She stood facing the railing, looking out in the darkness at the lake. With a glass of wine and the moonlight shining down, She saw him pull into the parking lot on his bike.

She smiled to herself…knowing that he would soon be there with her. He shut the bike off and headed into the lodge. Time went by at an agonizingly slow pace as she waited to hear the door open…

Just then she heard it…he was there. She held her place along the railing, a very inviting sight just to tease him. She heard him open a beer bottle, and rustle around some… She still refused to turn around, knowing he would come for her soon enough.

He saw her…paused to take in the beauty before his eyes. Then carefully he walked out to her, and lightly touched the cold bottle to the side of her neck. She gripped the railing firmly as the chills ran through her body. He replaced the cold bottle with his very warm tongue, slowly kissing her neck as her knees began to buckle.

He reached around and unbuttoned her shirt with one skillful hand, she moaned and just held on tighter to the railing. As her shirt fell to the deck, he began to slowly kiss the back of her neck. His tongue traced a path down to the small of her back, She tried to turn towards him, but his strong hands stopped her.

She re gripped the railing and let him continue his assault on her mind and body. As the moon went behind the clouds, the darkness engulfed the two of them. He reached up and unclasped her bra, cupped both of her breasts as he hugged her from behind.

He smelled rugged with a slight touch of cologne in the air, she breathed it in, and once again tried to turn to face him. It was not to be…He held her firm, slipped one hand down to unbutton her jeans. She gasped, as his fingers found her sex. She stood there, writhing as the first wave of an orgasm surged through her body. Her knees began to give out, but he held her strongly while the orgasm subsided.

She took a drink of her wine, and placed it back on the ledge…He slowly pushed her pants to the ground and once again traced his tongue down to the small of her back. He got on his knees behind her and began to kiss softly on her ass, sneaking one hand around into her now soaking pussy. He began to finger her again, and she pushed her ass out high, like a cat in heat. He sucked greedily on her sex as she moaned and with one hand pulled his hair. Pulling him into her deeper, while she began to buck from the second orgasm of the night.

When she calmed down again, she felt him stand up and heard the sound of his belt unbuckling. She didn’t have to wait for an invitation as she reached behind her and felt his solid cock. She stroked it and he moaned. She raked her nails on it, and his cock surged fuller yet. She took another sip of her wine while she toyed with his cock in the other hand.

She set the wine back down and leaned over the railed a bit…She raised her ass to him, and with one hand guided his cock into her awaiting pussy. Slowly she began to push back and forth into him. He placed his strong hands on her hips and joined her in motion. A throaty growl escaped her lips as they stood there in the darkness making love.

It went on for what seemed like a half an hour, two bodies, drenched with sweat in that hot summer night. She had experienced two more gut wrenching orgasms as he slowly and deeply pushed his cock into her, she was tired, exhausted and spent, so she told him to sit down on a chair. She found a cushion and kneeled between his legs.

She slowly took his cock to her face with both hands. She brushed it against her cheek and took in the scent of their love making. She flicked it with her tongue a bit and it jumped to attention once again. Then slowly she put she cock in her mouth and began to suck him. Up and down, with one hand squeezing his balls. His legs began to shake and he felt the impending explosion coming. She went faster and deeper, dragging his cock with her teeth on each down stroke.

She felt it coming…. and gripped his balls tighter. He bucked as the cum began to flow from his cock. She eagerly swallowed his load and toyed with his cock, knowing it tickled him. When the ticklish part wore off, she slowly licked him clean, savoring the mixed juices of their love. She rose to her feet and kissed him…deeply, for the first kiss of what was to be a very long night ahead of them.

Sitting on the balcony, watching the moon rise up over the water. Maybe it was the wine from dinner or maybe it was the moon, but something was causing that familiar feeling to creep up again. A warm summer breeze drifted in off the water. As it rippled the fabric of her dress she noticed her nipples were starting to harden and push their way through her dress. She stood and walked to the edge of the balcony, leaning over and stretching her body against the railing. Turning around, she looked at her lover with a gleam in her eye.

Silhouetted by the rising full moon, he could see her body through the thin dress she was wearing. Playfully she ran her tongue around the rim of her wine glass and then around her full red lips. “I want you to take me right here, right now,” she said very seductively. Smiling, her lover rose from the chair and walked over to her. He put his arms around her and kissed her passionately. She pulled away and with a devilish grin started to dance in the moonlight. Slowly, seductively she moved around the balcony, her dress flowing in the breeze. As she swayed and dipped in the moonlight she began to pull her dress up, hinting and teasing of things to come. Each time it came up a little bit higher until it was just below the top of her legs.

