Chapter 1: The De Luca Family

Janine De Luca was awakened by the horrible buzzing of her alarm clock and after a moment of disorientation she brought her hand down on the level with a crash and turned it off. She shook her head once or twice and then rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. She stretched her arms out and locked out all of her muscles and groaned. With her morning ritual over, she was able to hop out of bed and head to the shower. Janine passed herself in the mirror as she went and was, as usual, content with what she saw. She was 5’4, 125lbs and an absolute stunner. She had long, straight black hair that cascades over the Mediterranean olive skin of her shoulders. She had solemn gray eyes that flashed with intelligence. Her face was fiery and beautiful with large lips and a pixie nose. Her body was stellar, especially considering the fact that she was nearly 40 years old. She had perfectly proportions 36C breasts, well-built legs, and tight muscles on her butt and stomach. She judged success by the fact that her red rose tattoo on her hip was still the same shape it had been when she got it at age 15. All in all, she was quite proud of the way she looked and credited the fact that she was a nutritionist for her healthy, youthful look.

She finished her shower quickly and then got dressed for work and ran down the stairs. She was almost as proud of her home as she was of her body. It was a cute little Tudor house with five bedrooms and two and a half baths. She was so proud of herself for working hard being able to afford it on her own. She was especially proud of her little garden in the backyard and her meticulously cared for pool and Jacuzzi. She had everything she had ever wanted in her life. No things less than her four most precious objects which were in the kitchen now.

Janine was the mother of four and they were all sitting at the kitchen table with their places already set, just waiting for their mother to make some pancakes or French toast. She smiled when she came into the room. She was so proud of her girls. Young women really. They were all beautiful, smart, well-behaved, and yet independent and original. She still woke up some mornings and didn’t believe that she had raised them herself from the very moment her youngest daughter was born.

“Hey mom! What are we having,” her eldest daughter Jackie asked. Jackie was 22 years old and a junior in college. She was the vice president of her class and also the editor of the school paper. Despite this, she lived at home and commuted to school. She had dreams of being a big city news reporter and Janine didn’t have the heart to tell her that there were going to be any city newspapers. Jackie didn’t have the heart to tell her mother that she really wanted to be a political blogger. She was a stunningly beautiful girl and Janine was surprised that she went on so few dates. The truth was that Jackie was a little bit intimidating. She was taller than her mother at 5’6 and she was slim at 125lbs. She had blonde hair that was cut into a little pixie cut and blue eyes. Her skin was dark like her mother’s but people still did not believe the platinum haired girl belonged to Janine. Jackie had a models body with small, 32-A breasts and slight, but definite curves. Jackie was very proud of her pierced ears and the small, diamond stud in her nose.

“I am thinking…Eggs and toast?” Janine offered and Jackie smiled. Janine and Jackie were a lot alike in many ways and they fought more than any of the others. But Janine would always have a special place in her heart for her first child.

“I hate eggs,” Roseanna said and stuck out her tongue. Roseanna was one of Janine’s twin daughters. Janine looked at her and couldn’t do anything but shake her head and grin. Sometimes she just didn’t understand the slightly older of her identical twins. Roseanna was, as Janine had been told by Jackie, “scene.” This meant that she wore her long hair in a sort of large, well kempt pile that looked beautiful but was a bit scary. The roots were dark and the top was dyed blonde with baby blue highlights. It also meant that she was a bit morbid, wasn’t involved in after school activities, and spend most of her time at rock shows fawning over the bass players. Janine sensed that this was a little bit of a rebellion, but she was willing to accept this over an early pregnancy any day. Roseanna was very short at 5’2 and slim at 115lbs. She had a compact, and curvy Italian body with 34-B breasts and big, muscular ass. She also had many piercings. She had one on her lip, one in her tongue, three in each ear, and one in each nipple that Janine didn’t know about. She was 19 years old and at community college.

“Oh my god you aren’t doing the vegan thing again!” her twin said, rolling her eyes. Rachel was the most buttoned down of all the De Luca women. Janine was constantly amazed by how different her two twins were but how they somehow managed to stay closer than any two people on earth. Rachel was everything that Roseanna wasn’t. She was conservative, preppy, and had been a cheerleader in school. She had loved to go to football games and had been deeply involved in school activities and wanted desperately to date the quarterback. Now she was taking a little time off before going to college, she’d already been accepted to a prestigious out of state university. She had the exact same height and build as her twin, but her hair was cut in a long angled bob and was as black as Janine’s. She refused to even have her ears pierced and called her twin, “pincushion.” Like her twin she had a cute, angelic face and deep brown eyes.

The last girl was Tera, she was Janine’s baby and everyone knew it. She had just reached adulthood and Janine was ecstatic that she had grown into possible her most beautiful daughter. She was a born athlete and was a member of the high school soccer team. She had long, straight black hair like her mother’s but her skin was very fair. She now had the body of a woman and was actually taller than her two twin sisters despite the fact that she was 18. She was 5’3 and weighed 110 pounds. She had a slim body like her oldest sister with 30-A breasts and muscular, but beautiful legs. Janine had been worried for years about boys coming around for her, but felt relieved that Tera didn’t seem to have a lot of interest.

“You are all just going to have to accept it,” Janine explained as she got down on her knees and shuffled through her messy collection of pots and pans and finally found the griddle. She listened to the cheerful sound of her children talking to one another about their plans for the day. She was amazed every day by how well all of her girls got along. She had been terrified when they were growing up that got to be around this age, her house would be a pit of vipers, but that was hardly the case. It was a surprisingly happy and prosperous home, if everyone was a little too old to still be living there.

“Hey mom, don’t forget that Jackie can’t pick me up from practice,” Tera said, pulling her hair back in a sporty ponytail, “I need you to get me at five.” Janine kicked herself for not just breaking down and buying her youngest a car.

“Ok…” Janine said, running through the dozens of things she had to do in her mind, “I might be a couple of minutes late. No more than fifteen minutes,”

“Fine” Tera said and rolled her eyes. Her shoulders slumped as Janine placed an egg on the table in front of her. It wasn’t all jolly, I guess. Eventually, all of the food was out of the table and everyone ate quickly and then wiped their mouths. Janine wished her girls happy days and then grabbed the keys to her car and headed out. Jackie, Rosanna, and Tera headed off to their respective schools, and Rachel went to her new temporary job. Janine took a few minutes for herself and sat in at the kitchen table amongst the pile of dirty dishes and drank a cup of coffee.

She eventually sighed and hoisted herself up from her chair and headed to the door. It was a quick ride to work and Janine liked the way it made her feel like she was easing her way out of her homework and into the work world. She was a little bit early that day, but she knew it was going to be hectic. Janine worked for a major insurance company and sometimes it made her feel guilty. She didn’t like some of the things that her company did, but she felt like the work that she did was admirable. When a patient went in for any sort of medical procedure they would invariably be weighed. If the insurance company found out that they were morbidly obese, they would hand the file to Janine. It was her job to contact the customer and try to convince them to change their ways. It saved the insurance company money if Janine could design a program to keep the patient on track and it could help save the patient’s life. So while Janine felt queasy when she had to tell people who she worked for, she was proud when she got to tell them what she did.

Janine had been right about that day. It was incredibly hectic. The company had recently been reorganized due to a merger with a rival insurance company and she now found that she had twice as many patients and twice as many bosses. It had been what Janine lovingly referred to as a “gigantic pissing contest” ever since the merger as the rival managers tried to stake out territory in the company (or hide from responsibility) and Janine felt lost in the shuffle. Every day felt like she was being told a hundred different things to do and some of the things contradicting other things which she was required to do. The only thing that kept her going was the knowledge that if she did her job right, she was really making a difference in someone’s life.

The nature of Janine’s job was such that she worked primarily alone each day. There weren’t any other nutritionists at her location and she didn’t have a secretary. She was usually too busy to feel lonely, but sometimes at life that realization would strike home and she would remember that if it weren’t for her girls there would be no one in her life. She hadn’t dated in years and while her life felt complete in many ways, she would sometimes think about love and romance and feel a little bit defeated. Soon they’d all be gone and she’d be alone.

After work Janine almost forgot that she had to pick her daughter up from practice and nearly made it all the way back to her home before she turned around and headed towards the school. Tera looked angry when she got there. She had her soccer ball propped saucily on her hip and she was staring at her mother.

“You’re late,” Tera said, whipping her ponytail around as she flopped into the car with her dirty cleats.

“I know honey,” Janine said, “I am sorry. I told you that I might be late.”

“You forgot, Rachel or Roseanna told you about it when you got home or something huh?” Tera asked and stared out the window, pointedly not looking at her mother.

“I can honestly say that is not the case, why didn’t you just get a ride with a friend?” Janine said, realizing she had missed this prediction by only a few short seconds.

“Because you said you’d be here, and I am not rude. If I said I’d be here, I’d be here,” Tera said. Janine didn’t feel like fighting.

“Come on, its Taco night. I know it’s your favorite. No one else likes it as much as you,” Janine said, attempting to change the subject.

“Okay,” Tera said and smiled, she wasn’t a little girl anymore, she got over these little things faster, not like a teen. She was a woman. That was one thing that Janine knew for a fact, there was little that could really get to her youngest daughter and when it did she was able to get over it quickly and smile.

They both walked into the house a few minutes later and the twins were already getting dinner together. Jackie arrived a few minutes later and Janine’s favorite part of the day commenced. The whole family would prepare the dinner together and then they would sit down at the table and talk and eat and Janine would feel whole in a way that she never imagined that she would have in her life.

Finally, the girls would go their separate ways to do homework, watch TV, hang out with friends, or talk on the phone. Generally Janine would finish up any of her work on her laptop and try to convince at least one of her daughters to watch TV with her or go for a run. Generally she was successful with the former, but less so with the latter. As the sun finally fell behind the trees in the De Luca family backyard, everyone would make their way up to their various rooms (Only Rachel and Roseanna had ever shared space but once they got to high school, Roseanna had moved to a room in the attic to gain privacy) and go to bed for the night. Little did Janine know that the peace that settled on her home that night would be short lived and something new, wild, and perhaps more wonderful would be rising with the sun.

Chapter 2: An Old Secret, Nearly Revealed

The next day began largely the same, with the same morning routine and the trip into work. However, things changed from there. It was one of the most stressful days at work Janine could remember. It just seemed like the work had piled up behind her back and she now found herself surrounded by tasks that she hadn’t even remembered starting, but which now needed to be finished. She spent most of the morning on the phone with customers who seemed either distracted or angry, all the while fighting off constant memos from her various bosses regarding new issues. Further, she had forgotten to schedule a yearly performance review session and she was now in a good deal of trouble and was probably going to have to come in on a weekend to begin the process. She felt downright tired by the end of the day and felt like she was already sleeping as she drove towards home.

Janine felt the stress of the day gnawing at her as she ate her dinner with the girls. She heard them talking and enjoying themselves, but couldn’t manage to get into it herself. She didn’t think that the girls noticed, but they were so in-tuned with her behavior that they could tell she had a bad day and that another one was on the way. They pretended like nothing was wrong because this was what their mother would prefer that they do. Minimize the stress and help her to relax.

That night, after dinner, Janine went up to her room immediately and had a plan to relax. She was generally a shower person as she was very busy and because she liked to do it early in the morning, before she went to work. However, sometimes she felt that the best way to relax was to fill the tub up almost all the way to the brim and lay back in the water for a while. She had been imagining it almost from the moment she got to work that day and it was basically the only thing keeping her going.

Because Janine never worked outside of the office on Tuesdays, she was allowed to dress very casually on those days. She removed her t-shirt, bra, and blue jeans and then slipped off her panties while the water slowly inched its way up to the top of her claw foot tub. The water was steaming up the mirror and Janine was starting to feel better already. She was surveying the bath when she noticed a box of bubble bath that one of her daughters had gotten her for Mother’s Day. She usually just like a normal bath, but on a whim today she decided to pour in a large batch of the bubble bath. Quickly, the water got frothy and white and before she knew it she was ready.

She eased herself into the water and gasped at how good it felt. She heard herself humming contentedly without even realizing she was doing it. She sat in the tub for five minutes without even moving, just breathing in the smell of the bubble bath and the steam. She had by now completely forgotten all of her problems from the day and was even looking forward to getting to work the next day and setting everything straight.

She was thinking about the trip she needed to make that week. She had to go to her daughter’s father’s house, to drop off her twins. Neither of them had a car yet, and Jackie wasn’t going to drive them. They wanted to see him before Rachel went away for college and things got more complicated.

It was just when she was about to fall asleep that the door to her bathroom was flung open and Rachel stomped into the bathroom with an angry look on her face. Rachel was a very sweet girl but sometimes she was very self-absorbed. She had already forgotten her mother’s earlier unease was completely caught up in her new problem. Janine felt her blood run cold as her daughter barged into the bathroom.

“Rachel! What are you doing in here?” Janine said, shaken. She was thanking God a hundred times a minute that she had put the bubble bath into the tub.

“Jackie,” Rachel said, dramatically flinging herself down onto the toilet lid and putting her hands in her face. Janine slouched down in the bathtub and tried to get her thoughts in order.

“What about her?” she finally managed to blurt out.

“Her friend Dennis, you know him,” Rachel said, sitting up and talking with her hands. Janine nodded, “Well he asked me out, and I think he is really cute.”

“Okay,” Janine said without moving.

“Well,” Rachel said, standing up and pacing around the room, “Jackie says that she doesn’t want me to go out with him and she also said that she doesn’t want me to go out with her and her friends all the time at her school. She doesn’t have any reason. He is a really nice guy. She is just being a bitch to me and I really don’t like it.”

“What do you want me to do sweetie?” Janine said, “You girls are adults, you have to figure your own things out now.”

“MOM!” Rachel said and flung herself down on the toilet again.

“What?” Janine said, feeling claustrophobic and annoyed.

“I just want you to talk to her and get her to change her mind about this. It isn’t fair, like you said we’re adults I can choose to date whoever I want to date,” Rachel said, suddenly realizing how uncomfortable her mother was.

“Okay sweetie. I promise I will talk to her. I will do it tomorrow after work or something. I just…had a bad day today. Would you mind just letting me sit in the tub for a while?” Rachel was feeling a bit embarrassed now and she was placated by her mother’s promise.

“Sorry mom. Thanks,” she said sheepishly.

“I am not upset,” Janine said, feeling a bit guilty now, “I am just tired.”

“It’s okay,” Rachel said, standing up and heading for the door, “Just don’t forget to talk to Jackie for me okay?” she asked and Janine nodded her head once more. Rachel closed the bathroom door and Janine heard the bedroom door close as well and Janine was certain she was alone again. She sat for a while and then let out a sigh of relief. That had been much too close.

Janine shivered as the water had lost its intense warmth and she wasn’t really in the mood for a soak anymore. She pulled herself up out of the tub. The water dripped off of her chin and down her thin, elegant neck. She stood up and stepped out of the shower and looked at herself in the mirror. She smiled at her pretty face, her perky breasts, and her flat stomach. She ran her hands along her tanned legs. Then she stopped and looked concerned. There, between her legs was her five inch cock. The little secret in her life that she had barely kept from Rachel. She sighed with relief, but it was a short-lived relief. Within 24 hours her secret would be out.

Chapter 3: Janine’s Cock

Janine got dressed and went downstairs. She felt more in control now that she had her clothes on. She even felt good. She had come face to face with one of her greatest fears and had managed to avoid a disaster. She walked into the kitchen and saw Tera and Jackie playing cards at the table. She smiled to herself. Her twin daughters Rachel and Roseanna were easily very close as is the nature of twins. Often times they were so close that the other two felt left out. As a result, Jackie and Tera had developed a very close and special bond despite the fact that they were separated in age by four years. When the twins went to go do something and Tera felt left out, Jackie would go to her youngest sister and get her out of the house. It worked out very well and it made Janine very proud of her eldest daughter. Jackie had just won a hand when Janine went into the kitchen. She was smiling and looked beautiful.

“Jackie,” Janine said and the girl turned to her and looked expectedly, “I need to talk to you about two things.”

“Sure mom, what’s up?” Jackie asked. She was the most helpful of all of Janine’s daughters, despite their conflicts.

“First, the easy thing, you sure you can’t take your sisters to your dad’s place?”

“No, please no,” Jackie groaned.

“Okay, then can you watch the house on Friday when I am driving them up? Your dad will be bringing them back on Sunday and I will be back late of Friday night probably. It will just be a couple of hours really.”

“Sure,” Jackie said, “We can figure out something to do,” she said and then dealt another hand out to Tera.

“Hey, it was my turn to deal,” Tera said. Tera was a born competitor. And a win isn’t as sweet if it isn’t done by the book. Jackie was the only person who could put up with the stickler in her sister.

“What was the other thing,” Jackie said, silently collecting the cards back together and handing the whole deck to Jackie.

“Rachel,” Janine said, raising her eyebrows. Jackie rolled her eyes and stared blankly and angrily at her mother. This had the potential to be a knock down drag out and Janine wasn’t in the mood, “Alright listen, I didn’t ever tell anyone who they could date. I think I was pretty good about that with you wasn’t I? I was never the overbearing mother who said ‘no you can’t date’ was I?”

“No,” Jackie said, softening a little.

“With that said, I am not going to tell you that you have to let your sister date your friend. I just think that maybe you should think about it,” Janine said and let it go at that. Jackie didn’t say anything, but Janine could tell that she had had the desired result on her daughter. She was thinking about it at least.

With that, Janine felt back in control. She largely forgot about the incident that had occurred earlier. She felt clean from her bath and relaxed as she watched TV and rapidly fell asleep. The next day went better as well. She was able to schedule her performance review during the week and smoothed things over with her supervisor. She was able to finish up a few small jobs and managed to avoid getting anything new. She even got the chance to go for a run during her lunch hour.

She got back home and all of her children were home. She wanted to ask about the date situation, but decided that it was probably best to ignore it unless it reared its ugly head and forced her to act. She was excited because the twins had decided to cook dinner that night. The only thing they knew how to cook was pizza, but they were very good at it and Janine was excited. They made a healthy pizza with vegetables and olive oil. Janine went for a swim after dinner and felt a hundred percent better than she had after work the day before. She stayed up late that night to watch a movie, long after the girls had gone to bed and she felt very relaxed as she jumped into bed for the night.

She was feeling so good that night that she started to feel something that she didn’t experience that often. She started to feel a bit excited and felt blood rushing to certain parts of her anatomy. A myriad of ill-defined and transient fantasies flitted through her mind and finally she realized that she wanted and needed some relief. As the idea of sex was so foreign to her now as to be completely absent from her brain, the first thing she thought of was to get naked in her bed and play with herself.

She was wearing a pair of pajama pants, a thong, and a small black tank top, as was her normal bed time clothing choice. She quickly slipped off her pajama pants and threw them onto the floor. She stood up from her bed and turned the lights out. This was not a completely abnormal behavior for Janine and she had myriad of candles placed around the room and as she walked around the bed she light each one of them and breathed in their smell. She slinked back to her bed, catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror and feeling quite sexy.

She sat down on her bed and quickly removed her tank top. She felt her breasts bounce as they were freed from the shirt and she looked down on them. She was immensely proud of her breasts. She had medium sized, pink areolas and long nipples. The breasts themselves were teardrop shaped and completely perfect in every way. Janine slowly took her breasts in either hand and squeezed them gently. She felt a tingle go through her body, the excitement of contact. She continued to gently knead her breasts, while leaving her nipples alone. After teasing herself for a long period of time in this way, she gently took each nipple between her thumbs and forefingers and gently twisted them. She moaned and arched her back into the feeling, closing her eyes and smiling. She started to pull and tug on the nipples harder.

She felt her cock getting harder, filling with blood and she felt her hips moving in rhythmic fashion completely on their own accord. She was moaning louder now and she knew that she was reaching a peak of excitement. She took her hands from her breasts and frantically removed her panties. Her cock was a full, hard 5-inches now. It was a small, cute thing, completely waxed and delicate even when hard. She rubbed her breasts a few more times, feeling the exquisite naughtiness of feeling her breasts while staring at her cock. Finally, she snaked her right hand down her body and cupped her hairless testicles. She rubbed them softly, feeling the delicious pain of her balls tightened in her hand. After a few moments and moved her hand up, sliding it over her shaft. She held it loosely, letting her hand glide over the cock, without tugging it hard.

She started to move her other hand now, spreading her legs and releasing her breasts. She brought her left hand down now and started to slowly and softly stroke her cock with it. She turned now and reached into the bureau next to her bed. She reached inside and pulled out a small object. In her hand was a small vial of lube. She squirted some of it into her right hand.

With her left hand she again began to stroke her cock. Her right hand she placed against her anus. Her legs were spread now and she rubbed the lube gently against her asshole. It felt cool against her body and she felt a sexy shiver. Touched her balls with her lubed hands and giggled to herself. She continued to stroke her cock and circled her anus with the fingers on her right hand. Slowly she began to work the fingers into her anus. She groaned deeply as her index finger carefully poked its way into her asshole. She stroked more softly now, focusing her attention on her asshole. She pushed the finger farther and deeper, moving it in and out to keep it well lubed. Slowly, but surely, she was able to insert her index finger completely into her asshole. She worked it back and forth. Janine moaned and thrust her hips forward as she did.

A small drip of pre-cum swelled out of the tip of her cock. Janine swiped it up with her index finger and plunged the salty liquid into her mouth, moaning and sucking on the finger. She always loved the taste of her own cum. It turned her on just to taste it. As she did this, she felt a wild streak run through her. The taste of her cum always excited her and made her wild. She decided to act boldly. She moved down and started to stroke her cock again and as she did this she shoved another finger, her middle finger, deep into her ass. The abrupt action was a bit painful and Janine bit her lip and moaned as she started to stroke the slick, wet inside of her asshole. She was stroking hard now and she felt like she was about to cum. She opened her mouth, hoping she was horny enough to shoot her cum all the way to her mouth.

“Mom, I forgot to ask what time we were going to Dad’s…” She heard a voice say and Janine quickly turned and looked at the door. Roseanna was standing in front of her in her pajama pants and band t-shirt, staring wide-eyed as her mother stroked her cock and push her fingers into her ass, “Nevermind,” the girl said after a minute and then quickly ran out of the room. Janine felt her cock quickly go limp and she pulled her fingers out of her asshole. She lay on her bed for a moment and her mind was reeling. She had no idea what she needed to do. Her mind was jumbled from the pleasure she had been feeling and her daughter’s sudden appearance had only increased it. All she knew was that her greatest fear had been realized. One of her daughters and learned her greatest secret. She was terrified she had lost one or all of her children’s affections forever.

Suddenly, she sprang into action. She felt like crying but she wouldn’t let herself do it. There was too much to do. She quickly picked her pajama pants up off of the floor and slipped them on. She frantically searched around her bed until she found her tank top. She put it on quickly, realized that it was on backwards and fixed it, and then rushed barefoot out of her room. The hallway was quiet and all of the doors were closed and the lights behind them were off. This was a good sign. It meant that Roseanna had run to her room in the attic, rather than to one of her sister’s rooms. Janine walked down the hall and up the stairs to the attic.

She was not surprised to find that the door was closed and that the light behind the door was on. Janine stood outside of the door for a moment and tried to think. She didn’t know what she was supposed to do. This was not the sort of thing that happened in a normal family and she had no guide as to what she was going to say to her daughter. She decided she would just knock on the door and do what she could as the moments passed. She knocked on the door. And nothing happened. She stood for a few moments and then she knocked again, a little harder this time.

“Who is it?” a voice asked which was high and nervous, not the voice that Roseanna normally used, instead the voice she used when she was a scared little girl.

“It’s your mother,” Janine said through the door, putting her face almost against the wood.

“Really?” Roseanna said sarcastically and angrily from behind the door and Janine winced as though she had been punched in the gut. “Sorry,” the voice said shortly thereafter.

“It’s okay. It’s very confusing. Can I come in?” Janine asked, holding tears back with a Herculean effort. Roseanna didn’t answer, but suddenly the door opened and a thin sliver of light leaks out of the room and splashed across Janine’s face. She sighed a bit, it is a start. She heard a patter and when she opened the door fully, she saw that Roseanna has quickly run back to her bed and pulled her covers up to her chin.

Roseanna’s room was a strange place, even to Janine. The girl liked to keep the room very dark and despite the fact that the little attic room had four windows on three different walls, she kept them closed. There were red and black curtains hung all over the room and the floor was hardwood and stained a dark brown color. The only furniture was a large, queen sized bed, a desk, a set of drawers, an end table, a wooden chair, and a floor lamp with a yellow bulb. The overheard lamp with the ceiling fan had only a black light in the socket.

The floor lamp was on as Janine entered. Roseanna was framed by the posts of her elegant bed and covered by her blood red comforter. The girl’s eyes looked huge and confused. Janine walked carefully over to the bed and she felt Roseanna looking at her and it made her blush. She felt like she was still naked with her cock hard and her fingers in her ass. She could tell that Roseanna was thinking the same thing. Janine moved more quickly and grabbed the chair from the corner and set it next to Roseanna’s bed and sat down and looked at her daughter.

They were silent for a while and they both felt the tension mounting. Janine didn’t know what to say but she felt it was up to her to begin, “I want you to know that I love you and your sister’s more than anything in the world,” she said and felt a tear roll down her cheek and onto the red comforter.

“I love you too…Mom,” the girl said. Janine looked up and smiled. She saw her daughter’s smiling face looking at her and they hugged. Janine knew that this was not over, but she knew that her daughter still loved her and she knew she could deal with whatever else came.

“I am sorry if I scared you,” Janine said, feeling guilty about the trauma she had put her child through.

“No…I don’t know,” Roseanna said, “I am not really scared. I guess. Just confused. I mean…”

“I am your mother, I am a woman, I was born a boy with all boy parts but I have been a woman since I was born. I have looked like this since I was sixteen years old,” she said, throwing the words out so fast that they felt like they were falling over themselves. She didn’t realize how much tension her secret caused her until they came falling out of her mouth.

“But you can’t be…” Roseanna started.

“I am really and truly your parent,” Janine explained and Roseanna seemed to instantly grasp what this means.

“Who is Dad?” She asked next. Janine hadn’t expected this question next, but realized that it naturally led to where they were going.

“He is the brother of your birth mother,” Janine explained. It was so hard to talk about. Janine had only ever loved one person in her life, “she died when Tera was being born. Her name was Ella. I loved her very much.” Janine said and she wanted to cry. It was horrible to have loved someone the way she loved Ella and then been compelled to keep her entire existence a secret for 18 year.

“Who was she?”

“She was a beautiful girl, a girl I met at college. We were sorority sisters together and she found out about my secret and loved me anyway. We wanted to live together and have children and so we started down that road. Then she died. I knew that with her I had the strength to raise you as I was, but without her I was alone. Her brother, your ‘dad’ and I decided that I would raise you as a single mother and we would pretend that we had been married and divorced. He was the only person who still supported Ella when she chose to be with me. He is an incredible and decent man and you will continue to call him your father if you have any love for either of us.” Janine felt strange now, unburdening herself. She couldn’t even meet her daughter’s eyes.

