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Thank you to Mary for encouragement and Elizabeth for editing. And thank you for reading.

The economic environment, being so difficult, meant that my wonderful college degree that left me thousands in debt didn’t assure a great job upon graduation. I’d worked a couple jobs before convincing my landlord to give me a shot at being the on site property manager for my building.

He’d either fired, or the prior PM walked out, depending on the story you believed. But after being given the opportunity to earn the job, by overseeing the duties for several weeks, my successes led Mr. Orvis to give me the position.

That sounds great! It is great. I was able to quit one, and then both, of my part-time jobs. I got partially paid rent and was able to begin paying back my loans while banking a few bucks.

Everything was wonderful, sort of. You see, I left out some of the story. While things were indeed rosy, the part about how I really got the job, and what has happened since, caused me some severe humiliation. The first two stories in this series tell the story, at least to recent history. And while I wasn’t going to write more I will say that numerous emails and comments have incented me to bring to you my dear readers what you’ve asked for: what happened after the activities I wrote about in the other segments occurred.

In some respects, it’s hard to write about me being, well, a whore to my job, but on the other side of the equation it has been an erotic ride getting, keeping and excelling in my job.

Let me ask you, have you ever done anything, well, naughty, to get a job, a promotion or a great grade? If you are female, one degree one way or another, you very well might have. My mother admitted to me once dressing seductively to entice a professor to get a better grade. Oh, she didn’t sleep with him or anything, but she did admit to sitting in the front row with her stocking tops showing to get his attention.

It was wrong, stroking off the curmudgeon Mr. Morely and his acquaintance, Thornton, the one-named guy. That’s right, for them to take their apartments at full price — a feat which impressed my boss Mr. Orvis — I secured the job at a decent pay and lowered rent of my own to boot.

And at a recent whack off session both renters got the sensual persuasion of my hands, one on each side of me. It was so erotic, but as good things go, it was made quite wrong when my boss appeared in front of me and I took his cock in my mouth.

Yes, I sucked off Mr. Orvis while jerking off Mr. Morely and Thornton. It was obviously a set up by the men, but it indeed happened. And for the next week I couldn’t look any of them in the eyes. The guys were good, never mentioning anything, but I knew they knew, I knew I acted like a wanton slut whore, but they didn’t rub it in my face.

And there wasn’t a repeat the following month. I jerked off one of the guys on a Wednesday night, and it was actually kind of nice when he had flowers for me and a very nice writing book as a gift. The other wasn’t as nice, but it was still a simple hand job with a lot of oohing and oh yes mutterings while I worked.

It wasn’t until Mrs. Spencer in 2B left me a note that anything unusual occurred. Mrs. Spencer lived with her 18 year old jerk of a son, just the two of them after her divorce. He was supposed to move on to college but was taking a year off, working for tuition money but really playing video games most of the time. He was swarmy, and was always making inappropriate comments. I knew I couldn’t have him find out about my nocturnal activities because the onslaught of his barbs would never end.

When Mrs. Spencer opened the door I knew something was amiss. She had a look of disgust on her face and mocked me with her talk. “So, missy, you’ve been a busy bad girl I hear,” said the 50ish woman. “I wonder what your boss would think if I told him he had a slut for a property manager. There is nothing like a boss knowing his charge was a wanton sex addict, you hussy.”

Acting as if she was from Mars, I of course denied having even a sliver of an idea of what she was talking about.

“Your visits to Thornton and Morely ring a bell? I hear you’ve been the active slut,” said the woman.

Of course I feigned lack of knowledge until she came up with the doozy. “I heard them talking the other night, about your hand job, blow job and how you fuck for gifts. I heard it all. I’m thinking of calling the authorities. We shall see about this.”

Knowing she had to have been making things up, or working of little pieces of information, I cautioned her to be careful what she said. She responded with a photo of me in Morely’s apartment, taken from the fire walk, of me mimicking a blow job while jerking him off.

“Not so prissy now, are we?”

I didn’t think there were any laws being broken, but it could be an uncomfortable situation. I loved my job, and with the economy where it was, did not relish the thought of having to find a new one. Mr. Orvis wouldn’t fire me, of course, but if enough renters knew about my activities and if others learned as well it could be uncomfortable and who knows what Mr. Orvis’ boss might think.

