mother daughter

I’m not sure the category, but it is not interracial so relax. It has a LW and sex, but this is not exactly a happy story but it does have a little sex, but mostly it is about injured people who find other injured people and together they find happiness and just a little payback.

I think that LW is the best category because that is what starts it all.


She was working in the checkout lane of a local market. I would see her when I bought food for the night or next two nights. I worked construction and would come in after the work day ended. My name is Johnston Williams; and yes I do know I have two last names. I am thirty four, five foot ten, one hundred and eighty pounds. I have the typical construction tan. I don’t work out, and I don’t go to a gym or any of that. I do run, always liked to run, especially now that I have the space for it and do it right. But for seven years I did not get much ability to do it. Now I do it as often as I can.

There was always a big smile for me and I decided to ask her out. We did the normal local bar stuff, but I did not drink alcohol. I was a construction worker and she was going out with a man who worked with his hands. We did hit a place and have some dinner before hand.

I wanted to take her line dancing but instead the date prematurely ended at her place when she screamed for me to fuck her ass and every other hole she had. Lucky for me I put a bag on the big guy. She told me I did not have to but I asked her if she knew how many women I fucked in the past year and she said no. I asked her how many she had and she said about ten, but it was probably more like twenty, she was a slut. Then I asked if she knew everyone they had been fucking and so on. She got the idea and helped me bag the boy.

It was a pretty hot time from an over the hill babe. When she was young she was probably the hottest piece around but time and too much booze took that away. She was not all that bad, but that did not make her good. But hell it was pussy and I needed some.

I was still horny so I asked for the next night and she said yes. About noon of the next day she called and said something had come up and how about moving the date to Monday. Hell no problem, Monday pussy is just as good as Saturday or Sunday pussy.

I was looking for a good mean Rib Eye so Black Angus was on the agenda, I needed some red meat. Eating that Rib Eye took me back and I was staring into space and then I noticed her. Little miss grocery checker was two booths down swapping spit with two other dudes and living on the fat. Not my problem.

The place was getting a little boring anyway so I packed up, called the boss and told him I was out of there and away I went. He did not have much work for the next month anyway so he did not worry about it. He told me I could have anyone call him about my work; and to call him if I needed any work next time I was in the area. I spent a lot of time working this way and burning bridges not the best of ideas when you like freedom and the open road. I hated being indoors, had way more than I needed of that already.

I have this huge Tahoe with a trailer that I made for it. It has a hitch but also two bars on each side that tie into my Tahoe suspension so there is no rolling back and forth at eighty.

I had been around for more than half a year so it was time to leave anyway. Let’s face it when a grocery store checker stands you up you have to figure out that you are pretty damn far down the list.

So now I loaded up the Tahoe and the enclosed trailer with everything I had, which was damn little. I put my Harley into it, and no it isn’t some chopper or a hog but just a nice bike to do some riding. It came with a butterfly net and a crescent wrench. The net to catch all they damn parts that keep falling off and the wrench to put them back on. Hey, made in America means something special to me.

So here I am and on the road, always driving the speed limit and being nice to everyone. I am a walking rolling search for some fool with a badge, so I have learned to play it cool around them, but they can spot me from a hundred miles. I have the look and they have all seen it before.

I am listening to some tunes, having just filled up the Tahoe and both belly tanks, and it is getting pretty dark. I like the side roads so I don’t see any cops and I see this fire way up ahead. I pull off before I get close and take out my binoculars with the laser sighting and it looks like a few bikers are fucking the shit out of this skinny skank. She does not appear to mind but does not look like she is enjoying it, but what whore does. But there was something wrong and I did not like it. She was drugged, I could see it, and if she is drugged she can’t consent and if she can’t consent then it is rape. Damn I hate rapists. Fuck, I could have gone all day without seeing this shit!

So I take out the bike and do some changing. I know the routine well by now. I roll up to them and get off. I say nothing but they do?

“Who the fuck are you?” and “Get the fuck out!” or “You’re dead meat asshole!

They talked too much. I have hardly quit rolling and I have already pulled out two Smith and Wesson Semi Automatic five shot Chief’s Special and start banging away with both 45′s. That give’s me twelve shots, if I have put one in each chamber and I did. The first guy’s head exploded as he was banging into the drugged girl. Been there done that. The other two were moving around to get something, anything, to fight back with. I let them both have it and kept it up.

She hardly looked at me when the guy in her blew up from the head down. His head just fucking exploded. She just looked at me with dead drug addict eyes. This was her life, she did little with it other than be here, and one asshole or another, it did not matter to her. As long as she got her fix she was happy; well happy is not the word for it.

I did not kill the other two right off and they were wiggling around so I went and emptied the 45′s in their heads. Someone who I looked up to once told me when you decide what to do just fucking do it and don’t over think it. Get it done and get the fuck out.

I grabbed the girl, “You’re mine now!” I told her. “Say it, say it now!”

She came out of her stupor long enough to say it. “I’m yours now!”

She ran to each of them and took something from their pockets. I looked, it was heroin. I let her keep it and her kit too.

I made her repeat it as we walked back to my bike. I put her on the back and pulled into the road, no tracks on asphalt unless you burn out. I told her to keep the bike up and she did. I took a few branches and wiped out any foot prints in the area and put dirt on the fire until it was out. Made sure to lay the bikes down in the underbrush, put the bodies there too, you would have to know they were there to see them. No prints of the tires or our feet were left.

We headed back to my Tahoe. I put her into the passenger seat. I changed clothes and put the Harley away. She was dark skinned, had short hair, skinny as a rail, no ass, no tits, and tats. Everything I hated in a woman and that was her. Well it would not be rape, but she still had what I was looking for, a hole between her legs.

