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Part 3: Absence Makes the Loins go Mad

“Oh God. Not again.” Charlene grumbled in disgrace as the rays of morning light stabbed between her eyelids that seemed less than willing to completely open. Her hand, still buried in her underwear, felt overly warm and betrayed the moisture between her thighs as she rubbed her slick fingertips together. For the third morning in a row since her son David had left her house, she had awakened from torrid dreams of their incestuous revelations to the realization that her body had demanded more than unconscious recollection in her dreams. Her clitoris still pulsed with the stimulation she had only just abandoned upon waking and the sensation coursed through her body with a terrible need to culminate in climax.

In the dawning moments of consciousness, the visions of her dreams; that of her son between her over eagerly parted legs, sinking his blessed manhood into her sex over and over, still felt as real as the room around her was becoming and without much care to invite reality too early, Charlene sank her fingers back where her body needed them still. The renewed splendor of penetration sent her ecstasy into sharper relief and she rolled over onto her back, pulling one of her shapely legs up under her other arm to make her labors easier. Her breathing began to rasp as her hand darted between her legs with its own will, sending her fingertips into her shuddering wetness with decadent enthusiasm.

“God baby, harder…” She whispered, already half way back into the dream of David’s cock sinking in and out of her, his own mother, the depraved whore such as she had become for him, longing to fulfill a need that seemed now rather boundless. Despite her shame she craved his body against hers, but the protection that her solitude provided allowed her to continue without much reflection on morality. The lust had once again taken control, replacing Charlene’s higher reasoning with the carnal needs that she fought daily now to restrict within herself. What had begun to trouble her most however, was the fact that each time she submitted to her furtive lusts, her body seemed to require more to satiate its appetite. Her fingers felt inadequate, measured against the memory of David’s cock filling her as no man’s had before. Charlene dropped her leg alongside the other, the burning in her core demanding more to be quenched.

“This has gotten out of hand!” She thought with aggravation, but too much had been done for her loins to allow her to stop now. Charlene rolled to her side, reaching desperately for her night stand as the beast within her screamed like a starving wolf at the moon. The drawer yanked open too easily, nearly spilling its contents onto the carpet beside her bed as Charlene grasped and discarded a book and her reading glasses case before her fingers wrapped around the shaft of the phallic instrument of pleasure that she hoped desperately would calm the storm in her loins. With trembling hands she twisted the base switch until the toy vibrated to life on its most forceful setting. She stared at it a moment, singing its rhythmic song in her hands, wishing for a moment that if she were to slide it into her mouth it would bear the flavor of her son’s salty skin.

Rolling over again, she penetrated herself before she was even settled, her inner walls pulsing with the dildo’s playful dance. Harshly she worked it in and out, grunting lewdly and without care as she imagined again being taken with the tremendous force she now only imagined her son inflicting on her. Her eyes had slammed shut, replacing her surroundings with the fantasy of David’s hands pinning her knees back against her heavy breasts. She could see him, beautiful and young, thrusting his hips forward until every inch of his penis vanished between her sensitive labia. He was strong; his eyes determined. She was his again; damn all her inner resistance, she would forever be his as long as he was inside her. She could decide if she hated herself for it later.

Charlene gasped out incoherently, the sound of her whispers and moans accompanies only by the low dull buzz of her toy and the coaxed juiciness seeping from her womb. The images in her mind altered, taking her body involuntarily with them. Without a care for the effort of it, Charlene rolled over onto her stomach, panting into her pillow as she raised her bottom up. The blanket slid from her body exposing her thong clad sex to the ceiling before she tore the saturated underwear down the back of her thighs and sank the toy back inside her inconsolable vagina from behind.

“Fuck yes!” Charlene screamed as she crammed it forcefully against her g-spot. A flash of how obscene she had to look occurred to her in that desperate moment of sexual need and weakness; ass in the air and one hand reached around to penetrate herself as though David himself were in her bed where she needed him, grasping her waist, calling her his and taking her for his pleasure.

“David… David!” She groaned repetitively as she relentlessly besieged her swollen vagina to batter against the spot that promised absolute release.

“God David, fuck me to death! I’m cumming!” Charlene screamed as her muscles tightened around the toy in jarring grips before dispensing a spastic feminine ejaculation that brought her slumping down flat against her belly once more. Her hand released the toy in exhaustion and it continued to pulsate, unguided in the depths of her quivering wetness. The climax had overpowered her to the brink of exhaustion. It felt without end of depth and relentlessness as it tore through her body with a tsunami of breath stealing pleasure. Even when, after some time, the toy buzzed its way free of her body and danced in the wet spot left on her sheets between her trembling thighs, Charlene made no dare to move and disrupt the ebb and flow of internal bliss that frenzied through her nerves. Only until the moment had fully passed, and the fantasy fully faded away; only when the buzzing phallus had begun to annoyingly knock against the side of her knee did she roll to her side, turn it off and toss it off the bed before letting her composure return to her enough to competently sit up and scoot her underwear back up her hips. The coolness of her own moisture on the fabric, long removed from her body to freely interact with the chilly air of the room, pressed against her clitoris and sent one last lingering current through her core.

The beast within was silent now, asleep until her immoral cravings awakened it again. Its less pleasant counterpart took its place in her thoughts, riddling Charlene with guilt and indignity as she reluctantly stood up and moved towards her dresser, in her daily mindless routine to select attire in which to exercise. With self disgust she pulled the tainted thong back off again and helplessly rubbed it against her vagina, only slightly less than horrified at how much of her dampness had smeared across it before tossing the garment in her laundry basket and slipping a fresh pair back up her legs. After donning a pair of her insulated black running pants and a purple tank top, Charlene turned to face the disarray that she had once again made of her bed. Her pillows were scattered and the thick down comforter had been kicked into one corner of the mattress and lay half on the floor. In the center of the linen, like a testament to her corruption was the large dark stain the size of a dinner plate and several scattered smears of saturation that her toy had done the honor of dribbling around her bed before she had found the ability to move and shut it off. With a sigh that felt too heavy for her own lungs, Charlene grabbed at a corner of the bedding to peel it free of the mattress and add it to her inundated thong in the laundry before she stopped short, staring at the clutter like it was a task far larger than it really was.

“Screw it.” She huffed and let loose of the fabric in frustration. Her mind was in too many places to play the domesticated woman and she crossed her room around her bed, promising herself that she’d take care of it after a hard run and a well earned shower. As she flung her curtains open however, all good intentions dissolved to the depressing sight of snow falling so thick, Charlene had to squint through it to make out the house across the street. What should have been a view of the road below her was masqueraded in thick sparkling white. The distinction between elevation of the street and the shouldering curbs was gone and the more she stared, Charlene felt certain it had been surpassed by several feet of frozen precipitation. Cars parked in their driveways were submerged to their side mirrors and for all the chaos before her eyes, it was apparent that the city snow plows had not even bothered to begin any attempt to start their efforts in her neighborhood.

“Punishment, right?” Charlene asked as she stared upward out the frosty pane at her faceless and seemingly mocking creator concealed behind heavy cloud cover, before slouching her shoulders in defeat and turning back towards her dresser, kicking her running pants off as she moved and flicking them with her foot onto her bed with the lump of musty sweet smelling linen. After sliding a heavy pair of sweatpants back on, she snatched up the dildo from is discarded location on her rug. It glistened with the saturation of extended use, but rather than provide Charlene with the smile of satisfaction that it had done its duty admirably, it had become another token symbolizing her feelings of utter failure as a mother. Hurriedly, she rounded the corner from her bed room, making her way to the sink in her bathroom where she thrust the robotic phallus under hot running water and began to wipe it clean with a hand towel with a mania an onlooker might confuse with a person destroying evidence of some horrid crime. When the dildo once again had adopted all of the clean normalcy that a sex toy possibly could, she walked back into her room, tossed it in her bedside drawer amidst a clutter of condoms and ball point pens and slammed it shut as though she couldn’t have been happier to have it out of sight.

The walk down the slender flight of stairs to her living room seemed to Charlene to be a decent into Hell as she knew she would be unable to look upon her sofa without vivid images of her son gripping his masculinity with all the splendor of its engorged potential in a full color flashback of what had started everything she now resented herself for. Trying not to look at its now innocent appearance, she sank into its soft cushions and grabbed for the television remote, giving little notice to the growling in her stomach begging for breakfast. Her thumb tapped the channel control rapidly as her eyes masterfully surveyed passing programs that, in the blink of a second displayed nothing interesting to force her to linger there.

“Can’t run; nothing on TV…” Charlene huffed with irritation. “This should be a fun day.” She added as she rolled back off the couch, punched in the numerals on the remote for the weather channel and walked into her kitchen.

“…an absolutely awful storm.” A meteorologist’s voice trailed off as Charlene opened her refrigerator and dug around for a Tupperware container filled with freshly chopped melon that she had cut up the night before. As she grabbed a fork out of another drawer and flipped the switch on her coffee maker the television spoke again forcing her attention back towards the living room.

“If you’re just joining us, we direct your attention to the north eastern section of New York where something of a small blizzard is consuming the North Country.” The announcer chimed more merrily than such circumstances deserved. Charlene plopped back into the couch and began to eat as she stared at the man on the screen who was wearing what, for all Charlene could account, seemed to be a suit made out of motel drapes. He was circling his hand against the digital image of an enormous storm that was sweeping over her area and worse, towards David’s. Instinctively she set down her tub of melon and hunched over the arm of the couch, wiggling her fingers into her handbag which was just out of reach to make it an uncomfortable stretch until she found her phone. Not bothering to settle back into place first, she tapped the screen to life. No icons stood out indicating missed calls, texts or voicemails. Charlene pulled herself back up into place and once again eyed her television. The animation being displayed confirmed her fears. A large dark purple oval that was presently right on top of her town was being shown drifting towards the right and resting comfortably over where her son was probably already racing down white slopes with little intention of moving on after.

“Crap…” Charlene cursed meagerly, and then smiled in spite of herself as it occurred to her that her concern for David was the first thought she had had about him all morning which hadn’t panged her with guilt. As soon as the warmth of that simple pleasure was through her, her mind betrayed its darker ambitions, replacing her maternal instinct with baser needs for him to come home safely. The animal in her loins grumbled in its sleep.

“Put the phone down Charlene.” She said to herself, and obeying her own better sense she set it down in her lap and stared back at the television without really taking into account what she was seeing before her. Her head was starting to swim with the prospect of his presence and the closure it might bring them. Her eyes settled back into her lap at the calm black screen of her iphone which stared back as though flat out daring her to pick it up.

“No.” She thought. “Let him be. You’re a mess and he’ll know it if you call.” As she set the phone back down on the arm of the couch drumming her fingers against her hip in anxiety as she tried to concentrate on the television.

“And as you can see here on the DOPLAR, the storm system will continue to gust down from Canada and into the northern and northeastern areas of New York, bringing with it significant lake effect snow and high wind. Temperatures in the Adirondack areas are expected to drop into the low teens and well into the negatives by evening with snow accumulation of five feet or more by nine o’clock tonight. Residents are advised to avoid travel if and at all possible and certainly to avoid major highways after 7pm.” The weather man reported as Charlene stared intently at the dark purple highlight of the RADAR behind the reporter as it repeated it’s animation; resting finally over the precise area that her son was staying. She glanced back down at her phone and back to the television. Deciding that a call from a concerned parent could be made to sound less needy than she felt, Charlene picked her phone back up, highlighted her son’s name in her list and tapped it. Her arm felt shaky as she tucked her hair behind her ear and lifted the cell to it.

“Relax.” She exhaled as the ringtone chimed. A mere several seconds of rings felt like an eternity as she fidgeted deeper into her place on the sofa.

“Hi Mom.” David’s deep voice sounded in Charlene’s ear as soon as the line clicked over. Hearing it sent a current through her body that was anything but maternal.

“Hi David. I’m watching the news and the weather heading for your area…” She began, her voice cracking so nervously that she felt like she was back in middle school, calling a boy for the first time. “Well… how’s the weather out there anyhow?” She finished meekly.

“How’s the weather? You did not just say that.” She scolded herself, cupping her forehead in her hand in silent embarrassment. For all her preconceived notions about how nervous she was, Charlene realized that there wasn’t going to be any way to escape the call without making a fool of herself. Fighting every urge to simply hang up and blame it on poor signal, she pressed the phone against her ear more firmly and braced herself for more of the same flutter her nerves would provide when her son spoke to her again.

“I imagine it’s every bit as bad as the TV says it is.” David replied with a casual voice. In the distance, Charlene heard many voices moving in and out of her son’s vicinity. “We’re all packed into the lodge right now hoping for a break but it doesn’t look like we’re gonna get one.” He added.

“It’s really coming down huh? Same here. In fact from what I’m seeing, you haven’t even gotten the worst of it yet.” Charlene replied hopelessly.

“Stop talking about the weather or get off the phone you moron!” Her embarrassment shouted in her mind. Charlene swallowed hard, searching into the recesses of her memory for a time not long passed when having a simple conversation with her son was still a relatively easy occurrence.

“Terrific. Well we were expecting as much. It’s already bad enough out here that they won’t let us on the slopes.” David replied with defeat in his tone. The air on the phone went quiet between them as Charlene moved her lips silently hoping with each passing second that the connection between them would fail so that she could stop trying to think of something to say. “Is everything alright? Did I lose you?” David asked, his voice changing to one of concern.

“No I’m fine here.” Charlene lied. “Actually I was more concerned about you out there.”

“Well, we may have to take off earlier than expected so we don’t get snowed in here.” David remarked before saying something under his breath to someone close by him. Charlene couldn’t make it out and wasn’t really interested anyhow. The simple idea that her son might have to return to her early spread like a wave of warm hope that permeated all the inappropriate areas her body had to offer. She looked out the living room window at the blizzard burying her mailbox and silently prayed that it continue.

“Oh. Well of course if you need to come home…” She began but stopped short, hearing the happiness in her voice that shouldn’t have been there. “That is to say, I don’t want you getting stuck or worse; into an accident. You scare the hell out of me whenever you take your car out in the snow to begin with.” She continued, feeling proud that she had managed to come across at least in part, more like a mother than an optimistic girlfriend. “You’ll keep me posted right?”

“Yeah of course.” David answered through the crackle of failing reception.

“Is everything else alright? Are you coming home in one piece?” Charlene asked. “How is Phil doing? Everything ok there?” She asked, hearing her words dissolve into a blather of disjointed nonsense.

“Alright woman. How about one question at a time before he doesn’t want to come home to your babbling ass at all?” She scolded herself unremittingly, feeling more hopeless with each syllable that came out of her mouth.

“Um yeah, I’m fine. Phil’s fine; everything’s fine. Mom, are you sure you’re ok?” Her son replied. Charlene silently cursed, knowing full well what had prompted such a question. She closed her eyes, breathing deeply to regain composure. Her heart was pounding in her chest and for all the chill coming through the window next to her, she felt like she was steadily becoming feverish.

“I… miss you.” She finally said just above a whisper into the receiver of her phone which felt heavier in her hand with each passing second. She wondered if David understood the context that her words were meant to convey. Gritting her teeth, Charlene waited for the reply to the simple truth she had not intended to express when she had dialed him up.

“I miss…” David began and then stopped short. Charlene tore the phone from her ear to check the call status on the phone, dreadfully fearful the conversation had been dropped, before replacing it against her head. “I want to say I miss you too but…” He said, stopping again. Charlene’s desperation peaked into verbal machine gun fire.

“No! I meant… David I meant that I just miss you. You know? In a ‘mom’ way? I wasn’t trying to force anything. I’m sorry. I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable. I didn’t want…” She rambled with terror in her tone.

“You did it!” She chided herself. “You pushed too fast and you’ve freaked him out! You freaked him out and nothing’s going to ever be the same!” Charlene ranted internally as she folded her knees up to bounce her forehead off of.

“Mom! Give me a second ok? I’m just not in the best place to… just hold on a second, ok?” David replied with exasperation.

“Yeah.” She whispered as a tear ran down her cheek. She listened in the phone at the scuffle of changing sounds and background noise for nearly an eternal minute before her son returned.

“You still there?” David asked. The air around him had grown nearly silent.

“Yes.” She answered; her voice still unable to rise above a whisper, though she realized that he had relocated because it was he who could not talk without ears all around to hear him.

“I was going to say I miss you too…” David began again. “But it wasn’t the right word.” He finished, motivating Charlene to lift her head from its drooped resting place against her knees. “Mom I literally haven’t had a second to myself since I left where you weren’t on my mind.” He concluded. The panic that had so quickly consumed Charlene fled, replaced by the flutter of a butterfly with A.D.D. in her stomach. “And I’ve gone in and out of being so hot for you that I’ve nearly bailed on Phil a hundred times, to staring at myself in the mirror, wondering what the hell we’ve done.” He finished. Like a weight lifted, Charlene lay back on her sofa smiling widely at the relieved burden of believing she was the only one who felt so lost. Despite any motherly desire that her son was away, enjoying himself apart from the cares of life, there was a selfish happiness in that perhaps, she was not the only one teetering on the brink of madness.

“David I’m a wreck.” She confessed. “Part of me wants to tell you how sorry I am for this. Another part…” She paused trying to decide whether to finish the thought. “… Wants you home so I can tear your clothes off.” She admitted, deciding that she would probably communicate more effectively if she abandoned the pretenses under which she had called. The truth felt better.

“Hang on a second Mom.” David replied. The sudden silence on his end was replaced with a flurry of muttered voices that Charlene couldn’t distinguish despite how intently she listened. Each moment they weren’t talking felt like a tap of water between her eyes that was steadily robbing her of her sanity.

“Mom the resort is closing down completely on account of the storm cause the weatherman said this isn’t gonna let up for a couple of days. Phil and I just agreed that the fun’s over. I’m coming home.” David sighed.

“Really?!” Charlene gasped, before realizing that she probably sounded too enthused about her son’s misfortune. “And when you get home we’ll… we’ll talk right?” She added hopefully.

“In this weather I might not be able to get home till late.” David answered. Charlene grew suddenly worried, hoping that his words were more a statement of fact and not an effort to postpone the inevitable.

“I want to talk. We need to talk David. I have no problem staying up as late as it takes.” She answered, pleased at how resolute she seemed to sound.

“Then we’ll talk.” He affirmed back to her. “Listen Mom, Phil and I need to get our stuff loaded up in the cars and get out of here fast. We’re not the only one’s leaving and the road is gonna be bad enough without a hundred people trying to get out of here.”

“Go sweetie.” Charlene replied. “I promise I’ll still be up when you get in and for the love of God, drive carefully.”

“Love you.” David replied, and the line clicked dead leaving Charlene feeling vacant in the hole his absence left behind.

“I love you too David, so much.” Charlene whispered as she pulled the phone from her ear and stared outside again. The snowflakes had grown noticeably larger and tapped against the window pane like little white pieces of cork. Across the street and barely visible through a static of white, neighbors were already scrambling out of their warm homes all bundled up in thick coats and knit caps to shovel driveways and brush off cars in the futile hope that it would make a difference. Charlene had lived in the north country too long not to know better and pulled the quilt she kept over the back of her sofa down over her body and snuggled herself more deeply against a throw pillow with little intention of moving until necessity demanded it.

She felt more at ease now, having bared her thoughts, if only in part, to her son and felt more hopeful about her approach to their impending conversation. She laid still and warm, staring at the television without much regard to the passing of commercials and the clockwork return of the increasingly negative weather report. Slowly, Charlene’s eyes began to close as the heavy sleep converged on her thoughts and ultimately silenced them.

Charlene lay on her bed, adorned in her favorite sheer nightgown as David’s body sank down upon hers gently. His mouth took control of hers with the soothing of all of a kiss’s intended passion. She could feel the heat of his erection against her thigh before she parted her legs for him, expressing without words what she desired most. His lips never left hers as he entered her saturated depths, the fullness of his cock expanding her inner walls to entrench itself inside her. Gently he began to take her, the thrusts of his hips deep and powerful. Charlene gave in; gave herself to David without thought or care. Desiring only to have him stay inside her forever, she wrapped her thighs around his waist, locking her ankles behind him. She flexed her legs, tugging him into her as he pressed forward. Her groans of pleasure filled his mouth as her tongue moved past his lips in search of its mate. In that perfect moment, Charlene was a lover to her son, careless of all inhibition. Lustfully, she raked her fingernails down his back until digging them into his young muscular bottom. He took her at her unspoken word and began to penetrate her harder. His lips broke from hers, gasping desperate moans of pleasure and she became aware of the pulsing swell inside her womanhood indicating that he was to fill her with his steaming warmth. She wanted to cry out to him; to tell him to climax and how much she craved the feel of his orgasm, but a strange ringing began to pull her attention away. She looked around her bedroom, frantic to find its source. It grew louder and more intrusive. David seemed to notice it to and pulled away from her. Charlene reached out to him but his presence had left her room and the ringing only grew louder.

Charlene woke with a start, wincing at the abrupt intrusion of light against her alert eyes. Her surroundings were as she had left them. The television was showing a car commercial and outside the living room window, the heavy snowfall had not ceased as the reports had promised. The only break in the normalcy of her settings was her cell phone, buzzing and ringing where she had left it on the arm of the sofa. She snatched it up, suddenly full of dread that it was David calling; that he had been in an accident or worse.

To a mixture of relief and annoyance, the touch screen glowed with Samantha’s name as the incoming call. Charlene tapped it reluctantly.

“Hey Sam.” She said, still half asleep and as politely as she could, given the reluctance to abandon what she had awoken from.

“Char, great! I need a favor.” Samantha replied, forgetting the social grace of a greeting of her own.

“What’s up?” Charlene replied, sitting up and grasping the TV remote to mute the weatherman’s faithful and continuous update.

“The power over here has been flickering on and off a lot recently and I’m really concerned for all the food I have in my freezer if we lose power for good. Do you have room in that spare icebox in your basement?” Samantha enquired with an overly applied sweetness in her voice that she only wore when she needed something really badly.

“Yeah that’s no problem, if you actually feel brave enough to drive over in this in your car.” Charlene answered.

“Normally I wouldn’t be caught dead trying.” Samantha replied. “I’m really not worried about the normal stuff in the fridge. That’s easy enough to replace, but if all this meat I have in the freezer dies I’m out a few hundred bucks.” She explained with obvious concern in her voice.

“Well send me a text then when you’re on your way and I’ll come out and give you a hand.” Charlene answered as she pulled the quilt of her body less than willingly, with the intention of getting off the couch.

“No need; the cars already packed up and I’m heading out the door now. Give me five minutes. Char, you’re the best!” The line clicked dead. Charlene shook her head in amusement. Of all the things she could rely upon in life, death and taxes paled in comparison to Samantha’s uncanny ability to rope Charlene into a plan with the assumption of her agreement. Less than willingly, she peeled her lethargic body from its entrenched place on her sofa, draped her warm quilt back over the rear of the couch and rose to her feet on sleepy legs. They carried her faithfully to her hall closet where she stepped her feet into a pair of unlaced fur lined boots and donned one of David’s winter coats that he had left behind without bothering to pull her hair out of the collar. She caught a glimpse of herself in the foyer mirror. The jacket looked like she had stolen it from a man twice her size and it wrapped more like a thick Gortex cocoon around her body and hung around her shoulders like it was on a clothing hanger three sizes too small. Charlene tucked her face into one of its lapels; it smelled like her son’s musky cologne. The beast within again grumbled as it lay in her depths, dreaming and waiting to be reawakened.

Much to Charlene’s relief, before any further dwelling on her part occurred; her attention was redirected to the pane of glass beside her front door where up the street, a slowly moving and almost entirely snow covered red car was trudging through the deep white winter wasteland towards her house through what could no longer be recognized as a neighborhood. As she opened the front door, a blustery arctic gale struck Charlene square in the face, immediately sapping away more warmth than her body could replenish. Stepping out off her front step she sank almost to her hips and began making her way through the frozen swamp that her yard had become to the street where Samantha was pulling up. Her car crunched to a halt and the engine died off as though relieved to be through an ordeal.

“I made it!” Samantha sprang from the driver’s side, her hands held aloft her head triumphantly and she began to dance in the heavy snow like a victorious boxer after a grueling match. “You’re a life saver Char!” She chimed, pointing at Charlene like she was a savior as she rounded her vehicle in heavy high steps until she came at last to the shallow side of her trunk where the snow was worn down by the force of her car. “It’s really not that much I promise!” She added as she clicked her key fob, popping the truck open to reveal four rather heavy looking brown paper bags packed to the brim with sealed freezer bags.

“It’s fine Sam; I’m happy to help.” Charlene assured her as she labored to make her own way to the trunk where Samantha thankfully loaded both her arms with one bag each before attempting to underarm two of her own and coaxing the trunk shut with her elbow after several tries. The walk back felt treacherous as the pair tried to use the deep foot prints Charlene had made on the way out. After freezing nearly to death in several failed attempts to work her front door open, she and Sam sighed in mutual appreciation for the house’s warmth. Their shoes squeaked against Charlene’s polished hardwood foyer floor leaving wet dragging footprints as they wound around the kitchen towards the basement.

“So… How are ya holding up?” Sam asked as they descended the creaky wooden steps into the dark damp smelling lower floor. Without warning, excitement swelled out of Charlene’s lips.

“David called me not too long ago!” She chimed back, realizing that the answer sounded more elated than she would have liked. “The storm forced the ski lodge to close and he’s on his way home!”

“In this?!” Samantha stammered, her voice cracking under the strain of the load of paper bags she was hauling in her weakening arms. “That’s insane! It’ll take him hours to get that car through the storm. He’d be better off finding a motel for the night.” She grunted in relief as her feet found the steadier cool concrete floor at the base of the stairs.

“I know. I’m worried about it too.” Charlene admitted despite her enthusiasm. “But at least when he gets here we can talk and…” She huffed as she set her load on the floor and panted away her racing heart beat. “…we can talk and get a handle on this.” She concluded with one last heavy breath before pulling open the lid of the storage cooler. Samantha plopped the remaining bags down beside Charlene’s set and accounted her friend cautiously.

“Char…” She began nervously, clearly uncertain as how to approach her next question. “Say the two of you talk, and you convince each other that continuing this… relationship if that’s what you want to call it, isn’t in either of your best interests. What then?” Charlene began to pull meat from the bags and set it into the freezer quietly contemplating her friend’s question. “Do you really think it will all just go back to the way it was?” Samantha probed harder as she began to empty items into the fridge as well.

“Part of me wishes it all would.” Charlene sighed. “I don’t have to tell you what a mess this has all made of me.” She added as she crushed an empty paper bag down and started in on the next one.

“But if you could rewind and go back; change things… would you?” Sam asked.

“In my right mind I would say yes, absolutely!” Charlene replied flatly. “But that’s the problem. Whenever I think of David now I know I’m not in my right mind.”

“Someone else is doing the thinking huh?” Sam asked, staring down at Charlene’s waist with a click of her tongue. Her friend rolled her eyes at the crude remark.

“Something like that.” Charlene replied and then stopped her work to stand up and stare forward silently. “Or nothing like that.” She added in confusion. “When I think about David now, yes obviously it’s arousing.” She tried to explain. Samantha grinned and nodded in agreement. “But the more I let it affect me the more I start to think it’s something else too.”

“Meaning?” Samantha huffed as she lifted a rather large piece of freeze dried meat into the freezer.

“I get… warm.” Charlene began as she placed her hand over her stomach. “I feel light and tingly. My heart starts pounding and…” Charlene went on absentmindedly putting words to her unresolved feelings before Samantha stood and placed a hand on her arm.

“Char? Are you in love with David?” She asked with a tone of concern.

“What?!” Charlene spat in a raised voice. “Of course not!”

“Um, it sounds to me like you are. I mean it’s been a while for me and all but last I checked, that’s what you feel like when you’re falling in love.” Samantha countered. Charlene stared back at her in disbelief. The mere idea was nonsensical.

“Sam, seriously. He’s my son!” Charlene countered.

“Last I checked, that excuse hasn’t gotten in your way a whole lot.” Samantha shrugged. Charlene watched in dumbfounded silence as her friend nonchalantly continued to empty meat into her freezer.

“Alright this conversation is over!” She demanded angrily. “I have no idea what I actually feel and I don’t appreciate your label for it.” Charlene stated menacingly. Samantha backed up with her hands raised in surrender.

“Char, I’m sorry. Look I’m not trying to tell you what you feel. I call it how I see it. My aim was off, that’s all.” She apologized. Charlene’s enflamed countenance faded slightly back to its normal appearance. Samantha looked terrified and ashamed. Charlene wondered if she had involuntarily come across sterner than she had intended. Her best friend looked like a child that had just realized she had crossed a line with a parent.

“No, I’m sorry.” Charlene dissolved into shame. “Sam, I really have no idea what I feel that’s all.” She tried in vain to explain. As she stood there a moment staring at her friend hopelessly, a frightening sort of sense evolved out of Samantha’s accusation. Charlene shrugged it off forcefully, not wishing to give the idea any more substance. “Do you want some coffee?” She finally asked, elated when Samantha nodded appreciatively, hoping that the subject was closed. The pair ascended the steps sluggishly, taking the folded paper bags back up with them.

“What’s on TV?” Samantha asked tilting her head towards the living room as she followed Charlene into the kitchen.

“Nothing. I was just watching the weather this morning; keeping track of the storm.” Charlene explained as she fished through the cupboard for a pair of clean mugs. “If you haven’t got anywhere to be for a while you can always skim through the channels and find something for us to watch. That is of course if you don’t mind unearthing your car later and I haven’t completely scared you away yet.”

“Char I’m fine. It was my fault. Anyhow I doubt there’s much to watch. I was trying to find something on while I was home and I couldn’t, but what the Hell. I’ll see to the television; you get the coffee.” Sam schemed, seeming a bit lighter in her speech now that the last embers of her friends anger were quenched. Charlene simply nodded in agreement as she added creamer to her own mug while her friend turned on her heals towards the living room kicking off her heavy boots in the end of the foyer as she went.

“In love with David indeed…” Charlene suddenly thought as the notion came flooding back into her mind. She stopped what she was doing with a heavy sigh and stared forward at the cabinet door before her as though it would answer any of the volumes of questions that were surfacing in her head. The possibility that she was even less in control of her emotions than she was of her body made her feel impossibly weak. All of David’s life she had loved him, but with a mother’s love; the love that nurtured him, protected and guided him into adulthood to the best of her ability. The notion that it was at all possible that her love for him had changed so drastically, all because of what Charlene wanted to attribute to a poorly aimed sexual vulnerability, seemed utterly ridiculous. Yet as Charlene tried to shrug off the sensitivity she felt inside when David came to mind, Samantha’s accusation seemed to support more weight. She felt as hopelessly juvenile as a teenager, falling madly in love with the first boy she believed would give her his heart in exchange for her body. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling at all. After finishing up both heated concoctions, she slipped her frozen feet out of her own wet boots and left them in the kitchen.

Samantha was dutifully channel surfing as Charlene entered the living room with the two hot coffee mugs that would ward off the chill in their bones. She sat beside her friend and silently stared forward at the screen, oblivious to what was on it as her brain tackled what it clearly considered more important questions. Samantha grabbed Charlene’s trusty quilt and tossed it over the both of them before snuggling herself into a cozy place.

“Could I be in love? Is it possible? What’s wrong with me?!” She thought. Her mind grappled with the questions one after the other, each seeming to lead back into the next in an endless loop of brain numbing repetition.

“Do I get one of those?” Samantha asked, breaking Charlene’s train of thought abruptly. She laughed and handed Samantha’s coffee to her and went back to staring forward. “Are you ok Char?” Samantha asked after accounting for Charlene’s silence a moment.

“I was thinking about what you said in the basement.” Charlene confessed before giving her attention to her own cup with a shallow sip. The coffee penetrated her body richly, fighting away an approaching shiver. Samantha looked back at her with sorrow in her eyes.

“Char, I didn’t mean anything bad by it.” Sam recoiled, her body languge becoming defensive in preparation for more arguement.

“No I know you didn’t.” Charlene sighed, finally making eye contact. “It’s just on my mind now. What if I am?” She asked mournfully.

“What if you are… what? In love with David?” Samantha repeated, easing forward with caution. “Well, damn Charlene I have freaking clue. Certainly would put a spin on things wouldn’t it?” She answered.

“Meaning?” Charlene asked as she sipped her coffee and set it back down on the table before her, discarding it as still being too hot for her tastes.

“Well I mean, before it was just sex. If you think you’re in love, are you looking for some kind of relationship with him?” Samantha reasoned cautiously, obviously not wanting to enflame her friends rage again. Charlene didn’t take the bait and just stared forward again, trying to still the beating of her heart which had begun to build in intensity.

“No.” She finally answered flatly. “No I’m not. Or yes… damn it Sam, I really have no clue what I’m thinking or what to do or…” She rambled helplessly. Samantha reached out, gingerly placing her hand on Charlene’s thigh.

“It’s not like you have to figure all this out right now Char.” She offered, setting her own mug down on the coffee table beside Charlene’s before addressing her further. “That’s the whole point of talking to David when he gets home right? To straighten out your thoughts?”

“And decide where it goes from here.” Charlene added with closure.

“Exactly. So for now, shut up and relax. You’re going to give yourself an aneurism.” Sam lectured. “Let’s just watch some TV and; well maybe not cause there is really nothing at all on worth watching.” She grumbled as she tapped through the channels in defeat. Charlene chuckled in amusement.

“Try ‘on-demand’.” She suggested as she rolled her head from side to side, sighing in relief as it cracked. “I really don’t care so whatever you pick is fine.”

“Well now. What’s this?” Samantha’s voice chimed merrily, breaking Charlene’s moment of peace. On the screen read the heading, ‘recently viewed’, and beneath it the words, ‘Horny Moms 2′. Charlene cocked her head slowly over to Samantha, regarding her amused playful look with distain.

“David.” She answered flatly. “I’m pretty sure that’s what I caught him watching that first morning.”

“Scene of the crime huh?” Samantha grinned. “Well why don’t we just have a little peek.” She added enthusiastically as she scrolled the cursor on the screen down over the movie title.

“Oh God Sam, really?” Charlene protested. “Surely there’s something else on actually worth watching.”

“What? It’s just good fun. Besides, like I said, I was channel surfing before I called you and there really isn’t anything worth watching; even you saw that!” Samantha said, discarding her friend’s disapproval. “Plus…” She added after a moment’s thought. “It might help you get in David’s head a little; see what he likes… and, you could probably use something to fuel whatever happens tonight.” She chimed with a playful bump of her elbow into Charlene’s ribs.

“Owe!” She protested again and reached out to try to snatch the remote from Sam. “David and I are going to talk tonight and nothing more until we do.” She shot back.

“And I hardly need any help fueling my desires.” She thought as she tried again to grab the remote in vain.

“Ugh-uh.” Sam muttered flatly. “You said whatever I wanted to watch, and besides; ‘Horny Moms 2′?” She continued to poke fun. “How can you resist?” Samantha laughed out loud. Charlene simply shook her head in reply.

“Too bad…” Samantha’s voice rang back. “You need to lighten up anyhow. Now, shall we pick up where David left off or start from the beginning?”

“Whatever…” Charlene groaned, now a bit at odds with her suggestion that Samantha stick around for coffee. Nearly oblivious in her annoyance to Sam’s observation that David had only gotten ten minutes into the porno, she rolled her eyes as her friend opted to pick up from the moment Charlene had caught her son masturbating and pushed play on the remote control. The load screen scrolled its status bar only a moment before the screen lit up to exactly where Charlene remembered it being before David had turned it off.

A mature looking but gorgeous brunette woman that Charlene decided instantly was right around her age was bent over on all fours. Beneath her a younger girl, probably only in her mid twenties lay in perfect position to lather her tongue against the older porn stars vagina while a young man, near the age of the girl on the floor groaned pierced the mature beauty with a cleanly shaven and handsome looking cock. In spite of herself, Charlene felt the warm rush of her blood rising to the surface of her pale skin.

“Well well well…” Samantha teased as she looked Charlene over. “I do believe someone’s blushing.”

“Shut up.” Charlene groaned, rolling her eyes but they found themselves fixed back on the screen almost immediately.

“Well I can’t blame you. That’s fucking hot!” Sam remarked as she too looked back to the television. Charlene stared at the trio intently, listening to the endless cries of pleasure the girls emitted as the younger man grunted like some silly ape above them.

“I never understood porn.” Charlene finally said after a few minutes. “The guys all have great bodies, but ugly faces and the women don’t sound real. They just scream and moan because it’s what gets guys off.” She added with all the seriousness of a stern debate. Samantha turned her head and gave Charlene the look one would expect had she said something naive.

“You’re right, you don’t get it.” She stated flatly. “Char its fantasy. It’s people fucking. Who cares what they say or how they sound. Next you’re going to tell me the lighting is bad or the backdrop looks staged. You’re paying attention to the wrong things. Look at them.” She pointed to the screen. Charlene looked back in time to see the two girls rolling away from the young man. Eagerly they had risen to their knees before him; their hands cupping their breasts and their tongues out like panting dogs as the man jacked extremely fake amounts of semen into their faces.

“Oh come on!” Charlene complained as though she were a film critic. “Now that’s just nonsense. I have never met a man who came that much. It’s all fake!” She whined. Samantha shook her head quietly.

“Of course it’s fake. Who cares? Char it’s porn. It’s hot slippery guilt free fantasy. You watch it, you get off and you’re done with it!” Sam shot back, defending the movie as the scene faded to black around the two women licking the sperm off each other’s faces, as though any woman had actually ever done anything so crude in real life.

“Oh yeah? I don’t see you over there getting off so what’s the point of this?” Charlene looked at Sam out of the corner of her eye. Her friend smiled sheepishly and turned her head back to the screen as a new scene in the film came up.

“Right. Like you wouldn’t completely freak out if I just dropped my pants and went to town on myself.” Samantha chided.

“Even you aren’t that uninhibited.” Charlene replied under her breath as she surveyed the screen. Another woman near her age was lying out by a pool, sunbathing topless. In the background a young man no more attractive than the last was pretending to check the waters chlorine levels. Charlene rolled her eyes again, mentally predicting exactly how the scene was going to play out.

“Well I don’t see you doing anything either.” Samantha replied, glaring at Charlene despite probably knowing how empty the argument was given Charlene’s initial reluctance to watch the movie at all. Charlene didn’t reply and just gazed forward. Samantha stared at her so hard she could feel her eyes in the corner of her peripheral vision. “Alright, fine.” Samantha huffed and after leaning forward enough to set her mug on the coffee table, reached under the quilt and began to wiggle around. Charlene watched Sam rummage for a moment before her jeans hit the floor at the base of the couch in a heavy flop.

“What are you doing?!” Charlene demanded as the sudden motion tore her eyes from the older woman who already had the man’s cock buried in her mouth.

“What does it look like?” Samantha replied as she suddenly whipped her pants out from under the quilt and tossed them carelessly on the coffee table nearly missing their drinks.

“No you aren’t!” Charlene shouted in amazement, her eyes fixed on her friend whose face suddenly flushed with arousal.

“Oh yes I am!” Samantha moaned as her head rocked back. “Take a good look Char. This is how you’re supposed to watch a porno.” She gasped as she tensed up and then relaxed with a heavy sigh of pleasure. “What’s the big deal anyhow? I’ve got the blanket over me; it’s not like you can see what I’m doing.”

“What you’re doing next to me!” Charlene retorted in frustration. “Under my blanket. On my couch!” She added raising her voice.

“Would you calm down?!” Samantha groaned as she stared forward at the television with the glazed eyes of lust. “I’ve still got my panties on. Your couch is fine…” Her words dissolved into a heavy gasp of pleasure. Charlene stared at her in bewilderment as the realization that Samantha had never been all that met the eyes sank in to the fullest that she could fathom.

“I can’t belive you.” Charlene huffed and turned her head back to the screen where the woman was now squatting over the young man’s hips, spearing herself down on his cock with rapid bounces. Beside her, Samantha continued to groan as she masturbated without regard to Charlene’s presence.

“You know you’d be a lot less uptight if you’d just join me.” She moaned.

“Not gonna happen.” Charlene retorted as she fidgeted to her left to blatantly put distance between herself and Sam. As she wiggled over however she became aware that she had grown severely wet despite her discontent.

“Fine…” Samantha replies dismissively. “Be a prude. I’m sure David will love you for that.” Samantha stabbed. Charlene slashed her eyes across Samantha with a furious glare.

“I am not a prude!” She shouted. Samantha abandoned her self-gratification and turned her body to face Charlene’s fiery stare.

“Yeah? Prove it then. Take your pants off.” She challenged. “This got David off, it’s sure as Hell gonna work for me if you shut up long enough…” She stated with agitation. “You’re the only one so far who isn’t enjoying it so I’m calling you out. You say you’re not a prude; prove it!” She demanded and then turned back towards the screen and groaned heavily as she sank her hand back into her underwear.

Charlene glared at her speechlessly. On the television, the woman was laying face down over a yoga ball that had mysteriously come out of nowhere as her young lover plowed into her from behind. Charlene however could only gaze in wonder at Samantha who despite the intensity of her recent argument had relaxed back into her efforts and was breathing heavily while she watched the movie and masturbated.

“You have no right to judge me.” She finally whispered at her friend. Samantha rocked her head to the side to regard Charlene who now was feeling more hurt than anything.

“Char, if you don’t learn to let go of yourself sexually, how do you expect this thing with David is going to play out?” She asked with a perfectly serious tone. Charlene felt stunned at the sincerity of the question. Without knowing why her hands moved of their own accord under the blanket. Samantha raised an eyebrow at her friend curiously as she offered a sly grin. Charlene stared back at her as she hooked her thumbs into the waist band of her yoga pants and raised her bottom off the sofa.

“Keep going.” Samantha encouraged. Charlene swallowed hard and began to press the fabric down until it slid past her hips to her knees. She paused, watching Samantha’s reaction which had become extremely fixated in her direction. Like a child knowing she was doing something wrong, Charlene cautiously pushed the flimsy pants over her knees and let them fall to the floor at her feet before kicking them out onto the floor under the table. “Almost there…” Samantha teased, urging her to continue. Charlene’s heart was beating at nearly debilitating pace as she ran the palm of her hand up her thigh and hooked her fingers under the edge of her thong. The second they touched the delicate throbbing flesh of her labia, Charlene shut her eyes and gasped out in pleasure. “That’s my girl!” Samantha giggled as she turned back to the television to watch the woman on scene gyrate forward forcefully each time the man sank his cock into her.

Charlene moved her fingers slowly over the slippery outer surfaces of her sex. She was far wetter than she had believed and her love channel opened in a delicious spasm, ready to except penetration. Her eyes darted between the television and Samantha who was herself, completely engrossed once again into pleasuring herself. The creature inside her growled for attention and as if to quench the fire it was breathing inside her loins, Charlene sank her fingers deeply inside herself.

“Oh God!” She gasped as her vagina twitched and clenched down on her probing fingers. Beside her Samantha groaned heavily, as if feeding her mounting lust with Charlene’s. Something about her friend so aware of her vulnerability made Charlene’s sex ignite. Feverishly she began to rock her fingers in and out of her pussy, adding her other hand into her panties to run her fingers over her clit. Charlene began to forcibly gyrate in place.

“Easy there sweetie. There’s still a lot of movie left.” Samantha teased as she pulled the quilt down into her lap. Charlene gazed in wonder as Sam used her only free hand to lift her blouse up over her braless, milky white breasts. Her nipples were flush and hard as she seized one in her finger tips, groaning heavily as she tweaked it from side to side. In her heightened hormonal state Charlene stared at them in wonder. “You can touch them if you want to.” Sam cooed as she shot her friend a sideways glance of devilish playfulness. Without thinking, Charlene pulled her moist fingers from her clit and reached out with a trembling hand. Samantha giggled and caught it in her own tenderly and placed it over her breast. Charlene squeezed gently, instantly transported back to her early college years of bisexual experimentation. Samantha’s back arched as she moaned heavily at Charlene’s touch. “Oh that feels nice…” She whispered as Charlene rolled her friends erect nipple between her shaking fingertips.

Charlene glanced back at the screen. The scene had dramatically changed. The mature lustful beauty on the television had been pulled into the pool but was leaning over the edge with her legs dangling in the water. Behind her, the young man was playfully slapping her ass with his erection. Charlene felt her inner muscles contract more tightly around her fingers, which at this point had begun to move as though their actions were as involuntary as blinking. Charlene reached across Sam’s gorgeous chest and clasped her fingers tightly around her other breasts which mashed plumply into her palm as sweetly as the first had.

“Bet you anything he’s gonna take her in the ass.” Samantha suddenly commented as she stimulated herself far more obviously under the quilt. Charlene stared intently at the screen to see that true to her friend’s prediction, the woman had reached back behind her and was now spreading her cheeks apart in her hands as the young man positioned the head of his cock against the tight puckering entrance to her rectum. Charlene’s eye widened in a rich mixture of excitement and wonder as the camera closed in on the woman’s ass opening up around the swollen mushroom head of the invading penis, allowing it effortless entry into her sucking anus. “That’s so fucking hot!” Sam cried out as she tightly gripped the breast that Charlene wasn’t fondling and began to stimulate her vagina so forcefully that the quilt over her lap drifted off her slender silky legs and onto the floor leaving both friends extremely more exposed to each other. Charlene stared down at Samantha’s finger filled panties. They were a lacy off white and soaked through. The heavy grunts of pleasure escaping the female porn stars mouth pulled her gaze back to the screen to see the young man pounding into her; the pool water around his hips splashing loudly.

“Incredible…” Charlene whispered as she watched the fullness of the man’s erection vanish and reappear from his co-star’s asshole in rapid deep movements. “I don’t know how she does that.” She added breathlessly as she pulled her hand from Samantha’s breast and used it to keep her panties to one side as she fingered herself vigorously.

“What? You mean you never…” Samantha began, her own voice almost unintelligible amidst her desperate moans of pleasure.

“I tried once…” Charlene stammered as the furious pleasure in her womb screamed at her for more. “… Back in high school. Didn’t end well!” She gasped as she found herself once again staring back down to her side at Samantha’s hand manipulating her sex under her panties. Taking notice of the attention, Samantha smiled and paused, only long enough to pull her panties completely off her legs before she spread them widely, draping one over Charlene’s knee before returning her fingers back to the devotion of her completely shaved vagina.

“Better?” She mused as she stared over at Charlene with her lower lip in her teeth. Charlene didn’t answer with anything more than a deeply appreciative nod. “Good… now what were you saying?” She asked as she turned her head back to the furious anal sex that continued on the television. Charlene, extremely tantalized with the silky feel of Sam’s draped leg on her thigh, tugged her panties further to the side to offer reciprocation as best as she could. Samantha looked down at her friends more revealed vagina and licked her lips with a giggle.

“I have no idea…” Charlene panted as she pinched her clit between her slippery fingers.

“Something about high school…” Samantha replied, her voice ripe with amusement.

“Oh…” Charlene panted. “I was saying that I tried it with a boyfriend and it didn’t work. He wouldn’t fit and it hurt; haven’t tried since.” She explained. The scene on camera had changed again. The man was now lying with his legs hanging down into the pool. The woman was riding him, his cock still buried deeply into her rectum as she planted her hands on his chest to support her movements.

“You should try with David.” Samantha moaned, pulling Charlene’s attention from the screen again to the gorgeous woman beside her so carelessly pleasuring herself.

“Yes let’s just let my son know how much of a whore his mother has become lately.” Charlene thought although the damage the suggestion had done had already redirected her thoughts to shamelessly bending over and offering her anus to her son’s throbbing cock.

“I’d be too afraid. He’s too big.” She replied instead as she attempted to redirect her thoughts from the invading fantasy by looking at the delightful mess her best friend was making between her legs. Samantha’s fingers were keeping her vaginal lips spread wide as she rapidly ran her other hand over her clit in elated ecstasy. She was staring at Charlene again, using her desire to feed her own as her eyes seemed to read Charlene’s mind.

Sound faded as my mind screamed for release from the danger, yet my body was fully aroused and in total need of use and abuse, I focused on one thought that kept me aroused as I finally realized, I am my son’s slut and I want to, yes want to please him in any way possible. I felt a breath on my neck and ear as Dave whispered softly, “Mom, you know I love you and accept you as my slut.” He continued “As such you need to serve me totally, fulfilling anyone’s needs I offer you to, without complaint or resistance, give in and please me totally, make me proud of my slut”.

As he spoke to me, I was shocked, not at his words, but how my body became even more aroused and sensitive, I almost came as his hand gently massaged my back as he rose and left. I needed to please him and as if I was being given a major award, I was suddenly proud to serve him. I felt a spasm in my pussy, no….. my son’s cunt as my juices now flowed freely as I waited for what was to come.

In the background I heard some rustling and whispering and the crowd murmured as I awaited my fate. Then suddenly with no warning, I heard a swish and a burning feeling extend across my exposed bottom. I started to scream at the intense and unexpected pain but the scream caught in my throat as my mouth opened and nothing came out. I need to make my son proud, I needed to suffer without complaint. My eyes burned with tears, and then another stroke lashed painfully across my bottom, I felt my knees wobble and my head pull back as I again choked away my scream. I shivered in pain, but just as much in pleasure as somewhere deep in the depths of my body sent extreme pulses to my now stiffened nipples and my dripping cunt. I raised my bottom for the next stroke, needing it now.

Over and over the strokes landed expertly on my bottom, each time sending shivers through my body. The pain was excruciating, but also drove my body closer and closer to orgasm. I needed more, I heard my strained voice call out softly, “more please, more, more, I need this.”

