Previously: My son, Josh; his friend, Jeff; and Amy, Jeff’s 22-year-old girlfriend, and yours truly had finally settled down, after a long night of crazy sex. The boys had just finished moving into their new bachelor apartment. After a series of extenuating events that day, Josh and I found ourselves in complete agreement. There certainly IS a time and place for everything.


“That’s not Amy,” I remarked, trying to distinguish the voice coming from beyond the door.

“No Mom, that’s Michelle!” whispered Josh, as he hurriedly got to his feet.

“Are you decent? I hope not. C’mon Josh, I know you’re in there,” said the throaty voice.

I looked frantically for my discarded clothes, while my son pulled up his jeans and headed to hold her off. Right before he reached the door, it swung open and let in a blast of light from the hall.

“Well there you are! And, what do we have here; a little incest, I’m guessing. Isn’t that just peachy,” she smirked, as I quickly pulled the cum-stained sheet up around me.

“How did you… so, what’s up Michelle?” Josh recanted, as the tall, 30-something, fiery brunette ignored him and made her way across the floor. By her staggering walk, I could see she was tipsy, but determined to catch us in the act. Dressed in a long black leather jacket, she stopped short of the bed. Regaining her balance, she tossed back her long dark tresses and looked down at me.

“Amy was nice enough to let me in,” she explained, as she eyed me up and down.

Her facial expressions were silhouetted by the light coming from behind her. Clutching the sheet around me, I made an attempt to get to my feet so I could at least see her face.

“Well hello again Mrs. B. Oh please, don’t get up on my account. You look so comfortable right there,” Michelle said, placing a firm hand on my shoulder.

I caught the mixed scents of fine perfume and whiskey, as I leaned back against the headboard, still expecting the worse.

“Hey guys, I’m sorry. She just got passed me somehow,” excused Amy, showing up at the door.

“That’s okay Amy. I’m afraid she’s here now. There’s little we can do about that,” Josh said, and started to close the door on her.

Michelle threw a large black patent leather purse on the bed, turned and headed toward my son. Taking him by the arm, she edged him out of the room and grabbed Amy’s arm. “Josh Honey, you just go play with yourself or something. Us ladies have things to discuss – girl stuff you know,” she insisted, pulled Amy into the room and locked the door.

“I don’t think–you’re not upset or anything are you Michelle?” Stammered Amy, dressed in a cotton Barbie-doll nightie, as the taller woman escorted her to the bed.

“You’re right Amy. You don’t think and, believe it or not, I’m not upset,” explained Michelle, as she seated the petite blonde at the end of the bed. “Actually I’m happy for Josh. His wish finally came true. He’s desperately needed to fuck you for a long time, Barb.” She claimed and plopped down, while Amy scooted over toward me to make room for her. “Hmm, by the smell of things, I’d say he fucked you good! So how was he Barb? Did he rock your world?”

“I think that’s between Josh and I,” I countered sharply.

“Oh, I see. What do you think of all this Amy? You were here all day. Did Josh give his mommy a good screwing, huh?” Michelle asked and pulled Amy’s nightgown to uncover her shoulder.

“Who me? I don’t know. I mean, I guess so,” Amy muttered and reached to pull back her elastic collar.

“Why Amy, you’re so nervous. Leave it alone Honey,” Michelle commanded and pulled down the other side of the gown to show both shoulders.

“Why not leave her out of this Michelle,” I scolded and pulled the elastic back up on Amy’s gown.

“Well, you won’t answer me and I think Amy isn’t telling me for some reason.” Michelle got to her feet. “God, that smell of cum is making me horny!” She said and unbuckled her tight, leather, designer jacket.

Amy raised her head, as we watched the woman in her mid-thirties peel off her jacket. Except for her thigh-high black hose and heels, she was totally naked underneath. Amy smiled. Michelle dropped the jacket. “Doesn’t that smell make you horny?” She focused on Amy, sliding her hand between the young girl’s thighs.

Amy’s smile and eyes widened as Michelle reached to touch her cheek. Young Amy’s body shuddered, as she nodded her response and leaned her face against the shapely brunette’s hand. Michelle’s dark tanned body was truly a sight to behold. Most everything about it was model-thin except for her boobs, which I imagined to be a perkier version of my rounded 34-double-d’s.

It was obvious that she had a certain spell over Amy, as the diminutive blonde rose to her feet and pulled off her nightgown. Michelle towered over little Amy, as they met for a tender embrace. “You’ve done something naughty haven’t you?” Michelle whispered.

Amy silently nodded and fondled the tall woman’s tits. “I know you didn’t mess with Josh.” Amy shook her head emphatically, then turned her face toward me.

“Why you little minx, you made out with Josh’s mom didn’t you?”

Amy blushed and shrugged.

“Damn Barb, is there anybody you haven’t fucked tonight?” Michelle laughed.

I cleared my throat and watched Amy lean up to whisper in Michelle’s ear.

“Jeff too! Wow, I’m AM impressed. You must be one hell of a lay!” She exclaimed and took a step toward me.

“I think I should probably go. It’s awfully late and I’m kind of tired,” I said nervously and moved to the edge of the bed.

“I’ll bet you’re tired. Too bad though, I sure would like to know you better,” she simmered, dragging her long fingernails through my hair.

Staring up at her, the moonlight and street lamps finally shed enough light on her to get a good look at her face. She was a stunning, exotic beauty for sure: high cheek bones, smoldering eyes and thick, glistening, deep ruby lips. As I gaped at her face and body, she broke the awkward silence.

“What?” She asked.

“No, it’s nothing,” I blinked and got to my feet, with the tainted sheet wrapped around me.

Standing between two nearly naked women, I glanced down to avert my eyes and saw my shorts on the floor. I bent at the knees and gathered up my shorts. When out of the corner of my eye, I saw Michelle step out of her spiked heels. As I stood back up, I noticed she was just a little taller than me without the heels. I turned to give her a cordial smile and felt Amy’s hand on my bare shoulder. My prepared smile turned into another stare-down with Michelle, while Amy’s hand continued to caress my back.

“What is it Barb? You want to tell me something don’t you?” She asked, knowing I was captivated by her beauty. “Don’t be afraid. I’m not into whips or chains, if that’s how I come off?”

“No… I, I just want you to know that–that I’m sorry if I messed up things between you and Josh,” I lied.

“Oh I don’t think you did, but thanks,” she answered, and brought her hand to soothe my cheek. Her touch was incredibly, devilishly warm and somehow drew me closer, as our eyes danced together.

“I hope this doesn’t embarrass you,” keeping her hand on my cheek, while glancing down at her naked torso.

“No, not at all. You’re quite attractive. I can plainly see why Josh is so taken with you,” I blurted out, and felt Amy’s lips on my shoulder.

