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It had been a busy day. MaryJane Huffman, Mrs. Huffman, was glad to be home. She signaled and turned right into the lot and backed into her parking space. She was tired and happy to be finished with her shopping. She got out of the car, opened the trunk and bent over to gather the shopping bags. She stood up.

“You got the sweetest looking ass in the whole world.”

Damn, she thought, it was Harold’s voice. Harold McCarthy. What did he want?

“Very sweet,” he said.

“Thank you. Now go home. Leave me alone,” Mrs. Huffman said.

She really didn’t like this jerk. He had been a student in the English class she taught for graduating seniors at Holy Mother of God High School. He was crude, rude, disrespectful, and inattentive in class.

“I can’t understand why you aren’t more nice to me.,” he said in his nasal, whining voice, “I was just saying something nice to you.. You bend over in that tight skirt and show that cute booty. So I was just saying.”

“Ok, you said it. Now go. Leave me alone.”

” I could see the outline of your panties against your skirt. “

“Why are you here? Didn’t I ask you to leave? Do you want me to call the police?

“Hey, this is a free country. I can sit here if I want.”

MaryJane Huffman just glared at him. He disgusted her. He was such a jerk. “Ok, sit there. Just don’t talk to me any more. Don’t bother me.”

“Hey, at least let me help you with your packages.”

“No, thank you,” Mrs. Huffman said. “I can handle these packages myself.” She had been to Home Depot to pick up a new faucet set for her bathroom and she was carrying the Home Depot box along with a Save The Earth Recyclable bag full of groceries. She turned away from Harold and started walking towards her building.

“Why are you being so mean,” he shouted after her.

She ignored him.

She continued on towards her building, entered and continued up to her apartment. That greasy haired son of a bitch. She hated him. She hated his gawky, acne filled face. She hated the way he ogled her, leered at her.

She hated that he was one of the students who had been fucking her since the student Mardi Gras earlier this year. But that was all over now. MaryJane had retrieved the pictures they had of her. The blackmail was over. She put the groceries in the fridge and brought the Home depot box into the bathroom. “Oh, Shit,” the thought suddenly hit her, she had left her library books on the passenger seat of her car. “I had better run down and get them,” she said to herself.

She took a hurried glance around the lot as she left her building but didn’t see Harold.

As she was bent over, taking the books from the front passenger seat, she heard his voice again. “Yes, M’aam, you sure has the tightest, sweetest ass I ever did see.”

She ignored him and started back to the building.

“I was waiting. I knew you’d be back down to see me.”

MaryJane Huffman knew that to engage Harold McCarthy in discussion would be stupid, a big mistake. She continued towards the building.

“You know you couldn’t leave it go until you had another look at me.” Harold said in that insinuating tone of his.

She knew that she shouldn’t be arguing with this idiot, but she turned around anyway. “I came down to get my books. I forgot them. I certainly did not come down here to catch a glimpse of you.”

“Oh yeah. I seen you looking around the parking lot.”

“I was not looking for you. Grow up,” MaryJane said.

“I only wanted to talk with you about something. That’s all.”

“Say it,” she spit out.

“Ah, you know, I always liked you. I thought you was the best teacher in the whole school. And the prettiest too,” Harold said. He had that stupid smile on his face. She hated that smile.

“That’s it? That’s what you had to say, ok. You said it. Goodbye now”

“See? I say something nice and you just blow me off.”

“Harold,” MaryJane knew that attempting to reason with this boy was a useless endeavor, worse than useless. “You have no reason to be here. This is where I live. I didn’t invite you and I did ask you to leave.” Trying to talk sense to this boy was frustrating. “Ok, I let you say what you implied was something important and all you said was more of the lying nonsense you always say. You said it. I heard it. Ok. Leave.”

“Jaysus. I just try to be nice and look how you act.”

“You were not trying to be nice. You were….I don’t know what you were trying to accomplish.”

“Hey, Mrs. Huffman.”

“Look, just say goodbye and leave, ok.” MaryJane was holding the library books in her folded arms against her chest. They were getting heavy. She started to turn back to the building.

“Wait. Please. I really got to tell you something.”

MaryJane closed her eyes and exhaled a breath through her mouth. “Ok, say it, but hurry up, these books are heavy.” Her back was to her door. She was looking at Harry.

“Uh, it’s sort of private. You know.”

