mother in law

My first wife and I lived in California. Like most Midwestern transplants we had a hot tub and used it. It set on the deck and was sheltered by acacia bushes. The neighbors might be able to see us but it was through the filter of the bushes.

We had settled into a comfortable routine. We would have drinks on the deck each evening while I fixed something on the grill. After dinner and more drinks we’d have sex on the deck or in the hot tub or both. She particularly loved to sit on the edge of the hot tub while I licked her pussy to orgasm. Then she would slide down into the tub, straddle me and we’d fuck slowly while the water jets forced bubbles up between us. We would then stagger off to bed. Usually we slept spoon fashion and would fuck one last time like that before drifting off to sleep.

One day she announced that her mother was coming to stay with us. Her mom lived in the Midwest. She and her husband were divorcing. She needed someplace to stay while the property settlement was worked out. The mother in law and I had never got along. She never felt I wasn’t good enough for her “baby”. I felt she was just a worrisome big tit old drunk.

Things were no better when she moved in. The liquor bill looked like the national debt. My ex-wife spent most of her time refereeing the spats the mother in law and I had. We eventually settled into an uneasy truce for the sake of the woman we both loved.

The mother in law was a functional drunk. She could drink all day and, aside from slurred words, move about the house. Then abruptly she would pass out. The ex-wife I and settled in to a new routine of less sex on the deck and more in the bed because of my mother in law. But one evening the mother in law had gone to bed. The ex-wife and I had our drinks and dinner on the deck. After dinner we had drinks sitting on the edge of the hot tub. I slowly slid into the water and buried my face in that fantastic pussy! The ex-wife protested a little at first…worrying about her mom seeing us. I held tight to her hips and kept licking and sucking her clit.

As she was giving herself up to my pussy licking and grinding her pussy into my face, I glanced up and saw her mom standing in the hall leading to her bedroom. With one hand she held up her nightgown while the other was buried in her pussy! She was getting off watching me eat her daughter! She saw me watching her. Our eyes met as I licked her daughter to orgasm. I moved across the hot tub and sat down. The lust in my wife’s mom’s eyes was obvious. Her daughter slid into the water, walked across and straddled me, her back to her mother. While we fucked I watched her mom work her fingers into her hairy pussy. It was strangely erotic to be fucking the daughter while her mom watched masturbating.

The old bitch slumped against the door as she came. She tottered back into her room. Her daughter had an earth shattering orgasm. Her pussy gripped my dick like a vice, forcing me to cum. We hugged and kissed. Then we staggered upstairs to our room. We were a lot drunker than we normally would be. Instead of our normal spoon style sex session, she passed out. Still semi hard, I walked downstairs for a nightcap.

Her mom was behind the bar fixing herself a drink. Without a word she fixed me one and handed it to me. We got into a whispered argument about her watching me and her daughter.

“You perverted old whore, I saw you getting off watching your daughter have sex!” I hissed

“I noticed you didn’t stop when you saw me watching you”, she fired back.

I was wearing PJ bottoms. The mother in law had on one of those nightgowns that were like a long muscle shirt. Her huge tits poked out of the side.

At one point in our whispered fight, she went to stand up. She was too drunk and slumped to her knees. I tried to break her fall but ended up with two hands full of big ass tits. They both popped out of the side of her gown. She was easily E cup. I put my hands under her armpits in and attempt to lift her. All I succeeded in doing was forcing her head into my crotch.

And then, unexpectedly, she reached into my PJ bottoms, grabbed my dick and began sucking! I was stunned and pushed her away. My cock came out of her mouth with a faint popping sound. I staggered past her and leaned my back against the bar. I was a lot drunker than I usually was.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I said.

She was on her knees in front of me. She wore that loose lopsided grin all drunks have. My cock was rock hard now. She crawled over on her knees and took me in her mouth. I made a feeble attempt to push her away again. But I was too drunk and she was too good. I didn’t want her to stop. She made loud slurping sounds as her head bobbed back and forth. Her saliva was running down the length of my dick. I could feel her saliva dripping off my balls into the crack of my ass. I reached down, grabbed a big tit and pinched her nipple hard!! She moaned and reached one hand back to her pussy. She balanced herself on her knees with the other hand while her head continued to bob back and forth. I could hear the wet sounds her pussy made as she furiously rubbed her clit.

At some point I slid to the floor. I was pinching both nipples as hard as I could. She was moaning and groaning. I felt myself starting to cum. So did she! Her head bobbed faster and faster. I unloaded into her mouth. Spurt after spurt filled her mouth. It began to ooze out of the side of her mouth and down her chin. It dripped on to her big jugs. She was gulping madly trying to get all of my seed. At the same time she was bucking against her hand, cumming.

We both collapsed on the floor, spent.

I got up, using a bar stool to balance myself. My mother in law was on her hands and knees trying to stand up. The combination of the alcohol and the excitement had her blowing like a steam engine. I thought she was going to have a heart attack.

“You ok?”, I said

“Help me up”

I squatted behind her, put my arms around her waist and attempted to lift her. My semi hard cock was rubbing her ass through her night gown. She pushed her ass back against my dick.

“You going to fuck me?”, she gasped, trying to catch her breath.

“Not so loud, you old bitch! You are going to wake up your daughter.”

She reached behind her and grabbed at my dick. I moved back so quickly that I fell backwards, banging my head against a bar stool. A little stunned and still very drunk, I sat sprawled on the floor. My wife’s mom crawled over and grabbed my dick. She started slowly stroking me. Despite myself, I was getting hard. I pushed her away and walked out onto the deck. I motioned for her to follow me.

As she struggled to get up to one knee, I could see the hair on her pussy was wet and matted. She struggled to her feet and staggered out to the deck. I closed the sliding glass patio door behind her. We took seats in chairs facing each other, our knees touching.

“I whispered urgently, that can never happen again. If your daughter had caught us it would have been devastating for her and our marriage”

She leaned forward. The smell of scotch wafted over me.

“Oh yeah, it’s going to happen again. I ain’t had no dick in months. We are going to have to be careful. I don’t want to hurt my baby, but we are going to fuck”

“Have you lost your mind or has all the alcohol softened your brain? I don’t even like your drunken ass. We have never gotten along. You don’t appeal to me. There is no way we are going to fuck.”

“I’ll tell her myself, she said, unless you agree to fuck me whenever I want,”

I was too drunk to argue. I nodded my head in surrender. She finished her drink and tried to stand. She over balanced on the chair and fell back on her ass, legs splayed. I realized she was too drunk to walk. I grabbed her around her waist and lifted her to her feet. She sagged heavily against me. Her bedroom had an entrance on the deck. I duck walked her to the sliding glass door. I managed to get her in the room. I dropped her face down on the bed. Her gown had risen up around her waist. Her ass was surprisingly full and round for a 60 year old woman.

I tried to ignore my hardening dick. I closed and locked the patio door. I walked out into the hall. I had to balance myself on the walls as I stumbled upstairs to my room. My wife lay face down in the bed. She was butt ass naked. In the dim light I noticed how much her ass looked like her mom’s ass. I leaned down and kissed her full firm ass. She didn’t move. I knelt down and gently parted her legs. She stirred a bit but didn’t wake up. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and licked her asshole. She moaned a little. Licking her asshole always drove her wild. I forced the tip of my tongue into her rosebud.

She mumbled sleepily, “I’m sorry baby; I am too high and too sleepy.”

Frustrated and still aroused by my unexpected blowjob from my mother in law, I stripped off my pj bottoms and crawled in bed. My wife rolled to her side and scooted her luscious butt over. I rolled to my side. Lying spoon fashion, she began to softly snore. My hard dick was pressing hard against her ass. We had sex like this before. I would slide into her delicious pussy and fuck her while she slept. Sometimes she woke and it turned into a raging all-nighter. Other times she slept through it. The next day she would tease me about stealing pussy while she slept.

I couldn’t stop thinking about her mom in the downstairs bedroom. I rolled to my back, slowly stroking my dick. The old drunk gave great head. Her daughter was an enthusiastic cocksucker and pretty good. Her mom was better. My dick hurt it was so hard. Pre cum coated my hands as I stroked. I reached over in the nightstand and got the lube we kept there. My first thought was to lube my wife and fuck her ass.

Instead I stood and walked softly to the bedroom door. I opened it and went downstairs. It was barely 11. A lot had happened in a few hours. I grabbed a beer. I was naked. My dick stood erect. So the old bitch thought she was going to blackmail me, did she. I downed half the beer in a swallow. I had brought the lube with me. It lay on the bar. I picked it up and walked the short distance from the bar to my mother in law’s room. I opened the door to her room. She was still on her stomach snoring loudly. But she had taken off her gown.

Her huge tits bulged out of each side. That full ass was on display. it was slightly wrinkled but still full. The room stank of old alcohol. I closed the door behind me. I walked over and opened the patio door. I walked back to the bed. I was a little unsteady on my feet. I sat on the side of the bed. I reached over and stroked the mother in law”s ass. I was startled when she said, what the hell do you want? She rolled to her back. Her tits sagged to either side.

