mother daughter incest

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From – Chapter 8

Ted looked at me before asking, “Special uniform? What special uniform are you talking about?”

I smiled at Ted saying, “Maybe if you are a nice guy, and you get here bright and early in the morning, you may be privileged to see their special uniform.”

Ted smiled asking, “What time should I arrive?”

Mary said, “Tomorrow is Sunday, and we may sleep in, so I can guarantee it won’t be before eight o’clock in the morning.”

We walked Ted and Marion to the door and watched them leave before I closed the door and locked it. Mary walked with me as I went out on the deck and checked everything and then came back inside and locked the sliding glass doors. It had been a long day so I turned off the lights and all of us walked up the stairs together and went to our separate rooms.

Tomorrow was going to be an interesting day because Kim, Jenna, Terri, Mary and Shelly decided to go visit Hanna in the hospital and I would have the house to myself for awhile.


Chapter 9

When we went to bed Terri was between Kim and I and they were passionately kissing while I spooned against Terri with my cock nestled between her thighs at the base of her lovely ass cheeks. A few hours later, as I awakened from my comatose sleep realizing Terri was no longer in bed with us and I was spooned up against my lovely wife. A few minutes after I started to stir, Kim moaned and rolled on her back and turned her head in my direction, blinked her eyes a few times, before she quietly said, “Good morning handsome, I love you so much honey. Thank you for being who you are.”

I moved my face closer to my lovely wife and kissed her before replying, “Good morning to you beautiful and I love you so much too. I hope you had a wonderful time yesterday.”

Kim lay facing me with a smile on her face said, “Honey, Jenna and I shared that young man Kevin yesterday and he made love to me and filled my pussy with that wonderful cock of his. He was so good and took his time to make sure we were satisfied. It was great for all three of us.”

I smiled and said, “Baby, it makes me happy to know we are living out our dreams. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family and surrounded by people who can enjoy themselves with us.”

“You know, honey, right after I get back from the bathroom I have something special for you.” I said to Kim.

Suddenly she jumped up and said, “Race ya!”

Both of us jumped up and rushed through the bathroom door and Kim edged me out when she slid sideways onto the toilet seat and sat there laughing at me with my morning wood. I stepped in front of Kim and as she started to pee she held my cock and licked her lips saying, “I would do something to this right now but I have more plans for it after you finish peeing.”

Kim pulled a piece of toilet paper off the roll and I took it from her as I kneeled in front of her and looked at her beautiful bald pussy lips as she spread her legs further apart giving me more access. With the paper in my hand I reached forward and wiped her pussy dry before dropping it in the toilet. Kim looked at me saying, “You are unlike any man I’ve ever known.”

Both of us stood up and Kim turned towards me as I stepped forward. Kim held my cock and aimed it towards the toilet bowl. It took my only seconds before I felt my pee start to move and Kim was ready to draw circles with my pee as it splashed in the water. When I was finished peeing she squeezed my cock and milked it to the end before she shook it a few times trying to make sure I was completely drained. We walked over to the shower and took a fast shower then dried each other off and like kids we raced back to the bed. Kim ended up on her back and I spread her legs wide before I leaned forward and licked her tenderly. After a few seconds I settled between her legs with my mouth on her lovely bald pussy ready to make her a complete, mumbling, bundle of ecstasy.

It didn’t take me long before Kim was squirming on the bed and pumping her hips up and down to match the strokes of my tongue. Soon she was rolling her head side to side and moaning with a squeal mixed in every now and then. Kim began to pant heavily as she grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her crotch. Kim’s body quivered at the crescendo of her mind boggling orgasm. Kim screamed her pleasure by saying, “Oh Dan, don’t stop!……. Oh that feels so good, please, don’t stop!”

I continued to lick and suck Kim’s pussy until she settled down a little and just as I was moving up between her legs we heard, “May I help you put that in her?”

We looked up to see Mary and Shelly standing just inside our bedroom watching us. Kim smiled at them saying, “Please come over here and each of you can take a side and help.”

Mary walked with confidence while Shelly walked timidly towards the bed. Mary was talking as she walked saying, “We heard you and we came to watch both of you because Dan said this was an open house where others were welcome to watch.”

Kim smiled and continued to lay with her legs spread wide as Mary crawled onto the bed on one side and Shelly crawled on the other side when she said, “You’re absolutely correct. You can watch and offer to help anyone of us here in this house. Both of you can direct Dan’s cock into my pussy if you want to and then I would love to have you lay down here and kiss me while Dan fills my pussy with that nice hard cock of his.”

Mary and Shelly reached out and held my cock from each side as I moved forward until the tip of my cock was touching the open lips of Kim’s love tunnel. I pushed forward and buried the head of my cock inside her then the girls let go and watched as I continued to press forward until my cock was totally buried deep inside Kim. Mary was the first to lie down next to Kim and kiss her. I watched as they kissed passionately with their hands roaming over each other and cupping each other’s titties. I started pumping my cock into Kim while I reached over and cupped one of Shelly’s “C” cup titties. I rolled her nipple between my index finger and thumb causing her to moan softly. Shelly sat up and reached out and put her arms around my neck and started kissing me with a lot of tongue. Finally I asked, “Would one of you like Kim to lick your pussy while I fuck her?”

Mary broke her kiss with Kim and looked between us before she said, “I’d love to have Kim lick me.”

Kim smiled and asked, “What are you waiting for Mary? Swing your leg over and face towards Dan so I can have full access to your pussy.”

Mary didn’t waste another second as she scrambled across Kim’s body and then scooted backwards until she felt Kim’s lips on her pussy. Kim reached up and pulled Mary down until she could rim her asshole causing Mary to let out a long, loud moan of pleasure. Shelly turned and looked at me saying, “Both of you are incredible, I’ve never been exposed to such openness in a marriage.”

I looked at Shelly then at Mary before saying, “The openness we share has to go both ways to make it work. Kim and I have been this way all of our married lives. Just remember, life is far too short not to share everything life has to offer.”

Mary started to breathe raggedly as Kim licked and nibbled her clit before moving back up to ream Mary’s asshole again. Soon Mary was too far gone and began to shake as her orgasm gripped her body. Mary was like a wild woman as she churned her pussy over Kim’s lips and tongue. As her orgasm finally subsided, Mary lifted off Kim’s face and flopped down on the bed. I was still pumping into Kim’s pussy when she looked at Shelly asking, “Are you next? I would really love to taste your pussy as well.”

Shelly asked, “Are you sure you want to do that now or wait until you and Dan have finished?”

Kim smiled saying, “Come on and spread that beautiful pussy over my face so I can make you feel good first thing this morning.”

Shelly moved slower than Mary had, but when she was finally straddling Kim’s face she leaned backwards so Kim had full access to her pussy and asshole. Kim started out the same way she had with Mary and reamed Shelly’s asshole first and then moved down to lick and nibble on Shelly’s clit. I watched Shelly’s face as I continued to pump my cock into my wife. Shelly twisted her face and moaned and sat down on Kim’s face to make better contract with the tongue which was giving her so much pleasure. I leaned forward and kissed Shelly and she not only returned my kiss, she wrapped her arms around my neck again and French kissed me. Our tongues were doing battle while Kim used her tongue to light the match to Shelly’s rapid engulfing wild fire orgasm. Burning with desire and lust Shelly went wild grinding her pussy into Kim’s face as she screamed out her pleasure. After moments of heavy breathing Shelly finally rolled to the side and landed on the bed looking back at Kim asking, “Are you ok?”

Kim’s face was covered with the mixed juices from Mary and Shelly but she smiled replying, “I’m fine, but the real question is, are both of you ok?”

Mary said, “Oh Kim, you’ve loaned me your husband and encouraged me to enjoy myself and then while he is making love to you, you fulfilled something which I never dreamed would happen to me and then you ask if we are ok. I hope they didn’t break the mold when you were born because there needs to be more women like you in this world.”

Kim replied, “I’m not sure about the mold but my daughters, Jenna and Terri, are open and learning to be just like us. There are no secrets in this family, we share everything and I do mean everything.”

Shelly again said, “I’ve never met people as open as you are and I love the feeling of being welcomed into your home and made to feel like I am part of the family. This is really a great feeling.”

Kim looked up at me and said, “I think we should cum so we can get cleaned up again and get downstairs for some coffee.”

I smiled and started pumping harder and faster into my wife. Surprisingly, Mary reached in and fingered Kim’s clit while Shelly leaned over Kim and started sucking on her nipples. Kim went wild from all the stimulation and began bucking her hips, very loudly expressing her love for all of us at the same time she was enjoying the ride to ecstasy. I felt my semen start to move and I told Kim, “I’m going to cum soon!”

“Let me have it, cum in me! Fill me with your hot fluids baby!” Kim screamed.

Suddenly I was there and I let it burst into Kim’s waiting pussy and yelled, “Here is cums honey, Oh fuck, that feels so great!”

Both of us pumped wildly as we tried to get the most out of our orgasms. By the time we finished, both of us were drenched in sweat and totally satisfied. Mary moved over and made room for me to lie down next to Kim then Mary moved in close to my body so she could cuddle me while on the other side of Kim, Shelly moved closer to cuddle her. After we caught our breath we all talked for a little while. Mary and Shelly asked us questions and we did our best to answer them. Finally Kim invited Mary and Shelly to shower with us and we all started moving to get off the bed. Once in the bathroom Kim asked Shelly and Mary if they had tried the bidet in their bathroom and both said they had. Kim sat down on the toilet and peed then got up to use the bidet while I stepped up to pee in the toilet. Mary followed me to the toilet and reached around me and gripped my cock saying, I want to try this. I put my arm around her and while Mary used my cock and piss to splash the water in the bowl Shelly stood off to the side laughing and saying, “I guess you do share everything here.”

When I was finished Mary shook my cock and stepped in front of me and sat down on the toilet to pee. She looked over at Kim who was douching in the bidet and asked her to leave the water running so she could douche too. I reached over a pulled a little bit of toilet paper off the roll and folded it over then squatted in front of Mary and watched as she finished peeing. When she was done I pushed her legs apart and reached in the dried her pussy. Shelly watched and finally asked, “Are you going to dry my pussy as well?”

I looked at Shelly and smiled as I reached for another piece of toilet paper. “Sure, I know how to take care of a pussy just like I know how to take care of my cock.”

I was already squatted down in front of Shelly watching her pee waiting to dry her pussy when Mary asked me, “Do you use tampons or pads?”

Kim finished the bidet and stood up as she headed for the shower while Mary sat down on the bidet and moved closer so she could douche, then Kim replied to Mary, “I am very proud to say he knows how to use both.”

Both Mary and Shelly gasped, and Mary said, “That’s way too personal and you’re telling us that he knows how to insert a tampon or put a pad in your panties?”

Kim smiled as she was adjusting the water in the shower with me standing beside her as she said, “Not just me, Jenna too.”

Shelly gasped the loudest asking, “Is there anything private in this house?”

I turned around and replied, “Maybe someday we’ll find something that’s private but for now, we share everything.”

“Holy fucking shit if I hadn’t heard this with my own ears I wouldn’t have believed it. It is hard for me to believe that a man would be willing to do that for a female.” Shelly shrieked.

Shelly finished on the bidet and joined us in the shower. It was fun taking turns washing each other and we stayed in there a little longer than necessary because of the conversation we were having. When we finished our shower Mary and Shelly went to their bathroom to finish their personal grooming while Kim and I stayed in our bathroom to do the same thing. After Kim and I completed our morning routine, we left our bedroom and started down the hall towards the stairs with breakfast on our minds. As we passed Mary’s room we looked in and Mary was trying on some sexy panties. She called out to us and asked, “Do you like these panties or should I wear the crotchless panties for Ted?”

I looked at Mary before asking her to model the crotchless panties. Kim and I watched as Mary slid her panties down her legs and let them pool at her feet. She picked up a pair of sexy pink, mesh panties with a slit opening with black trim for contrast detail. Mary said, “I ordered these panties from a web page named Yandy. They have a wide variety of sexy panties and some are very reasonable. I only paid three dollars for these panties.”

Kim walked over to Mary and inspected the panties and said she liked how they were split all the way from the waist band through the crotch all the way up to the back waist band. Mary pointed out the split could be closed by pulling the sides together and lapping them over each other. Mary pointed out she loved to wear these type of panties when she wore a skirt because she felt almost pantyless. Kim said, “I think if you are going to wear panties this morning, you should wear these because your lovely bald pussy can be seen through the slit.”

Shelly walked out of the bathroom in a pair of ChesleyMinx white mesh hipster thongs and asked Kim, “Do you like these?”

Kim looked and saw Shelly’s pussy was visible behind the white mesh. She said, “Those are very cute too and Ted will love seeing you two in panties like those.”

Mary asked Shelly if she was ready to head downstairs and Shelly said, “All I need to get is my pistol belt and I’m ready.”

All four of us walked down the hall and at the head of the stairs we were all greeted with the wonderful aroma of fresh coffee. As we descended the stairs I told Mary and Shelly how Terri is always the first one in the kitchen and makes the coffee for us. We walked into the kitchen where Terri had towels laid out on all the chairs so all we did was select a chair and sit down. Terri smiled at all of us and said, “Good morning, I thought you were going to stay in bed all morning.”

I looked up at the clock and said, “What do you mean all morning? It’s only quarter after eight and this is a Sunday morning so I think we are up early.”

Terri smiled and said, “Oh I know you were up early alright, I heard mom, Mary and Shelly screaming with pleasure so I know all of you have been awake for awhile. If you remember I said, I thought you were going to stay in bed all morning. I didn’t say anything about sleeping.” Terri finished with a huge smile on her face.

Kim smiled and said, “That’s my girl! I guess we can’t pull one over on you.”

As Terri was walking back to the breakfast counter with four cups of coffee she said with a grin on her face, “I will admit I cheated a little, because I didn’t hear you until I went back up to my room to get something.”

Terri set some pastries on the counter with some small paper plates. Everyone took one of the pastries and settled back to enjoy their coffee. About eight thirty the door bell rang and Terri and Shelly got up to answer the door. When they returned Ashley and Debbie followed them. Terri poured two more cups of coffee and everyone shuffled their chairs around to make room for the newcomers.

Immediately after getting settled Ashley turned to Kim and me and said, “I want to thank both of you and everyone else who was involved in putting together yesterday’s party. I talked to my brother and Sarah when we got home last night and all of us agreed we have never been to a party and felt as comfortable as we did yesterday. Not to mention all of us had a load of fun with all of you.”

Debbie excitedly started talking when Ashley finished saying, “We had an excellent time yesterday as well. My dad couldn’t stop raving to my mom how much fun we had and how much all of you share here. Of course Joe, Abby, dad and me stayed completely naked from the time we left here. When we got home we walked into the house naked and I thought mom would faint but after we all talked to her she settled down. Last night was the first time mom stripped down to her bra and panties with all of us there.”

Kim smiled saying, “We are very glad that all of you had a great time yesterday and we’ll have to do it again sometime.”

Terri refilled everyone’s coffee and just as she was ready to sit down the doorbell rang again. Terri looked at the clock and saw that it was almost nine o’clock and said, “This might be Ted and Marion.”

Mary and Shelly jumped up and grabbed their pistol belts to put on. Terri waiting until both of them was ready, and then all three of them walked towards the front door. I told Kim, “I’ve got to see this.” I jumped up out of my seat and walked so I could see the front door.

Both Mary and Shelly stood behind Terri as she opened the door and sure enough Ted and Marion stood on the porch looking in. Suddenly Ted burst out laughing and said, “The next time we do roll call I want to see both of you come in dressed like you are now. I love your panties and both of you look great. I am so glad I assigned both of you to this duty, you have made my day.”