She looked around the lot they were standing in. “There is no one here, go on. Say what ever it is you need to say so badly. Now!” Her chest was rising and falling with each of the short breaths she was taking. She didn’t know if it was anger or what but she was unable to quiet the sound of her breathing through her nose.

“Not here. Stand by your car. You can put your books on the hood of the car,” he said, “and we can talk there.”

This is so dumb, MaryJane Huffman thought to herself. Why didn’t I just leave and go up to my room?

They were at the car and Harold reached over as if to take the books from her hand. He touched the back of her arm just below the shoulder. He held her there. “Stop that,” she almost shouted. “Take your hand off of me,” she said. Oh my God she thought. She couldn’t stand it for him to touch her with this filthy hand. The feel of his hand on her arm sent a shiver up her arm and across her chest. She started to put the books down on the hood of the car, but they began to slide down. She quickly grabbed them and opened the door of her car to put them back on the seat where they wouldn’t slide. She felt his heavy hand press against her back just above her waist. She could feel the heat from his hand through the fabric of her blouse. “Stop it!” she said as forcefully as she could. “Don’t touch me.”

Why was this happening to her? She couldn’t stop taking those short, shallow quick breaths. She could feel the nipples of her breasts harden as they brushed against the material of her bra. And Oh God, she could feel her cunt begin to moisten itself, her labia begin to part, her clitoris start to enlarge, push against its hood. Her legs felt weak.

She forced herself to keep her voice level as she spoke. “That is all. No more. I have things to do. I am going to my apartment. No more talk. Leave right now.” Her anger, at herself, at him, made it so hard for her to focus. She glared at him.

Fucking Harold, He just wouldn’t pay attention to her. He held his hand open in a pleading gesture. “Just one minute. We can talk in the car. Just one minute. I promise,” he said. He took the books Mrs. Huffman had put on the seat and moved them onto the floor. He scooted through the door and sat on the passenger side front seat of the car.

MaryJane stared at him, an exasperated look on her face. What to do? Angrily, she slammed his door closed and moved around to the other side of the car. She opened her door and slid in, closing the door after her. “Ok. We’re here. You wanted to talk here. We are here. Talk. But hurry. I have things to do.” She stared straight ahead through the front windshield of her car. She was going to put a stop to this now.

Mrs. Huffman felt his hand on her leg. Above her knee. Too high above her knee, just below her hip. He was holding her there, squeezing the soft flesh on the back of her thigh.

“I told you not to touch me,” she said.

Just as she finished saying that, she felt his other hand insinuate itself under her skirt and move against the inside of her thigh. She was too angry to react immediately, and his hand reached all the way up. His hand had slid under the elastic of her panties at the crotch. His finger was brushing against the furry bush covering her cunt and just touching the bottom of her labia.

“What are you doing?” she demanded.

“Hey, I’m not doing anything.”

“Get your hands out from under my dress.” MaryJane ordered.

“I’m just touching you. It feels so nice and warm there.”

“Move your hand,” she said.

“You’re wet.”

Dealing with this jerk was impossible. “Please take your hand away from me. If I’m wet, it’s none of your business.”

But he didn’t take his hand away. Instead, he slipped two fingers into her wet cunt.

“Didn’t I tell you to stop that?”

He injected his finger deeper into her cunt. She couldn’t stop her cunt juices from making her even wetter. Oh my God, she thought. What could she do?

His thumb was pressing against her clit. His fingers continued their invasion of her cunt.

MaryJane put her hand under her skirt and grabbed Harold by the wrist. She pulled his hand out from her cunt and from under her skirt. “Didn’t I tell you to take your hand away from me?” she asked.

“Why are you so mean?”

This conversation was going nowhere. “Why are you touching me when I asked you not to?”

“Come on, Mrs. Huffman, you know you love it.”

“I do not!” Why couldn’t she just slap him, order him out of the car, get him to leave? Why didn’t she just get out of the car? She couldn’t slow her breathing. “Please. Just say whatever it was that you thought was so important to tell me. And then get out of this car.”

He slipped his finger back under her skirt and pressed against her cunt.

“Please, please, stop, stop, stop” she breathed.

He lifted the elastic band at the top of her leg and put two of his fingers into her cunt again.

“Oh, please,” she said but slightly separated her legs. She threw her head back against the head rest. “Please, please, please,” she said as he began swirling his fingers inside her cunt. “I don’t want this to be happening; we have to stop,” she said.