The crowd cheered in the background as the Master continued to use me harshly till suddenly, my body shook violently and I cried out as my orgasm exploded. I felt it deep in my body and then the shocks stuck through my cunt, my nipples and I gushed cum as it streamed down my legs. I could only see stars as the pain and pleasure blocked my vision other than stars like I was going to pass out. I could not stop, the orgasms continued as did the strokes from the whip.

Finally after what seemed to be hours I felt my body totally collapse in exhaustion from the extreme orgasm. Then the strokes stopped. I kept feeling involuntary shudders from deep inside me. My cunt slobbered my juices down my legs and I dropped my head and slumped forward against my restraints. Gasping for breath, I moaned deeply and then finally became still. The audience cheered to my total humiliation, yet, deep inside I felt pride in my service to my son……and I felt another pulsation in my cunt knowing I wanted more, no, I needed more!

In a few moments I felt two sets of gentle soft hands on me as two females removed me from my restraints, I fell forward as they caught me and helped me to a table. As they lay me back onto the cool table I cried out softly as my bottom contacted the hard surface, the pain shocked me back to a level of consciousness. I felt my knees being bound pulled back and over my head. I was spread widely and my head dropped back thought an opening in the table that allowed my head to rest on a loser headrest. Not fully realizing it at the time, I was positioned now to provide total access to my ass, my cunt and my mouth and tits. Finally my arms were extended and bound out to the sides.

A call was made to the audience, “we now offer the slut to all of you, based on the numbers you were handed as you entered the building tonight”.

I shook, again, more from arousal than fear. The announcer went on to say, “at this time, she is available for any form of sex you wish, her ass, cunt and mouth will welcome you as you wish.”

I heard a commotion as the crowd began to arrange themselves in a line to use my body. I shook again and then felt that breath again, it was Dave as he complimented me on my performance so far and then went on to say, ” you will not offer your body totally to be used by those I have approved to use you, enjoy my slut, make me proud of you.”

I had no idea who or how many people were out there, but I was soon touched by a pair of hands, pushing my legs apart a little more and just as quickly I felt the head of a hard cock pushing against my soaked cunt. It slid in easily and fucked me hard. I shivered as this cock was buried to the hilt and I felt my cervix plundered. Over and over, hard and fast he fucked me till he filled me with his cum. Then just as quickly as he came in me, he left, I groaned as his cock slipped out leaving my hole empty and leaking. Quickly though I was filled again and again, large cocks, small cocks all using my cunt. Others began to fuck my mouth and throat filling my mouth and face and tits with more cum. Then others began stuffing their cocks up my ass, it is then that my orgasms began.

I started shuttering and cumming over and over as each cock now filled me with load after load. I needed this more than I ever imagined, I began to beg for more, cumming harder and harder with each cock filling one of my holes. I was more stretched than ever as my ass was filled with some huge cocks and my cum filled cunt was not being fisted. I heard laughter as I was covered and filled with cum and as humiliating as that was it increased the intensity of my orgasms.

My mind swam in a pool of cum and pleasure as each participant used me. Many were now taking me ass to mouth as I cleaned their nasty cocks dripping with cum and the filth from my ass. I licked and cleaned them all like a total slut drinking it all down. Time eluded me, the number of cocks using me or the amount of cum filling or covering me was lost in a fog of orgasms and fatigue.

Finally the activity slowed then stopped, I passed out.

Still blindfolded, I had no sense of time when I awoke. I moaned at the pain of the abuse I had suffered so willingly. And I again felt the two females gently touch me and help me sit up from my position, still on the table. I felt and smelled the sticky and dried cum still covering and filling my body as they lifted me to a sitting position. As I rose, I felt globs of cum running from my filled and used cunt and asshole, I shivered again feeling my body react to this nasty show my body was putting on.

I felt a cold object shoved between my legs and another against my ass as what seemed to be gallons of cum drained from my used holes. I groaned as I was lifted to a standing position with my legs spread wide as I continued to drain more cum and filth from my holes into what was two containers positioned to capture this valuable fluid from the depths of my body.

Finally the blindfold was removed, I blinked and closed my eyes at the painful, but not very bright light hurt my eyes. As my eyes adjusted, I could see my body covered in cum, my tits and stomach, my legs, my pussy was virtually encased in dried cum. One of the girls held up a mirror for me to see my face which looked as if I had dried cream coating my face and hair totally except where the blindfold had been positioned. I gasped at the sight of myself and then gasped again as I felt a thick, deep spasm in my belly. I looked for Dave to see if I had pleased him, but he was not in sight.

Then, in just a few moments I felt a man’s hand on my back, it was Dave, he leaned close to my ear and whispered his pride in how his slut mom had performed. Smiling broadly at me he lifted one of the cum filled containers and handed it to me and said, “let’s toast your performance my slut.”

He lifted his beer and clicked it against the container and took a deep drink from his beer. I looked at him for a moment and then realized what he expected from me. I looked deeply into the container and saw a milky almost brackish looking thick liquid filling the container and looked back at Dave. With a large smile on his face, he clicked his beer against the container and said, “Bottoms Up Slut!”

Swallowing hard, I now fully knew what was expected of me and brought the container to my lips and tipping it up, I began to drink……….almost gagging as the liquid flowed into my mouth, I forced myself to drink and swallow. Gulp after gulp the liquid slowly disappeared down my throat. The thick salty and brackish tasting liquid filled my mouth and my stomach. I looked deeply into my son’s eyes and continued to drink until it was gone. Proudly I smiled at him and then taking my finger and wiped some of the liquid on the side of the container onto my fingers and then lifted my finger to my mouth and licked it dry. Suddenly, the crowd erupted in cheers and guffaws of slut and whore.

Somewhat shocked as I could not see the crowd as they sat in darkness, I blushed, as ridiculous as this may sound, I blushed. My son rose and took a bow and told the group that we would now take a 4 hour break to allow me some sleep and then continued telling them all, “but that does not mean my mom slut will be allowed to clean up, she will remain soiled and covered until the show is over tomorrow.”

I was taken back stage and provided a cot to sleep on, I drifted off quickly with the taste of cum in my mouth and thoughts of what is to come in four hours, what awaits me?

Mike is a rousing success. His passion and need become almost too much for him to handle. Relationship with Evie is formalized. Life throws a couple of curves. Comments, good or critical, welcome. Sign them and I’ll acknowledge them. Jb7


By noon the Saturday feature meals were prepped for the final cooking. In the small city, word of mouth acted quickly. News of the cacciatore the night before had spread and otherwise regular customers who had been absent for a while returned to see if the reports were true. Mike had suggested to Evie and her mother that one of the game hens be sacrificed and portioned out in sample cups to be given to customers as they were seated.

Dinner service began at five. By eight, they were out of the game hen, and nearly out of the cacciatore. By ten, they were down to sandwich service. Including the bar, they could seat ninety patrons. That night they turned the room over three times, the biggest non-festival night in the restaurant’s colorful history.

Mike was stoked. He was on an adrenaline high so high he didn’t know what to do with himself. As soon as kitchen clean up was underway, he went looking for Evie, only to learn she had left the restaurant for a couple of hours since she had to close the bar that night, at two AM.

Anna was in the manager’s office, going over the night’s receipts. She looked up when Mike stuck his head in the doorway to ask about Evie. “Hey, Mike! Congratulations! Looks like your game hen dish is a big success. You actually sold out of it?”

“More than. We sold out everything we had prepped for tonight, and all of what we had set aside for tomorrow.”

“Uh, what are we…”

“When I put the birds on to cook, I had Evie call the supplier. He’ll have fifty birds here by nine o’clock. Hot damn! I am so …unngh! I can’t describe it. It’s like being on the edge of a huge orgasm and it feels so fucking good, you’re not sure if you want to come or not. Know what I mean?”

Anna laughed and walked around the desk to approach him. “Well, why don’t we see if I can help you over that edge, and then…”

“Easy, Mom. I’ve seen him like this before. Mike doesn’t often get rough during sex, but when he’s on an adrenaline high like now, he’s a little unpredictable. You can leave or watch, but let me get him calmed down for you.” Evie walked into the office and closed the door behind her.

She walked up to Mike and kissed him lightly on the lips. “Hey, big guy! You had a good night, huh, and feel like celebrating? Here’s what I’m gonna do for you. It’s been years since you fucked my ass, and tonight is a good night for it. You have to start slow, until you get all the way in, then, when I tell you, as hard and fast as you can.

“Afterwards, I’m going to send you home with Mom so you can fuck all three of her holes while I close up here. Then, I’ll join you at home. Okay?” she asked as she stroked his re-bar-like cock through his uniform pants.

She saw Mike’s face darken as his libidinous need began to assert itself. “I’m going to fuck both your pussies on the desk, then I’ll do your ass before I leave with your mother,” he growled.

“My ass first, Mike. Remember the last time you got like this, at the frat party, with the freshman girl. She needed to be carried to bed, Mike. Remember?” She turned to Anna. “Mom, go into the kitchen and get us a couple of cups of canola oil. There might be a small bottle in the storeroom.”

She pushed Mike to sit on the edge of the desk and reached for the drawstring which held up his pants. “Now, lets see if we can take some of the edge off your need.” She pulled his pants from under his hips, freeing his cock.

“Mmm. Ooh, babe, look how angry he looks, all red and swollen up. You could hide your cock in a basket of plums, it’s so purple. I might need mom’s help with this before I let you in my butt. Would that be okay, letting Mom suck you for a bit? I know she’d like it. She’s told me stories about the big cocks she’s gone down on.”

Just then the door opened and Anna came in, carrying a pint bottle of oil. “Who’s told you about…OhMiGod! And you’re going to let that monster in your ass! Are you sure you want to do that, baby?”

“Unh uh, Mom, that’s why I’m going to ask you to help me give him a blow job, to take some of the edge off. I think with both of us working on it, it shouldn’t take too long; probably longer to clean up the mess than to cause it,” she giggled.

Anna reached out and wrapped her hand around Mike’s hot rod. “Mmm, oh, Mike, that feels so good. Let me start, Evie. Just remember, whoever makes him come, we have to share his cream, okay?” Evie nodded and moved aside so her mother had access to Mike’s monster.

Anna poured a few drops of the oil on Mike’s glans and smeared it all over the glans and shaft. While she did that, she was building up a large dollop of drool which she let flow over his glans and shaft, and used her hands to swab it all over both. She looked up at him, engaging his eyes. Without losing eye contact, she lowered her mouth to the tip of his cock, and in a single motion, swallowed his glans.

He reached out to wrap his hands around Anna’s head, but she intercepted his hands and pushed them away from her. Only then did he become aware of the feathery tickle on the front of his scrotum. He moaned and leaned back, driving his cock further into her throat as her tongue continued caressing his nutsack.

He was vaguely aware of her pulling back and her cheeks and tongue massaging his cock on its trip out of her throat. He was very aware of the tingle in the back of his knees and the unbearable pressure in his balls. Anna felt the increase in size and signaled her daughter to get in position next to her.

Mike’s first blast nearly caught her off guard. His second was spread across Evie’s nose and chin, while the third made it into her mouth. The fourth Anna caught along with the dribbles making up the fifth and sixth. She shared those two in a kiss with Evie after licking her face clean.

Mike watched the exchange, grinning like an idiot. His immediate need had been blunted, but the euphoria from the night was still extant, as was the truncheon between his legs. Evie broke the kiss with her mother and immediately engaged in one with Mike, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. His hands gripped her ass and pulled her between his thighs as he tasted himself on her tongue.

She pulled back. “Are you ready for me now, Mike? Are you ready to fuck my ass?”

“Just as soon as I get you ready. How do you want it, standing or laying down?”

“I’d better stand up and lean on the desk. Momma, bring the oil. Get my skirt up out of the way, Mike; in front, too. I don’t want to get any oil on it.”

Mike pushed her skirt up out of danger, revealing she was pantiless. He then dribbled some oil in the top of her ass crack, watching as it ran down to her rosebud, where he trapped it and massaged it around the area, pushing some inside the sensitive muscle.

As Mike massaged her crinkle, Evie remembered why she hadn’t let anyone else do this to her since Mike had the weekend she had visited him at school. She bit her lip to keep from moaning in pain as his fingers invaded her most taboo area.

Slowly, she grew accustomed to the outward pressure against her anus as it was spread to accommodate his fingers. “H… How… many fingers is that?” she huffed.

“Three, babe. Just have to add some oil and you’ll be all set. Okay?” he asked, his voice sounding caring and concerned.

“Okay, Mike. Just remember, slow until you’re all the way in; then I’ll let you know when you can start fucking it hard and fast.”

“Got it, love. Anna, is there a towel of something I can wipe my hands on? I don’t want to get oil on her clothes when I hold her.”

“Sure thing, Mike. Here. Shit, kids; I can’t tell you how sexy that looks. I can hardly wait, Mike, until you do it to me.”

“Have you ever, Mom…ooof! Easy, Mike! Go slow! That’s better… ennnh… ennnhh… AAAhhh, there you go; slow and easy, now. Back a bit and push…unnh…again….mmnnh…that’s good; again…unnngh,,, damn, it hurts and feels good at the same time and I can’t tell which is more. Unnngh… are you almost there, Mike? How much more?”

“Just an inch or so, sweets. One more push…want me to ease up a bit?”

“Ye… no, just go for it, then wait…aaaahhhhoooowwwoooo!!! damn, I wasn’t expecting that. Now just wait a bit, honey. So, Mom, you didn’t answer my question. Have you ever tried it this way?”

“N…no, and after watching you now, I’m not sure I want to.”

“The bad part’s done, and most of it is right up front, trying to get Mike’s monster started into my butt. After that, until he actually starts fucking me, it’s uncomfortable, like you haven’t been to the bathroom in a week or so, but not unbearable.

“Ready, love. Start slow, and keep the oil handy, just in case. Yeah that’s good; more… faster now… harder…oh god yess, fuck me, Mikey!! Do it; fuck my ass!! Take it, Mike! Taaake me! It’s yours to use fuck it uhuh oh ohhh Mike yes yes yes uh uih uh uh u hu hu huh uh uhuh uhuh oh my god I’m gonna… don’t stop, Mike, don’t stop until you come in my ass keep it… i’mmm commmmaaaaahhhh!!” Evie’s climax tightened her asshole, increasing the pressure on Mike’s cock, triggering his own climax.

The pair collapsed on the desk in front of Anna, whose hands had been busy inside her blouse and up her skirt. Her loud gasping moan a few seconds after their own explosive climax roused the young couple.

Mike looked at Anna and grinned, then leaned down and kissed Evie on the back of the neck. “You okay, Ev? Didn’t mean to pound you so hard.”

“‘Sokay,” she slurred. “It’s hell getting ready, but the payoff when it comes, pun intended,” she laughed, “makes it worth it, every three or four years.”

“I’ll put it on my calendar and check back with you in a few years then.”



“Did you hear that, Momma?”

“Hunh? Hear what?”

“You’ll have to excuse her, Evie; she’s recovering from her own orgasm.”

“Damn, that’s twice now you’ve nearly proposed in front of witnesses and neither time were the witnesses able to say whether you did or not.”

“Evie, my love, when I propose, you won’t need a witness,” he whispered, flexing his cock in her ass before he pulled it free.

She straightened up with a small strain induced moan and turned to him with a smile. “When, not if? That’s three times now, Mike. Once more and I’ll hold you to it.”

He grabbed some tissues to wipe his flaccid cock off. He just smiled at her in return. “Well, I guess I’m safe to take your mother home. What time do you close up?”

“We shut down the kitchen at eleven-thirty, and last call at the bar is quarter of twelve. Cleaning crew comes in at twelve-fifteen, so I should be home by twelve-thirty.”

“And I have to be here at nine to get the birds and get them started…”

“Then I’ll have to come with you so we can have that talk I mentioned.”


Mike opened the passenger door on his Jeep for Anna, to drive her to the apartment she shared with her daughter. She turned to sit on the seat, then lifted her legs in one at a time, giving Mike a nice upskirt view of her legs and wet panties. She turned to face front without straightening her skirt. Mike looked up at her face, to find her watching him, a knowing smile on her face. Mike returned the smile and closed the car door.

He walked around his SUV and got into the driver’s seat. Before starting the car, without saying a word, he reached for Anna and pulled her face to his for a passionate, tongue-filled kiss. “That was for the blowjob,” he whispered after breaking the kiss.

She reached up and pulled his face back to repeat the kiss, invading his mouth with her tongue. “That was for the show,” she whispered.

He grinned and gave her a quick peck on the lips and started the car. As he pulled out of the parking space, Anna told him, “We need to drive by the bank. Turn right out of the lot and take the second right turn. Keep watch for anyone following us closer than a block.” As they approached the turn, she asked, “See anyone?”

Mike gave her a negative response, to which she answered, “Good; take the third left. The bank is in the middle of the block on the right. The over night depository is next to the walk-up ATM. Keep an eye out for loitering pedestrians.”

As they approached the bank, Mike noticed a couple of tall figures standing in doorways near their destination. He pointed them out to Anna, who swore under her breath. “Shit! I’d better take it home and deposit it tomorrow or Monday. D’you know, we took in over twenty two hundred tonight, on your game hen, alone, plus another twenty four hundred on accompaniments. With what we took in from the other customers, we more than doubled our usual Saturday. Thank you, Mike. Between the game hen and whatever you did to the cacciatore sauce last night, you’ve already made this weekend a record. Take me home, please.”

Anna pushed the door to the apartment open and entered, with Mike only a step behind her. She dropped her tote bag and purse to the floor by the table in the small entry way and continued into the living room. “Would you like a drink or…What?” she screamed as Mike swept her up, cradling her in his arms.

“Which bedroom is yours?” he asked her, nuzzling into her neck, just below her ear.

“Down the hall, on the left. Put me down; I can wa…mmphmmm!” whatever she was saying cut off by his lips pressing on hers as his tongue slid into her mouth. Anna’s arms found their way around his neck as she started to return the kiss.

He carried her to her room and pushed the door open with his hip. She giggled like a young woman as he swung her through the door and carried her to her bed and deposited her into its center without breaking the kiss.

She felt his hands sliding up her thighs to grab her panties and pull them off. As he broke the kiss, he pushed her skirt up above her hips. With a saucy smile, before she could move, Mike dropped his face between her legs and attacked her furry lips with his tongue.

She responded with a series of sounds which was a combination of scream and giggle. As his tongue explored her punani, her scriggles consolidated and transmuted into a long, soft moan. He delved into her labial crease, separating it, revealing her clit and exposing it to the actions of his tongue.

Mike clambered up onto the bed, positioning himself between her knees, which he pushed up toward her chest, further exposing her punani, and making it easier to reach and caress her clit with his pleasuring tongue. His mouth closed over her vulva and his tongue renewed its exploration of her labia and the area between them.

Mike felt Anna’s hands clutch his head and pull it closer to her. He worked his hands under and around her legs, searching for her mammas. His hands closed on them, pushing them together, as his thumbs found her nipples and began to rub them through her clothing, coaxing them to erection.

His tongue began to dip into her opening, pushing against the sides, forcing it open. He thrust it inside her, to caress the sensitive walls near the opening, alternating with featherlike caresses to her clit.

In a few minutes Anna’s body went rigid for several seconds before she collapsed, breathing hard. She reached down and pushed his head away, gasping, “Wait, just a minute.”

He pulled back, sitting on his heels, giving her room to sit up if she needed. She reached out to him, and asked him to help her up. She pushed herself into a sitting position and began to unbutton her blouse. Mike grinned and pulled his shirt off over his head.

When the blouse was gone, the older woman removed her bra and unzipped her skirt before lying back and lifting her hips. Mike read her signals and pulled her skirt off and down her legs, leaving her with just her pull up stockings on. He pushed his slacks off and moved up over Anna’s body to kiss her.

He started by running his tongue around her navel, lightly tickling the area, eliciting several quiet scriggles, actually more of a smothered giggle at this point. After torturing her so for a few minutes, he moved up to deliver the same sort of caress to her breasts, resulting in more moans and some subtle hip thrusts.

He reached down and pulled his cock up between their bellies, positioned in her crease so when her hips pushed up, her clit rubbed against his cock. Putting a pillow behind her head so she could watch him, he renewed his assault on her tits, sucking and biting on her nipples while maintaining eye contact. At the same time, he began to gently thrust his rod along the groove between her labia.

“Unngh,” she moaned. “You son of a bitch, stop teasing me and fuck me,” she demanded.

With a grin, Mike pushed his hips back, searching for her entrance. “Just waiting for an invitation,” he said, finding it and pushing his staff into her, drawing out a long low groan, until he was totally enclosed in his girl friend’s mother’s cunt.

“Oh, shit,” she moaned. “Wait, just a minute. It’s been a bit since I’ve had anybody that big. I can’t believe Evie took you in her butt. I might let you try that, but not tonight. Tonight, just slow and easy, please. I’m going to have to get used to you before we try anything else.”

Mike reached down to kiss her. “In that case,” he said and reached down to pull her legs up and over his shoulders. He crossed his ankles and sat back, pulling Anna up to sit in the opening in his legs as he sat back, campfire style.

“Oh!” she said, her eyes opening in surprise as it felt like he pushed into her another inch or so. She looked into his eyes, and saw the delight there as she discovered the advantages of his favorite Tantric position. “This is cozy,” she said with a smile. “Is it possible to fuck in this position?”

He leaned forward to kiss her. While their mouths were engaged, he began to slowly and gently raise and lower his knees. She pulled back, breaking the kiss, with a look of surprise, which quickly morphed to a smile while she resumed the kiss. After several minutes, her breathing began to become labored.

“Ohmigawd, I don’t believe it. You’re gonna make meeeeeeeeoh shit, Mike unnnngh!” her entire body stiffened on his staff even though she remained folded in half. In a short time, she went totally limp and collapsed into his lap, breathing hard and quivering all over.

“Oh, Christ! Where did that come from? One second, I’m sitting here barely moving, and the next, my whole world is centered in my pussy and it’s exploding all over the place. You’re just full of fucking surprises, aren’t you?”

Mike chuckled. “Those are the best kind, aren’t they?” He reached to raise her face to his and kissed her. “Ready to ride me. I’ve already come twice tonight, but I can feel the tickle which says I’m ready for another one, and cowgirl is the easiest position for me to come.”

With a wide grin, Anna nodded. “And then I get to clean you up, right?”

Lying back, Mike nodded. “Ready now, Anna? Then fuck me,” he ordered when she nodded.

Part LIX

Evie let herself into the apartment, trying not to make any noise which would give her presence away. As silently as she could, she made her way down the hall towards the bed rooms. When she came to her mother’s, she stopped and peeked around the corner, to see Anna lying in the middle of her bed, her legs spread, and evidence of her recent activity plainly in view.

“Enjoying the view?” asked Mike, behind her. He had come from the bathroom, with a towel around his hips. His hands rested on her hips at the same time he spoke.

Evie yelped in surprise and spun around, to find herself in his arms. Holding herself away from him, she asked, “Is she okay?”

“Just a little tired. I guess three intense orgasms in under an hour will do that,” he said with a grin.

Evie laughed and nodded as she peeked around the door jamb. “We should cover her, then we can get to bed,” she said, freeing herself from his arms.

“Then what?”

She looked at him with a foxy smile. “That depends on what you have left in that third leg of yours,” she said and went into her mother’s room and pulled a sheet and blanket over the sleeping woman. Looking around, she identified Mike’s clothes and picked them up, to take with her to her room, across the hall.

He followed her into her room, dropping his towel at the foot of the bed. She had dropped his slacks and shirt on the bed and was folding them when he came up behind her and reached around to unbutton her blouse. She shook her head. “I need to shower first. After our session in the office and working all day, I stink. Get in bed and wait for me; I won’t be long.”

“Okay, if you say so,” he complained, nuzzling her neck just below her ear.

“I promise, I won’t be long. I know if we made love right now, you’d be complaining because I smell like Limburger cheese. But, if you really wouldn’t mind…” she said, turning to him and reaching up to finish opening her blouse.

“No, no; go ahead and shower. I’ll wait,” he said, backing away, laughing. “I don’t mind Limburger, but in a sandwich, not …you know.”

“Not in a smelly crotch? Is that what you wanted to say?” she asked, removing her blouse and unzipping her skirt as she walked toward him. The skirt dropped from her hips as she moved toward him, walking out of it. “I don’t blame you,” she laughed and turned to pick up her dirty clothes and throw them to her laundry basket. “I’ll hurry; you get in bed,” she said, leaving the room.

Although she had intended to take a PTA shower, the seductive power of a nice hot shower was too much. She was gone nearly half an hour, and returned to find Mike gently snoring, sound asleep. She shook her head and laughed. Noticing his towel, still on the floor at the end of the foot of the bed, she picked it up and tossed it in the laundry. After setting her alarm clock, with a smile, the young woman crawled into bed beside him, turning so he spooned her.

The unfamiliar alarm woke Mike, and it took him a few minutes to recall where he was. He turned to look behind him, but found only an empty bed. Sitting up and looking around, he saw his clothes on a chair near the door. With a low moan, he swung his legs out of bed and stood up, stretching his back to relieve the ache caused by his vigorous exercise the night before.

He pulled on his boxers and checked the hallway before stepping out to go to the john. He could hear someone in the kitchen, rattling pans, and smelled the coffee brewing. Without thinking, or knocking, he pushed on the door to the bathroom, to discover Anna stepping out of the shower.

“Oh! God! I’m sorry…” he stammered.

“Good morning, Mike. That’s okay; come on in. Nothing here you haven’t already seen, if I remember last night correctly.” She handed him the towel, and asked, “Would you do my back, then I’ll leave you to your business.” Taking the towel, he lightly dabbed at her back, not otherwise touching her.

Anna turned around, close enough he could smell the scent of her soap. “Are you okay, Mike? After last night, you’re certainly permitted to hold me. Even feel me up if you want, as long as we’re not in public.”

“No, I mean, I’m fine. I never was very good with morning-afters, except with Evie. With her, everything was good, but I guess her Dad had some objection to me.”

“Well, that’s not surprising. Joey had objections to the world. Get cleaned up. One of us will bring you some coffee. It smells like breakfast is nearly ready.” She took back the towel and left him alone to take care of business.

Several minutes later, when he stepped out of the shower, a cup of coffee was on the countertop, by the sink. He took a sip of the piping hot brew. Somebody had been paying attention; it was fixed perfectly. Using the cupping technique he had learned in school, he sampled it. He was able to identify traces of Colombian, and some …African beans, he thought, and something else… altogether, a good brew to wake up to.

A few minutes later he was in the kitchen, greeting Evie. “Morning, sweets,” he said, nuzzling her just below the ear.

“Mmm; good morning to you, too, sleepyhead. This doesn’t count toward the night you owe me; I hope you understand that,” she said, in a mock serious tone, and laughed. “Did you sleep okay? You were totally zonked when I got back to the bed.”

“Aww, Mike; did I wear you out last night? I’m sorry,” Anna said, in a tone which plainly said she wasn’t. “I’ll have to make it up to you somehow. Maybe when we go up to close up your cabin; how would that be?”

“We’ll talk about that later, Mom. Mike and I have a couple of serious discussions we need to have before then. What would you like for breakfast, sleepy? I have pancake batter made, bacon, eggs, cereal, toast…”

“Uhh, scrambled eggs and toast, I guess, and bacon. And coffee. Lotsa coffee. This is great, by the way,” he said, holding up his cup. “What kind is it?”

“It’s my own blend,” said Anna, “of a medium roast Colombian, french roasted Colombian and a Mocha Java blend made up of African coffees. I buy roasted whole beans from a vendor in Atlanta, mix and grind them just before brewing. Or at least within a day. This is the end of a batch I made for lunch yesterday.”

“Here you go, sweetheart. I’m going to go put on some grungies. I’ll come back to change before we open. Don’t dawdle. Pedersen’s known for promptness on special deliveries like this, and they won’t wait more than ten minutes.”

They had barely unlocked the back door when Pedersen’s truck appeared in the parking lot. The couple walked out to greet the driver as he stepped down from the truck. “Hi, Geordie. I’m sorry to make you work today. Hope we didn’t interfere with anything important.”

“Now, Miss Evie, I keep telling yo’, they’s noboddy mo’ impo’tant t’ me than yo’ are. Y’u jus’ let me know what yo’ need, and I’ll git it here for yo’ jus’ as soon as I can. Iff’n I don’ have it on hand, I’ll fin’ it.”

“I know, Geordie; still in all, I don’t like to make anyone work when they don’t have to. I really appreciate this.” She turned to point to Mike. “Geordie, this is Mike Nelson, our new head cook.”

“Howdy, Mike; please’ to meecha. Head cook? What happened t’ Bert? Seems like he were here fo’ever.”

“He said he got a job as a sous chef in some fancy hotel in New Haven. Said it was more money and closer to his home. Guess I can’t blame him, except for the way he did it. Anyway…one case of game hens, right?”

“Yo’ got it, Miss Evie. I’ll have ‘em right in fo’ yo’.” While the large black man opened the truck and pulled out the case of 50 birds to carry into the refrigerator, Evie and Mike hurried into the kitchen to unlock the door to the storage room.

When Geordie entered the kitchen, Mike waved him to the work table, where he had a work station set up to start prepping the game hens. Geordie set the case down where Mike indicated and watched while the young chef opened it, to find the hens were individually shrink-wrapped.

“Shit!” he exclaimed. “The frikkin’ hens are packed for a grocery store,” he said to Evie, when she stuck her head into the kitchen see what the problem was. “They’re all individually wrapped.”

“That’s no problem,” she replied. “I can help. That’s fine, Geordie. We’ll take them, but tell Brad to let me know next time, will you?”

“Shore, ’nuff, Miss Evie. I’ll let him know. Sorry ’bout the mix-up, Mike.”

“That’s okay, Geordie; not your fault, just an extra step and we’re already short on time. Good meeting you,” Mike answered with a smile, looking up from the bird he had extracted from its plastic wrap.

While Geordie watched, in a period of less than half a minute, Mike had removed the wings, cut through both drumstick joints and split the small bird into two equal halves. “Miss Evie, remind me to never challenge Mis’r Mike to a knife fight. Y’u all have a good day,” he said with a good natured laugh as he left the building.

Evie picked up a pair of shears and began opening the plastic wraps and popping out the small birds. “He’s right; you’re really good at that. Did you do that to all the birds we cooked last night?”

“Yeah, except they weren’t wrapped like these.” He pushed the two halves into a partially filled brine bucket and grabbed another bird. Keeping his head down as he began to work and establish his rhythm, he asked Evie, “You wanted to talk, I think, about my question to you about wanting to get married, and my answer to the same question from you; right?”

“Yes, no…I don’t…” she faltered.

“Whose answer are you afraid of, Evie?”

“Yours. I know mine. But we were almost there before, and now we have this… thing with our mothers and your sister and…”

“Which are you afraid of, yes or no?” She looked up at him, on the verge of tears. He had stopped working and was looking at her, waiting for an answer. She simply nodded. “Both, either, none?”

With a laugh, she nodded again. “So, I’m guessing your answer, to marrying me, isn’t no, but not quite yes; sort of a yes, but or a maybe?”

With a big sigh and smile, she nodded. “I…” and stopped when he held up his hand.

“That’s about where I am, too. I do want to get married, sooner more than later. The other day, when I asked if we could see if we could get back to what we had, I meant it. I love you, Evie. I did then and… I’m afraid what I’m going to say might hurt. Although I love you, and you are very important to me, I don’t think I’m in love with you. But of all the women I’ve known, you are the only one I can see myself married to.”

“Is that because I know…”

Mike shook his head. “No, I wanted to ask you that weekend you came to visit, two years ago, but I didn’t think it was fair. I still had two years of school to finish, with barely any time to socialize. And it didn’t have anything to do with your family or its business. It was just you, and it still is.

“If I didn’t have this piece of business hanging with Mom and Dad, I’d say screw it, and let’s run away. I can get a job anywhere…” Evie had walked around the table while he spoke, to stand in front of him.

She lifted her arms around his neck. “Shut up,” she ordered as she kissed him. “I can wait until whatever you’re working on is done.

“I told you, the fourth time I was going to hold you to it. Well, that was four thru ten and then some. I don’t care if you want to call it going steady, have an understanding or pre-engaged, or if we ever do get married, but as of now, as far as me and the world are concerned, we’re officially a couple. Any questions?”

With a grin, Mike leaned down to whisper, “Can you sleep over tonight?”

Part LX

It had been a very good day. After finally accepting the truth that they didn’t have time to celebrate their decision, they had prepped half of the game hens, expecting to sell about 50 orders that day, about a third of what they had sold the night before, figuring they could do the other fifty, if they sold more than half before three o’clock, the halfway point of their serving time that day. By two o’clock, Mike and Evie were busy prepping the remainder of the small birds.

At four, Evie stuck her head in the kitchen. “Mike! One of the customers would like to talk to you. You got time?”


“Gotcha covered, Mike. You’re gonna share tips, right?” she laughed.

Mike pulled on a clean chef’s jacket and went to the hostess station. Evie pointed him to a booth about half way down the front wall. He swallowed hard when he saw the woman sitting in the booth. “Crap!” he muttered, half under his breath.

“What is it, sweets?”

“The customer; it’s Pete Riordan’s wife, and he’s probably with her. He has a reputation of checking out the competition personally. Oh, well. I don’t officially work for him yet.” He steeled himself and walked to the booth.

“Mrs Riordan, Chef. How can I help you?”

Pete Riordan didn’t bother to look up, but took another bite of the game hen. “This your recipe? Not bad. I’ll buy it from you, along with the exclusive rights. What’s your price?”

Mike was assailed with conflicting emotions. On the positive side, one of the top chefs in the country had said his dish wasn’t bad, and wanted to buy the exclusive rights to it. In addition, he was scheduled to go to work for him in three months.

On the negative side, the man hadn’t even paid him the courtesy of greeting him, or of asking if the recipe was for sale. He had simply assumed it was for sale, figuring his prestige would guarantee the sale.

Almost without considering the outcome of his actions, he replied, “Sorry, it’s not for sale. Anything else?”

Pete’s head jerked and he looked up into a vaguely familiar face. “Wha… why not? Don’t I know you?”

“Yes sir, I’m Mike Nelson. I’m supposed to start working for you the first of October.”

“You’re coming to work for me? Oh, yes; from the Chef’s Institute. What in hell are you doing here if you’re coming to work for me?”

“Four months without a paycheck is a bit much, plus, the owner is a friend of mine and they got into a situation when their head cook quit without notice. They asked if I could fill in part time…”

“That’s unacceptable! You can’t work here and for me at the same time. If I hired you, then this recipe is mine. I expect a copy on my desk in the morning.”

“No. I don’t work for you until October 1. You were very clear about that at our interview. You even suggested I get some sort of filler job. Under the terms of my employment, the recipe belongs to Waverly’s, but they can’t share it without my permission.”

“That is unacceptable. If you are going to work for me, you can’t work here, picking up all sorts of sloppy work habits. You’re the head cook? You’ve barely worked in a kitchen. You probably stole the recipe, that’s why you won’t sell it,” Pete huffed, bristling.

Nancy Riordan, sat and watched her husband’s ire increase. “Pete, stop. Think what you’re saying. Mike is right. We did advise him to find other work until he started with us.” She looked at Mike. “We didn’t expect you to be so…talented and successful, but you really shouldn’t be working here.”

“Not if he wants to work for me,” Pete declared.

“That your final position?” Mike asked, his voice calm and neutral. Pete and Nancy both nodded. Mike looked to the hostess station and caught Evie’s eye. “Evie, would you come here for a minute?”

She was at the table in a flash. “Yes, Mike?”

“Evie, this is Pete Riordan and his wife Nancy. They own Someplace Else, the restaurant I’m scheduled to start at in October. Because of that, they say, I can’t work here any more. Is your head cook position still open?”

Evie’s brow furrowed, as she wondered what her lover was up to. Slowly, she nodded. “Not any more. I’ll take it, full time, at my present rate. Okay with you?” The young woman beamed as she nodded and stuck out her hand. Mike took it and shook hands with his new boss.

“Mr Riordan, Mrs Riordan. Until I sign an employment offer, you can’t tell me to do anything, especially to desert my friends. I owe you a free dinner when my folks and I had dinner at your place the end of last month. Your dinner tonight is on me. Evie, take it out of my check. I insist. Good evening, Chef, Nancy.”

Mike turned to walk away, snapped his fingers and turned back. “Just in case you were contemplating taking some of the game hen home…have you ever been to Mystic for the pizza there?

“The owner of the original Mystic Pizza said she had a secret ingredient no one would ever figure out. Well, I did, and confirmed it with the present owner. It’s the secret to the game hen cacciatore.

“I will give you a hint. It’s not a single ingredient, but a blend of herbs and spices so finely ground, you wouldn’t be able to identify them unless you used a mass spectrometer.”

You could see the blood rising in Pete Riordan’s face. With a growl he got up and stalked to the cash register, waiting there for his wife to catch up.

Mike whispered something to Evie, who gasped and went to the register. When Pete attempted to pay his bill, she reminded him that the meals had been paid for. He, visibly, grew angrier. With a calm voice, Evie said, “May I have your car keys, Mr Riordan? I’ll give them to your wife so she can drive you home, or I’ll call you a cab.”

“What the fuck! I am not inebriated, young woman! I am capable of driving myself home!”

“Mr Riordan, as you should know, the Hospitality Laws state that if, in our opinion, any paying patron of our establishment, for any reason, appears to be unfit to drive themselves, or poses a risk and danger to other drivers, we must confiscate their keys and arrange other transport for them. Since your wife seems calm enough to drive, I’ll give them to her, but I have to insist that you give me your keys.” She held out her hand for his keys.

Grumbling, he pulled them from his pocket and slapped them into her hand, feeling a trace of satisfaction when she flinched from the pain. He turned away from her and stomped around the foyer, waiting for his wife, who was still sitting in their booth, sipping her coffee, seemingly unaware of the glaring looks he was sending her way.

He stomped out the door and to the parking lot, where he tried to get into his car, remembering only when he tried the door, that it was locked. He clomped back into the restaurant, and learned his wife was now in the ladies room.

His hands went up to grasp the sides of his head. It truly felt like it was about to explode, and suddenly he did. In laughter. It started first as a barely perceptible giggle, but once started, it couldn’t be constrained. Soon he was roaring out full belly laughs. He sat on the waiting bench, arms wrapped around his abdomen, with tears running down his face.

Nancy came out of the ladies room and saw her husband sitting on the bench, doubled over, roaring out his laughter. “Oh, dear,” she said. “I hope this doesn’t cause you any problems. How long has it been going on?”

Evie, trying hard to restrain her own laughs, replied, “It’s just been a few minutes. Does this happen often?”

“A couple times a year. It’s like a safety valve for the stress. When it gets to be overly much, he just cracks up, infecting everyone around him. I’ve learned there’s nothing to do but let it run its course. It’ll take five or ten minutes before the constant laughing stops, then it’ll be a few minutes of intermittent giggles. Until then, it’s just waiting.

“So, Michael is going to work for you. How did he come to work for you?”

Evie explained that they knew each other in school and had dated for a while a few years ago, and that he was there in the restaurant when the previous cook had given less than adequate notice.

Nancy noticed Evie’s excitement and mood brightening when she talked about Mike, and asked if there was more to their relationship than business. Her answering smile told Nancy all she needed to know.

“So he probably wouldn’t be working for us very long, anyway. I gather. It’s probably just as well then. I’d hate to put all the time into a new employee and have them leave in less than a year.”

By now, Pete’s laughter had died down so he was more or less in control of himself. “Chef Mike! Chef Mike! Come out here, please.” The other diners looked at the large man and laughed, recalling his behavior of the previous several minutes.

Mike emerged from the kitchen, dressed in his working jacket and hat. “Mike. Good. Please, come out here so I can apologize to you. I was an ass, and you have every right to tell me to go screw myself on Main Street, but I hope you will accept my apology, and join me for a drink sometime this week. I can’t tonight, or I’ll be silly until tomorrow morning.”

“Of course, Pete. I have to check with Evie to see what my hours are now that I’m full time. I’ll call you tomorrow to arrange a time, if…”

“That’s fine. Right now, I’m in no condition to make any decision except to let Nancy drive. Until tomorrow then, and my apologies to your lovely boss for disturbing her charming establishment. Come, Nancy. ‘Tis time to take our leave,” he proclaimed, waving his arm and hand over his head in a grand fashion.

Behind him, grinning, but shaking her head, Nancy stopped to say a few words to Evie as she tried to pay for their dinners. “I’m so sorry, dear, that he was so rude. He hates to be told he’s wrong, especially when he is so wrong, as he was tonight. And to realize that it cost him a talented cook…but I sense we were going to lose him soon anyway, Right?”

Evie pushed the proffered credit card back without using it. “Mike said it was on him, and, while I haven’t seen him angry in a few years, I know he can be just as upsetting as your husband. As to your question, we’re trying to decide the path our relationship is going to take, but it looks like you’re safe in assuming that.” Her smile was dazzling, drawing a similar one from the older lady.

Nancy picked up the credit card and held it up. When Evie shook her head, she sighed and put the card back in her wallet. As she organized herself, she spoke, “Would you believe, my parents used to bring me here when I was a little girl. My older brother had his high school graduation party here. Then we moved up to the North East side and we quite forgot about all the places we shopped down here.

“One of our assistant cooks, who is on vacation, was passing yesterday and saw the line which had formed. They’re familiar with your menu and wondered what was going on so they stopped. They called Pete before they left the parking lot after having the game hen.

“Ordinarily, both of us would be upset with you–first for stealing away our cook, and then in having him invent such a wonderful variation on an old favorite, but it’s good to see the old places get new life. And the dish will spur Peter to stretch and get creative again. For that I thank you. When he gets creative, he gets creative everywhere, if you understand.” she said with a shy smile.

About that time, Mike came out of the kitchen and saw her at the register, chatting with Evie. He walked up to her as she turned to leave. “Nancy, Mrs Rior…” he hesitated as she turned, then went on, “My mother wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t say hello to you for her. She was sorry she missed you the night we had dinner at Someplace Else.”

“Your mother? I…”

“Maggie Nelson. She said…”

“Oh mi god! You’re Maggie’s son? O mi god! How is she? And I missed her? Oh, shit! Pete will never forgive himself now. If your mother hadn’t told me about … we wouldn’t be in business today. Tell her I said hello, and she must call me, this week for certain. Your phone number, will I be able to reach her with that? Or her business number?”

“At the interview, the number I gave you as my home number. Unless we’re out gallivanting, it should reach her.”

“Thank you, Michael. You must bring her for dinner, or at least lunch, and Evie, too. I think you have quite a nice catch there. Just because we’re competitors, it doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. Do call Pete; speaking of whom, I need to get going before he decides to walk home. Thank you again, Mike. Good night.” and with that, she turned and walked through the door.

Part LXI

It was still light out when the young couple was able to leave. The few leftovers were stored; the kitchen and dining room cleaned; the cash drawer tended to and, courtesy of Bella, the deposit made. As Evie got into the Jeep, she grabbed Mike and pulled his face to her for a kiss.

“I’m not sure how it happened, but I’m glad you’re going to be working for us full time. The wife said it was probably just as well, since you’d probably be leaving soon anyway, and she didn’t want to invest a lot of time and effort in someone who wasn’t going to stick around.”

When she released him, she settled into her seat. “I need to run by the apartment to get a change of clothes and pick up my car. You can wait or I’ll meet you at your house.”

“I’ll go on ahead, but don’t be long. I’d like us to tell Mom together, and I’m sure if I’m alone with her for more than a half hour, she’ll be able to worm it out of me.”

“You keep grinning like that, she won’t have to worm it out of you. It’s like you’re in broadcast mode. Oh, Mike,” she said reaching up to kiss his cheek, “I’m so happy that you’re happy, too. I was afraid that you’d feel like you were trapped or something.”

He glanced at her, leaning against his arm, and holding it. “I wouldn’t care if I was. I read a line once, in a book, about a man going to battle, ‘Never was a man more certain of, nor more pleased with his fate.’ It’s not a battle, although I’m sure there will be some, but it describes how I feel.” He reached out with his right arm and wrapped it around her shoulder.

“You mentioned the 800 pound gorilla in the room in the shape of my relationship with the other women in our families. I’ll give that up if you want me to. I know Mom and Ellie would understand and accept my decision to limit myself to you.”

“What about my mom; what would we tell her? This morning she seemed pretty anxious to get you alone again.”

“I’ve already told her she needs your permission to have access to me.”

“She won’t stop now that she’s had a taste of you, and if I’m going to let her, then I can’t say no to Maggie and Ellie.”

“I could say no to her, now that we’re officially together, except for special occasions, like her birthday, and national and religious holidays…”

“Thank you, but then she’d come up with things like St Swithin’s day, or National Celebrate Porcupines Day or…”

“Worship Penis Day?”

Evie laughed. “Exactly! Here we are. I’m just going to grab some underwear and a sun dress, and I’ll be right behind you. We’ll tell your mom as soon as I get there. Tonight…tonight, we get to make love for the first time…”

“What? We made love last we…” he interrupted.

“If you mean what you did while I was eating your mom, that was simply fucking, Mike, pure sex; there was no love in that act. As I was saying, in the morning, before I leave, so Maggie knows I meant it when I said I’d share you with her, we’re going to join her in bed so you can make love to her while I watch.

“Then, tomorrow night, we’ll do the same thing with my mother. Okay?”

Mike pulled into the drive, in front of his garage bay, pleased to see his mother’s Volvo in its customary place. He hopped out of the Jeep and had a hard time refraining from running into the house. Maggie was in the kitchen putting on water for a cup of tea. When she heard the door open, she pulled two more cups from the cupboard.

She was pleasantly surprised when Mike grabbed her and lifted her up to whirl around, obviously pleased with life. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, teasing his lips with her tongue, puzzled when he didn’t respond.

The mother in her asserted herself, and she smiled, commenting, “Wow! Must have been a good day at work. I haven’t seen you this worked up in a long time.”

“Yeah! Evie and Anna said it’s the biggest weekend they’ve had since they bought the restaurant ten years ago. Pete and Nancy Riordan were in, and Pete wanted to buy the exclusive rights to my game hen recipe. Instead, he got nasty when I refused and said I had to quit Waverly’s because I was supposed to go to work for them in three months, so I quit Someplace Else.”

“Mike! What are you going to do?” Maggie asked, alarmed at her son’s apparently brash move.

“Evie had already offered me the head cook job, so I took it, right there with Pete sitting there, eating my food. Oh, god, he was pissed!” Mike started laughing. “When I told him he’d need a mass spectrometer to analyze the recipe, he got so mad he walked out on his wife. I told Evie she needed to take his keys to give to Nancy, he was so angry.

“That really set him off, and he got so angry he couldn’t take it and wound up in a laughing jag which went on for nearly ten minutes. He invited me to have a drink with him this week, and we parted friends.

“I think Nancy might call you to get together. She didn’t realize we were related until I told her you’d be mad if I didn’t pass on hellos. She said you should call her, and then asked how she can get in touch with you.”

“Oh, good; that’ll be nice. And Evie, did you two have your talk?” Maggie asked, barely registering the information he had spouted in his excited state.

Just then, the sound of the front door opening forestalled Mike’s answer. “Hello!” they heard Evie call.

“In the kitchen,” called Mike. He looked at his mother. “Yeah, we did,” he said with a wide smile.

Evie appeared in the doorway, nude, surprised to find her new cook and his mother fully clothed. “Oops! I just assumed…”

“And rightly so, dear. Mike, we’re overdressed, so strip, now,” Maggie ordered, pulling off her top. “Mike, you were just about to tell me about your talk with Evie. Did you two get things worked out?” He waited until they were both nude to answer.

“Yeah,” he replied, “sort of. Would it be possible to get the in-law apartment into shape, so I could live down there?”

“What?” both women shouted.

“Why?” asked Maggie.

“Whoa, Mike!” interjected Evie. “We need to talk about this before you ask your mother to invest that kind of money.”

“But, I thought…”

“And we will, just not until…just not now. We’ve got time. Slow down and let’s get to know each other again, okay?” Evie reached up and kissed him on the cheek, rubbing her hand over his chest, as if she were smoothing out the wrinkles in his forehead. “Trust me, sweetie. Soon, but not right away.”

Smiling, Maggie watched as the young lovers settled their first mild misunderstanding. “So, I guess you did work things out.”

Evie smiled. “Pretty much. The important part, anyway. For the foreseeable future, if you don’t mind, we’ll be trading sleep overs a couple of times a week. I’d like you to join us, sometimes.” She slipped her arm around Mike and smiled as she reached out to Maggie.

Maggie took the hand she offered and stepped into the circle Mike’s other arm created. “You don’t need my permission, Evie. This is as much Mike’s home as it is mine. He’s free to have guests over if he wishes. As for joining you, since you’re aware of our secret, I’d love to occasionally. Are you going to make that same offer to Anna?”

“We’ll offer, but…the other morning when she was here, that was the first time I’ve seen my mother completely nude. I’ll be surprised if she ever accepts our invitation to join us. She’ll ask for and expect some time alone with Mike.

“We’ve talked, and while Mike offered to forego sex with the women we discussed the other night, I think it’ll work out best if I share. The rest of you will just have to remember, I come first, and last.

“You’ll all have some one on one with him, probably not as much as you want, but some, and our three and moresomes. Tonight, we’d like to be alone, sort of celebration sex, but in the morning, we’d like you to join us.”

“Are you sure? Both of you? Mike?” When he nodded, she turned to Evie. “You”re certain? Mike said you saw us the other night, but this is a bit different.”