“That’s sweet of you to say,” she smiled and let her hand fall to my neck. “I think Amy would like a kiss before you leave,” she added and nodded me to look at Amy.

Amy stopped kissing my shoulder and looked into my eyes with an extra sigh of lust. Leaning up to my face, she brought both hands to my shoulders, opened her mouth and kissed me. Our tongues met and it almost took my breath away. Shifting our faces to deepen the kiss, I sensed the sheet fall from around me. Amy’s leg went between mine and rubbed against my naked mound, while her hands gripped my boobs. Feeling my juices flowing, I took hold of Amy’s face and broke away from the kiss. “Please don’t go just yet,” she whispered and went straight to sucking my tits.

“Oh God, now I AM embarrassed,” I blushed and turned back to face Michelle.

“Mmm, I’m wet just watching you two,” Michelle said, licking her voluptuous lips as she watched Amy sucking my boobs.


“Hell yes! Here, feel,” she said and brought my hand to her shaved pussy. Holding my hand tight to her snatch, her hand forced my fingers inside to feel her wetness. “Oh God, that feels good. Are you wet too? Let’s see.”

Before I could answer, she had her hand between my legs. Her long fingers expertly parted my lips, as another finger probed my pussy. “Oh MY!” My eyes shot open, as I let out a nervous giggle.

“I didn’t hurt you did I Barb? Goodness, you are drenched Honey,” she whispered and took her first hand off mine to soothe my hair. Amy switched from suckling on my tits to Michelle’s ample chest and back to mine again The two of us continued to masturbate each other.

“Shell, did you bring it?” I heard Amy ask, as if in a dream. Michelle ignored her, bringing her alluring face close to mine. My eyes were glued to her long tongue rimming the crest of her succulent lips, as her fingers taunted my clit. “I think I’m jealous.” She mouthed, brushing her lips over mine.

“W-why is that?” I breathed with erotic anticipation.

“Everyone has had you but me,” she batted her long lashes, as her lips formed a pout.

“Doesn’t seem right, does it,” I sympathized and flattened my hand to rub as much of her pussy as possible.

“SHELL? Did you bring it, or not?” Amy piped up between switching tits again.

“Yes I did, but tonight it’s not for you Sweetcheeks,” the mysterious woman added, keeping her full attention on me. Michelle had me at the point of no return. There was no denying our mutual attraction and a need to satisfy each other.

Michelle glanced down and motioned young Amy to retrieve her large purse. As the cool early morning air mixed with Amy’s saliva, my nipples hardened instantly. In a combination of moves that felt like one, my legs gave way to the bed at the knees. I replaced her hand in my pussy with my own, as I watched the dark temptress reach in her purse and pull out one of the longer strap-on dongs I’ve ever seen.

Scooting back in the bed, my eyes shifted to watch Michelle strap on the apparatus, while Amy lubricated the head of the enormous black tool. I couldn’t help but notice how the overall length of it matched the entire length of Michelle’s long thighs. Spreading my legs wide, my fingers never retreated from my saturated hole. “That’s okay Dear; I don’t think she’ll need it.” Shell referred to any further greasing and pulled the pretend beast from Amy’s mouth.

Standing at the edge of the bed, Michelle hoisted the huge rubber honker and slowly split my wet outer lips with it. Not one to miss a single thing, Amy quickly slithered into bed next to me. As she went back to sucking and fondling my boobs, we watched Michelle inch the hard rubber replica further into my snatch. The back of my head bore into the mattress; my hands gripping the sheets, as the foot-long cock penetrated me to the max.

“OH GODDD!” I squealed and pulled my legs to accommodate the full length of it.

“Fuck her good, Shell,” Amy said, completely out of the naive character she’d concocted.

“Yes please; fuck her good,” I echoed, rocking my lower body to and fro, to build momentum.

The dark, exotic woman exuded a ballsy confidence in her capability to fuck or be fucked. Her primitive masculine-like grunts and growls would have given the appearance of a typical dyke, if it weren’t for her uncommon classic beauty. She pumped the fake cock in my tender pussy with all the ambiance of a crusty long shore man. Michelle shook back her waist-length curled brunette locks; looking more like a tight, three-year-old filly fitfully playing in some secluded meadow. She was an amazing anomaly that fascinated me.

Wouldn’t any man or woman revel in such a sensuous duality? The fact that I was so suddenly and magnetically drawn to such a unique personality made me wonder how my son could not feel the same. His reserved feelings for her hardly seemed valid, as her torso and pelvis undulated to propel the over-sized dong deep in my vagina. Even if I deluded myself that he had harbored some repressed desire to have only me all these years…I mean this chick was a “10″ in any guy’s black book! The answer to that question was soon enough answered.

“Ah girls, are we having fun yet?” followed the inevitable and impatient knock at the door.

“Can’t speak for you, but WE are!” Michelle snidely reported, yanking a weak Amy by her hair and shoving her face in my bush.

Judging from the Josh’s silence, he must be considering what other dumb thing he would say or try next. “Maybe we should let him in?” I asked, catching my breathe between strokes.

“Hey, that’s your call. I can go either way,” said Michelle. “Hell, Amy and I can make our own arrangements, for that matter,” she smugly added.

“I didn’t mean that! We can work something out.” I pleaded, when she withdrew the cock. “PLEASE Michelle, don’t be upset.” I begged, reaching out to take her wrist. Trying my best to hold on, she was too strong and pulled me out of bed. Dropping to my knees at her feet, I wrapped my arms around her waist from the rear. Locking my hands together, I buried my face in the small of her back. Without time to analyze my overt actions and melodramatic behavior, all I knew was I had to have her. The magnetism was far too great than my power to let go.

“We don’t have to let ANYBODY else in. We don’t even have to answer the door, okay?” I purred and gently kissed her ass, taking long lingering licks in her crack.

Was the late night and all the unexpected, extra-curricular sex catching up to me? I’ve dabbled in mild lesbian contact before, but to feel this compelled to have another woman was an entirely unfamiliar sensation for me. The longer she silently pouted, the stronger my desire to please her increased. Spreading her cheeks, I teased her asshole with my tongue. Without a word, she spread her legs ever so slightly, which I took as welcoming sign. Probing her puckered hole with the full length of my tongue, my left hand reached to fondle the fake phallus, while my right hand found its way under the belt to caress her pussy. My teasing applications evidently were persuasive enough to get her attention. She slowing turned in my embrace, putting me eye-to-eye with the huge rubber dick.

“Didn’t I try to make you happy, hmm?” She asked with an added inflection of power in her voice.

I nodded. “You DID make me happy! I love having you fuck me.” I added, staring up into her dark eyes.

“Shhh! Just let ME handle the guys, okay. If you’re a good girl, I’ll take care of you too.” She stated and pointed the cock toward my mouth. After a quick glance into her eyes, I dutifully took the authentic replica into my mouth as a symbol of surrender.

