moms in thongs

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Erin Sanders is Kelly Vanderbosch


Nope he’s not going to do it. Nope he’s not going to do it. Nope he’s not going to… or is he? Is he? His fingers are getting a little shaky, it looks like he is… he is. Now his hands are lowering. So is he, is he going to do it? Is he going– gasp! His fingers have reached the glossy cover. He is going to do it, he is actually going to… okay, now his fingers are going to the bottom of the cover, and now he’s holding the cover with his forefingers, pinching it, ready to flip, ready to turn –

“Oh fuck.” He pulled back his hands and raised them high in the air. “Fuck no,” he whispered. “Fuck no.”

Leicester, England. 10:45pm. Our subject: ‘Liquid’ Larry Holmes; Eighteen-year-old Caucasian male with medium-length brown hair, brown eyes, and a slightly doughy build. He was by his desk, on his swivel chair, and looking at the most vile piece of pornography in human history.

The Argos catalogue.

Not the goods and appliances one, the clothes one. Larry looked down at it with true terror, beads of sweat going down his pinkish skin, sheer horror in his eyes as he looked at the red bubble letters: ARGOS.

The catalogue itself wasn’t particularly sinister, this was just a normal catalogue, but to Larry, it was Hell’s induction manual. To him, it was the most sinful and downright sinister book in the world. The reason why he felt this way, so terrified to even touch the cover of this book, was the fact that someone he knew was inside it, modelling. That person was his mother and he was to find her in pages 354-378.

The lingerie section.

And curiosity had got the better of young Larry. He’d snuck the advanced copy to his bedroom, not knowing why he’d done it, yet feeling sick with himself that he had. Curiosity, he told himself, curiosity was the reason why he had taken the catalogue. Curiosity was all it was. Yes, curiosity explained why his heart rate had shot to the moon and why his cock was growing at the rate of the universe.

To be fair, Larry’s mother was genuinely hot… which isn’t much justification for his actions. Either way, Patricia Holmes had been labelled a Yummy Mummy on more than one occasion, and she justified the title. Smooth fair skin, curled blonde hair, beautiful green eyes, and a saucy smile: that would be the polite description. The lewder man would comment on how nice and large her D-cup breasts were, and how much better her backside is now in her 40s, having grown in diameter and filled out into an eye-wateringly sexy onion shape.

Patricia was a model in her younger years. Nothing major, just stuff for catalogues and shopping channels. Always fully clothed too, in shirts, jeans, coats, those sorts of things. She’d stopped modelling by the time her son came along and from then on referred to her modelling as one of those things she used to do. Then, from completely out of the blue, 18 years removed from her appearance in the Next shopping catalogue, Patricia got an offer.

“I’m going to be doing this in my knickers!” she announced with a huge smile.

Her husband, daughter and son turned from their spots in front of the television and looked at her with shock in their eyes. Larry’s cheeks went red in an instant. He opened his mouth and just made a ‘bah’ sound.

Larry’s raven-haired, pierced-lip sister, Joyce, jumped in and expressed her displeasure. “Are you being serious?” she asked with a hiss.

With her smile still glued to her face, Patricia shook her head. “Yep, it’s happening. I got a call and had the interview today. This American bloke who works for Argos told me I was perfect! Isn’t it amazing? Me, modelling after some twenty-odd years of being a mum!”

Joyce responded with typical teen angst. “Well, I might as well swallow a whole packet of Panadol, ’cause my life is done.”

Patricia frowned. “Oh come on, aren’t you happy for me?”

“YOU!? What about ME!?” shouted Joyce. “What will my friends say when they see it?”

“K-kids don’t look at the Argos clothes catalogue,” muttered a still-shaken Larry.

His sister turned to him. “What?”

“People our age don’t buy clothes from Argos… women Mum’s age or older buy things from it… I don’t think anyone you know will see it.”

Joyce’s rage subsided. “Fine.”

“So you’re fine with it?” asked Patricia.

“Whatever,” she whispered.

Patricia turned to her plumber husband. “Are you all right with it, George?”

The pot-bellied thin-haired man looked away from The One Show, looked at his wife and paused for contemplation. “… Uhh… Will you be showing tits and arse?”

The mention of his mother’s T&A made Larry blush. His mother saw it as a valid question.

“No, just underwear,” she said. “Oh, might be in a thong though. No arse shown, I think.”

Larry was looking at the red shag carpet and felt his cheeks burn. His mother had just said ‘thong’. Thong!

Larry’s dad was much less dramatic about the whole thing. “…Yeah, all right.”

Patricia smiled and squeezed her man’s hand. “Thanks, love.”

“Hmm, hmm.”

Patricia turned to her son. “Larry, you okay with me doing this?”

Mum in her underwear, Mum in bras, panties and thongs. He repeated that to himself: Mum in her underwear, Mum in bras, panties… and thongs. He was feeling something rise within him, something whirling in strong and hard. He had to answer soon or he didn’t know what he’d say.

“Fine,” he said with a squeak. He coughed and shrugged. “Fine, yeah, sure.”

“Thank you, Larry.” She smiled.

Three months later and Larry was staring at the Autumn/Winter catalogue, and a part deep inside him, a part he didn’t have much contact with before, was urging him to look, urging him to have one, small, sneaky, innocent look. He resisted, held his breath, sweated, and felt his chest get tighter and tighter. He felt like he was stuck in place, unable to leave, forced into confronting the 700-page goliath. What to do, what to do, what to do. He wished his mother had never posed in her lingerie, wished she’d never put him in this situation. Then a light bulb went off in his head and a friendly voice came by to say: ‘Hey, why not pretend it never happened? If you put it back downstairs and never looked, it will be like this never happened.’ Larry agreed with this logic. Putting the catalogue away would be the end of this situation. It’s not like his mom, sister or dad would ever wave the pictures in his face; he knows none of them would want Larry to see his own mother in her ‘knickers’. Larry was starting to picture his plan: he’d put the catalogue downstairs, his mother would put it away in her bedroom, put it somewhere safe, and all this turmoil would be over. Larry liked that plan and agreed with it.

Larry put out his hands and held the catalogue. He stood up, got ready to turn – and then a thought came to him.

‘She made you do this.’

He stood still. He didn’t know where that thought had come from. It had literally come from the ether, out of the blue, and it made him shake. Larry looked at the catalogue, looked at the cover, and was swaying towards what the voice had said. It was her fault; she did make him do this. His mother didn’t need to pose in her knickers. It was her fault, Larry wasn’t to blame. All sons in his position would be as curious as him. Gosh, how could he not be? He had a ‘Yummy Mummy.’

Larry nodded, and without instructing his body to do so, he had sat back down on the chair. He put the catalogue back on the desk. A new thought was now entering. He let himself hear it.

‘Flip through it really quickly, just so you’ll know.’

‘Just so you’ll know.’ It was a good way to put it. Just so he will know and all curiosity would be gone from his mind. I mean, really, he couldn’t focus on anything else until he did this. It was for his good more than anything. It had to be done, really.

Larry took a deep, deep breath. “Whoosh… Fuck it.”

Larry flipped open the catalogue. He landed on the bikini section. He put his right hand on the catalogue and flipped through it as if oil had been put in his hand. He saw bikinis, sarongs, beachwear, kaftans, girls bikinis, girls Speedos, women’s Speedos, lingerie section, Brazilian models, thongs, pink bows, pushup bras, Triumph, Michelle Mone, blue bras, purple panties, teddies, slip-ons, camis, cotton…


Larry stopped and looked. There she was, a full page spread, his own mother, in the ‘comfort’ section, wearing a plain white bra and white panties. It was her, her pretty smile and curly blonde hair confirming it. Prettier, he thought, examining the face, seeing they’d put a nice shade on her cheeks. He focused on the face for a bit, but of course, he found his eyes going south, down to his mother’s breasts, to her panties, to her long lean legs, her bare feet, and finally, her red toenails. Her toenails were always red.

Larry scratched his crotch. He didn’t know what to think. This was his mother, she was in her underwear. And she was looking…

“Fit! My mum is fit!”

She was ‘fit’, fitter than he ever imagined. All those times his mother went swimming, to yoga class, to the gym, all that had actual results – sexy results. Larry was stunned to see how flat his mother’s stomach was, how toned her legs were, how firm her breasts looked, how nice she looked without clothing. Better, in fact, she looked better without clothing. He smiled, nodded, and by the power of his erection, he shut down the rational part of his brain, zipped down his jeans and let his other side take control…

“… Ah!” a bald suntanned man placed his coffee cup away from his lips. “This?” he pointed, “is a plan coming together.”

The man leaned back in his chair, placed his cup on the nearby table, and watched the action unfold on the monitor.

The teen operating the circuit board, a slim black British male, turned and smiled. “I gotta shake your hand on this.” He swivelled his chair and exchanged a hardy handshake with the man.

“Thank you,” the man replied with a smooth low tempo voice and a warm smile.

“Man, you got the mother to do the Argos, all so her son could do…” He turned to the series of monitors. “Damn, you’re the best at this, Ned.”

“Oh, I’m nothing special,” Ned said with a mild chuckle.

The two of them were in a surveillance van, watching one of six monitors, the one located in Larry Holmes’ bedroom.

Ned shuffled closer, put his hand on the teen’s shoulder and talked business. “Darren, you’ll be doing the pickup. All four, as we’ve confirmed –” Ned slapped his forehead. “Oh, shoot, I’m sorry, four with the possibility of five.” He pointed to the radio. “I found one that could be a candidate.”

“Got it.” the teen nodded. “Who is the fifth?”

Ned brushed his hand past the van window’s curtain. “She’ll walk by in, oh, seven minutes.”


Darren watched the monitors while Ned sat silently by the window, watching, waiting.

“… I’m going to America tomorrow,” said Ned.

“Oh?” said Darren. “Pickup? Recruitment?”

“Pickup. We’ve had our eyes on this family for a while.” Without looking away from the window, Ned pointed at the table. “Family name is Cestin. File is right there.”

Darren picked it up. He lit up. “Wooo, wow, this is something else!”

Ned nodded. “Sure is. It’s my last assignment. Can’t wait for retirement.”

Darren looked back at the furiously masturbating teen. “Good, good, more time in the Homeland.”

“Yes indeed… Oh, there she is.” Ned opened the door. “See you soon, Darren.


In a cotton shirt and cargo pants, Ned felt the chilly English weather going into his bones. Yet he knew he wouldn’t remain cold for long, knowing his home was sunny all year-round. Ned had thoughts of home on his mind when he found his target and rushed over to her.

“Excuse me, Miss.”

A supremely busty white woman in heels and in a dress far too tight for her turned and gave Ned a smile. “Lost, babe?” She had dyed red hair and long fake eyelashes.

Dark Ned immediately stepped in. He had a long list of names he wanted to call her, including but not limited to ‘fucking cocksucking bitch-faced dumb cunty whore.’ But tonight, he forego long, outlandish theatrics. He didn’t need them.

“Sex.” He grunted and nudged his head in the direction of an alleyway.

The woman looked at the alley and then at him. “…Yeah, all right.”

He nodded, grabbed her by the arm and led the way. Seconds later and the woman was moaning, groaning and wailing in ways that were loosely human.

Darren shuddered, sipped his coffee and whispered, “Oh she is so in.”


Tabootopia: A Nation of Incest. One Nation Underneath Each Other. The Sinner’s Paradise. The Forbidden Heaven. It’s all these things and more. So why was it a nation of incest? Answer: because everyone is family and everyone is fucking. Yes, there was a copious amount of sex in Tabootopia. Tons, in fact, of all kinds. Mom-son, father-daughter, brother-sister, sister-sister, all the races, big and small, small and big, everything, literally every type of sex has been done in Tabootopia. But the really dirty secret was that Tabootopia was not about the sex. Tabootopia was about the people. The people made Tabootopia. Every single one of them, all friendly, all good people at heart. Hey, she may punch you in the neck during intercourse, but she still likes you. Five teens learnt the value of the Tabootopia people during their journey and had this message repeated to them when they made this, their final checkpoint before they reached their ultimate destination.

To recap: Five teenagers from Tabootopia’s suburbs, Our Haven, made the journey through the farm and industrial land of Tabootopia, Gaudium, and managed to get past the darkness and weirdness of Tabootopia’s lost land, Sector Three. These five are: Regina Cestin, a frowny well-chested American teen girl; Tammie Kwon, a tall statuesque Korean-American, who is also Regina’s girlfriend; Daniel Nova, a mocha plain American teen who loves all things taboo-related since he was 8; Kelly Vanderbosch, Daniel’s girlfriend, a cute, petite, creamy-skinned teen; and finally, Björn, a slim Swede who loves taboo-themed pornography, hates romance and loves American cop shows.

Last we saw of them, The International Lovers of Sex, Style and Sleep had exited Sector Three and found themselves truly amazed at what was in front of their eyes…


The teens had never felt such brightness. A searing white brightness, a light so big and bright that it felt like it was almost baking them. They quickly looked away from the light and looked out at another wonderful sight: a clear blue ocean. They watched the swaying ocean and only then noticed that the ground was heavy while also soft. After a minute, Tammie looked down and saw sand on her shoes.

“What is this?” asked Tammie.

“I knew it: we’re dead,” said Daniel. “I predicted this: we died back on Earth and made this world with our fantasies. This is the end point.”

Kelly was horrified. “Oh no, really? Awww, I don’t wanna go into the light.”

Björn was not happy. “Ahh, nothing can beat this… heaven can, umm, suck it.”

Regina shook her head. “We’re not dead, we’re, umm, we’re…”

Before anyone could think of what they were, a loud pop was heard from the left. They turned and saw two young women in blue shirts and shorts. One was blonde and busty, the other dark, tall and frizzy-haired.

“Con… gratulations! Woo!” The girls cheered in unison. They held poppers in their hands and released the confetti into the air.

Daniel squinted. “Huh? What the –?”

“Congrats, you!” said the blonde.

The group turned and stepped away from the glare of the sun. They saw a paved path beyond them, and right in front, these two girls and their fantastically tight t-shirts. The shirts had a few very important words on them: New Babylon University.

Ms Frizzy stepped forward and did a little bang-bang with her fingers. “You guys passed the induction: you’re officially in New Babylon University!”

The Inter-Lovers erupted into a cheer. Björn jumped up and down, Tammie and Regina held hands and bumped boobs, and a delighted Kelly jumped into a jubilant Daniel’s arms.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” said Daniel as he pumped his fist into the air.

Another NBU helper ran up the pathway and tossed a clipboard to Blondie. She grabbed it, turned, and looked at the crew.

“Now I know some of you already.” She took her pen out of her pocket and put it next to her lips. “Tammie Kwon and Regina Cestin.”

“We met?” asked Regina.

“Oh no,” she said with a flirty leg twirl. “It’s just that I’ve seen you girls on the television, some very hot stuff.” She cleared her throat. “Ahem, okay let’s just get this business done: Daniel, check; Kelly, check; Björn, check. Okay, follow me.”

The teens followed on, all buzzing with victory.

“Where are we?” asked Regina.

They went past the small paved path and just right then Blondie stepped to the side and waved her arm across: “Why it’s your reward: Eden Resort!”

Eden Resort: A sunny sandy beach that overlooked a pristine blue ocean. Or in other words: Tabootopia on sand. People of all ages and sizes were walking around on the beach, many in beachwear and many just naked. A quick scan showed around two dozen visitors, a good number, the area sparse, open, leaving the people to get on with their atypical misdeeds. Oh yes, sex on the beach, hot, wild and sweaty, couples getting it on, and families having the best vacations ever…

Daniel spotted something he found quite amazing: “Wow!”Look, lookit!” he paused to grab his breath. “That mom is in a thong! Right next to her son! There are at least… five moms in thongs with their sons. Oh my God: there are tons of nearly naked moms with their sons! Some are naked!” He gasped. “That Chinese mom is having sex with her husband while her sons are making a sandcastle!” Previously cool and calm Daniel was losing the pitch in his voice, his tone going from high to low. “God, all moms and they’re being naked with their sons and daughters and all are naked in front of them like this and I think I’ll go now see them.” His face was red and his mouth hung open.

“Oh my gosh: Daniel snapped!” shrieked Kelly.

Björn vigorously shook his head: “This is his Disneyland!” Björn grabbed his friend’s shoulders. “This is, umm, his dream! He, umm, loves hot moms that get near or fully naked around their sons in a setting in which it is socially acceptable for a woman to be undressed in front of her family members!”

Daniel walked to the beach in a catatonic state.

“Hey, hold on,” said Frizzy. “We’re not done explaining.”

Daniel paused while looking out at the moms who wore thongs around their sons.

“You can give us your bags,” said Blondie. “Our staff will put it in your pre-booked hotel room.”

Regina, Tammie and Kelly handed their bags to the staff. Daniel handed his to Björn, who handed his and Daniel’s bags to the nearby attendants.

“They’ll show you to your room.” Blondie tilted her head to the left and showed them something they’d completely missed: a three-story white building that was next to several little shops and eateries.

Regina and Tammie followed Blondie and Frizzy.

“Hey, Daniel!” shouted Kelly. “Hotel?”