The young blonde nodded with a smile. “I’m as certain of this as I am of my love for your son. And I’m as certain of that as I am of the tides.”

Maggie returned her smile and leaned down to kiss the woman who seemed destined to control her son’s cock. As she straightened up from the brief buss, she said, “There’s plenty of daylight left. Anybody up for a skinny dip before we have some tea?”


Evie sat on the edge of Mike’s bed, running a comb through her towel dried hair, working out the tangles. “Your mom is a good swimmer.”

“Yeah, there wasn’t a lot else to do at the cabin with just the two of us. We worked our way up to a mile using the crawl and the backstroke. It’s amazing what just a couple of days off can do to you. I’m almost plum tuckered,” he said, flopping back on the bed

“Almost, huh? Does that mean I have to take it easy on you?” she asked, reaching for his flaccid cock. “There better be some life in this guy, or I may rethink…” Mike reached up and pulled her over onto him.

“Don’t worry about that. Maybe when I’m seventy or so, I might not be able to get it up for you, but until then, all you have to do is ask. He’ll be ready for you as soon as humanly possible, and even if he isn’t, I promise I’ll find other ways…”

Evie leaned down to stop his lips with hers. Pulling her face back, she whispered, with a provocative smile, “Prove it.”

He grinned and, using his legs, lifted her and moved her to the center of the bed. “Turn around and feed me your quim,” he ordered. Evie returned the smile and quickly moved into the 69 position. Mike pulled a pillow under his head and positioned her hips right over his face.

Evie looked at his cock, awestruck at the sight of his cock. “Uhh, Mike, have you been taking some kind of weird vitamins or something? You look a bit longer than I remember from last weekend. Maybe not as thick, but definitely longer.”

He laughed in response. “Your fault, you and your mom. Between your butt and her tightness, he got really squeezed this weekend. Don’t worry, in a couple of days, I’m sure he’ll be back to his usual size. Not a problem is it?”

“Noooo, just a surprise.” She reached out and licked it with her tongue. “Just as long it’s still as sensitive as it was,” she said, flattening her tongue and licking his crown like an ice cream cone.

“Ohohoh, yeah,” he gasped out. “Are you?” he asked and returned the caress, flattening his tongue over the entrance to her vagina and sliding the flat of his tongue up and over her clit.

“Unnnnghhhh. You snot! I’ll get you for that! Someday.” She closed her mouth over his crown and gently ran her tongue over the entire surface, then, applying enough gentle suction to pull her cheeks in against his member, she slid her mouth down until he hit the back of her throat.

Mike moaned his appreciation, and, with his tongue poised at the top of her slit, he began to draw tiny circles along the edges of her labia, down one side and up the other. Evie caught her breath and pressed herself against his mouth, tensing her abdominal and thigh muscles. She released his cock and positioned her tongue at his pee hole and began to duplicate his tongue action, covering his glans with tiny circles, and finishing up on his frenulum.

With a groan, he thrust his hips up, pushing his rod into her mouth and his tongue into her vagina. That combination was enough to force all thoughts of teasing and tantalizing each other out of their minds. Both began to seriously drive the other to climax.

Evie’s hit her first, a feeling of unbearable pleasure which began somewhere in her lower abdomen and quickly spread throughout her body, seeming to explode out through her skin and flood back over her, feeling like a warm silken bath.

Usually, she would have tensed up, straightening her legs as if she were planking, and screamed out her pleasure, but this time, with her lover’s cock buried in her mouth, she curled into a fetal position, closing her thighs around Mike’s head and driving her mouth to the base of his cock, deep throating him, as she squealed in pleasure around his dick.

Evie’s climax surprised Mike. It happened without any of her usual threshold signals. One second he was stimulating her with his tongue, lightly slapping her clit, and the next she was pushing his head into her quim with her legs.

Dimly, he was aware that something felt different in his groin. It took a couple of seconds to sort out the sensations, a hand gripping each hip, holding on for dear life, the strange warm wet sensation enveloping his cock, the vibrations from her cry all along his shaft, and some pressure against his touch hole, not a finger, not a tongue, it had to be….and suddenly he was emptying his load of sperm directly into Evie’s stomach.

Evie felt the pulsations of Mike’s orgasm in her throat, only then becoming aware of the fact that she had his entire member in her mouth. Smiling around it, she moaned her approval and relaxed her legs, allowing him to resume breathing. With some effort, she was able to roll them so they were on their sides, without losing more than an inch of him from her throat.

“Thd id nds; id feoo guw,” she mumbled around him.

“What?” he laughed.

With an exaggerated exasperated sigh, she slowly backed off her new favorite toy. “I said, as everyone else in the room could plainly hear, this is nice; it feels good. Do we need to get your hearing checked before you start working? Lordy, we can’t have a hearing impaired chef getting all the orders wrong.”

“I hear English just fine. It’s the mumble mush language you were talking I had trouble with. Let me demonstrate,” he replied, pushing her on to her back and diving into her crotch again. “Led te uf yu udthrthn dth,” he said, attacking her labia with his tongue.

“Ooohh, fuck,” she moaned. “Who cares?” she said and slurped his cock back into her mouth. In a few seconds he was fully erect again, and her hips were thrusting at him, searching for something to fill the void between them.

Mike pulled his cock from the warm maw enclosing it and turned around, to replace it with his pussy coated tongue while his phallus found its way to a warmer, wetter, more welcoming, more suitable refuge, to carry out its assigned role in the preservation of the species.

Mike pulled back from the kiss, his heart full of love for the woman under him. In her face he saw the love he was sure was showing on his, a fact confirmed when her smile widened.

In that instant, Mike knew! He understood finally what love meant; what the relationship between his aunt and uncle was and why it could work; the difference between loving and being in love, and how both were different from what he felt for his sister and mother. And he knew he was in love.

He knew his love for this woman and hers for him would help them overcome any problems or disagreements they would ever have.

Below him, Evie, seeing the love in Mike’s expression, knew, was sure of, only one thing–she had been right in attaching herself to this man. Their love for each other was all that mattered.

They made love twice more that night, the last time in Mike’s favorite lotus position with Evie impaled on his erection as he sat cross legged with her legs bent upwards between them. As they kissed, their faces between her legs, Mike gently raised and lowered her, using his legs and hands to lift her.

She was aware of the slow onset of her orgasm, beginning at their nexus and slowly rising up her body, gently spilling over, similar to turning on a warm shower on a chilly day, accompanied by immeasurable feelings of satisfaction and well being, and buoyed up by their love. Through it all, she was aware of the spasming of his climax in her vagina. When they were done, with tears in her eyes, she kissed him, saying, “I love you.”

To which he replied, “I love you, too,” leaning in to kiss her.

In the morning, Maggie was woken by the touch of soft lips on hers, and a velvet tongue softly caressing her kitty. “Mmm,” she laughed. “If I’m going to be woken like this every time, I think I agree with Mike; it’s time you two moved in here with me.”

“Soon,” promised Evie, sliding down to lie beside the older woman. Her hand came up to gently caress Maggie’s breasts. “I love your body, so tall and lean without looking skinny or lanky. Mike said you used to model.”

“Mmhmm, when I was in high schoooool. God, Mike, what are you doing under there?” she said. “I’m sorry, sweetie; what was I saying?”

Evie laughed. “I know; sometimes, his tongue finds just the right spot and drives everything else out of the room. You modeled in high school.”

“Oh, yeah. For a couple of years, before he was born, and a few times after, before Ellie was born. After she came along, I got involved in Harry’s business.

“Oh, yes, Mike! Right there, honey, please…mmmmmm.” Maggie reached over to grab the back of Evie’s head and pulled her in for a kiss. As the two women exchanged tongues, Mike pushed his in to probe the inside of his mother’s birthing canal, eliciting another deep moan.

Mike’s left hand made its way to his mother’s right breast, to roll the engorged nipple between his fingers. His right hand made itself busy, probing her cunt while he teased her clit, quickly bringing her to the brink of orgasm. When he felt her tighten up prior to her release, he moved up over and into her, triggering her first orgasm of the morning.

As he began to pump his hips into her, their lips meshed, and Maggie’s arms and legs encircled him. Her hips began to move with him, rapidly bringing their moment of explosion closer.

Evie sat on her heels, off to the side watching them, enthralled. Her hands were busy, one at her breast, the other between her legs, propelling her along the same road as her boy friend and his mother.

Maggie came first, tightening her arms and legs, forcing Mike into her as deeply as possible as she broke the kiss and howled out her passion. The sight of her lover’s mother rapture triggered Evie’s, whose orgasmic groan seemed to coincide with the explosion of Mike’s spend into his mother.

He collapsed on to Maggie, where he rested for a couple of minutes before he was pushed off by Evie, who pushed her face and tongue into Maggie’s crotch as soon as it was clear. Her agile delicate tongue soon had searched out each and every stray drop of cum, in the process bringing Maggie to another small orgasm.

“Unghh! Enough, you two! You’re going to make it impossible for me to get anything done today. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, my sweets, but next time give me enough warning so I can schedule the day off so I can return the favors. I dearly want to sample that kitten of yours, Evie, and clean my son’s sperm from it, but today I simply don’t have time to do it properly.”

She sat up and pushed herself back against the headboard. “Evie, why don’t you join me in the shower while Mike goes down and makes the coffee and gets us some juice. If we’re not out by then, he can use the shower in the bathroom in the hall.” Taking Evie’s hand, she swung her feet off the bed and pulled the young blonde along with her.

Evie watched, with some trepidation as Maggie soaped up a wash cloth. She sniffed, wondering what the spicy, musky scent was, unfamiliar with the scent of patchouli. Maggie watched the young woman as she replaced the soap bar on the built in shelf. She reached out and took hold of Evie’s shoulder and began to lightly massage the young woman’s back with the soapy cloth.

Evie relaxed under the hands of her boy friend’s mother as they glided over her back and butt. She allowed herself to be turned, exposing her stomach and chest to the soapy flannel. When Maggie avoided her breasts, the younger woman was surprised, a reaction which increased to shock when Maggie dropped to her knees and began to wash her legs.

The puzzlement was plain on he face when Maggie stood up without attending to Evie’s crotch. “Don’t worry,” Maggie said, with a smile. She bent down and lightly kissed the younger blonde, teasing her lips with a delicate tonguing. Evie opened her mouth to accept Maggie’s tongue, and moaned when she felt her breasts being soaped by two very gentle hands.

She reached out and pulled Maggie closer, reaching down to grab her lower cheeks and hold her tightly against her body. Maggie pulled back and, with a gentle laugh, said, “Relax, dear. We’ve plenty of time.”

One of Maggie’s hands began to caress the breast it held, cleaning it thoroughly. Her other hand slid down Evie’s soapy front, pausing to probe her navel, and move on, through her fine haired thatch, into her slit, pausing to gently caress her clitoris.

When Maggie felt Evie relax, she turned her to face the wall of the shower. “Lean against the wall,” she said and slid her hand over Evie’s ass cheek, down her crack until she found her rosebud. Maggie’s thumb caressed and massaged the surrounding area, coaxing the young woman to push back against her thumb. Maggie gently pushed her thumb into Evie’s dark hole, searching for her clit with the middle fingers of the same hand as her other hand moved up to caress Evie’s now pendulous breasts.

In a voice almost too soft to be heard, Evie moaned, “Please, don’t stop now. Make me come, please.”

Maggie leaned down and kissed Evie on the back of the neck before she said, “Of course, dear. Are you nearly ready?” Evie, not trusting her ability to speak, simply nodded. Maggie rocked her hand back, driving her thumb into Evie as far as she could, and pulled her fingers back until she felt the opening to her son’s girl friend’s vagina, and plunged them in nearly three knuckles deep, causing a groan which sounded like it came from Evie’s toes, as she triggered an orgasm unlike any Evie had ever experienced.

Maggie supported Evie by the arm across her chest while her other hand was busy stimulating Evie’s anus and vagina by forcing them around the edges of the two openings, forcing them to open as much as she could. It quickly became more than the young girl could stand and she slumped to the floor of the shower, taking Maggie with her.

Maggie gathered Evie to her and held her in her arms until she had recovered. “Shit, Maggie! What did you do to me? I’ve never come that hard; not even when my dad used a dildo in my ass while he fucked my pussy. Until now, I think that was the hardest.”

“It was something Mike did to his aunt which she shared with me. Not the stretching, just the penetration. I wanted to make it feel as much like a real DP as I could. I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“Not in any way that counts. I think I might have bruised my knees when I fell on the floor. Thank you for the orgasm. I owe you one, now. I’ll try to repay you in kind.”

Maggie laughed. “Not necessary, sweetie, but thank you for the thought. We’d best be getting ready before your new man comes looking for us.”

“If you say so. I’m ready for a nap.”

That’s fine. You can use my bed after we get you dried off a bit.”


For the first time since Ellie had left for Europe, nearly seven weeks ago, Mike found himself alone. Maggie had a personnel committee meeting at the office, and Evie had just left to go to work at Waverly’s. He went into his father’s office and pulled up the spreadsheet he was working on to divide the family wealth.

He pulled out the fiscal year end audit which the company attorney had mailed while he was gone. He quickly glanced through the audit, nearly losing it when he got to the bottom line. The company had ended the year with a distributable profit of 1.5M.

His 75K had been paid into a trust account his parents had set up for him when the company started showing a small profit. He looked through the papers in the bundle from the lawyer. His trust account was now worth 1.25M. “Holy Shit!” he whispered. “I’m almost rich. Son of a bitch, thank you, Dad.”

He went back to the audit report. Currently, he and Ellie together owned ten percent of the company. Taking everything into account, his share represented just over 1M. A quick calculation showed his mother’s holding represented nearly 10.25M against his father’s 8M.

Similarly, the family’s securities totaled just over 10M at the close of business, June 15. Since then the market had made a bit of a recovery. Since most of the securities had been bought in even quantities, they could be easily split between Harry and Maggie, with neither feeling shorted.

He quickly filled in the spread sheet showing the divisions, according to three scenarios; first was the even division he had shown Maggie earlier; second was one where the company, as a corporation, bought back all of the stock and hired Harry and Maggie in their present positions; third, Harry begged, borrowed or stole every cent he could raise and bought out Maggie and the kids. In each, Harry continued to pay Ellie’s school costs, Mike and Ellie wound up with the cabin and its property, the other community property was evenly divided, and Harry had to apologize for his infidelities and their role in breaking up the family.

He looked over his work, and satisfied, printed up two copies. He left one with an explanatory note for Maggie on the kitchen table, telling her he was dropping off a copy with Harry then going on to wait for Evie at her place.

Even though he still had the key, Mike thought it best if he rang his father’s apartment before going up. Given that it was mid-late afternoon, he was surprised when the intercom buzzed. “Hello?” came a familiar feminine voice.

“Marty; Mike Nelson. Is Dad there? I have something for him.”

“No, but come on up. I was on my out, but I’ll wait for you.”

When he got off the elevator at the eighteenth floor, the apartment door was open, waiting for him. Inside, he found Marty, dressed in a professional looking dark blue suit with a pastel green scarf tucked in to cover her cleavage. “Wow,” he said with a smile, “you sure do dress up nice. Not sure I’d have known you if I saw you out. Where’s Dad?”

“He had to go to Springfield. I’m waiting on a cab to take me to my new place. Thanks to you, I saw it coming, though I almost beat it. I was sure he was going to let me stay, then he saw your Mom downtown about a week ago. Now, I’m not sure he wants a divorce. He’s moping around here, saying he should never have let her go. He’ll be back tomorrow if you need to talk to him.”

Just then the intercom buzzed. “That should be my cab.” She grabbed the handle on her pull-along bag. “See you around, Mike. Too bad you didn’t stick around that day. I think we could have had some fun, the three of us,” and with that, she was gone.

Mike shook his head and smiled, thanking the powers that be that he hadn’t stayed that morning. He wrote an explanatory note on the envelope containing the suggested settlements and told his father he’d most likely be available after noon tomorrow if he needed to talk. By the time he got out of the apartment, it was nearly 5:30. With luck, he’d be at Evie’s by six.


Turning down Evie’s street, he wondered at the momentarily heavy traffic he had encountered, but since it had been such a short distance, he chalked it up to the vagaries of fate. He pulled to the curb in front of her apartment building, and grabbed his overnight bag before getting out of the car. As he locked the Jeep he saw a police patrol car pull into the street from the four lane which crossed it at the end of the block.

Anna answered his knock right away. “Evie called a bit ago and said she was on her way. I wonder what’s taking her so long.”

“There’s a lot of traffic in the area. She’s probably stuck in that. How are you?”

“Anxious,” she said iwth a soft smile. “Ellie said she had some good news to share…”

The doorbell interrupted her.

Shit happens. And it is never convenient, nor pleasant. That’s why it’s shit. It was just a simple “ding dong,” but when you’re anxious, even happy anxious, the simplest of sounds can sound ominous.

For no reason she could identify, Anna suddenly became fearful and fell, more than sat, back into the chair behind her. “Michael, would you…”

He opened the door to find an older plainclothes policeman and a young uniformed policewoman. “Is Mrs Masters at home?” the officer asked.

“I…In here,” she said, her voice faltering.

The policewoman approached her, carrying a plastic bag. “Ma’am,” she asked in a soft voice, “is Evelyn Masters your daughter?” Numbly, fearing the worst, she nodded. “I’m sorry, there was an accident; she was killed instantly.”

Anna sat there, shaking her head, not wanting to believe, at the same time knowing it was true. Slowly the tears began to spill down her cheeks and she looked to the policewoman for answers to questions she didn’t know how to ask.

Mike stood there against the door, unable to breathe, unable to move or support himself. He, too, shook his head in disbelief, sliding to the floor, his gut suddenly tied in knots the size of Rhode Island. “No, please God, no!” he cried as he hit the floor. The male officer turned around and helped Mike to his feet and led him to the couch.

“We are both sorry for your loss. Is there anyone we can call for you, to come help you?”

Mike and Anna both shook thei heads. “What happened?” she asked.

The male officer answered, “It looks like she was waiting to pull out of the parking lot by the restaurant around the corner.”

“Yes. We own it.”

“Well, a construction dump truck halffull of gravel was passing by, probably speeding somewhat–the driver was on his way to the hospital where his wife was having their first baby–he says he hit a bump kinda hard and something in the driver side wheel broke causing the back of the truck to swerve to the right. The rear wheels hit your daughter’s car and slapped it into the side of the restaurant. Her neck was apparently broken by the initial impact.”

“You said the driver was speeding. How fast…” Mike tried to ask.

“Who are you?” the officer asked.

“My name is Mike Nelson. Evie and I, we got engaged yesterday.”

“Ohhh, Michael,” Anna cried and began to sob.

The officer looked at Mike, sorrow written plainly on his face. “I am so sorry, young man. The driver admitted to doing between 45 and 50 in the 35 mile zone. Looking at how far Ms Masters’ car traveled sideways, it was likely closer to 60, but we won’t know until the forensics team gets done.” He saw the question on their faces. “Whenever there’s an unattended death, accidental or otherwise, there is a forensic team assigned to investigate the death, to determine how and why it occurred.”

“Now what?” Anna asked. “What happens now?”

“Your daughter is on the way to the morgue, where a medical examiner will decide whether a full autopsy is needed or not. If not, you will be able to have her picked up in a couple of days. If so, then the ME will let you know.

“There’s also the question of organ donation. Is that something…”

“Yes, of course, whatever can be of use,” Anna answered, with the first spark of life since the officers had entered the apartment.

“Good. We’ll notify the ME. You said you own the restaurant, then you might want to get an engineer in to examine the impact area to assess any damage. The investigation will take a few days. But, I imagine, you will probably be closed anyway. Here’s my card,” he said, fishing one out from his inside coat pocket, “If I can be of any more help.”

The young woman got up from sitting beside Anna. “Here are her purse and items we recovered from the car. It’ll be taken to the police lot on Williams Road for examination by the lab. If anything you think should be here but isn’t, there’ll be someone there to assist you in looking for it. I’m really very sorry, Mrs Masters, Mr Nelson.”

After the officers left, the pair sat in their respective seats for a few minutes, each lost in their own grief. Finally Mike moved. He got up and went to Anna, where he pulled her up into his arms and held her tightly. Aware of her breasts against his chest, it took him several seconds to register the fact she was sobbing against his chest.

He leaned back and tilted her face up towards his. “Let’s pack you some clothes and get out of here. I’m taking you to my house. You shouldn’t be alone for the next few days.”

She nodded. “Thank you. Should you call your mother and let her know?”

“No. I think that is best done face to face. She loved Evie as much as I did. Do you have the phone numbers for the rest of the workers. We should call them tonight, before it hits the news.”

“Yes. The address book, by the phone in the kitchen. In the basket on the wall.” She started down the hall to her bedroom, but was back in less than a minute. “Ohh, Michael! What am I going to do without her? And you, she loved you so much. When she told me you were coming to work for us, she told me she was going to marry you, however long she had to wait for you to ask her. And then this…”

“It’s okay, Anna. We will get through this. I know she loved me, and she knew I loved her. I also know, whatever else she was feeling at the time, she was happy and satisfied with her life. Everything was going well for her. She had her family, her job, us, all of it highly positive for her. That’s what we have to focus on, not how much we’ve lost. Go now, pack.”

Part LXV

Maggie was in her office, catching up her journal. She had just got off the phone with Ellie, who had called to bring her up to date on her life. Maggie had shared Mike’s news, knowing he would have wanted her to do so. She wondered if and when he’d tell Harry. She glanced at the spread sheets Mike had left her. She’d had no idea they were doing so well. Money was not something she worried about, tending to live simply, out of both habit and inclination.

Thinking about how much she could get if Harry bought her out made her think of an old dream she’d had. She wondered if the place was still there, and if it was available.

She heard the door open and wondered who could be coming in. Mike was supposed to be spending the night at Evie’s.

“Hello! Who is it?” she called, leaving her study.

“Hey, Mom; it’s me. Anna’s with me, to stay a while.”

“Anna? Stay? Why? What’s happened, Michael? Where’s Evie?” she asked, and to her horror, watched her son fall to his knees, sobbing. She looked at Anna, whose face was also starting to crumble. “No, dear God, no! What happened? Tell me!”

Mike managed to get enough control to tell her what they knew. “Oh my Lord,” she said softly. “The poor child. Instantly, you said. Thank you, Lord, for that.

“What have you done, anything? Called anyone?”

“No. I just had Anna pack some clothes and brought her here. She shouldn’t be alone right now.” he answered, getting to his feet.

“Nor you, either. Well, we need to call your staff, Anna. Did you…” The older woman nodded. “And we need to get a sign up first thing in the morning. I’ll have the company’s print shop make one. How long do you think, a week?”

“We also need to get an engineer in,” Mike told her, “to inspect the building where the car hit it, to see if there’s any structural damage. We drove by, but couldn’t see anything, so we couldn’t really tell.”

“Maybe Harry knows of someone. Do you want to call him, or do you want me…”

“He’s out of town, up in Springfield. He won’t be home until late morning, tomorrow.”

Anna broke in. “I know a real estate broker. She might know of someone. I can call her tonight.”

And on into the late evening it went, helping the grief stricken mothers and fiancé begin to come to terms with their loss and settling or arranging for the myriad of details accompanying one’s final departure.

As it drew toward midnight, Maggie said, “Well, it’s late, but we have a good start on tomorrow. Anna, I’m guessing you’d rather not sleep alone tonight. Would you like to share my bed?”

With a look and sigh of relief, she answered, “May I? You don’t mind?”

“Not at all. And you, Mike? Would you like to join us?” Seeing the look of shock on Anna’s face, she said, “It’s just for companionship and comfort, Anna, no sex,” she paused, “unless you want to join us,” she added with a smile.

The chain reaction continues! Another mousetrap is sprung, flinging more ping pong balls into the air.

Each chapter is standalone. Each chapter adds to the tale of the Misty Valley Cooperative.

Chapter 3 – The Journey

Mom was the anchor that provided my father with the home life that allowed him to pursue aggressively his passion for IT. She maintained home and hearth while he immersed himself in his career. When I came along, she became full time mother and part time father. She never questioned these roles. She saw them as her duty.

Her family defined her life. Traditional roles defined these pre feminist decades. She saw her role as wife and mother as the summit of her existence.

As I moved from childhood dependency to teenage rebellion and ultimately to early manhood, a void developed in her life. She began to fill that void with the occasional glass of wine. The occasional glass became daily glasses of wine.

I have heard that alcohol loosens inhibitions and gives permission for behavior that one might otherwise find objectionable. It also provides the excuse for that behavior. If that is true then mom was always harboring a repressed sexuality. That raises the old chicken and egg paradox. Did she drink because of her latent sexual desires or did her latent sexuality cause her to drink.

It was in my late teens when mom became more touchy feely with me. The overly affectionate hugs, the clasping of my head to her bosom were signs that she needed to feel close to someone, to hold and to be held. To an 18 year old with hormones exploding through my body, it was like pouring gasoline on a raging fire. The normal youthful male obsession with his mom as the female ideal became an obsession with her as a sex object. I began to lust after my mother.

For her part, she never saw her overly affectionate treatment of me as an entrée to sex. She was lonely, needy, trying to hold on to last meaningful thing in her life, her son. The more I spread my wings and flew farther from the nest, with friends and girlfriends, the more sexual her behavior became.

It began more than twenty years ago. It was the decade of the 70′s. We had Watergate, the Nixon resignation and the Fall of Saigon and I started a lifelong affair with my mother.

Looking at me back then, nobody would have believed it. I was a skinny, snotty nose kid, barely eighteen and just out of high school. I had a circle of friends. We did the things all kids did. We hung out, rode our bikes and, when we got lucky, sneak a few beers.

It was shortly after I graduated from high school in 1979 that I experienced a disturbing instance of mom’s tendency to be overly affectionate when she had been drinking. It was the night after my prom. Dad was out of town and had left me the car. My buds and I scored a few beers and went to the lake to contemplate life and drink.

I arrived back home about 9, more high than any 18 year old driver should be. Luck was on my side. I encountered no police or any immovable objects. I tottered to my bed and collapsed.

Mom went to dinner with the women from the homeowners association. That usually meant a late night for her. I vaguely recall hearing the titter of female voices, followed by a car door closing. My next recollection was the smell of gin and a warm body next to me. I struggled out of my beer-induced coma to find my mom lying next to me. She was snuggled up spoon fashion, her large ass pressed against my crotch.

There was a certain amount of role reversal in this. When I was younger, thunder and lightning terrified me. My cries would bring mom to my room. She would crawl in bed with me and let me snuggle to her warm pliant body. In this refuge, I would drift off to sleep.

Lately, when mom was drinking, she would come in my room and get in bed with me. I recall my mixed feelings about the practice. On one hand, there was the guilt when the closeness of my mother caused a painful erection. On the other, there was the intimate closeness I felt. I would snuggle and let my cock settle between the cheeks of her panty-clad ass.

Usually dad would realize where she was and come get her. I recall his disapproving looks when he woke her up and took her to their room. Occasionally I caught scraps of arguments. The conversations contain words like “inappropriate”, “suggestive”, and “sick”.

That time she was dressed, as usual, in panties and bra. She rarely wore a nightgown when she drank. I sat up and shook her. She mumbled something incoherent. I glanced down into the valley of her cleavage. Her breasts heaved slowly as she slept in her drunken stupor.

I had two choices: I could leave her in my bed and sleep in their room or I could wake her and take her to their room.

I chose the latter. Yes, I knew the better option was for me to go down the hall to their bedroom.

As I stood next to her, I could see the dark mass of her neatly trimmed bush through the sheer white panties. Her large pink nipples and dark areola were clearly visible through her matching bra. My cock tented in my boxers as I stood over her.

I was familiar with my mom’s body. I had checked the laundry hamper many times. I would steal her fragrant panties and jack off in them. Because of those clandestine forages of her hamper, I knew mom’s bra size was 36D.

A sheen of sweat covered her body, causing the thin material to be even more transparent. My eyes trailed down from her nipples to the pooch of her abdomen. I continued gazing down to her panties. They had pulled into the crevice of her labia. The lips of her pussy were exposed. The exposed gusset of her panties were wet.

I shook myself out of my lecherous viewing of my drunken mom. I leaned forward. I wrapped her arms around my neck, placed my arms around her waist, and stood, raising her to her feet. Like a rag doll, she slumped over my shoulder. I shifted my arms to support her weight; my hands ended up wrapped around her ample ass.

Here I was at 18 with my semi-conscious mother slumped against my body. The object of my masturbatory fantasies lay helpless in my arms. Sweat covered both of our bodies. My rigid cock poked out of my shorts. It smeared pre cum over her belly. For a moment, I stood transfixed, looking at the glistening wetness.

I let my hands traced the pear shaped mounds of her behind down to her thighs. Mom moaned and pressed her crotch into me. Reflexively I squeezed her ass. Mom moaned and her arms tightened around my neck. I let my hand slide up the soft pliant mound of her ass to her waist. I caressed her ass again as I ran my hands over her. Mom’s thighs pressed harder into me; her hips gyrated slowly. Her breath was hot on my neck.

I pushed her away. I looked down and saw the wetness of my pre cum coating her abdomen. I shook myself to regain control. I noticed a strong pungent aroma that mixed with the smell of sweat. My head spun with lust. At 18, I was unaware that a woman’s arousal scent was designed to cause the mating lust in a man. Mom was in heat! I was the male her primal need was trying to entice.

I turned so that mom was next to me. I wrapped one arm around my neck. I circled her waist with my other arm. As I walked her the short distance to their bedroom, she mumbled:

“I’m going to be sick!”

I quickly shifted behind her. I locked my arms under her breasts and pushed her toward the bathroom. In this awkward position, my cock poked her in the ass, smearing my youthful pre cum in her crack. As I pushed her toward the toilet, she fell to her knees, pulling me with her. I found myself on my knees with my johnson poised at her ass. I could see the glistening wetness of my pre cum on her butt. I leaned forward and pressed my cock against mom’s anus.

Mom grunted and pushed back. I watched in fascination and lust as the head of my dick began to disappear into my mother’s ass. That is when she began puking. Most of it went into the toilet but she did soil her bra and panties.

I left her worshipping at the porcelain throne while I wet a towel. When I turned around, she was slumped against the wall next to the toilet. Her chin lay on her chest; her mouth gaped with drool dribbling down one corner. Her arms lay loosely, palms up at her side. Her legs were splayed open, the insubstantial material of her panties pressed tightly between her labia. Streaks of gray peppered her thatch. The gusset of her panties were soaked and glistening with its wetness.

The acrid smell of vomit assaulted my nose as I wiped her face and upper chest. I paused to consider my next move. She needed to get out of these vomit stained clothes.

“Mom…mom…wake up!”

Her reply was incoherent gibberish. I realized that I would have to undress her! Looking back, it was a crucial turning point. She was no longer just my mother, but a naked vulnerable woman. I made the mental shift to dominant male and protector.

I reached behind her and undid her bra. Her sizeable breasts tumbled out. Her nipples were rigid. They looked like hard pink erasers poking out from the soft mounds of her breasts. I could see the red creases on her shoulders where her bra straps struggled to contain their prize. I tossed it in the sink for later rinsing.

I reached behind her, hooked my fingers in the back of her panties. My eyes were glued to her crotch as I slid them down over her full hips, and well-shaped legs.

For the first time, I saw my mother’s bare pussy. It was damp, her labia tightly closed with a puffy slit down the middle. An image of me emerging squalling through those succulent lips filled my mind. I resisted the over powering urge to lean forward and kiss those moist inviting lips.

Involuntarily, my hand reached for the gleaming wetness of my mother’s pussy. She groaned loudly as I ran one finger down the dripping crevice of her labia. I let my finger run back up, lightly touching the turgid pinkness of her engorged clit. She jerked as though a bolt of lightning had struck her. Her legs trembled and shook. A whitish liquid oozed from her pussy and coated my fingers.

I had just made my mother have an orgasm! Her juices coated my hand. I held my hand up and watched the liquid slide down my fingers. It pooled briefly in the junction of my fingers. My vision blurred as I brought my cum covered hand to my mouth and licked it clean of my mom’s juice. The sound of my blood rushing through my veins thundered in my ears.

I dropped to all fours. My breath was coming in short gasps. My heart was trying pound its way out of my chest. Barely two feet away, the source of this intoxicating nectar, lay shiny wet and dripping.

I rocked back on my haunches. What in the fuck was happening to me!? This was my mother! An overwhelming lust, tinged with disgust shot through me.

Mom was a full figured woman but not fat. Today they would call her curvy. Her thighs were large but firm. Her breasts sagged generously on her chest.

My mother lay naked, snoring loudly. I began toweling off her body. I lingered over her breasts. I will never know where the courage came from, but I tweaked one nipple, then the other. Mom moaned. She tried to raise her head but it just slumped to the other side.

I held each breast in my hands. I was surprised at their weight, the softness of the pliant flesh. As I washed off sweat and traces of vomit, I lingered over her nipples. Mom’s hips thrust up as I pinched each one. Her mouth formed a moue, her lips pantomiming sucking. When they were clean, I sucked each nipple. I nibbled lightly at each one. Again, mom moaned. Both of her hands found their way to her crotch and she humped them.

I was drenched in sweat. My heart pounded in my chest, hammering out the rhythm of my arousal. I could hear my blood rushing in my ears.

I stood, turned on the water in the face bowl and rinsed the cloth. I washed down her belly and over her sex. I rewet the towel and washed between her thighs. Mom moaned loudly. Her hips attempted to move up and press against the towel. I pressed the towel hard between her legs and watched my drunken mother hump the towel. Her ass rose and fell rhythmically, her mouth lolling open. Both of her hands covered mine, holding the towel tightly against her pussy.

“I’m sorry Justin, she moaned!” She thought I was dad.

“It’s ok, mom, I’ll take care of you.”

In the tight confines of the bathroom, the aroma of mom’s arousal replaced the stench of vomit. Mom’s ass rose and fell rhythmically from the cold tile of the bathroom floor. Her breathing became harsh. She began to moan. A low guttural scream came from her mouth as she pressed hard into the towel. Again, I sat back on my haunches. I had just helped my mother cum. As I removed the towel, I watched a shiny wetness cover my mother’s labia.

I looked down and found my hand was slowly stroking my rigid eight inches as I watched mom slide two fingers into her pussy. My cock leaked pre-cum all over my hand. Again, her hips began a slow rhyme as they rose to meet her thrusting fingers. Her eyes opened. Drunkenly she licked her lips as she watched me stroke. Her free arm rose, the hand flopping loosely. I stepped closer. Her hand brushed my rigid sex then she slumped and passed out again.

I bent over, placed my arms under hers, and lifted her to her feet. I rotated behind her and locked my arms under her breasts. I duck walked her to her bed, my cock poking at her ass and smearing pre cum all over it. I dumped her face down in her bed. Her sibilant snoring announced she was out.

I knelt between mom’s legs and beheld the pink fullness of her ass. With my eyes, I traced the line between her ass cheeks to where her clamshell pussy began. I leaned forward and caressed the soft cheeks, gently separating them. The starfish of her anus seemed to wink at me. I found myself bending over and kissing the magnificence of her ass. I let my tongue trace the same line down her ass cheeks that my eyes had surveyed.

Mom moaned and raised her hips in the air when I kissed her starfish. I forced my tongue into the tightness of her anus. The musty/sweet smell of her arousal was a narcotic. I was out of body and felt I was surely losing my mind. I was tongue fucking my mom’s ass!

I was going to cum! I could feel the itch at the base of my balls the rocketed up through my balls. It surged up the large vein under my cock. Panicked, I tried to sit up. All I succeeded in doing was raising my cock to the level of mom’s ass. I spewed my seed all over her magnificent ass. It covered the pinkness of her ass in the white gooey mess of my seed.

I cursed myself for the fool that I was as I observed, with a mixture of disgust and lust; my seed ooze down the cleft of my mother’s ass and onto muffin of her swollen labia. Obscenely, it streamed in a small rill over her Mons.

I walked the few steps to the bathroom. I rinsed and rewet the washcloth. When I returned, my drying cum was smeared over her ass. As I tried to unravel this mystery, I saw mom’s hand in her mouth. She reached back behind her, smeared more of my seed on her hand and returned it to her mouth. She sucked her fingers greedily. A mask of drunken lust covered her face.

My cock was still rigidly hard. I knelt between her legs and leaned down. I could see the whiteness of my juices sliding over the wetness of mom’s pussy. Before I realized it, I was laying between her thighs, licking hungrily at our juices.

Her moaning grew louder as I traced the line to her pussy with my tongue. It gleamed wetly at me and exuded an intoxicating aroma. Almost impossibly, my cock grew harder. My vision blurred with lust as her pheromones filled the air and my nose. Her ass pumped rhythmically up and down.

Mom’s hands appearing between her legs interrupted my enjoyment of this sweet nectar. From my vantage point, inches from her sex, I watched first one then two, and then finally three fingers enter her steaming fuck hole. She frantically humped her fingers, the squishy sound of her arousal combined with her arousal aroma to fill the air with a miasma of sex.

Her moaning became a guttural growl. My hand found my cock. I was on my knees, my head between my mother’s legs watching her fingers invade her juicy pussy, and I pounded away on my throbbing sex. We came together, me spewing my seed on her glistening wet fingers buried in her pussy, Her growling loudly, pounding her hips into the mattress.

I staggered back to my room, filled with shame and lust.


She and I have discussed that long ago night. She admits now that she was dimly aware it was not dad. Even now, she will not admit that she let her son feel her up. Nevertheless, one of our favorite foreplay is for me to lie between her legs and watch her masturbate.


Then one night over dinner, dad dropped a bombshell

“I have been offered a position with a company in Scotts Valley, California.”

The tremor in his voice betrayed his excitement. Someone had seen his paper on database technology and offered him a well-paying job. He had strived his entire career for this type of opportunity. To this day, I know he has no idea of the impact of the events he put in place.

Even my mom, who was loyal to a fault, expressed her misgivings about such a move.

“Justin, I am happy for you but I don’t know about making such a move!”

“Helen, it means twice the money I am making now.”

“But all of our friends are here. I have my clubs, the church….”

Her voice trailed off. Her chest heaved disturbingly. Mom was not a strong woman. I knew that dad would prevail.


From dinner that night, the pace was dizzying. The movers came and packed our furniture. The moving van was due the next day to load the furniture and our car.

Dad had decided to drive our Dodge cabover. This would be challenging because mom did not drive. Moreover, even if she did, her incipient drinking problem was an issue. Dad and I would share the driving for our entire trip.

The company in Scotts Valley arranged for a house. They had a compound where their executives lived. The house was part of the benefits package. They wanted dad there as quickly as possible.

I learned later that the sheer speed of events were deeply disturbing to my mother. Emotionally she was a delicate flower, ripped from its nurturing soil. She would struggle to put down new roots.

When we finished loading the RV the only empty space was the master bedroom in the rear and the convertible couch in the kitchen area. The plan was to take three days for the trip, spending the night at campgrounds.

Boxes of clothes, China, and furniture filled the entire first floor of our house. The movers would be in early to load their van. They had left out my parent’s queen size mattress for them to sleep on that night. I had my sleeping bag on the floor of my bedroom.

The house was dark, lit only by the light of the quarter moon streaming weakly through the windows. The house felt unusually cold because of its emptiness. It and we were in transition.

I had spent my last night out with some friends. When I got home, I was surprised to see my mom asleep on the mattress. The homeowners’ association farewell barbeque/dance was supposed to go to midnight. It was barely nine. She lay on her abdomen, one leg slightly bent at the knee toward the other leg and that leg splayed to the side. She was clad in her usual panties and bra. Their satiny fabric seemed to glow in the dim moonlight. Despite the coolness of the night, she had kicked the cover off her.

I felt a stirring in my shorts as I beheld her lush figure. A scant two weeks prior, I had stripped her naked. The image of my tongue fucking her ass and licking my cum from her pussy flashed through my mind.

Her panties had ridden up exposing one pink cheek. Her head lay cradled in her crossed arms. Under one arm a breast formed a sizeable mound. The faint burr of her snoring wafted out to me.

I know now that Mom was in the early stages of alcoholism. By my twenty-first birthday, she would begin a series of unsuccessful attempts to conquer it. By my twenty-third birthday, she would be in a recovery that would last the rest of her life. Then she lay exposed and vulnerable.

I had to shake myself to pull back from ogling my mother. I sighed as I realized what had probably happened. Back then, she was a woman with a low tolerance for alcohol but a big appetite for it. Mom had got drunk at the BBQ. Either my dad or one of our friends had brought her home. It had happened before. Several times, I had heard them in their bedroom arguing about her drinking.

Those arguments usually ended with her crying, promising to do better and then they had loud sex. Their sex never lasted long but if the decibel level of mom’s moans were an indicator, she enjoyed it. I would masturbate to the sounds of my parents making love. In my mind’s eye, I saw her as one of the sex goddesses in the movies. She could fuck all night and never muss her make up or hair. She was always mom.

Impulsively I stepped into their bedroom to cover my mom’s semi nudity. Looking back, I now understand that I was only partly motivated by covering her partial nudity against the night chill. I had been here before. I had sampled the forbidden fruit. I was bolder now. My shame was less. My cock was at half-mast and rising. The sight of her round bare ass cheek was at once disturbing and alluring. I had to get a closer look.

I stepped softly into the room. I knelt at her waist. The sharp odor of gin tinged with an animal musk invaded my nostrils. My head swam as I lay my hand on her warm sweaty ass cheek. I stroked down the curve of her ass and across her tight full thigh. I felt the pain of my rigidly tumescent cock trapped in my shorts.

As my depravity caused me to lean nearer her sex, to inhale deeply of her alcohol-induced arousal, I snapped back to reality. A wave of nausea swept through me. An intense feeling of disgust followed it.

What kind of fucking pervert was I? I was feeling up my poor drunk mother. AGAIN!! I had to stop this! Sweat broke out on my body as I pulled myself back from the brink. My hands trembled as I grabbed the sheet and pulled it over her body. No more, I thought resolutely, no more!

An electric shock shot through me when I felt her hand grab my dick. She placed her open palm on it and rubbed my length. I struggled to pull back and get up. However, my position leaning over her had me off balance.

“Honey, I’m so sorry I embarrassed you tonight.”


Her hand found the edge of my shorts pulled them down. I was now kneeling next to my mother with my shorts around my knees. Her warm hand gripped my manhood and pulled gently on it.

“I only had a couple of drinks. They went straight to my head. Please forgive me!”

Mom rose on one elbow. I could just make out her silhouette in the gloom. She rose up and kissed the head of my cock.

“No…No…Stop! You can’t…!”

My hands shot out and grabbed mom’s head. As I tried to push her head back, she sat up and wrapped her arms tightly around my ass.

“Mmmmmmm, you know I don’t like you cumming in my mouth, but just to show you how sorry I am…!”

My mom inhaled my cock!

I felt the head of my cock hit the back of my mother’s throat. She gagged but continued to bob back and forth. I could feel my cock head sliding down her throat. In one last frantic effort to disengage, I pushed forcibly back on her head. She almost painfully strengthened her grip around my ass.

The feeling was incredible. I could feel her throat open to accept my knot. As she pulled back, the exquisite pressure of her lips on my shaft was rapidly bringing me to a climax. The same hands that gripped her head and tried to push her back now pulled her head to me. My hips pistoned back and forth, driving my tool deep down my mom’s throat. I felt the wetness of her saliva running down my balls. Mom tried to mumble something. Looking back, I think she was telling me not to cum in her mouth. It was too late! She gagged as I fired my seed down her throat. She released my ass and pulled back. I fired two more spurts in her hair and on her face before I collapsed on all fours.

My chest burned with the effort to catch my breath. Sweat ran off my body. I struggled to my knees and sat back on my haunches.

I am sorry baby were the last words mom spoke before she fell back on the mattress. At the time, I thought the apology was for embarrassing dad, not for sucking my dick. As I rose weak kneed, her snoring resumed. I stumbled out of their bedroom. One corner of my mind noted the wet feel of cum leaking out of my dick and onto my thigh.

I was in shock. My mother had just given me a blowjob. Guilt racked me. She obviously thought it was my dad. Or did she?? If she did not, there would be hell to pay. What would my dad say?

I walked the few steps to my room certain my impulsive action had wrecked my life. I was wrong but it had changed in ways an 18 year old could ever imagine.

I woke to sounds of an idling diesel engine and the closer sound of the shower. I could hear voices outside my window. The movers were loading our life. They would unload it on the other side of the continent.

I rose to my elbows in my sleeping bag. I could hear my dad’s voice talking to the movers. I stood and padded to the window. The loading of the van was in full force. I could make out our car in the bowels of the cavernous van.

There was a hard knot of fear in the pit of my stomach. What form would my punishment take? Surely getting a blowjob from my inebriated mother carried a bigger penalty than missing a curfew. What if she remembered me stripping her and licking her ass? I felt like a comic book character with the black cloud of despair hanging over his head.

The shower stopped. I heard mom walk barefoot down the hall and into their bedroom. I wondered if she had dressed in the bathroom. Was she standing in the bedroom with just a towel wrapped around her? I had glimpses of her like that, her large breasts straining to free themselves from this terrycloth restriction.

Maybe she was in panties and bra. I had seen her like this. Once when I was about sixteen, I had barged into their bedroom, full of some long forgotten teen-age news. She had on full back pale pink panties. She was in profile as she retrieved a bra from a lower drawer. Her breasts hung full and pendulous, her pink nipples rigid in the chill of the morning.

I recall her reaction was surprisingly casual. She retrieved a bra, slipped into it, and clasped it behind her before she acknowledged my presence.

“Next time, Darryl, knock before you barge in!”

I shook my head violently to clear it. I walked quickly to the shower. The warm water of the shower washed over me. I idly stroked my cock as I flashed back to last night. Mom might not like cum in her mouth but she gave excellent blowjobs. My strokes became hard and faster as I recalled her tongue working its way around my cockhead. In short order, I exploded against the shower wall.

I exited the bathroom dressed in thigh length grey jersey shorts and a matching tee. I wore canvas boat shoes. I had the first driving shift. Dad had assumed rightly that he and mom might be a little worse for the wear after the party last night.

“Morning, mom, dad!” I braced for the storm.

“Hey buddy, dad said brightly, I thought we were going to have to leave you!”

“Son, get those last bags of groceries into the camper, mom ordered.”

She held my eye for a moment. She knew! However, she had not told dad. His greeting confirmed his unawareness of what his wife and I did.


We had been on the road for about two hours. The traffic was light and the day was sunny and cloudless. Dad dozed in the captain’s chair next to me. Behind me mom was preparing ham sandwiches as the strains of classical jazz wafted through the RV.

Dad started as mom touched his shoulder.

“Honey, go eat and then take nap!”

Dad nodded, turned his captain’s chair to the side, and stood. He stretched expansively, pecked mom on the cheek and walked to the back. Mom slid into the seat vacated by dad. I stole a quick glance down at her full shapely thighs. The print sundress hit her about an inch above the knee when she was standing. When she sat, it rose to mid-thigh. I could see the juncture were her pink thighs met and then disappeared under the hem. The top was strapless, supported only by her large breasts straining at the elastic band.

She turned her chair to the forward facing position. She lowered the back slightly. She glanced nervously over her shoulder. In the mirror, I could see dad take his drink and sandwich into the bedroom. We both heard the swish of the curtain being pulled.

I shifted nervously in my chair. I had known this moment would come. The moment where mom would confront me and demand…What? I prepared to make an abject apology.

“Darryl, I am very sorry for what happened last night.”

My head spun, almost causing me to lose control of the van. She was sorry!?

“Mom, look, what I did…!”

“Sweetie, I did it! I damn near raped my son. My behavior toward you lately is totally inappropriate!”

I remember her head dropped to her chest. A quick glance showed tears streaming down her face. I reached a hand out to comfort her. It ended up on her bare thigh. I squeezed lightly.

“It will be ok, mom! We will work through it!”

I confessed to the liberties I that had taken a few weeks prior. Her head nodded slowly.

“I thought it was a dream. You…You tongued my ass, right?”

My face was hot with my shame as I nodded.

“I never… no one has ever…it was incredible, baby!”

She covered my hand with hers. I was uncomfortably aware that the heat I felt on the back of my hand emanated from under her dress. A scant two inches from my pinky finger was her pussy.

I attempted to pull my hand away. She held it tight and swung her chair so that she faced my right side. Her action caused my hand to slide up her thigh. The hem of her dress partially covered my hand. I was an inch from her pussy.

Traffic whizzed by. The sun beat down from a cloudless blue sky. The highway cut like a grey ribbon through mile after mile of cornfields. A nonsense phrase rambled through my mind: The corn was as high as an elephant’s eye. I wondered how many elephants they saw in Iowa cornfields. My pinky brushed the silky cloth of mom’s panties. Mom did not move.

“Yes, baby, we will work it out!”

She released my hand and stood. The suddenness of her move caused my hand to slide and bump against her panty-clad pussy. I yanked my hand away from that forbidden recess.

Mom kissed me on my cheek.

“I’m going to sit in back for a while.”

As we moved toward our new life in California, I heard the clink of ice in glass. The sharp odor of gin filled the motor home. Oh well, I thought, she needs to relax.


Later I heard dad exit the bedroom. He lightly shook my mom who was dozing on the convertible couch.

“Why don’t you go lie down, dear?”

I could hear the soft slur of her words.

“No, Hon, I want to keep you company while you drive!”

“How are we doing, son?”

“Great, dad, we are about four hours from the campground.”

“Great! Pull into the next rest area and I’ll take over.”