She stopped and stared into her lovers eyes seeking approval to continue her dance. His eyes were riveted to her legs and the edge of her dress. She came over to him and stood directly in front of him. He leaned forward but she pushed him back. She moves closer and straddles his legs as she sits in his lap facing him. Her dress is now bunched up around her waist and he can feel her heat against his legs. He slides his hands up and down her legs and then moves them up her sides, sliding the dress up with them.

Raising her arms she lets him continue to slide the dress up her body until it falls behind her on the floor. Now she is sitting on his lap naked in the moonlight. She is hotter than she has ever been in her entire life, every fiber in her body seems to be alive. She stands, turns and leans over the balcony, her ass glowing in the light. She wiggles and squirms, and he can see her juices glistening along her slit like glitter in the moonlight. He stands and drops his pants and lets his cock spring free. He touches her back lightly with his tongue and runs it up and down her spine, she whimpers and moans and pushes her ass back trying to reach his cock. It is now his turn to tease.

His hands slide up and down her sides as his tongue slides up and down her back. Each time he reaches her neck he gives her a little nibble and she can feel his cock pressing against her. She is so wet and so hot that her juices are starting to run down the inside of her thighs. Feeling her moisture and heat he grabs his cock and guides it to the entrance. He stops as soon as the head is in place, she can feel it throbbing at her entrance. She puts her hands on the railing and pushes herself back onto his hot cock, burying it inside her in one quick motion. She throws her head back and yells in a moment of pure animal lust as she feels his cock filling her up. He grabs her hair and pulls her head back again, kissing her deeply as he rams his cock back into her. They start to move as one as their bodies move back and forth.

The night air drifts across their naked bodies and adds to the intensity of their passion. She can feel her orgasm building as he slams in and out of her, his cock throbbing and swelling with each thrust. It won’t be long for either of them as they continue their naked tango. She turns and tells him to cum with her, in her, on her. He tells her he is almost there and as he is saying it he grabs another handful of her beautiful mane and rams his cock hard and deep inside of her. She opens her eyes and sees the most brilliant full moon in front of her as she starts to cum. Her entire body seems to explode as wave after wave washes through her. His cock is slamming into her and spurting hot cum inside her with each stroke. Just when she thinks its done another wave washes over her and she cums again. He pulls his cock out and shoots cum over her back and on her ass. She collapses across the railing as their mixed juices run out of her and down her legs.

She looks up and sees the moon again and smiles, thinking to herself, “Another moon dance that I’ll never forget.”

The thump, thump, thump against the wall woke me out of a dead sleep. I groaned as I rolled over and tried to focus my eyes at the clock on the bedside table.

The bright red digital numbers told me it was 2:30am.

From the ‘Oh Yes’s’ and the ‘Fuck me harder baby’s’ that where echoing through the house, I’d say my roommate and his girlfriend were at it again, and from the noises they were making, I could clearly tell they were having the time of their lives.

I bunched my pillow around my head, flipped and flopped a bit, but they were defiantly going for a record tonight. After about 20 minutes of listening to them, I threw back the covers and climbed out of bed.

I needed to get out of there, listening to them was almost torture, it had been a while (too long) since I had partaken in that particular type of naked festivity. I pulled some shorts on and slipped my feet into my running shoes and headed out onto the beach.

I just started to run, filling my lungs with the cool sea air as my feet crunched on the sand below. I ran and ran for some time, pounding out the frustration I was feeling and trying to lose my semi hard boner after having to listen to the sounds of what was obviously hot as hell angry fucking.

I slowed and then stopped, leaning over to catch my breath; I glanced around me at the dark houses lining the shore. I saw a slight movement and stood back up, giving it all my attention.

It was a woman, she was lying on a blanket up near what I assumed was her house. My eyes bulged as I realized she was buck naked, and by the positioning of her hands and the movements of her body, she was having a lot of fun all by herself.

In the bright moonlight I could see her hands sliding over her naked flesh, she kneaded her quite large breasts and pulled her nipples, bringing one to her mouth I could see her tongue dart out and lick over the hardened tip.