“He’s gone to the perverted side,” said Regina to Kelly. “Just let him go, let him get it out of his system.”

“Meaning he’ll jerk himself silly till his mind gets clear,” Tammie said bluntly.

“Eww.” Kelly disapproved but understood the logic. “Björn, come here.”

Björn dashed over. “Yes, yes? Umm, I don’t want to miss the mothers in thongs around their sons.”

Kelly looked at Frizzy. “Excuse me, can you hand him a key to our hotel room?”

“Oh yes, of course.” Frizzy called another helper over and took a card from him. She handed it to Björn.

“Thank you, thank youuu.” He ran back to Daniel’s side.

Kelly watched the boys walk away. She turned to Tammie and Regina. “I’ll just hang out with you two… as long as you promise not to touch me.”

“We won’t,” said a slightly fidgety Regina. “We’re not some weird perverts that have to fuck every hot girl we see – oh fuck this.” Regina tapped Blondie’s shoulder, saw her turn – and struck as soon as the glossy hot lips came into view. Just like that, Regina was pushing her lips on Blondie’s, they stumbling over a railing and grabbing each other’s bodies with wild abandonment.

Frizzy and Tammie looked at the action. They then looked at each other and just like that a powder keg exploded. Boom, they went at it, tall girl on tall girl, lips locked, hands going everywhere.

“Umm, I’ll… yeah.” “Kelly stepped back, looked at the ground and waited for the opening lesbian festivities to conclude.


Regina and Tammie got to see something they’d wanted to see for a while now: Kelly’s naked body. It wasn’t by sexual means they’d got this achievement to happen: Kelly had not showered for days, was sticky and sweaty, and the only shower in the hotel suite was a wide rectangle block that was designed for multiple people. Regina and Tammie also added that ‘sisters’ shower together, and since Kelly was a sucker for emotional attachments, she agreed. She immediately regretted her decision when she figured out what ‘sisters’ do to each other in Tabootopia.

“Oh jeez.” Kelly covered up her perky boobs with one arm, using her free hand to rub soap over her cute little bubble butt. She stayed in the corner, Regina and Tammie in the centre.

“I don’t know what came over me,” said Regina in reference to the blonde girl. “I saw her tight butt in those jeans and I kinda just,” she shrugged, “snapped. I couldn’t stop myself.”

“You’re letting yourself be real,” replied Tammie as she rubbed soap over her breasts. “I can control myself because, you know, I’m awesome, but you’re still fresh in this, being a full-on fuckfiend, taking and fucking bitches whenever you please.”

“I was just horny,” she replied. “I’m not super-dom like you.” Regina put her left hand out and washed Tammie’s back. “I like it best when it’s just me and you. Gentle, loving, soft, tender –”

“When every kiss makes us tingle inside…” Tammie turned, went for a kiss, then turned around. “No! We can’t waste our vacation by having sex with each other. Other bitches out there need it from us. It’s our duty… plus we got an apartment and a queen-sized bed waiting for us in NBU. We’ll be going all night, every night.”

Regina smiled. “Can’t wait.” Regina kissed Tammie’s shoulder. “You got some nice squirt from Frizzy.”

“And you got Blondie on jelly legs. Nice work. Now let me give you my blow-by-blow.”

Regina and Tammie discussed sex techniques while Kelly washed in silence. Kelly then saw something which she had to speak out on: untrimmed bushes.

“Umm, guys,” said Kelly. “Ahh, the, umm, I was just looking –”

Tammie grinned. “I knew you wanted to turn.” She licked her lips.

“No-no-no-no-no! I was talking about your vaginas.”

“You’re welcome to lick.” Regina shrugged.

“No-no-no! I meant the hair, your bushes, t-t-they’ve grown and I really want to trim them.”

Tammie examined herself. “Hmm… yeah, Tightness, go ahead, make me bare.”

Regina nodded. “Me too.”

“Okay, I’ll do it – as long as you promise not to do things to me.”

“We won’t, promise,” replied Regina.

“I won’t,” replied Tammie. “I like to savour my feasts, not have one after the other.”

A wet Kelly rushed to her bag, got what she needed, and inspired by Mom Wars premier vaginal shaver Mech, Kelly got on her knees with cream on her hands.

Regina and Tammie stood side by side, their hands on each other’s butt cheeks.

“Okay.” Kelly applied the cream first to Regina and then to Tammie.

Tammie shivered. “Oh you better not be trying to get me off.”

“I’m-I’m not. I do this all the time with my mom, oh and with Miss Beauvais. She had really nice vaginal hair.”

“Vivi has one of those stylish bushes,” said Regina. “You know, the thick ones.”

“Oh, Vivian Keentucker?” asked Kelly. “Oh I would have really liked to have seen her ‘bush’ in person. Daniel showed it to me once in this magazine, ‘Kay Parker Beavers,’ and I think it looks really nice.”

Regina shrugged. “I don’t want that hassle. Make me bare, please.”

“Yes.” Kelly got into the zone and shaved the ladies with just the right level of comfort and precision.

After finishing her close shave, Kelly handed the girls some balms.

“Here, you can rub these on by yourselves.”

Regina nodded. “Thanks, Kelly.”

As did Tammie. “You got a talent for this, Tightness; my pussy’s not felt this bare since I was seven.”

“Seven?” Regina raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah… I was an early-grower.”

After drying off, a nude Tammie sauntered to the adjacent bedroom. The white hotel room had two king-sized beds on the left, a cabinet on the right and a balcony to the north. Tammie went towards the balcony and looked out. On this, the third floor, Tammie was able to get a view of the beach and accompanying sidewalk. She looked down and saw a stunning mid-40s black woman and a sexy petite Latina lady. The women, wearing stylish kaftans, sunglasses and large hats, walked onto the beach and started talking to a pudgy curly-haired blonde man, a camera around his neck. Tammie tried figuring out what was going on, then shrugged, walked back into the room, opened the cabinet and found a bundle of bikinis.

“Ohh!” Tammie gave a rare girly shriek. She looked around at the choices.

Regina walked in with a towel wrapped around her body. “Oh, free bikinis?”

“Yeah, though I don’t see the need when you look like this.” She stood tall and ran her hands down her pristine nude teen body. “Clothes don’t do this justice. But this, this right here, is money, and it needs to be saved for TV and magazines. So let’s see what I can accessorize with – wait… something’s wrong.” She rubbed her left foot against her right calf muscle. “I feel… off.”

“Do you want to cum?”

“I cummed just this morning, so… ah! I’ve not had a workout! Fuck, yeah, I knew what my body was telling me: I need a gym, yeah, because a machine like this,” again pointed to herself, “knows when it’s time for a tune-up, and I need it – now.”

“I’ll come with,” said Regina. “Kelly?”

“Oh no, I just found this.” Wet naked Kelly ran in and showed the girls a pair of tiny hedge clippers. “I’ll be grooming myself,” she said with a big smile as she pointed to her own smooth light lawn.

“Good for you.” Tammie grabbed the phone. “Hello? Room service, yeah I want to know where the gym is… Downstairs? Great, thanks. Oh, and if you have any attractive females around, please try to keep them away from me… No, I’m not joking: Beast Mode means hot bitches are in serious danger. You sound quite hot yourself; I suggest you hide under a desk.”


Tammie and Regina successfully reached the gym without any real incidents. One girl in lemon-yellow shorts did have her ass grabbed by Tammie, though that was seen more as a ‘hello’ than anything else.

Tammie was in her workout gear: black sports bra and knee-high spandex tights – with nothing on underneath, the thin fabric giving a perfect outline of Tammie’s round butt and tasty vagina. Regina wore basketball shorts and a tight white tank top with no bra, pokies visible.

Tammie powered in, Gatorade in hand, Regina behind her, their bare feet smacking the wood floor with hot, hot heat. Like a hunter sniffing its prey, Tammie looked around for her first machine. The gym itself was a first-rate facility; lots of space, lots of equipment and the music at a low, smooth level. Most of the clientele were muscular men that leered in an open yet respectable manner. All in all a pleasant atmosphere. The rules were put on the wall for all to see:

1. No Socks, No Shoes, No Sandals. Bare Feet ONLY

2. Overly Restrictive Clothing is NOT Allowed

3. You Will Be Groped AT ALL TIMES.

Tammie found a treadmill and went hard on it. Regina jogged beside her, her machine going at a moderate pace. Tammie went for thirty minutes, the sweat trickling down like oil. When she was done, her honey-coloured skin was glistening.

“Ah!” Tammie swigged from her bottle. She then wiped her forehead and sniffed. Something sweet was coming her way.

A stout blonde girl in a pink top and matching spandex shorts approached Tammie.

“Hi,” she said with a high-pitched American teen girl voice. “Are you… T.K Won?”

Tammie nodded and wiped her arm across her face. “Yeah.”

“Wow, I’m so glad to meet you. Big fan. Oh, I’m Lobicky.”

Lobicky was a cute blonde, yes, we’ve seen this before – but this one was different. Her cute face was in stark contrast to her rock-hard fitness model body. Lobicky had meaty arms, rock-hard six-pack abs and big, powerful thighs. Nice rack, too.

Tammie glanced for a second, just a second, and saw Lobicky as a sexual equal and not a sex victim/conquest. Tammie chose to shake hands with the woman. “Hmm, you look buff. You compete?” Tammie asked in reference to the Tabootopia sport known as the Sex Games.

“Yeah, but just an Amateur, not a Professional like you.”

The Sex Games had the following ranks: Rookie, Amateur, Semi-Pro, Professional, Super Professional, Sex Expert, Super Sex Expert, Sex Master, Super Sex Master, and the ultimate rank, Grand Sex Champion. Tammie was one of the rare high school students to reach Professional.

Tammie nodded. “It takes a lot of reaming to get to my level.”

Lobicky pursed her lips, nodded and said. “Dude, I gotta let you know that you are… awesome! You’re super, super hot – you already know that though – and, wow, you even smell good when sweaty! Wow! I’ve seen you on TV so many times. Dude, you so should be way more famous than you already are! Look at Pocket Polly: she’s Semi-Pro and she has her own TV show.”

“That’s what my top bitch says.” Tammie pointed at Regina. “She says I need to do ‘more’ to get my name out there, but I’m, like, whatever, I’m in it for the love of it.”

Regina pat Tammie’s toned butt cheeks. “I tell her she could be huge. Hi, I’m Regina.” Regina planned to kiss Lobicky on the lips, but backed away when she, in the space of a second, examined the muscular teen. Lobicky had a legs-wide stance, fiery blue eyes, and unashamed perspiration: she was a clear-cut alpha female. Regina decided against kissing this girl: Regina knew that you don’t kiss an alpha female and just back away, so she waved.

“Hi, Lobicky here.” She smiled. “Hey! I know you! You’re in those videos with Tammie! Hey, I really like those DVDs in which you and Tammie are filmed from your bedroom. Dude, the audio commentary from your dads is so awesome. I’m so jealous: your dads rock!” Lobicky did the devil horns sign.

Regina sighed. “Dad…” She shook her head.

“Hey, don’t be embarrassed by him,” replied Lobicky. “Your dad is cool. He’s into what you do. My dad couldn’t give a hoot about what I do on my fun time. I mean, this one time I run up to him and I’m all, like, pink dress ruined, pigtails loose, bare feet, like now – hey nice feet on you girls – and I’m, like, ‘Dad, me and Zena Michael’ – who was the most hottest and popular girl in school – ‘got together and she told me she was always, like, a secret gay girl and, like, we had the hottest makeout session in the gym. Isn’t that awesome, Dad?’ But my dad is all like, ‘Lena’ – real name, don’t tell anyone – ‘I support your alternative lifestyle, but I don’t want to know these things.’ Well I want you to know, Dad, I want you to care… I want you to care!” Lobicky gritted her teeth and stamped the floor.

“Hey, you okay?” asked Tammie.

Lobicky played with her hair. “I’m good, just went to a bad place. Hey, tell me about the porno movies you filmed.”

After telling Lobicky about the making of their most intimate picture, ‘Shower Shower Shower: The Tammie and Regina Story’, Lobicky went and told them about herself.

“NBU, huh? So you’re nineteen and going into college. Awesome, right on. I went straight into NBU when I came in at twenty, which is four years back now. They were awesome. They promoted me well, got me the best gyms, best fitness guys, best bitches, and got me right into my current job.”

“Are you still in the fitness sector?” asked Regina.

“Yeah, totally, personal trainer to kids at a camp, health camp, which is awesome as I really get to put them through it. Best part is I get to work with my mentor, she’s the queen of awesomeness, she’s –”

The girls paused when they heard footsteps.

“Hi everyone!” A late-30s tanned Caucasian woman came jogging into the scene.

“Oh here she is,” said Lobicky.

The woman was bronzed, toned to the gills, and wearing a bright smile across her face. She spoke in her Mid-West infomercial voice. “Hey girls, I’m Diana.” She wore a tight black one-piece leotard; the suit exposed her butt cheeks and had her hard nipples poking right through it. The leotard was also covered in a torrent of sweat, the fabric clinging to her fitness model body. Strong yet feminine, Diana was a curiously attractive woman, one who was both hot and intimidating. She also looked quite familiar.

Regina’s eyes grew wide. “You’re Dynamite Diana. I’ve seen you on TV, in commercials.”

“That I am.” Diana leaned over and kissed Regina’s cheek. She shook hands with Tammie, knowing the alpha female etiquette (a beast in heat may be in need of a feast).

“Hi girls, so glad to meet you – oh, almost forgot, this is my son, Sian.”

Diana stepped to the side to show her unassuming teen boy. He was about 5’4, hairless, shoeless, had short blonde hair and was wearing what seemed to be his little blue briefs.

Diana violently ruffled his hair. “Come on, speak.”

He looked up and spoke with a timid voice. “Hello.”

“Dy-Di, can we hang with Tammie and Regina?” asked Lobicky.

“Absolutely yes,” said Diana. She turned to Tammie and Regina. “We just finished our heavy weights and are now going to our boxing workout. Do you want to join us?”

Tammie nodded and Regina shrugged. “Okay,” they agreed.

The girls walked, Sian following behind.

Regina touched Dynamite Diana’s abs. “Wow – oh, I’m sorry, it’s just you and Lobicky got such awesome bodies.”

“Thank you very much. It’s called dedication. D-e-d-i-c-a-t-i-o-n,” she looked at her son while spelling out the word. “Understand?”

“Yes, Mom.”

“Hi, Sian.” Charitable Regina touched Sian’s shoulder and rubbed it.

“Please don’t touch him,” said Diana.

“Why?” asked Regina.

“Because he’s being punished; he masturbated two times over his limit.”

“Aw that’s not so bad.”

“It is when he does it on your face.”

“Oh.” Regina let go.

Meanwhile, Tammie and Lobicky spoke about their experiences with the media.

“Ugh, I can’t stand interviews,” said Tammie. “I mean, I can talk, no doubt, but I hate those stupid questions.”

Lobicky agreed. “Totally. I mean, this one time, in Our Haven, I got this interview with Jenny Thompson, you know her?”

“Yeah, I know her.”

“Cool – and I mean know her as in know of her, not know her because you’re both Asian or something like that – so anyway, it’s morning, I’m jazzed, and I got this cute babe in this dress, you know those dresses? Those ones which are tied with a robe and can be taken off from the front?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Some I’m, like, wet, dripping, and this bitch is asking me questions about where I’m from, what I like to do. Dude, I’m, like, ‘Jenny, you know I’m going to fuck you, right?’ and she just smiles and giggles. So after two more questions I grab the bitch, throw her on the ground and hump her till I cum. She, of course, loved it, and so did the viewers, but I was not going to be in another situation where I wasn’t fucking by my own terms.”

“That’s why I won’t be getting my own show. My dad took me to a meeting once and these guys wanted to put me in the role of this demure girl that occasionally snapped and turned into a beast that just fucks and owns these bitches. They called it Bitch Hulk. But I was like, umm, I am the beast – and not just on special occasions, but twenty-four-seven, three-sixty-five, twice on Sundays. I’d only consider a show in which I’m an Amazon that goes around fucking bitches, some fantasy Xena stuff like that.”

Bitch Hulk was later rejigged and given to Brutal Bitch Brianna.

Meanwhile, while Regina and Diana were talking, a group of three muscular men came by and individually, one-by-one, grabbed at Diana’s body as they passed by her.

“Hi, babe.” A man in bicycle shorts grabbed Diana’s butt with an iron grip.

“Hi, Kaito.”

Another man came, leaned down and gave Diana a wet sloppy kiss to the lips, grabbing her boob as he did. “Tight today.”

“Thanks, Quinn.”

The last, a large man from Senegal, slapped Diana’s ass cheeks so hard that the smack could be heard all around the room. He grinned and took a deep feel of the woman’s butt.

“Uhh!” He bit down hard on his lower lip and thrust his cock by her hips.

“Hmm? Oh hello, Kames.”

He put his free hand on her neck and grinded on her. “Me this morning.”

“Yes, you.”

“Oh I’m gonna make you cum so deep.”

Diana froze. She turned to Kames. “You’re going to make me orgasm?”

This 6’4 goliath took his large hands off this woman’s body. “I’m sorry, ma’am.”