As dad steered the RV back onto the highway, I finished my sandwich and soft drink. Mom sat next to dad. Her feet were on the dashboard. This caused her dress to fall back. I guessed that from dad’s vantage point he could see her panties. Dad confirmed this when he whispered:

“Take them off. It will give me something to look at besides concrete and cornfields.”

Mom reached back and pulled the curtain that separated the cab from the rest of the camper. They were silhouetted against the setting sun as mom stood and slipped off her panties. I watched as she stood close to dad with her dress around her waist. I could see the outline of his head as he turned and kissed her pussy. They giggled like school kids. Then mom knelt by dad. The outline of her head disappeared into his lap.

As I stood and walked to the bedroom, I heard a sharp intake of breath and the camper wobbled. I closed the curtain, stripped to my boxers, and let my rigid member spring free. I smiled to myself and stroked lightly as I thought about dad getting what I got the night before, one of mom’s excellent blowjobs.

I was dreaming that my girlfriend was giving me a handjob. She was stroking it long and slow. She would stop, and then a few minutes later start again. Each time I got close to cumming, she would stop.

I woke in the dark of the bedroom. The only sounds were the classical jazz dad loved, the whine of tires on concrete and the occasional whoosh as a vehicle passed us.

Something restrained me from sitting up. A quick exploration revealed that something to be my mom’s arm thrown across my waist. Her hand lay across my crotch.

As I came fully awake, I could hear the burr of her snoring and smell the stale odor of gin. It had not been a dream! At some point, mom had gotten in bed with me. Apparently, she had given me a handjob as she dozed off.

I switched on the overhead light. Mom was on her side, her sundress bunched around her waist. Her 36D pressed into my back. Her nipples felt stiff and hard. One of her legs was thrown over and between mine. Her neatly trimmed black fur scratched against my thigh.

I managed to push her off me. She rolled to her back, one arm covering her eyes. The other lay between her thighs. I rolled to my knees.

I felt the blood roaring in my ears as I beheld her wanton display. I recall the pain I felt as my eighteen-year-old cock slapped my belly. Unconsciously I began to stroke. The urge to bury my dick in her mommy hole was overpowering. I stroked faster. Suddenly I came. My juices hit mom in the belly and splashed. The next spurt hit just above her pussy. The last two dribbled on her hairy cunt.

As lust drained from my sated brain, I was horrified to see what I had done. My mom lay snoring; the area from her belly to her nether regions covered in the thick gooey residue of my passion. As my senses returned, I knew I had to clean her.

There were towels just outside the bedroom. I pulled on my shorts and pulled back the curtain. I could see dad’s outline against the other curtain separating the cab from the rear of the RV.

“Is that you, darling?”

He had heard me! My throat opened and closed several times before I could croak my answer.

“No dad it’s me!”

“Come up and help me, son! I just passed the sign for the campground exit. I could use some help navigating.”

I glanced back at my mom. My cum pooled wetly in her navel. It accentuated pepper and salt of her bush. I reached for a towel.

“Hurry up, son, I’m at the exit.”

The truck lurched as dad slowed for the exit. I reached back, grabbed my shirt, and flipped off the light. I walked forward, slipping on my shirt. I slipped into the chair next to dad.

“Is your mom still sleep?”

“Yes, dad, she is!”

“I hope she didn’t disturb your sleep. She could not let the convertible couch out. I told her to lie next to you. I was afraid she might hurt herself.”

“Not a problem, dad. Zip your pants and take the next right!”

Dad assayed a shit-eating grin and zipped up.


By the time mom woke up, we had made our hook ups. We had set up camp and started a fire. She was dressed in ankle length flowered robe. She carried her toiletry kit and a towel.

“Where are you going, dear?”

“I…uh…um…I need a shower. I’m…uh…all sweaty.”

As she spoke haltingly, she indicated the common shower area about 100 yards away.

“Mmm ok but son, you go with her. The campground is full and there are some pretty wild parties going on!”

Mom gave me a pointed look.

“Yes, sweety, come with me. I would love your company!”

I reluctantly trailed mom down the trail. The only light came from other campfires. Once we were out of sight of our camp, mom stopped.

“Look, this is getting out of hand. We have to stop it. I’m your mom and the things we have fallen into doing are disgusting!”

“Well, you started it, I fired back!”

“Yes…Yes, I know… and I apologize! Nevertheless, we must get back to a more normal relationship. The path we are on now would be disastrous for our family and for you and me in particular!”

“Ok, mom, ok, but could I ask one question?”

She started walking briskly toward the showers. I had to run a few steps to catch up.

She maintained her brisk pace.

“Ok one question!”

We had arrived at the showers. Mom paused impatiently just outside them.

“Well…um… ah…”

“Hurry up!” I’m not going to stand here all night!”

I blurted out the question that had nagged at me since I saw the outline of mom giving dad a blowjob on the highway.

“Who has the bigger cock and which one did you enjoy sucking more?”

Her eyes widened as shock took over her face. Her brow furrowed and her mouth formed a large O. When her hand started to rise, I thought I was going to get my face slapped. Then her visage softened. An enigmatic smile tugged at the corners of her mouth.

“That’s two questions. But I only promised one answer!”

I still recall the unreadable look in her eyes.

“Yours, she said and stepped into the showers!”


When we arrived back at our camp, a couple from neighboring camp had joined dad. They were a 40ish couple enroute to their home in Indiana. The guy was the louder of the two. His voice carried through the night air.

“Honey, son, meet the Andersons!”

John Anderson enveloped my hand in a bone-crushing grip. He then turned to mom and gave her a bear hug that lifted her clear of the ground. As he was, a bear of a man at better than 6′ 4″ and 250 pounds, his wifedefined petite at barely five feet and less than 100 pounds. She was as reserved as he was outgoing. Her black hair shot with grey, her eyes slate grey. Her tiny breast barely dented her pink tube top. Her shorts were red Lycra. I recall staring at her incongruous large camel toe. She caught me and smiled quietly.

The three of them were drinking homemade hard cider. Judging by dad’s watery eyes and sweat sheen, they had been at it since mom and I left for the shower.

Dad and Mr. Anderson sprawled on lawn chairs. The Anderson’s had brought a couple of beach chairs; they were lawn chairs without legs. Mom took one and I sat on the ground between mom and Mrs. Anderson. I was not allowed to drink. I became the ad hoc bartender and gofer.

When mom and Mrs. Anderson got a chill, I was dispatched to get a blanket. Everyone was drunk and talking at once. I slipped under the blanket to protect against the night chill. I must have dozed. I woke to a hand in my lap stroking my cock.

At first, I thought it was mom. However, when I moved my hand to check, the size of the hand said it was Lauren Anderson. She never looked at me. She stayed in the conversational melee. However, she slowly stroked my cock. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of her small soft hand moving delicately up and down my tool. The sheer wickedness of it was enthralling. Not six feet away her husband regaled our assemblage with tales of his fishing prowess.

Suddenly another, larger hand sneaked across my lap. Mom’s hand froze when she touched Mrs. Anderson. She quickly snaked it back, a look of consternation on her face. She and Mrs. Anderson exchanged a look over me. Mom’s look was angry; Mrs. Anderson’s bemused.

Mom bounced up and announced she was going to bed. The set of her head and shoulders betrayed her anger. Mrs. Anderson never stopped playing with my cock. She was rubbing my pre cum over the head of my meat.

“Sweetheart, would you mind getting another bottle, this soldier is dead?” He laughed uproariously at his clever turn of the old chestnut.

“Honey, you know the bottles are buried under our camping gear. Daryl, will you mind helping me?”

As she said this, she tucked my rigid cock back into my shorts. Her hand came from under the blanket. She casually licked her fingers.

“Yes son, go help her, my dad said, but this is the last for tonight. We have to be on the road early in the morning.”

Mrs. Anderson stood and beckoned me to follow her. We moved from our campsite, through the sparse trees and across the narrow dirt road to the Anderson’s camp.

As we approached their darkened camper, Mrs. Anderson stopped. In the partial light of the moon, I saw her bend and step out of her red Lycra shorts.

“We don’t have much time!” She said as she leaned against their camper.

I can look back now and chuckle. This mature married woman had a chance to get some young cock and she was not going to miss the chance. However, the eighteen year old me was stunned. I was scared shitless! Over my shoulder, I could hear the loud laughter of her husband. In front of me, his wife was bent double, naked from the waist down, waiting for me to fuck her.

My hard cock overcame my fear. I rammed all of my considerable length and girth into this tiny harlot. I heard her breath explode from her lungs. I followed her as she slid to her knees. She growled and reached behind. I now know she was trying to slow me down, to keep me from wrecking her tiny twat. However, at eighteen, there is no technique, only need.

She came several times in that four or five minutes of nonstop, pile driving fucking. When my nut finally filled her womb, she was spread eagles face down in the leaves and dirt. I collapsed on top of her, exhausted and sweating profusely.

She weakly pointed at the RV door.

“The cider is in the top cabinet above the sink.”

She waved me off when I tried to help her stand. After I retrieved the cider, she was sitting naked from the waist down with her back against the motorhome.

“Tell your mother I’ll keep her secret. And tell my husband I went to bed.”

“Yes ma’am, I replied politely.”

Mr. Anderson and dad were standing, saying their good byes when I returned to our campsite. They were both weaving and promising to stay in touch. As for the cider, Mr. Anderson said keep it as a token of our newfound friendship.

I watched as Mr. Anderson staggered and disappeared into the dark toward his campsite. I recall wondering if Mrs. Anderson had managed to get up and into their RV. A crash behind me drew my attention. Dad had fallen trying to climb the few stairs into our camper. I helped him up and inside.

Mom stood glowering in the cabin, her back to the bedroom. She was clad only in one of dad’s tee shirts. The swell of her breast caused the front of the tee shirt to rise to just below her pussy. I stood transfixed at this peek-a-boo peek of her sex. I had thought her anger was aimed at my inebriated dad. That was until she spoke.

“You are a fucking mess, she screamed, have you been rolling in the dirt with that damn hussy?”


She advanced toward me and attempted to slap my face. I caught her hand. Dad stood weaving with a silly grin on his face. Mom tried to twist away and fell on her ass. The tee shirt rose above her waist. She did not attempt to cover her exposed pussy.

“Did you fuck that old broad?” Dad slurred. “Good on you!”

Mom struggled to her hands and knees. She was facing my dad sitting on the bed; her full round ass was exposed and pointing at me.

“And you, she screamed at dad, go the fuck to bed!”

They were both drunk enough not to be aware of mom’s nakedness. Despite earlier telling me we had to stop our sexual antics, mom was jealous. She saw that tiny vixen as competition for my affection. I do not think she saw it in those terms then but Mrs. Anderson forced her to a decision.

She and dad were in bed when I got out of the shower. I slipped on some boxers, let out the convertible bed, laid down and I was dozing off when I heard movement in the darkened camper. I assumed mom or dad had to use the john. I felt someone sit on the edge of my bed.

“Are you asleep?”

Mom’s voice still had the lisp of a person under the influence of alcohol.

“No ma’am!”

In the darkness, I felt her hand find my chest. She began a slow circular massage.

“I didn’t mean to yell at you!”

The sour smell of her alcohol-tainted breath caught my nose as she leaned closer. Just above my head, not three feet away in the cramped confines of the cabover, I could hear dad loudly snoring.

“That’s ok, mom. Go back to bed!”

I felt the bed sag as she lay down next to me. She laid her head on my shoulder as her hand trailed across my abdomen.

“You are my baby and I don’t want some tramp taking advantage of you!”

Mom’s fingers pushed under the waistband of my shorts. Her fingers pushed through the thatch of my pubic hair.

I lay on my back, uncertain where this was going. Her fingers pushed down and slowly gave my cock an open hand massage.

“Mom, you have been drinking. You should go to bed!”

Mom took my cock in her hand and began to slide it up and down its length.

“Ok, just tell me if you fucked her.”

Even for an inexperienced 18 year old, I knew this was dangerous territory. However, respect for my parents was ingrained.

“Yes ma’ am, I did.”

Mom stroking had my dick hard. I felt her body shift. The weight of her body pressed against mine as she straddled me. She was outlined against the window as she rose to her knees. I could feel the scratch of her thatch against my meat.

“That skinny little bitch took advantage of mommy’s baby!”

I felt mom’s hand guide my cock into her pussy. It slipped easily into her wetness. I thrust up hard and mom groaned. A fantasy of a lifetime, all 18 years of it, was being realized. I was buried ball deep in my mother’s fuck hole.

“Easy, baby, easy, not so fast!”

She placed both hands on my chest and began a slow undulating movement of her body. My cock slid easily in and out of her dripping wet pussy. She began a soft cooing sound deep in her throat.

Instinctively, I reached out and grabbed the cheeks of her ass with my hands.

“Mom, I gasped, you should stop. We might wake up dad!”

Her mouth covering mine stopped my protestation. In my mouth, her tongued dueled with mine.

“Fuck, mommy, baby, give mommy your cock!”

“Oh, mom, I have waited so long…!”

Mom quickened her pace. Her breath was coming in sharp gasps. The exquisite feel of her wet sheath sliding up and down my pole was incredible. I felt the pressure of her cervix press against the mushroom head of my cock. Her tightness was incredible.

“Oh jesus…you are…oh fuck! You are huge!”

I grabbed the bottom of her tee shirt her and stripped it over her head. Her full breasts fell in my face. I leaned forward, sucked in one nipple and suckled like I had so many years ago.

“Oh god baby, yes, yes fuck mommy! Show me how much you love me!”

To this day, I do not understand why my father did not wake up. The squishy sounds of our sex filled the tight confines. Mom was getting louder and louder, demanding that I fuck her harder, demanding that I plant my seed in her pussy. I could feel her pussy spasming around my love pole as her orgasm overtook her.

He did not even wake up when mom and I both screamed as we simultaneously reached our orgasms. He slept through mom lying on top of me gasping for breath as she tried to come down.

Mom’s even breathing said she was going to sleep. I pushed her off me to the wall side of my bed. I flipped on the small wall light.

Mom was snoring lightly, her face streaming perspiration. One arm was thrown over her face. Her body glistened with sweat. I glanced down and saw my seed leaking from her pussy and wetting to the sheet.

“Mom, mom, you have to wake up!”

I shook her hard but it was useless. I grabbed a sheet from the cabinet and walked the few steps forward to the captain’s chair. I let it back and covered myself with the sheet.

I realized that I was at a nexus in my life. I had fucked two mature women and loved their acceptance of sex as natural act. One of those mature women was my mom. An emotional storm that still rages to this day began that night.

The woman whose womb I gestated in, whose birth canal I had entered the world from was now my lover. I dozed off remembering the heat and wetness of her mommy hole.


Not surprisingly, I was first up the next morning. By the time dad got up, I had broke camp and packed our stuff away. He was apologetic for leaving me with all the work. He also wondered how mom had ended up in my bed. I offered that mom could not take his snoring. She ordered me into the captain’s chair and took my bed. The profuseness of his apology embarrassed me. I had fucked his wife, my mom and he was apologizing to me!

Mr. and Mrs. Anderson walked over to say their good byes. They were also leaving but were heading east to their Indiana home. They promised to look us up if they came to California. I shook Mr. Anderson hand. Mrs. Anderson hugged me, perhaps a little too tight. Dad and I watched as they walked back to their campsite. I smiled quietly as I noted Mrs. Anderson wide legged gait.


I was two hours down the road before mom woke up. Dad had already gone back to bed to sleep off the rest of the alcohol. I glanced in the mirror and saw mom swing her legs out of the bed. At first she seemed confused to find herself naked and in my bed. I caught the revelation spreading across her face before I turned my attention back to the road.

I heard water running as she washed up. She padded bare foot forward. She had slipped on her robe. It was tied loosely. The vee that formed allowed me to see her cleavage. One pink nipple peeked out.

“Can I fix you a sandwich, Honey?”

Realizing she was allowing me to see her nipple, she clutched her robe tightly to her body.

“No thanks mom, I ate.”

“Ok sweetly…but…um…ah how did I get in your bed?”

Looking back, I realized this was the first of many alcohol-induced amnesia episodes mom would have.

“You came and got in bed with me last night!”

Confusion was replaced by a partial recall as I watched her.

“Oh my God, oh my God! Did we…you know!”

“Yes mom, we did!”

She plopped down heavily in the passenger chair. We cruised westward on I-80 as mom wrestled with her conscious.

“Baby, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to…I mean it was an accident!”

I took another step toward manhood with my reply.

“So you didn’t mean to fuck me?”

It was as though with a cold bucket of water hit her in the face. She rocked back in the chair, her mouth gasped, her eyes bucked and she began to sputter.

“Mom, you crawled in bed with me, got on top and gave me the best fuck of my life. You were incredible!”

She visibly deflated after my outburst. Tidal waves of emotions rolled across her face.

“Look, I am sorry…!”

I reached over, brushed her robe aside, and squeezed her bare thigh just below her sex.

“Don’t apologize! It was great”

“Morning, family, dad called from the rear”

“Morning, sleepy head, I called back!”

I quickly pushed a finger into to mom’s pussy. Before she could react, I slid my middle finger between her labia and slid it up until I touched her clit. She clamped her legs together, trapping my hand between her thighs. I used my thumb to rub her clit. I felt her wetness as her sex oozed it’s juices.

“Good morning, darling, she said breathily”

After a brief struggle, she pulled my hand from between her legs. We both heard dad’s bare feet hit the floor. She hurriedly pulled the folds of her robe together as my father stepped to the front. I casually put my pussy juice covered fingers in my mouth. I watched shock and lust compete for prominence on her face as I licked my fingers.

“Champ, find a rest area and we’ll switch drivers.”


I woke several hours later. The sun was setting.

“Good evening guys.”

“Good evening, darling, did you sleep well?”

“Yes ma’am, I did. I was a lot more tired I thought.”

“Son, I’m about 4 hours from the campground. I will pull in up here and gas up. You can take us the rest of the way.”


Dad and mom went inside while I gassed up the truck and checked under the hood. We would arrive at our next stop well after dark. We would stay there about 18 hours. It would give us a chance to stretch our legs and relax. After that respite, the final leg would put us at our destination.

I recall smiling as they walked hand in hand back to the truck. After 20 years of marriage, they were still very much in love. I felt my first pangs of guilt at being the serpent in their Garden of Eden. Years later mom would confide in me that dad was her first. They were high school sweethearts. I was her second. At that point in her life, she only fucked two men.

I could hear mom and dad having sex in the rear of the RV as I continued our journey. The sounds were muted but audible. However, I did not hear the screams of lust mom had made with me. There were sighs, moans and the occasional giggle. She would admit later that sex with me brought out an animalistic need. She referred to it as her bitch in heat mode!

Sometime later mom brought me a sandwich and a soft drink. She settled into the passenger chair. She had a martini glass in her hand.

“Your dad is out for the count, she chuckled.”

She was wearing a flowered mid-thigh length satin robe that tied in the front. It emphasized her 36D breasts. She crossed her right leg over her left. The folds of her robe fell back revealing both plump thighs.

“Yes, I laughed, you two had quite a session back there!”

Mom took a deep swallow of her cocktail, draining the glass.

“Oh, she said coyly, you heard us?”

We both laughed at her joke. Mom got up and walked to back to refill her glass. When she returned, she tipped her chair back, tucked her robe between her thighs, and put both feet on the dashboard. The bottom of her robe slid back, revealing a generous portion of her ass.

We chatted idly as we moved toward our stop.

“You know I am still sore from you fucking me!”

A part of me watched in amazement as mom and I discussed sex.

“Who fucked who, I offered in mock seriousness”

“Whoever fucked whoever, it was good!”

I asked the question that all men want to ask. Some never do because they fear the answer.

“Was I better than dad?”

“That’s not a question to ask a lady, mom slurred.”

We drove silently for a few minutes.

“It was different!”

“Pardon me?”

Mom was slurring so heavily now that I had trouble understanding her

“It was different with you. It was kinky sex, forbidden sex. The illicit nature of it took me to a place I had never been. I make love with your father; I fuck you.”

“What about the skinny bitch?”

“I fucked her, mom, just like we fucked. There was no making love.”

We fell silent. Presently I heard her snoring. With her chair still turned toward me, she slumped in her chair and passed out. Her legs were splayed open. Her bush glistened with wetness.

I exited the expressway and wound down the asphalt track to the manager’s cabin. I got the directions to our campsite. It was well after 10 pm. For the most part the campground was dark. I slipped into our spot.

Dad was still sleeping in the back. Mom sat slumped in her chart. I got a fire going and stretched out on our lawn chair. Fatigue would hit me later. Now I just needed to relax.

The door to the camper opened. Mom tentatively came down the stairs, the now ever present cocktail glass in her hand. Later I would know that the move was the worst thing to happen to her. She was a plant ripped out by its roots. With care, the plant can put down roots in new soil and survive. Mom would struggle putting down her roots. Her incipient alcohol dependence would turn to full-blown alcoholism.

Her robe was totally open. She swayed as she carefully made her way down the steps. She stumbled, recovered, and made her way to the chair next to mine. I leaned over and cupped her breast in one hand. She shivered as I leaned over and briefly sucked one nipple to hardness. Her free hand encompassed my dick, slowly stroking it. In a short two days, we become comfortable with our sexuality.

“Mom, you need to cover up. Dad might see you like this and wonder what is going on.”

“You dad is sick. He is running a fever.”

Dad would spend our stay at this campground fighting a flu bug. He refused to be “babied” he insisted that mom and I enjoy the facilities while he recuperated.

Dad’s illness changed the sleeping arrangements. Mom would sleep in my bed and I would sleep in a captain’s chairs.

Mom was up early tending to dad. He fussed and urged us to get out and enjoy ourselves. While mom was in the shower, I slipped into a swimsuit and some flip-flops. I sat it front while she dressed and tended to dad.

I was speechless when mom exited the camper. She had a bikini that tied on each hip. It was a pale pink. The top tied behind her neck. It struggled to contain her large tits.

Mom was curvy back then but not fat. Her hips matched her bra size at 36″. There was fullness to her abdomen but it only added to her sexy maturity.

I laid down a few rules for our stay. She would only drink beer and we would spend only half the day way from dad. Mom agreed.

We started toward the small lake. The brochure I picked up at the office advertised canoe and paddleboat rentals.

I became aware that other campers were checking my mom out. The men in particular had their tongues hanging out as mom`s tits swayed and hips rolled as we made our way to the lake. I experienced a mixture of annoyance and pride. Annoyance at the lecherous way they ogled my mom. Pride that my woman, my mom was desirable to other men.

We rented a paddleboat and paddled side by side across the lake. On the other side of the lake, there was a small grassy landing area. We pulled our boat onto the landing area. Just beyond the landing area there was a narrow path that led back into the surrounding woods.

I led the way initially. Mom was in a playful mood and kept trying to pull my trunks down. We tussled a little as I tried to keep them up. Finally, I made her go in front. We came to a fork in the path. We took the right one.

I glanced around and saw no one. I quickly grabbed the bow on one side and pulled it open. Mom’s bikini bottom sagged to the open side but did not fall off. While she howled in indignation, I scooted to the other side, pulled the bow loose and snatched her bottoms off.

Mom tried to cover herself with both hands.

“Give me my bottoms, mom screamed looking round nervously, someone might see me.”

I ran part way up the trail, swinging mom’s bottoms above my head.

“Come get them, I shouted as I ran just fast enough to stay out of her reach.

“Please Darryl, please gives me my bottoms.”

The path branched again. This time it was narrower and less travelled. It opened on to a small meadow. I slowed and let mom catch up. I held her panty above my head. Mom’s tits bounced as she jumped up and down in front of me trying to grab her bottom. I finally relented and let her get them but I quickly reached behind her neck and undid her bra. It flopped to her waist.

“Now what, Mom sighed, you have me naked out here where anyone can see me?”

I stepped forward and placed a finger under her chin. I lifted her chin as I bent forward and kissed her. She returned my kiss with a passion that was frightening. She forced her tongue into mouth and dueled for supremacy. I let my hands drop to her ample ass and squeezed while we played tongue hockey.

“I have never felt so exposed and so fucking horny,” my once conservative mother moaned as we came up for air.

I brought one hand between us and lightly rubbed her clit. She sucked in a sharp breath and began humping my finger.

I lay on the raft alone in the moonlight for a few minutes after my mom left for the house. My cock was now semi-erect, but still pulsating with a dollop of jizz remaining at the tip. If it was possible to feel euphoria, shame, confusion and peacefulness simultaneously, I was doing it then. Nothing in my life had prepared me for that five minutes on the raft with my mother and I had a sneaking suspicion that this was not the end of it with her.

Slipping off the raft and out of the pool, I toweled off and walked naked through the back yard up to my house. There was really no possibility of neighbors seeing me back there, especially now that it was dark. The cool night air felt wonderful on my skin and the nakedness was pretty exhilarating too. As I passed my parent’s bedroom suite on the way to my bedroom, I heard the shower running in the bath. Mom was humming in the shower-something I had not heard her do previously. What was the tune? I paused and listened. Aretha Franklin’s “A Natural Woman”. I chuckled and headed for my own shower.

My camp clothes were still dirty and in my duffle bag, so I went to my big brother’s room to borrow some of his shorts and a t-shirt. I usually went commando in the summer anyway, so I would not need any of his boxers. Faintly in the distance I heard a mechanical, whirring sound. It would not be a lawn mower at this hour, I thought. Hmm. Sounded more like my dad’s Norelco beard trimmer. Walking back to my bedroom, I now detected that the unmistakable sound of dad’s trimmer coming from my parent’s bathroom. What the heck would SHE be doing with that?

Now dressed, I went back down to the kitchen and put the pasta water on the stove. Mom taught me that in Italy, they salt the pasta water generously, so I added two fistfuls of salt from the large container. Mom had already set the dining room table for one, as she was expecting to be alone, so I made another place setting for myself across from her. Opening up the fridge, I saw that she had also made up a fresh salad with vegetables from our garden-romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomato and shredded carrot. This was going to be a great meal!

“What do you think, Greg?” Mom was at the kitchen door, grabbing the doorframe with both hands and looking at me over her shoulder. She was wearing one of my old blue and white pinstripe oxford dress shirts. At her height, it drooped a bit at the shoulders and went clear down to her knees. She had rolled the sleeves up to her elbows. The top four buttons were undone and it was obvious enough that she was bra-less. Her cleavage was truly spectacular as she faced me, drawing closer. She wore no makeup except for dark red lipstick. I was once again speechless. “I’ll take that stare as a sign of approval. Do me a favor. Go to the basement and grab a bottle of Amarone from the wine rack.” she said turning to attend to her Bolognese sauce.

Dutifully, I descended the cellar stairs to the wine racks. We had mostly Italian wine in the collection, all of it red. “Mom” I yelled up the stairs, “1958 or 1962?”

“Let’s live it up a little, Greg” (like we hadn’t already), she called back. “Bring up the ’58!”

I knew this was a special bottle, as it had a piece of bright orange yarn tied around the neck, which was dad’s way of denoting an expensive wine. I wondered if he would be more pissed off knowing mom drank his precious Amarone without him, or knowing that she had just sucked her son dry in the pool?

The table was now completely set with our salad, bread, pasta and Parmesan cheese. Mom was ladling the awesome sauce onto the fettuccini when I arrived back in the kitchen cradling the Amarone.

“Have you ever uncorked a bottle of wine before, hon?” mom asked, as she reached into the cupboard for two wine glasses.

“Well, no mom, but I can certainly give it a shot”. For a first timer, I did pretty well, only getting a few small pieces of cork into the wine bottle.

“That’s fine, hon.” mom said encouragingly. “The older corks are just a bit more delicate.” She poured two tall glasses, and she toasted us saying “In vino, veritas” as we then clicked glasses and tasted. The Amarone was heavenly, tasting of raisins, cherries and musk. Mom sometimes allowed my siblings and me a diluted glass of wine, half water/half wine, on special occasions. This was my first straight-up glass of wine, and even a few sips made me feel flushed.

A devout Catholic, mom always insisted on saying a prayer before every meal, and she held my hand as she offered, “Heavenly father, we thank thee for the bounty thou has set before us. We pray for those not with us and for the less fortunate. We ask for these blessings in Christ’s name. Amen.” I’m not sure what the heavenly father or Jesus Christ would think about incest, but am fairly sure they might take a dim view of it. I also thought that I might want to be a fly on the wall of mom’s confessional booth after this Sunday’s mass. Would she dare tell father Connelly?

We dug into the food with ravenous appetites. After having eaten such disgusting cafeteria food at camp for four weeks, my taste buds were having a little party. Mom and I had great conversation with lots of laughs as I regaled her with stories from camp. Normally a bit reserved, I found myself much more talkative and free than ever before. The wine was clearly having an affect upon me. We said not one word about what had occurred an hour ago at the pool, but I think we wisely kept that out of the conversation. What had happened was now history and words would not change that.

“I have something special for dessert, so save some room, Greg.” Mom said, as she rose to clear the table.

“Let me do the cleaning, mom. You already worked so hard to make this great meal.” I said, putting my hand on her shoulder and re-filling her wine glass with the remaining Amarone.

“You will get no argument from me” she said, sitting back down and tucking her hair behind one ear as she took another sip. As I rinsed the dishes and cleared the table, she began humming “A Natural Woman” once again. She walked over to the stereo in the den and put an album onto the turntable. Aretha Franklin was blaring through house speakers, accompanied by mom, slightly off-pitch but exuberant.

With the dishes now done and the table completely cleared, I sat back down and nursed what remained of my wine. Mom came back from the den and asked, “Are you ready for dessert now, hon?”

“Oh yeah, mom. I am! Bring it on!” I replied.

She cocked her head slightly and arched one eyebrow, saying, “I don’t think I have ever made this for you before, but I’m also positive that you will enjoy it!” Mom was such a great cook, I could not imagine her making anything that wasn’t top-notch. She was the kind of cook that made tiramisu and cannoli from scratch. I did not remember seeing any desserts in the refrigerator or freezer, so she must be keeping this one in a special place. My mouth started to water with anticipation of a new treat.

Setting her wine glass at the end of the table, she also moved my glass away. With both hands, she reached under her shirt and removed her white cotton panties. Sliding her butt onto the dining room table, she wiggled her way directly in front of me. “Undo the last couple buttons hon, and you will see what I made for you.” she said almost innocently, leaning back on the table with both hands. My hands trembled as I reached for the buttons in front of me. She was now staring at me, her eyes growing wider with each opened button. Just one left, then….paradise! She had a wide and devilish smile for me, as I gazed upon the first pussy I had ever seen.

Mom had done some trimming, as this was not the same bush I spied from under the raft at the pool. The dark brown pubic hair was uniformly mowed, like a crew cut, to about ¼ inch. She must have been using dad’s beard trimmer for this purpose earlier, as it looked completely manicured. The dark hair looked like it normally spread all the way over to her pubic bone, but she had shaped it into a tidy rectangle above her pussy. Her caesarian scar ran from below her navel to just above her trimmed bush.

“I don’t know what to do, mom.” I said, looking into her smiling eyes. She scooted forward a bit so that her ass was at the edge of the table and her legs draped off the side.

Leaning back now on her elbows, she instructed me, “Start by licking softly up and down my labia with your tongue, like you would an ice cream cone.”

I sat forward in my chair and leaned toward her awaiting vagina. “First, wrap your arms under my thighs and around my back.” I did so carefully as she lifted her legs slightly for me. Her pussy was now 4 inches from my face, and I was going in. I opened my mouth wide and applied my moist tongue to the very bottom of her pussy lips and slowly licked my way north. Repeating this motion a few times, mom began a low and guttural moan. The taste sensation was not quite what I had imagined of a pussy. It tasted of lemon, candle wax, and musk. Honestly, it tasted like a concentrated version of mom’s natural scent which I knew since I was born.

The consistency of her juice quickly coated my lips, mouth and tongue. It was like the slipperiest of water. No wonder it was nature’s perfect lubricant.

“Now lick me in circles, babe” she directed in a low, soft voice. I obeyed, moving my strong tongue in kind of an oval/circular pattern around the outline of her soft lips. Without realizing it until now, trumpet playing had turned my tongue into a perfect instrument of pleasure.

“That’s totally it, Greg! That’s great! Keep doing that!”

I increased my tongue pressure slightly, but kept my motion at the same speed. Mom returned to her loan moan, and I added some variation as I licked a zigzag pattern up and down her now sopping wet vagina. The lips began to separate with this pattern, and I could now see that inside the lips were protecting the mound of her clitoris. Her clit was a bright pink hue at the base and almost whitish-pink at the top.

“You found my treasure, Greg! Good job! I am so glad I paid for those trumpet lessons all these years. You’re a natural! Now, continue those same exact circles around my clit, only smaller. And be careful not to lick directly on top of it!” mom said excitedly, as she shifted back up onto her hands to have a better view of the show between her legs.

Using just the tip of my tongue, I moved in circles at the base of her clit. My instinct told me to stick my index finger into her vagina, so I released my right hand from behind her back and brought it to rest on the inside of her left thigh. While maintaining the clit circles, I slid my hand down past her hip and just below my chin. I slowly inserted my finger into my mom as she let out a high-pitched squeal, like a little girl! She was so wet, it slid in and out with ease. In a moment, one finger became two and finally three were being thrust with gusto into mom.

“That’s good, Greg. Yes! Now, keep doing that and LIGHTLY put that sweet mouth of yours on my clit and suck it.” She spoke in a very clear and demanding voice now, almost as if she were angry with me. The smile was gone from her face and she was all business all of a sudden.

The second I made mouth contact with her clit, she shuddered and back away quickly. “I said LIGHTLY, Greg!” she said firmly. I tried once more, barely touching her sensitive pink clit with my lips as her body tensed again then began to relax slightly after I got the hang of it. “Nice, Greg….very nice…” she whispered.

A felt a drip of wetness on my thigh and removed my fingers from inside mom to wipe it off. The wet spot was slippery, and I saw that its source was a pool of mom’s own pussy juice that had spilled over the edge of the table in a small cascade.

Noticing this as well, mom said “Looks like someone has got his mom all wet and excited! Now, get that sweet mouth back on my clit and finish your job!”

Ever obedient, I assumed my previous position only this time without the fingering. Lightly surrounding her clitoris with my lips, I once again initiated my circular tongue dance. Low, rhythmic moans of pleasure grew from low in her throat. I had figured out this cunnilingus thing fairly quickly and was now deriving as much pleasure from it as my mom. I closed my eyes, savored the sweetness of her natural liquor and the sounds of her ecstatic song. We were working together now as one unit, mother and son lost together in mutual passion.

Once again she instructed me, “Keep doing exactly what you are doing, Greg. Do not stop, understand?” Her voice was demanding yet pleading, delivered in a throaty whisper. I could only hum “mmm, hmm” in reply. I kept at it as she raised both her ankles over and behind my head, encircling me in a gentle leg lock. She then lay down completely with her back flat on the table

Pulling my head more closely to her pussy with her ankles, her low moans became louder and higher in pitch. I was now able to use greater pressure on her clitoris than before, as I my thick tongue dabbed and swirled over its entire slick mound. She pulled me in even tighter, her hips now gyrating and her moans modulating into full-throated song. My dabbing and swirling remained constant as she bucked to and fro. She played with her brown nipples using thumbs and index fingers.

Mom’s breathing seemed to cease for about 5 seconds, and she became quite still. Then without warning, she unleashed a visceral scream that shook the house. Her body became distorted by convulsing, twittering spasms. Her head actually banged with noticeable force a few times on the table as her eyes rolled back in their sockets. I swear that at that moment, she looked as possessed by demons as a person could look. No woman would ever cum for me that way again, with such unbridled physicality and a complete sense of letting go. It was ugly to watch in a way, but so beautiful because I had created it.

Mom slowly unfolded her legs from behind my head, as she gripped to side of the table to pull herself up. Her hair was a mess and her eyes mere slits. She grabbed her wine glass, took a long sip and said, “Bravo, my boy. Bravo! It has been so long since someone made me feel this womanly and appreciated. I love you so much, Greg! Thank you.”

We hugged in an awkward embrace, my head somewhat lower than hers and nestled against her soft breasts. She held me tight and I could hear her heart beating strongly. I gave her cleavage a few gentle kisses as she took my head with both hands. “Please stand up, Greg,” she said. “There is something else I have to ask of you”.

As I rose, my erect cock showed through my shorts. Mom unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down as I watched with my arms at my sides. Reaching onto the table between her legs with both hands, she scooped up some of her own juices and massaged them onto my erection. She did this in a backwards hand-over-hand motion, as if she were pulling on a rope. Again reaching to her vagina for more lubrication, she pulled me by my cock closer to her.

“Greg. I need to have you inside me. Right now, there is nothing that I want more than to feel you in there.” she said as she went on stroking me.

“Are you sure, mom”, I whimpered.

“Trust me, hon. I am totally sure. Make your mom happy, okay?” she asked.

The smooth motion of both her hands on my penis was a sight to behold. I swear that it was bigger than ever before in that state of arousal. With it now just inches away from her swollen labia, I came to realization that my virginity was about to come to an end in a matter of seconds. I looked into my mother’s eyes, then breasts, then pubic hair as I drank in all of the beauty of her womanhood. Before I knew it, my legs were shaking and my balls drew in tight.

I launched a substantial salvo of semen onto her pussy, completely drenching her pubic hair in sticky whiteness. We both looked at bit surprised at the volume of ejaculate, given I had already cum just two hours previous. It mostly remained on her pubes with a few streams extending south over her labia.

“Oh, honey!” she exclaimed. She was unable to hide the disappointment in her voice, but nonetheless continued her stroking until only a few drops of cum remained at the tip of my dick.

“I’m sorry, mom. I didn’t know that could happen so soon. It never has before!” I explained pathetically.

“It’s fine, hon, it’s fine.” she answered, patting my shoulders and managing a forced smile. “Please hand me that napkin so mom can clean up, okay?”

I handed her a cloth napkin, which she used to wipe off most of my goo from her crotch. She buttoned back up the shirt she was wearing and slid off of the table. The cum-soaked napkin still in her hand, she came to me and gave me another hug. With the two of us standing, I could now feel the fullness of her embrace and I held her tightly against me. God, she felt so good to hold!

As she backed away slightly and put her hands on my chest, she said “It has been a big day for us both, Greg. I am going up to bed, now. Thank you for a wonderful evening!” She gave me a quick kiss on the lips and went upstairs.

Author’s note: New readers welcome, and past readers welcome back! This is my latest story of Taboo attraction and unlike the past couple which were a bit frivolous and fun(My Mother’s revenge and My Mother’s a porn star) I decided to get back into my favorite type of incest, the kind that has as much love as it does lust. New reads be warned, I take my time building the story so if you enjoy short stroke style pieces this may not be for you. So enough with the talking, let’s get to the good stuff! LC68


“So your mother’s gone for the night?” Melanie asked as we entered my room.

“Yeah,” I answered, standing to the side so she could enter first. “She’s with that guy from work she’s been dating.”

In addition to getting me points for being polite, allowing Melanie to walk in past me gave me a great opportunity to check her out. Mel looked damn hot in a little red sundress that barely covered her ass and her long blonde hair was down. She was wearing red sandals with heels so high I wondered how she could walk, but was glad she could because they made her long legs look even better than usual.

“Guess she’s planning on it being a good date!” Melanie laughed as she walked past the two chairs at my desk where we usually studied and sat on my bed.

“Guess so.” I said, trying not to sound nervous as I closed the door behind me. “They’ve been going out awhile though, so I guess things are working out.”

“Good.” Melanie nodded, “Your Mom’s way to pretty to be alone, about time she had some fun.”

“Tell me about it.” I replied as I slowly walked over towards the bed, “My dad passed away two years ago and she just started dating.”

“You know Rick,” Mel gave me a sly smile, “Speaking of fun, if she can move on and have some, I think it’s high time her hot son had a little fun of his own.”

“Oh, yeah?” I did the best I could to return her smile.

“Oh yeah.”

Reaching down she slipped her sandals off and turning, lay on the bed. Melanie stretched her arms over her head, causing her ample tits to push out even further. I swallowed nervously and told myself I could do this. Any other guy I knew would have already been on the bed trying to get her dress off and no one could blame them. Melanie was sweet, sexy and more than willing to have fun, she was everything a guy could want. The only thing she wasn’t was Tina.

No sooner had her name entered my mind then I envisioned Tina lying in my bed. I recalled our first time, which had been in this very room when my parents were away. We were both so nervous and Tina, expecting we were going too, had told me to leave the room and come back when she called. I had entered to find her wearing an adorable little blue baby doll nightgown and….

“You coming over here?” Melanie cut into my thoughts; she patted the bed and smiled, “Plenty of room.”

I slid my shoes off and as I got onto the bed next to her told myself again to just relax. It was sex. I’d been having it since I was fifteen and was turning nineteen next week; it’s not like I wouldn’t know what I was doing. Problem was all that time had only been with Tina. What if Melanie liked different things or didn’t like….I forced my mind to stop its spinning and rolling over onto my side propped myself up on my elbow. Leaning down I gave Melanie a kiss and sighed as she immediately pushed her tongue into my mouth.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the kiss, telling myself what else she would be more than willing to do with that tongue. I knew she would go down on me because she’d tried last week and like an idiot I’d made an excuse and told her I’d had to get going. Melanie put her hand behind my head and began playing with my hair as we kissed. I placed my hand on her stomach, then gasped as she grabbed it and placed it onto her tit. I started to pull my hand back, but she held it there, pressing it down onto her firm flesh.

Her tit felt damn good and I started to gently squeeze it and rub my hand across it. Melanie moaned her approval as our tongues played across each other. She disappointed me by pulling away, but that feeling gave way to way to excitement when she grabbed the straps of her dress and slid them from her shoulders. Melanie yanked the top down causing her large creamy white tits to pop out.

“Oh, damn.” I whispered at the sight of her full round tits with their hard pink nipples.

“You like them, Rick?” she asked, smiling.


“Then show me how much you like them!” Cupping them in her hands, Melanie offered them to me.

I licked my lips as I took in the sight of her red nails on her tits. They were the first I’d seen since Tina’s and I had to admit, they were just as nice, if not better. Tina’s were smaller with darker nipples. I snapped myself out of it and moving quickly bent my head to her tits and took her right nipple in my mouth.

“Hmm, there you go honey.” Melanie purred as I eagerly sucked her tit, “That feels so good!”

Her words spurred me on to switch to the other while reaching up and playing the one I’d just been licking. Melanie released a sexy sigh and I became aware of my cock stiffening in my pants. I began to relax as my body responded, the last time we’d gotten hot and heavy I couldn’t even get a hard on, because I kept thinking of….All thoughts left my head and I gasped around Melanie’s beautiful tit when her hand dropped into my lap and started squeezing my cock.

“You do like them!” she giggled, then grabbing my hand, said, “Here, let me show you how much I like you!”

With no hesitation, she shoved my hand up her dress and pressed my pal between her legs. I groaned at how wet her panties were and using two fingers, I started to rub them up and down across her pussy.

“Yes!” she moaned, “Now let’s make it better!”

Pulling her tit from me she reached down and pulling her dress up to her hips, grabbed her red panties. Lifting her hips, she quickly pulled her panties down. Melanie bent her legs up and sliding her panties to her feet, playfully kicked them off. Leaning back against the headboard, she opened her legs and grabbing my hand, placed it on her bare pussy, her completely smooth bare pussy. I slid my fingers through her soft wet flesh and moaned as she started stroking my cock through my jeans.

Looking between her legs, I saw Melanie’s pussy was as pink as her nipples and I could see how wet she was. Sliding my fingers back down and before I lost my nerve, I pushed a finger inside her. Melanie groaned and thrust her hips, driving my finger deeper inside of her hot wet and very tight pussy. Her moaning made me want to continue and taking my thumb, I pressed it to her clit. She moaned again and reaching down unsnapped my jeans. My heart was beating fast and I could feel my fingers trembling against her pussy as she pulled my zipper down.

“Oh, yes,” Melanie breathed as she pulled my throbbing cock from my jeans.

I emitted a low moan as she started stroking my cock and I fought to concentrate on playing with her pussy. Melanie was lowered her head and was breathing heavily in my ear as I worked her clit. Her breath was hot and her pussy was even hotter than that. I started rocking my hips, pushing my cock into her hand as she slowly jerked me off. Hers was the first hand to touch my cock other than my own since I’d found out Tina had been cheating on me eight months ago.

That thought caused my fingers to slow down as I was assailed by the visual of walking into Tina’s dorm room without knocking and seeing her petite body riding the cock of the guy lying beneath her in her bed. I blinked that away, but could feel my cock beginning to soften in Melanie’s hand. Not again I thought, this had to work this time or she would never want to try again. Of course once I started thinking about it, my cock started to soften even more.

“Don’t worry baby,” Melanie whispered in my ear. “You just let me take care of it.”

Before I could respond, Melanie pushed against my chest, causing me to fall over onto my back. Moving quickly, she lay across me and grabbing my cock, shoved it into her mouth. I moaned loudly as I felt her warm, soft tongue swirling around me. She began bobbing her head and I could feel my cock stiffening again. Melanie moaned around it and I placed my hand on the back of her head, playing with her blonde hair. Now that my cock was fully hard again, Melanie had slowed her sucking and was now teasing, enjoying my cock as she slowly moved her mouth up and down.

I slid my hand down her back and grabbing her round ass, gave it a squeeze. She giggled around my cock and I closed my eyes and sighed, damn that felt good! I opened them again and for a second saw Tina’s long black hair across my stomach, before shaking my head and that image with it. Melanie released my cock and sliding back across me lay on her back and smiling at me, whispered, “Come on honey, I want the first time you cum to be inside me.”

The point of no return. Even as that thought went through my head, I quickly rolled over so that I was between her legs, my hands on either side of her head. I leaned down and gave her a quick kiss. As I did I felt my hard cock press into her thigh and sighed in relief. I was still ready, all I had to do was slip inside and her pussy would take care of me. Melanie smiled up at me and reaching up, put her arms around my neck and pulled me down to her.

I lowered myself until I felt the head of my cock sliding along her wet pussy. I was getting ready to push inside her, when looking up at me, Melanie whispered, “I love you Ricky.”

Holy shit! Mel and I had been dating three months, but I didn’t know she felt that way! Hearing her say it made me feel good and I began to say it back. Melanie must have seen she had affected me and repeated it, even softer this time. My cock was right against the entrance to her warm pussy and I began to speak, planning on telling her I loved her too just as I slipped inside. That’s when the ghost of Tina came back to haunt me again. I recalled her telling me that the night we’d first made love.

We were each other’s firsts and swore we would be the last. That lasted for almost five years and in that time she’d said “I love you” more times than I could count. But apparently it was a series of lies as she had been fucking behind my back for.

“Ricky?” Melanie whispered, “Come on baby,” she giggled, “Come on in the water’s fine.”

I started to smile, and then frowned when I could no longer feel my cock pushing against her. I was starting to lose it again. I started moving my hips, sliding my cock along her wet pussy.

“Oh, you tease,” she moaned.

I felt my cock rising again, she really did look beautiful beneath me and she wanted me! Feeling my cock hard and ready again, I lowered my head and swallowing hard, whispered, “I…I love…” I couldn’t finish as the vision of Tina breaking my heart entered my mind again. What if Melanie did the same thing? My cock had fallen and disgusted I went to sit back up on my knees.

“No!” Melanie said, holding onto me. “Come on Ricky just relax!”

“I…I can’t.” I whispered.

“You…you want me don’t you?”

“Yes.” I said quickly, You’re…you’re beautiful!”

“Okay!” she smiled, “Then relax, just lay back then, I’ll suck on you and I’ll get on top and…”

“I can’t!” I snapped more harshly than I meant to.

I turned around and like a little kid sat back against the head board and crossed my arms over my chest. Melanie sat up and looking at me shook her head,

“Ricky, what’s the matter? We have the place to ourselves, we can take our time,” she gave me a smile, “My folks think at a sleepover, I can spend the night! Come on honey, we’ve been going together awhile now!”

“I know.” I said quietly, “And I want you…”

“And you can have me!” she said, “All of me!”

“I…look Melanie it’s” I paused, and then got it over with, “It’s just that after T…”

“Don’t you dare bring that bitch up again!” Melanie pointed at me, raising her voice. “I am sick of that shit Ricky!”


“Don’t “Mel” me!” she shook her head as she pulled the straps to her dress up, covering her tits. “This is bullshit Ricky, that ended months ago!”

“But we were together….” I began.

“Five years, I know. Know how I know? Because you keep fucking talking about it!”

She was now yelling and I let her go. At the end of the day, she was right.

“That slut broke your heart Ricky, she fucking cheated on you! She’s doing what and who she wants and you’re moping and it’s not fair, to you or me!”

I went to put my arm around her, but she slid off the bed and leaning down grabbed her shoe and slid it on her foot.

“I’ve been trying to get you to have sex with me for a month now and you keep running like a little kid,” she laughed harshly, “Bet Tina doesn’t have that problem.”

“Melanie, please don’t go.” I asked as she put her other shoe on. “We can talk…”

“Nothing to talk about.” She shook her head. “I feel like a goddamn idiot! I’m whipping my tits out, hell I’m sucking your cock and you can’t keep it up because you can’t get over your childhood sweetie, fuck it Ricky, I deserve better!”

“You do and…”

“I’m a good girl!” she continued. “I’m not some slut just spreading her legs for you, I…I love you Ricky.” Her eyes started to fill up. “You’re sweet to me and you’re smart and good looking and I really want to be with you, but I’m not waiting around. I’m number two to a girl that’s not even around anymore.”

She looked like she was going to go on, but waved her hand disgustedly.

“I’m not going to fight; I’m just going to leave.”