As we drove I handed the guns to her and told her to strip them. There was no ammo so I was not worried. She did it like she grew up doing it. I had her strip the magazines too. Then I handed her a small wrench with a screw driver on the other end and she took the grips off and pulled out everything else. Everything went into the bag I gave her. About ten miles up there was a bridge and she tossed one of the frames out. We dumped the other one off a different bridge into the waters. Except for the two slides, the rest of the little parts went along the side of the road miles apart. As we drove it would be a spring or a screw and after about two hundred miles it was all gone. Damn they were two of my favorite guns too.

I knew where we had to go and I headed right for it, in a round about way. I had a full set of tanks and that would get me six or seven hundred miles. I made a few stops to let her fix and get gas. If she was high she was no problem.

We stopped once at a rest stop and I got a little sleep. I handcuffed her to me. She did not seem to give a shit one way or another. She was getting stoned and got water and food and it was warm and dry, that was all she cared about. Damn she stunk.

She was a hard core bitch too. She was sporting five tear drop tats; one for each six months in the slam. Some put them there for each six months their man does, she did it for the two and a half she did in prison. I gave her some food but she was not all that hungry, she was heroin chic, because she was a heroin addict. With her it was not a fashion statement, it was a life choice, she chose to kill herself with drugs and sell her pussy to get them. No one would ever miss her; she was part of that faceless and uncared for underbelly of society. She was already dead, she just did not know it yet, but everyone who saw her did.

And did she have tats and I hated tats. Tats from prison; tats from being a whore, tats from being owned. She had sleeves, hard core tats, and no fucking butterfly’s or flowers. This bitch would kill you for a high. They don’t get any better than that.

When we got to where we were going I pulled her drugged ass out of the Tahoe and carried her into the cabin. I left the doors open to air the thing out, she made everything stink. I had been here many times, and it was the only thing I owned that I could not take with me.

I put her in a chair and tied her down. She was so fucking high she had no idea what I was doing, but she would. I cut her clothes off and she started to come awake. I had a covered outside porch and that is where I kept her. There was an old pot bellied stove there and I kept it fired up just after I got there.

She woke up and cussed me; she was going to do a lot more than that. She screamed but there was no one for miles but I gagged her anyway. The light in her eyes never came on, and it was like she was really dead. There was nothing left inside. Not fear, not anger, nothing, she was dead, she just wanted to get high and that was not going to happen ever again; it was time for her to die.

She told me she was going to need a fix but I just shook my head no. She offered me pussy, I told her it was already mine; I did not need her to offer what I already owned. I made her repeat that she was mine and she did. That unemotional resignation was still there; she tried to pretend she was still alive by pretending to have emotions, but we both knew it was a failure. Soon that would all be gone; that would all be dead.

I took off my shirt, I was skinny too, but I had a lot of muscle from good old fashioned fucking hard work. She looked at my body, and it looked a lot like hers, especially my arms. I had the same tracks she had. “You are dead” I told her “time to be reborn.”

“It’s going to hurt a lot,” she said. “It’s going to kill me.”

“Yes and yes,” I replied, “but you will have help.”

“I don’t want to. But I don’t have any choice do I? I’m yours but I really don’t want this.” She was trying to talk me out of it but was resigned to it. She did not even cry she knew she was already dead.

“No choice at all. You have a new name too. You will forget if I tell you now.”

“No tell me now, I need something to look forward too.” she told me.

“Your name is Calbrit Heath, Cali for short,” I told her.

She looked at me and laughed. It was good to hear her laugh, especially when she was going to die. “You fucking named me after Wuthering Heights? Heathcliff; you named me after Heathcliff!”

I was glad to see she knew what was going to happen; but I did not intend to letting her free. She would have 48 hours after her last fix before it really hit. Then death would be upon her. The next day it would be diarrhea and then she would be tired, would have the urge to take nap, and then beginning to feel unwell.

Those pleasant experiences would be followed by extreme sweating, along with, fatigue, and wanting to lie down. And smelling, more like stinking, if she could stink anymore than she already does. I actually washed her down a few times and hosed off the rear deck.

Then she would curl up in fetal position, suffer even more fatigue, hot and cold sweats, no appetite, vomiting, and her stomach cramps would begin. That was how she ended the first of many pleasant days and following her 48 hours without a fix.

Then it would be snotty runny nose, watery eyes, fatigue, anxiety, and the aches begin, and the stomach cramping would get worse. And it did not get better. There would be a complete loss of appetite, accompanied by hot and cold sweats. Going cold turkey is never easy but you have to do it.

I gave her massages to help her cramps but it would not really help but I tried. I wanted to make her death as easy as possible.

By the third day her diarrhea gone because there was no food passing through her gut, and she started shaking violently back in that fetal position. Irritability is a nice way of saying she would be a yelling and screaming bitch, and she would get to have that feelings of hopelessness, and her thoughts would run to, “This will never end. Can I die from this? I’m dying, someone help.” She knew she was dying, and soon she would be resigned to death. I held her when I could, remembering that she was dangerous when she was not high.

After that she got to have 4 or more days of insomnia and going in and out of consciousness from pain, and trying to sleep to make it go away. Her vision would be so bad that she would not be able to see.

During this time I moved her from the chair to a bed and back again. She was restrained each time. But I had to move her for her own health.

I would pour warm water over her to clean her off and then cover her with a towel and blanket, and then just watch, knowing nothing would really help.

She finally got through it and after about a week she was dead and it would be time to be reborn; the physical part anyway. I made her keep repeating that she was mine and when she did I told her my things, my property, were not junkies. I kept repeating that, NOT JUNKIES.

We talked a lot about drugs and how fucked up she was. I had been through the entire thing and I had quit cold turkey like she did. No more drugs.

Two weeks later, now clean and sober and drug free for three weeks we left the cabin and went into the world. Her old life was gone, now it was her new life. I am sure she wondered why I had not fucked her, she was a hole and I was a man and that is what men did to a hole, especially one tied up. I wondered the same thing too but I was not into rape.

