The drive up the mountain on Friday was rather uneventful. It was a nice leisurely drive on a sunshine filled afternoon. The trees were in peak change, the sky was a clear blue, and I could see for miles on every curve I rounded. About mid-afternoon, I was pulling into the lookout over “Lover’s Leap”.

I am convinced that every major mountain range has a “Lover’s Leap”, and it is a staple for the tourists. You know the tale; boy meets girl, boys parents don’t approve of girl (or girls parents don’t approve of boy), they cannot be together in life and so they tragically throw themselves off a mountain cliff. It is the tragic love story that pulls on everyone’s heartstrings.

Well, the story of this place is no different, and the lookout over “Lover’s Leap” is absolutely fantastic. Here and there you can see graffiti on rocks “John Loves Julia, Kevin + Lisa, etc.”, but even that doesn’t take away from the beauty of the place. Actually, the graffiti is almost expected in place such as that, if it wasn’t there… well… it just wouldn’t be the same.

At any rate, as I pulled into the parking area of the lookout and shut off my truck, I saw a car full of young women pull in next to me. I slid out of my truck at the same time they were opening their doors and I watched as the two on the passenger side exited. They were like a group of excited school girls, off on their first adventure.

They were all full of smiles and bubbly personalities. Their mood was almost infectious as I smiled back at them warmly. The one in the front seat stood about 5 foot with long raven black hair. She had those dark features that you might imagine on a woman of Italian descent. She was rather top heavy, and the spandex pants didn’t leave much to the imagination.

The one in the back seat was her polar opposite; she stood about 6 foot in height, with dirty blonde hair cut in a bob cut. She had fair skin, was flat-chested and as skinny as a rail. However, she had the most beautiful smile I had ever seen and her eyes were a bright green that twinkled with delight.

The other two young ladies were equally as appealing, both standing between 5 foot 5 and 5 foot 7. One of them was a strawberry blonde, with a full head of frizzy hair and a little thick around middle. The other was of obviously of mixed descent, probably African-American and either white or Latino. She was the curviest of them all, with her nice bubble butt wrapped up in tight white sweatpants. Absolutely delicious!

I strolled across the walled area, looking out over the valley and taking in the majestic beauty of the mountain ranges. Like I said earlier, the leaves were in peak change and the view was absolutely spectacular. The only thing more appealing then the view of the mountains was my peripheral view of the four young ladies as they each posed sexily for pictures. Those mountain ranges were just as appealing as the view over “Lover’s Leap” and just as beautiful in their various sizes and sexiness.

As I was leaving, I stopped and asked them if they all wanted a picture together. I swear it was like I was now their best long lost friend, as they all lit up with smiles and giggles. I snapped a few pictures of them with each of their cameras, bid them adieu and then finished my drive up the mountain.

Before I crested the mountain, I checked my phone one last time and responded to the urgent emails for work. A short while later, I lost signal and shut down the phone… ready for a weekend of limited communications!

I rolled through the small town and drove down the Blue Ridge Parkway to my home away from home. The only people on my road were the locals and I threw up my hand in greeting to each of them as I made my way to the cabin. Thankfully, the gate was still locked and everything looked to be intact. After a short climb up the steep drive, I was finally home.

I went through my normal routine, checking the outbuildings and fencing for any signs of damages. Then I stepped into the house, opened a few windows (to let some fresh air in), and began to bring in the coolers and luggage. Somehow I had managed to overlook lunch, and since it was close to 3:30pm, I was now feeling famished.

When I got done forming out the hamburgers, I realized that I had forgotten to pack any cheese or bread. That only meant one thing, a trip back to the small town. I made a quick inventory of what I needed and was back on the road again to the only small store within 30 miles.

Lo and behold, but what should I find? It was the same car full of young ladies that I had met on “Lover’s Leap” about an hour prior. This time, they didn’t look so jubilant and happy. It was like someone had burst their bubble of joy and they were actually on the verge of tears.

As I stepped into the store I overhead the young mixed girl talking with the cashier about local places to stay. Apparently the four fun seekers had neglected to plan ahead. During the peak time of the year, that is not really the wisest of choices. The cashier was apologizing to them, explaining that she didn’t know of any place that they could stay. All the local spots were booked, and the closest place that might be free was at least an hour away.