She turned and walked over to my door. She paused before opening it and pointed to a picture of my mother and I at my high school graduation.

“Hell your dad passed away and she’s over it enough to spend a night with someone and that’s after being married for years, she can get over it, why the hell can’t you?”

“Because I….” I looked away. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“Neither do I, but…:” she softened her tone, “You figure it out call me. I…I’d like to be with you, but only if I’m the girl you’re thinking of.”

I sadly watched her open the door and just as she was ready to step through, saw her panties on the bed and called out, “Hey you want your underwear?”

“Keep them,” she called over her shoulder, “Maybe you can jerk off on them, God knows it’s the closest I’ll get to sex with you.”

Chapter Two

I sat on the couch and tried to force myself to pay attention to the Sox game. It wasn’t easy, seeing they were losing. Well that wasn’t the only thing making it difficult, the fact that I was on my third glass of wine didn’t help either. Technically I was too young to drink, but my parents had always had wine at the dinner table and Mom had said before she didn’t care as long as I only did it at home and didn’t leave the house. Over the last few months I’d had to enforce that rule on my mother who was doing more than her share of drinking on some nights, when she was really missing my dad.

Well hopefully she wasn’t missing dad tonight. He had passed of a massive heart attack close to two years ago and Mom had just started trying to date a few months ago. As Melanie had said, my mother was far too pretty to be sitting home alone. I grinned at the thought that mom had told me the same thing awhile back, that I was too young and good looking to not be getting any. I’d blushed when she said it, but then again, it had been a long time since mom had treated me like a kid. Once I’d hit about twelve she had begun treating me like an adult, always being straightforward with me and letting me say what I wanted as long as it was respectful.

Because of that I’d always felt closer to her than my dad. That closeness had increased after dad passed. We’d done the best we could to console each other and we talked about anything and everything with each other, never keeping anything back. Once, when we had both had some wine, Mom had commented there were times I seemed more like a good friend than a son. She’d also sighed and said she would love to meet a guy like me, but most guys were jerks and only wanted sex.

Sex was something that surprisingly the two of us had also discussed. Mom knew I’d been alone since Tina and had asked if I had any thoughts of getting back in the saddle. I’d said no and she pushed me to get out and meet someone. When I hadn’t, she’d embarrassed the shit out of me by inviting Melanie to dinner after I had mentioned I liked her, but was afraid to ask her out. Mom knew how heartbroken I was over Tina, but insisted I had to move on. I always countered with so did she. Mom had agreed, then to my surprise talked about how she’d gone home with a couple of guys, but froze up both times and left nervous and frustrated, saying she couldn’t.

Last week I told her I was going through the same thing and she told me to just relax, even if I had to let Melanie do the taking. Well she’d done her best tonight and I’d still fucked it up. If you couldn’t fuck a girl after she’d been sucking your cock, you were pretty much screwed. Speaking of screwed, I watched as Orioles cleanup hitter smacked a three run homer and with a disgusted sigh, shut off the TV. Picking up my glass I sat back on the couch and as I took a sip, stared at my reflection in the TV screen.

Knowing I had the house to myself I was only wearing a pair of shorts and I had to say the time I’d been spending at the gym had been paying off. I’d been trying to work off my sexual frustration and the way I was filling out showed how frustrated I’d been. I never really wondered if I was good looking or not, but I had my dad’s blonde hair and blue eyes and even when I was with Tina, I’d gotten flirted with quite a bit. Melanie was always saying I was hot so I guess I was easy on the eyes as Mom would say.

The front door banged and I jumped almost spilling the wine on the couch. Sitting up, I had just put the glass down when Mom came walking into the parlor.

“Hey, what happened?” I asked, although from the look on her face I had an idea.

“It’s not what happened, it’s what didn’t happen,” she said disgustedly as she tossed her purse on the chair, it fell over spilling its contents on the floor and muttering, “Fuck it,” Mom walked over to where I was sitting.

I noticed she was walking a little unsteadily. I wondered if she’d been drinking as her voice sounded a little thick. Looking down however, I saw the reason for her awkward steps were at the end of her feet. Mom was wearing a pair of black stiletto heels that had to be five inches. I’d never seen her wear anything higher than a modest heel before and even as I watched her ankle almost went sideways and she had to lean on the couch.

As my eyes made their way up from her shoes I couldn’t help but notice she was dressed to kill. Mom was wearing a pair of black stockings and a red skirt that was as short as the one Melanie was sporting earlier. On top she was wearing a short sleeve black blouse that was open to expose a red shirt the top of which was all lace. The top was low cut enough to show not only a lot of cleavage, but the top of a black lace bra.

“Damn Mom, you look hot.” I told her.

“Figures,” she said flopping down on the couch next to me, “I got a young stud almost naked on my couch telling me I’m hot and it’s my son.”

“I don’t know about stud.” I told her, feeling myself blush.

I don’t know why, but Mom always made me blush, no one else ever had that effect on me. Maybe it was a remnant of the ridiculous crush I’d had on her when a lot younger, back when I though she was the most beautiful woman ever and had weird thoughts of being with her. That was odd, I hadn’t thought about that in a long time. As I stared at my mother’s long well shaped legs, my eyes widened at the sudden memory of masturbating to her when I was young. I wasn’t sure how old, but it had been before Tina. I shook my head, as if trying to forget what I’d just recalled. Glancing down at the glass of wine, I’d wondered if I’d had too much.

“I do.” Mom nodded. “Tell you what; a couple of my friends have remarked on how good looking you are.” She laughed, “Lucky you met Melanie or I would have let one of them take you, get you right over that little bitch.”

I frowned as she spoke. Mom never usually spoke like that and her green eyes seemed bright.

“Have you been drinking, Mom?” I asked.

“Why yes I have!” she nodded. “As have you, I see.” She sighed, “I don’t like you doing that alone honey.”

“Sorry Mom. So did you guys go to a bar?” Before she could speak I pointed at her, “And why are you home in the first place?”

“Like I said, it’s because nothing happened.” She sighed. “I would have been here an hour ago, but you said Melanie was coming over so I stopped at The Frosted Mug for awhile so I wouldn’t” she winked, “Interrupt.”

“It wouldn’t have mattered.” I muttered.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t.” She said with a look of concern on her face.

“It uh…” I shrugged. “It didn’t work out.”

Sitting up, Mom slid over next to me and put her hand on my leg. “Well what happened, did you get close?”

“Oh, we got close alright.” I laughed bitterly and reaching out poured some more wine into the glass and took a sip.

I looked at Mom expecting her to say something. Instead she put her hand out. I handed her the glass and watched in surprise as she chugged most of it. She handed it back and after I took the last sip, she asked, “How close?”

“Damn close.” I sighed, “I would say as close as you could without getting there.”

“Naked?” she asked, raising her eyebrows.

I felt myself blush again. “Umm pretty close.”

“And you couldn’t?”

“I…no I couldn’t!” I said disgustedly. “Hell she was even suc…”

I caught myself before I finished and put the glass down, I’d had enough. When you came within a second of telling your mother your girlfriend was sucking your cock, it was time to stop.

“She was what?” Mom asked, trying to keep a straight face.


“Nice try.” Mom laughed, then turned serious, “So let me get this right, she was….” She paused, and gave me a wink, “Blowing you and things still went wrong?”

“Mom!” I exclaimed, blushing furiously.

“Oh Ricky, you’re adorable!” she leaned over and kissed my cheek. “I love it when you blush. Shows what a sweet kid you are.”

“Great.” I rolled my eyes. “Anyway, it was the same story. Started thinking of Tina and got nervous. Melanie tried to uh…help, but I…” I put my hands up. “I just couldn’t.”

“I’m sorry honey.” She said softly. “She upset?”

“Oh yeah, she said she wants to be with me, but doesn’t want to see me again until I’m ready.” I waved my hand, “How the hell am I supposed to know when I can?”

Mom shrugged, but as she did was staring intently at me. Her eyes narrowed and she seemed to be thinking. I sat there watching her and was surprised when her eyes left my face and trailed down to my chest. I continued to look at her and saw them drop even lower. I followed her gaze and swore she was staring down at my crotch. I wasn’t hard, but the skimpy shorts had ridden up a bit and I wasn’t wearing underwear so there was a noticeable bulge. I looked back at her face and saw her gaze lingering there. Feeling embarrassed, I dropped my hands in my lap and asked, “So what happened with you, Mom?”

“The usual.” She sighed and leaning forward poured more wine into the glass.

As she had before she chugged half then handed me the rest.

“I…I’ve had enough.”

“Please, kid your age in college?” she smirked, “Don’t think I forgot about what those parties are like, so go ahead and finish it, relax,” she gave me an odd smile, “Enjoy the evening.”

“Um, okay.” I drank the rest of the wine and closed my eyes as I felt it go straight to my head.

I felt flushed and even in just the shorts I was warm. I opened my eyes to see Mom must have felt the same way. Sitting up, she slipped off the black blouse and tossed it to the side. Reaching up, she removed the clip from her hair and shaking her head, let her long black hair down. As she did, I couldn’t help notice how tight the red top beneath was. Mom’s tits were pretty big and looked as if they were ready to fall out of the shirt. Feeling weird about looking at her chest, I dropped my gaze and found no comfort there. Her short skirt had ridden up and I could see her thighs almost all the way to her hips.

Leaning back, Mom gave an even better view of her long legs, as she stretched them out and one at a time, kicked her heels off. She straightened her feet out causing the muscles in her calves to stick out, making her legs look even better. She lifted her legs up higher and held them there. It was almost as if she were modeling them for me. Yup, way too much to drink. I felt her eyes on me and looking back over saw her looking at me as I started at her legs. I gave her a nervous smile, but she just continued to stare. Wanting to break what was becoming an awkward silence, and try to pass off looking at her, I said.

“Not for nothing Mom, but being dressed like that I can’t see how your night didn’t work out. Where did you guys go?”

“Go?” she shook her head, “You really think I would go anywhere dressed this slutty? I showed up at Jack’s door, told him I wanted to stay in instead of going out.”

“So what happened? I can’t see him turning you down.”

“Speaking of my outfit,” Mom said, “Those shoes killed my feet, would you rub them for me honey? You know like you used to when I had that waitress job?”

Before I could reply, Mom had turned and swinging her legs up, placed her feet in my lap. I looked down at her feet with their bright red toe-nails and saw they were just to the left of my cock. A little further and she would have been touching it through the shorts.

“Uh…I guess I have no choice.” I laughed as I took her right foot in my hands.

“Maybe you don’t.” she said with a wink.

I didn’t know what that meant and with a shrug began to massage her foot. Mom’s skin was soft and as I pressed my thumbs into the sole of her foot, she released a soft sigh, “Oh, that feels nice honey” I looked up at her and saw she had her eyes closed. I swallowed hard and continued to rub, she had spoken in a tone that was more like a purr and it sent a strange thrill through me. As I continued to rub her foot and as I began gently kneading the flesh beneath each of her toes, I recalled the days of her waitressing.

I was about fourteen and every time I would rub her feet and even occasionally her lower leg I would start to get hard. When I would finish, I would run upstairs to my room which is when I would jerk off to the thought of her letting my hands go a lot further than her feet. As if that memory had awoken something within me, I realized with a start that my cock was beginning to stiffen. Carefully placing Mom’s foot down, I picked up the other and trying to keep my mind off of her soft skin and long legs I prodded her, “Well?”

“Huh?” she opened her eyes and looked at me, “Oh, sorry, that just felt so damn good. I’ll tell you Ricky I am so comfortable with you, I swear you’re more of a friend than a son.”

“I know what you mean.” I told her, “You’re kind of my best friend these days.”

“Aww that’s sweet.” She cooed as I started lightly rubbing my fingers across the top of her foot. “So is this foot rub a friends with benefits thing?” she giggled then continued, “I could use a friend with some benefits.”

“What about Jack?” I reminded her again.

“Oh. Well he liked what he saw, especially when I walked right past him, took his hand and led him to his bedroom. As soon as we got in there I moved pretty quick, got my blouse off, put my arms up and let him take my bra off.”

I blinked as I pictured her words; I tried to imagine what her tits would look like, they were at least as big as Melanie’s. I wondered what color her nipples were.

“I sit down on the bed and Jack gets on his knees and starts sucking on my tits.”

“Whoa!” I exclaimed, “I don’t need that much detail.”

“He’s going from one to the other,” she continued softly. “And it felt so good! Then he reaches under my skirt and starts rubbing me.”

She was drunk, had to be. Not that that was helping me any. My cock was closing in on being fully erect and without noticing I was doing it, my hands had strayed past her feet and slid under her legs where I had begun to rub her well shaped calves. Meanwhile Mom was still speaking softly.

“He moved my thong over and shoved his fingers into my pussy.” She sighed, “Damn it felt good, first thing up there besides a vibrator in a long time.”

“Mom, please.” I whispered as without being obvious, I eased her legs further down my thigh and away from my cock.

With a feeling of alarm I saw that I was pitching a tent and leaning over awkwardly placed my elbow on my leg while still rubbing her legs, trying to cover it from her view. Ignoring me she went on,

“He was moving nice and slow and playing with my tits and kissing my neck.” She reached down and grabbing the bottle of wine took a swig directly from it.

Wiping her mouth she sighed, “I was so damn wet! I told myself, this is it, no way I’m not going through with it.”

“I said the same thing.” I nodded as my hands began working up to the soft skin behind her knees.

“So he seems like he really wants to take his time, but I’m so close I just want to break the ice, so I tell him to stand up. I rip his pants down and he’s so fucking hard!”

Mom made a show of licking her lips that sent a surge through my now completely hard cock.

“I had to taste him! It’s been so long, so I start sucking his cock…”

“Mom this is too much, really.” I told her.

“Sorry,” she said, “I figured we could talk about anything.”

“Well that’s just kind of…awkward.” I said.

“Oh, is that the problem?” she asked with a smirk. “Anyway, I get him nice and ready and I lay back, and he slips my thong off and he gets ready and….” For the first time her smile faded, I just…I couldn’t. I started to get nervous like you, but with women it’s just ‘okay’ lay still and let them’, but I couldn’t I got upset and said I couldn’t and Jack got kind of mad and said I was acting like a kid so I left.”

She put her head down and said sadly, “I was so close; I really thought I could get past it.”

“I’m sorry Mom.” I said softly.

“I was hoping your night went better, so I sat at the bar,” she grunted disgustedly, “Of course dressed like this I got hit on by three different guys and I’m thinking I couldn’t if I wanted to.” She looked up at me and shrugged, “I just want to have fun Ricky, I just want to be with someone and enjoy. I figure if I can do it just once I’ll be fine, but it’s like I don’t trust anyone.”

“I know the feeling.” I nodded as I started working my hands back down her legs.

Her skin was firm and warm to the touch and I was beginning to enjoy touching her just a little too much. I was already hard and making things tougher was Mom had started kneading her feet into my thigh as if she were a cat, pushing lightly with one then the other. I watched nervously as her foot had moved a little closer to my cock. I jumped when she raised her foot and placing it against my chest slowly slid it down. I stared down as her soft foot trailed down to my stomach before settling into my lap again.

“Tell you what Ricky, you and I are far too good looking to not be getting laid.” She laughed, “Sorry that sounded pretty vain, you are at least, me? I’m getting up there.”

“You’re beautiful Mom,” I told her softly, “Absolutely beautiful.”

I smiled as Mom not only blushed, but gave me a surprisingly shy little smile, “Really? You mean that?”

“I do. I’ve always thought you were beautiful.”

Mom smiled again and after taking another swig of wine, passed me the bottle. I took it, but paused. More would not be a good idea right now.

“Hey Ricky, can I ask you something?”

“Sure.” I said and tried to ease back a little as once again her feet were moving.

“You think I’m pretty, but do you think I’m sexy?”

“Well…” At that question I did take a swig. I paused before swallowing, trying to think of how to answer that question. “You’re my mother and….”

“I am, but I thought we were friends?” she smiled and raised her arms over her head, pushing her tits out. “So let’s say you see me like this, and don’t know me, am I hot? Would you stare?”

“I…” I was having a hard time not staring as her shirt rode up and I was looking at her soft stomach, “I…yeah you’re pretty hot.”

“For an older woman?”

“For any woman.”

“Wow, you’re smooth honey, you should try it with an older woman they appreciate things like that!” she lowered her hands and asked, “You’re not just saying that though?”

I took a couple more swallows of the wine and putting the bottle down winced as the room swam for a moment. I blinked at her and speaking slowly said, “I’ve always thought you were sexy, hell back when I was a kid I had a crush on…” I stopped as I realized what I’d just said.

“You had a crush on me?” she laughed delightedly.

Although I was embarrassed, seeing her smile made me smile back and nodding sheepishly, I replied, “Yeah, I…I used to think you were so pretty and used to love when you would come in my room and talk to me.”

“That is so cute!” she clapped her hands, “And flattering too, especially now, nice looking young guy like you.”

Mom slid further down on the couch and I panicked as her feet slid across my lap. Her left foot grazed my cock and I had to stifle a moan at the contact. I hoped to hell she didn’t notice. Looking over at her, I saw that she was looking down as if lost in thought. I looked down as well and my eyes widened as I saw her skirt was almost all the way up her thighs. It was a good thing her legs were together or at this point I would be seeing her panties.

“So Ricky,” she gave me a nasty grin, “You ever think dirty things about me?”

I could feel my face heating up even as I quickly answered, “Of course not!”

“You did, didn’t you?” She laughed, pointing at me, “You had dirty thoughts about your hot mom!”

“No!” I said shaking my head emphatically, “I…I…”

“You jerked off to me didn’t you?” she asked, and then lowering her voice to a sultry whisper, asked, “What was I doing? Was I sucking your cock, was I riding you, getting on my knees and letting you fuck me?”

“Stop.” I told her, “I…I think you’re drunk.”

“Yup.” She nodded, “Figured it would help with later.”


“You didn’t answer, what was I doing for you Ricky? What was your hot mom doing to her handsome son?”

Her green eyes had locked into mine and seeing no way out of this I whispered, “Everything.”

“Oh I like that!” she purred. I sighed and felt like crawling under a rock. Maybe she was so buzzed she’d forget about it tomorrow. “Aww, don’t feel bad.” She paused, then snapped her fingers, “Tell you what, since you shared a fantasy, I’ll share one of mine, okay?”

“It’s not a fantasy.” I pointed out. “I was…”

“If you were playing with yourself over me it was a fantasy.” She countered, “Anyway, know what I have fantasized about, even when your Dad was still here with me?”

I didn’t answer right away as her foot had brushed against my cock again. I was trying not to think of anything, but just her legs in my lap and the sight of her tits pushing against her shirt had my cock so hard it was starting to ache. I’m sure the wine didn’t help either. Seeing no way out, I nodded and figured I would try to find an excuse to get up. How I was going to cover my hard on, I didn’t know, but I had to get away from her.

“What…what did you think about?”

“I thought about fucking a guy half my age, maybe nineteen or twenty, good looking,” she licked her lips causing my cock to jump, “Horny and eager to please me. I thought about what it would be like to be his hot cougar, to just take him and use him up.”

“Oh…uh okay.” I nodded, “I guess I can see thinking about that would…”

“I did more than think about it.” She said, “I did what you did, I would lie there some nights while your dad was sleeping and play with myself, cum nice and hard thinking about fucking a hot young stud.”

“Okay. Well it’s been a tough day,” I grabbed her legs with the intention of moving them, “I’ve had some wine and I’m ready for bed.”

“I’m ready for bed too honey.” Mom said softly. “Will it be yours or mine?”

“What did you say?” I asked, refusing to believe I had just heard that.

“You know Ricky,” she began as she began unbuttoning her blouse. “We have the same problem. We want it, we have people that want us, but can’t do it. We get nervous, we worry, we don’t trust it will be okay because we’ve been with people that we loved.”

“Mom I think you need to go to bed.”

“We’ve established that,” she smiled as she continued undoing her buttons. “Well I was just thinking that you and I really do trust each other don’t we?”

“I…yeah.” I forced myself to say as reaching the bottom button Mom pulled her shirt open.

“Oh shit.” I whispered as I took in the skimpy black lace bra she was wearing. The lace was transparent and I could see her nipples beneath it, her hard nipples.

“And honestly, you and I have always been as much friends as family.” Leaning forward she slipped the shirt off and tossed it away. “So I figure the two of us can help each other. We can be good to each other and relax and get what we need, and then afterwards we’ll be okay for other people.”

“Mom…” I took a deep breath and told myself this was a dream, I’d passed out on the couch, this wasn’t happening. “We…can’t.”

“Why not honey?” she asked, “You can just think of me as a sexy older woman Ricky and baby, you look so good.” She licked her lips provocatively, “I could just eat you up, and.” She winked, “You could return the favor.”

“No, I…I don’t want to.” I said, sounding like the nervous kid I was really starting to feel like.

“No? You just said you used to want me.”

“I was a kid and it was before Tina and I was…”

“So you don’t want me now?”

“No.” I lied, shaking my head.

“Then honey, why is this cock all big and hard?”

I gasped as lifting her feet she placed them on either side of my cock and squeezed it between them. She started working her feet up and down and unable to help it I moaned loudly.

“Sounds like you want me.” She smiled and reaching behind her undid her bra.

“Mom…please stop.”

“Tell you what honey,” she began as she slid the straps down her shoulders and was now holding the bra against her tits with one hand. “You take a good look at these and tell me you don’t want them, I’ll leave you alone and we’ll both play with ourselves like teenagers.”

“I am a teen ager.” I said lamely.

“I know, and a hot one, the kind I’ve always wanted to be with.” With a flourish, Mom tossed the bra away, leaving me staring at her bare tits. “So go on Ricky, tell me you don’t want them.”

“Oh my God.” I said, trying to keep my jaw from dropping.

Mom’s tits were beautiful; as big as Melanie’s and just as round. Mom’s nipples were rose colored and looked as hard as my cock felt. Making it worse, Mom cupped them in her hands and lifting them started rubbing her nipples with her fingernails.

“Hmm.” She sighed, “This would feel so much better if it were you playing with them.” She cocked her head and asked, “Or are you going to lie and say you don’t want me?”

I groaned as she started moving her feet faster. I couldn’t tear my eyes from her tits and I wanted nothing more than to lean over and suck on them.

“Take your shorts off,” she told me. “Show me how much you,” she giggled, “Don’t want me.”

“No, Mom.”

“You know I left Jack’s in such a hurry I never put my panties on.” She gave me a wink. “I’ve been lying here the entire time with no panties.” She opened her legs slightly. “Wanna see my pussy, Ricky?”

“This…this isn’t fair.” I told her.

“You know you want too and I’ll show it to you, hell I’m going to let you taste it, but first I want to see that nice big dick of yours.”

I moaned as her feet moved from my cock and as they did I caught a brief glimpse between her legs. I couldn’t see her pussy, but could see far enough up to know there were no panties. Mom was still rubbing her nipples and staring at me expectantly. She smiled when she saw me looking and I was struck by how truly beautiful she was. Her body was amazing and she wanted to and she was older and would know how to take care of me.

I stopped as something dawned on me. Anytime I had so much as thought of sex, Tina popped into my head. Up until this moment I hadn’t thought of her at all and even now really wasn’t. I was lusting after my mother and staring at her tits and…I wasn’t nervous at all! Granted I was a little unsure this was right, but my cock was still rock hard and god damn did I want her! Moving quickly before I could change my mind, I lifted my hips and shoved my shorts down.

My cock sprang free and Mom purred, “Oh look at that, honey that is a nice cock!”

I felt myself blushing again, but forgot about my embarrassment when lifting her leg; Mom placed it along the top of the couch exposing her shaved pink pussy. She was perfectly smooth and I could see that she was wet. Reaching down, she slid her finger though her lips, and when she reached the top spread it wide open.

“You like my pussy, Ricky?”

“It’s….damn.” Was all I could manage.

“It likes you honey.” She whispered, “It’s liked you for a long time now.”


“I’ve been thinking about you honey, been thinking about how bad I need it and remembering how much I’ve wanted to be with a young lover.” She licked her lips again, “So tonight I decided I was going to get too drunk to give a fuck and show my son how much I need him.”

“You…you wanted me before tonight?” I asked, trying to keep my words steady as her feet once again surrounded my cock, except now there was nothing between her flesh and mine.

“Yes.” She said softly as she stared at her soft feet rubbing along my hard cock. “Now why don’t you slide that hand up my leg and play with my pretty pussy? That pussy you were thinking of when you were stroking your cock to me.”

My hand was still on her leg and I forced myself not to move it. She was drunk and would regret this. I had too….

“Oh goddamn!” I groaned as she slid her foot up my cock and curling her toes around the head, squeezed.

I watched as my pre cum dripped down and onto her foot. Lifting it higher, Mom rubbed the bottom of her foot along the slick tip of my cock. I moaned again and she ran her other foot to the tip, and then began pumping them up and down, jerking me off with her feet. They were now slick with my sticky fluid and I gasped at how good it felt.

“That is so fucking hard!” Mom purred. “And dripping, I can’t wait to taste it!”


“Oh yeah, Ricky, your drunk horny mother is planning on sucking that cock until you cum in my mouth.” She stopped moving her feet, “But not if you don’t want to play with me, if I have to do it myself, I’m just going to….oh, yes honey!”

Right or wrong the thought of having my cock in my mother’s mouth spurred my hand into motion. I slid it along her leg, enjoying the feeling of her soft skin beneath my hand. When I reached her upper thigh, I paused briefly, and grabbing my hand, Mom shoved it onto her pussy. I gasped as I felt her heat against my palm and lowering my hand slid my fingers through the very wet lips of her pussy.

“That’s it baby,” she cooed, “Pet that pussy, make her purr for you!”

I leaned over towards her and began rubbing my fingers up and down her pussy. Her feet had slowed down, but were still rocking back and forth, caressing my cock as I fondled her. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I wondered if she would regret this tomorrow. As I eased a finger inside her, I knew one thing was for sure; I wouldn’t! Mom moaned softly as I pushed my finger deeper into her pussy. My eyes widened and I gasped as her pussy clenched around my finger.

‘Little girlfriend couldn’t do that could she?” Mom asked.

“Uh…no.” I answered as I began to slowly pump my finger in and out.

“That’s because she was a girl, I’m a woman,” she again squeezed her hot pussy around my finger, “I’m your woman honey.”

“You…you are?”

“Damn straight I am, now how about you suck your woman’s tits and make her cum nice and hard for you?”

Mom held her tits out to me and I awkwardly tried to lean over to reach them.

Drawing her leg back, Mom placed her sticky foot on my chest and shoved me back into the corner of the couch.

“You stay right there honey.”

Mom dropped her leg onto the couch and sliding over to me, knelt down on one knee on the couch while placing her other foot on the floor. Again grabbing my hand she shoved it between her legs and whispered, “Up inside, two fingers this time.”

I did as she asked, and she moaned as I slipped two fingers into her. I started sliding them in and out after a soft sigh, Mom took my face in her hands and pulling it to hers kissed me. The force of the kiss took me off guard and her tongue immediately pressed against my lips. I parted my lips and groaned as her tongue slid across mine. Mom moaned softly into my mouth and moving her hands from my face slid her arms around and drew me into her. My fingers were still busy with her pussy, but I slipped my other arms around her slender waist and she sighed as I hugged her to me.

Mom’s lips began to go easier, gently sliding across mine and as she did, I felt my body relax into hers. I stopped moving my fingers and held them there as I focused on our deep passionate kiss. I slid my hand up her back, caressing her smooth skin and sliding it up through her long dark hair. Breaking the kiss, Mom whispered in my ear, “That feels nice baby,”

She started to kiss my neck and I gasped as her hand left my back and wrapped around my cock. “This feels even better.” She giggled.

“Oh, yes.” I moaned as she started pumping it in her fist.

Mom’s other hand slid behind my head and leaning back, she pushed against it, bringing my face down to her tit. I opened my mouth and all but devoured her tit, sucking not just her nipple, but as much of her firm flesh as I could fit in my mouth.

“Oh, look at you! You’ve wanted those tits haven’t you?”

“Hmm-mm!” I groaned around her nipple as I swirled my tongue around it.

“Don’t forget my pussy baby!” she exclaimed and squeezed my cock for emphasis, “You don’t want me to ignore you do you?”

“No, please don’t stop.” I moaned as she slowed her stroking.

“I like that Ricky,” she whispered in my ear, “I like hearing you say please, now be a good boy and finger my pussy.”

I began thrusting my fingers into her and her hips started rocking, pushing them deeper. Turning my hand I pushed my thumb through her wet flesh until I found her hard clit and began to rub it.

“Yes!” she cried out, “You are a good boy!” She moaned and added, “Right there, honey, just like that!”

I smiled around her nipple, thrilled she was enjoying me. I switched to sucking her other nipple and felt my own hips starting to move as she continued to lightly stroke me.

“Easy honey,” she said, “That’s not where your cumming, you could give yourself a hand job,” she giggled again, “I have a much nicer place for that hot cum of yours.”

I imagined those soft lips which were currently caressing my neck around my hard cock and started thrusting my fingers harder and moving my thumb faster. Mom sighed in my ear and rested her head on my shoulder. I felt her body relax as mine had done and realized she had been right! The two of us were both enjoying this with no trouble, whether it was the wine or how we felt about each other, or both, all I knew is she felt damn good and seemed to think the same of me.

I released another moan around her nipple as her hand left my cock and sliding down started massaging my balls. She was moaning quietly each time my fingers drove into her and I loved how she had just let herself go for. I pressed harder on her clit and started moving my thumb in faster circles. Mom’s moans started becoming higher in pitch and getting louder. Her hips were pushing harder into my fingers and her hand clenched in my hair.

“Oh yes,” she moaned, “Oh please don’t stop Ricky, oh baby I’m going to cum for you! Just a little more baby!”

Her words sent a surge of excitement through me and I thrust my fingers into her as hard as I dared while pushing hard on her clit. Mom began making high pitched yelping noises in my ear and I sucked her nipple as hard as I could. She thrust her hips hard into me and her entire body tensed up as she moaned, “Yes honey, yes!”

She cried out loudly in my ear and I felt her pussy contract around my fingers. Mom arched her back, shoving her tit deeper into my mouth and with another loud cry her hips started bucking wildly into my hand. Her fingers were gouging into my scalp, but I didn’t care. All I knew was the woman I’d fantasized about years ago was cumming like a wild cat all over my fingers and promising anything I wanted. Mom let out a high pitched squeal and I felt a warm wet sensation around my fingers as her pussy convulsed.

With a long shuddering moan, she collapsed against me, her breathing heavy in my ear.

“Oh honey, that felt so fucking good! I needed that so bad!”

She sat back and I eased my fingers from inside her, amazed at how wet they were. Grabbing my wrist, Mom brought my hand to her mouth and as my cock twitched, sucked on her fingers.

“Hmm I love how I taste.” She smiled; “It’ll taste better off your cock later though.”

Mom stood and looking grabbing my cock, whispered, “Speaking of tasting.”

I sat there wide eyed as she stepped between my legs and slowly sank to her knees. Mom stared at my cock with a look of pure lust on her face and leaning over gave the tip a kiss. I gasped and with a smile, she flicked her tongue across the swollen head. She leaned over and looking me in the eye began to rub my cock all over her face. I watched mouth open as my sticky pre cum spread across her cheeks and chin. Placing her tongue once more against the head of my cock, Mom slowly ran her tongue down the length of my shaft, I moaned pathetically as she trailed up the other side and swirled her tongue teasingly around the sensitive underside of the tip.

“Please.” I whispered.

‘Please what honey?” she asked, “What do you want?”

“I want…you know.” I moaned again as her tongue darted out and licked the tip again.

“Tell me.” She said firmly, “I’m not some little coed; tell your hot cougar what you want.”

“I…” I took a deep breath, “Mom, I want you to suck my cock.”

“Oh, you bad boy!” she laughed, “You want a blow job from your mom?” She looked down at my aching dick and whispered, “Well lucky for you, I love sucking cock.”

I started to say something, but instead cried out in surprise and pleasure as Opening wide Mom took me deep into her mouth.

“Oh God!” I groaned as she began to bob her head, sucking my throbbing cock.

I sat back and watched, in awe of the sight of my beautiful mother going down on me. Mom’s eyes were closed and she was moaning softly as she worked my cock with her mouth. I could feel her tongue sliding along my shaft as well as her soft lips caressing my hard flesh. She was sucking me about halfway down, then slowly, an inch at a time took me all the way down until her lips wrapped around the base of my shaft.

“I…oh that feels good!” I gasped out.

Tina sure as hell could never take me that deep. I let out a startled moan as I felt Mom’s tongue slide out and start licking my balls. She slowly worked her way back up my cock and releasing it with a slurping sound, smacked her lips, “You’re cock tastes so fucking good!” she moaned, “I can’t wait to taste your cum!”

I noticed taste had come out tashte and her eyes were glassy. Part of me should feel like I was taking advantage of her, but screw it. Mom brought my thoughts back to her when she ducked her head and began sucking on my balls while jerking me off. I could feel my legs starting to tremble and was beginning to moan continuously as she pumped my cock while her tongue slid along my balls. She made a show of running her tongue back up along my shaft before once again taking me into her eager mouth.

Mom was bobbing her head in a steady rhythm and I began breathing hard as I strained to hold back and enjoy as much as I could. Her long black hair fell in front of her face and reaching out she took my hand and brought to her head. I gathered her hair in my hand and placing it on the back of her head pushed gently, guiding her mouth up and down my cock. Mom moaned her approval then began sucking faster. Her hand encircled my cock and began following her lips, jerking me as she blew me.

I gasped as I felt the cum building within me. Mom opened her eyes and staring into mine let my cock go and placing her hands on my thighs took me all the way down again. She paused and after shaking her head slowly back and forth started bobbing her head rapidly, “Oh fuck!” I groaned as she was taking me all the way down each time. Mom was moaning herself as she continued to deep throat me. My leg was shaking badly and sliding her hand down my thigh; she grabbed my balls and squeezed them.

I cried out as loudly as she had as my cock went off in her mouth. As soon as I felt the first spurt erupt into her descending mouth, Mom made a soft whimpering sound and her eyes rolled back in pleasure. She kept sucking fast and hard and my hips were thrusting into her mouth. My cock continued to spurt and she was now making a sloppy gurgling sound as she sucked down every drop. I sighed and slumped back into the couch as my cock gave up the last few drops of cum. Mom took me all the way down once more and after slowly sliding me out of her mouth looked up at me.

Lifting her head she opened her mouth and my eyes widened at the sight of her cum filled mouth. She closed her mouth and tilting her head back made a show of swallowing. She looked at me and opening her mouth once more showed me it was empty.

“All gone baby!” she laughed.

“Oh fuck me.” I gasped.

“No honey, you’re going to fuck me.” Standing she extended her hand to me, “But not out here, come on, come take me in my bed.”

Mom tugged on my hand and with an effort I got to my feet, once standing though I had no problem following her. Mom was still wearing the short black skirt and the sight of her bare ass cheeks protruding from it provided plenty of motivation to stay behind her. She looked over her shoulder and gave me a little girl giggle that caused my recently spent cock to twitch between my legs. We entered the bedroom and walking over to the bed, Mom stopped and reaching back unzipped the skirt. She made show of shimmying out of it and I licked my lips at the sight of her perfectly shaped ass.

Looking over her shoulder at me, Mom winked then bent over the bed and shook her ass at me. I could see her glistening pussy winking out at me from between her thighs and dropping to my knees behind her spread her cheeks and plunged my tongue directly into her pussy.

“Oh fuck yeah!” she cried out. “Oh honey oh yes, eat that pussy!”

I didn’t need any encouragement! I swirled my tongue around inside her sopping pussy sucking as I licked and reveling in the forbidden taste of my mother’s pussy. I began moving my head back and forth pushing my tongue in and out of her delicious pussy.

“Look at you, tongue fucking me!” she moaned, “Now lick my ass honey, tongue it.”

I’d never done that before, but hearing her say it, made it sound damn good. I spread her cheeks further apart and sliding my tongue back swirled it around the pink rosebud of her asshole.

“Oh yes.” She moaned as she pushed her ass into my face. “I love that, hmmm”

She purred as I pushed my tongue into her ass, and then moaned when I shoved two fingers into her pussy. I teased around her ass for awhile before sliding my tongue back though her until I found her clit. Mom groaned and began rocking back and forth as my tongue swirled around her hard button.

“Yes honey, like that, ohhh you are being so fucking good to me!” she groaned.

I wrapped my arm around her thigh and pulled her into my face as I sucked her clit into my mouth and began thrusting my fingers harder. I could feel Mom’s thighs shaking against my face and she was shifting her weight from foot to foot as I continued to lick and suck her hot little box. Mom was whimpering and moaning and those little sounds were driving me crazy. Although I’d cum not five minutes ago, my cock was rock hard between my legs and the thought that I was going to fuck my mother kept spinning through my mind.

“That’s it baby!” she groaned, “Eat my pussy, and make me cum in your face!”

I jumped as I felt something hit my chin and when I drew back I saw that she had reached between her legs and was spreading herself open for me. The sight of her red nails around her clit sent my tongue into a frenzy. Mom squealed as I began licking her as fast as I could while adding a third finger inside her. She groaned as my fingers spread her pussy and taking her clit between my lips I started sucking it so hard I was making loud smacking sounds every time I released it.

Mom suddenly cried out and driving her ass backwards, buried my fingers deep into her pussy. She started wiggling her ass, grinding her dripping snatch into my face as she came hard in my face. I sucked her clit into my mouth and kept my tongue swirling around it as she bucked and writhed on the bed, squealing the entire time. I could feel her juices dripping down my face and her hot pussy was convulsing around my fingers.

Her movements slowed and with a soft whimper, she eased her pussy from my face and sighed, “Oh, Ricky, I came harder than last time!”

She looked back over her shoulder at me and asked, “Well what are you waiting for? Stand up and fuck me!”

I practically leapt to my feet and grabbing her hips drove my throbbing cock inside of my mother’s pussy. I moaned loudly as her hot flesh swallowed my cock and clenched around it. I held it there, buried to the hilt, enjoying how good she felt. Mom wiggled against me the cried out, “Don’t stay there baby, fuck me! Fuck the shit out of me! That’s the pussy you’ve dreamed about!”

I reared back and began fucking the shit out of her. There was no other way to put it. I was drawing back until my tip was barely inside her then driving into her so hard my balls were slapping against her pussy.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” Mom shouted. “That’s it! Just like I want it, hard and fast from a nice young cock! Come on baby! Fuck your hot cougar give it to her!”

As I continued to pound the shit out of her I reached out and grabbing her long hair, pulled back on it, lifting her head back.

“Oh, look at you! Bad boy, pulling your mother’s hair!”

I moaned as Mom was now rocking back and forth, driving her pussy back into my thrusting cock. She was so wet my cock was making wet sucking sounds as I slid out of her before plunging back in. I looked down at the sight before me and again thought this had to be a dream. Mom looked fucking amazing, her back was glistening with sweat and her perfect ass was grinding into my glistening cock. She was yelping each time I drove into her and I gasped when I felt her hand begin to rub my balls as I fucked her.

I was sweating heavily myself and my heart felt as if it were going to pound through my chest. My knees were beginning to shake and I gasped when I realized I was getting close to cumming. Mom must have heard it in my moaning and called out, “Stop, I want to watch you fuck me!”


Author’s note

Part Five takes immediately after Part Four. It is not necessary for you to have read Parts One, Two, and Three, but if you have not read Part Four, you will find the story difficult to follow.

I won’t be including notes to introduce each scene as I did in Part Four. A few readers found them distracting. It should be clear to you whose POV a given scene is written from and where it takes place.

As ever, if you have questions feel free to email me or leave a comment. Either way, I’ll try to respond in a timely manner.

This is primarily an incest story, but it is also sci-fi/fantasy, and supernatural elements are not incidental to the plot. Additionally, many chapters will feature elements of other categories, particularly group sex and anal.

All sexual acts are consensual and involve parties who are at least eighteen years of age.


“So what do we do?” Nick asked.

Veronica studied her brother’s face. The way he was looking at her, as if he expected her to solve all their problems, made it hard to hear out the rest of what he had to say. All she really wanted to do was hug him instead.

Sometimes, it seemed that Nick pretended not to have any ideas of his own, just so that he could get her to tell him hers, and to let her know how much he respected her opinion. Transparent as that was, it was still incredibly endearing.

But this was not one of those times. He really was asking her to figure things out for them. And the rare display of childlike innocence from the older brother she’d spent her whole life trying to impress made Veronica’s insides melt. She forced herself to look away, to focus her attention on fluffing up her pillow, lest she suffer a cuteness overload.

“Eric’s busy planning something stupid as we speak,” he said. “And you know it would be pointless to try to talk sense into him.”

“Actually,” she said, “that’s pretty much exactly what I was thinking you need to do.”

“Me?” he asked, with a huff that was very close to being a chuckle.


He shook his head. “You’re something else.”

“Obviously, you won’t be able to convince him to hold off,” Veronica continued. “But maybe we can talk him out of an all-out assault.”

“Maaaaybe,” Nick said, frowning. “But this is Eric we’re talking about.”

Veronica sighed.

Their brother probably was psyching himself up for a direct attack on the throne at that very moment. It wasn’t that she doubted that. But they couldn’t just give up that easily. From the sound of it, they wouldn’t stand a chance against the combined might of House Bravo and House Fisher. And no matter how sympathetic their father might be to their position, which probably wasn’t all that sympathetic anyway, he’d have no choice but to make war if the king demanded it.

They needed leverage. Their only hope was to take a few hostages of their own and propose an exchange. Anything else would just result in a bloodbath.

Somehow, Eric needed to be convinced of that. And he wouldn’t listen to Veronica. But he just might listen to Nick.

With a flick of her wrist, she changed out of her sun dress and into a baggy T-shirt and loose pair of silk pajamas. Not exactly the kind of outfit that was best suited to seducing her brother. But she was, for once, not in the mood for that. Too tired, for one thing.

And too preoccupied with thoughts about their father.

The trip back to the Playground had taken no time at all. Apparently the yacht hadn’t been necessary. It was just less disorienting. And gave the kids a chance to prepare themselves mentally for what they were about to undergo.

Not that it had prepared them. Not for the induction ceremony, and not for the fateful visit from their father. That last part had been one of the most exhausting experiences of her life, even though she’d done nothing but stand there and squeeze Nick’s hand the whole time. Simply processing all the emotions her father brought out had been trying enough.

Why couldn’t she just hate their father, the way Nick apparently did? Why did all those childhood fantasies have to come back to her all of a sudden?

As she slipped under the covers, Veronica said, “If we tell him it would be stupid and reckless to go for blood, he’ll go for blood. If we tell him that it would be going soft on the king to kill his children, that mourning their loss would be easier than constantly worrying about whether he’ll ever see his loved ones again, then maybe he’ll focus on taking hostages.”

Nick remained silent for a few moments. “And if that doesn’t work?”

“We’ll deal with that when we come to it,” she said.

Her brother stared at her, brow furrowed. But, in the end, he offered no objections.

Nice and tame. Like a good, housebroken puppy. If he was as much like their father as Hank had said that he was, he wouldn’t have given in so easily.

Without asking her permission, her pussy started quivering.


She wanted her father to disgust her. The way he should have. But she couldn’t help herself. There was just something about her father that had made Veronica swoon, even as she cursed him for being a selfish, cold-hearted bastard.

He was just so calm. So perfectly in control. Was there anything as sexy as a man in control? She couldn’t be blamed for responding to that. Or for suddenly noticing how pliable Nick was. Men like that just exuded sex appeal, no matter what they looked like.

And those eyes.

Those gorgeous, green eyes. They veritably sparkled with intelligence.

Only, no, they didn’t. Because eyes didn’t sparkle with intelligence, except in cheesy novels where they not only did that but somehow managed to express all sorts of emotions besides. In real life, eyes didn’t do a whole lot besides blink, dilate, and, of course, see.

It might not have been his fuck-me-breathless emerald orbs that told her so, but Veronica knew that her father was every bit as smart as the man of her dreams would have to be. Smart enough to not just keep up with her, but challenge her. As smart as she told herself that Nick was, though in the back of her mind, she had her doubts.

Her father was shorter than she liked her guys. And he was a bit thin too. Not as bad as Kurt, or anything. And what muscles he had were sculpted from stone. But he wasn’t even as built as Nick, and her brother struck Veronica as a little small himself. On top of that, her father’s face was well past lean and creeping up on gaunt. There were deep grooves in his hard skin, which was only lightly tanned. To say nothing of the scars.

He didn’t at all have the kind of face she’d pictured all those times, while fingering herself and whispering “Daddy.” That man had a hint of maturity, enough to remind her that she was with no mere boy but a real man. But he still had smooth skin and dark hair.

Exhaling heavily, Veronica rolled onto her side and made like she was getting ready for sleep. If Nick touched her, she just might melt. But it wouldn’t be his face she’d be seeing. And what if he noticed that? He was, after all, damn good at reading Libidos.

“Tired?” Nick asked, slipping under the covers beside her.

She moaned incoherently in response.

Nick chuckled and kissed her shoulder.

His touch set her skin aflame. She was aching for it. It wouldn’t be her brother inside her, but it would still feel good. She simply needed a hard dick inside her. Who’s ever it might be. Strong hands grabbing her. Lips pressed against hers.

What would it be like to fuck a dragon?

No. She couldn’t think that way.

She actually was tired anyway.

“It’ll all work out,” Nick whispered softly, running a hand up and down her side.

Thankfully, his hand didn’t venture anywhere but her hips and her waist. Nor did his lips graced anything but her shoulders with their presence. All nice and safe.

Nothing a brother should do with his sister, of course. But they were long past the point where that mattered to either of them. More importantly, it wasn’t anything that would make it impossible for her to resist him.

She found it even easier to tune out his words, utter nonsense that they were.

How could he possibly be so confident about that?

Slowly, Veronica drifted off to sleep, hoping to dream of her brother, yet afraid that it would be her father her awaited her on the other side. Whether he’d be playing the role of villain or love interest, though, she wasn’t yet sure.


When they got back to what everyone had taken to calling the Playground, Eric couldn’t help but notice that their house seemed a lot smaller. And a lot less like home. It was merely the place he’d grown up now. Nothing more.

They’d spent all of one night in Summer, yet that had been enough. It had changed everything. Torn his family apart. Given him a sense of purpose. And opened his eyes to how insignificant his life up until that point had been. All his problems, as well as his achievements, seemed pathetically small now.

Summer was where he belonged. And it was where this would all get resolved.

To hell with small ball. He wasn’t going to nip at House Bravo’s ankles. No, he was going to go for the windpipe. And that meant going back to the Homelands.

The others would try to talk him out of it, obviously. And call their cowardice “reason.” That’s what cowards always did. They talked “sense.” Curiously, though, “sense” often sounded a helluva lot like doing what was best for protecting their own hides.

Well, they wouldn’t all line up against him. Especially Gabby. She, at least, would back his play, no matter what.

Nick might too, if not for Veronica. Eric would bet anything that, at that very moment, Veronica was busy telling Nick that he had to try to “talk sense” into Eric. And the poor sap, who was usually worth at least half a damn, would do exactly as she said.

Fucking pathetic.

“Hey there, cutie,” Annie said, walking into the kitchen.

He looked his sister up and down. She wore a pair of pink fuzzy socks, the tiniest pair of pink panties, and a white tank top that was way too small for a girl with such large breasts.

“Nice socks,” he said.

Why did girls think fuzzy socks were so cute?

“Thanks,” she said as she jumped up onto the kitchen counter.

She sat there, sitting on her hands and swinging her legs back and forth, like a little kid. One look at her body, though, confirmed that she was plenty grown up.

Ever since discovering that their powers gave them some limited control over their appearance, Annie had taken to rocking a new look every time he saw her. Sometimes her tongue was pierced. Sometimes it was not. There was occasionally a little diamond stud on one side of her nose. The ratio of brown to blonde in her hair was never quite the same.

Just now, though, she had no piercings, and her hair, worn in pigtails, was its natural color. He preferred her usual look, but he couldn’t deny that her innocent little girl act was having an effect on him. Annie usually tried so hard to convince everyone that she wasn’t a child anymore, that she was a bad girl without an innocent bone in her body.

“Where are our moms?” she asked casually.

“Out on the deck,” he replied. “Having a fight.”

“Oh,” she said. The goofy smile faded. “About dad?”

“Naturally,” he said, before turning his attention to hunting for beer. There father was what they always fought about, these days. “What did you think of him anyway?”

“Total jerkface,” his sister replied.

Eric snickered. Looking over his shoulder at his sister, he asked, “A jerkface?”

Annie looked away and ran a hand through her hair. “Yeah. Jerkface.”

The fridge was practically empty. And of course it was. They’d cleaned it out before leaving, knowing that they’d be gone a lot longer in the terms of this world’s time flow than it would seem to them. There wasn’t much more than the water filter, a bunch of condiments, a jar of pickles, and a can of olives. But he was sure that he and Nick had stashed away some beers for just this reason.

Yes. There, in the vegetable bin.

“Crisis averted,” he said.

“He’s pretty short, too,” Annie said, ignoring his moment of triumph.

Eric regarded her silently, wondering if she was mocking him. After deciding that she was not, he popped the can, took his first frothy sip, and said, “That he is. And scrawny. You see those arms? Kinda ballsy to be walking around in a vest, built like that.”

“Yeah,” his sister said, voice distant.

“Wait,” Eric said, holding up a hand. “Don’t tell me you thought he was hot?”

“Who said that?”

