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Connor was groggy as she shuffled his way into the kitchen that morning. It was six o’clock in the morning, but somehow his wife Melissa was not only already up, but showered and dressed, and stood at the sink washing dishes. He smiled to himself and scratched the back of his head as he sauntered across the room.

They had been married for four years, and Melissa seemed to Connor to get even more stunning as time wore on. They had met in college, but didn’t end up together until running into each other at a party five or six years later. She was on the track team in college, and was tall and lean; well-muscled without being too masculine. Now age had softened her a bit – her arms and legs had smoothed over, which she complained about often, along with her stomach.

Connor studied her for a bit, drinking in the scene before him. She wore a simple white tanktop, the straps of her purple bra peeking out along her shoulders, and a thin white floral print skirt that flowed down just below her knees. Her satin blonde hair was down that morning, and the feathery ends of her hair dusted about the base of her neck. The morning sun spilling in from the window bathed her mahogany skin in a heavenly glow, reflecting off the light hair on her arms so that it almost looked like a morning’s frost.

Connor walked up behind Melissa and lovingly slid his arms around her waist while she scrubbed a plate. He planted a soft kiss on the side of her neck, right below her ear, where it met the back of her head. She smiled slightly and leaned into him.

“You’re going to be late for work,” Melissa said. “I was going to make breakfast before you left but somebody hasn’t been doing the dishes like he promised so we don’t have any clean plates.”

Connor was half listening, his chin resting on her right shoulder as he peered over at her soapy hands and silverware. He ran a slow hand up her side, barely feeling her ribs bumping against his fingertips.

“I’m sorry babe. Thank you for thinking of me though. I’ll just grab a sandwich on the way to work.” He kissed her again, squeezing her again around the waist, drawing her against his hips.

Melissa scoffed in mock anger, trying to resist him. “You’re gonna start getting fat if you don’t cut out those early morning breakfast sandwiches.”

Connor laughed. “I’ll just have to work out more then. But it’s going to make me so tired…” He lifted his head slightly, kissing closer up towards her temple. Growing bolder, he brushed her hair aside and kissed her neck, slower and more forceful this time. “You smell wonderful.”

“You’re going to be late for work,” Melissa repeated, bumping Connor away with her hips.

Rebuffed, Connor tried a different approach, getting back into position and running his hands alongside her waist. His hands drifted down along her thighs as he felt the smooth fabric of her skirt glide along her skin underneath his hands. She shifted a little, but said nothing. Slowly, Connor started walking his fingers in place, causing Melissa’s skirt to bouncingly inch its way up her thighs. Finally he reached the end of the fabric and his fingers touched the satin skin of her legs, and he took a moment to savor in their smoothness.

“And what do you think you’re doing?” Melissa asked.

“Nothing,” Connor replied as he slid his thumb inside the waistband of her panties, gently slipping them off her hips until they crumpled and bunched around Melissa’s feet. She shifted and stepped her feet out of them, still holding her attention on the dirty dishes in the sink before her.

Connor knelt down behind her and nibbled at the back of her thigh, sending chills up Melissa’s spine and causing goose bumps along her forearms, though she made no other sign. Connor kissed a trail further up the back of her thigh, stopping at the base of her buttock and again nibbling lightly. Again Melissa held back her arousal. Connor gently pressed against her inner thighs with his fingers, and Melissa spread her legs apart slightly while she stood.

Connor started slow, lightly running his tongue along the opening to Melissa’s pussy. He eased the tip softly between her lips, gently gliding it back and forth inside of her. She was already wet with arousal, and Connor savored her taste as he continued on.

Melissa still made no response, trying to keep her focus on the soap and the plates. This was his game, she knew. Ever since they had first started dating, Connor had always shown a desire for her when she was distracted, her focus not on him and his advances. While she was reading, while she was watching television, even occasionally while she was cooking – whenever her attention was diverted, Connor would strike.

The week before, she had been on the sofa reading a book, her ankles crossed and knees bent, one leg against the back of the sofa, when Connor made his move. He sat down next to her, starting innocently to stroke her thighs. Then he advanced, sliding his fingers up her thigh to tease against the thin satin keeping her womanhood from him.