I delighted in tasting my juices on the dong, as I sucked it clean. After a slight motion from the dark temptress, Amy rushed to Michelle’s side like some crony slave. When the taller beauty whispered something, Amy obediently went to Michelle’s purse and pulled out a few long lengths of rope.

Viewing myself as if in some parallel, but reverse universe, I stood silently as the little blonde tied my ankles and then my wrists. Being bound by any means, by anyone was a fetish foreign to me. Quite simply, I abhorred the idea of being restricted. However, that’s apparently how much power Michelle held over me at that moment. I would have done next to anything to gain her affection. Feeling the roughness of the rope tightening on my limbs, the bondage soon lost whatever fun status it may have had.

My son’s previous side comments regarding Michelle never held much meaning before now. His vague references to her passion for power, etc. became increasingly clear to me. No wonder they had yet to form a lasting relationship. Many men and most women would likely be offended by such blatant dominance in a woman. The fact that I found her power over me so alluring made it all that more ironic.

“Now that we have your full attention…” Michelle started and poked the hollow of my shoulder. I teetered on my heels, before collapsing backwards into the bed. “Perhaps you’d like a taste of brunette pussy, huh.” She decided and climbed up on the bed to straddle me. Raising my bound arms up over my head, she dug her knees into the mattress, until her bare pussy was inches from my mouth. Gazing up across her flat tummy and past her large taut boobs, my tongue went to work on her slit. When her fingers parted her tender lips, my flattened tongue probed deeper into her vagina.

“Hmmm, that’s it. God yes! You do eat pussy good.” She smiled down at me and joined my tongue with her long-nailed index finger.

Licking and sucking the succulent flaps of her folds, I moaned with anticipation of reaching her clitoris. She surely sensed my desire and quickly pulled away, but not in retreat. Getting to her feet above me, she turned around to switch to a 69 on me. Pinching and tugging my hard nipples, she lowered her pelvis to my face again. I quickly resumed eating out her delicious cunt, when we heard a more forceful knock at the door.

“AMY, ARE YOU IN THERE?” Came Jeff’s deep voice.

“YEAH, what is it?” Amy hollered back.

“Your mom; your mom’s on the phone. You gonna take it?”

“SHIT!” Amy cautiously exclaimed, almost leaping from the end of the bed. “Why the hell is SHE calling NOW? She NEVER calls… I just can’t imagine why…”

“God Amy; settle down girl!” Michelle said, as the nervous girl’s commotion put an immediate halt to our love making. “That woman has got to be the most uptight bitch alive!” Michelle stated, climbing down from the bed.

Suddenly feeling like a fish out of water, I tried sitting up. Amy frantically wiggled back into her night gown, as she continued to fret about her mother’s call. When Michelle pulled her leather coat back on, I was afraid no one would release me from the ropes.

“Um, do ya think you could…” I started, holding my bound wrists up to Michelle.

“Oh yeah, Sorry, Barb. Here, let’s get you out of those–for now,” she smiled, but took her good time untying me. “You know that Kim; she’s the one I need to hogtie,” Michelle shot me a devilish grin.


“Amy’s mother. God, if there’s ever been a bitch that needs some sexual healing, it’s her.”

“Hmm, maybe you need to have her to tea,” I laughed, pensively waiting for Michelle to release me. By then, Amy had hastily made her exit to answer her cell phone.

Peaking his head inside the open door, Josh’s eyes sheepishly scanned the room. With both hands still loosely bound, I tried to pull the infamous satin sheet around me. “So, am I interrupting anything?” My son asked, watching Michelle securing the leather belt around her waist.

Shooting Josh a semi-embarrassed smile, I quietly waited for the tall brunette’s response. “No, come on in,” she relented, lit a cigarette and sat on the edge of the bed. “Josh, you know your mom here is one sexy woman,” she noted, more aware of how she looked to Josh than my state of bondage.

“I agree,” he smiled, wrapping his arm around me from behind.

“I think it kind of explains a lot of things,” she added, filling the air with a long blast of exhaled smoke. Josh and I traded questioning glances. Neither of us had a clue to what she meant. Neither of us felt it necessary to hear her definition either. A long, tenuous silence followed, as I felt Josh’s hand subtly caress my back and then my ass when I pulled myself to stand next to him.

“Hey you look pretty bitchin’ in those new bracelets. I’m guessing those are compliments of Mistress Michelle here?” He smirked and ogled at how the sheet barely covered parts of me.

“Why yes, they’re just the latest fashion, don’t ya think?” I tossed my hair back and gave him a pseudo model’s gaze.

Vying for more of my son’s attention, the sleek dark-haired beauty stood up to edge close to the two of us. “What an opportunity to take advantage of her; having her tied up and everything,” she purred and pulled the sheet down to fully expose my chest.

“You don’t think I’ve already taken advantage of her?” Josh purred back, brushing his lips past her ear.

“Hmm, maybe you should be the one tied up?” She answered and unzipped his jeans.

“I believe we’ve done that already–plenty of times.”

“Yeah, but never in front of Mommy,” she winked and untied her leather belt. “Whatcha think Barb; this turning you on Honey?”

In a flash, she dropped the leather jacket from around her and began fondling my tits and tonguing my ear. That overwhelming sensation to have her swept over me in waves, as my head fell back. Closing my eyes, I was treated to the sounds of Michelle and Josh obviously kissing; then the rush of having two sets of hands (male and female) caressing my heaving jugs and lower half.

“I think she’s enjoying it,” I heard Michelle’s voice and nodded.

“Doesn’t seem to be fighting it, that’s for sure,” Josh added, lifted my arms over my head, and twirled me around until I was lined up directly in front of him facing the dark vixen.

Michelle went to her knees immediately. Reaching around me, she undid Josh’s jeans and stripped him down. Feeling the full length of his 9-inch erection sliding up and down my ass crack, I moaned as Michelle’s long tongue darted between my wet slit.

“Maybe she needs us both to fuck her, hmm?” She offered, between deep licks.

There was no “maybe” about it, as I watched her manhandle the long black cock from one hand to another. My heart raced a mile-a-minute, as Josh massaged my tits. Letting my bound wrists fall behind his head behind me, I shoved my ass hard against the length of his rigid boner. Glancing down at Michelle, I knew there was but one delicious way to take them both.

“You’re not thinking what I think you are?” Josh whispered in my ear.

I silently nodded and pulled us both down to the floor. Once my son stretched out flat on the carpet I got to my knees. Inching my knees across the floor, I maneuvered down until my mouth was in striking range of his sturdy erection. Taking his cock in my mouth, I felt the head of Michelle’s fake dong parting my labia from behind. After several minutes of doing double-duty on my son and his occasional lover, Michelle’s patience was wearing thin.

“Okay Barb, I’ve gone without long enough; it’s my turn,” she announced, withdrawing the black rubber fucker from my pussy.