“You could sleep with my son. That might do it. He could use a good piece of ass. I’d keep it quiet,” said the woman, almost mocking me. “God knows he’s never been laid.”

No way, no way I thought, but all I could do was shake my head.

I must have looked terrified, and the woman suddenly turned super nice. “Ah, come on Kimberly, take a deep breath. We can work this out like women. No problem. I was just saying Skip hasn’t had a girl and probably spends more time with porn than books. Besides, I have an idea that could help all around.”

She paused, as if thinking but I believe mostly for effect, allowing the situation to sink in.

“How about if I gave Skip a hundred bucks a month allowance to do some odd jobs around here? Things you could get done on the cheap? Painting or cleaning up, sweeping and making the outside area look tidy. Maybe plant some shrubs. You’d look great with Mr. Orvis. He’d do work and wouldn’t think anything about it.”

I asked the woman what she would want in return, what was the catch.

The woman smiled and led me to her living room. She told me to remain standing, but sat herself on the couch.

“I want some of what the guys in the building get. Give it to me and nobody will know anything, you will have a worker you don’t have to pay for, and you might even like it.”

With that she lifted her skirt, slipped her hands into the elastic band of her blue panties, and slipped them down her legs. “Come on girl, get on with it,” was her simple command.

Wow, there it was in front of me, a real, genuine well-trimmed pussy. It is not as if I’d seen something for the first time, I mean, I’d been undressed before other girls before at slumber parties and caught glimpsed in locker rooms. But here was Mrs. Spencer on display just feet away from me. Her pussy hair was darker than the hair on her head, so she obviously had color used. It struck me how she took the time to carefully manicure her pussy. I mean, I spend time doing it, but I didn’t expect the older woman to have the same grooming techniques.

“I’m waiting,” said the woman, and as if to help spur me along she reached down and opened the petals of her pussy to my view. “Do it.”

Slowly I slipped a finger along her crease, surprising myself at its wetness. She was obviously excited and actually moved to my touch. I slipped first one and then two fingers up and down her pussy, spending a little time wiggling them around in time to her movements. Soon I heard an “oh yes” from above and I knew that while I was breaking my girl-to-girl virginity I was doing something right.

Giving up the fight, I lowered my head to her core and slid my tongue up and down her slit. I’d tasted pussy before, my own, both from my fingers and on cocks I’d sucked after they’d been inside of me. But this was so much different, so very hot. I got lost in the actions, licking all over the wetness with my nose sliding along the hair above her clit.

Soon I began nibbling and licking that sensitive bud drawing gasps and groans from above. She was pushing against my face as I devoured her snatch. On one hand I couldn’t believe what I was doing, on the other it seemed so natural. I kept thinking how naughty this was, how wrong. But hearing her getting into the action and enjoying herself so much I knew it had to be right.

“Oh yes, Kimberly, lick my snatch, lick it like that. Oh yes, that’s it, do me, do me,” mumbled the woman old enough to be my mother. I was licking the pussy of a lady and liking it. What had I become? I didn’t care, it was so very hot. The woman rocked against me, pushing her pussy against my lips.

Funny, she was being like a guy! I mean, she was pushing against me, but instead of a bulging cock it was a soft wet pussy. Like guys, though, the grunts and groans from above were the same. Oh, she was unladylike, but it was the same as a man humping against my mouth uttering guttural tones to my licking and sucking.

It was as if I was in a trace, or this was a dream. I surely couldn’t be going down on another woman! No way.

Mrs. Spencer was rocking and enjoying the action, so much that soon I felt her pussy pulsating and she pulled back from me. I pushed forward kissing her pussy as much as I could as the woman because tensing up and cumming right on my mouth. Damn, that was so hot.

The woman tensed and then there were sighs of relief. She settled back into her seat, eyes closed and a look of satisfaction on her face.

Apparently I could add pussy licker to my expanding resume!

# # # # #

The second floor apartment facing the street was an awful one to rent. It was the noisiest, closest to the street, closest to the stairway, and had been available for more than two months after the former tenant – an elderly lady – moved back in with her daughter across town. I’d had a few inquiries, but nobody took the bait.