“Well, “she said, “what do you want?”

Her lips turned down in a sneer. I went to finish my beer. She grabbed it and drained it. I reached down and eased a finger into her pussy. She kept leering at me but spread her boney legs. I added a finger and stroked her G spot. Very quickly she was soaking wet.

“I knew you would be back for some of this pussy!”

“Not your pussy, I said, I want that fat ass!”

“Nobody gets my ass!”

I squeezed lube onto my finger. I stroked her pussy, spreading lube from her pussy to her asshole. Quickly, I rammed my finger in her ass while my thumb entered her pussy. Her ass rose off the bed. She struggled feebly but the alcohol made it an unfair fight.

“Leave my ass alone!”

“No, you old bitch, if we are going to fuck, I’m going to fuck your fat ass!”

She struggled to get up, turning on her side. I pushed her over on her belly. I straddled her, pressing the head of my rigid dick against her rosebud.

“No, you bastard!, he said, Nobody gets my ass.”

She struggled as I pressed harder against her asshole. The tip of my dick was pushing into her ass. I squirted lube on her ass and my dick.

“Shut up, you old slut. You’ll wake your daughter up and she’ll see us.”

“You motherfucker, she hissed, stop!”

I slipped my shaft into her ass. Fully half of my 8″ was in her. I waited. I could feel her sphincter muscles tightening. I squirted more lube on her ass and my dick. Her face was buried in the pillow. All I could hear was muffled curses and moans. I slowly pulled back and then eased back in.

“You said we were going to fuck. If we do, I want this old flabby ass!”

I stroked slowly in and out. I could hear her cursing into the pillow but I couldn’t make out what she was saying. I continued to slowly stroke in and out, squirting more lube on her ass and my dick. Somewhere in the first 2 or 3 minutes, the curses changed. I was still a motherfucker but with moans. Her ass was now up in the air. She was on her elbows. She was thrusting back into me. I slapped her ass as hard as I could.

“You like it, don’t you bitch?”

She thrust back hard into me starting to match my rhythm. I squirted the rest of the lube on us. She was making sounds like a wild animal, grunting, groaning and cursing me. I grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her back into me with each stroke. She was thrusting hard now. One hand has between her legs, rubbing her clit. We fucked like this for nearly 10 minutes. I was close to cumming. She had shuddered to at least one orgasm. I started to cum and was thrusting hard into her tight ass. She buried her face in the pillow and screamed as I came. I collapsed on top of her. We were both breathing heavily.

“Get off me, you bastard!”

I got up, walked to the bedroom door and left. I cleaned up in the upstairs bathroom. I got in bed with my wife. She was still lying on her side; I embraced her and fell asleep. Little did I know that this would begin a ten year affair with my wife’s mom. Nor did I suspect that anal would become our preferred way to fuck!

The next morning I was woken by the familiar sounds of Fiona getting ready for work. Alan had already gone at around 4am and I looked at the clock and it was just gone 7am. I pulled the cover back and lay naked and began to stroke my cock as I listened to the Fiona cleaning up in the shower.

By the time she came out I was fully erect and I’d decided this morning I was going to see just how far Fiona would go.

As she passed my room she looked in and froze instantly upon seeing me naked and my dick pointing up in the air solid.

“Leave your towel at the door Fiona,” I instructed from my bed.

“I have an early meeting today I can’t,” she said.

“Maybe you should go and get your phone and ring work, just tell them you’ll be a bit late again due to car trouble,” was my problem solving response.

“Please I can’t today,” Fiona pleaded.

“Maybe I’ll have to tell Alan about our day yesterday then Fiona?” I said.

“No ok I’ll get my phone,” Fiona replied.

She came back with her phone and left her towel at the doorway and joined me on the bed.

“Phone work,” I instructed.

She dialled the number and waited for it to be picked up.

“Hi Mark its Fiona,” she said.

They exchanged pleasantries for a moment and I took the opportunity to guide Fiona’s free hand around my shaft which she continued to wank after id taken my hand from hers.

“I’m going to be a little late this morning Mark my car is playing me up,” Fiona lied.

I couldn’t hear what mark was saying only Fiona’s half of the conversation.

“I know I’m really sorry Mark if you can fill in for me I’ll be there as soon as possible,” she said. “Yes Mark I’ll owe you a big one I’ll make it up to you,” Fiona said before hanging up.

“It seems as though we haven’t got a lot of time Fiona so you better hurry up and get your pussy nice and wet for my cock hadn’t you?” I again instructed.

Her hand instantly went between her legs and rapidly began rubbing on her clit. She was still doing her best to masturbate me but could tell by her rhythm that she was struggling to rub her cunt and wank my cock at the same time.

“If you need to use both hands on yourself then go ahead I’ll watch you get yourself ready,” I said smirking at her.

Fiona’s hand left my shaft in an instant and two of her fingers went straight inside herself as the other hand continued to work her clitoris. I moved to the bottom of the bed and positioned myself between her legs so I had a good view of her solo masturbation show; what she didn’t notice was me grab my phone off the side as I moved and once id got comfy I raised the phone and snapped a shot.

“SHIT,” she squealed and closed her legs and covered her tits, “What are you doing?” Fiona asked shocked.

“If you don’t want Alan to see this photo you’ll get your legs back open and continue getting your pussy ready for me Fiona,” I said.

“What do you want a picture for?” she asked panicked and still with her legs closed.

“Let’s call it insurance shall we, now carry on because times ticking Fiona,” I said smiling at her.

Fiona reluctantly opened her legs wide again and uncovered her breasts when her hands went back to her privates to continue the work already started. Once she was back busy with both hands I raised my phone and took a few more snaps much to Fiona’s dismay but she didn’t cover up just as I hoped she wouldn’t. And it was clear that I was beginning to exert a bit of control over Fiona I think born out of her desire for pleasure from a cock. Something she’d been starved of for so many years.

What I wanted though was something more, I wanted something on video and I decided to see how far I could push Fiona this morning. I clicked it on to video and she heard the bleep, she knew what it was instantly as she also had the same phone as me.

“Now to get a little bit of extra insurance shall we say, I want you to say a few things for the camera whilst you carry on making yourself nice and wet do you understand?” I asked.

“Why are you getting the video?” she asked looking confused.

“Just a little extra bargaining chip Fiona that’s all, now why don’t you start by telling the camera what it is you’re doing and remember to keep playing with yourself?” I told her.

“I don’t understand” she said.

“It’s simple Fiona just describe what you’re doing,” I told her a little annoyed at her.

There was a brief awkward silence and then she nervously spoke in a quiet voice.

“I’m playing with myself,” she said quietly.

“Come on Fiona a little louder and try to be a little less nervous,” I said trying to loosen her up a little.

“I’m playing with myself,” she said again a lot louder and with a less shaky voice.

“Why are you playing with yourself Fiona?” I asked.

“To make myself wet,” she replied.

“Why are you making yourself wet Fiona?” I asked.

She didn’t speak, not wanting to say why on camera.

“Who are you making yourself wet for Fiona?” I asked again.

Again she didn’t answer but continued to work her fingers in to her pussy and thumb her clit. I could see that her lips were moist and her fingers were sliding in to her pussy a lot easier now as she became wet.

“I’ll ask you again Fiona, who are you making your pussy wet for?” I asked again.

“My son in law,” she answered lowering her head as I smirked at her knowing that I was gaining more control over her.

“Why Fiona, has he asked you to do this?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied looking away from the camera.

“Why does he want you to make yourself wet Fiona?” I asked smiling at her.

“Because he’s going to fuck me and wants my pussy wet for him,” she said quietly.

I smirked again and began asking more questions as I never imagined it’d be this easy so I was striking why the iron was hot so to speak and taking maximum advantage of Fiona’s vulnerability.

“Has he fucked you before?” I probed.

“Yes twice yesterday,” she said.

“Was this the first time?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said.

“How did that happen Fiona?” I quizzed her.

“He caught me in his room looking at his cock,” she said looking away at her admission.

“So you couldn’t resist his cock is that what you’re saying?” I asked smiling.

“I was curious and he caught me,” again she blushed at her own admission.

“Is his cock big, is that what caught your eye Fiona?” I asked.

“It’s very thick,” she admitted.

“But not long?” I said.

“Not really,” Fiona said.

I was getting totally carried away now but couldn’t stop myself just yet.

“Is his cock bigger than your husbands?” I asked, wanting Fiona to give me more on camera.

She hesitated “It’s a lot fatter but not quite as long,” she replied.

“When was the last time your husband fucked you?” I asked

“About 3 years ago,” she said.

“God that’s a long time Fiona did he make you come?” I asked, watching her look embarrassed at my question.

“No I don’t think so,” she said looking away.

“Did your son in law make you come yesterday?” was my next question.

