Sunlight streaming into my room woke me up, and the first thing to greet me was a headache. The second was the realization that Mom was no longer lying next to me.

Groaning, I got out of bed and stumbled from my room, head throbbing. In the kitchen I found Mom and Lisa, both sipping cups of coffee. Upon seeing me, Mom rushed to pour me a cup. Rarely had I ever had a hangover, and as usual they are never fun.

“I called in sick today for Lisa and I,” Mom told me. “I don’t think she is up to thinking much right now.” This was met with an agreeing groan from my sister. “I talked with Sarah, too, and she is coming over for dinner. So I need you two to take care of each other, while I go to the store.”

I couldn’t understand how Mom was dealing so well after last night, but as she started to walk away, I noticed she was walking a little stiff, and bow-legged. I hid my smile, as I kissed her on the cheek on her way out.

Lisa helped me drink my coffee, only burning my tongue once when she poured too fast into my mouth. “I’m sorry!” She exclaimed when it happened. “Do you want me to kiss it better?” I readily agreed, and our lips met, and tongues found each others in a dance that Lisa was really getting good at. After only a couple seconds, though, Lisa pulled back with yet another groan. “Ugh. Even kissing hurts. Remind me never to drink again,” she said sourly.

Thankful that I hadn’t drank as much as she had, I felt bad for her as she nursed her hangover.

“So, about what happened yesterday,” Lisa said, and when I didn’t reply after a moment, “with Geo?”

Her tone put me on my guard, but all I said was, “Yes?”

“I don’t think you should get her pregnant. It’s not right. If she wants to get pregnant, then she should have her brother do it, not mine.”

I saw the trap before me. If I agreed with her, I might never get to stick my cock in Geo again, and I had to admit she felt good. Also, Geo might tell our mom, and I still wasn’t sure how I felt about that. On the other hand, if I disagreed with Lisa, it would look like all I was after was sex.

“What if she tells mom, though?” I decided that this was the best tact. I was wrong.

“Let her tell mom! We are both of age, and can move away like John and Geo did. Don’t get me wrong, I love mom, but I love you too, and don’t want you sleeping with someone like HER!” I didn’t know what she meant by that last part. All I could see was everything that I had going for me right now at the risk of crumbling.

“Lisa, be reasonable. Once it is done, we don’t have to worry about it anymore. Things can go back to the way they were.”

“The way they were?” She stormed, and then winced as her own voice hurt her head. “And just what is THAT supposed to mean?” The last question came in a whisper, and was all the more menacing for it. When I couldn’t answer, at a complete loss to even understand what was going through her head, she stomped from the kitchen, headed for her bedroom. I looked down at my cup of coffee, only half-way done, and sighed. Based on our past, I knew to leave her alone when she acted like this. Eventually she would calm down, and seek me out.

I went back to my room to try and sleep off my hangover, only to be awoken by Mom a little bit later.

“I take it you and Lisa had a fight?” She asked, sitting on the edge of my bed. I just nodded in response, thankful it didn’t hurt to do so. “Care to talk about it?”

“No,” I told her, knowing there was no way I could explain it all. “She’ll calm down in time.”

“Your sister wouldn’t tell me either.” Mom said thoughtfully, and I feared she was about to figure things out. “Oh well. What do you think of pork chops for dinner? Sarah said she was bringing someone over, but wouldn’t say who.”

“That sounds fine mom,” I told her, thankful for the change of subject.

“Now I think it is time you had another bath. Too bad your sister is here. We could have some fun, eh boyfriend?” So it was back to boyfriend again, huh? I could live with that, I guess.

Mom filled the tub, and I shimmied out of my shorts; I was still shirtless from last night. The water felt great as Mom helped me slide into it. She started to massage my feet, and remembering where this had led last time, I immediately got hard. Mom’s eyes were drawn to it like a magnet to lodestone, but she only smiled, and kept rubbing my feet. She soon moved up to my calves, then thighs, before switching to my shoulders and neck. Her fingers were like magic, working out kinks I didn’t even realize I had. My back and chest came next, and I was feeling pretty relaxed by the time she had me stand up.

I got up, and eagerly pointed my member at Mom, but she had me turn around, and washed my buttocks. I did slightly jump as her hand slid between my legs, and she began to rub my taint. It was another new and interesting sensation, and again, not unpleasant, as I felt myself growing harder.

Finally she turned me back around, and stopped as she spied how hard I was. I was disappointed that she barely touched me, as she washed my crotch, before turning on the sprayer, and rinsing me off. As soon as all the soap was rinsed, however, Mom quickly dropped back down to her knees, and brought her lips to my throbbing hardon. She kissed the little bit of precum that was already coming out, and then licked her lips. “You seem to taste better every day, hunny.” Then like a woman starved, she swallowed my cock, and I could feel it going down her throat. I couldn’t help but thrust my hips as she sucked my in as deep as she could.

I moaned loudly when I felt her tongue on my balls, while my cock was still buried down her throat. She slapped my behind, and pulled away from me. “Your sister is still home, you have to be quiet.” She whispered fiercely at me.

“As you wish, my beautiful girlfriend,” I said with a smile. Mom returned the smile, but it turned to lust when she looked back at my cock before her.

“Oh, I shouldn’t do this…” She murmured, then stood up, and undid the belt and buttons of her slacks, before dropping them to the floor. Mom double checked the lock, then placed a towel on the floor and had me step onto it. “Your girlfriend needs your thick cock in her, now.” She bent over, and wiggled her lovely ass in my direction. I needed no further urging, and stepped up to her lovely hole. It took me a few tries, but I was slowly getting better at getting it in, without using my hands. As soon as my head slid past her lips, I thrust forward, and easily slid home. Mom had to place her hands on the door for balance as I continued to move in and out of her with force. The same fire I had felt from her loins last night was there, and she felt unbelievable wrapped around my dick.

“Mom? Are you in there?” Lisa’s voice came from the other side of the door.

“Y-yes, dear,” Mom tried to say as I continued to feed her my rod from behind. She tried to wave me to stop, but instead I just changed my motion to slowly pulling out, then slamming it back in. Her eyes rolled back in her head in pleasure.

“I’m going for a drive. I’ll be back later,” Lisa said. Knowing my little sister was on the other side of the door, started to get to me, and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

“Okay, d-dear. Drive safe.” Mom was having difficulty thinking, much less talking as I continued my alternating rhythm. We heard Lisa walk away, and mom stood abruptly, pulling away from me. “I can’t believe you did that. What if she caught us?”

“Are you afraid of your daughter catching you with your boyfriend?” I asked with false innocence.

We could hear Lisa drive away, and mom grabbed my cock, unlocked the door, and led me out of the bathroom. “My boyfriend has something I need,” She said as she led me to her bed. I hopped up onto it, and laid down, wondering what treat would come next. To my surprise, Mom went back down on me, licking and sucking up her juices from my cock. Luckily the small break had allowed me to reset, and I was once again safe from cumming anytime soon.

Once all of her juices were cleaned off of me, Mom looked up at me, my cock-head next to her lips. “Does my boyfriend want to try something new?”

“Yes,” I said in wonder, curious what she had in mind. She leaned over to her nightstand and brought out her bottle of strawberry lube. I had a feeling I knew what she had in mind now, and couldn’t wait.

She put some lube on her fingers, then got on her elbows and knees, ass facing me, and shocked me by reaching around behind her, and shoving two fingers in her ass. I could smell her pussy she was so close. For a few seconds, Mom, or rather, ‘My Girlfriend’, fingered her ass, moaning and panting as she did so. “Does my boyfriend like to see me fingering my ass?” She asked, and I tried to gasp yes, but couldn’t get a sound out. This was NOT what I’d expected. She must have understood anyway, for she continued, “What if I use my other hand to rub my clit? Ooh, that feels good. It feels good to have my boyfriend watching me play with myself. It really turns me on… In fact, Ugh, ah, ah, in fact, I’m about… to… CUM!”

Mom’s whole body shook with the force of her orgasm, and I felt like I wanted to as well, from just watching her! When she had finally recovered, her eyes met mine, and I could see that unquenchable lust burning deep with. “I want your cock in me NOW!” She demanded, and swung her legs over me. She positioned herself, and then slowly began to sink back. She was tight; too tight in fact for it to be her pussy. I was fucking my own mother in the ass. I couldn’t believe it.

As soon as I was fully ensconced within her rectum, Mom let out a heavy sigh throwing her head back, and I saw a huge smile split her beautiful lips. “I’ve never had a cock so thick back there. Thank you so–Boyfriend.” She brought her head back down to look me in the eyes again, the lust, if anything, burning brighter. She placed her hands on my chest, and began to rock her hips. Slow at first, but building as she went on. The entire time her eyes were locked on mine, and I couldn’t help but feel how erotic the whole scene was.

“I love you, Mom,” I said, forgetting to call her my girlfriend.

Her eyes flashed dangerously, but then softened. “I guess there is no hiding it. I love you son. I love having your cock in my pussy, I love the taste of your cum,” as mom spoke, she emphasized her words with a violent thrust of her hips, “and I absolutely love the feel of your cock in my ass. I love you son, and I love fucking you. I’m going to hell, but this is heaven with you inside me where you belong.” She was working herself up to a crescendo, thrusting her hips, biting her lips, and all the while keeping her eyes locked on mine.

This was nothing like when I’d fucked Jenny in the ass. This was good. This was loving and tender. Not manipulative and punishing as it had been then.

“I’m coming close mom,” I whispered, and she only nodded as she picked up the pace even more. My balls tightened, and Mom screamed as I started to shoot my load deep into her bowels. Mom dropped down, and began kissing me with more passion than I have ever been kissed with to date. Our tongues and bodies melded into one as we both reached the pinnacles of our climaxes.

Mom was the first to recover, and got up and grabbed some tissues. She began to clean me up, and I was embarrassed as I giggled when she cleaned my over-sensitive head. When she was done, we kissed again, tender and loving this time, and it felt good just to be with her.

Mom was the one to break the spell. “We’d better get dressed before your sister gets back.”

Soon we were both on the couch, Mom’s arms around me, and we were watching TV again. I must have dozed off, because I awoke when Mom got up to start making dinner. I heard her on the phone, arguing with someone a few moments later, and then she came into the family room, pissed off.

“Your sister is staying at a friend’s house.” My heart stopped. Lisa must have told Mom, and Mom must have sent her away to keep us apart. I was screwed. “It seems that whatever you two fought about, she is still angry, and won’t come home.” I couldn’t stop my sigh of relief, but thankfully, Mom didn’t notice.

“She’ll come home when she has calmed down. Is there anything I can do to help with dinner?” I tried changing the subject. Mom looked at me with a look that told me she knew what I was doing, but wasn’t going to push it.

“Hunny, if you could help with dinner, there wouldn’t be much reason for us to be taking care of you.” She gave me a quick peck on the cheek, and went back to cooking.

Around 5 o’clock, the doorbell rang, and I went to see who it was. My jaw about hit the floor, as I opened the door. It was my apartment manager, but then again, it wasn’t. Her bleach blonde hair was down to her shoulders (freed from her tight bun), and it was obvious she had spent some time curling it here and there. She was even wearing make-up, which I had never seen before. Instead of her ultra conservative attire, she wore a deep v-neck shirt, which showed her amply bosom to great effect. She also had on a knee length skirt, showing some smooth, white, well-toned calves. In short, she was stunning.

Beside her stood a younger version of Sarah, only her hair was dark brown, and her chest wasn’t nearly as large as Sarah’s. She looked to be just a little older than me. She was wearing a summer dress, which hugged her features nicely.

It took me a moment to work moisture enough in my mouth to invite them in. I stumbled as I led them to the family room, when I remembered the story Mom had told me. My dad was a lucky man to have slept with not only Mom, but this woman too.

The younger woman was introduced as Faith, and she greeted Mom and me graciously. Mom looked at Faith for a few moments, before turning to me, “Hunny, why don’t you show Faith around, while Sarah and I talk?”

Knowing that Mom was just trying to get rid of me so she could talk in private, I led Faith away, giving her a tour of the house. She was quiet the whole time, but smiled often as I spoke. I found myself easily flirting with her, trying to get her to show more of her dazzling white teeth behind those smiles.

“So what did you do for a living, before your accident,” she asked me at one point.

“You mean you didn’t look up my file before coming over?” I asked teasingly, and was rewarded with her beautifully blushing. “Well, I get a monthly stipend from my dad’s death, that pretty much pays the bills, but I have been going to school, and do some computer programming on the side.” I sighed, as I looked at my arms. “Kinda hard to do that now, with these.”

She lightly placed her hand on my cast, and I saw that her nails were painted blue. I wished I could feel her touch through the cast. “I’m so sorry this happened to you. I was the one who watched your ex as she moved out. Sorry I couldn’t stop her from breaking the lamp.”

She had been the one…? “But I was told that she was physically ejected when she did that. I mean no offense, but I’ve felt her hits, and she was no weakling. I hope she didn’t give you too much trouble.”

Faith grimaced, and removed her hand. “Why do men always say ‘I mean no offense’, and then say something offensive?” I began to wrack my brain as to how to rectify my mistake, when she broke out laughing. “You are too easy! I’m messing with you. Let’s just say I have lots of extensive martial arts training. My dad was a martial arts instructor.”

“Was?” I asked, before I could stop myself.

She became somber for a moment. “He died a couple years ago, of a heart attack. Healthiest man I ever knew and it still got him.”

“I’m sorry. Losing a parent is never easy,” I say, feeling like a fool. Her smile quickly returns, and I begin to sense that she is a generally happy person.

“Dinner’s ready,” I hear from upstairs, and I follow faith up, admiring her tight ass in her summer dress. She turns and sees me staring, but only smiles as she keeps going, giving it a little shake for my benefit.

Mom sits next to me at the table, Sarah and Faith across from us. I am embarrassed to have Faith, much less her sexy mother, watch me get fed, but it is either that, or go hungry. Sarah pulls out a glass of champagne, and mom eyes it wearily. “You know what that stuff does to me,” she says. Sarah ignores her and pours a glass anyway. She then looks to Faith and I, pours one for Faith then asks if I would like one.

I’ve never had champagne before, and considering mom let me drink last night, I see no reason not to tonight. I take a sip when she hands it to me, and think it tastes like cat piss, but smile and nod graciously.

Dinner was fantastic, which it always is whenever Mom cooks. Afterwards we all retired to the family room. I noticed that Sarah grabbed the champagne bottle, and she and Mom were getting pretty toasted. I took little sips from mine, finding that I was getting used to the taste, but still not enjoying it much. We all laughed and joked, till late. When Sarah got up to drive home, she fell back again, immediately. My mom tried to help, but she was too inebriated as well.

“You can’t drive home like that,” I said, noticing a slight slur to my own words. “How are you feeling, Faith?”

She looked at me for a moment, and I swear her eyes scanned my body, before she answered. “I don’t think it is a good idea for any of us to drive. Mrs. Dickens, would it be alright if we stayed the night?”

Mom looked hungrily at me for a moment, and I knew what she was thinking. If they stayed the night, she wouldn’t be able to have my cock inside her, but there really was little choice.

“I’ve already told you, Faith, call me Diane. No need to be so formal here. Yes, please stay the night. Since my daughter decided to stay out, you can have her room.” She turned to look at Sarah. “I am afraid you will have to sleep in my bed.” There seemed to be a different twinkle in Mom’s eyes as she looked at Sarah, and I guessed she was probably remembering past experiences with the other woman.

By the twinkle in Sarah’s eyes, so did she.

I showed Faith to Lisa’s room, while Sarah and Mom retired to her room.

“You know what they are going to do up there tonight, right?” Faith surprised me by asking.

I laughed a little. “Yeah, the wall between our rooms is pretty thin. I’m sure I’ll hear it pretty well.”

“Your mom is hot. I can’t blame mine for getting her drunk.” I don’t know what to say, and just keep quiet.

We sit in silence for a bit, and when I turn to go, I feel a slight touch on my side, stopping me. I turn to see Faith biting her lower lip, nervously. “May I come up and listen, too?” At first I am taken aback, but then figure, why not?

I try to give her my most winning smile, “I would be honored,” I told her. Faith follows me up the stairs, and this time I look back to see her admiring my ass. I give it a wiggle for her, and we both laugh.

As we approach my room, we can already hear moans of pleasure, emanating from Mom’s room. As we pass by Mom’s door, we notice that it was left ajar. I tried to keep going, but noticed that Faith had stopped to look inside. I knew she couldn’t see anything, because there was a sitting room before you entered her room proper. I just waited for Faith to join me. Instead, she dropped down on her hands and knees, and crawled into the room.

I tried to hiss for her to stop, but either she couldn’t hear me, or she ignored me. I tried to chase after her, and when I got to the now wide open door, I saw her sitting on the floor, peaking around the corner into the main bedroom. I dropped to me knees, unable to crawl with my arms in their cursed casts, and shuffled over to Faith.

“Oh, yes! Lick that pussy, Sarah! Make my cream all over your face!” The sounds of sex were much louder now that we were in the room.

It was Christmas morning and, like so many other families all around the world, the Ferguson’s had risen early to meet it.

Still dressed in her bathrobe and carrying a steaming mug of coffee, Polly made her way slowly through the house as she tried to shake loose the cobwebs. Why was it that the older one got, the earlier morning seemed to come? She chose to take the long way around her suburban home to give herself as much time as possible to wake up, but still managed to reach the front room well before she was ready for it.

As she passed through the archway, the first thing that caught her eye was naturally the beautiful, if artificial, snow white tree with all of it’s gleaming and flashing lights and skillfully arranged decorations standing amid a pool of gaudily wrapped packages. This was to be expected however as this spectacle had been purposely set up where it could dominate the room.

However, the second thing she saw as she entered this room brought her to an immediate halt.

Her eighteen year old son Brendan was standing opposite her beneath the other archway that gave access to this room, his feet apart to brace himself and supporting himself with one hand on the wall. He had evidently been too eager to get down here this morning to even take the time to get dressed and so his lean frame was clad in nothing more than a pair of socks, some boxer shorts, and a T-shirt.

Her nineteen year old daughter Gwen was also over there, dressed in a pair of sweat pants and one of those tops that left the belly bare. She was kneeling on the carpet right in front of her little brother and had tugged down the front of his shorts to pull out his very erect cock. Holding his balls in one hand and gripping the shaft of his manhood in the other, she was sucking earnestly on the bulbous head.

And they were doing it right beside the sprig of mistletoe her husband had so thoughtfully hung up at the apex of that arch.

Polly let out a moan of exasperation, not worrying about whether or not her two children would hear it and realize that they had just gained an audience. It was not exactly news to her or her husband that their kids had entered into this kind of forbidden romance after all, nor did the two teens imagine that they were somehow managing to sneak around without their parent’s noticing. It wasn’t something anyone really talked about, but everyone knew what was going on.

When the couple didn’t stop what they were doing even after realizing that Mom was there, Polly decided that she would need to speak up.

“You know, kids, you’re supposed to kiss under the mistletoe, not do . . . that.”

Though he was breathing hard thanks to his sister’s efforts, Brendan still managed to answer in a remarkably clear and even voice. “We did start off kissing, mom,” he candidly admitted, using his free hand to brush some of his sister’s long hair back out of her face, “but things started heating up pretty fast and our hands started to wander and I guess we got a little carried away.”

Gwen took her brother’s dick out of her mouth for a moment but he didn’t get even a moment’s respite as she then started jerking him off. Grinning at her mother, the young woman gave her side of the story. “I’m just giving Bren an extra little Christmas present, mom.” Without waiting for a response, she popped him right back into her mouth and went back to work.

That had been the first time Polly had ever gotten a really good look at her son’s manhood and she could see for herself that he was even bigger than her husband! She felt a twinge of jealousy over the fact that Gwen had access to that and she didn’t, but then vigorously chided herself for that wicked thought.

If there was anything even worse than a girl having sex with her own brother, it was a woman who had sex with her own son!

“Well, why don’t you take it back upstairs, kids? The living room really isn’t the right place for that sort of thing,” Polly told the young couple sternly, crossing her arms. Hearing someone approaching from behind her, she knew it could only be her husband and so she called out, “Honey? Come here and see what your children are doing in my living room!”

There was a chuckling as Owen came up behind her in his own robe, resting a hand on his wife’s shoulder. “How come those two are my kids whenever they’re in trouble, not ours anymore?” Just as soon as he got a good look at what the two teens were doing though, he let out a gasp. “What on earth do you two think you’re doing?!”

Brendan couldn’t help but chuckle, thinking that was a pretty stupid question all things considered. “Sorry about this, dad,” he said, his hand now on the back of his sister’s head as she continued to blow him. “We’re almost done. Gwen’s way too good at this for me to ever hold out too long.”

Taking a moment to make sure his legs would support him, the young man pushed himself off that wall so that he could bend forward to tug the front of the girl’s shirt up. This revealed a set of pert, but not oversized breasts to everyone in the room and his nimble fingers went straight for the large nipples.

Owen had always thought that his little girl was growing up to be a real heartbreaker and the knowledge that she was into incest had fueled plenty of steamy fantasies for him. Of course, he did not imagine that he would ever end up having sex with her himself, but he had certainly rubbed his dick raw imagining it.

Now, with his baby girl’s firm young breasts being revealed to him for the first time in all of their glory, those fat nipples standing proudly erect, he couldn’t help but stare and drool. Had his family noticed his awestruck expression, he might have tried to play it off as astonishment at his children’s behavior this morning, but there was only one explanation that could be given to the big erection he was getting.

Except for the sound of Brendan’s heavy breathing and heartfelt grunts and the slurping and sucking Gwen was doing on his meaty member, silence fell over the Ferguson’s front room then. The teens were clearly not about to stop before they had finished what they were doing after all and their parents were becoming far too fascinated by the show to even consider turning and leaving them to it.

Even as her husband’s dick was getting so hard that it actually ached, Polly realized that her cunt was lubricating as a fire ignited within her, quickly flaring up out of all control. Soon enough, the couple was breathing just as hard as their children, small moans escaping their lips.

Brendan had claimed that it would not be much longer before he came, but to the two people observing the action with rapidly mounting excitement, it seemed to take forever. Time seemed to slow down to an inexorable crawl as these two normally reasonably responsible parents simply found themselves overwhelmed by the stimulus of their children’s performance.

Without even realizing that he was doing it, Owen stepped sideways so that he was a little more behind his wife and standing even closer to her. Though her eyes never left the two teenagers, Polly was aware of her husband’s approach and sagged back into him and let him wrap an arm loosely around her waist.

With the heat in that room steadily rising though and driving good, common sense into hiding, it was not long at all before Owen’s hand went upwards to claim one of his wife’s big breasts.

Brendan let out a hoarse groan that announced to one and all that the end had come at last. A profound shudder coursed through his body as he shot a jet of hot cum down his big sister’s throat, giving her so much at once that she just couldn’t swallow it fast enough. By the time he was done spurting seed into her and had stumbled back a pace or two, Gwen’s mouth and chin were thoroughly frosted.

To all three of the people watching her gather up the spillage with her fingers and lick it up, it looked as if Gwen really loved the taste of her brother.

Inasmuch as she was still pressed up against her husband, Polly was very aware of the fact that his cock was fully erect and she reached behind herself for it without looking – unwilling to take her eyes off the sexy scene in the living room. Somehow or other, her hand not only found it’s way inside Owen’s robe, but had soon dipped into his boxers to grab hold of him.

By the time the two teens had recovered enough to look around and see how their parents were reacting to the lewd display they had just put on, it was to find him groping her breasts and her stroking his hard cock. Confronted with a sight like that, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that their show had found a very appreciative audience.

The two kids looked to each other again with matching grins.

“Wow,” laughed Brendan. “Just look at the old folks go!”

Gwen had a gleam in her eye as she rose to her feet. “Perhaps this is the start of a whole new Christmas tradition for this family.”

Polly caught what they were suggesting and was torn.

On the one hand, she was a perfectly normal suburban housewife except for the fact that her children were lovers. The very idea of having sex with her husband right here in front of her children was just weird and shocking to her. People simply didn’t do that sort of thing! On the other hand though, they were hardly anybody’s idea of an ordinary family and the atmosphere in that living room right then was positively supercharged with sexual energy. It was hard to think of anything just then but how great it would be to get laid right now.

At a complete loss about what they should do, Polly turned to ask her husband for his opinion. She was met by a long, firm kiss full on the mouth that absolutely took her breath away. Whatever reservations she might have had, this made it quite clear that Owen had already made his mind up.

Polly barely had enough time to come to terms with what this meant before her hand had to be quickly yanked out of her husband’s shorts. Owen scooped her up into his arms and walked her over to the nearest couch, dumping her onto it none too gently. By the time she had stopped bouncing on the thick cushions, he had already tossed off his robe and was now pulling off his boxers. The middle-aged woman just watched dumbly as her man undressed until his hard on sprang out into view, then hurriedly threw open her own robe to expose the bra and panties she had been wearing beneath. Those panties were torn off just in time, too.

Without hesitation, Owen threw himself onto his wife with an impassioned snarl and immediately guided his stiff member into her wet and very aroused cunt. She accepted his length into her depths with a strangled gasp, her arms snaking around his neck and her legs going around his waist.

Without any more concern about the two teenagers who were watching them with wide eyes and amused expressions, husband and wife started fucking each other in earnest.

“Come on, Bren,” Gwen said, bending over to haul off her sweat pants to show that she hadn’t been wearing anything beneath it. “We don’t want them to get too far ahead of us, do we?”

Brendan was not a man who was used to refusing one of his sister’s carnal requests and he was swift to close the distance between them again and take her into his arms. He didn’t waste time with removing his shorts given that his wet dick was still hanging out and it took only a few moments of making out to make his manhood start rising to attention again.

It was the kind of near instantaneous resurrection that only a healthy young man in his prime could have performed. His father could have told him that it wouldn’t last forever, though.

Gwen soon found herself pressed up against the wall right next to that mistletoe decorated arch, pinned there by her younger brother. One of her legs rose to drape itself around his waist and a moment later she was deeply impaled by Brendan’s big dick. Her deep groan as she was filled up was echoed by his own.

He hesitated a moment then, stealing an intimate moment to gaze lovingly into her eyes as each of their bodies adjusted to the intrusion, but was soon ready to go to work. They started slowly, savoring the experience and making sure their footing was sound so that they would not take a tumble, but soon he was giving her the kind of feverish, frantic, all out fucking that would make it hard for her to walk normally.

While each couple was consumed with passion and naturally very focused on what they were doing, they still managed to be aware of the other two. Though none of the foursome were consciously aware that they were doing it, they were still careful to pace themselves so that when the big finish came, it would hit all of them at once.

The result was a spectacular success that left all concerned wet and exhausted, but exquisitely happy.

Fighting to catch his breath, Owen levered himself up and off of his wife with a grunt that showed his age. Leaning on the couch for some support, he looked across at the two kids who were even now getting themselves untangled. “Hey, Bren?” he called out to his son. “How would you like to trade?”

Having staggered a step or two away from his sister by now, Brendan looked over at the middle-aged woman who still lay sprawled on the couch with her legs spread wide and cum oozing out of her slit. Well aware of his scrutiny and thinking that she would really like to feel her boy’s big dick plowing through her, Polly gave him a smile and opened the front catch of her bra so that her generous bosom spilled out into the open.

Once again, Brendan proved just how deep was the well of energy available to someone of his age. For the third time that morning, his cock began to stir to life.

“I would,” he answered. “I would like to very much.”

Gwen was a bit less enthused about the idea of swapping partners in all honesty, but when you came right down to it she had no objections. With a sly smile on her face, she motioned her father over to her. “So you want a piece of me, do you, Daddy? Well, come and get it.”

Owen didn’t hesitate for a moment to head across the room to her, eager to see if real-life could possibly be as good as all of those fantasies had been. He would not be so quick to come back to life as his son had been, but Gwen had a plan on how to get him good and hard once more and met him with a long, deep kiss before going down on her knees in front of him.

Her father’s dick may have been liberally coated with his cum and her mother’s juices, but Gwen did not hesitate for a moment to take him into her mouth.

In the meantime, Polly had urged her son close, raising herself up just a little when he reached her as she was dying to have a taste of her boy’s dick. She found it seasoned in much the same way her husband’s had been, but flavor was no more of a deterrent to her than it had been to her little girl. In fact, she seemed to really relish the combination of tastes that her two children had to offer.

Even so, with him already as hard as a rock, what she really wanted was to have him in her cunt and she was not prepared to wait long for it.

Owen’s little buddy was coming back to life by now under the skillful ministrations of his only daughter. She must have gotten in a hell of a lot of practice on her brother to be as good as she was at this, he reflected. It had been some time since he’d been able to get an erection so soon after an orgasm, but the inescapable knowledge of who was blowing him was helping raise him to full stand again.

When Gwen judged that it was time, she let him slip out of her mouth. Turning her back to him, she lowered her head to the floor and stuck her butt up into the air in a clear invitation to her father.

Dropping down right behind her, he started to go for her wet twat, but then changed his mind.

“Daddy!” she squealed in surprise. “I’ve never been fucked in the ass before!”

“I’ve never done it before either, babe,” he grunted as more and more of him disappeared into her. “I think it’s about time we both got started though.”

Across the room, things were also proceeding apace.

“Take me now, baby,” said Polly to her son, looking up into his eyes with eyes that glowed with the light of lust. “I need you to fuck your mom good and hard!”

Brendan was not someone who would disobey his mother and so he moved to get up on top of her just as his father had been previously. She happily pulled him down, her arms going around his shoulders as she pressed kiss after hot kiss to his mouth. She buried her face in his neck though when she felt him penetrate her, sinking all the way in quite easily thanks to all the fluids that were already in her cunt, wanting to focus on the feeling of being filled up so completely by her son.

“Oh, man!” he groaned, sheathing himself in her right up to his balls. “This is so incredible! I never imagined for a moment that I might one day be able to do this.”

“But you wanted to?” Polly sighed, sounding hopeful but a little surprised.

“Oh, yeah, mom. What guy wouldn’t want to fuck a hot babe like you?”

Her cheeks colored at that and she gave him a grin. “Well this is it, honey. It’s time for you to show your mommy just what you can do!”

“Yes, ma’am!”

No further words were spoken in the Ferguson’s living room as a mother fucked her own son on the couch and a father screwed his daughter’s ass just across the room. Voices were heard, but confined only to the most hoarse and guttural moans and cries of ecstatic pleasure. The slap of flesh banging together rapidly, the sloshing and sluicing of their interlocked body parts, and the creaking of an old couch that was not designed for this kind of abuse also joined the animalistic cacophony to create the unique music of lust.

It wouldn’t take long for either couple to reach their climax and they once more worked to time their orgasms so that they would strike at the same time without even realizing it.

Brendan sounded almost as if he was in agony when he let out a howl, shooting a jumbo sized load of his seed deep into his own mother. Polly echoed him with a wail, crushing his body to her own with her arms and legs both. The middle-aged woman’s twat was simply not designed to hold so much cum from two separate men and so it came leaking and spurting back out despite how snugly he might be filling her.

Owen had been merrily plowing his little girl’s butt, marveling at how tight she was back there and at how different it felt compared to anything he had ever experienced before. She was having an especially good time with it, too, and was humping her butt back good and hard to meet his every thrust, one hand between her own legs to give herself a hard and vigorous finger-fucking.

As he was overcome by his own massive climax and started pumping his cum into her, he immediately bent forward over the girl and reached around her to firmly grab hold of her breasts with both hands. She let out an ear-piercing squeal of pleasure as she too came, pushing herself back into him and working her cunt in such a way to make this orgasm last for as long as possible.

In the aftermath, completely drained of every last trace of their strength, the couple weakly toppled over onto their side under the arch, still intimately connected.

“That was so awesome!” Gwen sighed happily at length, laughing at the chorus of agreement that followed.

He couldn’t prevent his softening dick from slipping out of his daughter’s bottom, but Owen still held onto Gwen tightly. “Perhaps we should take this upstairs? We’d certainly be much more comfortable in a bed.”

“No way!” Brendan said, lifting himself up and off of his mother, reluctantly leaving her warm embrace. “It’s Christmas morning! What better place for a party like this could there be than right here at the foot of our Christmas tree?”

His mother agreed, pushing herself off the couch and crawling over to her hands and knees over to where her husband and daughter were still sprawled. “Bren’s right. This is the one and only place in this entire house where a Christmas party should be taking place.”

Two days the phone rang. I picked it up. It was John.

“Hi Jim. Thanks again for a great night. Your family is incredible and it did wonders for Chris’s confidence.”

I wasn’t surprised. Having one beautiful woman lick your ass and caress your balls while you’re fucking another beautiful woman will tend to do that.

“That’s good,” I said, wondering where this was going.

“Jim, I’ve talked with Joanne about helping Chris build his confidence further and learn how to be with women. She feels he still needs more help as he is very shy. Well, we’d like to invite you all over for dinner. Maybe you can talk to Chris, explain to him how to get on with women. He doesn’t listen to me, and, well, Joanne has certain standards and, er, doesn’t want to overstep the boundaries in going too far in educating him.”

“I don’t see how I could help beyond what he’s already been part of. You know my mum is open to sex of all sorts, but if Chris doesn’t want to stand up for himself then even she can’t make him.”

“No, no, that’s not what I mean. Joanne really wants to help Chris, but she’s reluctant to go any further in helping him personally with his sex education. Jim, Chris has always looked up to you. Joanne was thinking you might be able to demonstrate things for Chris, show him what to do.”

“What, you mean with your wife?”

“Well, yes, with Joanne or with your own mother. Could you come over for dinner tonight?”

“I’ll have a talk with mum and dad and ring you back.”

I wasn’t too keen about this. I am all for sex and having a good time, but I didn’t see myself going into sex education. Chris was a bit of a drag, and I didn’t really feel like putting myself out for him, let alone presenting him my mother to fuck. Dad wasn’t home so I decided to talk it over with mum.

“Jim, aren’t you being a bit selfish about this?” she said. “You were a bit of an innocent before the Maddisons took you into their family fun and games. I mean you weren’t a virgin and shy, and you got on well with girls. But it sounds like Chris needs help. If I’d noticed he was so shy that night I would have tried to help him get over his shyness. But as you know I was a bit preoccupied with so many men that night. Sally and Jennifer certainly looked after him, but sometimes men need other men to lead by example.”

I thought about it for a while. Joanne certainly was hot when she helped out at school, and John seemed keen for me to ‘demonstrate’ sex with her, whatever that meant. Mum said she couldn’t go to dinner that night as she and dad had some important corporate function to go to. Since she’d started sexing up her work clothes she’d been invited to a lot more corporate functions. This one was important as another firm was keen on getting her to join them, and a promotion was in the wind.

“Why don’t you go by yourself? It’ll show Chris a young man of 18 can function on his own, without his parents being there. Besides, I remember Joanne from school functions, and she was quite a hottie.”

I rang John back and said I’d come, but mum and dad couldn’t make it. He seemed happy with that, and said he’d pick me up at 7.

I watched mum getting dressed for her corporate function. The office clothes she wore nowadays were all quite sexy. But they were carefully selected so that they weren’t overly revealing. They showed off her curves and hinted at her sexual availability. She showed a touch of cleavage and her tight skirt fell to just above the knee. When she sat down it rode up to ‘accidentally’ reveal much of her shapely thigh. As she’d worked hard to shape her body into a spectacular hourglass figure, she’d bought tighter jackets and skirts. She was usually in a see through shirt under the jacket, with a lacy bra. When she took the jacket off she was a knockout. She said nobody at work knew of her new sexual freedom. It wasn’t that she was ashamed of it, but she didn’t think they’d understand. A few men had tried flirting with her at work, but she’d reacted coldly to them, keeping it professional. I thought it probably only made them more determined.

