motel clerk

“Michelle Honey, Climb up on the bed would you?” Michelle Jarema heard her husband Randy request.

“Now crawl slowly to the middle while I set this thing to rotate! I really want to see if I have the hang of the zoom and pan controls.” He explained.

“You are doing just fine.” She heard the motel desk clerk, Jimmy, coaching her husband.

“Coached by some desk clerk we met last night, my pervy husband is shooting video of me buck naked!” Michelle thought to herself. “I really don’t have anything left to hide. Randy stripped me after dinner last night and has not let me put a stitch on since. He had me stand naked while he took our luggage into the hotel room. That was caught on the motel security cameras. After he fucked me silly we paraded down to the vending area to buy some snacks but since I did not have change he took me to the office where Jimmy was invited to grope me… Jimmy does have good hands … while the security cameras rolled and Randy took some stills. I was so damm worked up, that when Randy bent me over our car bumper, I just came and came and came as he fucked me in full view of the security system.”

“The suck and fuck was a great way to wake us both up. When Jimmy brought the promised security camera CD to our room the visuals on the screen were sooo hot that I jerked both guys off while the two of them both fingered my pussy and sucked my tits. I never had two men in my hands before, and it was no time at all before we all came. Jimmy upgraded our ordinary room to this magnificent suite which seems to double as a sex show arena.”

Some muttering around the corner brought Michelle back to her current surroundings. “What did you say? I cannot hear you!” She said.


“Now you are just spinning a tale! I don’t believe anyone can actually do that.” Randy said.

“It’s true man! I really do have a talent that way. A number of ladies have told me I eat pussy better than anyone they ever met. After 5 minutes under my tongue they will do any damm thing I ask. I am the cunnilingus king of these parts.. Don’t you regularly go down on her? I mean she has the neatest little landing strip … It make my mouth water just looking at that pussy. ” Jimmy bragged.

“We have done it a few times and we had a nice “69″ for a wake up but I don’t think it is her favorite position.” Randy responded.

“What did you say? I cannot hear you!” Michelle called from the bedroom

“Roll over on your back.” Randy called out “Are you comfortable with the bed rotating? He said activating the drive.


“Leave it to men! I give them a nice view crawling buck naked on the bed. My 36 D’s are hanging down and swaying as I move. I think that is as erotic as all hell but they want me rolled over tits up.” She grumbled but in good humor. “And predictably next….”

“Spread your legs!” Echoed from the other room.

“You guys have no artistic imagination whatsoever.” She called.


“OK Jimmy! You are on! You have 10 minutes. If you get her begging as you claim you can have her any way she will permit and I won’t give anyone any grief!” Randy pledged. “I will be recording all this.” Randy stated the wager.

“Michelle Baby. I am going to practice with these video systems and you are my model.” Randy then called out. “Now I won’t ‘start the clock’ until you actually go down on her and if she won’t let you even start that is a forfeit ” He said quietly to Jimmy.

Jimmy walked into the bedroom area sat on the bed a took off his shoes. He then stepped up on the bed seeming to adjust one of the video cameras.. “Is Camera three aimed like you want?” He called questioningly.

“It looks fine to me!” Randy answered.

Jimmy sat back down and gave Michelle a winning smile. “Michelle you are absolutely gorgeous. But I expect you hear that all the time.”

“Not really; but it is nice to hear, especially since we took our oldest daughter to her orientation at SOU and I am certainly not some young sex pot that the truckers at the strip club would go for.” Michelle brushed the compliment away.

“No! I mean really No! You are exactly what those guys dream about! You a built! You have great features and sultry eyes and you really are proud of how you look. Check the mirror above the bed and tell me you don’t see a mouth watering MILF laying here just oozing sex appeal.” Jimmy protested. “Just watch us for a minute and then tell me if you do not agree.”

Michelle looked up at the mirror and was stunned to see how erotically she was posed. Jimmy was on the bed above her head, and was sliding his hands along her hands toward her shoulders. She watched, almost detached from the experience, as those hands kneaded the shoulder muscles warming and relaxing the lady in the mirror. The hands moved south along the outside of the rib cage of the lady in the mirror. It felt wonderful and relaxing. The man was close alongside the lady’s head whispering in her ear. “Your skin is so soft and smooth.” His voice murmured.

The lady in the mirror smiled at that and Michelle could see that the ticklish hands were causing the woman to squirm sensuously as they caressed more and more of the lady’s torso, Soon they were cupping breasts and tweaking nipples. Now the lady was clearly squirming under the ministrations of those hands. He was whispering again. What?

“Can you imagine laying here, the center of attention for maybe two dozen potential lovers? They are impatient waiting their turn with you. As the evening wears on, most will figure out that it is a long wait if they go one at a time but that if two or more men are working on you, the wait will be shorter so you would expect that threesomes and even foursomes will be typical. Can you take more than one man at a time?” Jimmy pressed.

“I guess so.” She heard the woman in the mirror moan back. “Was that her voice? She is living the fantasy!” Michelle realized.