Both nude officers rushed their boss and gave him a hug mashing their titties against his bare chest and then as if they had practiced in advance, both of them reached down to the snap on Ted’s shorts and pulled it apart and then Mary lowered the zipper. Shelly squatted in front of her boss and pulled his shorts down. He was commando under his shorts and the second his cock was released, it bounced to life almost hitting Shelly in the face.

I walked over to shake Ted’s hand and suddenly Mary dropped to her knees in front of me and picked up my cock and aimed it towards her mouth. After helping Ted step out of his shorts Shelly gripped Ted’s cock and aimed it towards her mouth. Here we were standing in the open front door with two police officers dressed in only their panties and pistol belts giving Ted and me a world class blow job. Terri called out and soon Kim, Ashley and Debbie walked around the corner and stopped short when they saw Ted and me getting our cock sucked. I looked at Ted saying, “The training you give your officers is exemplary and I commend you.”

Soon both of us were pumping our cock into the mouth of the officer in front of us feeling the effects of their marvelous tongue actions. Ted was first to say, “Shelly if you keep this up, I’m going to cum in your mouth.”

Shelly reached up and gripped one of Ted’s ass cheeks in each hand and pulled him closer forcing more of his cock deeper into her mouth. I heard Ted groan and yell, “I’m cummming!” Something triggered a response in me and within seconds I too groaned and said, “Oh God, Mary, I am going to cum in your mouth.”

Both Ted and I were holding the head of the female in front of us and each of us pumped into the mouth in front of us matching groan for groan and feeling an exceptional high from getting our blow job standing in front of the open front door.

When our individual orgasm was subsiding both female police officers moved together as if they had practiced their moves and took a final lick on our cock head before they sat down on the floor then laid down. Mary said, “Dan take my panties off and then make me cum with that magic tongue of yours.”

Shelly looked up at Ted with sad puppy dog eyes saying, “Sergeant Johnson, I think my panties are too tight. Would you be so kind and help a lady in distress by pulling her panties off with your teeth?”

Ted looked at me and I looked at him then both of us smiled as we got down into position with our ass facing the open front door. I took plenty of time sniffing the open crotch of Mary’s panties and I could see Ted in peripheral vision with his nose buried in Shelly’s crotch.

One thing I noticed which was different was the mixed aroma of Mary’s leather pistol belt and her female juices that freely leaked out of her pussy. I lapped up Mary’s juices and savored the flavor while my nostrils were filled with the smell of leather. The waist band of Mary’s panties was up under her pistol belt so I had to reach up with my hands and start to pull her panties down until I could grip them in my teeth. From there I had to alternate each side so I could slide them down over her hips, down her thighs and off. I saw Ted followed my movements and both of us were treated to naked police officers spread open before our eyes, wearing only their pistol belt.

I don’t know if it was the idea Mary had her weapon so close to my head, but suddenly I felt very submissive as I leaned in and tasted her lovely pussy again. There was something in the back of my mind saying, “IF you don’t do a good job, she could shoot you in the head.”

The combination of Mary having her weapon in her holster strapped around her waist and me kneeling with my ass facing the open doorway offered a very different and exciting atmosphere while I licked the sweet nectar from Mary’s pussy. I manipulated her clit until I had her screaming non-stop while pulling my hair forcing my face tightly against her pussy. I know Mary had a couple of mild orgasms before she locked those thighs of hers around my head and almost fucking killed me as she rocked back and forth while spasm after spasm rocked her body. I thought I was going to die when I tried to breathe and my nose and mouth were both pulled tight into her pussy. With the little bit of oxygen I had left in my brain I realized I wasn’t going to get loose by struggling and I couldn’t yell for help, so I played possum by allowing my body to go limp in hopes Mary would release my face so I could breathe.

The moment I felt Mary start to loosen her thigh muscles I used my hands to push backwards and my head was free. I leaned back and took a few deep breaths as I watched Mary continue to convulse on the floor in front of me. Finally, Mary lifted her head and looked down her abdomen at me whispering, “Thank you, thank you, Dan! You sure know how to eat pussy.”

I looked up at Mary with a weak smile saying, “I’m not into bondage, but the next time I eat your pussy I am going to tie your legs wide open before we start because this is the second time I saw the pearly gates off in a distance.”

Everyone broke out laughing, but I looked up at them and said, “Mary had such a grip on my head with her thighs I couldn’t breathe.”

Ted and I were outnumbered four to one, so there wasn’t a bit of sympathy for me and my plight. I stopped trying to explain myself and looked at Mary asking her, “Did you really enjoy your ride on my tongue?”

Mary smiled back at me saying, “Dan you can have me anytime you want. I have never had such powerful orgasms as I have since I met you the other night.”

Jenna and her friends Lisa and Becky were now standing in the room because of all the noise Mary made and Jenna spoke up saying, “My daddy has a world class tongue when it comes to licking pussy and he makes me feel the greatest.”

Shelly smiled and said, “I don’t know, we’ll have to have a pussy eat off contest to find out which one can make a girl scream louder. Ted made my pussy tremble like no one else has.”

Ted smiled and said, “I don’t know what I’m going to do with you two. From now on I won’t be able to see you in a uniform without thinking of this special uniform. Both of you look so hot and sexy.”

Ted and I stood up and then we helped both Mary and Shelly stand up. Ted and I gave them a hug and then I realized I felt different performing sex in front of the open front door where anyone could have come up on the porch and watched me licking Mary’s pussy.

Kim walked over and gave Ted a hug while Marion walked over to me and pasted her body against mine and hugged me. Then Marion surprised me when she reached down and held my cock before she shook it saying, “Well, good morning to both of you, it’s good to see both of you are up this morning.” Everyone broke out laughing at Marion’s comment.

Kim and Marion ended their hug with us and then switched and Ted and I each hugged our own wives. Kim leaned back and while smiling she said, “Dan, I love you so much I can’t even begin to describe how I feel about you.”

All of us turned and walked towards the kitchen then decided to use the dining room table, because we had more room there for everyone to sit down. We had a few moments when everything was moved before we settled down. Mary and Shelly took off their pistol belt and sat back down and all of us talked about how much we enjoyed yesterday’s party. For the next hour we sat around talking about everything and anything. Finally Ted said, “Honey, we have to get started hanging the monitors and running the cable so we are ready for the rest of the crew to bury the cables tomorrow.”

Ted turned to Terri saying, “I’m going to have at least three guys and another female working here tomorrow, so how do you want to handle the statements?”

Terri said, “If you give me their names I can make a statement for each of them today and you can get them to sign them tomorrow when they come here or you can wait and I can get them to sign a statement when they arrive. It won’t make any difference to me.”

Ted said, “When we go in the den, I’ll give you their names and you can make the statements for me.”

Marion asked Kim what she was doing today and Kim said, “Jenna, Terri, Mary, Shelly and I are going to visit Hanna in the hospital. I don’t want her to think we forgot about her and she should be more alert than she was the other day when we saw her.”

Ted spoke up saying, “Please, let Hanna know that Marion and I hope she gets better soon.”

Ted turned serious and asked in a more professional voice, “Dan, Kim, what are your plans as far as Hanna goes? Are you going to invite her out here and if you do, how are you going to handle everyone being nude?

Terri spoke up saying, “I can’t speak for mom and dad but I will tell you if Hanna chooses to come here, I will do everything in my power to help her understand living here as a nudist is not the same as being forced to strip naked in front of perverts and being spread open for their viewing pleasure, like both of us were.”

I said, “We will offer to let her come here and stay and there’s nothing saying that she will even take us up on the offer. But if she does, we will rely on Terri to help us with Hanna. Both of them have been stripped and displayed for the perverted pleasure and forced to perform oral sex on men they didn’t know; so we feel Terri would be most qualified, out of all of us, to help Hanna. Of course, we will pay for professional help if we are advised by the doctors that would help her. We only want what’s best for Hanna.”

Kim spoke up saying, “If Hanna comes here and wants to wear clothes then we won’t object.”

Ted smiled and said, “It seems like you have a well thought out plan in case Hanna decides to come here. One of the benefits you can use to convince her to come out here to stay is tell her about the country setting in case she doesn’t remember and then tell her that we have two officers stationed here to protect Terri and she will be equally protected if she comes here.”

Ted continued, “I talked to my chief and asked him to keep me in the loop with what’s going on with the investigation so I’ll know what’s happening all the time. Also I will know when the prosecution needs to talk to either Terri or Hanna and I can have Mary and Shelly bring them to headquarters in the patrol car so no one from the office has to know about your lifestyle and no one here has to get dressed while they’re visiting. Dan, you can have your lawyers meet the girls at the office when they have to go for interviews.”

Ashley and Debbie excused themselves saying they had to get to work. Ted and Marion stood up from their chairs and Ted said to me, “Dan, come into the den and let me confirm where you want the monitors. There will be four of them and they need to be mounted on the wall.”

As Ted was walking out of the room, he turned and looked at Mary and Shelly saying, “Take the unmarked car to the hospital. You can wear regular clothes so you won’t draw undo attention to yourselves or Terri?”

Shelly said, “That’s ok, we can do that, but do you know Kim wants to go to the mall after we finish at the hospital?”

Ted smiled saying, “Your detail is to protect Terri, so wherever she needs to go, you are authorized to take the police car.”

Kim said, “We need to get some breakfast, so what would everyone like?”

There was a brief discussion before it was agreed upon eggs and bacon would be fast and easy and would require the least amount of preparation. Jenna said, “While you are preparing breakfast I’m going to run up and take a shower so I’m ready to go to the hospital.”

Kim turned to Terri, Shelly and Mary saying, “Why don’t all three of you go get your shower and then we’ll be ready to go immediately after breakfast and then we can stop by the mall before we come back home. All I have to do is get dressed.”

Lisa and Becky stayed behind in the kitchen to help Kim prepare breakfast. Kim asked Becky to cook the bacon while she mixed up a batch of scrambled eggs. Lisa got the job of making toast and buttering it. All three worked side by side getting everything ready. Then all three worked together to set the table and poured orange juice for everyone. Kim made a fresh pot of coffee and asked, “Lisa, will you go tell the girls and Dan breakfast is ready?”

Lisa trotted off towards the stairs and when she reached Jenna’s room she said, “Breakfast is ready.”

Jenna was finishing her makeup and said, “Thanks honey, I’ll be right down.”

Lisa moved down the hall to Mary’s room and when she looked into the room she saw Mary and Shelly locked in a passionate kiss so Lisa knocked on the door frame and said, “Breakfast is ready.”

Mary stepped back from Shelly saying, “Come on Shelly, let’s go get something nutritious to eat.”

When Mary and Shelly got to the bedroom door Lisa opened her arms and reached out and gave both Mary and Shelly a hug before she turned and walked down the hall holding Mary’s hand. When they arrived in the dining room Jenna was already there. Breakfast was served and there was general conversation while everyone ate. Jenna said, “Daddy, Becky and Lisa are going to keep you company while we go to the hospital.”

Becky smiled asking, “Daddy Dan, would you like to take another walk around the estate again today? I had a lot of fun being outside and walking yesterday. It was so free to be completely naked and walking through the woods.”

I looked at Becky and said, “I’d love to take you and Lisa for a walk. It is refreshing and I really enjoyed the walk yesterday too.”

When we finished breakfast everyone pitched in and cleaned up and before long everything was done. Kim, Jenna, Terri, Mary and Shelly went upstairs to get dressed. When they came back downstairs, everyone was dressed for the warm weather in short skirts and light blouses. It was obvious Kim, Jenna or Terri didn’t have a bra on because their titties bounced when they walked. Before leaving, Mary and Shelly walked into the den and asked Ted if there were any last minute orders. Ted said, “Be careful and vigilant of everyone around you while you are gone. Do you have a radio and your weapons?”

After Mary and Shelly showed Ted they had their weapons inside their hand bags along with their radio they hurried out of the den and found Kim, Jenna and Terri waiting for them by the front door. All five of them gave me a hug and kiss on their way out the door. I closed the front door then turned around to find Lisa and Becky waiting for me.

“Daddy Dan, Lisa and I want you to go with us out in the woods to the little stream we saw yesterday and walk along the stream and see if there is a place deep enough to go swimming.”

I walked in and told Ted and Marion I was going for a walk and the only ones who are in the house is Ashley and Debbie. I told Ted he was welcome to answer the door if he wanted to, if not, don’t worry about it. I found Ashley and Debbie in the laundry room and informed them I was stepping out and Ted and Marion were in the den. Lisa and Becky slipped on their sandals and grabbed three towels so all I had to do was step into my sandals before I walked out on the deck.

Once we were outside Becky asked if we could walk out to the front lawn and down towards the road then walk around the edge of the property. I looked at her and all she did was smile back at me when I said, “Ok, we can go that way.”

We walked around the house towards the front with me in the center and a young lady holding my hand on each side. Becky was carrying my towel along with her own in her right hand. I noticed as we walked both girls took the liberty to watch my cock bobbing up and down in front of me.

When we got to the front of the house by the garage we saw Bill getting out of his truck. He saw us, then smiled and waved at us. We walked over to his truck and he said, “I’m here to clean the pool and hot tub like Terri asked me to do.”

“The only ones in the house right now are Ted, Marion, Debbie and Ashley. Would you mind going into the house and let one of them know you are here?” I asked Bill.

He smiled at me and asked, “I see all three of you are naked, is it alright if I leave my clothes in the truck?”

I replied, “Bill we are nudists, when you’re here, you can be nude anytime or any place.”

Bill smiled saying, “Yes I was really shocked yesterday when I saw all the females here completely nude and no one was dashing off trying to cover their bits. Then Terri explained everything to me and I’m going to love working here.”

I said, “We are going to take a walk, so please let one of the people know you are here, so they won’t be surprised when they see you.”

We said our goodbyes and Lisa, Becky and I started walking across the front lawn. A few seconds later a car drove past the end of my driveway without slowing down but suddenly I felt vulnerable but at the same time I felt swollen with pride walking with these two very beautiful naked young ladies out in the open like we were. When we got down to the double row of evergreen trees which bordered the front of my property near the road, Becky said, “Let’s step between the trees and see what we can see.”

Suddenly I had a feeling Becky had something more in mind than just looking. I asked, “Becky you know the road is on the other side of the trees, what do you want to do, be seen naked by a passing car?”

Becky smiled at me saying, “Daddy Dan, I read some stories about people doing daring things like that and I had this tingling feeling every time I read one of those stories. This is an excellent place to explore because we are on a back road and not a main highway so it is unlikely anyone will see me but I would like to see what I could get away with.”

Looking at Becky I scratched my head and asked, “What exactly do you want to try?”

Becky said, “I’d love to go stand in the middle of the road completely naked and maybe lay down with my legs spread just to see how it feels to try something so daring.”

Again I looked at Becky and said, “I don’t think that’s a good idea. Even though we can see a long way in either direction from our driveway, I would hate for someone to see you and stop and make trouble for us.”

Becky grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards the driveway saying, “Come on Daddy Dan, let’s go look and see if anyone is coming down the road.”

Reluctantly I allowed Becky to pull me towards the driveway with Lisa following right next to me. When we reached the driveway Becky pulled on my hand, but I stopped and wouldn’t go any further. Becky begged me and Lisa to follow her out to the end of the driveway, which was only fifteen feet away, and look up and down the road to see if anyone was coming. My cock was at full mast and although I was turned on by the idea of watching Becky step into the road completely naked with her beautiful tight little ass, her slick bald lil pussy, and those wonderful round “C” sized titties, my mind was suddenly in turmoil over what I should do. My body won out over my better judgment and I inched forward until all three of us were near the end of the driveway and we could look up and down the road and see no one was coming in either direction.

I watched as Becky suddenly dashed out in the middle of the road and turned to face Lisa and me as she started doing jumping jacks. I watched Becky’s perfect titties bounce up and down with each movement she made and when she opened her legs I watched her magnificent pussy open and then close. As a finale, Becky did two cart wheels down the center of the road before rushing back to Lisa and me saying, “What a fucking rush!”