Mum and dad had already left when John arrived at 7 to pick me up. He was alone in the car.

“Chris seems to suspect something might happen tonight with his mother and he was too nervous to drive over with me. Joanne and I are really worried about him. The truth is Jim, I hope you can help Chris become a man and show him how to take the initiative. The good thing is Joanne is prepared to help, but I’m not sure how far she’ll go.”

“Well let’s see how it goes John. Maybe you are just pushing him too hard. Sometimes it’s best to let things develop naturally.”

I didn’t really like John. He was clearly pushing his son too hard, and he seemed to expect his wife to perform for him and do what he wanted, more than having any real concern about Chris’s manhood. I wasn’t keen on being part of all that. I much preferred the Maddisons who were all very much into sex and had no hang ups about it.

But when we arrived and I saw Joanne for the first time since school, all that moral concern went out the window. She was stunning. A true MILF. Straw blonde hair cut into a neat bob, green eyes and a pretty face that defied her being in her late 30s. She had a long lean firm body with flat belly topped off with sizeable breasts. Her tits were pushing against a tight cotton shirt tucked into jeans that looked as though they’d been painted on. I couldn’t wait to get something going with her.

She shook my hand nervously, then kissed me on the cheek.

“Nice to see you again Jim. You probably don’t remember me, but I saw you a lot at school when I volunteered in the canteen and on sports days.”

“Oh yes, I remember you very well. You lit up the school on the days you were there.”

Oh you charmer, I thought. Joanne beamed at that compliment, and looked at John and Chris to make sure they’d noticed how a young man could charm an older woman.

“My Jim, you have grown into a handsome young man with great charm. Come and sit with me over here on the couch.”

I sat next to her. Chis took a nearby armchair.

“Can I get you a drink Jim? Wine, beer, soft drink?” asked John.

“Rum and coke would be great thanks.”

“Wine for me dear,” said Joanne.

John raised an eyebrow to Joanne, and he asked Chris to help him to get the drinks. While they were out of the room Joanne turned to me and put her hand on my thigh.

“Now Jim, John and Chris have told me about the amazing night they had at your house with your mum and dad. I want you to know I was happy Chris finally got to lose his virginity, but I’m concerned about the relationship you have with your mother. I remember her from school and I’m surprised she’d be involved in anything like that. I was hoping she’d come along tonight so I could talk with her, but I must admit I am quite shocked.”

She hadn’t mentioned anything about her husband fucking my mother in the ass. Maybe John hadn’t told her the whole story.

“My mum makes her own decisions and she decided to embark on this new liberated life,” I told her. “She is doing it willingly, and she wants me and dad to be part of it.”

Joanne started asking me the most detailed questions of what I had done with my mum and dad. She was keen on knowing how far we had gone. She was clearly very excited at the thought of a son having sex with his mother. Her face and hands were getting sweaty. Drips of perspiration ran down her chest and into her cleavage.

“I worry about Chris and how he is with women. He’s very shy and clumsy and I really want to help him. But I don’t think I can do what you do with your mother. That’s incest, and I just can’t bring myself to do that. I’ve helped Chris with masturbation, you know, jerking him off. I know John is keen for me to go further with Chris, but I just feel it would be wrong. What do you think Jim, am I wrong?”

“Well I don’t think anybody should be pressured to do anything they don’t want to. Everything we do in my family is by consent. It’s our way of expressing our love for each other. But if you don’t want to go further with Chris then you shouldn’t.”

“I’m glad you said that Jim. John can be a bit fanatical about things. But I still want to help Chris learn about women. Now, John and I have talked about this and we agree it wouldn’t be incest if I had sex with you in front of Chris to show him what to do. Would you…would you be prepared to do that Jim? I hope I’m not pushing myself on to you.”

“No, er yes, of course….you are a spectacular beautiful woman and I’d love to make love with you….”

Is she kidding? I’d give anything to fuck this beautiful woman even if the whole city was watching. It would even add a bit of spice. Since the Maddisons and mum’s party I’d become quite partial to screwing in front of others and watching others do it in front of me.

At that point John and Chris came in with the drinks. I suspected they had dawdled to give Joanne more time to talk with me.

“Good news John, Jim is prepared to help out with demonstrating to Chris what to do with a woman.”

“Oh that’s great, thanks Jim. Chris, this will be something really special. I hope you learn something from it.”

“Yes dad, er thanks Jim,” said an embarrassed Chris.

“But we ought to eat and drink first,” said Joanne. “We invited Jim over for dinner and I know teenagers are always hungry.”

Dinner was bizarre. Even though we all knew in a very short time I would be fucking Joanne in front of them, we talked of me starting architecture at university. Chris hadn’t yet decided what course he wanted to do. His dad was pushing him to do accountancy because he’d make lots of money. His mum wanted him to do psychology. I thought with parents like these if he did psychology he’d probably end up being his own best client. But I held my tongue. Joanne’s shapely body was beckoning to me across the dining table.

When dinner was over, John told Chris to go into their bedroom and wait for us. John issued us his instructions: “Now Jim, I want you to go slowly, showing Chris exactly what you are doing with Joanne. I want you to lick her, kiss her, caress her exactly as a man should in foreplay with a woman. Then when you have sex and insert yourself inside Joanne, I want you to demonstrate several positions before you are ready to cum. But don’t cum inside her. I want you to cum over her body and face so that Chris can see how a woman enjoys a man’s sperm.”

He turned his attention to Joanne.

“Joanne, it’s important you demonstrate to Chris that a woman enjoys a man’s penis. Show him how a woman responds to proper stimulation. I want you to cry out and have as many orgasms as you can. When Jim ejaculates over your body and your face I want you to show how much you want it and like it. Is that understood?”

What an asshole he is, I thought. Dad had told me John had served time in the army, and here he was still ordering people around. But I really wanted to fuck Joanne, and if she was happy to go along with this circus then who was I to complain.

“Oh and one more thing,” John said firmly. “No anal, definitely no anal sex. Joanne, your ass is off limits tonight.”

That proved to me John was a real prick. He’d happily fucked my mother in the ass, but now he was banning me from doing the same with his wife.

“Right honey, no anal,” said Joanne, but when John wasn’t looking she winked at me. Maybe Joanne wasn’t the obedient little wife after all.

We went into the bedroom. Chris was sitting on a chair positioned next to the bed. One side of the room was a giant mirror so he could see both sides of whoever was in the bed. I looked up and there was even a mirror on the ceiling. John certainly liked the scenic route.

“Now Chris, I want you to sit quietly and take note of what happens here tonight, John said. “I want you to remember how to treat a lady, how to make love to her, how to care for her, how to worship her body and pay proper respect to her wishes. You can’t be a real man until you learn these things. Your mother wants you to learn, and she’s doing this demonstration just for you.”

I stood there beside Joanne feeling rather stupid, but I was turned on at the prospect of screwing this attractive woman, even if it was in front of her dickhead husband.

Joanne turned to me and put her arms around my neck. “Just pretend no one else is here Jim,” she whispered. “Just make like it’s only you and me.”

I nodded and she leaned in to kiss me on the lips. She opened her lips and slipped her tongue inside my mouth. My hands were on her hips, and I pulled her in close. Our groins were grinding into each other as our kiss went on and on.

“That’s always a good way to start Chris,” John commented to his son. “Kissing is quite arousing and then you feel the woman’s body through her clothes, your hands asking if you can go further. You don’t actually say it, but if she stops you then you know she doesn’t want to go any further. Mind you, you don’t stop there, but keep on trying, go for a feel of her breast or hump up against her so she can tell you have an erection.”

Holy shit, was this dickhead going to give a running commentary all the way? I wanted to tell him to shut up and piss off.

Joanne whispered softly in my ear: “Ignore him Jim, just pretend he’s not there.” She kissed my ear and ran her tongue around my ear lobe as she ground her pelvis into my hard erection. She started undoing my shirt, kissing my chest as the buttons came undone. I reached around and grabbed her ass, pulling her in closer to me. The buttons were all undone, and she pulled the shirt off my chest and down my arms. I moved to do the same for her. I undid the buttons to the bottom of her cleavage, and leaned down to kiss the mounds of breasts that were exposed.

I could hear John in the background going on to Chris what a real man did with a woman. I managed to shut out his voice as I undid two more buttons of Joanne’s tight shirt down to her navel. I pulled her shirt apart to reveal her very respectable breasts bursting out from her black lacy bra. I removed her shirt and bent to kiss all that I could see. Joanne ran her hands through my hair, pulling me in closer to her.

Her hands reached down and undid the buckle on my trouser belt, then the button holding them together. She tugged down the zip, opening my pants.

My dick was sticking straight up under my briefs. Ever so gently and softly, Joanne stroked her fingers along my erection, circling the head so softly I could barely feel it. It made the cock head jump. I looked down at her hand working its magic. The gold wedding ring on her finger gleamed in the soft light of the bedroom.

“I think we need to get more comfortable,” she whispered. She sat on the bed facing me and gripped my pants at the hips, pulling them all the way down. I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my pants. I reached down and ripped off my socks. There’s nothing worse than making love with your socks on. I put my hands on Joanne’s shoulders to have her lie down on her back. She had long boots on over her tight jeans. I unzipped her boots and took them off with a flourish. Then her socks which I threw to John. Joanne giggled. I undid the top button on her tight jeans and unzipped them. To get them off I had to stand and tug while she wriggled. Bit by bit they slipped down her legs. We both laughed at the ludicrousness of the moment. John wasn’t happy about that and grumbled quietly. He wanted it all to be deadly serious.

Joanne was now in panties and bra. I was in my underpants, my erection poking out like a tent pole. Joanne sat up and I reached behind her to undo her bra. The lacy thing fell forward and off her arms. I took hold of it and threw that to Chris. The poor kid looked more embarrassed than ever, but Joanne’s breasts were absolutely perfect. They had just enough weight to hang slightly, pink nipples standing stiff. I massaged them, kissed them gently and sucked on her nipples. Joanne groaned, rubbing her hand through my hair and over my shoulders and back. I pushed her gently to lie on he back. I kissed my way down from her breasts to her chest and stomach. Joanne’s breathing was getting quicker and deeper. I licked inside her navel and kept on going down. He panties were black lacy and semi-transparent. I saw she had a bit of pubic hair above the slit of her cunt. It had been a while since I’d seen pubic hair and I was curious to see more. I kissed all around her stomach, her hips and the tops of her thighs. I hooked my fingers into the top of her lace panties and pulled down slowly. A thin line of blonde pubic hair appeared as I pulled them further down. Wow! A genuine blonde! I pulled them right off down her legs and there she was, lying naked before me. She had what’s known as a landing strip of pubic hair, a trimmed thin line of hair that stopped just above the start of her slit. The rest of her cunt was completely bare of hair. I looked up at her and smiled.

“Just the way I like it,” I said.

“I’m sorry, I can’t bring myself to shave it all off,” she said. “I am a grown woman and women have pubic hair. If I take it all off I’ll feel like a little girl, so I leave that strip.”

“Believe me Joanne, no one could ever mistake you for a little girl. You look absolutely beautiful,” I said as I lowered my head and licked her cunt from top to bottom.

“Jim, this isn’t fair. Get those off,” she said pointing to my underpants. I stripped them off in one motion, throwing them to John who had moved closer to the bed to get a better view. My underpants landed on his head, interrupting his massaging of his prick through his pants.

I didn’t care how annoyed he was.

I returned to Joanne’s cunt, spreading her legs wide, and slipping my tongue into her gash. I worked my way around her cunt for some time, sucking on her clitoris and jamming my tongue as deep into her vagina as I could. Joanne’s breathing got heavier and heavier, until she let out a cry and closed her legs around my head. I had brought her to orgasm.

John was busy explaining to Chris what had happened, and how important it was to bring your woman to orgasm as many times as you could.

I felt a tap on the shoulder and looked behind me. It was John. He wanted me to move aside from Joanne’s juicy cunt for a few seconds so Chris could get a good look. John pointed out to Chris his mother’s clitoris, her pussy lips and the vagina opening.

“Right Jim, thanks for that. Carry on.”

What a real dickhead this man was. I wanted to thump him, but Joanne reached down and pulled me up to kiss me.

“Forget him, it’s just you and me here,” she whispered. “Now it’s my turn.”

She worked her way down my chest, kissing and licking all the way. When she got to my cock sticking proudly up in the air she started at the base, licking it all over, sucking on my balls and then licking all the way up my cock to the head. She wasn’t using her hands at all. Just her lips and tongue. She positioned herself over my cock and took me into her mouth. It was warm and wet and wonderful.

She looked up to her son.

“Chris, this is how a woman sucks cock,” she told him before she took me into her mouth again. “You can masturbate while you watch me if you like.”

Chris wasted no time dropping his pants and grabbing his cock, his eyes almost popping out of his head as he stared at his mother sucking my cock.

Joanne warmed to her task, forcing as much of me into her mouth and her throat as she could. She was taking it down to the last inch, working up a good lather of saliva as she went up and down. Her hand was massaging my balls. Occasionally she would let me leave her mouth and lower her head to lick and suck my balls. A couple of times her tongue slipped under my balls to lick that highly sensitive line between balls and asshole.

I was close to coming. I reached down and rolled over to lay Joanne on her back. She smiled at me as she spread her legs wide and put her arms around my neck. I lowered myself into her, entering her sopping wet vagina and into the warmth beyond. Joanne raised her hips to meet me, and began a slow undulation, meeting me as I made long deep thrusts into her.

This is my first story I have written for this site, feedback in greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Henry went to his mother’s house on a picturesque Saturday to help her with some furniture. He was in town for a friend’s wedding anyway, so he figured spending some time with her would be nice. Sophia, Henry’s mother, had purchased an entirely new bedroom set and needed help putting most of it together. The men from the store were only contracted to take the old bed from the house and replace it with the new one. So, the new bedside tables and chest of drawers needed to be put together, and the old furniture needed to be moved out which was more than Sophia could manage. Henry, as always, was more than eager to help. He knew that this was a big step for his mother. Her divorce from his father was finalized more than 6 years ago, yet to his knowledge she had not dated at all. The few times he had stayed over he noticed that she still slept on the right-hand side of the bed; the side of the bed that was hers during her marriage.

Henry worked in her room putting the store-bought furniture together. He was happy to do so. His mother was finally moving on, out with the old, in with the new. He was ready to help her do this. They had always been close, but grew much closer after his father started dating a younger woman. Henry and his mother would talk three to four times a week. They had a wonderful, friendly, loving relationship.

As Henry finished the first end table, Sophia came upstairs with some sandwiches, chips, and glasses of lemonade for the two of them.

“Oh, wow, you finished one of the pieces already. Good for you.” Sophia said to her son.

“No, mom, good for you, I’m happy to help.” Henry replied.

“Here, how about we have some lunch on the new table you built?” Sophia suggested.

“Great idea, mom, I’m famished!” Henry answered.

As they sat on the floor and ate on the end table, Henry noticed that his mother’s shirt was unbuttoned one button too far and gave him just enough of a glimpse of her stunning cleavage to make him have to shift his position on the floor every few minutes or so. Henry loved cleavage, and though he knew it was wrong, he could not stop himself from looking down his mother’s shirt. He was having the hardest time just trying to look into her eyes. This usually was not a hard thing to do. Sophia was older, 53, but she was a beautiful woman. She was no stick figure, but nonetheless an in proportion, buxom, zaftig-type woman with ample breasts and a rear end that perfectly filled out a pair of jeans. Henry had always thought his mother was one of the most attractive women he had ever seen.

As they ate lunch they discussed the coming nuptials of Henry’s friend, Steve. To Henry’s surprise, his mother actually seemed to get depressed as the conversation about the wedding progressed. In fact, she seemed genuinely saddened by the event. When Henry asked her what she was so upset about she responded with a sentence that surprised him to no end, for he could not believe that he had forgotten. Of course, this was the wedding anniversary of Sophia and Henry’s father. How could he be so stupid? He knew never to forget three days a year, his mother’s birthday, Mother’s day, and this day, their anniversary. Of course his mother would be terribly upset. Now the new furniture made complete sense. She was trying to move on, and the symbolism of this act did not get by Henry, now that he had remembered what day it was. How stupid of him.

“Mom, I have an idea.” Henry proclaimed. “We are going to go out on the town tonight. I don’t care what day it is, you deserve a night out. And who better to give it to you than me? I will be the man in your life today. You don’t need to even think about dad.”

“No, that’s ok, honey, I just want to stay here and make sure this all gets done today. I don’t want you to have to ruin your whole trip helping your poor mother.” Sophia said, her words trailing off.

“Nonsense, mom, I insist. There is nothing planned for the wedding today, just everyone arriving. The festivities don’t start until Monday. This is going to be a fun night. You should put on a sexy dress. I will get in my tux and we’ll have a great night on the town. Everyone can see you with a sexy young thing on your arm, and I will be next to the hottest lady wherever we go.”

With this Henry leaned over the table and kissed his mother on the cheek. He also attempted to give her a hug. He was trying to get a better look down her shirt, but the table got in the way, and they landed on top of each other. The kiss though, continued. Sophia had tried to kiss him on the cheek also but, as they fell, their lips met and neither of them realized they were actually kissing for a good five seconds.

Once they both realized exactly what happened, they got up. Sophia peeled herself off of her son whose hands had made their way to her chest, but both played it off as simply a mistake during the fall. Sophia got to her feet and looked at her son. He was an attractive young man, and why shouldn’t she have a fun night out…damn the date. Tonight was going to be her night. She was determined to have a good time.

Henry kissed his mother goodbye. They had decided the rest of the furniture could wait until tomorrow. Henry was thankful he had chosen to stay with a friend who was in the wedding party, instead of at his mother’s home. He needed the time away from her to ask himself some questions and try to figure some things out. Did he really just make out with his mom? Did she make out with him? He shouldn’t have tried to feel her up; that was a mistake. That was when he thought she realized something was wrong. But she had agreed to go out with him. Should he treat this like a date? Should he be more standoffish? How could he act differently now? He had to act as though nothing happened. He showered and dressed quickly. He put on the same tux that he was going to be wearing for Steve and Janet’s wedding. He figured since he rented it, he might as well get some use out of it. He looked good too, classic black with a light green shirt to match the bridesmaids’ dresses and a white bowtie. It fit his almost six-foot frame well and he thought if other women saw him with an attractive older woman tonight, maybe he could get a phone number or two. Henry certainly had a thing for older women, and still needed a date to the wedding.

He walked into his mother’s house about four hours later to pick her up for their date night. They were going to have drinks before dinner and dancing.

He called out, “Mom, are you ready?” He got no answer.

He walked through the kitchen, no mom. He hit every room downstairs, but his mother was nowhere to be found. Then he heard it, a whimper, a sniffle, and a cough. He had heard this exact trifecta many times before. He knew before he even walked up the stairs.

“Mom,” he called out again.

“I’m up here, honey. I will be down in about five or ten minutes, is that ok?”

Henry walked into his mother’s room to see her dressed to the nines, wearing a light blue spaghetti strapped dress that showed off her wonderful cleavage and even a bit of her slightly thick, but wonderfully yummy legs. She was sitting on her new bed looking at her wedding album, and sobbing. He walked up behind her.

“Yes, mother, that’s fine. You take all the time you need.” As she turned to walk away, she grabbed his arm. She placed his hand against her face as tears softly fell from her eyes. He sat down on the bed next to her and moved the album to the floor. His mother leaned into him and started to cry on his shoulder. Henry felt horrible, because the first two thoughts that entered his mind were: one, this is a rented tux, if she cried on it, it might not be returnable; two, he might be able to get a look down her dress. He positioned himself in a way that her eyes could not meet his and attempted to get a peek. It was to no avail. So he sat there patiently and let his mother have her cry.

“Mom, really, this is supposed to be a good night. Come on, we got all dressed up. We have reservations. We should have fun tonight. Don’t you want to?” He asked softly in her ear.

“Yes, honey, I do. I really do.” She pulled away from his shoulder and looked him in the face. This was the first time she had seen him in a tuxedo. He looked quite handsome all done up and proper, like a real man. Not like her son, but like someone on whose arm she would be proud to be seen.

“Well, let’s go then. Let’s blow this Popsicle stand and have a great night, just you and me.” He attempted to take her hand as he rose from the bed.

She did not get up though. She took him in, in all his glory. Here was a 25-year old man fawning all over her. She was so proud of him. He truly had become an adult and one she was happy to call her own. He walked back over to the bed and sat down. He gave her a hug; they enjoyed each other’s hugs. She pulled away from him again and kissed him on the cheek. They looked into each other’s eyes. Henry leaned in to kiss his mother on the cheek, but she turned her face in such a way that he caught the corner of her mouth. His kiss lingered as it did earlier in the day, only this time neither of them pulled away. This kiss shifted fully to each other’s lips. Again they were both surprised that neither one was pulling away. Their hands began to spread across each other’s backs, pulling them closer together.

Moans could be heard as Sophia began to open her mouth. She was kissing Henry, not as a son, but as a suitor who had pursued her for her hand. Henry on the other hand was kissing his mother and was never happier than thinking and doing just that at this moment. This was a deep dark fantasy in the recesses of Henry’s mind, and now quite possibly it could be playing out before him. He was passionately kissing his mother, and not only was she enjoying it, but she was kissing him back even more passionately. The kiss broke and they looked at each other.

“Um, mom, wow, that was great.” This time, even with all the cleavage she had, Henry did not have any trouble looking into his mother’s eyes.

“Oh, honey, it gets so much better.” She took his hand and placed it on her left breast, letting him massage the soft tissue through her dress and push up bra. She had thought about not wearing it, but now was happy with her choice.

“Mom, are you sure?” He asked in a half whisper.

She did not answer him with words, but dove on top of him kissing him passionately and running her hands over his chest. He was only stunned for a moment, but reciprocated her advances almost immediately; kissing her back and kneading her breasts and kissing her neck. They started grinding and Henry could no longer resist. He pulled up his mother’s dress and felt her panties. Had he really done this? Had he made her sexually aroused? He was sure her panties were wet. He was slightly shocked and a little uncomfortable for a few moments. He knew he always had a bit of a crush on his mother, but had she begun to have a crush on him, was that why this afternoon happened? Did she see him looking down her shirt? Could this be? Could they perhaps be sexual equals even just for one night?

Sophia moved her hands over her son’s body, unbuttoning his tuxedo shirt, kissing his nipples and chest, moving down to his stomach, nice but not rippling. She did not like too many muscles. She thought it made a man look too vain. Her son was here before her, they were sexually entwined and they were both allowing it to happen.

Something this wrong truly could not continue Sophia thought, but even as she thought this, her hands were rubbing his engorged member. It was so thick, she had to see it. She couldn’t believe that her sexual desire had taken over like this, but as her son had said, this was to be a night of fun. And, honestly, what was more fun than sex, even if it was with someone with whom you really shouldn’t. That was it. That was the moment the light went off in Sophia’s head. Her thoughts of right and wrong had been battling all night, and now, now was the moment, she realized. This was why she was so unhappy. She had shut off this part of her mind for so long she forgot how much she loved sex. She and her husband had been insatiable for years, and then he left her and she thought it was all her fault. She was not going to feel that way anymore. She wanted to do what was wrong, as long as it felt good. She was going to be that woman. The one who went for it, and got it, and she was getting more turned on the more she thought about how wrong this was. She wanted him; she didn’t care if it he was her son. She was going to have him. She looked up at her son and then down at his cock. She had more lust in her eyes now than ever before and she was happy about it.

As his own mother kissed down his chest, Henry thought about how this was making him his mother’s equal. This was going to be the thing that brought them to an even standing and he could hold his head up high and say, “Yes, this is my mother, and I love her,” to anyone who would listen, they simply wouldn’t know the extent of the love. It would be their secret. He would call her Sophia in private and be able to show her how he loved her. He would please her in ways other men couldn’t.

She opened his fly and began to stroke his engorged cock. She looked at him with lust and desire, but still with a motherly caring that he saw just a twinge of, he knew at this moment that he would please her in any way she wanted.

“Oh, Sophia, that feels so good,” he moaned.

“I know, Henry. It’s your cock. It’s supposed to feel good,” she almost scolded.

“Sophia, I love it. I want it. I am so horny, please do it,” he was pleading.

“I will, baby, but please call me mom. It is so much hotter and dirtier that way.”

Sophia did not wait for a response from her son. She simply devoured his fully erect cock and sucked it like her life truly depended on it. She remembered when this was her favorite activity and it all came back to her so quickly. She remembered to vary speed and tempo, use her hands, but not too much, deep-throat and lick the sides of the shaft. She gave his cock the greatest once over it had ever had. Henry was moaning almost immediately. He couldn’t help it.

This was one of the fantasies he had used to masturbate to so many times, and now it was actually happening. His mother’s lips were wrapped around his cock, and she was enjoying it. She was being the aggressor. This was the part of the fantasy that Henry had always hoped for. That she wanted him more that he wanted her, but he did not think it was possible, he wanted her so badly. But now, right now it was happening. She was sucking his cock, and doing a masterful job of it. He had to stop her a few times just to make sure he did not explode in her mouth. He wanted this to last.

The third time Henry pulled Sophia away from his cock; she pulled the spaghetti straps off of her shoulders and pulled her dress down below her ample breasts. Henry kissed his mother passionately again and quickly removed the strapless push up bra that had been giving her such cleavage. For the slightest of seconds Henry was disappointed to know that his mother’s cleavage was artificially enhanced, but he quickly forgot all about that when he realized he was allowed to, and even expected to, lick and suck his mother’s breasts. Sophia moaned as Henry teased her nipples, running them through his teeth, and nibbling them just a little too hard. He cupped them. He licked the space between them and that made Sophia begin grinding on her son’s cock. It had gotten so hard she had to look down to realize it was not a dildo but actually a real cock. She had never felt a cock this hard, or strong before, and she wanted it inside of her in the worst way.

Henry was again getting close to orgasm and decided to take matters into his own hands. He pushed his mother down onto her back and pushed up the skirt of her dress even further. She lay there moaning and kneading her breasts.

“Yes, baby, eat mommy’s pussy. Oh, you made me so fucking wet. Yes, I need your tongue. Please eat me out.” Sophia spoke in a voice that was both a scream and a whisper.

Henry had already known where he was going. He pulled her sopping wet panties off and dove directly into her wanton, aching cunt. It smelled a bit strong, but Henry couldn’t care less. He knew it smelled that way because of just how aroused he had made her. He licked her clit and listened to her moan louder and louder. He was getting so horny himself as he fingered her and licked his own mother’s pussy; he started to hump the bed. His tongue was so deep inside her; she could barely see his eyes. He was enjoying this feeling so much. He was now completely his mother’s equal. That thought turned him on almost more than anything else.

Sophia was in ecstasy. She had not had anyone do this to her in years, and Henry was actually quite good at it. He knew where her G-spot was, but he wasn’t ravishing it. He blew cold air on her incredibly sensitive clit. He was a master pussy licker, and just for a moment her motherly vibe kicked in and she was actually very proud of him. Being able to please a woman orally was a skill that men should have, and her son had it in spades.

“Mother…..,” Henry said as he looked up from his mother’s nether regions.

“Yes, honey?” Sophia answered.

“Can I fuck you now?” Henry asked with confidence.

“Oh, fuck, yes. I thought we were never going to get to that. Please, please fuck me,” Sophia almost shrieked with anticipation.

Henry instantly pulled his shoes and socks off, and finished removing his pants and boxers. His shirt, though unbuttoned, and his bow tie, though untied, were both kept on at his mother’s request. The wonderful dress that Sophia had on was now scrunched around her waist, exposing the most beautiful and important parts of her body, and she rather liked it that way. She looked down at herself just before her son mounted her in the missionary position and thought that she looked pretty damn sexy. Her own son had made her feel sexy again. This was something she certainly did not expect, and it was something she thought she should reward, but she was not sure how yet.

Henry climbed on top of his mother, kissing her sweetly. “Ready, Mom?” he asked, this time with slightly less confidence.

“Oh, yes, baby. Fuck mommy! Do it!!” She answered more lustily than she actually meant to, but she was so horny at this moment she didn’t care what it she sounded like. Henry entered his mother’s pussy. It was so moist that he slid right in. He was amazed how aroused she was. Henry was no virgin, but this was the wettest, slickest, most wonderful vagina he ever had the pleasure of being inside. He tried to move slowly, but he was so aroused he started to pump her harder than he meant to. He couldn’t stop himself. And, by the moans and screams he was hearing from his mother, he didn’t think she minded.

“Oh, fuck me, baby. Fuck mommy. Come on, fuck me harder!!” Sophia screamed.

Sophia had completely let herself go; she was going to enjoy this fuck. This was her porn star moment. She loved sex, and this was good sex…..bordering on great sex. They were perfect together, it made sense right now in her mind. This was her son; of course they would fit together so perfectly. She loved him right now as a son, as a lover, as a man, and as an equal. She could not wait to fuck him in another position, to truly be a porn star for her son. And, to her delight, she did not have to wait long.

Henry pulled out of his mother’s vagina and kissed her breasts yet again. The sweat from her body tasted salty on his lips, and he sucked her nipple, making her yell just slightly. But, Henry got the desired effect. As she moved her body, her left leg came up just enough for him to slide his hand underneath her butt cheek and he pushed up, effectively rolling her over.

All the characters are over the age of eighteen


2: The Mayers

Hey, James Rock here with another ‘Fuck me and my Mom’. I’ve already mentioned how I fucked and filmed the Gilmore Girls, sweet innocent Rory and her wanton slut Mom, Lorelai. Well, as I suspected that was a hit and a half, I uploaded it to the website and the server almost melted. But I’m not a man who can rest on his laurels. Or rather I know once my customers have jacked off a two dozens times to Lorelai’s creamed covered face and Rory licking it clean they want something new.

Which is why Brandi, my camerawoman, and I, are sitting in a car park in a small mid-American town called Fairview as Brandi fiddles with the camera. She’s struggling with getting the focus right and I’m tapping my fingers impatiently on the steering wheel, because I’m due to be tapping two fine felines, not fucking around in a car park. And Suze my make-up girl is home alone with them and she’s suffering marital difficulties and will probably either bore them to death or spend so long all the men are bastards speech, that they’ll be burning bras as I arrive or wandering around with a bicycling fish T-shirt. Jeez, the travails of being a porn purveyor, its not all tits and ass – though there’s enough of that to make me suffer through five hours in a car with Suze whining and Brandi swearing at Japanese tech under her breath.

“Got it,” said Brandi triumphantly shoving the lens in my face. I started the engine and put the car in gear. Slowly we edged out of the car park and into the street as I waited for Brandi to say her line. She was so long in speaking I thought she’d forgotten it, but eventually she spoke, “So James, who we seeing today?”

“A damn hot pair of honeys, Susan and Julie Mayer. They’re so fuckable that they’d give a Jelly Marshmallow a fuckin’ hard on” I replied.

I pretended to scrabble around for the letter in my pocket, though for road safety reasons I’d memorised (and the original is back in the office anyway). But I’m an actor and if Suze can claim she always faked her orgasms I’m good enough to fake reading a letter.

“Dear James,” I began, “My Mom Susan Mayer has recently suffered a bit of a dry spell with her getting a divorce from my Dad after he screwed half of Fairview and her next boyfriend turning out to be a drug-dealer cop-killer. So to perk her up could you come round and fuck her? Oh and me. Love and kisses. PS here’s a picture.”

It was the picture that sold me. In my business you get dozens of Moms and daughter’s giving sob-stories about how badly they need cock. If I went for them all by the end of the week I’d be so limp I’d need a splint. So I’d been close to throwing this one in the bin, but then I saw the photo. It was a holiday snap – on the beach. Susan was standing next to her daughter her arm round her as they both stared at the camera. It was even the fact that they were topless that made my pants move, but something in their faces, that alluring slutty sultriness that separate a jack-off and forget from the real humdingers which remain hidden on your hard drive. I knew as soon as I saw the sexy smiles that I was going to have these two. And our morning meeting as we’d gone over the contracts and I’d explained the plot line hadn’t dampened my enthusiasm.

I’d left Suze to get them ready, whilst me and Brandi hit the local burger bar and saw the sights – which took us all of ten minutes. Though that said if I’d known how long it had been going to take for Brandi to get in gear I’d have spent five less minutes admiring the Revolutionary War monument. Just thinking about Susan and Julie was making my prick as hard as lead and it ain’t easy trying not to jump the lights when your mind is wandering to teenie pussy and Milf ass. Brandi flicked the camera down to focus on the large lump in my shorts as she said, “Yeah, I can see those two sluts look like they could do with something up and the word I’m looking for isn’t perking…”

I laughed, a deep manly rumble which I’d been perfecting for a couple of weeks and had been aching to try out on camera, “I’ll be getting something up and once I do so will they… up the ass.”

“They do look like they’d like a bit of anal-loving, they’ve got that ‘fuck my slut butt’ look about them. I’ll bet they’re a right dirty pair,” said Brandi.

“They better be,” I replied, “as they’re going to be covered in my cum…”

I swung the car right into Wisteria Lane. About half way down was the Mayers and I slid my car into the drive. Suze was at the door as Brandi filmed me getting out. My make-up girl gave me the thumbs-up to show they were ready, before closing the door. Brandi followed me as I walked to the door and rang the doorbell. Julie Mayer had been waiting behind it, as instructed, and immediately opened it. She gave a squeal of excitement, as if she hadn’t realised I was going to be there, before turning round and shrieking, “Mom, Mom, you’ll never guess who’s here.”

She sped into the house to find her Mom (hopefully waiting in the lounge or we’d have to reshoot). I followed her, with Brandi behind me, her camera tracking Julie’s movements and to be fair with a tiny pair of shorts and a cropped T-shirt Julie was damned easy on the lens. We walked into the main-room, as Susan Mayer pretended to be surprised at the my sudden appearance. She put her hand to her mouth and gasped, before turning to her daughter, “Is that who I think it is?”

“James Rock,” said Julie, “I wrote as you were feeling low and I hoped he’d come to cheer us up. I honestly didn’t think he’d come…”

I grinned as Susan’s gaze dropped to my bulge. It didn’t need the acting skills of Emma Thompson to show she was impressed, as she licked her lips lustfully, like an lioness sizing up an gazelle. She walked over to stand next to me and moved her hand over my lump, her eyes widening in surprise as she felt its girth and length under my shorts; no longer a lioness, now more a mongoose hypnotised by a Cobra. She stepped back her eyes still fixated on my tent in my shorts, “Julie, you are such a great daughter.”

“She sure is,” I agreed, “Don’t you think she deserves a kiss from her Mom?”

“I do,” agreed Susan. She turned to Julie and slid her arm round the teen’s back, drawing her close. Bending her head down she moved her mouth over her daughter’s. It wasn’t your typical Mommy kiss as they both opened their lips and touched their tongues against each other. They slipped and slithered, slurping sexily as they mouth each other. It was like they were chewing an invisible piece of gum as they opened and closed their lips, passionately embracing. Susan pulled back and ran her hand through Julie’s hair, “Thank you Julie, you always thinking of me.”

“It’s nothing Mom,” simpered Julie, her eyes switched down to my packet and she grinned, “I’ve got an ulterior motive…”

“You want to share him?” asked Susan in mock shock. She put her head to one side, “Well… I guess I shouldn’t be greedy as long as James agrees.”