Unhooking the masculine apparatus, she quickly edged her face next to mine. I heard Josh catch his breath sharply, as she grabbed the base of his cock, and went straight to deep-throating him. Flopping over on my side, with my wrists and ankles aching from rope burns, I gave up my balancing act. Once again I became the voyeur, watching Michelle using Josh for her pleasure. I couldn’t help but sense that this was standard operating procedure for Michelle.

Flat on her back next to me, she reached to fully spread her long legs; an open invitation to Josh to get with the program. Like a black widow spider tempting its prey, she implored him to mount her. Once he went to his knees and split her tender lips with his sturdy rod, she pulled behind her knees to further elevate her pelvis. Josh may have been administering to her demands for a nice hard fucking, but his center of attention and facial expressions were clearly focused on me. Every chance he got, he reached over to massage or otherwise fondle different parts of me, while his lower half robotically pumped in and out of the vixen’s pussy. Michelle was all too aware of this and turned her head to ask a favor.

I leaned close and nodded in response. Josh didn’t break stride, as he helped untie my wrists. The blood once again returned to my legs as well, as I undid the rope from my ankles. I doubt that Josh picked up on Michelle’s request. Even when I stood straddling her head, pulling and stretching her legs back over her head, I don’t think he knew. Josh moved up over her to continue drilling her vagina, while I relinquished my hold on her legs. Sliding around behind him, I went to my knees and head-butted his ass, until he finally hunched over farther. Now my tongue finally had access to her asshole.

Rimming and tonguing her nasty hole, she was nicely lubricated enough for what came next. I edged my hand between them to encircle my son’s cock. Tightening my grip on his thick, slippery hose, I coaxed it from her pussy. Gently prodding the large head of his meat into her puckered hole, she yelled.

“It’s okay Josh Honey; she wants it. Don’t you Baby?”

“God YES! Put it in my ass Barb. Ummm, do it NOW!”

“I don’t… I… I, oh SHIT, FUCK, that’s TIGHT!” Josh exclaimed, as my hand loosened its grip to massage her pouting labia.

“Damn RIGHT, Baby. Fuck my tight ass. Yeah, fuck me good!” Michelle commanded, while her hand reached up to grab anything to hold on and heighten the painful pleasure.

Finding my chest, she put a death-grip on my boob. The shock and sudden pain of her tight grasp had me crying out, as well. Josh’s young cock was soon back to full stride, plowing in and out of her asshole, while I slapped her pussy. When she failed to release my tit, I leaned in to spread her pussy. Clamping my lips around her clit, I let my teeth lightly nibble around it, while my tongue teased the tip of it. This was enough to send her into full orgasm.

“FUCK, OH FUCK!” She repeated, loud enough to wake the neighbors for sure.

Josh’s explosion followed, like a well-designed set of dominos. His face grimaced and relaxed with a complex expression that defies description, but genuinely defined the extremes he felt. His cock was totally hidden in her asshole, as his sporadic pelvic jerks proved he was filling her up. Michelle’s open mouth and strained eyebrows confirmed her amazement. Her darting, bewildered eyes settled on mine, before her head jerked back. Another four-lettered orgasm swept over her, as her hands fell back to grab her own bountiful set of tits.

Josh’s hot cum spurted from her asshole, as he started a retreat. With the combination of earthy sex smells, youthful perspiration, and ass filled my senses, I could no longer contain myself. Snapping a three-fingered grip around his still sturdy tool, I laced my lips with the pungent combination, before sloppily taking it in my mouth. If my son had any further questions about how truly nasty a slut I was, they were answered then and there. Sucking a copious amount of thick gravy from his succulent rod, I was intent on savoring it, when a hand yanked my head away.

“Me too Mom,” Michelle whispered, shifting my face to hers. Her hands intertwined my hair roughly, as I opened my mouth on hers. Matching her moans with several of my own, I discharged the sordid load. Her long tongue raced through my mouth, like some cum-driven snake. Such a display of vile, erotic behavior, although a bit foreign to me, seemed to be like second nature to this wild bitch. She was most definitely good at being bad! I believe Josh was left once again; stunned, yet aroused by the whole event.

“Well, I don’t know about the you ladies, but I’m starved!” he exclaimed, feigning a yawn. “I think we’ve got eggs,” Josh blurted out, while Michelle recovered.

“Great!” I said, as Michelle lit a cigarette.

“Hey, don’t look at me! The two bottles of champagne in my car are the extent of my nutritional intake,” the long-legged brunette puffed.

“Eggs and champagne it is! Used to have that for Easter breakfast, back in the day,” I recalled, scanning Josh’s room for anything that might resemble a robe.

***************** Tall and shapely Michelle may be the belle-of-the-vampires’ ball and whip-mistress of the easily sublimated after 9:00 p.m., but she was downright worthless in a Sunday morning kitchen. Her dark leather attire, spiked heels, and hose somehow didn’t coincide with sunshine, eggs, and Teflon pans. Shunning a stream of natural light like she’d been impaled with a wooden stake, she found a kitchen stool and lit up another smoke.

Amy, re-dressed in her hip-hugging jean-shorts and stretched out tube top bounded in to join us, bitching as she bounded. “I can’t even believe she would do that!” She stated, more for her own benefit. Michelle offered her a smoke. She reached out, then opted otherwise.

“Wow, that smells like eggs, oh yeah!” Tall, half-dressed Jeff announced, grabbed a cup of coffee and plopped down to sit at the large round table.

“Good night’s sleep Jeff?” I joked, digging my claws into his naked shoulders from behind.

“Huh?” He was not even close to being awake.

“Hell, he’s the only one that got any…” Josh started, scrambling the eggs.

“I wouldn’t say THAT,” I laughed and rubbed the base of mister sleepy head’s neck.

“SLEEP. I was saying, he’s the only one–oh, never mind.” Josh shook his head.

Even half-asleep, Jeff’s catlike reflexes were fully functional, as his hand grasped my wrist. “Hey, I’m awake already,” yanking me around to sit on his lap. “One part of me has been up for quite some time,” he whispered. I felt his cock stirring, even through Josh’s thick robe.

“Don’t tell me which part. Let me guess,” I teased and wiggled my ass.

“So, did my man Josh slip ya the mean weenie, or did you join the carpet munchers’ club, hmm?” Jeff whispered, slipping his warm hand between the slit in my robe.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” I simmered, trying to close my robe.

“Okay, we’ve got eggs; come and get ‘em!” Josh announced. I jumped up and headed for the cook top, when Jeff grabbed my robe. Pulling it almost completely open, my naked body was on brief display. Jerking the robe from Jeff’s grasp, I turned and fell into my son’s arms.

My bare chest against his, my eyes slowly raised to meet his. He gathered the robe around me, “Eggs… want some?” He smiled.