All three of us were standing at the end of my driveway keeping vigil on both directions for any traffic when Becky said, “Daddy Dan, I’ll suck your cock right here. To make it more interesting, I’ll bend over at the waist, spread my feet wide apart showing my pussy and asshole to whomever passes, as long as you agree not to move until you cum, even if a car comes by.”

Lisa was smiling and getting into the display mode when she said, “I’ll even lie down and spread my legs wide here in the driveway and rub my pussy until I cum, if you let Becky blow you.”

I looked up and down the road and thought to myself, this is Sunday morning so there shouldn’t be much traffic, and also this is a back road so there shouldn’t be much traffic here anyway. But then I thought back to a few minutes ago when a car passed as we walked down across the lawn.

My cock brain won out over my common sense when I said, “Becky, if you want to suck my cock right here, I’ll let you, on one condition.”

Becky looked at me with a confused look before she asked, “What’s the condition?”

“Since both of you want to be so daring let’s up the ante where all three of us have to stay right here at the end of the driveway without hiding until each of us have experienced at least one orgasm each. I will to fuck both of you right here and each of you must have an orgasm. Each of you will turn around and face the road then bend over at the waist and spread your legs so I can fuck you from behind. I’ll reiterate, the person I’m fucking must experience at least one real orgasm. After both of you have had an orgasm, I will let Becky suck my cock. IF both of you decide to be so daring and take my challenge, I promise I won’t move from this spot if a car comes along. But remember, once we start, all three of us have to stay right here and whoever comes by will see us totally naked and enjoying some form of sex. I promise you, it won’t be any quickie.” I countered with a huge smile on my face thinking there is no way both of the girls would accept that challenge.

Becky looked at Lisa asking, “What do you think Lisa, do you want to do something wild and out of character for us?”

Lisa looked both ways, listened carefully, then walked back to Becky saying, “If we get caught we can’t cover any of our body parts, we have to be brave and show everything!”

I cautioned, “Remember once we start all three of us have to stay right here until each of us have had an orgasm and I will be the last one, so keep that in mind before you say you want to do this.”

Becky looked up and down the road as she bent over at the waist and spread her legs saying, “Daddy Dan, please fuck me and make me cum.”

I stepped up behind Becky and rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slippery slit and got it good and wet before I lined it up with the opening of her lovely tight pussy and started pushing my hips forward slowly sinking inch by inch of my rock hard cock deep into Becky. Once I was buried deep inside Becky’s womb, I held her hips tight and pushed against her ass cheeks to get every little millimeter of my cock inside her. I started to slowly fuck Becky and it wasn’t long before I had Becky gasping for breath and pumping backwards to meet my forward thrusts. I reached forward and cupped her perfectly round tits in my hands and massaged them as we fucked out in the open where anyone could see us if they came down the road. Becky reached down and started massaging her clit and began bucking and breathing irregularly as she screamed, “Daddy, I’m there, FUCK ME HARD!”

Becky quivered as I continued to pound my cock deep into her and I felt her pussy muscles contract trying to milk my cock. When Becky’s orgasm was dying down, I pulled my cock out of her before I stayed to long and shot my load inside her. Sweat was pouring off me by the time I finished with Becky and to my surprise Lisa was right there to take my cock into her hot love tunnel. I could see the sparkling of Lisa’s juices in the sunlight as I stepped forward and pushed my cock against her tiny hole. Lisa moaned as the head of my cock penetrated her flower pushing the petals apart and slipping into the soaking wet depths of her womanhood. There was a squishing sounds and I pushed more and more of my cock into Lisa. It didn’t take Lisa long before she began to breathe heavily and meet each of my thrusts into her pussy with a backward push of her own. Lisa and I were engaged in raw fucking with nothing but lust in mind. Lisa begged me to jam my cock deep inside her and make her scream and I was doing the best I could to keep up with her demands.

Meanwhile Becky was doing handstands and cartwheels in the center of the road. Spreading her lovely little legs so both Lisa and I had a wonderful view of her spread open slit. With every move her round titties bounced, then came right back to stand proudly out from Becky’s chest. Finally, Becky sat down in the road with her feet flat on the surface and let her legs flop off to the sides opening her small pussy. Then Becky lay backwards until she was lying down in the center of the road with her legs spread as wide as they would g and her arms spread out saying, “Oh MY GOD, I’ve never felt so vulnerable. This is so strange!”

Watching Becky sent Lisa over the edge and she started enjoying her orgasm with a scream, a series of pants trying to get some air in her lungs and then more moaning and screaming as she pushed her ass against me trying to get all my cock in her hot cunt. Once again, I had to stop fucking the lovely young lady my cock was buried in and withdraw my cock before I blew my load into her. Once my cock was out of Lisa I walked out into the center of the road and took Becky’s hand and pulled her up to her knees and aimed my cock towards her lips. Becky briefly looked at my cock covered with Lisa’s pussy juice before she opened her mouth and engulfed the head of my cock. Becky sucked on the head of my cock a few seconds before she used her tongue and circled the rim as the base of my cock head sending shivers through my body. Then Becky opened her mouth completely and deep throated my cock until she gagged on it. She pulled back for a couple of seconds and then drove my cock into the opening of her throat and held it there while she used her tongue to lick the underside of my cock. I wasn’t going to last much longer, so I warned Becky by saying, “I’m going to cum soon, are you going to swallow it?”

Becky doubled her actions and sucked my cock as well as massaged the underside of it with her tongue. The first spurt of my cum shot out of my cock took her be surprise and she paused momentarily before she swallowed and began to suck again. I held the back of Becky’s head and pumped my cock into her mouth until I was spent. Becky swallowed most of my cum and what little squeezed out on the base of my cock, Becky took her time to lick me clean before looking up at me asking, “Did I do a good job, Daddy Dan?”

I looked down at her and told her I had never experienced such an explosive orgasm as I had standing here in the middle of the road with her sucking my cock. Becky smiled up at me saying, “We’ve pushed our luck, we better get out of the road before someone comes along and catches us.”

Becky and I walked into the end of the driveway and joined Lisa then the three of us walked up the driveway a short distance before we turned right and started walking around the edge of the property.

We talked as we walked and both girls were thrilled to have taken the chance on being seen when we had sex at the end of the driveway. Both of them asked what we would have really done if a car was coming down the road and I asked, “What do you mean? What would we have done?”

“We would have stayed right there just like we agreed before we started. If I was going to have to stay, both of you would have had to stay too.” I said.

Becky said, “That’s what made me so wet. I didn’t know if we would be seen or not and the not knowing was exciting, exhilarating and absolutely stimulating.”

We walked into the woods at the back of the property and found the stream and walked along it as it flowed quietly in the opposite direction of our travel. Lisa was watching the water and yelled, “Look there’s a fish.”

Becky and I stopped in time to see it dart to the other side and under a tree root. I said, “That looked like it might have been a trout and if there is trout in this stream then there has to be some place for them to spawn.”

Lisa looked at me asking, “What do you mean, Daddy Dan?”

I told both of them the trout need a place to go to lay their eggs and there had to be a place in the stream that was wider with fast running water. We walked along and watched the water and saw several more fish before the stream started to widen. We found an old overgrown road running along the edge of the stream so we walked on the old road about ten minutes before we heard water running like from a waterfall.

A short distance further we found the source of the water fall sounds and it was indeed a small fifteen foot waterfall dropping into a large pool of water at the base. It looked like someone created this pool a long time ago by the way the stones were arranged around the edge. We moved over to the edge of the water and I leaned down and put my hand in the water. I looked at the girls and said, “The best way to get into this water would be to rush in, because this water is cold.”

Becky being the more daring one dropped her towel and looked into the clear water. When she saw it was deep enough without any rocks to bump into she ran and dove underwater and came up screaming, “HOLY FUCKING SHIT, THIS WATER IS COLD!”

I smiled at Lisa asking, “Are you going in?”

Lisa replied, “Of course I’m going in. If I don’t, Becky will never let me live it down.”

Lisa took off and ran in like Becky did and came up screaming, “GOD IT’S FUCKING FREEZING!”

I stood on the edge of the old road and after a debate with myself I too ran and jumped into the water before my brain could come up with a sensible reason for not torturing my body in freezing water. The minute I hit the water and surfaced I could feel my cock retreating and shriveling up to the size of a little boy. The three of us met in the middle of the pool and found out the pool was deeper than it looked. I am six foot tall and I couldn’t touch bottom even though the water was so clear we could see the stones on the bottom. I’m not sure if my body was becoming numb or what, but it seemed the longer I stayed in the water it wasn’t so cold. We only stayed in the water about ten minutes before we got out and stood in the hot sunshine to warm up.

I looked around to see if I could see any surveyor ribbons indicating property lines but I didn’t see any. After we warmed up we started walking back along the old road until I found an orange surveyor’s ribbon tied on an old tree and then I realized we weren’t on my property. I made a mental note to contact someone and buy this property.

When we arrived back at the house we walked up on the deck and I saw three heads in the pool. I walked over to the edge of the pool and saw Bill, Ashley, and Debbie floating around on the noodles and talking quietly between them. When they saw me, Ashley said, “Hi Dan, we are just taking a dip.”

I smiled and said, “Enjoy yourselves; we just got back from our walk.”

Becky went into the house and got three bottles of water from the refrigerator and brought them out on the deck. She handed one to me and one to Lisa. I told the girls to enjoy themselves and I was going to see how Ted and Marion were doing. Becky asked, “Daddy Dan, do you want some lunch?”

I turned saying, “Let me go check with Ted and Marion and see if they ate and if not, would you mind making lunch for all of us?”

Lisa said, “I’ll go with you and it they haven’t had lunch, I’ll come back out here and help Becky.”

Lisa and I walked into the den and found Marion standing on a ladder holding a monitor while Ted guided it into the holder mounted on the wall. The interesting part is, Marion had her legs spread and we had a wonderful view of Marion’s open pussy. Neither Lisa nor I said a word while we stood behind Marion and watched as she moved and her pussy would open then close then open again depending on her movements. We heard Ted say, “There, that one is mounted, you can get down honey.”

Marion moved and just as she started down the ladder she looked over her shoulder and saw Lisa and me standing behind her. She blushed slightly and said, “I must have been giving you two quite a view while I was holding that monitor.”

I smiled and said, “What a lovely view it was Marion. When you get ready to hang the next monitor, please let me know so I can enjoy the view of your lovely bald pussy again.”

Marion blushed saying, “Oh Dan, stop that. I’m an old woman and I’m sure you would much rather look at Lisa’s pussy than mine.”

Lisa blushed and said, “Marion, I was even enjoying the view of your lovely pussy along with Daddy Dan. I have the same thing you have and I was fascinated watching your pussy open and close as you were moving around on the ladder.”

I broke in asking, “Have either of you eaten anything for lunch?”

Ted stopped what he was doing and said, “No. We were going to eat later when we got home.”

I said, “Becky and Lisa have offered to fix us something, so we can all eat together.”

Lisa said, “I’ll let you know when lunch is ready.”

After Lisa left the room, I watched Ted and Marion work as they finished putting the monitors up on the wall and hook up the wires before they set up the recording machines and wired them. Soon Lisa was back saying, “Lunch is ready.”

Ted, Marion and I walked out and found that Lisa and Becky set lunch on the dining room table.

Bill, Ashley and Debbie were standing with Lisa and Becky waiting for us to arrive. Each chair was already covered with a towel so all we had to do was sit down and enjoy our lunch. I thanked both Lisa and Becky for making lunch and said, “Let’s sit down and eat.”

When lunch was over everyone pitched in and we had everything cleaned up within a few minutes. Ted and Marion went back to the den to work and Bill, Ashley, Debbie, Becky, Lisa, and I went out on the deck to soak up some sun and enjoy the afternoon. All four girls moved a lounge around so their feet were towards the sun. Bill and I moved a lounge over by the girls. I moved mine between Becky and Lisa while Bill moved his between Ashley and Debbie.

Ashley asked Bill to spread some lotion on her body as she handed him the bottle of sunscreen. While Bill was applying sunscreen to Ashley, she spread her legs wide giving him full view and access to her inner thighs and bald pussy. Debbie spread her legs and asked Bill to do the same to her when he finished with Ashley. Bill was like a kid in a candy store when he stopped and looked at both Ashley and Debbie’s nude body spread out on the lounge waiting for him to rub his hands over their body.

Meanwhile both Becky and Lisa stretched out on their lounges and Becky handed me a bottle of lotion and asked me to spread some on her body. I squirted a few globs on her body, especially her titties, her flat belly, her bald pubic mound, each thigh, and each foot. Then I got down on my knees and put a small glob in my hand and rubbed my hands together before I smoothed the lotion all over Becky’s face, down her neck, then moved down until each of my hands had a wonderful “C” cup titties with her quarter sized, light brown areola with her tiny nipple poking up in the center. Her nipples might be smaller than other females, but they were just as hard and standing out proudly from Becky’s perfectly round titties. I spent more time massaging them than necessary before I moved down her body to her flat stomach. As previously stated, the one thing that really stood out about Becky is her prominent pubic mound, and with her keeping herself completely bald, when she lay down as she was now it stood up above her hips. When I moved my hand over her pubic mound she moaned and spread her legs further apart giving me full access to her pussy lips below. After making sure Becky’s pussy was well coated with sunscreen I moved down her thighs and eventually her feet making sure she was ready to lie out and get some sun on her whole body.

When I was finishing Becky’s feet, Lisa asked me to do the same to her. Not being one to ignore a female in distress, I turned and picked up the bottle of sunscreen lotion and decorated Lisa’s titties, flat stomach, her bald pubic mound, down her thighs, then all the way down her legs to her feet. I put the bottle down after I squirted some in my hand and started rubbing some lotion in her face, down her neck to her lovely “C” cup titties with their beautiful pink areola and pencil sized nipples, which like Becky, were as hard as bullets and stood up proudly from her tits. I loved massaging the lotion into her lovely tits, but I wanted to lie down too. So I moved down across her flat stomach and on to her lovely, bald, pubic mound. I rubbed the lotion into her pubic mound then dipped my hand down between her legs; Lisa spread her legs wide giving me full access to her bald pussy lips. I used the heel of my hand to rub a little harder on her clit causing Lisa to moan loudly and roll her head side to side. I moved my hands down each thigh and shin until I reached her feet.

When I finished I stood up and rubbed my hands together then rubbed the residue down my own body. I picked up the bottle of sunscreen lotion and was about to apply some to my body when Lisa and Becky jumped up and told me to lie down. I made one final adjustment to the position of my lounge then lay down on my back and immediately spread my legs. (it’s a guy thing) Lisa and Becky each took a side and Becky held the bottle of lotion over my body and dribbled some all the way from my neck to my feet. She stopped and let some dribble down my cock as it stood up proudly, making it look like I’d just cum. Then each girl started rubbing in the lotion from each side, leaving my cock and balls for last. After I was well coated with lotion, both girls moved back up to my cock and there were two hands stroking my cock and two hands were rubbing the lotion into my balls.

When they were satisfied I was completely covered with lotion, each of them bent over to straighten their towel on their lounge. I loved the rear view they provided me. I watched each cute lil pussy glisten when the sunlight hit it, then each one opened slightly at the top of Becky and Lisa’s toned thighs and winked at me while they adjusted their towel. I watched as each girl sat down and then laid back on their lounge before spreading their legs and opening their pussy to the sunlight in hopes of removing all evidence of tan lines.

Meanwhile, both Ashley and Debbie were having fun with Bill by teasing him so his cock stood up from his groin. Both girls had coated Bill with lotion and then told him they were doing him a favor by teasing him. When he questioned their reasoning, they informed him since he had a white ring around his waist and upper thighs where he always wore shorts, his cock will get an all over tan because it was standing up. All of us laughed and Bill said, “Ok, whatever you say.”

