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I stood in the shower stall alone as the steam from the hot water enveloped me. I braced myself up against the blue tile on the walls, trying to process the events that happened in the last 24 hours or so. Yesterday, I came home to what I thought would be a trip home to visit for the holidays. Little did I know I’d end up fulfilling my wildest dreams!

Riley and I had already made love twice since I’d been home. I couldn’t imagine what more he could possibly have in store for me. It wouldn’t have bothered me if my parents couldn’t make it back in time before I had to go back to school. Riley was doing great keeping me company. I found myself thinking of him every waking moment of the day. He had my thoughts racing in the day time and my dreams vivid with one fantasy after the next at night. Well, when he finally let me sleep at night anyway.

I heard the bathroom door open and close as Riley entered the room. As he stepped inside the shower stall, a sexy grin came across his face and he asked if I needed any assistance. Of course I accepted his offer, not that he was giving me much of a choice. He just stood there, looking into my eyes to the point I was almost uncomfortable. Eventually, his hazel eyes wondered off to my heavy breasts. He watched as they rose and fell, thus showing him the effect he had on me. Then, his eyes trailed down my body to my hairless, wet pussy and stopping there. He looked at it for a few moments, licking his full lips.

Finally, his eyes came back up to mine and he smiled and said, “All this beauty, for me?”, while almost unknowingly tugging at my left nipple as he spoke. As I’m sure he saw the immense pleasure this was giving me, he tightened his grip on the nub and pulled it out even further. I moaned in pleasure of the pain and he chuckled by how easily aroused I was. Then he suddenly stopped.

He stood behind me rubbing my back with peach shower gel, scrubbing first my shoulders, then my back, down my ass and thighs, stopping at my calves. He then, reached around to my front and caressed my breasts. As he leaned over me, he noticed I was lightly rubbing at my pussy. He leaned into my ear and asked if I was enjoying it. I moaned out a low, barely audible yes.

Before I could even let the moment sink in he had told me to stop. “You are never to touch yourself again. The only time you’re allowed to please yourself sexually is if you are told to do so by me. Understood?”

“Mmmm…yes sir.” though I was disappointed by this, his forbidding tone aroused me still.

He then, happily stated, “Great. Because if I find that you can’t in fact, understand, then you will be punished. Severely!” I nodded at this and he showed his approval by roughly grabbing at my tits. “These tits are mine. Your ass is mine. Your pussy is mine. Your mouth is mine. You are mine and you are no longer granted access to yourself.”

When we finished up, riley got out first, drying off and wrapping the towel behind his waist. Then, he grabbed a towel for me, dried my body and told me to wrap my hair in my towel and not to get another one because he wanted me to stay naked. Naturally, my pussy jumped at his words. I was more than excited to be made to walk around naked with an audience.

He told me to sit on the bed and he was going to pick clothes out for me to wear to the movies. I waited patiently as he dug through my things finding the right garments he felt suitable for the occasion. Of course, because he’s a man, he came out with a denim mini skirt and a strapless white top. Perfect for showing my big, dark, always hard nipples! He also, picked out some white wedge style heels for me to wear. Panties were not allowed on this outing; however he did grab something out of my panty drawer. I didn’t see what it was.

He had me bend over the edge of my bed, lift up my skirt, and spread my legs slightly. He then, knelt behind me and placed a thumb at each side of my pussy and spread his hands out over the part of skin where my ass becomes thigh. He pulled the skin in opposite directions so my pussy would open up to him and then he pushed up so my ass cheeks would go up and he’d have better access to my clit.

He lightly began licking the lips of my opening and slowly made his way to the actual hole. He tongue fucked me a few seconds and once I was granted an orgasm he licked my sensitive little clit. Once my orgasm subsided and he was satisfied, he spread my juices over my pussy and up to my ass where he played for a few minutes. Slowly he worked one of his fat fingers into my tight unused ass and then he added another finger. In and out he went, fucking my ass slowly with his fingers. He used his other hand to bring up some more pussy juice and then started to push something cold and hard in my asshole.

I now knew that he’d grabbed my butt plug from my panty drawer. The phone rang and I went to get up to get it, but Riley smacked my ass and told me not to move. “But it could be my parents, baby.” He warily got up from my ass and answered the phone. It was indeed my parents calling to say they were boarding the plane soon and would be home tomorrow around noon. Riley told them I was in the shower so I couldn’t come to the phone but he’d let me know.

He told them he was taking me out for lunch and a movie and as this pleased them that I was taken care of they said their goodbyes and got off the phone. Riley then, walked back to my ass shoved the toy the rest of the way up my ass pulled my skirt down and said it was time to go.