“You are such a beautiful woman though,” Roseanna said, “all the boys I know always say how hot my mom is. It’s just strange. You are like my model of what it means to be feminine. You are just such a perfect woman I can’t imagine that you were born differently”

“I am still your mother,” Janine explained and then smiled, “And I am still hot.” Roseanna laughed and smiled too. The room felt considerably lighter now that the secret was out in the open. She felt touched by her daughter’s words and felt that maybe they were even closer than before.

“I don’t care about anything else mom. I know you are a woman and I know you are my mom. I know why you lied to me. I am not angry or anything. I was just confused. Now I know so I am not upset anymore,” Roseanna said, almost to herself rather than to Janine. She was proud of her daughter, it felt good to see her grappling with issues and coming to her own conclusions. She was becoming quite a woman.

“So you like women?” Roseanna said and Janine almost laughed, it was such a strange question. She had never even considered romance since the death of Ella. She didn’t know if she liked anyone.

“I have been with both men and women. I only ever loved Ella, but I have been with anyone since she died. I don’t think I could ever be with a man again,” she explained, feeling strange with her frankness.

“I don’t know what I like. Sometimes I think I only like girls. Honestly. Sometimes I think I like both. I don’t know,” Roseanna said matter-of-factly. Janine was surprised by the girl’s frankness.

“Are you…” She said, suddenly realizing that she might have a small problem on her hands.

“Sexually Active? No,” Roseanna explained, “I have never seen anyone naked in real life in a sexual way. I am just talking about what I feel. Like that guy Dennis or Dale or whatever that Rachel wants to date. He does nothing for me. But the lady at the 7-11, she makes me excited. I can’t explain it.” It was like a wall had broken down between them and this gave them the ability to talk to one another.

“I don’t know dear,” Janine said, “I can’t make this any easier for you. All I can say is that anything you do is fine by me. I love you and always will.” The girls sat quietly for awhile and smiled at one another. They giggled uneasily and they knew that they were going to be alright, but didn’t know where to go from there.

“Well, I guess I am going to go to bed,” Janine said, “but I want you to do me a favor and not tell your sisters or anyone else about this. I know it isn’t really fair, but I want to keep my secret to as few people as possible.”

“Well I won’t tell anyone Mom,” Roseanna said, “But don’t go yet.” Roseanna was shifting uncomfortably in her bed and Janine was concerned. She sat back down in her chair and crossed her legs. She looked at her daughter with concern.

“What is it honey?” she asked.

“Can I see it,” she says abruptly. Roseanna is blushing even as she asks it, but she is intensely curious. So curious that she can’t bear not to ask, even if it means intense embarrassment and rejection. Janine was shocked and a bit confused. However, she was surprised to find herself a bit excited. She looked at her daughter and was ashamed to say that she felt a bit of desire in her body for Roseanna. She was a gorgeous girl and she was obviously interested. It was a horrible and shameful feeling for a mother to feel for her daughter, but Janine couldn’t deny it. Nor could she ignore the obvious sexually curiosity in her daughter’s eyes.

“I don’t think that is a good idea,” Janine said in a quiet, choked voice. She was staring into her daughter’s eyes and they both felt something changing. And both of them liked it.

“I look at transsexual porn on the internet,” Roseanna said abruptly, looking at her mother without moving. Janine was shocked, “I am not lying. It is everything that I want. It has the softness and the beauty of a woman. The breasts and the lips, but it has the cock that I think I want too.” the open way she was talking excited Janine more. She wanted her daughter now. Wanted her badly.

“Are you serious?” was all she could manage to say. She stood up from the seat and felt like she was floating above her body. She was looking at her daughter’s hair and her breasts as they heaved against the tank top she was wearing.

“Yeah,” Roseanna breathed.

“Okay,” Janine said, almost panting now. She quickly threw off her tank top although she could not explain why. The air was cold on her nipples and she felt them harden. Her daughter’s eyes were on them. She carefully pulled down her pajama pants. Her cock was still soft and it flopped easily out of her pants and bounced against her legs. Roseanna looked at her mother’s cock and smiled. She leaned in so that her face was only a few inches from it.

“It’s very pretty,” she said, lifting her eyes to see her mother.

“Thanks,” Janine said. She could smell her daughter’s perfume now. She found it quite sexy and she felt a bit of a rush in her head. She could see her daughter’s cleavage now and it aroused her. She knew that before long she was going to have an erection. When her daughter breathed out and she felt the warm air of Roseanna’s exhalation on her cock, it started to harden. Slowly, but surely, it filled and became quite erect. In a few moments, Janine was rock hard.

“Oh my God,” Roseanna said, peering closer, “It is so hot,” she said and Janine felt her knees get weak. Roseanna knew she was in charge now. She knew the effect she was having on her mother. She also knew she had her greatest fantasy turning into butter in front of her. She had always been attracted to her mother, she had known it was wrong but she thought Janine was gorgeous and feminine. She was also highly attracted to transsexual women. She hadn’t been lying to her mother, she spent hours on the internet, combing through erotic pictures of gorgeous women with big dicks. She couldn’t believe that her two taboo fantasies had so perfectly dovetailed together.

Janine’s eyes were closed and she was gently biting her own fingers. Roseanna decided to act now, while the opportunity still existed. She closed her own eyes and opened her mouth. She stuck her tongue out quickly and licked the tip of her mother’s cock. Janine shook all over and wished to yell out in protest but her throat locked up and she needed all her strength to stay on her feet. Roseanna opened her mouth and started to gently take the cock into her mouth. The skin was smooth and salty and she loved the taste. She started to gently bob her head onto the cock, sucking it gently and tasting and smelling the full experience of her mother. She let the cock slide out of her mouth slowly, bouncing the cock on her tongue as she did so.

She moved her mouth down along the bottom of the penis, sucking gently on the urethra and swirling her tongue. She was soon at the base of the cock and she started to carefully suck on her mother’s balls. Janine was breathing heavily and had begun to knead her breasts. Her mind was completely blank at this time. Later she would remember the rest of the evening completely but she was not in control of her faculties from that point forward.

Roseanna stopped sucking on the balls and gave them a quick kiss and then squeezed them lovingly. She knew what she needed now. She sat back on the bed and pulled her shirt up over her head, letting her breasts fall out and free. She had small, pink nipples and perfectly shaped breasts. Janine was amazed at how beautiful her daughter was. She climbed onto the bed to watch her daughter disrobe, sitting with her knees and shins on the bed and her hard cock facing her daughter. Roseanna hooked her fingers into her pajama pants and quickly slipped them off. Janine gasped. Her daughter was gorgeous. She had soft, white skin, and she was completely clean shaven, just like her mother. Janine would be upset the next day when she realized that her daughter’s nipples were pierced, but she was too aroused at this point to this it was anything but beautiful.

Roseanna leaned back on the bed against her pillow. She spread her legs wide and exposed her pink pussy. Janine could see that her daughter was dripping wet and she could also tell that she had a hard, pink clit. She felt like she was being drawn into her.

“Fuck me,” Roseanna said in sexy, husky voice. It was all that Janine needed. Roseanna didn’t even know where the word had come from. She knew that she had wanted it, she was positive. But it wasn’t really a conscious thought that she needed to lose her virginity to her transsexual mother. But here she was, growling out her desire. And as she saw her mother inching towards her on the bed, she knew that she hadn’t been mistaken.

Janine crawled forward on the bed on her hands and knees. She could smell Roseanna as she got closer, a mixture of teenage perfume and pussy that made the mother’s head swim. Slowly she reached the point where her hands were next to Roseanna’s hips and Janine leaned forward and gave her daughter a kiss on the lips. It was unlike any kiss they had ever shared before. Janine felt the moisture of her daughter’s mouth and opened her own to allow Roseanna’s tongue into her own mouth. She bit it playfully and then heard Roseanna giggle. Janine broke the kiss and moved her mouth down her daughter’s body, kissing as she went. Finally she reached the girl’s nipples and hungrily took them into her mouth. She sucked on Roseanna’s nipples gently, playing with them with her tongue and nibbling them with her teeth. The girl writhed and moaned under her.

Janine was aware that her cock was aching to cum. She had been near cumming earlier in the night when she had been masturbating and now here she was again, more horny than she had been before and with a willing pussy under her body. She put her hands on Roseanna’s hips and moved her own down. She felt her penis rub against the skin above Roseanna’s pussy and heard the girl moan. Slowly she guided the cock until it was at the opening of Roseanna’s pussy. She opened her eyes now and saw Roseanna staring at her. The girl was biting her lip and staring lecherously at her mother. She nodded her head at Janine.

Slowly, Janine began to press her rock hard cock into Roseanna’s body. Janine had nearly forgotten how amazing it felt as she slowly dipped her dick into her daughter’s tight, wet hole. The girl stared intently at Janine as she labored but she did not say a word. Janine was moaning softly, enjoying the way the cunt slipped over her and hugged her cock tightly, she felt the girl’s muscle involuntarily trying to milk the cum out of her balls. She pushed harder and farther and she heard Roseanna give a little shrieked, but she pressed further.

Roseanna’s mouth was open and she was moaning loudly now, she looked like she had a mixture of pain and pleasure mixed all over her face. Finally, Janine’s cock was completely in her daughter. They were panting now and staring into each other’s eyes. Roseanna moaned and Janine giggled. Slowly, Roseanna began to rock her hips into her mother’s cock. Janine decided not to move. The pleasure was too intense. Roseanna slowly rocked from her back, pushing the cock in and out of her pussy. She hooked her legs behind her mother’s back and pulled her in tighter. Their breasts pressed together and they were both impressed with the pleasure they felt as their nipples rubbed together.

Janine started to work with Roseanna’s rhythm now, pushing her cock in as her daughter thrust up. They quickly built their speed, fucking hard and faster. They kissed. The action was getting feverish now. Roseanna and Janine were bouncing around the bed and they were both secretly thankful that their loud cries were muffled by the attic’s thick walls and floor. Suddenly, Roseanna felt a warmth grow inside of her. She had masturbated to an orgasm many times in her life, but nothing she had ever done compared to this. As her mother continued to thrust her hot cock into her daughter’s dripping cunt, Roseanna burst into orgasm, moaning and shaking all over. The pleasure moved as a wave from her hips, rippling out all over her body. She thrust several more time and then fell limp.

Janine fell on top of her, both panting. Roseanna was numb with pleasure and confusion and she laughed as she kissed her mother. She felt a kind of contentment she would learn came with sex, but which she had never felt before. They lay for awhile, tangled up in each other, Janine’s still horny cock buried in her daughter’s body.

Janine began to feel that her erection was unbearable. She slowly started to thrust her hips again. Her daughter, though tired, was not uninterested. She moved her hips as well, more slowly and sensually now. They moved in a slow, steady pace. They kissed each other and held it for long periods of times, their arms around one another. It was a calmer, more tranquil kind of lovemaking.

“Are you on any birth control?” Janine asked as she felt something building in her loins. Roseanna paused for a moment.

“You know we all are,” she said and kissed her mother, “But I forgot to take mine the last couple of days.” Janine kissed back, but felt that something as imminent. She suddenly, pulled her cock from her daughter’s body. She had done so just in time. She felt a sudden rush move through her. It was warm and it was intense and it was magical. Completely different from 18 years of masturbation and abstinence.

Janine had always ejaculated large amounts. However, the bizarre nature of the evening exacerbated the situation. She suddenly came in a gigantic torrent. Large, thick, rope-like shots of cum burst out of her cock and she felt her balls seize. It was so intense that she felt her anus clench on it own. The cum shot out of her cock and landed on her daughter. It hit her stomach, tits, neck, and some even hit Roseanna on the chin.

Roseanna giggled at first while her mother slumped into a stupor. Roseanna was excited. With her forefinger she carefully scooped the hot, thick cum of her neck and chin and carefully lifted it. It was pearly and thick on her finger and she fastidiously placed it into her mouth. It was salty and coated her tongue, she liked the way it felt when she swirled it around in her mouth. She closed her eyes and breathed in, aerating the cum so she could taste it better. She was really enjoying herself when she felt a warm, wet feeling on her stomach. Her eyes fluttered open and she saw Janine, lapping at her stomach, sucking the warm cum into her mouth. She felt like she was going to cum again as her mother slowly and easily collected all of the cum from her body. Taking it in from her stomach, and drinking it out of her bellybutton. She was especially impressed with the way it felt when her mother ate her own cum off of her nipples. Her whole body was electric.

Finally Janine moved her way to Roseanna’s mouth and they kissed again. They could taste Janine’s cum on their breath and lips and they sucked each other in. Janine put her arms around her daughter and they held each other closely. Janine felt an odd sense of relief and a refreshing closeness to the daughter who she always found to be the most mysterious. They pulled each other under the covers, but continued to hold each other and kissed intermittently. Slowly, the realization of what happened began to dawn on Janine and she was both excited and terrified.

“Remember, this is our secret,” Janine said, feeling a bit nervous now.

“I know,” Roseanna said and yawned. They kissed again and shortly, they were asleep. Janine awoke early and slipped out of her daughter’s room without the girl noticing.

Chapter 4: Aftermath

The next morning after sneaking out of her daughter’s room, Janine went to her own room and fell asleep. She was weary from the emotional and physical exertion from the night before. As it was a Thursday, she knew that she was going to have to go into work. She didn’t even think as she set her alarm and fell asleep. Just a few short hours later she awoke and stumbled into the shower. She was cleaning herself and considering what she had to do that day when suddenly it hit her.

She had been up late the night before fucking her daughter.

She felt her knees buckle as the memories suddenly flooded into her mind. She saw the images of what had happened and was both horrified and aroused. It was like remembering a dream. Or a nightmare. Janine felt nauseated and her eyes felt like they were going black. A few moments later, she found herself lying on her shower floor, crying, while cold water flooded over her body.

She felt intensely embarrassed as she slowly stood up, wiped her eyes, and finished her shower. She had always known what was happening the night before, but it felt way different to her in the light of day. She was ashamed of her actions and was terrified that her daughter now hated her.

She got dressed quickly and then started to make her way downstairs. At the base of the stairs she paused. She realized that all of her daughters, including Roseanna, would be sitting at her kitchen table, eating. She didn’t know if she could handle it. However, she also knew that she truly had no choice. If she didn’t go to the kitchen now, the girls would think something was wrong and come to her. She took a deep breath, straightened her shirt, and went in.

The girls were sitting around the table, eating. Roseanna was looking at the back of her cereal box, eating the Foot Loops slowly. She moved her eyes above the box and nodded to her mother and then went back to her reading. Janine breathed deeply, at least the secret was safe now.

“Oh my God Mom!” Rachel said loudly and Janine felt her blood run cold. She was wrong. Everything was going to go to Hell.

“What?” Janine asked. She didn’t like the sound of hysteria that she sensed in her own voice.

“Your shirt is on inside out!” Rachel said and started laughing. The other girls started to laugh too. Janine smiled. She looked at Roseanna, who smiled and shook her head. Janine quickly went to the bathroom and put her shirt on correctly. She looked at herself in the mirror. She looked like a scared rabbit and felt like one. She had to get herself under control of this was going to be the worst day of her life. She resolved then to put the action out of her mind.

She went out and finished breakfast, speaking softly with her children and trying to act normally. It was a hectic morning and none of the girls, save Roseanna, seemed to sense that anything was amiss. After the girls had left in Jackie’s car, Janine went to work. She felt a bit relieved at work. She was able to focus on her tasks and the gnawing guilt that had developed in her stomach. By the end of the day she was almost feeling normal. However, occasionally a sudden image of the previous night would ignite a near hallucination. The sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the night were very real and they caused her to feel amazing and awful at the same time.

She drove home slowly after work, picked up Tera and went home. She wasn’t in the mood to cook so she ordered a pizza. She noticed that Roseanna didn’t appear to be affected at all. She talked to her sisters like she always did. She ate pizza with gusto and generally acted like the same girl as always. In reality, she too was feeling very confused, but she was felt there was no moral fault in what she had done. She didn’t want to act strange, because she wanted her mother to do it again. She had spent the whole day resisting the urge to beg her mother to fuck her again. She knew that she was going to have to be patient. She was willing to wait.

To that end, that night, after dinner and as the family went to sleep, Roseanna went to her mother’s room. She knocked softly on the door and at first there was no reply. She knocked louder and she heard her mother tell her to come in. She looked at Janine on the bed and noticed the almost pained look in her mother’s eyes. Roseanna winced, she knew she needed to be delicate.

“Hey mom,” she said cheerily.

“Hello,” Janine said, fearing her daughter wanted something that, tonight, she could definitely not give.

“Hey, I just sort of noticed you acting a little weird today.”

“How so?” Janine asked, feeling silly even as she said it. She was really just too confused to admit that she was in a bizarre mood that day.

“Come on mom!” Roseanna said, laughing and sitting down on her mother’s bed.

“Okay,” Janine said, sighing and grasping her daughter’s hand, “I have been feeling a little off today.”

“Well don’t,” Roseanna said and she could tell she had her mother’s full attention, “Whatever happens between us, you are my mom. I love you.” Janine felt hot tears forming in her eyes, she wiped them away quickly. She felt a small sense of relief.

“I love you too. You know how much that means to me,” Janine said.

“I know,” she said and they leaned together, hugging each other tightly. Janine now felt safe. She didn’t know why, but she needed her daughter then and Roseanna had been there for her. To reassure her. It was truly a blessing that she had this daughter. As she was thinking this, Roseanna turned to face her mother and gave her a quick, but romantic kiss on the lips. Janine was a bit stunned.

“Goodnight mother. Just know I will always keep your secret until you don’t need it anymore,” Roseanna said in a sexy, sultry voice. She stood up from the bed and walked out of the room.

“Thanks,” Janine said, putting her hand to her mouth.

Chapter 5: An Accidental Show

On Thursday and Friday everything was back to normal. The girls did their various activities, Janine went to work and felt comfortable in her skin again. On Friday afternoon, when Janine arrived home from work she prepared to take the twins to their “father” in the city. She helped Roseanna and Rachel to pack their things into the car and the two were excited. They really enjoyed their father’s home and it was always a treat to drive them there as they chattered and giggled like they were little girls again. She knew they could drive themselves, but she wanted to be there with them, capture them for a few hours of time.

Before Janine left she gave Jackie money so that she could buy herself and Tera something to eat for dinner and generally did all of the fussy mom things that sort of annoyed Jackie now that she was a college aged girl. Hell, Tera was 18, she could rent an apartment by herself if she watned, let alone Jackie. But Tera and Jackie sat out on the front porch and waved goodbye to their family and then rushed back into the house, smiling at their evening of pure freedom.

“So what do you want for dinner?” Jackie asked as they plopped down next to one another on the couch.

“I am not picky, you are,” Tera explained and she picked up the remote and turned on some reality TV. Jackie rolled her eyes. Making food decisions was not really something that she relished.

“Fine, Chinese,” she said and Tera smiled. Her favorite.

The girls ordered food. The rest of the early evening was pretty normal for the two in their alone time. They got along surprisingly well and, despite the fact that Jackie was older, when it was just the two of them they interacted more as close friends rather than bitchy older sister and annoying little sister. They made popcorn, watched bad movies, and generally just had a good time.

They played horseshoes in the backyard and chess at the kitchen table. They were both in a fantastic mood as the sun went down and the weather began to get a little stormy. They turned on the TV again, this time only to find static. Their cable was horrible and tended to go out whenever there was the slightest bad weather. They sighed and considered DVDs but decided they were really in the mood. They also realized that they had played far too many games of chess to even consider another board game. So they sat on the couches and began to get quite bored. Finally, Jackie could take it no longer and decided to start a conversation. Any conversation.

“So, you have a boyfriend?” Jackie asked her younger sister, stretching out on the couch and looking at her sister intently. Jackie was always more and more surprised by what she saw. Tera was a beautiful woman now and she her older sister was starting to see her as an equal, rather than a silly little girl.

“No,” the girl said matter-of-factly. Jackie noticed that Tera blushed as she said this. Tera was very quiet on matters like boys and relationships. Jackie thought it was quite cute.

“Nobody?” Jackie probed, getting off of the loveseat and sitting next to her sister on the couch, she leaned her shoulder into her sister and laughed.

“I don’t really like any guys,” Tera finally said without much emotion. Jackie sensed something strange in the way her sister had responded to that question. She decided to dig a little deeper.

“Not even any cute boys you don’t want to date?” she asked.

“Nope,” Tera said, now turning to her sister with a look of slight annoyance on her face. Jackie decided to back off a minute. Tera was a strange nut. She rarely spoke about what she was feeling and you generally had to glean it from her attitude. Also, she rarely got upset but when she did it would last for days at a time. Jackie knew she was playing with fire any time she teased her sister and she had become cautious over the years.

“Want to hear about my most recent boyfriend?” Jackie asked, standing up from the couch and heading over towards the kitchen to grab a drink.

“Okay” Tera said, perking up a bit. Any shadow of an attitude slipped away. She was intensely interested in all parts of Jackie’s personal life, which was both flattering and annoying to her older sister.

“It was a girl,” Jackie said matter-of-factly, as she unscrewed the cap of her coke and sat down on the couch again. Tera’s eyes bugged open and she stared at her sister. Jackie took a big, casual sip of her drink and then reclined back in the couch, avoiding any eye contact with her sister. Finally it was too much for Tera to manage.

“What?” she asked incredulously.

“Yeah, you know Cindy Holmes, one of my reporters from the university paper?” Jackie asked and Tera nodded. Tera had met her when they visited the school printing press with Jackie and she happened to be gorgeous, “Well, she asked me out on a date so we went out to dinner, saw a movie, and then took a drive.”

“So what happened?” Tera asked, her interest piqued.

“I just told you.”

“No come on, I want some details. I can’t even believe you did that,” Tera said. She rarely got this excited and it tickled Jackie to no end.

“Fine. I don’t know why it’s so crazy to you. She is really cool. We had a good time.”

“Yeah, but you aren’t a lesbian” Tera explained. Jackie shrugged her shoulders but didn’t say anything about this most recent observation.

“Well she paid when we went out to eat. We just went to that pizza place that’s like a mile from school. You know the one, it has the vines growing up the side of the dumpster. Anyway, we just ate a pizza and talked about the newspaper. She was telling me about this internship she had for the summer and it seemed very interesting. So we finished and went over and saw some movie. It was really bad so we left early and she told me that her parents bought her a mustang for her birthday and asked if I wanted a ride. So we went for a cruise and it was really nice.”

“That’s what happened?” Tera asked, staring at her sister’s eyes.

“Yeah. Also we went back to her dorm and made out a little,” Jackie said quickly with a sly smile and stood up to throw away her bottle. She turned back when she was done and saw that Tera’s jaw was still dropped, “What?”

“You’re kidding,” Tera said.

“No I am serious, a real Mustang,” Jackie said. Tera giggled and threw a pillow at Jackie.

“Come on, you didn’t make out with her,” Tera said, but she didn’t saw too convinced herself.

“No I am totally serious. She is a really good kisser too. A little handsy though.”

“Do you do…that often?” Tera asked, leaning forward. Jackie noticed that her sister’s eyes were glittering. She was absolutely excited by the prospect.

“Nope, that was the first time,” Jackie explained. She was always honest with her younger sister, “I have made out with a couple of guys. But I have only ever made out with Cindy as far as girls go.”

“Have you ever done…more than make out with a guy?”

“I have had sex a couple of times. I have given a couple of blowjobs. Umm… I don’t know. I guess no more than most girls,” Jackie said. As a matter of fact, Jackie, despite a quiet reputation at school, had sex quite often and was a bit adventurous, but she decided not to go into it. Unless Tera asked about it.

“Wow,” Tera said. She looked like she was in a little bit of shock.

“Come on, you aren’t going to go all prude on me,” Jackie said, slapping her little sister on the shoulder. Tera blushed a little bit and ran her hands through hair.

“No…” she said.

“How about you? You never done anything with anyone.”

“No,” Tera said and shook her head vehemently.

“Never kissed a boy?” Jackie asked.


“A girl?”


“You are so boring!” Jackie said giggling. Tera’s head dropped and she looked a little bit embarrassed. Jackie felt bad. It wasn’t as though Tera couldn’t kiss someone if she wanted to. She was a gorgeous girl, much better looking than Cindy Holmes. Jackie wanted to make her sister feel better. She placed her hand on Tera’s chin and lifted her head up so that Tera could look her in the eye. She wanted to say something. Something that would let her know there was nothing wrong with her. However, a new idea took hold. She looked at Tera’s beautiful, soft face. She looked at the girls jet black hair, the thick lips, and large eyes. Jackie shook her head, then leaned in and kissed her sister on the lips.

It was not a sisterly peck on the lip. It was a sensual kiss. Jackie let loose completely with it. She felt lust, the way she had felt in Cindy’s basement, when the other girl had put her hand under her shirt and felt her nipples. Only it was stronger now. Jackie had always found that she was deeply attracted to things that were wrong. She wanted to do things that she knew she wasn’t supposed to want to do. As her lips pressed against Tera’s she felt this desire boiling over. For a few moments Tera’s body and lips were stiff. She was completely taken by surprise. She had no idea what Jackie was thinking. However, after a moment, she stopped thinking. She kissed back. Their mouths opened and their tongues fell on top of one another. Tera tasted the sweet flavor of her sister’s mouth and instinct helped her to kiss deep and long.

After a very long kiss, their mouth separated and the two sisters sat for a few moments with their eyes closed, in complete silence. When they opened their eyes they looked at one another for a moment. They both laughed uncomfortably and Tera rubbed her elbow self-consciously.

“What was that?” Tera asked finally.

“Did you like it,” Jackie asked. She was incredibly aroused now. The idea of incest was boiling her mind. It was a new taboo that she had to break.

“Kinda,” Tera said coyly. In fact she had found it to be wonderful. It had felt so natural and sexy.

“Kind of? What was wrong with it?” Jackie asked with faux hurt in her voice.

“Nothing. It was perfect,” Tera said in such a raw and honest voice that the emotion instantly stopped their giggling mood and the girls both sensed that something had profoundly changed.

Jackie lunged at her sister. She put her arms around Tera and pulled her in close and at the same time fell over on her so that she was lying on top of her on the couch. Their lips met again. It was more fiery this time. Their tongues moved quickly and their bodies writhed against one another. In no time Tera’s legs were spread and wrapped around her older sister. Jackie enjoyed the feel of their small breasts rubbing against one another. She bit her sister’s eyebrow ring and giggled when Tera squealed.

Tera ran her hands through Jackie’s short, blonde hair and stared into her sister’s blue eyes. She felt warmth in her mid section and uncontrollably moved her hips rhythmically up into her older sister. They were both wearing nothing but tank tops and pajama pants and Tera could feel Jackie’s heat through the thin cotton material. Jackie could feel it too and she wanted to feel more.

Jackie straddled her sister’s hips and sat up and quickly removed her t-shirt. Her small breasts dropped out of her shirt and bounced gently against her body. Tera was amazed by how beautiful she found her sister’s breasts. They were small, but they were perfectly formed with small nipples, toned skin, and a delightful teardrop shape. Jackie could see the affect her body was having on her sister.

