money for sex

June married young, at twenty, and by the time she was twenty-five, she had 3 children under the age of five-years-old. Unable to afford any more mistakes, after a night of passion, she had her tubes tied. Now, thirty-years-old, her last child was in school with his brother and sister. Finally, home alone with time on her hands, she could hear herself think.

Her husband worked as a machinist at Machine Die Cast Tool and made $18.00 an hour. A good wage for this small town, but not nearly good enough to pay all the bills, never mind to pay for any of the extras. They only have the one car, a 2004 Ford Taurus with over 100,000 miles on the odometer and it runs like crap. Good enough for her husband, John, to make it back and forth to work, which, fortunately, was only a ten mile roundtrip. Unfortunately, once he takes the car, unless she drives him to work on those days she needs to run errands, she’s without transportation.

John works six days a week, half day on Saturday. The overtime that he makes, usually, 10 overtime hours a week, keeps them afloat. He plays the lottery every week hoping to win, but never wins more than a free bet. Forcing himself to quit smoking cold turkey, he buys his six pack of beer every Saturday, takes the kids to the park on Sunday, and does it all over again on Monday. Most times, it’s a good life with a good wife, until he gets to thinking that he wants more.

Now that all three kids are in school, June had hopes of finding a part-time job to make a little extra money to tie them over, until payday Friday. Only, with nothing more than a high school education and no office or computer skills, the only place willing to hire her was McDonalds or Wal-Mart, neither of which appealed to her.

That’s where Larry, her classmate from high school, comes into the story. He pimps on the side. Larry, a clerk at the sporting goods store rubs elbows with customers that have a few bucks. His main girl, Josephine, got knocked up and wants to keep the baby. His other girl, Daisy, after getting beaten and robbed by one of her Johns, has suddenly lost her appetite for the oldest profession and wants out of it. That’s where June comes back into the story, again.

“Hey, how ya doin’, Jane? What are you doing in here?”

“It’s June.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever so, is June a month that should mean something to me?” He looked at her with a smug grin that she wiped from his face with a stare, while speaking a language that even he understood.

“June is my name, asshole.”

“Oh, sorry. Can I help you find anything?”

“John’s birthday,” she helped clear his blank stare by crossing her arms across her breasts, when he focus his stare to her tits. “My husband’s birthday is coming up and I’m shopping for a gift.” She looked at Larry who started leading her to the high end fishing gear. “I only have thirty bucks to spend, Larry.” She vaguely surveyed the store. “What can I buy that looks like it costs more? Do you have anything on sale that’s a good value?”

“Well, what does he like to do? Does he like to hunt or fish?”

“He punches his bag in the garage. That’s about the only thing he has time to do. Between his job and helping out with the kids on weekends, he barely has time to watch television.”

“Boxing, huh? Do you know if he has a pair of bag gloves?”

“Bag gloves? You mean the gloves you put on your hands to hit the bag?”

“Yeah,” he said walking her over to the boxing section and picking up a nice pair of weighted Everlast gloves.”

“Yeah, he does, but they’re old, worn, and smelly. They aren’t heavy like these. I don’t think they’re even leather.” She stuck her hand inside the glove. “These are nice, real nice.” She smiled proudly. “He’s been teaching me how to hit the bag and how to throw a punch. He said that I have a good left hand.”

“Yeah, these are the best bag gloves we have, Jane,” he said and corrected himself, when she shot him another look. “I mean, June.”

“How much are they?”

“These are too much,” he said looking inside and pulling out the tag. These are a hundred bucks.” He held them up like he was holding a trophy. “These are what the professional boxers use.”

“Yeah, well, that’s way out of my budget,” she said pulling the glove off her hand and gently setting it down, as if it was an expensive dish of chinaware. She tightened the grip of her shoulder bag while looking off in other directions of the store.

“I’ll tell you what,” he said rubbing his mouth, as if he was a man dying of thirst. He had a thoughtful face, as if he was about to tell her a secret.

Larry took her all in with one look. He peered down her gaping sweatshirt, when he threw his arm around her shoulder. She had a nice set of C cup tits and with a little makeup, her hair cut and colored, and a proper outfit, she’d look pretty hot, hot enough for someone to pay big bucks to fuck and/or suck.