She had been quite proud of herself that night – even after Connor had slipped the head of his cock inside of her, she had maintained her composure. It was until after a few strokes, when he suddenly thrusted the entire length of himself into her, that she had crumbled.

That was his game. For Connor, it was about the hunt; she was his to conquer, a victory to be had. His job was to try and break her down until she was wanton with her lust. Melissa’s job was to ignore him as long as possible, until desire completely consumed her.

And so she did this morning, and admirable job of maintaining her apathy as Connor’s tongue danced in her pussy. It wasn’t until Connor shifted his angle, tilting his head so he could reach her clit, that Melissa let out an audible groan. He had her.

Gloating in his victory, Connor pulled his tongue away from her swollen clit and again towards her lips, running his tongue slowly along the tender skin of her labia. Melissa did all that she could to remain steadfast and recover what small hope she still had in the game, still scrubbing, her hands now furiously working the plates in the sink. Sensing her strategy, Connor shifted his attention back to her clit. She groaned again and crumpled, her soapy hands gripping at the lip of the counter. She resigned herself to her fate, and threw her right leg up, curling her toes around one of the cabinet doors closer to the floor as she granted him full access to do as he would.

Connor shifted position again, pulling her hips down towards him, angling her so that was half bent over the sink, the hot water misting against the fabric that covered her breasts. He worked furiously now, pressing his tongue firmly against her as he lapped up and down. Every shift of her body he followed, gripping her ever tighter as he drove his face deeper against her. Melissa began to rock her hips against him, grinding herself against his greedy tongue.

Then, with a wail, Melissa threw her head back as her orgasm surged through her, her cries almost becoming a sob, her entire body shaking as it tore through her. The strength in her legs left her, and Connor held her up before him, his mouth still driving against her as she convulsed in his arms. Finally Melissa began to feel her breath returning and Connor eased his strokes, rubbing her back lovingly as she regained her footing.

He rose up and pulled her face towards him and kissed her, Melissa tasting herself on his lips. “That was incredible,” she said. “Allow me to return the favor,” she said, tracing her fingertips along the edge of his waistband.

Connor smiled and planted another playful kiss on her lips. “Not now – you’re gonna make me late for work!” He gave her a playful slap on her ass and slipped off into the bathroom to shower. Melissa just sighed and laughed to herself, running the sponge over the same plate she had been washing for the past fifteen minutes.

This is my first attempt at a story. I’ve been writing them for my wife and she’s the one that suggested that I submit some of them.

It was turning out to be one of those nights again. I had to ring all night, customers were super pissy due to the heat, and I ended up having to work later then I thought, thus getting home later then expected.

The girls let me know that you had waited for me, but in the end, I got home almost 3 hours after you left. After grabbing something to eat, and saying good night to the girls, I dragged myself into our room to shower and try to get some rest. Good thing I didn’t have to work in the morning. That’s when I noticed that you had left a note on my pillow.

“Don’t wear anything to bed.” is all it said.

Intrigued, I smiled, and made my way to the shower. I spent extra time making sure to scrub up, wondering what you had in mind. My dick started to firm up thinking of you and your body.

“Must not get ahead of myself.” I thought to myself. Finishing up, I dried off, and slipping on shorts, and stepped outside for the last smoke of the night. I came back in, noticing that in the short time I was out, I had perspired a little. I contemplated hopping back in the shower, but decided against it.

I slipped under the sheets and slipped off my shorts. The cool sheets feel good on my bare skin. A small shiver runs up my body as I curl up with your pillow and t-shirt from the day. I can smell your scent coming off them and as I drift off to sleep, my cock stiffens slightly.

For once, you had a good night at work. The work load was light, and Phil seemed to be in a good mood. You finished up a little early, but hung around to finish the clean up. Your mind keeps wandering to what you have planned for when you come home. “Can I do it? Will I wake him up and spoil it? What if he didn’t see my note?” you think to yourself. But the vivid images of what you are thinking about doing send shivers down your spine and end right at your pussy. You spent extra time before getting ready for work to shave and now the feeling of your silky smooth panties and the thought of me laying in bed, naked, waiting, is making your juices start to flow.