“You like this?” she asked, but before Tera could answer, Jackie took her sister’s hand and placed it gently on her breast, “You can squeeze it if you like,” she said. Tera just held the soft, warm flesh in her hand for a few seconds. They felt like her own breasts and they were basically the exact same size and appearance, but it was so much different. She looked into Jackie’s eyes and Jackie smiled invitingly.

Slowly, Tera began to knead Jackie’s breasts. Jackie closed her eyes and arched her back into her sister’s hands, moaning as she did so. Tera’s hands were so soft, gentle, and skilled. Jackie couldn’t believe how deftly her sister manipulated her breasts and nipples. She felt her whole body aching as she continued to grind her hips into Tera. Tera herself found that she enjoyed the feel of her sister and the way Jackie responded to her movements.

After a few minutes of careful play, Jackie stood up from her sister. Tera pinched Jackie’s nipples as she stood and Jackie squealed as they slipped between Tera’s tight fingers. Tera stared at her sister as Jackie stood next to the couch and slipped off her pajama bottoms. Tera now had a view of her sister completely naked. She was impressed. Jackie had a beautiful hourglass shape to her body, a flat stomach, and a small patch of blonde hair above her pink pussy lips.

Jackie started to move back to her sister but rather than straddle her again she reached for the girl tank-top. Before Tera could say anything, Jackie had pulled the tank-top over the girls head and threw it on the floor. While Tera was still shocked, Jackie grabbed onto Tera’a pajama pants and ripped them off as well. Tera looked amazing naked. Jackie couldn’t believe how much better her sister looked than she had expected. She had small, toned breasts with small, puffy nipples. Her body was lithe and athletic and she had a meticulously styled brown bush over a small, pink pussy. Tera felt very strange laying naked on her couch with her sister standing over her.

Jackie didn’t pause to let her sister consider what was happening. She straddled her sister again and bent over and kissed her. They lips parted and their tongues dove into each other’s mouths. As they kissed, Jackie slid her legs down on the outsides of Tera’s legs and slowly her body lowered onto Tera’s. Their breasts pressed together and Jackie could feel her bush rubbing against her sister’s.

Jackie moved her hands onto Tera’s body. She felt the heat of Tera’s body and enjoyed the shiver that ripped through Tera’s body as she placed her hands on her sister’s breasts. She rubbed Tera’s nipples and gently squeezed her nipples. All the while they continued to passionately and madly kiss.

Finally, Jackie decided to take the affair to a new level. She broke the kiss and sat up, on her knees between her sister’s body. She took her right hand and placed it on Tera’s left breasts and kneaded it. Tera closed her eyes and moaned. Jackie took her left hand and moved it towards Tera’s pussy. She could feel the heat coming off of Tera’s body and she was aware that her sister was very wet. Tentatively at first, she touched the tip of one of her fingers to Tera’s small, hard clit. Tera’s entire body jumped and her eyes flew open.

“Trust me,” was all Jackie would say. She carefully used the pad of her finger to circle her sister’s clit while she continued to rub the girl’s small breasts and bullet hard nipple. Tera was moving her hips in the rhythm of Jackie’s movements. Jackie could see Tera’s pussy dripping wet onto the couch and knew that her sister was ready.

She moved her hand so that it was palm up. She continued to massage her sister’s clit with her thumb, but she moved her index finger against’ the pink lips of Tera’s pussy. She knew that her sister was sopping wet and so she decided to take a risk. Rather than carefully moved into Tera’s pussy, she quickly pressed her slim, delicate finger into her sister sopping cunt.

Tera’s eyes flew open and her hips thrust up suddenly. She moaned deeply and then fell back, sweating, onto the couch. She was staring at her sister but was completely unable to speak. She groaned loudly when she tried but all of her thoughts were tied up with the intense and amazing feeling that was shooting around her body.

Eventually, the initial shock wore off and Tera was aware that her sister was slowly massaging the inside of her pussy. Tera was unconsciously thrusting her hips into Jackie’s finger, pushing it harder and farther into her cunt. They continued in this deliberate motion for a long time. They were silent except for the wet, sexy sound of their motions and Tera’s low moans.

Suddenly, Jackie stopped her movement. She was incredibly horny. Her entire body seemed to ache. She needed some attention as well. She carefully removed her finger from her sister’s pussy. Tera moaned pathetically and lifted her head to see what had caused her pleasure to be interrupted.

“Do you want to help me too?” Jackie asked. Tera shook her head.

At this same time, on the other side of the house the knob on the front door was turning. Janine had returned home, tired from her trip. The twins were with their father and it was now quite late. However, she had gotten home earlier than usual because the girl’s had not insisted that she get dinner with them as was the normal course of action. She set her purse down on the table next to the door.

She was tired in her body, but not in her mind. She was still mulling her actions from earlier in the week, although it usually happened deep in her subconscious where she could not access. She decided that she would go to the living room and watch television. She hoped that this would distract her and help her sleep. The lights were off in the foyer and the kitchen and so Janine assumed that her other two daughters were asleep. She quietly walked into the kitchen to avoid waking them upstairs.

However, as she turned the corner into the kitchen, she noticed the light was on the living room. The girls must have been up after all. She walked towards the light and began to say hello to the girls and then was shocked into silence.

She saw her youngest and oldest daughter naked on the couch. Just as she was coming in she saw Jackie stand up on the couch and turn around so that she was facing her sister’s feet. She then lowered herself back down. Jackie placed her head between her sister’s legs and lowered her own pussy down until it was near Tera’s face.

Jackie began first. She was so excited her movements came more quickly than her thoughts could follow. She was quickly lapping at her sister’s clit and pussy lips, tasting her sister’s thick, salty juice. Tera squirmed at squealed at first with delight, but she was excited to pay her sister back for the pleasure she had felt. She too dipped her tongue into her sister’s pussy. Jackie’s body shuddered when she did this; some small amount of relief finally came.

The two laid on top of one another, carefully licking and tasting one another. Their tongues rounded each other’s clits and dipped into each other’s pussies. It felt like they had been doing it for a long time and at the same time like they had just began when suddenly, they both began to feel and intense, warm feeling in their pussies. The feeling got more intense and spread throughout their entire bodies. Suddenly, they were both wracked with the most amazing orgasms. It was the first that Tera had ever had and she was shocked and delighted as she screamed and shoved her tongue deeper into her sister’s pussy. Jackie was also fucking her sister harder with her tongue as she came harder. She felt a moaned vibrating in her throat even as her mouth was full of her sister’s soft, wet pussy. Finally, after several minutes, they both collapsed on top of one another.

Janine could not believe what she had just seen. For a moment she felt as though she were dreaming and that she should be ashamed about such fantasies. But she quickly realized that she had actually seen this sexual act between her children. She noticed that after a few minutes of rest of the couch, they seemed to be stirring. She had no idea of how to handle such a situation and instead decided to run away. She very carefully and quietly backed out of the room and back out towards the front door.

She stood by the front door for a minute and then decided what to do. She opened he door wide and then closed it as loudly as she could without it seeming to be a slam and then loudly spoke, “hello?” she said, “Anyone home?” she heard rapid whispering from the living room but could not make it out. She heard the shuffling of clothes and then she heard the television click on.

“We’re in the living room,” She heard Jackie say. She walked into the kitchen and stood exactly where she had been just a minute before, watching her daughter’s fuck. Now she stood watching them as they sat in their pajamas, staring and the television, with sly smiles on their faces.

Chapter 6: An Unplanned Seduction

The next day Janine got up early and woke her youngest daughter up. Tera was going to a soccer clinic in a town on the other side of the state with her team. Janine had to get her to the school so that the bus could pick her up and ship her there. She would not be back until the next afternoon. Tera was quite sleepy on the drive over to the school and didn’t say much. Janine looked at her young daughter sitting next to her and each time she did images of the night before flitted into her mind. She could see her daughters on top of one another, writhing and moaning. These images brought still further memories of her own sins. Janine felt jittery and she was glad that Tera seemed too tired to notice.

Janine dropped her daughter off at the bus and saw that she safely made it aboard with her teammates before she turned and headed back to her house. She felt like there were a dozen different voices in her head yelling at her to do a hundred different things. She felt that she was hyperventilating and that she was going to scream. Suddenly, she slammed on the breaks and sat for a moment in the middle of the road and just considered her options. She knew that she had to do something; silence and ignorance were not available. She decided the best course of action would be to confront Jackie. Perhaps it would help her confront her own demons as well.

She arrived back home just a few minutes later, still feeling nervous but less out of control. Jackie had not yet awakened so Janine went up to her room and took a quick shower. She took her time preparing for the day, getting dressed, and putting on her make-up. She took meticulous care in what she was doing because she found that it helped her to ignore the other, more pressing issues she faced.

When she finally left her bedroom she saw that Jackie’s door was opened which meant that her daughter was up and about. She heard the shower running and knew her daughter was getting ready for the day. She decided to act now, before Jackie had a chance to plan anything else for the day. She walked over to the girls’ bathroom and knocked once lightly on the door. She waited a moment but Jackie had not heard her over the din of the shower.

Janine opened the door quietly and stuck her head in. The shower curtain was closed and the room was full of steam. Janine was relieved that she hadn’t walked in and saw her daughter naked, preparing to get in the shower. She didn’t think that she would be capable of dealing with yet another shock.

“Jackie?” She asked, surprised by the calmness in her own voice.

“Yeah Mom?” a voice yelled from behind the shower curtain.

“I was just…” She began.

“I can’t hear you,” Jackie said, sounding a bit annoyed.

“I said,” Janine began, almost yelling now, “I was thinking about going out today. Maybe to the mall or something. I was just wondering if you wanted to go with me.”

“Ummm,” Jackie said.

“I’ll buy you lunch…” Janine said.

“Oh no it wasn’t that I didn’t want to go. I was just trying to remember what day this weekend I was supposed to meet with someone from the city paper about a story. But I think it was tomorrow. I would love to come. You can still buy me lunch though,” Jackie said. Janine felt bad. Jackie wanted to hang out with her and didn’t realize that there was a very heavy conversation on the way.

Janine went down to the kitchen and nervously drank three cups of coffee while she waited for hr eldest daughter to get prepared for the day. She was surprised by how fast her daughter was able to get ready. However, in house with five women, the luxury of being the stereotypical slow to prepare girl did not exist. They both grabbed their purses and headed for the door.

While they were driving, Janine nearly brought up the subject that was gnawing at her mind. She wanted to just say what needed to be said now, but she was held back by her nervousness and discomfort. Beyond the feeling that she was in some way unjust in springing this on her daughter, the closer she got to actually discussing it, the more heavily her own hypocrisy weighed on her. Jackie could tell something was bothering her mother, but she was excited by the idea of spending some time at the mall and pushed any thoughts of her mother out of her mind.

They arrived at the mall and spent a few hours perusing the stores and Jackie bought quite a few items. Janine walked around lazily and had a hard time focusing on shopping. By the time Jackie was hungry for lunch, Janine had purchased absolutely nothing and had barely looked at anything. Jackie was more than a little concerned about her mother now, but she knew her mother’s character. If Janine had wanted to talk about something, she would have said it. Jackie figured the best thing to do was ignore it. They shared a relatively quiet lunch, with Jackie doing the lion’s share of the sparse conversation. It was late in the afternoon and they were both tired as they made it back to the house. Janine felt nearly sick from her inner torment but still she could not manage to broach the subject with her daughter.

The evening passed slowly and Jackie became more and more concerned over her mother’s fidgeting and half-finished sentences. By the time Janine excused herself to go to bed Jackie was positive that something was terribly wrong. In fact, she figured that something was so wrong that she had to do act. She struggled against her initial intuition to wait for Janine to come to her, and finally decided to go up and confront her about half an hour after she had gone to bed.

Jackie knocked on the door and Janine nervously told her to enter. Janine herself had been unable to sleep. She sat in her bed and stared at the mirror across from her. When the knock had come she nearly jumped out of her skin. A moment later Jackie was standing in front of her with a long t-shirt on and with real concern in her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Jackie said earnestly and without preface.

“Nothing dear,” Janine said completely on instinct.

“Are you sick? Did a relative die? Did I do something wrong?” Jackie said. She was more upset than she had realized. She hadn’t considered the possibilities of what was bothering Janine until they started to spill out of her mouth. Now she was terrified.

“Oh no honey!”Janine said, intensely guilty for the fear she had engendered in her daughter. She felt foolish for thinking that her daughter hadn’t recognized her unease during the day. She felt even worse considering she now had no choice but to tell her the truth.

“Well what is it?” Jackie said, breathing a little easier now.

“Well,” Janine began, she paused for a moment then she decided that it was truly best to just make it like a band-aid, “I came home earlier than you think last night. I walked into the kitchen and I saw you and…your sister…” Janine said. Jackie’s eyes got wide and her face flushed. She started stammering and tears welled in her eyes.

“Oh my God!” she said, “I am so embarrassed. I promise Mom. I know it was weird and wrong and everything, but I didn’t mean to hurt you and I certainly didn’t mean to hurt Tera. It just sort of happened.” Janine felt a rush of relief in having spoken and felt remorse upsetting Jackie. It was probably harmless. They were just young girls. They were experimenting with their bodies and learning about who they were. Certainly society would view what they did as morally wrong, but Janine knew that society didn’t always get things right. Sometimes there is a need inside of you that is stronger than society.

“Don’t apologize,” she said, “I am sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten you today. I don’t want you to feel guilty now. What you did is in the past and I am sure that no one was hurt.” Jackie took her eyes off of her feet and looked at her mother with relief.

“I am sorry though,” she said, rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand. She was in a rather severe state of shock, but she felt comforted now.

“Shhhh,” Janine said, her maternal instincts kicking in now. She turned so that she was sitting on the edge of her bed in her pajama pants and t-shirt. She stretched her arms out and invited her daughter in for a hug. Jackie rushed forward and fell onto her knees. She placed her head on her mothers lap and put her arms around Janine’s waist.

Janine ran her hand through her daughter’s hair, shushing her and trying to prevent her from crying. Slowly, she felt Jackie’s shoulder’s relax as she realized that the danger was over. They both felt more relaxed now, as though they had dodged some sort of emotional bullet. Jackie continued to hug her mother tightly, but in a less panicked fashion. Janine breathed in deeply, trying to calm herself.

As she did so, she breathed in the delicate aroma of her daughter’s perfume. She apparently wore the same perfume that Roseanna wore. Janine found herself driven back to a few nights before. Thinking of the last time she was so close to one of her daughters. She tried to fight the feeling, but suddenly she was realizing the feel of her daughter’s body against her own. In a few minutes she felt the blood rush into her penis against her will. In a very short time, her dick was hard and pressing into Jackie’s breast. For a split second the room was completely silent.

Janine was shocked when Jackie looked up from her lap with a big, knowing grin on her face. Janine felt her face get hot and wanted to jump out of her skin. She stood up quickly, but was embarrassed to find that her erection was sticking in Jackie’s face as the girl had fallen back on her hips when Janine had stood up.

“Oh my god!” Janine groaned and then sat back down and put her pillow over herself.

“Don’t worry Mom,” Jackie said, “I have know about that for a long time. I haven’t figured out what it means, but I saw it like six years ago when you were shower. I came in and you didn’t see me and I noticed and then I ran out.” Janine was shocked. Jackie had never given any inclination that she had knew about her secret.

“You knew,” She finally managed to sputter.

“Uh-huh, it really isn’t a big deal. It doesn’t change who you are,” Jackie said, unknowingly mirroring the language of her younger sister, Roseanna. Janine took a deep breath and told her daughter everything she had told Roseanna. She was surprised that she was on such a roll that she even told Jackie about her night with Roseanna. It all just sort of came out in a long flourish and when she was done, Janine couldn’t look her daughter in the eye.

Jackie was also quite shocked. She had seen her mother’s penis years ago, but had no idea that her mother had sex at all, let alone with her sister. But Jackie was intrigued. She was jealous that, once again, one of the twins had gotten something that she hadn’t gotten. She was upset about being the oldest and having only responsibilities but no disclosures or special rights. She built her anger up inside until she decided to act.

Without another word, Jackie carefully pulled the pillow out of Janine’s hands and threw it off the bed. Janine was laying on her back now and put her hands over her eyes. She still had an erection, but was too emotionally exhausted to do anything to cover herself. She barely felt it as Jackie slipped her pajama pants off, revealing her hard, pink 5 inch cock.

Jackie stared at it. She had seen a few penises in her day, but this one was strange. It was oddly feminine, it felt like it belonged on a woman. It was clean shaven and looked neat and compact in a way that no boy’s penis did. Jackie slowly and carefully moved her hand up to her mother’s member. She paused for a minute and then touched Janine’s testicles. They felt warm and soft. Janine did not react. Jackie loved balls. She couldn’t explain why, but she loved them. Her mother didn’t seem to noticed so she gently began to knead her balls, to play with them with her fingertips and bounce them on her palm.

Janine began to take notice. She didn’t know felt the same way she had with Roseanna. There was an internal part of her mind that knew it was wrong to keep going, but the more powerful, animal part of her couldn’t resist. It was easier to give in this time, because she had done it before. She moaned loudly and rubbed her breasts through her t-shirt. Jackie leaned forward and tentatively licked her mother’s balls and felt her mother’s entire body shudder. Janine quickly pulled off her she and tweaked her nipples while she felt her daughter manipulate her scrotum.

Jackie was very hot now. She was lapping at her mother’s balls and with her hands she reached under her t-shirt and slipped her panties down onto the floor. She moved her head back for a moment and was able to quickly tear off her own shirt, so she was naked in front of her mother. She leaned forward again and took her mother’s left testicle into her mouth completely. She sucked on it, tasting the warm salty flavor of Janine’s scrotum. Janine was blind with pleasure. All she could focus on was rubbing her own breasts and the intense pleasure that Jackie’s mouth was providing for her balls.

Finally, after a few minutes, Jackie let the ball fall out of her mouth and she kissed them one more time. Janine gasped. Suddenly she was able to think again. But all she could think about was sex. She looked at Jackie, who’d disrobed, with her short blonde hair, taut breasts, and cute pink pussy and wanted her badly. She would do anything to have her.

“What can mommy do for you sweetheart,” she said in a baby doll voice she didn’t know that she had. She could tell that her tone excited Jackie who answered.

“I want you to take me,” Jackie said in a husky voice. She still had the taste of her mother’s balls on her tongue and she needed sex like she never had before.

“Well then come to momma baby,” Janine said, patting the bed next to her.

“It’s just…” Jackie said and Janine felt something fall into her stomach. Maybe she was forcing herself on her daughter.

“What?” Janine said in her more traditional voice now. Jackie smiled. She leaned forward and took her mother’s dick into her hand. Janine felt her body relax.

“It is just the perfect size for something I want to try,” Jackie explained and kissed the tip.

“What do you want baby?” Janine asked biting her lip. Jackie kissed the penis once more. She was feeling nervous now. She knew what she wanted but was afraid of how her mother would react.

“Can you put it in my ass mom,” she said it bluntly and then winced when it came out of her mouth. Janine was relieved. She didn’t know what she was expecting.

“I’d love to baby,” Janine said, “I have some lube in the night table right there. Get it out,” she said. Jackie reached into her mother’s night table and pulled out a small tube of lubricant that her mother used when she masturbated. She squirted some into her hand and moved over to her mother. She ran her hands over Janine’s shaft, covering it in lube. She handed the tube to her mother.

Jackie hopped up onto the bed and lay down at the foot. She spread her legs wide. Janine was impressed by her daughter’s fully developed body and dripping pussy. Janine poured some of the lube onto her fingers and leaned over to her daughter. Jackie lifted her hips up slightly and Janine pushed her fingertips against her daughter’s tiny pink asshole. She rubbed the lube deeply and she felt her finger tips slipping into it.

Jackie rolled over onto her stomach and then got up on her knees with her hands on the footboard. Her ass was in the air, stretched wide and she shook it as she looked back at her mother. Jackie had always had a bizarre desire to have anal sex. At first she had ignored the feeling, then she had accepted the fantasy but come to the conclusion that she could never ask someone to do it for her, and now here she was, with an opportunity to try it now, and with her mother no less.

Janine got up on her knees and moved in behind Jackie. She could smell her daughter’s sex and she wanted it. She pressed the tip of her penis against her daughter’s puckered asshole. She set it there for a moment. Jackie could feel it and she pressed back into it, begging her mother not to stop. Janine was happy to oblige. She took the tip of her penis in her hand and carefully guided it into Jackie’s asshole. She pushed it and the tip slowly popped into Jackie’s asshole, sliding easily in with the lube. Jackie was groaning loudly. Her body had never felt so full. She loved the way it felt.

“Don’t stop Momma,” she managed to groan out in between deep gasps of breath. Janine put her hands on both of Jackie’s hips. She kept slowly, but forcefully pushing her dick into her daughter’s asshole. Janine had never felt anything so tight; it fit like a leather glove. In a few minutes she felt her balls hit her daughter’s pussy and she knew she was in as deep as she could go.

She started to gently pull the dick back out until only the tip remained in. She then slammed her dick back in as hard and fast as she could. Janine groaned and Jackie screeched in a loud, passionate voice. It was even better than she imagined. Even as her mother pulled in and out of her ass, slamming her hard, Jackie stayed on her knees and bit her lip. She was blinded by pleasure and was amazed when only a few seconds later, she was cumming. She had had so few orgasms in her life that the pleasure was almost unidentifiable and unbearable. As it wracked her ass and her entire body she pushed back hard into her mother’s body.

Janine kept fucking her daughter. She could tell that Jackie was almost out of her body. The girl was nearly in a black out as a series of powerful orgasms tore through her body. It was beautiful to watch and Janine was grateful that she was able to provide it for her daughter. Finally, one last strong orgasm grasped Jackie and her asshole squeezed shut as tightly as possible. Janine kept trying to pump her cock into her daughter, but suddenly she felt her own orgasm hit. She came hard, pushing her dick into Jackie to the hilt and flailing her body forward over Jackie’s body. She felt the cum pumping into her daughter’s asshole. She felt the asshole fill and could feel the extra leeching out of Jackie’s asshole and down the girls leg.

Jackie was breathing hard but not moving. Janine pulled her dick out of Jackie’s asshole and they both enjoyed the odd feeling of the dick pulled out completely. Janine quickly fell down on her knees and put her tongue against her daughter’s ass. She sucked on the girls ass, pulling out lube and sperm and drinking it down. She felt she had got al she could manage, she licked the little bits of cum off of Jackie’s legs.

Finally, she felt full and put her arms around her daughter. She pulled the girl back onto the pillows at the head of the bed, sitting with her daughter sitting facing away from her between her legs. She hugged her daughter around her chest, feeling the girls breasts. Jackie turned her head and kissed her mother gently on the lips.

“That was amazing mom,” she said, still breathing hard.

“Thank you so much baby,” Janine said. They kissed again, their tongues meeting. When their kiss broke, they lay down on the bed and held each other for the rest of the night.

Chapter 7: The Twins

In the next few days all of the rest of the girls arrived home and Janine felt very strange. She didn’t feel guilty like she had the first time. It was like something that had been inside of her had broken. She wanted her daughters again. Moreover she wanted her other daughters, the two she hadn’t been with yet. All that remained with her was the desire to have sex. It was all she thought about when she was at work and when she was with the girls. Roseanna and Jackie could tell what was going on and they were excited. They wanted to help.

Finally, Janine couldn’t take it any longer. She was finding that she was unable to do any constructive action in her life. She was afraid she was going to get a formal reprimand at work and she broke down and decided to ask one of her daughter’s for help. She knew that it would probably be a bigger challenge to seduce her other twin daughter Rachel than her youngest Tera and she decided to go for the challenge first. She was going to need help for such a task.

One morning, as the girls were getting ready, Janine went to Roseanna’s room and knocked on the door. Roseanna could tell by the look in her mother’s eye what it was about and she was relieved. She was horny as well and was desperate for her mother. When Janine came into her room she agreed to do whatever was needed of her. In just a few minutes, they had a very good plan.

It began the next night, which was a Friday night. Jackie was at a friend’s house for the night, preparing for a special edition of the school paper, which generally took an entire weekend. Tera went to bed early because she had a soccer game early the next day. Roseanna had convinced Rachel that they should sleepover in sleeping bags in the backyard. The De Luca’s had a large backyard that was heavily wooded and very secluded. The family had often camped together and they all seemed to enjoy it. Even Rachel loved it, despite her natural prissiness. Rachel had readily agreed to the suggestion and the first step in Janine’s new plan was in action.

During the early evening while the girls were setting up, Janine watched television and ruminated on her growing perversion. Rather than repulsing her, this time of reflection excited her. It was like she had sexually hibernated for years and now that she had returned all of her sexual desire from those years had built up to the point that it now completely controlled not only her subconscious mind, but her conscious mind as well. As she waited for the plan to spring into effect, she felt this desire rising even more.

Out in the backyard, it was now nearly dark and the tent was up. Roseanna was trying to start a fire while Rachel collected the food for the small cookout they had planned. Within a few minutes it was pitch dark, the fire was roaring, and the two girls had hot dogs on their sticks.

“So is there some sort of cheerleader thing you are missing out on right now?” Roseanna asked derisively while rolling her eyes. One of Rachel’s weaknesses was that she thought everyone was intensely interested in everything in her life and was completely tone deaf to sarcasm about the mundane features of cheerleader life.

“Well it is funny you should say that, because I was going to go over to Carla Silvers’ house tonight for this party, but then she got in a fight with Deb Chu because…” Rachel’s story went on for quite awhile and no matter how much Roseanna rolled her eyes or acted like she wasn’t paying attention there was no stopping it.

“Weird,” Roseanna said when the story was finally over.

“I know, right?” Rachel said laughing.

“So anyway, Let’s eat these and get into the tent it is starting to get cold,” Roseanna said, trying to keep her plan on schedule. She was very nervous but was impressed with herself to find that she could stay focused even when supremely excited.

“Good idea,” Rachel said. They put their hot dogs on buns and started eating. They chatted a bit but Rachel had told her interesting story already and Roseanna wanted to get into the tent. In a few minutes they were inside the tent with the flap closed.

Rachel and Roseanna had an odd relationship. They didn’t need to speak to one another or anything to feel close, when they were together they were just happy. Neither could explain it, especially as they grew older and their interests diverged. They remained close and still had jokes that no one else understood and could sense the kindred spirit they had in their sister.

As such, they were very comfortable with one another. When Rachel and Roseanna slept outside in the tent, Rachel would often sleep naked and Roseanna would sleep with only a pair of boxer shorts on and they didn’t even consider the fact that with anyone else, even their other sisters, they would feel very uncomfortable. This night, as soon as they were in the tent they disrobed in their normal fashion without even thinking. They were a little warm now with food in their bellies, packed tight in their little tent, so they lay around comfortably.

“Come on baby, why won’t you give me a blowjob?”

“I just don’t want to, Ok babe? So just drop it!” she replied with an angry tone in her voice.

“Okay fine! I’m going to get myself something to eat from the fridge.”

I got out of bed, grabbed my glasses and headed downstairs.

My name is Joshua. Vanessa and I have been dating for five weeks now. She’s 19, has short brown hair, pale blue eyes, delicious full lips, the cutest little bubble-butt and hypnotic D-cup breasts with pink areolas and these dark nipples that are bordering on perfection and I love sucking on them.