“When is John’s birthday?”

“Oh,” she said slithering away from his hold, “I have some time, not until next month, August 27th.”

“Good. That’s good,” he said, as if he was arranging his schedule in his mind to attend John’s birthday party, after being invited. Only, June hadn’t invited him.

He studied her figure again with a look that paid special attention to her hips. She had a nice ass and great legs for someone, who has given birth to three kids. Most of the women he knows have already started packing on the pounds.

“These are going on sale in a couple of weeks, marked down to $69 and with the employee discount that I receive; I’ll pick them up for you for your thirty bucks. Actually, I get a 20% discount and can buy them for $55.00.”

“I only have $30.00 to spend,” she said looking at Larry with suspicion.

“Don’t worry about it, June. I’ll make up the difference, as my gift to you for your husband,” he said with a creepy smile.

“Really? You’d do that for me? Why?” She looked at him with suspicion.

“Sure, we go way back, Jane,” he said her name wrong again.

“It’s June.”

“Yeah, sorry, whatever, I had a brain freeze.”

He looked at her face again. Had anyone known he was a pimp looking for a hooker to work the upcoming holiday season at the hotel downtown, June was certainly pretty enough to make him some much needed extra money and fill his stable of none. He handed her his salesman’s business card.

“My cell phone number is on there. Give me a call in a few weeks and I’ll drop off the gloves, when John’s not home.”

“Thanks, Larry.”

“Yeah, sure, no problem,” he said watching her ass wiggle away, as she left him and the store behind.

A few weeks later June called Larry.


“Hi Larry.”

“Who’s this?”


“June? June who? I don’t know any dame named June.”

“Bag glove June from the sporting goods store,” she said with a laugh, ready to hang up the phone.

“Oh, June, yeah, hi. How are ya?”

“John works Saturday mornings,” she felt the uncomfortable silence, “my husband, birthday John.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m with you. You’re the birthday bag glove lady.”

“Yes,” she said relived that he finally remembered her.

“And you want me to drop the bag gloves off Saturday morning, while he’s at work?”

“Yes and I’ll pay you the thirty dollars for the gloves.”

“Thirty dollars?”

“Yeah, you said that the gloves were going on sale for $69 and with your discount that you could get them for $55. You told me that you’d make up the difference,” she said with nervous anticipation, while thinking what else she could buy her husband on short notice, should Larry not come through with the gloves.

“Did I say that?”

Suddenly June was in a panic.

“Yeah, you did, Larry.”

“I thought I said $50.”

“Well, if that’s the case then forget about…”

“I’m just having some fun with you Jane, I mean, June.”

That Saturday morning, Larry was out to her house dropping off the bag gloves for John’s upcoming birthday party.

“Hi, Larry, come in,” she said suddenly having second thoughts about inviting Larry in her house, but the kids were in the living room playing video games. It wasn’t as if she was alone with him.

“Here are your gloves, Jane.”

“It’s June, Larry, like the month.”

“Yeah, right, sorry. I guess I have one of those mental blockades. Once I get something in my head, I can’t remove it. June, June, June. Okay, I got it.”

“Here’s your $30.00,” she said handing him a ten and a twenty with a smile. “Thank you so much for doing this for me, Larry. I very much appreciate the favor. Maybe I can do you a favor, sometime.”

“Yeah, sure, no problem.”

He looked behind her at her bedroom and she responded by blocking the doorway with more of her body. Her small house was eternally cluttered with the toys of three kids playing everywhere in the house. She relented and stepped away from her opened bedroom door, when he insisted with his look.

“Do you want a cup of coffee?” She deflected his attention from her bedroom to the kitchen.

“Sure, I’d like that. We can catch up on old times,” he said following behind her.

She led him to the kitchen where he sat waiting for his coffee.

“Cream and sugar?”

“No, just black, please.”

She sat and sipped her coffee, while wishing she hadn’t invited him in her house, when her husband wasn’t home, but there was no other way to get the boxing gloves. She could have met him at the store, but she didn’t have a car. Wishing she never allowed him to do her the favor of getting the bag gloves, she wished he’d just leave. He gave her the creeps for some reason, probably the way that he looked at her, undressing her with his eyes. Her husband would be home soon and he was the jealous sort with a violent temper.