“Yes,” she said quickly.

“Did you enjoy his young fat cock in your married pussy?” I asked smiling at her again.

“Yeees,” she said her voice trembling as she carried on rubbing and fingering her herself on video. At that moment I decided I’d interrogate her until she came on video.

“Did he fuck you better than your husband did?” I asked as she again went all embarrassed.

“Yees,” she said whilst breathing heavily and moaning more and more.

“You’re going to come soon aren’t you Fiona?” I said.

“Yeeees,” she said as her voice wavered.

“Will you be ready for your son in laws cock when you’ve come Fiona?” I asked still pushing her for more.

“Yes I’ll be ready,” she said.

She said this very quickly and she strummed her clitoris harder and faster she was very close to coming.

“Ask your son in law to fuck you Fiona, tell him you want his fat cock,” I told her.

“Pleaseeeee fuck meee,” she was so close now, “I want your fat cock in my pussyyyy ple pleaseeee fuck meeeeeeee arrrgh arrrghhh arrrrrgghhhh,” her voice went and she shouted loudly.

She came over her own fingers buried to the hilt in her hole, her juice was leaking over them and on to her hand as well as soaking my bed sheets.

“Are you ready for his cock now Fiona?” I asked smiling at her again knowing what the answer would be.

“Yes I’m ready,” she said as her breathing remained heavy.

“Lie down and spread your legs,” was my next instruction.

It was at this point that I decide I’d film the whole thing, why not I’d already got more than id imagined. Why not video the actual fucking of my mother in laws pussy.

I shuffled up the bed between her legs and slid my dick in to her with unbelievable ease, I actually think she was wetter than yesterday. I held my phone in a position to so that it got me splitting her lips wide open as I fucked a way on her and within five minutes I was filming Fiona’s screwed up face as she had a massive orgasm which was much stronger than any she’d had before.

She screamed the bloody house down in actual fact and I had it all on film.

“Turn over and get on your knees,” I said flipping her around, “Put your head right down and tuck your knees up to your chin and get your bum high in the air,” I instructed filming all the time.

I filmed myself squatting in behind her and filling her cunt again and then I spat on her puckered anus. The ultimate hole of control in my eyes, the forbidden fruit of a lot of ladies out there; but I wanted it and I was determined to have it so this morning seemed like the perfect time with Fiona now under my control.

“OHH FUCK WHAT YA DOING,” she shouted spinning her head up as my index finger popped in to her anus.

“Get your head back in the bed,” I shouted at her.

I videoed me fingering her tight anus for a couple of minutes, and then held the camera in her face.

“Have you ever been fucked in the arse Fiona?” I asked.

“Yes,” was her quiet reply.

“When?” I asked genuinely shocked as I dint think she’d of gave up her anus just yet.

“15 years ago when I was 22,” she said.

“Did your husband take your anal cherry?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said breathing heavily with my cock still working her cunt and my finger loosening her ring.

“And you’ve not done it since?” I probed.

“No I didn’t like it,” was her honest response.

“Would you like your son in laws fat cock in your arse Fiona?” I asked even though I knew the answer.

“No not really,” again she replied honestly.

“What would you do if your son in law said you had no choice?” I asked.

“I’d ask him to be gentle,” she said already understanding i was going to fuck her bum.

“Fiona I want you to ask your son in law to fuck you in the arse,” I told her.

She turned her head a little more and looked me in the eyes as I leant over, the camera pointing directly in to her face.

“Please fuck me in the bum but please be gentle,” she asked in a quiet scared voice.

The stuff I had on my phone was absolute dynamite all I needed now was bit of footage of me filling her tight arse and coming with me buried deep inside.

I pulled my dick from her pussy hole and scooped up plenty of her juices and smeared it round her anus to help me penetrate her a bit easier. But even with all the natural lube around her tightest hole getting my fat dick inside was a somewhat painful experience for Fiona and during the five minute ordeal she was thrashing about and crying out in pain, begging me to stop but eventually I was in completely and I held myself inside her rectum for a few minutes so that she could get used to being violated in her darkest hole.

I then fucked her arse with slow gentle thrusts for about six or seven minutes before I erupted in her bowels. I pulled my cock out and videoed her gaping anus before shutting the camera off and slumping on the bed beside a whimpering Fiona.

She got off the bed a couple of minutes later but we didn’t speak, I listened to her getting ready but think I fell sleep before she left for work.

Everything in my story is true. I started reading stories here last month after an incident that made me feel rather strange, but since finding more stories on the subject I feel much better now. With that in mind I figured I could relate what happened to me.

My girlfriend of two years, Holly, and I just graduated from college. I’m 23 and she’s 22. We’re a happy couple and have pretty good sex together. We figured we would get married in September after our graduation.

Holly, like each of the few girlfriends I’ve had, is a bit thin, but has a nice athletic build and she looks great in and out of a dress or jeans. She’s got long dark hair, a few inched below the shoulder and while she doesn’t have much of an ass, her breasts are proportional to her body, and 34 B is just right for her. She’s got great nipples and I’ve grown to love spending a lot of time on them.

Her folks have a house in the city and the one upstate that has a lot of room and also has a tennis court and they both play and stay in reasonable shape, so I know Holly has good genes. And, if she looks like her mom Carol (who’s a bit heavier but still pleasant on the eyes) in 30 years, that’s great. They have the same hairstyle and I suppose Carol dyes it the same color.

After graduation we figured to take a little time off before starting new careers and her folks invited us up to their county home for a celebration. It was kind of a joint deal, with graduation and Carol’s 50th birthday rolled into one. They had lots of family coming up for the weekend and we arrived on Thursday.

Unfortunately for me, Holly was on the rag that week and I was feeling left out. Usually she will do something for me, a handjob or if I’m really lucky, a blowjob, but nothing before we got there Thursday afternoon. I asked her for a little present of my own and she said no, nothing in her parent’s house, especially since they put us in different bedrooms.

Thursday, Holly and Carol and I had a nice dinner at home and sat around talking until late that night. We asked Carol what she wanted for her Birthday and she said she really didn’t need anything, but she did feel like she should do something a little wild for her 50th. My future father in law was arriving on Saturday as he had business meetings until late Friday, so it was just the three of us.

When it was time for bed Carol left first and I snuggled up to Holly on the couch and got a few kisses. I put my hands up her shirt and massaged her breasts a bit, feeling her nipples grow hard and enjoying a little fun, but she said, “no, I told you, not here.” Sometimes I have to beg a little, so I kissed her some more and asked for a quick blowjob, but she shook her head no, so I gave her a final kiss and went to my room alone. A long weekend was in store.

The next morning we all had breakfast together and Holly asked if I wanted to go to the mall with them. I declined. When they left I went swimming and hoped they would be home soon, but Holly called and said no, eat lunch without them. I did. Then I watched TV. Then Holly called and said they were still at the mall and wouldn’t be home till really late.

I grabbed a beer and down it went. I had a few more and sat there in the dark, kind of watching the TV and dozing, and then gave up and turned off the show and closed my eyes. I was awakened by a sound in kitchen and saw Holly getting a drink of water. She knew her way around and there was just a little light coming through the kitchen window but I could see her, and I really wanted her bad.

I got up and walked around to the kitchen and slowly and quietly snuck up on her. She had just put the glass down on the sink when I put an arm around her shoulders and one over her mouth. She stood stiff and still while I kept my hand over her mouth and nuzzled my face into her neck.

I said, “Holly, I want you so bad, you can’t turn me down now, I need to feel you right now,” and I pulled my arm from across her shoulders and put my hand on her left boob and gave it a squeeze. At the same time I pushed my hips into her ass and kissed her neck.

I whispered into her ear that she felt great and maybe just a blowjob would be all right. Her nipple got hard and I noticed her boob was quite heavy, my hand barely able to cover it and I continued kissing her neck and smelled a new perfume.

That’s when I said, “Oh, my God,” realizing that it wasn’t Holly I was holding on to. I kept a hold of that big breast and massaged the nipple a bit more. Then I said again, “Oh, my God,” and followed it with, “Holly, you feel so good, please come to my room,” and gave her another kiss on the neck and then walked out of the kitchen.”

My heart was beating so hard by then and my stomach felt like I had a bowling ball in it. I couldn’t believe I had just grabbed my future mother in law’s breast and pressed my dick against her ass. I felt like such an idiot. I went straight to my room, dreading Holly coming in and saying her mother told her I grabbed her.

I lay down on the bed and stared at the ceiling and then took my clothes off and got under the covers. I never even turned on the light, hoping that Holly would see the lights were off and not come in for a good night kiss.

After a long couple hours debating whether I could talk my way out of what had happened, I finally fell asleep in the dark room. At some point I started dreaming of Holly giving me a blowjob. Same start, licking my balls, slathering them with saliva and gently sucking them into her mouth, one by one.