In paying for our tickets I noticed Riley picked an older movie and assumed he’d want a blow job or something inside. I’m sure they guy at the ticket box thought the same or something similar as he smiled at Riley and practically sucked on my nipples with his eyes. I took note and licked my lips at him and smiled seductively as we walked away.

We found seats at the top away from everyone else. There were only two other couples and a man alone, all seated toward the front end. Riley sat down first with me to his right. As I went to sit in my seat, I felt the toy in my ass begin to vibrate. This was completely unexpected as I had no idea he had the remote for it in his pocket. I was loving this man more and more every second!

I relaxed in my seat enjoying the stimulation as well as the setting we were in. Riley leaned over to kiss me and in doing this his hand went to pinch my right nipple. He knew I’d cum if he didn’t stop. Soon the lights went down and he pulled my top down exposing my breasts. He dove into my cleavage like there was no tomorrow, sucking and biting my hard nipples. He had his cock out stroking it and I reached over to stroke it for him. I could feel every vein in his prick. He was extremely hard at this point and I was almost drooling with anticipation of getting his tool down my hot throat.

When he decided he couldn’t take anymore he pushed my head down into his lap. I willingly and eagerly took his fat dick between my soft lips. I tasted the precum that had been oozing out from my stroking. I heard Riley let out a low moan as I slowly worked his dick down my throat. Once I made it all the way down his shaft I extended my tongue out to lightly lick his balls.

He had his big hands wrapped in my hair and soon started pulling and pushing my head up and down by tugging on my hair. As he picked up his pace my slurping got louder and I even started to gag just a tad. His breathing picked up and he moaned every over thrust. Before we knew it there was the guy from the ticket booth standing there telling us we needed to keep quiet.

Riley looked at him and said “Sorry man. She’s just such a good fucking cock sucker. Here let her suck you off and you’ll see what I mean. It’s easy to get lost in the moment when her mouth is on your dick.”

The guy seemed nervous and looked at Riley and said,” Seriously? I mean are you sure? You don’t mind? SHE doesn’t mind??”

Riley laughed at the thought of his concern for what I wanted as I was there to please him and anyone he wanted to share me with. “Of course not man. She loves sucking cock and I love watching her suck cock. Enjoy.” That, he said with such pride. It made me wet and happy at the same time. On one hand I knew he was pleased with my work and on the other hand I was publicly sucking two cocks!

So, needless to say, the guy, who according to his name tag was named Ben, took out his wide cock and guided it to my mouth. However, Riley, never being one to be left out, had me sitting on his cock as I sucked Ben off.

So here I am, in the back of a theatre, riding Riley’s giant tool while sucking a stranger’s fat fuck stick. I loved every second of it! Ben was guiding my busy head up and down his cock. Harshly fucking the back of my throat which had my pussy so hot and wet! This in turn kept Riley quite pleased. He was feverishly pulling at my nipples and pushing down on my right hip driving his dick further up my cunt than anything had ever gone. I soon came all over Riley’s cock and my moans caused Ben to shoot his load deep down my throat. I tried to swallow his shots as he let them go one by one because I knew Riley wouldn’t be pleased if I spilled any cum.

The sight of me cumming on his cock while sucking down another man’s hot cum sent Riley over the edge and he soon let loose in my tight little pussy. Ben finished letting me suck his cum up, then he zipped up, thanked me and Riley and went back to work.

Riley turned off the toy in my ass and told me clean his cock so we could leave. I got down on the floor in front of him and took his cock down in one fast motion, sucking extra hard like a vacuum ridding his tasty dick of our juices. When he was satisfied with my cleaning, he zipped up and we went to grab some Chinese food and went back home.

We sat on the couch, me still with the plug in my ass and ate our food enjoying each other’s company. I told him I enjoyed the movie and he laughed saying he knew I would. We talked about school and my plans after graduation in the spring which were to move back home and find an architecture job. Riley said I could intern at his office the following summer; I took him up on the offer, excited as to what we may do in his office!

I asked him what would happen to us when I had to go back to school. “Will we just end this? Will you come and see me on weekends? Do I come to see you on weekends? I don’t want this to be over.”

“Don’t stress yourself over this. I can come and see you on weekends. We can get a hotel and maybe some weekends you can just come and stay at my place. It’s going to be fine. You don’t have much school left anyway.” As he spoke he caressed my cheek as to sooth me. I smiled and relaxed knowing he had a plan.

For now we’d enjoy our food, enjoy time off, and enjoy each other because tomorrow my parents were coming home and it was time to tell them about us.

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