The first thing I did was buy her some clothes. She had a shit load of tats but I did not try to cover them. As a matter of fact I knew someone who was very good in the business and we gave her a few more. I wanted the ones on her neck covered so he came up with this lace shit that went up high and down to the base of her neck. It covered a tattoo I did not want anyone to see, that person was dead, Calbrit Heath, Cali for short, was born.

She was one hard cold bitch too. I knew she would never feel save without a weapon so I bought her a couple of blades, she smiled when I gave them to her. Real nasty blades and sharper than a razor they were. She carried them everywhere. I know she could shiv me at any time but I did not think she would do it. Hope I am right about that one. She never batted an eye when I killed those three guys who were raping her for the price of a fix. She had a sort of sexy scary way about her; even with all the tats, or maybe because of them.

I took her into a woman’s clinic and they did a drug and STD’s scan. Had one done on me too, just for drill. She was rotten with tons of shit, I was clean. I got her all the needed medication and made sure she took it. I had to hang in the area to get her fixed but it worked. Three months later she tested OK.

I had been working on a few jobs and she went with me. She did not want to be alone so I took the Tahoe and she stayed there during the day or walked abound where I was working. When she walked around no one worked very much. She was tall and skinny, titless and assless, and had tats everywhere, but she just made you feel you were going to die if she did not fuck you. Especially those damn tits, more like nipples on a chest without the tit. Shit they were on high beam all the time. With a tank top and short shorts she was begging to be bent over and fucked.

One of the guys at the site made an attempt. He went up and put his hand on her ass and said something to her. She turned and smiled at him. I knew this was going to be trouble. She was not the kind of woman who wanted to “talk about it.” The next thing this fool knew she had a blade to his neck and a second one pointed and pressed into his cock, or at least where it would be if he had not pissed himself and probably drawn it up inside his body. He probably looked like a woman with a pussy instead of a man with a cock if he had been naked.

I walked over to her and smiled shaking my head. I was amused by her decisive way of letting him know exactly how she felt about it. I was to find out just how decisive she could be when she wanted or did not want something. She pulled the blades away, put her arms around my neck, kissed me deep and hard, and with a mile and a half of tongue, pulled back and said, “I belong to you.” The funny thing is I never ever touched her, not even a kiss. We had only gotten the cleared up results a day or so earlier and I was waiting for a weekend. And her eyes, there was a light on in them too; bright lights.

Then Cali turned and looked at the guy who had grabbed her ass and the light was gone and it was deadly black in those eyes. He actually pissed himself again. No one touched Cali or even looked at her funny on that site, but the still all wanted to fuck her.

She was a wild woman in bed. She fucked me everyway I could think of and some I did not even know about. She did it all with me and she did it because she wanted to do it. Funny that for a man who did not like any of the things she physically was, I was crazy about her body, every inch of it. And that little thing between her ears, I liked that too. I did not realize it but after months of being together with no sex and only being able to talk, I had fallen for her. But she was still silent about her past, we all have secrets.

But Cali beamed when children came around. She loved children and they seemed to love her. Some of the women would be hostile at first but appeared to back off after they talked to her. It was a woman thing, I stayed out of it.

Cali and I spent some time looking at the country. I worked some and we traveled a lot. She liked the bike and so did I but the Grand Canyon beckoned and we were off and not on a bike, but we did take it.

We hit all the national monuments, and headed east. By now she had a few more tats with some color in them, black and grey gets old. We also covered some up with better looking ones. Prison tats are not all they are made out to be. She liked her new tats and I made sure it was quality work she got. She was covering her old life with a new one. I think we were in love.

We were staying in Atlanta when she got quiet and the lights went out again, her eyes became dark and vacant. I was pretty worried and then I looked at what she was looking at. I knew immediately. We drove on and we did not talk.

Night was falling, I told Cali that we were going to be leaving tonight and to pack everything up and go and fill up the truck and she watched me as I pulled the Harley out of the trailer. I was putting on some leathers and she just came up and kissed me; not a hot, “fuck me now” kiss, just a real loving kiss. She said “thank you” and left to fill the Tahoe and the belly tanks with fuel and check out everything.

When Cali got back he was gone, but it took no time at all to pack everything up. She even got the map out and planned the route, and she knew where the trip would end. She did notice her blades were gone. The bill was paid and she was just sitting, waiting. She was afraid to leave the room but as time passed she went out and bought some fast food for the trip. She knew exactly what was needed, she had been there before.

At 11:00 pm John came in carrying a girl. He and Cali undressed her and gave her a quick bath, and John took a shower to wash all the blood off. He poured bleach in the shower and tub. They put sweats on her and she was put into the Tahoe but this time Cali got in back with her and held her as he drove. John had put the Harley away and had changed clothes. There was blood on everything. It all went into plastic trash bags and went with them.

The drive started pretty fast. No stopping at all unless it was to take a piss. Cali had filled the car with fast food, junk food, coffee water, and even nuts, fruits and anything else they could eat and not have to stop. It was a long trip but they should make it in three days.

The cargo was a young girl, eighteen, and having the same heroin chic look that Cali and so many young girls have who have been riding the dragon. Again it was not a fashion choice because it was a life choice, or a choice that life had made for her.

That night the police would respond to a business dispute. The business was prostitution and the dispute was between a cheap low grade pimp with a reputation for violence and turning his whores into junkies to control them and a customer, a biker that no one had seen before and could not identify. Even the bike was not described, just black with no plates. The pimp had his throat cut so he could not yell and then was gutted. It was reported that one of the girls was missing but there was no real description of her other than white, young, tats, and heroin skinny. They figured she probably ran away when the pimp was killed. She was new to the area and no one knew much about her except she was hard and cold.

The girl barely woke up and then she would fix and go back to see if the dragon was still there; it was. After her third fix she woke up to find herself strapped into a chair in a secluded cabin. During her ride over she started to come down and began see what was happening around her.

The first thing she saw was John. She looked at him with the same black lifeless eyes he had seen on so many heroin addicts before, on Cali too. He raised his shirt sleeve and showed her the tracks. “You have had your last ride, from here on you walk on your own two feet. I am here to help you but I am not alone and neither are you.”