“No one. But when I asked what you thought of him, you immediately starting trying to convince one of us, and I’m not sure it’s me, that you don’t find him attractive.” He took another sip. “And you’re not doing such a good job of it.”

She gave a half-shrug. “I don’t know. You have to admit, there is something about him.”

Eric simply sipped his beer by way of response.

“At first, I thought he had a funny-looking face. Like, emaciated or something. But those eyes? A girl could get lose staring into those things.”

“Shoot me now. Right in the face.”

“Oh, don’t be like that,” she said, swatting at him as if he were a fly. “You’re the one who brought him up. Asked me what I thought and I answered. Deal with it.”

“No accounting for taste, I guess,” Eric said.

“Anyway, I didn’t say he’s hot. Just that he had something going on. Which he does.” Annie paused, then added, “Though he’s not entirely hard on the eyes.”

“Plus, there’s that big ol’…dragon claw. Am I right?”

“Yeah,” she said, a little breathless. “Gotta imagine he knows a few tricks.”

Eric couldn’t reach his sister’s ass, so he gave her thigh a playful smack.

And, to his surprise, thought to himself that her legs were a bit thin.

Once upon a time, he’d have thought Annie had a great body. And that assessment wouldn’t just have referred to the breasts that he strangely was starting to think of as merely medium-sized. No, he’d have her lower body in mind too. The way her ass cheeks didn’t touch. Her inner thigh gap.

But now?

Gabby had staked a claim on him. And not only was she refusing to leave, no matter how many eviction notices he served up, but she was driving away all other claimants too.

Any-way,” Annie said, making two words out of it, “I’m totally fucking with you. The dragon thing was creepy.”

“Right,” he said.

His sister rolled her eyes. “C’mon. Are you kidding me? He was a total dick. I was hoping you’d punch his face in. And that body? What a joke. The ugliest guy I ever fucked was hotter than him. And I’ve had some moments I’m not proud of.”

Eric simply regarded her flatly. Annie liked to pretend she was as wild as Olivia. But they both knew that she wasn’t even close to being in the same league. And he wasn’t buying that her earlier remarks were the ones she hadn’t meant. Not for a minute.

Heck, even Eric had noticed their father’s eyes. They hadn’t had the effect on him that they’d obviously had on Annie. But it wasn’t hard to imagine why his sister might have gone a little weak in the knees.

“Plus,” she continued, “he’s totally old. And I don’t mean old like Uncle Wes, who’s got that distinguished older gentleman thing going on. Dad’s hair was more salt than pepper, and his face looked like beat-up old leather. Thought we’re not supposed to age like that?”

“We’re not,” Eric said. “But we can control our appearance. So….”

“Oh,” she said, trying to hide the fact that she was intrigued by that.

Eric wasn’t sure whether to be amused or disgusted.

Just then, Gabby walked in. Alone. Her cheeks were puffy, her eyes red, and she carried herself like she’d just finished a grueling workout.

Eric put his beer down and went straight over to his mother. Standing behind her, he pulled her against him before wrapping his arms around her waist.

“We’ll deal with him,” he said. “The king first, but Hank will get what he deserves too.”

Gabby laughed and patted his hand. “Oh, baby. You’re so sweet. There’s no need for that, but I appreciate the thought.”

Was she fucking hot for him too?

After everything he’d done to her? After he’d humiliated her son in front of her?

“Well, excuuuuuse me,” Annie said, rolling her eyes. “Didn’t mean to get in the way. Or, you know, take up too much oxygen.”

Eric ignored her.

“He was just trying to help,” Gabby said.

Eric didn’t see it that way, but neither did he want to argue. Not after she’d just finished having the same argument with Jennifer. Hell, with how stubborn his mother was, she’d probably be inclined to sing Hank’s praises just as a fuck-you to whoever tried telling her that she was seeing what she wanted to see in him.

He did that himself, sometimes. Didn’t mean to, but he did. It was probably something he’d gotten from her. Wasn’t anything any of Jennifer’s kids did.

“I guess I’ll just go see what Mom-Jay is up to,” Annie announced.

When neither Eric nor Gabby reacted to her words, she snatched up Eric’s abandoned beer, downed the rest of it in one gulp. Then she tossed the empty can into the sink before heading out onto the deck.

“Goodnight, dear,” Gabby said.

His sister’s harrumph was cut off sharply by the sliding glass door ramming home.

“We’ll get Patty back,” Eric said.

“Somehow,” Gabby agreed.

“With no help from anyone else,” he added.

His mother sighed. “Not enough anyway.” Her blue nails ran lightly over his forearm. “Though I think we can count on Wes.”

Eric frowned. He started to disagree, but cut himself off. Maybe she was right. His uncle had never struck him as a man of action. And if Aunt Zoey told him she’d like to see him start wearing skirts, his legs would probably be shaved within the hour. But with how upset Zoey was about Kurt’s disappearance, that might just work in their favor.

“Jennifer’s going to move back in with her mother.”

“Really?” Eric asked, stunned.


He waited for an explanation, but none was forthcoming.

“What about Nick and Veronica?” he asked.

“I don’t know. She hasn’t told them yet,” she said. “You think they’ll go too?”

Eric frowned. “Good question.”

If Patty was concerned, Nick often seemed to suddenly grow a pair. But if his mother laid the guilt trip on him? If both she and Veronica did?

Of course, Veronica was pretty close to Patty too. Closer, probably, than she was to her mother. And if she argued in favor of helping, then help they would.

“Depends on Veronica,” he said.

Gabby gave her ass a little wiggle. “Baby, it always depends on what the woman wants. Some guys just don’t realize it.”

He chuckled at that, and planted a kiss on the top of her head. “If you say so.”

“I do,” she said, with a hint of amusement.

Followed by a weary sigh.

Eric decided that he could worry about his brother tomorrow. Patty and Kurt as well. Just then, his mother was his only concern.

“Seriously, though. How are you holding up?” he asked.

She hesitated a moment before responding. “I honestly don’t know, baby. Don’t really want to talk about it anymore tonight either. No offense. I know you were just trying to help. But I can’t even think straight anymore.”

“What do you say we go take our minds off it then?” he asked, heart racing.

Was that insensitive? Was he just being a typical guy, thinking about sex when it was the furthest thing from her mind?

“Mmm,” his mother moaned. “That’s…exactly what I need right now.”

So he took his mother by the hand and led her up to his room.


After trying, in vain, to fall asleep, Nick gave up. Careful not to disturb his sister, he slipped out of bed, crept across the room, cracked the door open, and drew upon his powers to slip through an impossibly narrow opening.

It probably wouldn’t have taken much more effort to slide under the door. But the thought struck him as so cartoonish that he couldn’t bring himself to try.

To his surprise, the kitchen lights were on. He wouldn’t have expected anyone else to be awake, at this hour, let alone out of bed. He descended the stairs further. After gaining a better view, he realized that the kitchen was empty.

Just as he was about to conclude that whoever’d been the last one to go to bed had forgotten to turn off the lights, he saw Mom-Jay lying on the couch in the living room. She was staring blankly at the TV screen, which was showing an infomercial.

Nick cleared his throat as he padded across the tiled floor.

His mother shook herself out of her reverie, turned the TV off, and sat up.

“Hey, sweetie,” she said to him. “What are you doing up?”

“Could ask you the same,” he said, taking a seat beside her.

God, even without makeup and dressed in casual, comfy clothes, she looked damn good.

“But I’m the mother,” she said, unfolding her legs to drape them across his lap.

Nick chuckled as he took one foot in his hands and started massaging it. He wasn’t into feet. Not the way some guys were. But his mother’s would have done a lot for him if he was, he suspected. They were small, arched, and pretty. Her toes were short, the nails painted red. Her ankles were prominent and her veins were not.

Truthfully, there wasn’t much about his mother he didn’t find painfully attractive. Veronica and Gabriela were more his usual type. But if anyone could convert him, it was her.

Lately, he’d been so focused on Veronica that he’d just about forgotten how convinced he’d once been that there was a special bond between him and his mother.

And indeed there was, if not quite the way he’d once hoped.

“Guess I’m just too worried to sleep,” Nick said.

“About your sister?” his mother asked.


Well, one of them.

He was worried about Patty. And determined to do whatever needed to be done to get her back. But just at the moment, what was keeping him from sleeping was the gnawing anxiety over what Veronica was hiding from him. About why she’d been so obviously horny, yet so disinterested in sex. Her Libido had positively radiated two distinct impressions. One was arousal, and the other was guilt.

Over what, though?

“And you?” he asked.

“Same, I guess,” she said.

Nick nodded.

She purred softly and pressed her foot against his hand a little more forcefully. He could feel her Libido beginning to stir already. That might have made his own do so as well, if he hadn’t been so stressed out. It had been too long since he’d made love to his mother’s athletic, yet nonetheless curvaceous, body. Since he’d squeezed her round, hard ass in his hands, kissed her prominent hip bones, ran his hands over her six-pack, and fondled her full breasts while sucking on her stiff, brown nipples.

Suddenly, she pulled her feet away, and tucked them underneath her.

Nick tried not to notice how good her legs looked in her gray tights. Or how prominent her camel-toe was when she sat cross-legged like that.

He was obsessed with huge breasts. Hers were merely big. And he preferred not to have to worry about who had better abs. But, damn, she had an amazing lower body.

“I need to tell you something,” she said, tucking a stray lock of lustrous black hair behind her ear. “Something you’re not gonna like. But hear me out, okay?”

“Of course,” he said.

Had she finally decided she was through with men?

Had she found everything she’d been looking for in Annie, after years of barking up the wrong tree with Gabriela?

“I’m leaving Gabby. Leaving the court, actually. Joining my parents in retirement.”

Nick simply sat there, too stunned to reply.

It wasn’t that he felt relieved, exactly. That was not the appropriate reaction to having such a bomb dropped on his head.

Of course she hadn’t been about to announce that she was exclusively interested in women. And if she was, Annie wouldn’t work out any better for her than Gabriela. That girl was almost as boy-crazy as Olivia. If Mom-Jay was looking to settle down, for real, with another woman, it wasn’t going to be with her youngest daughter. What reason, then, was there for Nick to be relieved? There’d never been cause for worry in the first place.

And what would it matter to him even if that was what she’d announced? Though the idea of never being able to have sex with his mother again might not have appealed to him, the idea of her mother being happy most certainly did. If she were to pair off with Annie and he were to do so with Veronica, despite the fact that the vows they no longer intended to uphold obligated him to Annie and his mother to Veronica, would that be so bad?

That was all Hardt family business though. What his mother was talking about was something else. She was talking about a break with House Moody. Severing the alliance.

Abandoning Patty.

“Why?” he asked. “After all this time? And when they need us most?”

She sighed. “I told you you wouldn’t like it.”

Nick drew a deep breath. “Sorry. Go on.”

His mother stared into her lap, only briefly allowing her eyes to flit up to take in his facial expression. “It’s not about that.” She frowned. “Well, okay, it is. Obviously. But it’s not that I don’t want to help. It’s just that she has a very different idea of what should be done than I do. And I refuse to let her throw our family off a cliff alongside her own.”

“Let me talk to Eric,” he said. “I can convince him-”

His mother shook her head. “You don’t understand. Things were said that can’t be unsaid. I can’t…I won’t…if you want to help, I won’t stop you. I know how much Patty means to you. And she’s innocent in all of this. But the fate of House Hardt can no longer be wed to that of House Moody.”

Though she refused to make eye contact, her voice was like iron. Her mind was made up.

“Okay,” he said.

He didn’t like it. But there was plainly no sense in arguing.

She looked at him suspiciously. When he didn’t tack on a sentence that began with “but”, she breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank you. I know you don’t understand, but I’d rather not explain.”

“And you don’t have to,” he said, laying a hand on her thigh. “If that’s what you think is best, I trust that it is.” Then he added, “But, yes, I am going to help them. However I can. Even if House Hardt is officially out of the game.”

She nodded and laid a hand atop his. “You’ve a good heart.”

Her touch sent a bolt electricity up his arm.

Suddenly, he didn’t care where things stood with Veronica, or what she was hiding from him. All that mattered was the desire he and his mother both felt for each other. It was a raging inferno, scouring away all his petty little concerns.

Yes, some men might say she was more handsome than beautiful. And yes, her nose reminded him faintly of a beak. But that only helped him remember that she was real. Given how easy it was to start to wonder if this wasn’t all a dream, such reminders were most welcome. Besides, though she wasn’t without flaws, she was gorgeous. If her eyes were any darker, they’d have been chips of onyx. Her lips were full, her lashes long and curled, her eyebrows thick and dark.

The two of them smiled awkwardly at each other for a few moments.

Then Nick made his move.


Eric felt self-conscious about his stupid posters and trophies, his X-box and shoebox full of games. The damn lamp on his nightstand was even shaped like a football. His room looked liked a stupid teenager lived in it.

Granted, he had indeed been a teenager until recently. But still. He was the man of the house now. Man enough that it would fall to him to rescue his sister and his cousin.

If Gabby noticed that his room was more befitting a boy than a man, though, she kept it to herself. She scanned the room silently, face impassive.

Then, without raising a finger, she slipped out of her dress. The spaghetti straps slid themselves down her shoulders and the garment fell to the floor. After it did, his mother climbed into bed, rolled onto her back, and beckoned him to her with a curl of her finger.

It wasn’t easy, but Eric disregarded the summons.

He needed a moment to just stand there and drink her in. To wrap his head around her unearthly beauty. To truly appreciate his mother and her ample charms.

How could he have spent so much time chasing after stupid little girls? Little teeny boppers with their boring little bodies, all free of curves? To say nothing of their incessant giggling, clumsy flirting, frustrating head games, and inexperience. Even their pussies, which were usually shaved bald, failed to distinguish them in any way.

Here, spread out before him, was a woman.

Her puffy, light pink nipples had nourished him as a child. Prior to that, she’d carried him in her womb. Those huge breasts and broad hips were clear signs of her fertility.

Despite her huge breasts and generous hips, she had a flat stomach, a tiny waist, and a tight pussy that collectively seemed to deny that she’d given ever birth, let alone that she was a mother of two. The same went for the rest of her body. There was nary a stretch mark to be found. Not a one. At the same time that she embodied the very concept of fertility, of womanhood, of motherhood, she hadn’t lost the blush of youth.

No woman could compare to her.

“Well?” his mother asked, smiling at him.

Without a word, he crawled into bed. And knelt at her altar to praise her.

Eric had never been a big fan of eating pussy. He’d figured that cunnilingus was only for guys who didn’t really excite their women all that much, or who didn’t have the skill or equipment to satisfy them through intercourse.

Men like Nick.

His brother, he knew, was a big fan of the boxed lunch. And, strangely, proud of it.

But something about his mother made him look at things differently. It wasn’t a matter of whether he needed to do that in order to get her excited for him. He wanted to pleasure her. In as many different ways as possible.

One whiff of his mother, and he simply had to taste her. Had to feel her moist lips pressed against his. Had to let his tongue dance over her juicy folds. To hear her moan and watch her writhe and buck her hips and feel her rake her nails through his hair. All of that would serve as testament to his desire for her, and hers for him.

The neatly trimmed tangle of dark blonde curls sitting above her lady parts drove him nuts. He’d actually liked his women bald in the past, for some strange reason. It seemed goofy to him now, though. He was glad that his mother kept everything nice and neat, so he didn’t get a mouth full of carpet when he went down on her, but if she’d been completely bald, it would have robbed him of one of the many pleasures of the act.

She tasted like no other woman. He couldn’t even describe it. Salty and sweet and fruity.

In a word?


“Oh, that’s it, baby,” his mother moaned as his tongue went to work, running her fingers lightly through his short hair. The nails hadn’t gone to work yet, though. “You know how Mommy likes it.”

She was just saying that, of course. Eric knew she was. Uncle Wes, like Nick, was a proud pussylicker. And an accomplished one. Though Gabby thought her brother a bit of a beta male, she also thought him unrivaled when it came to cunnilingus.

Eric wasn’t at that level. Not yet anyway.

Of course, he’d never bothered to hone his craft, the way he now hoped to. One day, he’d satisfy his mother the way Uncle Wes could. Maybe even better.

Slowly, he worked his way in from her outer labia to her inner folds and began to pay some attention to her love button. Then more. And more. By the time he formed a seal around the upper half of her vulva and spread his tongue flat over her hood, pulsing it back and forth against her stiff clit faster and faster and faster, his fingers had found their way inside her and were working her G-spot vigorously.

“Ungh, fuck, that’s sooo good,” she panted.

Her fingers were no longer running lightly over his scalp, but digging in deep. Her powerful thighs pressed against the sides of his head. With each buck of her hips, he thought she just might wrench his head right off his shoulders.

But he didn’t dare stop. His mother simply tasted too good. And the way she was melting in his mouth was the biggest ego trip he could imagine. This was the woman who defined what it meant to be a woman in his mind, and she was cumming for him.

And cumming hard.

When her climax passed, he knelt back and stared down at her.

A state of pure euphoria must have taken her over. Her jaw was slack, her lips contorted in a goofy, open-mouthed smile. Her beautiful blue eyes were closed. Those incredible, soft mounds of joy rose and fell as she sucked air. Her orgasm slowly faded, and so too did the rush of blood to her nipples, lips, and labia, deep crimson slowly giving way to soft pink.

“You. Are. A god.”

“No more than my goddess deserves,” he said.

If he’d ever heard another guy say something that cheesy to a woman, Eric would have taunted him mercilessly. Perhaps even smacked him. But he felt no shame speaking the words, because just at that moment, it seemed there was no other way to respond. He was truly in awe of his mother, as he had never been in Sunday school.

He got on his back and said, “I want you on top this time.”

One moment, he was still wearing his cargo shorts and a tank top. The same clothes he’d worn on their trip back from Summer. The next, he was stark naked, just like his mother.

“Oh yeah?”

“I want to be able to explore all your delicious curves with my hands,” he said. “And look you in the eyes at the same time.”

She flashed him a devilish grin. “Thought you liked your women nice and thin. What’s this I hear now about curves?”

“Chalk it up to a misguided youth,” he said.

With a giggle, his mother straddled his hips.

She teased him horrifically, expertly, perfectly. A quarter inch went inside, then she pulled back, only to descend again a moment later. He tried to play along, but by the time she’d slid about a third of the way down his monster, he decided he’d had all the waiting he could take. Taking hold of her beautiful hips, he pulled her the rest of the way down, until he felt his groin pressing against hers.

His mother moaned as she settled into place. Fretting at her lower lip, she asked, “Got tired of waiting, huh?”

“You could say that.”

His hands roamed freely about her body. He’d never quite realized how ideal this position was for granting the guy convenient access to every part of his lover’s body. After all, he’d spent most of his time until now with his cousin, and Olivia’s best feature was her face. You didn’t need your hands to appreciate that. Her body, he was finally admitting to himself, left a lot to be desired. She had a shapely ass, but it was small. And her tits were a joke.

With Gabby, the ability to easily fondle her ass as well as her tits was sublime.

Her own hands were just as busy. Hardly a moment passed that they weren’t pressing against his abs, caressing his pecs, or wrapped around his bis. From time to time, she’d run her hands through his hair or play with his nipples. But mostly she was feeling him up.

Eric wasn’t vain. But he was proud of his body. Had been even before he’d learned how to let his true self out. Every woman he’d ever been with had commented on what a great body he had. As had many who’d never been granted the honor of exploring it.

None of that had meant anything though. Not compared to the pleasure he felt in knowing that his mother appreciated his body as much as she evidently did.

It wasn’t enough to know that she loved riding his big dick. Which she did. He wanted to be more than a flesh dildo to her. Wanted to know that when she looked at him, she saw a man. And the way her hands worshiped his body told him that she in fact did.

He hoped she felt the same way when his hands roamed over her curves. Hoped she knew how sexy she was in his eyes. Knew that however many skinny little sluts he’d brought home in the past, he’d seen the light now. That when he looked up at her, he saw more than his mother. More than a woman. He saw the very definition of womanhood.

“Cum for me, baby,” his mother whispered. “I want to feel it inside me.”

“Working up to it, believe me,” he said.

She started bouncing faster. Meanwhile, she reached inside him and stroked his Libido.

“Oh, fuck,” he groaned.

Few things in life were anywhere near as pleasant as being inside his mother. When she supernaturally stimulated him at the same time that her womb worked its magic, she brought him to a level of ecstasy no mortal man would ever know.

It was more than he could handle.

What might have been words, but probably weren’t, spilled out of his mouth. At the same time, his seed spilled out of his cock.

Well, shot out, really.

His balls pulsed rapidly, pumping cum deep inside the very womb that had sheltered him from the moment of conception. Filling Gabby with her own son’s jizz. Profaning the strongest taboo man had ever devised.

“That’s it, give it to Mommy,” she cooed.

After the last spasm of his still hard cock, his mother leaned down, kissed him on the lips, then let him slip out of her before she lay down beside him.

“You’re amazing, Mom,” he said.

His head swam in a sea of euphoria. There was no high like the high that came from cumming inside your mother. It was the ultimate rush.

“You’re not so bad, yourself,” she said, grinning.

Countless couples the world over had spoken more or less exactly those words to one another. They might as well have been reading from some horribly overused script. Except for the “Mom” part, of course. Yet he just didn’t know what else to say. She was amazing.

If it ain’t broke.

She gave him a moment to catch his breath then took him in her mouth.

“Oh, that’s just mean,” he said.

She didn’t reply. Just kept right on giving him a masterful blowjob.

And masterful, it was.

Olivia knew how to suck a dick. But his mother? She was without peer.

His cousin must have watched a few too many porn videos. When she went down on him, she’d force herself to gag and choke on his dick. Keep him in her mouth for a few seconds, then take him out and spit on him, or smack him against her cheek. There was a certain appeal to that whole routine. He loved the way she got into it. It made him feel big and powerful. But ultimately, a blowjob wasn’t much of a blowjob if your dick spent as much time outside her mouth as it did inside. All the rest of that shit they did on screen was designed to keep guys from getting bored when they watched. Designed, that was, for visual, not physical, stimulation.

Gabby, on the other hand, didn’t fool around.

She took him in her mouth, and there he stayed. She never gagged, even a little. Her tongue did things a tongue shouldn’t have been able to do. And her soft, pillowy lips felt better than made any sense.

While she sucked him, she lightly teased his balls with her nails. It was exhilarating. No matter that her touch was delicate and careful, a voice in the back of his head screamed that he was in grave danger.

Enjoyable as it all was, though, he didn’t let her finish him off. The pain of not being inside her was simply unbearable. Plus, she was already on all fours, and there was no way to look at her in that position and not picture himself fucking her doggystyle.

So he got in position to do exactly that.

He stared down at his mother as he slowly pushed his head past her moist folds. Women just didn’t come built like his mother. More was the pity.

Some of his friends were into curvier women. In the past, he’d mocked them for that. Asked them what it was like to watch a girl’s ass jiggle when fucking her from behind. An ass should be so tight that it barely moved at all when you smacked it, he’d always contended.

The hell had he been thinking?

Even relatively light strokes made his mother’s ass dance. And he found that positively hypnotic. Her bronzed orbs were so big, so round, and yet had not a hint of cellulite. It was unreal. And insanely hot.

Doggy was her favorite position. She’d never said so, but he knew. Little things gave it away. She moaned just a little bit louder. Climaxed just a little bit sooner. And her climax always hit a bit heavier and lasted a bit longer. He’d never really had a favorite himself. There were things he liked about every position. But the simple knowledge that his mother enjoyed this one so much was starting to make it his favorite too.

Eric stared at the ropes of hard muscle in his mother’s back. At the jiggle of her ass. The way her labia stuck to his thick shaft, stretching out when he pulled back and sliding back to frame her slit when he thrust forward. He listened intently to the moaning of the bedsprings, to his mother’s soft curses, pleas, and moans. The smell of sex gradually came to dominate the room, and it was a smell he savored.

All of that was nice.

But the best part of might well have been the simple knowledge that he was back inside his mother. Back where he belonged.

Gradually, she began working his Libido like never before. Eric felt like he was discovering what ecstasy was for the very first time. When his mother slammed her thighs together and squeezed her vaginal walls tight around his shaft, he coughed, nearly collapsed atop her back, and immediately went into orgasm. The kind that made his hole body convulse.

Though he knew his mother was exercising considerable restraint, Eric felt a ton of energy pour out of him. And afterwards, he felt empty. But not in a bad way. No workout had ever left him feeling so drained. The absence created when all that energy departed was immediately filled by an intense euphoria. An utter sense of contentment. He was weightless. Freed from all pain and worries and insecurities.

He probably should have been completely spent after that. But with a goddess like Gabby in his bed, how was he supposed to know when to quit?

Lazily, he rolled his head to the side, and drank his mother’s form in.

Once upon a time, he’d have said that Veronica was the only woman in the family that wasn’t more attractive, and the fact that he considered his mother more attractive than Nick’s favorite sister had as much to do with his preference for blonde hair and blue eyes as it did anything else. Looking back now, though, it seemed to him that he’d found her unattractive because he’d talked himself into finding her unattractive, the way children hate mushrooms and squid and other foods simply because they expected to do so. Part of Eric felt that his mother’s huge breasts and wide hips should turn him off. Hers was not the kind of body you found on the covers of magazines.

But so fucking what?

Nick had told him once that ancient civilizations had idolized women like Gabby. That there were statues of fertility goddesses in museums around the world that were testament to early man’s appreciation for figures like hers. Only in modern times were women who were built like thirteen year old boys held up as exemplars of beauty.

It had sounded like academic nonsense to him. Like something Nick must have picked up from Veronica, who had her own reasons to think that society’s definition of beauty was flawed, the same way guys with small dicks all tried to convince themselves that it’s not the size that counts but how you use it.

But his brother was right.

Once Eric had made the simple decision to disregard what his friends might think, to let his body and his heart speak to him, he found it impossible to deny that his mother was insanely sexy. That she did indeed symbolize fertility.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” she asked, blushing.

“Can’t help it,” Eric replied.

He rolled onto his side, slipped a hand around her waist, and pulled her towards him sharply, until they lay beside one another and his heavy cock rested atop her stomach.

“Hey there, little guy,” his mother said, tapping his cock with the tip of her finger.


Gabby giggled.

“I can make him bigger,” he said.

“No need,” his mother said, taking him firmly in her grip.

That was what he wanted to hear.

He could, in fact, control his size. It wasn’t nearly as difficult to do as it seemed like it should have been. But he was proud of his natural size, and preferred not to fuck around with it. Otherwise, it felt like it wasn’t him fucking his mother, but the supernatural powers he’d inherited from her.

That probably didn’t make any sense. He’d inherited everything from her, from his height, bronze skin, and blue eyes to his immortality and crazy abilities. All the same, he considered his body his, and didn’t like altering it.

“He looks kind of lonely,” his mother said, turning onto her side.

“A little,” Eric said.

He got up on his knees and rolled his mother onto her stomach. She laughed as he did. Without wasting any time, he pressed her legs tightly together and forced his fat cock in between her ass cleavage to fuck her tight snatch from above.

“Ungh, fuck yes, baby,” she grunted.

From the prone position, he could barely get his full length inside her. It didn’t allow for the true, deep fucking she both needed and deserved. But it sure felt good. The cool, soft flesh of her butt cheeks greeted him on his way home.

Her ass was absolute perfection. He didn’t care that most men wouldn’t agree. Despite its size, it was unnaturally smooth, free of dimpling and cellulite. The sharp separation of her beautiful globes from her shapely thighs held him captivated.

And his mother’s inviting womb fit him like a glove. Tighter than, in fact. Every single stroke made him shudder with ecstasy.

It took all of four pumps before he shot his load deep inside his mother.

“Mmm, yeah,” she cooed. “That’s what Mommy needs.”

Eric gave her ass a good smack before he collapsed onto his back.

“Wore you out, have I?” she asked.

“Not hardly,” he said as he sucked air.

His mother rolled onto her side. “Hmm. Looks like you’re done.”

“Just need a minute,” he said.

She reached down and gave his dick a few pumps. “He hasn’t lost interest has he?”

Eric scoffed. Was she kidding? He was still hard as a rock.

“No?” Gabby asked, eyebrow raised. “Why don’t you prove it to me.” She got up and straddled him. Taking his cock in her hands, she played with it, caressing his helmet and stroking his shaft, but didn’t guide it into her warm hole. “That is, if you’re not too tired.”

“You’re evil,” he said. “You know that?”

His mother gave him a devilish grin as she finally allowed him back in.


Maybe it was just the doubt Veronica had put in his mind. Or maybe he’d only needed a little reminder. But, for whatever reason, Nick found himself remembering how enraptured he was by his mother’s beauty. How powerful his desire for her had been after she’d initiated him, right up until just recently. She’d inspired feelings in him that no other woman could. Not even Mom-Gee, who had a more impressive body.

Slowly, carefully, he seduced her. As he had so many times. He nibbled here, gently flicked his tongue there. Caressed this and lightly squeezed that.

“Ooooh, yeeeaaaah,” Mom-Jay moaned.

She was biting down on her lower lip and had one hand draped lazily over the back of the couch. The other rested on the back of his head and tried to goad him into moving a little further south, past her hips. But it was only a token effort. Probably even subconscious. Her body might have ached for him to end the teasing, but he knew that she enjoyed it. If he gave in to her unspoken request, she’d actually be disappointed.

Damn, he’d missed this ritual. The way her body begged him to do one thing, while her words told him to disregard those same messages, to keep doing exactly what he was doing.

Equally, he’d missed the simple pleasure of worshiping her body. Even if not for her wonderful reactions, he’d have delighted in the opportunity to get reacquainted with her. The feel of her soft skin. The earthy smell of her arousal. The pleasant sounds she made. And the exquisite taste of her womanhood, which he’d yet to reexperience.

It made no sense that her inner thighs could be so nice and soft when her quads were so strong and hard. That her ass could have that lovely pliant feel when she relaxed, yet remind him of steel when her cheeks clenched. That she could have such wide hips and full breasts despite being so fit. A woman with abs like hers should not have tits that size. Not unless they were made of silicone.

As Nick slowly worked his way up and down his mother’s body, he was reminded of how even her imperfections, such as they were, appealed to him. They gave her character. Helped him believe that, as divine as she was, she was real. Flesh and blood.

If he was still in bed, dreaming all of this, the woman wouldn’t have had such thick eyebrows, nor such dark arm hair. Her bush would have been more meticulously groomed. She would have had a smaller nose, bigger breasts, and less prominent muscles. But Nick was actually quite glad that none of those things were true.

He didn’t want a fantasy.

He wanted his mother, in all her glory.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, as he tweaked a dark nipple. “Careful there, sweetie.”

Nick flashed her a devilish grin.

“Oh, who’m I kidding?” she asked, in her huskiest voice. Running her hands through his short hair, she said, “Do whatever you want to me.”

Never before had he been the least bit rough with her. And he still wasn’t going to be, not by the standards of those who actually liked rough sex. But neither was he going to hold back quite as much as usual.

Some of his nibbles came a little bit closer to bites. And every now and then, he gave her breasts or ass a forceful squeeze. Every time he did so, it elicited a most savory whimper from his mother. When he had her kneel on the couch, with her face buried in a throw pillow and her ass up in the air, he kneaded her ass like dough and gave her a few playful slaps. And a few that weren’t so playful. The way her meaty yet surprisingly soft cheeks rippled drove him insane with lust.

“Mmmph,” his mother mumbled into the pillow.

He was afraid that she’d tell him to ease up. Or demand to know what had come over him. But she merely wiggled her hips at him, inviting him to give her another spank.

So he did.

“Ungh, oh, baby,” she said. “I’ve never seen this side of you.”

That wasn’t exactly a request for him to stop.

He didn’t respond. Just gave her ass a good squeeze, jiggled it, then relaxed his grip before starting in on a rimjob. Once he did, he went back to being soft and tender.

“God, yes,” his mother said. “You really love Mommy’s ass, don’t you?”

Again, he didn’t respond. Especially since he’d have had to take his tongue away from the smooth skin surrounding her anus to do so.

“Would you like to fuck it?”

He felt her heartbeat accelerate. Or maybe only imagined he did, because he sensed the nervousness in her Libido. One way or another, he knew that if he didn’t respond quickly this time, the offer would be withdrawn. She’d probably even surprised herself just by saying it. Nick could only assume that she was now worried that he’d think her too freaky.

Freaky, yes.

But too freaky? Definitely not.

“If you’d be okay with that,” he said.

His mother hesitated before replying. “I think I would be, yeah.”

“There’s not much I wouldn’t like to do with you,” Nick said. “And I’m flattered that you trust me enough to suggest that. But I want you to know that I won’t be disappointed if you take it back.”

“I appreciate that,” she said. “You’re always so thoughtful.” Another pause. “But I think I actually do want to try it.”

Would this be her first time with anal?

Nick’s head spun.

“Then we’ll work our way up to that,” Nick said. He gave one round cheek a soft tap. “But I’m not nearly done showing my appreciation for your perfect body yet.”

“Mmm. Good answer.”

And indeed, it was a long while after that before he took his boxers off.

Not only did he get a little rougher with his mother than he usually did, he also tried a few other things he hadn’t before. Like sucking on her toes. That hadn’t done much for her. Or experimenting with the possibility of bringing her to climax purely through nipple stimulation, which had worked.

He’d also, on a lark, decided to give her navel some attention.

And to both Nick’s surprise and his mother’s, that drove her absolutely wild.

He’d never even considered the idea that the bellybutton could be an erogenous zone. Yet apparently it was one of his mother’s favorites. How much of that was because it was a part of her body that was particularly sensitive and how much came from the sheer novelty of it, he wasn’t sure. Maybe it simply reflected the fact that his mother liked having him spend more time near her midsection, proud as she was of her toned abs. But whatever accounted for her getting so worked up by him making love to her navel the way he would her pussy, it was just fine by him.

Only after he’d guided his mother through several orgasms, most of which had come during an extended session of cunnilingus, did Nick take his mother up on her most unexpected offer to let him fuck her in the ass.

“Go easy, now,” she said. “I’ve never done this before, case you hadn’t guessed.”

“Don’t worry,” he said. “You’re in good hands.”

His fingers became tongues, and with one hand wrapped around her waist and the other planted between her round ass cheeks, he tongue-fucked both of her holes for a bit. Just as she was starting to really get into that, he lubed himself up and pressed his bulbous cock head against her smooth ring of muscle.

His mother’s tight sphincter has gradually relaxed under the relentless but gentle pressure of Nick’s tongue-fingers. As a result, it took less effort than either of them had expected for him to push his fat head inside.

Once he did, though, he stopped to let his mother catch her breath and get used to the feel of him back there.

“Oh, my,” she said, panting. “That’s…different.”

“Different good? Or different, `that was a nice experiment but let’s go ahead and take it back out now, okay?’ different?”

“Mmmph, ungh, I don’t know,” she said. “Gimme a sec.”

So he did. His tongue-fingers stopped writhing against her pussy as well.

After a few more deep breaths, she said, “Okay. Let’s try some more.”

Ever so slowly, they worked in unison to get every last inch of his huge dick buried inside his mother’s bowels. Her cheeks clenched and relaxed rapidly, almost quivering. Her sphincter spasmed, but lightly. Never pinching him too forcefully, as he’d feared it might.

“Fuck, baby,” his mother panted. She wiped her hair over the front of her shoulder. “It’s not quite like the other way, is it?”

“You tell me.”

“Mmm, no. Definitely not. Nice, though. Just not anything I’m used to.”

Nick leaned forward and kissed her bare shoulder.

She reached back and pressed a soft palm against the side of his face before saying, “You’ve been great. Nice and patient. I can’t imagine trying this with any other guy.”

He ran his hands lightly through his mother’s hair while continuing to rain soft kisses on her shoulder. His hands longed to squeeze her breasts or her ass, but the last thing he wanted to do was overwhelm her.

“Okay,” she said at last.

Before he could even respond, she started working her hips. She’d pull away from him then gently push back again. And again. And again. With each slow, mini-thrust, she gasped. But her Libido was a raging inferno. And she was more relaxed than he’d expected.

Nick let his mother set the pace. In fact, he didn’t do much at all. Just let her impale herself on him. His hips remained still. After a while, once her thrusts grew more rapid and forceful and he was sure that she was thoroughly relaxed, he let his hands go back to work. One still had tongues for fingers, and was waging war on her pussy, inside and out. The other alternated between squeezing a fat breast and cupping her ass.

In the end, his mother experienced one of the most intense orgasms of her life. Or so she said. It seemed believable enough though, to gauge by her Libido.

They took a short break before Nick started the seduction routine over, from the top.

“Again?” his mother asked, smiling languidly. “You’re bad.”

“Very, very bad,” he said.

She gave him a wicked grin as he massaged her feet and kissed his way up from her ankles to her calves. “I don’t know how much more of this I can take before I suffer overdose. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to ask you to stop.”

And he’d be damned if he was going to stop.

They would never have the same connection he and Veronica did. But making love to his mother was a pleasure all its own. She had a body unlike any he’d ever seen. Her waist was slimmer and her hips broader than those of his sister. And her face was prettier as well, despite its signs of maturity. No matter how much time he spent running his hands over her figure, licking it and kissing it and groping it and caressing it, he could never really believe that she as fit, as thickly muscled, as she was, given the extreme curves she nonetheless possessed. Her ass was as soft as dough one moment, and as hard as steel the next. Her thighs were thick and meaty, yet soft in all the right places. Her abs were nearly as hard and sculpted as his, yet she had breasts that were nearly as big as Annie’s, if still a good deal smaller than Veronica’s.

“Maybe it’s Mommy’s turn to please her baby?” she said at one point.

“Um…nope, don’t think so,” Nick said.

She laughed softly as she tossed her head back and made herself putty in his hands.

The musky scent coming from between her legs called to him. Nick wanted to taste his mother. To savor her. To feel her juices running down his chin and her swollen labia pressed against his lips. But he’d only just started teasing her. She would have to wait, he would have to wait, until he’d paid her curvaceous form the attention it deserved.

“You can’t possibly be this good, this young,” she said. “My father could learn a thing or two from you.” Then she added, “So could my mother.”

Nick knew that Grandpa Randy and Grandma Flori had been the ones to initiate Mom-Jay. And his mother sometimes talked about them during casual conversation. How much she missed them. How sad she’d been when they’d decided to retire from the court. But if his mother was anywhere near as infatuated with her mother and father as Nick himself was his own parents, she sure did a good job of hiding it.

All the same, the way that last remark had come out, it felt like the highest compliment he’d ever received from any woman. Perhaps it was the tone with which she said it. Or perhaps it was precisely because she so seldom talked about her parents. Either way, Nick felt like his mother had just told him that he, her son, a relative novice in the ways of their kind, had set the bar in her mind for what passed for great sex.

With as much experience as she had, and she’d been around for some time before she’d married Hank and Gabriela, that was really saying something.

Nick had a hard time maintaining his concentration after that. Suddenly, he felt the need to make sure every flick of his tongue, every little caress, was perfect. Otherwise, he might fail to live up to expectations.

“Relax,” his mother said, with a chuckle. “Just keep doing what you were doing.”

“Sorry,” he said, looking up from her sharply angled hips.

Her smile was languid. “No, no. My fault. Shouldn’t have made you think that you were about to break a record or something.”

Before he could reply, she pushed him back to her hips.

It was a long time after that before he finally gave her what she craved. Her breasts, hips, navel, ass, neck and spine had all demanded homage first. Eventually, though, he knelt before the opening through which he’d entered the world and guided his mother through a couple of intense orgasms. When both ejaculate and sexual energy poured forth from his mother, he smiled, taking that as a testament to his skills as a lover.

After that, she reminded him that he’d inherited his tongue from her. And then she took him in her warm snatch. By the time the two of them finally called it quits, the sun was starting to come up.


Though she hadn’t slept more than two hours the night before, Gabriela woke up feeling about as energetic as she’d ever felt. She and Eric had gone at it over and over again, and her baby boy had fed her a ton of energy along with his many loads of cum.

Even if he hadn’t, even if she’d moved closer and closer to physical exhaustion, she’d have had a hard time putting a stop to their marathon lovemaking. The hunger in her son’s eyes, the steady thrum of energy in his Libido, the eagerness with which he grabbed at her, all made her feel like a woman. Made her feel alive.

Nonetheless, it probably ought not to have surprised her that as noon crept closer and closer, she started to crash, and crash hard. They were, after all, still physical beings. With physical needs. Some of which didn’t even have anything to do with sex.

And as the afterglow from her amazing night with Eric slowly faded away, it became harder and harder to keep Jennifer from her thoughts.

Gabriela hadn’t thought the emotional little brunette had meant half of what she’d said the night before. She often didn’t. At least, she frequently apologized later, claiming that she hadn’t. This time, though, Jennifer apparently hadn’t been kidding. She’d told Gabriela that she was going to leave her, and take her kids with her.

And, for the most part, she’d done just that.

She and Annie were gone by the time Gabriela woke up. Nick and Veronica had still been asleep in their beds, but the woman who’d raised Patty as if she were her own daughter really had gone and walked out when she was needed most.

And to think, Jennifer was the one who had never forgiven Hank for leaving.

Eric walked in to the kitchen, wearing nothing but a pair of boxers that were just tight enough to get Gabriela’s blood pumping.

“Where’s your brother?” she tried to ask. Just at that moment, though, a monster yawn came over her, and the question came out sounding more like, “Air’s oar of her?”

“Huh?” Eric asked.

“Sorry,” she said. “Might need to put a second pot of coffee on.”

Or perhaps a little hair of the dog that bit her. Just a little quickie to get some of her son’s energy. Would that be so wrong?

“Anyway, I was asking where Nick is.”

“Showering, I think.” Then, with resignation, he asked, “About time to have that talk?”

“Fraid so.”

He nodded and leaned over to kiss her on the cheek. Then set about fixing a pot of coffee.

Gabriela smiled to herself as she watched her son fill the carafe with water and measure out the grinds. For most of his life, he’d been an impetuous, stubborn, spoiled brat. Those words didn’t come easy. Had Jennifer called him that just a few weeks ago, the two of them would have gotten into one of their epic fights.

But it was true all the same.

Now that he was finally beginning to mature, though, to develop into a responsible and considerate young man, it was easier for Gabriela admit to herself what he’d been like in the past. Just a few days ago, even, her son would have been unlikely to notice that her comment about another pot of coffee, and the yawn that had preceded it, could be seen as a hint that maybe there was something he could do for her. Not that she’d meant as such. But the little gesture was more than appreciated all the same. Something had changing in Eric. Be it his feelings for her, or the whole incident with Patty leading him to think of himself as the man of the house. One way or the other, Eric was now showing a lot more interest in doing anything and everything he could to put a smile on her face.

Her little boy had grown up to be the man of her dreams. He knew how to take care of her, in every sense of the word.

Of course, it didn’t hurt that he was drop-dead fucking gorgeous. He had the tiniest little waist you ever saw on a guy, with a powerful back that flared out from said waist to form a pronounced V. His broad shoulders simply radiated strength and security. His arms were powerful and ripped. His ass was tight and round. His legs were long and hard and shapely. His calves were like baseballs and his quads and hamstrings steel cables.

“That’s too strong,” she said, perhaps a touch more reproachfully than she’d intended.

“Sorry,” he said, without offense. He scooped some of the coffee out of the basket and dropped it back into the bag. “Good?”

“Perfect,” Gabriela said, running a hand down his strong back.

Where had he gotten muscles like that? They were so beautiful. Her womanhood ached at the mere sight of them. Feeling them beneath her fingers only made it worse.

As pick-me-ups went, coffee would do. But it sure was a poor substitute for what she really wanted. With any luck, the conversation with Nick and Veronica wouldn’t take long.

“Morning,” Nick said, stepping down into the kitchen from the staircase.

Speak of the devil.

“Hey, punkass,” Eric said.

“Fuck your butt,” Nick replied. “Any bacon left?”

Gabriela had been about to ask how he’d known that she’d made bacon and eggs. Or how he’d managed to descend the stairs without making a sound. But she simply smiled instead. That was Nick for you, after all. Gabriela never quite knew what was going on inside that mind of his. Never knew how he knew the things he did, or how he could command the spotlight one moment and fade from the view the next.

“Not for you,” Eric said.

“Bite me,” Nick said, stepping up to the counter to investigate. He found the covered pan. “Jackpot.” Without even bothering to grab a plate or warm the meat up or anything, he started gnawing on a few strips.

Gabriela folded her arms beneath her breasts and leaned back against the far counter. The two boys were so different, yet so alike. There they stood, side by side, making her head spin. Eric wore boxers that barely hid his slab of meat. Nick wore black silk pajamas that were too loose to reveal much. Her son’s skin was bronze to Nick’s brown. One had hair like wheat, the other’s was black as coal. Eric had a narrower waist, broader shoulders, and enough mass to make Nick look smaller than he was.

But for all the differences, they were more alike than either would ever admit.

And they each had the kind of bodies that made grown women behave like hormonal teenagers. Different in subtle ways, yes, but equally perfect.

Nick’s eight pack made Gabriela want to pour water down his chest and watch the rivulets trickle into the deep grooves between his abdominals. To bounce her fists against those hard mounds. Eric’s was no less impressive, butit was sometimes hard to remember to look at her son’s abs. He had so many other beautiful assets, after all. The two were also nearly of a height, though Eric was an inch or two taller. They had smooth bodies, with just enough hair in just the right places to keep from looking like greased-up pigs.

Her husband had left her. Then her wife had as well. But Nick remained. And he was worth a hundred Hanks, and a thousand Jennifers.

“Eggs are over-” she started to say.

“Got it,” Nick said, reaching past his brother to grab the covered plate. “Thanks, ma.”

Gabriela smiled wistfully at that. It almost felt out of place, for him to call her that. But she wasn’t about to object.

“So, I was thinking,” Nick began.

“Whoa, call CNN,” Eric said. “When a powerhouse like that comes online, the world deserves to know about it,” he added, pointing at his brother’s dome.

Nick gave Eric’s upper arm a quick jab.

Gabriela swooned at the mere sight of her son’s bicep tensed in anticipation of the blow.

“As I was saying,” Nick continued, “seems to me that we’d be going easy on Phil if all we did was start knocking of his kids one by one.”

“That’s what you call going easy?” Gabriela asked.

“Discovered a way to use our powers to mimic a hydrogen bomb, eh?” Eric said.

Nick rolled his eyes. “No. Just sayin’ that if we kidnap one or two of his kids, he’ll-”

“Save it,” Eric said, in a tone that was brooked no argument.

Gabriela drew a deep breath.

She could all but hear Jennifer’s voice coming out her son’s mouth. Perhaps by way of Veronica. Not that it made any difference. The Hardts all thought alike. And it was the Hardt party line that they were about to hear.

That Nick had stuck around said a lot for him. But Gabriela couldn’t have been more pleased that her son wasn’t interested in this line of argument.

Eric’s hand came to rest on Nick’s shoulder. “Look, I get what you’re doing.”

Nick didn’t allow any expression to show. “Oh? And what is it that I’m doing?”

“Trying to avoid an all-out war.”

For a few moments, no one spoke.

When they heard Veronica’s car pull up into the driveway, Gabriela gave a start.

“I won’t say you’re being a chick-shit,” Eric said, in a voice that suggested that it had taken all of his willpower to avoid making precisely that accusation. “I’m sure your heart is in the right place. But, all the same,” he paused for a just a moment, “go fuck yourself.”

Nick scoffed, eyes wide in disbelief.

“I mean that in the best possible way.”

“Of course you do,” Nick said.

Gabriela felt like she was frozen in place. She couldn’t move, couldn’t speak. Couldn’t do anything but watch the drama as it unfolded.

If she’d heard Jennifer’s voice coming out of Nick’s mouth a moment ago, she was now listening to her own son speak with her brother’s voice.

And not Wes’ either.

Her boy had never even met his Uncle Alan. Yet he was apparently turning into him, right before her eyes. Only that wasn’t really how it was. Just how it seemed to her because she’d refused to see it before. Truthfully, it had been happening for a long time. If she hadn’t refused for so long to allow herself to think about her brother, she’d have seen it.

Did the same fate await House Moody now as had befallen it then?

“Hey, everyone,” Veronica said as she walked in.

The skin-tight black tank top and skimpy gray vest she wore over it accentuated her large breasts, but her oversized sunglasses hid half her face, and her loose-fitting jeans did her no favors. Even now that she’d started wearing her true appearance as a matter of course, the girl was something of a mess. Not without potential, to be sure, but it was hard for Gabriela to see exactly what Nick saw in her.

She’d often thought much the same of Jennifer, but only out of jealousy, truth be told. In her calmer moments, Gabriela could admit that Jennifer was a serious fox. Nick could definitely do better than Veronica though.

“Morning, dear,” Gabriela said. Her words sounded distant, hollow, even to her ears.

Veronica gave her a quick smile before turning to her brother and kissing him on the cheek. Then, to Eric, she said, “You make coffee now too?” Over her shoulder, the girl added, “You know, Mom, I think you just might want to hold onto this one.”

Gabriela let out a bittersweet laugh.

Nick was less easily distracted. “If that’s how it’s going to be, you’re on your own.”

Eric frowned. “Is this a fucking joke?”

“Not at all.”

“I assume I don’t need to remind you that it’s Patty we’re talking about?”

Nick stood up a little taller, staring his brother in the eyes. “I’m well aware of that.”

“So who’s got your balls in a jar? Vee? Or your mother?”

“That ain’t the problem.”

“Whoa, whoa,” Veronica said. “Who said anyone’s got anyone’s balls in a jar?”

“So what is?” Eric asked, ignoring his sister.

