“It’s your turn Tanja”

“Ok. Where was I again?”

I yawned as my housemate Tanja rolled the dice for the umpteenth time and moved her token up the board. I’d bailed on the lads rugby social for this? Tanja had talked me into a housemate bonding night saying it would be good for us all but this was interminable.

My other housemates Ryan and Grace sat opposite Tanja and I on a fluffy cream carpet in a comfy, spacious lounge. In the middle of us sat a Monopoly board, we’d been playing for over an hour and no-one was even close to winning. I had to say something.

“Guys can’t we just pack this in?”

“Ah come on Alex try and show some enthusiasm”

“I’m sorry Tanja but this is dead man, Ryan, Grace you have to agree with me?”

“To be fair Tanja, he has a point”

“See Ryan concurs, lets try something else”

“I don’t see why we have to pack it in already, Grace you agree with me don’t you?”

As per usual Grace nodded and agreed with Tanja. She was so weak.

“How about a compromise Tanja? We keep playing but there’s booze involved. We have like five six-packs of beer in the fridge”

“Yes Ryan that’s a great idea! Come on Tanja that’s fair”

Tanja pursed her lips.

“Ok then a couple of beers could be fun. Stella for me Alex”

“How could I forget Tanja! Grace any preference?”

“Could you get the pear cider bottle, it’s in the corner of the fridge?”

“Sure thing.”

I jumped up and collected two packs of Stella and Grolsch and the Bulmers Pear Cider from the kitchen. I sat back down onto the carpet and passed Grace the bottle of cider and Tanja a six pack leaving Ryan and me with eighteen cans of beer.

“Why did you get all that out?”

“I’m thirsty”

Tanja stared back at me unamused. I cracked open the can and took three big gulps. She just shook her head and passed the dice to Ryan.

“Your turn Ry”

Ryan was South African and spoke with a drawl. He was 6ft and androgynous with fair hair and had an easy charm about him. He was definitely gay but he never confirmed meaning he got a lot more attention from girls around campus. He was either a genius or just plain gay. He was dressed casual in faded jeans and a white t-shirt.

Grace was Hispanic with long black hair and a cute baby face, a button nose and full lips. She was 5ft 4″ and a little flabby around her stomach. She had a killer rack though: firm 32C breasts that stretched her tight black Incubus t-shirt outwards. She wore a flowery knee length skirt over black tights.

Tanja was German and followed every stereotype: ordered, punctual and without humour. We had done nothing but argue since we had moved in. There was a naughty side to her but I’d only seen it once or twice when we were drunk at a party. She was sexy in an alternative kind of way. Jet black hair streaked with red highlights fell down her neck into the hood of a black hoodie that was zipped up over a clingy purple top. Tanja had incredible cleavage: supple, bouncy breasts that curved a little out of her top. Underneath she wore a tight white satin skirt that cut just above the knee over a pair of lacy black tights.

“Oh no! Alex you have Mayfair don’t you?”

Finally! My hotel had paid off on Mayfair.

“Yep. Let’s keep it coming over this way Tanja, I need another £500″

She glared at me as I took the flimsy note from her outstretched hand. I enjoyed her piercing stare, you could almost swim in her flashing green eyes. She had turned a light shade of crimson that complemented her deep red luscious lips. I snatched a glance of her tongue, pierced with a small golden stud. I had a big thing for piercings but so few of girls had them.

Lately I’d been bored on nights out, being one of the main guys on the University Rugby team meant I had to pull every night otherwise my reputation took a battering. Recently I had just been taking the girl home getting her even more paralytic and then putting her to bed. They’d wake up the next morning and think I’d fucked them when in fact I’d just caught up on some shuteye. How long I could keep it up without raising suspicion was another matter.

I opened another can of Grolsch and moved my token along the board.

“Hey I’ve got an idea. How about a Monopoly drinking game? Every time we pass go we have to take five sips and if you got jail you have to finish the can you’re drinking in one go. Or in Grace’s case you down what’s left in the glass. How about it?”

“I’m up for that. Yeah lets go for it”

Ryan was already tipsy on his third can. Grace smiled and nodded. Tanja hesitated but then let a brief smile cross her lips.

“Ok. But you’re the ones who are going to pay for this idea. I never lose Monopoly!”

“We’ll see about that” I replied.