“Jimmy was leaning over to kiss her… my tits…” Michelle saw the action in the mirror.

“Oh! That feels so very good.” She consciously now encouraged the man in the mirror.

Michelle lifted her head and looking down at herself she is truly in the moment “Jimmy, you are a real oral artist. You certainly know how a lady likes her nipples stroked and sucked! I cannot believe how horny you are making me feel.” She said.

She felt something ruffling the ‘landing strip’ above her pussy and lay back down to watch his hand stroking her in the mirror. The sight is incredibly erotic . Jimmy’s mouth is kissing down along her ribcage and belly toward the open ‘v’ between her legs. Michelle can feel the gentle puffs of his breath and the slow gentle progress of his fingers stroking and separating her labial lips. Then his head blocks the mirror line of sight and there isn’t much of a view looking down her torso, so Michelle lies back on the bed and focuses her attention on her tactile senses.

She caressed the back of her lover’s neck and tangled her fingers in his hair urging his head lower al mouth closer to her open sex. One tiny nip on near thigh and then another on the farther. Fingers are opening her up and confirming she is wet and ready. Finally! His lips are sucking her labia. Any second now… “Wait! Why are you stopping?” Michelle moaned in distress.

“I think I am going to fuck you. I just have not decided which hole to start with.” Jimmy said.

“No you can’t do that! I am married…..” Michelle weakly countered.

“Yes I will because you will beg me.” Jimmy retorted leaning back to oral striking distance. “I am going to do you bareback and in less than ten minutes you will be begging me.” (Which was the signal to start the bet clock agreed with Randy.)

Jimmy bent to continue eating the pussy spread out below him. Randy had now mastered the zoom and pan controls of the video cameras and so he had a choice of views. A wide shot of the couple filled one monitor and tight zoom on Michelle’s face showing her expression change from wonder to lust as she experienced each lick or nip with two remaining cameras tightly focused on her crotch captured the oral activity in detail.

0 Hrs 2 minutes 15 seconds

Jimmy lifted his head momentarily and Michelle immediately spread her legs even wider. Jimmy bet back to his task and Michelle was squirming and writhing and pushing his head down. All the action was external and she wanted to have his tongue fuck her vagina.

0 Hrs 3 minutes 18 seconds

Randy watched as Jimmy lifted his head again and Michelle immediately lifted her legs high in the air and caught the ankles with each hand. She pulled her knees wide and up toward her chest opening herself widely. Now both her pussy and anus were presented for Jimmy to tongue.

0 Hours 5 minutes 22 seconds

Jimmy lifted his head and sat partially up. Michelle was frantic. “Oh Please don’t stop. Your mouth feels wonderful and I want you to eat me.” She could be heard to moan. Jimmy cocked his head and looked at the woman who pressed her legs further against the mattress with her forearms and reached with her fingers to further spread her labial lips apart. When he did not return to cunnilingus immediately she blurted “OH! Damm you! Yes you can fuck me. I really want you to fuck me and I AM begging you.” Jimmy just looked at her for a few seconds, when she finally screamed. “Do me bareback. Use every hole you want. But just eat me first”

Jimmy now bent and licked around both her pussy and anus and bending even lower he pushed is tongue into her vagina. “Oh My God! How long is that thing anyway? I Have never felt anything like that before!” She cried. “Eat me up!”

Having won his bet already Jimmy decided to try for extra innings. He stopped tonguing her as said. “What kind of woman spreads herself open to be eaten by a man she just met and begs him to fuck bareback with her husband sitting in the next room? I really want you to tell me.”

“I guess she’d be a tramp and a whore.” Michelle whined

“Not a whore — whores do it for money. ” Jimmy countered “What kind of woman cannot control her own sex drive?”

“She would be a tramp and a slut!” Michelle cried out. “I am a slut! I am a slut wife and a tramp. Is that what you want me to admit?”

Without a word Jimmy bent back to her crotch and restarted his oral stimulation this time probing her anal cavity. Michelle thrashed under this new stimulation and reached down with both hands to pull her buttocks apart to give the best access to her backdoor.

0 Hours 8 minutes 2 seconds

Jimmy lifted his head from Michelle and said “If you want me to continue you’ll admit to being more than a slut wife. You will become my whore. “

“Oh please don’t stop what you are doing.” Michelle pleaded. “You already told me that a whore takes money for sex.”

“Yes. You have to promise to be my whore. You will promise to fuck anyone I say any way I say any time I say. Can you do that?”

“I don’t know.” Michelle whined.

“That is too bad, I thought you were really into this.” Jimmy countered starting to push up.

“Oh please don’t stop! I have never felt anything like what you were doing……What would I have to do…..” She was almost whispering now.

“Go naked, with me to an adult store behind the Road Show. There, while in full view of any customers, you will select a club dress that will give easy access to your breasts, butt and cunt to any man dancing with you. You may have to model several outfits before they I think they will be sufficiently revealing. You will pay for your purchases with sex. Either negotiate with the store clerk or have one or more of the customers buy your ensemble for you. Tonight you will have Randy take you to the Road Show where you will dance with any of the truckers who fancy you and entice them to come back later to this motel room and take turns fucking you. I will collect $125 from each ‘john’ and give you $75. You need to flaunt yourself at the club enough to fill every chair in the room.”