I, on the other hand, also 19, look very nerdy. I have black hair and dark brown eyes and a slightly below average body, but at least I have a 9-inch cock to boost my ego a bit and it looks even larger compared to my under-developed frame.

So there I was, walking downstairs in my girlfriend’s home, only wearing boxers, with my cock still standing at attention. The only other person in the house was Ms Adams, Vanessa’s mother, but I was so frustrated; I couldn’t care less if she saw me like this. I arrived in the kitchen, swung the fridge door open and before I even had a good look inside, I heard a voice behind me saying;

“Good morning Josh.”

I turned around to see Ms Adams leaning against the island counter, wearing a purple blouse and a short black pencil skirt. At that point my dick had deflated, but not by much & now seeing Ms Adams, it started growing again.

Ms Adams is a total Milf. She has long curly brown hair, DD-cup breasts, a glorious bubble butt, her genes are obviously strong, and dark blue eyes.

“Oh, hi Ms Adams”

The top two buttons of her shirt were unbuttoned and I had a great view of her cleavage, so my dick just kept growing. Ms Adams glanced down briefly then said;

“Please, call me Amanda.” with a knowing smile on her face.

“Okay.” I replied

“You seem a bit down, is everything okay Josh?”

“Yes, everything is okay Ms Adams.”

“Amanda” she corrected

“I-I mean Amanda”

“Are you sure Josh? You can talk to me about it”

“No, not this”

“Does this involve Vanessa?”


“Then all the more reason why you should talk to me about it”

Joshua kept quiet for a while, but eventually gave in and told Ms Adams that Vanessa won’t do oral, even though he loves giving her oral, but she won’t return the favour and that it seems a bit unfair to him. He waited for Ms Adams’ reply.

At this point she was seated on the island counter with her legs crossed.

“That’s just not right, is it honey? And I can’t believe she doesn’t want to suck on that big cock of yours” She said while staring at the obvious bulge in his pants.

She licked and bit her bottom lip and gave him a lustful look that even Vanessa couldn’t pull off and said;

“So you say you love performing oral?”

“Uhmm… Yeah” he started blushing.

“How much do you love doing it?”

She said while uncrossing her legs and pulling up her skirt then spreading her legs, giving him a great view of her red thong. She curled her index finger, signalling for him to get closer. As he walked up to her, she grabbed his head and pulled him to her lips, forcing her tongue into his mouth. She brought her hands down to his ass, giving it a little squeeze and pulling him into her. His rock-hard bulge made contact with her clothed cunt. She moaned into his mouth at contact then detached her mouth and leaned back a little and started grinding her crotch onto his bulge. Josh was enjoying the view of her cleavage jiggling up and down and side to side. After a few seconds, he grabbed hold of her hips and started thrusting into her crotch, intensifying their movements and Amanda’s moaning. She stopped humping Josh, grabbed his head again and kissed him again then she shoved his face into her juicy cleavage.

His mouth was roaming all over her breasts, planting little kisses on all the visible areas then he grabbed her blouse and pulled out her right nipple, which was slightly darker than her daughter’s nipples, and shoved it into his mouth.

I started sucking and licking her nipple making her moan. I pulled out her left nipple and did the same then I squeezed them together and sucked on both of them making her moan louder.

“Ohhhmm… That’s good baby, suck on mommy’s tits” cried Amanda.

After a minute, I let go of her breasts and went down to her crotch. I spread her legs some more and shoved my face into her crotch till my nose was against her panties. Her musk was strong and I couldn’t resist taking a big audible sniff of her cunt, enjoying her heavenly scent.

“Mhmmm yeah, you like that? You like the smell of my cunt?” she said while grinding her crotch into my face.

“Yeah, I love it,” I replied “It’s intoxicating.”

I started licking her panties, that’s when I felt a damp spot in her panties. I licked the spot a few more times then I pulled her panties off, placed them on the counter. I looked at her fat pussy lips, which were glistening with her juices. I dived back in and planted my mouth on her clit, which was already poking out of its little hoodie. I sucked the little knob a few times and she moaned some more then grabbed the back off my head and force her cunt into my mouth. I started lapping at her cunt and then I sucked on it. This caused her to cry out;

“Yes! Eat my pussy you dirty little boy! Lick mommy’s pussy!”

Her dirty talk was driving me crazy and I couldn’t hold myself back anymore. I was licking and sucking her cunt like a starving man.

“Oohhhh… I’m Cumming!”

She suddenly cried out as she started convulsing. She grabbed my head and rode my face as she exploded over and over. She squirted her pussy juice all over my face. After what seemed like forever, she finally calmed down. I was soaked in her nectar and loving it. I rubbed my face into her crotch enjoying the feeling of her very wet pussy, lapping up her delicious juices.

“Mhmm… give me some of that sugar”

She pulled me up and started kissing me, moaning into my mouth, enjoying the taste of her own juices and licking them off my face.

“Mhmmm… time for some cock now.”

She jumped off the counter, turned around and bent over the counter, pulling her dress up to her waist.

“You have the best ass I have ever seen” I blurted out and she replied;

“I’m glad you like it because I want you to stick that big juicy cock of yours right up my ass”

In a flash I had my dick out and aimed at her asshole. I spit into my hands and started lubricating my cock. Amanda turned around and squatted in front of me, her face inches from my rock hard cock. She spit into her own hands, grabbed my cock and started applying some more lubrication to it.

“Oh yeah, we can’t forget to lube up this big boy if we want it to fit into my tight little asshole.”

Her dirty words caused my dick to jump and pre-cum started oozing out. She took the head of my dick into her warm mouth and reached behind her with her right hand and started fingering her asshole, moaning as she stared into my eyes and sucked the pre-cum out of my cock and thrust her fingers in and out of her hot asshole. Then she ran her tongue along the underside of my cock, down to my balls, flicking her tongue over them and sucking on each one, one at a time then licking back up to the head before plunging my whole nine inches down her throat.

I was balls deep in Ms Adams mouth! Just the thought had me on the verge of blowing my seed down the back of her throat, but I didn’t want this event to end, not like this anyway. Amanda sensed I was struggling to hold back my cum, so she pulled her mouth off of my cock and took her fingers out of her ass. She then returned to her very inviting position, bent over the island counter. She stood there, legs shoulder length apart and her hands reaching back, spreading her ass cheeks, her puckered little anus winking at me, begging for my hard cock to penetrate it. Before she could even say a word, I had my cock against her asshole, which was well lubricated thanks to her over-flowing juices from her orgasm earlier. I pressed against her asshole, applying more pressure and then her asshole gave way and my cock head popped in, causing her to moan. Again I almost blew my load right there, her ass was unbelievably tight. I held on to her hips and pushed forward, slowly going as deep as I could into the depths of her ass.

Suddenly Vanessa walked into the kitchen and cried out;

“Oh my gosh! What the fuck? Josh! Mom!”

I pulled my dick out of Amanda’s ass and blurted the first thing that came to mind.

“Vanessa! It’s not what it looks like”

I couldn’t believe I actually said that. Amanda stood up, walked up Vanessa, grabbed her by the arm and led her to where I was standing and commanded her to get on her knees in front of me.

“What! What for?” cried Vanessa.

“Josh told me what a naughty girl you have been, that you don’t want to give him a blowjob. So I’m going to teach you how to suck this beautiful cock of his.”

“Eww, I’m not sticking that into my mouhmmn-”Amanda shoved Vanessa’s mouth onto my dick, causing her to gag as my dick hit the back of her throat.

“Don’t be stubborn, just suck it and enjoy you naughty girl” Said Amanda while pulling and pushing Vanessa along my dick.

“Mhmm…” I let out a moan, with my eyes closed.

I reach out & grabbed hold of Vanessa’s head, taking over control of her movements. I opened my eyes & looked down at her. As my eyes made contact with hers, I blew my load.

“Aaarhh!” I cried out.

“Mhmm… Yes baby, swallow his creamy goodness, that’s a good girl” commented Amanda.

I suddenly remembered Amanda was in the room. I looked over at what she was doing and I saw her fondling her left breast with her right hand, squeezing and pinching her nipple. With her left hand, she had three fingers thrusting in and out of her cunt while she watched as her daughter sucked on my cock and swallowed my seed. As that thought crossed my mind, I felt another wave of cum spurt out of my throbbing cock. I looked down at Vanessa and saw her chocking as my cum filled her mouth and started dribbling out the sides. At this point Vanessa grabbed hold of my cock, pulled it out of her mouth and the last spurt of my cum landed on the bridge of her nose. She sat back on her heels catching her breath.

“Aaaaarhhh! I’m Cumming!” yelled Amanda.

Vanessa and I looked over at Amanda and watched as she rode out her orgasm, fingers flying in and out of her cunt at a high speed until her knees gave out and she collapsed onto the floor.

I felt Vanessa’s tongue lapping up the remains of my cum on my deflating dick. I looked down to see her staring up at me, with a twinkle in her eyes as she sucked on the head of my dick.

“Mhmmm… Your cum is so delicious” said Vanessa.

“Leave some for me baby” said Amanda as she started crawling towards Vanessa.

She spotted the cum still on the bridge of her daughter’s nose and lapped it up then they both had their mouths on my cock, sharing the dirtiest, sexiest tongue-kiss I had ever witnessed, with their mouths locked in a creamy embrace, sharing the last traces of my cum. My dick started growing again and Amanda noticed, looked up at me and gave me a slutty grin and said

“Looks like little Josh, or should I say big Josh, wants to play again”

“Mhmm… Time for round two” said Vanessa excitedly.

Katherine looked down at the cell phone and saw it was Jade calling.

“Hi ya Fuck Slut how’s tricks?”

“Big Tits your such a meanie his butt was red raw.”

“Little cunt deserves it Fuck Slut.”

“Gee I’d hate to see what you’d do if he did something really wrong.”

“Hang on a sec I’ve gotta switch off my lap top.”

Katherine didn’t want her conversation with Jade going out over Linda’s web site she leant over scrolled the mouse then with a double click of the mouse button shut down the web cams, microphones and camcorder.

“I’m back Fuck Slut, miss me?”

“Fuck Kate, you know I miss you.”

“I miss you to baby.”

“Sure sure I saw that horny little minx you got it on with. She’d make anyone’s mind wonder not to mention hands.”

“She’s a poor substitute for you Fuck Slut.”

“Have you thought about my proposition Big Tits?”

“Yeah but what about the questions I asked you?”

“Well as for how big they grow it depends on how long you take it for. One chick in the test group started with tiny A cups then after being on XM-12 for six months had aureole the size of fried eggs the nipples stood out like a pair of miniature two and a half inch cocks. Her boobs hung down that far the fat teats were almost down to her waist you know like those Aborigines in National Geographic documentaries.”

“I bet she was pissed off Jade.”

“At first but her brand new pair of double D melons soon shut her and her very happy husband up.”

“So it’s permanent then?”

“Shit yeah, they almost released it onto the market but thought that women wouldn’t go through the growth stage and the unwanted nipple enhancement turned them off.”

“Is the treatment dangerous at all?”

“The only danger is when they have surgery to pump up their flat bags well how about it Big Tits it’s a fair trade don’t ya think?”

“Deal Fuck Slut send me enough for two slaves for six months each. Have you chosen your prospective Mistress yet Jade?”

“Yes I’ve been fantasizing over someone for weeks now she works where I do downstairs in the warehouse.”

“What’s her name Fuck Slut?”

Katherine reached for a pen and paper she wasn’t going to make any of her earlier mistakes.

“Felicity, her name is Felicity. She’s gorgeous Kate she’s got long blonde hair half way to her butt and a killer set of tits, their not as big as yours though.”

“You’ve always liked big boobs Fuck Slut. Tell me what you know about her sexual preferences their paramount to the uptake of the virus.”

“We’ve been having lunch together for a while now and she’s always remarking about the guys who’s got a nice butt who looks buff that sort of thing. Last week she did say something about the head pathologist what was it… Oh yeah she said that old Gwen needed a strap-on dildo she was that bitchy or a good strap-on fucking.”

“She sounds like she’s Bisexual Jade.”

“Oh fuck I hope so Kate.”

“Don’t worry Fuck Slut she sounds like she’s a perfect candidate for the program so it will not matter if she’s into girls or not you’ll control her destiny. What’s Mistress Felicity’s full name?”

Katherine heard the excitement in Jade’s voice when she answered.

“It’s Felicity Hales.”

“How strict do you want her to be?”

“Like you Kate not right into the pain unless I’m disobedient but she should be quire kinky and extremely discrete.”

Katherine continued talking to Jade for another ten minutes asking her questions then scribbling down her answers. Finally she had all the information she needed to program Jade’s new play thing except the phrase that would activate the transformed Mistress Felicity.

“The most important thing Jade is her switch on or as I call it the fog curtain it has to be an easily remembered phrase that wouldn’t come up in general conversation. Do you have any ideas?”

“I don’t know Kate do you have any suggestions?”

“Well how about Felicity flicks hard Hales?”

“Can’t it be more sexual Kate?”

“Yes, but there’s a risk that when they come out of the fog they’ll remember the first few words there is a way around it. All you have to do is direct them not to remember anything for ten seconds before they go under, but it has to be done the first time or it’s no good.”

“Cool how about Felicity finds Fuck Slut first.”

“Perfect you kinky little Fuck Slut.”

“You know me all too well Big Tits

“Sure do I’ll get into the program tonight and send it FedEx on Monday.”

“Thanks Big Tits, you’re a darling I’ll box up the pills and instructions first thing Monday and put them through the priority delivery section you should get them that afternoon or Tuesday at the latest.”

“Your a sweetie Jade when you get Felicity trained I might bring Linda Cock slut for a visit.”

“Oh that’d be fantastic Kate.”

“I’ll catch you later Fuck Slut you horny bitch.”

“Yeah okay bye Big Tits.”

“Bye Fuck slut.”

Katherine shut off the cell phone dropped it on the desk reached for the laptop and switched it on she’d already finished most of Jade’s version of the virus program except for the finer points. All she need was the subjects name a suitable control phrase. The attached videos were chosen especially for Jade’s benefit making sure that they contained most of Jade’s favorite kinky sexual perversions. On the end she’d tacked on a short clip of Linda Cockslut taking his Mistress’ fist making sure to show his genitals and pretty made up face. Followed by the lines of code that would make Felicity adore cross dressers transvestites and transsexuals nearly as much as guys and girls but for Jade’s benefit kinky lesbians would be Felicity’s preference. Katherine was just finishing the disc for Jade’s new Mistress when her Mother popped her head around the corner of Kathy’s door. Deborah was still dressed in her Lycra Gym gear.

“Hi Sweetie do you have any plans for tonight?”

“Um no why Mum?”

“Since Linda has been such a good house guest and your always deserving Kate I’m taking you both out for dinner.”

“Thanks Mum Linda deserves a break doesn’t she?”

“She sure does Kate Sweetie, it’s about time she had a meal prepared for her.”

“Do you know where she is?”

“Last time I saw her she was in her bedroom Mum.”

“Thanks Sweetie.”

Deborah went to Lukey baby’s room the door was slightly ajar and she peeked around the edge of it. Linda was sitting in front of her dresser mirror applying mascara she hadn’t noticed Deborah standing at the door.

“Linda Sweetie you should pluck your eyebrows it’d make you even hotter.”

“Ugh oh hi there Debbie I didn’t hear you come in. I’m not sure how to shape them that’s why I’ve never plucked them.”

Deborah stepped into his room her blue Lycra leggings clung to her legs as did the white Lycra bodysuit to hide the outline of her shaved pussy she was wearing an orange lace G-string and around her waist was an elastic belt three inches wide. She smelt of perspiration and her hair was dull and limp after being soaked in her sweat as she came closer Lukey baby drank in her musky aroma.

“Here Sweetie let Aunty Deborah show you how it’s done.”

Linda looked up at his Mother and handed her a pair of tweezers she held his chin in her left hand then began expertly plucking his eyebrows. Lukey baby winced each time his Mother pulled out a hair. Less than five minutes later Deborah stepped back to admire her handiwork.

“There you go Sweetie that’s more like it.”

Lukey baby looked up at the mirror his Mother had shaped them into a neat pair of matching reddish blonde eyebrows.

“Thank you Debbie they look fantastic.”

“Don’t mention it Linda you don’t have to make dinner tonight Sweetie, I’m taking you and Kate out.”

“Thanks again Debbie. Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise Linda Sweetie, be ready by seven o’clock I’ve got to have a shower I stink.”

Deborah left her son sitting there and pealing off the Lycra bodysuit as she crossed the hallway went to her bedroom. She opened the shower screen door turned the taps on and quickly finished removing her Gym clothes. Stepping into the hot stream of water Deborah directed the drumming water at one of her large aureole whilst she pinched her opposite nipple. She’d left the Gym early when for some unknown reason her pussy had started to moisten and her already very noticeable teats started getting stiffer. Deborah had been thankful that she’d gotten out of the Gym before her state of excitement became evident to one and all. The woman on the treadmill beside her had given her a knowing look as she rushed past her heading for the door. Using her thumbs and forefingers Deborah took both nipples pulling them together under the flowing shower.

“Aghhhhhh fuck Deb stop it you haven’t got enough time to enjoy a good hard dildo fuck.”

She shook her head trying to shake out the images of huge dildos fucking pussies and ass’s flooding her brain she grabbed the shampoo squeezed out a large spot into her hand. Deborah washed then conditioned her long reddish brown hair she soaped her body all over paying particular attention to her big melons her pussy and for a reason she couldn’t quite remember an extraordinarily long time soaping her anus. An inaudible groan escaped Deborah’s lips when her long red fingernails scraped across her puckered sphincter she ran her index finger around the rim of her shitter delighting in the wicked sensations it induced. Regaining her composure Deborah took her razor and quickly shaved her pussy and then her under arms legs washing off the soap residue she was thrilled with the smooth feeling of her skin. Sighing Deborah reached for the taps shut off the water opened the glass door and took her towel from the warming rack, standing inside the stall while she dried herself Deborah whistled her favorite Dolly Parton song. She finished drying herself wrapped the towel around under her massive boobs then went into her bedroom, sitting down at her dresser Deborah glanced at the clock.

“Bugger it’s only five thirty I could’ve taken my big black dildo in the shower and fucked myself silly, oh well he’ll just have to wait a few hours.”

Deborah plugged her hairdryer in and spent the next ten minutes brushing, styling and blow drying her long hair then took out a skimpy quarter cup bra. Putting it on she found that the cream lace covered nylon cups were only just able to support her ample bust and her whole aureole stood clear of the cream nylon. Deborah threw her weight forward forcing her tits up both meaty boobs spilt over the flimsy bra and tumbled out.

“Hahaha hahaha I’d better be careful in this or I’ll knock someone’s eye out.”

She scooped each hefty melon up and adjusted the skimpy nylon underneath then rummaged around in the drawer until she found the equally scanty thong panties and matching suspender. Finding a pair of white lace top stockings Deborah sat back and opened them, then slid them up her freshly shaved legs one at a time clipped them onto the suspenders. Next she leant down lifting one leg she hooked the thong panties over her foot quickly followed by the other. Deborah stood up and pulled the thin strip of cream material up between her buttocks adjusted the gusset over her smooth shaved mound and finally straightened the suspenders. Deborah lifted her massive hooters pointing them at her reflection she smiled with satisfaction at the image in the dresser mirror.

“Not a bad body for a 40 year old, any chick half my age would kill to have titties like these.”

Deborah sat down and began applying her make up she went a little heavier on her eye shadow than she normally would’ve she applied a light green reflective base over her eyelid followed by two successively darker shades further up. Then Deborah used a dark eyeliner and eyebrow pencil to accentuate her eyes even more when she finally applied her black lash lengthening mascara she batted her eyelids. Deborah applied a hint of blush then admiring her reflection said.

“Deb, you’re definitely one hot Mother.”

She winked at her reflection.

“Why thank you, you’re to kind Sweetie.”

Opening her jewelry box Deborah picked a pair of large gold hoop earrings a half inch wide gold choker and matching bracelet putting them on the dresser, she went to her walk in wardrobe. Deborah stood in the doorway for several minutes trying to decide on what to wear eventually she deciding on a green pleated skirt that had splits on either side that went well past her stocking tops. The top caused her more concern because she wanted to look good but she didn’t want her titties to fall out she finally took a white long sleeve blouse with a ruffled collar and cuffs. When Deborah dressed she wasn’t quite happy with the arrow headed belt she’d chosen and decided to wear one of her new waist clinchers she threw the elastic belt onto her bed then dug around in her lingerie drawer for the waist clincher. She clipped the dozen small pearl headed buttons through their loops then spun around to look at herself in the full length mirror.

“You’re so sexy Deborah you’d pass for 28.”

She opened the walk in wardrobe door and grabbed her black leather knee boots

sinking to her bed Deborah unzipped the shiny boots and slid her feet into them she grasped the tab at the back and pushed her foot into the toe of each boot before zipping them up. Deborah reached out and took the jewelry she’d chosen and quickly put it on.

Katherine was in a kinky mood that afternoon so she dressed accordingly the only underwear she had on was a pretty little black lacy suspender belt with a pair black seamed stay up stockings. The light yellow dress she chose buttoned up the front and finished about six inches above her knee hanging loosely around Katherine’s waist was a chain link belt. She looked at her reflection and was satisfied when she was able to make out the dark outline of her stiff nipples straining against the thin yellow cotton. From experience she knew that when she sat down and opened her knees slightly her naked pussy would be on display and that thought thrilled her. Katherine’s make up was perfectly matched to her clothing a light gold eye shadow and bronze highlights dangling from her earlobes was a pair of cute ear rings they had a feather hanging from a small gold chain. Katherine found her white lace fingerless gloves and slipped into her yellow four inch pumps she sat on her bed as she laced the long straps around her calves. Katherine was running a brush through her long wavy red locks when her Mother stuck her head around the door.

“Hi Sweetie you ready.”

“Just gotta brush my hair Mum.”

Deborah stood in the doorway watching her daughter standing before the mirror as Katherine reached up her short cotton dress raised up and nearly showed her butt cheeks.

“Katherine you’d better watch out or you’ll be showing everyone your buns.”

“Who cares Mum, if their looking they’ll get a good show.”

Kate dropped her hands to her sides and lifted the dress showing her Mother that she didn’t have any underwear on.

“You’re naughty girl Miss Kate.”

“So what. It wouldn’t hurt you to show off your self a little more Mum.”

“Yeah maybe but I couldn’t wear something that short Katherine Sweetie.”

“Why not short enough for you eh?”

“Oh you.”

Deborah reached out and swatted her daughter’s arm playfully she was right the yellow dress Katherine had on would have to be a few inches shorter for her to wear it, but she didn’t know why. Katherine finished and put her hair brush on the dresser and turned to her Mother.

“All ready Mum.”

“Okay Sweetie lets get Linda.”

They crossed to Lukey baby’s bedroom Katherine didn’t bother knocking she walked in closely followed by Deborah. Lukey baby was sitting at the dresser mirror in a sexy white six inch wide lace suspender with white lace top stockings busily applying his foundation. Deborah didn’t notice that Linda didn’t have any boobs her attention was distracted by the twin Titanium rings swinging from Lukey baby’s nipples.

“So you had your nipples pierced to Linda Sweetie? You’re running late too.”

“Sorry Debbie I had such a tough time choosing an outfit.”

“Bullshit Cockslut you were probably to busy having a wank.”

“I didn’t Mistress Katherine I promise.”

“Oh leave her alone Katherine you meanie.”

Deborah took a step towards her son put a hand on either shoulder and looked over his head at his reflection.

“I’ll take you shopping tomorrow Linda we’ll get you some really sexy things Sweetie.”

“You should take Jenny with you Mum she’s got a really great dress sense.”

Deborah left hand slowly slipped down off Linda’s shoulder her long fingernails absentmindedly flicked the cool steel ring. Lukey baby took a beep breath and tried to control the excitement in his voice.”

“Can we Debbie can we?”

“If she wants to come and help she’s welcome to tag along you can ring her when we get home Linda.”

Katherine hadn’t been prepared for this so she quietly stepped out of Lukey baby’s bedroom and crossed to her Mother’s room. Closing the door she fished her cell phone out of her handbag and dialed Jenny’s cell number.


“Hi Jenny its Katherine from over the road, are you alone?”

“Um yeah what can I do for you?”

“Juicy Juggy Jenny this is your Mistress.”

“Good afternoon Mistress Katherine thank you for calling.”

“Listen carefully Juggy Jenny.”

“Yes Mistress Katherine.”

“Linda will ring you later tonight to ask you to accompany her and my Mother on a shopping spree at the mall tomorrow. You’ll accept the invitation and at the mall you’ll pick out clothing that you would gladly wear for Linda to try on. Make sure she only purchases sexy clothing your Mistress doesn’t like jeans, slacks or those stupid skorts I believe that a skirt shouldn’t be confused with a pair of shorts do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress Katherine when can I see you again?”

“If your good and I’m pleased with your choice of clothes for my Cockslut then I might let you come over and play with both Linda and I. Would Juicy Juggy Jenny like that?”

“Oh yes please Mistress Katherine I saw her in your garage earlier today when she stripped off her T-shirt and sweat pants then threw them in the bags I nearly came Mistress Katherine. I had to run home and finger my puss till I did come.”

“Did you lick your finger?”

“Yes Mistress Katherine I imagined it was your pussy.”

“That’s my good little whore, I’ll talk to you later now forget that I called but remember your instructions.”

This was the first time Katherine had tried programming over the telephone she wasn’t expecting any thing out of the ordinary since Jenny was so deeply programmed.

“Thank you Mistress Katherine good bye.”

Katherine dropped her cell phone back into her handbag and went to Lukey baby’s bedroom. She found her Mother standing between Lukey’s knees his face was tilted up looking at his Mother as she applied his eye shadow. Deborah had already applied Linda’s eyeliner and was just putting the finishing touches to the dark pink eyelids she then used a shade of purple to outline the pink. Deborah took the blusher spreading it across her sons’ cheek bones then she applied lip liner pencil and finally filled in his lips with a slutty shade of red lipstick.

“What do you think Miss Kate?”

“Not bad for a Cockslut what is she going to wear Mum?”

“Hang on I’ll have a look.”

Deborah disappeared around the door Katherine ordered Lukey baby to glue his boobies in place a minutes later their Mother returned carrying a red dress on a clothes hanger it looked as if it was made for a midget.

“You took your nipple rings out Linda?”

“Yeah they show through my clothes Debbie. Are you sure it’ll fit me it looks far too small.”

“Don’t doubt your Aunt it’s made from Lycra and stretches far enough to go over my big titties so it’ll fit you no problems Sweetie.”

Deborah took the tiny dress from the hanger and gathered the crisscrossing straps she held it out for Linda to step into. Lukey baby steadied himself with a hand on his Mother’s shoulder as he lifted each stockinged foot and placed them into the dress he gazed at her ample cleavage. Lukey straightened up as Deborah slid the clinging material up his thighs and over his butt gathering it around his waist. His Mother continued to move the dress up his body until she was able to pull the straps over her sons’ shoulders. Deborah then held the hem of the dress and as Linda cupped his fake boobs his Mother pulled the hem down over his ripe ass. The thin almost nonexistent material clung to every curve of the fake boobies the stiff nipples poked out proudly and the lines his suspender belt made stood out nearly as far. Overall it made it obvious to anyone who cared to glance in Linda’s direction that she was one red hot fuck slut. Seeing her niece dressed like this had a strange effect on Deborah she wasn’t quite certain why but she was attracted to her young niece she shook her head to clear the naughty thoughts.