“Get it straight: I make myself orgasm. You’re just my tool, the cock.”


“Now go before I change my mind.”

“Sorry, ma’am.” He rushed away.

Regina was impressed. “Nice work, Diana.”

“Thank you,” she said with a stoic expression.

Diana didn’t notice that her son, Sian, was standing right next to her as she got groped. Lobicky noticed.

“Hey.” She grabbed the top of his head. “Kiss my butt, go on.”

She peeled down her shorts and forced his head into her butt.

“Uhh, no, no,” he quietly protested.

“Go on.” She pushed his head and got him to do it. “Oh yeah little dude, work that tongue. “Lobicky kept walking and talking, Sian’s lips stuck to her butt. “So you didn’t see the sign that said you’d be groped at all times?”

“Must have missed it,” replied Tammie.

“Oh don’t worry; these guys are nice enough not to grab new girls. They gotta know you first, you know – oww!” She looked down at Sian. “Did I say you could bite?” She pushed him off. “Little bitch-boy.”

“So is he, like, your little dungeon boy or something?” Tammie asked.

“Oh no-no, he’s like the little brother I never had.” She looked down at him. “And I’m his big sister, right? Now massage your sister’s butt with your freakishly small stubby fingers – now!”


The four girls plus boy went to the boxing area. There, Diana and Lobicky had Sian hold the mitts while they threw jabs near his face. After working up enough of a sweat, the girls went to the shower. From there it was off to the steam room.

The three teen girls sat on the benches, all nude, their shiny vaginas all waxed and clean.

Regina nudged Tammie’s shoulder. “Hey, just over there is New Babylon.”

Tammie nudged back and smiled. “Yeah… we’ve come a long way. Hey, remember when we first met? You were so sweet and fresh. When I saw you, I thought, ‘Wow I can’t wait to ream that hot bitch’ – keyword: hot.”

Regina giggled. She turned to Tammie and looked into her eyes. “And I thought, ‘Wow, that’s the most beautiful girl I have ever seen – but what a fucking cunt.’”

“Me? A cunt?” Tammie grinned. She rubbed her index finger on Regina’s chin. The two hummed and giggled before placing their lips together and exchanging burning hot saliva.

Lobicky looked on with a blank stare. “Whoa, heavy… I don’t think I can kiss like that. Yo, emotions, wassup, woot-woot… yeah.”

“Oh stop, you’re a gorgeous young lady.” Diana poked at Lobicky’s springy lips.

“Oh stop, come on, Mom – I mean Di-Dy, Diana, yeah, my female boss, my female boss…”

Diana and Lobicky got over the awkward mishap and got to chitchatting, Regina and Tammie continuing to make soft lesbian love, Sian just there, naked and small. Then a knock-knock on the door. Lobicky opened it and in walked Kames, naked and having all the presence of a takeout pizza.

“There.” Diana pointed at the bench. Kames laid himself out, erect and ready to go. “And you watch this,” she pointed at her son, “and learn.”

Diana grabbed the cock, stood over it, waited, waited, and then lowered her vagina down onto the piece, gritting her teeth as it got inside her.

“Yeah, you like that?” she said to her son. “Like seeing your momma get naked, don’t you?”

He nodded.

“Like seeing me all naked and taking cock? You little pervert! I can see you getting hard.”

He responded with a more eager nod. Sian could smell his mother’s breath: it was warm and smelt like coal.

“Like jerking off to me, don’t ya? Huh?” Diana lightly shoved her son’s shoulder. “Gotten shy now? You weren’t so shy when you were cumming all over my face, were you? Were you?!” She shoved his shoulder. “Look at me and answer! Speak!”

“N-no, Mom, I’m sorry.”

“For what?” she said as she held her tits and growled.

“For… for.”

Diana cupped her tits. “Sorry, can you speak up? Can you be louder? I said be louder.”


“Say it!” she shoved him.

Sian stumbled, stood straight and looked at the ground. “For being a dirty little boy. For being a dirty little boy.”

Diana grinned. “Now go on, masturbate, go on, masturbate to your mother, watch her get this cock, watch me get this – look at me when I talk to you!” She poked his chest with her forefinger.

Regina and Tammie seemed slightly concerned.

“Isn’t she being too mean?” Regina asked Lobicky.

“Hmm?” Lobicky looked away from her nails. “That? That’s just them playing. You should see her when she’s really ticked off – oh, I know: Hey, Dy-Di, Sian bit my butt.”

Diana looked over at Lobicky and then back at her son, looking at him with real fire in her eyes. “You bit her butt? You bit into her butt!?” Wham, a fist from Diana to Sian’s chest.

Sian groaned. “I’m sorry, Mother.”

Lobicky nodded. “Now we’re talking.”

Diana put her hands on her hips and gyrated on the cock. She was doing the classic ‘Listen here, Mister’ look, but with her own added touches: naked and with a 9-inch cock inside her. This girth and size was nothing to her, Diana having trained for this kind of strenuous exercise, not letting a single sweat drop go down her toned frame.

Diana turned from her son, looking with icy eyes at… “Tamara Kwon.”

Tammie turned her eyes to Diana. “…Yes.”

She extended her thumb and pointed to herself. “I’m a Sex Expert.”

Tammie stopped her diddling and watched. “Yes, ma’am.”

Diana turned to her son. “See, now that’s respect – Sian! Are you ejaculating already!? Where is your discipline?” She bounced on the cock to show her displeasure. “That’s it, Sian, march down right here! Right now, mister! Put your little kisser right next to mine; look right at me while I have my sex. I said move!” She grabbed his arm and pulled him closer. “Right, just for that I’m going for super long sex. Now watch your mother take cock, go on, look at me, boy, watch your mother take cock!”

He nodded and stood with his arms by his side. “It… It hurts.”

“Yes, I know your little pecker is hurting. But you’re not going to touch it, even when I do this.” She placed her fingers on her nipples and softly pinched them. “Now shut up and take your punishment like a man, you perverted little boy!”


Daniel and Björn were on the beach, lounging around in their underwear, Daniel in his dark-blue war-torn briefs and Björn in his InuYasha boxers (hotel key in boxer pockets). They’d found a nice spot underneath some large umbrellas and parked themselves there, on the sand. The boys had a great view, watching as a plethora of gorgeous women walked by, all with features that dazzled and amazed: beautiful faces, pert breasts, firm and juicy butts, tremendous figures, many of these women accompanied by someone who was not allowed to look at them in that way: their sons. For Daniel and Björn, the pleasure came when they saw the snapshots, the little images that crystallized the fetish, like when the perfectly pert B-cup Vietnamese mom stripped to just her thong, and her own son couldn’t help but take a cheeky glance at his mother’s cute little tits and round bare buttocks. He couldn’t quit staring at his mom, his mom, his mom…

What was more shocking? That the stunning and sexy lady is your mother, or that your mother is a stunning and sexy lady? These were the questions that were posed to the sons on the beach. Hard questions indeed; Heck, what do you do if your mom looks like a Sports Illustrated model? Actually, most in that situation just admit their mother is a very attractive woman and move on with their lives. That’s what most sons of supermodels, actresses and general hot women do… but there are some that like to linger on that question. They think, ‘Damn, my own mother… is sexy!’ Then the friends come over and confirm it. ‘Dude, your mom is hot!’ Now the ‘normal sons’, they react with due hostility and say something along the lines of, “Dude, that’s my mom. Back off.’ They treat their mother’s attractiveness as a nuisance, something their male friends like to pester them about. Then there are the other sons, the ones who are actually excited by the confirmation of their mothers’ hotness. ‘Wow, my mom really is hot – and other people agree!’ Yes, confirmation is always nice, especially when it’s trusted friends telling you that your mom indeed has a great rack. So now these sons think their moms are hot; what to do from here? Start peeking on Mom in the shower? Start sniffing her thongs? Any good son would not peek because that’s wrong, and sniffing undergarments is just downright rude and inconsiderate: you guys are slobbering over some expensive fabric. So when can you see Mom without clothes? Family vacation, of course. That brings us back to Eden Resort.

What Daniel and Björn saw were pervert sons letting their eyes loose, looking at their moms in their unclothed glory ‘Oh my gosh, that’s what Mom’s nipples look like?’ Oh yes, happy sons all over the place.

Stop. Interjection time: This was Tabootopia and seeing your mom naked here seemed to be as normal as brushing your teeth – but that’s not necessarily true. Many moms in Tabootopia did not have freewheeling incest attitudes; many remained conservative (with their kids, at least) and a lot of them made sure Son did not see Mom’s bare boobies. So for these sons, the beach was the place they could see Mom’s no-no areas, see her out in the open and free, because the beach has always been the place where women flaunt it if they got it – and oh these mommas had it in spades.

These sons that admired their attractive mothers have been analyzed by Daniel and Björn. They summarised that these sons that had reached Tabootopia were not the kind that ran around the internet screaming ”I wanna fuck mah my mom please help me do it’. A lot of them – most of them as later research would prove – actually did not readily desire sexual contact with their own mothers; rather they took pleasure in knowing their mothers had a sexual side. These sons took pleasure in knowing erotic details about their mothers’ lives, like, for example: what kind of underwear she wore, what kind of men she liked, whom she dated, whom she wants to date, and to go even deeper, what kind of sex she likes. These sons liked knowing that their mothers were sexual beings, women who were admired by others – and wanted by others. Enjoying with respect and dignity, the sons with this unique fetish were collectively known as Admirer Boys.

Daniel and Björn spotted an Admirer Boy, one who was of Norwegian origin. This guy was taking real joy in watching other men stop and stare at his sunbathing pixie-like mother. The son really seemed to like it when one man stopped and showered his mother with the following musical compliments.

“Nice ass. Cute butt. Great tits. Hot babe. Magical fairy mother of Asgard I’d like to really-really finger-fuck-ah you~.”

The man went on to start a proper conversation with this woman, and thanks to Tabootopia having no social stigma to moms flirting in front of their sons, he succeeded. He took her by the hand and started kissing her. Son looked on eagerly, his happy face showing that he really, really liked it when his mother got exposed like that. He enjoyed seeing his mother in a way he’s not supposed to, seeing her be a flirty, attractive, giggly, excited woman. ‘Hey, quit staring at my mom… at least say hello. Go on, she’s single.’

“I’d like a drink,” said a hoarse Daniel, “but I left my money in my bag.”

“Ah-ha-ha, I, umm, keep my money in my boxers,” Björn dug into his boxers and produced a few notes. He ordered two soft drinks from a nearby attendee. After getting their drinks, they stretched their feet out and relaxed, cold juices in hand and soft sand beneath them.

Daniel then suddenly burst into life. He grabbed Björn’s arm and pointed. “Whoa, lookit, lookit: Maria Lucia and her son – and her daughter!”

Maria Lucia was well-known to Björn and Daniel. She worked as a weather girl for TTS (Tabootopia Television Station) but was far more famous for her body than her body of work. She was a shapely 5’5 Brazilian woman with sun-kissed skin, large boobs, small waist, and an ass that just defied gravity. Her backside was like two perfectly round beach balls, just so full of bounce, and Maria knew what her best asset was and made no attempt to hide it, wearing a string thong along with a matching green bikini top.

Accompanying Maria was her son, Marco. This wavy-haired boy wore strawberry Speedos over his smooth lean body. Right next to him was someone who’d only been heard about but not seen – Maria’s daughter, Christie. She was a petite little brunette that took after her mother, shapely in all the right regions, her butt shaped like a cute peach, her firm little boobies jiggling out of her pink-hearted bikini.

Daniel and Björn just gawped as they watched the family speak loudly to each other, the boys unable to understand a word any of them were saying. That didn’t matter; words were not needed for them to admire Mother and Daughter’s amazing bodies.

The family were speaking in rapid Portuguese. Son Marco was pouting. “Mother, I want to start masturbating.”

Maria turned her head, her ass cheeks wiggling by her son’s crotch. “Didn’t you blow a load in the hotel?”

Christie giggled. “Idiot can’t hold it in.”

Marco flicked his hair and put his free hand on his penis. “You don’t understand how many times I have to do this. You think I’m just playing, but it hurts to hold in my urges. If I wasn’t as controlled as I am, I’d be cumming now! All over you! All over you!” He shook his fist to illustrate his point.

Christie frowned and slapped her vagina. “You stupid face! You think I can’t open my mouth and have men cum all over me whenever I want? I have sexual energy around me all day and all night.” She turned her head. “Look, those boys are masturbating to me right now.”

Marco looked in the direction of the Inter-Lovers. “Them? They’re masturbating to Mama, not to you. I know those kinds of boys.” Marco placed a gentle hand on his mother’s ample buttocks. “This here is a woman, this is what they like. Look, they’re touching themselves even faster now.”

Maria turned and slapped her son’s hand away. “Hands off!” she said with a hearty laugh. “I’m saving myself.”

“I’m sorry, Mama. Oh, Christie, Mama, look, we’re being so rude. Come, come, let’s invite those boys over here.”

Christie frowned. “Do we have to invite them? They look so stupid.”

Maria laid out a towel. “Yes, of course we tell them to come here; we good people.”

Marco spoke in English. “Hey, guys, come over.”

Björn and Daniel froze. It’s not every day that your masturbatory material speaks to you.

“No shy, no shy, please, come, come.”

“Uhh… he’s talking to us,” whispered Daniel.

“Well… let’s go!” shouted Björn.

Daniel and Björn got up. They adjusted themselves and walked over to the family.

“Hello, my friends.” Marco dashed over to them. He grabbed them by the shoulders and kissed each cheek, Daniel first and then Björn. Not their cup of tea but they had to admire his smooth skin.

“Wow, Marco, you’re taller than in the pictures and videos,” noted Daniel.

“Oh please do not remind me. I saw myself all tubby, doughy, and I said to my mother, ‘No more candy, no more.’ And then I got taller.”

Her Frowny Cuteness, Madam Christie was standing aside her brother. She grabbed Daniel’s hand and kissed each of his cheeks. She then stepped back and put her long locks in a scrunchie. “Hi, I’m Christie,” she said with a blank face.

“Umm, Daniel.”

Björn rushed over and put out his hand. “Ahh, Björn.”

She laid her soft lips and sweet saliva on his cheeks. “Hello, Björn, I’m Christie.”

Maria was seated and motioning to get up. Daniel rushed to her and got to his knees.

“No, please, no need to stand. I’m Daniel and it is an honour to meet you, ma’am.”

She smiled. “Thank you so much, I’m Maria from Brazil.” She grabbed Daniel by the back of his head, and with surprising power, moved him in and laid a powerful, wet, hard kiss to his cheek.

Daniel was shaken by the strength of this 5’5 dynamo. He smiled blankly before Björn rushed over, got on his knees and spoke like a giddy schoolboy.

“Ahh, ma’am, it is, umm, pleasure to meet you, umm, I’ve been touching – I mean admiring you for so long, ha-ha.”

“Thank you so much, I am Maria.” She grabbed the back of his neck and kissed him right above his lips. “So glad to meet two wonderful boys.”

“Umm, ahh, yes, ahh, yes, Björn, me Björn.”

“Very happy to meet you, thank you both so much for the support. Boys, you stay, you stay with us on this beach, you here with us now.”

“Thank you so much,” said Daniel.

“Thank you, Mama – I mean Miss Lucia,” said Björn.

“Yes, you stay. But now, please, please excuse me.” She lay herself down on the towel and then turned herself around, front down, cheeks up. “Oh these knots.” She grabbed at her bikini top, untied it and tossed it aside. “Marco.”

“Yes, Mama.” He got to his knees and put his hands on his mother’s string thong. He untied it and let it slip off her ample frame.

There she was, Maria Lucia, 33-year-old hot shapely Brazilian woman, now naked, on the sand, with her kids. And things were only going to get better.

“Marco, lotion.”

Marco grabbed the bottle. “Oh, you guys wanna help?” he said to Daniel and Björn.

They had their hands out before they could say, “Yes, please!”

Marco looked down. “Is that okay, Mama?”

“Please, please, let them.”

Marco squirted cream in each of their hands. “One of you work on the left leg to butt, the other on the right leg to butt, and I work on her back.”

They got into formation and got to work. Daniel and Björn finished themselves off as soon as their hands reached Maria’s buttocks. Easy to see why: Maria’s butt was both soft and firm, their hands going into the sun-kissed surface, the springy Jell-O sensation going into their fingertips and rocking their whole bodies. After that it was all business, the boys diligently rubbing cream on this woman’s ass cheeks and legs.

Christie got on her knees, next to Björn. “You all look so stupid. Look at you, with your little cummy spots.” Christie poked her index finger at Björn’s willy.

The hoarseness of Björn’s voice indicated his imminent demise. “Ohhh! I’m-I’m, umm, going to die.”

“Boys are so stupid.” Christie sniffed her finger and did a ‘yuck’ face. She then looked down at her mother. “Look at her, she’s not excited by you boys.”

Marco stuck his tongue out. “We are not trying to excite her: we are just being good boys, so there.” Neener-neener.

Christie parked her little caboose on the floor and sat cross-legged. “Hmm, Mama’s going to have sexy on the beach.”