“Oh My God! I couldn’t do that! I’d be a prostitute!” Michelle Objected.

“Refuse and I am out of here! … By the way you will actually have to pass inspection by my uncle who owns all of this before you can ‘work’ in any of his establishments.” Jimmy added smirking.

Michelle had never felt so wickedly aroused before. Jimmy had somehow triggered all her darkest fantasies. Being exhibited naked to the stares of strangers was one of her deepest secret desires. A gangbang fantasy had been triggered by one of the porn movies that the couple had watched over the years and close behind that was the attraction many women had for the ‘oldest profession..’ The movie Pretty Woman glamorized that life where they would actually get very expensive gifts for “romantic companionship” with considerate and distinguished men who all would fall under her spell. On top of all that was the fact that Jimmy had pleasured her in new ways with his oral skills and Michelle was desperate to keep him eating her out.

“Damm you! You better make it good! But, I will do everything that you ask.” Michelle agreed

Jimmy bent back to his task and as the timer clicked over to 10 minutes and zero seconds she felt the first of a wave of several orgasms. It was like trying to hold back an avalanche. Michelle squirmed moaned writhed and bucked. Jimmy kept pushing her to higher levels of arousal with each new orgasm and he gave her no rest whatsoever. Finally when the clock showed 16 minutes 30 seconds Michelle pushed him away.

“I will die of heart failure if we don’t stop this, and you would have to collect my promise from my corpse. So climb up here and take your prize! Fuck this slut wife whore bareback and drown my cunt with your semen.” Michelle cried in the throes of sexual overload.

Jimmy needed no further offer. Within seconds his oral ministrations ceased. He climbed up and lined his rigid cock with the entrance of Michelle’s vagina. Pressing forward Jimmy found that she was incredibly wet and slippery. Michelle’s vaginal passage was also very tight and Jimmy could feel the fluttery contractions that presaged a very nice climax. He plowed ahead pushing deeply into Michelle and pulling slowly out. Primed by all the foreplay and further stimulated by the dark fantasy that Jimmy demanded her agreement to experience Michelle began to come.

Her first orgasms were powerful but they were nothing she and Randy did not regularly achieve. Jimmy just maintained his thrusting and showed neither signs to tiring nor coming himself. Michelle realized that this was different Her competitive spirit kicked in and she wriggled and squirmed clamping down with her vaginal muscles trying to push Jimmy and establish a commanding role in this encounter.

Jimmy was a very old hand at this game and his objective was far from just having a good fuck. He wanted to key up this woman to such an extent she would anxiously even desperately — be willing to return to Road Show and become a full fledged Roadie addicted to the stimulation of exposure and group sex. Michelle’s actions, in fact, worked more on increasing her own arousal than on causing him to lose control of his response. The result was Michelle’s bucking squirming and writhing was driving her to frenzied passion levels just as Jimmy expected.

Michelle hooked her ankles behind Jimmy’s back and pulled him into her on his inward thrusts. Her ‘pull’ and Jimmy’s ‘push’ produced energetic and forceful collisions of their bodies. Michelle added verbal encouragement to her leg motions. These started as simply “yes” but soon increased in volume and changed from “yes …. Fuck…..Yes” to her screaming “Funk” and “Fuck Me” with each thrust. She finally reached a crescendo and her whole body spasmed and trembled.

When she caught her breath Michelle realized Jimmy was still erect .

“Your turn to do the work now. I want you to ride me like a good whore who needs to please a john.” Jimmy directed rolling and pulling Michelle on top. “Now put it in and get to work! I want to see those tits bounce. A slut like you needs to focus more on pleasing cocks than on getting off herself. Clamp down with your pussy and milk my cock. You have five minutes and if you haven’t made me come, you will have to try again using your asshole.” He badgered her.

Michelle found her reactions to Jimmy’s tirade and abuse were equal parts shame and exhilaration. “This is the life of a whore! She serves her johns and sees to their satisfaction. She is a fuck machine who is willing to do anything the johns are willing to pay for and her pimp sets her sexual standards. Jimmy is a pimp and I am his whore!” She mentally defined her position while pumping her cunt up and down his cock in an attempt to wring semen from his balls.

Faster and harder she bounced now focused entirely on pleasuring the cock in her cunt so her next orgasm swept over her like an unexpected wave on the beach but this spasm was rewarded by a flood of semen milked from her pimp’s cock.

“That is more like it slut!” Jimmy growled “Now use your mouth to clean me up and then go explain to Randy how things are going to be.” He directed thereby reminding Michelle of her husband operating the video system in the next room.

“I wonder how he is going to take it?” Michelle speculated as she submissively bent to lick her pimp’s cock clean. “I guess I will find out in a few minutes….”

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