“You look good enough to eat Linda Sweetie.”

“Yeah not bad Linda Cockslut.”

Lukey baby curtsied then looked up at his Mother.

“Why thank you. You’re to kind.”

Deborah picked up Lukey baby’s hairbrush and flicked it through his collar length red hair.

“There you go Linda Sweetie that’s better. We might get you a hair cut and a perm tomorrow, would you like nails like Aunty Deborah’s?”

“Oh yes please Debbie I’ve been trying to grow mine but their so slow.”

Linda offered up her fingernails for Deborah’s inspection.

“Yes their like mine use to be, these are so much stronger Sweetie.”

Deborah drummed her long red nails on the dresser to emphasize her point Katherine was getting impatient.

“Come on hurry up you two or we’ll be late.”

“Keep your pants on Katherine. Are you wearing your boots Linda?”

“Yes Debbie their my favorite.”

“No worries Sweetie I’ll just grab you a belt I have the perfect one.”

Deborah went to her bedroom and retrieved her arrow headed belt from where she’d left it on her bed. Then as a second thought she crossed to her jewelry box and took a pair of three inch long gold chain earrings that have small diamonds at the ends of the chains a matching necklace and two rings she thought might fit her niece.

“Here Linda Sweetie try these.”

Lukey baby took the necklace clipping it behind his neck then he removed his studs and replaced them with the long chains. He marveled at the tingling feelings they caused each time they touched his skin whenever he moved his head.

“Come on Linda put your fucking boots on bitch the taxi will be here any minute.”

“Yes Mistress Katherine.”

Linda quickly sank to the bed and slipped into his favorite five inch stiletto heeled boots he’d become quite good at wearing high heels and was keen to try even higher ones if possible because he wanted to be able to kiss Johnny whilst looking him in the eye. They all walked down to the sitting room and waited for the taxi as Katherine had said the cab arrived within minutes and they all piled into the rear seat. The driver adjusted his rearview mirror to get a better look at the three foxy ladies in his taxi Kathy had made sure that she was sitting in the middle. When she saw the driver move his mirror she parted her knees several inches displaying her stocking tops Deborah’s skirt had slid to one side and her lace stockings were on show as well. The poor driver could hardly keep his eyes on the road and at every traffic light Katherine would open her legs a little further showing him her smooth vulva. She delighted in exposing herself to strangers and at being the center of attention he had three sexy women to perv on but he chose her showing her pussy had nothing to do with it. When the cab pulled into the kerb Katherine leant forwards to pay the driver her Mother and Linda got out she handed him a twenty.

“Hope you liked perving on my cunt you dirty old fucker.”

He didn’t miss a beat he handed her the change and smiled.

“Thanks for showing me Darlin.”

As they walked into the restaurant all the eyes in the place were following them the waiter showed them to a table near one wall. After eating a delicious meal Deborah paid the bill with cash slid a twenty dollar bill into the top pocket of the young waiter that had been ogling them all night.

“Be a dear and ring us a taxi will you Sweetie?”

“No problems Madam.”

“Hey I’m no Madam. I’m a Ms, hahaha hahaha.”

“Sorry Ms.”

He disappeared for a few minutes and as he passed their table carrying another order he paused for a second.

“Your Cab will be out the front in a few minutes Ms and thank you for dinning with us please come again.”

“Oh we’ll be back Sweetie the food was delicious wasn’t it girls?”

“Sure was Debbie.”

“Delectable my compliments to the chef.”

“Thanks I’ll pass it on.”

They stood up and walked out the front to wait for the taxi as they waited Deborah noticed a man in his late twenties sitting in a parked car about fifteen feet away he was blatantly staring at the three of them.

“Look at that perv in his car over there would you. He’s probably having a wank the dirty bastard.”

“Can you blame him Mum look at what your wearing it’s the effect you want after all. Isn’t it Mum?”

“Huh what did you say Kate I was miles away.”

Deborah had been fantasizing about the young guy wanking his big cock while she paraded in front of his head lights dressed in her sexiest lingerie.

“I said why don’t you do something about it then.”

“Your right Kate Sweetie how dare that randy little fucker wank off over my body I’ll show him.”

Linda and Katherine watched as their mother stormed towards the car they both thought that she was going to go off at the poor driver but as she got closer she stepped in front of the car and pulled the ruffled blouse open. Deborah’s huge melons burst free of the flimsy top they bounced and the thin cream colored quarter cup nylon bra only just managed to stay under their incredible weight. She placed a hand under each one then lifted them up slightly as if to say here you go suck on these babies. Letting her boobs drop Deborah slid her finger tips under her cream bra straps and in a single movement flipped her huge titties out she lent forward then shook her shoulders causing her massive boobies to sway. Smiling as sweetly as she could Deborah straightened and lifted her tits back into their nylon prison one at a time she spun around and cheeks slightly flushed walked back to her children. Lukey baby had been shocked to see his Mother expose herself in public like that Katherine on the other hand had enjoyed the sight of her Mother showing a complete stranger her massive boobs. This was just how she wanted their mother to act like a complete and utter whore.

“Debbie how could you do that?”

“Don’t be such a prude Linda Sweetie from what Katherine’s told me about when she caught you and Johnny the other day you’ve done worse.”

Linda blushed a deep shade of crimson.

“That felt good didn’t it Mum?”

“Sure did Miss Kate it felt fucking fantastic.”

The cab pulled up beside them Deborah was the last to step into the car but before she did she turned towards the young guy and blew him a kiss. The cab ride home was uneventful Katherine had sat between her Brother and Mother so she could show off her pussy to her disappointment though the woman driver wasn’t interested. Kathy’s yellow dress had hiked its way up her thighs so far that Lukey baby could see his sister’s smooth vulva, he didn’t notice that Deborah was having a good look as well. The cab pulled into their driveway Katherine and Linda left their Mother to pay the driver as they walked up the stairs. Kathy took out her keys tossing them at Linda.

“Open the door for your Mistress.”

Lukey baby caught the bunch of keys and quickly inserted the right one into the tumbler he turned the key and pushed the door open then stepped aside to allow his sister to enter. Katherine walked past him just as Deborah started up the steps, Lukey baby followed his Mother inside.

“Did you enjoy dinner Linda Sweetie?”

“Yes Debbie it was great thank you for taking me.”

“I tell you what Sweetie if you get me a big glass of your special cocktail we will call it even.”

“No worries I’ll bring it to you Debbie.”

“Thanks Sweetie where did Miss Kate go?”

“Upstairs I think.”

Lukey baby wasn’t sure why his Mother had occasionally referred to his sister as Miss Kate he put it down to his training. He thought that since he was nothing but a useless slave toy his mind grabbed at those types of phrases. As Deborah disappeared into the sitting room Lukey baby made a bee line for the kitchen he hoped that he’d have his Mother’s dose of fake jism ready before she’d changed out of her sexy outfit. He quickly poured a pint glass full of special cocktail and put it into the microwave as he waited he took a large swig from the bottle before returning it to the refrigerator. As the microwave beeped Linda took a tray opened the door and placed the steaming glass of fake cum on it, steadying the tall glass he headed for the stairs calling out to his Mother as he went.

“Debbie here’s your cocktail.”

Topping the stairs Lukey baby looked towards his Mother’s bedroom but it was in darkness, then from Katherine’s room he heard his Mother’s voice.

“I’m in here Linda Sweetie.”

He walked in and found Kathy sitting at her desk while Debbie was sitting on her daughter’s bed he crossed to his Mother and offered her the glass.

“Thanks Sweetie I’ve been dying for this for hours.”

Deborah took the glass lifted it to her lips and downed the entire contents in a single gulp.

“Agh yeah that hit the spot get me another one Sweetie, when it’s ready bring it to my bedroom.”

“It’ll be my pleasure Debbie, I won’t be long.”

“After you’ve done that go to bed because you have a big day tomorrow.”

“Yes Mistress Katherine.”

As he left he glanced at his Mother she was smiling at him.

“You really get off on that stuff don’t you Mum?”

“It’s fucking wonderful Miss Kate I just wish I knew where I’ve tasted it before it’s so familiar but whenever I try to think about it my mind goes foggy.”

“Dildo dipping Debbie digs dicks.”

Deborah’s eyes glazed over and the now familiar fog descended.

“Hello Mistress Kate you look nice.”

“What have you told my Mother you fucking whore? She’s been calling me Miss Kate and I want to know just where she got it from.”

“I’m sorry Mistress I told her to call you that especially when she’s turned on.”

This was a development Kathy wasn’t prepared for she thought about it for a second and decided that it could have its advantages but could be quite dangerous so an activation phrase was needed.

“Okay then Debbie the only time my Mother is to become aware of your presence is on my express instructions and you won’t tell her until you hear me say the following phrase. Debbie’s Double dildos Deborah’s dirty desires. Understand?”

“Yes Mistress Kate I understand.”

“Good now as soon as Linda Cockslut comes back Deborah will go into a semi trance everything that happens from then on will seem like a dream. It’ll be the best dream you’ve ever had and you’ll do anything that comes up without hesitation. In this dream you’ll have control where it goes and every single inhibition that previously held you in check is gone. It’s a dream so it doesn’t matter how kinky you or your partner gets. Do you understand me Debbie?”

A broad smile broke across Debbie’s face as she nodded.

“Yes Mistress Kate I understand perfectly.”

“Good here comes Linda. It’s time for Deborah to return.”

Deborah shook her head from side to side then continued their conversation as if nothing had happened.

“Yeah I wish I could place that taste.”

“Linda Cockslut loves it just as much if not more the horny little slut is always thinking about it.”

“I don’t blame her one bit Miss Kate.”

“Tell Miss Kate how excited you became when you exposed your titties to that stranger.”

“Oh where do I start Kate, it took every ounce of self control to stop myself from opening his door dragging him out and fucking his brains out right there in the roadway.”

“So you’re a horny closet exhibitionist are you?”

“Buy the way my nipples hardened and if the damp state of my pussy was anything to go on well the answer is a definite yes Kate you’re looking at one horribly horny exhibitionist. I adore the free feeling of a slight breeze as it caresses my bare nipples and talking about it makes me excited to Kate.”

Having her Mother call her Miss Kate was good but she couldn’t wait for Lukey baby to go to bed so she’d be able to make her Mother refer to her as Mistress.

“What about showing off your smooth pussy for anyone to see?”

As she spoke Katherine noticed her Mother parted her thighs a little further the split in the green skirt slid open showing off her stocking tops the excitement was evident on Deborah’s face. In a shaky voice her Mother replied.

“I… I don’t think I’d be able to stop myself from touching it if I was to show anyone Miss Kate.”

“That shouldn’t stop you. If it was me I’d love to watch you finger you hairless pussy then lick your cum from your fingers.”

Deborah’s thighs parted several more inches as she listened to her daughter Katherine could clearly see the creamy white gusset of her Mother’s panties the ample moisture was evident. Just then Linda returned with another steaming glass of fake cum Deborah didn’t seem to acknowledge him so he placed it on the bedside table.

“Off to bed now Linda Cockslut.”

“Good night Mistress Katherine, goodnight Debbie.”

“Oh thanks for the drink goodnight Sweetie.”

Lukey baby was disappointed at not seeing his Mother undress but he didn’t dare say anything he definitely didn’t want to undergo another punishment session so he quietly left and crossed the hallway to his own bedroom. He stripped carefully folding each item as he removed it once naked Lukey baby removed the foam boobies and flicked the twin nipple rings. After slipping into a sexy sheer nylon baby doll nightie he sat at his dresser mirror and went about removing his makeup less than five minutes later Lukey baby was in bed fast asleep. As her son walked out of the room Deborah’s mind went hazy for a second she felt like she was floating she put it down to a dream because she’d remembered coming home from the restaurant then going to bed after having a nightcap of Linda’s cocktail. Someone was talking to her she shook the fog away and found that she was in her daughter’s bedroom and it was Kathy that was speaking to her. She though about her daughter for a second look at her sitting there that dress does nothing to hide her ample curves, she’s got nice big tits like mine. Deborah listened as she sipped at the delicious sticky cocktail in her hand while watching her daughter over the rim of the glass as she reclined on the bed she felt herself getting excited. You shouldn’t think about those sorts of things she told herself, and a second later thought to herself fuck it’s a dream so it couldn’t be that wrong. Besides it’d be great to have someone fuck me other than my trusty dildo.

“You know you want to expose yourself don’t you Deb?”

The question took Deborah off guard and before she knew it she’d already answered as the words came out she couldn’t believe she’d spoken them, suddenly she heard herself repeating them.

“Oh fuck yes Kate I want to show everyone my smooth shaved pussy lips and my hard nipples.”

Deborah bit down on her lower lip to stop herself from saying any more. She felt a new wave of excitement flooding her and uncontrollably parted her knees her breath became ragged the cool air hitting her wet panties made her clitty throb. Katherine watched as her Mother squirmed slowly Deborah’s knees parted until Kathy could see both of her Mother’s stocking tops and the rapidly growing wet spot.

“Do you want to show your Daughter you sweet pussy Deb?”

Deborah didn’t answer instead she hiked her skirt up around her waist then slid forward several inches she lifted one leg and placed her foot on the mattress. The other foot remained firmly planted on the floor Kathy was looking directly at her Mother’s near invisible panties stretched tight over her prominent vulva. Deborah looked up at her daughter and in an incredibly sexy voice said.

“Can I show you my wet pussy Miss Kate? Can dirty Deb show you her sweet cunt Kate?”

“Show me your tits first dirty Deb show me those big boobs first”

Deborah didn’t miss a beat she smiled as she reached for the buttons of her blouse. She undid three then pulled the flimsy material aside and tucked it behind either boob. The thin cream quarter cup bra held her massive tits together and Deborah flicked and pinched her semi erect nipples then using both hands lifted them free of the restricting nylon prison.

“Does Miss Kate like dirty Deb’s big titties?”

“Not bad not bad at all show me how you suck your nipples you kinky bitch.”

Immediately Deborah lifted her right boob guiding the fat nipple to her licking tongue she circled the dark teat then took it into her mouth. As she sucked hard loud groans escaped Deborah’s lips. Katherine wasn’t surprised when Deb’s right hand went down to her wet panties she used three fingers to rub her clit then opening her eyes she smiled at her daughter. Deborah pulled the thin nylon up into her naked gash her puffy labia closed around her underwear and another loud groan escaped her mouthful of tit flesh.

“Your pussy is nice and wet isn’t it Deb?”

Deborah opened her mouth to answer and her big boob flopped back against her chest.

“Oh fuck yes Kate my cunt is so so wet. Look I’ll show you how wet I am.”

She reached down pulled her soaking panties out of her pussy and slid them across so her twat was now on display. Deborah pushed three fingers inside her pouting lips then using a scooping motion drove them in and out of her willing gash. After a dozen or so strokes Deborah lifted them to her mouth and greedily sucked her slippery fingers all the time her left hand was busy pinching her long stiff nipples. As she licked the last finger she was busy in thought “masturbating in front of another woman would be quite sexy but doing it in front of my cute daughter is highly erotic indeed. The only thing that’d make it better would be if she was like that kinky redhead in my magazine.” Again Kathy’s voice roused her.

“Do you like the taste of pussy Dirty Deb?”

“Oh fuck yes Kate it’s almost as good as Linda’s fantastic special cocktail.”

Watching her Mother fingering herself was bad enough but hearing her talk like this was more than Kathy could handle. She still had enough control of herself to tease her Mother. She was interested in the reactions, her hands traveled to the lowest of the buttons on her short yellow dress. By the time she’d undone the first two Deborah’s eyes were glued to her daughter’s thighs and Kathy could tell that her Mother was eager to see more. Deborah’s hand had gone back to her swollen twat and she ran two fingers inside as she used her palm to put pressure on her clitoris.

“Now then does Dirty Deb want to see her daughter’s pussy?”

Deborah didn’t trust her voice so she nodded her head vigorously instead.

“Well ask me nicely and I might just let you see and if you’re a good girl I’ll tell you how a true exhibitionist dresses”

“Please Miss Kate show me your sweet gash please please please show me Mistress.”

Kathy quickly undid the remaining half dozen buttons and let the thin yellow material drape open. If Deborah was shocked to see her daughter wearing nothing but a lacy black suspender belt it didn’t show on her face the only thing that did was a mixture of lust and sheer excitement. Kathy wondered just how many taboo barriers her Mother had crossed, it’d be interesting to see if she’s keen for some lesbian loving I’m sure Jenny would like to help out she’ll loose her self in those huge tits. Kathy put her hands on her hips and pushed out her ample bosom.

“Dirty Deb a true exhibitionist dresses for free access at all times. Her tits and cunt will be ready for exposure at a seconds notice therefore a true exhibitionist never wears underwear except on the rare occasions when a sexy pair of crotch less panties are called for. Of course any bra that still shows off more than half of your nipples are fine. Do you think you could become a true exhibitionist Dirty Deb?”

As Kathy waited for her Mother’s reply she slowly rolled her rapidly hardening nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. Again Deborah chose not to answer instead she stood up and slid the blouse off her shoulders then taking a breath she quickly unclipped the waist clincher tossing it aside Deborah started to unzip her skirt she lowered it slowly. Kathy noticed the seductive grin on her Mother’s face as she stepped out of the green skirt. Without straightening Deborah reached for the thin strings holding her soaking panties as she slid them over her jutting buns she looked up at Katherine who stood no more than three feet from her.

“Does Miss Kate want to see Dirty Deb’s shaved pussy?”

“You fucking know I do whore. Get those fucking panties off and show you’re me that smooth cunt.”

Hearing her Daughter talk to her like this gave Deborah an instant orgasm and with difficulty she managed to slide the panties down her long legs then off. Standing up Deborah adjusted her massive boobs then decided that she didn’t need a bra seconds later it hit the pile of clothes beside Kathy’s bed. Standing so close to her Daughter dressed in nothing but a suspender belt and stocking had Deborah’s dark nipples at full attention they were standing out nearly an inch and Kathy could hardly wait to suck on them. Sitting back on the bed Deborah lifted her knees pulling them apart as rocked back.

“There you go Mistress Kate look at my wet cunt wet cunt wet cunt aghhhhhh fuck that sounds good. Want to watch Dirty Deb finger her wet cunt Mistress Kate?”

“Hold your lips open so you’re Mistress can watch while you finger fuck yourself.”

Deborah did as she was told she pulled her outer pussy lips up and apart as she slowly pushed two fingers into her dripping snatch.

“Agh yeah fuck yessssss that’s so good Mistress Kate.”

“Well put another one inside Dirty Deb you know you want it you horny fucking slut.”

“Ah huh that’s me Kate I’m just a horny fucking slut, aghhhhhh yessssss.”

Kathy sat back watching her Mother sliding three fingers in and out of her greedy twat by this time her Kate’s own pussy was in desperate need of attention.

“Tell your Mistress how much you like the taste of pussy Dirty Deb.”

“I adore the taste of wet cunt Mistress Kate this horny fucking slut absolutely loves the taste of her own wet cunt. In fact after using her dildos she licks them clean”

“Would you like to taste your Mistress’s wet pussy?”

When Deborah didn’t answer but started to get off the bed Kathy knew the answer was positive. Deborah approached her daughter then slowly sank to her knees she reached out and placed her palms on Katherine’s thighs. As her Mother pushed them apart Kathy slid forward in the chair to allow her better access, Deborah shuffled towards her Daughter’s open pussy then sank down onto her haunches. The aroma that assaulted Deborah was almost overpowering it only made her all the more eager to try her Daughter’s pussy. Little did Kathy know but her Mother wasn’t a stranger when it came to eating fur pie she teasingly licked every inch of Kathy’s outer lips.

“I thought that you wanted to taste my wet cunt? You fucking slut east your Mistress’s wet cunt.”

The last two words caused a change in Deborah she looked up at her Daughter smiling.

“Mistress Kate get ready for some of the best tongue loving your ever going to get.”

“I’ll believe it when it happens.”

As Kathy talked her Mother pulled her pussy open as her prominent clitoris popped out Deborah flicked her tongue across its hard slippery surface several times. Kathy threw her head from side to side in time to her Mother’s lashing tongue.

“Aghhhhhh yeah that’s the spot Dirty Deb, slide that wet tongue down my slit then tongue fuck me my little Cuntwhore. Suck your Mistress’s fuck hole if you like your knew pet name Dirty Deb the Cuntwhore.”

The dirtier her Daughter talked the more excited Deborah became she would’ve done anything her Mistress asked so long as she continued to talk dirty. She didn’t trust her voice and besides she didn’t want to miss a second of pussy time so she did as her daughter had ordered. Reluctantly Deborah released her Daughter’s clitoris and quickly slid down until her mouth formed a slight suction at the entrance to Kathy’s fuck tube.

“That’s a good little Cuntwhore now fuck your Mistress with that talented tongue.”

Pulling Kathy’s pussy further open Deborah poked her tongue out as far as she could then began stabbing it at her Daughter’s dripping twat.

“Aghhhh fuckkkkkk yessssss that’s it Cuntwhore tongue fuck your Mistress’s wet cunt.”

Feeling the first waves of her orgasm approaching Kathy reached for her stiff teats as her come flooded her Mother’s face Kathy pulled her prominent nipples as if she was milking them.

“Aghhhhhh fuckkkkkk yessssss fuckkkkkk yessssss suck my wet cunt you fucking Cuntwhore, suck your Mistress’s wet cunt make your Mistress come again Cuntwhore.”

Deborah did her best to get all of her Daughter’s juices but most of it was spread all over her chin some had run down and her Mistress’s anus was covered. It was then that she remembered the picture in the magazine that excited her the most and she decided that since it was a dream then she’d try it herself. She slid one hand from Deb’s puffy lips and slowly pushed two fingers into her Daughter’s willing snatch. The moans she heard encouraged her and she began pumping them after half a dozen strokes she pointed her ring finger at Katherine’s slippery anus. It was Deborah that got the surprise because Kathy’s ass hole opened and her finger had slid inside without any resistance.

“Aghhhhhh yummy since you like my shitter so much you better lick it while you finger me Cuntwhore.”

“It’ll be a pleasure to do that for you Kate Honey.”

Ordinarily this would have repulsed Deborah, but since she believed that it was all a dream she happily continued to slide her fingers into her Daughter’s steaming box while she rimmed her shitter. Occasionally Deborah would slide her tongue in between her index and ring fingers allowing her to lick her Mistress’s pussy and anus at the same time.

“Put another finger in my butt Cuntwhore one is never enough that’s one lesson I’ll teach you.”

Deb’s tongue didn’t stop and when Kathy looked down at her Mother she saw the excitement in Deborah’s eyes.

“Does Dirty Deb the little Cuntwhore like licking her Mistress’s ass hole?”

Deborah stopped long enough to swallow and quickly reply before diving back at her Daughter’s sex.

“Nearly as much as your sweet pussy Mistress Kate but not quite.”

“If that’s the case I’d say you’re in need of practice. Take your fingers out and show your Mistress how well you can clean them.”

Deborah slid her fingers out of Kathy’s pussy and anus lifted them to her mouth Kathy smiled when she saw her Mother went for her little finger first quickly followed by her ring finger. Deb sucked at them noisily as she sniffed her other two fingers after a few minutes Deborah swapped them around and greedily sucked at her Daughter’s abundant juices. Katherine reached down and began rubbing her clitty as she watched her sexy Mother.

“Okay Cuntwhore your Mistress’s asshole is waiting for that hot tongue of yours. Rim my shitter Cuntwhore lick your Mistress’s anus.”

“Yes Mistress Kate.”

Kathy watched her Mother’s tongue come out “this is going to be the best sex I’ve ever had it’s definitely the kinkiest by far” she thought to herself. Deborah’s hot wet tongue brought her back to the reality and she concentrated on relaxing her sphincter muscle as her Mother rimmed it. Seconds later Katherine grunted in satisfaction as her ass hole relaxed and Deb’s tongue nearly slid inside.

“Mmmmmm yeah lick my shitter Cuntwhore. Push that hot tongue of yours up Mistress Kate’s shitter. Aghhhhhh yeahhhhhh faster Cuntwhore faster.”

With her daughter sitting at the desk Deborah wasn’t able to get at Kathy’s anus no matter how hard she tried.

“It’s no use Mistress Kate my tongue isn’t quite long enough can we go to your bed?”

It was Katherine’s turn not to answer she simply pushed Deborah aside and stood up the yellow dress hung from her shoulders she pushed it off letting it drop to the floor and walked to her queen sized bed. Standing Deborah automatically picked up her Daughter’s discarded dress folded it and placed it over the back of the office chair. She turned to Katherine expecting her to be on the bed but instead her Daughter was facing the wall she’d bent over from the waist one hand was on the bed to steady herself. Kathy’s ankles were at least a yard apart her free hand was cupping her hairless slit, one finger was no where to be seen just the knuckle showed from between her hairless lips. Deborah stepped a little closer placed her palms on Kathy’s hips while she lent over and showered Katherine’s butt with kisses Kathy looked over her shoulder at her mother.

“Get on your fucking knees Cuntwhore, there’s no excuse now your Mistress expects an expert rim job from her little Cuntwhore. If I’m satisfied then I might just strap on a huge cock and give you the fucking of your life. You’d like your Mistress to fuck you with her big fake cock wouldn’t you Cuntwhore?”

“Yes oh fuck yes Mistress Kate, I’ve got a huge black one in my room that I fuck myself with everyday we can go in there if you like Mistress.”

“Get that fucking tongue up my ass Cuntwhore or I’ll fucking whip you instead. Your Mistress knows all about the dildo collection in your dresser drawer.”

The thought of being whipped startled Deb without letting go of her Daughter’s hips she dropped to her knees behind Katherine. Then gripping Kathy’s butt cheeks Deb pulled them further apart she moved in out came her tongue and the first swipe started at the base of Kathy’s pussy then finished at her tailbone. Again Katherine concentrated on her sphincter as it relaxed this time her Mother’s tongue slid right in, Deb couldn’t help it she simply went wild running her tongue around the inside of Kathy’s anus then stabbing herself at her Daughter’s wide open ass hole.

“Aghhhhhh fuckkkkkk yessssss wow Cuntwhore you’re going the right way for a super strap-on fuck. Agh agh agh agh agh fuckkkkkk yessssss do my fucking shitter you little Cuntwhore.”

Deborah stabbed at Kathy’s anus as she took a few ragged breaths.

“Yes yes yes yes gulp yes yes yes.”

“Shut the fuck up and rim your Mistress Cuntwhore.”

Deborah closed her eyes and concentrated all her efforts on her daughter’s anus suddenly a loud slapping sound startled her she didn’t dare take her tongue from Kathy’s shitter. Looking up she couldn’t see anything but her Daughters creamy white buttocks Kathy had pulled her pussy lips up so that her erect clitoris popped out of its hood she then slapped her own clitty as she bit down on her lower lip to stifle the groans of pleasure.

