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Chapter Seventeen – Kathleen Has an Orgasm

As soon as Anthony came off in her pussy and I came off in her mouth, Kathleen screamed and in orgasm. I felt proud that we finally got her off. She deserved it for all that she did for us. Between Anthony’s cock in her pussy, my cock in her mouth, my big toe gently but firmly rubbing her clit, and my fingers pulling and twisting her nipples, she had a violent and hard orgasm. I thought she was having a seizure but when she shot me a smile and gave me a wink, I knew we had finally, sexually satisfied her. Damn, I never thought she’d cum. To be honest, that was a lot of work and I was starting to get a cramp in my calf. Boy, that would have ruined everything.

We all collapsed on the bed in a heap. Kathleen reached over and wrapped her hand around my cock. Cum still flowed out of my cock and ran down along her hand and collected on my thigh. She leaned over and kissed me and we made out for a while, before she leaned down to lick my cock, her hand, and my thigh clean. She was such an insatiable cum slut.

I loved kissing her and that’s what I miss the most, when remembering her. Not the great blowjobs or the hard, desperate fucking, but her kisses. Totally blanking my mind and delivering me to field of fragrant flowers, no one has ever kissed me like that. Only, when she was kissing me, I knew she wasn’t kissing me. She was kissing someone else, a love lost, perhaps, or an unrequited love. I didn’t know. I had no idea. Maybe I reminded her of someone. I found out later that I did.

“That was fucking amazing,” said Kathleen. “You boys have done me in and worn me out. Oh, my God! I’ve never cum so much and so hard in my life, as I did today,” she said putting her hands to her tits and squeezing and pushing them together, before she reached down the length of her and placed her hands on her pussy with her fingers inside. “That was wonderful. Oh, my God, suddenly, I feel like a nap,” she said yawning and stretching her beautiful, naked body.

Still, it took three of us to do the job, while she got us all off over and again. We all looked over and Joey and Stephen stood in the doorway staring at the four of us, Anthony, Kathleen, and I on the bed with Ralph still collapsed in the chair sleeping. I looked down and Joey and Stephen had erections. I couldn’t help but wonder if they had erections for one another or from the excited anticipation of getting ready to have sex with Kathleen and, admittedly, with a woman for the first time.

I couldn’t remove the image from my mind of seeing Joey and Stephen kissing and then blowing one another. I still couldn’t believe they were gay. I was in shock. Only, I wondered why they were just standing here staring. Wondering if they were staring at my cock, suddenly, I felt uncomfortably awkward that I was naked in front of them and started getting dressed.

I looked away from them wondering what was going to happen now and wondering if they were going to go through the charade of fucking Kathleen. Maybe they’d use her to prove to themselves and to us that they weren’t gay, in case we suspected otherwise later and busted their balls by unmercifully teasing them. This should be good, I thought, because I don’t know how someone can fake liking women in front of their straight friends, friends who’ve known them for years and friends who know them so well. No doubt, we’d could tell immediately if they were faking their lust for Kathleen. Moreover, we’d let them know about it by calling them gay, queer, and faggots. That’s how it was back then, especially in my closed, Italian neighborhood. The residents weren’t as understanding and tolerant of others, who weren’t just like them.

That’s probably it, of course, they’ll put on a show to prove to us and maybe to themselves that there’re not gay. Why else would they be standing here if not to prove something to themselves and/or to us? They’ll both give Kathleen a courtesy fuck to prove to us that they aren’t gay should we catch them doing gay stuff together later. It will probably be a polite little fuck with only a few humps and will be over very quickly. Maybe, while they’re fucking her, they’ll think of fucking one another up the ass or of blowing one another, instead of thinking of fucking Kathleen or her blowing them, just to get through it and just to be done with it and her, they’re such frauds.

Understandably and undeniably, they couldn’t chicken out now. It was expected of them to have sex with Kathleen, after we all had. If they didn’t go through with it, at the very least, we’d berate them, call them names, and call them gay. Being that they were virgins, with women that is, it was expected of them to have sex with Kathleen. At the worst, if they didn’t throw her a proper bang, we’d have our suspicions confirmed that they were, indeed, gay. I mean, I was the only one, who knew the truth that they were gay. No one else saw them together. Besides, just as Kathleen was my rite of passage, I guess, their gay fling was their rite of passage.

They were virgins and this was their chance to remove the stigma of being a virgin by doing Kathleen and by going through with this little, heterosexual charade. Maybe they won’t even cum or maybe they’ll cum prematurely. Maybe, they’ll stand proud in front of all of us and admit that, indeed, they are gay. I didn’t know. I really didn’t care. All that I knew was I just had the best damn day of my life in having sex with Kathleen, my personal Maureen O’Hara.