I groaned a bit and my hand went to my cock, I rubbed myself through my shorts, squeezing the length as it grew to its full size.

Her hands dropped and her head turned, I knew she saw me as a little mischievous smile spread across her face. She opened her legs wide; her eyes looked right into mine as I watched her. Her juices almost glistened in the soft moonlight as she ran her fingers up and down her slit.

I moved a closer until I was standing at the foot of her blanket. I ran my eyes from her head to her toes, she was very nicely shaped, long brown hair, big full breasts, hard cherry pit nipples, a flat stomach, wide come fuck me hips. Everything I liked in a woman, not too skinny and curves right where they should be.

My eyes stayed on her mostly shaved pussy as her fingers slipped through its folds. I glanced around at the empty beach and tugged my shorts a little ways down my thighs, wrapping my hand around my now painfully hard cock I watched her bring herself closer and closer to orgasm. Her back arched off the blanket as she slipped two fingers into her wet hole, I could hear the little slurping noise and she slid them in and out. I squeezed my cock, running my thumb over the head and smearing the pre cum over the tip.

She moved and knelt in front of me, her hands sliding my shorts off the rest of the way as my heartbeat sped up a bit. I looked down at her face as I felt her hands running slowly up my thighs, I groaned as she blew lightly over the head of my cock and felt the warmth of her tongue as she licked me from base to tip.

I reached down and wrapped my fingers in her hair, I held her close as she opened her mouth over the head of my cock and slowly slid me inside.

I rocked my hips forward, forcing my whole length in her mouth, groaning as her throat closed on the tip and she gagged a bit. She slid up and down; slow at first then gradually faster. I held her head and moved with her, her mouth felt like a warm wet vice locked around my cock as her hands reached up and started to play with my balls. I felt my cum building and I pulled back, not ready to lose it yet.

I pushed her down and knelt on the blanket between her legs. I pulled her thighs over my shoulders and started to lick her slit, groaning at the salty sweet taste of her very hot, very wet pussy. I flicked over her clit until she was moaning and arching against my mouth. I pushed two fingers deep into her and rubbed the edge of my teeth against her clit, then sucked it between my lips as she exploded over my tongue.

Her muscles clamped down tight on my fingers and my cock jumped, I groaned into her pussy and didn’t let up until the last spasm had racked through her body.

I couldn’t wait anymore and I pulled her up and flipped her over onto her hands and knees. Grabbing her hips and pushing my whole length deep inside her. I almost came as her sex squeezed tight around my cock, I pulled back slowly and rammed back into her hard. She cried out as I pumped in and out, I squeezed my eyes tight as I pounded into her, Using her hips as leverage I took out my month long period of celibacy on her tight cunt.

I moved my hand and pushed my thumb against her tight ass. I waited for her reaction as my thumb slipped slowly inside her tight little hole. She moaned and pushed back against me, forcing my digit farther into her body.

I pulled my thumb out and slid my cock out of her sweet pussy. I rubbed the wet head over her tight puckered asshole and gingerly pushed against it.

She rocked back into me, forcing the head of my dick to move beyond the tight ring of her ass. I looked down as it started to slowly disappear into her.

I groaned loudly as her asshole swallowed my cock, squeezing tight and rippling along my shaft. I pulled out slowly, and then pressed back in. Each stroke felt like a hot, wet silky hand gripping my dick nice and tight as I fucked her asshole slow and deep.

She met each of my strokes, lifting her hips up to meet me. I reached my hand around and strummed her clit as I fucked her, she came quickly and in a rush, clamping down tight on my cock, my balls tightened as I slammed against her one last time and filled her with my hot jizz. My cock pulsed and swelled inside her ass and I emptied myself into her, making such a noise I’m sure my roomie and his girlfriend probably heard me from where I was.

I fell back onto my knees, my breathing coming hard and fast as she rolled over and flopped back onto the blanket. I leaned over and kissed her, mumbled my thanks and stood to redress.

I pulled my shorts on and reached for her, pulling her to her feet, I grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around her naked body. She kissed me lightly and pulled back, turning toward the closest house. She gave me one last smile, then looked up into my eyes.

“Every Thursday, about this time, you know where to find me.” Her voice was low and raspy, subtle and sexy as hell.

I nodded, then turned and ran back down the beach, grinning from ear to ear, already looking forward to next week and knowing no matter what noise was around me, now I’d be able to fall asleep.

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