We were still enjoying the sun when Ted and Marion took a break and came out to cool down in the pool. They were in the pool for about fifteen minutes when both Becky and Lisa got up and walked over and jumped in. It wasn’t long before we heard giggles and then some moans coming from the pool area. I looked over at Debbie, Ashley, and Bill and they looked at me then we laid back on our lounge and enjoyed the sun shining on our naked bodies.


I must have drifted off to sleep because the next thing I knew my daughter Jenna was stroking my cock asking me, “Daddy, don’t you think you should turn over? Your cock is getting a little pink and I don’t want you to burn this before I get it inside me tonight.”

I opened my eyes and smiled and my daughter saying, “I guess I better get up and get something cold to drink.”

As I started to get out of my lounge I looked around and saw the other lounges had been all neatly restacked by the railing and the pool was empty so I asked, “Have you seen Ashley, Debbie, Bill, Lisa and Becky?”

Jenna smiled and said, “We haven’t seen Bill, Ashley or Debbie but we heard Lisa, Becky, Ted and Marion.”

I looked at Jenna and she started laughing, then said, “I went up to my room to take off my clothes when we got home about a half an hour ago and there was a lot of moaning coming from the bedroom I gave them.”

I laughed as I put my arm around my daughter and walked into the kitchen to get something cold to drink. I looked around the refrigerator and soon my eyes spotted a couple of Coors Silver Bullets sitting on the shelf; so I grabbed one and popped it open and took a long pull before I brought it down and looked around to see Kim, Shelly, Mary, Terri and Jenna sitting at the breakfast counter looking at me. Kim said, “Honey you are very red I hope you don’t blister.”

I replied, “I had lotion on me from head to toe.”

Kim said, “Come over here and sit down I need to tell you something.”

I pulled a towel out of the cupboard and spread it out on the chair and then took my seat across from Kim. Smiling I asked, “So what’s up, did you bankrupt me at the mall?”

Kim looked at me saying “The doctors are going to release Hanna tomorrow, but with the stipulation that she not be by herself. She has to go to some place where someone will be around her all the time in case she needs help. I had a long talk with her while we were visiting and we covered a lot of stuff.”

I looked around at all the females and asked the obvious question, “Did you offer to let her stay here with us?”

Kim looked at all the females and said, “The short answer is yes I did offer to let her stay with us. But the longer answer is, all of us had a talk with Hanna so she wouldn’t come here and be upset with our lifestyle. Each one of us had something to say to Hanna and then I told her, the decision was hers if she wanted to come out here with us knowing what she’s been through already.”

Mary spoke up saying, “I told Hanna that Shelly and I were already here twenty four hours a day and Sergeant Johnson would be here on and off so she was going to be completely safe if she decided to come here and stay.”

“When will we know if she wants to come out here and stay with us?” I asked.

“I gave her our phone number and told her to call me when she decides and Mary told her she will come to the hospital and pick her up in the police car and bring her here.” Kim said.

Kim continued by saying, “Dan, she said she is not sure she can be nude when she comes here, but she will try. She said with all of us telling her we were nude when we were here, helped her understand it wasn’t really sexual although some of us enjoyed sexual encounters.”

Terri smiled and said, “I told her I would let her wear some of my lingerie if she wanted to wear something until she gets used to us. I assured her no one would force her to do anything sexual. I also told her that she would be with Mary, Shelly and me most of the time during the week because all of you were out of the house, at work.”

“Well, if Hanna decides to come and stay here for a while, we will welcome her into our home and make sure she feels welcome.” I said with a smile.

Mary said, “I have no doubt that you will make Hanna feel welcome here. From the minute I walked in here, you made me feel like I was at home, Dan.”

Terri jumped in saying, “I had to strip naked for all kinds of men and perform oral sex on them, when I came here and learned mom and dad were looking to fill all the positions with nudists or people who would work while nude, I was a little leery at first. However, after being here nude and seeing others nude on top of seeing others enjoying consensual sex, I’ve learned what real love is and realize Harold and his friends are just monsters preying on young girls and not everyone is like them. So, I think it would be good for Hanna to be in this environment and be exposed to real love too.”

Shelly spoke up saying, “I agree with Terri when she said there is a lot of real love in this house. I have never been exposed to anything like what I’ve experienced here, even in my own family. I also think Hanna would benefit by coming here and seeing the love everyone shows for each other.”

“I agree!” Ted said.

All of us looked towards the sound of Ted’s voice and watched as he walked into the room with Lisa under his arm and Marion followed them with Becky hugged tightly under her arm. All four of them looked like they had just gotten out of the shower because their hair was still dripping small drops of water. Lisa pulled four towels out of the cupboard and handed one to Ted, Marion and Becky before she spread one out on a chair and sat down.

“I know Hanna will be safe here too. Did you invite her to come here and stay?” Ted asked.

Kim replied, “Yes, I told her she was more than welcome to come here and stay with us. She gets released tomorrow but the doctors already warned Hanna that they wanted her to be with someone and not by herself.”

We were all sitting around talking when the phone rang. Terri stood up and walked over and picked up the phone she said, “Morrison residence, Terri speaking, how may I help you?”

The voice on the other end asked, “Is Dan Morrison available?”

Terri asked, “May I ask who’s calling?

The man on the other end said, “Tell Dan his friends are calling.”

Terri replied, “Just a moment please.”

Terri looked at me and said, “Your friends are calling you, is all he said.”

I stood up and said, “Terri please tell them I will take the call in my office and I will be with them in a moment.”

I waved my hand at Ted so he would follow me and as we departed the room I heard Terri repeat my message into the phone. Once Ted and I were in the den I closed the door and said, “I believe these are the guys working out the details for my plan. If you want to listen, you can, if not you can go out.”

Ted smiled and said, “There is only so much I can do as a police officer and these scum bags need to be taught a lesson that they can’t learn from our justice system. I’ll stay.”

I put my phone on speaker and said, “Thank you Terri, I have it now.”

We heard the click when Terri hung up the phone and then I said, “Hello?”

Suddenly a voice sounded and asked if I was alone and if I could talk. I didn’t recognize the voice so I simply said, “I can talk, go ahead.”

The voice said, “We have a couple of mutual friends who are interested in taking care of some personal business. I am the person chosen to make contact with you and as you may have guessed we have never talked before and you and I have never met, so now that’s out of the way; we have made some plans which I understand you want to be privy to.”

The voice continued with, “Whether you want to act on the information I’m about to give you will be strictly up to you. I will wait for our mutual friend to call me and let me know your decision so you will know you aren’t being set up for anything. Our friends have already been advised of the plan and I suggested I call you instead of them.”

I asked, “How do I know you are talking about the same plans I want to hear?”

The voice said, “On next Friday night we have an appointment all set with three fellows who, let’s say, have similar interests in young females. They have all agreed to attend a small, by invitation only party where there will be female entertainment.”

The voice continued saying, “My group is made up of all former Special Forces guys and the three females who will be attending this event are experienced in martial arts and hand to hand combat. My female partners, when dressed a certain way, can pass for very young females, if you understand what I am saying. They are all familiar with waxing. It will be our pleasure to complete your wish for all three guys to be waxed and shaved completely bald.”

“Mr. Morrison my group members have read some of the newspaper articles published on this case and they are very upset at the three males because of the allegations of abuse against young females. The reason I wanted to make this call to you is, I am very proud to tell you my group has decided to donate their time and expertise to help with this assignment.”

I sat in my seat totally stunned and if the truth be known, my eyes were a little misty while the lump in my throat seemed huge. I cleared my throat and my first attempt to speak was only a whisper. I coughed and then said in a cracking voice, “I truly appreciate what you are doing to assist with this problem. I want you to know, one of the young ladies who were abused is being released from the hospital tomorrow.”

The voice continued by saying, “I have made arrangements for pictures to be taken during the event and at the end. The clients will be dropped off as you have wished and a member of my group will be there to take pictures as an anonymous call is being made to the police. You will receive a complete set of all pictures to distribute as you may wish. I will warn you now, my photographer will take photos of the male subjects with their face showing, but the angle of each photo will not include the face of my female partners, only their body. There are no identifying marks on their bodies so no one will ever be able to track any of my female partners down. I hope you will be happy to learn there won’t be any charge for the pictures either.”

When I heard they weren’t going to charge for the pictures I choked out another, “Thank you, thank you so much for your help.”

“The plan is made and will happen on Friday so all you need to do is decide if you want to attend. If you decide to attend then call our mutual friend and he will give you the time and place. Then he will call me so I can know how many seats to set up. I suggest if you are going to attend, you plan on coming early and staying late. We will have special seating for you but we don’t want to be interrupted during our planned event.” The voice finished saying before he hung up and the line went dead.

I looked at Ted who sat wide eyed looking back at me. When Ted could speak he said, “Holy fucking shit, Batman! Dan, I never knew you had connections to get some mercenaries to do a job for free.”

I looked at Ted and said, “I called my friends and they are the ones with the connections; I only told them I wanted the situation taken care of.”

Ted was still amazed when he said, “Can you imagine three females who look young, yet they are trained in martial arts and hand to hand combat. I wouldn’t want to be in those guy’s shoes when and if they try to pull something on them. HOLY SHIT! I can’t fucking believe it!”

I smiled and said, “Do you want to sit in on my call to my friends or are you going to sit there and continue to rant and rave?”

Ted smiled and made like he was zipping is lips but he still had a huge smile on his face. I dialed my friends and we joined in a conference call. When all four of us were on the phone I started off by saying, “I just received a phone call from a guy who didn’t identify himself with a name but said there is a plan for Friday. Suddenly, I heard each one say congratulations. I went on to say the man said he and his team was going to donate their time and expertise because of the allegations. One of my friends said, “WOW! Did he tell you they were donating their time?”

I answered, “Yes, he did. He also said he has three female partners who look young and they are martial arts and hand to hand combat trained. I guess they are going to be the “entertainment”. He said all three of them look really young when they are dressed a certain way. I can only imagine they have flat chests and waxed pubes.”

We continued our conversation and then my friend said write this information down and put it in a safe place so only you see it. Then he proceeded to give me all the details about Friday’s meeting. When he was finished I said, “I will have to take off half a day on Friday to make this event.”

My friend said, “I told him to get it done in a hurry so we have to work with their scheduling.”

I quickly said into the phone, “Oh, I’m not complaining; I was thinking out loud. There is no way in hell I am going to miss this event.”

All of us had a laugh and each one said they were also going to be present. They asked me how many I was bringing with me and I told them I would have to call back later because I had company at the house and couldn’t talk about this right now.”

I agreed to call later and then we disconnected our phones. I looked at Ted and said, “I was ready to pay whatever expenses there was going to be but I guess there are some people out there who want to see justice done the right way.”

Ted smiled and said, “If I could only find a way to be there and watch, I’d love to see the three of those douche bags pay, eye for an eye.”

I smiled and said we have until Friday to come up with a way. Maybe we could dress you as a woman. We can get a wig, pad a bra for you but you would have to shave those legs at least to the knees. Ted looked at me as if I had three heads and then he smiled at me saying, “We have all that stuff at the station for stake out purposes. Maybe I can borrow some of it. Shaving my legs would be a small sacrifice for watching the show. The only thing I don’t want to happen is for Mary or Shelly to know about that. The less people who know, the better it is.”

I looked at Ted saying, “I’m with ya, buddy. Your secret is safe with me.”

I stood up and walked to the door and called Kim, Terri and Jenna and asked them to come into the den. When they arrived I told them what I knew and wanted to know if any of them wanted to go to the event. We discussed the subject a little while before Terri said she wanted to be there and Jenna said she wanted to go, to keep Terri company. I looked at Kim and she said it really depended on what Hanna wanted to do. I took an unofficial head count and added two just in case. Before we finished I told everyone, “Please don’t discuss this in front of anyone who is not in the room at this moment. I don’t want anyone outside of us to know this is going to happen.”

Kim smiled and said, “I understand completely.”

Then there was an echo in the room when each of the girls said, “Me too, daddy.”

I stood up and opened the door and everyone left. I closed the door again, made a phone call to my friend, gave him a head count and said to add two additional chairs just in case. He told me everything would be set up and ready for us to arrive. I thanked him for everything and I also told him I was impressed everyone was going to donate their time to make Harold, Bill and Pete pay dearly for their abuse of young women. My friend assured me it was a pleasure for him to play a small part of organizing the upcoming event. After I hung up the phone I walked out to the kitchen to get something to drink and when I looked at Terri, she looked back at me like the cat that ate the canary. I smiled at her and winked, then grabbed my bottle of water out of the refrigerator and took a long pull on the liquid inside. I set my bottle down on the kitchen counter and walked toward the glass doors. I said over my shoulder to everyone, “Its pool time.”

Jenna caught up with me immediately after I stepped on the deck and said, “Come on daddy, I’ve got something planned for you.”

Like two kids, Jenna and I ran across the deck and jumped into the pool, cannon ball style, and with both of us hitting the water at the same time we managed to splash a lot of water out on the deck. Soon we were joined by everyone else when some of them jumped into the pool, while others walked down the steps into the water. Jenna was holding me around my neck and floating with me while her hand was stroking my cock while we watched everyone else enter the pool. It wasn’t long before I whispered to my sweet daughter, “If you go lay on the edge of the pool I would love to lick your sweet pussy.”

I followed Jenna to the edge of the pool and watched her sleek body and she lifted herself out of the water and up on the edge turning at the last second so she ended up in the sitting position. Jenna smiled at me saying, “Daddy I want you to lick my pussy with that magic tongue of yours until I cum.”

I smiled at her saying, “Baby I love you and I’m going to lick your clitty till you beg me to stop!”

Jenna lay backwards and put her feet flat on the deck and flopped her bent knees off to each side, opening her delicate flower to my exploring eyes. I took a moment to view Jenna’s lovely pussy as it glistened in the sunlight before I leaned forward and inhaled her sweet scent. Tenderly I licked Jenna’s clit causing her to moan and say, “Please, daddy, don’t tease me.”

Suddenly I felt someone press their body on each side of me and when I looked I saw Kim on one side and Terri on the other side. Terri reached down and started stroking my hard cock while Kim cupped my balls and fondled them. Finally Kim said, “Dan, don’t tease her. Make her squirm on the end of that magic tongue of yours.”

Suddenly I was aware everyone had stopped doing whatever they were doing and had gathered around behind me, watching me, looking at my daughter’s spread legs, viewing her most private parts, spread wide open for all to see. My pulse began to race and I felt a flash of pride as I leaned forward again and started to manipulate Jenna’s clit with my tongue, while I pushed my finger inside her juicy opening and crooked my finger upward and found her G-spot. Within seconds I had Jenna humping her hips trying to get more contact with my tongue, but I controlled everything and I wanted Jenna to long for more. Once I had Jenna moaning louder, I attacked her clit unmercifully. Jenna screamed in pleasure while she wildly pumped her hips up and down. She grabbed my hair with both hands and as painful as it was on my scalp, I continued to make my daughter scream with pleasure while she bucked and bounced, almost making me lose contact with her clit. When Jenna began begging me to stop because her clit was too sensitive, I started tongue fucking her tight pussy as her last orgasm subsided.

When I finished with Jenna’s pussy, I pulled my dripping wet face away from her well lubricated crotch leaving my daughter’s pussy spread wide open for the viewing pleasure of everyone behind me. We watched as Jenna’s stomach was rising and falling while she tried to calm her breathing. Finally she lifted her head and looked down between her legs at me asking, “Now that I’m warmed up, are you ready to stuff that hard cock of yours into your daughter’s hot, wet, pussy?”

I smiled asking, “Are you ready to have an audience watch me slide my cock into that wonderful tight pussy of yours?”

Jenna smiled at me saying, “I don’t care who watches us make love, all I know is I want you inside me now!”