“So, do you like working at the sporting goods store?”

“Like it? It sucks. It’s just a job that I do to make contacts.”

“Contacts? What do you mean, contacts?”

“I operate an escort service.”

“Really? An escort service? Here in nowheresville?” She laughed. “I wouldn’t think there’d be a need to hire an escort around here with everyone knowing everyone and there’s no place to go, except for the movie theatre, the diner, the gas station, the strip mall, the factory, and the hotel,” she said pausing with the image of the hotel in her head. Now, she understood, why someone would need an escort.

“That’s right. We have a hotel and a convention center downtown. A man gets lonely and wants the company of an attractive female for coffee, dinner,” he said pausing, “and dessert.”

June quietly sipped her coffee wondering about the life of an escort. It sounded so much more exciting than keeping house and watching over three, small kids. John never takes her anywhere. There’s never any extra money or time for a movie. It’s always such a bother trying to find a babysitter for three kids and scrapping up the money to pay the babysitter puts them over their entertainment budget, when they can just barely afford the tickets to the movie.

“Just curious. What does something like that pay?”

Larry jumped at the opportunity to sell his service to her.

“It depends, June,” he said getting her name right, this time.

“It depends on what?”

“On the time spent together and the level of service you give the customer. Some of these out of town city slickers tip pretty good for women, who are extra nice to them, if you know what I mean,” he said with a wink and a sick smile.

“Nice to them? What do you mean by nice?” June was no dummy and could tell that Larry was holding back and not being forthcoming with information. “What would a girl have to do to make the big tips?”

“Well, you know, some guys get lonely and might want to spend some alone time with the escort in the privacy of their hotel room.”

“You mean sex?” She stood and shot him a look. “Prostitution?”

The thought of having sex with a strange man excited her, but made her sick to her stomach at the same time. She had only been with John. They were steady boyfriend and girlfriend, since high school. She’s never even seen another man’s cock, never mind touched one, other than John’s cock.

“It’s none of my business what two consenting adults do behind closed doors, June” he said raising his hands and waving them like little stop signs at a railroad crossing. “So long as I get my piece of the pie, everyone is happy,” he said taking a sip of his coffee. “Think of me as a facilitator, a matchmaker, a–”

“You’re a pimp, aren’t you?”

“I don’t refer to myself as a pimp. I’m in the entertainment business. I’m more of a provider of a lady of the night to a gentleman of distinction. There are those who travel the country and who appreciate the attention of a beautiful woman, when in an unfamiliar town. Traveling for a living is a lonely business and I’m here to help fill that need.”

“You dress it up all fancy like Larry, but it still smells like you’re just looking for a whore.” She gave him a hard look. “Is that why you came sniffing around me? Is that why you got me a good deal on boxing gloves for my husband hoping to get on my good side and hoping that I’d work for you?”

“Listen, June, everyone can use a bit of extra pocket money. The work is easy. You go only as far as you want. The rest is up to you. There’s no pressure. No strings. Some guys are so lonely for a woman’s companionship that they just wanna talk. Some guys just wanna feel and see your tits. Other guys expect a little more, a hand job. Some of my girls make as much as a thousand dollars a night for giving guys blowjobs and more.” He gave her his smug look. “Do you suck cock, June?”

“Get out of my house, Larry.”

“C’mon, June, it’s just sex,” he said wrapping an arm around her waist, in the way of a Boa Constrictor.

“Get out, Larry,” she said pushing against his chest and unwinding herself from his grasp, while pushing him out the door with a straight arm.

“Listen,” he said turning to face her and reaching out his hand to cup her tit through her blouse. “You have my card, call me if you change your mind and if you want—”

“My husband will be home soon,” she said looking down and watching his fingers find and feel her nipple, “and if you don’t want him trying out his birthday gift on your face, I suggest you leave. Now!”