“Don’t worry about nothing.” Harold reversed his hand so that it was palm up and he reached to the front of her cunt inside of her clit. Using his fingers, he pressed from inside her against the bone beneath her clit.

MaryJane separated her knees just a little bit more. Her head was thrown back. Her stomach contracted. The skin on the inside of her thighs felt red hot. His fingers. His fingers, they didn’t stop moving.

“No!” she shouted at him. “Stop.”

He changed hands. He pulled the hand that had invaded her cunt away from under her skirt but replaced it with two fingers from his other hand.

Oh, he was just disgusting. She was staring at him with a look of complete hatred. He held the fingers that had been in her cunt next to his nose and inhaled deeply. “Smells good,” he said. He put the fingers in his mouth. “Tastes good,” he added.

MaryJane Huffman sat back against her seat, her legs spread, her breathing quick and loud. She felt it almost impossible to move. She looked at Harold from the corner of her eyes. He was looking down, intent on his fingers’ movement. He looked up and gave her one of his ugly leering smiles. She hated this! She couldn’t stop the feeling rushing through her legs.

The sound of a car entering somewhere in the lot snapped her out of the trance she was in.. It was at the far end of the lot from where her car was parked.

She sat up. Someone might see her like this. She once again held on to his wrist and pulled his hand away from under her skirt. “We have to stop. No more,” she said. “I said no more,” she raised her voice. She pushed him and his back hit the door on his side of the car.

“Hey, ouch. That hurt,” he said.

MaryJane straightened her skirt. She had allowed things to go way too far. But they would end now. “I said no more, and I meant no more. No more. You are a disgusting boy and I can’t stand being near you. Leave me alone.”

His mouth gaped open. He looked at her in complete surprise.

She opened the door on her side and escaped from the car. Still breathing heavily, she stood outside the car, trying to calm down. When Harold began to exit from his side, she slammed her door shut and began walking back to her building.

“Hey, Mrs. Huffman, wait. Wait.”

She ignored him. She walked a little faster.

“Mrs. Huffman. Hey, Mrs. Huffman, you forgot your books.” He was hurrying towards her. He was carrying the library books she had left in the car.

She was standing with her back to the door of her building. “Here, give them too me.”

“They’re heavy. Let me carry them up for you,”

“I told you I didn’t want anything to do with you. Give me the books.”

“I don’t get you,” Harold whined. A minute ago you were ready to cum from me finger fucking you and now you hate me.”

“I hated you then. I hate you now. Give me the books and go away.”

“Gee, Mrs. Huffman, I’m just trying to be nice, trying to help you. Let me carry the books upstairs for you. Please.”

“Give me the books. Give me the books and go away.” The memory of his finger in her cunt made her want to scream.

“They really are heavy. I just want to be nice. I just want to help,” his whinny voice wouldn’t stop.

She couldn’t stay here arguing with him all afternoon. He was carrying the armful of books. It looked innocent enough. “Ok,” she said, “you can carry the books upstairs for me. But that’s all. When you’ve carried them upstairs, you go. All right?” Her breathing started to quicken again, and she turned around to open the door before he could see.

She didn’t want to wait for the elevator with him next her, so they headed for the stairs. She could hear him trudging up just behind her. She knew, she could feel his eyes looking at her backside as he followed her up the stairs to her third floor apartment.

They were standing at the door to her apartment. She opened the door and waited for him to hand over the books.

“Let me carry them in,” he said, “They’re real heavy.”

“Just put them on the table here,” she said. She pointed to the end table next to the door. She hated him. She could see his boner tenting his pants out in front of him

Harold put the books down, but before she could say anything, order him out of the apartment, he kicked the door shut with the heel of his shoe, pushed her against the door and put his mouth against hers.

“Stop,” she tried to say, but as she opened her mouth, he stuck his tongue inside her mouth. She tried to push him away, but his body pressed against hers. She could feel the length of his prick press against her leg. His hand was once again under her skirt. This time he reached behind and tugged at her panties, pulling them down in their back past the swell of her ass. He was bending his knees up and down, rubbing his erection against her leg. “What are you doing?” she asked.

“C’mon,” he said. “Come on, Mrs. Huffman, you know you want it.” His prick was pushing against her cunt now. His hand was up against her chest and was rubbing her tits.”

“You promised. You said you would leave when you brought the books up.”