I opened my eyes and realized I wasn’t dreaming. It was pitch black, but could feel Holly holding my hard cock with one hand and beginning to lick and purse her lips along the entire length of my shaft, deep under the covers. She kissed her way up to the head of my cock and slurped along my glands, working her tongue along the sensitive and engorged head. Then I could feel her lips popping over the head and then back out, back in and back out across her full lips. She was in no hurry, which was unlike Holly, but her hair was tickling my thighs like always and I wasn’t complaining.

I told her, “That’s amazing, honey, just great,” and she started moving up and down my shaft, slowly, her tongue licking against the side while my cock got four or five inches into her mouth. I leaned back against my pillow and enjoyed the feeling, then reached down and rubbed her neck a little and tried to reach her breasts but she was way too low on the bed.

As she sped up her movements, her sucking got harder and more expert, her hand moved slowly up my shaft and her other hand moved up and down along my ass and then back to my balls. She pulled my scrotum gently and moved her fingers so my balls played up and down in her hand. She had never been so good and I again said, “That’s amazing, I never thought it would be so good.” Then as my cock got back to her throat it started getting a deep movement to it, like the sucker was humming. That’s when it dawned on me that it couldn’t be Holly.

This expert sucking my cock was just that, an expert, and Carol was in no hurry as she slowed down again, keeping me from getting to close to coming. She was playing me like a musical instrument and I loved it. Now I knew what Carol’s wild idea was.

I had never been with a woman older than 25, and her was my mother in law, sucking away and about to be 50 years old — today, as a matter of fact. I thought of how old that was, how weird to be getting the best suck of my life from somebody older than my own mother. I thought about it and almost lost my erection, but then it was so good, how could I.?

I really wanted to hold her tits again, and I said, “Holly, let me touch your breasts, honey, you know I love that,” but Carol just kept sucking away and then actually nibbled around my cock head and slid a finger over my ass. After a few more minutes I got and idea and started doing math problems in my head. I tried as hard as I could to remember all the continents, state capitals, anything but the world’s greatest blowjob I was receiving. I though Carol was probably just doing me a favor by giving me a great suck, but maybe she was enjoying it too.

I asked her again to move up so I could fondle her, be she didn’t move. She sped up like she decided she better get me to come quickly, but I was still on the capitals and doing all right. I said, “honey, please, let me give you something, let me suck you while you suck me. You know I can come quickly when we 69. Please, let me kiss you pussy lips.”

There was no response other than an even quicker pace on my now throbbing cock. It’s seven inches felt like they were stretched to the limit and my balls were getting tight, but I kept asking and trying to keep from coming.

Finally Carol slowed down and then stopped completely. I thought maybe that was it, I had screwed up the best suck of my life, my own mother in law, 50 years old and all. There was a rustling under the covers and I really thought I blew it.

Then I felt a hand on my cock again and she moved her mouth back to my dick. I hoped maybe she was stocking her pussy, but she wasn’t doing anything but getting my dick back deep in her throat and giving me that humming thing again.

I wasn’t sure what the previous delay had been, but then my mother in law moved one of her knees over my leg, then the other. She kept up a nice leisurely pace on my cock, often slowing and biting my shaft by pushing her lips tightly together, and then moved her knees together and then like a clock, she moved around my body to 3, then 4, then 5, and then she pushed her knee against my head and then over it.

It dawned on me that she had stopped earlier to remove her panties and then was probably trying to decide whether she wanted to go through with letting me suck her cunt. I’m so lucky she felt the urge.

She hovered over my face and I could smell a deep, musky odor. It wasn’t unpleasant, but it included a tiny urine smell. I moved my face closer to her pussy and put out my tongue. It was pitch black in the room, but that sure as hell wasn’t going to stop me.

The first thing I ran into was a kind of kinky, matted patch of hair and I just moved my face along it until I came to her lips. They weren’t even wet yet, and I thought maybe she really had just planned on giving me a blowjob and nothing else. I put my arms around her legs and down her ass. It was bigger than I expected, but Holly is so trim it shouldn’t have been a surprise. Carol still hadn’t said a word and I wondered if she thought I wouldn’t know the difference in the dark.

She was back to licking my balls and since I was used to five-minute blowjobs, this 15 or 20 minutes was just amazing, and I told her for probably the fifth time, “It’s amazing, I can’t believe how good it is.” I was dangerously close to coming.

When I got my mouth over Carol’s pussy, the lips suddenly flopped open, and they hung against my own lips. I moved my hands back through her legs towards her breasts, touching a not too flat belly along the way. However, her tits were really full. The nipples were already long and hanging straight down. When I pushed my palms flat against her tits, they were quite large. When I moved my hands sideways, it was like pulling on two soft and pliable, upside-down ice cream cones.

I kept pulling on them that way as my soon to be mother in law gave out her first moan. An actual sound, and she also increased her sucking of my balls. At the same time I began pulling her pussy lips with my mouth. I sucked them in and twirled my tongue between them. It seemed like they were several inches long and I could feel them filling with blood and getting fat.

Carol moved her mouth back to my cock head and let saliva dribble down the sides of my dick. I, in turn, pushed my tongue into her pussy and tasted her as she started really heating up and getting wet. As I worked her pussy, I suddenly felt a gentle fingernail tapping repeatedly against my chin. She was rubbing away on her clit and I felt her body tense up a bit.

I let go of her right tit and moved my hand back underneath her and stick a finger into her pussy, which was surprising tight. I was rubbing her “G” spot and she started groaning a bit. That humming on my dick increased and I was getting close.

Now that my finger was in her tight pussy, my nose was hovering close to her ass. Holly never lets me touch her ass, so I gave that 50-year old puckered hole a good sniff and it smelled great. It was hot and strangely sweet.

I moved my head a bit and licked the bottom of Carol’s pussy and then the space below it. She was busy on my cock and her hand was moving faster on her clit, so I ran my tongue widely around her ass and then into the top of her ass crack. Holly always clenched her ass if I did that, but my mother in law kept her ass cheeks wide open.

I felt my balls burning, but I wanted a little more and ran my tongue closer to her brown hole. Then I just buried my face between her cheeks and licked closer and closer. Carol was now breathing heavily and so was I. I licked closer and closer and then right over her ass. I spread my tongue as wide as possible and licked her ass crack from top to bottom and Carol’s pussy clenched around my finger and I knew she was close to an orgasm. My mother in law was going to come all over me.

I was desperately close to coming myself and took another big wiff of her pussy and then her ass. Then I gave her butt a long wide lick and then plunged my tongue as deep into that tart and tangy hole as I could. She immediately stopped breathing and shuddered as her orgasm started.

I worked my tongue in and out of her ass and blew my wad deep into her mouth. She did a good job of keeping up gentle sucking and swallowed my salty semen. My hips bucked twice more as I unloaded even more cum into Carol’s mouth. When she stopped rubbing her clit I pulled my finger out of her pussy and my pulled away from her ass.

I said, “I never thought it would be so great, just amazing, thank you honey,” and let my head lean back against the pillow. I was catching my breath and enjoying the most amazing and kinky sex I’d ever had when the door opened and she walked out. That was it. I was so tired I just lay there and relived it for a while before falling asleep.

When I woke up it was still dark in the room but obviously after 8 or 9 a.m. and I was starving. I pulled the covers down and rubbed my face and inhaled. I could smell pussy and ass on my hand and my face. My chest hair was matted and the smell was so intoxicating. I reached down and felt my cock, which was quickly hardening and my pubic hair was matted too. Perhaps my mother in law hadn’t gotten all my cum.

I barley touched my cock, but as I continued rubbing my face and smelling my hand I couldn’t help but start stroking. I thought of the amazing blowjob I had gotten and licking Carol’s pussy and ass. I quickened my pace and was amazed that in probably no more than two minutes my balls hardened and I shot a full load up my chest and a little actually landed on my chin. I slipped a finger into it and gave it a taste. Heavy and sweet.

I didn’t know what shape the covers were in, but didn’t want to get any more cum on them, so after I blew my load I just massaged it into my chest. Then I realized I had to get out of bed and to the shower before running into anybody. I didn’t want to meet Holly with her mom’s cum on my face.

I found my underwear and shorts and then got a shirt that I held in front of me as I opened the door slowly. I thought maybe I would pretend to be sneezing if I say Holly, but I got lucky and there was a clear shot to the bathroom down the hall.

After I got cleaned up I headed for the kitchen. Holly was sitting at the table with a cup of coffee and gave me a smile. She said she was sorry they got home so late and she didn’t get to see me before I went to sleep. I told her it was all right and tried not to smile. I felt dirty and sleazy and awesome. I loved what had happened. I even felt a nice twitching in my balls.

“Did you see Mom yet,” Holly asked, and just as I was about to answer she walked into the room with Holly’s grandmother. I stared open mouthed at Carol’s short pixie cut. It was dyed blond and barely over her ears.

For the first time in my life I was absolutely dumbfounded and didn’t know what to say. Then I blurted out, “Wow, you just got that done this morning?”