I moved over to the steps leading down into the water and stepped up a couple until my cock was above the edge of the pool. I looked back at Jenna and said, “Move over here so you can lie on the deck and I can stand up and allow everyone to see me slide into your beautiful pussy.”

Once Jenna was in position I moved forward as she spread her legs wide. I held my cock in my hand and rubbed it up and down here slippery slit before I lined it up with her hole and slid just the head of my cock inside her, then quickly pulled it back out. I did that twice more before Jenna begged, “Oh my God, DAD, don’t do that to me! I need your cock inside me – NOW! Please, don’t tease me anymore.”

I looked over my left shoulder and saw everyone else watching us, so I said to Jenna, “Smile at our audience and I’ll give you what you want.”

Jenna picked up her head quickly and looked at all the smiling faces before she smiled then she looked at me and demanded, “NOW, FUCK ME, DAD! Put your cock deep inside me, I can’t wait any longer.”

Resisting all temptation to ram my cock into Jenna, I smiled at her as I pushed my hips forward, ever so slowly burying my cock inside her super heated and very wet pussy. When I was finally buried deep inside her I continued to push even though there was nothing left to go inside her. Jenna reached down and started rubbing her clit while my cock was moving in and out of her. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Terri walk up the last couple of steps and onto the deck. She walked over next to Jenna and asked, “Jenna, may I ride that tongue of yours?”

Jenna smiled up at Terri and said, “You know you can anytime there isn’t a cock or pussy occupying it. Get down here girl, I’m going to make you cum till you can’t walk.”

Terri faced towards me as she stepped over Jenna’s head and squatted down over Jenna’s face spreading herself wide open for Jenna’s tongue. Immediately Jenna hooked her hands over Terri’s thighs and brought her pussy down on her face. Terri licked her right middle finger then reached forward and started rubbing Jenna’s clit, driving Jenna wild. I picked up speed and repeatedly rammed my cock deep inside Jenna causing her to moan and buck her hips. Terri leaned further forward and began to kiss my cheek and then moved to my lips where she pushed her tongue into my mouth kissing me passionately. With one hand I reached up and cupped one of Terri’s small tits and rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Terri melted into my hand and moaned into my mouth as she experienced her first orgasm on Jenna’s tongue. I lost track of time, but I know both Jenna and Terri had each enjoyed a couple of orgasms before I felt my cum start to move. I pulled back briefly to warn both girls I was going to be cumming soon and then went right back to kissing Terri. A couple minutes later I pumped hard and fast as I shot my load deep inside Jenna. Jenna and Terri each had one last orgasm as I was having my first, then all three of us collapsed on the deck trying to catch our breath.

I was lying on my back between Jenna and Terri when I felt someone lift my cock. I looked down and saw Mary smiling at me. She asked, “May I? I would like to taste the love between you and your lovely daughter.”

I looked at Mary and smiled then without further ado she leaned forward and licked the tip of my cock several times before she engulfed it with her mouth. While Mary was sucking my cock, Kim stepped between Jenna’s legs and began to lick her juice filled pussy. I watched as Shelly stepped between Terri’s spread legs and with a smile she asked Terri, “May I?”

I saw Ted walk up behind Kim and lean over her back and cup her tits in his hands before asking, “Would you mind if I slipped something hard into you?”

Kim lifted her face from Jenna’s pussy only long enough to say, “Now Ted, you know I’d love to have your cock buried deep inside me.” As she began to lick and suck Jenna’s pussy again, Kim moved her feet backwards towards Ted and then parted them, giving Ted full access to her pussy.

Ted smiled and said, “Kim, you have lovely tits and I can’t wait to sink my cock deep inside you.”

While I was watching Mary devour my cock I saw Marion, Becky and Lisa walk up the pool steps holding hands. All three of them were giggling like school girls as they disappeared from sight.

Jenna began to moan loudly as Kim attacked her pussy alternating between nibbling gently on Jenna’s clit then tongue fucking her. Kim was also moaning and getting louder as Ted pumped his cock into her with splashing and skin slapping sounds in the background.

Mary was stroking my cock as well as sucking it when I said, “Mary come up here and sit on my face so we can sixty-nine.” Mary looked up at me and moved swiftly to take me up on my offer. Just as Mary was settling down with her lovely pussy over my face, I saw Shelly move and straddle Terri’s head.

I went right to work on Mary’s clit and soon she was rubbing her clit on my tongue as her moaning grew louder she drowned out the other females on the deck. I reached up and pulled Mary’s hips down on my face so she couldn’t get away and I mounted an attack on her clit that drove her over the edge at the same time I exploded in her mouth. Mary ramped up her efforts to suck and swallow as shot after shot filled her mouth.

When Mary and I were finished with our individual orgasms she collapsed on top of me and tried to catch her breath. I loved the feeling of her warm breath blowing across my cock and down to my balls. When both of us were finally breathing normal again, Mary reluctantly got up and then reached down to help me stand. We stood side by side and looked at Terri and Shelly still engaged in sixty-nine and Kim barely licking Jenna’s pussy while enjoying the fucking Ted was giving her from behind. Looking to our left we saw Marion, Lisa and Becky engaged in a daisy chain with Marion in the middle.

Mary and I held hands and walked over to the shower and while I adjusted the water Mary grabbed a couple of towels for us. While we washed each other’s body we also watched everyone enjoying themselves. Jenna was the first to stand up and walk over to the shower leaving her mother in the pool being fucked by Ted. Mary and I stepped away from each other and with Jenna in the middle we started washing her body. As we were finishing our shower Terri, Shelly, Kim and Ted came strolling over, so we left the water on for them while we dried off. Finally Marion, Lisa and Becky walked over to the shower and stood in line waiting their turn.

Mary, Jenna and I took drink orders and went into the house to get everyone’s drink. By the time we were back out on the deck the last three were showering. We set all the drinks and some snacks down on the table then took a seat and waited for the others to finish and join us. While we were waiting Mary said, “Dan, I would have loved to be your daughter. Both of you share something that very few fathers and daughters share and especially so openly.”

“My daddy is not putting on a show for all of you. My dad and mom have always shown their love for each other, and me, openly and I’m so blessed to have them for my parents. Once I was old enough to join them in their physical love I felt so privileged to be included. Each day that goes by our love for each other deepens and we are inseparable.” Jenna said.

Mary looked at Jenna then at me saying, “I sure am going to miss this place when my detail here is over. But until then, I hope you will include me in the love all of you have to share.”

Jenna looked directly at Mary and said, “Girl, you’ve blended well with our lifestyle from the very beginning and when I say that bedroom is yours anytime it’s not occupied by another guest, I am speaking for the family. You’re welcome to come out here and visit us anytime.”

Mary blushed and said, “I may have to show up in my pistol belt and panties so a certain guy will open the door completely naked again and strip my panties off me.”

We were still laughing when the others came over and sat down and joined us. Ted inquired, “May I ask, what’s so funny?”

Laughing I replied, “We were talking about those special police uniforms.”

Ted started laughing saying, “Oh yeah, I vaguely remember what they look like so I’ll have to ask my officers to model those uniforms again and again and again, oh well, you get the idea.”

Mary and Shelly blushed a little bit before Mary said, “Ted, if Shelly and I modeled our new uniform as often as you want, we would never get any work done. So I suggest you find more assignments like this one for Shelly and me to do.”

Just then the phone rang and Terri walked over and picked up the phone and said, “The Morrison residence, this is Terri, how may I help you?” Terri listened then said, “Ok we can do that, please hold for minute while we go to the den.”

Terri turned to us saying, “Mom, dad it’s Hanna and she wants to talk to both of you and me privately so I told her we would take the call in the den. Jenna, would you please hang up the phone when we have it in the den.”

I motioned for Ted to follow us and he frowned at me then got out of his chair and the four of us walked into the den and closed the door. I walked around my desk and turned on my speakerphone and told Jenna she could hang up the phone before I said, “Hello Hanna, this is Dan. Terri and Kim are here with me. How may we help you?”

There was a long space of silence before we heard a low weak voice ask, “Mrs. Morrison, when you were here today you said I would be welcome to come to your home and stay with you and your family. You and the others also told me that you live a nudist lifestyle; however I would not be expected to join your family and be nude. I umm, was wondering, umm, if I came there to stay, umm, would I awwww, be forced to ummmmm, do something?”

Kim had a concerned look on her face and started talking by saying, “Hanna, if you decide to come here, I can assure you, no one will force you to do anything you don’t want to do. You met both Mary and Shelly and they are police officers who are living here twenty four hours a day and you can talk to them if you feel threatened at any time.”

Terri was the next one to speak up saying, “Hanna, this is Terri, I know what you are feeling but you don’t have to worry about staying here at the Morrisons. They are all really great people and like I told you earlier, they are a loving family unlike any other I’ve ever met. You can trust them to act only in your best interest. There is a room right next to mine you can have if you choose to stay here.”

Again, there was silence as we waited for Hanna to speak. When she did it was that same quiet voice when she asked, “Ummmm, Mrs. Morrison, if it is alright with you and your husband, I ummm, I would like to come to your house. But I ummmmm, I’m …….not awww, I’m not sure if I can ummmmmmmm, you know…….”

Kim broke in saying, “Hanna, honey, we understand completely and if you want to wear something you can. I suppose we could wear robes or something if you wanted us to.”

We waited for Hanna’s response and finally it came in that same quiet voice, “It would make me feel bad if I disrupted your lives, so all of you can do what you normally do and if you don’t mind, I would like to wear some of the lingerie Terri offered me when she was here today.”

Terri smiled and said, “Hanna, we can go through my closet and get something for you and if you don’t find something you like, we will go shopping and find something just for you.”

Kim jumped right into the conversation saying, “That’s right, Hanna, we will do the girls night out and go shopping to buy you some things to wear.”

We heard sobbing and Kim asked, “Hanna, are you ok?”

After a brief hesitation we heard that quiet voice again coming with sobs, “I don’t know what I’ve done to be treated so nicely by all of you. I can only say, thank you for your kindness.”

Kim and Terri had tears in their eyes when Kim said, “Hanna, don’t worry about that, you are a very nice young lady who has been treated very badly and I want you to know, not everyone is like those monsters. We will welcome you home tomorrow when you arrive. After the doctors have checked you out in the morning, call here and Officer Shelly White will come to the hospital with the police car and pick you up and bring you back here.”

Hanna finally spoke again saying, “I don’t know how to properly thank all of you for your kindness, but I will do my best not to disrupt your lives. I promise.”

Terri spoke up saying, “Hanna, there is no way you will disrupt our lives. You will be welcomed here by the most loving family I’ve ever met.”

Kim added, “Hanna, we will make sure you stay safe and get what you need to recover from your tragic experience.”

“Thank you for being so kind and I can’t wait to get out of here.” Hanna replied.

Kim said, “Ok Hanna, we will take care of everything in the morning and get you picked up once the doctors have released you. Take care and we’ll see you tomorrow. Bye for now.”

Hanna said, “Goodbye.”

I pushed the button and disconnected the call then turned to Ted saying, “It looks like we will have both girls here tomorrow, so as soon as you can get the cameras up and working, the better I will feel. If you have to bring in extra people to get the security system up and running sooner, I will pay the difference, despite what our contract price is currently.”

Ted looked at me and said, “I have a few additional trusted people I can call to come out here and work with me. I will need some additional confidentiality statements.”

I smiled saying, “If you feel we need additional cameras, please feel free to add them. I’m not being paranoid but I want to be able to see everything around our house and barn. Also, is it possible to have some kind of alarm installed in my bedroom so I can be alerted, even at night?”

“We can add a few extra cameras to some blind spots on the property that we originally didn’t think would be a problem. Yes, we can put an alarm in your bedroom and if you want we can put a monitor up there with a control box, which will switch between cameras but not record anything. All the recording will be done here in the den.”

I looked at Kim and she nodded her head and I looked at Ted saying, “Go ahead and put in the extra cameras and the alarm and monitor in our bedroom. Ted, when we get ready to learn about the system you’re installing, I only want Kim, Jenna, Terri and me to know the capabilities of the entire system and how to record.”

Ted smiled saying, “Usually only one or two people know what a system does but once we have your system up and running, we will show all four of you.”

Terri asked Ted, “How many confidentiality statements will you need for tomorrow?”

After thinking about it, Ted replied, “If you can fix seven or eight for me that should be good enough.”

Turning to Kim and me, Ted said, “Let’s go take a walk around outside and see how many more cameras we’ll need, then I can send one of my people to the warehouse to pick up the additional cameras first thing in the morning.”

We left the den and when we walked into the kitchen, Ted asked Mary and Shelly to take a walk with us. We walked around the back of the house and then out to the barn where Ted suggested we install at least one camera in the barn because it could be a hiding place. We walked around the property and found a few additional places we wanted cameras. Finally all of us walked down the driveway and when we reached the end, Kim, Marion, Mary and Shelly hesitated walking into the end of the driveway. Ted and I ventured into the end and he pointed out that a camera would be on the pole with the light, near the pillar. He said another camera would be mounted by the control box so we could see who was in the car. We were looking around then Ted told me we should mount a camera so we can see any car on the road. He said we could put that camera in a place where we would be able to see license plates.

Kim finally left the other females and walked down and stood with Ted and me on the edge of the road. She showed some nervousness as she looked up and down the road in anticipation of a car passing us. I pointed out the places where Ted wanted to put the cameras and she agreed. Ted walked across the road and looked up the electric pole and said, “To bad we can’t put a camera over here.”

I asked, “Why can’t we put one on that pole? If you tell the power company it is a police matter and it’s for security, they might give their approval. Just write down the pole number and give them a call.”

The other females didn’t like standing alone, so timidly each one of them walked to the end of the driveway and joined us. Kim said, “Welcome to the edge of the road. It seems weird to be standing here completely naked, but it’s also exciting. I am getting wet standing here with the guys, wondering if a car is going to come along and see us.”

I looked at Kim saying, “Kim, walk out into the road and tell me what you see.”

Timidly she stepped out and looked up and down the road then turned around looking at me she said, “Dan, I don’t see anything.”

I said, “That’s right. You can see a long ways in either direction and if a car was to come you would have plenty of time to run up the driveway and get behind the trees over there before the car passed by the driveway.”

Suddenly Mary, Shelly and Marion ran out to the center of the road, giggling, while they looked in both directions before they stopped and cheered, having conquered yet another step in their nude lifestyles. They were standing on a public highway completely naked, even though no one was seeing them it was a huge step for each of them.

Ted and I finished looking around and started back up the driveway. We were probably one hundred feet up the driveway when the girls finally realized we were headed back up to the house. Squealing and giggling all four women ran past us and Ted and I watched their ass cheeks bouncing with each step. I looked at Ted and said, “It seems like you are getting used to being here and being nude.”

Ted smiled at me saying, “I wish I could afford to have a place where I could come home and be nude in or outside. Marion has adapted so well to being nude and our sex life has improved a thousand-fold. Believe it or not, I used to be real possessive of my wife and now being here and watching her with other men and women, I have to tell you, I’m a changed man. I no longer worry about other men seeing her naked but if anyone ever hurt her intentionally, I would kill them, without hesitation.”

I looked at Ted saying, “Ted, I love my family as well and will share them with anyone they choose to be with and be very happy with each situation. Like you, if anyone hurt either of them, I would be the same as you. I happen to have the resources to make almost anything happen and I am not afraid to call in some favors or put myself out there to get something done.”

You know, Ted, I went for a walk earlier today and there is a pond in the creek up in the back. I am going to call my lawyer tomorrow and find out who owns the property. I want to buy it and I might want to put a house or two on the property depending on the acreage. If I can secure the property, would you be interested in moving out here and renting a house?”

Ted stopped walking and turned to stare at me wide-eyed and asked me, “Are you serious? Don’t fuck with my head! Yes, of course! I would jump at a chance to be in a place where I could live like this. I know Marion would be in her glory to be able to walk outside completely nude and not worry about what others say.”