The driver left the small store looking sad and at a loss. The cashier just looked at me, shrugged her shoulders and said, “You know how it is at this time of the year. How long you up for this time?”

“Just a few days, Jess,” I told her, “Nothing open around here, huh?”

“Nope, everything is packed through Sunday. Uh-oh, you got that look your eyes again. Gonna take in some lost puppies, are ya?” she said smiling, “Well, remember what happened last time you did that. That guy just about cleaned you out of house and home.”

“Yeah, Jess,” I said solemnly, “I remember. But this time is different…”

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Now, give me that list you’re holding and I will have Kip round up your groceries.”

I handed her the list and stepped out onto the porch of the store. I leaned against one of the posts and listened to the young ladies discussing what they needed to do. They really didn’t have a lot of viable options and they quickly realized their hopes of a fun filled weekend were flowing down the drain.

“Excuse me,” I said to them, “I hope you don’t mind me poking my nose in your business, but… I overhead a little about your problems.”

“Oh, hey!” cried the strawberry blonde, “You’re the guy that took our pictures for us, back at the lookout, right?”

“Guilty as charged,” I said smiling, “Where ya’ll from?”

It turns out they were all freshmen sorority sisters at NC State University. On Thursday night, on a whim, they decided they wanted to go to the mountains. As soon as their classes were over with on Friday morning, they hit the road and didn’t even think about reserving rooms ahead of time.

“Well, the way I see it, you ladies have two options,” I began, “You can head back down the mountain and get a room down there, or…”

“Or?” quipped the driver smartly.

“Or…” I repeated myself, “You can find a local to hopefully put you up for the weekend.”

“We don’t know anyone around here, so that’s not an option!” the driver said in her smart ass tone.

“Listen, young lady,” I said as I leaned in, “Perhaps you should start listening with your ears instead of your mouth and smart ass attitude.”

Her mouth began working like a fish out of water as she struggled for a quick reply. I looked over at the rest of the young ladies, who were fighting back laughter. “Ok, so, I have a place a little further up the mountain. I have three bedrooms, two of which are not being used right now. If you want, I will let you stay there. The only thing I ask is that you leave me some hot water, you clean up after yourselves, and that you pitch in for your food. How does that sound?”

“How do we know you aren’t some sort of weirdo?” the driver asked me.

“Fair enough question and I am glad you asked it. Go inside and ask Jess about me, if you want you can call the local sheriff and check with him.” I told them and watched as they filed one by one into the little store.

I could see them talking with Jess and Kip. Jess was getting animated, and I could only guess that they were receiving an earful from her. A short while later, they all filed back out onto the porch and I asked them, “Well, what ya gonna do?”

“She said for us not to take advantage of your kindness, but that we couldn’t ask for a better man to put us up for the weekend,” Replied the raven haired girl.

“I guess that means we are in,” smiled the blonde.

“Fair enough,” I said. “Let’s gather up the groceries and ya’ll can follow me up the hill.”

We quickly gathered up the groceries and the girls chipped in on the extra food for themselves. With the five of us carrying the groceries, the back of the truck was loaded quickly and we were on our way to the mountain house.

They settled in quickly, unloading their bags into the extra bedrooms and exploring the rest of the house. Much to their dismay, they learned that TV wasn’t an option unless they wanted to watch a movie I had on DVD and that their cell phone coverage was almost non-existent.

“What do you do for fun up here?” asked Tammy, the strawberry blonde, smiling.

“Usually I just run around in the nude and enjoy nature.” I said, laughing as all of their eyes got big as saucers. “No… I am only half kidding, I just enjoy the outdoors and being away from things. I go fishing, hiking, etc. Right now, though, I am ready to put some food on the grill.”

I lit the charcoal and went about the rest of my normal chores, leaving the girls to their own devices. When the coals got hot, I went back inside to find they had all changed into long t-shirts that fell to their mid-thigh and I assumed they had shorts underneath. Two of them were working at cutting the vegetables and the other two were making preparations for the rest of the food. I couldn’t help but notice the magical appearance of beer on the table, and chuckled inwardly.