She yelled and cussed just like Cali had done a year earlier; there is never any difference, no addict is unique when it comes to this time in their life. She accused him of killing her pimp and of wanting to rape her. He admitted the first and denied the second. This gave her pause. She remembered back. What did he say “This one is mine? Is that what he said? But what one, what was he talking about? Me, he was holding me when he said it!”

The pimp wanted a debate so John reverted to what he had been taught. The first swipe cut the pimp’s throat and vocal cords and with him spurting blood John went up and ran the blade from the crotch to his breast bone. The pimp could not even scream. John wanted him to suffer, if only for a few moments. With his guts spilling out John spun him around and put the point of the blade at the base of his neck and pushed. The pimp started shaking and fell to the ground and the shaking stopped as John and the girl stood emotionless looking watching him die.

“You’re mine, say it!” John said to her.

She said it like Cali had before. He made her repeat it on the ride back to the motel. Like Cali had done she took all the dope and her kit before she left her dead pimp and rode off with her new owner. She was used to being owned. She was stoned and out of it by the time they got to wherever they got to and now she was here.

Now she sat tied to a chair, with a killer standing before her and no way for her to escape. Then she heard movement behind her. The hair on the back of her neck stood up. She felt a hand on her shoulder and the body moved around into her line of vision. “It’s OK baby, it will be ok, it will only hurt for a little while, and then you will be fine. I will be with you all the time and so will John. It won’t be easy but it never is.”

She looked up into the eyes of her female captor. “MOM?” she yelled out and started to cry, this time the tears were real and wet. Cali reached out and held her and cried too. There was light in both their eyes.

There would be time for a family reunion later but for now Cali would do what she could to keep her safe. “I have done it baby” she said showing her the tracks on her own arms, “and you will too.”

With that statement Cali’s daughter began her descent, from the back of the dragon, to mother earth. This time it would be easier; a mother would be there caring for her; cleaning her, giving her water and helping with taking away the knotting that would follow as a result of her withdrawal from heroin.

John would do most of it and Cali trusted John with everything, now “everything” included her only child.

Like her mother before her she got a new name; Grange, Grange Heath. Cali laughs, and calls John an idiot and asks if he has ever read anything other than Wuthering Heights. John laughs and tells her he wants to be consistent.

Grange would come out and be born in a week and be able to travel in a month. The first week is the hardest when it comes to physical pain, but the mental anguish does not end. John and Cali tell her it will never ever end, it hasn’t ended for them and it will never end for her.

Grange is taken to the doctor and yes she too has a body full of disease but like her mother there is no AIDS and she is not HIV positive. The medication starts to fix her abused body, but drugs or even the lack thereof, cannot fix her abused mind, that will take longer, probably forever. She will have company, Cali and I will be there with her.

During this time all of John’s leathers and the clothes that Grange wore that night are burned. John is broken hearted but the Harley has to go too. He takes it into the woods and over the small damn that borders his property. His beloved Harley, now in pieces, becomes a place for fish to play, like an ornament in a fish bowl. It can never be seen again.

Grange, like Cali, bears the marks of her life. She has three tears, but hers are for hard Juvenile time. Sure they say it is not prison but the place has guards and bars and you do what you are told when you are told. You can get killed there as easy as anyplace else; she earned her tears. She never says what she did to get a year and a half in jail; but it must have been something pretty bad.

She is every bit the cold hearted bitch her mother is. There are the empty cold eyes that lack fire and light, the light was there for a minute when she first saw her mother, and maybe it will come back. She has learned her mantra well, she is John’s and he does not want a drug addict for property.

She is loaded with tats, like mother like daughter. Well maybe a little better, some of hers already have color in them, if you count red from the bleeding skulls. The neck tats have to go, to easy to identify, so she gets the neck lace treatment just like Cali. Actually this should make things a lot easier, they are a family, almost, and any description for people being wanted will not include a family, not for the first time nor this second. There are too many dead people in our shared past, even if they deserved to die. Having mother and daughter with the same neck tattoo will fit what some people think is part of a family thing. Cali and Grange look like mother and daughter or even sisters and you can’t miss they are family. John fits right in with them because he looks hard and dangerous because that it what he is. All three of them have secrets and those secrets made them what they are.

They resume their travels. Grange is now aware of her mother’s relationship with John and also knows that there will be no more whoring, she is free from that life as long as she wants to be. In New Mexico, John gets them both ID with their new names on them.

The Tahoe is too small so John gets a damn bus; a real bus. They work on it and build out a bedroom, shower and bathroom, and a small bedroom for Grange. They even put in a kitchen with gas. So they can get into other places they get a small four seat car to tow.

They cook on the road, use the portable internet satellite John has installed and stay in touch with the outside world as they move. They even track police stories about people found dead, including pimps and bikers. John has them reading on line and even manages to get them to study for their GED; college can come later; it took him seven years to get his degree, they have all the time in the world for theirs. But the most important thing is to expand them beyond what they did in their prior lives.

Like her mother she was tall, heroin chic skinny, and even though titless and assless she is so fucking sexy that she oozed sex appeal just like her mom. “But what the hell could I do with her” thinks John to himself. She could travel with us but sooner or later she would need her own life and that means the streets and heroin again. Her mother and I talked a lot about it and did not have an answer. We would need to do something. She was now healthy and she would need to meet some people her own age.

We had family meetings; yes we call them a family meeting. We talked about school or something like a trade school, even school on the net. She had self esteem problems, duh. She was a whore before the age of eighteen; and molested in foster care. Molested, what a stupid word, she was raped. Heroin was her escape; all three of us have been there. Alcohol, pot, maybe some meth or coke, but eventually it was Heroin that dulled the pain the best.