Holly looked at me and said, “No, silly, she had it done yesterday. Why do you think we got home so late last night?”

“I, I,” I stammered. I thought back to the long hair last night, tickling my thighs, and then I looked at Holly’s grandmother, who happens to be 68 years old. She looked at me and just then brushed her long white hair away from her face.

Then she looked at Carol’s hair and said, “Isn’t it amazing? Really great. I never thought it would be so good. Did you ever think it would be so good?

Then, for the second time in my life I had nothing to say. I just stood there with what was probably an idiot’s look on my face and stared at Carol’s hair and then Holly’s grandmother. 68 years old. Big breasts, long hair and an ass I had my tongue in just a few hours ago.

I babbled something to Carol and have virtually no recollection of the party that night or the drive home on Sunday. All I could think of was that I got the greatest suck-off from someone who was born during World War II. She was married when JFK was our President. She was nearly 70-years old and I had sucked her pussy and licked her tangy ass. And, I kept thinking of it and wondering what it would be like to actually see her naked. What would it be like to get my cock inside that tight pussy, or maybe even her ass?

Grandma and I never talked during the rest of the weekend, I don’t think, I was in such a daze, but now I keep checking the granny porn sites and wondering.

Holly and I are getting married next month. We’ll be upstate again. All I can think of is those saggy, long-nippled tits on Grandma, that strange matted pussy, those long pussy lips I sucked and that tart ass. I just don’t know what September will bring.

Note: A special “Thank you” to any returning readers. For whatever reasons, a older and less edited version of the story was originally submitted by mistake. Sorry for the oversight. Chad


Lynn’s sexy, shoeless foot with her bright red, perfectly-manicured toenails was still retreating off Aaron’s leg and had barely cleared his chair when Tom confirmed the suspected transgression. He dropped his napkin on purpose to make absolutely sure he knew what was happening underneath the dinner table. He knew already, but wanted to see the action with his own eyes.

When Lynn saw Tom duck away from her, she tried to retrieve her foot but she was far too committed to rubbing Aaron’s thigh and suggestively teasing him with her toes to get her foot away in time. Tom’s head had dipped below the table’s edge just too suddenly. She knew without a doubt she had been caught.

Sitting upright in her chair with her feet back in place, Lynn complemented her mother on, “… the finest Thanksgiving dinner ever,” as if the distraction would somehow erase her mischief from Tom’s memory. Her husband’s continued look of mild disdain told Lynn her attempt didn’t work. It was as if his look was chiding her, saying, “Shame on you.”

“Yes ma’am, Betsy, it was delightful,” Tom finally said as he turned his head away from his wife and added, “Lynn can’t seem to get enough of the big cock bird.” He paused just long enough for the impression of his suggestive choice of words to sink in, and continued by saying, “Nobody cooks a better Thanksgiving dinner than you and this turkey truly is the best ever.”

“Thank you, Tom,” Betsy replied, and added, “You are right. Lynn has always loved turkey ever since she was a little girl. Nobody could get their hands on a drumstick with her around.”

‘I bet she did start young,’ Tom thought to himself, and then, ‘I wonder if Aaron was her first?’ He knew her cousin had been her lover for awhile. Lynn had told him that much while recounting her sexual experiences for him at Tom’s request during a particularly heated love-making session.

Tom’s suggestive comment made Aaron nervous. He turned to his date, Pam, a pretty young woman a good eight to ten years younger looking than him. To begin a different conversation with Pam and put her at ease, he commented to her how glad he was that she had been able join him with his extended family for the weekend. Pam smiled and put a hand on Aron’s, totally oblivious to the under-the-table games that had been played or the winks and smiles of encouragement that had been exchanged all afternoon between Lynn and Aaron, all of which Tom noticed.

“Well, as much as I have enjoyed this, we have another family dinner to attend. Thank you, Betsy, for a wonderful afternoon and an absolutely delightful meal,” Tom announced.

“You are so very welcome, Tom. You know you are my favorite son-in-law,” Betsy replied.

“Not to mention your one and only,” Tom said and laughed at her joke.

“Would you consider leaving my precious daughter with me while you visit your family this evening? You know we only get to see her a few times a year since y’all moved half way across the country. Please?” Betsy pleaded.

“Let me talk it over with her for a minute,” Tom suggested. Secretly, he could have kissed Betsy for the suggestion and took Lynn by the hand and led her down the hall to one of bedrooms.

“Couldn’t keep your foot off his cock even during dinner?” he opened their conversation.

“I never touched his cock,” Lynn protested, “You dropped your napkin and interrupted me before I could get there.”

“He is your fucking cousin, Lynn,” Tom accusingly teased her. “Have you no shame?”

“Yes, he is,” she quipped back, “But, it’s nothing new. I was just having a little fun playing with the guy who got my cherry back when.”

“So, he was your first then?” Tom asked, already feeling the fever and arousal of her mentioning the naughty detail of her early sex life. He loved having his wife recount her sexual experiences with other men when they made love. The thrill of making love to her while she told him in heated excitement about fucking her past lovers drove Tom wild with fevered lust.

“Yes,” she confirmed.

“How old were you?” he asked.

“None of your business,” Lynn told him defensively.

“What, in your teens?” Tom poked at her.

“I was still in high school, if you must know, darling husband,” she told him, “… and he was twenty-five or so.”

“How many times did you fuck him?” Tom wondered and asked.

“Many… too many to count,” she revealed.

Tom looked at her with all seriousness and asked, “Was he that good?”

“Yes, he was! I would fuck him again in a second if I had the chance. Isn’t that what an open marriage is all about… fucking somebody that turns you on when you feel the urge?” she admitted.

Tom thought about Lynn’s question. It was the first time they had been confronted with a real situation with the potential to put into action their agreement to have an open relationship. As the feeling of arousal grew and his cock throbbed in his pants, Tom set aside her question. He briefly envisioned her fucking Aaron and then Lynn fucking him afterward and telling him all the lusty details. With no conscious thought in his mind, Tom heard his voice asking his lovely wife, “Want me to leave you here to play while I go visit my family?”

“I would rather stay here and visit with my family, but I don’t think it will lead to anything, not with Aaron having a date,” Lynn told him.

“Well, look at it this way, nothing ventured, nothing gained,” he urged her.

“Okay, I’ll try just for you, love,” she said and chuckled at her sarcastic, “just for you.”

“Give your family my regrets and make up some excuse for me. I love you so much,” she whispered in his ear as she rubbed his hard dick with her hand and then kissed him with her lips and tongue.

“I want every detail,” he told her as he knelt in front of her to strip her panties off. Tom licked her pussy slit to tease Lynn and push her into a sexual hunger. By the time he licked her twice, he noticed the tip of her clit was already extended beyond it protective sheath.

“You are so bad,” she told him, “Oh god, that feels so fucking good… you are the best.”

“Give me you bra,” he ordered her. When she did, he left her sitting on the bed with her skirt hiked up above her naked shaved pussy, stripped of her panties and bra and with her top removed well. He put both underwear garments in his pocket so she couldn’t put them back on after he was gone and left her breathing hard on the very edge of orgasm when he walked toward the bedroom door.

“Finish me, you bastard!” she demanded.

“Tell me what you like so much about fucking Aaron,” he tempted her with the hope he might give her the satisfaction she needed.

Lynn spread her legs and scooted to the edge of the bed so her husband would only have to kneel to reach her dripping wet pussy.

“His burning hot desire for me mostly. Every since I can remember, his eyes undressed me. When I get naked for him, he gets so overcome with passion he just can’t seem to get enough of me. He’s so full of wild sexual hunger he just wants to use me up, to take all of me. Oh god, he fucks me like a wild man or a wild animal when he gets going. In the heat of our love making he is so totally committed to me. He tells me how it feels to him and I get so fucking hot I can’t help but give him whatever he wants,” she shared.

“Did you ever suck his cock and swallow his cum?” Tom asked.

“Yes, but not that much when we made love. I did that mostly when we were somewhere where we really couldn’t do more, like at the movies or out back of the clubs where he used to take me dancing,” she told him. “Are you going to finish me before you leave?”

“No fucking chance, love,” he told her as he teased her clit with his tongue, but only enough to make her squirm with pleasure, “I want you hungry for him. If I make you come now, it might knock the edge off your desire. I don’t want you backing off.”

“Don’t leave me like this,” she pleaded.

“Didn’t people talk about you dating your cousin?” he changed the subject and probed and teased her more with his tongue.

“Sure they did, and it really hurt me when the gossip made its way back to me, but I was too much in love with him to let that or anything else stop me,” she revealed.

“Well then, see if you can get another taste of your old flame. Get your mind prepared to have me fuck your brains out while you tell me how it felt to fuck him again. I am going to leave you horny as hell just for him,” Tom told her.

“Are you sure that’s what you really want, husband? If it is, I’ll try my best to have a hot story for you tomorrow when you get back,” she told him.