“That’s it Cuntwhore rim Mistress Kate’s shitter fuck your Mistress’s ass with that hot tongue of yours and make me cum you little Cuntwhore make your Mistress cum.”

Deborah pushed herself against Kathy’s butt straining her tongue she pushed the tip all the way inside and wiggled it from side to side.

“Aghhhhhh fuckkkkkk yessssss I’m cummmmming Cuntwhore tongue fuck my shitter.”

Deborah had no intention of stopping she found it highly erotic to be tongue fucking her Daughter’s ass hole even if it was a dream.

“Fuckkkkkk yessssss I’m cummmmming I’m cummmmming.”

Kathy’s fingers slid over her clit then inside her sodden gash she could hear the squelching sounds they made. As her orgasm passed Katherine reluctantly dragged her fingers from her pussy she looked over her shoulder at her Mother still sucking away at her ass hole, “I’ll freak her out” Kathy thought to herself. Her fingers were covered with her pussy juice and she reached behind herself sliding one slick finger down the crack in her buttocks.

“Spit on Mistress’s anus Cuntwhore.”

Without thinking Deborah rocked back and spat on Kathy’s sphincter, as soon as Kathy heard it she reached further back and slid three fingers into her willing ass hole.

“Agh yeah that’s more like it three fingers in your Mistress’s shitter. Do you like watching me finger my arse Cuntwhore?”

“Um ER yes Mistress Kate very much so I just wish it was me fingering that sweet anus.”

“Is that so well you’d best get those fingers of your in my cunt then.”

Kathy pushed her hips back a touch so she could work her fingers further inside her anus. Deborah cupped her palm under Kathy’s pussy she marveled at the heat coming from her Daughter’s twat. Standing behind Kathy gave her more access than normal she was slightly surprised when three then all four of her fingers slid into Katherine’s waiting gash.

“Ummm nice Deb rub Mistress Kate’s asshole with your thumb.”

Deborah did as she was told her other hand was busy playing with her own clitty.

“Ummm now work your fingers inside my wet cunt give them to me Cuntwhore.”

Deb wasn’t quite sure what her Mistress wanted but she didn’t want to disappoint so she started to piston her whole forearm this caused her fingers to bury themselves up to the knuckles.

“Yeah Cuntwhore do your Mistress with your fingers.”

Kathy suddenly slumped forwards she kept her legs straight so her butt poked up Kathy tossed her head to one side so she could watch her Mother’s reaction to what she was about to say.

“Cuntwhore push your thumb up Mistress Kate’s arse while you finger fuck my wet cunt.”

A broad smile crossed Deborah’s face this was another thing she’d seen in the bondage magazine. She slid her fingers back until only the tips were still parting Katherine’s puffy lips then she placed her thumb against her Mistress’s winking anus. Kathy pushed back against her Mother’s hand and wasn’t surprised when she felt Deborah’s fingers slip into her pussy.

“Push harder Cuntwhore, your Mistress wants your fat fucking thumb up her arse hole, now push Cuntwhore fucking push.”

Kathy grunted then groaned as her Mother pushed her thumb inside her willing sphincter.

“Yeah Cuntwhore fuck Mistress Kate’s ass with your thumb agh fuck it Cuntwhore fuck it. Give me that fat thumb in my shitter Cuntwhore.”

Katherine stretched out and retrieved her ten inch strap-on dildo from its usual hiding spot under her pillow. When her Mother saw it an involuntary lustful groan escaped her lips Kathy turned her head and looked back at her Mother.

“Here fuck your Mistress’s wet cunt with her big fake prick while you tongue my ass with that hot little tongue of yours Cuntwhore.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Deborah’s hand shook slightly as she reached for the dildo her Daughter offered she couldn’t wait for her Mistress to strap it around her waist and give her the promised fuck of her life. Holding the thick base of the large plastic dick Deborah used her cum covered hand to lubricate the fake cock before positioning the huge knob against her Daughter’s swollen lips.

“Long slow strokes to start with Cuntwhore and make sure that wet tongue stays in contact with your Mistress’s shitter.”

Deb couldn’t answer because her tongue was deep inside Katherine’s anus then she began to slowly push the dildo up into her Daughter’s sodden gash. Kathy’s moans and whimpers encouraged her so she flicked her tongue at the inside rim of her Mistress’s anus.

“That’s more like it Cuntwhore you may speed up the dildo until it’s in time with your talented tongue.”

Kathy was close to coming but didn’t want to give her Mother the satisfaction of knowing that she’d cum so soon. Deborah was so intent on her rimming that when Kathy bit down on her lip she either didn’t notice or didn’t care.

“Aghhhhhh yessssss Cuntwhore fuck Mistress Kate faster dildo my wet cunt fuck meeeeeeee Cuntwhore.”

Deb repositioned herself so she could drive the fake prick deep into her Daughter’s pussy without loosing touch with Katherine’s bouncing ass. Kathy’s body shook as she exploded and from around the sliding dildo she squirted cum that splattered over Deborah’s wrist.

“Agh agh agh agh put it up my shitter Cuntwhore. Hurry up before I finish cummmmming.”

Deborah didn’t have to be told twice she pulled the fake cock from her Daughter’s grasping pussy and slid it up an inch. From all the licking she been doing and the cum still clinging to the dildo it slipped past Kathy’s spasming sphincter when she pushed.

“Finally my poor tongue gets a fucking rest your so wicked Mistress Kate, so deliciously wicked. Shall I fuck your sweet ass hole fast or slow?”

“Imagine it’s your ass hole and show Mistress Kate how you want your shitter fucked Cuntwhore.”

“No worries Mistress.”

Deborah flipped the straps over her wrist and moved her hand so her palm was against the base pushing then used her fingers to grip top of the base. She began with long slow strokes drawing back until just the bulbous head was still inside her Daughter’s bowel then at a steady pace she drove it deep up Katherine’s shitter.

“Fuck my ass Cuntwhore fuck Mistress Kate’s ass hole you little Cuntwhore.”

There wasn’t anything that would have stopped Deborah she wouldn’t have cared if the house was on fire at that moment. The only thing that mattered was showing her Mistress how she wanted to have her butt fucked with the huge fake cock in her hand. Deborah upped the tempo of her strokes she was sliding at least eight inches of the dildo into her Daughter at an ever increasing pace and from the sounds she was hearing it was evident that Kathy was close to another orgasm. The dildo flashed to and fro as Deborah drove it at Katherine’s willing anus she wanted to let her Mistress know that she would prefer a long hard fast butt fucking.

“You’re a horny little fucker Cuntwhore your getting Mistress Kate excited feel my wet cunt.”

Deborah reached under her Mistress and slid three fingers along the length of her Daughter’s slit.

“Oh Mistress Kate, you’re so wet.”

Every time Kathy said the words “wet cunt” or called Deborah, Cuntwhore she could see the pleasure on her Mother’s face and she decided to find out just how fixated on the words Deb was.

“Put them inside my wet cunt wet cunt wet cunt wet cunt wet cunt wet cunt wet cunt wet cunt wet cunt wet cunt wet cunt.”

Hearing those words made Deborah’s pussy throb she couldn’t help herself her right hand went even faster her body shook as she came uncontrollably.

“Oh fuck Mistress Aghhhhhh fuckkkkkk Mistress Kate I’m cummmmming and you haven’t even touched me.”

“Don’t stop that fucking dildo Cuntwhore cause I’m soooo fuckkkkkking close.”

Again Kathy squirted as she came this time though there wasn’t a fat plastic dick to stem the flow and it covered Deborah’s hand. Deb quickly slid her hand back and greedily lapped at her Daughter’s abundant nectar.

“Get those fucking fingers back up my wet cunt you little fucking Cuntwhore!”

“Sorry Mistress Kate but you pussy juice is so delicious I couldn’t resist.”

Agh agh agh agh agh agh agh fuckkkkkk fuckkkkkk yessssss that’s a good Cuntwhore agh agh agh agh fuckkkkkk yessssss.”

Kathy fell forwards onto her bed exhausted from a truly marvelous fucking. Deborah’s fingers slid from Kathy’s gripping snatch as her Daughter moved but she made sure that the dildo stayed firmly planted deep inside Katherine’s ass hole.

“Was that to you liking Mistress Kate?”

Her Mother asked as she continued to slowly fuck Kathy’s shitter.

“Not bad for a beginner Cuntwhore.”

“Thank you Mistress Kate I tried my best.”

Katherine didn’t feel like fucking her Mother, she was satisfied for the moment and Kathy didn’t want to risk having her Mother wake up in the morning beside her Daughter and decided that Deborah should go to her own bed.

“Dildo dipping Debbie digs dicks.”

Deborah’s mind glazed over and she stopped dildoing her Daughter’s anus she smiled down at Kathy.

“Wow Mistress that was hot.”

“Shut the fuck up and listen dirty Deb, your Mistress is going to sleep now so it’s time for Mother to go to bed as well. Walk to her room get into bed close your eyes then start counting when you reach one hundred Deborah will wake up from her dream state she’ll remember every detail as she drifts off to sleep. Is that clear Dirty Deb?”

“Crystal clear Mistress Kate goodnight.”

Katherine reached back and withdrew the dildo she stood up and followed Deb out the door she watched her Mother walk to her room then crossed to the bathroom. Kathy didn’t switch the lights on as she washed the strap-on dildo she crossed the hallway a minute or two later she saw her Mother tossing from side to side. Chuckling to herself Kathy pushed her door closed picked up the thin yellow dress she’d worn earlier she bunched it up into a ball. Squatting Katherine wiped herself against the flimsy yellow cotton, tossing aside she said to no one in particular.

Lap Moms 5: Two Moms, Two Laps: Movie Night

by Tx Tall Tales ©


Movie night at home will never be the same


Such a sweet sound.

“Je..remy,” Mom whispered into my ear.

“Mmm,” I sighed, turning toward her.

“Je..remy,” she whispered teasingly, nibbling on my ear.

I reached my arm out and pulled her close. “Love you, Mom,” I sighed.

“Good morning, baby boy. I had the most wonderful dream last night.”

I grinned, eyes still closed, enjoying the sound of her voice. “Me too.”

“I dreamt my naughty son wore me out, making me come like crazy, while his Daddy taught him how.”

“Mmm. Nice dream. I had one just like it.”

She giggled, kissing my neck. “In my dream, my boy held me forever, protecting me, taking care of me, while he and his Daddy fed me.”

“Sounds like a great dream to me.”

“Did my naughty boy feed me last night?”

“I’m sure he did, Mom. You looked awfully hungry.”

“Did his Daddy feed me too? While my boy was holding me?”

“Oh yeah. Dad fed you a lot. You should still be full.”

“Is my baby going to feed me again?” Mom asked softly. I felt her tongue lick my cheek. Naughty Mommy.

“Every day. Perfect Mommy’s should never go hungry.”

“Now? Will he feed me now?”

“Your baby would love to feed you now.”

Mom slid under the covers, and half asleep, I let her take care of me. It was beyond description, laying back lazily, knowing Mom was between my legs. Her soft hands caressed my legs and stomach. Tiny kisses, nuzzles and licks, teasing, pleasing, before her hot mouth encased me. She was amazingly gentle and tender, coaxing my cum out only after a delightfully long time of reminding me she was the best cocksucker in town.

“Open up, Alice. Now!” I teased.

She giggled, accepting my gift, letting me fill her mouth, sucking me clean.

“Good girl,” I whispered.

“Thank you, baby. Mommy’s happy.”

I pulled her up the bed, cuddling her. “I love you, Mom.”

She purred sweetly. “Mommy knows.” She kissed my chest. “Your father says there are new rules. He won’t tell me,” she pouted.

“You thought I would, if he wouldn’t?” I said, patting her naked bottom.

“He said that if you wanted to, you would. It was up to you.” Mom had her leg over mine, rubbing against me, squirming cutely. I felt the warmth of her crotch, wet against my hip. “Please baby? I need to know. Did you win me yet?”

I lifted her face to mine, tasted her oh-so-kissable lips. “Not completely. Not yet. I’m working on it.”

“Rules?” she pleaded. “Where do we have to stop?”

“No fucking, front or back. That’s the main one you need to know.”

She pouted. “Are there more?”

“Yes, but that’s between Dad and me. As far as you’re concerned, I’m not going to fuck you anymore. No mistakes, or bending rules. Not until Dad decides otherwise.”

“You think he will?” she asked softly.

“I’m certain he will. Once you do your part.”

“My part? What’s that?”

“It’s still a secret. You’ll find out soon. In the meantime, my mouth and the sweet little Mommy pussy are going to become very good friends.”

“There will be lots of feeding too, right baby?”

“Lots. Don’t be surprised if I walk into your room in the middle of the night, and give you a midnight snack in Dad’s bed.”

Mom moaned softly, her hands rubbing my chest. She nibbled along my jawline. “That would be terribly naughty, Jeremy.”

“As naughty as when I give you a late night snack, when his cock is buried in your incredible, bodacious ass, Mom?”

“You wouldn’t dare,” she said nervously.

“I most definitely will. Often, unless Dad tells me to stop.”


“We’ll see. If you’re a very good Mommy.”

I took Mom into her shower, and we cleaned up together. It was so decadent, being allowed to wash her and feel her, playing with her body, all with Dad’s approval.

“You’re sure this alright with your father?” she asked once again.

“Yes, Mom. It’s fine,” I told her, washing her tits for the third time.

We got out of the shower and dried off. “I’m going to finish getting ready in my bathroom,” I told her. “I expect you naked in your bed, when I get back.”

“In your father’s bed?” she whined.

“Naked and ready.”

I brushed my teeth, shaved close, did the usual clean-up. I ran downstairs and got two bottles of water, then returned to her room.

She was in her bed, the covers turned down next to her.

“You’re sure this is alright,” she asked nervously.

“Stop asking. I’m not going to break his rules, and I’m not going to allow you to, not anymore.”

She nodded.

I pulled her into my arms. “How are you feeling down there?” I asked.

“Sore. I’m always sore lately. I wonder why that is?” she teased.

“I’m going to do down on you now, and I want you to tell me what you like, and what I can do to make you feel good. Be honest and open with me.”

“Of course, Jeremy.”

I took my time with her, practicing what I’d learned with Aunt Marie and Penny, focused on her pleasure. She was easy to get off, and after less than 10 minutes I wrangled my first big orgasm out of her. I tried to be gentle, considerate, after what we’d subjected to her to the night before, but I wasn’t always successful. Five minutes later I had her creaming on my tongue. By the time I finished with Mom’s pussy, 20 minutes later, my jaw and tongue both aching, she’d come for me three more times.

Mom went down on me, playfully, toying with me. She could take all of it without any trouble, virtually no gag reflex. She did evil things to me with her tongue, crazy things. She’d bring me close, so very close, where I thought I had no chance to stop, then ease me back down. Over and over she did that, until I couldn’t take it. I grabbed her head and forced my cock down her throat, groaning, as I erupted, her nose pressed against my belly.

She laid in my arms, smiling sleepily. “Jeremy?” she said softly.


“I don’t mind you being aggressive like that at the end, but don’t force your cock down my throat when you come, Ok?”

I sat up a little. “I’m sorry. You don’t like that? Is it uncomfortable?”

She shook her head. “It’s alright, sometimes, but I can’t taste it that way. I can’t hold it in my mouth. I always want to taste my baby boy’s sweet cum. Fuck Mommy’s throat all you want, but finish in my mouth, or outside, please.”

“I love you, Mom. I’m sorry. I’ll always let you taste it for now on. I didn’t know.”

She grinned. “I’m not mad, baby. That was fun. We’re both learning about each other. I teased you so much, of course you had to take control. I wanted you to know, that’s all. How to make it better.” She gave me a squeeze, “Speaking of, you know that little phrase you use, to make me take your cock in my mouth?”

“Of course,” I teased. “Sexiest thing ever.”

She ran her finger across my chest. “That’s your father’s. It’s only for him.” She kissed my chest. “Don’t be mad, Ok, but that’s special for your father.”

I gave her a hug. “I understand. That’s for you two only. But last night, you wouldn’t open for me, unless I said it.”

She looked confused. “You said it last night? When you fed me?”

“Yeah. I tried, but you wouldn’t open up for anything else.”

She sighed. “I guess you’re going to have to train me with your own special phrase. Something just for my Jeremy. Why don’t you think about what you’d like that to be, and we can work on that.”

“It’ll be for me only, not for Dad?”

“Of course, baby. There are things about my relationship with my husband, that you’ll never be able to be part of, just like there are elements of a relationship between a mother and her son, that your father can’t ever have. This should reflect ours.”

She kissed me on the lips, gently. “Don’t you have some video editing to do, and a girlfriend to take care of? She’s probably feeling nervous and vulnerable. You have to call her, see her, let her know everything’s wonderful. It still is, right?”

“Fantastic. I swear, every day my life is getting better.”

“Are you going to tell me your secret plan? How you’re going to get your father to give me to you?”

“Not yet Mom. Soon, I promise. Just a couple of more things to take care of.”

She gave me another kiss. “Bacon and egg sandwich?” she asked.

“That would be great. As wonderful as this is, I probably should wash the smell of my mother off, before seeing my newly deflowered girlfriend.”

She giggled. “And vice, versa, right?”

“Yes, Mom.”

* * *

I felt odd, standing at my girlfriend’s door. I thought about how the father’s in the neighborhood were off earning a dollar, while their women were home. Mom, Colleen, many others, I’m sure. I felt like a lone man in a sea of women, until 5:00 pm. I don’t know why I thought of that, but it hit me, standing on the steps. I looked up and down the street. All those doors, many with lonely women behind them.

I had called ahead, and Penny’s mother met me at the door.

“Jeremy! Don’t you look handsome today?” she grinned, giving me a hug.

I had dressed up a little, button up shirt, khaki pants, shoes instead of sneakers. I wasn’t even sure why. I had my hands full with my backpack, and a small bouquet of flowers. I held out the flowers to her.

“You’re so sweet to have brought Penny flowers,” she said, taking them and walking into the house.

“Those aren’t for Penny, they’re for you,” I told her.

She stopped in mid-step, turning. “For me?”

“What you did for her yesterday, for us, to make it easy and special. I couldn’t stop thinking about that. The way she shouted your name. That was when I knew how important it was. I had no idea. Thank you so much.”

She grinned and walked back to me, sliding into my arms. “It’s not for the little indiscretion between us, is it?”

I gave her a hug. “Sorry, beautiful, I’m just a teenager. I can’t afford that kind of thank you.”

She grinned and gave me a warm kiss. “Then I accept. Thank you. For the flowers and for allowing me to be there. I know that couldn’t be comfortable for you.”

I chuckled, sliding my arm around her waist as we walked to the kitchen. “No shit. Especially after the couch scene. I thought you hated me, and then to have you there, staring at me, when I was about to, uh, be with your daughter, I almost changed my mind.”

“I think everyone is glad you didn’t, including yours truly.” She put the flower in a vase, and set them on the kitchen table. “She’s still in bed. She’s not feeling very good this morning.”

“Can I see her?”

“I know she’d love that. She’s kind of proud of how sore she is. Milking it for all it’s worth. She has me waiting on her hand-and-foot, saying it’s my fault it got so big.” Colleen grinned at me, and I could see she was more than a little proud herself.

“She’s right, you know. I’ve never been bigger. Naughty Colleen, with the magical mouth.”

She laughed, bumping me with her shoulder. “If you only knew, hot stuff.”

“Eleven, in one night?”

She blushed a bright red. “I can’t believe I told you that. I never told anybody, not even my husband.”

“I’m not going to hold that against you. If anything, you earn a gold star from me. I know how to keep a secret, it ends between us.”

She walked me back to her daughter’s room, and didn’t object to my hand on her bottom as we walked side by side. She stopped at the door, turning toward me, and I pulled her close, grabbing her ass with both hands. “I thought you were such a nice sweet boy,” she said, pressing her body against mine.

“I am. You said so yourself last night, when you got a taste.”

She blushed again. “Stop. You’re embarrassing me,” she whispered.

“I don’t want that. You were incredible last night, that’s all. I’m kind of a dolt, waiting a year to start anything with Penny, and never realizing what an amazing and beautiful woman you are.”

She gave me a squeeze. “Enough. We have to behave. I promised.”

“Me too. I’m not trying to get in your pants, I swear. I never appreciated you before, that’s all. I need you to know that I think you’re incredible. I won’t try anything other than a hug and a kiss, unless Penny’s with us.” I squeezed her buns again. “Maybe a little innocent touching.”

She shivered in my arms. “If Penny is Ok with it…?”

“Anything and everything, your MILFness. I don’t think I could ever get enough of you.”

She stood on her toes and kissed me, gently. “If Penny Ok’s with it, you’ll get a chance to find out.”

She opened her daughter’s door, knocking softly. “Penny, Jeremy’s here.”

Collen left me there, and I sat on the edge of the bed, where my girlfriend was lying, wearing a t-shirt under the covers. “I love you,” I told her.

She beamed at me and opened her arms for a hug. “Get out of those clothes and get in here with me,” she laughed.

As I undressed, she shucked her own shirt, scooting over in the bed. “No bang-bang,” she teased. “You pretty much ruined the kitty for a while.”

I slid into the bed, and took her in my arms. “I’m sorry. I guess I got a little carried away.”

She kissed me hard. “I’m not. It was incredible. I’ve been on the phone all morning with Emma and Kayla, sparing no details. They are sooo jealous!”

I was surprised. I would never even think of calling my friends and talking about that. Then again, Dad did get a pretty good update. I chuckled, “I couldn’t tell anyone. Nobody would ever believe how incredible you were.” I hugged her, cupping one of her tits, gently. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

She giggled, settling into my arms. “It’s not that bad, really. Some Tylenol and a little rest. I’ll be good as gold in a couple of days, and we can get a little more ‘practice’ in.” She glanced at the door, and lowered her voice. “I can walk around, but it’s fun being spoiled and teasing Mom.”

“You didn’t tell your friends about…”

“Of course not! As far as anyone other than our two families is concerned, it was just you and me.”

“You up to reviewing our video? I’ve done some editing, but I want you to help too.”

“Sure. You’ve got it here?”

I leaned out of the bed and grabbed my knapsack, pulling out my laptop.

We spent a long time in that bed, looking at the footage, trimming here and there, muting some of the sound. We added a title, and some transitions, playing together. I was getting worked up, and I know Penny was too.

“Fuck, we are hot together, aren’t we?” she said, during playback of the final product.

“You’re amazing,” I told her. “Anyone would be incredible with you, I’m just glad it was me.”

She put her arm around my waist, leaning into me. “Me too, Jeremy. You were wonderful.” She gave me a long soft kiss. “Go get Mom, let’s see if she approves of the final. You’ll have to make sure Alice gives it the Ok, too.”

I climbed out of the bed, and put on my boxers. I found Colleen in the living room. “Penny wants you to see the final video,” I told her.

She was up like a shot, taking my hand and almost running to the back of the house. I laughed, as I tried to keep up. In Penny’s room, I took off my boxers and climbed into her bed. Colleen went over to Penny’s side, and her daughter stopped her. “No way Momma. Other side.”

Penny passed me the laptop, and her mother scurried around the bed, lifting the covers.

“Nope.” Penny laughed. “This is the love bed. No clothing allowed.”

“Penny…” her mother whined.

“Do you want to see the video, Mom? It’s fucking amazing.”

Colleen stripped down and climbed into the bed beside me. “God, you are so rotten today,” Colleen mumbled.

I moved the laptop down toward my knees, so everyone could get a decent view. Then I hit play.

I put my arms around both girls, leaning back, listening in pleasure as they talked about the movie. It was at least as hot as Penny had said. When we got to the scene where I came on Penny’s face, they moaned in tandem. Penny reached over and pulled the covers off my lap, my erection standing tall. It was getting to me, no denying.

Penny wrapped her hand around my cock, stroking me slowly, while we watched the two Mom’s lick her face clean. “Go ahead, Mom. I know you want to,” she said softly.

Colleen’s hand joined her daughter’s and I groaned. They both giggled.

“In or out, Mom? This scene?” Penny asked.

“In. In. It would be a mortal sin to take that out,” Colleen said.

They got to the point where we were preparing her for the big moment, and Penny hit pause, as her mother took me in her mouth on the screen. “Can we leave that in? Or should we take it out. What’s Dad going to think?”

Colleen seemed conflicted. “Can we do both? One of each?” she asked nervously.

I started to answer sure, but Penny cut me off. “Both? That’s a lot of work you’re asking my boyfriend to do,” she said.

“Really? It’s not that much extra work is it?”

“It is. I think you’ll have to earn the second one,” Penny said.

“Earn it?”

“Show me how good that mouth of yours is Mom. I heard you telling him you were better. Prove it.”

Colleen blushed, but she leaned over and started licking my cock. Penny grabbed the laptop and pulled it to the side, pulling the covers off of us, so she could watch her naked mother suck me.

I leaned back and enjoyed it. If Mom hadn’t already gotten me off a few times that morning, I’m sure I would have come right away. She was good, looking up at me, moaning, licking and kissing my cock like it was the most important thing in the world. Stroking it lazily, rubbing it against her face and lips. She was quite the tease.

“Geez Mom, aren’t you going to suck it?”

“Hush, Penny,” I told her. “It’s good. Very good.”

“Really?” she asked.


When Colleen finally took me in her mouth, it was all I could do to hang on. She sensed it, and took it easy on me, until I relaxed a bit and she went back to work.

“All the way, Mom. I know you can do it,” Penny urged.

Colleen, sat up. “No baby. Not this time.”

“Not this time?”

Colleen turned to me. “Jeremy, love, can you give us a few minutes, please? Get yourself something to drink if you like. When you come back, I’ll finish you good, I promise.”

I gave her a quick kiss, and climbed over her. “Listen to your Mom, Penny. Think what last night would have been like if our moms weren’t there. They know a lot more about this stuff than we do.”

I left them for a while. Long enough to have a Coke and relax. Down there, too. Colleen was going to have to work for it.

Back in the bed, they were cuddling and talking softly. They made room for me, and Colleen went straight to work. Slowly and teasingly, she got me hard, making me ache before she took me in her mouth. I knew she adored my cock, couldn’t live without it, by the time her mouth was bobbing up and down.

Penny leaned against me, and I saw she had her phone out, recording her Mom’s masterwork. “Is it good?” she asked me softly.

“Oh, yeah,” I groaned.

“Really good? Better than me?”

Colleen pulled up. “If you answer that, I’ll never do this again,” she snapped. She glared at her daughter. “This isn’t some competition.”

Penny blushed. “Sorry, but he looked like he really liked it.”

“I do. Your Mom’s a cock-sucking genius. A lot better than Aunt Marie. That’s all I’m going to say. No way I’m going to risk not getting more of this.”

Colleen chuckled. “Good answer, Jeremy. If my rotten daughter will stop interrupting and causing trouble, it’s going to get better.”

She was right. It did get better, and better. She had me curling my toes, aching for release. I’d still give the edge to Mom, but it wasn’t fair. She was my Mom after all. She got huge bonus points for that.

She brought me to the edge several times before finally letting me finish. She pulled her mouth off and stroked me hard, letting me come on her face. She was very pretty like that.