“Come on. You can’t just stop like this. I’ll get blue balls.”

“Fuck you and your blue balls. I can’t do this anymore. You said you would stop,” she repeated. Why, why did she let herself get in this situation, she asked herself.

“Aw, just a little bit. Just a little bit more,” he said, his prick pressing against her cunt, his hands brushing against her tits. His tongue reentered her mouth.

She could feel the juices start to run in her pussy again. Her panties were still hanging half down off of her ass. All of this was heading for somewhere and that somewhere was not anyplace good.

Mary Jane pushed him away just far enough so that she was able to grab his wrist. She pulled him into the kitchen and sat him down on the kitchen stool. “Look, let’s be calm about this. You promised me you would leave when we got to my apartment. You promised.”

“Yeah, but, jaysus, Mrs. Huffman, you’re so hot! Damn it. Your ass, when I followed you up the stairs. You can’t blame me for wanting to fuck you.” He stood up. “Look,” he said, he glanced down at the front of his pants where his erection tented through his pants pointing straight out at her.

This can’t be happening, MaryJane thought to herself. “I don’t have time. I have too many things to do. Leave,” she told him. “Please.”

“Come on,” he said, just a little fuck.”

She looked over at the desk where he had dropped the books. She could have brought them up. They weren’t that heavy. “I do not want to fuck you,” she said, enunciating every word slowly.

“You said it,” Harold shouted. “You said it.”

MaryJane Huffman looked puzzled. “What? What did I say?”

“You said it, Fuck. Fuck you said. Jeff said you never said it. He said you only say,’have sex.’ Like you never use that word fuck.”

Oh my God, MaryJane thought. Why do I even get in these conversations.

“Come on, Mrs. Huffman, let’s fuck.”

She couldn’t take anymore of his whinning, “I don’t have time. Look. Just go. I have too many things to do.”

“I just want a fuck.”


“Just a fuck. Jaysus, you did all of us just last week at Jeff’s cabin.”

“That was a mistake. You were blackmailing me.”

“Come on Mrs. Huffman, you loved it.”

Was there anyway she could get rid of this pest? She had to do something.

She reached down and pulled on the zipper of his pants. His fly opened. She reached in and grabbed his prick into her hand. It was thin. And long. Purple.

“Damn you, what do you want?” she said. “Do you want me to jack you off?” She felt disgusted at herself. She was holding his erect prick in her hand. What was she doing? Underneath her skirt, she could feel the elastic of her panties underneath the globe of her behind, pressing against the lower lips of her cunt. She had no idea of what was going to happen next. “Do you want me to jack you off?”

He didn’t say anything.

“What do you want to get out of here?” she demanded.

He still said nothing.

“Do you want me to give you a blow job?”

He continued his silence but grabbed her hand and led her a few feet into the hallway. “Where’s your bedroom?” he said.

Helplessly, she gestured with her chin to the door to her bedroom. He held onto her hand and walked to the room she had pointed out, pulling her along with him. MaryJane wondered if she had made the bed that morning.

He kicked open the door of the bedroom and she followed him in.

“So this is your bedroom,” he said. Genius.

He looked at the television set. “You got any porn?” he asked.

“No,” she said. “Look, why don’t you just leave? It’s late. I have things to do.”

“Nah. We’re going to fuck,” he said. He unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. His skinny chest was totally without allure to her. Below his belly button, his fly was still undone, his prick still standing out from his body.

What could she do? MaryJane unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. She watched as he dropped his pants and sat on her bed, taking his boxer shorts off. She sighed, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Her panties were still up, covering her bushy cunt though they were down in the back below the curve of her ass. It was sort of sexy, she thought. She kept her panties on. He lay down, stretched out on the bed, his penis pointing straight up towards the ceiling. He was still wearing his socks. She stood where she was at the side of the bed for a few seconds. She took a deep breath. “Ok,” she said, but we have to be quick. I haven’t got all night.” She climbed up onto the bed.

“Suck my prick, first,” he said. He pushed himself back, his head against the headboard, to give her more room.

She bent over and looked down at his prick. She could smell a stale aroma, sweat mixed with a bit of unwashed whatever around his scrotum. “Did you masturbate earlier?” she could detect dried cum on his stomach.

“Nah, that’s from last night,” he said. “Come on, suck it,” he repeated.