I wondered how my friends would handle the news that Joey and Stephen were gay. I mean, there’s nothing anyone can do, if they are gay. After what I witnessed, no doubt, they are, in fact, gay. Probably, knowing Ralph and Anthony, as I do, if they knew they were gay, they’d have nothing more to do with them, just as Joey and Stephen would end our friendship soon, anyway. Growing us up into men, it’s funny how Kathleen changed all of that for us, prematurely, no doubt, as eventually with time, our friendships would have drifted apart, anyway.

That’s how it was back then, black and white, norm and conform. There weren’t any grey areas. There wasn’t the tolerance of being black, just as there was no tolerance for being gay, in the way that there is now. The straights hung around with other straights and gays coexisted with other gays. It was a rare occurrence for two gay men to hang around together. Typically, especially in my neighborhood, gay men remained in the closet and didn’t dare reveal their true sexual orientation for fear of a beating or worse. Even when, no doubt, a gay man would be happier living elsewhere, where there were other gay men, having grown up in this neighborhood, they didn’t want to be ostracized from their family and friends.

Yet, if they do go through with having sex with Kathleen, knowing Joey as I do, he’ll probably pretend that Kathleen is his mother. That’s how he’ll get through with having sex with her. That’s how, as a gay man, he’ll be able to screw a straight woman.

Knowing Stephen as I do, he’ll probably pretend that Kathleen is his older sister. He’s always had the hots for his big sister. That’s how he’ll get through this. That’s how, as a gay man, he’ll be able to screw a straight woman, too.

Who knows, maybe they’re bi-sexual? Maybe, they like men, as much as they like women. Lucky bastards, those bi-sexuals. Even though I’d never want to be one, with a continual supply of sexual partners, it must be so exciting to be able to have sex with both sexes. Maybe, what they did earlier was just experimenting and was the first time or maybe it’s just part of their bisexuality.

Still, according to some people, unless you’re gang raped in prison and forced with the threat of a bad beating or death, if you suck a cock, even just once, then you’re gay. Only, fortunately for them, Kathleen saved their gay asses by having an orgasm with Anthony and I. Now, they wouldn’t have to go through with their little, heterosexual charade. She was done. Show over. She was too tired to fuck anyone else. Now, they wouldn’t have to fuck her. Now, they can go back to pretending that they’re not gay.

“Oh, no, there are still two more of you. I lost track,” she said turning her head to acknowledge Joey and Stephen standing in the doorway. She laughed. “Oops, sorry. I forgot. Only, I can’t,” she said she said with a shrug and a half smile. “Sorry, boys, but I’m too tired and a bit sore. I hope you understand. I’m going to have to give you two a rain check for another time. I’ll make it up to you, I promise, I will. I’ll give you both a proper fucking, along with a great blowjob, after I recover from all of this.”

As if on a mission to prove their manhood, Joey and Stephen looked at one another and nodded. From the intensity on their faces, it was obvious that they wouldn’t take no for an answer. They entered her bedroom and moved me and Anthony off the bed and out of their way. As if Somali pirates sharing their spoils of war, with Kathleen their grand prize, they were like animals in heat and were all over Kathleen touching, kissing, licking, and feeling her everywhere. Although Kathleen was worn out, their sexual attention brought her back to life and she accommodated them somewhat. Unbelievably, their actions were getting to her and the rest of us aroused, again.

Working much like a wrestling tag team, when one wasn’t doing something to some part of her body, the other was. Where’d they get all this sexual energy? There were hands touching her, groping her, and feeling her everywhere. Not one to turn down sexual gratification from lovers nearly half her age, Kathleen appeared to enjoy the renewed attention, albeit without the lustful exuberance that she demonstrated before with the three of us.

Suddenly, she looked old. Suddenly, she looked tired. Suddenly, showing a look I’ve never seen on her face before, she looked sad. In love with her in the way that any 18-year-old young man easily falls in love with the first woman, who has taken him under her sexual wing, I was concerned for the welfare of my precious Kathleen, my imagined Maureen O’Hara. Wanting to savor her and this day forever, I didn’t want my vision of her tarnished in any way, especially not by Joey and Stephen.