“Yes please,” I answered, retied the robe and took a plate. “Well, look what the cat drug in!” I remarked, seeing my husband crossing the courtyard, and heading for the apartment. “It’s your father.”

Michelle and Amy broke away from their serious conversation, long enough to see I wasn’t kidding. Josh went to greet Donny at the back door. I took a stool and buttered a slice of toast.

“Well good morning all!” Donny smiled, like he just swallowed the canary. “Hi, I’m Donny, Josh’s dad, and you are…” he asked distraught Amy.

“Oh shut up, and quit acting like you don’t know these people,” I shook my head, before taking a bite of eggs. “How about that champagne Michelle?”

“Oh yeah. Hi Mister B, good to see you again,” Michelle’s high heels tapped across the hardwood, as she made her way past my husband.

“Here, I thought you might need a change,” Donny said, tossing me a large grocery bag of clothes.

“Thanks,” I leered, before checking out the contents. My green pastel sun dress and undies were appreciated, but I wasn’t about to let him off the hook. However, there was no reason to cause a scene in front of these kids. I finished my breakfast, while Josh and his dad small-talked. Jeff shot me a wink or two, and Amy patiently waited for Michelle.

Michelle hadn’t been gone but a few minutes, when we heard the door slam and those familiar high-pitched clip-clops. “Amy, now don’t shit your pants, but Kim is in the damn parking lot.” Michelle warned, between short breaths. She shoved the two bottles of bubbly into the freezer and turned to face Amy.

“Oh SHIT, she WAS serious!” Amy shouted.

“Kim?” Donny wondered. Apparently this was at least ONE person he really didn’t know.

“Kim is Amy’s mother,” I said.

“Now Amy, don’t get crazy. There’s nothing to worry about. You two assholes, go put a shirt on or something,” Michelle took charge (imagine that). I headed for the bathroom.

“Well, I’m taking a shower,” I said, subtracting myself from any possible equation.

***************** A full stomach, a warm shower, fresh clothes, and a hair dryer–I was ready for the day.

“Yes Amy, I know you’re quite old enough to stay out all night, but there’s nothing wrong with meeting your friends. Is there?” I overheard, coming from Jeff’s bedroom.

I tip-toed to the front room to join the rest of the misfits. Amy and her mother were soon to follow.

“Kim, this is Barb, Josh’s mom,” Michelle introduced us, then beat a path to the kitchen.

I traded a shaky handshake with the prim, slender Kim. Dressed in a modest button down yellow sun dress of her own, she must have felt some sort of familiarity with me. Perhaps it was our ages, even though she had to be ten years younger. Maybe because she has a daughter and I have Josh; similar sundresses… who knows?

“Your daughter is such a doll!” I noted.

“Thank you. Our dear little Amy is a sweetheart; we DO want only the best for her,” the buttoned up mother said, with a puritanical edge in her voice.

“Whoa, “our dear little Amy,” did she really say that?” I wondered, trying to keep my eyes from rolling.

“Her father and I just want to make sure, I mean, we wanted to see Jeff’s new place,” she went on. I found an empty chair and scanned the empty front room for the whereabouts of the rest of the gang. “Jeff is such a nice boy, don’t you think; very polite,” Kim spoke after what seemed like timed silences. I worked up a smile and nodded.

“Champagne all around,” Michelle and Amy rejoined us, handing us each a stemmed plastic glass.

“Oh, none for me, thank you,” Kim held up a foreboding hand, keeping the other tightly around a matching yellow purse in her lap.

“Come on Kim, we’re celebrating the boys’ new place,” Michelle reasoned.

After a series of long double-takes between mother and daughter, Amy gave Kim a glare and started sipping her champagne. “Well, maybe just this once, but don’t tell your father,” Kim thinly smiled. This had to be a singular breakout event of her year. Taking the glass from Michelle, Kim sniffed and sipped the bubbly like it might be liquid heroin. Michelle, Amy and I were a bit less reserved and gulped ours down in an eye blink.

Observing our less than teetotaler technique, Kim reluctantly threw her head back. While a portion of the champagne shot out the sides of her mouth, she downed most all of it. Michelle immediately sped off to uncap another bottle.

“Where did the guys disappear to? They should be toasting with us. I mean, it IS their apartment,” I asked a reticent Amy.

“They’re in Josh’s room, watching some ballgame I think,” Amy replied, as if she was taking an exam. Just being in the same room as her mother was nerve racking.

“Is your son into sports, Barb? He certainly seems like a nice boy too,” Kim’s sugar-coated voice broke the soundless barrier.

“No. I mean he keeps in shape and stuff, but he’s more into his photography,” I answered my required exam question, and quickly shifted my attention to Michelle returning with two large bottles of champagne.

“GOODNESS Michelle, I hope you’re expecting company!” Kim’s eyes widened.

“We drink from THIS one. Kim gets THAT one,” Michelle whispered on the QT, as I took the Kim bottle and offered to refill her glass.

“Thank you Barb, but I’ve had plenty.”

“Come on Kim, it’s just us girls. I know it’s a little early in the day, but it does taste good,” I urged Her Royal Uptight Highness.

“Mom doesn’t drink. Actually neither of my folks drink,” Amy butted in with her empty glass, to get a refill from me.

I started pouring Amy a fresh glass, when Michelle interrupted. “Ah, you are so funny Kim. Just think of this as one of your uptown tea parties; we’re just having champagne instead. We’ll call it a bubbly party, how’s that?” Michelle took Amy’s freshly poured glass from her and gave it to Kim. “Amy needs to help me find some crackers, cookies, or something,” the tall brunette added and pulled Amy up from the couch.

Knowing that Michelle had cooked the champagne some how, I gingerly refilled my glass from the other bottle. Taking a sip, I immediately knew it was beer, but sipped it none-the-less. With the other two girls gone, I decided to take a more direct approach with Amy’s stuck up mom. Reseating myself next to her on the couch, I smiled.

“Bubbly party; yes I guess this is… gosh it really IS bubbly. Look how it tickles my nose,” Kim giggled, before taking a longer swig. “Is it hot in here, or is it me?”

“I think it IS getting warm. I agree. Don’t know how you can wear a sweater on a hot day like today, Kim. I’d be burning up!”

“You’re right. That’s must be what it is,” she said, and lifted the thin woolen collar around her neck to fan it slightly.

“Here, let’s just take it off, shall we?” I said and moved closer to unbutton the pure white sweater. She sat motionless, like I was some kind of day nurse administering to her comfort. “I can certainly see where Amy gets her striking good looks.” Pulling the garment down her creamy white arms.

“That’s SO sweet of you to say, Barb,” Kim blushed and lowered her head.

“Well now, it’s nothing to blush about. Maybe you just need to lighten up a bit; let Amy see just your glamorous side?” I suggested, unbuttoning two top buttons of the tight collar of her sleeveless sundress.