She took a deep breath, opened her mouth and dropped her face unto the head of his cock. She wet the tip of the head with her tongue and then opened wide and sank her face all the way down on the shaft until her lips pressed against the hair at its base. Mrs. Huffman began to suck his cock in earnest. Her tongue ran up and down its length. She ran her tongue around his prick’s thickness. She inhaled the dank smell from his groin, inhaling deeply, letting the heavy sour smell fill her nostrils and mingle with the acrid taste of his cock in her mouth. She held the base of his cock between her thumb and forefinger. She pulled in her cheeks to create a vacuum around his cock, all the while wildly tonguing his cock. She felt his hands on the back of her head, pushing down, keeping her head down, her mouth against his groin. She sucked hard, working to stop from gagging.

“You the best, Mrs. Huffman,” she could hear Harold saying above her.

“Mmmmf,” she replied, his prick pressing against her tongue, its head at the back of her mouth keeping her from speaking.

“You love it, don’t you, sucking cock, I mean.” He continued to press his hands down against the back of her head. No, she didn’t love it, she thought. It wasn’t too bad, but she didn’t love it. Maybe she didn’t mind it. Maybe she liked it a little. It was doing what she had imagined and thought about doing for years until she had gotten married. Her tits hanging down, her nose full of his reeking odor, she thought she could get a whiff of shit from his ass hole as she sucked away. This was dirty. It made her feel dirty. Used. And it was oddly arousing. She knew her cunt was leaking juice. Her panties were still half on and MaryJane maneuvered her body down on the bed, turning so she managed to press her clit against his leg. That was a little better. She concentrated on her sucking. Her eyes, just inches from his lower stomach, stared at the pimply skin there, memorizing each hair, each fold of the skin. She breathed in the musk odor. It was all so intense. And it was dirty. But she didn’t love it. She definitely didn’t love it. Well, maybe she enjoyed being proud of how well she was able to suck cock.

She continued sucking his long thin stick of a prick, bobbing her head up and down, feeling her cunt get wetter, feeling her clit swell in its shell. Yes, you could say she enjoyed it.

Suddenly, her concentration was broken by a sound from above. It was Harold. She had been so intent of sucking his prick that she had forgotten whose cock it was she was sucking.

“Hey, wait up a minute. Hey, Mrs. Huffman, give it a rest for a minute. Let’s fuck.” But she was in a rhythm now, so she didn’t stop her tending to his cock. She kept right on sucking.

He put his hands on her forehead and pushed upwards while he pulled his hips away from her face, freeing his prick from her mouth.

She stayed as she was, her face now just above his leg. She looked above at his smiling face against the bed’s headboard.

“I’m ready to fuck now,” he said. His smile was so ugly. He lay down on his back. His prick, glistening wet from her saliva had grown more stiff while she had sucked it. It was pointing straight up from his body.

He wanted to fuck? Ok, she wanted to fuck too. she moved up on the bed. What to do? She straddled his body, her legs bent at the knees. She lifted her body and lined her cunt up above his prick, The lips of her labia were already parted, but she used her fingers to open them wider and then she slid her cunt down slowly to swallow his long stand-up cock. She wouldn’t admit it, but it felt so good to fill her cunt with his cock. She felt the wet sides of her cunt grip tight on his prick. She moved up and down, pushing with her knees, to engulf his prick and let it up. Up and down, slow at first and then faster as she watched his face. That stupid, smug, satisfied smile stayed plastered on his face. She glanced over at the dresser mirror to her left and saw her own image there. Her face, as it always looked during sex, was slack, untensed, at ease, lost in some far away place. She shifted her body so that his prick hit inside her cunt just below her clit as she moved up and down. Her cunt muscles held his prick tight inside, Her wet pussy lips slid easily up and down. MaryJane felt her orgasm approaching until, with a shudder, it hit the inside of her cunt and spread out from there in a shudder through her whole body. “Oh my God, Oh, my God,” she muttered. “Oh my God.”

“Hey, You came. You came, Mrs. Huffman.”

She didn’t answer. She remained squatting above his body. Her cunt was impaled by his prick. She started to move up and down again. Slowly. It did feel good. Below her, stupid Howard began to move his pelvis in rhythm to her movement. Oh, it did feel good, she had to admit to herself. She closed her eyes so as not to see that smile on his face and began to increase the speed of her up and down movements. She began to gyrate her pelvis at the same time, all the while keeping his cock pressuring against her clit.