She did not want to leave us, she was afraid of what would happen. She knew she might not be strong enough to fight on her own and we three were stronger together than apart. So that is what we agreed, we agreed to stay together until it was agreed not to stay together. We would be a family, supporting each other. We would be free of outside pain but able to fight the pain inside with the help of this new family.

Cali and I made love every day and I have to say she was energetic and wonderful. I had done some world class fucking in my day but this put all that went before it to shame and add in the love we felt for each other, and you got “Wow.”

I awoke with a pleasant sensation on my cock, and I was getting a very expert blow job. I could also hear crying but from a different direction. I looked to the crying and there was Cali sitting there in tears. I looked at my cock and there was Grange sucking me off and doing a bang up job too. But this was off just a bit.

I pulled Grange slowly off my cock, no since in damaging it and she might bite down to stay there. “That belongs to your mother” I told her.

Cali came over and kissed me. “I love you and I love my daughter and she needs this too.” With that she pushed Grange’s head back over my cock. “Thank you for caring about me,” Cali said.

Her crying had stopped and as we kissed I felt Grange stop sucking and then I felt the weight move and soon my cock was in a very wet warm place. I could feel it being enveloped by Grange, feel her taking me into her body. Then Grange was riding me. Cali and I kissed and I pulled her breast to me and sucked as I ran my hand over her pussy. “I love you” I said to Cali.”

She stopped me and looked into my eyes. “She needs this” and then Cali moved so that her face was near my cock and Grange’s pussy. It was the pussy she was after.

I felt Grange tighten up as Cali started licking her clit and Grange went all spastic when Cali started sucking on it. Then I heard Grange yell, “Mommy daddy is fucking my little pussy” followed by “Suck me there mommy” and “Oh God, Daddy, Mommy” until her words mixed together in a incomprehensible train of thought, and her pussy clenched like a vice and I swelled up and started shooting ropes of cum into her pussy. Cali started licking and sucking even harder.

I had never experienced anything like this in my life. Cali was the sexiest woman I have ever fucked and the only one I had ever made love to who actually loved me back, but this was something new. How could I have known that being called Daddy while I was being fucked by Cali’s daughter would affect me like this.

Well this was just a little bullshit here; my woman was eating her daughter’s pussy, Grange just called me daddy, and I was shooting cum and I wanted a pussy to eat, and I was sure that there were enough of them to go around. I pulled Cali over my face and started my snack; sex is hard work and I had to eat to keep my energy up. Cali has always loved my pussy eating and she was hot as hell anyway and she took her flight within a few minutes.

When Grange finally got up she started leaking cum like crazy and Cali did not know whether to clean my cock or Grange’s pussy. When Grange said “Mommy see what daddy did to my little pussy” Cali chose the pussy and Grange, bless her little heart, decided that cleaning her new daddy’s cock was the right thing for her to do.

“I’m cleaning my daddy’s cock mommy” she said as she took it into her mouth. With an experienced cock sucker at work I got hard fast and next thing I knew Cali was on her back, I was inside her pussy and Grange was sitting over her face dripping my cum into her mouth and licking her mothers pussy as I pumped into her.

“Fuck mommy daddy, fuck mommy” Grange said. “Fuck her real good daddy.”

I’m not sure where all this came from but it was kinky as hell and I loved it.

That is when I pulled out of her pussy, lifted her legs higher and slid a very slimy cock into Cali’s ass. That put her pussy even higher and Grange put her entire mouth over that now gaping hole and sucked and licked like a hungry dog. I always loved fucking Cali’s ass, she kept it clean for me. During one of the strokes I came out, Grange grabbed it to put it back in and then looked at it and her mom’s ass. Not a brown spot anywhere. Then Grange took it into her mouth for a few sucks and put it back into her mom’s asshole.

It turned into an orgy of three. Because I had cum just a few minutes before I was able to hold off but it was difficult with Grange calling me daddy and doing a 69 with her mother. This had not been the plan, in fact there was no plan, but it was working out for me. I moved around and took Grange’s ass and let Cali lick her pussy with my cock just inches away. We changed places all night long. I had my cock in every hole they had and my tongue was having a good time too. These two really loved each other and me too.

I wanted my own pussy and now I had two, and all it cost me was a couple of 45′s some blades and four dead bodies. Hell that was cheap pussy if you ask me. But somehow my desire for pussy changed, it became more than that. These were my friends, my best friends, my confidants, my lovers, my family. Other than one other person they were closer to me than anyone else in my life. Sure it was sick, but we were sick anyway and we were sick together and we were not hurting anyone, at least not then.

You can’t actually beat addiction but you can replace it with something else, and Grange and Cali replaced theirs with me. Now I had two hot sexy women, mother and daughter, who fucked me to a standstill and themselves too. It was sure better than drinking every night in some bar or doing drugs and losing your mind and self respect. I also was a father figure to Grange and a husband to Cali. I know it was a fucked up family but it was us and we liked it.

Sometime during the night we went from orgy mode into love mode. We made love with each other. It was soft, tender, and caring, with orgasms that rolled over each of my girls like warm Hawaiian waves. I would like to say I was a human volcano of endless hot male lava, but that would be bull shit. I held out as long as I could and hoped to stay heavy when I could not stay rock hard. They helped me out, made me the best I could be for them and for me too; they probably had more sexual experience than I ever had and I did not consider that as a minus. It was just something that happened in our before life that we could use in the life we had together now. It did not make those experiences good ones, just useful to us now and now is all that mattered. They had done what they did before because they were told to do it, forced to do it, and paid to do it. They did it to survive, just barely, but survive was the goal, even if the survival was to allow them to find more heroin. Then they were meat, holes to be used. Now they were doing it because they wanted to be with me and each other, they were not meat, they were loved and sexual intimacy was part of love. They were sharing themselves with me because they wanted to. We were joining together because we could not stand to be apart. They were not being used; because they already knew that I was theirs forever, just as much as they were mine.