I said, “I’m not fucking with you Ted. I want to buy the property no matter how many acres are in the parcel. I will get my lawyer on it tomorrow morning. If the property is available he is very persuasive when it comes to doing something for me. I know if anyone can get me a deal on that property, he can.”

Ted was still standing in the same place and he said, “Dan I don’t know what more I can say other than, thank you so much for thinking of us as possible neighbors. I don’t know what I stepped in to be the lucky guy but I don’t want anything to interfere with our friendship.”

I looked at Ted and said, “Just keep being the same person you are now and our friendship will last for a long time. But in the mean time, keep my offer to yourself and Marion until I find out if I can buy the property.”

Ted smiled at me and shook my hand saying, “No problem, Dan, I won’t say a word to anyone.”

We turned and walked up the driveway and when we stepped up on the porch we found the girls sitting in the chairs sipping cold drinks. Kim looked at me saying, “You know, Dan, we’ve always sat out on the deck in the back of the house but we have an even better view out here on the front porch. I think we need to get more furniture out here so we can come out here more often.”

Pulling up a chair, I sat down and looked around saying, “You’re right Kim, there is a great view out here but the deck has the pool and hot tub so I think that’s the main reason we use the deck more.”

Ted looked around and then at Marion saying, “Honey, we need to get going so I can make some phone calls and round up more crew for tomorrow.”

Marion finished her drink and walked into the house. When she returned she had her dress over her arm and she was carrying Ted’s shorts and shirt in her hand. Ted slipped on his shorts then looked at Marion asking, “Are you going to ride naked again?”

Chapter 4: Mothers and daughters get it on

Copyright 2012 by A. Van Peebles, All Rights Reserved


Rachel led me straight into the playroom, turned around, and planted her mouth firmly against mine, her tongue diving deep into my mouth. We passionately exchanged kisses for a few minutes.

When we finally broke the kiss Rachel said, “You don’t know how badly I’ve wanted this.”

“Really? I don’t want to do anything that you don’t want.” I was still nervous about her age, although in some ways she was more sexually experienced than me.

“Don’t worry about that,” said the teenager. “I want this. I want you.”

We went back to kissing as she unbuttoned my blouse. I reached around and untied her bikini strap. Her round breasts swung free and I saw her big, brown nipples for the first time. But I had barely time to notice before Rachel started buttoned my jeans, and we quickly stripped off the rest of our clothes and tumbled into the play pit, kissing all the time.

Rachel started suckling on one of my breasts, holding it with one hand while her other hand roamed freely across my body. I pushed her away and put my tongue to one of her nipples, feeling the teen firmness of her breasts. I felt one of her hands part my thighs, her palm pressing down on my mons while a finger ran back and forth along my labia. We rolled around, all hands and tongues and lips.

We settled into a protracted session of deep kissing, our hands buried in each other’s crotches. I could feel Rachel’s finger part my labia and plunge into my pussy. She broke the kiss and brought her finger to her mouth, licking off the juice. She looked into my eyes and giggled. We resumed our kissing and her hand returned to its place between my legs.

Eventually we maneuvered ourselves into a sixty-nine, and I got my first good look at Rachel’s pussy. Her inner lips and clit were engorged and protruding. She had a nice thatch of brown hair above, but none yet along the sides of the lips. I dove in and tasted her. She tasted clean with just a hint of musk. Delicious. She did the same for me, and was quite skilled. Lisa had taught her well.

After a few minutes Rachel’s licking became irregular, and she started to emit some moans. And soon she was convulsing in her first orgasm of the morning. I tentatively continued to lick, but Rachel didn’t seem overly sensitive, so I went back to eating away with abandon. Rachel, ever the attentive lover, returned to her duties as soon as she was able.

Then some movement caught my eye. Thinking it was Lisa coming to join us, I looked up. It was Lisa, but my Emily was with her. They were both standing there, watching us. Lisa held my daughter tightly, one hand on her breasts, the other down the front of her jeans.


I was just hanging out that morning when the phone rang. It was Mrs. Giamatti from next door. She said that she needed my help with something for a few minutes and if Chris and I would mind coming over. I told her that Chris was out. She said that was too bad, but she thought that she and I could handle it, so I walked out the back, through the gate that separated our two pools. The sliding door to their kitchen was open, so I went in. Mrs. Giamatti was there.

“Thanks for coming over, Emily. I just can’t manage this myself, but the two of us should be able to do it.” She didn’t say what she wanted me to do.

She took me by the hand and started leading me upstairs. Halfway up, she turned to me and quietly said, “I saw you giving a blow job to your brother out by the pool the other day.”

I froze, and my stomach did a flip-flop. I started feeling sick.

“And your mother saw you and Chris fucking last night.”

I started trembling, and my stomach did more flip-flops. I’d never been in such big trouble. If I’d been thinking straight, I’d have realized this was an odd place to tell me this, and why was it her? Why wasn’t this Mom talking to me? But I was too scared to think straight.

“You need to be more discreet. The entire neighborhood can see you when you are out by your pool. You’re lucky that no one else saw you.”

“But, my Mom…” was all I could manage to get out of my mouth.

“Your mother was very disconcerted and confused by what she saw. What confused her most was that she was turned on by seeing her two children fuck each other.”

I was now really confused. I still wasn’t processing all she was telling me.

“I’ve got something to show you now.” And she led me the rest of the way up the stairs to one of the bedrooms.

It was a huge bedroom, except that it didn’t really have a bed. There was big pit with cushions all around and mattresses on the bottom, and two women were naked in a sixty-nine in the middle of it. I didn’t recognize them at first, but then I realized it was Mom and Rachel Giamatti. My mom was eating out the neighbor’s daughter, and Mrs. Giamatti and I were watching.

I froze again. I couldn’t take my eyes off my mom and Rachel. Mrs. Giamatti put her arms around me and held me.

“Are you enjoying the show?” she said into my ear.

I nodded.

One of her hands cupped one of my breasts, and the other slipped down the front of my jeans. I didn’t know what to do. I just leaned back into her.

“Do you think your mother is sexy? I do.”

I nodded again. I’d always thought Mom was sexy, for as long as I’d been old enough to understand what being sexy was.

“Would you like your mother to do to you what she is doing to my Rachel?”

I found myself nodding and quietly saying, “Yes.” I’d never considered sex with Mom before, not even as a wild fantasy, but once Mrs. Giamatti, or I guess I should call her Lisa since she had her hand down my pants and formality seemed kind of silly at this point, but once she suggested it, I knew I wanted to. I’d sneaked some looks at Mom naked before, and there had been the other night I looked in at her when she was masturbating, but that was curiosity. I’d never actually thought of having sex with her, or any girl for that matter, before.

“Would you like to eat out your mother’s pussy? Would you like to rub your tongue up and down over her clit until she screams in pleasure.”

Again I nodded. Lisa’s rubbing was beginning to get me really hot. I found my hands reaching back and caressing her thighs. Lisa began kissing the back of my neck, while I kept staring at Mom and Rachel.

Pretty soon Rachel started moaning and coming. Then Mom looked up and saw Lisa and me watching her.


Rachel had stopped licking and was looking at Emily and her own mother too, but after a moment Rachel went back to servicing my pussy, as if it were perfectly natural for a daughter to be watching her mother having sex with another woman. So I returned to licking her as well. I kept stealing glances toward Emily and Lisa. They had moved closer and were sitting on the edge of the pit, Emily in Lisa’s lap. Each time I looked, Lisa had removed a bit more of Emily’s clothing. Lisa was kissing the back of Emily’s neck and when she wasn’t busy stripping my daughter of her remaining clothes, her hands were deep in Emily’s crotch. For her part, Emily just kept watching Rachel and me.

The idea of my little girl watching me sixty-nine with the neighbor’s nineteen-year-old girl was just too much. I could feel the orgasm start to build and it was going to be a big one. Rachel had her lips around my clit and was sucking for all she was worth when I exploded. I tried to roll off her, but Rachel held me firm and wouldn’t let me move. She kept sucking and licking away, extending my orgasm into multiple contractions, more than I’d ever had before. I think I may have even lost consciousness, if not technically, at least my mind drifted away into a zone of nothing but pleasure.

I came out of it to find myself lying on my back. Rachel had turned around and was lying on my stomach, gently sucking one of my nipples. I reached down and pulled her face, glistening with my juices, to mine, and we kissed.

“Wow, that was better than I fantasized,” murmured Rachel.

I kissed her again, and then looked over at my daughter. Lisa had turned her around so that she could suck on Emily’s pert little breasts. They really weren’t all that small, but among the four women in the room, Emily’s were by far the smallest. Emily was still looking at me, eyes wide open, a look of delight on her face.

I beckoned her over to me, and Emily disengaged herself from Lisa, crawled over, and lay beside me. She put her arms around me and gave me a hug. I put my hand on her chin and leaned in to kiss my daughter. Tentative at first, but fiercely growing in insistence, and soon the two of us were necking as passionately as Rachel and I had been before.

Emily was a good kisser, but it was obvious she didn’t really know what to do with her hands. She must have been nervous. I took one of her hands and guided it to one of my breasts. She explored, gently squeezing it, running her fingers around my nipple. Her other hand made its way to my other breast on its own.

“Can I put my mouth on it?” she said in a husky whisper, which seemed to be all she could manage.

“Of course.”

She bowed her head to my left breast and took a quick lick of my nipple, and soon she was sucking away at both breasts. After a while we switched, and I took her breasts into my mouth. They were lovely and firm. I could feel my daughter’s nipples grow and harden under my tongue. Emily just put her head back, closed her eyes, and enjoyed.

After a bit I started a trail of kisses down her torso. I took a good, close-up look at my daughter’s pussy for the first time since she had been a little girl. Like Rachel’s, she had no hair down the sides of her labia, but she did have some up top, but not all that thick yet. Her inner lips pouted out, and my daughter had an exceptionally large clit, which I promptly took into my mouth and started sucking. Emily just moaned and grabbed my head with her hands, pressing my face into her crotch. I inserted a finger, then two, and soon Emily was writhing around on my fingers and tongue, coming hard.

After she finished convulsing, I worked my way back up, and we started kissing again.

“Would you like to try that with me?” I asked.

Emily nodded eagerly.

“Have you ever licked a pussy before?”

She shook her head no.

“Well go ahead. Just do what you like Chris to do to you. If I want something different, I’ll tell you.”

Emily slid down until her face was even with my crotch, and then she dove in. She started by licking up and down my slit, forcing her tongue between my lips. Then she started circling my clit with her tongue, before scooping it up between her lips and sucking.

“You can use your fingers too,” I said. And a moment later I felt her index finger penetrate me and work its way in out.

I turned my head to see what Lisa and Rachel were up to and got an eyeful. Lisa was on all fours and her daughter was fucking her doggie-style with a strap-on, which must have been the largest dildo I’d ever seen. It was at least ten inches long and really thick.

Between the view and my daughter’s tongue, it wasn’t long before I started coming again. My orgasm wasn’t as intense this time, but it was even better. I think my contractions lasted for a good five minutes. Every time I thought I was done, Emily’s licking brought another one. When I was finally done, I cuddled with my daughter, and Lisa did the same with hers.

A story of secrets revealed, because as soon as you turn eighteen, you’re all grown up, right?

June 7th was the day the word “typical” left our lexicon for how we described our teenage daughter, Jenna. The day before, my Jenna was your typical, teenaged, high school graduate. She laid around the house, ignored the few little chores we still expected her to do, and back talked to her mother and me every chance she got. She was lazy, sassy, and everything else one might expect out of a seventeen year old. That’s funny, because that was the first thing that changed on June 7th, our Jenna turned eighteen.

Cheryl, my wife, works as an operating room nurse and she had a surgery that morning. I woke up with her, pulling on a ratty pair of old shorts I sometimes wore when working out and t-shirt. While she showered and dressed, I made coffee and surfed the internet on my tablet. We chatted for a bit. Cheryl reminded me it was Jenna’s birthday, gave me a kiss and left for work. I remember watching my wife’s tight, tiny ass inside her hospital scrubs as she left. What can I say? Cheryl still does it for me. She’s the reason I keep myself in shape, the last thing I’m going to do is let another man turn her head faster than I can.

It was Saturday and her birthday, I didn’t bother to wake Jenna up. I drank coffee, surfed the ‘net, and enjoyed the peace that was able to end. I remember looking at the clock when I heard Jenna upstairs. It was just after nine, earlier than I thought she would wake up. I heard the bathroom flush and then her feet on the stairs. “Welcome to adulthood!” I called out to her. One moment later, I found myself speechless.

“Thanks, Daddy,” Jenna said as she skipped around the corner and into the kitchen as she usually did, heading right to the cabinet next to the sink for a coffee cup, like always. What was different was the way I was staring at her and what she was wearing. Okay, what she wasn’t wearing, because she wasn’t wearing a damn thing. My Jenna was completely naked from head-to-toe. My mind took a snapshot of her as she crossed into the kitchen, playing it back in detail. My mind studied her perky, bare breasts, narrow waist, and noticed her pussy was completely shaved. On tip-toes with her back to me, my mind took a second picture of her firm, round ass and how good her calf muscles looked. She gets her legs from her mother, my mind noted as my eyes absorbed her bareback.

“What the fuck?” were the first words I managed.

“Damn, Daddy, really?” Jenna asked, pouring a cup of coffee and flashing me a quick smile over her shoulder. Coffee cup in hand, she sat at the table as if nothing was wrong. I couldn’t stop my eyes from looking at her tits, noticing the lack of a tan-line, how pink her nipples looked, and how her tits didn’t look as small when she was topless as when they were sandwiched inside a sports bra. “Ooo, these chairs are cold when you’re naked,” she said, squirming a bit.

“Okay, so you know you’re naked,” I said feeling my mind doing NASCAR circles around the same track with the same results; lots of speed and motion without ever getting anywhere. “Can I ask why you’re naked?”

“Because I’m eighteen now and I’m an adult, so it’s okay for me to be naked in front of you.”

“I’m still your father.”

“I know, that’s what makes it really kinky. Are you hard yet?”

“Excuse me?”

Jenna laughed at me, pissing me off. “If it helps you get hard, when I’m done with this cup of coffee, I’m going to go up to my room and play with myself. Did you want to watch?”

“I think I’ll pass on that.”

“Okay, but I’ll leave my door open while I’m doing it in case you change your mind.”

“I don’t think I’m going to change my mind.”

“Why not? Wouldn’t it be hot to see a body like mine squirming around on the bed, all hot and bothered?” She cupped one of her breasts as she spoke, rolling the nipple between her thumb and forefinger. “Did you know I have a toy? It’s not a vibrator, just a dildo. Hey, maybe you can get me a vibrator for my birthday!”

“I am not buying you a vibrator for your birthday.”

“Maybe mom will.”

“Want me to call her and ask?” I offered, calling her bluff. I didn’t know what she up to, but there was no way she was going to get the best of me. I just wished she would stop playing with her nipple like that. It was easy to see how hard she had made her nipple. Aside from it looking hard, it had grown longer, too. One glance between her two breasts showed the differences, a glance I didn’t want to make but couldn’t stop myself from noticing, dammit. “If I call her, you have to ask,” I said, hoping I was upping the ante.

“Fine, call her,” Jenna said, her hand slipping beneath the table. “I’m getting really wet thinking about it.” I saw the way her arm moved, she was rubbing herself beneath the table.

Without a better plan, I picked up my cell phone and called my wife. I was sure it would be a waste of time. If she was in surgery, she wouldn’t have her phone with her and she had only been gone a couple hours. To my surprise, she answered on the first ring. “Hey! I was just getting ready to call you. Surgery got cancelled and I’m on my way home. Everything okay?” I put my phone on speaker so Jenna could hear both ends of the conversation.

“Not really. Things are a little weird here.”

