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An MTV2 Sex 2k Episode

The program begins with a disclaimer that reads: The following program explores diverse sexual lifestyles. It documents the lengths to which people will go to express themselves … and to connect with others.

Savannah, a 25-year old red-headed dominatrix, orders a man to kiss her feet like he means it, then tells us that she’s not just offering sexual services for money; she’s an escort, a prostitute and so much more. A factoid pops up: Escorting is legal … as long as there is no sex involved. Echo, a 28-year old escort, says that the word escort has a lot of different definitions. Another factoid: Most escorts do have sex … illegally. Echo continues saying that there are escorts who are interested in going and having sex, getting money and leaving and that’s they’re thing but she is interested in making the man feel loved.

Savannah says that she has a genuine affection for her clients, that she likes to make people feel better about themselves. She says that maybe courtesan is a better word. Bryan, a 22-year old gay escort, says that as in any business, there are different levels of quality. He says that he likes to think that he is the Neiman-Marcus of escorts. Tony, an escort service owner, says that they come from all walks of life and could be in a class with you, work with you, etc.

Johnny, a masked client of Echo’s, says that what he is doing with her is illegal because of the exchange of money but he says that if it’s made legal, it takes some of the fun out of it. Mike, another Echo client, states that he likes the fact that she wants him and does things for him that makes him happy. Mike, a client of Bryan’s, says that it’s much better than going out to the clubs because the sex is safe.

Savannah explains that she had been thinking about it for awhile and that she might not have the guts to do it. She also says that she didn’t think she was pretty enough or that she could get away with doing it. She gives a little background about her life, stating that she was born in a little town in Georgia and that her family felt that sex should not occur outside of marriage. She says that there was no open dialogue on sexuality because her parents were uncomfortable with it. She went to college on a scholarship and left, heading to Atlanta and since she was away from her family, she decided to try the escort business. She says that she likes to dress up and that the money is great.

Echo says that her first ‘sugar daddy’ was very carefully planned. She put an ad out in a local paper and had interviews, complete with sex, and settled on John, who was her first. She says that she almost feels like she’s getting away with something, that it’s too good to be true because she never imagined that she could have sex and money involved in a relationship and that it’s an ideal thing.

She talks about Jim, a man she met through her ad, that just wanted to meet with her for a sexual encounter with him and his wife. After that, he told her he ran an escort agency and wanted her to work for him. Jim, the escort agency owner, says that he hates the word, pimp, and considers himself a manager of time. He says in his opinion, a good escort is someone that is attractive, honest, drug-free, on time and has a great personality and that beauty is not the biggest trait. He says that most of the men say that they liked someone because of their personality, not because of their bodies.

Bryan lives in San Antonio and says that he doesn’t look at the beauty of a client. He says that when he looks at them, he sees that he’s the boy that they’ve fantasized about and have worked hard to be able to afford an evening with him. He says that he feels a sense of duty and responsibility to live up to the fantasy. He works out and explains that he is an international male companion. He says that it’s not just about sex, it’s about the mind and spirit also. He goes through his ritual before a date, including an Esteé Lauder regimen.

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