“Oh yes,” that perked Maria up. “With my man. I not seen him in a week, oh it been too long, too long, too long. Now kids, know Mama will get wild and may even suck on her man’s ‘cock’.”

Christie frowned. “Now what is this ‘cock’? All I hear when I come to Tabootopia is this word. ‘Oh baby, come suck my ‘cock’.’ Suck a ‘cock’? Cock a chicken, no? And what is this cocksucker? This word confuses me. I met a Goth American lady and asked if she was a cocksucker; why did she get offended? I saw her sucking penis, two or three at once. Why she be mad if I just say what I saw? What? It a bad thing to be a cocksucker or a good thing? Which is it?”

“It’s… both,” said Björn.

“Huh!? Idiot, it can’t be both a good and bad thing.”

Maria turned to face her daughter. “It depends on the woman and the man she is with. Like me, I am very proud of sucking my man’s penis because I am proud to be with my man. I suck his penis, yes, but I am proud to say I do it; I have no shame even telling my own children that I suck his penis. But important fact is that he is a great man and that is why I am proud to let his ‘cock’ be in my mouth. Now why I suck his cock? Because I am woman and I do not pretend to not be a woman, so when I see my man have lot of tension and need relief, I offer him my mouth because I know me doing that will make him feel so very, very good.”

“But what a cocksucker, Mama?” asked Christie.

“Yeah, umm, what a cocksucker, Mama?” asked Björn.

“Shut up, stupid!” Christie backhanded-slapped Björn.

“Hmm…” Maria looked for the right words. “Okay: a cocksucker is woman who has no pride when sucking a penis. She a woman that just suck any cock and is not selecting the proper man’s cock to suck.”

“But I see you suck ‘cock’ of at least thirteen men,” said Christie.

“Over your life, yes, you have. But that was one-by-one, not I suck these mans’ cocks at same time or something. See, I date Ben, I suck his cock, then we breakup and I suck Rodrigo cock. See? I suck thirteen cock over my whole life and a cocksucker will suck thirteen cocks over a week or month. Understanding it now?”

Christie scratched her auburn hair. “So… a cocksucker is a woman who suck many, many cock and not be boyfriend with the men, and a woman like Mama is a good woman who suck cock the right and proper way, one man, one cock.”

“Exactly!” Maria smiled. “You understand it now.”

“I always did, I just needed it reminded so I know I’m right.”

Björn looked over at Christie. “Umm, do you, ahh, always talk like this with your mom?”

Christie turned her head and scowled. “Stupid, you come from home where mother and child not talk about sex?”

“Christie,” Maria said with a firm tone.

“Sorry, Mama.” She looked at Björn and stuck her tongue out. Björn didn’t mind Christie’s rudeness. You see, Christie had Cute Girl Syndrome, meaning she could be abusive to boys like Björn and get away with it.

After suitably lathering her up, the boys stepped away and allowed Maria to sunbathe in peace. They then sat on the sand and looked at the mid-morning ocean.

Daniel spoke up. “Marco, I have a question –”

“No, I do not want to bite my mother’s butt.” Marco was referring to his appearance on a candid camera show, the show in which Maria got discovered. You see, in their native Brazil, a cameraman had found Maria and her son Marco and filmed them. There was one famous scene in which Marco looked right at his mother’s ass and drooled. The host/cameraman’s line, “He looks like he wants to bite his mother’s butt,” has followed Marco around to this day.

“I actually wanted to lick or slap it.”

“Actually,” said Daniel, “my question was: have you ever been in a situation where your mother has been performing sexual acts around you – uhh, kinda dumb question to ask now.”

“More sex!?”Christie strode over, sat down, violently nudged in between Björn and Daniel and glared at them both, rapidly turning her head from left to right.

“It’s sex-sex-sex-sex-sex with you two stupid boy! Let me tell you your answer: we’ve seen our mother have sex. Yes, we’ve been in the same bedroom when she’s had sex; we sleep on floor as she gets sex. She used to put this stupid cloth in between, but it kept falling and she didn’t care what we saw. I sometimes could not go sleep because my mother was having too much orgasm. Happy now, stupid boys?” She grabbed two handfuls of sand, threw her hands up and let the sand fly into the guys’ faces.

Daniel coughed and wiped his eyes. “Point made.”

Björn did the same. “Umm, why so mean?”

Christie hissed. “You I hate the most.”

She stood up and bumped her vagina past the side of Björn’s head. She walked away in a huff.

“Oh she likes you,” Marco said to Björn.

“What? Oh, umm, no, she really, ahh, hates me. I know the signs; she’s like the mean girls in school. Hmm, I, umm, like it when she’s mean to me.”

“But she’s mean because –”

Daniel shook his head. “Don’t explain it: he likes it like this.”

Then, Christie shrieked.


The teens looked to the side and saw Christie jump into the arms of a big white man in grey shorts. Daniel and Björn examined the man as he hugged the girl. He was quite pale, had strong, defined facial features, cold blue eyes, and grey hair on his chest and a light dashing of it on his head. A fearsome man – and a large one: He made 5’3 Christie look positively tiny in his arms, his gargantuan 6’6, 280lbs frame holding her up with ease.

“My darling,” he said in his thick-as-granite Russian accent. He kissed her cheek and then let her down, her bikini bottoms all bunched up.

“Here it comes,” said Marco. “Now you get to really masturbate.” Before explaining himself, Marco rushed over to the man and shook his hand.

“Oh Marco, my boy,” said the man. “You look well – oh, Maria!”

“Yaakov!” Maria got her big sweaty frame up and jogged over to him, her ass cheeks swaying, sunlight gleaming down on her as she went into her man’s arms.

“Maria, oh.” This big hairy man kneeled down and gave his South American woman a big hard, passionate, lip-to-lip kiss. Yaakov’s hands quickly went to her body and slid right down to her ass cheeks, his paws taking a big fingers-all-in feel of her ripe buttocks. His claws were so strong that he lifted her off her feet, got her lips level with his, and kissed her as he held her by her ass. Helpless Maria had her feet dangling down by his knees, her strong white Russian man in a supremely dominant position. Indeed, Maria felt it, felt controlled, owned and under his complete power – and of course she was loving every second of it.

“Oh my darling.” Yaakov pushed Maria closer to his body, her boobs right on his chest. He then put his left arm over her lower-back and held her steady. He next reached his right hand over to her ass, and with his chin on her shoulder, watched himself fondle the Brazilian babe’s juicy butt, using as much power and force as he deemed suitable.

“Hmm, keeping it full, keeping it how I love it, love it, ah!” He slapped her ass with a powerful whack. “Oh my big butt princess.”

Maria giggled while panting. “Hee-hee, I know you love it, and I promise to keep it for you; no diet, never, all natural.”

Yaakov gave Maria another hard smack. “Good, as I want it, just as I want it.”

Yaakov’s body was steaming red, his inner silverback unleashed. For a man like Yaakov – big, hairy, unclean and unshaved – there was no better woman than Maria. To him, she was all woman; A woman with luscious lips, soft bronze skin, natural full breasts, a large grabbable ass, and a vagina that was designed to accommodate his extra-large size. Maria understood him too, understood his needs and understood that with a man like Yaakov, a little bit of pain came with the pleasure. She understood his man-needs and did not protest when his fingers dug into her ass cheeks, or when he made her butt all red with spanks, or, coming up soon, when his thick hard cock would go all in and make her wince and forcefully cum. She knew the deal because her body was designed, nay, made for a man like Yaakov. Made to be fucked.

Yaakov fell to his knees, and with Maria in his arms he went down, got on the sand and kissed her with powerful force.

“Oh I so missed you,” he said over the kisses. “Oh I’ve needed this, this, this!”

The intensity was too much, leaving Maria unable to respond. She nodded, wrapped her arms around Yaakov’s broad neck and felt her body vibrate. Feeling her man’s battering ram trying to gain entry, Maria helped him by using her feet to help push down his shorts. Once they fell off, she felt that full, hard, pumped-full-of-metal cock go against her smooth brown skin.

“Oh, thank you, thank you so much.” He grabbed his cock and shoved it inside her waxed vagina. “Yes!”

“Ohhhhh!” The sensation of Yaakov’s charged penis was already making Maria shake and shiver.

Odd as it may sound, monogamous relationships are quite common in Tabootopia. Though Yaakov had full permission to ‘be a man’ during his business trip, he didn’t and kept his sanity by means of masturbation. Meanwhile, Maria the traditionalist didn’t even consider any other man. Yes, she was a one-man woman, and she was getting rewarded for her loyalty by having that one mega cock go all in.

Yaakov dug his hands into the sand, kissed his woman and went in and out with a rhythmic thrusting.

“JESUS!” she screamed over her heavy breathing. “God, God, God, God! Ohhhh!”

Marco sat and watched with Daniel and Björn. “This a surprise?” he asked over the clapping of this Russian man’s cock in this Brazilian woman’s vagina.

Daniel and Björn just nodded. They were too stunned to speak. They could only watch.

Yaakov struck hard and fast, his woman’s feet in the air, her thick thighs shaking.

If it seems like this couple were oblivious to those around them, they were. As soon as Yaakov’s lips touched Maria’s, that was it: the beach of 30 or so people evaporated. The sidewalks turned silent. The waves of the ocean went mute. The only thing they heard and felt was each other. Maria didn’t even think about the fact that her kids, her kids’ friends and a bunch of other people were seeing her get fucked; Same for Yaakov, his focus on Maria, his eyes locked on her gorgeous face, pouty lips and heaving breasts.

He dug in faster and faster, the sweat just rolling down his back. Maria was getting ploughed deeper into the sand, the surface making a pillow for her head. The pace was so fast that it was not too soon after they’d reached their synchronised peaks.

“Oh…” Maria went silent. Her face went still and her grip loosened off her man’s neck. Then she started convulsing, her body shaking like she was an escaped trout. From her curled toes to her head, she felt all the control from her body gone, the orgasmic wave taking her away.

“Ahhhhh!” she screamed as the scary-yet-thrilling orgasm rocketed through her being.

Yaakov put his right arm under Maria’s head and kept thrusting. He was holding her whilst he had her, letting her know she was fine, she was safe, that her strong man was here, in charge. He was showing that he was a true alpha male, this serving as a display of his power, yet that never being his intention, just a by-product of the act. His true goal, and the one he was set to achieve, was to unload his heated erect aggression.

“Gruh, gruh.” He’d kept his emotions in check the whole way, but even Yaakov was unable to conceal them any longer. The one-week wait was gruelling, and now it was time for the unloading, the pent-up festered energy finally going where it belonged: inside Maria.

“Gruah!” Yaakov increased his pace for five full seconds before it came storming out the gates, his seed spilling inside Maria.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, hmm.” Maria closed her eyes and relaxed her body, letting the thick white liquids flow inside her.

Yaakov stayed on top and took a couple deep breaths. He then lifted himself up to his knees and looked down at his woman. He stayed silent, letting her cool down and get her bearings.

Maria took a couple deep breaths, put her eyes towards him and said “…So, how was your trip?”

“Good, good. Found a good number of new concepts, had meetings with a couple of new girls we want for new projects. Very productive. How was your week?”

“Nothing special. Did the weather forecast in this really tight red dress. That coverage got lots of very nice compliments from the viewers. I think I stick to hosting though, weather change here so much that it too hard to keep up. Oh, also, we film new season of ‘Weird Kids Say The Darndest Things’ in… a few weeks?”

“Three, we got the studio booked for it.”

“Oh that is wonderful, we’ll have to celebrate, yes.”



“Suck my dick.”

Yaakov stood up and helped Maria get to her feet. She stumbled a bit, legs shaky, but her man held her close, making sure she wouldn’t fall. The couple went to a nearby lounge chair. Yaakov sat on it, reclined, relaxed, stretched himself out and looked at his exotic sweaty girlfriend. He smiled, she smiled back. He put his hands out and got her sitting on his knees. Maria then reached her left arm out and grabbed Yaakov’s again-erect beast. Before he could say anything, she lowered her head down, opened her mouth and sucked on that cock.

Daniel had seen this scene before. He’d been there when a mother had sex with a man while her son watched. Heck, a similar scene was happening where Regina and Tammie were located. Daniel understood why he liked it, why he liked it when the mother strips back to her womanly side and exposes herself as a wanton woman, her son seeing her in this light and being both shocked and aroused by the transformation. Daniel understood the dichotomy of the mother person and the wanton woman, one caring and nurturing, other sexually driven and in need of filling. Daniel also understood that the man having sex with the mother was doing more than just emptying his sack; he was showing the woman (and her kids) his strength, his power, letting her know she is under his protection and that he’s aiming to be in charge. A son seeing that, seeing a man physically and mentally dominate the boy’s mother, is something no son should see as it shatters the illusion the son has of his wholesome sweet mother; can’t think of her as your angel if you seen her suck a cock. Gosh, it was all so… dirty, and that’s what Daniel really liked about this whole deal with Maria and Yaakov, that it was just so dirty.

Really, really dirty. Seeing a mother, a frigging mother, getting so fucked like that, getting so turned on by her man, getting owned, getting spanked, smacked, tossed and thrown around, it was just so lewd. The woman in the apron getting a big fat cock in her mouth was just so unwholesome, just so wrong, so dirty – and yet looked so good.

They couldn’t hide it: Maria and Yaakov were just really filthy people. Dirty in their attitudes as well as their actions. Look at Maria: she was slobbering, literally slobbering over her man’s 9-inch cum-soaked cock… on a public beach… while her son and daughter watched. Maria was all over that cock, her self-respect tied into how well she licked this man’s cock and balls. Oh yes: the balls as well as the cock, going one ball at a time due to the large size of said testicles. Yes, Miss Maria Lucia, 33-year-old mother of two, puts her boyfriend’s testicles in her mouth while her kids watch.

Yaakov was not much better. This large hairy sweaty man was sitting out there in the sun, naked, getting his cock sucked out in the open, people passing by and seeing it happen. Oh, and his woman’s kids were there, just sitting and looking as their mother bopped her head and slurped on his piece like it was a sundae.

Additional information: Maria’s vagina was leaking with a combination of his and hers cum, her ass clearly had Yaakov’s handprints on it, and Yaakov smelt really bad.

But the kids, they didn’t see this as a bad scene. Not in the least. Marco and even grumpy Christie were watching with smiles. What they saw was their mother and this nice man having a really good time. It was just as their mom used to put it to them: Mama got naked with her man-friend and had a nice long hug with him, a nice long hug which included kissing and massages. In a way, Marco and Christie saw it exactly like that: hugs and kisses. The kids could see how delighted their mother was. She was happy, her man was happy, the kids were happy – they were all happy.

Yaakov involuntarily bucked. His end was near, Maria’s lips too much for him to take. He grabbed the back of Maria’s head and pushed her mouth in deeper, so deep she could feel his piece at the end of her throat. With him in charge he made her go in, out, in, out, in, till it was all he could take.

“Let me, let me.” Maria took the cock out of her mouth, rubbed the red beast with her hand, and just one stroke later it came.

“Gurahh!” a scream of victory from Yaakov, his glorious stream roaring out of him and smacking Maria’s face, hitting her right above her lips, her open mouth taking some of it in and the rest splashing onto her hair. It was a glorious scene, Maria’s golden skin glowing with the added shade of bright white.

Daniel looked to his left to make sure: yep, her son was watching. He was watching with a huge smile. Why should he not be smiling? His mom was clearly happy. See, while the scene and aftermath was total Internet Porn, the feelings of everyone involved was total Disney Channel.

Daniel’s pre-ejaculation mind gave him a very crystallized thought: The dirt was floating above a clear blue ocean.

Björn didn’t have any thoughts, he was just jerking. He would later analyze and do a massive blog post, but for now, he was too busy watching this hot exotic mom lick her white man’s cum while her kids watched.

Christie looked to her left and saw the in-cumming Björn. “Gross stupid boy!” She shoved Björn and made the off-centre boy fall in the sand.

Maria wiped her lips and composed herself. “I’ll go shower now. Want to join me?”

“Not yet.” Yaakov put his hands behind his head and grinned. “I smell like man.”


Dynamite Diana was drenched in sweat as she held her son in a light chokehold. “Now will you be good? No more peeking when I’m showering?”

“Yes, Mom.”

“Good. You’ve been pardoned for the following sins: sniffing my sports bras, humping your naked body on my bed, masturbating during Charlie’s Angels (the short-lived 2011 version), trying to kiss Lobicky on the lips, and for using my female razors. Infractions you have not been forgiven for include: having me ‘accidently’ sit on you, walking naked while your aunt was around and then asking if she’d sleep with you because you were cold. The recent morning sputtering is still under review. Understood?”

“Yes, Mom.”

“Good. Go.”

Sian left the room with a wobble. Diana then stood up and saw that she’d left something on the bench.

“You as well.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Kames stood up and joined Sian in Diana’s Victims Club.

Regina slipped her shorts back on. “Well, we better go back to our friends. It’s been nice meeting you.”

Tammie let the Lycra slip back onto her lavender-soft body. “Yeah, we left Kelly to herself for way too long.”

“Bye, Diana, bye, Lobicky,” said Regina.

“Bye, Lobicky, bye, Diana,” said Tammie.