In the morning we woke up and I had a girl on each side of me, wrapping me in a cocoon of love. I kissed each of them on the forehead and on their eyes. They both awoke with a smile. This was not a first for Cali and I but for Grange, she said it was the first time she did not wake up after sex feeling like a dirty whore and with a man she knew actually loved her. She felt clean and satisfied. Well emotionally clean, we were all covered in cum, male and female cum. I kept my girls in bed and made them breakfast and we ate in bed.

After breakfast we had desert. I had wet pussy and they had tube steak with protein. There is nothing like watching your woman leaking your cum as her mother or daughter drank it from that leaking hole. Yes I helped too. I love a dripping pussy, as long as I made it drip.

I would like to say we did the normal family things but that would be a lie. They looked like everything they owned came from a Frederick’s of Hollywood and Victoria’s Secret Catalog, and it did.

They had both been whores and were hard cold bitches to everyone but me. They were like pit bulls, if they were your pit bull you felt safe, if not, then you moved with caution. Everyone around them moved with caution once they realized how dangerous they could be. When they walked down the street jaws dropped and dicks stood up. Sex appeal was their old business but they could not turn it off, it was second nature and I had no problem with it.

I did not make them stay, that was their choice. I loved their choice in clothes. They would wear net tops with no bras so that those “A” cup tits poked out through the holes and then they would tell me it was so people could see their beautiful tattoos. By now it was full body with bright colors with birds and flowers. I took that to mean they were happy again. The only place they did not have any were in their stomachs and hips. They said they would tell me why later. They were now wearing happy beautiful tattoos.

I never had a tat, and before my girls I did not like them at all but damn I loved to trace the designs with my tongue and kiss the vibrant colors.

They both had pussy tattoos too. First they used lasers to keep them bald except for around the slit itself, then it was tat time, and they had a vision. That was a real trip getting those. They had flowers that opened up at the slit. They did not want their slits covered but the flower was all around it. The little hair they left around the slit would represent pollen on the inside of the flower. We went to an artist who was good with flowers. When he saw my girls he was panting to get to their pussies. He had a reputation for playing stinky finger with pussy tats but he was the best.

I warned him before we started on Grange not to try it. Well he got the design down and started the outline. Then he made a little mistake. I could see his hand reaching over to put it on her pussy; even I could see that there was no need for that. He was going to put his hand on her and stick his thumb into her. As I grabbed my .45 caliber Derringer but Cali beat me to the punch.

I heard her voice about the same time I heard him take a sudden breath. “Mine is bigger than yours” she told him. He held in his working hand an ink gun with a small needle. She held in her hand a straight razor and it was right at his throat and not just holding it, it was across it so that all she had to do was pull and any movement would cut deep into it and hit sever an artery as well as everything else until it reached the bone of the spinal column.

He was one of those guys that used a lot of mirrors as he did his tats, he wanted to make sure they were perfect from every angle, and more than one mirror picked up the razor and by now my Derringer. He smiled weakly and moved his hand back to where it should have been. He sort of smiled and raised his shoulders up and down in a slow shrug, he did not make any sudden moved, and sat back as the razor was removed. I put the .45 away and sat back. It was then that he saw that Grange had a similar Derringer, only a .38, pointed at his balls. My girls were bad news for anyone but me and at times I was scared by how fast they reacted to perceived threats.

The parameters or our business relationship now having been firmly established he went to work as the artist he could be and was. It took more than a month to complete Grange’s and another to do Cali. I loved the way they looked. I was always smelling the flower and trying my best to lick up the honey.

We stayed there for almost a year. We moved the bus to a job site and I worked it and Grange and Cali helped although I made them wear long sleeve shirts and pants, lightweight cloth. The sun was hard on their tats and I did not want they hurt by skin cancer. They ended up being good workers and learned the trade fast. The bus allowed us to remain at the sites and the girls made a lot of friends. The wives did not like them at first, they knew whores when they saw them, but after a week or so they came around. Their husbands sensed danger and stayed away from them. They both loved kids and played with them every chance they got.

Cali hated that Grange was taken from her. The first reason they gave was Cali was too young to have a baby; they forgot she got pregnant in foster care, THEIR foster care. The second reason they gave was Cali was a whore. Finally when Grange was twelve the state in its infinite wisdom prevented Cali from seeing Grange at all and refused to say where she was. Had Cali knows the danger Grange was in she would have killed to protect her but she did not know. They had the same life, suffered the same indignities, lived in the same hell and had the same results. Now they were mine and I intended to keep them safe.

They both said that one day they wanted children and we talked about babies and I loved the idea. We started talking and I told them I never thought I would end up with them as lovers and mates. My ideal was long blond hair, a voluptuous body, big breasts, that was my ideal. But since I met Cali all that has changed. She is my idea of perfection. Tall, thin, pixy hair cut, dark hair and dark eyes, and that is perfection and since Grange is just like her mother, she too is perfect in my eyes.

I told them that while I could see men without a problem it was females that I could not see. They were faceless moving shapes and nothing else. Cali asked me how I saw Grange then. I told her that it was easy, and I did not even have to see that Cali was upset. Grange came across just like Cali, every detail was perfectly clear, it was obvious she was Cali or part Cali and when I saw that I knew that I had to come and get you; I had to save you for Cali and ultimately for me. They were my perfect women even with tattoos and I loved every line and color of those too.

I let them know that I could not envision a life without them. Waking up with them, hearing them laugh, the sound of their voices, these are essential to my very life. Sharing thoughts during the day, feeling their hands in mine as we walked, I dreamed of this for the rest of our lives.

And the sex Cali said, you forgot to mention the sex. I had to smile, yes the best sex in the world and the only real loving I have ever had. They both smiled when I told them that.

The only time I ever saw another woman clearly was when I was angry or perceived danger. Otherwise the only women on the planet I could really see are Cali and Grange.

The looked at me like I was crazy but they saw I was serious, love does that to you and I was in love with both of them.

We stayed at one job and then another. I told them it was time for a major trip and if they wanted to get passports we could take a cruise. The I.D.’s I got them were perfect and the Passports came in 90 days. I had a passport so there was no problem.