He pulled her to him and kissed her goodbye with inflamed lust for her willingness to please him. For Lynn, the prospect of making love with Aaron and pleasing her husband at the same time had her ready to melt into sexual submission and taste the joy of heated, intimate passion with Aaron again… or either of them by then she was so hot.

Tom had said his goodbyes and was driving away just minutes later when Lynn had dressed herself and felt composed enough to reenter the dining room.

“Would anyone like an after-dinner drink?” she asked cheerfully as she walked toward the bar, her breasts bouncing seductively with their new braless freedom.


As he drove to his parent’s house, Tom couldn’t get the possibilities of what Lynn might be doing out of his mind. He unbuttoned his pants and stroked his excited cock as he dreamed of his wife fucking her old lover with the unabashed passion he had seen in her at times. Only when he parked on the street at his destination did he give up his heated manual pleasure and secure his pants again.

Even inside in the midst of family he kept thinking about Lynn. His daydreams of her fucking Aaron continued while he talked with his cousins, aunts and uncles during dinner. He knew very well what a sexual huntress Lynn could be when she was determined to seduce a man. He bet she would find a way to entice Aaron into sex, even if it was just a quickie out around the corner of the house or behind the barn at her mother’s farm.

“Excuse me for a moment,” he told the gathering at his parent’s house after an hour or so. “I am going to make a call and check on my wife.”

Lynn didn’t pick up on her cell phone so he called the house. “Hello, Betsy, could I speak with your beautiful daughter?” he asked.

“Well, if she was here you could. She went to a movie with Aaron and Pam.” Betsy informed him, and added, “You younger folks can’t seem to sit still for a minute.”

“Okay. Just tell her I called and I love her,” he requested.

“I will, hon, but I don’t expect them back until late. Come on back when you can. I would enjoy your company. The others have left too and I am here all alone.”

‘Movie my ass,’ he thought. ‘I wonder where they really went… drinking and dancing or to a motel… that is if they didn’t just hide Aaron’s Cadillac and use the guest house where Aaron and Pam are staying.’ Tom wondered only momentarily at Betsy’s invitation, but her tone of voice was curious. ‘Was she flirting with me,’ he questioned.

“Lynn is still not feeling well and I need to get back and look after her,” Tom announced to the crowd at his parent’s house. It took him less than five minutes to break away and head back out of town to Betsy’s farm. He decided to check the guest house first before checking the local motels and bars.

As he drove, Tom wondered more about Betsy, a beautiful widow in her early fifties that apparently had no love life since Lynn’s father was killed in a farming accident when she was very young. “What a waste of gorgeous womanhood,” he thought, and then, “If I was single and living close by, I would definitely enjoy spending some intimate time with that pretty lady.”

Tom’s first instinct was dead on. He parked in a grove of trees behind Aaron’s car and knew with almost complete certainty he would find naked people having sex in the guest house. It was conveniently located only a quarter of a mile down the county road from the main farmhouse and out of the line of sight. One naked person would be Lynn and another would be Aaron, he figured. Pam, his date, well, that was just an unknown. He just didn’t know enough about Pam to venture a guess on whether she would be participating, passed out from being drugged, or tied up and made to watch. Visions of Lynn riding Aaron’s cock in the heat of passion with her tits bouncing and her uttering all manner of lusty encouragement to her lover flashed through his mind as he walked down the overgrown drive from the grove to the guest house. His dick throbbed in his pants and his face flushed with lustful fever in anticipation of what he would find.

Tom didn’t even get to the living room window to look in before he heard the telltale sounds of his wife’s voice exclaiming her sexual needs to her lover. “Yes, love, I will. Oh god, I love it when you fuck me. Your dick feels so hot and good. I love it when you take control and make me mind you. I know I’m a cheating slut now, but I love you so much. Yes, baby, I will. Now fuck me hard with your big beautiful cock.” As Aaron fucked Lynn, he found his own reasons to speak up. “Nobody fucks me like you, Lynn. Your pussy is the best thing I ever put my dick into and I love how you love having my cock inside you. I love how you fuck me with such sexual hunger and pull on my cock with your gripping pussy. You are such a slut for my dick.” he told her with a matching fevered-intensity in his voice.

Tom peeked in through the window to see his wife bent over from the waist, supporting herself by holding the back of a chair, legs spread with her skirt flipped up over her back. Only Aaron was completely naked and Tom saw the reason for one of his wife’s attractions to her old flame; Aaron was hung like a mule. Tom’s eyes opened wide when he saw the thick, long dick plunging in and out of Lynn’s pussy. Aaron gripped her hips and alternated between fucking her slowly while rotating his hips into her from different angles, then pounding his dick into her willing body. He talked to her constantly and Lynn looked to be climaxing. Tom wondered if it was her first orgasm of the evening and what he had missed.

Pam was laid out cold on the sofa, stripped to her waist with her breasts on full display. She was oblivious to what her date was doing just a few feet away with Lynn. Tom could only wonder at the series of events that left Pam half dressed and obviously drugged to sleep, but he knew it was Lynn’s doing. It was just like her to find a way to knock out the competition and have all the man’s attention focused on her.


“Sure, I’ll have a bourbon on the rocks,” Aaron had answered to Lynn’s request for drink orders earlier in the evening, “… and Pam likes vodka with any kind of juice.”

“Perfect,” Lynn thought.

She laced Pam’s drink with two crushed Valium tablets from her mother’s medicine cabinet and pocketed more for insurance. Lynn took the unoccupied seat next to Pam and began talking to her, telling her some funny and even borderline embarrassing things about Aaron. It only took her a few minutes to warm up the unsuspecting young woman to her friendliness. When Lynn suggested a movie, Pam jumped at the chance to get out from under the scrutiny of Aaron’s extended family.

While Pam visited the restroom, Lynn took her seat and whispered to Aaron, “We need to leave soon. Pam is not going to be on her feet for long. I drugged her so we could be together tonight.”

“Great,” Aaron replied. He announced to the others the three of them were going to a movie and had Pam’s coat ready to go when she came out of the rest room.

“Wow,” Pam said as they walked to Aaron’s car, “I have never been this high from just one drink. How strong did you make that thing?”

“Sorry, I just put the regular amount of vodka I normally do,” Lynn told her as Pam slid into the middle of the bench seat in Aaron’s Cadillac.

Lynn intentionally brushed her arm against Pam’s full breast as she scooted into the shotgun position. “Sorry,” she said. “Well, sorry unless it felt good to you too,” she added with a laugh.

Pam looked down at her breasts and saw the one hardening nipple prominently showing underneath her tight fitting blouse. “Well, damn,” she said, “It must have felt good; look at that.”

“You breasts are so beautiful and full,” Lynn told her.

Pam looked up at her and said, “Do you really think so? I think they are too big and gaudy.”

“I think they are perfect,” Lynn told her. “Can I touch them?” she asked.

Pam was suddenly both aroused and confused. “I…,” she never completed her sentence before looking at Aaron with the question still written on her face.

“Go ahead, honey. Let her touch your breasts,” he told her as he pulled out onto the county road in front of the farm house.

Lynn didn’t wait for permission. She reached over and unbuttoned Pam’s blouse and slipped her hand inside the pretty young woman’s bra.

“Ooooh yessss, they feel as good as they look,” Lynn complemented her.

“This is so wrong,” Pam said as she dropped her head back on the seat and yet reached up and unhooked the clasp between her breasts holding her bra together. Both sides of the lacy bra fell away with the same sense of surrender Pam’s facial expression showed.

“You are such a beautiful young woman. I see why Aaron likes you so much,” Lynn told her as she openly massaged her left breast for a moment and moved her hand to her right breast to give it equal attention.

Pam’s neck and chest flushed red with blotches of sexual heat and she couldn’t understand why she was suddenly so drunk and her will had vacated her mind. She only knew what Lynn was doing with her breasts felt wonderful and she didn’t want to disappoint Aaron by saying anything negative.

Lynn leaned over and began kissing Pam’s breasts and gently sucking on her right nipple. “Oh god…” Pam managed to say as Lynn peeled her blouse and bra off her shoulders and pulled the young woman’s arms through the straps and sleeves. She pressed Pam’s head to her and kissed the young woman’s lips as she slipped her hand under her skirt and gently massaged the inside of her thigh.

Pam stiffened momentarily and then relaxed completely. “I can’t disappoint Aaron,” she thought as he fought the increasing fog of difficulty to concentrate, “He wants me to do this. I remember him telling me…” In the middle of her thought she went out.

When Lynn felt Pam’s lips stop responding, she looked up and smiled at Aaron.

Aaron carrier his young date up the weeded drive the guest house on his shoulders as he would a sack of potatoes and propped her half naked body up on the couch. He turned to Lynn and said, “You are so bad.”

“Are you unhappy that I knocked her out?” Lynn asked.