Diana waved and showed her diamond smile. “Goodbye, I know I’ll see you soon. Come visit any of my branded New Babylon gyms. Tell them Dynamite Diana sent you.”

Lobicky blew kisses. “Bye. See you in the city. Next time I want to have sex with you guys, you know, all casual, like buddies.”

TamGina winked. “You bet,” they said in their fused voice. “Bye.”

A cloud of steam enveloped them as they left the sauna room. The gym had gotten a little livelier during their time in the sauna, more polite groping taking place. Regina looked to her left and saw an Indian woman on a treadmill, her son watching her and a tall white man touching the woman’s butt as she did her exercises.

“Come on, come on, few more and we’ll be shagging,” said the man.

Regina shrugged. “Family time, I don’t know.”

Tammie stretched her arms. “Hmmm… What’s next?”

Her question was quickly answered when she saw a familiar figure coming towards her: a white woman of medium height with long dark hair, a leather jacket, torn biker jeans and sunglasses. Regina and Tammie didn’t recognize this woman, even though they had met her before. The light bulb only went on when Regina saw an unforgettable aspect of this woman’s anatomy: her giant breasts.

“No way,” Regina whispered. “Is that… no way.”

Tammie squinted. “Oh, yeah, that’s her: It’s Paula.”

Paula Dragomir was Regina and Tammie’s nemesis. Their history goes back to when Regina came to Tabootopia, all the way to the first time Regina Cestin and Tammie Kwon had relations. You see, the girls’ high school, Kay Parker High, had, like all good high schools should, cameras installed in the girls’ shower and changing rooms, and these cameras managed to catch Regina and Tammie’s dalliance. So impressed were the school’s producers with this shower scene that they put it in the main event spot of their weekly television show, Inside Kay Parker. Regina and Tammie had unwittingly made history: they were the first non-In-Crowd couple to get the main slot on Kay Parker High’s television show. Who exactly is the In-Crowd? They are the most popular girls in Kay Parker High School, a group that monopolised the top slots throughout all their incarnations – and they were not happy about this blow to their dominance. Most angered was the In-Crowd’s self-appointed leader, Paula Dragomir, who more commonly went by the name of Ms. Everest (because of her giant ‘peaks’.) Paula said some mean things about Tammie and Regina, invited Regina to her hot tub, tried her advances on Regina and, amazingly, got rebuffed. Paula then quietly vanished from school life, choosing to focus on her adult film and escorting careers.

“Oh hello,” she said in her squeaky Eastern-European accent. “I didn’t think you’d make it.”

“Hi, Ms. Everest.” Regina rolled her eyes.

“Oh, I don’t use that name anymore: it’s just Paula now.”

Tammie crossed her arms. “Yeah, cool.”

“Well, I hope you two are happy. Because of your actions, there is no more In-Crowd.”

“Uhh, really don’t care,” said Tammie. “I was never into the politics.”

“Well, yes, but you two are not fully responsible for us being the last In-Crowd: it was Mr Sanchez’s decision to expand Inside Kay Parker to three hours. He said he needed more girls in featured roles, and so an In-Crowd of four girls was no longer deemed necessary.”

Tammie looked at her nails. “Oh he’s making the show three hours, good for him, hope he has the depth.” She then looked up at Paula. “Is the on-demand service starting soon?”

“Hmm. Month or so.”

“Nice.” Tammie tapped Regina on the arm. “We’ll get some royalties from that.”


Paula then, like a super villain, stepped back, smiled and raised her voice: “Regina! Tammie! Around us are the last members of the In-Crowd. You will meet them all – now!”

“Yeah, okay,” said Regina.

Regina and Tammie walked on – but just then, three teen girls stood in front of Tammie and Regina.

A tall well-sculpted Chinese girl stepped in front of Tammie.

“That’s Panlong,” said Paula.

From on top of a weightlifting machine, an exotic Indian girl with wild dark hair was glaring at Regina.

“That’s Felina,” said Paula. “And in the centre there is Jasmine.” Paula was referring to a tall leggy black woman in a tight leopard-print leotard, her hands on her hips as she stood next to her leader.

Regina and Tammie sighed. They cracked their fingers, stretched themselves out and got in position. Time to go to work…


“And… done!”

After an hour of grooming, Kelly stepped out of the hotel. The fashionable girl wore a blue bikini top with denim shorts, accessorizing with red-rimmed sunglasses and sandals. She looked out at the beach and saw a sparse number of near-nude and fully nude people. A ‘soft opening’ is what the hotel receptionist called it, Eden Resort not yet open to the wider public.

Kelly walked past two men and a woman doing it oh-so-casually in the sand. She then scanned the area for Daniel and Björn. No pervy boys in sight. Oh well, the resort was not big enough to lose them. Kelly then had her attention caught by something far more eye-pleasing: a gorgeous 40ish black woman, on her knees, in the sand, naked and covering her breasts with her forearms. She was posing for a man holding a large camera, this short, chubby, curly-haired blond snapping away with gusto. Kelly got closer and watched from a safe distance.

“Oh yeah, that’s it, baby,” said the photographer. “Give me a little more glare, come on, tiger-eyes, oh yeah that’s it, that’s what I’m looking for.”

The woman stood up and let Kelly get a better view. This chocolate-skinned woman was stunning and tall, curves in all the right places. She had a juicy spankable butt, full breasts, and what Kelly liked best in a woman, a well-trimmed bush. The woman put her hands on her hips and puckered her lips.

“This?” she said with an elegant voice, hints of her Haitian origin in her delightful tone.

“Yes, hold that for me, babe.” The man dug into his pocket and threw a small flag to her. She grabbed it, unfolded it and held it over her breasts.

“This good?” she asked as she held the flag with her forefingers and thumbs.

“Perfect, hold it, please. Yeah that’s it.” He snapped away. “Got it.”

Kelly looked at the flag. It was navy blue and had a golden eagle emblem. The letters were written with a distinguished font.

Kelly spelled it out. “S.V.M.S.”

“Sofia Vergara Middle School,” the woman said without looking away from the camera.

“Oh, I’m sorry to interrupt,” said Kelly.

“Don’t be. We done for now, Morty?”

“Yeah, we’re good.”


Unbeknownst to Kelly, another naked woman was right next to the black Amazon, though it would be easy to miss her, seeing as she was so petite in comparison. The petite Latina woman stood up, took the flag and used it to cover her bare tits.

“Let’s do this!” shouted the sexy Latina. The woman got her legs spread and gave a fierce glare.

The curly-haired black goddess approached Kelly. “Hi, I’m Selena.” She touched Kelly’s shoulder, leaned in and kissed her cheek.

Think Kelly’s flustered by a naked woman? Not anymore. “Hi, I’m Kelly.” She waved. “You a model?”

“Me? No, but how sweet of you.” Selena paused to blush. “No, I’m just taking pictures for my sons’ middle school calendar.”

“Why?” she asked with cute little girl eyes.

Selena bent over and picked up a bottle of water from the cooler. She twisted it and let the liquid drip down her sizzling dark skin. “What mother doesn’t want to support her child’s school? If a calendar with me and my lady friends brings in more textbooks for the kids, then I’m all for it.” She turned her head and looked at the photographer. “These pictures will be in the calendar and online, right?”

“Right.” Morty nodded and looked back at the Latina woman, who was biting the flag and growling. “Yeah, baby. Give me some flare, yeah!”

Selena turned back to Kelly. “My what a surprise it was to find out about this place’s existence, hmm, to think they had this beach resort tucked away like this.”

“It’s pretty cool,” said Kelly. “Are you all from New Babylon?”

“Yes.” Selena nodded. “I moved there from California about… oh, a year back now. Oh, you know what’s interesting? Three of my friends from my old neighbourhood have moved here, all of them and their families. It’s amazing, isn’t it? To know so many people around me ‘fit in’ with this place.”

Kelly nodded. “Yeah, totally, I don’t get it myself, I mean…” Kelly lost her train of thought. Her eyes were locked on the glistening beads of sweat that were rolling down Selena’s flat stomach, the beads going down and resting on her combed square of pubic hair. There the sweat mixed with the pheromones, and from there Selena’s scent was released into the atmosphere, the sensation wafting into Kelly’s nostrils. Kelly shivered.

“Hmm, like what you see?” asked Selena.

“Oh I’m sorry.” Kelly broke out of her trance. “You just smell so nice.”

Selena put her hands on her hips. “You like my BO?”

“And-and the smell of your pussy.”

Without warning, Selena cupped Kelly’s chin and looked right into her eyes. “Hmm, you are quite the weird one. You fit right in here.”

The mini-revelation hit Kelly: she was a Tabootopian, through and through. What other heterosexual woman was as into vaginas and other vagina-related activities? She was strange, weird, just like everyone else in Tabootopia, and just like Daniel. That made her happy, very happy.

The Latin woman walked over to the cooler. “Selena, I’m taking a soda break.”

“Coming, Veronica.” Selena let go of her grip, leaving a nice amount of sexy sweat on Kelly’s chin. “Nice meeting you, bye-bye.”

“Uhh… Bye!” Kelly waved happily.

Selena dove back into the shoot, and not wanting to waste the primo location and sunlight, she went for her killer pose: with her back to the photographer, Selena got all her fingers on her sweaty cheeks. She then turned her head and looked into the camera, her expression fierce and sexy.

“There’s the money!” shouted Morty. “Those kids will be eating steak for lunch! Yeah, baby, yeah!”

Veronica walked over to the cooler, naked and confident, her thin strip of vaginal hair dripping with – yep – sweat. She looked at Kelly. “Oh you cute. You need to strip for the camera, babe.”

“Thank you so much! I –” Kelly’s mind went back to her original mission. “Oh, umm, hey, you seen a dark-haired guy, kinda brown but lightish? He’s hanging around with a small blond guy.”

“Hmm…” Veronica tapped the cap of the bottle on her lips. “I think… I think I saw two boys like that in their underwear. One of them was mocha and the other one was a little blond boy. Yes, they were massaging a big Brazilian woman’s butt.”

Kelly shook her head. “That’s them.”

“I watched: the woman fucked a big white man, and the four kids, including the ones you mentioned, watched all of it. The man and woman showered and went into the restaurant area; it’s right down there, to the right.”

“Thank you so much,” said Kelly.

“Hmm, the dark-haired one, he the boyfriend?”

“Yeah, how did you know?”

“It was how you talked about him.” Veronica grinned. “You keep him on a tight leash, show him you boss.”

“Hee-hee… Yeah. Thanks again, bye.”

Veronica and Selena waved at Kelly as she went looking for her naughty BF and his pervy comrade.


“I remember first day I met Maria. She just took my breath away, she so full of life! She came to me and stands on tiptoes and she kisses both my cheeks. I kiss her back and I tell her this means we will be having sex. We will be having sex,” he repeated for emphasis. “I was supposed to interview her for positions. I didn’t do that. Instead I found a bedroom, I throw her on bed and I rip her clothes off. We got to know each other like that. That best way to get to know woman – nothing to hide.”

Maria was nodding.”I knew he was the one after he picked me up. His power made me… whoosh! wet-wet-wet!”

Daniel, Björn, Maria, Marco, Christie, and Yaakov were in a restaurant. They were sitting in a diner booth, empty plates and cups around the table, Daniel and Björn on the left, Maria and Marco in the middle, and Yaakov on the right, cute Christie sitting on her papa’s leg.

Maria adjusted her green bikini top and smiled. “Oh, he grab my butt like no man I ever met. The squeeze he put, hmm.” She reached her hand over, grabbed her man’s hand and looked at him. “That grip had my feet off the ground.”

Shirtless Yaakov smiled. “Please, Maria, you’re embarrassing me!”

“He so modest.” She patted his hand and then looked at Daniel and Björn. “But you know what really frustrate me, what really, really frustrate me, was that people say I sleeping my way to the top. Not-not in mean or rude way, like friendly way: ‘Oh, Maria, well done, good move, good move’. But it was not like that at all, not at all. Could they not tell?” She pointed at Yaakov. “Why would I, a woman, not want to be with the strongest, biggest, most powerful man in the office? Makes sense, no?”

Marco, with his hands on his little Speedos, agreed. “You so right, Mama.”

Yaakov grinned and chuckled. “Please, stop, you make me red all over!”

Bikini-clad Christie put her arms around Yaakov and rubbed her soft cheek on his hard face. “Papa strong!”

He kissed her cheek. “Aw my little princess.”

Björn, still in his underwear, licked his lips.

Christie caught his stare. “No! Stupid boy, do not get excited when I show love to Papa!”

Björn shook his head. “No-no-no, I, umm, ahh.”

Yaakov shot a cold stare to Björn. “Don’t be so incest-minded; it’s not healthy.”

“Y-y-yes, sir.”

Daniel, also still in his underwear, said, “Yaakov, sir, I got a couple of questions about the Tabootopia TV industry.”

TV executive Yaakov was well-equipped to answer. “Oh, please, ask. Friends of my kids are friends of mine.”

“Thanks, umm, okay, so a show like Polly’s World, who came up with that?”

“Hmm, well that was a collaborative process. For Polly, first we sign, then we come up with show.”

“So was it an existing concept or a show designed for her?”

Yaakov bounced Christie on his leg as he gave his answer. “It not too complicated. We first see what Polly good at: Polly, she got good personality, talk well, good presence, cute girl – not as cute as you, Christie.”

She kissed his cheek. “I know.”

“Anyways, Polly had many talents, and so we thought we do a show, a scripted show, based around her and her life… Sitcom, it called? Yes.”

“I see. So how does an episode get made? What’s the process?”

“Oh it’s very simple. Polly goes in writer room, she and writers come up with ideas, they write them down, then they go film it. We keep it basic, keep it simple. Sometimes formula work well, like in episode where Polly became stripper –”

Björn interjected: “She was, umm, too cute to be a stripper, and her routines didn’t have enough, ahh, raunch. So instead of dancing, she had the men buy ‘daughter time’ with her.”

“Right, but sometimes not so good, like episode in which she played with dolls for whole episode –”

“I liked that one,” said Daniel. “It was hot when she turned Barbie bi and had her have sex with one of those Bratz dolls.”

Yaakov tilted his head. “Well… we like creativity, so we let wild ideas happen, but we try not to over-think when making show, we just let it happen. You know, we have seven other weekly shows made at same time, so we don’t focus on just one show too much. It hard; we a small station but have the output of a mid-level American cable network.”

Maria put her hand on Yaakov’s. She looked at him with her sex eyes. “I love when you talk all,” she paused to shiver, “all big business man. Hmm, I need you to fuck me in a bed, fuck me hard. Hard.”

“Let’s do that.” With Christie in his hands, Yaakov slid to the right, stood up and placed his girl on her feet, her bare soles making a clap with the lino floor.

“Come, Maria, kids, to hotel.”

“Okay,” said Marco. He looked at the boys. “You got my number, call when you come to New Babylon, and please visit my family. You very welcome.”

“Thanks, everyone,” said Daniel. “Great meeting you all.”

“Bye, boys.” Eager Maria was already by the door. She blew a kiss and waved, her ass giving the boys yet another hard-on.

“Bye, both,” said Yaakov. “Oh and Daniel, Björn, be sure to call when you get to New Babylon; TTS can always use eager minds.”

“Thank you so much!” said Daniel.

“Thanks, sir!” said Björn.

“Bye, guys!” said a waving Marco.

“Bye, bye,” replied an elated Daniel and Björn.

Christie was still standing by the boys. Her cheeks were glowing and she was looking at the floor. “Daniel, bye…” She looked up. “Björn, you stupid and I hate you… call me.” She dashed past her family and ran out of the restaurant. The rest of her family chuckled and followed her out.

Björn looked ahead with a far-off, confused glaze. Then he got it.

“…Ewwwwww!” He rubbed his hands over his bare chest. “And then she went and spoilt it all by saying something stupid like… call me!”

“Couldn’t you tell she liked –”

“Oh, umm, no! No, don’t make it… no!” Björn dug into his heavy boxer pockets, took out his MP3 player and put it on the desk. He put the player at a volume that allowed him and Daniel to listen. “I was, umm, saving this for later, but I need it now; I need to, umm, cleanse my palate, get back in the, ahh, mood… It’s Dad Time.”

‘Dad Time’ was a podcast hosted by the fathers of Regina Cestin and Tammie Kwon: Matthew Cestin and Greg Kwon.

Björn pushed play.

“Greetings, ladies and gentlemen! ‘It’s ‘Dad Time’ with me Greg Kwon,” said Californian Greg, “and… I’m without my co-host Matthew Cestin. Matt had a prior engagement, a gangbang with his wife – but we wish him all the best and know he’ll tell us all about that next week. Tear it up, Matt! But for today, today we talk about exciting times, exciting changes. Big changes. Everything’s changed! Mine and Matt’s daughters have gone off to college… Principal Sanchez is now Super Sanchez… Miss Bolovey is the new Principal of Kay Parker High… and me and Matt are the new co-Vice Principals of Kay Parker. Yes! It’s a new day! It’s a new world! And I’m feeling good – and that’s not all! With one man overseeing both schools, it means the two high schools of Our Haven, Kay Parker High and Rachel Steele High, have become kissing cousins! Greater unity between the two schools, possible exchanges, and, it’s early days, but we’re talking about doing a yearly mega-event, all of Kay, all of Ray, one big fuck fest.”