I don’t call the website ‘Fuck me and my Mom’ for nothing and anyway it says in the contract that I bang them both. So I gave my manly laugh, “I think share and share alike is a motto to live by.”

“That’s a yes then,” said Brandi, breaking the fourth wall.

“Mmmnnn, that’s good,” replied Susan turning to face me whilst still letting her hands slide the flesh of her daughter’s waist between the top of her mini-short and the bottom of her cropped halter top. Julie gave a sexy pout and pushed her body forward so that her tits stood firmly against the material. Susan smiled down at her “Let me help you out of that.”

“Thanks Mom,” said Julie and held up her arms to allow her Mom to pull off the top and throw it to the corner. The teen’s perky bosom sprang free and she turned to the camera so that Brandi could zoom in on them.

“Hey that’s a nice pair,” I laughed, “What does Mom think?”

Susan moved behind Julie and slid her arms round the teen’s front so she could fondle them. She gripped the firm pair in her hands and rubbed the nubs between her forefinger and thumb until the nipple was hard. The teen giggled as Susan nuzzled her neck before saying, “I wish I had titties like that…”

“Oh Mom, yours are really fine. They’re much bigger than mine… a real mouthful,” said Julie. She turned and moved her hands round the back to unzip her Mom’s dress. Brandi skittered round to film the unzipping and then back to the front as Julie stepped back to allow her Mom to shake her dress off and show her own tits; they were larger than Julie and more bouncy. Different from Julie’s, but it was like comparing whisky and champagne, both are drinkable.

“They look a mouthful,” I agreed with Julie, “but let’s check.”

I moved into shot and took one of the tits in my mouth. I sucked at the teat, licking at it and pulled it out with my teeth. Susan moaned with a passion as my tongue moved over it. I slowly drew back, “Seems like a mouthful, but Julie you want to give a second opinion?”

The teen minx didn’t need asking twice, diving onto the left tit she latched her mouth onto it and began suckling it like her Mom was still giving out milk. Susan gasped and groaned, her back bucking and stretching as Julie slurped at first her left and then her right bosom. The teen’s tongue tantalised the tits and Susan’s hands slid up and down Julie’s naked back. After a couple of minutes Julie straightened and wiped her mouth of saliva as she turned back to the camera, “They’re a mouthful,” she agreed.

The teen leaned back into her Mom, rubbing her back against the Milf’s large tits. Susan reached down and started to undo Julie’s shorts. The teen giggled as the button popped and her Mom slid her hand beneath them and onto her puss, “That’s good,”

“Let’s get them off properly and see that cute little slit,” I said.

Julie broke away from her Mom and turned her ass towards the camera. Bending over she slowly peeled the shorts down; she hadn’t bothered with underwear. Once the shorts had dropped to her ankles she stepped out of them and slid a hand down to her pussy before turning round to face us again. Her fingers were making an inverted ‘V’ over her slot and pulling it gently apart. A tiny touch of liquid was already forming.

“Now that’s one fuckable twat,” I said, before turning to Susan, “So like Mother like Daughter is it?”

“Of course,” laughed Susan. She hooked her fingers under the elastic of her panties and pulled them off. Her cunt was also cutely fuckable, though unlike the smoothness of her daughters it had a tiny landing strip of fuzz, which added to its splendour. And like Julie the first seepings of girl cum were starting to form.

Mom and daughter moved side by side, their hands dropping to the rub each other’s behinds as Brandi zoomed in and out. I quickly got out of my own clothes, my rock hard prick spring to attention as soon as it was able. The girls tittered to each other as they looked at my twelve incher, I guessed each of them both excited at the prospect and nervous at that much meat impaling them.

I extended my middle digit and walked between them. In unison I slid the finger into the waiting slits. I quickly moved them in and out, hitting the clit and making both Susan and Julie wet. Even as they groaned in excitement my mouth was colliding with Julie. I pushed my tongue against her and pushed it down to the bottom of her mouth. Her lips pushed against mine and she battled to rise her tongue. I flicked out and switched to Susan, making out with her as I had with her daughter. My finger was still hammering home, the damp pussy’s becoming even more lubricated.

I broke from Susan and slid my fingers out. I held them up to their mouths and the Mayers slid their lips round them and sucked it clean of their own juice. I grinned, “Looks like I’ve lubricated you? So Susan you want to lubricate me?”

“Yes,” laughed Susan and flicked her hair back enticingly as she dropped to her knees. Her tongue teased at my erect prick, licking round and down from the tip to my ball sack. The tease didn’t last long though, she quickly opened her mouth and started to swallow me. Her sexy daughter moved round and began to push herself into her Mom’s back, keeping her in position as her hands caressed the larger titties of the Milf. I groaned, Susan was one hell of a good sucker, managing my cock like an expert. She pushed at it with her tongue, guiding it so I was pushing it the soft inside wall of her cheek and making it look like she had a nut in her mouth.

“That’s good,” I groaned and punched my prick forward.

Susan slurped harder, her eyes smiling even if her mouth was clamped into position. Behind her I could hear Julie groaning with excitement. She was still rubbing her body against her Mom’s, but only one hand was massaging her Mom’s front, the other was desperately fingering the teen’s own slit. It was with reluctance I pulled out; if I remained in Susan’s mouth I’d cum like an elephant though it would be a damned short porno… the things we do for our craft.

Susan wiped her mouth and looked up imploringly at me, “Fuck me, fuck me hard.”

I can’t resist a damsel in distress, so I helped Susan to her feet, “Sure thing baby.”

Our lips locked and our tongues flicked against each other, my rock hard prick pushed into her stomach as my hands wandered down her sides. I moved them to where the top of her thighs and butt-cheeks connected and hefted her up. Susan was a pro, her lips not leaving mine as her feet left the floor and she twisted them round my back. I loosened my grip and let her fall back slightly so that she was angled at forty-five degrees from me. It wasn’t easy sliding my cock into her cunt without hands, but luckily Julie was nearby. The vixen knelt beside her Mom and me and took my member in her hand. Teasingly she stroked it and I groaned at her touch.

“Julie” coaxed her Mom, “put it in me. You’ll be next.”

The teen licked her lips and guided my cock into her Mom’s wet pussy hole. Susan wasn’t virginal tight, but even so it wasn’t easy cramming my large dick into her slot, slick though it was. I pushed and heaved as Susan dragged herself against me, gasping with pleasure as I widened her hole and crushed her clit. I moved my ass back and forth, using it as balance as I rammed into the wanton wet cunt, “Yes, yes, yes, fill me up,” cried Susan.

She leant back, stretching her arms so her fingers were touching the floor. Her bosom bounced like two slabs of jelly as I continued to hammer her. Beside us Julie was still kneeling, one hand gripping her right tittie, the other rubbing at her teenage pussy. She too was groaning in anticipation, “Oh, fuck, fuck, I want that dick, don’t use it all.”

I certainly didn’t want to use it all myself. Luckily for Julie and her Mom that wasn’t likely to happen. Still I pulled out my cock and let Julie give it a lick clean. Her tongue washing away her Mom’s juice as her Mom unhooked herself from me. She moved behind Julie and began to massage her daughter’s shoulders as I fed the teen a little more prick, “You’re a cocksucker, Julie; as good as your Mom.”

Susan grinned at the compliment and I pulled the saliva soaked cock from her daughter’s slutty mouth, “Now let me hit that juicy Mom cunt again.”

I took Susan’s hand and walked over to the couch. I sat down first and facing me Susan lowered her slit onto my cock. It was easier than before, the position meant penetration didn’t mean putting my back out and my cock sped up her juiced up cunt. The Milf gave a groan of satisfaction as my twelve inches filled her hole and hit her G-spot, “Oh yes, fuck me hard.”

We began to rock in unison, I shafted upwards as Susan began to bounce energetically. The springs on the sofa squeaked like a pack of demented mice as the brunette raised herself and hit down, her cum dribbling down my shaft and over my balls. Her titties were jumping and bobbing, rising as she jumped and slapping down as she landed. I held her waist encouraging her to go faster and deeper. She did, as my hands slithered over her sweaty skin, “God yes, that’s it, God yes.”

Beside her sat Julie, the teen had spread her legs and was playing lustily with her slit as she watched her Mom get fucked. Her fingers were hammering in and out of her cunt so quick that they were almost a blur and with each thrust a fine spray of cum spat out on over quim lips, “Uuurrgghh, urrrghhhh,” she moaned as she hit her clit.

The sound of her Mom orgasming made Julie finger herself even more passionately. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened as she made little guttural sounds as she made herself cum. I pulled my cock out from her Mom, as the Milf screamed loudly and pushed her up. Susan tottered a few feet forward as I twisted Julie so she was lying on the sofa and I was poised above her, “Your turn…”

“Yes, good,” gasped the eighteen year old. Her legs spread up and round, to hook round my back as I lowered my member into the tight waiting twat. She was tight, teenage tight, but experienced enough to shift her body up to meet me coming down. The hole was damp from her masturbating and whilst she gasped as my cock pushed at her walls I could move down without much difficulty. Her eyes fluttered and she let out little gasps of excitement, “Fuck me, fuck me hard. I want your big prick to rip me in half.”

I began to do push-ups on her lithe body. My muscular physique hammered down on her, Julie’s hard, firm tits pressing into me as I hit her. Each thrust shot my prick into her warm hole, the walls seeming to grip at my cock like a drowning man and a life-buoy. Julie’s heels hammered at my back as she gasped and shuddered under my assault as she screamed “Yes, yes, fuck my tight pussy. I want big cock…”

It hadn’t taken long for Susan to recover and she slid her thighs under Julie’s head and began to rub her pussy with one hand. She slid the other between my pogoing body and her daughter to rub and play with the teen’s perfect tits. Julie gave another gasp, “Oh fuck,” she screamed and arched her back, “fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.”

I stood up and stood erect, my cock was dripping with her cum. But after two pussies it was after something stronger. Luckily Susan knew what I wanted and was prepared to give it me. She stood up and twisted round so her back was facing me (and the camera), before waggling her ass and bending over so that her butt was upraised and her fingers were leaning on the sofa cushions, just next to Julie’s head. The Milf turned her head and provided me with a slut smile, “You want some of this big boy?”

She moved her ass again, so that the butt cheeks swayed from side to side.

“Sure, I could do some ass,” I replied. Julie had recovered enough to slide her body, so that her feet was against the wall and her head was lying over the side of the sofa, with her eye line positioned right beneath her Mom’s pussy. I moved behind Susan gripping her sides and levering my prick into her back hole. It was tight, even tighter than her daughter’s sweet slit, but Julie’s girl-juice helped ease the prick up her Mom’s backdoor. Susan groaned and moved one of her fingers to her pussy. She entered the wet hole as I pushed down her butt and a few drips of juice dripped from it on to Julie’s cute face.

The teen squealed and giggled as her Mom’s cum bounced off her forehead, “Here let me help,” she offered and lifted her head to slide her tongue into her Mom’s cunt.

I started to slam harder, my cock racing up the Milf’s chute and raging over her hidden G-spot like a tropical storm. Susan shuddered and gasped as my cock and her daughter’s tongue jointly savaged her two favourite erogenous zones. Julie was a great a cuntlicker as she was cocksucker, lapping away like she’d been born to it. The two of us were making Susan scream like she was an Opera Star and drop juice like she was an overflowing damn. Harder and harder I hit her, my hands stroking up and down her sides before moving to her front to grip her tits; hard. The brunette squealed louder, “Fuck my ass, tongue my pussy. Slut fuck me.”

I have often wondered about my sexual fascination with my parents, aside from the obvious appeal of something taboo and forbidden. As I was growing up I was happily delighted to start growing breasts and dark pussy hair at a very young age, I was already a full c cup at the age of 12 and my double ds by age 14. I am currently 18 and you could portray me as a voluptuous 36dd pear shaped rosy nipples – 30 waist – 40 inch hips, 5 foot 4 with full curly auburn red hair, with an hourglass figure.

I’ve always been embarrassed by how strong and pungent my pussy smells when I get aroused even more so when it’s filled with sperm, but it seemed to turn men on immensely so I always thought it was a good thing. As I woke up late on a hit Thursday summer morning, I noticed that Mike, my boyfriend had already left. Glancing at my pussy and smelling the clear scent of sex in my room, I remembered how he had quickly fucked me the night before, filled me with cum and had left, leaving me frustrated and unsatisfied.

“I can’t believe these bills!” I heard my mom, Kathy sigh in desperation from the kitchen table, as I climbed down the stairs in my panties and t-shirt from a lazy sleeping in morning. I also heard the lawn mower, so I knew daddy was outside doing the garden work.

My mother looked at me stretching to get the box of cereal; she then bent down behind me to pick up some small little thing from the floor, while I could sense she actually sniffed my ass and pussy from behind.

“Oh young lady, your vagina smells like it’s full of overnight cum, I guess Mike came in for some fun last night?” I glanced at her over my shoulder; noticed her on all fours smelling me like a bitch in heat. I just smiled naughtily, nodded, got my cereal box and sat at the kitchen table, my nipples hardening while I was remembering how Mike had fucked my pussy for the first time last night.

Kathy, my mother, sat in front me, smiled, and then said: “Today, I have a surprise for you! We’re going in for a meet and greet with a fashion model agent, to see if they can represent you! So make sure to shave your legs and… everything else as well!” She added with a smile: “You also need to shave your asshole dear! I could see your slutty anus hairs sticking out when I was smelling you. No man will lick your asshole with that stinky hairy mess down there!”

I was so embarrassed, I ran up the stairs to my room with tears in my eyes, and fell back asleep crying in my bed.

I woke up in a start; I saw my mother was shaking me awake: “Nancy, you need to get dressed and do your makeup! We have an appointment in one hour with the agent!” She pulled the bed covers off and threw a black dress at me. “Here you can wear one of my black mini dresses! Don’t wear a bra, models don’t wear bras sweetheart, it’s all about showing the nipples!”

She stood back while I took off my t-shirt; she was clearly admiring my natural large full breasts. I noticed she had on a very clingy white mini dress to contrast the black one she had handed me. She also had no bra on as I could see her large slutty droopy breasts and pointy nipples freely on display. I pulled the dress over my head, pinched my nipples really hard to make them point out and said: “Here mother! Is that enough nipples for you!” She smiled, spanked my ass and left me to do my makeup.

We drove downtown, getting plenty of stares from on looking drivers. I must say we looked quite stunning in our braless dresses, full going out makeup and our hair perfectly done. The only regret I had was that I didn’t have enough time to shower and to shave my rectum. I kept my legs close together so that my mother wouldn’t be angry that my pussy still smelled like day old sperm.

The agent’s office was in one of the skyscrapers downtown. On the way up in the elevator, Kathy faced me and pulled my nipples really hard, even spanked my tits a few times to make sure that they stay hard and pointy and showed clearly through the dress material. She then did the same to her own nipples. She then said to my surprise glare: “There now we look like 2 experienced porn star sluts!”

The agent’s office was not what I expected; we knocked and entered directly into his office. No receptionist, he was sitting at his desk, with 2 empty couches in from of him. He was a short, a little bit fat, somewhat bald looking man in his late fifties. He was finishing up typing on his computer and waved us to sit on his couch facing his desk.

We both sat down on the couch, I noticed my mom was sitting back with her legs spread apart, clearly giving the agent a good view of her underwear between her legs. Feeling jealous that she might steal his attention away from me, I did the same, I even made sure to pull the mini dress up on my thighs to give the agent a clear unobstructed view of my white panties through my spread legs.

We then both realized that I hadn’t washed my pussy that morning as we could clearly smell the just fucked smell of old cum in me. Mom looked at me and smiled. I guess she was thinking that I would have to close my legs now, but I didn’t. I didn’t want to lose this battle because my pussy had a bit of an odor.

The agent then introduced himself as Marco, while never leaving his eyes from our exposed panties. He said that he was pleased that we could both make it, but that the only opening he currently had was for erotic underwear, bikini, and adult models and of course he was always looking for fresh escorts as well.

My mom replied: “That’s perfect Marco, my daughter Nancy is here to work and she’s very professional!”

Marco replied, while glancing at both our panty covered pussies and hard nipples: “Clearly you are my dears, but I have to ask you both to strip down to your panties only. I need to see you both topless! You seem to have pretty big slutty tits the both of you but I’m not sure how they’re shaped!”

Kathy stuttered back: “You want us both to strip, including me? “

The agent replied with a wide smile while folding his hands on his desk: “Of course, it’s to better compare the both of you. I need a point of reference to compare Nancy’s breasts, ass and her young almost virgin vagina of course!”

I stared at my mom in disbelief, but then I notice she started removing her dress, her big floppy droopy udders coming into view, her nipples hard and pointing, clearly aroused, the agent licking his lips while staring at her cow like udders.

Angry and frustrated that she was getting all the attention, I stood up from the couch and started to strip as well. I quickly got all of Marco’s attention as my 18 year old bouncy full milky breasts came into view. I even made sure to hop up and down a few times to make them bounce like a stripper. Then I caressed them and pulled on my nipples like a true slut offering a web cam show.

Marco then got up from his desk, asked my mom to stand up as well and to completely remove her dress. He complimented us both on our natural large udders, then moved in front of my mom and started touching her breasts, teasing the nipples then to my surprise, spanked her tits forcefully. He then turned towards me and proceeded spanking my breasts while saying: “This is to test and compare how your breasts bounce and react to a strong horny male touching them, it’s very important to my clients that girls are very natural when it comes to their breasts!”

I glanced at his pants and saw a small but nice bulge while he was spanking my tits, and pulling my nipples.

Looking back at my mother, he motioned us to sit down then says with a huge smile while caressing his bulge in front of us and glancing at my now painfully quivering tits: “Kathy, I’m very glad you brought your daughter in today. She has very nice large full milk filled udders, and very responsive nipples. But she is also very slutty and looks very much like a little whore. The only work she could possibly do as a model due to her very large breasts would be porn and adult modelling. This is perfect since I have openings both as an escort and as a porn model right now! “

Turning his attention back to my mother, still caressing his bulge through his pants, he added: “Unfortunately Kathy, you’re a bit too old to be a porn model like your gorgeous daughter. But I can still book you as an experienced escort from time to time, when gentlemen require a classier, well fucked whore! Now both of you lean back and open your legs, I need to smell the both of you thoroughly!”

Marco got on his knees and leaned into my mother’s opened legs, stuck his nose right on her panty covered pussy lips and smelled her for quite a long time while she caressed his hair. He finally stood up and moved towards me while saying to my mother: “Humm lovely scent Kathy, I see you take very good care of your cunt, you’ll be perfect as one of my whores!”

Marco then got on his knees and while caressing my breasts, smelled my pussy. He then stopped suddenly, moved my panties aside and looked at my cunt. He then pulled on my nipples hard, and while I screamed in pain, stood up and looking at my mother while saying in disbelief: “Yuck, Kathy, you brought me this little cock tease filled with male spunk!”

My mother, quickly trying to turn the situation back into our favor says: “I’m so sorry Marco, but please if you could look at her pussy again? Look how she would cast a premium price as her pussy is really tiny and tight! She’s only been fucking her boyfriend, and he has a very small penis and very tiny balls, I’m sure there isn’t much of his young sperm inside of her!”

Shocked that my mother knew how small Mike’s cock and balls were, I heard Marco reply: “You’re right Kathy, I can work with that.” Moving back to his desk he opened a drawer, and told us to get completely naked. He handed me a bottle of perfume and tells us both to spray it on my labia. Gathering our dirty panties, Marco stood back from the two horny women displaying their most intimate holes for his pleasure and judgement.

Looking at both our opened legs with our cunts lewdly on display for his evaluation, while alternatively smelling our dirty panties, he then told us that my mother has by far, the sluttier, dirtier, looking pussy and that I have that teasing virgin look and I would need to be fucked more so that I could be properly stretched.

Putting the panties back on his desk, I saw Marco standing close to me, he unbuckled his pants while staring at my breasts and saying: “Now you two dirty whores made me smell your dirty pussies it’s only fair that you smell my dirty cock as well. And you Nancy, you’re by far the worst since you made me smell your sperm filled cunt like a well-used whore!”

I nodded and replied: “Yes I guess it’s fair that we smell your cock as well!”

He quickly removed his cock from his speedo style underwear, and while pulling the foreskin back over his mushroom shaped head he moved it close to my face. He had a very small cock, very hairy, and he stank like pussy. I really didn’t like the smell, he rubbed it all over my face and lips but I didn’t suck him. I noticed my mom was caressing his ass while he was rubbing his cock on my lips.

Clearly disappointed, Marco then turned his cock towards my mom’s face, she clearly enjoyed smelling the pussy scent on it, she even licked him and gave him a few sucks then handed it back to me and said: “Here Nancy, it’s all clean for you to taste him now, so be a good slut and suck him a bit.”

I leaned in close to his cock, and sniffed his saliva glistening knob, I could smell that it was now much cleaner than before and took him in my mouth. I also noticed that Marco has a much better sweet tasting cock than indicated by his foul smell. I then proceeded in giving him a good blowjob, bobbing my head up and down while letting him play with my breasts and nipples. He moaned in pleasure while calling me names like pig, cowslut, whore, cumbucket, which to my surprise made me even hornier. I noticed my mom moving behind him and she started fingering his asshole while I continued to suck him. I was so horny, I took Marco’s cock deep into my mouth, it really wasn’t difficult since he was so tiny, I saw my mother had stopped fingering his anus and was now licking and sucking her finger, she said : “Oh Marco, your asshole tastes really sweet!”

Marco smiled at me and said over his shoulder: “Kathy why don’t you lick my ass so that I can cum into your slut daughter’s mouth to reward her for the amazing blowjob she’s giving me!”

She got on her knees and started lapping his rectum like a good little dog, while I sucked his cock. My head bobbing lewdly on his short quivering shaft, taking more and more of it till I bottomed out on his hairy sweat smelling pubes, I rolled my tongue on his head while I still had him completely in my mouth, tasting the last of his precum. He quickly came in my mouth and I swallowed his disgusting bitter spunk, when he was done spurting in my mouth, I lied and told him he tasted sweet so that I could be just like my mother!

Marco, now with his cock all spent, looked as us both now sitting back on his couch, my mom and I both horny and gently caressing our pussies. He told us it would be better if we were masturbating each other while he got his camera and took pictures of us. So I gently leaned close to my mother and moved my hand over her odorant and pungent wet pussy, while she did the same to me. She leaned into my ear and whispered: “Make sure you give him good show sweetie, he clearly loves your big breasts, we need to get these jobs, and our bills are killing us slowly!” We caressed each other and moaned like 2 bitches in heat while he clicked away his pictures. Very shot of us cumming, the agent then reached into his desk and pulled out 2 differently sized dildos while looking at us pleasing each other.

Marco took the biggest dildo and moved towards me, slapped my mother’s hand away from my pussy and forcefully pushed the biggest dildo inside my opened labia. I cried out in pain while my mommy was caressing my tits to console me. Marco with a look of disgust then said: “Nancy your pussy is really tight, you must not have been fucking for very long! You better get in the mood and open up your vulva fast otherwise your adult porn and escort career with be very short!”

He then roughly moved my mom on her hands and knees on the couch, with her butthole facing him, then forcefully inserted the smaller dildo inside her rectum while she yelled out in pain. Marco then told her that she’s a dirty cow slut and needs to suck my breasts since they are the better looking ones while he fucks her ass with the dildo.

Seeing my mom in pain and having her asshole roughly fucked, her floppy huge breasts hanging down like cow udders, quickly turned me on again! I almost immediately came on the dildo while she was suckling on my breasts. Marco looked very pleased when he saw me cumming and my pussy flooding the dildo with my orgasm cream. While caressing my face he says: “Nancy that was amazing! But now you need to help your mother cum as well! Why don’t you go taste her large opened pussy a bit?” Finding that disgusting I told him no. He then proceeded in slapping my face hard till I cried and told him I would do it.

My face all puffy and red from his slapping and my tears, I stood up, took out the stinky shit stained dildo from my mom’s rectum, and getting on my hands and knees I moved behind her and licked her protruding hanging pussy lips, till I found her engorged clit and licked until she bucked and came in my face, all the while telling me that I’m her good little girl and that she loves me for licking her pussy.

She then moved my face slowly towards her dirty swollen anus, telling me: “Nancy, my sweet child, my rectum hurts from his fucking, could you please kiss it and lick it better?”

Her anus was pretty swollen and I felt bad for her having been forcefully anally dildo fucked, I quickly moved my nose to her bum hole and smelled her in her well used anus. She smelled pretty dirty, so I kissed and licked her stinky anus clean, enjoying the bittersweet taste of her ass secretions while she moaned in pleasure and rested her head on the couch cushions.

“Wow very good Nancy, lick her clean, we can’t let her go out in public smelling like a used anal whore! “, I heard Marco say behind me just before I could feel him smelling my own asshole while I was still on all fours licking my mother’s.

“Humm, Nancy your asshole smells really good, just like a clean little slut, but you need to shave your asshole dear! All these pesky hairs just won’t do if you want to become a porn slut!” With that I felt his tongue running up my anus, I moaned in pleasure while still licking my mom’s dirty smelly shit hole.

I was in pure heaven, never had I had my butt licked and it felt incredible, I thought I was in love! I stopped licking my mother, and rested my head on the couch. Kathy then got up, moved behind me and rubbed my clit from underneath with her hand till I came. Coming down from my orgasm I told Marco that I loved him for licking me like that.

Marco then looked at my mother and said: “She’s a pretty dumb big titted slut isn’t she? A guy licks her as and she thinks she’s in love!” Then he got up and roughly inserted his small cock inside my now well lubricated ass, while I yelled out in pain.

I looked at my mother with tears in my eyes while she said: “Nancy this is your first anal fuck, it’s important that you do well. So please concentrate and try to make Marco cum inside you! You’re lucky he has a small penis!” She moved her hands under me, grabbed my tits as handles and pulled them back and forth so that I would move my ass on Marco’s cock.

After just a few minutes of this, Marco quickly came inside my rectum, filling my bowels with his warm cum. While pulling his cock out of my well bruised rectum he says: “Nancy, you’re on your way to becoming a true porn slut! Now that your ass is filled with my cum, it smells like your pussy! Now turn around so that I can fuck your dirty pussy with my dirty cock! “

I quickly got on the couch, sat down on my still bruised cum dripping bum and opened my legs, Marco then quickly tried to push his cum dripping, and ass stained, semi hard cock into my opening.

“God, this young slut’s pussy is too damn tight, I can’t get in! Kathy, would you please come here and spread your legs, I need to fuck an experienced pussy!”

My mother sat down next to me and spread her legs, Marco then quickly inserted his softening cock into her; she then wrapped his legs around his ass so that he could get his small soft cock deep into her. He looked at me with a smile and said: “Nancy get behind me and lick my balls, you little big titted cow tease!”

I got behind him and licked his hairy smelly sweaty balls, suckling on them like a hungry baby, enjoying his male musky scent and the feeling of having the man’s balls at my mercy, the man who had just recently tortured my hanging full tits by spanking them. He quickly started cumming inside my mother after about 25 strokes of my tongue on his jewels.

I was still licking and sucking the agent’s balls while they pumped their sperm inside my mother, I heard her grunt and yell out: “Marco you dirty pig! I’m not on the pill! You came inside me! Now how am I going to explain my pussy full of cum to my husband! And my pussy now also smells like Nancy’s ass!”

He replied while wiping his wet dirty cock on my face: “Well now Kathy, if you’re going to be an escort, that’s something you’ll need to figure out pretty quickly! And frankly it’s quite careless for you to come to a porn audition without being on the pill. And honestly you two better get accustomed to men cumming inside of your holes, I charge my clients a premium for that.”

I licked his knob and his shaft clean while he was lecturing my mother, enjoying the mixture of her sour pussy with his bitter spunk. Pleased that his cock was sufficiently clean, he quickly said: “Ok both of you get dressed; I have another mother-daughter audition to go through today!”

A Change of Scenery by dinkleberry© (Mom taught me that every dark cloud has a silver lining.)

[ALL CHARACTERS ARE OVER 18. All characters are fictional. In my writing, I use an informal tone, slang, and sometimes improper punctuation to reflect the casual closeness such an illicit and forbidden relationship would require. If this offends you, DO NOT READ. I am sure there are plenty of incest-based submissions with the perfect grammar you seek.]


“Thursday is Breast Exam day,” I announced as I came up behind her. She was standing at the kitchen sink rinsing her breakfast plate and looked more tasty than any breakfast ever could. Reaching around, under her arms, I cupped her breasts and palmed them.

“What’s your diagnosis?” Norah giggled as I squeezed and fondled her breasts. I loved the feel of her still pert, firm tits.

“They feel great but I need to examine further,” I declared as I started hiking up the shirt she was wearing. She was wearing one of my t-shirts and on her 5’6 frame, it was more like a nightgown; it hung loosely and reached almost to her knees. However, having watched her put it on, I knew that there was nothing but her beneath it.

“Umm, that feels good,” she purred. I had hoisted my shirt up to her waist and reaching underneath, laid my hands on her bare boobs. I could easily palm her delectable 34B breasts and loved doing so. I squeezed, caressed and kneaded her luscious tit-flesh and they felt fantastic.

“Someone is excited, huh?” I laughed as I twirled my fingertips over her hard, erect nipples. They were as stiff and pebbly as gumdrops.

“God, how do you get me going so easily?” she wondered with good humor. Twisting her head to look back at me, her dark brown eyes pleaded for a kiss. I gladly kissed her once, twice, thrice. Holding my lips to hers, our mouths opened and our tongues met. Squeezing her tits tight, I pulled her snug to me, pressing my hardness against her. Holding her firmly, I softly dry humped against her rump and she rubbed her ass on my stiff cock.

“Oh babe, I wanna…” she whimpered and since I could smell her scent I knew she was getting wet already. She gave me a couple of kisses then finished, “…but I’m actually kinda sore.”

She softly chuckled guiltily and so did I as we knew why she was sore; yet I was still bummed. Norah and I had made incredibly passionate love this morning in the shower but touching her again I was as hard as ever and feeling as randy as a teenager instead of a 28-year old man. Maybe she felt or sensed my emotions because with cheerful decadence she laid her hands over mine and hinted wickedly, “There is something you can probe though.”

“Really?” I asked as excitedly as a kid at Christmas. I was already reaching for the bottle of olive oil that was next to the stove, and she was pulling my shirt over her head.

Opening the bottle of oil, I knelt down behind her and admired her mighty and majestic ass. I love how even at 49, she still has a derriere that causes you to drool with admiration. Instead of wide, flat and saggy – her hiney is still firm, tight and quite comely. From her years of exercising, her caboose is well-formed; her powerful gluteus maximus muscles are developed and protrude outward underneath a satisfying and softening amount of body-fat to give her ass the perfect combination of supple firmness and compact massiveness.

Holding the olive oil above the ridgeline that delineates her lower back from her butt, I watched with depraved delight as the golden liquid flowed onto her bare buns slowly coating them with a viscous sheen. I loved watching the oil naturally funnel between her cheeks.

“Mmmm,” she purred as I began rubbing her butt-cheeks, coating and smearing the sweet smelling oil over her honey buns until they shined deliciously – so deliciously I had to lick them. I ran my tongue up her cheeks catching any oil from dripping. I was consumed with hunger. Opening my mouth wide, I bit down hard taking a massive bite of her ass.

“Owwwwwww!!!” she lustfully shrieked. She swiped at my head and amusedly yelled at me, “My god, my son is such a nasty savage.”

I pulled her fanny open and buried my face in her cheeks and started motorboating her bum.

“Oh my god,” she mischievously giggled. “Only you would motorboat his Mom’s ass.”

“That’s not all I’m gonna to do it,” I maliciously warned. To prove it, I began sliding my middle finger up an’ down her ass-crack.

“God that tickles,” she hooted as her body danced beneath me.

“But you like it, don’t ya?”

“God, I shouldn’t but I do. I don’t know what’s wrong with me that I let my son play with my ass”

“How can I let you finger your mother’s asshole?” she brazenly wondered as I stuck my middle finger in the bottle of oil. Shaking it, I coated my finger and then started doing just what she said. “Urrrrggggghhhh, gaaaawwwd my son just stuck his finger up my ass!!!”

“God, I can’t believe how good that fucking feels. Jesus Christ, are you licking my ass while fingering my asshole? Oh god babe, that feels so freakin’ good. How do you do this to me?”

“Look at this, my son has his fingers up my ass, finger fucking my asshole, getting ready to cornhole his Mom while I stand at the kitchen sink, looking out the window onto the street.

“Wouldn’t it be funny if the UPS guy came to door? What the fuck is wrong with me, letting you do this to me? What is wrong with you, wanting to shitcan his Mom? What’s wrong with us?”

With that, she grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled me up. I willingly stood up and kissed her eagerly, frantically, immorally. She fiendishly growled, “Fuck me good, big boy.”

In seconds, I shedded my shorts and coated my cock with olive oil. Norah ‘assumed the position’ by leaning forward; gasping the edges of the sink, holding tight she cocked her killer keister at me.

“Urrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhh… FaaaaahhhhhCK!!!” she howled as I lined my cock up to her pretty brown eye. At first her sphincter resisted my invasion but with slow continuous pressure, her anus finally gave way letting me enter my Mom’s ass. To see my cock entering her ass was spell-binding, it was enrapturing, it was divine.

“Oh god Norah, your ass feels so good,” I cheered as I slowly tunneled up her Hershey highway.

“Oh babe, only you could make me do this; only you make me wanna do this; I’ve only let you do this,” she cooed as I slowly slid back an’ forth loosing, lubricating her fudge tunnel.

“And why’s that?” I laughingly asked.

“Because you’re my son and I love you.”

“I love you too, Mom,” I told her as I again reached the top and my cock was fully buried in her ass. As I leaned forward, she turned to look back and we kissed like the lovers we are. She joked, “Then prove it.”

“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” we cheered in unison as I rammed my cock in an’ outta her ass. I was holding her hips tight, holding her as an anchor as I jammed my cock up her pooper only to pull back and do it again, an’ again, an’ again.

“That’s it, you bastard fuck my ass, you mutha-fuckin’ son of a bitch,” she rejoiced and I knew she was loving it. I’ve learned that the more, the louder, the worse she curses the more excited she’s getting.

“Oh god baby, that feels so good. Oh god babe, slam my ass. That’s it, I fuckin’ love it,” she hailed as my hips would smash into her meaty asschecks. Each collision was accompanied by a loud swack from my hips crashing upon her oil-slicked buttocks.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s it Norah. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” I commanded as we swapped jobs. I was standing erect and she was thrusting back, ramming herself upon my cock. She was impaling herself on my cock so powerfully I had to fight to maintain my balance.

“Oh god Norah, you are best Mom ever,” I praised as she shoved herself onto my cock, burying her ass deep upon my cock.

WACK!!! “Yes, spank me you mutha-fucker!!!”

WACK!!! “Oh god, I love how you make me feel.”

“Yeah, that’s it; split me in half, you motherfucker,” she shouted as I lifted her right leg and held it atop the kitchen counter.

“Goddamn, you mutha-fucka; holy fuck; Jesus Christ; holy fuck,” she swore as I held her tight to the counter and pounded my cock up her ass.





“your son…





“don’t ya?” I grunted with each thrust. Her whole body shook with each thrust and she heaved herself upon the counter. With her body pinned to the counter she no longer had to hold on; and so, her right hand was diddling her clit. Seeing her play with herself as I fucked Norah’s ass only made me so much hotter for her, especially since she knew how much I love seeing her do that.

“You fucking know it. Just like you love how you turned your Mom into a fuckin’ ho,” she accused with wicked debauchery.