A short while later, Tammy joined me at the grill, watching me grill the burgers. She handed me an extra beer, and I gladly took it. I listened to her slightly slur her words as the beer began to take effect on her system. The cool evening air blew across the deck and caused her to openly shiver. I watched as her nipples formed little bumps under her t-shirt and goosebumps popped out on her smooth legs.

She finished her beer in a quick swallow and set the bottle on the railing. I watched as she ran both of her hands over arms, trying to warm them up and knocked her bottle onto the deck in the process. As she bent over to pick up the bottle, I quickly found that I was wrong to assume they were all wearing shorts.

It was my turn for my eyes to grow large as saucers as her soft asscheeks became visible when the t-shirt rode up when she bent over. The only thing keeping me from seeing all she had to offer was the bright red thong that parted her twin cheeks perfectly. Immediately, I felt that familiar stirring in my crotch as I quickly downed my own beer, trying to behave myself.

Pulling the burgers off the grill, we made our way into the house and the five of us made short work of the food. It was quite tasty and the company was delightful. I learned that all of them were going to school to be engineers, their names were Tammy (18), Shelly (blonde, 19), Jenny (raven haired, 19) and Janesha (20). Their sorority sister had bought them all their beer and liquor prior to them leaving, hence all the beer.

When supper was over, they continued their merry making. They drank more and more beer, and began adding in shots for good measure. The more they drank, the more silly they became, dancing around the living room to the sounds of music coming from their iPods. Finally the cameras came out, and I just shook my head in amusement as they began posing in provocative poses while snapping photos of one another.

Honestly, I found that part of the evening the most enjoyable so far. I watched each of them lustfully as they hiked their legs up on the furniture and blew kisses at the cameras. As the night wore on, I began seeing more and more of their young flesh as they stuck their asses out provocatively. Tammy wasn’t the only one in a thong, Janesha also sported a nice green thong, while Shelly wore a modest pair of panties and Jenny wore boy shorts.

I excused myself and slipped into the bathroom to take a hot shower. While I stood there, letting the hot water cascade over my naked form, I heard the bathroom door swing open. In walked Shelly, obviously inebriated, as she steadied herself by clutching the counter as she walked to the toilet.

“Excuse me,” she slurred, “but I have to go pee.”

“Go ahead,” I called from the shower. From where I stood, I could see her hike her t-shirt up around her waist and pull her panties down to her ankles. I caught full view of her neatly trimmed pussy before she sat down. My cock spring to full mast instantly, like a light switch had been turned on.

I continued to watch her as she finished, wiped and stood up. She turned her body towards me, facing me, making it obvious that she knew I could see her. I took in her sweet pussy as she hesitated and then finally bent over and pulled her panties up to her waist. She flushed and as she stepped out of the room. No sooner was she gone than I heard them all laughing hysterically.

Shutting off the hot water, I stepped out of the shower to dry off just in time for the door to swing back open and for Tammy to come walking in. She caught one sight of my naked form, as well as my rock hard cock and her face turned beet red. She quickly stepped back out of the room and all I could hear was a bunch of “Oh my gawds!” and “really!?” followed by more laughter.

I didn’t even bother to dress as I wrapped the towel around my waist and made my way out into the hallway. The four young women all sat in the living room silently, fighting drunken laughter as I walked between them on the way to my bedroom. The towel did absolutely nothing to hide my obvious arousal as my stiff cock made a tent in the thin fabric.

I left my door open slightly, as I quickly toweled myself off. The sound of snickers coming from the other side of the wall as each of them took a turn peeking into my room and watching me dry off. Finally dried off, I just climbed on to my bed and lay there in the nude. I reached over and flipped off the light, leaving the only light in the room coming in from the slightly open door.

My eyes felt heavy and I slowly drifted off to sleep to the sound of chattering coming from the other room. About an hour later, I was awoken by the sound of my door swinging open slowly. The silhouette of a young woman stood at the foot of my bed, the light illuminating my nude form as she stood there watching me. From the frizzy head of hair I knew that my voyeur was the youngest of the four girls.

Through my slightly closed eyelids I watched as Tammy pulled her t-shirt up and over her head. I could see the curves of her soft breasts as the light shone around them. My sleep filled mind wondered if I was just dreaming as she slid on to the top of my bed and crawled up next to me.