Joey was sucking her tits and kissing her, while Stephen parked himself between her legs and was licking her. All that I could think of was that Stephen was getting a big mouthful of Anthony’s cum that he had just deposited in Kathleen’s pussy. Maybe that’s why he was eating her. Maybe he was pretending he was blowing Anthony. Maybe, he always wanted to blow Anthony and this was the next best thing. Maybe, that’s why he was there licking Kathleen’s pussy. Maybe, he enjoys snowballing. Who knows? I surely don’t know. I’m not gay and I don’t pretend to know what a gay man thinks about such things.

As if it were a well choreographed dance, they switched places. Now, Stephen was all over Kathleen’s tits and kissing her and Joey was licking and fingering her pussy. Never have I seen such a frenzy of sexual activity. Even more sexually active than Anthony and I, they appeared more determined to get her off, than they were on satisfying themselves. Certainly by the look of the sudden rush on her face and the sight of her erect nipples, Kathleen was seemingly enjoying the threesome experience. By her passive participation, allowing herself to be so ravished, she was obviously gaining a second wind and was beginning to really get into the sexual orgy and becoming more proactive.

She was the one who opened this Pandora’s Box, after all. She was the one who seduced me and then seduced my four friends. She was the one who lured us all up to her apartment on the pretense of helping her around the house, an obvious understatement and misrepresentation of her real sexual intentions. Now, too bad for her, if she’s sore and/or tired, in the way that Joey and Stephen acted, she was about to get the fucking of her life. Playing with fire, what else did she expect from five, horny, young men?

Then, just as had Anthony done, they pulled her up and bent her over. Controlling the sexual situation, Joey took a position behind her and reached up to grab her tits, as she helped direct his cock in her pussy. Stephen followed my lead and slid across the bed and fell between her arms and started kissing her. They were making out now, really making out. By their actions, definitely, Joey and Stephen weren’t virgins. Virgins didn’t act like this and like us, as we did, when we were with her. Virgins didn’t have the sexual confidence to take such controlling command of the threesome.

Now, I wondered how true the stories were of Joey with his mother and Stephen with his older sister were. I wondered if they only told us part of the story. Maybe, all this time, Joey was fucking his mother and Stephen was screwing his sister. Wouldn’t that be a twist? Boy, I’d love to hear those stories.

Stephen was kissing her, as if he were a drunken sailor on shore leave, while fondling her tits and she returned his kisses with as much lustful passion. Then, when he had enough of her lips on his lips and wanted to feel her lips on his cock, he move up the bed and impaled her mouth with his erection. She took all of him deep in her mouth, in the way she had just sucked my cock. He placed both hands behind her head and fucked her mouth, as if he was fucking her pussy. She reached down and moved his leg up and positioned his big toe on her clit, just as I had done. Apparently, she really liked the feeling of a big toe on her clit, while she was getting fucked doggie style and sucking on the cock of another man. In the way that Anthony and I were with her, the three of them were a tightly meshed and well orchestrated chain of sexual activity.

Now, with Joey fucking Kathleen and humping her forward from behind, and with Stephen’s cock buried in Kathleen’s mouth, he bounced Stephen on the bed up and down on the bed. Joey humped, she jerked, and Stephen bounced and humped, while they did it all over again. An amazing sight to see, Ralph, Anthony, and I stood around the bed watching little Joey fucking her, while she sucked Stephen, and as Stephen’s big toe rubbed against her clit. Joey and Stephen made Ralph, Anthony, and I look like the clumsy amateurs we were. Then, they switched off again. Now, Stephen was fucking her doggie style and Joey was getting a blowjob, while fondling her big tits and twisting and pulling her big nipples. Again, Kathleen reached down and moved Joey’s big toe to her clit. I should have patented that big toe move back then. I would have made a lot of money with it today.

Kathleen reveled in orgasm after orgasm. After watching the three of them, I’d say that she was glad that the boys hadn’t taken no for an answer. Screaming her delighted pleasure with what Joey and Stephen were doing to her naked body, we watched the activities in suppressed horny envy. Once again, Kathleen was having a good time. Insatiable in her actions, fucking and sucking Joey and Stephen, she was a nymphomaniac sexual machine.

I remembered back to all those times that Kathleen climbed that fence in a mini-skirt, while holding Barky in her arms on the pretence of walking her dog three times daily, climbing that fence six times, three times to get in and three times to get out. She must have known we all were always there watching her every move. She must have known that she was flashing us her panties, as sure as we could clearly see her panties. She must have known she was teasing us and that her teasing spirited this lustful gangbang of an orgy. Now, this was her payback for sexually teasing us.

Finally, over and done, with Kathleen collapsed on the bed again, I thought my two gay friends were done with her. Only, this wasn’t nearly over. Oh, no. Their fun had just begun. I was shocked and couldn’t believe what they did next.

To be continued…

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