“Hey, wait a minute.” Harold’s whinny voice intruded suddenly as she neared another orgasm. What did he want?

“I want to fuck you,” he said. “Get off of me. You lay down. Let me get on top.”

She moved off of him and cross the bed. She looked around. For a second she had lost it. Where had she been? Not here. This was her bedroom. She saw the dresser, the pictures on the wall, her clock radio. The television. Oh God, the curtain hadn’t been closed. For a second she had been lost in the sex. She had forgotten where she was, who she was with. But it was Harold. She lay flat on the bed.

She felt him next to her. He pushed her head down. She lay there, her arms and legs open. He lay down atop her. His prick slipped into her wet cunt. He began fucking her.

She lay there. He pumped up and down, his prick down and in, up and out of her pussy.

Why had she allowed this to happen? She wasn’t the boy’s whore. Why did she let him push his way into her apartment? Why was she letting him fuck her like this?

Oh, but his prick sent little electric shocks up and down and around the walls of her cunt. Her excited clit jerked in its hood at its own quick rhythm. Oh God, his fucking her felt so good. She couldn’t concentrate on anything but on how her cunt was feeling. Maybe she should have been more forceful downstairs. Maybe she should have sent him away. He was such a jerk. This wasn’t the first time she was so stupid, the first time she let her cunt do her thinking for her. He was going to tell the others about this, she knew. Oh, and they wouldn’t leave her alone either. They hadn’t so far but they were going call her, to bother her to come to the cabin again tomorrow. She wouldn’t go. She had destroyed the pictures. They wouldn’t be able to force her. Oh, she hated feeling as if she was responsible for all of this. Above her, Harold began to quicken the pace of his fucking. Oh, why did it feel so good? She wrapped her legs around his and held her arms around his body, pulling him as tight as she could close to her body. Then, the noises began, the noises that started in her stomach and rose from there to her throat and finally to fill the room, groans, moans, yells, yelps, purrs and loud encouragements. She was such a whore. She loved it. “Come on, young man, pound it to me. Yeah, give it to me. Yes, yes, yes,” her voice rang out as Harold continued his labors above and into her. Oh, Oh, she was going to cum again. She was going to come again.

She came again.

Oh fuck. That one was a good one. It was so good. She was still feeling the shivers from the orgasm she had just had. The tip of her nipple was hot. Hard. Oh boy, her body sure did feel good, She pulled her arms tighter around his body and held him even tighter. She opened her mouth and began to use her tongue to lick the sweat off his chest. It tasted bitter, sweet nectar, so fine. He was fucking her good now, up and down, hard, and quick. Until finally after at least ten minutes like that, he, too, came.

He rolled off of her and lay stretched out on the bed. Fucked out as much as he was, she lay exhausted next to him, her legs still wound around his thighs.

Ok, that was good. But it was over. Now she had to get him out of here. But first, she just lay there quietly gathering her energy and feeling her cum-filled cunt so satisfied.

Harold finally broke the silence. “You know, Mrs. Huffman, you sure are one great fuck.”

She was sure he meant that as a compliment. As a matter of fact, she was one hell of a fuck. She realized that. She had really let go. If only he wasn’t such a dork. If only he wasn’t so fucking stupid. If only he wasn’t so scrawny and dirty and just such a jerk. But he was all those things. And he just kept on showing up whenever he wanted and she was unable to send him away. Right now, though, she didn’t need him anymore. She raised up on one arm and looked over at him.

“Hey, Mrs. Huffman, I’d love for you to pose for me. You know, spread your legs, pull your cunt lips open. You’d look great bent over on your knees, ass up in the air. Man I’d love to get some pictures of your snatch to hang on my wall. Your ass too; it’s the best.”

She wasn’t sure if he meant that as a compliment. Pictures of her vagina taken by him was sort of hot in its own dirty way and her clit and twat were sort of tingly at the suggestion; but oh no, she knew what happened last time someone took a picture. It wasn’t going to happen again.

“Hey, Mrs. Huffman, Clay said you got a dildo and a vibrator stashed here in your bedroom. Can I see it?”

He was taking this post coital relaxed mood just a little bit too far. “No you can’t see it. And if Clay did happen to see something he thought was a dildo or a vibrator, then he shouldn’t have said anything at all.

Harold had that real wide stupid ass smile on his face. “He told us that you gave him a blowjob in the shower. Could I get one of those too?”