“Me glamorous? I hardly th-think so,” she said, taking another sip, before letting her head slump again.

“Maybe Amy might better relate to you, if you just let your hair down once in a while,” I added, running my hand lightly over her tied back golden bun.

“We used to get along great, when she was younger you know. I don’t what happened,” Kim sniffled and raised her head, praying for a response.

“Is it the sex thing?” I asked point blank. Her head dropped again, until she finally nodded. “Hmm, you know, the older I get, the more I seem to learn. Except now, I’m learning from my kids. Isn’t that funny how that works out,” I joked, trying to lighten things up.

Lifting her chin with my index finger, a tear-filled eye greeted me. “Now, now Kim; my point is that you’ve done a great job raising her. Now it’s time to relax and be more of a confidant–a friend, rather that a strict mommy.”

“It might be fun at that,” she sucked in a sniffle. “B-but we’re so settled in our ways,” she admitted, smoothing back the tight bun, that was hardly out of place. Bringing my hand to join hers, I prodded her hand to a hairpin peaking out of the tight woven roll.

“What is the Chinese proverb that says something about a long journey begins with “that first step.” I philosophized. Her eyes smiled and blinked once, before she pulled the pin out.

“Gosh Barb, I’ve only just met you and it seems you know all about me,” Kim stated, as she continued pulling out more and more strategic hair pins. Shaking her locks free, her beautiful long blonde hair fell gently over her shoulders.

“Wow, look at you! A little makeup, and you and Amy would look more like sisters than mother and daughter,” I remarked. Kim reached in her purse for a compact.

“Oh you. Don’t be silly. I’m not even close to looking like a twenty-two-year-old!” Forty-some year old Kim rolled her eyes, fluffed her hair in the tiny mirror and finished her drink.

“Oh excuse me, I must have the wrong room,” Donny burst in and faked an early exit.

“I’m guessing you’ve met my goofy husband, Donny,” I said, grabbing his arm.

“Amy said I should keep her mom company. You’re certainly not old enough to be Amy’s mom?” He took his best shot at being charming. Kim ate it up. “Ooh, and champagne –how decadent,” he added, pouring Kim another glassful of what I suspected to be the tainted bubbly.

Once Donny moved between us on the couch, his flirting motor went straight from first to third gear. I took the hint, made some lame excuse, and left to find the girls. I caught up with the two conspirators in the kitchen. Amy was drowning herself in Margaritas, and had more than a healthy start on a good drunk, while Michelle treated herself to shots of Tequila.

“What’s up ladies?” I asked, downing a shot of Tequila.

Michelle gave me her patented devilish grin and pointed to half-empty bottle of Vodka.

“So, I take it that’s the magic elixir in Kim’s champagne?” I smiled.

“Tell ya, the woman needs to unwind her tight ass –can’t hurt. Right Amy?” said the brunette.

“I can’t even believe she’s drinking. That’s amazing,” Amy sighed, trying to shake off her mother’s shackles.

“Well I gave my all for the cause. You might not recognize her now. Then I sicced Donny on her, so who knows where things will go from there.”

“Very impressive Barb! So ya got her to lighten up at least?” Michelle smiled and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

“I don’t believe it!” Amy said emphatically, almost loosing her balance.

Taking the young blonde by the arm, the two of us silently padded the long carpeted hallway leading to the front room. Sneaking up on our prey, we heard voices.

“Yeah Kim, you even have the same cute smile. I’m telling ya, you and Amy could be sisters, for sure,” Donny was laying it on thick, as he circled his finger around her ear. Kim, laying back on the couch by now, offered little resistance to my husband’s high school version of fore-play.

“Oh my God! Who the hell is THAT?” Amy whispered back at me, before sneaking another peak at the inebriated woman who barely resembled her mom.

“How did you DO that?”

“Easy, once Michelle got a few drinks in her, she was like putty,” I reckoned.

“What’s the big secret!” Jeff bellowed from behind us.

“Shit Jeff, you scared the living shit out of us!” I recoiled. Amy, already bent over in her sneaky stance hit the floor like a brick.

“What’s that all about?” Amy’s mom yelled and jumped to her feet. Unfortunately, Kim’s equilibrium wasn’t as quick on its feet. Stumbling back onto the couch and into Donny’s lap, she was quickly swallowed up in my husband’s arms.

“And just what is THIS all about?” I yelled with an adequate amount of embittered wife in my voice to take any focus off of Amy.

Trying her best to break free from Donny’s clutches, Kim pleaded her case. “I… I mean we didn’t do anything. I was j-just…” she started, finally able to come to a standing position.

“You weren’t doing anything with my husband? What do you call that?” I pointed down at Donny. “You two were having sex!” I stood defiantly with my hands on my hips.

“NO! Oh God no! B-Believe me Barb, I never…”

“And, what do you call that in YOUR fucking world?” I pointed again down at Donny, who had unzipped his pants.

Clearing her head, as best as possible, she continued to deny my accusation. Glancing down in Donny’s direction, “Oh GOD NO! I didn’t DO that! No! NO!” she screamed and buried her face in her hands, at the sight of my hubby’s erect cock proudly poking out of his jeans.

“Jesus Christ, what’s with all the damn noise?” Michelle burst in. Immediately closing in to comfort the accused, she wrapped her arms around Kim. Shaking her head and sobbing like crazy, the duped mom was devastated. This was exactly how the tall dark temptress preferred her victims; drunk and lost. Shooing the rest of us away, the spider needed to be alone to devour her fly.

“It’s okay Sweetheart, no one understands. We’ll figure this out, just you and me,” she consoled Kim. Jeff and Donny picked Amy off the floor and the three of us made our retreat to Jeff’s room.

***************** Sending Jeff off for a cool washcloth, I scolded my husband for playing Kim that way. “What the hell; it was all in fun. Seems like she needs a little spice in her life anyway,” Donny figured.

“Spice is it? Is that what you decided I needed, when you set me up with Josh?”

“I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to upset you,” he countered.

“Oh, it doesn’t upset me. At least that had a favorable outcome,” I winked.

“See, I knew it would work out that way!” He beamed, like his plans to solve world hunger panned out.

“You are SO full of shit!” I laughed, as he wrapped his arms around my waist. “Get away from me now you old letch. We need to revive this passed-out little girl.”

Jeff returned and we got Amy to wake up. Josh showed up and the five of us laid around placing bets on what Michelle was up to with Amy’s straight-laced, but seriously drunk mother. A half an hour passed, when the dark leggy mistress motioned for Amy and I to rejoin her and Kim in the front room.

The proper lady’s appearance had degraded considerably, like she had survived the first degree of a third degree inquisition. Her modest dress was undone a few more buttons from the neck, and now up from the hem. The low heels she came with were nowhere in sight. The once silky blonde hair, that flowed so graciously around and down her shoulders, was now a tangled mess framing her face. The half-empty bottle of Vodka I’d seen in the kitchen sat on the coffee table, virtually all but gone. It had obviously replaced the champagne bottle lying on its side at the foot of the table.

