mulitple partners

When Sian arrived for work on a warm Saturday afternoon, she was surprised to see Tara there. She was working with Beth today, Tara didn’t often work on Saturday. She soon explained though that she had decided to leave. She had found a new man and wanted to concentrate on him rather than working in the house.

Sian was disappointed to see her leave but could understand why she felt she had to go. Tara had been heartbroken when her previous bloke had left her and wasn’t going to risk it happening again.

Tara said her goodbye’s and left, leaving them back to just 3 girls working. Sian felt a bit sad that she had gone, it had taken her a while to get to know Tara, but they had gone on to be good friends.

The next job would now have be finding a new girl. Sian wasn’t prepared to go back to working flat out like they used to. Now Ross was also earning from running the house, she had enjoyed working almost part time.

They put an advert in some local papers, and also on their new Internet site, hoping to find someone sooner rather than later.

Sian checked the website the next day and already had a reply. It was from a girl called Kirsty. She explained that she had moved to the North East from Brighton 6 months ago and hadn’t had any luck finding work.

She was a pretty, slim girl with a lovely pair of tits and long dark hair. She was about 30 and although she had no experience as a working girl, Sian had no doubt she would be a hit.

Kirsty agreed to take the job on was plunged in head first to cover or Tara the next day. She was quite glad really as she didn’t have time to get stressed about it.

On the Monday, Kirsty was working with Sian. The morning was quiet as usual with only a couple of Sian’s regulars coming in. About 2 hours into her first shift, Kirsty finally had her first client. He was about mid 40′s, average looks, build, everything. He picked Kirsty and paid for Oral without a condom, this simple job suited her for her first time.

The man was sitting naked at the end of the bed, ready to go. He didn’t seem to want to hang around.

“Keep your underwear on.” He told her. “I like you in that.”

Kirsty did as he asked, joining him on the bed, starting to stroke his cock and kiss him. The man pulled away from her kiss, he seemed to want no other contact with her apart from with his cock. Kirsty didn’t like the feeling but knew this came with the territory. She made up her mind to get this finished as soon as she could.

Kirsty took his stiffening cock in her hand and began to wank him. This finally started to relax him, he now laid back and let Kirsty pleasure him. She took the head of his now rock hard cock in her mouth, alternating between soft, teasing motion on his tip, then swallowing his length right down to his pubic bone. Kirsty had always been proud of her ability to deep throat a man, he was loving it.

Within a minute of this attention the man let out a relieved grunt and released his hot load into Kirsty’s mouth. She swallowed every drop, even though she knew he hadn’t paid any extra to do this. Her first job was done, it hadn’t been bad at all, a little cold maybe, but ok.

The rest of the day passed quickly for Kirsty. She saw about 6 more clients, mainly just wanting the basic personal service, so it hadn’t been a bad day for her. She earned £100 too which would also help.

On her next shift, Kirsty would get to meet a couple of the house’s more perverted clients. Her first customer of the day was a regular man in his late 30′s. He was delighted to see they had a new girl in, and booked her for the whole hour. He wanted an anything goes service & paid the £150 requested.

For the first few minutes, Kirsty massaged the naked man, just making small talk while she did. When she turned him over, he already had an erection, his 7″ cock looking like it was in need of her attention. Kirsty got in place, between his legs and started to suck him. She gave him her best, keeping eye contact with him as she sucked and licked his cock and balls.

“Will you rim me?” The man asked her.

“No problem.” Kirsty replied. “I’ve never done that before though so you’ll have to tell me if I’m no good.”

Kirsty licked around his balls, and down his perineum as he lifted his legs up. She then started to swirl her tongue around the outside of his hole, making him groan as she did. If Kirsty had been worrying about how it would taste, she wasn’t now. The man was very clean, she was enjoying this.

Kirsty began to probe more deeply now, gently penetrating his hole with her tongue. She could see his cock twitching as she tongued him, so started to wank him. As Kirsty delved deeper into his arse with her tongue, his breathing became heavier. After a short while, the man shouted out and came, firing bolt after bolt of hot come over his own chest and stomach. Kirsty then moved back to his tip, sucking the last of his come and swallowing it.

“I hope that was ok?!” Kirsty joked with him.

The man just smiled as he caught his breath.

For the next 5 minutes the pair chatted, small talk again, passing the time until he was ready to go again. It turned out that he came here every other week, liking to alternate between the girls for variety. He was a really nice bloke, and quite good looking, Kirsty was enjoying this.

The pair then began to kiss and touch each other again, she could feel his cock coming slowly back to life.

“Would you like to go down on me?” Kirsty asked him.

“I’d love to.” He replied. “Can I lick your arsehole too?”

“Course you can darling.” She reassured him. “You can do what you want with it.”

If the man wasn’t fully erect before, he was now. The promise of anal sex had him ready to go again.

Kirsty laid down on her back, spreading her legs wide for him. The man wasted no time getting down to eating her wet pussy. He knew what he was doing, making Kirsty moan gently as he licked her. She then turned over, arching her back slightly to allow him access to her arsehole.