“Oh god, I love how your cock feels in my ass. I love how my son fucks my ass so good. I love how you fuck your Mom’s ass so damn good. You truly are my mother-fucking son,” she grunted lustfully as I rocked my cock in an’ out of her lovely asshole.

“Oh god babe, keep fucking my ass, keep fucking my ass, oh god babe I’m gonna cum soon, I’m gonna cum soon. You gonna cum? You gonna cum? Cum with me babe, cum with me.

“I’m gonna cum,” I growled.

“Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh, uh, uh-huh,” she huffed as she was already climaxing.

“Oh Fuck!!!” I shouted as I slammed my cock up her shitter one last time. Driving her into the counter, I almost tried to climb atop her so deep in her ass was I. My balls constricted, my cock swelled and I came, firing my load deep into my Mom’s rectum. My first shot fired out hard and thick, followed by a second and third squirt then the finishing avalanche of cum oozed out of my cock.

“Oh god Val, that was insane, that was incredible,” she panted beneath me as I rested my exhausted body on hers.

“I give you a clean bill of health,” I pronounced to my examination. We had recovered and I reluctantly peeled my body off of hers.

“Thank you…

“…Doctor,” she said hugging me tight.


10 years, a decade; how much does life change? Not much, some or completely? Do you remember how your life was ten years ago?

During the summer of 2003, I was like most teenagers. I was living in my own self-absorbed world where I barely noticed anything going on outside my immediate proximity. This included ignoring my parents and their existence.

At the time we were living in Astoria, Queens – near the, I always found amusing, corner of 23rd street and 23rd avenue. There was my 42-year old father, who worked as a Corrections Officer at Rikers Island; and my 40-year old Mom who also worked at Rikers but as a Corrections Counselor. (For some reason, this was another source of friction between them for reasons I couldn’t understand, or cared to bother to understand. I knew that while they worked at the same place they still viewed each other as the enemy.)

There was also my two older sisters: 24-year old, Lisa and 23-year old, Wendy. Now if you do the math you’ll quickly see that my parents were ‘responsible’ teenagers when Lisa was born – my father an 18-year old high school senior and his girlfriend a 16-year old sophomore. (This was why my father became a C.O. upon graduation. He needed a job now! And in 1980, not too many places were hiring.)

A year an’ half later, Wendy would arrive on the scene and my parents got married. Five years later, in 1986, for Valentine’s Day my parents would celebrate the birth of their son, christening me Valentino.

In the summer of 2003, I was an under-achieving 17 year old New York Goth glumly going through life. That meant hanging out with my friends, dating one of the neighborhood sluts, preparing for my senior year of high school and working part-time at Home Depot. Life was dull, predictable and pointless.

Then one day I came home after working at Home Depot to discover everything had changed while I was gone. Walking into the house, I could sense there was an extra layer of tension on top of all the anger, resentment and acrimony that was omnipresent.

“Val, we need to talk…” my mother started as I walked into the living room to discover her sitting on one sofa with a cigarette in one hand and a large glass of red wine in the other. On the other sofa sitting together were my sisters, seeming to lean on each other for support. They looked sullen and morose; and were also holding large goblets of wine. My father was standing across the room from them, glowering at them all. He looked more ill-tempered than he usually does.

“Tino,” he forcefully interrupted, looking directly at me. Mom took a drag from her cigarette and my sisters drank their wine and the tension in the room ratcheted up two notches. One of my parent’s many disagreements was whether I should be called Val or Tino; each calling me their preferred choice. In an odd truce, they used neither name when the other was present. All five of us, instantly grasped the meaning behind Mom calling me Val and then Dad cutting her off with Tino.

“It’s been decided that your mother and I will be separating,” my father stated bluntly and I was surprised. While my parents were the opposite of a loving couple, they seemed to be a constant – like a proton and electron locked in constant battle but always together.

“Your mother feels I can no longer stay here,” and instantly I grasped there was more to why and looked at my mother for some clarity, but she was at that moment studying her wine glass, as were my sisters. “So, I will be moving out tonight.

“Wendy and Lisa have decided to move into their own apartment… in The Village,” he stated, saying “The Village” with as much contempt as he could muster. I knew he was referring to Greenwich Village in lower Manhattan; and I knew the fact that his daughters were moving there was the equivalent of them moving to Sodom and Gomorrah or San Francisco. I looked at my sisters but they were both staring at a spot on the floor near their feet.

“Your mother feels she needs to stay with her parents for a bit” and Mom looked at him like she wished for his death.

“I have to get anyway from here. I have to get away from you,” she growled at my father. She took a drag from her cigarette and exhaling, she released an ironic laugh. “Or, I can stay here and kill you. Don’t think I haven’t fantasized about it.”

“Whatever,” my father said blandly. In my house, this wasn’t the first time one of my parents voiced they desire for the other’s demise. Looking at me my father finished, “Anyway, it has been decided you will stay with your Aunt.”

As life is, after that monumental day, life quickly returned back to being boring, banal, and monotonous. I moved in to my mother’s older sister’s house in Flushing, Queens; and in some ways that’s all that changed in my life. Since I had my driver’s license, and a car, it was decided I’d keep going to William Bryant (High School) for my senior year; and I continued working at Home Depot. So in some ways the only thing that changed was where I slept and ate.

Actually that’s not 100% true. Unlike Mom and Dad, Uncle Warren and Aunt Zoe seemed to love each other, and their house was a pleasant place to be. Before, I avoided being home and its constant specter of doom. I preferred to be at a friend’s house or out on the streets or anywhere but home. Uncle Warren and Aunt Zoe were pleasant people and fun to be around; and perhaps since all their own kids were grown and out of the house they enjoyed having my friends over. Basically, Uncle Warren and Aunt Zoe’s house was a one-eighty from how it was at Mom and Dad’s.

Because of this I really didn’t notice the absence of my immediate family. Like before, my sisters were doing their own things, living their own lives; because of the age difference and different interests, my sisters and I never developed much of a bond. With disinterest, I was aware of my parents formally getting divorced and my old house was sold. My father was dating a female C.O. and they were sharing an apartment, but I didn’t know where or even care.

My mother was still in Florida. In fact, she had relocated there. Years ago, after my maternal grandfather retired after a lifetime at Con Ed., he and Grandma had moved to Florida – as is legally mandated. (It is required for all old people to move from New York to Florida, right?)

Since my Mom and Aunt Zoe were both Cingular customers, along with the rest of her family, they had unlimited minutes with each other. So Mom and Aunt Zoe would talk to each other almost every day and I would get regular updates.

After my parents separated, Mom was just going to stay at Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Spring Hill, Florida for a time until she felt better. But as the joke goes, ‘How do you make God laugh?… Tell him your plans.’

While down there she got a job working as a behaviorist at The Harbor – which is the Harbor Behavioral Health Institute in Brooksville, the mental health provider for Hernando and Pasco County. After my parents divorced and the house was sold, Mom bought a house down the block from Grandma and Grandpa. Before this, I had always thought the TV show ‘Everybody loves Raymond’ was sort of contrived with the parents living across the street and older brother Robert still living at home. Yet my mother just bought a two bedroom house that’s only 6 houses away from her parent’s house; where her younger sisters, 34 year old Amy and 33 year old Kim still lived!

(My Mom is the fourth kid of six. There was 47 years old NYPD Detective Johnny; 44 years old Queens politician Jimmy; 41 years old Zoe; 40 years old Norah [Mom]; 34 years old Amy and 33 years old Kim. My uncles, Aunt Zoe and Mom were adults with their own lives when Grandma and Grandpa moved. They decided to stay in New York. The younger two were living at home at the time and moved to Florida where they still lived at home!)

With an indifferent shrug I learned that my mother had quit smoking and also quit drinking. As part of her life changes she had joined a gym and was getting into what she called, Body Sculpting. As a 17 year old teen living 1,100 miles north, I took this all in with a ‘whatever’ attitude. When I did think about it I would somewhat chuckle at the thought, ‘I’m glad I’m not there.’

If the acrimony between my parents was a constant, two others were my Mom’s Parliament cigarettes and her wine. While I wouldn’t classify her as an alcoholic, in many ways she reminded me of Kitty Forman from ‘That 70′s Show.’ Like Kitty, a glass of wine helped take the edge off my mother. One of the secret jokes between my sisters and I was that if we had to deliver bad news to Mom, we’d first give her a glass of wine.

When I pictured my mother it was of her sitting at the kitchen table. She’d be holding a Parliament in her left hand. (It was Wendy who pointed out Mom only smoked from her left hand.) By her right hand is a glass of wine as she works on yet another crossword puzzle while watching Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune on the little TV on the kitchen counter.

So the thought of my mother not smoking or drinking was hard to fathom, or even impossible to imagine. I was glad I wasn’t within her wraith and felt some sympathy for those who were.

As 2003 turned into 2004, I drudged through my senior year. That Valentine’s Day, my friends and I celebrated my eighteenth birthday by going to a Marilyn Manson concert.

I started applying to colleges. Growing up in Astoria, Queens all kids have one goal: get out. The dream is to live in Manhattan but Staten Island or the suburbs of Long Island are acceptable. With my mediocre grades and financial situation my options were limited. I knew I might be able to get into and afford to go to a SUNY college upstate and applied to a few of them. My ultimate fall back plan, I’ll admit, was to join the Army. Since this was 2003-2004, the idea of joining the Army and going to Afghanistan or Iraq wasn’t too appealing.

[My uncle Johnny thought the idea of me going into the military was the move, and claimed to have contacts that would help me get into the MP's (military police). My uncle Jimmy felt otherwise, saying I needed to go to a good college; and offered to use his connections to make it happen. Being indebted to either of these two held no appeal. I love my uncles but Uncle Johnny is a Bronx cop - with all that means; while Uncle Jimmy is a local Queens politician - with all that means.]

Guidance counselors advise us to apply to some ‘throwaway’ colleges, those we’re not sure we’d get accepted to and not sure we’d go to if accepted. So, as a lark I also applied to USF – the University of South Florida in Tampa. I didn’t think I had a chance but figured, ‘What the fuck?’ It would definitely get me out of Queens. The first year USF would charge me out-of-state tuition but if I stayed enrolled after my freshman year they’d reclassify me as a Florida resident and credit my first-year’s difference to my future classes. So I figured I could endure living with my mother for the first year and then either get an apartment in Tampa or stay on campus later.

I was accepted to SUNY- Potsdam; SUNY – Plattsburgh; and imagine my surprise, the University of South Florida. For a bit of geography, Potsdam is next to the St. Lawrence River and about 30 miles south of Canada; Plattsburgh is next to Lake Champlain and about 50 miles south of Canada. Tampa, Florida is about 1,400 miles south of Canada. Guess which college I chose? The idea of getting out of Queens was so great that I never thought through the fact that I never visited USF and had only been to Florida once, when I was four years old. My family had gone to visit Grandma and Grandpa. I think I remember images of it or that maybe me imagining things from the stories and pictures. I don’t know; all I knew was I committed to USF and was set to move to Florida after my graduation.


On Monday, June 21, 2004, I found myself on the Grand Central Parkway driving to LaGuardia Airport to pick up my arriving mother. Tomorrow morning was my high school graduation and then on Wednesday, her and I were going to drive down to Florida to start my new life. As I listened to my hero Peter Steele from Type O Negative sing about how ‘Life is Killing Me’, I realized I was nervous to see my mother. It had been almost a year since I had seen her and we hadn’t really even spoken much. I got my updates via Aunt Zoe; and when I knew Aunt Zoe was on the phone with her I’d say, “Tell Mom, I say Hi.”

‘Is this reunion or what?’ I wondered. It was weird to realize that in a way it felt as if my mother was a stranger.

Arriving at LaGuardia and finding the terminal where her flight was scheduled to arrive, I couldn’t shake a feeling of bizarre strangeness. As I watched her plane land and taxi to the terminal, I was startled to realize how much anxiety I felt at seeing her again, and that feeling kept growing with each passing minute. Watching the passengers disembark I wondered, ‘Where the hell is she?’ – all while noticing a very attractive woman that seemed to be looking directly at me and walking my way. Looking over and around her, I wondered where my mother was.

“Val,” the alluring older woman called out. I guestimated she was about 32 and I assumed she must be calling to her daughter or someone else standing behind me.

“Val,” she repeated. Now only 10 feet away from me I knew she was addressing me.

“Mom?” I wondered. The lady standing before me wasn’t anyone I’d ever met before. She looked to be in her early thirties – not 40 going on ancient. She seemed to be taller than my mother should be and drastically built differently. I remembered my mother being somewhat short, roundish, dumpy and drab. The woman standing before me wasn’t any of these things.

I took in that this lady was about 5’6 and had short, very dark auburn hair that was well coiffed; whereas my mother had washed out, dull, light chestnut hair that she wore long and lifeless. Instead of my mother’s flushed, fleshy face, this lady’s hair now framed a face that was lively, alert and defined. Her facial features, while very attractive, seemed to be chiseled from stone instead of molded from Play-Doh. Her cheeks were the feature you noticed first as her cheekbones were strong and very prominent; they seemed to hide her deep set, smoldering dark brown eyes.

As she smiled at me the lines, angles and edges of her face become more pronounced yet I saw my Mom’s dimples and recognized her smile even if I didn’t recognize her strong square chin attached to her smooth, shapely jaw that was firmly separated from her neck.

Even as I grasped that this was in fact my Mom, I also noted that her body had also morphed. Formerly my mother seemed like the typical Queens mom – maybe hot back in her day but life hadn’t been kind and they had given up fighting against age, gravity and expansion. Yet now she seemed reenergized. I’d guess she had shed at least 20 pounds and had redistributed the remaining. No longer too wide in the middle and a bit frumpy, she was now shapely: thick in her legs and lean up top.

Her clothing reflected this.

She was wearing a pair of sporty white Reebox sneakers with anklet socks. From there were her bared ankles and toned, shapely calves as she was wearing a pair of dark cranberry yoga pants that fit her legs amazingly snug.

In fact, I was stunned at how powerful, full, and muscular her legs were. Unlike some women who seem to wear stretch leggings to contain their flesh, holding everything tight like sausage wrapping; with her, you could tell that the lycra was stretching to mold and form around her thick legs – imagine Saran Wrap clinging to a bowl. I couldn’t believe the fact that I was appreciating how curvaceous her thighs were and the amazing sweep they created as they flowed into her well-defined hips. I wondered to myself, ‘Dude, What the Fuck?’ even as I took in how pleasingly her inner thighs led up to the Y that was her crotch.

She was wearing a simple white tank-top/camisole that both hung loose and snug, yet still showed how much her waist tapered in from her hips. Underneath her camisole she was wearing a sports bra that matched her yoga pants and that dark cranberry stood out in stark contrast. Her bared shoulders and arms were toned without being too muscular.

I was bewildered at myself for noting that while my mother’s bust size had decreased her breasts looked better. Before she had Mom boobs – saggy tits that you feared looked like socks filled with sand when not in a bra. Now her breasts seemed to be firm and perky – where you suspect not much would change when freed from their container.

With a burning sense of shame, I realized that my Mom is a MILF.

“Mom?” I asked again, in stunned disbelief.

“Of course silly,” she laffed. It was a sound I had never heard from her before. It was that gaily, wholly feminine chuckle women have that instantly seduces a man, bending us to their whim. With playful whimsy, she looked around and laffed, “Unless, you’re here to pick someone else up.”

“Umm, umm, umm,” I muttered as she hugged me and I awkwardly returned her hug. It was awkward because while my mind was confused, my little head wasn’t. He was pointing due North. As she pressed up tighter to me, I worried that she could feel me protruding even as I inhaled her scent. She smelt like lavender and strawberries.

“God, did you grow another two inches? And look how beefy you are?” she giggled as she grabbed my arms and squeezed my biceps. Since Peter Steele was my idol and role model, I mimicked him by hitting the gym and working out. It also helped foster the dark, brooding, hulking, menacing image I was looking to portray.

Stiffly, I uncomfortably endured this because 1: my family doesn’t do the physical bonding thing and 2: parts of my body and mind were yelling at me, ‘Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her, fuck her…’

“You ready to get out of here?” I asked after she released me and took her travel garment bag from her – you know that bag where you hang clothes inside it and then fold it in half. As we were leaving, she hooked her arm into mine and seemed to be merrily bouncing along next to me. I wondered to myself, ‘Who is this woman and what did they do to my Mom?’

“Sweetie, you know I love you and all, and I understand you have this Prince of Darkness thing going…” she cheerily said as we were leaving LaGuardia and pulling onto Grand Central. I was in my typical attire: black motorcycle boots, black jeans and a black t-shirt. To go along with this I usually dyed my hair Black No. 1 and wore it long. I’d often paint my fingernails black. I would then add black eyeliner, mascara and sometimes black lipstick – although today I had foregone the lipstick.

(None of this was too out of the ordinary within the Goth scene; and I had been dressing this way for so many years everyone, including my father, just took it for granted. I think, for him, as long as I dated sluts and went to the gym it offset me wearing make-up.)

Even dealing with the fucked up traffic and access routes outta LaGuardia, I still looked over at her surprised. She had just said, ‘I love you,’ to me for the first time in eighteen years and it was just said in a casual, toss away manner.

“…But are you going to dress this way for your graduation tomorrow?” she asked in a tone that wasn’t condescending or insulting but was instead said in a soft, concerned voice.

“I know it’s kind of ridiculous for me to go all ‘Mom’ on you right now after not being here for you for so long. I just want you to think about your graduation pictures. Those are forever. Think about how you’ll look at them twenty years from now or show them to your kids,” she faded off and I knew she was talking about the fact she never shows her graduation pictures because she was seven months pregnant with Wendy.

“You’re probably right,” I mumbled, even as I knew she was and would heed her advice.


Graduation day is supposed to be one of most exciting days of your life, I thought to myself. Yet as I sat on the stage at St. John’s University listening to my principal and others drone on I couldn’t help but wonder when the excitement would start.

I looked out into the audience and spotted my Aunt Zoe and Uncle Warren. I noted they seemed to be acting as buffers. Sitting next to Aunt Zoe was the woman who was supposedly her sister and my Mom; while next to Uncle Warren was my father’s girlfriend, who seemed to resemble a blend between Michelle Rodriguez and Rachel Ticotin (the girl from the original Total Recall movie) in that she had that butchish, yet sexy Spanish look. Next to her was my father looking as stoic as ever. Bookending the group were my two sisters, Lisa next to Mom; Wendy next to Dad. Even as I wondered what the meaning was with those two separated by five people and each next to a different parent I thought I must really be fucking bored if I’m pondering these things.

Finally my name was called and I walked across the stage to accept my diploma; and since my last name begins with a W, I knew that this ordeal was almost finally over. And then we were released, freed as the ceremony was finished. Exiting the stage, I approached the horde that was my family. The first to note my approach was Uncle Warren, who was a bear of a man yet somehow not imposing.

“Congratulations,” he boomed with genuine joy as he engulfed me in a bear hug, and I warmly accepted his embrace. As if choreographed he easily passed me off into Aunt Zoe’s embrace.

“Congratulations, I’m proud of you,” my father announced as he shook my hand after I was freed from Aunt Zoe. “To be honest, there were times where I wondered whether I’d see this or see you at Rikers,” he said with a tinge of surprisingly sardonic humor. “I’m glad to see it was this.”

As Dad shook my hand I couldn’t help but notice how my father’s girlfriend and my mother were eyeing each other like two stalking cats getting ready to attack each other. I also noted, with surprise, that my Mom was the better looking of the two.

Today she was wearing a dress, something I’d never seen before, and she looked phenomenal in it. It was a snug, body-hugging dark blue sheath that had a crisscrossing crumpled front that led up to gentle shoulder straps. Because of this X, my Mom’s bust was on stunning display. Her breasts were pushed up an’ in, creating a pleasing display of cleavage. Although less busty than her previous incarnation, she now seemed confident with how much chest she was showing.

From there, the X accentuated, or even exaggerated how narrow her waist had become before her dress descended down and flared outwards to mold to her hips and thighs. Again, I could not believe how full, thick and magnificent her hips and thighs were. To finish the look and display her shapely calves, she was wearing a pair of gold sandals that had a tall cork heel and crisscrossing straps that had a vague Egyptian look as they climbed up her legs.

I think even my father was subtly checking her out; all while my two sisters stood apart from each other, and us, eyeing the whole bizarre scene.

“Dude!!!” my life-long friend Kenny announced as he showed up, leaning upon my shoulder. As the word dude can have many meanings depending on its use and tone, Kenny had said multiple things with that one word. By his playful hug and tone, he was congratulating our graduating. By his inflection he was announcing his presence. And by his lecherous leer he was asking, ‘Who is that muffin in the dress?’

“Kenny,” my mom and father said as they shook his hand and I realized my pal had given me an out, a way to escape this uncomfortable gathering. As Kenny shook hands with my father and was about to be pawned off onto Uncle Warren and Aunt Zoe, I grabbed Mom’s hand and lead her away.

We mingled amongst the other graduates and their parents, exchanging congratulations. I realized that it was I who was feeling proud as I introduced the woman with me as my mother. Only a few of my friends had known her previously, and a few parents from the neighborhood – yet they were all surprised by the transformation. I’d smirk with pride as I noticed more than a few of my classmates and their fathers were checking her out. I inwardly laughed to myself at the fact that today she was the hottest mom in the room and that many of the other moms were hating that fact.

That night I partied like an eighteen year old celebrating having graduated high school and the fact that I was leaving to start a new phase in my life. I partied to oblivion.


The next morning found me loading my 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse. I mention this for two reasons. First, it’s a bit depressing when you can fit all your worldly possessions in a tiny car like my Eclipse. However when you’re eighteen and don’t own any furniture your possessions are mostly clothes and a collection of small stuff. Still it was a bummer to see my life stuffed into the back of an Eclipse.

Secondly, this morning Mom and I were getting ready to set out on the 1,100 mile, approximately 18-20 hour drive to Spring Hill, Florida. I was excited because while my car was tiny on the outside it was actually quite comfortable inside for two people and was a major blast to drive. Nonetheless, I was a bit nervous about being trapped in a car with my mother for twenty hours. We planned to drive non-stop by alternating the driving and stopping to eat along the way.

As I, and Uncle Warren, finished loading the last of my stuff into my car Mom emerged from the front door. I was surprised by her look and how dark she was. I was dressed in my usual black and for her own unsaid reason today so was she. While I watched her bound down the driveway, followed by Aunt Zoe, I enjoyed the sight of her in knee high black leather boots that had a silver spike for a heel. Diving into her boots was a pair of distressed black jeans that would’ve been called skinny jeans, except her legs were anything but skinny. Above that she wore a simple black camisole that was barely covered by a tiny, cropped black denim jacket that ended at her ribs.

“You ready?” she joyfully asked over the hood of my car as she opened the passenger side door. Seeing her playful enthusiasm I again wondered, ‘Who is this woman and what did they do with my mother?’

“Let’s roll,” she playfully ordered after we had finished getting hugs and kisses from Uncle Warren and Aunt Zoe. She climbed into my car and I followed suit.

In the car, she adjusted her passenger seat and as I watched I started to recognize my mother as she set-up her crossword puzzle command post. She had her well-used Roget’s Thesaurus that she’d use as portable table-top and between her feet she set-up her same old dog-eared paperback dictionary, a crossword dictionary and an almanac.

I fiddled around with my CD player arranging a collection of the Goth queens to play: Within Temptation with female singer Sharon den Adel; Theatre of Tragedy with Liv Kristine; and my favorite, Nightwish with the incredible Tarja Turunen. If I was driving I wanted my music but also knew I’d need something that wouldn’t annoy my mother – meaning no Tool, Marilyn Manson or Nine Inch Nails.

“So you really quit smoking and drinking?” I asked as we exited the George Washington Bridge and merged onto the New Jersey Turnpike. She had settled into her seat by assuming that position many women do – where they’re slunked down into the seat with their left knee on the dashboard and their right leg somehow hooked over the dashboard so that their foot rested against the glass.

“Yup,” she answered nonchalantly as she continued working on today’s New York Times crossword puzzle. This is what prompted me to ask my question. Glancing over and seeing her doing what was somewhat a familiar sight, I wondered where the cigarette was. Her holding a glass of wine in the car would be ridiculous but her smoking in the car was commonplace. To me it seemed something was missing but to her, I guess, not smoking was now second nature.

“So, what does a behaviorist do?” I asked as we passed Trenton, New Jersey and I thought I’d never miss seeing that shithole again.

“I don’t fuckin’ know,” my Mom laffed. Seeing my surprised expression she laffed even harder and I realized I was getting addicted to her chuckle. It was a soft, seductive giggle that wasn’t of a girl but a woman. It was coy and innocent yet also sly and guilty.

“What I do is work with the FACT team and my title is that of behaviorist because I need a title,” she explained. While she continued to work on her crossword puzzle, she explained that what she does is work directly with adults who have severe psychiatric disabilities function in the community.

“We try and help them stay on their meds and try to prevent them from having to return back to the hospitals and CSU’s,” she continued and I listened with interest because I realized that unlike in the past Mom seemed to be genuinely invested in her job. We stopped off just outside Philly to allow her to pick up the Philadelphia newspapers for the sole purpose of their crossword puzzles.

Back on the road, she continued to talk about her job, certain clients she works with and doing her crossword puzzles. Then she asked, “Is this what you normally listen to?”

“Yeah, why?” I asked both surprised and a bit defensively. At the moment we were listening to the just released CD by Epica, The Phantom Agony.

“No, I like it. I’m just surprised, that’s all,” she replied and I relaxed.

As we continued driving and talking, I realized that our time apart seemed to have changed the dynamics of our relationship. Previously my relationship with my mother could’ve been described as confrontational.

While my parents may not have gotten along, they did operate well as a team when it came to parenting. My mother was the front-line defense; she was the cop, she was the one my sisters and I avoided getting caught by. My father was what I called the jailor. It was her job to catch us and issue the punishment and then it was Dad’s job to enforce it. This was because she would soften on her edict. She’d announce one of us was grounded for a week but within two days she’d be willing to commute our sentence. My father on the other hand issued no good-time, regardless of whether it was Lisa, Wendy or me.

“So what are you planning on studying?” she asked curiously.

“I don’t know,” I admitted and she laffed as if this was one of funniest things ever said. I now knew I was hooked, I was addicted to her laughter and would do whatever necessary to hear it

“That’s a good major,” she giggled and I smiled at her mirth.

“No, but seriously that’s fine.” And she tried to get serious. “You don’t have to declare a major right away. If you’re going for a Bachelor’s, your first two years will be mostly your core classes anyway, no matter what you study. You’ll have to take your English Comp classes, your math and science classes no matter what you study. So bang them out early and then save your electives until you decide what your major will be.

“Can I give you a piece of advice?” she asked. I was surprised that my mother was asking instead of simply telling me.

“Sure,” I answered and I realized that I was enjoying talking with this lady. We were two adults having a discussion. I wasn’t being spoken TO or AT as was the case in the past.

“You’re going to have a few classes that will be ‘gimmees’ – bullshit classes that are required but are easy A’s to earn, such as Student Success and probably all your Humanities classes. Figure out which ones are gimmees and then don’t take them all early. Save them and spread them out so that during your last couple of semesters you aren’t taking three or four killer courses. It’s nice when you have three brutal classes on your courseload to have that one easy class that requires no effort beyond showing up for the class.”

After passing Washington, D.C.’s beltway, we stopped off for lunch in Alexandria, Va. After lunch, she got behind the wheel. With this morning’s drive and last night’s party I was asleep within minutes.

“Hey Snoring Thunder, wake up,” someone yelled as I was jabbed in the ribs.

“Huh, what?” I awoke and realized we were in the parking lot of a Wendy’s. “Where are we?”

“We just crossed the border into South Carolina. I’m tired. Get something to eat and then you can drive.”

“Was I really snoring?” I asked. After eating and hitting a Starbucks for coffee, I was back driving on I-95.

“Some but it wasn’t bad. It just made me realize that my little boy isn’t that anymore. My son has grown into quite the man.” And as the sun set, she fell asleep.

As I drove the never-ending miles of South Carolina and Georgia I was becoming seriously bored of only seeing darkness beyond my headlights. I’d occasionally glance at the sleeping form next to me and I couldn’t help but think, ‘Damn, that looks tasty.’

Even as I cursed myself for checking out my Mom, I was doing just that. Her head had lolled back and her mouth was slightly open. I’d look at her lips as they shined in reflection from oncoming car’s headlights and I’d wonder how they would taste if I kissed them; and then I’d yell myself, ‘Dude! What the Fuck?’

With her black camisole her bared upper chest stood out in contrast, almost glowing with its paleness. I had always thought of myself as a boob guy and that bigger was better. Yet I was enjoying the soft small mounds my mother was sporting. I even found myself trying to guess her bra size. Assessing her chest I would’ve guessed she was a B-cup as it looked as if she was hiding two tangerines under her shirt. With her newfound slimness, I speculated she was probably a 32; or maybe a 34 considering her toneness and bit of muscular development.

I was astounded at myself by the burning urge to reach over and palm one of her breasts. Part of my mind tried to rationalize it by arguing that it would help me assess her bust size, but my cock throbbed at the thought of how nice, yummy and delectable her tit would feel as I palmed her, feeling, squeezing and caressing it.

I have some mighty paws, can palm a basketball and had mauled some of my neighborhood’s slut’s mighty jugs. I even dated one named Ilicia simply because of her huge tits and the fact she loved to fuck. She was annoying as hell, was barely pretty, and wouldn’t suck dick; but boy did she love letting me play with her tits and we’d fuck constantly. Yet now I couldn’t stop looking at my Mom’s mini mounds!

Pulling my eyes away from her chest, I gazed down at her waist, hips and legs in the darkness. I found it amusing to see her bare feet seeming to float in the darkness beneath the dashboard and her black jeans. From the grey dots I knew her toenails were painted but couldn’t discern their color until I finally pulled into a Chock full o’Nuts drive-thru for a reloading of coffee. Mom slept through as I ordered my coffee and noted that her toenails were a light blue that was the same as my school’s colors.

Back on the road, I appreciated the faint outline and differing shades of black her legs created against the darkness and blackness of my car’s seats. Even as I questioned my sanity, I was still able to discern the delicious Y created by a woman’s upper thighs, her hips and the nirvana found at the top. I noted with pleasure that her Y bowed and curved from her thickness. And when in her sleep she tucked her hands between her legs I found myself wishing those hands were my own.

Since these were new thoughts to me they were both extremely arousing and equally distressing. I felt guilty for enjoying how tasty my own mother was looking yet it felt good feeling guilty. It was a very confusing drive as we crossed Georgia and into Florida. Reaching Jacksonville, I turned off I-95 and onto I-10. Finally, the ceaseless pine trees parted and I turned onto I-75. As the sun was starting to rise, Mom awoke with a yawn and stretch.

“How ’bout stopping at a Denny’s for breakfast,” she offered.

“What’s a Denny’s?” I asked.

“Oh, you got a lot to learn,” she laffed.

Reaching Brooksville, we turned off I-75 and onto SR 50 or at least that’s what my MapQuest directions said. The road signs said it was 50, 50A, 98, 700 and also Cortez Blvd.

“Ok sweetie, the roads here get kinda stupid. You wanna stay on Cortez but it gets kinda squirrely along the way. Just turn when I say, alright?” and I was glad she was guiding because I would’ve missed a turn when 50 and 50A separated. I was planning on going straight thinking I would be staying on the same road.

“See what I mean?” she asked as we waited at the light to turn left onto a different street that was somehow still Cortez Blvd. A few miles later this happened again. I would have stayed straight ending up on Cobb Rd. instead of turning left onto a street I was already on! So I turned left from Cortez Blvd onto Jefferson St, which also happened to be Cortez. (You can’t make this shit up!)

Finally Cortez lead into Spring Hill, Florida and in the morning light I thought it somewhat looked like the suburbs of Suffolk County, Long Island. Waiting at the light to (confidently) turn left onto Mariner Blvd, I noted some recognizable landmarks. There was a Bank of America on the corner, along with a CVS and a Sears set back in the shopping center. There was Ruby Tuesday and I noted with relief a Starbucks.

And then at last I pulled into the driveway of 4330 Goldcoast Avenue and parked next to Mom’s cranberry red PT Cruiser. Home Sweet Home.


Within a week I was starting to regret moving to Florida. Florida sucked. Florida fucking sucked. Florida sucked dick. Florida fucking sucked dick.

Perhaps it was naivety. I sometimes think I was fooled by a street named Goldcoast (after Long Island’s famed Gold Coast). Whatever the case, I quickly discovered that I was living in a whole new place that had no relation to life in New York. I was a stranger in a strange land. As the saying goes: Toto, we aren’t in Kansas anymore.

Although Spring Hill is only an hour north of Tampa it seemed truer that it was in between nowhere and nothing. It was as if some schmo was walking, got tired and built a house; then another schmo built one and another and another until a town of sch’morons was created.

The first thing to hit to me, almost literally, was the heat. At 7:00 AM, it was already 85 degrees and the sun was a blazing fire ball from Hell. As the day went on, it only got hotter, more humid and the sun burned with ever more evil intent. Everyone hid inside, with the blinds and curtains pulled tight. Even at night it was still sweltering hot. At 2am, it would still be over 80 degrees.

But that didn’t appear to matter. The state of Florida seems to start shutting down once the sun sets. It seemed everyone, even the young people went to bed once night fell. Seriously, who ever heard of restaurants closing at 9pm and bars and clubs not even opening on weekdays? As a night crawler, I was at a loss as to what to do.

The only thing open late was the Wal-Mart on 50. And this was another surprise. In New York City, we don’t have Wal-Marts and the ones on Long Island and New Jersey are dirty, nasty places that sell cheap shit. They are the lowest-grade department stores, worse than Sears. So everyone looks at them with distain, even the people that shop at them.

I was stunned to discover Floridians’ attitudes towards Wal-Mart was a one-eighty. The stores are big, bright, clean and have an actual selection of stuff you would want to buy. They also had a McDonalds and other stores within it. And so, people would actually hang-out at Wal-Mart. They would say, “Hey, I’ll meet you at Wal-Mart.”

Another surprise was the difference in stores and supermarkets. Gone were the familiar Waldbaums and Pathmark. In a way, Publix was its replacement to Waldbaums but the others were from a carnival show. Across the street from the Publix on Mariner Blvd was Cash ‘N Carry – which I discovered did accept credit cards. There was a Piggly Wiggly – which I refused to shop at simply because of how stupid the name was.

And then there was the misleadingly named Sav-A-Lot. They sell a lot of generic or non-name brand products that may have been .20 or .30 cents cheaper than the name brand at Publix but was really horrible stuff. However the name brand items at Sav-A-Lot were actually more expensive than at Publix. No-name corn flakes at Sav-A-Lot were cheap but Kellogg’s Corn Flakes cost more. I did discover that their milk, eggs and bread were cheaper but didn’t offset the mile-long lines at the checkout, being charged for bags (!); depositing a quarter for a shopping cart or the general dinginess of the place. Call me weird but I don’t like buying groceries in a store that is dirty.

I had been able to transfer from my Home Depot in Queens to the one on 19 – which is directly across the street from Spring Hill’s only Lowe’s. I found it amusing that these stores would be located across the street from each other.

One day as I was leaving work, Mom called me, “Sweetie, can you stop at Publix an’ pick-up a box of Bubba’s burgers and New York Style potato salad; bring them over to Grandpa’s.”

“What’s New York Style potato salad?” I asked totally baffled.

“You’ll see,” she laffed and hung-up.