Björn was distraught to not be part of the mega-event. “Aw!” but excited to see this event, “Ah!”

“Which brings us to our guest,” said Greg. “Ladies and gentlemen, in the spirit of unity and the breaking down of borders, we got mine and Matt’s counterpart from Rachel Steele High. Everyone: The Vice-Principal of Rachel Steele High, The Persian Sexbomb, Miss Farah Azim, ladies and gentlemen!”

Björn squealed.

“Hmm, thank you so much, thank you, thank you for having me,” she said in that unmistakable husky accented voice. Björn and Daniel got excited as they remembered the age-defying Persian babe’s curvaceous body, full breasts, onion-shaped buttocks, thick raven hair, and all of it wrapped in an air of exotic, mature elegance.

Greg gave his insight. “For all of you that don’t know, Farah is an absolutely gorgeous woman. She’s a mom with a legal boy – he’s here too by the way, what up, Sami? – and, personally, she is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.”

“Oh you’re too kind, thank you, thank you so much.”

“Now, Farah, you are, if you don’t mind me saying, a woman who uses her sex appeal to her full advantage, a woman that gives sexual favours. Am I right in saying that?”

“When I need things to be done, yes, I proudly admit to using my ‘skills’.”

“Give us an example.”

“Oh there so many, hmm, well…”

“Pick something Sami doesn’t know about.”

“I’m afraid that doesn’t narrow it down very much.”

“Ones that involved felatio.”

“Well…” She thought long and hard. “Ah, here’s one that Sami doesn’t know about: It is about the family photo I have in the house. That photo required a sexual favour.”

“Go on…”

“Well, I met the photographer on the day before the photo shoot. Now, this was going to be a picture with all the family, all the cousins, uncles, aunts, my mother coming from Iran. What I found just unacceptable was the initial estimate. It was, I believe, two-hundred dollars. Well, I could not afford that for a photo – well, actually, I could, but I wouldn’t feel right paying that amount, so I had to find a way to…’renegotiate,’ hmm-hmm.”

“How much did you end up paying?”

“We got it down to forty dollars.”

“And how did you get to that figure?”

“I sucked his penis,” she said bluntly. “I took my dress off, got on my knees and… well, further details wouldn’t be necessary, hmm-hmm. Flirting would have been sufficient; he was young and quite nervous and just my red lipstick and best cleavage-supporting bra seemed to have him quite tongue-tied.” She added a slight whisper to her voice and went on, “I spoke like this to him, see, my words realllllly slow… and deliberate.”

“Ohh! That’s doing the job for me.”

“Hmm-hmm, yes. So, I felt, because I actually liked him, that it only be fair that I give him something worthwhile for his troubles. Now, I do tell my students to try and only offer what you need to, but I also tell them that… compassion, human emotion, plays a real role in seduction. See, I liked him, he was endearing, nice, polite. I felt he, umm…”

“He earned it.”

“Yes, he earned my lips – oh, ho-ho, I apologize; I usually don’t speak so bluntly.”

“Please, say whatever you want.”

“Yes, thank you. So, yes, I gave him pleasure because I felt it only fair, it only right he be rewarded for his work.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Oh, it was business, not pleasure, but perhaps pleasurable business would be an apt way to put it? Hmm-hmm. And after we took the photo, I was with my mother for the evening, and we shared a good tea about the methods she’d taught me. Sami was sitting with us, but his Persian is so rusty that he didn’t have a clue what we were talking about.”

“And for those of you that hear the sound of flesh on cloth, that’s Sami, Farah’s son, jacking himself off.”

Sami’s faint voice could be heard in the studio. “Yeah, go Mom!”

Greg cheered him on. “Look at him rocking the fedora and pink shorts! You go!”

Farah tisked-tisked. “Sami, dear, not on the carpet.”

“No, it’s okay,” said Greg. “We got no format in here, go nuts.”

Farah moved back from the microphone. “Sami, stop touching yourself and sit.”

A shuffling could be heard. Order was restored.

“So sorry for that,” she said. “I don’t want him making a mess wherever he goes.”

“He’s really busy now,” said Greg, “with all the work he’s got going on.”

“Yes, my son has quickly become a very in-demand boy escort. I’m very proud of him – but I still don’t want him staining your carpet. Oh, Sami, sit.”

“Right on. Sami, yo, high-five me, bro!” Smack! “Oh now I got cum on my hands… Okay, let’s get down to business: Farah, there is something I’ve been just dying to know about. It’s about your job, your old job, the one you had back in America. You’ve only alluded to it in the past, so are you ready to talk about it now?”

“Well… it seems appropriate for me to speak about it now, since all legal restrictions don’t really seem to apply anymore. I worked for a real estate developer. I was ‘officially’ a real estate clerk, but my real job was to ‘make sure the ink was dry’ with our really, really high-end clients.”

“Can you explain a little deeper?”

“Well, hmm. Okay. Our properties were divided into three categories: A, B, and C. C was houses, two to three bedroom homes, also boutiques, small stores, and warehouses. B was large storefronts, such as supermarkets, offices, buildings like that. A was really expensive buildings, skyscrapers, and large, expansive stores. It was quite a large business, the scale of which I can’t fully divulge.”

“So I’m guessing sex acts were chosen based on the ranks?”

“Yes. C was just flirting, what was needed to sweeten the buyer. For those deals I’d be on my best flirty behaviour, nothing too drastic, just some mildly flirtatious actions, like touching, flicking the hair, making sure the bra was pushed up, the skirt was tight and the lipstick was just the right shade of red. Rarely did anything happen with C, maybe just a lingering kiss. With B properties, well, if really needed, hmm, sexual acts would come into play. Here I would administer fellatio, rubs, tugs, but not vaginal, just hands and mouth. And for A, well, A was rare, but that was where the ‘full’ experience was offered.”

“What kind of men got the ‘A’ treatment?”

“Oh, none over their mid-thirties; all of them were mature and powerful men.”

“So how many ‘A missions’ did you do?”


“Can you tell us about one of these encounters?”

“Hmm, well, I did sign disclosure agreements, but are those really relevant anymore?”

“We’ll protect you, girl!”

“Hmm… well, all right. It’ll be fine as long as I don’t give identifying information. Hmm, which one… My most memorable encounter was with Number Sixteen. He was a rich man from South America who worked within the oil industry. He was around his mid-forties, good body, a quite handsome man. These encounters usually started on Friday nights and went till Monday morning – oh, these were the business trips I went on, Sami.”

“And Sami is just wacking himself to that information!” said Greg. “Sorry, Farah, go on, please.”

“Shall I explain it all from start to finish?”

“Yes, please. Oh I’m excited!

“Hmm-hmm. Well, after work on Friday I went to my apartment, showered and got my suitcase. Then, I was taken to where the man was staying. For Number Sixteen I was required to fly to him, so I took a private plane to his location, which I’ll only say was sunny and tropical. Then, I went to a hotel, got ready and wore this beautiful dark blue dress. After I did a little work on my hair and make-up, I was driven to him. I met him at this beautiful restaurant that overlooked the clear-blue ocean. Oh it was amazing, breathtaking; I’d never seen an ocean so clear and so blue. So me and him, we talked, cordially, about business, about ourselves. We got on quite well, better than I expected. So, after eating, it was time for relations. We went to his hotel room at around eleven, and we had sex up to the early hours of the morning. Next morning, Saturday, we again had sex, and then he did something I found quite peculiar: he offered to take me out again. Now, I must explain that what I was contracted to do was to have sex with the man for the weekend – meaning the whole weekend. If he chose to have sex with me from Friday night to Monday morning, that would have been fine. You see, I am very prepared for long, strenuous sex – Sami, stop touching yourself! – a weekend full of sex with only brief pauses for breakfast, lunch and dinner is not too much for me to give. But what he offered was breakfast and another date. So, after eating, his driver took us to a marina and we went inside his large yacht.”

“Total pimp boat?”

“If you mean large, then yes. It had an upstairs, a downstairs, and a spacious deck. So I went inside and as soon as I did, he was naked. He too invited me to be naked. I agreed, though with one important condition: he rub sun cream all over my body. Health is very important to me – Sami! No, I will not touch you right now – so it was a condition I insisted on. It felt a little out of my comfort zone, but I liked that. It was a particularly warm day and the sun on my naked body felt fantastic, really wonderful. During the trip we had sex on the downstairs of the boat, and I must say that the rocking of the ocean really enhanced the pleasure. I got quite sweaty there, but it was fine since he had a shower on board. He was quite a sweet man; he scrubbed me down, put his hands all over me –”

“Sorry, Farah, but we got to ask your son what he thinks. I’m getting you a mic, Sami.”

After a few seconds of fumbling, a mid-wanking Sami spoke: “Uhhh… it’s so hot that my mom was having sex, lots of sex, with so many men, and that was her job: sex with men. My mom had a job in which she had sex for a living. Mom, wow, you did that and, wow, so awesome, and I’m so proud and so happy you had such a great job and worked so hard.”

“Thank you, Sami, but calm yourself, dear, you’re all red.”

“Yes, Mom.”

“Carry on now, please,” said Greg. “You were talking about having a shower.”

“Yes, and after that we landed on this gorgeous secluded island. It was just stunning, so, so beautiful. We stayed in this little villa by the sea. Inside we, well, we had sex till the stars came up. Then we had dinner, a nice walk on the beach, then more sex. Next morning, Sunday, woke up early, had sex and then afterwards he gave me breakfast in bed. Then we had more sex, then lunch, then more sex till dinner, then after dinner we had sex on the sand, then sex in the bed, then sleep. On Monday we went back in his boat, had sex on the way to the marina, and then his driver took us back to the hotel. There we shared a shower, and then we went our separate ways. It was a very nice weekend.”

“Hey, Sami, you okay, bro?” asked Greg. “You need some water or something?”

“I’m fine,” said a sore-sounding Sami.

“Right on.” Greg paused to round up his thoughts. “Farah… how come none of these billionaires married you!? I mean, Jesus Christ! You gave them days of sex. Days of phenomenal sex! How can they not just want to keep you!?”

Farah gave a lady-like laugh. “Ah-ha-ha. Well, simply, Greg, it was business. Pleasurable business, like I said before, yet business all the same. All of them were very kind to me, very good to me. Some offered to ‘date’ me, but none of them, dare I say, swept me off my feet like my husband Jean does. Though, still, these men I met on these business trips are still very, very dear to me, very good memories.”

“And how did you get paid?”

“Through the company, always, always through them.”

“Never the guys paying?”

“Well, per the stipulations, they paid for all the expenses, but for my ‘companionship’? No, they never paid, only the company did. Some of the men did offer big amounts for my services rendered, but I simply refused to be paid for my work, refused to accept cash payments from them; to me, that felt wrong. Though if they really wanted to show appreciation, I asked them to give that money to charity, or, on many occasions, use it to buy a gift for my son. Oh, Sami, Number Sixteen, he’s the one that bought you that mountain bike.”

“Uhhh… wow,” he said with a hoarse voice. “What else they get me?”

“Sneakers, you loved your sneakers, yes, I made sure they bought you those. Those shoes were ridiculously over-priced, three-hundred each, yes, but nothing to those men, nothing at all. Umm, what else… hmm, your computer, that was from Jo – oh, almost said his name, so sorry. Well, umm, what else… Well, Sami, think back to your old bedroom: it’s full of gifts I acquired while doing this kind of business.”

“Thanks, Mom.”

“You’re quite welcome, dear.”

Just after that moment of closure, Kelly marched into the restaurant and stamped over to Daniel and Björn.

“Oh shut it, Björn,” said Daniel. “Shut it before – Hey! Kelly! You look really hot.”

“Oh thanks – Hey! I heard you were rubbing the butt of this big Brazilian woman! Can you explain yourself!?”

“Health clause, Kelly,” said Daniel. “I did it for her wellbeing: I rubbed sun cream on her so she’d be protected… from the sun.”

“And, umm, he had to do it,” said Björn. “Maria Lucia’s butt needed three guys to, umm, cover her whole, ahh, butt.”

“Well… okay, that’s fine,” said Kelly, “but I don’t want you to do it without me knowing.” She nudged over and sat next to Daniel. “So what you guys do, besides rubbing cream on a lady’s butt?”

Daniel gave a school-boy smile. “We saw a mom have sex with her man while her kids watched.”

Kelly seemed unimpressed. “Haven’t you done that, like, five times already?” She turned to the waitress and said, “Oh I’ll have a milkshake.”

Daniel nodded. “Yeah, you’re right, but it never gets old for us, right, Björn?”


Kelly tucked her hair behind her ear. “Yeah, but… the same thing?”

Björn slapped his friend’s arm. “Tell ‘em, Daniel.”

Daniel slapped his hands together. “Well, let me start with Stacy’s Mom…”

Daniel lectured Kelly about his intricate and detailed mom-based fetishes. Kelly nodded a little, got her milkshake, then let Daniel and Björn get into a discussion about Sofia Vergara, Sofia’s son, and Sofia’s legendary calendars.

“That’s nice, Daniel.” Kelly patted his arm when she finished her shake. “Now, where to next? Hmm?”

Björn looked outside and saw five middle-aged men walk with eagerness in their step. “Umm, where those guys are going.”

Daniel looked outside. “Oh, they’re going somewhere good.”

“How do you know?” asked Kelly

“Because a group of dads like that, they must be perving on teen girls,” replied Daniel.

Kelly sighed. “Okay, let’s see.”

The trio left the restaurant after paying. They walked on the sand, discreetly following the group of men.

“Hey, where’s Regina and Tammie?” Daniel asked Kelly.

She put her finger on her lips. “Hmm… oh yeah, they went to the gym.”

Björn liked this image. “Hmm, Beast Mode Tammie.”

Kelly shook her head. “All these codenames and stuff, how do you guys remember everything?”

“Because it’s important,” said Daniel. “I mean, Tammie’s our friend, so we should know that her finishing manoeuvre is the Palm Twist Gusher.”

“Palm Twist Super Gusher,” Björn corrected.

“PTG is her finisher, PTSG is her ultimate finisher.”

“Hmm, I, umm, think she’s working towards making PTSG her finisher and, ahh, making a new ultimate finisher.”

“Oh that’s interesting.”

Kelly shivered. “Umm, I don’t think I need to know that, even if she is my friend.”

Björn then paused, stood perfectly still, listened, and put his hands up in the air.

“Yes!” he shouted.

Björn ran down the beach, Daniel and Kelly following. They went down the little sandy hill and saw four girls playing the sport in which female athletes are required to strip to their bikinis: The Sport of Perverts, Beach Volleyball.

The middle-aged men converged a few feet away from the bikini-clad girls, at a distance they could watch but not interrupt the hot and sandy action. In contrast to the girls’ pristine and perfectly supple frames, these men were much less desirable; slovenly, hairy, and in need of covering up. The men rubbed their hands over their shorts and commented on the finely formed beauties.

“Meg has really grown into her shape; those tits just bounce.”

“Agreed. I also enjoy the snugness that tight bikini top gives to her tits. They look so… warm.”

“The abs on Rena are amazing… I wanna know what her workout routine is… and I want to tape it.”

On this day, there was one girl that drew the most attention.

“The jiggly one, the one in the dark bikini… she is stunning.”

“Oh yes, that long hair, big boobs, big butt… oh, she looks Latina, think she’s Latina?”

“Yes, yes, a full-figured Latina darling.”

Daniel watched this Latina girl with much interest, watching her thick dark locks flow as she ran and jumped into the sand. Hmm, quiet skilful for a woman with her ample features, Daniel thought.

“She looks kinda… familiar,” said Daniel.

“Huh?” said Björn. “Oh, umm, some of them are: Meg from NBU, ahh, Rena from Rachel Steele High, umm, Lara transferring from Kansas to NBU, and… I, umm, don’t know the last one…”

The mysterious Latina scored and then smacked her partner’s toned butt cheeks. She then looked to her right and waved to her pervy male fans.

“Hi, hi,” she said with an American accent. “Thanks guys, thanks…” She turned her head to the three teens and, like a computer stacked full of mkv porn, she froze. Her mouth opened and closed and yet no words came out. She brushed the hair out of her eyes and tried speaking again, this time successful.


When Daniel got a good lingering look at her face, he knew, he knew whom she was.


She rushed over to him, breasts jiggling as she came. “Oh my gosh!” Teresa put her arms around Daniel and hugged his underwear-clad body with a tight grip. “What are you doing here!?”

“I, umm, live here. What the heck are you –” Daniel stopped himself when he saw Kelly, arms crossed, frowning, giving him a scary death glare. “Oh, um, Kelly, this,” he pointed to her, “is my cousin, Teresa.”

“Oh.” Kelly’s rage melted.

“The, umm, cousin Daniel kissed!” shouted Björn. “Wow-wow-wow: his first kiss!”

And Kelly’s rage meter goes up. “Her?”