The man kissed her bum cheeks, squeezing them as he did. He teased her with his tongue now, flicking it up and down her crack, without ever touching her hole. When he finally did, he went back to rubbing her pussy while he probed her arse. Kirsty was now hanging onto the bed, screaming, knowing she was going to come soon. The man continued to probe her arse with his tongue, and sensing the moment she was about to come, he buried his face in her bum, pushing his tongue in as far as her could while she writhed and came.

Kirsty had to ask him to stop for a moment now, she was too sensitive to carry on for a moment. While she calmed down, she put a condom on for the man, applying a generous amount of lubricant to his cock, then her arsehole.

She laid down on her front again, presenting her arse to him. Kirsty felt the familiar twinge of pain as the tip of his cock entered her tight hole. She soon got used to the feeling of his cock, he wasn’t too big, and gave her a nice feeling of fullness.

The man gradually built up speed, fucking her slowly at first but getting harder and faster as he did. Kirsty started to play with her clit as the man was now slamming his cock into her. She screamed when she came, feeling her anus contract around his cock, he still didn’t come.

“You’ll have to stop now.” Kirsty told him after about 10 minutes. She was starting to get sore down there now.

“Why don’t you wank off over my face?” She continued.

“I’d love to.” The man replied with a filthy grin. “Can I piss on you after that? And would you do the same to me?”

“Course I will.” Kirsty replied. She had long had a bit of a thing for watersports, having been introduced to this by a dirty older lover she’d once had.

“It’ll cost you another £50 though.” She added, remembering this was work, not pleasure.

The man reached into his wallet and pulled out the cash, handing the 5 folded notes to Kirsty. She lead them to the bathroom and knelt in the bath with the man standing over her.

“Come on then, give me your spunk.” She said to him. “Cover my face in it, I love it.”

The man was speeding up now as he wanked, Kirsty was playing with herself again, and was really getting carried away now.

“Wank that big cock harder.” Kirsty told him. “I need to see you come, feel it all over my face. I’m a dirty whore, I love it.”

The man was now approaching orgasm, her dirty talk was doing the trick. Just as he was about to come, Kirsty lubricated her middle finger, reached between his legs, and inserted it into his arse. The man gave a great shocked yelp and promptly came. Given that it was his 2nd orgasm within an hour, he came a massive amount. Kirsty kept her finger in his bum, pressing on his prostate as his semen poured out over her face and down her chest. She was covered by the time he’d finished.

“Jesus.” He exclaimed. “That was fucking amazing. No-one has ever done that to me before.”

“Men love it.” Kirsty told him. “I’ve met a few that hated the thought, but loved it when I actually did it!”

“I’d certainly try it again!” He said.

“I think I need cleaned off now.” Kirsty said to him with a dirty grin on her face. “Time for my shower!”

The man waited for a few seconds then felt his warm flow start to trickle out. He aimed it at her tits at first, before testing the water and moving up to her face. Kirsty didn’t flinch and just kept on masturbating. She kept her mouth and eyes shut, letting his warm stream cover her face and hair. She finally came as he finished, having washed her clean.

“That was fantastic too!” The man said. “I’ve only ever done it once before, I love it.”

“Do you want me to return the favour?” Kirsty asked him.

“Yes please.” He said. “That’s something I’ve never done.”

Kirsty helped him to lie in the bath and squatted over him. She held her pussy open so he could see her intimate parts as she let her stream of pee come. It washed over his chest, down his stomach and over his cock. He looked like he was in heaven.

They took a proper shower after, then Kirsty showed the man out. That had been a fantastic experience, one she would happily repeat time after time. She was loving the work at the house. The money was great, but she would also have to admit that the sex was fantastic too. It was perfect.

For the next couple of weeks, Kirsty worked 5 days a week on average. As Sian cut the amount of hours she worked, Kirsty was happy to increase hers. She was happy seeing a wide range of different men, doing lots of different things. A few of the men had little fetishes, like having her dressed up, light bondage and waterspouts. She had also seen the man she’d had her first great session with a couple of times, he had become her first regular.

Pete, as it turned out he was called, was a really nice bloke she thought. He always wanted to try really dirty stuff with her, but was always respectful to her. Kirsty was really getting to like him.

“Can I take you out for a drink?” Pete blurted out as they were getting dressed after their latest session. “I know you’ve probably got rules against seeing clients, or just don’t want to as I’m a sad case who pays for sex.”

“No. I’d like to.” Kirsty replied, sensing that he was nervous and waffling on. “Take my phone number, I’m not working this weekend if you want to give me a ring.”

Pete left with her phone number and a spring in his step, Kirsty too had a smile on her face. She hadn’t had a regular man for a couple of years now. She knew it might not come to anything, due to her line of work, but at least she wouldn’t have to have that awkward conversation explaining to him what she did for a living.

Pete did phone her on Friday night and arranged to meet her for a drink. They spent a nice evening chatting and drinking, before going back to his place for the night. It turned out that Pete was divorced and wasn’t really ready to settle down, but he was keen to keep on seeing her.

“Do you want to meet again next weekend?” Pete asked her as she got ready to leave for work on the Sunday morning.

“Yeah, I’d love to.” Kirsty agreed.