Up until this time they had seen me protect them and I had seen them move to protect each. We were at a small local establishment, more for dinner than drinking, but there was a bar. A few of the men wanted to dance but neither of my girls wanted to, at least not with them. They had enough strange men touching them to last a lifetime. We did dance together, one at a time though. And yes they were sexy as hell so I did not get to angry at anyone, yet.

We walked outside and some fool walked up and pointed a gun at my head and said first he was going to take my money and my life and then he was going to take my women. Why do these idiots talk instead of acting? His gun was to my head and a fast movement to the side caused his bullet to just graze the side of my head and the second missed me completely. The noise really made it hard to hear but there was nothing wrong with my eyes, other than the muzzle flash and a little powder residue.

They struck without making a sound and without warning. I never even saw her move but Grange just reached up and cut his throat and it was so deep I though he was going to lose his head. At the exact same time Cali had hit right under the sternum on his left side and made sure to move the blade back and forth shredding his heart. He fell over backwards with Cali’s blade still sticking out of his chest. We just stood there and watched him bleed out. There was no emotion until they looked at the blood on my head where the bullet grazed me. I just told them it was ok but they were worried. Funny they were worried about a scratch and they had not the slightest feeling for the man they had so expeditiously sent into the afterlife.

About that time there were cops everywhere. The first bullet hit a muscle bound drug seller, his thing was steroids, the second hit the undercover cop who was buying the drugs, but he would be ok. All three were in the place we just came from. Everything was now on disk, and after some interviews we were allowed to leave. It felt good to have the police there watching during a drug sting and then you had police as friendly witnesses. Don’t get me wrong, they took their time with us, but eventually we were allowed to go.

It was time for a trip that is for sure. With two more dead bodies and this time cops for witnesses in our favor it was time to get out of dodge. We headed for the ship and the safety of the seas and a foreign port.

It was not the best cabins on the ship but they were nice and only five thousand per person for what they call an ocean view. What we really wanted was to do nothing but lay around and love each other.

When we got on board the bags were put into our cabin and Cali and Grange were anxious to explore the ship. So they and I went for a first walk, two lovers and their man. They turned the corner and ran into her.

“Hello Johnnie, how have you been doing?” she asked him. He did not reply, and his anger was evident. She was five foot two, with long blond hair, blue eyes, and she was buxom and curvy. She had a cruel little smile on her face and some ape on her arm. She took at look at Cali and Grange and said “Still fucking skanks I see.”

“Not since I quit fucking you.” I told her.

“Oh Johnnie, there is no need to be angry after all this time” and she reached over to stroke my face.

It was almost like she heard growling and she pulled her hand back quickly. John had felt both his girls go into attack mode but he held them back by holding their hands tight and at his side. They were protective and now the blond knew it too. John already knew how protective they could be.

“Aren’t you going to introduce us Johnnie?” she asked.

“Fuck no you slut. You’re not good enough for them to piss on you if you were on fire.” He was obviously not pleased with her.

Her boyfriend started to move but John looked at her and said, “You better let him know what happened to the last one of your fuck buddies that I met.”

“Since Johnnie does not appear to have picked up any manners I will have to do it myself, I’m Jesse, his wife.”

“Still haven’t divorced me you lying bitch?” John asked.

“Johnnie, I can’t do that, until death us do part, that was what we swore, not to mention that terms of the trust. No divorce.” Jesse replied.

“You seem to have forgotten that part about forsaking all others and what was the commandment about lying? Now go fuck yourself, and your boy toy here and every Chinaman in the crew and stay the fuck out of our way,” was his last statement.

For a second he remembered back, but even though only a second, it was years to him. Every day passed through his mind, every stinking God Damn day. He was only 18 and newly married to Jesse, the hottest girl in his school. They had just graduated and gotten married. Everyone was surprised because he was such a nice sweet guy, and he never raised his voice and never had a fight. He was the typical “nice guy.”

Jesse was the hottest action in school. She had more sex by the time she got married than many men had their entire life. One day John came home and Jesse, not even married to him for a year, was fucking some guy in the den. Neither one of them saw him enter. He was in shock and went over to the fireplace and picked up a brass poker. When the man said he was going to cum he had his back to John and Jesse had her eyes closed. She told him to “Knock me up” and John swung in a downward motion, hitting the man on the top of his head and literally splitting it in two, like a ripe melon. The man fell back and his cock pulled out of her as he fell backwards and it was still spitting cum all over Jesse even though he was dead. She opened her eyes and saw John there and the man dead. John remembered thinking, “Wow, I guess brass weapons, even before the Iron Age, could do some real damage, I just cut his head in two.”

John went for a life on the run, he had killed the man. Jesse called 911 she was freaked but her action probably saved John’s life. She did not clean anything up and the police documented the cum and the fact they had been having sex when he was killed. The blood spatter proved that. John was on the run for two years and was finally arrested when they found him in an alley, hiding from reality, riding the dragon.

They detoxified him cold turkey and two weeks later he was ready to enter a plea to first degree murder. Jesse testified that John appeared to be clear headed and thinking about what he was doing and she told him “no” and “not to do it.” It was a lie of course. If he got the death penalty the money was hers.

The jury looked at the evidence and hated Jesse but convicted John of voluntary manslaughter. He was sentenced to ten years but only did seven and three on parole. Only seven, yea right. He remembers his father there when he was sentenced. The fucking asshole actually smiled at him getting ten years.

His cell mate became a surrogate father to him. How you wonder? He had him beat up every day for the first year. John had no option other than learn how to fight. If John did not leave the cell, Mason, his cell mate, would just have people come in and beat him. It took two years before he could walk any were in the yard and not fear anyone. He did not start fights, but he would never walk away from one. He minded his own business, but once or twice did kick some ass to save some kid from more than just an ass kicking. For some inmates a new young punk and his virgin asshole are as close as he was ever going to get to a woman. No one ever tried to fuck John but they did beat the shit out of him.