“Not at all, love. I couldn’t be happier that you did. You know how much I love making love to you. I can fuck her anytime,” he told her as he pulled her to him and kissed her.

Lynn sank into the blissful state of arousal and willing submission she always felt when Aaron held her close. His smell intoxicated her and made her drunk with desire; it filled her with a willingness to submit totally to him. Even the faint sent of his manhood drove her hunger for him wild, as if a chemical reaction caused by his close presence exploded in her body. His lips and hot mouth on hers warmed her insides and radiated throughout her body. His hands roaming her heated skin took control of her will completely. She was soaking wet between her legs before his fingers touched her there. Lynn had one brief twinge of guilt about cheating on Tom with such total commitment to her lover and then let go and loved Aaron with all her heart and soul. Her pulse raced and her face flushed red with passion as she hugged Aaron and kissed him with every ounce of inflamed womanhood inside her.

For Lynn, feeling the smooth hot skin of his cock between her lips or the excitement of having him fill her body with his hard, excited shaft were simply extensions of the joy and passion she felt for Aaron. She wrapped her fingers around the shaft his long, thick cock and guided the smooth head over her slick, engorged pussy lips. She kissed him with all the passion in her being as she pushed the head of his cock around on her sex as full of love and commitment to Aaron, and only him, in that blissful moment as she could be.

She loved it when he finally broke off their kiss and pushed her head down, shoved his dick into her mouth and fucked her mouth and throat. Lynn was simply thrilled that she could be there for him, to thrive on sacrificing her feeling and enduring the pain of his pulling her hair and ramming his cock into her throat repeatedly. She took her pleasure and arousal from making him happy with her. Nothing else even remotely mattered, not what he did to her or how he used her mind and body for his pleasure. Each word of encouragement or moan of excited pleasure from him sent her already prideful, aroused feelings soaring and thrilled her more. She truly loved him then and there with all her heart.

Aaron loved fucking his beautiful cousin. She was the hottest young beauty the little farming community they had lived in had ever produced. He began wooing her when she was barely bleeding and by the time he decided to fuck her years later she was pure putty in his hand. By then, Lynn had been begging for him to fuck her for months. They spent many a night making out in his truck parked in remote spots around the county where he taught her to suck his cock to climax and swallow his cum and how to climax on his fingers. On weeknights when she wasn’t allowed to be out with her friends, Lynn waited until everyone was asleep and slipped out her bedroom window to join him and spent a few hours of heated passion in the barn or the guest house when it wasn’t rented out. She loved getting naked for him and playing with his cock. By the time they truly fucked that first time, she idolized him and worshiped both him and his oversized penis. Numerous times in that final month before they fucked the first time she almost had his cock inside her pussy only to have him push her off him and make her finish him with her mouth or hand.

At the moment Lynn felt none of the raw edge of hunger to get fucked she felt back then, only the pure, warming, floating pleasure of being with her lover. She knew he would fuck her all over the room in every position he could think of before their time together was over, and since Tom was away for the night and Pam was out cold, there was no rush to do anything other than enjoy. She could barely complete a thought for the hungry almost greedy way Aaron fucked her mouth and throat. He kept yanking her back from the surreal into reality.

“You like me fucking your face and making you my personal slut again, don’t you?” he asked and he pulled out of her mouth for a moment’s rest and to keep from coming too soon.

“You know I do, love,” she told him. “I love pleasing you.”

“Stand up,” he demanded.

When Lynn did so, he turned her away from him, pulled her skirt up and rubbed his hot, wet cock on her naked ass as he massaged her tits and kissed her neck and cheek from behind her.

“You want my big, fat cock inside you, don’t you, Lynn,” Aaron teased her.

“I’m in no hurry,” she teased him in return and turned her head back to him as far as she could while facing away and made a show of seductively licking her lips. “I was enjoying sucking your cock and the taste of you,” she taunted him.

Aaron playfully punished her by tweaking her nipples a bit roughly through the material of her top while he slowly rode the crack of her ass with his fully engorged cock, smearing the feeling of their togetherness over both their heated bodies. He bit her neck, unbuttoned her top, and pulled the material back off her shoulders freeing the soft skin of her breasts to his greedy hands. He teased her unmercifully rubbing her body and kissing and nibbling on her until she yelled uncle.

“I lied,” she said. “Fuck me now, honey. Oh god, I need to feel your cock inside me.”

She grasped the back a nearby chair and pulled it over in front of her for support, bent over in front of Aaron, and spread her legs to give him easy entry to her fulfill her need.

The head of his thick penis had barely reached half way to her cervix with a couple of slow strokes into their copulation when she felt the first hard contraction of orgasm grip her body and she involuntarily clinched down on the fat head of his dick. “Oh fuck… I’m coming already… I love you so much.”

Aaron slowly rotated his hips and fed her cock with long slow strokes as Lynn’s hips vibrated in his hands from the shivering effects of her orgasm. “Whose dick do you like best in the whole world?” he asked.

“Yours… yours, baby, yours,” she assured him as hot female cum soaked his dangling balls and the shaft of his cock before dripping onto the floor between his feet.

“Are you going to be my lover and my personal slut again, Lynn, even though you are married now? Are you going to come to me whenever you can and do whatever I ask you to do, no matter how nasty?” he asked and pounded her pussy hard to try and revive her orgasm.

The timing of his approach was such, Tom didn’t hear Aaron’s question about Lynn being his sub again in the future. He only heard his wife say, “Yes, love, I will. Oh god, I love it when you fuck me. Your dick feels so hot and good. I love it when you take control and make me mind you. I know I’m a cheating slut now, but I love you so much. Yes, baby, I will. Now fuck me hard with your big beautiful cock.”

He watched through the window as Aaron fucked his beautiful and obviously willing wife with varying strokes and force and told her, “Nobody fucks me like you, Lynn. Your pussy is the best thing I ever put my dick into and I love how you love having my cock inside you. I love how you fuck me with such sexual hunger and pull on my cock with your gripping pussy. You are such a slut for my dick.”

Tom felt the surge of cum shoot out of his cock watching the thing he had longed to see, his wife coming on another man’s cock. To add to his visual pleasure it was a long, thick hard chuck of meat she was fucking with such heated pleasure. He quickly stripped his pants down enough to free his cock and used his hand to finish expelling his first load of cum, thankful when it was over for both what he witnessed and for the Indian summer weather. He felt warm enough to watch them all night and not get driven inside by cold. Tom was in voyeur’s paradise.

The unmistakable sight of automobile headlights turning off the road and pulling into the grove caught Tom’s attention. He quickly got his pants back on and headed down the path thinking he had to stop whoever was coming up from reaching the house and discovering his wife in the throes of heated love-making with her cousin.

He met two men walking up the road and asked, “Who are you and what are you doing here?”

“We are friends of Aaron. Who are you?” One of them replied from the blackness.

“You can’t go up there,” Tom announced.

“Well, Aaron invited us. So, who is going to stop us?” the man replied.

For reasons beyond his control, Tom panicked and lunged in pure anger at the voice in the dark. He had the man by the neck when he felt a sharp pain in the back of his neck and his world went black.

When he came to, Tom’s eyes slowly searched the room he was in. He recognized he was in the guest house. Loud southern rock blasted from the stereo system. Through blurry eyes he made out two naked women dancing with three naked men. It took a moment for him to realize Lynn was one of the women and Pam the other. The women were being swapped back and forth amongst the men, kissed and groped as they danced… not that Lynn and Pam seemed to mind the crude attention. A sharp pain shot from his shoulder up through his neck into his head when he tried to lift his head from the back of the couch.

“Hey, look… hubby is coming to,” he heard an unfamiliar voice say.

“What the fuck’s going on?” Tom asked.

“Just a party, love,” Lynn answered and added, “You don’t look too well. Let me get you something for your head. Does it hurt much?”

Tom didn’t answer. He just looked over the two new naked men as Lynn scurried to get him some medicine and he wondered what had taken place since he was knocked out. The men he didn’t know didn’t stop playing with Pam. They made a naked sandwich of her and ground their bodies and naked genitals into her body and rubbed her big pert tits while Aaron took a seat across the room to watch.

Lynn handed Tom a drink and a four tablets, two each of two different kinds. He only briefly looked at the pills before setting aside one of each and downing the other two with a big gulp of bourbon and water she had given him.

“You will feel better in a minute,” Lynn assured Tom. She stroked his head and brushed his hair gently as he tried to relax to ease the throbbing in his neck and head.

“What have you been doing?” he asked.

“Just partying with Aaron and his friends, Billy and Luke,” she said.

“Have you fucked them already?” he asked.

“Yes,” she answered, and added, “You have been out for a couple of hours. Everybody has fucked everybody and we were just dancing some and waiting for the men to get ready to go again.”

“They look ready,” Tom offered.

Lynn turned to look at the three people dancing and saw both men were erect again. She leaned over and unbuttoned her husbands shirt and undid his pants. His cock was almost fully hard, and was fully so soon after she began sucking it.