Teresa got out of the hug, put her hand out to Kelly and said, “Hi, I’m Teresa Nova!” Teresa didn’t wait for Kelly to respond, instead going right into a hug. “Are you Daniel’s friend?”


While hugging Kelly, Teresa turned her head to Daniel. “Oh my gosh, Daniel!? You got a girlfriend!? And she’s so pretty! Wow, Daniel!?”

Kelly blushed. “Well, thanks.”

Teresa backed out of the hug. She looked excitedly at the three teens. “Eee! I can’t believe this! Oh my gosh, Daniel! You’re here.”

“I’m Björn!”

She turned her face to Björn and gave him a blank smile. “Oh, hi.” Teresa turned back to Daniel and Kelly. “Wow, Daniel!”

Daniel couldn’t believe his eyes, literally couldn’t believe what he was seeing. It was not just the fact that he’d bumped into one of his family members while walking around the beach resort of a secret 1000-year old civilization, oh no, what shocked him most was Teresa’s dramatic transformation. You see, the Teresa he knew was slim, had budding boobies and a tight butt. She was the popular girl in school, the teen with the fabulous figure, the one the other girls were jealous of. She was also the person that sent Daniel tumbling down a taboo path, tumbling all the way when he saw her wear a tight-fitting one-piece swimsuit. She was no longer that popular slim high school girl, her figure having gone from Teen Vogue to King Magazine.

“You look so…” Daniel couldn’t finish.

Teresa smirked. “Oh that’s right, you remember me as a skinny girl, yeah? Well now I’m a proudly curvaceous Latina!” She did a full 360 shimmy dance. “I love my body! Look at me: I got a booty! I got boobs!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” said an entranced Daniel.

Kelly slapped Daniel’s arm. “Snap out of it.”

“Oh, sorry…”

Teresa called out to the beach girls. “Hey, I’m just taking a break.” Teresa grabbed Kelly’s arm. “Gosh, so how well do you know Daniel?”

Kelly looked at Daniel and spoke with gritted teeth: “Better than anyone, I think… though I never knew his first kiss was… you.”

Teresa looked over at Daniel. “Oh my, was I your first kiss?”


“Oh,” said Kelly.

“But not spiritually!” Daniel sputtered out.

Teresa nodded. “Yeah, that can’t count, I mean, he kinda just forced it on me. Oh, Kelly, if you’re thinking me and Daniel were… oh, eww, no, he’s my cousin; he’s like my brother, eww. Daniel, now you got a girlfriend, I can tell you the truth: even if you were not my cousin, I would never do the nasty with you. I’m simply not attracted to you.”

Kelly stopped and pouted. “Well, I think he’s handsome.”

Daniel rushed over to Kelly, grabbed her hands and looked deep into her soft hazel eyes. “Kelly, I’m sorry I never told you, I was just so… embarrassed.”

“You told Björn.”

“Oh I told him that on an internet message board, when I thought I’d never actually meet him. But for me to say it outloud to you… I’m sorry, I just never wanted to admit it, because with you I wanna be better than I was then, better than that guy who kissed his cousin sister.”

“Daniel… It’s okay, you’re forgiven.” Kelly stood on her tiptoes and kissed his lips.

Björn slapped his hands together. “I’m out.” He turned and walked towards the perverted men. “Are any of these girls your daughters?”

One guy eagerly raised his hand. “Me, that’s my Meg.”

“Let’s talk!”

Daniel turned to Teresa, fought past the perverted thoughts, past the shock, and came to what he’d wanted to say for over a year: “Teresa, I’m so sorry I kissed you.”

She flung her hand in the air. “Oh forgot it! I always kinda knew it anyways. I mean, I can’t help it: I’m a hot mamacita, hee-hee. Seriously, don’t worry about it, Daniel; it’s all in the past.”

“Thanks, Teresa.”

“But now,” Teresa put her arms over both their shoulders, “I’m telling this one here,” pointing to Kelly, “everything I know about Danny!”

“Oh!” Kelly clapped. “I wanna know all his embarrassing little secrets.”

“‘Little secrets’ is right,” said Teresa. “Like how he wore those little Speedos around me – like the ones he has on now! Sheesh, Daniel, still wearing cum-stained underwear?”

Daniel exhaled loudly. He knew this was the greatest test his relationship would ever face: his past life as a perverted cousin brother.

“Kelly, please remember I’m not that kid anymore.”

“Yeah, yeah, death and rebirth,” said Kelly. “Now tell me more, Teresa! I wanna know everything!”

“Well let’s start with him trying to ‘massage’ me after cheerleading practice!”

Daniel looked at the sand. “Oh dear God.”


The gym interior would never be the same. Never would all the juices get out of the carpet, never will people dare touch the dumbbells, and never again will there be another scent in the shower, the fragrance of ‘Oww How Could You Bite Me There?’ the new permanent aroma. The battle between The International Lovers of Sex, Style and Sleep and The In-Crowd ended with Inter-Lover members Tammie and Regina victorious, the girls able to overcome the 4-on-2 disadvantage.

Regina and Tammie slipped their clothes back on in the lobby and craned their heads around to see where they’d left everyone: Panlong in the shower, Jasmine in the weight room, Felina in the steam room (being taken care of by Lobicky, Dynamite Diana and Sian) and, finally, right in front of Tammie and Regina, the former Ms. Everest, Paula Dragomir. She was on her knees, without clothing, her balloon boobs gleaming, her pink nipples hard and erect.

“Okay,” Paula crawled to the girls and got on one knee, “I admit it: you’re the best.” She extended both hands.

Regina and Tammie shook hands with Paula.

“It’s not about being the best,” said Regina. “We do it for the love of it.”

“Yeah,” said Tammie. “Enjoy the ream; don’t make it about the points and viewership. But for the record, I am the best out of our year in Kay Parker; the awards don’t matter to me.”

“Oh the awards came out?” asked Regina.

Tammie nodded. “Happened while we were in that RV. Umm, we won Best Duo and Best Scene. I won Best Athletic Body, Best Legs, and Best Fantasy Sister in a Comedic or Musical Family.” She pointed at Regina. “You won Best Cold Sister.”

Regina shrugged. “Cold? I’m a little offended by that.”

Tammie pointed at Paula. “You won Best Tits and Best Euro Bitch, right?”

“Come on, Tammie,” said Regina. “You don’t need to call her a ‘Euro Bitch.’”

“No, no,” Paula shook her head, “that’s the name of the award: I am the best bitch from Europe. Tamara, you must have won Best American Bitch.”

Tammie rolled her eyes. “You’d think so, right? No, they gave it to Noreen and her whips.” She looked back at Regina. “You know who won Best Girl?”


“Vivian Keentucker.”

“Oh!” Regina was surprised. “Really? She didn’t do much, she’s so understated… but she is stunning.”

Tammie did a pouty face. “She acts like a Smurf.”

Paula tapped her hands on her ample chest. “Vivian, she has really smooth skin, really nice breasts, big beautiful eyes, a full bush… I think she deserves it. Tell her I’m sorry that my dad anal-fucked her. He just got carried away.”

Regina nodded to that perfectly normal statement. “Don’t worry, Vivi doesn’t hold grudges. Well, got to be going.” Regina pat Paula on the shoulder and walked past her. “Nice getting to know you.”

Tammie also patted Paula’s shoulder. “Me, Regina and your In-Crowd bitches should arrange something when we get to New Babylon, like a magazine interview or a reunion tape.”

Paula bowed her head. “I’d like that. Bye, girls.”

Regina and Tammie went back to their hotel room, showered (naturally) and got into their bikinis: Tammie in a leopard-print bikini top and thong, Regina in a frilly red and white bikini. After putting these pieces on, they went outside and felt all eyes go on them. It was hard for the patrons to look away: both girls were standing tall and confident, both dripping with a holy light known as the after-sex glow. Tammie was in her prime-dom stance, hands on hips, hair tied back. Regina had her hair flowing free, her boobs youthful and bouncy.

“What to do next…” Tammie appraised the treats on offer: two naked moms on the beach, sunbathing while their sons ran around them; a group of teen girls playing volleyball, older men watching them as they played; and a male-female-female threesome on the sand. Good choices – but what Tammie really wanted was a place to rest her weary vagina. Yes, even the best beasts need to relax.

Regina understood her girlfriend’s needs. “I just wanna unwind, you know.”

Tammie folded her arms. “Whatever my fave bitch wants.” Tammie grabbed a fuzzy-haired man in a blue NBU shirt. “Hey, know a good place to relax?”

“Uhh, umm, what do you mean?”

“A place where we can sit down and chill out.”

“Oh, let me think, hmm… how about the club?”

“What kind of club?”

“A, oh, strip club.”

Tammie tilted her head. “Hmm…” she whispered to herself, “quiet, hot bitches, relaxing, yeah.” She spoke up, “Okay, I like it. Thanks. Now hurry on.”

The guy walked briskly away.

“But we need money for a club,” said Tammie.

Regina pointed her index fingers at her boobs. “Got it covered.” Regina’s bikini top had an ingenious invention: two little slots for paper money. Her bikini bottoms had three: one on front, two at back.

Tammie smiled. “My bitch.”


The club was located on the furthest end of the square, a few steps away from the exit of Eden Resort. The stairs led down to a subterranean entrance, a single door at the bottom of the staircase. The girls knocked, had the door open, and they entered inside.

Despite the modest exterior, the interior of the club was anything but unassuming. It was the strip club seen in movies and rap videos: a very large open room, mood lighting, a shiny floor, and several half-circle booths, with the middle of the room holding the prime pieces: the performance stage and the stripper pole. Regina and Tammie stepped into the club, and though it looked like the den of seedy adults, it was actually filled with chipper families, moms, dads and their kids, all sitting in the booths and happily clapping along to the performances. It also seemed like this place was not only selling alcohol, the tables filled with burger wrappers, cartons and coke bottles. This was a welcome surprise: the girls had stepped into the strip club version of McDonalds.

Regina and Tammie took their seats, Tammie’s bare cheeks enjoying the feel of the rubber cushions. They arrived in the middle of a strip routine, watching as this seductive Korean woman danced around the pole with exquisitely hypnotic movements. The tight-bodied woman was wearing short rubber shorts and a silver bikini top, her movements matching the generic ’80′s rock. She danced around while Regina and Tammie ordered their drinks, the girls’ eyes going back and forth between the waiter and the woman.

“That butt is toned,” said Tammie as the woman’s shorts fell off.

“Oh yes,” agreed an already red Regina.

During the strip show, a Korean-American boy sat on the edge of Tammie and Regina’s booth.

His voice was pure New Jersey: “Oh, sorry, girls, I just like to sit and watch my mom.”

“Your mom?” Regina said with only a teaspoon of surprise.

“Yeah, great, isn’t she? Made for that pole. Woo! Yeah, Mom!”

Spurred on by the applause, the Korean woman showed her full flexibility by wrapping her legs around the pole, jumping on it, holding herself steady with her powerful thighs, and sliding down with a 360 spin.

“Yeah, go Mom!”

“Hey-hey!” Just then, a big Italian-American in a loose dress shirt slapped the boy on the back and chuckled. “Your mom looks good up there, right, Son?”

“Yes, you can see the payoff to her workouts.”

“Yeah, she sure is something.” The man caught a look at Tammie. “Oh,” he pointed at Tammie,” You’d look good up there with her.”

“Why?” she said with a powerful glare.

“Whoa, whoa, take it easy. I was just appreciating your Korean beauty. See?” He pointed at his noggin. “Ain’t some dumb jerk here, yeah, not some jerk who says he likes ‘Asians’ and doesn’t specify; I know that Asia is an incredibly large and diverse part of the world, as are the women. So I know, you know, like to show my appreciation.”


He wiped the sweat off his brow. “Yeah… really.”

Tammie raised her eyebrows, sipped her drink and kept her stare. Clearly she enjoyed making him sweat.

The man tried to look for the right words. “Hey, alls I’m saying is I think you’re very beautiful, and I’d like to see you on those poles.”

“Are you the owner?” Tammie asked.

Son chuckled. “Him? He’s lucky to be allowed in.”

“Aw come on, you.” He playfully hit his son’s arms.

The Korean woman finished her routine by taking her top off and letting the crowd see her pert boobs and erect nipples. She then bounced her knees on the stage, took in the cheers, fluffed up her smooth dark hair, smiled, and picked up the cash.

“Zack, settle down.” Her voice was also very Jersey.

“But Mom, you got me so –”


“Sorry, Mom.”

The husband chuckled and playfully nudged his son.

“You too, Tony,” she said.

“Oh, sorry, Kim.”

Kim put the notes in her g-string and flashed a smile at Tammie. “Sorry, my husband gets very excited, he has a –”

“Asian fetish,” said Tammie. “Those are my top customers.”

Kim grinned. “Ditto.”

The women gave each other strong smiles of solidarity.


After Tammie and Regina had finished telling Tony, Zack and Kim-Soo Cicero about their movies (Tony immediately pre-ordered the TamGina boxset from Kay Parker High’s website), the girls sat back down and took in the surroundings. They listened in and caught a conversation between two boys.

“You want to have sex with my mom? My mom? Dude, my mom is hot; she won a bikini contest at her workplace, man.”

“Well, my mom’s so hot she has people around town doing chores for her.”

“Man, that’s standard hot mom behaviour! Look, we’ll just go on Son Swap, okay?”

Son Swap was a Tabootopia-made spin-off on popular non-sex reality show Wife Swap. In Son Swap, sons move to a host family’s home and usually attempt to have relations with members of the household. Tabootopia also has Dad Swap, Daughter Swap and, of course, Mom Swap.

Regina and Tammie turned to look at the boys: they were both wearing dark shirts and dark trousers.

The boys shook hands.

“All right, deal, now come on; we’ll sort Son Swap out later. Right now we got work to do.”


The two boys went to the corner and started putting up lights and chairs.

“Teamsters?” said Regina.

Tammie nodded. “Yeah, they look like the guys we had on our porno shoot. Are they filming something here?”

The boys put lights above one chair and another set of lights on the other chair. The way the chairs were facing each other, it looked like the teamsters were preparing for a one-on-one-interview. Regina and Tammie watched on silently, noticing a boommike going above the set. Soon the strip club was buzzing, hushed voices and gazes averted to this corner of the club. Tammie and Regina caught titbits like, “She’s here,” “Interview,” “Live,” “Her,” “Top Mom,” and, “Oh my God her boobs are so awesome.”

Suddenly, a slim woman in a business suit approached Tammie and Regina.

“Hello.” She was a pretty 30-something Chinese woman, her skin sparkly, her smile bright, her hair tied back tightly. “May I please sit?” she said with her cute Asian accent.

“Uhh.” Regina was momentarily stunned by the sheer prettiness of this Chinese woman: it was like her whole being was full of starlight – super sexy starlight. “Umm, sure.” Regina nudged aside, as did Tammie.

“Thank you so much.” The woman sat next to Regina. For the first time in a while, Regina felt sexual intimidation, this woman’s beauty strong and ever-present.

“Hi, I’m Cynthia.” She put out her hand.

Regina shook Cynthia’s velvet-soft hand. “Hi, I’m Regina, that’s Tammie.”

“Hi.” Tammie also shook Cynthia’s hand. “Wow, smooth skin. You must be a performer.”

Cynthia gave a cute shocked expression. “Me? No, I’m the owner. Thank you, thank you for the compliment.”

Regina composed herself. “So, hey,” she said in a slightly cracked tone. “So, umm, what’s all this commotion?”

“This?” replied Cynthia. She twirled her finger and did a little airplane ‘woo’. “This is for interview. Interview with Mindy Toyboucer.”

Tammie almost leaped out of her seat. “Fuck me! Mindy is coming! Here!? Now!?”

“Who is she?” asked Regina.

“You don’t know!?” Tammie raised her voice. “Mindy Toyboucer: She’s the Queen of Self-Pleasure!”

Regina shrugged. “Fingering? That’s, like, a thing?”

Tammie waggled her finger. “Oh no, you didn’t just disparage my queen. Hey, half the stuff I use on you I learned from Mindy’s show.”

Regina gasped. “Honey Dildo?”

“Yeah, I saw her do that to herself and then I used it on you.”

Regina pursed her lips. “I love Honey Dildo… Still don’t know who this Mindy person is.”

Mindy was so awesome that she made Tammie into a fast-talking fangirl: “Seriously? How can you not know? She’s everywhere! Mindy’s Touchy Time is, like, the fifth best thing she does; she does way more than just that. She’s a model, she’s an actress, she’s all over TV, movies, magazines. She’s an empire. A brand. A mogul. And she does it all her way, too. I mean, like, she called the network and told them she wanted to do a show in which she did nothing but stick a dildo in herself for three hours. They told her to bring in some guys to fuck, and she was all, like, ‘No, I’m married, plus it’s not about that, so fuck you and give me my hours.’ And they did and – How can you not see how awesome she is?”

Regina nodded. “That’s pretty cool, I guess.”

Tammie took in some deep breaths, the perspiration trickling down her honey skin. “Fuck, I didn’t think I’d meet her so soon. I mean, yeah, I’m a champ, I’m awesome, but she’s just so, uhhh… I-I fuck and own bitches, and Mindy is totally hetero, so will she ‘get’ me? Will she like me?” Tammie rubbed her hands over her breasts, her nipples erect.