“You didn’t even let him come in your mouth,” Penny pouted.

“He will. And he’ll dream about it until he does. Don’t give it all away the first time. In the mouth, swallowing, deep-throat, face-fucking, those are gifts we give him gradually, specials. He’ll appreciate them all the more that way. You only get one first time.”

She got off the bed, and picked up her shirt, wiping her face clean. I had hoped she was going to let Penny lick her clean, like she had done for her daughter.

Colleen laughed. “You’re so cute, Jeremy. So transparent. It’ll happen someday, Ok?”

Penny was confused. “What will happen?”

Her mother climbed in back in bed, and I hugged her. “He wanted you to lick it off. Couldn’t you tell? The way he looked at you and my face? The disappointment when I wiped it clean?”

Penny looked at me. “Is it true? Is that what you wanted?”

I nodded, slightly embarrassed I was so easy to read.

“I would have done it,” she said.

“Little bit at a time. He’s happy now. We’ll save that for another time.”

We watched the rest of the video, the girls back to chatting about how good Penny looked, how amazing it had been, how the fathers were going to get a kick out of it, not just Penny, but both naked moms. All of it. There was no picture of the mom’s cleaning either of us up, or any of the stuff I did with Colleen. It ended with me holding Penny and us talking about how it had been. I thought it was especially naughty, that Mom had been cleaning me with her mouth while filming that final scene.

It showed Penny giggling, and saying she made a mess, but we took out her Mom’s naughty response, and skipped to my Mom asking if we were going to do it again, and agreeing to wait until later. We cut to a final shot Mom had taken of us lying together, Penny’s head on my shoulder.

Colleen, chuckled. “I’m having second thoughts,” she said.

“Of giving it to Dad?” Penny asked. “You think he’ll be mad?”

“I think I won’t be able to walk for weeks. That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s going to drive him crazy.” She turned to her daughter. “I want you to offer to watch it with him. Not the first time, that would be dangerous. He is just a man, after all. But afterward.”

“Are you sure?” Penny asked.

“I’m sure. You watch that with him. You tell him all you felt. Including anything you want about what I did. Anything. I’ll prepare him for it.”


Colleen laughed. “That’s how we’re going to get you that convertible VW Bug you’ve been hinting about. Trust me. You open up to him, tell him you love him and wanted to share that special moment, and anything you want is yours.”

I chuckled. “I bet you’re right. Dad told me he’d buy a car for her, before he even saw the movie, when we told him what we had in store.”

“See? Trust me on this one, baby,” Colleen giggled. “You might even sit on his lap. Get him all hot and bothered. I’ll take care of him afterward.”

We finished up, and I told them I’d make the final edits. “Do you mind which version my Dad gets?” I asked Colleen.

“As long as he can keep it to himself, give him the good stuff. Hell you can even let him see me cleaning her up, if you can cut out that line about your mom cleaning you.”

“Great. I’m going to finish it up and let him see it tonight.”

“Can I come over when you do?” Penny asked.

“You can come over anytime. I’m sure my parents would both love to have you there.”

“After dinner then?” she asked.

“I’ll save it until then.” I leaned over and kissed her softly. “You know I love you, right?”

“Long, and hard,” she teased. She gave me peck on the lips. “I love you too. We both do, don’t we Mom?”

Colleen blushed. “It’s hard not to.” That earned her a kiss as well.

I stood up and put away my computer, and then got dressed. I stood at the foot of the bed, both girls still lying there, naked, watching me.

“What’s it like?” I asked, spinning slowly around.

“What’s what like?” Colleen asked.

“Seeing the luckiest man in the world. Does it show?”

Penny laughed, and threw her pillow at me. “How about the luckiest girl?”

“Gorgeous, and driving me crazy. To know what’s hidden under the covers and not be able to do anything about it. I’m going to go home, watch my video and see if I can’t get some blisters on my hand.”

She shrieked, “Don’t you dare! You and me are doing some ‘practice’ later. The kitty might be on life-support, but my mouth is just fine.”

“Alright. No blisters. But you better not be teasing me.”

She grinned. “I’ll tease you alright. I think you’ll be Ok with it though.”

I went over and gave them both kisses, and told them I’d let myself out.

They were giggling like schoolgirls, jabbering away before I was even in the hall.

* * *

I went home and worked on the video. Mom was out, most likely shopping. I had hoped for a little more Mommy loving, but it was probably best this way. I finished the tape for Dad, including the bonus Colleen action, and had a nice chat with Aunt Marie on the phone. I told her about my night, and that Dad had seen her video and he was in. I also told her not to make plans for the next day, since she’d be coming over, and might be staying late. Very late.

She was nervous, asking me if I was sure, and what to do about Colin. “Bring him over. I’ll keep him out of it tomorrow, but we’re not going to leave him out for long. I don’t have the final solution for him yet. Let me deal with Colin for now, you take care of your part.”

I reminded her how much I loved her, and why we were doing this, and she finally agreed. “Take care of me, Jeremy.”

“I will Aunt Marie. I promise. It’ll work out.”

She was hard to get off the phone, but I finally managed it.

I was happy with the final video versions. I only needed Mom’s approval. I heard Mom drive up, and I went downstairs.

She had groceries, and was dressed in her yoga outfit. I helped her unload the bags and put them away. She asked me how my visit with Penny went, but I didn’t go into detail. “We finished the video. You want to see it now, or do you need to get dinner started?”

“Give me a minute, and I’ll get the roast going.”

I grabbed a beer, and drank it watching her. She was so beautiful, working in the kitchen. Every movement was exciting. I still couldn’t believe that Dad was letting me play with her. The luckiest man in the world. I hadn’t been kidding.

She giggled. “You’re making me nervous, sweetie.”


“The way you’re looking at me. That hungry, horny look. You get that from your father.”

“You’re gorgeous Mom. I can’t believe how fortunate I am.”

She finished washing up her hands, came over and gave me a long slow kiss. A kiss of promises. She pulled back, smiling. “Something you wanted to show me?”

“My room. Now.”

She laughed, taking my hand in hers, and leading the way. Inside the door I started undressing her. “I thought you wanted me to see a video?”

“You will.” I left her panties on, and stripped down to my boxers. I sat in front of my computer and patted my thighs. “Come here Mom. Sit on my lap. Let’s watch this together.”

I played with her body, kissing her neck, fondling her tits, rubbing between her legs, while we watched. I got her approval for each of the scenes, as we went. I was hard, and she was rubbing her butt against me teasingly. When we got to the the part where she was talking to me, telling me how to fuck my girlfriend, I paused the movie. She turned to me, and I brought my lips to hers, opening her lips, kissing her with all the feeling I could.

“You were incredible, Mom. You made it work. I know now that it would probably have been a disaster without you there. I love you so much, Mom.”

She sighed, holding me. “I love your father. I do, but I wish that had been me under you, experiencing my first time. That’s all I could think about. What it would have been like with you. You were perfect, Jeremy.”

“Only because of you.”

She grinned. “We’re a good team, aren’t we?”

“The best.” I turned her around and started the movie back up. We didn’t talk much, but I had my hand in her panties, teasing her, rubbing her, sliding my fingers inside of her.

“Is this Ok?” she moaned, pressing back against my fingers.

“This is fine. I promise.”

She was breathing hard, her hands spread apart, leaning on the desk, her face close to the monitor, when the young girl on screen gave me her first little orgasm. Mom groaned, while my fingers worked her pussy, my other hand toying with her tit.

When Penny gasped ‘Mom’ the first time, my mother came for me. A little one, but so sweet. “That’s me, baby,” she gasped. “You’re fucking me. Taking my virginity.”

She was going crazy, gasping and groaning, little tiny ‘oh’s escaping her lips, as I rubbed her pussy. She was trembling, building up to a nice one. When Penny screamed and came on the video, Mom was right behind her, crying out, and hunching against my hand, two fingers trust up inside her, pulling upward, while my palm hammered her clit. She came hard, screaming my name, when I came inside Penny on the screen.

My hand was soaked in her juices, and she was shaking. I held her tightly so she wouldn’t fall off my lap. I reached out and hit the pause, waiting for her to settle down. She leaned back against me, her head lolling backward. “Fuck,” she whispered. “Holy fuck.”

I chuckled, hugging her. “You Ok?”

She nodded slowly. “This is going to get me killed you know.”


“Your father’s going to fuck me to death after he sees this.”

“It gets worse, Mom.”


“Penny’s going to come over and watch it with us.”

“God! This may kill him. You asked her to watch it with us?”

“Her idea.”

“That little tart! She’s as bad as you. She must know it’s going to give him a heart attack.”

“Somehow, I think he’ll survive,” I laughed.

“I won’t. Not after that.”

“Don’t worry Mom, I won’t let him abuse your sexy mouth. That will be my job.”

“Oh great. That makes me feel much safer. Restricting him to two openings instead of three, just means those get it that much worse. I don’t suppose you’d be gentle with Mommy’s tender mouth, would you? Sweetie?” she teased.

“We do have to practice my new special saying. That will take a lot of practice. Lots and lots. Tons.”

“I am so fucked,” she moaned.

“Watch the rest Mom, it’s not over yet.”

I started the movie, playing with her gently. She gasped, when Colleen climbed between her daughter’s legs, as Penny and I finished talking on screen. “She’s Ok with us showing him that? Colleen?”

“She suggested it. That’s only for our version. Penny’s Dad may not get to see that part. It’ll be up to them, they’re going to have a version with and without Colleen’s bonus scene.”

“You are trying to get me killed, aren’t you. He fucks me to death, and no more play for you, don’t forget.”

I laughed, pulling her off my lap, and dropping my boxers. “That’s why you’re going to suck me now. Just in case it’s our last.”

She laughed, wriggling out of her panties. “Only if you return the favor.”

“Video’s Ok?” I asked, as she stretched out on the bed.

“Perfect. Like my baby boy. Harold’s going to be so happy.”

We spent half-an-hour playing, getting each other off. We laid in each other’s arms, talking about our video, and watching it together. She went down on me again, but I told her it was only for fun. I didn’t want to come any more, not before movie time.

Mom showed me a hint of her best, bringing me close several times, but staying in complete control. I was laying back in the bed gasping, when she left me. “Have to check on dinner. An over-cooked roast would be a lousy start to what should be an amazing evening. Ill finish that later.”

She’ll pay for that, I promised myself. I burned the final version of the videos, labeling them both ‘Dad’, putting Penny’s in a nice DVD case, with a printed label of her smiling innocently. On Dad’s I put a screen-cap of her ‘come’ face, while she had her big orgasm. She looked spectacular. He was going to love it.

* * *

Dad came home, dressed down, and settled into his favorite chair. I brought him a beer and handed him his video. He stared at the cover shot. “This is it?”

“Yeah. I figure we can have family night at the movies after dinner, if that’s alright with you.”

He grinned. “I think that works for me.” He looked over at Mom, getting dinner on the table. “You and your mother?”

“Yeah. I told her a little about the rules. We talked a lot.”

Dad chuckled, “Talk was all you did?”

“No, we did more than talk. A lot more. She came for me a ton while she previewed the movie.”

“She saw it already?”

“I needed her approval before I burned Penny’s version. It’s not as good as yours.”

“Really? How’s that?”

I laughed. “I’ll tell you afterward, Ok? Don’t want to spoil it.”

“You going to tell me what you and your mother did?” he asked. He sounded nervous.

“Dad, I’ll tell you anything you want. I promise. No secrets. I think you’ll enjoy it more hearing it from her in your bed tonight. We stuck to the rules.”

He grinned. “Yeah. You’re right. I might want to compare notes tomorrow.”

“Whatever you want.”

Mom let us know dinner was ready, and we had a nice little feast, while we avoided talking about anything sexual. Mom looked a little nervous, and over dessert she finally put down her utensils, looking at Dad. “No questions? About your new rules?”

He grabbed her hand in his, squeezing gently. “Tonight, in bed. You can share with me then. Just know that I trust you with him.”

Mom got up and crawled into his lap, making him push his chair back from the table. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, the way I’d want her to kiss me. “I’m the luckiest woman in the world. With the best husband and son anyone could ever ask for.”

“No luckier than us,” Dad told her.

“Amen,” I added.

She kissed him again, before climbing off. She was barely back in her seat, when the doorbell rang.

Dad looked confused. Mom and I looked at each other and we both leaped up rushing for the door, laughing and tussling on the way. Dad hadn’t raised a complete clod, and I let Mom win.

She smirked at me and opened the door. Penny was standing there, nervous, and Mom pulled her in, hugging her like the prodigal daughter. They started laughing, clinging to each other, moving in from the doorway. I closed the door and locked it, to find them crying on each other’s shoulders.


I didn’t understand it. They hadn’t said anything at all since Penny arrived. They pulled apart, and Mom kissed Penny on the lips. “Thank you for this,” she said softly.

Penny hugged her tightly. “Thank you for everything. I love you.”

They started crying again, and I looked up to see Dad standing in the living room, staring at them, stunned.

I walked over to him, figuring I wasn’t going to get my Penny hug for a while. Not the way they were acting. “Movie time, Dad. What can I get you to drink?”

He took a while to answer, unable to tear his eyes off our women. “Uh, something strong, I think,” he mumbled.

“Jack and Coke?” I offered.

“Sure. Yeah. Strong.”

I laughed, never having seen my father so lost. I made us both drinks, and brought him his. The girls were still talking to each other, jabbering away a mile a minute, hugging every few seconds.

I grabbed Dad by the arm, tugging. “Come on. They’ll be with us in a bit.”

I stopped him in front of the couch. “Here.”

He looked over at his chair, then took a drink and sat down where I’d indicated. I loaded up the DVD and turned the screen a little so it faced the couch directly.

Mom and Penny walked past us hand-in-hand, headed for the bar. “Yeah, so I told Emma how he’d gotten me ready…” Penny was saying.

Dad watched them, his head on a swivel, tracking their every move.

“Penny asked if it would be Ok to watch it with us. You don’t mind, do you?” I asked.

He was still staring and it took a moment for my words to cut through his fog. “Watch? Mind? No, of course not.”

The girls stopped in front of us, held hands and kissed briefly. “I’ll be right here,” Mom said. She sat in Dad’s lap sideways, facing me. Penny kicked off her sandals, and sat in my lap mirroring Mom. Their legs were intertwined, and they giggled, rubbing their bare feet against each other’s legs, playfully.

Mom hugged Dad, looking at us. “Jeremy showed it to me earlier. I have to warn you, it’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. Let me know if it gets to be too much, Ok?”

He looked over at us. “Here?”

She kissed him on the cheek. “Not many secrets between us. Especially not after this.”

Penny spoke up. “I won’t mind. As long as you guys don’t.”

I looked at both of them, seeing the teasing grins on their faces. For the first time I noticed how similarly they were dressed. Both were wearing t-shirts and skirts. The shirts were loose, and the skirts weren’t particularly short, both near knee length. I saw Mom’s was halfway up her thighs already, and she winked at me, opening her legs and flashing her tiny see through panties.

I pulled Penny’s head down, and brought my lips to her ear. “You guys talked before you came over, didn’t you?”

She giggled, turned and kissed me. “Maybe. Mad?”

I hugged her. “You two are evil.”

She turned to Mom. “He told me I was evil,” she pouted.

“Jeremy! Is that any way to talk to your girlfriend, after all she did for you last night!”

“You too, Mom. Evil.”

Mom grinned. “Maybe just a little.”

I think we had lost Dad completely. He was in la-la land, staring at Penny’s thighs.

Mom laughed, grabbing his chin gently and turning it toward the screen. “Later. Now watch.”

I took the hint and started the video, showing the opening credits.

Penny’s First Time.

Starring Penny Booth, as Penny

Co-starring Jeremy Davis, as Jeremy

Cameo’s by Alice Davis and Colleen Booth

It started with a slow pan of the room, then Penny and her mother in the bed, Penny naked, looking nervous, and her mother in Mom’s nightgown, looking stoic.

We had Dad’s full attention, and I slid my hand up Penny’s skirt, stroking her thigh.

We all watched quietly while I entered the scene and climbed onto the bed with them. Penny and I chatted a bit, talking about practice, while her mother stared daggers at me.

Dad spoke up. “Jesus, that would have scared the crap out of me.”

Penny giggled. “I didn’t know she was doing that. I would have banished her right away. That was Bad Mom.”

I went down on Penny on the screen. Mom was moving the camera around, closeups of what I was doing, mixed with shots of Penny’s reaction and some of her mother’s clinginess, inching closer to her daughter, until she was holding her head against her chest, caressing her.

By the time Penny came for me on screen, Dad had his hands in Mom’s shirt, and she straightened up and pulled it off, sitting there topless. She looked over at Penny and I felt her tremble a little as she pulled her own shirt off. She wasn’t wearing a bra either.

Dad glanced over several times, torn between the screen and the real live view.

On screen, I was kissing Penny, with her mother’s tit in my face. Penny scolded her mother, who backed away. I leaned over and kissed Colleen. In the movie, it seemed a lot longer than it had originally.

I heard Dad chuckle. “Smooth.”

Mom hugged him. “Chip off the old block.”

Back on the TV, Penny moved between my legs, and Dad groaned, as she started to blow me. “Alice,” he whispered.

“Not yet, Harold.”

The camera tracked Penny for a while, then cut to a topless Colleen. A close-up of some very substantial tits, before returning to Penny’s action.

We all watched the interplay while Penny claimed me, and Colleen teasingly offered her help as well as Mom’s.

Dad was laughing. “Damn Jeremy. One good kiss, and you completely won her over. I’m proud of you. Must have been one hell of a kiss.”

“Aunt Marie taught me. We’ve been getting lots of practice.”

“Figures she’d be an expert at that.”

Mom glared at him. “And I’m not?”

He squeezed her, while Penny was taking me down her throat on screen. “Jesus, boy. Don’t let her get away.”

Penny giggled. “I’m not going anywhere Dad. Trust me.”

“Pause!” Mom snapped. I hit the pause, and Mom was glaring at Dad. “Marie’s a better kisser than me? Is that what you think?”

Dad had stepped in it. I went for the save. “No Mom. No way. You’re worlds better. But Dad wouldn’t know that. She’s just been working with me on it. She’s always like in teacher mode with me.”

Dad nodded. “I only meant she probably had to get good, with all those different men in and out of her life. She can’t hold a candle to you. You know that. I made my choice, and never once regretted it for a moment. I’ve never even kissed her, not a real kiss. Not once in all these years. She never tried, either.”

Mom seemed a little consoled. “I could have taught him.”

“No kidding,” I told her. “Shame on you for making me go to her for training.”

Mom blushed. “I never…”

“Yes you did. You gave me to her to break in, with your rules. She was good about it, teaching me patiently, and staying within your boundaries. You know who should have been teaching me,” I told her.

She turned to Dad. “Tell him Harold. I wasn’t allowed, was I?”

Dad nodded. “My decision, son. Sorry about that. But we’re Ok now, right?”

“More than Ok, Dad. You going to teach me from now on, Mom?” I hugged, my girl, who was enthralled with our tête-à-tête. “Teach us both?”

“Of course she will,” Dad said. He pulled Mom close and kissed her hard. “Best Mom in the world, right?”

Penny chimed in. “My Momma’s pretty awesome too.”

Dad chuckled. “I’m not going to argue that one. I’ll let you call it a tie.”

Mom was sufficiently mollified. “Play, Jeremy.”

Dad reached over and gave me a firm squeeze on the shoulder. You’re welcome I thought.

We returned to more of Penny working her magic, and then a quick POV shot of Mom shooting the length of her own nude body.

“How?” Dad asked.

“Colleen did it. She was really very naughty. We’re going to have to have her over and get better acquainted,” she teased.

On screen I got on my knees, and stroked my cock, shooting a huge load on Penny’s face. She laid back and the moms agreed to clean her together. The next shot after the transition was both moms licking her face clean, kissing each other, and using their mouths to feed my cum to Penny.

“Oh God, Alice,” Dad moaned.

“Keep watching, Dear. I promise, it’ll be worth it.”

Penny whispered in my ear, “She’s torturing him.”

“And you’re not?” I whispered, rubbing her gently between her legs, pulling her skirt up almost to her waist.

On the TV we were talking and Mom was giving me crap about being gentle. Dad laughed when I told her she didn’t know jack about being gentle. “You shouldn’t tease your mother like that, Jeremy.”

“She hit me hard,” I whined.

We all watched as I went down on her again, before she asked me to take the next step. The moms went into action, and Dad leaned forward, when Colleen took me in her mouth.”

“You’re right, Penny,” Dad said, “Hell of a mom you got.”

“I told you so,” Penny giggled. “Too good. She got him so worked up, he was huge. Made my life a whole lot more painful.”

We all got quiet as I tried to stick it inside her. Mom had a great shot, over my shoulder, her voice clear as she told me what to do. You could have heard a pin drop while I struggled getting inside her, Penny whimpering softly. The big push came, and she cried out, with my cock head disappearing inside her.

“Jesus,” Dad groaned. “That’s a tiny little pussy.”

Penny giggled. “Not anymore. Feels like the Brooklyn Tunnel.”

Dad glanced over and almost got whiplash. Her legs were open enough for a nice little crotch shot, her skirt raised completely out of the way. I was rubbing her softly, just playing around, and she had a wet spot the size of silver dollar.

Mom chuckled, and turned his head back to the screen.

Things got quiet as on screen Mom whispered what to do, and I slowly worked my way inside my tight, virginal girlfriend. Several long minutes with Mom guiding me each step of the way, until I was fucking her slowly, most of my length gliding in and out of her ridiculously tight hole.

“Pause, please?” Penny whispered.

I looked up and she was crying. I paused the video, and went to hug her when she crawled off of me, and launched herself into Mom’s arms. Mom held her, while Dad looked as confused as me.

Penny was sobbing, and Mom caressed her blonde hair, kissing the top of her head. “What’s wrong, baby girl? Is it too much?”

I felt vindicated. Even Mom didn’t know what was going on. I was kind of used to being in the dark when it came to girls. Now I knew it wasn’t just me.

“I didn’t know,” she sobbed.

“Didn’t know what, baby?” Dad asked, his arm lying across Penny’s upper thighs, his hand holding her from sliding off.

“I didn’t know how Jeremy could know what to do. Everything perfect. Stopping and starting, moving the way he did. Making me feel like that. How could he possibly know? I was afraid I wasn’t his first. He must have done that before. A lot.”

She looked up at Mom. “It was you. You knew. You took care of me, Mom.” She broke down crying, “I really was his first.”

Mom squeezed her. “I wouldn’t let him hurt you. I hope you don’t think I was interfering.”

A strange barked little laugh escaped Penny’s lips. “Interfering? I was wrong. You win the best Mom in the world award. I’ll never be able to thank you enough.” She scooted up a little and kissed Mom on the lips, tenderly. “You are the best, Mom. Thank you.”

Now Mom was crying, hugging her, while on screen my cock was buried in Penny’s little pussy, with only a couple of inches to spare, paused in mid-stroke.

Dad was caressing Penny’s naked back, gently, his hand flowing over her skin. Penny turned on her side, facing the screen, her head resting on Mom’s bare breast. Dad pulled the girls a little deeper into the couch, so they wouldn’t fall off his lap, then put his arm around Penny’s waist, holding her. Mom slid down a bit, her shoulders resting on the arm rest. Her butt was hanging over the edge of Dad’s thigh, Penny’s hip wedged between them.

I got up and grabbed a box of Kleenex’s from the kitchen counter, and knelt in front of the three of them, passing a couple of Kleenexes to Mom, then using a couple of more to wipe Penny’s tears away.

“You Ok?” I asked softly.

She nodded, then wiggled a little, getting comfortable in Mom’s arms. “Can I stay here a bit, Jeremy?” she asked softly.

I chuckled. “You’d have to ask Dad. I’m not the one holding two grown women in his lap.”

Penny started to get up, awkwardly. “Oh! I’m sorry Mr. Davis, I wasn’t thinking…”

She must have been upset. She never called him Mr. Davis, not since a couple of months after we started dating.

“Shh. It’s Ok. I don’t mind.” He tugged her back into his lap, gently. “Call me Harold, baby girl.”

“If you’re going to call me Mom, you better call him Dad. I’m sure he won’t mind,” she said grinning mischievously.

Penny sighed, wriggling sweetly. “Thank you, Daddy.”

I looked up at Mom, and she nodded once slowly. Then she gave another nod of her head down to where their legs were stretched out.

I took the hint. I gave Penny a quick little kiss, then climbed on the couch next to Dad. I lifted the girls’ legs, Penny’s hips, Mom’s butt, and squeezed in next to my father.

We were all looking at the screen, and Penny giggled. “Jesus, I don’t know how that thing ever fit inside of me. It aches just to look at it.”

We all laughed and I hit play, watching the finish of my girlfriend’s deflowering. I leaned my head on my father’s shoulder. He was being good, his hand resting on Penny’s bare stomach, her young breasts only a few inches from his finger tips.

On screen I was leaning over Penny, taking a break, letting her grow accustomed to me. We were chatting about how she was doing, and how big I was, any ‘bonus’ size all Colleen’s fault. I told Penny’s mother I liked her tits, and stole a kiss from her.

On the couch, my hand was on Penny’s thigh, sliding up between her legs, rubbing her panties gently. I looked over at her watching the screen so intently. She turned her head a fraction and kissed Mom’s breast, only an inch or so away from Mom’s hard nipple. I almost lost it when she reached for Dad’s hand and pulled it onto her breast. “Hold me, Daddy,” she whispered.

Dad tried to suppress a deep moan, but he wasn’t fooling anybody. “Hold on, Harold. A little while longer,” Mom told him.

Back on the screen, I got on my knees and started screwing Penny again. I asked Mom if I could fuck Penny faster, and she had me pull out to the edge, and squirted lube into her hand, rubbing it on my cock.

“I…I forgot about that,” Mom said softly. “You’re not mad, are you Harold? I didn’t mean anything by it.”

He shook his head, his voice catching. “No, darling. You were just being you, the kindest woman I’ve ever known. Taking care of our kids. Caring for our baby girl.”

I was shocked when Mom reached up and brushed a tear from Dad’s eye. I had never seen my father cry. Never. I didn’t think he knew how.

We watched quietly, as I started fucking Penny faster on the video, stroking her soft, flawless body, watching her finally get past simply enduring, and responding to our lovemaking. She was flushed, her nipples hard, whimpering softly, the camera picking up all the sounds, including the steady pumping of her tight hole.

Mom’s voice, loud next to the camera, whispered that Penny could take a little more, and to tilt her legs back. Pushing her legs back to her chest, I saw something I hadn’t noticed at the time, Colleen holding Penny’s legs for me.

I groaned loudly on tape, and the camera captured that beautiful moment when Penny came on my cock for the first time, obvious now. I had slowed down and Colleen urged me to keep going.

I had my fingers inside of Penny’s panties, and she lifted her hips, helping me remove them. I slid a finger gently inside her, and she opened her legs. I looked up to see that my girlfriend had her lips around my mother’s nipple. Dad and Mom each had ahold of one of her tits. She was wriggling against my finger, whimpering softly same as on camera.