“I don’t know if you’d like to try anything like this, but I’d love to go dogging with you.” He asked.

Kirsty thought for a few seconds. She had once been with a few men in a local park when she lived in Brighton, so it wasn’t something she had no experience of.

“Ok.” She replied. “Why not.

“Great.” Said Pete. “I’ve always fancied trying these things but never found anyone who would try it.”

Kirsty thought about it on her way to work. She knew that while he clearly liked her, he was just looking for someone to live out loads of his fantasies. She knew it probably wouldn’t last with him once he’d tried everything out, but why not enjoy it while she could, the company and sex would be nice now she was so far from home.

“I’ve found us a meet on Friday night if you can make it?” Said an excited Pete.

“Yeah, I can do that.” Kirsty said. “I’m off on Friday. What have you got in mind.”

“Well, it’s not a traditional dogging meet.” He continued. “Let’s leave it a surprise shall we? I promise you’ll like it!”

“Ah, you can’t tell me that!” Kirsty joked with him. “You can’t leave me hanging!”

“I’ll pick you up at 9pm Friday.” He said, hanging up before she could argue further.

Kirsty was excited. She had enjoyed those sessions she’d had in the park and was loving the though of trying something like that again.

The week dragged. Kirsty’s shifts seemed to last forever, and were pretty dull and straightforward compared to Pete. By the time Friday came, she was almost wet with anticipation just thinking about it.

Pete arrived a minute after 9. Once Kirsty was in the car, he gave her a loving kiss, then handed her a blindfold.

“Put this on.” He told her. “I don’t want you to see your surprise.”

Kirsty did as she was told, her hands trembling with nerves & excitement as she put it on. She had no idea how long they drove for, it seemed like miles. Pete kept chatting to her so she didn’t get nervous, Kirsty was just dying to find out what was in store.

Pete then stopped the car.

“I’ll be back in just a minute.” He told her as he got out, leaving the music on just loud enough to stop her hearing what he was saying.

Kirsty felt a twinge of fear at this stage. It dawned on her now what a vulnerable position she was in. Still, she trusted Pete, even though she hadn’t known him long.

“Right, we’re all set.” He said, leading her by the hand from the car. “Don’t worry, I won’t let any harm come to you.” He whispered reassuringly in her ear as they walked.

They went in through a door, Kirsty could sense it was lighter, she call also smell the strong smell of bleach. It smelt like a public toilet.

Pete opened a door and led her into a small cubicle and locked the door, then took her blindfold off. She was in a toilet cubicle, a larger one that looked like it was once a disabled toilet. She said nothing as she looked round, her eye then catching a strategically placed hole in the wall. She caught on, it was a gloryhole, that was the surprise!

“Look we can go if you don’t like this.” Pete said to her. “But after you told me about the things you used to do in the park, I thought you might like this!”

“I love it!” She replied. “I’ve seen this on videos before, course I’ll have a go.”

Pete gave a loud whistle, this was clearly the sign for the men to come in. Kirsty had no idea how many he had arranged, the excitement was killing her. She heard the door next to them go, and the shuffling of clothes, followed by the sight of a semi erect cock sticking through the hole.

Kirsty dropped to her knees and took the piece into her mouth. It felt so dirty, sucking a cock having never even seen the man’s face. Even she had never tried this before. He was soon fully hard, pushing as far through the hole as he could, allowing her to take more of his length.

Then without warning he came. Kirsty took the first couple of jets in her mouth before letting the rest go over her face and clothes. The cock quickly dissapeared, the door banging as he left. Kirsty looked up at Pete, who had a huge smile on his face and a video camera in his hand.

“Hope you don’t mind!” Pete said with a smile. “I couldn’t resist!”

“You’re a bad lad!” Kirsty replied, blowing him a kiss.

When she turned around, another cock was now sticking through the hole. This one was fairly small, but she gave it the same attention nonetheless. He didn’t take long either, coming after no more than a minute. Kirsty again took most of his load over her face, some now went in her hair and again over her clothes.

This went on for a good half an hour, a relentless flow of cocks being presented for her to use. She had lost count by now exactly how many she had done, it must have been into double figures now though. Not having cleaned up, Kirsty was looking a complete mess now. Her face, hair and clothes were saturated with semen by now.

Kirsty got up for a moment to stretch her legs, but there was another cock thrust through the hole. This one was a huge black member, possibly about 10″ long. She sunk to her knees again and started to pleasure this massive piece. This man lasted longer, but she continued to work on him for a good 5 minutes until he too came on her face.

The toilet finally went quiet, allowing Pete and Kirsty some time on their own. He lifted up Kirsty’s stained dress and pulled down her soaking knickers, bending her over the toilet. He started to lick at her soaking slit, she tasted divine, driven on by the lust of what they had done, Pete had her coming in no time. Kirsty’s legs buckled as she came, screaming aloud.

“Come on, we should get out of here.” Pete said to her. “Police sometimes do the rounds of these places.”

“But you haven’t come yet!” Kirsty said to him.

“That can wait.” Pete said to her. “We’ve got the whole night ahead of us yet……….”

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