I felt her soft breasts press against my side and her small hand flitter over my abdomen. She had the smell of beer and whiskey on her breath, as she fought back the giggles that threatened to overtake her. I heard snickers coming from the other side of the room as the other three young ladies took turns peeking into the open door “covertly”.

Tammy’s hand trembled slightly with nervousness as she tentatively reached down and took my semi-erect cock in her small hand. I moaned lightly and she jumped as I gave her a slight scare. Her eyes locked with mine as I asked her softly, “What are you doing, girl?”

“It…it… is a dare. We are playing truth or dare.” She stammered.

“Ahhh, and what is your dare?” I asked her.

“My dare was to climb in bed with you naked and grab your dick.” She slurred, her hand still gripping my steadily growing shaft.

“Well, and you have done just that haven’t you.” I said, “Now what?”

“I don’t know,” she slurred softly, “didn’t think that far ahead.”

“Well, what do you suppose I should do with you?” I asked her, laughing softly.

Her eyes grew bigger as she realized my cock was now erect in her small hand. She ran her fingers over my bulbous cockhead, tickling the tip. “Dunno,” she said, “never been with a man before.”

I moaned slightly at the sound of that, as I battled between deflowering this young girl and having her leave my bed. Finally, the better part of me took over as I told her, “Listen, Tammy, you’re a beautiful young lady. Come back to me when you haven’t been drinking and we will see then. Ok?”

She reluctantly released my hard shaft and slipped off my bed. I watched her stumble through the door and then heard the four of them begin talking excitedly. Then one by one, I was the subject of their truth or dare for the rest of the night. Each one of them came into my dark room, slid up next to me naked and ran their hands up and down my thick cock.

Finally, Janesha came into the room. I watched as she took off her t-shirt, her full breasts coming into view. Unlike the other three girls, she chose to climb up between my legs. I could feel her soft breasts running against my legs as her head became centered over my hard shaft. Her soft, long kinky curly hair tickled my abdomen as she reached out and grasped me in her soft grip.

She pulled my cock back, and began stroking me lightly. I watched as her tongue slipped out of her mouth and circled my cockhead. My moans escaped my mouth as she began tickling my thick shaft with her tongue. She knew what she was doing as she parted her lips and pulled me into her hot mouth.

I propped my head up with a pillow and watched as she began bobbing up and down on my hard cock. Her head and hand moved rapidly on my steely shaft, massaging me in all the right places. She released my cock from her mouth and let it slap against my stomach, and then pulled my balls into her mouth and began sucking on the lightly.

The sounds of my moans must of stirred the others as I saw their heads begin to pop in the room. Building confidence, Tammy walked into the room and approached the side of the bed. Janesha looked at her and smiled as she released my balls from her mouth and took my hard shaft back in her hand.

She lay there giving me a handjob while Tammy looked on in wonder. Janesha licked the bottom of my shaft, tracing it with her tongue and then pulled me into her hot mouth once again. She sucked me expertly, teasing me perfectly, coaxing the cum from my hard shaft.

As a dollop of pre-cum hit her tongue, she pulled her mouth off my cock and pushed her hair behind her ear. I watched as she spit on my cockhead, and rubbed the saliva into my shaft. Then her hand began stroking me hard and fast. I began to moan loudly as the urge to cum started to overwhelm me.

“I’m about to cum…” I warned her.

“Good…” she replied and began stroking me harder.

I yelled out in pleasure as the first burst of cum flew from my cockhead. Janesha turned my cock slightly, aiming the cockhead towards her open mouth as she accepted the first spray against her tongue. I watched as she grabbed Tammy by the back of the head and led her down to my pulsating shaft.

Tammy opened her mouth and wrapped her young lips around my cockhead. I continued to cum, shooting loads of sperm into her mouth and down her throat. Tammy worked rapidly to swallow all I had to offer and the pulled me all the way into her hot little mouth.

“Oh my gawd!” she said, as she released my thick shaft from her lips. She turned flush red and made a bee-line for the door. Janesha licked me clean, squeezing and stroking my shaft until the last drop was coaxed out.

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