I discovered that New York Style potato salad was normal potato salad; unlike Homestyle; Southern style; or the other recognizable different styles Publix sells. This would be the first of my noticing what to me was normal they labeled New York Style. There was New York Style pizza, a New York Style diner and even a Chinese food joint that advertised themselves as New York Style. Seriously, what the fuck is New York Style Chinese food?

I had heard all the jokes about how horrible Florida drivers are and within a few days I discovered they are even worse. Still, I’m forgiving and believe part of the blame falls on Florida as much as its drivers – however, their greatest offense is not knowing what that little stick on the left-hand side of the steering column does. [Taxi drivers in New York may drive like maniacs but they announce they are about to cut you off by flashing their blinker.]

For a moment I wondered if vehicles sold in Florida do not come equipped with them. Curious, I inspected my Mom’s PT Cruiser and my grandparent’s cars. They were there. Even my aunts’ cars were equipped with them although those two didn’t know what their purpose was for except that they made loud clacking noises when you pushed them up or down.

This along with the fact that Florida roads lack a shoulder often made driving unnecessarily adventurous. You could be driving on a two-lane street or in the right-hand lane of a multi-lane street when suddenly, unannounced, the car in front of you would unexpectedly brake for no apparent reason, slowing WAY down or even coming to a complete stop before turning right into a side street or parking lot – all without the use of a turn signal.

Another problem is Florida drivers never learn what traffic flow is, and for this I blame how their traffic lights are set-up. Instead of being used to promote traffic, they are used to inhibit it. In NYC, there may be 8 traffic lights in a row every block or two; however as you wait at a red light, once that one turns green so do all the others. As such you learn to drive within a pack, making sure you catch the lights because if so you can zip across town quickly. But get out of sequence and you’re fucked.

In Florida, I would be sitting at a red light with my blood boiling because I could see the light that was 1,000 feet or more away. It would be green; however as the light I was waiting at would change, the one down the road would be switching to yellow guaranteeing that unless you travel at supersonic speeds you were only going to go as far as the next light. This means you are forced to travel from station to station in a stop an’ go fashion. So no wonder Floridians never learn how to recognize traffic flow and patterns, their roads are set-up so that there is none.

Their last offense is the fact that over half of them do not use headlights until the sun has completely set. There’s something to say when you abruptly encounter a grey, silver, pewter or metallic car without their headlights on at dusk. I’ve tried to figure out the why of this and can only fathom that they somehow believe that this saves gas. Or maybe it’s the fact most of them aren’t used to being still awake as the sun sets.

An oddity I also noticed was the seeming randomness of numbering locations. The first house on a street could start with 2458; or that buildings would go from 848 to 1251 while abutting each other; yes, changing from even to odd! An annoying feature could be a street has a North and South and the numbers ascend both ways. So there’s both an 800 North Orange Ave and also an 800 South Orange Ave. What do you do when the address is listed as 800 Orange Avenue? A great example is our neighbor’s house was 4322 while we were 4330 even though the properties abutted and there was maybe 20 feet between the houses. Where’d the other three houses go? Did they disappear into that place the Poltergeist house got sucked into?

I’ve hinted at the slow realization that I was in the South but that point was driven home one day at work.

“What was the War for State’s Rights?” I asked a group of co-workers. I had seen a monument honoring those fallen during the War for State’s Rights. I thought I knew my history but had never heard of this war before. I wondered if this was referring to the Revolutionary War, but Florida was still a Spanish colony then.

“That was when the North invaded the South,” someone answered somewhat defensively and belligerently.

“Do you mean the Civil War?” I questioned.

“Oh, I see you’re from the North. And I bet you believe they was fighting over slavery and not a state’s right to decide for itself.” Seeing this wisdom came from one of the store’s managers and others seemed to be nodding their heads in agreement with him, I decided to just shut up. I also chose to refrain asking why someone would have a Confederate flag license plate on a Toyota truck.

Then there was the fact that all my contemporaries were so fuckin’ stupid. I understand and accept I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. I’m well aware I’m a bit off the beaten path but I just couldn’t believe how backwards and behind the times these numb nuts were. And it seemed like everyone was a pillhead – abusing pain meds – including my two Aunts.

On my third day in Florida, Mom and I were again at Grandma and Grandpa’s. I was starting to realize this was going to be regular occurrence, which I didn’t mind since I was discovering my Grandpa, or John as he instructed me, was pretty cool. Everyone in the house smoked, while none of them smoked in the house. As a result they all hung out in the patio in the back. There was a screened cage that enclosed a shaded porch with a table and chairs along with an overhead fan and also an in-ground swimming pool. I’d guess it was about 20′x40′. Growing up in Queens, I had never been much a swimmer yet the pool at my grandparent’s house would call to me.

That day I was inside the house just wandering around when Aunt Amy accosted me in the hallway.

“Hey big boy, how ’bout we go in my room and party,” she offered. While Amy is six years younger than my Mom she isn’t half as pretty. She is stick-thin, dyes her hair a yellow straw blonde and has a few crooked teeth. For me, teeth are very important and her busted chicklets was just nasty. She and her 3-year old son were back living at home because her husband, Ross, was in jail – again. She spent her days working at a 7-eleven and visiting him at the county jail. Then at night she was fucking some other dude.

“Should I smash your head like a grape now or later,” I growled, and she quickly scurried away. The idea of hanging out in her room snorting crushed OxyContin or Vicodin just about sickened me. The fact that she invited me to her room with an alluring tone hinting there may be more available creeped me out. Yes, I was struggling with these new feelings I was having towards my Mom, but Aunt Amy? No fuckin’ way.

“What the Fuck Did You Say to My Sister?” Mom screamed at me later that night when we returned home and were alone. I explained exactly what happened including the fact that I thought her sister might have been coming on to me. This seemed to mollify her a bit.

“Mom, I’ve been here three days and can see that her and Aunt Kim are zeros who are addicted to pills. You see that, right? Doesn’t Grandma and Grandpa see it?” I asked confused. While my mother may have drank in the past and me an’ my old friends partied a bit, I had never been around complete addicts yet that’s what Amy and Kim were. Seeing them in action for a little bit in three days I knew they only thought, ‘Pills, pills, pills, pills, pills, pills, pills…’

“I know they are both a mess but they are my sisters and so I have to love them,” she said and I thought, ‘Huh?’ I guess I sorta-kinda love my sisters but I didn’t feel obligated to.

“As to Grandma and Grandpa, I think they know but pretend not to because it makes it easier.

“Listen, they are all fucking crazy over there. Listen, let me give you some advice. Grandma and Grandpa may hide it but they are just as crazy as Kim and Amy. All of them are always fighting. I see you getting chummy with Grandpa. Be careful, he’ll feed you to them to save himself in a heartbeat. He’s my Dad and all but understand he’s not your friend and not in your corner. They are all vipers; and over there, it’s every man to himself.”

I was glad I heeded Mom’s advice, because she was right. In many ways I felt like an outsider watching them. I realized they were all fucking nuts – all five of them, Mom included. There was always drama and conflict. Yet the pairs were never the same; the alliances were always temporary, sometimes lasting only a few hours or even minutes. The bizarrest thing of all was that none of their quarrels were long lasting. Kim and Grandpa could be feuding, and Mom was siding with Grandpa so Kim was a total bitch, loser, whore. Then later if Kim was fighting with Amy, Mom might be on Kim’s side. Grandma might show-up at our house beefing about the other four and Mom sided with her only to later be arguing with Grandma herself and the others siding with Grandma.

It was madness, and yet we were over there almost every day or one (or more) of them was at our house.


The one thing I was grateful for was Mom. Since she was already a member, I decided to join the Gold’s Gym on Pinehurst Dr. It certainly wasn’t close to home but was somewhat convenient to work. However, its best feature was it was a real hardcore gym. People went there to work out, train and do their thing. It wasn’t a place to look pretty, so it was my kinda joint.

Through Mom, I met and teamed up with two guys who were into the Mike Mentzer Heavy Duty training style I favored. Outside the gym, I would not have hung with them as they had a country boy thing going, but in the gym we clicked and trained like animals. As is common amongst training partners we’d rip each other. I took to calling them Bubba and BillyBob; and in return they called me Joey (from Friends) and we’d all ask each other, “How U Doin?”

Beyond Bubba and BillyBob, my mother was fast becoming my best friend and possibly the only person I liked in Florida.

After moving into her house, I discovered that Mom’s nightly routine was to set-up her crossword command post on her bed where she’d watch TV until conking out for the night. If I was home at night, which I almost always was, I would usually end up watching some crap on the TV in the living room before heading off to bed in my own bedroom.

One night I was in the living room getting ready to watch ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ on HBO, when she came out of her bedroom and headed towards the kitchen. I enjoyed watching her walk by as she was dressed in her usual nighttime attire: a lightweight, slightly oversized tee shirt and a pair of ladies running shorts – you know those shorts that are loose, usually a single color with white piping and end just barely below a woman’s hips. Since everything is purportedly covered they are supposedly decent, still they showed a spell-binding amount of leg reaching all the way up to the barest hint of buttocks. I enjoyed the sight of her sexy legs and bare feet.

From the kitchen, I heard microwave popcorn popping. A few minutes later, she reemerged in the living room carrying a bowl of popcorn. Pausing, she looked at the TV screen, I guess to see what I was watching.

“Oh, I see you’re watching the same movie as I am. Why don’t you come join me and we’ll watch it together,” she offered. Without waiting for an answer she bopped off to her room; and I enjoyed watching her ass bounce along. Alone again in the living room I debated and then decided to join her – since the TV in the living room is a bigger, brighter TV than the one in her bedroom, I must admit it was the smell of the popcorn that was the deciding factor.

“Hey, doll. Come sit next to me,” she smiled joyfully at me as I entered her bedroom uncertainly. This would be the first time I was in her room. A few times I had spoken to her while she was on her bed but I had always remained standing in the doorway. For some reason I felt a sense of hesitation to crossing the threshold. Tonight, as I entered her room she was sitting on top of the covers on her usual left side of the bed. She started moving her stuff, clearing the bed by putting all her crossword stuff on her nightstand.

It was obvious she wanted me to get on her bed with her. As I climbed onto her bed, I was very self-conscious of this because it must have been the first time I was on my parent’s bed in at least fifteen years when I was three or four years old.

I probably would’ve just sat on the bottom edge but from her actions, Mom wanted me with her. I ended up sitting upright almost exactly in the middle of the bed with my back against the wall at the head of the bed. My legs were stretched out and she deposited the bowl of popcorn on my lap before curling up against me. Where I was initially hesitant and stiff, she was the opposite. She just simply curled up against my left side, slipped her right arm behind me and resting her head on my hip, draped her left arm over my thighs; from which she started munching away on her popcorn and watching the movie.

After maybe a half-hour or so I began to relax, loosen up and feel at ease. My left arm was hooked behind her neck with my hand resting on her head. It just felt natural that I should start stroking her head and hair; and as I did, she started purring almost as if a happy kitten. At first I paid almost as much attention to stroking her head as I did the movie. Moving my hand around I found that like petting a cat, stroking her head she also had ‘happy spots’ – those spots you can pet forever, according to them. On her it was on the bottom, backside edges of her skull. Working my fingers beneath her hair I stroked, scratched, rubbed her scalp and she purred in contentment.

In some ways it was almost hypnotic rubbing her head. I was mesmerized by the sensations coming off my fingertips. I was entranced by how from rubbing her head I would experience tinkles throughout my entire body. There were times I would feel that electric buzz race down my spine and then pop when they reached my fingers and toes. Yet as intoxicating as it was rubbing her head it was also mind-numbing – not in a bad way but in that I sorta switched on to an auto-pilot mode. As the movie’s bizarreness began making sense, I got sucked into the plot as it built towards its climax.

At the end of the movie, I was somewhat amazed to discover Mom was zonked out yet still firmly attached to me. Her right arm was still behind my back with her right hand hooked onto my right hip. Having finished the popcorn, the bowl was on her nightstand and her left arm was loosely clutching my thighs. Fortunately I was able to lean over and grab the remote. Flipping through the channels I found some South Park repeats to watch and some other crap. Finally at 1am, I was still trapped on her bed still in her clutches but I was able to slip down and lay down myself without waking her. After a bit I finally fell asleep.

In the morning I woke up to the sound of the shower running. As I sat up, I realized that we had spent the night together; and that I had slept great. After a few minutes I heard the shower shut off and then Mom came out the door from the master bath. She was wrapped in her robe, smelling and looking fresh and delectable.

“Oh good, you’re up. Now get out. I gotta get dressed and get to work,” she said with that lovely laff of hers. As I made my way to edge of the right-side of the bed and my feet hit the floor, she came around and gave me a kiss on the cheek, “I’ll see you tonight.”

As I ate breakfast I realized that my mother had given me a kiss for the first time in I didn’t know when.


This very quickly became our daily routine. Whether we spent the night at home or got home late after being at Grandma and Grandpa’s, by the end of the night I was on Mom’s bed rubbing her head until she fell asleep. Then in the morning she’d give me a kiss and kick me out.

One afternoon I came home to find Aunt Kim asleep on my bed. “Mom, why is Kim in my room?”

“Are you ready for some Jerry Springer shit?” she asked in a humored voice. I nodded my head both curious and also felt a sense of trepidation.

“Ok, so Kim is now dating Ross’ (Aunt Amy’s husband) co-defendant’s brother. While those two are in jail, the only reason he isn’t is because he’s testifying against them.” Perhaps seeing my eyes widen, she continued with a sarcastic laugh, “Yeah, he’s testifying against his own brother and Ross. Good dude,” she said with a snort of derision.

“And this is the guy Kim now wants to fuck,” she shook her head in bemused bafflement. “So anyway, last night she tried to sneak him into the house when Grandpa caught them and he flipped. They all got into a fight and now she’s gonna stay here. I hope that’s alright.” From her tone I could tell she wanted me to say it was and also that Kim would probably be here only a few days. I gave her a ‘whatever’ shrug and smirk. She smiled, “Thanks.”

That night, Mom and I were watching TV in her bedroom. However, tonight she was lying on her front-side with her feet on the pillows and her head at the foot of the bed facing the TV. This was because I was straddling her legs, massaging them. Yesterday she had worked-out at the gym doing a leg routine, which I thoroughly enjoyed checking out. I was seriously impressed by how she was able to squat 135 pounds with excellent form. (135 is the weight of the bar [45] and those large 45 pound plates on each side.)

I was enjoying myself as I rubbed, squeezed, and kneaded Mom’s hamstrings – all while trying to hide the massive boner I was sporting – when Aunt Kim walked into the room and nonchalantly sat on the corner of the bed, next to Mom’s head. Then, as if ignoring my existence, her and Mom started yammering away about I couldn’t care what. At first, Kim started about her new boyfriend and about Amy and blah, blah, blah – and I just tuned them both out.

Instead I focused on the TV and how succulent my Mom’s legs were. After a while Mom asked/ordered me to grab the bottle of Olay body lotion she kept on her nightstand and to start rubbing that on her legs. I started at her ankles and worked my way up an’ up an’ up! I couldn’t believe how she opened her legs and seemed to be silently encouraging me to go up further and reach deeper into her inner thighs – all while her sister was sitting right next to us!

Finally at 11:30pm after the local yokel news on Channel 12 was over Mom announced, “Okay, I’m going to sleep. Get out.”

Kim ruffled Mom’s short hair and left, and I started climbing off the bed planning to head off to the living room.

“Not you,” she laughingly commanded. I paused in my tracks.

“Come here and lay down on me and keep me safe,” she requested/instructed. As I processed this development I thought, ‘Umm… alright.’

Leaving her bedroom door open, I climbed back onto the bed. Laying my chest upon her back, I rested my body atop hers covering her – all while extremely self-conscious of the woodie I was sporting and how it was pressed against her ass. Finally I was settled atop her with my weight fully on her and she seemed to sigh contently. She turned her head back and I somehow sensed she wanted a kiss. I gave her a quick peck on the lips. She smiled and murmured, “Good night.”

In the morning I got another quick kiss on the lips and was kicked out.

Three days later Aunt Kim and Mom got into a fight over something or the other. Kim stormed out of the house in a huff, back to living at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.


As the days turned to weeks, Mom became very casual and comfortable around me but also was always remained prim and proper. We now slept together every night, often with her asking for me to lay on her until she fell asleep. We’d exchange our nightly lightening quick kiss goodnight; in the morning, I’d get another quick peck and then she’d kick me out before she would get dressed. In fact, she would never undress or dress with me present and she always seemed to make sure she was always fully clothed. This meant, she would wear her tiny shorts and a t-shirt – however, one change was instead of wearing her own shirts she had taken to wearing my own. Since I wear a men’s 2XL this meant that on her the sleeves reached her elbows and the bottom hung to about her mid-thigh, deliciously hiding the fact that she was wearing shorts underneath.

At Grandma and Grandpa’s, things were strangely unique. Mom was still comfortably casual with me yet open about everything, as if it was nothing or no big deal.

With my stoic brooding and natural standoffishness, and still heeding Mom’s advice, I maintained a comfortable distance from what I sorta thought of as ‘her family’ and their madness. Watching those four, plus Mom, dance their dance I knew I was not equipped to get into that mosh pit.

With it being summer, whenever we went over there I’d often escape from them by jumping into the pool and she would often join me.

And here was one of society’s ironies. At home she was fully dressed and always made sure I didn’t see her in a bra or panties. Yet at Grandma and Grandpa’s, she’d gladly change into a 2-piece bikini that would make my eyes bulge, make me drool, and make me rise to the occasion. Perhaps because of her newfound self-confidence from her sculpted physique, she’d wear a simple top that would pleasantly compliment her small bust. It was usually two small triangles that covered and cupped her breasts, while the rest of her delicious upper body was on display. From her body sculpting, all of her was developed, and by not being too lean, her shoulders and arms were nicely toned and rounded. Her stomach was mostly flat without being too much. You could see the hints of her ab muscles from the thousands of crunches she’d do but she had the slight amount of surface bodyfat that kept everything soft and feminine. I also discovered that she pierced her navel and would often be sporting some type of hanging jewelry.

From there, although, the bikini bottom she would wear was usually a t-back or thong that displayed the fact that her ass was thunderously bangin’. She would hang out at Grandma and Grandpa’s with her ass fully on display as if completely oblivious of that fact – and what an ass my Mom was now sporting. While big and round it wasn’t horrifyingly wide. Instead it delectably curved outward, flaring back as much as to the sides before swooping in, curving to merge with her well-toned, shapely hamstrings. While you couldn’t rest a beer on her caboose, you could easily rest a shot glass.

If I was in the pool she’d usually jump in and join me. While the others sat at the table smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee, beer or wine coolers we’d be frolicking in the water, splashing each other or sometimes some playful rough-housing. I’d dunk her under the water or she would climb on my back and try to drown me. While I could easily overpower her I’d let her muscle me around – until I doused her.

I also noticed that in some ways Mom seemed to use me as a buffer or a barrier when we were over there. Whether we were sitting outside on the patio, or everyone was hanging out in the kitchen, I usually tried to maintain a certain amount of physical distance and separation from them. At the outside rectangular shaped patio table there was a bit of a standard seating pattern. Grandma and Grandpa would always sit alongside each other with their backs to the house, even when not talking to each other! I suspected this was because the always in use ashtray was centered in between them. From there it was a haphazard mix, depending on who was present – Amy, Kim, a stray boyfriend, or neighbor.

I developed a routine of sitting somewhat at the front right corner of the table, which placed me upwind of the blue haze of cigarette smoke and also slightly apart from them. Mom would joyfully sit on my lap, resting her wonderfully bare buns on my thighs as if this was totally normal – and no one else even blinked. With her there, I loved that it hid me from whatever inane conversation was occurring.

I think they viewed me almost like a dangerous guard dog that you didn’t want to piss off. So while the vipers would lash out at each other, they were more cautious and courteous towards Mom while under my guard.

Be that as it may, I also loved the feel of her body on mine; I savored her scent; I delighted when she’d snuggle up tight on my lap. To, thankfully, keep me excluded from the conversation she’d often hand me her hairbrush and I would merrily brush her hair while I went off into my own mind-trip.

As an added treat, whenever we’d arrive separately – which was common, I’d often receive a text from her saying, “met u at G n’ G’s” – she would greet me with her quick kiss on the lips. If I got there after working at Home Depot, Mom would jump up from her seat, greet me with a peck on the lips and then would sit on my lap in front of everyone as if this was perfectly normal.

By her openness with all that was happening between us and no one else seemingly bothered by it, I tried to process and digest it all. I tried to convince myself that this was normal behavior. While intellectually I tried to reason that my mother’s behavior wasn’t unusual or enticing, my body didn’t always see it that way. More often or not, I was at least sporting a partial chubbie if not a full hard-on. There was no way Mom didn’t discern this fact. Usually she pretended not to notice me standing at attention but not always.

“You wanna move That so it’s not jabbing me in the thigh,” she once whispered in my ear with an impish laff.


As I struggled with interpreting her behavior and these new feelings I was having towards my Mom, I was startled to realize how prevalent incest humor was on TV, having never noticed before. The most obvious example was on Family Guy. I’ve watched this show with relish since the beginning. Now watching it, I realized that Peter frequently comments on the level of attraction he feels towards his daughter, Meg. There was an episode where it’s revealed the son, Chris has a massive cock and his mom, Lois is shown going back to get a second peek. There’s an episode where Peter is married to Meg and Stewie to Lois. They even show Peter and Meg in bed together! Then there’s the fact that Carter Pewterschmidt, Lois’ father often tries to accost her, even begging to touch her. And there’s the time where Peter and Lois do it on top of her pinned beneath them father.

To go along with Family Guy, there’s American Dad. In one episode Hayley Smith dates her father’s body double, who is an exact copy of him except the personality. There were also the innuendos about momma’s boy, Steve Smith and his mother Francine.

Some other shows, I noticed would play the implied, innuendo game. On ‘The Simpsons’ there was Principal Skinner who still lives at home with his mother, Agnes. While they fight constantly, Seymour is also shown escorting his mother to many events. On ‘Scrubs’, they would show the hospital lawyer talking with someone on the phone only to reveal it was his Mom, accompanied by the ‘whoops’ trombone music. They’d also joke about how Dr. Turk would cuddle with his mom.

On ‘How I Met Your Mother’, I became conscious that the show constantly plays on the fact that all three guys are very aware their mother is attractive and they imply the boys are all a little too close to their mother, but mostly especially Marshall. There was even an episode where they discover they are subconsciously dating their parents.

While those shows implied and alluded to a certain incestuousness, on the show ‘The New Adventures of Old Christine’ with Julia-Louis Dreyfus they openly played on the sexual tension that existed between her character Christine and her brother, Matthew. They’d show one of them having a dream of them romantically kissing their sibling. They’d awake horrified, yet Matthew continued living at his sister’s house and in some odd ways were each other’s closest friend and confidante.

One morning as I ate a bowl of Grape-Nuts I realized/wondered if I was in a sexless marriage with my own mother. We did everything together from hanging out an’ having fun to grocery shopping, and we also slept together every night. This realization wasn’t too much of a shock because while I was aware of her faults, in many ways I still viewed her as an idealized goddess. While she was now the sole focus of my fantasies, in real life I still had trouble viewing my mother as a sexualized human being.

That changed one day. I don’t know what exactly motivated me to, perhaps being a lil deviant was the cause, but I was looking through her lingerie dresser draw. I found it quite titillating to be sifting through, touching her bras and panties – which she kept in an unsorted jumbled mess. Then I made a startling discovery. I would have never believed it before but my Mom had some toys of her own!

I was stunned, and aroused like never before, to see that my mother owned a pinkish latex dildo – and I thought proudly that I was a bigger than that. She also owned the classic silver rocket vibrator – that one that’s somewhat shaped like a metallic cigar holder except instead of a screw-on cap at its base there’s a black twist knob – and a similar one that was warm plastic in the colors of pink candy cane. Along with those, she had a white mini vibrator that was somewhat the size and shape of a Pez dispenser; and also a purple magic egg. Picking them up, I discovered they all had working batteries except her magic egg.

I wondered when she had the time and opportunities to play with her toys since we were together so much. Suddenly I grasped why I often found the flexible massaging/pulsating showerhead that’s in the master bathroom hooked on the rail instead of up top in its normal place. Previously, I would get annoyed whenever I found it at waist high and would have to click it back into place before I could shower, usually after having to wait for the hot water to recharge also.

Now those odd requests from her that would send me off to the Publix supermarket down the street from us started to make a bit more sense.

At some odd time, say 9PM, she would suddenly say to me, “Oh shoot, I need you to do me a favor. Can you run over to Publix and pick up a can of Scrubbing Bubbles while I remember we need some?” Being the devoted son I am, I was always willing to take the 10-minute walk down Goldcoast Ave.; then cutting through the church parking lot, I’d reach the shopping center. If it was at night, I’d often stop at the McDonalds and get us a couple of their great hot apple pies. With the walk each way and the time there, I’d often be gone for 30-40 minutes and I realized that must give her sufficient time to explore herself.

I now grasped, understood and realized that in fact my Mom truly is a woman with wants, needs and desires.


Tuesday, August 3, 2004 was a typical Florida day – hazy, hot and humid. At 4PM, it was still 9,000 degrees with 400% humidity. Mom and I were at Grandma and Grandpa’s playing in the pool. The other four lunatics were gone for the day, spending the day at Buccaneer Bay waterpark in Weeki Wachee.

I had Mom snared against the side of the pool, trapped. She tried to deke left and I blocked her. She fainted right and I blocked her. Then with a lascivious grin she challenged, “Ok big boy, make your move.”

And I did. Closing the space between us I pinned her to the side of the pool and mashed my lips to hers. Without surprise, pause or hesitation she kissed me back. I wanted her and was going to have her now; and it was obvious she felt that way too.

Pressing my lips to hers, our heads rolled in erotic unison. Reaching up she hooked her arms around my neck and I easily lifted her up. Cupping my hands underneath her butt I held her to me. She wrapped her legs around my waist and our mouths opened to release our desire upon each other. Our tongues met and soon we were exploring each other’s mouths. To feel her tongue in my mouth was beyond description. I wanted her, needed her now!

Reaching up I easily untied the strings to her bikini bottom and daftly removed it. I was about to shuck my own trunks when she boldly asked, “You want our first time to be right here?”

I paused for a second; and realized I didn’t care where we were I just had to have her. But that pause was enough for her offer, “How ’bout we do it on Grandma and Grandpa’s bed?”

‘If that’s how she wants to play this, then I’m game,’ I thought. I hoisted her up and outta the pool so that her rump landed on the edge. I ordered, “Then get that fine ass of yours in there.”

Since their bedroom is at the back of the house, I delightfully watched her scamper towards the glass slider that leads into it. I hoisted myself out of the pool and met my awaiting lover at the door. Kissing her waiting lips I pushed us through the threshold, past the vertical blinds and curtains; and forced her to keep backpedaling until she reached the large queen sized bed and then I drove her onto it with me landing atop her.

We didn’t pause as we landed on my grandparents’, her parents’ bed, with a thump, bounce, thump. Our lust for each other was now unleashed and unrestrained. We kissed at each other with a frantic mania. Our bodies writhed, thrashed and entwined as our unbridled lust for each other raced through us.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she panted. My body had slipped to her side and my right hand began exploring her. Boldly, confidently, immorally I ran my hand over my mother’s pussy. I rubbed, stroked, fondled my Mom’s pussy and she writhed beneath me with wanton desire.

“Oh, oh, oh god, oh god,” she pleaded as I explored her honey pot and easily slipped a finger into her warm, wet pussy. Fingering her pussy felt better than the times I had fantasized about it.

“Oh Jesus, oh Jesus, oh jeez, yes, yes, yes,” Mom cheered as I slipped another finger into her pussy. Her pussy was delightfully snug yet welcoming. Her pussy walls were slick and squishy, yielding yet squeezing upon my fingers.

“You like that. Huh?” I roguishly teased as we both sifted to watch me fingering my Mom’s pussy. She was propped up on her elbows looking down at her bare pussy to see my fingers slipping in an’ out of her. As I moved my hand in an’ out, around ‘n around, she kissed me hungrily.

“Oh god baby, that feels so fuckin’ good. Oh god, you got me so hot. Oh god, that feels so fuckin good. Yeah, yeah yeah, like that, like that,” she cried out as I had my fore and middle finger deep in her pussy.

“Oh baby, oh baby, oh god yes,” she squealed as I shook my hand upon, in her pussy. Curling my two fingers, I jackhammered my mother’s pussy and she writhed beneath me in carnal ecstasy.

“Woo!!!” she shrieked after I slipped to the edge of the bed and pulled her to me. Her ass hung on the edge and her legs were draped over my shoulders. Her beautiful pussy was right there in face. Her pussy was tight and thin, her pussy lips were wet and puffy.

“Oh Jesus, yes, yes, yes,” she shouted as I buried my face in her muff and vigorously shook my head, smothering my face in her mound.

“Oh god babe, lick my pussy like that. Oh god yes, lick your Mom’s cunt like that,” she sang as I lapped at her pussy. Using the broad of my tongue and by craning my neck I could run my tongue from her t’aint to the tip of her pussy lips.

“Oh god, that feels so fucking good. Oh god yes. Oh god, lick your Mom’s pussy just like that,” she hailed as I savored the juices leaking from her. She tasted salty and sweet.

“Oh god babe, eat me, eat my pussy, eat your Mom’s pussy,” she pleaded as she held my face to her quim. Her scent was intoxicating and my mind felt like it was floating in the clouds.

“Oh god, Val. That’s it, that’s it, that’s it. Suck on my clit, suck Mom’s clit, suck your Mom’s clit while you finger her pussy,” she cried out as she held fast to the fistful of my hair she was clutching. She was bucking her hips up an’ down, mashing her pussy to my face.

“Oh Jesus, keep fingering Mom’s pussy while you suck on my clit. Oh Jesus Christ, my son is the best pussy licker ever,” she cheered and the more she sang the more I wanted to make her cry out.

“Lick Mom’s pussy, lick Mom’s pussy, lick me, lick me. yes, Yes, YES, YES! YES!!!” she howled in shameless bliss.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god…” she panted as she gasped for breath.

“I need to you inside of me,” she begged/ordered as she pulled me up from her pussy. I let her yank me up by my hair until I was over her loving, lovely face. I kissed her fully.

“Are you ready to fuck your mother, you mother-fuckin’ big dick son of a bitch?”

“Don’t call yourself a bitch,” I growled.

“Then make me your bitch,” she ordered. Even as aroused as I was by it, I was bewildered by how nasty she was talking.

I pressed my lips to hers and pressed my body tight to hers; our bodies writhed in erotic yearning. Without effort our bodies aligned and I entered her, my cock penetrated her pussy. I was fucking my mother!

“Oh god, yes! Yes, yes, yes, oh god yes,” she cried out as I slid my cock into her, penetrating her, merging, becoming one.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, you mother-fucka,” she scandalously shouted as I eagerly, excitedly, frantically slammed away at her, ramming my cock in an’ out of her pussy.

“Fuck your mother like you mean it, fuck your mother like you’ve been wanting to. Give me the dicking I need.

“Oh god baby, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it,

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, you mutha-fucka,” she screamed, she shouted, she bellowed.

Since she was on the edge of the bed, while I was laying on her in her, my body was hanging half off the bed. My feet were on the floor, which allowed me to thrust forward, driving hard with my thighs. She lifted her legs up, opened herself wide. Grabbing her ankles I lifted, spread them even wider. Then shifting I stood up and now held her legs high and wide in a flying V.

Looking down, there lay my mother fully on display to me. She looked beautiful to me. She was wet, slick with sweat, moist from the pool. Reaching between us, she guided my cock back into her pussy. “Oh god babe, you feel so good.”

“Oh god Mom,” I called out as I rocked my cock in an’ out of pussy watching myself fuck my mother. I had been fantasizing about this and now the actual was even better. To see my cock in her pussy was mesmerizing. To see me fucking my Mom was breathtaking. To see my Mom fucking her son was the ultimate.

“Oh god Mom, that is so hot,” I shouted as I watched her. Taking her right hand she decadently licked her fingers and then shamelessly, wantonly began rubbing the top of her pussy, her nub, her clit as I continued thrusting in an’ out of her.

“You like seeing that?” she brazenly asked. She looked directly at me, almost challenging me.

“Keep playing yourself,” I commanded.

“You wanna see your Mom play with herself while her son fucks her?”

“Yeah, BITCH,”

“Yeah? Yeah? Yeah! Look at this bitch take this dicking. Look at this bitch take her son’s dick. Look at this bitch fuck her son,” she wickedly cursed.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, you mutha-fucka,” she chanted as I continued doing just that.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, you mutha-fucka,” she grunted as I held her ankles high and slammed my cock upon her. Every time our bodies merged there was the wet slapping of bodies meeting carnally.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, you mutha-fucka make me cum. Make your mother cum while you fuck her. Fuck me til I cum you mother-fuckin’ son of a bitch,” she howled but she didn’t have to worry, I had no intention of ever stopping. I continued ramming, jamming, slamming my cock into her.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god; I’m Cumming!!! Oh GAAAAWWWWWWWWDDD!!!”

“Take me from behind,” she asked/bade. I had paused to watch my Mom climax and what a sight it was. Her body stiffened and twisted, her eyes stared forward and her mouth hung open – quiet.

Pulling back, she scooched further back up on her parent’s bed and I released her legs. She rolled over onto her front-side and her magnificent ass was on display. Instead of getting on her hands and knees into a doogie-style position, instead she laid on the bed and spread her legs open. I knew she wanted me to mount her just like all those times we had lain together all those other nights. I climbed onto the bed and this time as I rested my body on her, instead of being self-conscious of my boner I slipped back into her warm, welcoming pussy.

“Mmmm, god that’s it, that’s it,” she murmured as I at first gently rocked my body upon hers.

“That’s it fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, you mutha-fucka,” she moaned as I picked up the pace, driving forward loving the feel of her glorious ass pressing upon my hips. But still I was getting tired of one thing.

“Now shut up and just take this dicking!” I demanded as I reached forward and clasped her throat. Lightly squeezing her neck, she rammed her body back upon mine.

“That’s it huh? You hump that bed while your son fucks ya, huh? Is this what you were thinking about all these times I was lying on you?” I charged as I slammed my body upon hers. As I was fucking her, she was fucking the bed. As I rammed my cock into her, she was grinding upon the mattress below.

“You were thinking of this all those times, wishing your son was fucking you, huh?” I accused and was manic with my furious lust.

“Well now you got your wish. I’m gonna be fucking this pussy from now. I’m gonna be fucking you from now on. I’m gonna be fucking my Mom from now on.”

“Oh god, oh god, take it, take it, take it,” I grunted as we fucked each other silly and I raced, sprinted towards the Finish Line.

“Are you ready to take my load? Are you ready to feel your son cum in your pussy? Are you ready to feel me cum in my Mom’s cunt?” I yelled and with one last heave I buried my cock into her and came with the greatest of gustoes.

My first shot fired outta my cock so hard, thick and full it felt almost if it was ripping open. My second fired with bad intent. I humped forward and my third and fourth squirts ejected. Another lunge forward got numbers five and six out before the final lava flow of cum oozed out to fill and flood my Mom’s pussy. Finished cumming I felt hollow, empty, spent. I could feel how tight her pussy was, filled with my seed.

We lay there like that for long minutes, the only sound was our raspy, labored inhales and exhales as we both struggled to catch our breath. After a while I almost started to doze off when I felt my Mom’s body begin to jiggle from laughter.