On screen she was getting fucked harder, faster, deeper, taking almost my entire length. “Steady, Dear” screen-Mom said, and we watched Penny’s body tensing up, her toes curling, her legs straightening. The camera focused on my cock entering her, slick with her juices, white cream coating it. Her pussy lips clinging every time I pulled out of her.

Dad was focused on the TV, his breath heavy. Mom was watching us. All of us. I eased a second finger into Penny, making her moan. “Gentle, Jeremy,” Mom warned softly. I put my thumb on Penny’s clit and started nudging it. Her legs were trembling.

Penny’s voice echoed through the multi-media speakers. “Momma!” It was gorgeous, the way she responded. “Harder,” my mother’s disembodied voice ordered, and video Jeremy rose up and pounded his cock into the tiny virgin, driving her deep into the mattress, making her body shake, her tits quivering.

The girl in my lap was whimpering continuously now, her body writhing sensually. My fingers pumped her gently, my thumb still massaging her clit. Dad had her hard little nipple between his fingers, pinching, pulling on it. Mom’s fingers were teasing the other one, flicking across it.

“MOM!” Penny’s voice exploded from the TV, and Mom was demanding I not stop, as the girl on the screen exploded. I had lifted her hips, and slammed my entire length into her, screaming “FUCK!” as I gave her sweet little pussy, its first full load.

Dad held her as she came for us, shaking and moaning, almost as much as on screen. She gasped, her legs quivering. “JEREMY!” she cried, her hips launching off of my lap and up against my hand. She groaned, relaxing back into Dad’s lap, as the girl on scream continued coming.

Our hands caressed her body, as she settled back down. She reached down and straightened out her skirt, self-consciously. She brought her hands up to her face, covering herself up, her arms in tight, hiding her tits.

Mom caught my eye, nodding from Penny to me. I reached for my girlfriend and Dad helped place her in my arms. I hugged her tightly, her body shaking. “Are you Ok?” I asked.

“How can you ask? After what I just did? They’re going to think I’m such a slut. What’s happening to me?” She sounded devastated.

“Shh,” I whispered. “Nobody thinks that. You were beautiful, sharing with us. Just us. Nobody in this family would ever judge you. Not me, not Mom, not Dad. We all think you’re the greatest.”

“Right. Greatest slut ever.”

I kissed her pretty face, calming her. “Every one of us wanted to get off, watching you on screen. You heard Dad begging Mom. You were the lucky one.”

“That’s me. Lucky slut.”

“Stop.” I told her sharply. “You’re not. Nobody thinks that.” She squealed when I picked her up. I nodded for my Mom to get out of the way, and deposited her in Dad’s lap.”

“She’s embarrassed, Dad.” I said. “Tell her what you think about what just happened? Be honest.”

Dad held her carefully, rocking her. “I wish I had a girl like you,” he said. “That was beautiful, and one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen.” He chuckled, “Married to Alice, that’s saying a lot.”

She brushed her eyes, “I’m not like that. I don’t know why I behaved that way.”

“It was the most honest, most trusting, most loving thing I could imagine. Having you here with us,like our own baby girl, sharing the most intimate moment of your life, reliving it with us. Not holding back, your heart on your sleeve. No wonder they’re both crazy about you.” They hugged her. “Watching you for the first time, your responses, your reactions, I…” He paused, choking up.

He looked over at Mom. “I’m sorry, Alice. So sorry. I wished I’d known back then.” Mom came over and sat in my lap, ignoring me, her arms around her husband.

“It’s Ok,” she whispered.

He shook his head. “No it’s not. I hurt you. I knew I was hurting you, and I couldn’t stop. Wouldn’t.” The tears were running down his face, his head buried in Mom’s hair, clutching my girlfriend to his chest.

“It should have been like that,” he said sadly, “beautiful.” Then he was brusquely climbing out from under the two women, walking quickly outdoors, and closing the porch behind him.

Penny looked more upset than ever, and Mom held her, quiet tears rolling down her cheeks.

I started to get up, and Mom put out her hand and stopped me. “Let him be. He’s a proud man, and he can’t stand for anyone to see him like this. Especially not you. I’ll give him a couple of minutes. When I bring him back, act like nothing happened, Ok? I should have known it might effect him like this. I wasn’t thinking.”

I forced a laugh. “Well, that’s not how I pictured this turning out.”

Mom giggled. “How did you picture this turning out, my little horn dog?”

Penny sniffled, and sat up, straightening her skirt out. “Yeah. What kind of fantasies were you entertaining, taking my panties off like that, when I was in Mom and Dad’s arms?”

They were ganging up on me, but at least they were smiling. “Come on! Give me a break! I’m sitting here with the two sexiest women I know, watching porn. Not just any porn either. You evil girls, no bras, short skirts. See through panties, Mom? You had me hard before I even got to sit down.”

Mom whispered in Penny’s ear and she giggled. Mom looked over at me, covering her breasts with her hands, coquettishly. “I hope that tent in your shorts is for your little girl, and not your broken down old Mom.”

I laughed. “Now would that be fair, if all the hard-ons in the house were over Penny?”

“Jeremy!” Penny shrieked. “That big ol’ thing better be for me! Mom already has her own.” She turned to Mom. “Don’t you dare say you’re a broken down old Mom. Jesus, if that’s broken down, what chance does someone like me have?”

Dad walked in from the garage, composed, looking like nothing had ever happened. He walked over to me carrying a couple of beers. “Someone like you, baby girl, has nothing to worry about. Friggin’ hottest thing I’ve seen since that one was in college,” he nodded toward Mom, putting a beer in my hand.

“You’ll have to forgive my son for being an idiot. Dating that,” he nodded toward the TV, where she was lying in my arms, “for a year, and almost walking away from it. Stupid chicken-shit.” He lifted Penny in his arms, putting her in my lap.

Mom stood up so Dad could sit down, next to me. “Don’t me mean, Harold. You were young and stupid once.”

Penny giggled, leaning into me. “You know he wouldn’t have even been getting blow-jobs if it weren’t for me pushing the issue.”

“Speaking of,” Dad said, sipping his beer. “I never did get to thank you for that little video you made for us. Quite remarkable. No way he deserves something as sweet as you. Makes me wonder who his real Daddy is, sometimes.” He tickled Mom. “Something you want to tell me, dear?” She laughed, fighting him off.

Penny kicked him playfully, digging her toes into his side, making him twist away and giving Mom a break. “Jesus, Dad. If he looked anymore like you he’d have to be a clone. Didn’t he get anything from Mom?”

I hugged her. “The family secret. Daddy’s looks, and Mom’s brains.”

She slapped me lightly. “Don’t you dare insult your mother like that!”

That had Mom and Dad laughing at my expense. I was staring at Mom, and she looked up. “What?”

“I just love watching you laugh, dressed like that.”

Dad covered up Mom’s tits with his hand. “Behave, man-child. You have your own bodacious boobs. Leave mine alone.”

“Fine.” I said, lifting Penny and turning her in my lap so she was straddling me. She played along, hugging me, hiding her tits from view against my chest. “No more eye-candy for you. I was going to be nice because you brought me a beer, but you had to go and ruin it.”

“You know, son, I have a couple of Grolsch stashed away out there,” he said.

I laughed, turning to face him, and spinning Penny around in my lap. She squealed, lifting her hands to her tits, covering them. I pulled her arms back, exposing her chest.

“Oh. My. God! Jeremy! My tits are only worth a stinky beer?”

“No baby. Your tits are worth a stinky beer, and Mom’s tits.”

She giggled. “Oh. So how many beers do you think we owe him?”

Mom cuddled Dad, laughing. “Have you ever seen anything as sweet as her? Like I could compete with that. Marie maybe.”

Dad gave her a little shake. “There’s no competition, Alice. Ever.” Damn it if Dad didn’t surprise me again, actually blushing. “No offence, gorgeous. You are stunning, but she’s…she’s my Alice.”

“None taken. I know when I’m beat. Luckily your doofus son doesn’t know any better. Girls like me, we’ve gotta take what we can get. Look what I got stuck with.”

Mom was settling down, her laughing jags over, resting her head on Dad’s shoulder. “Poor baby. Had to settle for the smarter, younger version of the best man you or I will ever know.”

Penny leaned back against me, pulling my hands up to her breasts. “We’re pretty lucky, aren’t we?”

“Don’t ever let them hear that. Enough of an ego to deal with already,” Mom teased, kissing Dad on the cheek.

I grabbed the remote, before it got too maudlin. “Dad, remember what I told you about two separate versions of the video? One of the bonus scenes is coming up.”

“Cue it up, boy,” he said.

We sat through the scene where we talked about what had just happened. I caught some grief from everyone, first for her telling me how rough I’d been.

“I told you to be gentle,” Mom said.

“Mom! You were the one telling me to go harder! Everyone heard it.”

She sniffed. “I said no such thing. I said ‘don’t harm her’.” Penny giggled.

Dad laughed at the ‘Fuck-God’ shrine. “You built your shrine yet,” he teased. “To the Fuck-up God?”

She laughed. “I’ve got Mom working on that. We figured the closet wasn’t big enough so we’re using the guest room instead. Don’t be jealous, Dad. It doesn’t suit you.”

Mom laughed at Dad’s stunned look. Good for Penny. Hard to get one up on Dad.

The “Not too bad” remark, about how good she was, got me in trouble with everyone. Penny elbowed me. “Asshole.”

Dad chuckled. “I can’t believe you said that! More proof you’re not from these loins.”

Of course that was when Mom spoke up on the video, snapping at me and telling me I was just like my father. “Alice!” he whined.

“Right. Our first Valentine’s day? ‘It was Ok’? Remember, Dear?”

He grimaced. “I’m never going to hear the end of that one, am I?”

“Friggin’ raped my poor virgin ass for half the night, and it was Ok? You bet you’ll never hear the end of it. Jesus, Harold, 20 years later and I’m still sore.”

I paused the movie. I didn’t want Dad to miss the big scene.

“Tell her the truth Dad, or you won’t get to see the special scene.”

He gave Mom a hug. “I told her. The next day. Put a ring on her finger. She had spoiled me for all other women.”

Mom kissed him. “You ruined me for all other men. It was only fair.”

Penny sighed. “And they lived happily ever after.”

Dad gave Mom a squeeze. “That we did. Never regretted a single moment. Not one.”

I nodded toward the screen, and hit play.

I was telling Penny that maybe I’d keep her.

“Damned straight,” Dad muttered. “Ass out on the street if he doesn’t”

Penny was giving me similar grief on the video, when she giggled, saying ‘Oops!’ she made a mess. The movie transitioned to her saying “Momma!” and her mother peeked up from between her legs telling her to hush and relax. I held her in my arms, while her mother took care of her, cleaning up our mess.

Dad groaned. “Jesus, Alice!”

Mom giggled. “I told you she was bad. Her Mom’s definitely the naughty one here, taking off my outfit, getting our boy ready, cleaning her daughter’s face, and then that. I should get a candy for being good.”

Penny snickered.

Dad looked over at her. “Sound like someone thinks differently.”

Penny giggled. “Maybe. But you’re not hearing it from me.”

I gave her a warning squeeze, and Mom whined. “Penny! You know she was the bad one!”

“She might have been naughtier, Mom, but you were no angel. There were two hotties, cleaning up my face, as I remember. You uncovered Momma’s boobs before she started on you. And whose hand was rubbing my clitty, while goading her son into fucking the living shit out of me? No candy for you, naughty Mommy.”

Dad chuckled. “Three naughty women in your bed, Jeremy. You must live right.”

“Good genes, and proper raising. The world’s greatest Mom, and a…uh…Dad.”

Mom laughed. “You little liar. Best man you’ve ever known. You said it yourself.”

“I plead the fifth.”

Mom turned and kissed Dad, long and deep. I grazed on Penny’s slender neck, so happy in that moment, holding her. “I love you,” I whispered in her ear.

She giggled. “No brownie points unless they can hear it.”

I turned her in my lap and pulled her face down to mine. I pressed my lips against hers, tasting her again, exploring, claiming her. She melted against me, kissing me back, passionately.

“I love you,” I said loudly. “I want everyone to know it. Dad was right, I was an idiot. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.”

She stared into my eyes, intensely. Her dazzling blue eyes were moist. “I’m the lucky one, Jeremy. I know it. Thank you.” She kissed me softly, her eyes holding mine, and she pulled away. “I’m going to blow him now, if that’s alright, Mom,” she said softly.

“They’ve earned it. I’m with you on this, baby girl.” She slid off Dad’s lap. “Cue up her blow-job scene Max. From the beginning.”

I reversed through the video, while my father and I had our pants removed. We were only sitting a few feet apart, but Penny nudged me over, when I raised up to get my boxers off. Dad and I were less than a foot apart, and I had a great view of both women.

Backing up the video was pretty much worthless. It was hot, but nothing like the show on the couch. Mom was looking at both me and Dad, while getting him hard, and Penny was doing the same. It was beyond description. Seriously. I should stop writing now. Nothing I could ever put on paper would do it justice.

After a few minutes Mom sat up and held Dad’s cock upright. She looked over at Penny. Penny smiled and held mine up. “Twins,” she giggled.

“Yeah, I’m Arnold, and Dad’s Danny Devito,” I teased.

“Ass-wipe,” Dad growled throwing an elbow at me.

“Mom! Dad hit me!”

Mom grinned, and leaned over to Penny, pulling her hair back, kissing her shoulder, while she sucked me. “Harold, if you can’t play nice, I’m going to have Jeremy take our baby girl upstairs, and the show will be over.”

“Fucking tattle-tale,” he murmured, grinning at me and winking.

Mom was watching Penny, and she pulled her up a second. “Give me your hand,” she told her.

Penny put her hand in Mom’s. Mom straightened out two fingers, and brought them up to her mouth. She sucked on them, looking at Penny. Several seconds later, she pulled away. “Try that,” she said.

Penny put her mouth over my cock, and I felt her tongue moving differently, teasing, the tip rubbing under the edge of my cock head, side-to-side, then over the top. I groaned.

“Did she get it right?” Mom asked.

“Fuck. I don’t know if it was right, but that was fantastic.”

Mom was going down on Dad again. “What was that, Alice?”

“Pirate Ship,” she said, grinning.

“Give her all your secrets, and it sure as shit won’t take her no 20 years to catch up,” Dad laughed.

Mom grinned. “She’s a baby, I’m not going to teach her all my secrets.”

Penny did it again, and I moaned. She pulled off laughing, hugging Mom, watching Dad’s cock disappear into her mouth. “Teach me another one, Alice? Please?”

Mom laughed. “I don’t know. This is only for my son, you understand. Family secrets handed down for twelve generations. Perfected in the back alleys of Paris, three hundred years ago. In the wrong hands, they’re deadly, you could stop a weaker man’s heart with these.”

“I’m your baby girl, right? I’m family,” Penny pleaded.

Mom turned and kissed her softly. “Yes you are, angel.” She took Penny’s hand in hers. “This one’s a little harder, pay attention.”

Mom took the finger’s in her mouth, and concentrated. She looked up at Penny, then winked. She pulled the wet fingers from her mouth. “Got it?”

“One more time,” Penny asked.

Mom did it again, and Penny nodded. She went back down on me, sucking my cock for a few seconds, then held the head in place with her teeth, her tongue moving in a circle around the head, then poking the tip with her tongue.

Mom looked over. “Well?”

“Nice, but not as good as the ‘Pirate Ship’,” I told her.

“What was it?” Dad asked.


Dad laughed. “She did it wrong, if you think the Pirate Ship was better.”

Penny looked irritated. She did it again, but it was pretty much the same. Good, really good. Just not as good.

She pulled off, “Better?”

“It’s nice, I guess I just like the other one more.”

Mom frowned. She looked up at Harold. “May I?” she asked.

He nodded.

Mom nudged Penny over and blew my mind. She did it twice, and I almost came for her, moaning. “Oh, shit, Mom!” I groaned, “Do that again.”

Mom giggled, “Now you can tell her what she does wrong.”

Dad laughed. “Told you so. That’s one of her Secret Seven.”

Penny went down on me, determined. It was worse than the first two. Her teeth were hurting me, and I had to ease her off. “Gentle, baby. That hurt.”

“What did I do wrong?” she whined.

“Teeth were way too tight.”

She did it again. The teeth felt a little better, but it wasn’t the same, not even close. She looked up hopefully. “Nope.”

“What? What’s wrong?” she said pouting.

“I…uh…the top felt, I don’t know, and it was too, jerky?”

Mom sighed. “Jeremy. That doesn’t help.”

“It just didn’t feel as good, none of it.”

Penny looked like she was going to cry. “I love what you’re doing, Penny. Everything, really. You know your sweet mouth drives me crazy.”

She glared at me. Shit.

Mom looked up at me. “I’m going to borrow her for a second, Ok, Jeremy?”


I wasn’t expecting Mom to pull my girlfriend over between my Dad’s legs. “He’ll teach you.”

Dad looked nervous. “Alice, I don’t know.”

“Nonsense. You know exactly what it should feel like. Tell her what she does wrong.”

Mom hugged my girlfriend. “Take your time, and play a bit before you get started, so he can wrap his mind around such a pretty thing as you doing this.”

Penny giggled. “Right. Following in your footsteps? I’m chopped liver, next to filet mignon.”

Mom kissed her cheek. “No, you’re a beautiful, blue-eyed, blonde, teenage girl sucking his cock for the first time. You win this one, baby girl.”

Penny stuck out her tongue, and licked Dad’s cock, slowly. She did it again, watching him. The third time Mom leaned in. “Playful, like on the video. Give him a couple of minutes of fun, before you go for it.”

I was aching, my heart in my throat. I had imagined at some point it might come to this, but I felt angry, jealous. She was mine. Nobody but me ever. Penny looked over at me and stopped. She pulled away quickly. “I’m sorry, Jeremy. I won’t do it, if you don’t want,” she whispered, scrambling backward. “I’m sorry.”

Mom glared at me, and for a moment I felt like she hated me. It was like a kick to the balls. Dad was willing to share Mom’s mouth. Almost all of her. Hell, I’d taken her without his knowing, several times. I suddenly felt ashamed.

I crawled over to her, taking her in my arms. “No, I’m sorry. I guess I wasn’t ready for that. I felt so jealous. You’re mine.”

She nodded. “Only yours,” she whispered.

“Please, try it again for me? I’m prepared now. I promise I won’t freak out or anything. Learn it for me.”

She nodded, nervously. “That’s all I want to do. Learn how to be the best for you.”

I kissed her tenderly, then drew her back between Dad’s legs. “I’m sorry Dad.”

He nodded, looking at me intently. “It’s a difficult thing. Sharing someone you love.” He glanced over at Mom, and I saw her blush. “Even with someone you love just as much.”

I felt my eyes watering. “I didn’t know. I’m sorry.”

He nodded. “Lesson learned. All I ever ask is that you learn.”

I climbed back on the couch, and watched Penny try again. She was tentative, nervous, looking up at me frequently. Mom had her arm around Penny’s shoulders, whispering.

“Penny?” I asked.

She stopped abruptly, looking at me. “Yes?”

“When Mom did that to me, did you get jealous?”

She nodded. “A little. I know she’s so much better than me, and to see her touching, that,” she nodded toward my waist, “was difficult. I kind of feel like it’s mine, you know?”

I nodded.

“But I know it’s Ok. She’s only trying to help, and I trust her. Completely. She’d never do anything bad. Nothing that would interfere with you and me. I just had to remember her, upstairs, helping us, and everything was Ok. I even liked it.”

She looked at me, then smiled. She gave Dad a playful lick, her tongue dancing along his shaft. He moaned, and her little smile grew larger. “You trust me, don’t you, Jeremy?”

“Of course.”

She licked him again, in a teasing zig-zag pattern, ending with a puckered kiss on the top of his cock. “You trust our Daddy. I know you do.”

“More than anyone in the world,” I told her.

She pouted. “Don’t you want to see your baby girl suck Daddy’s big cock?” she asked in a devastating little girl voice.

I nodded slowly.

“Daddy can teach his baby girl how to make him feel good, make all my Daddy’s feel good, with my naughty little mouth. Can’t he?” She was looking up at me, sadly, her tongue moving wickedly, along the sides of his shaft, under the head, curling around it.

Dad groaned, reaching down and brushing her hair back. Her silky smooth long blonde hair.

“Please let your baby girl, learn. I need to have my innocent young mouth trained to suck big, fat, huge cocks.” She sucked the head, pulling off with a pop. “Thick cocks.” She sucked him again, deep, gasping when she backed away. “Powerful, juicy cocks.” She bobbed up and down quickly, then pushed hard, gagging. “My Daddy’s cocks.” She stroked him, her hand moving slowly over his whole length.

“Train your girl. You and our Daddy. Train me to suck cock. To be a good little cock-sucker like Mommy. Train my mouth. How to do the magic, how to take it down my throat. How to swallow. Train your baby. Train me hard. Train me so one day you won’t even be able to tell who it is sucking you, me or Mommy.”

She looked up at Dad. “Teach me Daddy. Tell me what you like. What I’m doing wrong. Use your baby girl’s naughty little mouth.” She sucked his cock, staring up at him, her eyes pleading. She didn’t do much more than bob up and down.

“Alice!” he groaned.

Mom put her arm around Penny, “He’s going to come soon. Maybe I should finish him,” she said.

“Please Mommy,” she whined, stroking his cock rapidly. “I want to make my Daddy come for me. I want to taste him, then have him cover my face in Daddy cum, and let you lick it clean. Please.”

She didn’t wait for an answer, taking his cock in her mouth again.

“He comes hard, baby girl. Get ready for it,” Mom whispered. “Put your hand near the bottom and you’ll feel it.”

Dad was leaning forward in his seat, pushing into her mouth. He reached for her head, and Mom stopped him. “No Harold. Let her do it.”

He groaned, looking down at my gorgeous girl.

“Out little girl is sucking you. She’s going to let you come in her mouth, and then I’m going to lick every last drop off of her face and feed it to her. She needs to learn your taste, get used to it. She’s going to need a lot of training,” Mom was talking steadily, driving him mad. “Nobody but our boy and you have ever used that sweet mouth. Look at her eyes, Harold. Our baby girl’s loving, innocent eyes. Those big blue eyes, begging for your cum. For her Daddy’s…”

“GOD!” he groaned, and a moment later Mom was holding his cock, aiming each new stream of sticky white cum on Penny’s eager face.

“More, Daddy,” she moaned after swallowing his first shot, “cover me. Spray your baby girl.”

He was gasping, while Mom stroked his cock, squeezing out every last drop.

“That’s all, baby girl,” Mom said.

Penny opened the one eye that wasn’t glued shut, and smiled. She tilted her head way back. “Mommy. I’m sorry I was so naughty. Forgive me. I know he’s yours.”

Mom licked her face, a long slow movement, then pressed her tongue into Penny’s mouth. When she pulled it free, she said, “I’ll always forgive you. You’re my sweet baby girl.”

I groaned, and Mom giggled. “We’ll have to take care of our boy soon.”

Penny nodded. “That’s why I have to learn. So I can take care of him as good as Mommy.”

Mom licked her for a while, driving me nuts. “Harold came so quick for his little girl. He must really love you.”

“Does he really love me? Like you and Jeremy love me?” she asked. “Am I his Princess? His special baby girl?”

Mom was holding my girl, her arm around Penny’s shoulders, her hand fondling a breast. She was leaning over her, keeping her promise, searching out every last drop, and feeding it to her baby.

Mom was wicked. “Next time you can swallow more, Mommy wants some of it on her little girl’s boobies, and that’s all mine.”

I couldn’t take it. “Lay her down Mom. Now.”

Mom looked at me, stroking my cock, and she eased Penny to the ground. I stood next to Mom, “Suck it.”

Mom opened her mouth wide, her tongue extended, and I pushed my aching cock between those beautiful lips. She sucked me, for only a few seconds before I couldn’t stand it any longer. I pulled away and put my cock in Penny’s mouth. “Swallow,” I said.

I came hard, a few shots in her mouth then I raised up and splashed her chest, neck and face, groaning. Penny had her hands between her legs, whimpering.

I stood on wobbly legs, and stroked my Mom’s soft hair. “Clean your babies, Mom.”

She took my cock in her mouth, sucking me slowly, her tongue gentle and teasing. She left me hard, then went after Penny.

I collapsed back on the couch, reached for my beer, and finished it. I looked over at Dad, who was stroking himself, watching our girls. “I think you owe me a Grolsch, Dad.”

He nodded. “On the bottom, behind the soda water. Bring two.”

“No way. Not until Mom’s done. I’m not missing this.”

Penny was squirming, rubbing between her legs, while Mom sucked on her tits. Both of them seemed to be enjoying it a lot.

“You never answered her question, Dad.”


“Do you love your baby girl? Do you love my hot little girlfriend? Tell her.”


“Tell her, Dear,” Mom said, looking back at us. “I don’t mind. Don’t you love our baby girl? I do.”

“Jesus,” he groaned. “I love her. I love our naughty girl. I love how she’s always called me Dad. How good and sweet she’s been. The way she made that movie for us, blowing our boy so good. I love how she was with our son, her first time, so brave. I love her sweet mouth, and her evil teasing words. I love our sweet baby girl to death.”

Penny was gasping, and before he could finish, she was coming for him. “Daddy!” she cried out, and Mom held her, kissing her lips.

“See? Daddy loves you too. We all love you so much, Penny. You’re the best daughter we never had.”

Penny hugged her, catching her breath. She sat up slowly, looking at Dad’s cock. She returned to her little girl voice. “Is Daddy ready to train my mouth some more? I still need to learn Mommy’s swirly-go-round.”

Penny got up and came over to me, sitting on my lap, straddling me. “That was so wild,” she said, her chest heaving. “You have very, very naughty parents, boyfriend.”

I laughed, kissing her softly. “I have an equally naughty girlfriend and ‘sister’ it seems.”

She got serious. “I want to try to put it in. That’s all. I want to feel it again.”

“Are you sure?”

She nodded. “Just for a few seconds, Ok? I’m still incredibly sore.”

She parted her lips and pressed my cock against her opening.

“Do you need any lube?”

She laughed. “I’m a fucking ocean down there. Lube wouldn’t stand a chance.”

She held my shoulders and slowly lowered herself. She was still too tight, and I thought it was hopeless, until she bounced up and down hard and a couple of inches slid in. “Fuck!” she groaned, her head bent over, gasping. She lifted up her head, and looked me in the eye as she pressed downward, further, further. She had most if it when she stopped. “Hold me?” she asked, trembling.

I hugged her close, my hands caressing her back.

Mom was sitting in Dad’s lap, and they were both watching us. Penny was moaning softly, her hips moving in small circles. “God,” she groaned. “So fucking big.”

She leaned her forehead against mine. “Don’t move. It’s perfect. So full,” she gasped. Her breath was coming in spasms.”

“Rub her clit, son, gently. Tell her how you feel,” Dad said.

I pressed my fingers at the top of her pussy, rubbing soft circles. “I love you, Penny. So much. Thank you for loving me.”

She was trembling softly, and her lips parted, gasping.

“Kiss her, Jeremy,” Mom said.

The moment my lips touched Penny’s, she came for me. A beautiful, extended, shaking orgasm, clutching at my cock, while my tongue invaded her naughty mouth.

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