As Amy shuffled over to sit next to her mom, Michelle began, “I believe Kim has something to tell you Barb.”

Uncharacteristically tossing her head to one side, to cast aside some stray locks, Kim stared at me. “I…I’m sorry Barb for having sex with your husband,” she started, when Michelle interrupted.

“Now, go tell her WHY you’re sorry. That’s it, get up and go to her.”

Kim’s puffy eyes glanced up at Michelle, then over at Amy, as she got to her feet and came to me. “I’m really sorry Barb, b-because I like you,” she continued and hesitantly put her hand on my shoulder. Staring back into her glazed eyes, I nodded.

“I understand Kim. I like you too,” I smiled and smoothed away more stray locks of her unruly coif.

“Show her Kim. Show Barb how much you like her,” Michelle coaxed. Kim glanced again at Michelle, then returned her unsteady focus on me. Robotically running her hand up my neck and behind my head, she leaned forward and pulled my face to hers. Closing her eyes, I felt her lips ever-so-lightly touching mine. Letting my eyes close I tilted my head to accept the kiss –a lingering tender kiss that, considering the source, felt quite erotic.

“Come on Kim, you like her more than that; now don’t you?” Michelle prompted.

Michelle’s suggestion tripped her trigger. The subdued mom let out a series of moans, as her mouth opened on mine. My hands caressed her shoulders and her bare arms, until they came to rest on her waist. Our tongues met. My moans mixed with hers, while her small hands rested on my chest. When her fingers started to unbutton my dress, Michelle’s words cut through the growing sensual scene.

“Easy now girls! I think there’s something Kim needs to tell Amy as well,” I heard. Kim broke off our kiss. Leaving my dress half open, Kim did a 180 in my arms to face her daughter.

Amy was delightfully amazed and emotionally moved, seeing her mother in this state. She almost jumped from the couch to join us. “Amy, I’m SO sorry for being such a… such a bitch; I really DO love you,” she got out, before her daughter took her face in her hands and planted a full kiss on her lips. “So much, God I love you so much,” Kim added between kisses full of tears and saliva.

“I love you too Mommy. I’ve always wanted you; wanted you like this,” Amy said, as the words melted into more moans and deep kisses. When Kim ran her hands under Amy’s tube top, my hands went to work on Kim’s buttons.

“Ummm, any room for me in this little love fest?” A stripped down Michelle smiled, adding her naked body to the mix.

Once again, words dissolved into moans and high-pitched grunts, as Michelle, Amy, and I introduced Kim to the forbidden art of female seduction. The disparity in our ages, hardly a negative, heightened the equation of four vibrant women teasing and pleasing each other. Our communal masturbation proceeded until premature orgasms were achieved all around. However, any calculating observer could easily tally up and report that Kim had the lion’s share.

Basking in the afterglow of our shared feminine desires, one giant sigh permeated the quiet. Of course that wasn’t the only permeating thing. The uncommon fragrance of four women enjoying each other, (especially Amy, the squirter) hung in the air and followed each of us, as we made our individual trips to the bathroom. It would only be a matter of time, before one of our male studs picked up the scent.

“Oh God, what have I done!” Kim exclaimed, returning from the bathroom in her drunken fog. Grabbing pieces of her rumpled preppy attire, the well proportioned middle-aged beauty turned her back to us. Shaking uncompromising cobwebs from her liquefied brain, she attempted to get back into her clothes.

***************** “Kim Honey, that was simply a warm up. Where do you think you’re going?” Michelle questioned, unhooking the socialite’s 34-c brassiere.

“Must get home. I-I have to… get home,” Kim replied to no one in general, as she unsuccessfully tried pulling up her virginal cotton panties.

“Nonsense! You don’t see anyone else leaving do you? See, here’s Jeff,” Michelle coaxed her to look up. “See, isn’t he the handsomest thing?” She prodded.

Kim stopped dressing, glanced up at her daughter’s tall lover, and immediately blushed. Folding her arms to cover her naked chest, her curious eyes slyly returned to scan his hunky frame. “Yes, he is handsome,” she remarked with half a smile, as Jeff went to speak with Amy.

“Don’t be such a prude, Kim.” Michelle took Kim by her arm to edge between Jeff and Amy. Young Amy was certainly in no shape to object, as Michelle quickly lifted and pulled off Jeff’s t-shirt. “Hmm, now you can see just how built he is,” the dark-tanned Michelle stated, before running her long fingers up his chest and pressing her naked chest against him.

My role in all this had quickly diminished to that of a voyeur. Redressing, I found myself once again in awe of Michelle’s powers of persuasion.

“Y-yes he is,” Kim stammered with a deep sigh, while her daughter pulled her mother’s arms down from behind to display her boobs to Jeff.

Jeff’s stoic response to their seduction was to say nothing at all. He leaned down to accept a wet kiss from Michelle. Amy sandwiched Kim close to him, reaching around her mother to undo his jeans. At first a sensitive unwitting explorer, Kim’s hands lightly wound their way up and down his long torso. Feeling the warmth from Amy’s body on her back, Kim relented and moved her mature self to share the heat emanating from her daughter’s boyfriend.

“So, do we need a ticket for this, or is it a free show?” My hubby smirked, coming up to me from behind. Feeling Donny’s body against mine, I let one of his hands snake its way under my arms to fondle my boobs, while the other slid up under my dress.

Keeping my focus on the sensual foursome, I let out a low moan, and pressed my ass against his emerging erection. “I think you just covered the price of admission,” I said and prodded his fingers to tighten their grasp.

Before us, the women were in full-out attack mode on a restrained but grateful Jeff. Michelle had lowered herself to her knees, taking Jeff’s fully extended cock in her mouth, as Kim’s and Jeff’s kiss soon turned into a shared passion. Daughter Amy seemed content at the moment to feed her libido with erotic touches. Running her hands and fingers first over Jeff and her mother; then back again to pleasure herself.

“Now THAT woman desperately needs to be fucked,” Donny suggested in my ear, as his familiar touch favored my wet pussy.

“It’s that obvious?” My entire body shuddered in anticipation of another orgasm.

“Oh yeah, see how she is almost trembling with desire for…”

“My God, don’t you just love THIS scene. Something tells me I’ve missed something,” interrupted Josh’s voice from behind us. He had apparently entered the front room, and was quietly taking stock of the whole sordid scene.

“OH GOD Josh, you surprised me!” I said, feeling my legs turning into spaghetti.

“Jesus Dad, you’re gonna screw her right here?”

“Hey, when in Rome…” Donny feigned embarrassment and released his hands from me.

“I guess it does resemble some Roman orgy or something,” I added, as my dress fell back into place, to at least appear to have some sense of propriety.