Even though the thoughts of being an escort intrigued her, at first, she didn’t think of the sexual requirements of the job, until now. Sounding like fun, she thought only of the entertainment factors, going out to eat, attending shows, and having interesting conversation with someone of the opposite sex. Now, June didn’t think any more about Larry or about his escort business. She rationalized that when Larry presented her the proposition, she had just sent her last child to school and was bored with her life of housewife. Now, thinking more about and confronted with the reality of what was expected of her as an escort, she decided that she couldn’t sell herself for any amount of money.

It made her skin crawl to think about another man kissing her, touching up, and expecting her to give him a hand job, blowjob or to fuck her. Notwithstanding how she first felt about having sex with a man, other than her husband, when she thought about the feel of a stranger’s cock in her hand, in her mouth or up her pussy, she became sexually aroused. Maybe, she’d reconsidered, if the money was right and the man was nice. She could do it with an attractive man, someone more her age, but chances are that she’d have to escort a much older man, someone who wasn’t as attractive and/or appealing. Suddenly she thought of a bald, fat man in his fifties sickened her. She threw up in her mouth a little and her skin crawled again.

Besides, what would she say to John? How would she get out of the house? How would she explain the sudden infusion of money? In all the years together, she had never lied to him, not once, not ever.

Still, there was a flicker of excitement whenever she thought about Larry fondling her tit. Even though Larry was not much to look at, wasn’t her type, and she wasn’t attracted to him, his sudden touch of her nipple through her blouse and bra with his fingertips sent sexual shivers throughout her body that made her wet with desire for the attention of a man, other than her husband. She wondered what it would be like to make love to Larry and to suck his cock. She wondered what his cock looked like, if he was cut or uncut and how big he was. He had made her horny enough that day, but she resisted reaching down and feeling his erection. She knew that he had one because she saw it grow, as soon as he touched her breast.

Now, she wished he had forced her hand down on his erection and made her touch his cock and feel it. While she touched her wet spot in the privacy of her closed bedroom, she wished that he had forced her to blow him. She liked the attention that he gave her and the way that he looked at her was how John used to look at her. The realization scared her that she’d do anything to receive that attention again. Moving her finger away from her pussy, she quickly erased the thoughts of Larry from her mind.

John had steadily been working 50 plus hours a week and he was always so tired, too tired to do anything, even have sex, except for her giving him a blowjob. He was always in the mood for that. He was never in the mood to spend some extra time pleasuring her. Yet, when it came to reciprocating and satisfying her sexually, he had already turned over and gone to sleep. They hardly ever made love anymore, not since the kids were born, one right after the other. And now, with the things that had suddenly happened and changed their lives for the worse, John was depressed. Sometimes he had trouble getting it up and would suddenly go soft in her mouth. Tired of having to satisfy herself with her fingers, she was always so horny. She missed the feeling of a man inside of her humping her, while fucking her.

She missed the romance and the attentiveness that diminished more with the birth of each child. Now, with her days filled with drudgery and with one day melding into the next, until she didn’t know what day it was, except for the joy of her children, she felt that there was no purpose to her life. She was too young to give up her life to them and to relegate her identity to just that of wife, housekeeper, and mother. She wanted something more. She wanted some excitement in her life. Only, there was never any extra money for anything. She couldn’t remember the last time John took her out to eat or to a movie or bought her flowers. She couldn’t remember when there was money enough to get her hair done. forget about buying something new.

The next few months were rough. The manufacturing plant where her husband worked had fallen upon hard times with cash flow problems and he soon became nervous about his job. He had seniority, but it was not a union shop and they had just cut out all of his overtime to save money due to production cuts. Now, June was hard pressed to live on his regular paycheck without the overtime. They had continually counted on that extra money. The overtime is what kept them afloat. It was a trickledown effect and they were at the bottom of the trickle. General Electric, the company’s biggest customer, gave a large contract to India with some of the work that would have come his company’s way was now earmarked for overseas. Unless the company found new customers and more business, layoffs were inevitable.

Even the local McDonald’s and Wal-Mart weren’t hiring. Suddenly, everyone was tightening their belts readying for a recession. There were no jobs and those that had jobs were digging in and doing everything that they could do to keep them. People stopped spending money. Entertainment, movies and going out to dinner, were the first things to stop. Restaurants were shortening their hours or closing completely. Especially with all the mortgage foreclosures, everyone feared a recession that could last years.

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