Despite my nocturnal activities, Mr. Orvis was somewhat worried about it vacancy, as I’d set the bar so high with the rents coming in on time and the rest of the building being filled. He wasn’t mad or anything, but it was a bone of contention.

So it was with high hopes when Riley Johnson knocked on my door inquiring about the unit. Johnson, it seemed, had lost his house through divorce, and had been living at a tiny apartment. He wan’t a little more room, and he said his friend Thornton recommended the building as being a nice place to live.

Thornton? Well, I guess he also knew about the discounting offer in effect then. Damn, when will it all end? Was nothing secret anymore?

“Call me Riley, I’m not as stuffy as Thornton. Besides, who goes around only having people call him by a last name? That’s weird!”

As much as I didn’t want to, I sort of liked the quirky guy. He was somewhat nervous, as if he knew the “secret” I shared with some of the dwellers in the building but didn’t believe it true. He looked at the unit, questioned about the laundry room, the distance to the market, and other nondescript questions.

We sat on the window seat and talked about things in general. He was actually very pleasant to speak with, and knew a little about a lot of things. He did have a dislike for his ex-wife, on several occasions talking about her being a real bitch.

I just figured it was all about the divorce, but he opened up with details which made me think maybe the woman was a little overbearing. Riley did more than his share of work around the house. Not only the Honey Do list but also the laundry and found the time to make most of the meals and shilled out cash for her weekly shopping trip.

In return he was badgered about this and that, embarrassed in front of her friends, and generally treated poorly for what appeared to be such a nice guy.

Finally we got around to the lease, and he said he’d sign….as long as he got the “special discount” Thornton had told him about.

Go figure. At least I knew that was coming. What’s a girl to do?

We agreed in principle to a once a month session that he’d keep quiet about. He said he didn’t believe me, but when I asked him to drop his drawers he got the picture. Down they came, displaying his briefs. Unlike the other guys, there wasn’t a huge tenting in them, only a small bulge.

Stroking the pouch, I said he’d probably be more comfortable with them off. At first I believed he was simply nervous, but when he dropped the underwear I was shocked by the size of his unit. It was, well, miniscule! I’d never seen such a small dick.

“Don’t laugh at me,” he said, almost begging. “Just jerk it off.”

As ordered, I slipped by fingers, two of them anyway, around his tiny cock. It grew to my touch, but even at its fullest erect state couldn’t have been four inches long and maybe a little more than a half inch wide. It was clearly the smallest cock I’d seen, none had been anywhere near as small. It was like a pencil, a true pencil dick!

Johnson leaned back again the window as I worked his little dick. He enjoyed my ministrations over the next 10 minutes, rocking slowly to my touch. Once I realized I wasn’t going to break the thing I got a little bolder and stroked it harder. But it was clear I wasn’t going to be able to make him cum.

“Kimberly, I know it’s not the deal, but if you just suck it for a little I can come. Please? I will sign a two year lease and be your favorite, best tenant. My wife refused to do it. She ridiculed me, actually told her friends about my dick size and how I couldn’t satisfy her. When she fucked the guy who did our lawn and I caught them in the act I divorced her, but she got a good lawyer and the judge fucked me over in the settlement. Please, I won’t tell a soul about it. Please suck my dick.”

That wasn’t the agreed upon deal-maker, but I felt sorry for the guy, and, if you must know, I just had to have that little missile in my mouth. I mean, it was tiny. How would it feel? I’d had an eight incher once, but most of the guys I’d been intimate with were in the 5-to-7 inch variety. Riley here was at least an inch smaller than any I’d sample, plus it was tiny all over.

It was wrong, and I knew that sucking off my boss was one thing but a tenant? That was taking things to another level. But the guy seemed so needy, he was begging me, and I decided to do what I had to do to seal the deal but also satisfy my strange craving to suck on a tiny, tiny dick.

Giving his cock a few more strokes I cooed a yes into his ear, threatening him with castration if he every revealed a single word about what was going to happen. He promised nobody would know. For some reason I believed him.

Licking the tip, I smiled as the man moaned. Well, a cock was a cock, and when a girl licked one the guy liked it! Still, the dick was so small. I concentrated on the tip for a minute, but with Mr. Johnson begging I had to suck that thing. Ova ling my mouth, I slipped the thing between my lips and gently drew it into my mouth. An inch at first, but soon I was down to his pubes.