“We’re still gonna do what we can,” Nick said. “But we’re gonna do it the smart way.”

The smart way. Of course.

Gabriela wanted to smack her son.

“You mean you want to make sure that any retaliation targets House Moody and only House Moody,” Eric said.

“Exactly,” Gabriela muttered under her breath.

Veronica stared up at Nick, her facial expression asking him if he was going to take that.

Nick did not reply at first. Eventually, he said, “I’d like to think I’ve earned a little more respect than that, but whatever helps you sleep at night.”

The little muscles at the corners of his mouth were bulging. His whole body was rigid. Gabriela had never seen that look on Nick’s face. Defiant, angry, and utterly convinced that he was standing on the higher ground.

“Baby,” Gabriela said. “Maybe we should take a few steps back.”

Eric raised an eyebrow at her.

“That’s not fear on your brother’s face,” she said. Damn, it was hard to second guess her son when he leveled that penetrating gaze at her. His glacial blue eyes could be so gold. So hard. “Whatever’s holding him back, it ain’t cowardice.”

“Never said it was,” Eric said.

The hard edge had gone out of his voice though. He wasn’t protesting. In fact, it was almost like he was pleading wit her. Begging her not to think him unreasonable.

“Sooo,” Veronica said. “How ’bout some coffee?”

No one made a move to pour any.

“What exactly did I miss, anyway?” the girl asked.

Nick slipped up behind his sister and put his hands on her shoulders. “I was just telling them that we’re going to try and get Patty back our own way. They aren’t big fans of the hostage taking approach.”

“Oh?” Veronica asked. The way she said it, you’d think it was some deep and meaningful comment, rather than the most unassuming question one could ask.

Gabriela even thought there might be a hint of an accusation to it. Like Veronica thought that the only reason that Eric wasn’t more receptive was because Nick hadn’t tried hard enough to sell him on it.

Well, that answered one of Gabriela’s questions.

“Yeah,” Nick said.

Veronica turned to regard Eric and Gabriela. “Why not?”

“Difference of opinion,” Eric said, through gritted teeth. Then, with a little more warmth, he added, “But we understand that you want what’s best for Patty too. If you want to try something on your own, that would be appreciated.”

Gabriela gave her son a nod.

The truth was, Nick and Veronica cared just as much about Patty as anyone else. If they felt they couldn’t back her and her son’s play, the only logical explanation was that they genuinely did believe there was a better way to get Patty back.

They might even be right about that.

Gabriela considered saying as much. Insisting that they all work together, even if it meant doing things Nick’s way.

But she couldn’t do that to her son.

He was the man of the family now. And he wasn’t Alan, however much he reminded Gabriela of her late brother. Things would be different this time.

They had to be.

“So,” Eric said.

“Yup,” Nick replied.

Then the two stared at each other in silence.

Perhaps as much to avert his brother’s gaze as anything, Nick picked at the bacon and eggs some more. Meanwhile, his sister stared intently at her fingernails.

It was all Gabriela could do not to scream. Or to send them to their rooms and tell them that they couldn’t come back out until they were ready to apologize to one another.

“Guess this is goodbye. For now,” Eric said.

“Seems like.” Nick turned to Gabriela and, with a hint of a grin, said, “But we can’t leave without a proper sendoff.”


Her mother was glowing. And not figuratively.

Annie would have loved to believe that was her doing. But she knew better.

She didn’t need her mother to tell her what had happened to know the truth either. When she’d woken up in the middle of the night, needing to pee, she’d found her bed empty. In the morning, her mother was beside her again. Add in the telling afterglow, and it wasn’t hard to guess that in the meantime, she’d been with Nick.

On one level, Annie didn’t even care. She wasn’t really that into women anyway. Nor entirely sure how she felt about whatever it was that seemed to be developing between her and her mother. If she were into women, she’d prefer Olivia or Aunt Zoey.

But, at the same time, it felt like the final insult.

She wished she could just go back to the way things were, before she’d turned eighteen. Before she’d discovered that she was a freak, and that her whole family was full of depraved sex addicts. Sex addicts who seemed to have no interest in any kind of sex besides incest.

Ick, ick, double-ick.

Except that wasn’t what bothered her. She certainly wished that it was, since that would suggest that she was at least a little bit normal. But even though some part of Annie thought that incest was gross, disgusting, and seriously not-okay, she couldn’t deny that she’d have no problem with it if things were playing out a bit differently for her.

No, what had Annie feeling depressed and outraged at the same time was that she was, apparently, butt-ugly. At least by the standards of her people. Better to be a mortal and have to grow old and die than that.

Annie tossed another stone and watched it plunk straight down into the water. It didn’t skip so much as once.

“Softer, honey,” her mother said.

Annie sneered to herself. Did her mother think that Annie didn’t know that you couldn’t get a rock to skip if you threw it too hard?

Couldn’t she tell that Annie was sulking?

It wasn’t like she was being subtle about it.

They were back in Summer. On the Hardt family island. But they were deep inland, where there wasn’t even a trace of saltwater in the air. Apparently, Annie was cursed to spend the rest of her life on an island paradise and never again see the shore. As her mother had explained several times already, they weren’t allowed to venture too far away from her grandparents’ cabin. Even though no one else was likely to set foot on the island for a long ass time, and it wasn’t at all clear to Annie who would know if she wanted to feel warm sand between her toes or hear the waves crash against the shore.

Stupid fucking world and its stupid fucking rules.

Why did her mother have to take her here? Make her retire from court life, before she’d gotten any sense of what that even meant?

And why did she have to be so obsessed with her son? For a fucking dyke, she seemed awfully fond of that boy’s cock.

It had felt good, for a little while, to feel like she was special. To think that at least someone appreciated her. That had only been an illusion though. Annie wasn’t special. Not even in her own mother’s eyes.

All she was was available.

No one else wanted her. Eric was all about Gabriela. From the sound of it, he’d once been obsessed with Olivia, but apparently he decided that having good taste in women had gone out of style. And, last night notwithstanding, you couldn’t pry Nick away from Veronica with a crow bar. So their mother had turned her attention to the one person who wasn’t attached. And that was all that there was to it.

Not that Annie could really blame her mother for still carrying a torch for Nick. Nick was…Nick. Nerdy, but in the hot way. Most nerds didn’t have Nick’s body. Or his cute dimples. They also tended to shriek and run away from any form of violence that couldn’t be resolved by rolling dice or pressing “x” and “circle” over and over again. Nick, on the other hand, never shied away from a fight. Had even gone looking for a few.

I was absolutely heart broken at the time.

My fiancee had recently left me just as we were about to move in together after college. It literally came out of nowhere. One minute she couldn’t stop telling me how much we were perfect for each other, the next, she still needed space to find out who she is as a person (whatever that means) before should could settle down with someone.

So, we parted ways, and since I didn’t want to move to a house that she had picked for us, I took up my mother’s offer to stay with her for a little while. And frankly, I didn’t mind doing that since I’ve always considered my mom and my sister to be some of my closest friends.

Now let me tell you a little bit more about them first:

My mother is a fairly wealthy middle-aged woman. She’s smart, classy, and outgoing, with natural curves to her voluptuous body that leaves no shortage of men gawking at her whenever she goes out. She’s always had a somewhat decent career as a writer, but once she ventured in the realm of romance novels, her modest income grew to a small fortune thanks to her several best-sellers.

As for my 19 year old sister, Becky, she can be a real hand full. Growing up with her, there was nothing she loved more than partying and flirting with boys. She was thin, popular, stylish, and was on the cheerleading team. She was that kind of girl. Anything she wanted, she got. Ironically enough, as much as she loved her independence, she turned out to be a real momma’s girl once she got older. She didn’t want to move out of the house like I did and instead chose to live with our mother to attend a local college.

Sure they were always very close, but it wasn’t until I moved back in with them that I realized how much things had actually changed.

Mom’s Oral Servitude

“Oh, my poor boy,” mom sighed as she greeted me at the door with a suffocating hug.

“I’m okay mom. I’m okay,” I tried telling her. “You’re overreacting. I’m fine.”

She leaned back and gave me a loving smile. “I guess you’re right. I probably am overreacting. You’re a young man now, but my maternal instincts will always be there. You know that.”

“At least I’ll always have someone to spoil and pamper me when I need it. No one does that better than you.”

“Very funny,” she replied, slapping my arm. “I’m just glad to see that you’re doing well. You know, your sister and I never did like that fiancee of yours. Trust me, us women are much better judges of other women than men are. So if you want my advise, make sure you get Becky’s opinion and mine before you commit to anyone else in the future. I don’t want to see you get hurt again.”

“You got it mom,” I smiled. “Speaking of which, where is that little brat? She always comes to greet me whenever I arrive home. I could use an extra hand carrying my luggage and it’s fun bossing her around.”

She gave me a playful wink. “She’s been excited to see you all week, and I’ll let her know that you said that. I’m sure she would be thrilled that you called her a ‘brat’. But she isn’t home right now. She’s interning at a fashion design company for her summer break. She’ll be back soon, just in time for a special dinner and dessert I’m making. Now let’s get you settled back in to your old room.”


I did a lot of reminiscing that night. It felt wonderful to be home again and not having to think about how long I could stay. We had a fun family evening filled with laughing and conversations. It’s always great to be around people you love, especially after a bad break-up.

But unfortunately, it also turned out to be one of those nights where it was hot, I couldn’t sleep, it was humid, along with plenty of tossing & turning in bed, ect…

I was pretty far from being able to sleep despite the long day and it being late at night, so I got up and headed down the stairs for a cup of water.

Then suddenly, I heard it:

“Oh god…”

‘What the heck was that’ I thought to myself. Anyone with half a brain could have figured out that it was a female voice moaning in sexual pleasure. And if I didn’t know any better, it sounded like Becky. Maybe that horny little brat was watching porn or something in the living room (which seemed like something she would do). And hopefully, that moan was from a woman who just sounded like her on the television.

“Oh god…mom…”

‘Okay, that was DEFINITELY Becky,’ I thought again. And why the heck would she be moaning out the word ‘mom’.

When I took another step down the stairs, I found out why: My sister was sitting on the couch with only her pajama top on, and she was completely bare from the waist down with her legs spread wide open and her feet up in the air. What was even more jaw dropping was that our mother was on her knees performing oral sex on her!

My heart pounded furiously and I was absolutely stunned. I watched as Becky ran her fingers through our mom’s hair, as our mom pressed her lips tightly against Becky’s labia, doing all sorts of sexually explicit things with her mouth and tongue. Seeing a mother/daughter coupling is one thing, but having that actual mother be your own mom, and that daughter be your own sister, certainly adds a new dimension to things.

I didn’t know what to think or feel and my mind was spinning like a roulette of emotions. Was I supposed to be angry? Was I supposed to be disgusted? Am I wrong for becoming aroused by the sight of incest?

Becky’s feet started to shake in the air and her legs began to tremble. Her moans became louder and it was obvious that she was on the verge of an orgasm. I obviously didn’t want to get caught, so I quietly went back to room and did the only thing I could do that point- take care of my erection.


I had just finished breakfast in the dining room when my mother came to greet me after having taken a shower. She looked refreshed, and she wore a loose blouse as she normally does. Becky was at her internship again so my mom and I were home alone.

“Good morning,” she said in her usual cheerful self. “Did you sleep well? I bet it feels great to sleep in your old bed again doesn’t it?”

“You’re right about that mom,” I replied. “It’s good to be back.”

“What’s the matter? You seem a little distracted by something. Are you still upset about your break-up? It’s always important to talk about your feelings as a way to cope, and to eventually recover. So now that we’re alone and you’re settled in nicely, you can talk to me about anything.”

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea right now.”

She sat down across from me on the dining table and gave me a concerned look. “I’m your mother. If you can’t open up to me and trust me, then something is wrong in our relationship. You know how much I think honesty and being open is the most important part of making a family work. So please, if there’s anything you need, or anything you want to get off your chest, I’m here…”

I mustered up my courage and replied, “Okay, there’s something I want to talk about, but it’s not about my break-up. Late last night when I went downstairs, I saw you and Becky…you know… strolling down the sapphic side if you know what I mean. I’m not judging or anything, but I’m still pretty shocked to say the least.”

“Oh god…” she gasped to herself. “I…I’m so sorry you had to see that. I…I don’t know what to say…”

“Weren’t you saying something about the importance of honesty and being open to make a family work?”

“This is different…”

“How so?”

She sighed, “It’s a long story. And I’d hate to bore you with it.”

“First of all, there’s no way that a story of why you were going down on Becky could be boring. Secondly, we’ve got nothing but time around here. I can’t think of anything better to do.”

She took a deep breath. “Here it goes, but first, I need to give you a little back story on how this all came about: It started on my 20th birthday nearly thirty years ago. My mother had passed away a few weeks prior and my father was still grieving. As difficult as it was for me, it was even worse for him. He became so lonely and depressed. I tried my best to cheer him up, but nothing ever worked. Like I said, it was my birthday, and I just wanted us to have one day in that period of time where we could be happy together. Now, this is where the story gets a little dirty…”

“Mom, I’m an adult. So I can handle an adult story. And frankly, this does sound kind of interesting. I never knew this about gramps.”

“Good. So I’ll get straight to the point; I used to spy on my parents having sex. Keep in mind that this was almost 30 years ago and it was a much different generation. We didn’t have cable tv and sex was still a very taboo thing. I was 18 when I first started watching them. At that age, I knew what sex was and what it looked like. But what fascinated me the most was seeing my mother use her mouth on him. I had no idea that was even an acceptable practice, let alone seeing it done that often. My dad loved it, and my mom seemed to love doing it as much as he loved receiving. She used her mouth on him more times than they had sex. Anyway, on my 20th birthday, I decided to take care of my father orally to make him feel better.”

“Grandpa?” I questioned. “Now when you say you took care of him ‘orally’, do you mean ‘orally’ orally? Or is there another meaning for ‘oral’ that I don’t know about?”

My mother made a round shape with her fingers, an O-shape with her lips, and then she stroked her fingers in front of her mouth to simulate oral sex.

“Is that clear enough for you? Your grandpa loves his blowjobs. All men do. What, and you don’t?”

“Okay okay, I get the picture,” I replied, holding in my laughter from the humorous image she made. “So now that we’ve got that settled, please continue your story…”

“Well, to put it bluntly, I gave my own father a blowjob to make him feel better. And it worked. I sat down and gave him a hug. Then I told him how much I loved him and how much I wanted to see him happy again. I told him that I could never replace mom, but that I wouldn’t mind doing some of the things she did around the house; and that included cooking, cleaning, and sucking cock. He didn’t try to fight or stop me when I unzipped his pants to free his manhood. In fact, he was hard as a rock at that point. The blowjob I gave him was my first time ever doing it. And it certainly wasn’t my last with him. He sorely needed relief and I gladly gave it to him.”

“Oh my…” I gasped. “You weren’t kidding when you said it was a dirty story. Jeez.”

She smiled, “Maybe you should try reading some of my romance novels. Some of the stuff I write about is actually based on fact, from either my own life experience, or from what other people tell me. I’m not a best-selling-author for nothing you know.”

“Maybe I should. I’m starting to feel like I’m missing out on some truly hot stuff.”

“You’d be amazed,” she grinned.

“So I’m assuming there’s more to this story with you and grandpa right?” I asked. “I mean, there has to be more. Plus it’s fascinating to hear this about you and him in some very strange way.”

“Of course there’s more. But we’re talking close to thirty years of experience, so I’ll give you a brief summary: After that day, we never stopped doing sexual things together. Neither of us wanted to stop. We never had sex in the literal sense, but I used my mouth on him regularly. He ‘trained’ me, and I became orally subservient to him. He taught me to suck, use my tongue, and to use my hand. I swallowed every drop that he produced, but that’s something that someone has to accept on their own. Even when I became my own woman with my own life and career, my mouth was still his, and I loved that. He got a blowjob from me anytime he wanted. Even to this day, when I go to visit him, I cook, clean, and suck cock- just like I promised.”

“Jeez…Now I can see why you’ve made so much money writing romance novels. You really know how to tell a story. And hearing this about you and your dad…I really don’t know what to say. I don’t even know what I’m feeling right now…It’s…It’s…”


I agreed. “Yeah, I’d say that erotic is the right word to describe this. I’m even starting to become…you know…”

“Well then you better go to bathroom and handle it,” she smiled. “I’m sure at this age you’re an expert in masturbation by now.”

“True. But seriously though, how did it start with Becky? Does she know about you and grandpa?”

“She knows,” mom replied. “I told her after the first time I gave her oral sex on prom night. She was 18 at the time. You were away at college, and contrary to what she told you about having a blast at prom, she actually came home in tears. I’ll spare you the details, but her date turned out to be a real disaster. I tried my best to comfort her, and I resorted to the only way I knew how- my mouth. I’m not proud of it, but it worked. The results don’t lie. I basically hugged her, kissed her check, lifted her dress and worked my magic while underneath. She went from sadness to pleasure in no time. Like I said, I’m not proud of it, but I couldn’t stand the sight of my little princess sobbing because some asshole broke her heart. There’s no handbook on what to do in these types of situations.”

“And you two have continued it ever since…it all makes sense now. Growing up, she couldn’t stop talking about how she wanted to move out when she was old enough so that she could finally be on her own and not have anyone tell her what to do. Then all of a sudden she decides to go to a local college and became a real momma’s girl the way she’s always hanging around you.”

She shrugged. “What can I say? Your sister has a way of getting what she wants. If I didn’t give her what she wanted, she would show me her pouty lips and puppy dog eyes. And before I knew it, I found myself becoming orally subservient to another person in my immediate family. I can’t say that I mind though. Your sister is obviously a very beautiful young woman with a great body. And she occasionally returns the favor if she’s in the right mood.”

“I’m speechless. Just speechless,” I proclaimed. “I mean, of all the thoughts swirling through my head since last night, the last thing I would have ever expected was to find out all this.”

“Well I am a novelist remember? Telling long stories is what I do. And you deserved to hear a full and honest account of the truth after what you saw. And I’m sure I’ve left you with more questions than answers.”

“You bet I have more questions; like why I didn’t get the same treatment that grandpa and Becky got,” I blurted out as a joke before realizing what it fully meant.

There was a slight awkwardness in the room as my mother just stared at me and I tried to figure out a way to walk back what I had just said.

My mother grinned, “Sooo…you want the same treatment that your grandpa and sister got huh? Is it jealousy? Or maybe you’re curious about my oral talents? Perhaps both?”

“It’s not what I…I uh…I didn’t mean it like that…” I stammered.

“It’s okay honey. Really, it is. I can understand if you’re feeling a little left out, and frankly…”

Ring! Ring!

“Hold on a sec, I’m expecting an important call from my agent,” she said, looking at her phone.

“Hello…uh huh…uh huh…Okay, great! I’ll be there in an hour. See you then. Okay. Bye.”

She smiled at me as she closed her phone. “I’m sorry for having to cut this conversation short, but I’ve got a meeting with people from the publishing company regarding a new book I’m working on.”

“But we’ll get to continue this conversation later right? It’s too important not to,” I quickly said before she got up to leave.

“Sure, of course we will sweetie. When the time is right…”


I was on my computer late that night before going to bed. It had been another typical night with my family as if nothing was out of the ordinary. We had dinner, talked, and laughed that evening as we always did. And unfortunately, I didn’t have another chance for private time with my mother.

*knock* *knock*

“Come in,” I said.

In walked my sister, dressed in a pair of pajamas like the night before. She didn’t need any further invitation as she stepped inside my room and sat down on my bed.

“Don’t worry, mom and her big udders are fast asleep, so we can talk freely here. I’d be fast asleep too if I had to listen to your boring dribble all day,” she said.

“Thanks sis. Did you come here to insult me? Because if you did, you’ve succeeded and you can go back to your room now,” I replied.

Becky rolled her eyes. “I’m joking you dolt. Anyway, I just wanted some alone time with my big brother. I’m sorry for your break up and you deserve a lot better than that cunt who dumped you. I never did like her you know.”

“I know. I really should have listened to you and mom when both of you warned me about her. From now on, I wont make any commitments without both of your approvals. I’ve learned my lesson about not listening to the two most important women in my life.”

“Do you really mean it?” she asked with an eyebrow raised. “Mom and I get final approval on whoever you date? Does that include making recommendations?”

“Why not? Despite your questionable intelligence and obvious lack of any real talent, you always did know a thing or two about relationships. And if I’m not mistaken, you’ve still got a great reputation for knowing a thing or two about sex.”

She flashed her signature pouty lips. “If you’re going to be rude to me, then you can kiss my recommendation goodbye. It just so happens that I know a girl who’s been dying to be your fuck buddy with no strings attached.”

“Whoa whoa whoa. I was just kidding sis. So who is it? One of your hot cheerleader friends? Jenny? Sarah? Anne!? I heard Anne she sucks the best cock in the west coast.”

“Promise you won’t laugh or be upset?” she asked.


“Her name is Becky,” she stated.

“Becky?” I replied. “A new friend I don’t know about? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Becky on your Facebook page.”

“I’m talking about me dummy,” she said with a hint of excitement. “I could be your fuck buddy. I could suck and fuck you better than that bitch you almost married ever could. Trust me on that big brother.”

“What the—”

“You promised you wouldn’t be upset remember?” she said in reminder.

I took a deep breath and collected my thoughts. “I know. But can you blame me for being a little, you know, surprised by what you just offered? I mean jeez, you’re my younger sister and…”

“…And I’m also great at sex,” she said, cutting me off. “Come on, you know full well about my reputation. I have the best body, the best pussy, and I give the best blowjobs in California. I can even suck cock better than that slut Anne.”

“You’re calling her a slut after what you just said about yourself?”

She rolled her eyes. “Whatever. The point is, I’ve been attracted to you for some time. You’re single, heart-broken, handsome, and most importantly, we live in the same house now. Brother or not, that sounds like a great freaking deal for the both of us. And you’d be crazy not to agree.”

“Sex always sounds like a great deal to me. But you’re my…”

She suddenly stood up with attitude and said, “I’m getting naked, and if you want to throw me out, then throw me out. But if not, then I intend on getting fucked tonight. It’s your call…”

I should have stopped her right then and there when she started unbuttoning her pajama top, but I couldn’t. I just froze at the sight of my hot young sister removing her top to reveal her thin upper body, with its small upturned breasts and light pink nipples. I was also surprised to see that her nipples were pierced. She then pulled her pants down to reveal her equally thin legs, which were long and slender. Her crotch was cleanly shaven and her light brown labia was visible.

She put her hands on her hips and said, “Well so far you aren’t stopping me. So I take it you like what you see.”

“Those are some great tits Becky- really perky. And those nipple rings are a nice touch.”

“You don’t sound so excited.”

“Okay fine. You’re really really sexy,” I admitted.

“Sexier than your ex-fiancee?” she asked in a girly voice.

I sighed, “Yes. Honestly, you’re a lot sexier than she is. You’ve got a really great body and I’ve always loved your attitude and demeanor. Happy now?”

She had a look face as if she won the competition. “Yep. I’m happy to know that you think I’m hotter than she is. But I’m still curious to know how much better I am in the sack. That’s the most important thing in any loving relationship right?”

“Whoa…Becky…let’s think about this for a sec…”

“Nonsense,” she replied. “There’s nothing else to think about. So tell me, what’s the one thing that you fantasize about sexually that your ex refused to do for you? And I won’t leave unless you tell me. So what is it? Deep throat? Anal? Foot jobs?”

“I don’t have much of a choice do I?” I replied.

She shook her head. “None at all.”

“Well, I’ve always wanted to try anal, but she was never interested in that.”

A big grin appeared on Becky’s face. “I never would have guessed that my up tight, college educated, big brother has always wanted to fuck an asshole. That can be arranged though. Now all we need to do is get your clothes off.”

There was no point in putting up a fight as my sister reached over to pull down the bottom of my shorts. I didn’t resist and instead I stood up so that my sister could remove my shorts along with my underwear, leaving me naked from the waist down, while I pulled off my t-shirt to get fully naked.

“Holy goddamn shit,” she gasped. “I can’t believe that my brother is this fucking hung.”

“Well I am this big, deal with it,” I stated.

“I bet you must have a bad case of erectile dysfunction or something- either that or you’re a premature ejaculator, because there’s no way that a cock that big can still be able to function properly- at least not that I’ve ever seen.”

“What’s the matter, there wasn’t anyone on the entire football team you banged who had a big cock and was able to use it right?”

“I’m more of a see-it-to-believe it type girl,” she before spitting on the palm of her hand. “Now lets see how good that cock of yours can actually perform. Have a seat on your bed.”

She reached down and grabbed my cock with her saliva covered hand the moment I sat down. She gripped me tightly and started stroking. And when she needed more ‘lube’, she simply spit more saliva onto my cock.

“Well here goes nothing,” she said as she climbed on top of me in my direction.

She clasped both hands around my neck and I held her body tight with my arms. She then reached down with one hand to hold my cock up as she lowered herself. And when the tip of my erection touched the ring of her anus, she lowered herself even further.

“God…my asshole is really getting stretched here,” she moaned. “Uhh….I can handle it though…”

“Are you a virgin in that hole?” I moaned after feeling her tightness.

Once her anus loosened up, she slid herself down even further, taking in a few inches of my cock up her ass.

“Not unless you count mom’s big dildo.”

“Did I just hear that right?”

She grinned as she started slowly gyrating her hips. “You heard that right…ugh…oh god…mom told me that you know about her oral servitude…ugh…but she’s also been fucking me with her toys…oh god this feels good…”

Her eyes looked like they were about to roll back. She felt incredibly tight and warm around my throbbing cock. And hearing her admit that she’s been doing even more things with mom made me even more aroused than I already was.

With both of her hands wrapped around the back of my neck to hold herself up, I moved my hands around her ass so I could push even harder inside of her body.

“Oh my god…oh my god! Fuck me!” she cried. “Fuck my asshole.”

We looked each other straight in the eyes as we continued fucking for the next several minutes. The taboo of having passionate and hot sex with my younger sister was a surreal experience. And soon, it drove me to edge of having a nuclear orgasm.

“Oh shit…I’m about to cum in your ass Becky…” I groaned without shame.

“Wait…not yet….” she hissed. “Don’t you dare…”

Becky reached down with one hand and furiously rubbed her clit as if her life depended on it. Her eyes rolled back and I quickly found out why she didn’t want me to cum inside her yet; a sharp stream of fluids rushed out of her vagina and squirted all over my chest. Every muscle in her body became tense and she had a powerful orgasm.

I didn’t hold back either as I shot a huge load of my cum inside of my sister’s ass.

“Oh fuck…” I said in a daze. “I can’t believe we just did that.”

We were still breathing heavily on each other and we still held each other tight, with her on my lap.

“Believe it. And you can be sure that we’ll be doing this a lot more often. I haven’t been fucked like that since forever. God…all this time I had been missing out…”

My sister then climbed off of me and turned to walk away.

“Thanks for leaving this mess behind,” I said, referring to her squirt all over my chest.

Without missing a beat, she turned back around, bent down, and licked and sucked her fluids off of my body. My room was filled the sound of her slurping mouth.

“There you go. All clean. Now go the fuck to sleep.”

She winked, blew me a kiss, and picked up her pajamas off the floor before walking ass naked down the hall towards her room.


I was still reeling from the night before after having fucked my sister up the ass. My head was spinning and I felt exhausted from what was honestly one of the best sexual experiences of my life. As I sat down in the living room after breakfast, I almost wanted to laugh at the thought that I was becoming some sort of incest aficionado around here with all that’s been going on with our family.

But I didn’t have much time to reflect on that as my mother came down the stairs to the living room. It was the same scene as the day before, where she came fresh out of the shower wearing a silk blouse looking elegant as always.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you look much more tranquil than yesterday,” my mother said with a bright look on her face as she sat down.

“Well actually I do feel a lot better- much more relaxed,” I smiled back.

“So how did you enjoy Becky last night?”

I paused and it was obvious that my mother knew about that sexual encounter all along.

“You knew?”

“Of course I knew, it was my idea,” she replied. “Becky used to go on-and-on about how much she missed having you around and how big of a mistake you were making by getting engaged to that other person. One day, while I was in the middle of servicing her, she accidentally moaned your name. She eventually had to admit afterwards that she would occasionally close her eyes and fantasize that it was you going down on her instead of me.”

“Things just keep getting stranger and stranger around here. I mean, Becky and I have always had a close relationship, but up until last night, I had no idea she felt that way about me. And I’ve got to admit, as odd as it was having sex with my own sister, I actually loved it.”

My mother looked as if she wanted to hold back her laughter. “Welcome to the club mister. Your sister has that effect on a lot of people. She’s irresistible. She’s got the looks, the charm, you name it. And she’s great in bed. Over time, it didn’t bother me anymore that she was my daughter when we would fool around together.”

“Figures. She’s really got a tenacious and enthusiastic personality which I think is really hot. And you’re right, she’s great in bed. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had sex that wild.”

“You don’t know the half of it,” she smiled. “The sexual relationship I developed with my father is tame compared to what Beck and I do together.”

“You mean you’ve gone further than what you’ve already told me? More than using your mouth on her, or a sexy toy up her ass?”

“That’s only the half of it,” she said with a sense of self-reflection. “You see, we’ve sort of been living a very naturalist lifestyle since we became more casual with this.”

“You and Becky live as nudists?” I asked bluntly.

She nodded. “Only in the past few months. It used to be that I would simply take care of her needs and that would be the end of it. But it eventually escalated to the point where we would take showers together and sleep in the same bed. She pointed out that we might as well live as nudists since we were always naked around each other anyway, and the rest is history. She still sleeps in my bed, but since you came back, I asked her to sleep in her room again because I was kind of hoping that we would keep this away from you. I wasn’t sure how you would react to the idea of your mother and sister having an intimate sexual relationship with each other.”

“I understand,” I replied. “Obviously I got the surprise of my life when I saw you and Becky together the other night, but I get it now. These things happen. Plus as you’ve already mentioned, Becky is irresistible. That girl always gets what she wants.”

“And you sodomized her last night. So now you definitely can’t be mad at us,” my mother said with a giggle.

“That too. Speaking of which, how did that whole dildo up the ass thing come about? I was a shocked as heck when she said that, and frankly, I thought it was kind of hot.”

“If you’re that curious about it, she found it in my bedroom drawer while snooping through my stuff. She wouldn’t stop teasing me about all of the sex toys and vibrators I own- hey, I’m a romance novelist and I use them for inspiration. Anyway, she insisted that I demonstrate one of the toys on her. And after several days of non-stop badgering, I finally said that the only thing I would do for her is to use the large dildo up her ass, and she agreed!”

We both burst in to laughter over my sister’s over-eagerness.

“Well that’s Becky for you,” I joked. “She’s always up for anything. But I have to ask, has she ever done anything to you with one of yours toys? It’s hard to believe that it’s a one way street with you doing all the work and her receiving all the pleasure.”

She paused for a moment and took a deep breath. “Sure, she’s done stuff to me. In addition to her occasionally giving me oral, she’s also started using the vibrator on me. And since she’s probably going to tell you this anyway, she used to use my vibrator or dildo in my vagina and have me close my eyes and picture that it was you screwing me. And you know what, it worked. My sex life has always been fulfilling, but that was something new. The idea of my own son screwing me was a taboo that I had never fully thought about until she did it, and it was the first time in my life that I had ever squirted. It was that intense.”

“I can’t say that I’m that surprised, I’ve always known you had the hots for me,” I joked to lighten the mood.

“Oh come on, don’t act like you’ve never thought about me that way when you touch yourself. Admit it, you have, haven’t you?”

“You know, I’m getting kind of hungry right about now. How about I go out and get us some lunch?”

“Don’t change the subject young man,” she said sternly. “After everything I’ve told you these past two days, I expect just a little bit of honesty from you.”

I sighed, “Fine. I have. You’re right. I may have thought about you once or twice in my life. I mean, look at you. You’re beautiful and you’ve got great big tits and a beautiful rear end. That’s why I was never thrilled whenever you wanted to visit me on campus, because everyone used to tease me about what a hot milf of a mother I had.”

“Once or twice?” she smiled. “Is that all?”

I sighed again, “I guess I’ve done it a little more than that. Okay…a lot. Growing up, when my best friend used to brag about how he was able to spy on his neighbors having sex, I used to brag that I saw you naked a couple of times when you left your bedroom door slightly open. And of course he got really jealous about that. I think it’s fair to say that the thought of your naked body helped relieve a lot of lonely nights when I was younger. There, now we’re even on the honesty part.”

“Good. I’m glad we got everything out there so that we can become a much more open, normal, and honest family. It’s all part of a healthy dialogue.”

“Well, aside from the incest part, we’re a pretty open and honest family all right. And why do I get the feeling that you aren’t surprised hearing me admit this to you.”

My mother gave me a calculating look. “If you had ever bothered to read any of my books, you would know that I’ve delved in to the world of incest quite a few times. And I may have interviewed a few guys your age after that incident with Becky. And they may have admitted to fantasizing about their mothers at one time or another. And their real life stories may have been incorporated in my literary work.”

“Figures. So where does that leave us? Do we just forget about this whole thing and live as a normal family now?”

“I don’t see how we can,” she replied. “None of us seem to object to this lifestyle or anything we’ve done, or anything I’ve told you. So why not enjoy it? We all love each other and we’ve got a good thing going if you ask me.”

“As odd as this is, I guess I’d have to agree. But the only thing that’s yet to happen is…”

“Me servicing you orally?” she said with a playful tone. “And of course, you haven’t seen me naked in quite a while. Is that what you were going to say?”

“You know, I can’t remember what I was going to say. But I think I like your answer better,” I joked.

She laughed and casually got down on her knees in front of me. “Then I guess it’s settled. You’re about to officially become the third member of my immediate family which I have to serve orally. And truthfully, I don’t mind that at all. I always aim to please.”

Just as she put her hands on the top of my shorts, the sound of door knob unlocking echoed in the room. The front door of our house swung open and it was BECKY back from her internship.

“You’re starting without me?!” Becky exclaimed.

“And you’re home early,” mom quipped.

She gave us both a snotty look. “It’s hard to concentrate on doing stuff with a sore asshole ya know…Besides, I just had to be around when my mom and big brother finally got together, so I asked if I could leave early. And by the looks of things, I’m right on time.”

My mother then turned her attention towards me. “Are you still comfortable with this? Do you still want to continue with your sister watching?”

“I don’t see why not. After what you two have been doing together, and with what me and Becky did last night, it seems like there’s nothing left to hide here.”

“Great!” my sister exclaimed. “Now let’s get naked already! It’s been really uncomfortable these past 24 hours having to wear clothes around the house after getting used to being naked.”

Becky was the first to undress. She shut the door, and quickly stripped away each layer of her expensive fashionable clothes as my mother and I watched her get undressed in record time.

“So who’s next?” she asked with her hands on her hips. “I’m starting to feel a little duped here being the only one naked far. So someone else better strip, and fast!”

“Okay, I’ll go next,” my mother said. “And Becky’s right, with this hot weather, I’m so glad to finally get to roam around this house naked again.”

Mom stood up in front of me, and in one graceful movement, she pulled her blouse overhead and stood completely nude.

I was in awe of her womanly body. Her breasts were large and full. They were long and hung down to the top of her stomach. Her light brown areolas were incredibly wide and her dark brown nipples were also pretty large. My eyes made their way down to her mid-section and legs, and I marveled at the curves around her hips and thighs, as well as her neatly trimmed bush.

“Does this bring back pleasant memories for you?” she asked proudly.

“It’s better than what I remember,” I honestly stated. “I think you’re fucking sexy as hell mom. It’s one thing to get a glimpse of you naked from across the room, but seeing you like this, up close- wow. You’re stunning and you’ve got me rock hard right now.”

“Thank you. That’s sweet of you to say.”

Becky came over and stood next to mom. “It’s your turn now. Mom didn’t believe me about your cock, so I guess you better show her.”

I stood up and pulled off my t-shirt. And in one swift motion, I yanked my shorts and my underwear down to the floor, and stood completely naked for my mother and sister to see.

“Oh gosh,” my mother gasped with her eyes wide open. “All I can say is that you definitely got your endowment from my side of the family and not your fathers. Wow.”

“NOW do you believe me mom?” Becky quipped. “I told you I wasn’t pretending when you saw me limping this morning. That THING was actually in my asshole.”

“I guess I’d have to apologize for that,” mom replied before turning her attention back towards me. “Now let’s get started. Sit back down on the couch so we can finish what we started yesterday.”

As soon as I sat, both my mother and my sister got on their knees in front of me. My mom wasted no time in taking my hard erection in her hands to give it a few good strokes. Then she leaned forward to give it a few kisses around the sensitive tip of the head, followed by more kisses on the shaft. Then, she finally showed me what was so special about her mouth as she leaned forward to suck me off.

Her eyes were locked on mine and it was as if she was making love me to me orally. It was slow and tender, but at the same time passionate. Her lips tightly covered my shaft and her head slowly bobbed up and down towards the entrance of her throat. Becky even had to occasionally move our mother’s hair out of the way so we could have a clear view of mom in action. We could even see the outline of my cock in her mouth as her checks hollowed around my shaft. It felt like I was getting hit by waves in the ocean the way she sent a tingly feeling over every inch of my body.

What made it even more hot was the way she used her fingers as she sucked my cock. One of her hands cupped my balls. And her other hand had its fingers busy rubbing up and down the length of my shaft she started bobbing her head even faster.

“Can I have a turn?” Becky chimed while she watched mom attentively.

Mom spit my cock out of her mouth and turned to her. “Sure you can honey.”

“Just as long as mom gets to keep stroking me,” I added.

I watched as my mother continued rubbing my balls and shaft, and pointed the tip of my slobbery wet cock towards Becky, which she devoured without hesitation. Feeling her suck me off was also an amazing experience because of how my mother and young sister were working together.

“What an unbelievable sight,” mom said. “I never thought I’d ever see the day that my two children would be engaged in such an explicit sex act, let alone me facilitating it.”

Becky lifted her head and replied, “You did it with grandpa, then me, and I did stuff with my brother yesterday. Face it mom, incest runs in our family. Let’s just accept it and enjoy.”

“Ladies, I’d hate to break it to you, but this erection can’t last forever. At the rate you two are pleasuring me, I might explode at any minute here.”

Mom smiled with my cock still in her hand. “Well, you’ve already had sex with your sister, and you’ve already had oral from the both of us, so I guess the last thing we need to complete this cycle is for you and me to have sex.”

This is a continuation of the Bad Vibe series, I recommend that you read the previous stories prior to reading this one.

Everyone is over 18. It’s an explicit fantasy. I welcome constructive criticism as well as other comments. I’m new at this and still learning to write. Everyone is over 18 years old.

Craig is home from the University for the Christmas Holiday. He has ten days at home with his mother. In Chapter 1 he arrived home early and found his mother in bed with her business partner, Alice. He joins in and they all have fun. Eventually Alice leaves and Craig and Amy clean up and settle into bed together to spend the night.

“That was fun Mom, I had no idea that you and Alice were an item.”

“We aren’t, not really anyway. It just happened a month or so ago, we were over at her place talking about things, we started talking about sex, she started telling me about this guy she’s been seeing, and it just happened.”

“I guess with Maude and now Alice, that makes you officially bi-sexual.” Craig said with a chuckle.

Amy got up on one arm, looked down at Craig with a worried face.

“Does that bother you honey?”

He pulled her back down to rest against his chest where she had been before.

“No, it’s hot. Do you know any other babes like Alice?”

“I hope you’re just kidding!”

“Well, yeah. Sort of,” he said with a smile.

She laughed softly.

“That’s only the third time we’ve done it. She’s been spending a lot of time with her new boyfriend, and when she’s not with him she’s spending a lot of time on line with some other people she’s met there.”

“Wow, who would have thunk that about Alice?”

“Her divorce hurt her deeply, I think she’s been in a shell for so long something had to break.”

“What about her daughter, is she still in town?”

“No, I think she left after she graduated from the University not sure what she’s been doing, why? Are you interested in her too?”

“No, just curious. I remember when she used to babysit me.”

“Hmm, seems like Little Craig is thinking about something, I can’t believe you’re getting it up again tonight, I would have thought Maude would have drained you before you got home.”

Her hand was around his cock and moving up and down leisurely.

“We had finals and she was busy too, I think she had a house-guest last week, she said it was her sister, and they went to her place for Christmas.”

“Mmm, so you didn’t have a girl lined up on the side, this Zoe that you talked about, or Brittney?”

“No, I haven’t done anything with them, just you, and Maude, and now Alice.”

She pumped him faster, and he became fully hard again. She sighed as she thought of the clean sheets that they had just put on the bed.

“That feels good.”

She slowed down again.

“Sweetheart, I know you’re getting horny again, but I’m a little tired, would you mind if I just jacked you off?”

“Oh Mom, you don’t have to, I can just do it myself, I’d leave it, but I’m so turned on thinking about you and Alice that I would probably cum in my sleep.”

“That’s OK Craig, I’m actually turned on myself, it’s just been a really long day and I didn’t sleep well last night. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Mom, there is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, it’s just that your bottom is so sexy.”

“Um, I’m not sure right now honey, maybe tomorrow.”

“No no, not that, it’s something a little weird, I’ve never done, but I think it would be really sexy, you just have to lay down on your tummy, leave the sheet off ….”

“You want to cum on my bottom?”

“Yes, I’ll clean it up. I don’t know why I started thinking about it, but I’d really like to.”

She chuckled softly to herself as she rolled over, not nearly as sleepy as she was a few minutes before.

“Is this OK?”

“Yes, just spread your legs a little so I can kneel between … perfect!”

She lay with her head cradled under one arm, turned to the side, secretly turned on that her son found her so sexy, she wasn’t as sleepy as she thought and started to feel like she could cum one more time.

He knelt between her knees, staring at her round bottom, he had cum several times already tonight, but thinking about her butt he got another woody

Taking it slowly he was savoring this experience, he had been jacking off since puberty and as great as it felt to have it in a pussy or mouth, his hand knew exactly what felt good and he didn’t have to worry about a partner getting off.

“What are you thinking about baby?” Amy said in a low voice, she was tempted to slide a hand under herself to play with her clit.


“Maude emailed me quite often, even sent a few pictures she took, are you thinking about being dressed in lingerie while you fuck me?”

“Just your bottom, I can see your pussy and your bottom, soooo sexy.”

“You didn’t like how she dressed you up?” She was playing with her clit now, excited that he could see her.

“It was fun, as much because it was so perverted, and the worry someone would find out was a turn on too.”

“But you liked the feel of it on your body too didn’t you?”

“Yeah, it felt sexy.” He wanted to talk about her, but he was getting closer to cumming.

“I want to fuck your bottom some day, it is so sexy.”

“Mmmmm, it’s been a long time since a cock’s been there, that would be nice, some day.”

“I’d be real careful, we would go slow.” He was getting closer and closer to orgasm as he talked.

“Craig, I’m getting turned on again, I might need you again when you’re done.”

Craig slowed down, not wanting to cum too soon.

“I’m getting another idea Mom.”

“Mmmmm, I’m getting excited again honey.”

Craig leaned over and taking his Mom by her hips he pulled her up until her hips were in the air, with her back arched and her bottom thrust out.

“What exactly do you have in mind honey? I’m not sure I feel like having you in my behind right now, someday but not right now.”

He knee-walked closer until he was nearly against her bottom, his erect cock pushed downward with the length of it laying along her slit.

He started to caress and fondle his mothers’ hips and bottom, sometimes he felt like that was what turned him on the most. Well, that and everything else about her.

She was completely aroused again, wanting more fucking, amazed that he could do it again, that the sleepiness that was fogging her before seemed to have backed off for now.

“Oh baby, that’s it, that feels so good,” she whimpered as she pushed her pussy back at him, trying to impale herself on his re-erected cock.

By now she had pushed herself up first onto her elbows, then onto her hands, readying herself for a classic doggie style fuck.

“I love you mommie, I love you,” he whispered as he leaned down and laying himself onto her back, hunching his cock to slide back and forth along her slit.

From that position her could reach around her and grasp her pert tits. With his hands holding her breasts with her nipples clasped between fingers, he was able to both massage her breasts and pinch the nipples.

“Oh Craig, where did you learn to make love, you are so good to me.”

“You taught me mother mine, you taught me.” he chuckled.

“Then fuck me now baby, fuck me hard, I’m horny.”

With that she reached under herself and taking his cock she positioned it at her entrance and pushed back, it slid into her swampy pussy all at once.

“Ohhhh I’m complete now honey, your cock is perfect for me.”

They soon fell into a steady rhythm, his cock sliding in and out. It was almost hypnotic for Amy. She was getting sleepy again in spite of her level of arousal and she would like nothing more than to fall asleep like this, with her son’s cock slowly pushing in and out of her willing pussy.

“This is really good Mom, but I’m not sure I could cum for a while, I thought I could then I backed off and it seems like a long way off now.”

“Feels good though, just lazy feel good fun, we don’t have to cum every time honey, just enjoy it for a while,” she whispered in a sleepy slur.

They kept it going for another five minutes, then re-arranged themselves, facing each other now, she threw one leg over him and they were able to get his cock back into her pussy.

“Oh baby this is the way to do it, I love you.”

“Me too Mom, me too.”

Her head was resting on his arm, he was holding her hip with his other hand and rolled back half on his back, keeping her with him, she was soon half resting on him as his cock filled her pussy.

“That’s good honey,” she said as she drifted off.

He fell asleep too, his softening cock still in her pussy.

In the morning they woke up in the same position, they both showered together, during which Craig took Amy from behind as she leaned against the front wall of the shower.

After breakfast Amy had to get dressed for work, she had to show one house this morning and then was free until the first week in January, this being a slow season for the real estate business.

Craig went into town trying to think of something to buy his mother for Christmas. He reflected that things could be much tighter financially than they were and that they were very lucky in that respect.

Some years previously Amy’s parents had died in a car wreck and they left her some insurance money, as well as splitting the family farm up with her younger sister. The income from that was a nice cushion.

Craig hadn’t seen his father in several years but they kept in touch with emails every month or so, and in spite of having a “new” family to care for his father had always been on time with the child support checks and usually something extra, he was also helping to pay for Craig’s college expenses.

Amy’s sister had moved to New York with her husband and so with no family close by it was going to be a small Christmas for Craig and Amy, just the two of them.

Craig didn’t worry about it, right now the prospect of being with her full time was all good. He had already gotten her a few little gifts for the season, nothing fancy, some University T-shirts and a hoodie with the School logo, and he was looking for something special.

He drove about 30 minutes to the nearest large town that had a mall and found a pair of earrings, as well as a book he thought she would like when he walked past a lingerie store. He turned around and went in.

It wasn’t exactly crowded, but he was a little nervous, but was determined to get her some sexy underthings.

“Can I help you sir?” Said a young sales girl.

“Uh, Umm, yes, I, uh need something for my, uh, girlfriend,” he managed to stammer out.

The Sales associate was a young girl his own age, she looked vaguely familiar.

“What exactly do you have in mind?”

Craig had never bought anything like this, and coupled with the fact that he was getting something for his mother – something that he dare not reveal – he was nervous.

“Do you know her sizes?”

He was going to have to “bite the bullet” he told himself, this can’t be any worse than a hard football game, think of it as if he was trying to dodge the defenders, stay on his pattern, and look for the ball to come spiraling in to him.

His nervousness left him, there was nothing wrong with buying lingerie, the sales people wanted to sell something, men did it all time time for girlfriends.

“I want something sexy, as well as some stuff for everyday wear that looks good.”

“So, something like a sexy nightie, or pajamas, and then how about some bra and panty sets, does that sound right?”

He spent a pleasant and exciting forty-five minutes looking at lingerie, running up a high bill, but ended up with a very sexy short baby-doll nightie with a matching robe, the thong panty that came with the set looked a little sleazy, so he got a string bikini in the same color as well.

He also got three bra and panty sets that, while looking very sexy, could be worn under her work clothes. He splurged and also got a very sexy looking garter belt and some hose to go with it, along with another pair of matching panties.

He went ahead and also got a package of several cotton panties in pastel colors of the kind that he knew his Mom wore. And some of the ‘everyday’ type bras he knew she wore a lot.

On the way to the mall he had cashed the Christmas check his father had sent and as he paid for his purchase he found that he didn’t have much left for himself.

At that point he got a real thrill when he realized that it was true, he did have more fun buying something for his Mom than getting something for himself.

He had noticed that the sales assistant had given him some searching looks as they were buying the various items. When he opened his wallet and paid in cash she looked a little disappointed for some reason.

As she gift wrapped his purchases, she started talking.

“I guess if you aren’t going to write a check or use a credit card I’m going to have to ask what your name is. You look familiar, as if I should know who you are.”

“You look a little familiar too, I’m Craig Thorvaldsson.”

“I’m Janet Shepard, did you play football at Woodston high?”

“Yeah, I did, graduated last year. Did you go there too?”

“I live here in Riverton, I was a cheerleader for the West High team, we always played Woodston a couple of times each year, and the last few years in the regional playoffs.”

“That must be it.”

“Well sort of, I dated Mike Riley, he played basketball, I went to some of the dances there.”

“I didn’t usually go to those.” He had always been too shy to ask a girl to the dances.

“Oh! I know!” She almost yelled.

“You were the boy who got tackled during the playoff’s last year, just at midfield and you went flying off into the cheerleaders.”

Craig remembered it clearly, his team had been in a bad position on their own 5 yard line, the quarterback throwing from the end zone, but everything had gone right.

He got away from his defender and caught the ball, but had to run along the side line, he was sure he could run all the way to a score when the defending free safety had hit him, knocked him out of bounds. It had still been a good play and got them to mid field.