About thirty minutes later the game had taken a distinct turn for the better. Tanja was laughing after every roll of the dice (she had been in jail three times mind) and Grace was rocking back and forth on her knees giddy with excitement. Ryan was quiet, a glazed expression across his face. Being a Rugby lad I was going strong on my eighth can but I did feel a pleasant tingling sensation rolling over me. Suddenly Tanja jumped up and pushed the board game to one side.

“I’m not going to jail again! Alex stop laughing! This was your plan all along wasn’t it?!”

She was bright red in the face from laughing so hard. I grinned at her. She looked over at Grace and saw the empty bottle of cider next to her.

“Hey lets play something else. Something really fun!”

Tanja grabbed the bottle and placed it on its side. Were we really going to play Spin The Bottle? How old were we? But then again…

“Ok then what are the rules?”

I stared intently at Tanja as she winked at me.


She flickered out her tongue letting the stud roll over he top lip. I felt a little raise in my jeans. Grace glanced over nervously at Tanja.

“Erm I don’t know if I should play…”

Tanja ignored her and pressed the bottle into her palm.


Grace bit her top lip and spun the green bottle across the carpet. It pointed at Ryan. He hadn’t said a word for the last half hour but eagerly whipped his t-shirt off.

“Nice one Ry!”

The air suddenly brimmed with electricity. How far would this go?

“Come on Ry spin!”

The bottle came to a stop. I lifted my shirt over my head and looked directly at Tanja. She cooed floating her eyes over my six-pack. I noticed Ryan’s jeans rising as he pored over my muscular torso. I quickly grabbed the bottle and spun landing on Grace. She removed her necklace.

“Oh come on Gracie! At least get those tights off”

Grace looked terrified but wriggled out of her tights under the intense glare of Tanja. Ryan took one of her smooth tanned legs and tickled the sole of her foot.

“Oooh it tickles!”

She giggled trying to pull her foot away leaving her knees open. She was wearing black panties. Grace hadn’t noticed Tanja and I looking up her skirt and continued giggling as she spun the bottle. It landed on Tanja. I felt my cock start to unravel in my boxers. She unzipped her hoodie teasing as she pulled the zip up and down before slipping it off onto the floor. Her strappy top clung to her skin, her cleavage bursting out. I was so distracted I didn’t even notice the bottle pointing at me.

“Aww come on Alex don’t be shy…”

This was a bit unfair, Tanja had got away with taking her jumper off and Grace had removed her tights. I wasn’t going to stand there in my boxers just for Tanja to take the piss. But what choice did I have? If my member calmed down it would help, as hard as I tried to think of Renee Zellweger I could not get it down.

I stood up apprehensively and unbuckled my jeans, I sensed a hush in the room: Tanja giddy at how the game was progressing, Grace nervous and excitable and Ryan drunkenly stroking Grace’s foot. I dropped my jeans down to the floor and quickly crouched down onto the carpet trying to disguise my hard on. It hadn’t worked, everyone could see the bulge in my boxers. I felt that tingling sensation again, I’d never thought of my housemate in a sexual way before but it was turning me on seeing them admire my body.

I broke the spell and spun the bottle. Ryan. He didn’t hesitate his jeans were off in a second. And if I thought I was hard he was another story: his briefs pointing skywards. Grace let out a little squeal as the bottle spun and pointed at her knee. She hesitated biting her lip.

“Come here Gracie”

Grace turned to the side and let Tanja slip her fingers under her t-shirt lifting it over her head. I was taken aback by how massive her breasts really were, her black bra straining to keep them in. Grace bowed her head embarrassed. Tanja cupped her chin and raised her lips to hers. Grace seemed surprised but returned the kiss with gusto allowing Tanja’s fingers to unclasp her bra. I grew harder by the second noticing at the same time Ryan’s briefs were bursting at the seams. Maybe he wasn’t gay after all.

Grace broke away breathing hard her tanned breasts unencumbered, her nipples hard and ready.

“Ok guys your turn…”

Tanja was grinning again.

“Alright then”

I eagerly moved over to Grace.

“Nope. We want you guys to make out”


“You heard me. Kiss him”

She was being serious. I turned to Ryan. Wow was he up for this?! He knelt in front of me his eyes hungry. I took one more look at Tanja and knew what I had to do. I moved in and kissed him hard, I knew he was getting bigger and fortunately I was getting smaller – good, I was going to need some staying power. I extricated myself from him and stared intently at Tanja.

“Where were we?”

She was rocking back and forth on her knees with Grace in delight. Ryan lay back against the sofa in stunned silence. I spun the bottle and watched as it landed on Grace. She squealed.

“Me?! Again!”