“Oh god Val, that was amazing. That was incredible. That was better than I ever fantasized.”

“Good because I’m just getting started,” I promised.

“What?” I asked as she softly tried to suppress her laffs.

“I was just thinking how USF has a good medical program and how nice it would to have you here for that.”


After that day my life was forever changed. With her encouragement and prodding I transformed myself into an attentive student. It was hard work but I became a 4.0 pre-med student. After four years, I was accepted into USF’s medical school.

Mom and I became constant lovers. While not announcing it we also didn’t hide our relationship. Norah was the only woman I needed in my life and I didn’t even bother pretending to date. When one of my sisters would come to visit I still slept in the Master bedroom with my lover; and my sister would sleep in my (unused) room. They never said anything about it and if they had any suspicions, they kept it to themselves.

I did notice one odd trait. At home, Norah and I often made love – long, passionate sessions of carnal pleasure. But at Grandma and Grandpa’s my Mom was a freak. We fucked in every room and every surface there, including the patio table and the pool. Soon I learned to recognize That Look. Everyone could be sitting around the table with her sitting on my lap when she’d give me That Look. She’d get up and excuse herself. I would wait a few minutes then get up myself. I’d find her waiting for me somewhere’s and we’d fuck like it was the Discovery Channel – fast, frantic, furiously and lasting only minutes – before rejoining her family.

We once did it on the side of the house, right next to the back corner of the house where the patio was. I had her back pinned against the stucco, her legs around my waist. I was slamming in an’ out of her, with both of us trying not to grunt because her father, my grandfather was sitting in his chair smoking less than three feet away on the other side of the corner of the house.

Another time, I was in the kitchen talking to Grandpa John, as I now called him, about auto mechanics. I had traded my Mitsubishi Eclipse for a Honda. When I wasn’t busy with school I enjoyed working on it trying to squeeze every bit of power out it, trim a tenth of a second off it, turning it into a mighty pocket rocket.

Perhaps from his experience working at Con Ed, Grandpa John was fascinated by the electronics in my car and we often discussed ideas and options. While still wary of the viper’s nest I had discovered that cars were a safe topic. He was interested while it chased off the other inmates at the asylum.

That day I was standing on the food prep side of the kitchen leaning on the L-portion of the counter facing towards the dining area. Grandpa John was sitting at the kitchen table on the other side of the counter. He and I were discussing the possibility of installing a variable adjust valve to the upgraded turbo charger we had recently installed when I felt movement below me.

“It would need to be its own separate knob, not connected to the electronics read-out console. I don’t wanna flip to another screen to adjust the boost, but I don’t really see any space on the dash that would be convenient,” I explained. Previously we had installed an electronics read-out pod that was attached to a flexible gooseneck and hovered near my gear shift. From here I could monitor and adjust, on the fly, my ignition and fuel mix, plus a multitude of other stuff.

“What about using the cigarette lighter outlet?” he speculated. And below me, someone reached out from inside the cabinets and began unzipping my jeans. I didn’t have to look to see who it was. I was already hard for her.

“Huh?” I wondered dazedly. This was because she had snaked my cock out from the front of my boxers. Mentally I was flabbergasted that my mother had hidden herself in the kitchen cabinets and now as I was talking to her father she was tugging on my exposed cock.

“The cigarette lighter is on the bottom edge of the dash…” Grandpa John said as his daughter kissed the tip of my cock, sending shivers through my body.

“Uh-huh…” I tried to remain focused yet Mom was luxuriously licking the underside of my cock. Starting at the base, she ran her tongue all the way up to my helmet. There she would do a loop around the tip of my ‘shroom.

“…right above your right knee,” Grandpa John continued explaining as his daughter, five feet in front of him but hidden by particleboard and laminate veneer, took her son’s cock into her mouth.

“Uh-huh…” I mumbled as she started slipping her warm, moist lips along my shaft. My mind screamed at my brain, ‘Is Mom about to suck my dick while I’m talking to Grandpa John?’

“So it’s near your hand when you’re holding the shifter, or working the pod,” he elaborated. Nodding my head, I thought, ‘Actually your daughter, my Mom, is holding my shifter right now.’ She was holding the base of my cock as she made love to my cockhead by swirling her tongue around an’ around.

“Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh…” I moaned excitedly as she now bopped up an’ down on my cock; her lips riding my rod, her tongue dragging along the undercarriage. My body felt as if it was about to float away. Looking at my granfather, I prayed my eyes didn’t show that his daughter was giving me head.

Chapter 1

Like so many women my age, forty-six, I’ve worked pretty hard to stave off the ravages of time. I’ve always been attractive but as I’ve crossed the thirty-year old mark, then entered my forties, well, I’ve had to work a bit harder at it.

I’ve done pretty well, still weigh about what I did when I left high school, I’ve used sunscreen faithfully so my complexion remains soft and smooth and unblemished, my breasts, well, there has been a bit of southerly drift but nowhere near what might be expected, I can still wear a bikini and hold my head up. And, yes, I do get more than my share of ogles. I love it, too.

I work out at the gym three days a week so my muscle tone is good and, well, not that I’m getting too much benefit these days, but I work out over a stick-on rubber dildo that I put on a glass-topped coffee table or on the shower floor to keep my pelvic muscles tight and ready for the occasional sex that happens my way. But, truthfully, it’s just a good dildo fuck when I don’t have the real thing around. Unfortunately, these days, that’s most of the time.

Yes, well. I’ve been married, twenty-one years, then he got a new secretary and, the old story became new again. And, I became single again. Not alone, just single.

I’m not alone because I have my son living here with me, he’s twenty-five, and when he was offered a job back here where he grew up, he took it and I offered him a place to live here with me. He does help with paying the utilities and the food bill along with some other expenses and it has worked out nicely. It’s nice to have a man around and I do feel safer now that he’s back home.

It’s funny that on the occasions that we go out to dinner or a movie, there have been times that we are thought to be a couple. It was certainly a complement to me, though, perhaps not to Randy.

Now, I had dated some, well, a little, it didn’t seem to me that the pool of eligible men was very deep and it always seemed that Randy took an instant dislike to every man who showed up to take me out. Nothing obvious but he would always have some pretty negative comments about him the next day.

Then, as we were finishing our wine from dinner one night, it came to me.

“You know, Randy, I think I’ve figured out why you’ve never liked any of the men that I’ve dated after your father and I divorced.”

“Oh, what’s your thought?”

“Well, I think it’s not that you think I’ll get serious with any of them, I think it’s, well, I think it’s because you want me for yourself.” There, I said it.

“You mean, like…” and his face got crimson.

“Just listen,” I said as I leaned toward him, sliding my hand onto his leg under the table, “I’m really flattered, Randy, that you would think of me in that way. And, you know what?”


“Well, when you go out on a date, well, I, well, I feel the same way.”

“You do, you really mean…”

“I mean, well, ever since I was divorced, well, I’ve, um, felt drawn more and more to you, to you, Randy. I didn’t really want to admit it to myself, well, until this week, really. I’ve been thinking about it.”

“You mean, like, you and me, attracted like, well, like, sexually?”

There would be no mistake as I pushed my hand up onto the bulge I knew was in his pants.

“Yes, son, like sexually,” I told him softly as I rubbed up and down.

He just sat there, I really think I’d caught him off-guard, then his hand reached out as it went palm-down onto my breast and squeezed lightly.

“I don’t know exactly where this will eventually lead but, tonight, I hope it leads us to my bedroom.”

“Yeah, I think I do too,” he whispered softly. I took his hand, stood up and said, “Then, that’s where we’re going,” and I led him down the hall to my bedroom. Every step was filled with questions in my mind: Where would this lead to years from now? What if he found me less desirable that he’d imagined? What if I wasn’t as good sexually as the young women he’d been with in the past? Was I really going to get naked with my own son? And have sex with him? His cock in my body?

As soon as we were inside my bedroom, I decided to just go right ahead and take my clothes off, then I began taking off Randy’s clothes until I got down to his boxers which I then tugged to the floor. As much as I wanted to take hold of that nice, large cock I saw, instead I stood up and put my arms around my son and pulled him to me and kissed him fully on the lips as I felt his hands range down my back and onto my butt.

The next kiss, I slid the tip of my tongue in between his lips, then he soon had his returning the pleasure. His hands were now on my breasts, kneading them, rolling my nipples between his thumb and forefinger making them hard and aroused and hungry.

“Oh, Mom, yes, I have wanted this. You’re so beautiful, just perfect. I can’t believe this is happening.”

“I’ve wanted it, too, honey, I really think it all began right after the divorce. At first, I really didn’t want to own up to the thoughts I was having. But, I eventually was thinking about you when I was in my room, making myself happy at night, imagining it was you,” I told him and then led him to my bed.

He lay down as I looked again at his cock laying on his abdomen. My son was a very well-endowed young man, it looked to be at least eight inches and nice and thick, as well; a real woman-pleaser.

I got on the bed on my knees, lifted his lovely cock and bent over to kiss it and take it into my mouth welcoming it into my body.

“Oh, oh, Mom, mmm, oh, that feels so good,” my son groaned as he fondled my boobs underneath me. I didn’t want him to cum, that I wanted inside me, I knew I would have lots and lots of time to suck his cock to completion, what man doesn’t love that, after all. No, I just wanted to suck him for a bit, then get him where I was longing for his cock to go. Right where he first came out into the world, twenty-five years ago.

Then, I lifted up and lay down, wanting him inside me as he crawled between my outstretched legs, but, then, his head dipped down and he began licking my wet pussy. I’m not a young woman, I’m in my mid-forties, but several years ago I began shaving my pubic area, just leaving a little ‘landing strip’ of soft, brown curls to point to my secret pleasure place for those who were interested.

I opened wide to his caresses, my hands down holding his cheeks as he pleasured me so fully, his tongue flicking up and down.

“Mmm, oh, Randy, you make me feel so good,” I whispered as he moved up to lick and suck on my clit which was so aroused it was fully erect. He slid two fingers in me as he sucked and I simply spiraled upward into a massive orgasm. I quaked and shook, bucking my hips up at his wet face, crying out his name, thanking him over and over.

He raised up, gleaming with my juices and said, “I want to do that every day, every single day,” and moved up, his cock wagging in front of him, took it in his hand and led it right up to my opening and shoved his hips forward, driving his cock up into me just where I wanted it.

“Mmm, now we’re really together,” he murmured as he began moving back and forth, each stroke sending waves of pleasure across my body. I raised my legs high so he could probe me deeply with his long, manly cock. His hands were gently kneading my breasts as his hips went back and forth, filling me, then pulling back for another wonderful thrust.

“Oh, Son, this is so wonderful. I hope you’re not disappointed. I’m not so young any more.”

“This is exactly what I want. I don’t want any one else, just you. And, you’re perfect.”

I loved every word he just spoke, it couldn’t have been any better if said in any other way. I reached down to pull my legs back onto my chest as he got up higher over me, thrusting straight down in long, long strokes down deep into my interior, then back up, almost all the way out, then back down again.

“Oh, Randy, you feel so good inside me. I just want to keep you in my bed from now on so we can be together like this as much as we can.”

Taking my son to bed and fucking him was so erotic that I was quickly getting close to an orgasm. And, his nice cock was pleasing me as much as I had ever been pleasured by any man’s before. I was close and it felt delicious.

“Mmm, mmm, yes, oh, OH, OH, AYYYE, AYYYE, UH, UH, um, mmm, mmm,” I cried out as I was swept over with warm and rapturous feelings as Randy pushed deep into me.

“Oh, Son, you’ve made me so happy, I love you so. Now all I want is your cum, do it for me, mmm.”

My darling son was taking long, slow strokes in and out that just felt so wonderful. I was even beginning to wonder if perhaps another orgasm was rising up inside me. I don’t usually have multiple orgasms but I also don’t usually have my own son’s cock bringing it about. This was, no doubt, the most erotic and arousing sex I’d ever had, surely a mixture of the taboo nature of our sex and the deep love we already shared for each other was adding to each stroke of Randy’s hard cock.

“Oh, Mom, mmm, this is what I’ve wanted, oh, yes, I want you every day, as much as I can have. I love you, Mom, I love you,” and he shoved hard into me as I felt his cum spurting into me for the first time. I was already dreaming of the next time and the time after that.

He dropped down over me as I wrapped my legs around him drawing him even closer, deeper as we kissed and held one another.

“Mmm, I think that was the most exciting sex I’ve ever had, Randy. I just never expected that my own son would take me to such heights.”

“Oh, Mom, we’re just beginning. That was our first time. We have hundreds, thousands of more times ahead of us. I want to fuck you as much as I can.”

That might have been the nicest thing that’s ever been said to me.

“Yes, I want the same, I want you to have me just as much as you want.”

“Mom, that’s a lot, you know. I could do this two, three times a day. Not week, day.”

“Well, dear one, I may surprise you, but, well, I’d just love that. You can have me whenever you want. And anything you want. I’ll do whatever you need, a handjob, suck you, sex like we just had, whatever. Anything.”

“Can we sleep together?”

Chapter 2

“Oh, I’d love to sleep with you, Son, but only on one condition…it has to be naked,” I replied, a smile crossing my face.

He laughed and replied, “I guess you’ve got a deal. We can even be naked around the house. I know I’d like that. I just love looking at you like this. You look so good, god, you make me hard,” as he began stroking inside me again, his cock still inside me.

He fucked me again before we retired for the night, wrapped in each other’s arms. In the middle of the night, I felt him move then his lips fastened to my nipple as he began sucking. I reached down for his cock which was hard and rubbed him while he sucked. We were soon asleep again and woke in the morning when my alarm went off.

“Oh, it would have to be a workday, damn,” I grumbled as I slapped down the alarm button.

“Let’s both call in sick, Mom. I just can’t let you go today, I just want to fuck you all day long.”

Well, with an offer like that, we both decided that we would call in sick and spend the day together in our wonderful new way. And, to start our day, I got up over Randy and slid down over him taking him deep inside me and scissoring up and down on his wonderful cock. The stick-on dildo exercises were paying off as my son began to moan.

“Oh, Mom, you are so tight, just incredible, you tighten down on me every time you go up, it’s just the best,” he moaned as his hands rubbed my breasts.

It did feel so good, I kept clenching his cock every time I pulled up, oh, it felt so good, just heavenly. Then, as I was squeezing my grip on him and slowly raising up, he bucked his hips up and I felt the warm spurts of his cum that I’d sucked up out of him. I quickly went up and down as fast as I could as he writhed and squirmed, pumping me full.

“Oh, mom, OH, OH, UUH, UUH, UNH, mmm, mmm, oh, I love you, Mom, I love you so much,” and he pulled me down on him and kissed me over and over as I kept fucking him as fast as I could, desperately wanting release for myself.

“Mmm, I’m…I’m getting close, mmm,” I panted, then I exploded in a fantastic orgasm that just went on and on, I almost cried it was so good.

We held each other, I was still on top of him, still moving on his cock, kissing, hugging, feeling each other.

“Mmm, I’m so happy, Mom. I never realized just how much I had wanted you all this time. I think even when I was twelve, thirteen, I remember thinking how sexy you were. When you wore a bikini, I remember getting hard-ons and going off to jack-off. I guess I’ve wanted you for a long time.”

“Well, it’s funny. I’ve been thinking back, too, and I remember one morning you came out of the bathroom naked, maybe you were sixteen or so, and went running down the hall to your room as I saw your very hard penis bobbing back and forth. I had some pretty erotic thoughts for a while after that. Naughty me, huh?”

“Oh, do I wish we’d started this back then. I would have fucked you ever since, all those years, like ten years, Mom.”

“Yes, well, it didn’t happen, Randy, but now it has and we have each other.”

“Mmm, yes, and I must say you really know what you’re doing when you get up on top, Mom, you sure gave me the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“Why don’t we have some breakfast, then it’ll be time to call in sick and come back to bed and just fuck as much as we want. And, your mother is feeling very aroused and horny, just warning you,” and I gave him a kiss and we got up.

I went to the closet to get a robe and Randy asked, “Can we just stay like this? It’ll save us time, after all,” grinning from ear to ear.

“Good thought, Son,” as I took hold of his cock and gently pulled him down the hall to the kitchen.

As I was getting the coffee ready, he was behind me, his rehardened cock pressing eagerly behind me, his hands around my front rubbing my breasts. I wiggled my butt and said, “My goodness, I have such a horny son.”

“And aren’t you glad, too?”

I turned around to kiss him as I reached down to grip the object of my desires while the coffee began perking.

“We’ll never have breakfast if you keep groping me all the time, you know.”

“Oh, I know and I really don’t care,” he said sassily as his hands went back to my breasts and he pulled me tight, pressing his hard cock against my middle.

“Oh, here, you spoiled boy,” and I turned back around, leaned forward a bit and spread my legs as he pushed between my legs and ran his cock back and forth along my pussy lips, already glazed with my slippery juices.

The coffee was ready and the toast popped up when I turned my head to him and said, “Randy, we have all day for this, breakfast is ready and, I think we’re going to need our strength for what we have planned. So take your cock away and let me finish this,” all said with a smile.

“I just can’t keep away from you, Mom, you are so hot naked like this. You better love sex because I plan of giving you all I can.”

I put the coffee down, then a plate stacked with toast, as he scooted his chair over to mine so he could fondle me as we ate. I must admit, I did have some fun with his cock.

I was rubbing the precum around on the head of his cock with my thumb while he was gently caressing my breast. I was excited about the way our new life was unfolding, being naked with each other with full and easy access to each other’s bodies. So familiar, so open,

I stood up and turned to him, leaning a bit so my breasts were in his face as he opened and took a nipple in. Then, I reached down for his cock, held it up and moved over him, facing him, straddling the chair and lowered myself, driving him deep into me as I sat in his lap.

I began moving my hips back and forth, fucking him in the kitchen, as we kissed. His cock, somehow, felt even larger, harder, as I went up and down on him.

“Mmm, this is how to have breakfast, Mom,” he said softly as I rode him up and down.

“Oh, it is, Son, yes, it is,” and I kissed him again as I ground down on him forcing him even higher up in me as I slowly twisted back and forth.

I was panting and my heart was racing as he was touching me in all new places so deep up inside me.

“Omigod, Randy, oh, I’ve never felt so…UUUH, UUUH, UUNH, UUNH, oh, oh, mmm, oh, Son, this is so wonderful. You’re all I need, I love you so much, so much,” and I began scissoring up and down wanting his cum, his cum up in his mother’s pussy. It was all I wanted at that moment.

“Oh, Mom, oh, that is so good, you are so tight, it’s incredible. My own mother, the best fuck of my life,” and as he said that he thrust his hips upward as I felt the warm spurts of his cum, oh, I loved that feeling so.

I snuggled down on him still moving my hips up and down, “Mmm, I love this, Randy, I love us being together like this, as lovers. It seemed so strange at first and so natural now.”

“Yes, I want us to always be like this. I want us to always be lovers. You’re right, it feels so perfect, the two of us.”

All told, we fucked five times that first day we were lovers. And Randy and I also pleasured each other orally, I loved sucking him even when I couldn’t get him fully-hard, I’d just suck him anyway.

SInce that first day, we are naked with each other every day, having sex as soon as we both get home from work, then we prepare dinner, watch some television or watch a video, Randy has gotten us some pretty hot porn videos, then off to bed for more sex and cuddling.

I just never thought I would ever be so sexually fulfilled as I am now with my always-horny son wanting sex from his always-horny mom.

Chapter 1

My husband, Jeffery, died four years ago. It was peaceful for him, it seemed, though, with three sons, all teens, it was my life’s hardest challenge. One good thing was he left us well covered financially. It’s the emotional coverage that has been lacking and there was nothing he could do about that.

So, you cope.

Our two oldest boys are in college and there’s only Neil, the youngest, eighteen and a senior in high school, left at home. While, of course, I miss my two older boys, Neil is a good student, never any trouble, and nice to have around.

The emotional vacuum left by Jeff’s passing, has not been filled in any measure by anyone new and I’ve been left, like many single women, I suppose, to deal with matters as best I can.

For the first time since I was in college, I’ve now got a few vibrators and a dildo that provide me some sexual relief though never a good substitute for the real thing attached to a caring and attentive man.

So, my sex was strictly solo and, well, it’s all I had.

I mostly tried to take care of my sexual needs when Neil wasn’t around as I do like to enjoy my masturbating as much as I can and, well, sometimes, I get a bit spirited and vocal. But finding just the right time isn’t always possible so, one night, I’d gone to bed and was using the dildo, I often forgo the vibrators when Neil is home, and I was in just the right mood for the feelings to be much better than usual.

So, I suppose I was a little louder than normal when I began hearing sounds from his end of the hallway. Of course my door was closed, his usually is as well but, after all, the rooms in the house are connected by heating ducts so I suppose that might be how I heard him.

There was little doubt of what I was hearing, my son was obviously masturbating as was his mother down the hall from him, masturbating as well.

Knowing Neil was doing the same, I tried to hold down my orgasm but, well, maybe there was a bit of extra eroticism in us doing it together in time if not space, and I was a little louder than I’d intended.

About a minute after I’d orgasmed, Neil, quite obviously, had a roaring orgasm himself that could not be mistaken for anything but. I lay there, part of me rather turned-on by it all, part of me rather wanting to put the whole thing out of my mind and fall asleep.

At breakfast the next morning, it was a Saturday, I fixed him bacon and eggs, the usual weekend fare he likes, and when I sat down with him while he ate, he said, quietly, “I really enjoyed last night, Mom, you know, when we were both, um, you know, getting off.”

I felt my face warm and I just sipped some more of my coffee not knowing how to respond or even if I should.

When I didn’t reply, he added, “I really thought it was cool to hear you cum when you did, I’m glad you have some enjoyment, you’re still too young not to.”

I just sat there, really at a loss, when he went on, “When I heard you, it just made me so hard, well, that I just had to do it myself.”

I finally said, “Um, I did hear you as well, at the end, especially.”

“We could do it together, Mom, it was really pretty cool last night, might even be better that way, doing it together. I’ve heard you before and, well, it’s always been pretty hot listening to you. When I do, it helps me get off and, well, I would’t mind if you saw me doing it.”

I simply had no words that would come out of my mouth as he added, “I’ll bet we would both be happier doing it together.”

I soon left the kitchen, still unable to voice anything about his suggestion. But, it did not leave my thoughts, especially when I masturbated later that night. There were images of Neil, naked, stroking his penis as I lay opposite him, legs splayed, fingering deeply, both of us looking at each other as our passion erupted in unison. I tried to shake these thoughts away but they kept coming back unbidden.

Then, several days later, he returned to the subject as we were finishing supper.

“Have you thought about my idea, Mom, that we get ourselves off together?”

If I’m being honest, as soon as he said it, there was a feeling between my legs. I am human, after all, and some things happen whether you want them to or not.

“Honestly, Neil, I haven’t, it just seems, well, improper for a mother and son to do something like that.”

“We both have needs and desires, Mom, they’re natural, you taught me that yourself.”

“Yes, I know, but…well somethings are private.”

“Okay but answer me this: Does the idea turn you on some? Be honest.”

Shit. Be honest. Now what?

“Well, I don’t see what that has to do with it,” I put right back to him.

“It has everything to do with it, Mom. Look, we’re both lonely, single, unattached. A little fun for ourselves is all we have, why not try to make it more fun, more, um, erotic, more enjoyable. I won’t ever tell anyone, you know that. It’s just you and me.”

“But, well, I’m your mother not your girlfriend,” I said, knowing it was a pretty lame argument.

“If that’s supposed to mean that you’re not sexy any more, well, I can tell you that you are wrong, very wrong. Maybe you’ll be mad at me but I can tell you that you give erections to your youngest son, you’re pretty hot, Mom. Why not enjoy it? We’re both lonely, why not?”

Damn, I thought, he’s right in a way. What would it be to get naked with my son and for each of us to have some solo fun?

So, I told him, “Well, we could try doing it in the same room, maybe with a sheet over our middles. But that’s all I’m prepared to do.”

“Okay, we can try that, why not?” he said with a rather mischievous grin on his face.

So, we watched TV until about ten, then he asked me, “Think we could try our new thing?” again, with that cute grin of his.

We got up and I went into my bedroom and got down to my bra and panties and got in bed, pulling the sheet up to my stomach. A minute later, in walked my youngest son in his briefs, quite tented-out, with a bottle of hand lotion, a beach towel and the grin he had on earlier.

He sat in a chair and put the towel over his lap and slid his briefs to the floor. I guess this was it, I thought, as he squirted some lotion on his palm and put his hand under the towel which began spearing straight up and down leaving no question as to what was happening underneath.

I suppose my part of the bargain was to also supply a bit of erotic interest by baring my breasts, which, thankfully, had mostly maintained their shape and lift over the years, I did look pretty good for a thirty-nine year old woman who has had three children. I was MILF material, I felt sure, but I was still hoping that my son would find me attractive, I am human, after all.

So, I reached around as I caught his eyes glued to me, unhooked my bra and pulled it off my arms.

I was hoping he wouldn’t say anything but he did, “Oh, Mom, you’re beautiful, really beautiful.”

I’ve never read any advice column that said what a mom should say to her son when he compliments her on her boobs so I just did a simple, “Thank you,” and put my hands under the sheet and pulled my panties off, bringing them out and with a bit of drama for the occasion, dropped them on the floor.

Then my hand went back under as I widened to begin rubbing.

“Mmm, oh, this is good, Mom, don’t get mad but you’re hotter than Playboy,” he moaned as the towel went up and down.

Well, I knew that for my age, my boobs were pretty nice but I also knew that I couldn’t compare with the hot, young women in the standard of men’s magazines. But, well, it was still nice to hear such sweet words from my son.

I didn’t really want to use any toys, that just seemed a little too much this first time out and my fingers have always been pretty effective at bringing me to orgasm, so I rubbed and fingered and rubbed some more, all the while underneath the sheet.

I tried to look elsewhere and not at Neil all the time but my eyes kept being pulled back to the rising and falling of the beach towel covering his lap. Thoughts of what he looked like underneath kept popping into my head, completely unbidden as I pressured myself on. There was no question about one thing: it was more arousing and erotic this way, no doubt about it. Much more.

“Are you close, Mom, I’m getting there. I’ll slow down if you aren’t,” my son groaned as his arm moved up and down.

“Go ahead, if you want, Neil, it’s okay,” I panted as my breathing was beginning to become labored.

“No, I’ll slow down, I really love it when we’re together at the end,” he said as his movement under the towel slowed.

I know as you read this it must sound somewhat strange but, though it had started out as pretty uncomfortable, it was becoming easier to be sexual in front of my son, it was seeming more natural and familiar.

I kept fingering myself getting myself closer as I knew Neil wanted and when I was finally panting, finger-fucking myself rapidly, I told him, “I’m close now, go ahead I’m right there,” and his towel began going up and down much faster as his eyes closed and head fell back.

“OH, OH, UUH, huh, mmm, mmm, oh, Mom, that was go good, mmm,” he groaned as I cried out, “OH, OH, MMM, SO GOOD, YES, YES, oh, oh, oh, it’s sooo…” and I was laying back, out of breath, panting after the most wonderful orgasm I’d had in quite a few years.

“Wow, Mom, that was good, huh?”

I never thought one of my sons would be asking me about the quality of my orgasms but there it was. And, well, the truth is that he was mostly responsible for how wonderful it was.

Catching my breath, I told him, “Yes, Neil, it was quite wonderful. I guess I have to admit that you had a pretty good idea, it’s quite erotic doing it this way.”

“Think how good it would be if we could really watch each other, you know, without this towel and without your sheet.”

“Hmm, well, I think it’s time for bed. We can talk about that another time,” I told him and he went off to bed as I turned out the light to lay there wondering if he was right, if we, both lonely and sexually alone, should try to have the best sexual experiences we could. But I just didn’t know if I could get naked and masturbate in front of my son. I was pretty sure I’d enjoy watching him do it but for him watching his mother? Oh my.

Chapter 2

The thoughts didn’t leave my mind all the next day and, when it came time for bed again, Neil asked me if we were going to have a repeat session. I told him we could and soon he came into my room in his briefs with the beach towel again.

He settled into the chair, covered his lap and slid the briefs off onto the floor.

I had taken my bra off which prompted him to comment, “You sure are making it easier for me when you look like that, Mom. You are so hot.”

It was nice to hear but I decided not to comment. He had his lotion with him which he applied to his hand, then slipped it under the towel as it began to rise and fall.

I had already slipped off my panties so my fingers began pleasuring myself as I closed my eyes to enjoy it. It was definitely more erotic this way, feeling better and better as I opened my eyes to see my son stroking his cock up and down, the towel now on the floor. His head was back and I decided not to say anything, just watch as I began fingering myself, curving my two middle fingers in and out as he moved his fist up and down.

He was beautiful as he masturbated across from me, simply stunning, his young and muscular naked body softly shadowed in my bedroom’s light as he stroked his long, lovely cock up and down as my heart beat to his rhythm. I hadn’t felt this aroused in, well, years, many years. He was right, I thought, this is the way to do it, we should be able to see each other enjoying our masturbating to the fullest.

I pulled the sheet away and spread open as I ran my fingers in and out while my other hand pinched my nipples.

“Mmm, oh, so good, mmm,” I murmured as I saw his eyes open, now realizing that I was naked and exposed.

“Oh, UUH, UUH, UUH, UMM, mmm,” he groaned as spurt after spurt of his cum arced out of his cock falling onto his leg and wrist as he smiled at me so happily, so satisfied.

“You are so beautiful, Mom. Don’t ever hide yourself, please,” he asked while he stroked slowly in his chair.

His hand moving up and back was so hot, so erotic that I was getting nearer and nearer, then, the dam burst as my orgasm consumed my whole being. It was like I was swept up to the heavens, the most rousing self-pleasure I’d ever had. I had always enjoyed masturbating ever since my first time in the bathtub many years ago. And this was the best ever.

“Oh, Mom, you look so beautiful when you get off. I love seeing you like this. I could do it again, I’m so pumped.”

Again? My son wants us to masturbate again? Then I realized that I was still running two fingers in and out of me as I leaned back against the headboard.

So, I told him, “Well, if you’ve still got the desire, I guess I do, too,” and went on now in earnest to masturbate for the second time that night, now, openly for each other.

There was no question that being naked for each other was so much more sexy. Of course, nakedness is usually sexy but the fact that he was my son, my youngest son, and I was his mother and we were each being highly sexual for each other, intentionally turning each other on, well, that’s more erotic than I’d imagined.

Now, seeing just how sexy and wonderful openly masturbating with my son could be, I opened my legs fully for him as I watched his eyes feasting on my nakedness as I fucked myself looking right at him.

He was stroking so purposefully, so into it, looking at me as he did. Yes, it was a turn-on, a gigantic turn-on.

“Oh, OH, MOM, I CAN’T WAIT,” he cried out as his semen began streaming up, spurting out of his cock landing on his legs. I thought it terrible at the time but I wanted to jump up and plunge my mouth over him and suck it all in. It was an image that kept coming back to me for days, every time making me flood with wetness.

Watching my son cum so beautifully, so sweetly, pushed me right over into a wonderful orgasm, one of the shaking, trembling, really wild kind of orgasms that I always hope for and never happen often enough. I lay there after for a minute, just awash in the pleasure, my eyes closed as I felt Neil’s lips press against mine.

He had gotten up and come over to kiss me. Then, two things happened; his tongue slid between my lips and his hand settled on my breast and squeezed gently. Then it was over, he pulled back and silently left the room leaving me with the feeling of a warm handprint on my breast and the memory of the first time a part of his body entered mine.

I lay there with my eyes still closed, my head spinning full of erotic thoughts and images of my youngest son, his perfect body so solid and male, as I realized how much I wanted him.

It was the first time I really saw that I wanted more with my son. I wanted to masturbate him, I wanted to hold his lovely cock in my hand, stroke it up and down, make it cum so hard, spurting his love juice all over me. I lay there filled with all kinds of sexy and salacious thoughts of my son as I hugged my spare pillow to me, wrapped my legs around it and drifted off to sleep.

I awoke the next morning, still with the pillow snug between my legs as I pulled it out and lay my head down on the large wet spot, softly fragrant with my inner scent reminding me of my arousal and bringing me back to thoughts of our intimacy the night before.

Chapter 3

It was Saturday so I got up, still naked from masturbating, and walked down the hall to Neil’s room and realizing the worst thing I might see would be him masturbating which I was now quite familiar with, I opened his door, tiptoed to his bed and got in next to him, spooning him from behind.

“Uhh, Mom, oh, Mom,” he groaned as I reached around him to take his hardening cock in my hand.

“Mmm, I’ve wondered what it feels like. I can feel it growing in my hand, that’s pretty exciting. Feel good?”

“Oh, Mom, it feels wonderful, I’ve dreamed of this, you know, of you doing it for me,” he said as he rolled onto his back pulling off the sheet as I began jacking him up and down.

“Do you have any hand lotion? I don’t want to make you sore,” I whispered as he slid the drawer open next to his bed and pulled out the bottle. I held my palm up and got a squirt and went back to pleasuring my son.

“Happy?” I asked him as I moved my fist up and down. I hadn’t masturbated a man in years but, of course, it all comes back pretty quickly as I began twisting my hand when I got to the top.

“Oh, Mom, yes, this is so good, so hot, you are the best. I hope you’ll let me do you,” he said.

Well, it was one thing to be pleasuring my son but, well, did I really want him rubbing and fingering me? Of course, the image of him doing just that came into my mind and wouldn’t leave, no matter what I tried. So, I concentrated on giving him the best release I could.

I took my time, his head was thrown back in obvious enjoyment, I knew I didn’t want to rush it, I love my son and want the best for him, yes, even this, maybe even, especially this.

I went on up and down, then moved my hand up to the tip and twisted my slippery hand back and forth as he groaned, his hand reaching over to my breast and holding it firmly.

He had only touched me once before in a sexual way but, after all, I had a grip on his cock so I wasn’t surprised as I felt his fingers flex so sweetly.

“Uhh, Mom, oh, I’m…I’m…UUH, UUH, UUH, uh, mmm, mmm,” he moaned as semen fountained up out of him as he cried out, “Oh, so good, so good, oh, mmm, mmm,” while I continued to stroke him, now slower, letting him down easy, trying to not stop too quickly, just letting him glide back down to earth.

I leaned over and kissed him as I felt his tongue enter my lips and french me. Well, I thought he needed more than just a motherly kiss at this point, I still had my hand on his cock, so I tongued him back while he fondled my boob.

Then after a few minutes of kissing, we slid into each other’s arms and held each other so contentedly.

“Thanks, Mom, that was incredible. I love you so much.”

“I’m glad you’re happy, I love you, too.”

We lay there in each other’s arms as I felt his hand move between us to cup my pubic mound and begin to rub his fingers along my pussy spreading the wetness.

“I’d like to do you, Mom, make you happy, too.”

I didn’t say anything, just raised my leg to give him better access as he continued to rub.

Neil’s touch was quite wonderful, he told me later that he’d had a girlfriend when he was fourteen, I remember her, Melanie Griffin, a very pretty girl two years older than my son, who, he says, taught him how to masturbate her, all the little ‘ins and outs’ of doing it right. And he learned well. Little did I know that I would someday be the recipient of her welcome teaching of my young son in the intricacies of bringing a woman to orgasm.

And, good he was. Yes, he knew a woman’s body perfectly as he moved to position himself better, bending down to suck a nipple as he pleasured me so wonderfully. His hands and fingers were the best my body has ever had. Honestly, most men are only so-so when they use anything other than their cocks or mouth and some, well, I was literally in the hands of a master and I concentrated on that.

