead so we had a secluded table waiting for us. Some people could see us, but we weren’t in the middle of the room.

Jerome and I ordered drinks and sat and talked for a while—it was a chance for us to learn more about each other (e.g. I found out that he is an electrical engineer trained at Georgia Tech, he works for a defense contractor in Marietta and he is divorced—the libido I knew about already). However, it didn’t take too long before he started to become more aggressive. His left arm was around my lower back and he put that hand on my thigh and pulled my skirt up to my waist. I spread my legs apart slightly. His fingers quickly found my pussy and he started to finger fuck me and rub my clit very rapidly. He also kissed me very passionately on my mouth and neck. As horny as I was after the car ride, it only took me a few minutes before I had my first orgasm in public with lots of people around me (I had cum in the hotel hallway and elevator and again in the dressing room, but they weren’t quite as public). I tried to keep it quiet, but I was very flushed and judging by their smiles, another couple close by figured out what was going on. He let me calm down in peace for a while (i.e. no fingers in my pussy—just a hand at the top of my thigh). I actually considered asking Jerome to fuck me right there but decided that it would be much too public if I climbed on his cock in the middle of the nightclub.

After the server got us a second round of drinks, a slow song started to play and I told Jerome that I wanted to dance (I love to dance). He led me to the dance floor and held me very tightly. I looked up at him and he kissed me tenderly. At the same time, he ran his right hand under my skirt and caressed my ass—it turned me on that others in the bar might get occasional glimpses of my ass and wet pussy. I could feel his hard cock throbbing against my stomach. Even though we were both very hot as the song ended, we managed to last through one more song before he took my hand and led me into a semi-darkened hallway at the back of the bar. The hallway was public but it appeared that it wasn’t being used.

As soon as we were out of view of the other bar patrons, he pushed me against a wall. He stuck his tongue into my throat, his right hand untied and pulled down my top and he grabbed my ass with his left hand. He left the zipper alone so my dress didn’t fall off. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his rock hard cock. He pulled up my right leg by the knee and I put about two inches of his pole in my pussy to give a strong hint that I was ready to fuck. I told him to take me there in public. I was actually hoping that someone would watch us or maybe even join us (so much for my gang bang condition), but he surprised me when he pulled his cock away, took out a key and opened the storage room door next to us. I found out later how he got the key.

Once we were in the room, I spotted a low table against a wall, and I sat on it with my legs over the edge. I was so anxious that I didn’t even bother to pull off my dress. I mean, why go out in a slutty dress with no panties if you aren’t prepared to fuck while fully clothed? At least my tits were out in the open. After Jerome locked the door, he came in front of me, lifted up both of my legs by the knees and shoved his cock into my pussy. I was extremely wet, and he slid in with no resistance. He fucked me very hard and fast while I leaned on the table supported by my elbows. It felt very good to have that big cock in me again, and I loved the fact that my tits were bouncing around wildly. As I watched his cock plow into me, I suddenly noticed that he was looking at a chair a couple of feet away from us (that’s what they stored in the storeroom). It only took me a second to realize what he had in mind.

He pulled out of me and moved toward the chair. I took off my dress and he removed his shirt and pants, because our clothing would get drenched by cum and pussy juice in that position. He sat down on the chair with his 9-inch cock pointing straight up. I climbed on facing him and felt his pole penetrate me completely so that I was sitting on his pubic bone. I love this position, because I can control how deep and at what angle his prick enters me, and he can squeeze my tits and bite my nipples. I spent a long time slowly moving up, down and around while my pussy muscles squeezed him while he mauled my breasts with his hands and mouth. His cock was brushing against my clit with each stroke and it made me go nuts.

We were both so horny that we only lasted another 10 minutes or so. He started to cum first and his huge load of jism shooting inside my cunt sent me over the edge—I had never had that happen before. He told me later that he hadn’t had sex or masturbated in two weeks and that would explain why it felt as if he had pumped a gallon of cum into me. Jerome’s cock never gets soft immediately, so I stayed on top of it slowly moving up and down while we kissed very passionately. With each stroke, I felt his cum and my juices being squeezed out of my pussy and on to his balls and the chair. I finally stood up after I felt his cock become only semi-hard (probably still six to seven inches long) and saw that our juices had made a huge mess in his crotch.

Being the good slut that I have become, I told him to stay seated so I could clean up the mess. I got on my knees and spent several more minutes licking and sucking our combined cum off his cock and balls. This was certainly the new me, because I wouldn’t even taste my husband’s cum until a month ago. I even reached down into my pussy, grabbed his spunk with my fingers and stuck it in my mouth—that’s how much I like it now. I then moved forward so his dick was in the gap between my breasts and kissed all over his sexy stomach and chest. He then pulled me up farther and we spent a long time kissing and holding each other.