“Hey, no need to close down shop on my account,” Josh calmly stated, approaching me head on, to took my face in his hands.

Donny retreated to the couch, as our son gave me a less-than-maternal kiss. In my aroused state, I wasn’t about to be the one to break away, when Josh’s tongue filled my mouth. Perhaps it was time that Donny deserved a realistic view of what he had set us up for all along. I sensed that exact same feeling from Josh, as his artistic hands wound their way down my shoulders and onto my heaving chest. I started undoing my son’s shirt, when a loud feminine shriek shot through the air.

Pulling away from Josh’s lips, the sight of Amy’s mother taking Jeff’s super long, fat cock in her pussy was incredible. Jeff had hoisted the petite woman up. As all 6 foot something of him stood, with Kim’s arms and legs locked around his neck and waist, he easily and rather proudly impaled her mature pussy from stem to stern repeatedly. With his fingers digging into her ass, she screamed with each long down stroke.

Amy and Michelle were hardly passive observers to Kim’s debasement. Michelle was fast at work; fixing up Kim’s daughter with that obnoxious strapon dildo. Considering what might be next on Michelle’s agenda, I decided not to be a part of (or otherwise witness) what she had planned for Kim.

“Ah, I think perhaps we should leave these folks alone,” I advised, scanning down at Donny’s growing erection.

“Whatever you think,” Josh answered agreeably.

My husband, somewhat reluctantly got to his feet, and pried his gaze from the erotic foursome to follow Josh and I down the hall.

“Hey you guys, didn’t mean to run you off!” Michelle shouted.

“No problem. We’ll be around for a while,” I turned, smiled, and winked.

***************** I poured coffee for the three of us, once we reached the kitchen.

“I can’t decide whose more entertaining to watch; Michelle or Kim’s mother,” Donny smiled.

“Hey, if it gives you such a trill, go ahead and watch them both!” I returned, setting his filled cup on the counter.

“Well I, for one, don’t get off watching either one of them,” Josh stated, grabbing my wrist.

“Josh, you’re making me spill…” I started, when he pulled me onto his lap. “Hey Mister, easy now, your father might be watching,” I laughed, setting the hot pot of coffee down.

Josh glanced up at Donny across the table from us and winked, before starting to work on the buttons of my thin sundress. At first I brushed his fingers away, until I heard Donny clear his throat.

“So, what if I am watching? Why should that make a difference?” My husband said in his typical ‘whatever’ kind of voice.

Brushing my son’s hand away from my dress, I went about undoing my own buttons. Feeling his erection growing beneath me, I felt compelled to push hubby’s envelope. Besides, Josh seemed less than affected by having an audience by now. Pulling my dress off my shoulders, I felt Josh’s fingers undoing the rest of my dress. Leaning back on his lap, my hand drew Josh’s head close for some heavy necking.

“Something’s telling me he’s enjoying this. He just acts like he isn’t,” I soothed and lowered my bra straps.

“I really don’t give a shit what HE thinks. If it’s something YOU like then the hell with him,” Josh said into my ear, before lowering his face to my chest.

“Oooh, I like. I like it Baby. Suck my tits… hard.”

After yanking my bra cups down, his open mouth went right to work sucking in as much of one of my ample boob as he could. My less-than-motherly moans escalated when he switched to my other melon.

“Good!” My son replied and stood me up next to him. With my lightweight dress now completely open and off my shoulders, dropping my arms, it slid quietly to the floor. Standing a little weak-in-the-knees, I shuddered when Josh pulled my panties down. Rising to meet me, he immediately unbuckled his jeans. As he stepped out of them, I edged his t-shirt up his muscular frame and over his head. Like so many well-rehearsed lovers, I peeled his shorts down to reveal his sizable erection.

When Donny cleared his throat again, I knew he must have caught sight of his son’s more than adequate love muscle. Another short embrace and kiss, he unhooked and ditched my bra. Effortlessly he lifted my 125 lb. naked body up to the kitchen table. Lying down inches away from my husband, Josh lifted my legs up and stepped forward until his long hard cock rested neatly on top of my unshaven pussy.

In all honesty, I’ve made out and screwed a number of men in front of my hubby before. This time it would be unbelievably different. This was our son about to penetrate me. For an instant I wondered if he could truly handle the weight of witnessing such an illicit taboo. After so many years of marriage, even an open one such as ours, I’ve always tried to second-guess his feelings. In this case, there’s no way I could imagine what must be going through his unconventional brain. I had to shake him into some kind of response. Leaning over to face him, I placed my hand on his.

“Come here Honey. Come here and watch your son’s big cock spread my pussy lips.”

Donny got to his feet and stood at the head of the table. Still holding on to his hand, I brought it to rest on my heaving chest. Slowly parting the little patch of blonde fur on my mons, Josh’s heavy cockhead toyed with my slit. The glycerin wetness just inside my outer lips gave his rigid rod all the necessary lubrication to ramp up and down the length of my slit.

Donny’s hand and fingers fondling and tugging my full melons told me he was willing to allow pretty much anything for my satisfaction. Hearing a zipper opening behind me, I knew my satisfaction wasn’t the only consideration being addressed.

“OH GOD! Oh, oh… YES!” I got out, just as my son’s full nine inches pierced my inner lips and entered my vagina.

“Bet that one will fill ya up?” Donny smiled down at me. I winced, then smiled before issuing an agreeable nod. “Hell, don’t look at me. Must come from your side of the family,” Donny added, referring to his son’s longer and much thicker weapon.

Staring up at my husband, but not seeing him, my opened-mouthed expression surely explained my renewed amazement. Josh’s young body went on autopilot, as his wondrous manhood filled and refilled my love hole. Letting my legs down to lock them firmly around his waist, my fingers reached to grasp both sides of the butcher block table top. Peering down through my undulating boulders to watch Josh’s assault, I was suddenly greeted with Donny’s seven-and-a-half inch erection inches from my face.

“Go for it Dad, Yeah!” Josh seemed happy to make this a family affair.

Without a break in the rhythm, I took hold of Donny’s cock and nearly swallowed it whole.

“Damn, but your mom is one hell of a cocksucker!”

“Don’t I know it… none better! No complaints from this end either,” Josh added, hard thrusting his meat deep in my pussy.

Listening to the hands-on evaluations of the two men in my life that mean the most to me was at once gratifying, yet bizarre. Why they felt it was necessary to verbalize such things in the middle of fucking is beyond me. Never-the-less I was enjoying myself, so I basically tuned them out and rode wave after wave of orgasm.

I estimate I was in the midst of my third orgasm, when they decided to switch positions. Sucking Josh’s cock and tasting my own juices was enough to take me to the brink of yet another one; that’s when my back started aching. “Unless you two are about ready to unload, my back is killing me. Maybe we can move…” I said, pulling my son’s cock out.

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