As he pleasured me, I pleasured him as well, slowly stroking him in the soft morning sunlight filtering in the window, falling on us as we made each other so very happy.

He had his two middle fingers curved into me, rocking them in and out while the heel of his palm pressed against my clit, rubbing it around as his fingers caressed the walls of my vagina. Oh, he had learned well.

“Am I doing it all right?” he asked softly as I breathlessly told him he was.

I walked outside onto Carmen’s back patio, squinting as the late afternoon sun fell on my face. I put my hand up to shade my eyes as I watched Sadira and Helen walk in front of me, stepping somewhat gingerly. This was because I had just had anal sex with them moments before in the kitchen, and I imagined their curvy bottoms were a little sore from the experience.

I saw Carmen first. She was sitting on her lounger facing us, her legs spread wide and hanging over the arm rests, rubbing a shiny silver vibrator against her clit. She wore her large, dark sunglasses, but it appeared that she was watching something on the ground in front of her. It turned out that ‘something’ was Gina and Michelle in a 69 position (Gina on top), dining enthusiastically on each others’ wet pussies.

“Enjoying the show, Carmen?” asked Sadira.

“Of course I am. And I notice you two ladies are walking a little differently. I presume you had the same anal servicing that Gina did, hmm?” teased Carmen as she caressed her tit.

“Is it that obvious?” said Sadi, her face falling and her hand reaching back to stroke her bottom.

“He gave it to us good and hard. And he blew his load in Sadi’s ass,” offered Helen, smiling devilishly.

Sadira spun around to face Helen.

“And YOU took that load in your mouth as it dripped out of me!” she accused.

“That’s right, baby… and then I shared it with you,” finished Helen, clearly having the upper hand.

Sadira blushed in embarrassment and anger, but I touched her arm and said, “Mrs. Kashani, there’s no need to be embarrassed. It was so sexy watching you two beautiful women share my cum and rub it all over each others’ breasts. Now let’s go have a dip in the pool and join Ms. Beaumont to watch some lesbian sex, ok?”

“I thought those shiny tits might have had some cum rubbed into them,” chuckled Carmen, then looked back at Michelle and Gina. “Don’t stop, ladies.”

The women on the ground, momentarily distracted by the conversation, resumed their oral sex and Helen, Sadira and I walked to the pool and into the water.

We swam around and washed the sweat and cum from our bodies, chatting casually as we swam. Helen waded to the shallow end of the pool, her massive breasts emerging from the water like tandem submarines, as Sadi exited via the stairs. I pulled myself up at the edge and stood at the poolside, slicking my hair back then stretching my arms above me. My legs and abs were feeling fatigued from the afternoon’s sexual activities, and my cock throbbed vaguely. I began to wonder how long I could continue pleasuring these women. After all, there was only one of me to go around.

Helen, having climbed out of the pool, approached me and touched my bottom, craning her head to look at my face. I had been lost in thought, my hands on my hips and my head hung, staring blankly at the concrete.

“Something wrong, baby?” she asked, sounding genuinely concerned.

“No, no of course not. I just feel a bit tired. You ladies are beginning to wear me out,” I chuckled.

“Aw, sweetheart…” soothed Helen, taking my hand. “Let’s get you into a chair so you can relax for a bit.”

She led me back to the patio where Michelle was now lying down, pushing a dildo in and out of Gina’s cunt as Gina reclined on her elbows. Carmen slowly stroked her vibrator along her wet slit, teasing her nipple.

Helen led me to a lounger nearby and I reclined comfortably, sitting up enough so I could watch the action. Helen took the lounger next to me, and Sadi the one next to Carmen. Gina was moaning softly as she watched the blue dildo slide into her womanhood, and Michelle stroked Gina’s hard clit, occasionally dipping her head down to lick or kiss it.

I noticed Sadira checking her phone and heard her click her tongue.

“Ooooh… ladies, I’m afraid I have to leave. Aysha needs me to pick her up. That means you have to come too, Helen, if you’d like a ride.”

“What? And miss the rest of the afternoon?” whinged Helen.

Sadira began gathering her things, and said distractedly, “You’re free to stay, but I need to get going.”

Helen pouted, but stood. “I suppose I should be getting home as well. You’ll treat these ladies right, I hope.”

“Of course I will. Thank you so much for your company this afternoon Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Kashani. It was a true pleasure,” I said politely.

Sadira had got dressed and bent over to kiss me on the mouth.

“I’ll see you again soon,” she whispered in my ear.

Helen bent over me and trailed her breasts over my chest before kissing me, caressing my balls as she did so.

“Thank you, my young stud,” she said, then gathered her clothes.

Helen and Sadira waved goodbye to the other women and disappeared into the house. I put my hands behind my head and looked at the remaining women. Carmen had lifted her sunglasses onto her head, and was no longer looking at her friends. She was looking at me with an unreadable expression. I stared back, my eyes roaming along her long, tanned legs to her pussy, where her hand was still at work stroking the vibrator into it.

She pulled the vibrator out slowly and trailed it up her tummy and between her breasts, leaving a thin, wet trail of pussy juice along her body. She held the tip at her lips and wrapped them around it, sucking her cheeks inward and narrowing her eyes. I felt my cock stir with excitement.

I heard a musical tone from the patio table, and Gina’s head turned to the source.

“Michelle, be a darling and pass me my phone, will you?” she said.

Michelle sat up and retrieved Gina’s phone, passing it to her, then dipping her head back down to Gina’s wet slit, licking it enthusiastically.

Gina checked her text message and sighed. “Shit. Emma’s on her way back too. Looks like our little party is over, honey.”

Michelle sat up again and looked at me, frowning.

“But I didn’t get a chance to fuck him again!” she whinged, putting her hands on her narrow waist and pouting.

“Sorry Michelle, but he’s got to leave. We can’t have Emma see his car here,” said Carmen, looking at Michelle sympathetically. “You’d better get going, sweetheart,” she added, gesturing to me with her vibrator.

I reluctantly gathered my clothes, got dressed, and waved to the sexy women, now searching for their scattered swimwear.

“Thank you for a wonderful day, ladies. I will remember it fondly. Carmen, I’ll see you on Monday.”

Michelle approached me. She had put on her bikini bottoms, but had not yet managed to find her top. Her perky tits wiggled as she walked quickly towards me. She stood in front of me for a moment, looking deep into my eyes, then put her hands on my face and kissed me hard and long, pressing the length of her body against mine. I held her close, pushing my stiffening cock against her groin and groping her perfect buttocks. When we broke apart, she was flushed and breathing hard.

“I… need to see you again,” she whispered in my ear.

“But you said–”

“–forget what I said. Will you have me again?”

“Of course, Mrs. Ryan. You have only to tell me when.”

She smiled and kissed me softly on the mouth, then trailed her fingers down my body. Her nipples were hard and protruding as she squeezed the growing bulge in my shorts.

“I’d better go. Thanks again,” I said, then turned, hurrying to get to my car before Emma arrived home.


My phone buzzed on my coffee table at my flat indicating that I had received a text message. I leaned forward on my couch to see Emma’s name on the screen. I smiled to myself as I picked up my phone.

Over the few weeks after our pool party fun at Carmen’s house, Emma had been busily texting me. The content was initially tame: a ‘how are you?’, or a ‘thinking about you’, or something similar. But over time, our flirting had intensified, beginning with sexy and suggestive texts, to nude pictures. My phone was filled with pictures of her lips, stomach, bottom, breasts, and pussy, in various stages of undress, and I had also sent a number of saucy texts and photos in response.

Emma’s text said “we like to cum-pair ;) ”, and had an image attached. It was a self shot of Emma and her busty friend Holly. They had pulled their shirts up to expose their large tits, and stood facing each other, pressing their enormous young breasts together as they looked cheekily at the camera, smiling naughtily. Their tits bulged wildly and their backs were arched. I immediately began typing a reply. “I think you need an independent judge. I am highly qualified”. “Cum over then. We’re at Holly’s”, she replied, and gave me Holly’s address. I was out the door in less than a minute, eager to play with the two busty teenage girls.

I arrived in Holly’s neighbourhood and parked my car a little ways down the street so it would not be noticed should her parents arrive home unexpectedly; for I assumed they were out if Holly was inviting me over. I found her house and approached the door, ringing the doorbell and looking around to see if any nosy neighbours were watching. I heard quick footsteps in the hallway and the door swung open to reveal Holly. She was wearing a very tight light blue t-shirt and jean shorts. Her nipples poked through the thin, stretched material and she was not wearing a bra. Her light brown hair was up in pigtails–a look she knew I liked.

She grabbed my arm and pulled me inside, peeking her head out the door and looking about before shutting it.

“Come inside! I don’t want my neighbours to see you, they’ll tell my parents,” she said.

“You mean you haven’t told them you’ve invited a friend over to have a threesome with you and Emma?” I said facetiously.

Holly just rolled her eyes and pulled me along down the hallway to the back of the house and into her bedroom, which was just opposite the laundry room which then led outside. Emma was reclined on Holly’s queen size bed watching a computer monitor on Holly’s dresser. She wore a tight gray t-shirt and a frilly pink skirt. From what I could tell, she was also bra-less. Emma was watching porn on the computer screen–at that moment, a busty young brunette was sucking enthusiastically on a large cock, while having her pussy licked by another skinny blonde girl with small tits.

“Now that’s wholesome viewing,” I quipped.

Emma looked at me, pressing her lips together and narrowing her eyes. “What took you so long?”, she asked.

“”So long?” I got here in record time!” I cried.

“Well it felt like a long time,” said Holly, sitting on the end of her bed next to Emma.

“I’m sure you’ve been entertaining yourselves in the meantime,” I said, gesturing to the screen.

“We wanted to wait for you, baby. I don’t know about you, Em, but my pussy is soaked!” admitted Holly, putting her hand between her legs and squeezing them together.

“Show me,” I said, crossing my arms.

Holly smiled and stood quickly, her round boobs jiggling under her top, and her pigtails bouncing over her shoulders. She unfastened the button on her jean shorts and slowly unzipped her fly. Then she hooked her thumbs under the waist of her shorts, stuck her chest out until it looked like her t-shirt would rip, and inched her shorts down bit by bit, shifting her weight back and forth on her legs as the material slipped over her curvy hips. Gradually, her shorts were forced down onto her thighs, and Holly bent at her waist, pulling them the rest of the way down to the floor. She stepped out of them daintily, her legs slightly overlapping at the knees, and stood straight with her hands behind her back, her shirt straining to contain her bulging bust. Predictably, she was not wearing panties, and her crotch was as bare as a baby’s bottom. She smiled at me, her full cheeks glowing red.

She sat down on her bed again and leaned back on her hands, her nipples jutting out of her top more than ever. Painfully slowly, she parted her legs, eventually revealing her cute, plump, bare pussy lips. She spread her legs wider and wider, her knees parting, her legs then extending until her toes pointed at the walls on either side of us. Her cute pink slit opened to reveal a deep, glistening, velvety pink as she nearly completed the full splits.

I took a step forward and examined her body, beginning with her thick brown pig-tailed hair, her pretty hazel eyes, her full rosy cheeks, her sweet lips and even teeth, her buxom chest, down to her smooth, bare pussy, now dripping with arousal. My cock was stiffening in my shorts, but I made not effort to free it just then.

“Holly, you have a beautiful pussy. My mouth is watering just looking at how wet you are.”

Emma raised herself behind Holly and looked over her shoulder at Holly’s shorn, exposed mound.

“It’s very cute, isn’t it? But what about mine?” she said, then turned and knelt on the bed next to Holly, her arse facing me, her frilly pink skirt barely covering her lady parts.

She spread her legs a little bit and flipped up her skirt. She planted her face into Holly’s bed and used both hands to spread her buttocks wide. She was not wearing panties either, and her fingers pulled her labia apart, revealing a soft pink pussy as wet–or wetter–than Holly’s. Her asshole was small and puckered between her round ass cheeks, and looked tight and inviting.

I felt my member grow with another surge of blood, and it began to strain against my boxers and shorts, creating a noticeable bulge.

“I can tell you’re enjoying looking at our cute pussies, aren’t you, baby?” asked Holly, eyeing my crotch.

“I always do, girls. Now, which pussy should I lick first?” I mused.

“Fuck that. I want to suck your big cock until you’re hard. I love feeling it fill my mouth… It makes me so hot,” Holly said, still holding her legs spread wide.

“Yeah, we’re going to give you head, then I want you to fuck us. We’ve been getting really horny watching dirty videos and we wanted to wait until you got here before doing anything. No need for foreplay, baby!” Emma chimed in, her head looking out from around her full, spread ass.

“That sounds wonderful, but first I’m going to taste each of you. I can’t resist bald, wet, teenage pussy.”

“Ok. Hurry up though,” agreed Holly, clearly eager to have my penis in her mouth.

I knelt in front of Holly and, looking into her eyes, swiped my extended tongue from the shadow of her anus, firmly over her exposed pussy, and up over her clit. Holly shuddered visibly and squeezed one of her plump tits as she sighed.

“Mmmmm, you taste good, baby,” I said, licking my lips.

“Ooouuu… maybe you could stay down there a little longer, if you want,” replied Holly, the stimulation of my warm tongue on her young pussy having changed her mind.

“No no, you’re going to suck my cock in a moment. Why don’t you kneel on the floor and get ready for me.”

Holly obeyed, sliding her body off the bed and kneeling next to me as she watched me kneel behind Emma. I stuck my tongue out again and pushed it into Emma’s warm, soft folds, waving it around a little before licking up to her asshole, which I tickled with the tip of my tongue.

“Oooh!” she cried in surprise and pleasure, still holding her buttocks spread wide apart.

“Mmmmm… god I love the taste of you girls,” I mused, standing. “Look at what you’ve done to me.”

I gestured to the massive bulge in my shorts, my engorged cock straining painfully in my boxers. Holly’s hands shot out to unfasten my shorts as Emma turned over and scrambled off the bed to kneel next to Holly. My shorts fell to the floor and I stepped out of them as Emma eagerly yanked the front of my boxers down. My dick sprang forward like a catapult and bobbed heavily in front of the teens’ faces.

“Wow… no matter how many times I see it, I just can’t get over how big you are,” commented Emma, sliding my boxers the rest of the way down my legs.

“And I’m always in awe about how big yours are,” I responded, looking down at the cute faces and stretched t-shirts. “Lift up your tops so I can have a nice look at your beautiful breasts, girls.”

They did so without hesitation, pulling the material up until their tits bulged, then fell out from the confines of the stretched cotton, bouncing delightfully into view. Their nipples were erect with arousal.

I whistled my approval as I ogled their tits. They were such full, plump, curvy breasts, still with their youthful perkiness and elasticity. The girls cupped and fondled them for me, seeing my wonder and awe.

“Can you take your shirt off too? You have a really hot body. I want to look at it while I suck your cock,” said Holly.

I obliged and tossed my shirt aside, then gazed down at the sexy girls. Holly was the first to take action, gripping my shaft firmly and licking the underside. Emma was not far behind, tickling my balls with her tongue as she looked up at me with her big, brown eyes. The girls kissed the length of my shaft, my hips, my thighs, my balls, and my cock head. I moaned in approval as Holly’s hand began working my column. Finally, Holly opened her mouth wide and slid her lips over my dick head. She sucked it hard as Emma rolled one of my balls between her sweet lips.

It wasn’t long before Holly began a steady rhythm of cock sucking, bobbing her head on my rock hard erection as Emma sucked at the base of my shaft and fondled my ass and nuts with her nimble fingers. After a minute, Emma pushed Holly’s mouth away from my penis, and took it into her own, her tongue feeling wonderful as it caressed my frenulum.

I stroked their hair and looked into the girls’ lust-filled eyes as they administered the oral sex, complimenting them on their technique and exchanging affectionate smiles. The sound of smacking lips, wet sucking mouths, and moans of pleasure filled the room (including the porn film, in which the two female protagonists were now sucking the lone male’s cock). I stroked their hair and cheeks as I watched them take turns bobbing on my dick, and enjoyed the way their breasts rested against one another, creating alluring cleavage below he bunched t-shirts and causing my balls to tingle with excitement.

“Oooohh… I am going to fuck you girls silly,” I moaned, pushing a lock of hair away from Emma’s face as she suckled the very tip of my cock, tasting my oozing pre-cum.

“You’re going to WHAT?!”

The loud, angry voice came from my right, slightly behind me. My head snapped in the direction of the exclamation so quickly that I heard my neck crack. I stared wide-eyed at the figure of Helen Thompson, Holly’s young mother, standing in her daughter’s doorway with her hands on her hips.

Helen was wearing a loose, pale blue, draping, silky top which hung very low on her chest, flagrantly displaying her gargantuan breasts, squeezed together by an ill-fitting bra. A long string of pearls around her neck rolled on her cleavage, barely able to escape the chasm of soft flesh. Her skirt was black, short, and tight, and she wore blue heels which matched her top.

She brought one of her hands up to hastily brush her blonde fringe out of her eyes, swiftly replacing it on her hip in annoyance.

“M-mum!” exclaimed Holly, leaning back to look past Emma at her mother. Her hand was still firmly gripping my shaft.

“Don’t you ‘mum’ me! What on earth is going on here? Who is this man?!” she yelled.

I admired Helen’s acting skills as she pretended not to have met me.

“He’s just a friend! He works with Mrs. Beaumont, the lady Emma’s living with,” Holly hastily explained.

“Looks like he’s more than a friend to me! Emma, does your mother know about this?” asked Helen.

Emma looked up at me quickly, trying to decide if she should tell the truth.

“Yes, she does, Mrs. Thompson. He’s… my boyfriend!” she blurted.

I looked down at her in surprise, but thought it was probably the best explanation. It was better than saying ‘fuck buddy’ in any case.

“Is that so? Then what are you doing sharing him with Holly, may I ask?” responded Helen.

“We just… wanted to have some fun. It was my idea,” Emma said, blushing fiercely.

Helen now crossed her arms under her tits, causing them to bulge ludicrously outward. I was convinced they would pop out of her top at any moment.

“You then: what do you have to say for yourself?” she directed this at me.

“Me? I…. um…. what Emma said; we’re just having a little fun,” I said, unconvincingly.

“Aren’t you a little old for them? They’re only 19 you know,” she persisted.

“No, I don’t think so. Emma’s quite a mature young lady, and we get along really well. I met your daughter through her and we got to talking and… well…” I gestured down at my still stiff cock and the girls’ pretty faces.

Helen took a few steps into the room and stood next to us, looking at the computer screen, then down at my cock.

“Thought you’d make your own little porno, did you?” she said, then added, “My goodness… you’re rather well-endowed. What’s your name?”

I gave her my name, and couldn’t help glancing down at her prominent bust.

“You’re rather well endowed yourself, Mrs…..”

“Thompson. Helen Thompson.” She actually leaned in so we could kiss each other on the cheek.

“Mum! What are you doooooing?!” squealed Holly incredulously.

“I’m making introductions. If I’m going to have my daughter suck this man’s big cock in my home, I might as well know who he is.”

“Oh my god!” Holly cried in sheer embarrassment, covering her face with her hands.

“Oh, don’t be so precious. You’re just lucky your father didn’t walk in here to see this. Look at the two of you, kneeling there with your tits out. He would be absolutely heartbroken to see his young daughter acting like such a slut, sucking a big cock with her friend in his house.”

Holly looked up at her mum suddenly with a horrified expression.

“Oh my god, please don’t tell daddy! I’m sorry mum, he’ll leave, I promise!” she said, obviously disturbed by the idea of her father finding out.

Helen uncrossed her arms and reached down to stroke Emma’s hair.

“Oh girls,” she sighed, “I was your age once too… I know what it’s like to be young and horny. Of course I won’t tell your father–he just wouldn’t understand. And I don’t really blame you for exploring your sexuality. After all, you’ve found a tremendously attractive man to enjoy, and you’ve got your very generous friend here to share the experience with…”

Helen put her other hand on my shoulder as she subtly pursed her lips, looking me in the eyes.

“No, I don’t think he has to go anywhere, honey. Come on… let’s see what you were doing to him,” she said.

“W-what?!” Holly gasped.

“Come on, darling, we’ve talked about this stuff often enough. I think we can be mature about this, don’t you? Now show me how you were sucking on his cock or I may be forced to tell your father about this,” threatened Helen.

“You can’t–”

“Ok, Mrs. Thompson. We’ll show you,” Emma interrupted her friend’s cry, grinning widely.

Before Holly could object, Emma gripped my penis and began jerking it back to rock hardness. She licked her lips and popped the head into her mouth, sucking me off greedily as she looked up to Helen for approval.

“That’s a good girl, Emma. Mmmmmm… yes, get him nice and hard,” Helen said, pushing Emma’s hair away from her face.

I moaned as Emma hungrily sucked my knob, her hand stroking me slowly but evenly. Her eyes never left Helen’s, and I could feel the tension grow as mother and daughter both watched. Finally, Helen looked to me.

“Does that feel good?” she asked me.

“Yes it does, Helen. It feels–”

“–while you’re in my house it’s Mrs. Thompson. Understood?” she said, interrupting me as she reached up to point her finger in my face.

“Yes, Mrs. Thompson,” I replied.

“You were saying…?” she said, tapping my cheek condescendingly with her fingers.

“Her mouth feels amazing on my cock head.”

“Mmmm, I bet it does. She’s very pretty, your girlfriend. Those big brown eyes looking up as her full lips suck your swollen tip,” mused Helen, stroking Emma’s hair again.

“Yes, she’s very attractive.”

“And what do you think of my daughter?” she asked quickly, scrutinising me carefully.

“She’s gorgeous… just like her mother,” I said, smiling.

“Good answer,” she responded, then looked back down to Emma. “Honey, why don’t you let Holly have a go?”

Emma disengaged from my penis, slurping saliva from my dick head and giving my shaft a few more strokes before pointing my engorged length at Holly’s mortified face.

“What? I’m not going to suck a guy’s dick in front of you!” cried Holly.

“Oh Holly, please. Show mummy how you suck cock,” Helen said with an authoritative undertone.

Holly rolled her eyes and took my length from Emma’s grip, looking at it before opening her mouth and looking back at her mother. She put her mouth around my cock and moved her head a bit, my dick head poking softly at the inside of her cheek. It was a truly uninspired performance, and nowhere near what she was capable of. I assumed it was her embarrassment at being forced to fellate me in front of her mother.

Helen clicked her tongue and sighed loudly. “Oh come on now, you call that cock sucking?” she chided. “Honey, please make some room.”

She put her hands on Emma’s shoulders and ushered her aside as she knelt between the girls, batting her daughter’s hands away from my penis. It bobbed in front of the women, glistening with spit and pre-cum. Helen gripped my shaft and held it steady as she looked back and forth between the girls.

“I think it’s time for a little lesson, girls. I have rather a lot of experience in this area, and I’m happy to share some tips with you. You don’t mind sharing your boyfriend with me, do you Emma?”

“No Mrs. Thompson… he’s all yours,” said Emma, but I noticed a touch of unease in her voice.

“Mum! What about dad?” cried Holly incredulously.

“This is for educational purposes, darling. I see no need for your father to know about it. It’s women’s business and strictly between us, alright?” she said confidently.

“But… it’s just a bit… weird,” said Holly hesitantly, half shrugging her shoulders and gesturing with her palms up at my cock.

Helen reached up to her daughter’s face with her free hand and stroked her cheek lovingly. “Darling… I think we’re close enough to share these experiences. And I think they will bring us closer. I would rather you learn and explore your sexuality with me to guide you than be treated badly by horny, disrespectful, inexperienced young men. I’m just looking out for you because I love you.”

Holly looked slightly embarrassed, but also comforted. “Thanks mum. I love you too.”

“Now, would you like me to show you girls how to give an expert blow job?” she asked.

“Yes!” they replied eagerly.

“Good,” she said grinning widely, clearly pleased with herself.

I looked down at her bulging cleavage, her pearl necklace contrasting beautifully with the tanned skin of her breasts.

“Now, I’m not going to start from the beginning, because it looks like you’ve got him good and hard, and I’m sure you know how to lick, fondle, stroke, and kiss all the parts different parts of his cock. So, once he is nice and hard, put you mouth over his cock and push it to the back of your throat, but don’t suck on it. The idea here is to get you salivating. You want to cause your mouth to drool all over his shaft, and the best way to do this is to ever so slightly gag yourself with his penis. Watch.”

She looked up at me and opened her mouth wide to accommodate my size then, gripping the base of my cock, guided it into her mouth, tilting it upward as she lowered her head onto it. She moved her hand and held my thighs as she pushed herself down onto my length. I felt it slide over her tongue and hit the back of her throat. I could feel her spit drip down my shaft onto my scrotum.

After a moment, she raised her head, holding my cock but not sucking the spit from it. Her throat made a sound as she breathed in and as my cock head emerged from her mouth, strings of spit were visible on it, still attached to her lips. She held my dick still pointing up, the strands of saliva vibrating as she spoke.

“See all that spit?” she said, pointing with her free hand, “you have to get the shaft nice and wet so his cock slides better in your mouth, and so you don’t chafe his skin when you stroke him off. I like to spit on it too,” she finished, as she daintily dribbled more saliva onto my dick head.

She began to stroke my long, thick shaft with her left hand, distributing her spit over every inch of my length.

“Fuck… this is an enormous cock…” she said in amazement. Although she had seen it before, she still sounded genuine.

“Isn’t it, Mrs. Thompson?! I’ve never seen one so big. Have you?” said Emma, her eyes locked on Helen’s slowly stroking hand.

“Well… no, I haven’t. And I have seen my fair share of cocks.”

“Mum! Eeew!” squealed Holly, but it looked like she was smiling a little.

“Ok, settle down. Now, because his cock is so big, it might be difficult to get much of it in your mouth at a time, but that shouldn’t matter. The secret to good head is not how much you can get in your mouth, but what you do with it while it’s in there. For example, I can suck on his cock head, but whilst I’m doing so, I’ll run the tip of my tongue on the underside, right here,” she continued, pointing to my frenulum.

She let her lips slide over my dick head, her mouth opening wider and wider to adjust to my size. Then she began to suck, and as she did I felt her tongue moving busily on the underside of my cock head, as she had demonstrated.

“Aaaaaahhhh, Mrs. Thompson, that feels fucking incredible,” I moaned.

She looked up at me, pleased with herself. She took more of me into her mouth and gently bobbed her head on my cock as her hand stroked me in a rhythm complimenting the motion of her head. She withdrew my dick from between her lips and looked at the girls, continuing the motion of her hand along my shaft.

“See girls? See how my hand is working his thick shaft in time with my mouth?” She put my penis back into her mouth to show them again, gripping me more firmly and twisting her hand slightly. Again she withdrew me from her mouth.

“Just like that. You have to coordinate everything… the pace of your sucking, the movement of your head and tongue, the stroking of your hand. Get everything working together. Holly, why don’t you try?” she said, offering me to her daughter.

Emma looked disappointed, but watched closely without protesting. Holly took my cock from her mother’s grip and put her mouth over my cock, pushing it deep until I hit the back of her throat. She dribbled profusely over my column, then took me out of her mouth, spreading her spit over my dick with her hand. She then slipped her lips over my glans and began to bob her head, her hand moving in perfect rhythm with her sweet sucking mouth.

“Very good, honey!” encouraged Helen, rubbing her back.

Holly looked across at her mom, then up to me, mischievousness in her eyes. Her rhythm increased and she took me deeper and deeper, finally bobbing her head aggressively on the end of my cock, the tip hitting the back of her throat as gagging and gurgling sounds emerged. It felt fantastic.

“Oh shit, Holly, yes! Mmmm suck that cock,” I groaned as I enjoyed her fellatio.

Helen looked astonished, her mouth hanging comically open. Holly finally spat my dick from her mouth and jerked it rapidly, her spit making wet sounds on my shaft. Holly licked her lips and grinned first at me, then at her mum.

“How was that?” she asked half-sarcastically.

Helen finally found her words. “My god, Holly… that’s, um… one way to do it…” she said, faltering.

“Yeah? And what about this?” Emma spoke up, grabbing my slippery phallus from Holly and sitting up to put my cock head on her tongue.

She closed her lips around my huge, throbbing head and put her hands on my thighs, then looked up at me as she slid my cock into her mouth, taking every single inch of my length down her throat. Her eyes watered, but she suppressed her gag reflex and looked up at me innocently, her nose pressed against my pubic stubble, her throat convulsing around my girth.

“Aaaaaahhhhh fuck! Oh fuck, baby…” I moaned again, feeling her tongue squirm on the underside of my shaft.

Helen looked at Emma like she had grown another head (which in a way she had–my cock head buried in her throat). Emma suddenly withdrew, coughing a little, but managed a brave smile as she stroked my dick, which was now liberally coated in the three women’s saliva.

“Well… I’m… you girls… you sure seem to know what you’re doing,” stammered Helen.

“Mum, this isn’t the first time we’ve sucked a cock, you know,” said Holly.

“No, I should say not…” she replied, still taken aback. She cleared her throat. “You hardly need me here, I suppose,” she said, standing up in front of me.

“No, Mrs. Thompson, please stay. We still want you to, like, show us stuff. Here, it’s your turn to suck his cock. Show us how you do it,” insisted Emma.

I noticed her eyes gleaming with desire, and suspected she may have developed a crush on her friend’s busty mother. Helen smiled down at her lovingly, and sank back to her knees.

“Alright girls. You may not need as much instruction as I first thought, so let’s just have some fun then, shall we?” she said, taking my cock from Emma and jerking it.

She licked up the entire length of my shaft from my balls to the tip, then popped it into her mouth and began sucking it hard, stroking me firmly and rolling my nuts in her palm with her free hand.

“Ooooohhh damn Mrs. Thompson, thank you! Oh shit you are such a talented cock sucker!” I cried, my knees becoming weak as she blew my cock with expert technique.

We all watched her administer oral sex on me for a minute, and Emma soon leaned in to kiss my thighs, lick the base of my shaft, and tickle my balls with her tongue. Helen paused to watch Emma as she sucked one of my nuts into her mouth.

“Emma! You’re a feisty one, aren’t you?” laughed Helen, leaning back in towards my cock.

She lifted it with her fingertips and put her lips around my other nut, sucking it into her mouth. Both women sucked my balls, their lips occasionally making brief contact. They eventually let my balls roll from their tongues and looked at each other. Helen’s hand reached up and touched Emma’s cheek. They leaned in toward each other, their eyes closing. Their lips met delicately, pressing against one another until Helen’s mouth opened and probed Emma’s with her tongue. The kiss was careful, but passionate, testing the boundaries. When they broke apart I heard Emma exhale as her eyes fluttered. Beside them, Holly cleared her throat. Her arms were crossed under her huge tits.

“Oh, Hols… I’m… I’m sorry. It’s just… your mum is so pretty. I’ve fantasised about her for years… even before you and I…” she stopped herself from saying anything further and looked away quickly.

“N-no… it’s ok. It’s kinda weird though. I mean, she’s my mum, and you’re my best friend. But, I dunno… it’s kinda, like, hot too,” admitted Holly. “I like seeing you with other people. It turns me on. But mum, you’re… um, like, bi?”

“Honey… remember, I was young and horny like you. And you’re remarkably like I was back then. When you get married, things tend to settle down, but I’ve always been attracted to women. If you’re uncomfortable with this…”

“It’s ok, I guess. Maybe you can teach us some stuff about… you know, women, too,” suggested Holly.

“I’m sure I can,” replied her mother, looking back and forth between the girls. “Ooooh yaay!” she squealed, breaking the silence, “I get to share my sexual secrets with my girls. God, I’m so wet right now,” she giggled like a schoolgirl before turning to Emma.

“So, you’ve fantasised about me before, have you? Well, here I am. What would you like to do?” she continued casually, putting her hands on her hips.

“I dunno… You’ve got such big, beautiful breasts. I guess I want to see you take your top off,” said Emma, slightly unsure of herself as she was put on the spot.

“I’d love to see that too, ladies, but I still need some attention. Do you think I could borrow Holly while I watch you and Emma strip each other?” I asked, slightly annoyed that I had been neglected.

Helen and the girls laughed. “Sorry darling, we almost forgot about you. Why don’t you sit on the edge of the bed there. Yes, that’s it. Honey, stand here and suck his cock while he watches us.”

Holly stood quickly and pulled her t-shirt over her head, her massive tits rising with her arms, then bouncing down on her chest as she threw the garment aside. She bent over and put her hand on the bed next to me as her other hand picked my cock up and jerked it as her mouth enveloped my dick head. I held one of her pigtails as she bobbed her head rhythmically on my cock.

Beside her, Emma and Helen stood staring into each others’ eyes. Helen slowly reached out and put her hands on Emma’s curvy waist, then slid them up her body and over her enormous breasts. She teased Emma’s nipples with her fingertips, watching them harden under her touch. Emma sighed and turned her shoulders in, her tits bulging between her arms. Helen took the bunched cotton of Emma’s t-shirt and began lifting it, as Emma raised her arms to allow the shirt to slide up and off her body. Helen dropped it on the floor and pursed her lips as she lifted Emma’s tits in her palms.

“Oooouuu, look at these lovely young breasts,” mused Helen, hefting Emma’s bosoms to feel their weight and soft sponginess. “Still so perky and full…” Helen leaned in and licked around Emma’s areolas, then gently nibbled her nipples.

“Ooohh… I’m sure yours are still nice, Mrs. Thompson. Can you show them to me?” Emma said.

Helen lifted her head from Emma’s plentiful bosom and kissed her on the mouth, then reached to her own top, trailing her fingers down the low, loose neckline. She pulled the silky material down, exposing her breasts supported by a light blue bra much too small to reasonably contain her ample titties. She smiled widely as she pulled the right cup out and down, using her other hand to lift her large boob over and out of the material. She repeated the process on her other breast, then put her hands on her hips.

Her massive, softly tanned tits bulged erotically, her bra supporting them from below so that they pouted outward, as if offering themselves to Emma. Her pearl necklace followed the inner curves of her melons, looping directly between them.

“Wow… they’re amazing! And your nipples are so light, just like Holly’s,” said Emma excitedly.

“Go ahead, touch them, honey. Use your mouth on them,” ordered Helen.

Emma instantly obeyed, pushing Helen’s tits together and moving her mouth back and forth across them, sampling each nipple carefully, sucking on them and licking around her areolas. Helen watched her for a moment, then looked at me. She gently pulled Emma’s head from her tits and turned towards me, approaching the bed.

“Lie down,” she said, pushing my shoulder back until I was fully reclined.

She climbed onto the bed, kneeling beside me. Emma did the same on the other side.

“Honey,” said Helen, addressing her daughter.

Holly’s head popped up, spit glistening on her soft red lips. “Yes mum?”

“I think he’s had his dick sucked for long enough. Why don’t you fuck him now.”

Holly beamed and scrambled up onto the bed, straddling me. With no hesitation she reached behind her full arse and took hold of my throbbing shaft, guiding it to her smooth, hairless pussy. It was soaking wet, and I had little difficulty penetrating into her warm, soft depths.

“Oooooh shit…” hissed Holly, wincing slightly.

“Take it slow, sweetie. That’s far too much cock to take all at once,” advised Helen.

I held Holly’s hips and watched her ease her body slowly down onto my thick shaft, her pussy squeezing me delightfully. Her tits protruded, large and round on her chest as she arched her back, taking more of me into her. She sighed as she stopped her progress down my cock, then leaned forward putting her hands on my chest. She lifted her ass, withdrawing my cock a few inches, then rocked back onto it. I thrust gently into her as she sat on my dick, penetrating her deeply. She cried out, but in pleasure this time as her tits jiggled between her arms. I squeezed her ass as we began a slow fucking rhythm.