“How?” Cheryl asked. I could hear the concern in her voice. “Is everyone okay?”

Where do you start? I did what I guess every parent does, by assigning ownership of our kid to her. “Well, your newly minted eighteen year old daughter decided it was okay for her to come to breakfast naked and tell me how she wants a vibrator for her birthday.”

I missed hearing Cheryl’s reaction because of Jenna complaining, “Hey, you said I had to ask her for it!” I nodded at the phone sitting between us. “Yeah, so Dad’s right, Mom. I’d really like a vibrator for my birthday. It doesn’t need to be a big one, not like industrial strength or anything like yours. Maybe something like a pocket rocket or…” She stopped because Cheryl was talking.

“How the hell do you know I own a vibrator?”

“Fuck, you think I’ve never snooped inside your nightstand drawers? You have a whole collection of toys, Mom, and all I have is one dildo. It’s pretty big, though. I can show it to you when you get home.”

“When did you get a dildo?” Cheryl asked, sounding as shocked as I had been feeling.

“Doesn’t really matter, does it? I have one and I like it and now I want to try a vibrator, too, so can you get me one? Please?” She sure didn’t sound like an adult.

“Are you really naked right now?”

“As naked as I was eighteen years ago when you squeezed me out of your pussy.”

“Jenna!” Cheryl and I said at the same time.

“Well that’s how it happened, right? I wasn’t a c-section, was I?”

“Why are you naked?” Cheryl asked.

Jenna sighed. “Because I can be. I’m an adult now, right? I can do any damn thing I want, except buy alcohol. Maybe I’ll get a job at strip club. Hey Dad? Have you ever been inside that place by the airport? Do they get all the way naked there?”

“Stop it,” Cheryl said.

“Stop what?”

“You are not getting a job at a strip club!”

“Fine,” Jenna said, in that put-upon exasperated tone that only a teenage girl can summon. “Hey, I was going to go play with myself, but I can wait if you’re going to bring home a vibrator for me.” I shook my head and she misinterpreted what I meant. “Yeah, you’re probably right, Dad. I can do it now and later! Good idea!”

“What the fuck?” Cheryl yelled into her phone. (Technically, at her windshield, since our state has a law that cell phones have to be hands-free.)

“I told Daddy he could watch me do it if he wanted,” Jenna said, confessing to her own actions. “You can, too, if you want. Shit, you can both help if you want.”

“Young lady, you’ll do nothing of the sort until I get home!” Cheryl snapped. I could hear the heat in her voice. “And stay the fuck away from husband!”

“Okay, then hurry. I think he got hard when I started playing with my nipple,” Jenna said before hanging up the phone in the middle of Cheryl’s next tirade. “Well, I don’t think she’s going to stop and get me a vibrator, do you?”

Cheryl and I have a policy we’ve used since we first became parents to Jenna’s older brother (who had taken an internship out of state, so Matt was missing this entire piece of our lives). The policy is simple, only one of us are allowed to be mad at a kid at a time. Hearing Cheryl blowing her top calmed me down, allowing me to take a different approach. “Sweetheart, can we talk about this?” I asked Jenna. “Like adults, okay?”

“Sure, what’s to talk about?”

“Look, I know you’re legal now and able to do all sorts of things you couldn’t do before, but that’s doesn’t mean you should do those things.”

“So I can’t be naked in my own house?”

“Technically, it’s not your house, it’s my house. Mine and your mom’s house.”

“So, if I want to be naked, I have to move out?”

“Do we walk around naked in front of you and talk about playing with ourselves?”

“You can if you want. Especially now. Now it’s legal and everything.”

“Jenna, why don’t you go put some clothes on before your mom gets home.”

“Why don’t you just deal with it?” she smarted back and it was all I could do to keep my cool. “Better yet, why don’t you get naked and let me see that big dick of yours?”

“Thank is not going to happen,” I assured her, as cool as I could be.

“Wanna bet?” she asked.

Our conversation didn’t last any longer. Cheryl had been closer to home that I thought. She left her car parked in the driveway and stormed in the front door to find us sitting at the kitchen table. She was red faced with anger. “Get upstairs and put some clothes on before I kick your skinny, naked ass,” she hissed at Jenna in a tone I had never heard Cheryl use. It worked, because Jenna didn’t argue or risk back talking. Instead, she got up from the table, carefully walked around her mother, and went upstairs. “What the fuck?” Cheryl asked me as soon as Jenna was gone.

“You tell me. She came downstairs that way and then started talking about how she was going to play with herself and I could watch.”

“Did you say something to her?”

That pissed me off. “Oh yeah, I asked her if she would let me watch,” I spat, acid dripping from words. “What do you think I said? I asked her why the hell she was naked and what the fuck was going on. And then she started in on this whole ‘I want a vibrator for my birthday’ bullshit.”

“What if I had been in surgery?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “I mean, I wasn’t going to go watch her, if that’s what you mean.”

“No,” Cheryl said, sitting down in the chair across from where Jenna had been sitting. Cheryl touched my hand, reminding me she was on my side. Before we could say anything else to each other, Jenna was back. As clothes, she had pulled on a long t-shirt. I couldn’t see, but I guessed that was all she was wearing. She sure wasn’t wearing a bra, that much was obvious. In her hand, she was carrying a long, blue latex dildo. “What is that?” Cheryl asked.

“George,” Jenna said, setting it on the table.

“Would you please take George off my table?” Cheryl asked.

“Yeah, I just thought you might want to see him so you know I wasn’t lying about him.”

“How long have you had George?” Cheryl asked.

“Does it really matter? Let’s just say the magic dildo fairy brought him to me right after midnight last night.”

“And how long have you been snooping in my nightstand?”

“How long have I been able to climb up the stairs?”

After Cheryl rolled her eyes, her gaze landed on me for help. “Jenna? You’re mom and I are just trying to understand why everything changed.”

“I told you, because I turned eighteen. Now it’s legal for me to be open about my sexuality and you guys can be open about yours, too.”

“Maybe we don’t want to be open about our sexuality,” I said.

“Really? I can’t ask questions anymore? Does this mean I still have to answer yours?”

If there was a question in my mind about her being an adult, it vanished with her ability to reason. Jenna was a good girl, a former track star in high school, an avid runner, and a nearly straight A student. As far as we could tell, she never drank, smoked, or had experimented with drugs. Aside from being a lazy, smart-mouthed teenager, she was great. Cheryl and I aren’t ignorant. We talked behind her back. We had made guesses about which boyfriend had been her first and Cheryl had even suggested that Jenna might go both ways. “I don’t know for sure, but some of her friends are damn dyke-ish,” had been her words, which were funny, because I knew my wife went both ways, too.

“If you want to keep living in this house, you damn well better answer our questions,” Cheryl snapped, still in the role of the heavy.

“But what about MY questions?” Jenna insisted in that bratty way of hers.

“Okay, like what?” I asked, hoping to diffuse some of the anger. I put my hand on top of Cheryl’s, keeping her quiet with my touch. She squeezed my hand, letting me take the lead again. “Well?” I asked. “What kind of questions do you have?”

Jenna stared at each of us for a long beat before asking, “So how often do the two of you do it?”

Unwilling to make anything easy on her, I asked, “Do what?”

“Make love? The nasty? Fuck?” Jenna said. If she was hoping to shock, she didn’t. I think the shock factor had worn off when she appeared for her morning cup of coffee naked and talking about masturbating.

“Damn near every day,” I said. “Sometimes, twice a day.” I was hoping my candor might turn the tables on her. It didn’t.

“Can I watch?”

“No,” I said, refusing to let her question get a rise out of me.

“Does it bother you that I own a dildo?”

“Not especially,” I said, keeping my answers as short as I could.

“Do you want to watch me use it?”

“Not really.”

“But you know I’m going to, right?”


“And I’m not going to close my door when I do it.”

I didn’t say a word.

“And I don’t care if either one of you watches or both of you.”

“Then go for it,” Cheryl said. She still had that angry edge to her voice, but I guess exactly what she was doing.

“I will.”

“No, right here. Right now. If you’re so hell bent on using your dildo in front of us, go for it,” Cheryl snapped. “Get yourself off and we’ll go vibrator shopping together.”

“You don’t think I will,” Jenna said, picking up the sex toy she had laid on the empty chair when Cheryl told her to take it off the table.

That’s when Cheryl moved in for the kill. I squeezed her hand, proud of how well she had played Jenna. The bitchy, angry tone was instantly gone from her voice. In that heartbeat, she had switched from angry mom to worried and concerned mom. It was fucking perfect. “Honey,” she said, her voice and soothing. “I don’t know what you’re going to do, but if it’s really that important to you for us to watch you masturbate, then we’re here for you, baby. Just like always. We’re your parents and we love you.”

“So you’ll really watch?” our daughter asked, not sticking to the script. “And it’s okay if I do it right here in the kitchen?”

“If that’s what you need to do, dear,” Cheryl said in her kindest mommy voice.

“If I do it, you have to promise you’ll let me finish and not go all thermo-nuclear on me again. Will you promise?” Jenna asked, licking the tip of the blue dildo. It felt so wrong to see my precious daughter holding the damn thing in the first place, but seeing her licking the tip of its cock-shaped head shot through me. It was as shocking as seeing her naked and shaved again. I froze, trusting my wife’s gambit. Surely Cheryl had taken all the lust out of the idea, hadn’t she?

“I promise, snook’ums,” she said, laying it on thick with all her endearments. “If it’s something you need to do, we’ll just watch quietly until you’re done.” I don’t think Cheryl could be more pandering and condescending.

“Cool!” Jenna said, pushing her chair backwards until she was in the middle of the kitchen. “Can you see okay, Mom?”

“Yes dear,” Cheryl said. Like me, I’m sure she was still trying to call Jenna’s bluff. I don’t believe Cheryl thought anything more was going to happen, even after Jenna stripped off her t-shirt. (And I had been right with my earlier guess, that’s all she was wearing.) See her naked again had lost its shock value. Yes, it was disturbing, but not as disturbing as the first time or as what happened next.

Jenna slouched down in her chair, sliding her ass to the front edge and parting her knees wide enough to show us every part of her eighteen year old womanhood. Her pussy lips looked puffy and excited and I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach as I realized Jenna hadn’t been bluffing. She laid the dildo across her flat stomach, opened her pussy with two fingers on her left hand, and ran a finger against her exposed parts. I couldn’t stop myself from noticing how both of Jenna’s nipples looked stiff as she closed her eyes and pushed her index finger deep inside her pussy. “Mm,” she purred.

“Look at us,” Cheryl said, a bit of the former sharpness back in her voice. “If you want us to watch, then you have to watch us watching.” I had to appreciate Cheryl’s ability to call Jenna on it, because I was speechless. My mouth had gone completely dry and I knew I wouldn’t be able to make a sound.

“Like this?” Jenna asked, staring at her mom. “Is this how you like to do it, too? Do you start with just your fingers?” Cheryl remained quiet. “Come on, Mom, is it?”

“None of your business,” Cheryl replied, frost dripping off her words.

“You’ve seen her do it, haven’t you, Dad? Is this how she does it?”

“I don’t remember,” I said, my voice cracking from the dryness inside my mouth and throat.

“I thought guys liked to watch pretty girls do this,” my daughter said, now using two fingers inside her pussy and each time her fingers reappeared from being inside her pussy, they glistened from her wetness. “I know I’d like to see Mom do this. I think you’re beautiful.”

“Don’t,” Cheryl said.

“I’m serious. You’re fucking gorgeous. All my boyfriends notice you, like all the time. They call you a MILF. Do you know what a MILF is?” Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my wife nod her head. “And they want to fuck you. Hell, they want to do anything they can to you. I hope I stay as pretty as you.” Cheryl didn’t have a comment. Jenna looked at me as she picked up her toy in her left hand. She didn’t start using, she was just holding it across her stomach. “And my girlfriends sure like you, Daddy. Even the gay ones think you’re hot looking, you know, for a guy. You know Rachel?” Rachel was one of the girls on Jenna’s cross country team and one of the girls Cheryl had met when she said she thought Jenna might go both ways. “Rachel said she would let you have her virginity. And she’s eighteen now, too. Would you do that, Dad? I mean, if Mom would let you, of course.” I shook my head.

Jenna held up her dildo. “I’ve used this on Rachel, so I guess she’s not really a virgin anymore. I took her cherry with this. But I don’t think it counts unless a man does it with his dick, does it?”

“I don’t know,” I mumbled.

“Well, you let me know if you want to do her, because she sure wants to do you.” Jenna looked at her mom again. “Both of you. She’s hot on you, too. As hot as any of my guy friends.” Jenna moved the toy between her legs, at first rubbing her slit with it before tracing down from her clit to her pussy and pushing it inside of her. “Oh yeah,” she moaned as it slid inside. Her right hand moved to caress her clit as her left hand worked the toy. I could smell her sex, worse, I could hear it, too. The toy made soft, squishy noises as she worked it in and out of her pussy. I gave Cheryl a wide-eyed look of panic. She squeezed my hand and nodded that I should keep watching Jenna, but I don’t she got it. I don’t think she understood. I wasn’t looking at her in panic because of what Jenna was doing, I looked at her because of what was happening inside my shorts. My cock couldn’t resist the allure of this finely honed, naked teenager fucking herself in front of me. My cock didn’t care if it was my daughter. All my cock cared about was letting me know it wanted to play, too.

I bit my tongue, hoping the pain might dull the thrill going on beneath the table, but it didn’t. Worse, from where she sat, if Jenna looked down, she might see. And that’s just what happened. “Having fun?” she asked me.

“N-No,” I stammered, something I never do. I gave Cheryl another look. She tried to ignore me, but after I squeezed her hand several times, she turned her head to look at me. I motioned down with my eyes. She tilted her head, giving me a puzzled look. I motioned down again, like a hostage victim trying to signal where the gun was to the cop at the door. I saw Cheryl’s eyes go wide with understanding.

“You’re kidding me,” she said.

I shook my head, hoping I looked as innocent as I felt. I didn’t mean to be hard. It wasn’t my plan to get hard. I didn’t want to be hard. But my body didn’t care about family relations. All my body could do was react the sight, sounds, and smell of what my daughter was doing.

“Trust me, he’s hard as a rock,” Jenna said, smirking as she continued to rub and fuck herself. Personally, I thought it was remarkable that she could still be a bratty teenager and masturbate at the same time, but I probably shouldn’t admit that. “He’s been hard, too. For a long time.”

“Stop it,” Cheryl told me.

“I can’t,” I said. “It’s not as if I want to be hard, you know?”

“Mm, it looks good, too, Daddy. Can you show it to me?”

“No!” Cheryl and I said at the same time.

“Aw, come on! I’m showing you everything I have, why can’t you show me?”

“Are you going to get off or are you just going to make us watch you try?” Cheryl asked. Good question, the sooner this was done, the better.

“I’ll get off for you right, Mommy, and then we’re going vibrator shopping right?”

Cheryl didn’t answer and it didn’t seem to matter to Jenna. She pressed her toy deeper inside her pussy, moved her fingers a bit faster over her clit, and a couple moments later, we watched as she went tense, groaned, and thrashed with the pleasure of her orgasm. From the flushed look on her face, I had no doubt in my mind that it had been genuine. “Fuck, that felt good,” she said, easing the wet toy from her pussy. “Wanna lick?” she asked, holding it out to us. When she didn’t get an answer, she shrugged and licked it herself. At the same time that I felt a little sick to my stomach, my hard cock throbbed with a need for release.

“Whew!” Jenna said, standing and moving her chair closer to the table. Still naked, she picked up the coffee pot, grabbed an extra cup for her mom, and poured another round of java for the three of us. “So, when do you want to leave?”

“I cannot believe you just did that,” Cheryl said, her voice a soft whisper of defeat. “I can’t even believe you wanted to do that.”

“I want to do more than that, with both of you.”