You’re finally had enough and excuse yourself, telling Phil that you’re headed out. You clock out and head out to your car. You think about texting me, just to see if I’m awake, but decide not to.

“No sense TRYING to wake him before I get to try my plans out.” you think. You can picture what you want to do in your mind, and your hand slips into your lap unnoticed. Only when you feel yourself gently rubbing the crotch of your pants do you catch yourself. “Shouldn’t get too warmed up just yet.” you say to yourself as you start up the car and head home.

As you drive home, you keep thinking about your plans. You can’t help get a little excited as you pull into the drive. You can’t believe how horny you’re made yourself just thinking about what’s to come. You enter the house quietly, listening for sounds of life.

“Good. Everyone seems to still be asleep.” you think to yourself. You walk back to the bedroom and peek inside, checking to see if I’m awake. “Perfect, he’s still out.”

You must act quickly, knowing that your time may be short. You grab your black robe and consider picking out some lingerie, but in the end, stick with what you have, not wanting to risk waking me. Almost as an after thought, you grab a g string from your drawer.

Quickly showering, you dry off and slip into the g string. The silky material rubs against your clean shaven pussy and the string back runs between your ass cheeks, causing you to shiver. Thinking about what you’re about to try, you notice that your pussy is dampening. And it’s getting wetter by the second.

Slipping on your robe, you step out into the bedroom. You can smell me laying there, my masculine scent filling your nostrils. Lucky, it must have gotten warm through out the night, cause I’ve kicked off the blanket, leaving just the sheet covering me. You can see the outline of my cock under the sheets. “Here goes nothing.” you think.

Slowly you lift the sheet off of me, exposing my sleeping body. My cock is already semi hard, and you unconsciously lick your lips. Kneeling down beside the bed, you lean over, taking in my scent. Reaching out, you gently touch my cock, standing it up, hopping not to wake me just yet. As you bring your face down towards my hardening cock, your other hand slides almost unnoticed towards your now soaking pussy. As you take me into your mouth, your other hand starts rubbing your clit, if somehow possessed by someone else.

I’m having the most erotic dream. I am laying in a giant bed overlooking a gorgeous beach somewhere tropical. But I don’t see any of it, because kneeling down in front of me is you, dressed in your wedding gown, making love to my cock with your mouth. You look absolutely radiant as you go down on me. My cock stiffens more as I look at you and smile. I lean my head back enjoying the feeling, and groan softly. As I open my eyes, I sense that that I’m not asleep anymore, but the feeling of your warm mouth on my cock doesn’t disappear with the dream. I look down and see that I’m not dreaming, you really are making love to my cock with your mouth. As I move to sit up and say something, your hand moves up to my mouth to silence me. You press your finger to my lips to quiet me, the same finger that was just moments ago was buried in your wet pussy. I smell your scent coming off your finger and can’t help but to open my mouth, catching your finger and sucking your juices of it. You taste sweet and tangy, and my cock jumps.

I notice that you look freshly showered and see your robe is hanging partway open. I reach out to touch you, but you push my hand away, and return to licking and sucking on me.

“What a wonderful way to wake up.” I think to myself. The feeling of my hard cock pulsating in your mouth sends jolts of electricity through your body making your juices flow even more. You can feel your pussy juices soaking through your panties and running down your legs. Even though you could suck on my cock forever, you have another need to fill.

Satisfied with your work, ensuring that my cock is hard and ready, you stand up eyeing me sexily. Turning around with your back to me, you untie your robe and slip it off. Bending over to pick it up, I get an eye full of your gorgeous ass. I can smell your scent coming off your hot pussy. Seeing the string of your panties running up your ass makes my cock flex and swell even more. Not yet looking back, you can almost feel the heat of my stare on your ass. You slowly peel your g string from your pussy, it sticking to you as you work it down your legs. Finally turning around, you playfully toss your soaked panties at me. I catch them and bring them to my face, inhaling your scent. Bringing them closer, I stick out my tongue and lap your juices from the crotch of them. You taste amazing.