“Ooooooooh god yes… fuck my pussy deep, baby,” she moaned.

To my left, Emma was already playing with herself, her fingers busily rubbing her clit. To my right, Helen was kneeling, watching me fuck her daughter. I decided to take the initiative, and reached my hand to her leg, feeling her inner thigh and creeping up under her skirt.

“Oh, someone’s getting frisky!” she giggled.

She pulled up her skirt, sliding it over her womanly hips, revealing a lacy blue thong that matched her bra. I touched her crotch and noticed that the material was soaked with her juices. She smiled at me.

“Yes, I know, I’m horny as fuck,” she admitted, and pulled her panties to the side to reveal her smooth, hairless cunt.

My fingers deftly wandered between her labia, rubbing her clit and probing her wet hole. I slid two fingers deep inside her as she squeezed her nipples, closing her eyes and moaning. My other hand reached up to caress one of Holly’s swaying boobs and I lifted my head to suck on her tit as she fucked me.

This continued for a few minutes before Emma became impatient.

“Ok Hols, I think it’s my turn now. I mean, he is MY boyfriend,” she said, pointedly.

Holly rolled her eyes and reluctantly dismounted my dick, sucking on it a few times before standing up next to the bed.

“Get up,” Helen said to me, “Fuck her from behind. I want to teach her how to properly eat pussy.”

I slipped my fingers from Helen’s twat, sucking them clean, then got up and stood next to Holly. Emma crawled on all fours until her beautiful ass was facing me, her pussy glistening with her moisture. Helen lay down in front of Emma, her legs spread wide, her fingers holding her panties to the side.

“Come and watch, honey. You might learn a thing or two,” said Helen to Holly.

Holly obediently knelt next to her mother as I knelt on the bed and positioned my cock at Emma’s fuck hole. She was wet and ready, and I forced my engorged cock inside her, impaling her pussy deeply.

“Aaaaaah! Ooohhh yes, that’s the cock I love!” cried Emma.

I smacked her ass and pushed further inside her, feeling her pussy clench around me. I pulled out and thrust in again, quickly matching the rhythm I had with Holly. I was extremely horny, and not in the mood to draw out our lovemaking unnecessarily. I watched Emma’s round ass jiggle as I pounded her from behind, spreading her cheeks to admire her tight asshole.

“Oh, he’s fucking you good! Ok, see if you can concentrate on me while he fucks you. Pinch my pussy lips between your fingers up here, like this…. yes, good… can you feel my clit between them?” said Helen instructively.

“Y-yes Mrs. Thompson.”

“Good now move your fingers up and down, still holding my labia… mmmm, yes, just like that. Feel that? You’re jerking off my clit with my pussy lips. Aaaaahhhhnnnn…” moaned Helen loudly.

“I can feel it! It’s hard to hold on to your pussy lips though… they’re so wet,” said Emma.

“Holly, lay beside me dear. Let her try it on you too,” commanded Helen.

Holly did as she was told, lying next to her mother and spreading her legs. Emma used her free hand to pinch Holly’s labia together and rubbed both pussies up and down in unison.

“OOOooooh wow! That does feel good!” moaned Holly, cupping her huge breasts as she supported herself on her elbows.

I fucked Emma with long, steady strokes, holding her waist as she pleasured Holly and Helen. This continued for a few minutes, with everyone moaning loudly, lost in ecstasy.

“Aaahhh… ok Emma, now use your mouth on me. Lick my pussy,” said Helen in a husky voice.

Emma immediately dipped her head and began orally pleasuring her best friend’s mum. Holly watched closely, and somewhat uncomfortably at first, but soon her fingers were busy on her clit and she rolled her nipple between her fingers.

“Oh god, Emma, yes! Oooohhhh that’s very good! You must have practiced a lot with my daughter. Mmmmmm…” she groaned as she placed a hand atop Emma’s head, her fingers gripping her dark brown hair and her hips grinding against Emma’s face.

I could hear muffled moans coming from Emma as I continued to fuck her wet cunt. Before long, Helen was crying out and her body began to shake.

“Oh fuck yes, honey… right there! Just like that! You’re making me cum! I’m cumming on your face!” she screamed, her body wracked by a powerful orgasm.

Her tits shook and wobbled on her chest as she held Emma’s head tightly, her body convulsing with her orgasmic waves. Soon, her orgasm subsided. Helen pushed Emma’s face away and turned her body to kiss Emma long and hard on the mouth, tasting her own cum on her lips.

“Thank you, sweetie. No pussy eating lessons required for you.”

Helen then shuffled off the bed and stood somewhat unsteadily next to me to observe my cock as it thrust into Emma’s pussy. She put her arm around my shoulders to support herself and I reached around her waist to pull her against me, her breasts pressing against my side.

“She taking that cock very well, isn’t she?” mused Helen, placing her hand on Emma’s left buttock and squeezing it.

“She’s had some practice,” I said.

My hand moved from the bunched skirt and top about her waist down to her buttocks, feeling the string of her panties as it disappeared between her round cheeks.

“Why don’t you get out of your clothes, Mrs. Thompson?” I suggested.

She stepped back from me and put her hands on her hips. “Don’t you think I look sexy like this? With my tits popping out of my top and my skirt hiked up like a dirty little slut?”

“Of course you look hot, I just thought you might be more comfortable if you took your clothes off,” I replied.

“No, I think I’ll keep them on. My husband could come home and I’d have to distract him while you made yourselves decent. Besides, it makes it more exciting… like I’m being really naughty,” she giggled.

“You ARE being really naughty!” laughed Holly, getting up off the bed and standing beside me to watch me fuck her best friend.

“I suppose so. Would you like another turn, darling?”

“Yeah! I want to ride it again, mum!” squealed Holly, gripping my arm and hopping up and down, her beautiful melons bouncing.

“Of course, honey,” said Helen, and gripped the base of my cock as I pulled out of Emma’s stretched pussy.

She crouched down and sucked me off, cleaning Emma’s pussy juice from my rod. Once finished, she pointed to Holly’s desk chair.

“Sit there.”

I turned the chair to face the middle of the room and sat, sliding my ass to the edge of the seat so Holly had plenty of room. Before Holly could mount me, Helen knelt in front of me, pushing my legs apart. Wordlessly, she spat a large gob of saliva on my cock and stroked it a few times, before sitting up and placing my long, thick member between her huge breasts. She pushed them together with her hands, sandwiching my cock between the soft mounds, and began to pump her tits along my shaft, my dick head poking out near her throat, prodding the pearls on her necklace.

“I bet you love a good titty fuck. I mean look at these girls… they’re more well-endowed than most. Do you let him fuck your big tits, Emma?” said Helen, her nipples poking out between her fingers as her tits stroked me.

“Yeah, I love it when he puts his big cock between my tits. And he’s, like, jizzed on them lots of times too. He cums a LOT,” Emma said proudly as she stood shakily and came to stand next to me, squeezing her tits together as if imagining my dick was between them.

“Really? He’ll just have to show us what a big load he’s got,” said Helen, winking at me.

“Mum! I want to fuck him now!” whinged Holly, balling her fists in frustration.

“Alright darling, here you go.” Helen kissed the tip of my cock then backed away to let Holly straddle me.

Holly practically lept up onto the chair, straddling me with her feet on the floor and guided my cock to her sweet teen cunt. She sat down on my hard column and uttered a long moan as she took every inch of me inside her.

“AAaaaaaahhhhhh… fuuuuuck…” she breathed, her nails clawing at my chest.

She looked down at her impaled pussy and stood, watching nearly my entire length slide out of her, then began fucking me, taking my cock deep and hard with every stroke. I put my hands on her bouncing tits, squeezing them between my fingers and fondling her soft flesh.

Helen and Emma stood on either side of me and leaned in, offering their voluminous bosoms to me. I licked and sucked on their beautiful tits, first one pair, then the other, feeling their hard nipples against my tongue. Holly also leaned forward, so that I was surrounded by 3 pairs of enormous tits, all jostling and bouncing against one another, vying for my attention.

“I think I’m the luckiest man in the world right now. I have the most beautiful breasts I’ve ever seen being shoved in my face. I’m in heaven!” I cried, feeling overwhelmed by the amount of womanly flesh surrounding me.

“Seems like your boyfriend is quite the tit man. It’s no surprise he’s found you, Emma,” giggled Helen, holding her breasts together so I could suck on both of her nipples at once.

“He definitely loves tits… but so do I,” replied Emma.

Holly was now swinging her tits forward with every thrust of my cock so that they bounced off my face.

“How do you like these bit tits, baby?!” screamed Holly as she rode me aggressively.

“I fucking love your tits! I love all your big beautiful tits!” I was now reaching beside me to caress all the breasts surrounding me, licking, biting, sucking, and fondling them.

Eventually Emma and Helen backed off, giving me some breathing room. Helen watched her daughter ride my cock, casually rubbing her pussy with her fingers under her panties.

“How does his cock feel, honey?” she asked.

“Oooh god, it’s fucking amazing mum… it’s so big and hard… aaaahhn! Oh my god, he’s going to make me cum!” she responded, her pigtails bouncing and flailing.

I held her waist tightly with my hands and began pushing my hips up as she descended on me, working with her body to gain deep penetration, as well as grind against her crotch to stimulate her clit. She rode me like a wave holding the back of the chair and letting her breasts bob and bounce above me.

“Oh fuck… oh fuck, I’m so close baby, keep fucking me!” she cried in ecstasy.

Finally, with a few more deep thrusts, I felt her body tense, and she sat on my cock, her legs trembling, her mouth open in a silent scream, her eyes rolling back. She moaned loud and long as she came, her body occasionally convulsing with her orgasmic waves as I felt her cunt contract on my shaft, squeezing it and sending bolts of pure pleasure through my body. I bit my lip to avoid blowing my load inside her.

As her orgasm faded, Emma approached her, hugging her from behind and massaging her breasts lovingly.

“That looked so fucking hot, Hols. You came so hard on his cock.”

Helen had stepped back to rest her bum against the edge of Holly’s desk. Her fingers were still busily fingering her pussy in her panties, and her face observed me and her daughter with a jealous longing. Her magnificent boobs wiggled slightly as she pleasured herself.

Holly finally dismounted, kissing me and pushing her tongue into my mouth. She stepped back and all three women looked at me, with my thick, cum-soaked cock laying on my stomach, panting from the effort of fucking Holly.

“I bet you want to fuck it, don’t you? It’s probably the best cock you’ve seen in a long time. I bet daddy’s cock isn’t that big,” Holly said, taunting her mum.

“You’re right honey… that is a beautiful cock. Oh go on then, come over here and put it inside me. I haven’t had a good fuck in a while,” said Helen, caving in to her desire. “Just don’t tell your father,” she added.

“Oh my god, of course not mum! You heard her, get over there and give her that big dick!” squealed Holly in delight, pulling my arm as I got up from the chair.

Helen hopped up onto Holly’s desk and spread her legs, pulling her soaking wet panties to the side, exposing her moist slit. I admired her high heeled feet, her shapely legs, her bare pussy, her tits pouting outward supported from underneath by her bra, her full lips and blue eyes. Her nipples were hard with anticipation, and she seemed almost nervous, despite the fact that she had taken my cock before.

I stood in front of her, hands on my hips, letting her look up and down my lean body, her eyes lingering at my groin, chest, and finally making eye contact with me.

“My, you are a fine specimen,” she mused, her eyes sparkling.

“Let me get him ready,” said Emma, crouching in front of me and putting her lips around my cock, sucking Holly’s cum from my shaft.

She liberally coated my cock with her saliva, spitting on it and stroking it along my length, before standing and guiding it to Helen’s waiting pussy.

“Are you ready for him, Mrs. Thompson?” asked Emma.

“Yes, darling. Put that big cock inside me,” she breathed, holding one of her tits firmly to her chest.

Emma guided my fat dick head to Helen’s opening and I pushed forward slowly and steadily. Emma was squeezing my shaft firmly, causing my member to bulge. It parted Helen’s wet labia and I felt the velvety walls of her pussy being stretched my my cock head. Helen bit her lip as she watched my dick enter her several inches deep.

“Ooooooooohhhhhhh god…. Oooooooouuuuuuu…” she moaned, her brow wrinkling.

“It’s big, isn’t it Mrs. Thompson?” said Emma, seeming to enjoy Helen’s mixture of discomfort and pleasure.

“It’s certainly much bigger than my husband’s. Aaaaaahhhh… slowly, slowly…” she replied, her hand releasing her breast and going to my abs, gently pushing back. I could see her hand print slowly fade from the tanned skin of her boob.

Emma continued to guide my cock into Helen with her right hand, her free left hand reached up to fondle Helen’s breast.

“He’s stretching your pussy open wide, Mrs. Thompson. Does it feel good?”

“Yes… yes it feels so good… mmmmm, give me more of that dick, baby. Slide it in just like that.” Helen was trembling slightly.

Emma released my cock as her fingers touched Helen’s distended pussy lips, and Helen’s eyes grew wide as she looked at how much of my cock was still yet to enter her.

“Fuck ME! You’re filling me up and you’re not even all the way inside me! Ok baby… that’s good for now. Slide it out… yes, slowly, I want to watch it. Mmmmmmm yes….” Helen peered intensely over her bust to observe my dick as it withdrew from her hot, wet depths, slick with her pussy juice.

“Oooohhh yes, look at that… Ok, now back in, honey. Fuck me with that beautiful cock,” she moaned.

Emma stepped back to let us do our thing, and her fingers wandered down to her pussy. “Oh my god, Hols… I can’t believe my boyfriend is fucking your mum!” she said in disbelief. “I’m actually, like, really turned on by it!”

Holly came up next to Emma and put her arm around her waist as they both watched us. “It’s really nice of you to share him with us, babe. Go sit next to my mum. I want to taste your pussy.”

Emma hopped up next to Helen and leaned across to watch my cock push into her twat.

“Mmmmm, yeah baby, fuck Mrs. Thompson’s pussy good. Make her cum all over your cock,” cooed Emma.

Helen turned her head and kissed Emma deeply as I began a firm, thrusting rhythm into Helen’s wet cunt. Holly squatted in front of Emma and spread her legs apart to expose her cute pussy. She dove in enthusiastically, slurping and licking at her best friend’s slit, her fingernails digging into Emma’s thighs. Emma perked up instantly, her tits bouncing as she cried out. She pushed her hair out of her face and looked down at Holly.

“Oh god yeah! Mmmmm eat me good, Hols. Put your fingers inside me… you know how I like it,” Emma moaned.

I brought one of Helen’s legs against my body and licked her calf as I fucked her, trailing my tongue to her ankle. I loved the way her feet looked in her blue high heels, and I kissed the leather of her shoe. I then held each of her ankles in my hands, spreading her legs as wide as they would go. I thrust faster and deeper into her experienced pussy, and she worked with me, her pussy muscles contracting when I was at my deepest.

“Aaaaahhhh yes, Mrs. Thompson, your pussy feels so good on my cock. You know how to work those muscles.”

“Aaaahhhnn, yes honey, oh god, you’re so big and thick. I can even feel your veins running along my pussy walls. Ooooh, fuck me deep… yes, deep inside me…. uuuuhhhh!” she moaned loudly, her fringe falling over the side of her face.

She took occasional glances over to Emma and Holly, watching her daughter’s oral.

“Mmmm, Holly darling, curl your fingers up inside her… stimulate her g-spot while you suck oh her clit. Yes, like that. Suck it hard, sweetie, and use your tongue,” she suggested, sharing her sexual experience.

At that moment, I heard a sound behind me. It was someone’s mobile phone ringing.

“Aaah, that’s me… honey, can you get that for me? It’s in my handbag over there,” said Helen.

“What?! You’re not going to answer your phone while you’re getting fucked!” cried Holly, incredulous.

“It might be your father. Uuhnn… please just get it,” insisted Helen.

Holly sighed, annoyed to have her pussy eating interrupted, and marched over to Helen’s bag, fishing out her phone.

“Oh shit… it’s dad!” she cried, looking at the screen.

“Give it here. No, don’t you dare stop fucking me. Mmmmm… ok, quiet everyone,” Helen flapped her hand at us as she took the phone from Holly.

“Hello dear,” she said in a high, pleasant voice. “Yes, good thanks…… Mmm-hmmm…”

I looked at Holly, who was staring disbelievingly at her mother. She looked at me, wide-eyed, and I shrugged and smiled, pumping my cock in and out of her mother’s soft pussy. Holly put her hand over her mouth and stifled a giggle. Emma was waving her hands and pointing at her snatch, silently urging Holly to continue eating her pussy. Holly kissed me and ran her hand over my chest, then dipped back down to continue her vagina feast.

“Yes, I’m at home. Just hanging out with the girls… yes, Holly has a friend over,” resumed Helen, winking at me.

A pause, then, “Oh we’re just fooling around… you know, girly stuff.”

Emma was now on the verge of laughter, and her bust jiggled as she silently chuckled. I traced my fingers down the inside of Helen’s left leg all the way down to her pussy. There, I used my thumb to firmly massage her clit as I fucked her with deep strokes of my throbbing cock. She blinked rapidly and her body became rigid.

“Oooohhhh, um, yes, could you pick up some m-milk on the way home?” she managed to say in a near falsetto, struggling to maintain control.

“No, nothing’s wrong, I just got a chill,” she said quickly.

I used my free hand to fondle her tit, pinching her nipple firmly every time I penetrated her. I increased my speed as I watched her cheeks turn rosy red. I could feel the crotch of her panties chafing against my shaft as I fucked her, so I released her breast and reached down to roughly pull the lacy blue material to the side, watching her plump labia caress my cock. She was incredibly wet, and I could feel her pussy juice drip down my shaft to my balls.

Meanwhile, Emma was biting her lip and trying to muffle her cries of pleasure in her forearm as Holly finger fucked her rapidly, mashing her tongue into Emma’s clit. She groped erratically at her enormous tits, pulling her nipples out or squeezing her breasts until the flesh bulged between her fingers. I was becoming incredibly aroused watching the two women get off, and felt as if I might lose control as well. I choked back my groans and looked into Helen’s eyes. My next thrust was balls-deep, making an audible slap as I connected with her groin.

“OH! Oh my god! Mmmm, no no, honey, I’m ok, I just closed my finger in a drawer by accident. Ooooohhh, goodness me. Right, I’ll let you go dear, see you shortly…. I love you too. Bye!” Helen quickly hung up the phone and looked sternly at me.

“Fuck, that was deep. I nearly gave us away! Oh god baby, you’re fucking me so good…”

“Mum, what did dad say? Is he coming home?” asked Holly, still working her wet fingers in and out of Emma’s pussy.

“He is, honey, but I asked him to go to the shops first. That should give us enough time to finish up. Aaaahhhh…” said Helen, putting her hand on her abdomen and looking down to watch my full length enter her.

“Ok good. Hey mum, wanna see something cool?” said Holly mischievously.

“Ah… ahhh. ooohhh…. sure honey.. show me,” she replied between moans of pleasure.

Holly looked up at Emma and they exchanged a knowing glance. Then Holly began to work her fingers and mouth on Emma’s pussy with renewed fervor. Wet, squishy sounds filled the room as Holly’s fingers worked Emma’s fuck hole and her mouth sucked her clit. Emma began crying out in long, loud shrieks as her shoulders pulled inward and her tits wobbled. Soon, her whole body was trembling.

“Oooooohhhh fuuuuuck Holly! I’m cumming! I’m fucking cummmiiiiing!” she screamed.

Emma’s pussy erupted with a jet of clear fluid as she arched her body upward, her breasts rolling on her chest. Holly caught a massive mouthful of cum, then let it spray onto her face as she shook her head back and forth.

“Aaaaaaaahh!” squealed Holly, giggling and sputtering.

“Oh my god!” cried Helen, her eyes wide as she observed Emma’s squirting orgasm.

I continued pumping my cock into Helen as Holly tilted her head up and pushed her large, young breasts together, receiving Emma’s next squirt directly on the tops of her tits. The cum splashed up Holly’s neck, across her plentiful bust, and dripped over her hands and off her hard nipples onto the carpet below.

“Mmmmm, your cum is so warm, baby!” she said, rubbing the pussy cum all over her tits.

“Oooohhh… ooohhhh… aaaahhhhh… oh wow… oh god…” moaned Emma, as the a few small spurts squirted from between her bare labia.

She held one of her tits firmly and supported herself with the other hand as she watched her snatch leak the last of her cum, pooling oh Holly’s desktop.

“Oh baby, you always make me squirt so hard,” she said as her body twitched involuntarily.

Holly stood up straight and licked her lips, looking down at her dripping body, puffing her chest out as she ran her hands over her tits and down her sides, sliding Emma’s cum over her curvy hips and the tops of her thighs.

I moaned my approval as I ogled Holly’s glistening teenage body. “Damn, Holly, your wet body looks so fucking sexy covered in Emma’s cum. Come here.”

I stopped thrusting into her mum’s cunt as Holly pushed her body against mine. I put my arm around her waist and held her tightly against my side as I stuck my tongue in her mouth. I felt her tongue respond in turn as we both shared the sweet taste of Emma’s pussy squirt. We kissed hard, sloppily, frantically, licking and gently biting each others’ lips. Holly’s hand roamed over my perspiring chest, down across my abs, finally cupping my balls in her palm.

Emma had closed her legs with her hand covering her sensitive pussy. She watched us for a few moments as she recovered her senses, then started to become agitated.

“Ok Hols, I think you should let him continue fucking your mum. You don’t want him to lose his hard-on,” she said, implying that what Holly was doing was not stimulating enough for me to be able to maintain my erection.

Holly spun her head towards Emma, her wet pigtails flying out to the sides, throwing droplets of cum from the ends. They stared at each other briefly, seeming to assess who had first rights to me.

“She’s right, darling. I want more of his deep-dick fucking. And I don’t blame Emma for being a little jealous… he is her boyfriend after all, not yours. We’re just lucky she’s decided to share him with us,” Helen chimed in, touching her daughter tenderly on the arm.

Holly looked annoyed, but relented, kissing me on the mouth one final time before walking over to the bed and sitting on the end, flnding her arms under her bust and pouting. Emma slid off the desk and took Holly’s place at my side. She stroked the few inches of my exposed cock and teased Helen’s clit with her fingertips.

“Let’s change positions. Mrs. Thompson, get off the desk and turn around. I want to fuck you from behind,” I said, breaking the tension.

“Ooou, yes sir! Are you going to fuck me hard?” she said in a sultry voice as I slid my cock from her vaginal embrace.

“Yes ma’am.”

“And are you going to fuck me deep?” she continued, standing in front of me and pumping my wet shaft a few times.

“As deep as you can take it.”

She leaned in and looked me in the eyes, her sensuous lips almost touching mine.

“And are you going to make me cum all over your big, hard, cock?” she uttered in a hoarse whisper.

“Like you’ve never cum before,” I said.

I put my hands up and carefully removed her pearl necklace.

“What are you going to do with that?” she asked, genuinely curious.

I said nothing, and instead spun her roughly around and pushed her forward, holding her hip with one hand as she bent at the waist.

Her full, round ass was like her daughter’s, plump, but not fat. Curvy and with enough cushion-y softness to firmly grip in my hands. I nearly dribbled as she offered herself to me, placing her hands on the desk in front of her and curving her back until I could see the material of her thong running along her asshole and just to the side of her puffy pussy lips.

“Oh wow… I just felt your cock, like, bulge in my hand!” exclaimed Emma, feeling my arousal.

I turned my head to her and whispered quickly into her ear, “Quick, get your phone and take a video. Don’t let her know.”

Emma looked stunned for an instant, but quickly obeyed, going over beside the bed to reach into her handbag before Helen looked back.

“Well? What are you waiting for, baby?” said Helen, as eager to be fucked as I was.

“I’m just admiring the view, Mrs. Thompson. You have a beautiful ass, just like your daughter.”

I ran my hands down her back and over her buttocks, kneading them roughly and spanking her.

“OOU!” she cried, her body going rigid. “Yeah, spank that ass. Put your cock in me and spank me!”

I saw Emma put her phone discreetly up on a shelf and look at Holly, holding her finger over her lips. I gripped my cock and prepared to skewer Helen’s sweet pussy. Her high heels meant that her ass was at the perfect height for penetration, and I looked at her side, her sexy tits hanging down below her. I pulled one buttock to the side along with her panties, and guided my pulsing cock to her wet hole.

I thrust into her hard, pulling her bottom back toward me as my pelvis made contact with her arse, making a loud ‘smack!’

“AAAH! Fuck! Yes! Fuck me just like that!” screamed Helen.

I pulled out my entire length, watching her pussy gape, then plunged it back inside her. Smack!

“OOOH! God baby… yes… fuck it hard. Take my ass!” she cried.

I smacked her ass again as I began fucking her with quick, deep strokes of my cock, sliding easily on her abundant juices. Her gorgeous round ass rippled as I pounded it, the skin becoming rosy from my spanking. My hands roamed along her back and up her torso, groping at her swaying tits as we both got each other off. I knew fucking her this hard and deep at this pace meant it would not be long before I came. I held her bunched skirt around her waist for leverage as I penetrated her again and again.

“Ooooh shit! Your balls are slapping against my clit baby! Aaaaahh that feels so…. fucking… GOOD!”

Helen was screaming and moaning so loud I was afraid the neighbours would hear.

“Yeah Mrs. Thompson, I know you love my big cock. You’re taking all of it like a good little slutty milf. You’re a dirty milf, aren’t you?” I grunted as I fucked her.

“Yes baby, I’m a slut mummy that craves your big cock! Uuuuhhn!”

“You need my cock because your husband’s isn’t good enough, isn’t that right?” I said, now holding her hips as I drove my member into her.

“Yes! Oooohhh… your cock is so much better than my husband’s! Keep fucking me, baby! You’re going to make me cum!”

The slap-slap-slap sound of my hips hitting Helen’s ass was filling the room, and we both moaned as we fucked. The girls watched as I fucked Helen, playing with themselves and touching each others’ breasts.

Next, I withdrew my cock and put it through the loop of Helen’s pearl necklace, then drove my cock back into her pussy. I reached underneath her with one and hand held the other end of the necklace above her ass. I then pulled the ends tight and began stroking the beads over her asshole, my cock, and her clit, like using the ends of a towel to dry your crotch.

“Ooooouuu, baby! Those pearls feel good on my clit. Mmmmm, yeah!” said Helen, looking back at me with approval.

Before long, the pearls were liberally coated in her pussy juice. I pulled my cock out again and collected the necklace in one hand, while pushing my cock back into her pussy with the other.

“You want to try something really naughty, Mrs. Thompson?” I said.

“Yes! I want to be a dirty little slut for you!” she said, overcome with lust.

Pulling her panties to the side, I spat on Helen’s puckered asshole. Then, using my thumb, I began pushing the pearl necklace into her asshole.

“Oh!” she exclaimed in surprise. “What are you doing?!”

“Oh my god!” laughed Holly. “Mum, he’s putting your pearls in your ass!” She found this extremely amusing, and her and Emma both squealed in delight.

“What the fuck?! Those are expensive! And you’re pushing them into my dirty asshole!” shouted Helen, but she made no effort to stop me.

I kept stroking my cock into her as I fed the pearls past her sphincter until only a few inches were visible. I held the end taught as I fucked her, admiring the tightness of her asshole around the milky pearls.

“You love it, don’t you? You love having your necklace up your ass. I’m going to pull it out nice and slow when you cum, baby,” I told her.

“Mmmmm… y-yes… they do feel good. Oh you fucking naughty boy!” she moaned, pleased by my bold move.

I fucked her good and hard, letting the pearls go so I could hold her jiggling ass. They bounced around her ass crack and off my shaft as I pistoned my cock into her hot pussy.

“Aaaahhh, fuck… Mrs. Thompson, I’m not going to last much longer. Your pussy feels so good on my cock!” I groaned.

“Let’s sit on the floor here by the bed and he can cum on us,” suggested Holly, sitting with her ass on the carpet and her back against the side of the bed.

Emma sat next to her and they both spread their legs apart, rubbing their pussies with their fingers in anticipation of my impending load.

“Yes, get ready for it, girls,” I said, slapping Helen’s ass again and watching it ripple.

“Wait! I’m going to cum first! I’m going to… I’m … I’m cumming! Oh my god fuck yes I’m cumming on your cock! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhnnnn!!!” screamed Helen desperately as her nails clawed at Holly’s desk top.

Helen’s legs went stiff, then shook violently, sending her plump ass into a wobble as I had a last few thrusts deep into her convulsing twat. I felt her pussy squeeze my column inside her with crushing force as I bit my lip and dug my nails into her wide hips. With my other hand I pulled at her necklace, popping the first few pearls out of her anus.

“Aaahhh… fuck yes… cum for me, Mrs. Thompson!” I grunted as Helen moaned.

“OOOHHHH fuck that’s it! That’s it! Here I cum, pull my pearls out of my ass while I cum on your cock!” she cried.

I slowly extracted the necklace from her bowels as her body quivered and she barked and shrieked in pure unadulterated ecstasy. When the last pearl popped free, I dropped the necklace on the floor. I slid my hands up her body and cupped her massive mammaries, squeezing them firmly. She leaned back up against me and reached back to grab my neck, pulling my mouth to hers. We kissed as she continued to tremble, her arse pushing hard against my groin, still squeezing my member inside her.

“Ooooohhh… yes, baby… yes my dear sweetheart… oh yes… mmm that’s nice… ooohh wow…. aaahhh…” she breathed into my ear, panting and moaning as I fondled her big tits and pinched her nipples.

Finally, she bent down and allowed me to slide my rock hard shaft from her womanly depths. It was soaked in her pussy juice, as were her thighs. She pushed her hair back from her face and looked me up and down.

“Well, Mr…. that was… incredible. My god, Emma, you must be the happiest girl on the planet!” she said, chuckling, but still reeling from her powerful orgasm. “Now then. you must be aching for release. We’d better get that cum out of you before my husband gets home.”

She took a seat to Emma’s left and coaxed me over to her with her index finger. Without a word, she pulled my cock to her mouth and sucked me off powerfully, jerking my shaft with rapid strokes. Emma played with my balls with one hand, and her pussy with the other. After a minute, I could feel the familiar sensation in my loins. Helen popped my dick head from her mouth and smiled, still jerking me rapidly.

“Mmmmmm, you’re getting close, aren’t you? Let’s see that big load Emma was taking about, hm? Yeah… just let me jerk you off, honey,” cooed Helen, smiling up at me.

“Aaahhh yeah Mrs. Thompson, I’m going to cum all over you.”

“Yeah? Are you going to cum on my face? On my tits? Give it to me. Give me your hot cum.”

“And save some for us too!” cried Holly, squeezing her breasts together and watching my dick as if it would explode at any second.

She didn’t have to wait long. I grunted as I felt my balls tingle and a bolt of pleasure race up my body.

“AAagh!” I yelled as my cock ejected a torrent of spunk directly into Helen’s pretty face.

“OOOH!” she exclaimed as my thick wad splashed across her cheeks and mouth.

It instantly dripped down into her mouth and over her chin as my second blast spurted out, coating her forehead and lacing through her fringe.

“Woooow! Honey! OOOU!” Helen cried in a high pitch tone as another two shots exploded into her waiting face as she quickly jerked me off.

“Hey! Gimme that!” squealed Emma as she wrestled my cock from Helen’s grip and stroked me, guiding my next shots onto her tits, which she was supporting from underneath with her forearm.

My milky white cum splashed across her soft tits in an abstract pattern as my seed ejected forth onto her bust. Holly greedily watched, then took her turn with my spitting cock, pumping it into her wide open mouth and taking three, four, five shots onto her tongue and over her lips. She let it dribble out of her mouth and down onto her soft breasts, letting it drip from her nipples onto her thighs.

Now I swung back to Helen, who was daintily wiping her eyes free of cum with her fingertips, her mouth open as she blinked through the sticky mess. Seeing that I had returned, she smiled at me, but did not take my cock into her hand, believing my orgasm had ended. She was wrong.

I took my cock and stroked another massive load out, which spurted down her neck and into her cleavage. Another shot spewed across her plump mounds, spilling over them and onto her bra and blouse. Her nipples were hard and her hands were held palms out in surprise.

“There’s more?! My goodness!” she exclaimed as I unloaded another wad on her round tits.

Finally, Emma took me into her mouth and sucked me dry of every last drop of cum. She showed me the substantial load in her mouth, then quickly swallowed it without hesitation. She smacked her lips and smiled lustily up at me, rubbing my cum into her melons.

“You weren’t kidding when you said he cums a lot!” said Helen, still wiping cum from her face. “Look at this mess!”

Holly leaned over to Emma and kissed her. They rubbed their slick, slippery boobs together, my jizz coating them and dripping down their stomachs. Helen chuckled as she traced her fingertips over her bust, pushing gobs of my cum around.

“Look at that, you’ve got it all over my top!” she said, seeming both bemused and dismayed.

I put my hands on my hips and looked down at the cum-soaked women smiling. I felt tired and drained, but satisfied. It had been an extremely pleasurable afternoon.

Suddenly, a door shut somewhere near the front of the house.

“Oh fuck! Daddy’s home!” whispered Holly, looking horrified.

Helen stood quickly and dashed to the door.

“Quick girls, wipe yourselves off and get some clothes on. You, hide in the closet for now.” She dashed out of the room and shut the door, and I heard the bathroom door in the nearby hallway close.

I picked up my clothes and got in the closet as the girls found towels and wiped my cum from their bodies. I watched them frantically dress, through the crack in the door, not caring to put their underwear back on. I heard footsteps in the hallway and a man’s voice call out, “Honey? Holly?”

The girls looked at each other, deciding they were decent. Holly then looked at the tv screen, where the porno was still playing, albeit a different scene. A young girl was being gangbanged by 4 guys.

“Shit!” she hissed, then dove across the bed and switched the screen off. “In here dad!”

A soft knock was heard, then a middle-aged, suited man opened the door. Emma was standing closest to the door. Her tits stretched her grey t-shirt, and her nipples poked obviously through the material. She had not had enough time to properly adjust her clothing, and her frilly pink skirt was sitting much too high on her waist, as I could see the curves of her bottom near the hem. Holly’s father looked at Emma, his eyes wandering down her young, buxom body.

“Oh, erm, hi Emma… I didn’t know we had breasts–er, guests,” he said awkwardly, his hand fumbling at the knot of his necktie.

“Hi Mr. Thompson,” replied Emma cheerily, putting her arms behind her and pushing her tits out, doing her best to make him uncomfortable.

His eyes widened, glued to the two large, round tits sitting proudly on Emma’s chest. He cleared his throat, but was unable to tear his blatant gaze away from Emma’s bust.

“Um, hi dad,” said Holly sounding annoyed, waving her hand at her father. “Can we help you?”

Mr. Thompson was shaken from his titty-hypnosis, and blushed as he looked up at his daughter.

“Oh, yes, hi sweetie… erm, have you seen your mother around?” he said, putting his briefcase in front of his groin to hide his growing erection.

“Ummm… yeah, mum was, uh…” began Holly.

“I’m right here honey,” Helen said, appearing in the doorway.

Helen had managed to get her clothes re-arranged, but I immediately noticed that her top and skirt were cum stained in a few places. How could she not have noticed! I thought, horrified. Her husband turned and looked at her.

“Hi hun… oh,” he said, leaning in for a kiss, but stopping as he noticed the streak of pearly cum in her hair. There was also a white glob of jizz on her top, just over her right breast. He raised his to point at it.

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