After some time, we decided that we should get out of the storeroom. I honestly had no idea how long we had been there. We both dressed and tried to clean up so it wouldn’t be too obvious that we have been fucking. We couldn’t find a towel of any type in the room to sop up that gallon of cum now leaking from my cunt, so I just left the room with the all of the juices dripping on the floor and on my legs (I massaged a lot of it into the skin of my legs). The bar was darkened, but I’m sure people could see globs of white stuff trailing behind me. The same couple was eying me and smiling when I got to the table, and I’m assuming that they figured out what had happened during our disappearance into the hallway. At an earlier stage in my life (like 6 weeks ago), I would have been deeply embarrassed by that thought, but I now find it very exciting. I was shocked when I saw that it was 11:30. We had been in the storeroom much longer than I had thought.

I decided that it would be a good time to freshen up, so I excused myself and went to the ladies’ room. I’m glad that I did because I discovered that I had partially dried cum stuck to my face and chest (where his cock had rested when we were kissing), and that along with my very distended nipples are likely what the other couple had noticed. Once I had that cleaned up and my make up had been fixed I headed back to Jerome so we could move to the next phase of our evening. My nipples were still very erect, but there nothing that I could (or wanted to) do about that.

We finished our drinks at the table and I tried to carry on a conversation for another 30 minutes, but I was in a multiple orgasm-induced haze at that point. I really could only think about wild public sex. At least I had the presence of mind to pull up my skirt and sit on the seat with my bare ass. I didn’t want all of that cum to stain my dress, because it hadn’t occurred to me to clean my pussy while I was in the restroom. I knew that I wanted much more of his cock that evening and that we had largely exhausted the sexual possibilities in the nightclub, so I suggested that we leave and find some place more “private”. However, I left it to him to decide where that should be.

After Jerome paid the bar tab, we walked outside and headed up the street toward the parking garage. I assumed that he would be driving us to the “private” place, but I never asked him what he planned to do. Ever since our first encounter in the hotel, my pussy starts to tingle in elevators, and I hoped that we would at least get to do something, even it wasn’t full-blown fucking, on the way up to the roof of the garage.

He did pull up my skirt and squeeze my ass while we waited for the elevator. However, as luck would have it, another couple showed up just before the door opened. They probably saw my ass but I really didn’t care. Jerome and I entered the elevator first and the other couple stood in front of us with their backs to us. After the door closed, I felt Jerome’s right hand start to quietly pull down the zipper on my dress. Once that action was completed, he reached up and untied my top (he held the ties so that the dress didn’t fall off)—I felt a huge grin cross my face because I knew (or at least hoped) that I was going to get fucked in the elevator. The anticipation was causing pussy juice and the remaining cum from our storeroom encounter to run down my leg. I reached my left hand back and confirmed that Jerome’s staff was at attention again.

Luckily, the other couple got off on the second floor (of five), and we were finally alone. As soon as the door closed, Jerome let my dress drop to the floor, pushed me forward against the wall, pulled out his cock and rammed it into my pussy. The walls were reflective (but not fully mirrored), and I could see him standing behind me pumping my cunt while my tits were swinging wildly. I was on fire. The elevator was slow but it didn’t take too long for us to reach the top. After the doors opened (no one was waiting there fortunately), he shifted his body into the opening so they wouldn’t close again. He continued to fuck me for a minute or so before he decided that we should leave or someone might question why the elevator car was stuck at the top floor. I was very close to cumming, but I didn’t quite get there before his cock left me. I was disappointed but understood. I picked up my dress and remained nude (just shoes) while I followed him about 50 feet to the car. His rigid cock was still sticking out of his pants and I could see it glistening with my juices in the dim light. I also noticed that his car was in full view of the elevator. There were no other cars on the parking deck, but you never know if someone might show up. It was nearly 90 degrees in Atlanta that night so it was a perfect time for public nudity.

When we reached his SUV, he pushed me back against the door and we started to perform a repeat of the action from the hallway at the bar. I tossed my dress to the side and proceeded to remove Jerome’s pants. For the next few minutes, I stroked and occasionally sucked on his cock while he fingered my pussy, pinched and twisted my hard nipples (I have started to like it now) and kissed my neck. All of this pushed me to a level where I told him that I needed to be fucked again.

Jerome led me about 20 feet over to the wall at the edge of the garage (about three feet high). He pushed me down so that my tits were mashed against the cement and my head was over the side. He teased me for an eternity by rubbing the head of his cock from the entrance of my pussy to my asshole and back several times. Just when I thought he would do it again, he buried his entire shaft in my pussy in one motion. He held it there for a moment and then started to twist it around in a circular motion. I knew that I was outside (I was actually looking down at the street and at the buildings around us) and could probably be heard by someone, but I could not stop squealing and moaning loudly. He then started pumping me very hard, and I suddenly had my delayed orgasm.

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