Grace slid her skirt off, large black panties curving round her rather flabby ass.

“Spin Gracie”

The bottle whizzed around finally stopping on me. The girls squealed with delight.


Tanja’s voice was sexy, daring me. I gradually got to my feet and started to slide my boxers down over my raging member.

“No Alex! Wait”

I looked at them startled. Tanja and Grace moved over giggling.

“Grab his arms Gracie!”

Grace stood up and jumped behind me holding my arms in pressing her pert nipples into my back. Tanja was on her knees sliding my boxers down inch by inch. My eight inch cock flopped out and brushed her cheek.

“Ooh! It’s so hard! Gracie come here!”

Grace got onto her knees beside Tanja and cupped my massive balls into her sweaty palms. Tanja stroked her hand up and down my cock letting her fingers tickle the veins. I sighed with pleasure. Grace started to lick my testicles sucking them into her greedy little mouth. Tanja raised her green eyes up at me and smirked taking me into her mouth with a loud slurp. Ryan sat and watched in dazed silence rubbing his hands over his brazen member. I moaned as Tanja took me deep into her throat.

“I want a try”

Grace was clearly hungry for my meat! Tanja released my member and grabbed my balls in her teeth biting the skin. I howled in painful ecstasy as Grace drove me into her throat gagging repeatedly.

Tanja let go of my balls and drew her tongue up my shaft her stud cold against my skin. Grace followed her lead and they then fought over me each attempting to go deeper. My cock was moistening by the second. I reached down and circled my finger over the areola of Grace’s nipples feeling them harden to my touch.

After five mutes of this Ryan grabbed Grace’s tits and massaged them, she let go of my cock and reached into his briefs pumping up and down before diving onto it and taking him deep. Ryan groaned in exalted bursts.


Tanja was flicking my dick with her index finger. I knelt down and gently pushed her down with me. I slid my hands under her top and drew it up and off. I licked her neck down to her breasts unclasping her bra and sucking her nipples in. She was so warm I could only imagine her pussy streaming with juices.

I slid down her body and peeked under her skirt, she was wearing no panties! I eased her skirt down and planted kisses down her thigh enjoying her soft sighs. I ripped her lacy tights in two and darted my tongue into her moist vagina drinking in the hot fluids and tasting every sector of her lips. Letting my warm tongue roll over her cool small clit ring I waltzed my tongue around her pussy until I felt a hot splash into my face.


Tanja sat up and grabbed my face and French kissed me our tongues writhing together.

“Tanja come here”

We broke apart and moved over to Grace and Ryan. Grace was lying spread-eagled across the carpet her wide pussy dripping. Tanja crouched over her mouth and moaned as Grace began to eat her pussy.

Ryan was lying underneath her pounding her ass crack. Every hole needs filling! I knelt down and inserted my rock hard cock into her lips and sighed as joyous warmth greeted my member as I slid in and out.

It was quite a scene, Ryan and I driving in and out whilst Tanja screamed as Grace licked her pussy into frenzy. I pounded harder, the sound of thighs slapping together increasing in volume. Suddenly Tanja screeched and I saw her face drop in horror as warm, brown shit slid out her ass into Grace’s wide open mouth. I pulled out of Grace’s soaking vagina in fascination and watched Grace swallow every last steaming slop of Tanja’s excretion.

“Grace what are you doing?!”

Tanja looked mortified but also thrilled in the dirtiest way at what Grace was doing. Grace flipped onto all fours and licked her ass crack clean whilst Ryan pumped her even harder up her ass.

I walked over to Tanja and slid my cock into her mouth. She sucked me in gratefully as if glad to have a distraction. Finally Grace finished cleaning Tanja and dropped to the floor in exhaustion. Ryan lay down and began to eat her red raw pussy.

I wasn’t going up Tanja’s ass after what I had just witnessed but her vagina was so wet I had to glide my cock in and pound her as her tits bounced up and down. I felt my cock pushing against her clit ring and felt myself expand further inside her until I knew I was really to explode.

Tanja and Grace raised themselves up onto their knees exhausted and elated. Ryan and I grabbed our cocks and began to pump streams of boiling cum into their flushed faces. I spewed a load onto Tanja’s hair and rubbed it into her scalp.

She fell back vanquished by my member. I pushed myself onto her stomach and kissed her sucking every last bit of oxygen out of her until we collapsed together in each other’s arms. I lay back and caressed her breasts as Grace licked the remaining moisture off my rather still to alert penis.

“Well that sure beats Monopoly!”

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