“Excuse me?” I asked, wishing my prick would stop throbbing and that my eyes would stop looking at my daughter’s bare breasts.

“I want to be with both of you,” she said. “And now I’m finally old enough to admit it.”

“That’s sick,” Cheryl said.

“No, it’s unusual and frowned upon in today’s polite society,” Jenna said. “But it’s always happened and why shouldn’t it? I love you, both of you. Why wouldn’t I want to be with you?”

“Because it’s wrong.”

“Then fuck being right.”

“Keep your hands off my husband,” Cheryl growled.

“What about you?” Jenna asked, looking me. I panicked, afraid she was going to ask if I wanted to fuck her or not. “Is it okay with you if I fuck your wife?”

“Good luck trying,” I said, dismissing the thought and Jenna laughed.

“That’s what I tell all my guy friends, too.” With her coffee cup in one hand and her dildo in the other, Jenna stood. “I’m going to take a shower and then we can leave, okay?”

As soon as Jenna was gone, Cheryl slapped me on the arm. “You dick! I can’t believe you got hard while she was doing that!” She leaned over the table to check, too, and then slapped me again.

“I can’t help it,” I said, wanting to rub it but not wanting to risk Cheryl’s reaction if I did.

“Did you like seeing her doing that?”

“Shit, baby, no. I got sick to my stomach, but I can’t control that part of me, you know that!”

“This is so fucked up,” she said, squirming in her chair. That’s when I noticed something I hadn’t noticed before, Cheryl’s nipples were hard. I guess when ticking off body parts Jenna got from me and body parts she got from her mom, her nipples counted, too. Cheryl’s nipples were long, too, at least when she was excited. Long and fat. Fatter than Jenna’s. Depending on the doctor she was assisting the operating room, Cheryl would sometimes wear a padded bra in case her nipples got hard. That way the doctor wouldn’t stare or be distracted by her chest.

“You were schedule to assist for Dr. Hanson today, weren’t you?”

“Yeah, how did you know?”

Dr. Hanson was a female surgeon and wasn’t distracted by Cheryl’s chest. But that wasn’t my point as I noticed her squirming again. I knew that squirm, it was something Cheryl did when her pussy was wet. She once told me she liked how it felt when she rubbed her pussy against the seam of her pants. That squirm and her hard nipples told me everything I needed to know. “You got excited, too,” I charged, a risky thing, but if I was right (and I knew I was), it would take the heat off of me and my hard-on.

“I did not!”

“Bullshit,” I said, grabbing one of my wife’s tits. “And you’re squirming.” Cheryl’s face turned red, further confirming it.

In hushed whisper, she leaned over and said, “I can’t help it. Our daughter is fucking hot, you know?” She rolled her eyes. “And I can’t believe I just said that.”

“Hey, I’m the one sitting here with a hard-on.”

“What the hell are we going to do about her?”

“Don’t ask me. All I know is, the moment the two of you step out of that door, I’m jerking off.”

“Prick. What am I supposed to do?”

“Deal with it?”

“Fuck you. Why don’t you have to just deal with it, too? Maybe you should come with us.”

“No way, this is a mother-daughter trip if ever I heard one,” I said, risking half a chuckle. It felt good knowing Cheryl and I were in the same condition and on the same worried page. “Maybe you can pick-up one of her friends along with way and make a threesome out of it.”

“Don’t even go there!” Cheryl said, but she squirmed again.

“Maybe Rachel?”

“Please, really?”

Recognizing I was pushing my luck, I got serious for a moment. “Maybe you can talk some sense into her or something.”

“I guess. Trying to embarrass her didn’t damn well work, did it?”

Jenna’s return to the kitchen interrupted our conversation. It was good to see her in clothes again. Jenna had opted for Spandex running shorts and loose, open t-shirt over her dual duty sports bra and running top. More importantly, though, she was back to looking like our daughter. “You’re not going to renege on our deal, are you?”

“No, but I’m not going in my work clothes,” Cheryl said, giving me a look before she went upstairs to change. I knew that look. She was going to do more than change, she was going to touch herself, too. I nearly threw her under the bus, but didn’t. Instead, I stayed seated at the table with my hard-on making a tent out of my shorts.

Cheryl and I sleep nude, we always have, and when I got dressed that morning before coming downstairs, I didn’t bother with underwear, just my baggy, loose fitting work-out shorts. My hard-on appreciated the extra room, growing to its full length and continuing to throb its need. Jenna pulled out her chair, moving it so she could see. Her eyes stared at my crotch. “That looks so good,” she purred.

“Stop it,” I said, trying to push my chair closer to the table to hide it.

“Don’t do that. It’s just a hard-on. I like hard-ons.”

“As I guessed. So when did you become such a slut?”

She laughed. “You don’t want to know. Let’s just say, I’m glad I’m legal. Now I don’t have to hide it.”

“You know, most kids think their parents are old and gross.”

“Most kids don’t have hot parents.”

“Some do.”

“Some have a hot parent, but how many have both a hot mom and a hot dad? I mean really, think about it. You’ve met most of the parents of my friends. Who do you want to fuck?”


“Please,” she laughed, eyes still on my hard-on. “You just watched me fuck myself with a dildo and now I can’t say the word?” She made a good point, but it wasn’t helping my situation to hear her say it. “You know, you could show it to me without Mom knowing.”

“What makes you think I want you to see it?”

“Aw, come on, Dad! I showed you mine.”

I gave her a sour look.

“Can I touch it?”

“Do you want your mom to break your fingers off?”

“I’m going to fuck her, you know.”

“Your mom?” I asked, snorting. “Good luck with that. Do you really think your mom is going to let you do that?”

“Yeah, I do.”


“I just do. And then I’m going to fuck you. Hell, we might even do it together. Would you like that?”

“Probably not,” I said, feeling as if I was lying. I was, wasn’t I? Real dad’s don’t lust after their daughters, do they?

“That’s not what he thinks,” she said, looking beneath the table at my truth-o-meter of a hard cock.

“Yeah, well fortunately I’m good at doing most of my thinking with the big head.”

“Mm, it does look big,” she said, still staring.

“Stop it. Trust me, you don’t want your mom to catch you staring like that.”

“Why? Is she going to poke my eyes out now?”


Jenna laughed, like she always did. It was amazing how normal she sounded. “Do you have any idea how often you say Mom’s going to hurt me? She’s going to break my fingers off, poke my eyes out, kill me. Please, Dad, she’s not going to do any of those things and you know it.”

“It’ll still piss her off.”

“Yeah, maybe,” Jenna allowed, giving a glance over her shoulder. “You’re going to jerk-off as soon as we leave, aren’t you?”

“Probably,” I said, seeing no reason to lie about it.

“Text me a picture.”


“Please?” she pleaded.

“Which letter didn’t you understand?”

“When you jerk off, do you ever eat your own cum?”


“You should. I think it’s really hot when a guy does that.”

“And you’ve seen a guy do that?”

“I’ve seen lots of things, Daddy.”

“That, I can believe,” I said, worried about her suggestion about what I should do when I jerked off. Why would she make such a suggestion?

“If you promise to wash it, you can borrow my toy while you do it. I left it on my bed.”

“I think I’ll manage,” I said, worried again.

“I’m just saying, it’s there if you want it.”

“What is?” Cheryl asked, coming back into the kitchen in running shorts and modest t-shirt.

“Nothing,” Jenna said, standing up. She bent over to kiss me on the cheek as she had always done. I flinched, but she insisted. Thankfully, she didn’t give me anything more the same kind of peck on the cheek she would have given me yesterday or the day before that. Except she did add a knowing look between my legs. “Have fun with that.”

“Come on, let’s go,” Cheryl said and led the way to the front door.

As much as I wanted to do it the moment they left, I waited. I actually checked the driveway to make sure the car was gone and even then I locked the front door and went up to my bedroom to do it. I had to walk past Jenna’s room on the way and I saw her dildo sitting on it. Part of me wanted to pick it up, to smell it and maybe taste it. I ignored that part of me, stripping off my shorts, and jerked off like a mad man. And, as Jenna had suggested, I caught my cumshot in my hand and licked my palm clean. It tasted good and there was plenty of it to taste.

Pulling on the same shorts, I hustled to Jenna’s room. I wasn’t sure how much time I had or where they would go to buy a vibrator. How many places sold vibrators? I thought of two stores at the mall, Spencer Gifts and Victoria Secrets both sold vibrators. There was the adult bookstore over by the airport, near the strip club Jenna had mentioned earlier. I had forgotten about the smoke shop, tattoo parlor, and piercing store near the college. It didn’t matter, what I really wanted to do was a quick search of Jenna’s room. I needed to know what she knew and as fast as possible. I went for the obvious choice first, her laptop, but she had changed the password. I spent fifteen frustrating minutes trying different combinations of passwords she used to use and a few more that felt as if they could be right. None of them were. Giving up, I looked for a diary or journal. It felt wrong going through her underwear drawer. When exactly had my little girl turned into a grown woman? It felt like overnight and by the way she was acting, I guess it was.

When my search proved fruitless, I was left staring at the dildo sitting on the end of her bed where it could been seen from the doorway. I’ll admit it, I couldn’t resist. Memorizing its placement, I picked it up and put it in my mouth, hating myself the entire time I did it. I licked it, knowing I was taste her, though all I really tasted was latex. I carefully put it back where I found it, embarrassed that it looked wet and hoping it would dry before they came home. Unsure that it would and seeing a wet spot on her bedspread, I knew I had to clean that up. Thinking fast, I got an extension cord from the garage and used a hair dryer. I was wasting time, but I couldn’t risk being caught. After putting things away, I sat in front of my computer and did a search for how to crack a password. Most of the answers I found were too intrusive and I was out of time. Two hours had passed and I heard the garage door opening. I went back downstairs.

Walking in the side door that leads to the garage, Jenna was all smiles. Cheryl was smiling, too, but her smile looked forced. “Everything okay?” I asked.

“Fuck yeah!” Jenna cheered, carrying her bag to kitchen table and setting it down before she started to get naked again.

“What are you doing?” I asked, giving my wife a look and wondering why Cheryl wasn’t stopping her.

“Duh, what’s it look like I’m doing?” Jenna asked. “I’m going to be naked all the time. Do you want to get naked with us?”

“Excuse me?”

Jenna looked at her mom. “Come on, Mom, you promised!”

“I know,” she said, giving me an odd look that I couldn’t read. “Sweetie, you think I can talk to your dad for a moment in private, first?”

“I think you should get naked first,” Jenna said, tugging on the bottom of Cheryl’s running shorts and pulling them down. Odder still, Cheryl didn’t try to stop her. Instead, Cheryl brushed her thong panties down her legs, exposing her shaved pussy to me and her daughter before she took off both her t-shirt and bra, too.

“Happy?” she asked.

“Oh hell yeah,” Jenna said, looking at her mom from head to toe. “You really are beautiful. You know that, don’t you?” Jenna tried to caress her chest, but Cheryl wouldn’t have it. She pushed Jenna’s hand away and moved towards me. Her face was red with embarrassment. “Okay, I gotta pee. Don’t start anything without me.”

Jenna picked up her clothes and her mom’s and headed towards the stairs, though we had a bathroom downstairs, too. I stared at my wife, confused and automatically turned on by seeing her naked. My wife’s a runner, too. Her body’s lean and well tanned. To keep things even from her nightly runs, she uses both bronzer from a spray can and fake bakes a couple times a week at the health club. The effect is a beautiful body that defies age and gravity. Seeing her naked makes me want to lick her everywhere at once and then fuck her until we’re both too spent to move. I started getting hard again and wished I had thought to put on underwear while they were gone.

“Did you have a good jerk?” she asked, giving me a quick kiss.

“It would have been better if you were there. So what gives?”

“I don’t know what’s gotten into her, but she’s convince that since she’s an adult now, that makes all this okay.”

“Yeah, I get that, but why are you naked, too?”

“Because I promised her I would get that way.”

“But why?”

“I don’t know. I just think that maybe we should play along with her for a little bit and see what happens.”

“Like how?”

“I don’t know,” Cheryl said, pressing against me. She rubbed the front of my pants. “I know its wrong, but she knows how excited I got this morning.”

“Stop it,” I said, brushing away her hand.

“I’m really wet right now.” She took my hand, guiding it towards her pussy. “Feel.”

“No,” I said, feeling the same topsy-turvy sensation coming over me as I did when Jenna showed up naked.

“You still want me, don’t you?” Again, she tried pressing my hand against her bare pussy. This time, I let her.

“Of course I do,” I said, my finger automatically slipping between her lips and feeling how wet she was.

“Then let’s just see where this takes us.”

I pulled my hand away as soon as I heard Jenna on the stairs and Cheryl pulled away, too. “Aw, that’s sweet,” Jenna said, looking at the tent in the front of my pants. “You still get hard for her, don’t you?” She paused for a second. “Or maybe that’s for me?”

“Trust me, it’s for your mom.”

“For now,” Jenna said with a happy shrug. “So do you want to see what we got?”

“If I have to,” I said, still confused by my wife’s change of heart. Had something happened at the store or on the way to the store? What could Jenna possibly say to her that would facilitate a change like this? My musings were cut short by Jenna pulling things out of the big shopping bag. It was a big bag, one of the clothe bags we use when we go grocery shopping, but I had heard the sound it made when Jenna tossed it on the table. A full sound making me wonder what they ended up buying. It was too full sounding to be just a vibrator.

“Okay, first of all, here’s my new toy,” Jenna said, pulling out a short, slender vibrator. She took it out of the box and twisted the end. “It even comes with batteries, isn’t that nice?” The toy buzzed and she experimented by touching it against her clit. She jumped. “Oh fuck, that’s nice.” Twisting it off, she set it on the table. “And we got these,” she said, pulling out a variety pack of flavored lubes followed by a bigger tube of general purpose lube. “And this!” she said, drawing out a bigger box and opening it up. It took me a moment to recognize what it was, a strap-on dildo. “And these,” she added, pulling out the last three things. “For him, for her, and for me.” She lined up three butt plugs on the table of equal size.

“For him?” I asked, annoyed that my cock had gotten so hard again.

“Sure, why not?” Jenna said. “You ever use a butt plug, Daddy?”

“N-no,” I stuttered, though it was the truth, I never had. But I had noticed them before and I’ll admit I had been curious.

“I bet you’ll like it,” she said. She ripped that package apart on a green one and a red one. “Okay, this one is for you,” she told my wife, setting it in her direction. “And this one is for me.” That left a blue one that she didn’t open. I sighed a bit. Next, Jenna turn open the sampler back of flavored lubes. “You think we should use these or this one?” she asked her mom.

“I think the other is probably better,” Cheryl said, sounding resigned to accepting whatever Jenna wanted. “No sense wasting the flavored stuff, right?”

“Yeah, good point,” Jenna said, picking up the green one and handing to her mother. “So, do you want to go first?”

“Whatever you want, dear,” Cheryl answered in that same, patronizing tone she had used earlier (and failed with using).

“I can help you put yours in and then you can help me with mine.”

“I’m sure I can do it myself.”

“Well, okay, but I still might need some help.”

“We’ll see,” Cheryl said, flipping the cap on the big tube of unflavored lube they had bought. She applied a tiny glob to the narrow tip of her green butt plug. As her husband, I knew Cheryl liked it up the ass. We had fucked that way more times than I can count. It’s part of the reason why we own so many toys, too. Cheryl liked the feel of a DP (double penetration). So, sometimes, we would put a toy in her ass while I fucked her pussy or vice versa. A few times, she had even masturbated for me with a toy in her ass and that had been hottest of all. As a seasoned pro at insert toys in her ass, Cheryl added a second dab of lube to her fingertip, reached between her legs, and caressed her asshole. Once she was comfortable that she was lubed and ready, she reached behind her back and pressed the toy against her tightest, puckered opening.

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