Did any of those boys know how to keep his mouth shut? Did she have no secrets among them? She wondered how Clay knew about the dildo. He must have been peeking around her bedroom while she was visiting the toilet or something. And what right did he think he had to spread the word around about that? Or the shower? She would never have anything to do with any of them again. They couldn’t blackmail her anymore. They could not make her. Why had she let her pussy do her thinking for her this time with Harold? He was an 18 year old dolt, and he had just spent the last hour and half fucking her on her bed. And she was pretty sure he would be announcing details of this latest fuck to his pals as soon as he was ought of here. She was so stupid. And he was such a crud. Not even a thank you when it was over, not that she had thanked him.

“Hey, Mrs. Huffman, you going to the cabin tomorrow? The guys really hoped you’ll show.”

“No way, Jose. You guys blackmailed me into having sex last week. They promised no sex and look what happened. No way am I going to go to that cabin again.”

“Hey, nobody there would do anything to you. You know, we all think you’re the best teacher we ever had. Hey, we love you, Mrs. Huffman. “

“Look,” she said. “I let you wheedle your way into this apartment and then when you walk in here, you assault me and we end up having sex. Ok. I don’t want to make an issue of it, but it isn’t going to happen anymore. Do you understand. No more taking advantage of me!”

“You know, Mrs. Huffman. You know, you can be real mean sometimes except I know you really don’t mean it..

MaryJane Huffman couldn’t believe it. She was laying naked on her bed next to an equally naked (except for his socks) former student who she hated. She had to get him out of there before he (or she) got to thinking about sex again. She really had to make sure that none of those guys got near her again.

Oh fuck, he was playing with his flaccid prick and it was starting to get hard again. “Hey, no more,” she shouted at him. Time to go. Time for you to get out of here. I got things to do.”

Harold was a lot easier to handle after sex. He got off the bed and began to get dressed. He looked around for is clothing, couldn’t seem to find it all, but finally got on what he needed and ran his fingers through his hair. “Ok, I’m good to go,” he said. She, still naked, walked him to the door, refused his goodbye kiss and locked the door after he left.

Mrs. Huffman returned to the bedroom. The bed was a mess. It was all crumbled up. His hair had left grease marks where his head had lain and there was a small pool of cum in the middle of the bed where it had spilled from her cunt. On the floor she spotted his boxer shorts. He had evidently forgotten the underwear in his hurry to get out of there. She picked the shorts up to throw in the hamper or the garbage but, on second thought, decided to hold on to the not too clean boxer shorts. She sat on her bed, thought for a moment, got up, found her dildo in its drawer, and returned to the bed. She lay back down. MaryJane held his dirty drawers to her nose, inhaled its aroma and inserted the big black dildo in her wet pussy. She had to admit it. She was a slut. She pulled the cover over her head. The smell of his cum, her cum, their sweat and his dirty underwear filled her world. She fell asleep with the dildo inside her.

********************* Friday evening, Mrs. Huffman was returning to her apartment, when, once again, she saw Harold McCarthy waiting near her parking space. She backed her car in and got out. “Why are you here? What do you want?” she demanded of him as he strode towards her. “I told you that last night was it, the last time. I don’t want to see you again. Go away!”

“Hey, wait a minute. No reason for you to get in a big huff,” Harold said. “I’m not going to bother you. I just wanted to know if you was going to the get together at Jeff’s lodge.”

“Dammit, I told you yesterday. I am not going. I do not want to have anything to do with any of you anymore. Nothing. Nada. Finished. Go.”

“You know, Mrs. Huffman, you don’t have to be so mean about it. I mean, the boys were really looking forward to seeing you again. They had a big surprise planned for you when you got there. You know we all think you’re the greatest, the best teacher we ever had. We love you.”

“Yeah, a big surprise, I bet. Look, I am not interested in any big surprise they had planned for me. I am not interested in seeing you or them ever again. I definitely am not going to go to their get together tonight. So go right now. Leave. Leave me alone!” MaryJane was adamant about this. She was not going to let her libido take over and make her do stupid again.

He just stood there.

“Did you hear me? Leave. Get out of here. Don’t bother me anymore!”

Harold looked at her with the most woebegone expression on his face.

“What, what is it?” she asked.

“I don’t know how to ask,” he said.

“Well then, don’t,” and she turned around and started to walk away from him and towards her building.