I had an entire dick in my mouth!

Deep throating, so to speak, even if it was a mini-dick. Slowly I pulled back, then went down to his stomach again. Back and forth I sucked his entire dick into and out of my hot sucking mouth.

“That is so amazing, oh my that is hot,” were the words from above. The man obviously liked my work. “My wife refused me this, the bitch. Oh my you are so good. What a cocksucker.”

At first I was a little put off by the little dick man speaking to me the way he was, but I soon realized it was his dick speaking and pent up frustration. I mean, yes, he had a small dick, but it was so cute sticking up rock hard even if only several inches long. It was tasty and sexy and I actually enjoyed blowing the man. I have to say it was so very different!

Still a man is a man, and my sucking got him shaken and stirred as promised, and soon his hands were cradling my head like most men do when their special girl is sucking their dick. He controlled the action, moving my head up and down on his cock.

I did move a hand to hold the base, but he asked for me to continue with only my mouth. It was his show, so why not. I gave him a no hands blow job for another minute before the tiny dick spasmed and began shooting cum into my waiting mouth receptacle. Sucking his dick I enjoyed the naughtiness of it all, and soon relieved the man of all his cum.

Staying down on him, I let his cock wilt in my mouth before moving back and looking directly at him. Smiling, I opened my mouth, showed him his sauce, and made a production of swallowing his man sauce before wiping my hand over my mouth.

“Oh my, Kimberly, that was so very hot. You are the absolute best. What a girl. Where do I sign?”

Another satisfied customer!

# # # #

In the weeks since I’d sucked his cock, Mr. Orvis had been the perfect gentleman. Never a word about that night, he treated me with respect and complimented me on my work.

When he called me down to his office I was expecting it to be all about work, and it started that way. But boy did that change.

“You’ve been doing great, Kimberly, I like the way the shrubs were planted out front, and even the hallways have been swept. Looks nice, real nice,” said my boss with a smile. We chatted a couple minutes about the tenants, about how I liked the job, and how things were going well.

“I’d hate that to change, Kimberly, you are doing so well here. You are great to work with and things are getting done…”

Looking at him, I said there was a “but” in his voice.

He brought up Riley and the other guys, and said they seemed happy with my work, and he empathized the word work. “But I was surprised at Mrs. Spencer, I didn’t think she was your type.”

“Mr. Orvis!, what are you saying!” was my reply. “She’s a dear friend and we talk about that ass of a son she has. She actually wanted me to, you know, include him in our deal. But I drew the line there.”

“Okay, okay, I was just fishing,” said my boss. “I mean, she’s kind of cute, and I wondered if she might want to have dinner with me. I mean, I’ve been a little lonely….”

I promised I’d put in a good word for him, if he’d like, and he thanked me.

Orvis looked me up and down. I wasn’t dressed up, just a tee top and sweat pants. But he had that look of a guy wanting something from a girl.

“You know I can’t stop thinking about that night, I’ve tried, but I can’t,” said the man. “I am so very horny for you, I need you.”

Feigning disgust, I mumbled something about men being men, always thinking about the same thing. Using power over women, making them perform.

“I’m not threatening you with your job or anything. I’m asking a favor.”

With that he swiveled his chair around from under his desk and displayed his rock hard cock waving in the air with his trousers at his ankles. “Please help me, Kimberly, please?”

It was a question, and the man was obviously desperate. I stood and took a step toward the door with all intentions of leaving. But something stopped me. I looked over my shoulder at him, and he was clearly a man in need and I had a special feeling about him. Locking the door, I walked back toward the desk and shook my head.

“You are a bad, bad boy, Mr. Orvis, you are simply incorrigible.”

As I slipped down in front of him on my knees I heard him call me his angel.

Grasping his cock, I jerked him off slowly. “You can’t cum in my mouth, okay?”

“Oh my Kimberly, don’t tease me.”

“Not in my mouth.”

“Deal. Just do it. Just suck my cock. Please.”

Teasing more, I actually enjoyed watching him squirm. Jerking off his dick was so very sensual, and I felt a surge of power holding the man in my hand. The guy had taken a chance on me, and while I knew he was the reason I’d spent more than my share of time sitting next to renters whacking off their horny dicks, I also realized he’d done a lot for me.

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