By the time he got out of jail he was a hard man and protected himself by hurting other men, men who were just as hard as him. Mason was a lifer and told him how to live. “Don’t try to talk your way out of anything, talking gives the other guy time to think and plan. Decide what you want and just do it. If it is important enough to do it, then do everything and anything to get it done. If you can’t commit to doing it that way, it is not worth the bother, walk away.” John lived that way.

He had done that with Cali and Grange. He had killed and did not even think about it once he made up his mind. He had done the right thing for them. The only thinking was in the heat of killing, who to kill first and how.

Once his parole was up he was on his way into the dark underground world that swirled around him and others like him. The vortex was drawing him in, he was comfortable there. They make up an entire society, one that no one ever sees; people that are not on any census unless it is as prisoners. Just before he left he got a “Certificate of Rehabilitation” from the office of the Governor. A year later he got a “Pardon” and “Restoration of Civil Rights” notice. The really strange thing is no one knew where he was, but they arrived at his door by messenger.

Mason was the father he never had. The man who told him how to live in a world were there were bad people who did bad things. John was as bad as they were and capable of being cruel if he had to be. But deep down John never wanted to hurt people, and every time he had hurt someone, they deserved it. Three bikers raping a girl in the country; a pimp keeping a young girl working the streets; those were evil people and he did not even think twice about killing them.

Her voice broke through his thoughts. “Been teaching your, – - friends – - what you learned in prison?” Jesse asked. When she said it, murder came to his mind and to the minds of Cali and Grange too. He had learned to kill without remorse in prison and he had killed for them; to protect them. He had killed in uncontrolled anger when he found the man fucking Jesse, but for them, for Cali and Grange he killed with purpose.

“Yes he has” Cali and Grange said almost in unison. Jesse did not know what to make of that, but they did.

“Oh Johnnie, that thing you call your mother is here too” she said as she walked away and said to boy toy, “Bitch never did let me call her mother.”

We walked away without saying anything more to Jesse. I had a lot of explaining to do and the girls listened to my story. It gave them a lot of insight about me, especially my seven years in prison.

“I thought I recognized the tears” Cali said.

Reaching up to my face I said “I never had any tear tats” and ran my hand over my left cheek.

“Not there baby, here” Grange said as she touched my chest, “inside here.”

They had gotten inside of me, inside my soul and saw my private tattoos the ones no one could ever see, the ones that were black and grey with no hint of color. They opened the wound and let the light in.

It was not long before we met “mother.” Actually it was more like we were summoned to her presence by her maid. We went together into her royal presence in her private suite, not even the captain entered without an invitation.

Mother was about sixty, no one ever knew for sure, five foot four and curvy with big tits and a good shape ass.

“So these are your new friends” she said extending her hand first to Cali and then to Grange. “I am so pleased to meet you, please call me Ruth or better yet, Mother. I think I would like that best. Have a seat would you like something to drink?”

Funny that she did not approach me for even a hug and not even a hello.

“I saw you at your father’s funeral, you did not sit with the family and you did not stay” she said to John.

“I didn’t have a family there, I just wanted to make sure he was dead” John said with more than a little anger.

Ruth smiled, “Well you finally learned how to hate, good for you Johnston.”

“The bastard laughed at me when I got ten fucking years for killing that whore’s fuck buddy; he laughed at me!” I said almost yelling.

“No baby, he smiled at you, not laughed. He was upset that you got all that time, but he was so proud of you, but you would never talk to him. He was proud you became a man and stood up to that bitch you married. He was proud the way you took your sentence, without a tear or fear. He was even proud the way you wanted to do it alone. He hoped Mason would help you some, and it looks like he did.” His mother finished and just looked at Johnston. She was the only person to call him that.

Cali and Grange just sat and watched this display, it gave them even further insight to the man they both loved.

Then Ruth started to talk with Cali and Grange. “Still using Wuthering Heights for things I see. He almost had the damn book memorized, I just hope he would not end up like Heathcliff did and looking at you two, there is not a chance in hell of that.” She said to Cali and Grange. Ruth could tell they had a hard time understanding how she knew about them. “I have been watching him for years, and when his father was alive he did too. That also means I have been watching you too.”

“Johnston, Mason helped you because when he was first in prison he had someone who looked out for him, your father was that person. You didn’t know that did you? That you father went to prison. Your father did ten years for murder, he killed his wife’s lover” she said with a smile. “I am his second wife, your father was my only lover and my only husband, but I would have been satisfied even if it was only as his lover.”

“Now you take a walk around the ship and try not to kill Jesses’ new fuck buddy, while I talk to your friends here.” Ruth said.

With that I was escorted to the door; I had been dismissed. Women, shit, I hope when I come back there are still three alive in there; someone could get eaten. I knew what my girls could and would do to protect me and I was hoping that Mother did not make any sudden moves. I was standing at the fantail when I felt a presence; it was Cali and Grange. The both hugged and kissed me. It had been four hours and I missed them both. They both said that they just loved my mother. No one ever loved my mother except my father and me, so that was pretty strange. Others respected her and feared her but love?

We finished our walk around the ship and found all the decks and places where we could go. Mother had given us special passes which would allow us to be anywhere on the ship and just sign for it. What the hell if it made Cali and Grange happy then I was all for it. It was during this time that I told them about my trust fund and explained that was how I could buy everything we wanted, even though we did not go nuts with it. I also told them about the divorce provision, no divorce ever. Whoever filed for divorce lost the money and the non filing spouse got it all.

A few days passed and Jesse went nuts wherever the girls were around. She would walk out by the pool and the men would stop and look at her, she loved it, she lived for it. But the minute Cali, and Grange showed up she was forgotten and the men had to straighten their bathing suits. They wore thongs and a few patches of cloth and not much else. They wanted those bright tattoos to show off. I put lots of sun screen on them first.

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