As the safety had hit him, he grabbed Craig’s helmet, something the ref didn’t see, and as Craig went crashing into the sidelines, into the cheerleaders, his helmet came off.

He didn’t actually hit any of the girls, just stumbled and fell on his back, but they banged into each other to get away and somehow one of them fell back onto Craig.

Crag lay on his back with his eyes closed and a weight on his chest, he opened his eyes to darkness, then something soft mashed into his face as the girl squirmed and got off of him.

He didn’t realize at first what it was, but the girl had fallen over him and her dress covered his face, as she squirmed to get off him her pussy mashed into his face.

His teammates saw the whole thing during the post game session when the coach showed the films of the game. They teased him about it for weeks.

Craig blushed as he remembered the incident.

“That was you?”

“Yup, a heck of way to meet someone, wasn’t it?”

“Um, ah,” he was back to stammering.

She seemed amused by the whole thing. She thought it was cute that he was blushing and seemed embarrassed about it.

“My girlfriends still tease me about that,” she said with a smile.

“I got teased a lot too,”

“I asked around about you, everyone thinks you’re a nice guy, but way too shy.”

“How’s Mike doing, he graduated a year before me didn’t he?”

“Oh, yeah, he’s history, he’s going to some big college on the West Coast, we broke up before he left.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,”

“That was a year and half ago, before he graduated. He was too jealous, too clingy.”

“How did you ever meet him, different town, rival schools and all.”

“I have a cousin in Woodston, you might know her, Tracy Shepard.”

“Name sounds familiar, can’t place her.”

“It doesn’t matter, she set us up. I sometimes wondered about what if we met, I thought it would be funny if we went out.”

“Yeah, that would be, Oh, well, uh,” He went red again, he would love to go out with her, but she had just helped him buy a whole bunch of lingerie for his “girlfriend”, so he could hardly ask her out.

“Yeah, you must have a neat girlfriend, no-one’s ever got anything like that for me.”

He could never tell her it was for his mom either.

“It’s real complicated, she, uh, well, she’s,” his tongue was stumbling around, he had always had a hard time lying, something his mom had always loved when he was little, she could always tell when he was in trouble.

“Complicated?” She cocked an eyebrow, she was intrigued by this guy, her cousin said he never asked anyone out, all the girls thought he was way shy, and here he was buying sexy lingerie, something few guys his age ever did.

Craig could see down her low cut dress, she was showing a lot of cleavage and there was a lot to show. He could see her nipples standing out.

He thought that if he pretended that he was getting it for Maude, he might sound more convincing, and he certainly couldn’t tell anyone her name either.

“She’s a little older, at the University.” He didn’t want to say it, but had to.

“That’s cool. And you two are exclusive I guess?”

“Yes, well no, um, sort of, not really, it’s really complicated.”

She was laughing now, in a light-hearted way, OK, I’ll take your word for it, but here, if you ever want to give me a call, let me know.”

She scribbled her name and number on the back of one of the store business cards.

“The first number is my parents’ house here in town, the second is my cell, I’m starting up at State in a couple of weeks, mid year, I’ve been working here to save up for it.”

“That’s where I go, maybe we’ll run into each other.”

“Maybe you could introduce me to your older friend with the sexy undies?”

“Uh, well, uh…”

“I’m kidding, but you never know. I’ve always been adventurous.” She laughed at that.

“We’ll see, um, ah, anyway I’ll give you a ring in a few weeks.”

“That would be great, It’s been fun, but I guess I better get back to work.”

“Thanks, thanks a lot, for all your help. I hope I didn’t hurt you or anything, you know, back then.”

“Not at all, it was kind of ….” she leaned toward him and whispered,

“Exciting, if you know what I mean,” and winked at him.

He was in constant blush mode by then and said a last good-bye and left the store, headed home and put the wrapped presents under the small tree his Mom had put in the usual place in the living room.

Janet was curious about this ‘older woman’ that he talked about. She wondered if it could be a married woman, perhaps a professor’s wife, or perhaps a professor. Then there were rumors about Craig getting an older woman out of bad situation at a graduation party. She would have to ask her cousin about him.

Craig was confused now, he didn’t think he would ever have a serious relationship with Janet, but it would be interesting to see her when she got to the University, he kept trying to remember who her cousin was, the name kept tickling his brain.

When he got home he decided to save one of the sexy bra and panty sets and give it to Maude when he went back to school, then he realized that she wore a different size from his mom, he sure didn’t want to go to the same store and exchange just one bra.

After he had put tags on the presents for his mother and placed them under the tree he made a cup of hot chocolate and sat down living room. He decided he should get some other present for Maude, something non-sexual.

Before he could finish his chocolate his Mom’s phone rang, it turned out to be the next-door neighbors, Tom and Nancy, a thirty something couple who were on vacation in Southern Arizona for the season.

They had given Amy a key and asked her to empty the mail box and generally keep an eye on the house. Nancy called and was just checking up to make sure everything was OK.

Nancy asked that one, or both of them check the upstairs for leaks if the weather got warm enough for the snow to melt. She said that they had a leak in the fall that was repaired but just wanted to be sure.

She said that while watching the TV news down there she heard the weather man mention that the upper Midwest was going to have some relief from the cold with the temperature getting up above freezing for a few days.

Craig promised to check it out and let her know how it looked, she told him which corner of the roof had needed the repair.

Just after he hung up the mail came. He went down to the street and got their mail, mostly catalogs and adverts, as he carried it back inside he thought it would be a good time to check Nancy and Tom’s house.

He got the key from the basket by the front door, it was clearly labeled, and just one key, he walked over and got their mail. A car pulled up in his Mom’s driveway and Alice got out.

“Hey Craig, what’s going on?”

“Just checking the neighbors’ house, they’re snow-birds and went south for the winter.”

Alice walked over to Craig.

“I just came over to drop off a Christmas present for you two, then I’m off for a few days with Steven.”

“Mom said you were spending a lot of time with him.”

“It’s getting pretty serious I guess. So who are these people? Retired or something?”

“No, he’s a consultant, always gone, not sure what Nancy does, she works from home I think, she’s always around. I was just taking their mail in, and need to check for leaks since the sun’s out and snow’s melting.”

“Can I come in?”

“Sure, have you seen Mom?”

“She’ll be a few more hours, the clients liked the house she showed today and they made an offer and there’s already been a counter offer and a counter-counter offer, it looks good.”

“That’s good news, I know she’s been worried about business.”

“It hasn’t been good, this last year we had to let the other two agents go, and all the staff except Sherry – our receptionist file clerk. She really keeps us all together.”

They were at the front door and Craig let them in with his key.

“Your Mom showed this house when it sold, we both went through with the sellers giving them tips about how to stage it for showings. It’ll be interesting to see what’s been done in the last 5 years.”

They went inside and put the mail on the coffee table where his Mom had been doing it, he noticed that she was separating the junk mail from bills etc, and magazines and catalogs in another pile.

Alice was being a busy-body and looked through the magazines and catalogs.

“I need to check in the attic for leaks,” said Craig as he headed up the stairs.

“Wait for me.”

They went up the stairs and Craig quickly found the door in the upstairs hallway that let them into the stairs to the attic. He turned on the light and was checking the corner where Nancy said the problem was, it all seemed dry and in order.

He and Alice went down to the upstairs area. She wanted to look around and he thought he should check the windows to make sure they were all closed properly.

As they went into the master bedroom Alice wondered aloud what kind of people they were and what kind of secrets they had. He had been thinking the same thing.

“I just want to look in their nightstands,” she said.

“I don’t know…” Craig answered, he secretly wanted to poke around as well, but didn’t want to admit it.

“Oooooo, this is interesting,” Alice said.

She had opened up a drawer and there was a book and some sex toys, she lifted out the book.

Craig couldn’t help himself, he walked to Alice and looked over her shoulder.

“I think they have naughty fantasies, it’s a dirty book and it’s about a wife cuckolding her hubby.” Alice whispered as she looked at the book and turned a few pages.


“Oh silly, that’s when the wife has a lover, or lovers, and hubby knows about it and stays home and waits, sometimes, in stories, he has to clean out the lovers’ cum from his wife’s pussy.”

“Oh jeeze.”

“The hubby is always subservient to the wife. I wish I could have done that to my ex, that, that, asshole.”

“Hmmm, this blurb on the back cover says the hubby asked for it. Liked it.”

“Yeah, guess you’d have to have to have the right hubby.”

“I suppose,” Craig was thinking of some of the fantasies that Maude had talked about last semester, having him in lingerie and serving guests, or watching her lover fuck her, then clean her out.

She had said they were just fantasies, but she had been getting more and more demanding lately. He didn’t know if he was cut out for her particular fantasies yet. He liked kink to a point, but he would rather be the other man, not the hubby.

She looked further in the drawer, there was a several dildos, one of glass, a vibrating one, and a huge realistic one.

When she opened up the next drawer there was a few DVDs, all seemingly cuckolding related movies, or feminization ones, and a strap on dildo. She pulled it out.

“Oh, this is nice Craig, see, she puts this part into her self, and then this part goes into her hubby, the straps hardly seem necessary.”

She went over to the other nightstand, opened up the drawer and there was a box of photos, she pulled a few out and Craig recognized Tom, dressed in lingerie in some, in some he was completely dressed in feminine clothes, with make up and a wig, even high heels.

“Hmmm, he looks pretty good.”

Craig was seeing himself, is that what he looked like when Maude dressed him up? He wasn’t feeling good about this snooping, he knew how bad Tom would feel if he knew someone had seen these pictures.

“Ooooo, she’s pretty hot,” Alice was looking through the photos and found several of Nancy dressed up as a dominatrix, Thigh high boots, thong, leather bustier that exposed her breasts, and carrying a whip. In another she was wearing the strapon.

There were several more photos, more of Tom, sometimes in the lingerie, sometimes completely dressed as a woman, and very convincingly, and a few with leather bondage gear, several even with a complete leather hood with only some holes to breath and a zipper closed mouth.

Craig’s curiosity got the better of him and he looked into the closets, there were two walk in closets, one for each of them. In Nancy’s he found the leather bustier along with other things, the boots, gloves, several corsets, leather bras and a harness of some sort.

Craig wanted to explore more fully, but didn’t want to have Alice along. But he was getting really horny.

Hadn’t been in the basement and thought it would be a good idea to check down there to make sure it was OK., Nancy had mentioned that if he had a chance the furnace filter was due to be changed. Alice followed him down there.

It was partitioned off into several rooms, The main area at the bottom of the steps was for laundry, there was also another one that had a couch and some chairs as well as a TV set up.

Next to the furnace room they found what looked like a dungeon.

“Wow, would you look at that, your neighbors are really kinky Craig.”

“I looks that way, but I need to check the furnace filter.”

“You go ahead and look I want to see what they have in here.”

Craig went and changed out the filter, put the old one in the bag the new one came in and took it upstairs and put it into the trash can in the garage.

When he returned Alice was sitting on a bar-stool placed against a wall, she was holding her hands apart and above her head, next to some chains with cuffs that where hanging from the wall.

“Hi Craig, I think this is where she chains her hubby to the wall.”

Craig walked over and saw that the leather cuffs were fleece lined and that the connectors couldn’t be unhooked by the person they were on, unless the other hand was free. They looked custom made.

“Hook me up Craig, I want to see what it feels like, I think I may get something like this for Steve.”

Craig could also see another set of chains with similar but larger cuffs set lower down and further apart on the wall. He started smiling. He had been tied up enough by Maude that he was eager to try it from the other side.

“Yeah, sure, let me see how this works.”

He took one hand and pulled it over to the cuff, it had a simple closing, there were large snaps and a large hook and loop strap, it also looked like the strap could be locked on, but the padlocks weren’t in sight.

“How’s that?”

“It feels pretty secure, but the fleece is comfy.”

“Here, let me try the other one.”

He saw how he could adjust the chains and soon her arms were making a large ‘V’ above her head.

“I’m getting ideas Alice,” he said with a grin.

“Me too, can you get my jeans down?”

He quickly unbuckled her belt, unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and pulled them down. Her boots blocked them, so he pulled the calf length boots off, then her jeans and panties off.

Standing between her legs pushing them apart he kissed her roughly.

“Oh, looks who’s feeling all dominant,” she purred, looking forward to a good fucking.

He reached over, and sure enough the lower cuff and chain assembly was perfect for going around her thigh just above her knee, and held her leg out to the side.

After chaining back her other leg she was helpless against the wall. He had a massive erection.

“I wonder how far you would sag down if I took away the bar-stool?” he said in a conversational tone.

“Craig honey, I don’t like the look in your eye, just let me out of here and I’ll do anything you want, just let me out.”

She was squirming her wrists and hands, trying to reach the cuffs to unfasten them. He didn’t say anything.

“It’s cold here, the wall is cold against my back, you need to let me go.”

“In a little bit, I’m not done yet.”

He closed with her, pressing against her, he kissed her again, his mouth dominating her, his tongue invading her. She accepted him, she sighed, her eyes closed.

Craig started unbuttoning her blouse, he pulled it open and yanked her bra above her breasts, looking straight into her eyes he pinched her nipples, squeezed them hard and twisted them.

“Oh god no, please Craig, no, please, I’ll scream, I’ll scream, nooooo.”

He reached his hand down and felt her pussy, she was dripping and as he stroked her slit she hunched her hips toward him, trying to impale his finger.

“I think your mouth is saying one thing, but your pussy is saying something quite different Alice,” he said in as menacing a tone as he could manage. He had noticed some items on a set of shelves by the door, he went over and picked up a ball gag.

When he turned around he saw her eyes bugged out, She continued to to demand release and her voice was getting louder. It was beginning to worry him that someone might hear.

He thought that she made quite a sight spread out on the wall, her legs open her pussy bare and glinting in the overhead light, her boobs pulled out below her bra, so he took out his cell phone and started taking pictures.

She saw him taking pictures and got very much louder.


He quickly stepped in front of her and shoved the ball gag into her open mouth, in a moment he had the strap buckled behind her head, all she could do now was make grunts and groans.

He again felt her pussy, still sopping and she again began hunching at him, trying to get his finger into her pussy.

He pulled his jeans down and his boxers followed, he leaned in and talked into her ear, her eyes round and staring at him.

“Calm down Alice, nothing is going to happen that you don’t want, I’m going to fuck you, and you’re going to cum, when you’ve cum enough times I’ll let you go and that’s that. You’re going to enjoy this. I know I will.”

With that he took hold of his erection and pushed it against her slit, he bumped it against her clit and she lurched, he slid it up and down and back up to her clit. She lurched and tried to push herself against him.

He held his cock at her entrance and looked directly into her eyes.

“You want this don’t you?”

Furious nods up and down and pleading looks in her eyes. “You’ll do anything I say to get this cock won’t you?”

More nods, more begging looks, thin whines came from her gagged mouth.

“If I put this cock into you now, you’ll do whatever I say from now on won’t you.”

She was nodding again, rapid mews came from her.

“You’ll come to me when I want you, you fuck me whenever I want, you’ll suck me, you’ll deep throat me, won’t you?”

She was desperate to have him, her hips were pushing herself toward him, trying to engulf him, they threatened to spill her from her stool.

“You’ll obey me in all things won’t you?”

Frantically she nodded and pleaded with eyes with whatever sounds she could make.

He smiled and pushed into her swamp of a pussy. He couldn’t believe the power rush he had. Part of him was appalled that he dared to tease her like this, to tie her up like this. The rest of him was excited.

Craig knew what she was feeling, he had been on the submissive side before with Maude. While he always felt a little odd, a little disturbed by it, he knew how erotic it could be to let go. It was after all just a game, and it would be over soon, wouldn’t it?

The sounds that Alice was making sounded like happy sounds to Craig as pushed in and pulled out of her pussy.

“You like this don’t you, you like a cock in your slut cunt don’t you?”

“Mmm Mmmfff”

“If you let me I’ll do terrible things to you.”

“Mmmmfffff mmm”

“I’ll make you fuck strangers, I’ll enter you in wet t-shirt contests.”


“Have you ever been gang-banged?” As he said that he slammed into her hard, holding her against the wall.


“You’ll dress like a slut, I’ll make you seduce your daughter.”

“Hhhhnnnn hhhnnnnn hhhhnnnnn”

She came, her eyes rolled back, her cunt spasmed and clamped onto Craig’s cock. Then she seemed to pass out, slumped down she hung from the chains, her eyes closed.

Craig pulled out, his cock still hard, a little worried. He pulled his jeans up and unhooked her her legs, then her arms, he carried her to the floor and laid her down.

“Alice, Alice, are you OK.”

Her eyes opened lazily.


He took off her gag, tossed it into the corner.

“I’ve never cum so hard,” she managed to get out when she got her jaws to work.

I don’t know what came over me. It was never like that with my husband, and Stephen is a wonderful lover, but something about you, this, here. I’ve been on edge all day, then that sexy stuff upstairs.”

“Maybe we should get dressed and get out of here.”

“You haven’t cum yet Craig, we can stay a while.”

“No, that’s OK, you scared me a little, and anyway I want to be rested for Mom.”

“OK, I understand. I really enjoyed this, and I enjoyed it last night when you came in on the two of us, we should do that again.”

“Yeah, that was fun, I want to do it again. Maybe I’ll get you two to wrestle to decide who gets me first.” He smiled and laughed as he said that. But the idea was intriguing.

She pulled off of him and started getting dressed, the cool air in the room quickly deflated his penis, and he got his shirt tucked in and zipped up.

They made sure everything was as it was when they came in and then left. After Alice left Amy called to tell him that she was going to have dinner with the clients, she thought that they could come to an agreement with the sellers this evening since the other realtor and the sellers were just as motivated.

“That sounds great Mom. Alice was just here and dropped off a Christmas present and said she was going to be gone for a few days.”

“I know, I’m going to close up shop here and we aren’t opening until after New Year’s day.”

“Oh goody, I get you all to myself until then.”

“You do, I hope you can think of something for us to do.”

“I’m sure we can come up with something, and I expect a lot of the time we’ll be naked and in bed.”

“Yes dear, that will be fine.”

“You can’t talk right now can you? The clients are right there aren’t they?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“I’m going to fuck you every chance I get. I’m going to fuck you in the ass, you are going to have so many orgasms you won’t know which way is up.”

“I think we can do that too.”

“Maybe tomorrow we can go out and get you some sexy slutty clothing, mini-dresses, low blouses, super high heeled shoes.”

“Whatever you say, but you don’t have to go to so much trouble.”

“Oh? You would rather just walk around the house naked? Maybe we can go out to a restaurant with you naked under your parka?”

“I’m not sure about that.” Her voice was a little strained, thinking about the things that she was hearing. Her son had become much more forceful and confidant than before, and it was turning her on.

“Maybe we can find a place with tablecloths that reach the floor and you can get under and give me a blow-job.”

“We’ll have to talk about that before-hand.” She could feel her panties getting damp, she tried not to show her excitement to the clients sitting just a few feet away.

“Or I could bring some friends over and you could be a naked waitress while we watch football, you would be the half-time entertainment.”

“Oh!” She squeaked. Her pussy leaking at his outrageous talk. “I have to get back to my clients, we need to get going.”

“OK Mom, you know I’m just teasing don’t you?”

“I don’t know, maybe we can manage that.”

“OMG Mom, you’re not serious are you?” Now he was worried.

Amy was laughing to herself, she’d teach him to tease her.

“We’ll just have to see.” And she hung up.

Craig wished that he had stayed with Alice now, the talk had gotten him even more horny. He then called Nancy back and told her that he had checked and everything seemed OK. He thought about the things they found in the house and decided he would like to go over there again, on his own and explore.

“One thing Nancy, I noticed that it seemed a little stuffy in there, maybe I should open a window for an hour or so to get some fresh air in there.”

“That sounds like a good idea Craig, but I wouldn’t like you to leave an open window, even if it’s just cracked, unless you stay there while you’re doing it.”

“I can handle that, I could bring a book over and read, or my laptop and play some games for an hour or so.”

“That would be fine, you can watch our TV if you want, we get a lot of premium channels, and we have a lot of DVDs you could watch, they’re all there in the entertainment center.”

“I might do that, I think I might pop over now, Mom’s working late and won’t be home for a while.”

“Be our guest Craig, and if you feel industrious you can do the laundry too, I think there’s about a load’s worth in the hamper,” she laughed as she said it.

“Probably not, I have a hard enough time getting my own done.”

“There are.” then she stopped.

“I’m here.”

She paused, as if she started to say something and stopped.

“Oh well, if you can’t find anything in the TV cabinet in the living room that you want to watch, we have some more stuff in the basement lounge.”

“All right, I think I’ll be fine.”

Nancy laughed sort of oddly and they said their good-byes and hung up.

Craig left a note on the kitchen table in case he was over there when his Mom came home, then put a few slices of left-over pizza he found onto a paper plate and headed over with his pizza and laptop.

As he suspected the single key worked in the back door to the kitchen as well as it had for the front door. He put the pizza into their microwave and looked into their fridge for something to drink.

He was settled into an easy chair in the living room, a window in the kitchen cracked up a few inches as well as another upstairs, and one in the basement giving some gentle cross ventilation.

They were having a small warm spell this winter and the temperature was above freezing as the afternoon sunlight slanted through the glass. He kept a sweater on knowing it would be cooler with the windows cracked, but he wanted to make sure the sex smell was out of the basement.

As he ate the pizza and drank the root-beer he flipped through channels on their TV. They did have several movie channel packages and when he went into the really high numbers he found an x-rated channel.

Craig settled for a sit-com that was being re-run while he ate. When he finished he went to an x-rated channel, but the porn just wasn’t very erotic, it was mostly mechanical and had no plot.

He knew that a year ago he would have been enthralled, but since he had so many opportunities to have sex, as well has make love, the emotionless non-acting in the porn was a turn-off.

He went through the DVD collection and saw the usual mix of recent action movies, dramas and chick flicks along with a few classics. He remembered Nancy mentioning more movies downstairs and he made his way down to what he thought of as the ‘basement living room’.

He figured that it would be a nice cool retreat in the hottest summer months. In the cabinet under the slightly smaller and older TV he found a few more movies, mostly R-rated, along with what looked like some home recorded compact video tapes and some newer recoded DVDs.

He put one of the compact tapes in the adapter and then into the machine. The tape was of Tom, in a pair of panties, he was kneeling and he could hear Nancy’s voice telling him what a sissy he was.

The image steadied and then a naked Nancy stepped into view, she slapped Tom a few times then tied him to a bed, pulled his panties down to free his erection, and rode him until they both came.

Craig was interested in Nancy, he had known her for years and here she was completely naked, her large breasts bouncing and swaying as she rode Tom. After Tom came inside her, Nancy crawled up and lowered her pussy onto his face and ordered him to clean her out.

Craig had done the same thing before, but it was something he enjoyed doing, this was portrayed as something demeaning, something she was forcing Tom to do. Craig was hard.

The film continued, Tom was usually naked, sometimes dressed normally, and often in panties. Nancy abused him and ordered him about. They were both obviously acting for the camera, and didn’t seem natural.

Craig looked at some of the recorded DVDs, the theme was the same, occasionally it was just Tom and Nancy making love in various positions, but usually they were playing some sort of domination games.

The newer ones are more intense, with Tom really getting spanked hard, or being whipped hard enough to leave welts. They were using a tripod, occasionally Nancy would come at the camera and re-adjust the angle.

Nancy was the one that Craig was interested in, she was older than Craig, probably about 10 or 12 years older, early thirties, about 10 or 12 years younger than Amy. Nice hips, bottom, small waist, a curve to her tummy, enough to be sexy, and large breasts.

Her costume changed as the recordings got newer, at first just panties with and without a bra, then more and more costumes, garter belts, dark hose, push-up bras that left her nipples bare, then a basque, often without panties.

She shaved her pubic hair in the last few, just a landing strip above her slit. Tom was shaved completely, no chest, arm or leg hair. He usually wore panties, sometimes a bra, occasionally he was completely dressed, with make-up and wig.

A few times Tom wore a leather harness and sometimes with some sort of chastity device. The verbal abuse escalated, from obvious play acting with Tom and Nancy sometimes smiling out of character.

All to quickly it sounded more serious. It went from chiding Tom for minor infractions to insults about himself, his personality, his manhood. In the newer DVDs Nancy several times told him that she was going to fuck another man.

As Craig skipped from one DVD to another Tom could be seen to become more and more submissive, at first playing, later completely conditioned as a submissive husband. He was always aroused when he was punished or insulted.

Craig got his laptop going and started putting the DVDs that he thought were the best into the laptop and recording them onto his hard drive. He thought they would be interesting to enjoy on his own at a later date.

Tom genuinely seemed to be getting off on the treatment, even as his rewards went from actual sex with his wife during every session to hand jobs by Nancy to having to masturbate as she berated him. Eventually he was denied orgasm in some sessions.

Craig couldn’t help wondering if that what the kind of thing that Maude had in mind for him if they continued to play like they had been.

As Craig skipped through the newest DVD, with an occasional stop to hear the dialog her heard his own name!

“You miserable excuse for a man, I need to have another man, that boy next door would do nicely, yes, Craig would be happy to fuck me, he’s a real man, not some sniveling worm like you.”

Craig was surprised, and turned on. She went on to speculate on how Craig’s penis would be so much bigger than Tom’s, by then Craig was completely hard, he looked from his equipment to poor Tom’s. Yup he told himself, I am bigger than him.

He made sure to copy that one as watched another on the TV. As he finished copying the last of the DVDs he looked at the time, he hadn’t noticed how much time he has spent in the basement, it was well after dark now.

Just then he heard someone come in the back door, then he heard his mother calling for him.

“I’m down in the basement Mom,” he called back.

“What are you doing down here, did you know the kitchen window is open? It’s freezing in here.”

Craig was shutting the TV down and putting things away as Amy came down the basement steps.

“Craig, what is going on in here,” Amy said in a worried voice. “Where you watching movies down here?”

“Nancy called, she wanted me to check the attic to make sure a leak was fixed, and it felt stuffy in here, I suggested cracking open some windows and airing things out.”

“But you shouldn’t be going through their stuff.”

“She asked that I stay in the house if I opened things up, she told me that I could find some movies down here if I didn’t want to see any of the ones upstairs. I think they must use this room when it gets too hot in the summer.”

“I think so, she has mentioned before that the old central air system really couldn’t keep the upstairs cool when it really gets hot and muggy.”

Together they closed up the house, locked it up and went home. He didn’t tell her about the kind of games their neighbors played, he wanted to think about how to broach the subject to her. Meanwhile he had some really kinky fetish movies on his laptop.

They went into the bedroom and Craig helped Amy undress as she chatted about her day.

“We finally got to an agreement and since the buyers had a pre-approved loan we shouldn’t have any problems closing fairly quickly.”

“That’s nice Mom, here let me unhook your bra.”

As her bra fell forward he slipped his hands around her to cup her breasts.

“That feels good honey, but before we too excited with each other I need to get into the shower, it’s been a long day and I need to relax.”

“Me too, can we take one together?”

“That’s always fun honey, will you give me a back rub before we go to bed?”

“That’s always fun Mom,” he answered with a grin.

Amy was naked by then and headed into the bathroom. Craig followed in a few seconds. When he got into the bathroom his mother was leaning through the shower curtain and turning on the water.

“You have the most beautiful bottom I’ve ever seen.”

He walked up to her, his erection leading the way and caressed up and down her hips as she stood up.

“Slow down son, we have all night and nearly two weeks together, there isn’t a hurry.”

“I know but I love touching you.”

“One of the many reasons I think about you constantly. Now get that water temperature right while I wash this makeup off.”

Soon they were both standing in the tub with the shower splashing down on them. Craig made sure to clean her breasts, pussy and between her bottom cheeks.

“It feels like you have a little bit of stubble, have you decided to let your pussy hair grow out again?”

“No, I just had to postpone my waxing appointment, I’m going in after Christmas.”

“Can I come?”

“She would probably think that’s a little strange.”

“Oh come on, she’s probably seen a lot weirder than that.”

“Honey, you’re my son, that is way more than weird. She’d be asking all kinds of questions.”

“Haven’t you told me that she has hinted at all kinds of things?”

“Yes, she has, and that means that there are other people that she would hint to about us.”

“Oh, hadn’t thought about that.”

“Of course if you were to go in and get waxed yourself….”

“I don’t know about that, wouldn’t they think that was weird?”

“Would they? Haven’t you told me that the guys on the swim team shave themselves completely? You told me that Jack Aagard did when you were in high-school.”

“He did, and he was a dedicated swimmer, but he’s also a little weird.”

“His mother can’t talk about anything else but him, he’s going to Woodson College here for now. And he swims at the Y, he’s always the last one out before my water aerobics class starts.”

“Does he still wear that tiny little speedo?”

“Yup, and he looks mighty good.” she said with a snicker.

“Oh!” She gasped as Craig quit pretending to wash her pussy and slid a finger into her.

“Aren’t I good looking?”

“Mmmmmm that feels good, and yes, you would look just as good in a speedo.”

He was at her feet, stroking in and out of her, his other hand playing with her bottom, caressing it, and sliding up to play with her little rosebud.

She leaned against the back wall, lifted one foot onto the side of the tub and began to rub her breasts as Craig began to nuzzle her pussy with his lips.

Craig slowly pushed a finger into her anus as he slid two fingers into her moistened pussy, his tongue began exploring her slit. The only sounds were the shower and the moans that came from the two lovers.

Craig was using three fingers in her pussy, sliding them in and out as the single finger in her ass slid out and in and his tongue began to slurp around her clit on every stroke up and down her slit that it made.

She was pinching her nipples and tugging them out until they were elongated beyond their normal length.

“I’m close baby, real close, don’t stop honey, don’t stop.”

Craig’s cock was hard and ready, he had held off cumming in Alice just so that he would be able to give his mother the best that he could.

“Here I go baby, suck my clit, suck it suck it.”

She continued with a long drawn out moan, then slumped a bit when it was done. She gently pushed him away from her now sensitive clit.

She came down from her quick cum, what she hoped would be the first of many this night, his finger was still in her bottom although he had withdrawn from her pussy.

He kissed her mound as he got up, his cock pushing into her tummy when he was standing. They kissed again, his hands holding her butt cheeks and hers around his neck.

They kissed and nibbled at each other for some time. Eventually the water started to get a little cooler so Craig broke off and instead of turning off the water he just re-adjusted the temperature, turning the cold faucet down and the hot one up.

“Do you want to stay in a little longer honey?”

“Just a little Mom.”

He held her in his arms, then pulled her past him and turned her to face the front, he gently pushed her over until she was leaning against the wall under the shower head.

“Are you going to be naughty baby? Are you going fuck your mother?”

“Yes Mommy, can I fuck your bottom?” He said in a little boy voice.

She didn’t say anything, just reached out past the shower curtain, grabbed a bottle of her lotion and handed it back to him, then resumed her bent over position.

“Be sure to use a lot of this.”

Craig spread the lotion onto his cock, then re-entered her anus with his fingers and spread lotion there too. When he felt like he had her well lubricated he positioned his hard cock and pushed.

“Easy honey, easy.”

“Does it hurt?”

“A little burning, just go slow honey.”

His head was fully inside her bottom, past her ring of muscle.

“Ahhh that’s it honey.” She groaned in pleasure, the burning wasn’t as bad as it was and she was starting to feel the pleasure.

He brought one hand around her and started to lightly massage to one side of her clit.

“Mmmmm that’s it honey, push in a little more, just a little more.”

He continued to push into her, soon he was half way in, The stinging was gone and she was feeling his cock fill her up.

“You’re so tight mom, so tight, feels really good.”

The full sensation was good. She hadn’t had anything there since the divorce. Her son was taking his time and filling her up slowly enough that it felt good.

It wasn’t long before he was fully seated inside her. He was still until he heard her murmur that he could start moving, he eased his cock nearly out than slowly back in, then again, this time with most of his cock clear of her body he dripped more lotion on it before plunging back in.

“Oh yes, yes, faster baby, faster.”

He sped up, soon he was pumping into her steadily, harder and faster each time.

“Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck your slut, fuck me in the ass! Fuck me!

He did.

After being turned on all day, nearly cumming several times during the day, he was finally nearly there again, no edging off again, he was going to squirt into his mommy’s ass, he was going to fill her up.

“Nearly there, nearly there Mom!”

He was massaging her clit in time with his thrusts, she was pushing back into him with each thrust.

“I’m going to cum, going to cum baby, cum with mommy honey, cum with meeeeeeee!

He started squirting into her, she felt the pulses entering her, his hot cum injecting into her, and she came.

They were both groaning in pleasure, he was buried into her bottom as far as he could get while she pushed back at him, both cumming.

The water was barely warm now. Craig’s cock shrunk and plopped out, his mother turned around, knelt, reached for the soap and lovingly cleaned him off.

They turned off the water and stepped out into the bathroom, the space heater was doing its job and had kept the bathroom toasty. They dried each other off.

“Lets put on some robes and go downstairs, I feel like a movie and some snuggling.”

They went downstairs and Amy picked out a comedy they had both seen many times, an old classic they liked so much that they would sometimes quote the lines with the actors.

Since it was winter and even with the furnace on it was a little chilly, Craig wore some old sweat pants and socks with his t-shirt, Amy kept her robe on over her panties. They both cuddled up under a worn quilt that they kept just for that purpose.

Amy was cuddled up to Craig and he had an arm over her shoulders, his other hand would reach up and caress her breasts, her tummy, or any where else he could reach, by the time the movie was nearing it’s end he had his free hand in her panties, slowly working a finger up and down her slit.

She would tease his nipples through the t-shirt and tilt her head back periodically for him to lean down and kiss. Their kisses became more and passionate and longer and longer throughout the evening.

When the credits rolled up Craig shut off the TV and they headed upstairs. He went up behind her so he could watch her bottom sway as she walked.

Once they had brushed their teeth and got ready for bed, Craig stripped off his clothes and got into the cold bed naked, his cock tenting up the covers.

His mother came out of the bathroom still in her terry robe, tossed it onto a chair by the bed, paused looking down into her son’s eyes, and pushed her panties down off her hips and let them fall to the floor.

She pulled up the covers and got into bed next to him, he reached for her and they met in a kiss. His arm was under her head, his other hand around her back, stroking up and down. She sent a hand over to his hip, then directly to his cock.

His hand went up her back to her neck, then down over her hip, stopped to squeeze her bottom and then down her thigh, then back, over and over with variations as they kissed, their tongues dancing and playing.

She was stroking his cock in slow sensuous motions, sliding under to cup his balls, give them a gentle squeeze and then back to play with his cock.

“I still have a hard time realizing that I have sex with my own son, and that I love it, and that he loves it too.”


“You do love it don’t you baby? You do love fucking your old Mom.”

“Oh god yes, yes yes yes.”

“I know Maude has been doing really harsh things with you, are you really into it?”

“I don’t know, I like the sex, and I have to admit that lingerie feels really sexy on me, but the full dressing up is odd, not bad, but it does a lot more for her than for me.”

“Do you want to stop?”

“No, but it seems to be getting more and more out of hand, and she talks like she’s wanting to shove some really big things into my ass.”

“You want to fuck your own mommy in her bottom.”

“I know, its the old double standard, but there is a difference. Oh! Don’t stop, that feels so good.” Amy had collected some of his pre-cum and was using it to rub under the head of his cock.

“Why don’t we talk in the morning, I want to get on top and ride you, and then I want you to get between my legs and fuck me, hard.”

He gave a little groan, and she straddled him, grasping his cock in her hand she moved it up and down her slit, burrowing it against her clit, then moving back and then, as he pushed up with his hips, she lowered herself down, and filled her completely.

“Oh oh mommy oh mommy, I need to cum!”

“Not yet baby, hold on hold on a little longer, just a little longer.”

His hands went to her tits, cupped their firm bounty, pulled on her nipples, he was sure that he could hold off cumming for a while, even so images that he couldn’t control flashed before him, his mom stripping for him the first time, standing next to a naked Maude, the pictures of Nancy, naked and in her dominatrix outfit, Alice naked, chained to the wall with her but perched on the stool.

Amy was close, her own son, her baby, the little boy that came from her vagina, was fucking her, had secretly lusted after her for years, was fucking her, fucking her so good, his hard thrusting cock inside of her, filling her up.

“Baby, Craig honey, I’m close, I’m so close, I love you baby I love you.”

“Mommy, mommy mommy.” He had a mental picture of his Mom, she was wearing a leather collar, was kneeling in front of him, sucking his cock, her hands were tied behind her, looking up at him, her big eyes staring at him as he fucked her mouth, fucked his cock down her throat, and came, came, came hard.

His cum felt hot, his cock on fire, on fire in the warm glove of her pussy, her cunt, shooting out of his cock, pulsing and shooting, his cum filling her up as they both kept up the fucking motions.

She heard the noise that his cum made as it squished inside her with his cock as it pushed into and splatted out around his cock. His still hard cock, still fucking into her.

And she came, hard, long, her cunt grabbing his cock as if it didn’t ever want it to let go, he slammed as deep as he could as the last pulses shot up his cock and into his Mom, into the pussy that he came from. So bad, so good.

She slumped onto him as he put his arms around her, she lay on him, her eyes closed. They had promised to fuck all night, but suddenly her eyes wouldn’t open, she just wanted to lay there, so comfortable, so right, his cock inside her.

Author’s note: This is the next morning after chapter 06.


The next morning, after I showered and shaved and ate my breakfast, I laid out the toys we’d need when Mommy came home with me after church. At ten, I started to watch for her car. When it hadn’t pulled up at ten after, I was a little concerned. Mom is very punctual. I would have called her, but she never answers her cell phone. She likes to collect the messages and listen later. I was wondering if she’d stood me up, angry that I’d fucked Mrs. Beechen the previous evening. But if Mommy didn’t want me to fuck her, why did she leave with that fake excuse about a migraine? She never got them, but had always used them as a convenient excuse when she wanted to avoid someone or something. At twenty after, her car pulled up. I ran outside and went to her car. I was very surprised to see that she did not look like she was dressed for church.

“What’s wrong,” I asked, genuinely concerned. “Don’t we have church?”

“How can you go to church this morning?” she asked. “Aren’t you in mortal sin after your little visit with Eileen last night? I couldn’t have it on my conscience that you were there in that holy place without having first gone to confession.”

“Do you want to go to brunch, instead?” I asked.

“No, Junior, I would like to go shopping. I don’t want you to eat any greasy breakfast food. It might interfere with your medication. I’ve read that it can do that” She had a very big smile on her ruby lipsticked lips as she said it. “Why don’t you take your pill now, if you haven’t already?”

I reached in my pocket for it, popped it in my mouth, and swallowed it with my saliva. “Where are we going shopping?” was my next question.

“Mommy needs hardware,” she answered. “So I need a man to shop with me.” She headed for the local big box hardware store. I wondered what we were going to buy.

On the way, I considered her clothes. She was wearing a dark skirt that came to her knees, and sensible, boring shoes. Her blouse was also a dark color, and was not very tight. It gave her a shapeless appearance. I did notice that her legs were enclosed in dark pantyhose or nylons. But other than that, and her lipstick, she wasn’t dressed sexy. But she’d told me to pop a Viagra, so I had to assume that we were still going to fuck in about an hour.

When we got to the store, she had me get a hand-carried basket for merchandise. So we weren’t going to be buying anything big. She headed for the aisle with fasteners, looked up and down the wall of merchandise, and then pointed to a big pack of bungee cords. “Those will do nicely,” she said. I reached up and pulled a pack from the rack. There were 10 of them in the pack. “Get two, I might need more,” she instructed me.

“This way,” she said, her voice commanding and stern. Mommy was in complete control.

I didn’t know where we were heading. I did not dare to ask. As we passed one aisle, she walked in and pointed to a bottle of pine-scented cleanser. “Get that,” she commanded. “Your kitchen needs to be scrubbed.”

She kept walking and soon arrived at the hardware aisle of hooks and assorted fasteners. She located a packet of “S” hooks and instructed me to add them to our haul, then she headed for the check-out, where I paid for the items.

As soon as we were headed out of the parking lot, I could see that mom was headed for her house, not my place.

When we got home, she said, “Pliers are in the kitchen drawer.” I knew what she meant; the odd-and-ends drawer. I got it out.

“Your room,” she instructed.

We went upstairs. My old bedroom didn’t have much in it. An empty dresser. My old bed, near the window. Next to it was my old desk. I noticed that mom’s laptop computer was sitting on the desk. That seemed odd. Why would she use my bedroom as an office?

“Did you enjoy Eileen’s pussy, darling?” she asked, breaking our long silence. “Would you like to fuck it again.” I could only wonder what devious game she was playing.

“It was just pussy, mommy. I’ve had lots of pussy,” I answered. “It was nothing special.”

“Yes, Junior, but would you fuck it again?”

“Sure, I guess, if there was the right situation. But it’s not as if I’m going to go after her!” What the hell was mommy driving at? It seemed to me that she had gone out of her way to engineer my fuck of the next-door-neighbor!

“Okay, Mummy just wants to be clear,” she said. “Take your clothes off and lie down.” The tone of her voice made it clear that I was not to argue. I quickly stripped and then lay down on the bed, head on the pillow. It was a spare bed that we had for company. It was a lot narrower than a standard bed, so it could be put into a bedroom wherever it was needed on a temporary basis. This narrow spare bed seemed very small. Lying on my back, my elbows were almost off the bed on each side of me.

Mom was holding the bag of things we’d purchased. She pulled out the bungee cords, tore open the rope, and hooked two together at the end. With the pliers, she crimped the hook at the end so that the two cords were locked together. My bed was about two feet out from the wall by the widow. She draped the two cords across my chest so that the short end of one was dangling by the floor. She took the longer end and then slid it across the floor under the bed. She leaned over me, picked up the end, and brought it up. I was surprised. When she pulled tight and then hooked the two ends together, crimping again with the pliers, it was tight across my chest. “Guess I don’t need the ‘s’ hooks,” she said. I could tell that she was annoyed for having wasted two dollars. I was pretty sure she’d take them back for a refund.

She repeated the process four more times, pinning me down from ankle to chest with the bungee cords. I was helpless. True, if I’d really worked at it I could release myself, but my desire to discover what Mommy drove that passing thought from my mind. It was clear that she wanted me pinned down, not that she was restraining me entirely against my will.

“From now on, Mommy thinks Junior should ask Mommy about who Junior fucks,” she said, sternly. “Junior needs permission to put his meat in someone else and then into his Mommy. But Eileen is hygienic, so I’ll excuse you this one time.”

She crooked a leg and took off one shoe, then did the same for the other. She walked out of the room, carrying her shoes. I heard her go down the hall to her bedroom. A minute later, I heard a sharp clicking on the hall floor, and she came back in, wearing her black high heels. She made eye contact with me. “Junior is defiled with sin,” she said. “So I do no wrong to you in what I do.”

She grabbed the bottom of her shapeless blouse and pulled it up over her head. She was wearing a black bra that only embraced the bottom of her ample breasts, holding them up. Her nipples were fully exposed, and were clearly rigid. Since it was not cold in the house, I could tell that she was sexually aroused. Next, she reached to the top of her thick skirt and pulled it down. It turned out that she was wearing dark stockings, held in place with a black garter belt. She wasn’t wearing underwear. “Oh, that’s a good boy,” she said, laughing.

I realized that my cock was suddenly standing at attention, rock hard.

She went to the desk and moved the laptop a few inches to the left and tilted the screen down a little. I could see it very clearly. It looked to me as if she had the “video” program running. She hit a command. Then she pulled up a web browser that was set up in advance, then hit some other command. Suddenly, with high volume, a video was playing. A MILF porn actress was telling her “son” how much she needed his cock. She was, no surprise, a redhead with ample tits.

Next, mom opened the desk drawer and took out a jar of Vaseline and a towel. She took off the cap and brought them over to the bed. She took a big smear of the fuck-grease into her right hand, then wiped it up and own on my rigid cock. She wrapped her fingers very tightly around my shaft and pumped up and down. “Junior, watch your movie,” she said, sternly.

What could I do? The hot MILF was titty-fucking her “son,” telling him, “fuck me, son!”

I was hard beyond belief, with a cock covered in lube.

Mommy, in her seductive lingerie, straddled the bed so that she was standing over me. She slowly lowered her ass toward my cock, reaching down with one hand and grabbing the greasy shaft, and then lowered further and directed it toward her pussy lips. She slowly lowered herself further until I felt her warm flesh come into contact with the tip of my erect cock. A moment later, I felt the warmth envelop my shaft as I entered her. Once the first two inches were in place, she relaxed her knees and let her weight drive her cunt down onto my stiff, greased rod. It slid in, to my delight and her moans.

Although my arms were pinned from my elbows to my shoulders, my hands were partially free. I grabbed her thighs and pulled her down more tightly while thrusting up into her.

“Don’t you dare!” she said. “Hands off.”

It was her most no-nonsense voice. I dropped my hands and relaxed my back.

Once I’d obeyed, she pushed down, as if rewarding me. Once I was balls deep in her cunt, she looked down at me. “How does it compare to last night?” she inquired, sternly.

“Much nicer,” I said. “Mommy is so much nicer than some slut.”

Mommy looked pleased. “Tell me more, Junior.”

“Mrs. Beechen has fucked too much. She’s a whore with a loose cunt,” I lied.

Mommy lifted her weight and then drove down on me again. “Good boy,” she grinned.

“What about Paula?” she asked. “Don’t you think she’d be fun?” Mommy lifted her weight and dropped it again. At this point she was only making me more rigid. Given my recent activity, it would take a while for me to shoot into her. “What about her?” I answered. “I like to fuck women, and she has a cunt. But it’s not like being rewarded with a Mommy’s love.”

“Good boy,” she said, raising and lowering herself more rapidly. She leaned forward and thrust her nipples toward my mouth. I understood, and took one of them into my mouth. “Bite!” she commanded, thrusting down on me. I gave her rigid nipple a small bite with my teeth. “NO! BITE,” she screamed at me, grinding down on me. I bit hard. She moaned in response.

As I bit mommy’s nipples, first one, then the other, she ground her ass each time she brought her greasy hole down onto my fat hard penis.

Without warning, she stood up. My cock stood straight up in the air. I could see the blue veins standing out from the red flesh.

Mom reached for the Vaseline and thrust her hand into it. She brought out a big slab of it, turned her tits and face and ass away from me, bent at the waist, reached back, and pushed her hand into her ass. Her ample ass cheeks parted, and I could see that she was pushing several lubed fingers into her asshole.

“When Junior goes to confession,” she said in her sweetest voice, “he should think about what he will get in heaven. Perhaps if he is good, he will have the reward of tight virgin ass every day.”

She straddled me again, reverse cowboy style, and lowered herself. With one hand she felt for my cock, then slid her hand to near the base of the shaft so that she could direct it. When she felt the cock-head come into contact with the curving hairless canyon between her ass cheeks, she guided it toward her waiting asshole. She was working by feel. When she felt the head of my cock at the opening, she gradually lowered herself further. In one long motion of her body, I felt my stiff cock enveloped by the tightest glove imaginable. The head of my cock was moving slowly into her ass.

I heard a mild buzzing sound. I hadn’t realized that mom had taken something else from the drawer. Her free hand was holding a small vibrator, and she placed it between her legs. On her clit, I assumed. She began to move up and down on my cock, driving it more deeply into her ass with each motion. She pulled up each time so that I was almost ready to fall out. Sensing this, she would drive back down, filling herself and moaning aloud.

From the desk, I became aware of the soundtrack of the porno on the laptop. “Fuck mommy’s ass, Fuck mommy’s ass!” said a sultry voice. Fuck mommy’s ass, Fuck mommy’s ass!” said my mother, in a responsive echo. She began to move more rapidly up and down.

“Paula wants to fuck you!” she yelled, almost frantic as she pumped her ass and worked her clit with the tool. “She wants to get back at Eileen!”

I didn’t know how to answer. But mom had made me the submissive, so I suddenly understood.

“Yes, Mommy, you want me to fuck Paula to get back at her mom,” I said.

“Good boy!” she squealed. “Uh, Uh, Uh. Uh.” She was panting. She was coming! She did not allow her pleasure to lead to a loss of control. She kept moving up and down in the same satisfying rhythm. She merely put out one hand and braced herself on the wall while she continued to take it up the ass. Her heavy rapid panting continued for half a minute while she drove her ass onto my penis another ten or twelve times. The pleasure was becoming unbearable.

“Mommy, may I come?” I yelled.

“Yes, Junior, whenever you’re ready!” she answered. Her voice was a little shaky.

“Ohhhhhhhh, fuck, YES! Take it mommy!” And I shot a load into mommy’s ass for the third time. My cock jerked with each wave of my orgasm. Although I’d emptied a load of cum into Eileen the night before, it still felt as if waves of creamy goo were emptying into her ass, which was so tight around my cock that the spasms of come were only released because her pumping action was squeezing my load up my shaft. At least it felt that way. I felt as if I wanted to faint from the intensity. After my cock was squeezed dry by the firm grip of her asshole, I let out a huge sigh of satisfaction.

The room was quiet. The video on the laptop had reached its end. Ever so slowly, my mother stood up from her straddling position, and my still rigid cock was released from the grip of the ass that had pumped me dry. Standing beside me in high heels, stockings, garter belt and a push-up frontless bra, red hair flaming in the sunlight coming through the window, she was the very image of a ripe fuck-Goddess, an Aphrodite designed to collect seed from eager lustful men. She made eye contact with me and smiled. “Rest a minute and then work your way out of those,” she said. “Mommy is going to go start pancakes and bacon.” With that, she turned on her heels and left the room.