“Did you suck those guy’s cocks?” Tom wondered and asked as he watched his wife’s mouth engulf his erection.

“I did Billy while Pam did Luke,” she revealed.

“Sorry I missed the show,” Tom said.

“Well, hon, all is not lost. Aaron has been filming us on his camcorder. I’m sure he will make you a copy if you ask him nicely.”

Lynn took the opportunity to strip her husband’s clothes completely off and resumed her blow job. Tom sank into the wonderful feeling of having his wife’s lips riding up and down his dick while the drugs slowly melted his pain away. He closed his eyes and allowed the pleasure of Lynn’s mouth to fully occupy his attention until he drifted off to sleep.


When they brought Tom into the guest house, Aaron had Lynn pinned against the wall fucking her with her hanging off his muscular frame. He was driving her body into the wall and knocking pictures from their hangers in a heated fury when the door burst open and Billy and Luke came in with Billy carrying Tom over his shoulder.

“What the fuck is Tom doing here?” Aaron asked as Billy dumped Tom on the couch next to Pam, never bothering to stop fucking Lynn when he asked.

“Who the fuck is he?” Luke asked, rather than answering Aaron.

“My husband,” Lynn offered. She pushed Aaron’s body away from her and pulled up off his dick. As she made her way to Tom, she asked, “What happened to him?”

“He jumped me and Luke knocked him out. He didn’t want us to come up her and party with y’all,” Billy told them.

“He was here when you pulled up?” Aaron asked with surprise.

“Yep; he met us coming up the path from the grove and tried to keep us away from the house,” Billy said.

“Oh shit. He must have been watching us through the window,” Aaron said.

“Well, he has been saying he wanted to watch me fucking another man. I guess he got his wish,” Lynn commented.

Pam stirred and tried to lick away the dryness in her mouth. “What is going on?” she managed to ask.

“Luke and Billy are here to party with us, hon. Are you ready to get down and party like a wild child?” Aaron informed her.

“I guess so,” Pam said, “But, I need some water first.”


Tom woke up to an empty room, the stereo playing more southern rock and sounds of people talking coming from the master bedroom. His head was pounding as he eased up from the couch and made his way toward the source of the voices.

“Yea, girl, squirt that hot stuff on my belly,” Luke urged Lynn.

“I coming in your ass, baby… feel it?” Billy announced.

Tom held himself up using the doorframe and his eyes popped open wide for the first time in hours when he saw Lynn riding Luke with his dick in her pussy and while Billy was fucking her ass. Pam was bouncing up and down on Aaron’s cock on the bed next to the threesome with her large breasts flailing up and down.

“Oh fuck, you nasty bitch, your ass is too fucking good. Can you feel my cum squirting in your butt, baby?” Billy exclaimed and asked.

“Yes. It feels so good. Fuck me hard and give me ever drop, stud,” Lynn told him.

“Hubby is back,” Luke announced to everyone else’s surprise.

Billy looked at Tom standing in the doorway, held Lynn’s hips and ground the last of the feeling from his climax. “You got the hottest fucking wife in the world, bro,” he told him when he was done filling Lynn’s ass with cum. While still resting with his dick in her ass, he added, “I ain’t never fucked a woman this wild and hot before.”

When Billy stepped away, a flood of cum boiled out of Lynn’s stretched anus, his semi-hard, large cock was with white cum, hanging on full display for Tom to see what had just been up his wife’s ass. Billy’s cock looked way too big to be anything but uncomfortable.

“It’s your turn, love. Get hard for me and fuck my ass,” Lynn told Tom.

Tom looked down to see his cock bouncing toward hardness with each heartbeat and he took Billy’s former position behind his wife’s bottom. As he positioned his dick to her anus, he marveled at the girth of the dick she was still fucking with her pussy and at the gaping hole where her anus used to be. Even before he got fully hard, his dick slipped easily into his wife’s well-used, cum-filled ass. The hot clinging wetness pulling on his cock got him fully hard in another few moments and her words of encouragement only added to the wild sense of arousal he suddenly felt. His head ached but the feeling of her tight ass pulling on his cock and Luke’s dick riding up and down his dick inside Lynn felt far too good to stop to go back for more medicine to ease his pain.

He worked out a good rhythm with Luke and they brought Lynn to a writhing moaning climax again in just a couple minutes of double fucking her ass and pussy. She was totally alive and in lust-filled heat between them.

“Oh fuck, I’ve never been this hot and wild,” Lynn told them as they alternated filling and vacating her holes in perfect harmony. “I am coming so fucking hard right now!” she yelled out and clamped her ass down around Tom’s dick. It was too much for him and he rammed his dick deep into her bowels and held her hips still as he dumped a load of cum into his wife’s butt to join the other loads already deposited there. ‘How many other loads are in her ass already,’ he momentarily wondered. The blasts of cum Tom shooting out his dick felt beyond wonderful to both him and to Lynn. Luke only added to the married couple’s intense pleasure by continuing to pump his dick in and out of Lynn’s pussy during their mutual orgasm.

Tom let the last of the feeling of his wild orgasm fade while holding Lynn’s hips until he felt lightheaded and faint. He pulled out of her and fell onto the bed fighting to keep alert and awake only to hear Lynn say, “Come on, Aaron. Don’t leave me like this. Come fuck my ass too, honey.”

He fought to stay awake as Aaron shoved his mule-sized cock up Lynn’s ass and she thanked him by saying, “Oh god, yes, love. Your big cock feels so fucking good. I love how hot and crazy you make me. I love doing this for you.”

“Suck Tom’s dick while I fuck his wife’s ass,” Tom heard Aaron say to someone; Pam he hoped.

A moment later he felt Pam’s warm mouth cleaning and sucking the cum from his dick as her large breasts brushed against and pressed into his legs. The pain in his head seemed to lessen when he made himself relax. He closed his eyes, enjoyed the talented mouth of the pretty young woman and her soft breasts against his skin while he listened to the sounds of two men with giant cocks fuck his wife in her ass and pussy.

It went on and on and Tom opened his eyes sometime later to find Lynn sitting on Aaron facing away from him with his dick up her ass and Luke fucking her pussy from the edge of the bed. Later he saw they had swapped positions inside her body. Both of them were still fucking her with the two men standing next to the bed alternately humping her body with her suspended in the air between them and clinging to Aaron’s torso. Pam was snuggled up to him and was gently stroking Tom’s hard cock when he went out again.

Tom didn’t stir at first when he heard the phone ring. Only when Aaron announced that Betsy was bringing down breakfast did the others scurry around and get dressed. Billy and Luke were gone within a minute or so. Tom had just dressed when Betty came in with a tray full of country breakfast items. It tasted wonderful to him and ever better was that when they finished eating, Aaron and Pam said goodbye and left.

Lynn grabbed a biscuit and put some jam on it before saying, “I’m going up to the house to change clothes.”

Betsy smoked a cigarette and watched as Tom had a second helping of eggs, grits, sausage and biscuits. “How has your trip been so far?” she asked with a strange grin on her face.

Tom looked at her for the longest, trying to decipher her seemingly playful expression. He struggled with giving her an honest answer about the night before and didn’t want to lie. “Mostly good… well, except that I had a headache much of the night,” he answered honestly, as well as he could think to do.

“Let me get you something for it,” she told him.

Tom was surprised to see Betsy hand him four tablets exactly like the ones Lynn had offered him the night before. Again, he set aside one of each type tablet and took the other two. By the time he finished his third cup of coffee, he was feeling great but was very sleepy. He thought it a bit odd and was confused when Betsy helped him into the bedroom and suggested, “Let’s take a short nap together.”

Through the fog of random and only partially complete thoughts trying to take over his mind he tried to understand what was taking place. Why was Betsy undressing him. He watched his mother-in-law slip out of her dress and was amazed that she had nothing on underneath. He was more amazed at how fit and beautiful her naked body looked.

“But, what about Lynn,” he managed to ask.

“Don’t worry about her. Aaron is going to pick her up for some Black Friday shopping.”

“Oh fuck!” Tom thought as Betsy straddled him on the bed and began massaging his coc. He wishfully hoped, “Come on. Get hard enough again to do the job.”

“Relax, Tom. Everything is going to be just fine. If we have enough time later we can watch the video of last night and you can see what you missed, or maybe we can watch some of the older ones I’ve got. I think you might enjoy seeing your beautiful wife in action when she was my younger. Damn, that girl was a wild one.”

As Betsy continued to skillfully stroke his stiffening cock, a delightfully erotic feeling began to fill Tom’s senses once more. He could only marvel at the new revelations of the family he married into. He relaxed in thankful and very aroused appreciation.

In spite of the wonderful attention Betsy’s hand was giving his excited cock, Tom’s mind found its way back to her statement about Lynn. He thought, “I bet Betsy is right. Lynn had me fooled for awhile, but I bet she was a really wild youngster.”

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