“Wait. Mrs. Huffman, please. Wait just a second.”

She knew better than to respond to his plea, but she turned around anyway. She looked at him. She waited for him to say something.

“I need a big favor,” he finally blurted out.

“A big favor? Well, I am not the person to do you that favor. But ask anyway,” she added. She was curious.

“It’s not such a big favor. And you owe me anyhow,” he said.

“I owe you?”

“Yeah. I got home late last night and my dad was really pissed. And he wouldn’t let me have the car tonight. And I need a ride to the cabin.”

“What has that got to do with me?”

“Well, it was sort of your fault I was late,” Harold answered. “And I sort of thought that maybe you would be going to the get-together at the cabin. And I thought that maybe you could let me ride along.”

“I told you I wasn’t going. Now leave me alone.”

“Aw, I really do need the ride,” he said. “It’s our last get-together. We’re all going away to college after the summer. We won’t be seeing each other anymore. Please.”

“I don’t care. I told you I wasn’t going. I am not interested in seeing any of you. Not for this get together or for this surprise or even at any other time. So just get out of here. Leave! Let me be.”

“Gee, Mrs. Huffman. This is my last chance to see the guys. You were alright with me last night. I mean, you did get off. Plenty. And you do sort of owe me for that.”

She just glared at him

“Well, maybe just a little bit,” he said. “Ok, maybe not. But, please, Mrs. Huffman, I really do need the ride. It’s only maybe a half hour. Please.”

“I did tell you I didn’t want anything to do with anyone of you again, didn’t I?”

“I really need the ride. I’m really desperate. Please.”

MaryJane Huffman knew she needed to just turn around, go to her building, and forget all about Harold, his friends and the ‘get together.’ But, she didn’t know why, she didn’t turn around.

He saw his chance. “I promise. I swear on my mother. I swear to God. I promise, I’ll never bother you again. Just this once. I’ll never come here to your place again. I’ll be good. I swear. Just, please, give me this one ride. This one time.”

Could she be as dumb as she was thinking of being? She really didn’t want to give him the ride. She didn’t want to be anywhere near the rest of the boys and their innocent get together and their surprises.

She hoped she wouldn’t be sorry. “All right. You promise. You swore on your mother that you would never bother me again. Ok, I’ll give you the ride. But I am not going to go in there. Just a ride to the cabin. That’s it. I will not be going in. Do you understand?

“Yes, yes. I understand. Oh, thank you. Thank you, Mrs. Huffman. I’ll owe you forever.”

He got into the car. She got in on her side, started the car and began the drive to the cabin. Neither said anything. Finally he opened his mouth. “Ok if I put on the radio? It’s boring without talking.” She hit the button. NPR came on. “What’s that,” he said. “Jesus, you listen to that?” She shut the radio off. He gave her a sideways look.

After a while he spoke again. “You can get there a little bit faster if you make a turn at the next stop sign.”

“This way is fine,” she said. Her voice was terse.

“Ok, but a left at the sign would save at least five minutes.”

She didn’t say anything but, at the next stop sign, she turned left. “This better be quicker,” she said.

After a minute or so on the quiet back road Harold spoke. “Remember we came here one time. Behind that church. I ate you out.”

Oh my god, she should have remembered before she took the term.

He put his hand on her leg and she began to shake. “Stop that. I can’t drive when you do that. Take your hand away from me!” She had to swallow. Her quick breathing began again. She felt her knees shaking. Why did being next to this stupid boy in a car make this happen to her. She felt dizzy. His hand remained on her leg. She picked his hand up away from her leg. “Please, don’t do this to me. “

“What did I do?”

“Just keep your hand off of me. If you touch me again, I swear, I, I’ll turn this car around and just take you back to where I found you.”

“Jeez, Mrs. Huffman,” he said. He put his hand on her shoulder.

“That’s it,” she shouted. MaryJane Huffman hit the brakes. The car swerved, nearly ran off the road. Her whole body was shaking. Right ahead was an empty driveway and she drove for it, turning into it. Oh, God, did nothing ever go right for her? It was the driveway for the old church. It was the same place she and Harold had had sex before.

She stopped the car. Her breathing was the only sound in the car. She was afraid she was going to cry. He put his hand on her arm. “Oh, Jesus, Mrs. Huffman, Jesus, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get you so upset.” Sitting sideways in the front seat of the car, he folded her body into his arms.

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