As you watch me feasting on your pussy juices, you move onto the bed, straddling my body. Reaching down, you firmly grasp my cock and aim for your dripping center. Slowly you ease down. I feel the heat coming off of your pussy as the head of my cock enters you. As you slowly sink down on me, I can feel every part of you. As your pelvis finally makes contact with mine, I can’t help but to groan softly. It’s if your pussy is on fire and trying to suck the cum out of my balls to put it out.

As you sink downwards on my cock, you feel every bump, bulge and vein. You can feel me splitting your insides, rubbing against every surface inside of you. You feel my cock pulsating against your inner walls. You finally reach bottom, your crotch rubbing mine. You can’t believe how full you feel, my cock stretching out your core. As you let out a sigh, you hear me gasp. Smiling slightly to yourself, you start to move, rubbing your clit against my crotch.

Faster and faster, you grind against me feeling the heat increase in your pussy. You are so turned on your orgasm won’t be far off at this pace. You start lifting your hips slightly, thrusting down on me. It won’t be long now before your orgasm overtakes you. Harder, faster you thrust, now slamming yourself down on me, riding my cock like a woman possessed. You can feel your pussy quivering, pulsating, clamping down on my cock. As the waves of your orgasm crash over you, you slam down on me, pushing my cock deeper into your pussy. Your juices gush out, covering my cock. You slump forward, gasping for breath, your pussy still pulsating, mini orgasms rippling through your body, you nibble on my ear and whisper softly, “Your turn. Flip me over and FUCK ME!”

I roll you over on your back and move you into position in front of me.

Spreading your legs wide, I sink my cock back into your pussy in one motion. Leaning down towards you, I pull my cock out almost all the way, pausing with just the head left in. I thrust forward, slamming deep into you, banging against your clit. I continue slamming forcefully into you, rocking you back and forth. I can feel your pussy starting to clamp down on me again. Your breath is getting quicker, and you are starting to grunt with every thrust. As I slam down into you one more time, I pause. Leaning down, I drag my tongue along the side of your neck, tasting the beads of sweat that are rolling down.

Without moving my body, I drag my cock out of you, stopping with just the head left in. I look you in the eye and give you a evil grin. Lifting up slightly I pull out of your pussy so that I’m just barely inside. Slowly, teasingly, I thrust in and out just a bit, rubbing against the rim of your pussy and stroking your g spot.

“Ahhhhh…. You bastard… You’re gonna make me cum again….!” you gasp. Smiling, I start to move a little quicker. ” I know.”

Thrusting quicker, I can feel your pussy trying to clamp onto my cock as it slips in before pulling out again. I can feel you getting wetter still.

“Ahh… Ahh… Ahhhhh…. Ahhhhh!” You start thrashing beneath me, clawing at my ass, trying to pull me deeper, but I hold fast, only entering in enough to continue to stroke the rim of your pussy.

“Fuck…. Fuck… Fuck.. Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck…. I’m cumming!” you scream as you reach out, grabbing onto me, biting my chest roughly. I grab onto your shoulders and slam deep into your pussy, pulling out only to slam down again. As your body is being overtaken by your strongest orgasm yet, I continue to slam my cock into you. I feel like your pussy is a vice, and it sends me over the edge. Slamming deep into you one last time, my cock erupts, flooding you pussy with me searing cum.

Feeling my cock swell and then explode inside of you sets off another orgasm, as you claw at my back and sink your teeth into my shoulder, drawing blood. You can only hold on as wave after wave of your orgasm crashes over you. It feels like your pussy won’t ever stop spasming. I can feel your pussy clamping down on me, milking my cock, sucking all the cum out of me. Finally, the spasms start to lessen, allowing you to pull your nails out of my back and ease your teeth from my shoulder. You can still feel my cock twitching, sending little mini-gasms through out your body. Gasping for breath, you wipe your sweat soaked hair from your face. I prop myself up on my elbows, breathing rapidly, trying to catch my breath. I slowly pull out of you, sending more shivers through your body, giving you instant goosebumps.

Laying down besides you, I stroke the hair from your face, lean in and kiss you deeply.

“THAT has GOT to be the best way to wake up EVER. You are so amazing. I love you more than you know. Thank you baby.” I say as I gaze into your eyes.

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