Cynthia giggled. “You’re a keen young lady.”

Tammie was panicking and felt a need to centre herself. A fresh helping of Cynthia suddenly looked much more appetising. “And you’re hot as magma, let’s fuck –” Tammie stood up.

Cynthia leaned back and shook her head. “No-no, I, ah, professional, I’m at work.”

“Oh,” Tammie sat, “keeping the sex and business separate, yeah, I can respect that.” She took another deep breath, looked at Cynthia, and said, “Reminds me of something my dad said: you can work or jerk off, but you can’t do both at once… though my work is fucking, so I’m on the clock all day, baby.” She slapped her hands together. “Woo! I’m ready.”

Cynthia put her hand over her mouth and giggled. “You’re feisty like a tiger.” She turned to Regina. “You ever see her so excited?”

“No, never.” Regina nudged closer to Tammie and kissed her cheek. “Tammie, relax. When have you ever cared what anyone thinks? You think this Mindy whatever won’t like you? Well, you know what? If she turns out to be a bitch like a lot of celebrities –,” Regina looked at Cynthia, “Shania Twain hates it when you kiss her cheek, even if you’re twelve –,” and back to Tammie, “If Mindy’s a cunt and doesn’t understand you, well, we’ll just shove the bitch in a corner and ream her.”

Tammie turned her face and gave a hard kiss to Regina’s lips. Regina’s promise of a lesbian gang rape was the most romantic thing Tammie had ever heard.

“Thanks, babe, I was being a stupid bitch. Yeah, I’m ready.” Tammie slid her thong aside and gently fingered herself. “Ready.”

Cynthia, Regina and a self-cooling Tammie chatted for a bit. Cynthia told them stories about her ex-husband and his incest family – his bad incest family, the Karlsons. They, despite their credentials, were not invited to Tabootopia. All of them were excluded, with the expectation of Cynthia. She moved into Eden Resort and started a strip club, and much to Cynthia’s joy, all her female friends and their families joined her.

“I actually knew Mindy when we were both in America,” she told the girls.

“Really?” said Tammie.

Cynthia nodded. “Yes, and now me, Selena and her family, Veronica and her family, and Mindy and her family, they are all here.”

Four minutes later and a commotion came from the doorway. A figure of a stacked blonde woman could be seen coming down. She tagged hands with the people and spoke with a friendly Midwest American accent.

“Hi guys! Hey, how’s it going? Hey, how you doing? Oh ,Cynthia!”

She rushed over in her heels as Cynthia stood up. The women hugged.

“So good to see you!” said Mindy.

“Great you came,” said Cynthia.

“Wow, you look so good, Cynthia. Hmm, I swear, sometimes, you make me think about switching teams.”

Tammie and Regina got a good look at Mindy. She was around 5’9 in heels, Caucasian, had big blonde hair, sparkly blue eyes, looked to be in her late 30s, and had great big tits. Not monster tits, the good big tits, the firm melons, the kind that men turn and look at it in the street. Great tits, atypical All-American tits: big, bouncy, and full of freedom. To complement her figure, Mindy wore a midriff-exposing pink t-shirt (‘Moms Rule’ written on the front), topping off the ensemble with classic denim blue jeans. Vintage MILF attire.

Mindy backed out of the hug and waved at the teen girls.

“Hi! Pleased to see ya!”

Tammie’s inner-fangirl had won. She had a big grin on her face and was waving with a floppy hand. “Mindy! Oh my gosh! I love you and your blonde pussy!”

Mindy pointed at Tammie and gave her a huge smile. “Thanks so much, bet yours is prettier. I’m becoming a very lowww maintenance woman.”

Tammie’s response was a glazed smile, the phrase ‘Mindy Toyboucer is my friend’ replaying in her mind.

Mindy pointed at Regina. “Wow, both you gals are so pretty, makes me just wanna stab you!” She gritted her teeth and then went back to smiling. “Oh-ha-ha-ha. See ya!”

Mindy got in her chair and let the makeup lady work on her.

Regina shrugged off the threat of being stabbed. “So, what now?”

“She is going to talk about her life,” replied Cynthia. “Being a mother, her son, those topics.”

The girls looked at each other.

“The boys should be here,” said Regina.

“Agreed,” replied Tammie.

“I’m here,” said Björn.

“Me too,” said Daniel.

The girls looked to their right and saw the underwear-clad Björn and Daniel sitting right next to them.

“Where did you two come from!?” shouted Tammie.

Daniel gave the girls a puzzled look. “Umm, this hot mom is going to talk about her life as a mother and explain her relationship with her son, which we will find to be intimate, loving, and pertinently erotic. Of course we’re going to be here!”

“Uhh, yeah,” said Björn. “Ahh, think we’ll miss that?”

“I’m here too.” Kelly waved. She was sitting at the end of the booth, next to Daniel.

“How’d you find out?” Regina asked the trio.

“We heard from Daniel’s cousin,” said Kelly. “She’s the makeup girl, see?”

A shirt and shorts-clad Teresa was putting blush on Mindy’s cheek.

“Wait, Daniel’s cousin?” asked Tammie.

“Yeah,” said Daniel. “Turns out she’s here.”

“Okay.” Regina shrugged. “It wouldn’t be the strangest thing that happened today. Hmm, Daniel, your cousin has a nice butt.”

Kelly chimed in: “Yeah, his cousin is pretty. Hey, did you know Daniel took massage therapy classes just so he could rubdown his cousin sister?” Kelly giggled.

“Not just so I could do that,” replied Daniel. “The teacher looked like Mimi Rogers and she used to practice on her son –” Daniel stopped when he saw a woman at the booth, a woman he’d admired for years, and now, here, coming from heaven and sitting right across from him… “Cynthia Karlson!” he pointed and shouted.

Björn looked and slammed his hands on the table. “Oh fuck me God it is her!”

Cynthia looked a little ticked off. “Excuse me, I am not a ‘Karlson’ anymore.”

“Oh, sorry,” said Daniel. “I just can’t believe that you, Cynthia Karlson… you’re here! Here! You! Wow!”

“She’s here!” said Björn. “Can you tell us about the sex room, Miss Karlson!?”

“Whatever happened to the Karlsons, Cynthia –?”

Cynthia silenced the boys when she slammed her fist on the table. She gritted her teeth and huffed. Cute and sexy no more, the boys had just unleashed a ton of pent-up frustration.

“You’re in my club, you boys are my guests: you do what I say and do not speak of my past when around me. Ever. The Karlsons are dead, hear me?” She put her finger across her throat. “Dead.”

The boys shivered.

“We’re very sorry,” said Daniel, feeling like he did when Miss Wyler read his short story, ‘Teacher + Boy = Sex = Good.’

“So, umm, sorry. We’ll be good,” said Björn.

The mood turned tense and awkward.

“I’m sorry.” Cynthia put her smile back on. “I just don’t like my past mentioned.” Cynthia went into her suit pocket and took out two small cards. “Here.” She slid them to Daniel and Björn.

“Cool!” said Björn.

“A Cynthia card!” said Daniel.

The name of Cynthia’s club was Ocean’s New Gazer. Along with its unique name, there were other aspects which differentiated it from regular strip clubs. One of the ways ONG set itself apart was by having its own collectable card game. Cynthia had just handed Daniel and Björn rare cards from that game: 008 Cynthia, an image of her in a white bikini.

“And, umm, it’s a shiny!” said Björn. “Thank you, Ms Cynthia.”

“Thank you, Miss Cynthia,” said Daniel in his ‘I got candy’ voice.

Cynthia giggled. “Boys… so easy to please.”

A few minutes of pleasant chitchat was followed by the arrival of the interviewer. She clopped down the room in her Air Jordan shoes, the 5’4 interviewer: Birdie. A veteran of Tabootopia TV, 23-year-old Birdie had hosted various TV shows and done many probing interviews in her own show, Birdie’s View. This part-Japanese, part-Irish cutie had creamy smooth skin, almond eyes, cropped brown hair, nice little tatas, and wore a yellow summer dress.

Birdie skipped to the interview location, waving and smiling on her way. She sat on the chair and waved at Mindy. Before they could converse, Teresa appeared and loomed over Birdie.

“It’s okay, I did my makeup already,” said Birdie

“I’m not here for that.” Teresa put her hands on Birdie’s shoulders. Teresa puckered up.

“No, no,” Birdie protested with a timid voice. “Come on, I’m not doing this. No, I said no.”

Teresa ignored her, going with her preferred method of seduction: relentless persistence.

“I just want a kiss, I just want a kiss, I just want a kiss. Just one kiss.”

Birdie put her arms up and held Teresa at bay. “Quit it, no, I’m not a lesbian.”

“Neither am I, I just want one kiss. Come on, just one kiss, come on. Just one.”

“Quit it, no, no.”

“I just want a kiss, I just want a kiss, just give me a kiss. Come on, kiss me, kiss me, kiss me.”

Teresa continued to attempt to place her lips on Birdie’s, and Birdie repeatedly pulled herself away. Teresa settled for a sloppy wet kiss on the cheek.

“You know you love it.” Teresa smirked and skipped merrily away.

“That is not professional!” Birdie waggled her finger at the outgoing Teresa. She turned to Mindy. “I’m sorry about that.”

“Don’t be. I had girls all over me at that age and I’m not gay at all.”


“Oh, babe, you got a little dribble on your cheek.”

“Oh.” She wiped. “Thanks… Okay, we can start filming now.”

A countdown went and Birdie sprung into action, speaking in her reporter voice.

“Hello, this is Birdie, and I’m here tonight to give you my bird’s-eye view on… Mindy Toyboucer!” The crowd clapped. “We’ll talk about her life, how she grew up, stories of her as a mom, plus some super-special clips that you’ll not want to miss. Welcome to Birdie’s View.”

The theme song played. Birdie picked up her clipboard and got ready to roll.

“Hi, Mindy. So good to see you.”

“Great to see you, Birdie. I like your dress, it’s cute, sexy.”

“Thank you, Mindy. You’re looking pretty hot yourself, foxy.”

Mindy put her hand into a claw and said, “Rawr! Wait, do foxes rawr?” She smirked and looked confused. “Silence. I’m losing them,” she said with a chuckle. “Umm,” she clicked her fingers, “oh! I sucked my husband’s cock this morning – and I swallowed.”

That got a cheer.

“Yeah, woo!” Mindy high-fived Birdie. “That’s how I passed all my classes when I was in school. I’d just…” She adopted a higher, more preppy voice, “‘Oh gosh, I’m just so wet today, oh so warm’ – boom: easy C.”

“Did they touch you?”

Mindy scrunched her face up. “No, I just talked in my sexy voice. Though sometimes I did have to push my boobs into their hands, like this.” Mindy stood up, pushed her chest up and ‘tripped’. Her boobs landed right in Birdie’s hands.

Mindy gasped. “Oh my gosh, you touched me! You touched me! I’m telling!”

Birdie giggled. “That’s so cool, that’s so smart. You can get your boobs off me now.”

Mindy sat back in her chair. “Only did it with the teachers that were jerks, which was all but Mr Rollins. I let him lick me for a C.”

“He licked your ‘c’ for a C!”

Mindy was confused. ‘He licked my c for a… oh! Good one. I might be showing my age when I say this, but we didn’t call our vaginas ‘cunts’ when I was growing up.”

“What did you call it?”

“I called mine ‘Fuzzy’. Funny story: I was caught humping my teddy bear, and that’s the name my brothers gave to my vagina. It stuck.”

“I think I hear people jerking off.” Birdie cupped her ear. She heard correctly.

“Oh you perverts!” Mindy chuckled.

“You have had a really interesting life. Why don’t you tell us about it, starting from the top?”

“Sure thing…”

Mindy Toyboucer was the 5th and youngest child of Polish immigrates, Maureen and Peter Toyboucer. Mindy had four older brothers and grew up in Chicago, Illinois, USA. It was a busy household, much roughhousing from the boys, and because she grew up in such a masculine environment, Mindy became quite the rambunctious tomboy.

“I only started wearing a bra when it stopped being a choice,” she informed the crowd.

As time wore on, Mindy grew (somewhat reluctantly) into womanhood. It was something she could not help, could not stop; a powerful transformation was at hand, the harbingers of this change a pair of deadly weapons, weapons that are able to cause both joy and misery in equal measure.


Mindy was blessed with her mother’s ample bosom. Soon, she noticed boys trying more elaborate tackles during football games and a massive increase in requests to play jump rope. Yet, even with her budding boobies and the all-around supple softness of her body, she still kept her tomboy personality. That personality transferred over to her views on sex.

“I was the horniest little girl you’d ever met. I fucked that bear constantly, for years and years, alone in my room, rubbing my ‘fuzzy’ till that bear just stunk.”

“And this is how you became an expert in self-pleasure?”

“Right. It got to the point I was doing it without even noticing. The tipoff point was when I was sitting with my granddad and, like, out of nowhere, he’s drooling. Now, he wasn’t, like, super old by then, but there he was on the couch, right next to me and like,” Mindy put her tongue on the corner of her lips, “‘Duhhhh’. Like a zombie, his eyes kinda just stuck out. It’s only when my mom nudged me and said, ‘Mindy, stop it.’ It was only then that I noticed that I was, yep, fingering myself. My dress was hiked up and I was plugging myself through my panties… in front of my granddad. Yeah. So you can tell I needed some help, you know, because that amount of hornyness can lead to a realllly bad path. But my mom, she got wise, she saved me from all that. She wasn’t an expert on what I was going through, but she went to people who got it, you know. Long story short, my mom talked to the nice Russian lady from across the street, and I got my very first, primitive, dildo.”

Mindy explained how the dildo kept her away from the life of a slut and how she used innovative methods to spice up her pleasure (mostly with the combo of Fuzzy Bear and Drilly Drill Drill). Over the years, her hornyness got to a manageable level, and she started seeing boys.

“I was never a slut. There were long stretches in which I was single. I never went and had casual sex. I was a good girl: I made the men earn their ticket to the fun zone.”

Going forward in this tale and we reach Mindy at twenty-five. By this age she has a stable relationship, an apartment, an easy job as a receptionist (the big tits at the front of the counter resulted in a good initial image for the company), oh and she’s just found out she’s pregnant. It wasn’t unwelcome news; she looked forward to starting a family. But then, right after her baby is born…

“My guy goes and hits the bricks. Yeah, that sucked. Thank God I had my family. I had my brothers, my mom, my dad. I knew I was going to be fine, even without a baby daddy.”

Mindy had the full support of her family when raising her son Tobias, known more commonly as Toby. And though she was in a situation most would consider as unfavourable, Mindy chose to embrace motherhood. She liked it, liked the little bundle of joy she’d been given, and also found herself agreeing with the physical changes which came with motherhood.

“I felt more like a woman, you know?” She grabbed her breasts. “These grew. I also got more ass, got more ‘booty’, you know? I was a little skinny before, but after having my son my body just went pow! Now here I am, all-woman.” She shook her shoulders and smiled.

Mom Mindy embraced her new womanly side by changing her wardrobe, going with clothing which complemented her figure, the baggy shirts and slacker jeans replaced with push-up bras and short shorts. Biggest change of all was that Mindy knew she was no longer the No.1 priority in her own life, her son more important than anything else. That meant no more partying, no more wild friends, and no more $400 shoes. Life was not about her anymore. She had a boy to support.

Mindy applied for better paying jobs and struck big when she got an interview with WGN America, a major television company. She was looking to be a PA, a job she was only partially qualified for. While in the waiting room, Mindy was looking for something to set her apart from the other candidates. During her contemplation, Mindy thought back to what she did with her male teachers. That wouldn’t work, she thought, attempting to blackmail her interviewer because he ‘accidently’ touched her special areas. So what would be the next logical step to that idea? Hmm. She put some strong thought into that.

Mindy explained: “So it’s me and this guy in this office. I’m in this buttoned-up shirt, some cleavage on display, just showing a classy amount of tit, you know?” She looked to the crowd for confirmation. “So me and him, we’re getting on, and then I just tell him: ‘Look, I’m willing to fuck you for this job.’ Fucking as in sex – with condoms, of course. I tell him I would let him fuck me if I get this job. I also told him that if he didn’t fuck me, I’d go find his boss and fuck him, and if his boss didn’t fuck me, I’d go find his boss and fuck him, and if his boss is a chick, well, I’ll go find my seventh-grade Gym teacher Miss Kyle and get tips on eating pussy because I’d fuck that female boss too. If it means I can get my son into a better school, to have the best possible life, I’d do it in a heartbeat.”

Birdie was on tenterhooks. “…And then?”

“Hmm? Oh, he came over to my place and cummed in two minutes. We spent the rest of the date watching Ghostbusters. It was a fun night.” She fluffed up her hair and grinned. “I got the job.”

Mindy saw nothing wrong with her methods. She was a mother that was determined to do her best for her son. If that meant sleeping with her supervisor, manager, regional manager, deputy director, managing director, and CEO, so be it.

“Okay!” Birdie slapped her hands on the clipboard. “Now, let’s get to the meat of this: let’s talk about your son.”

“Sure, let’s do it.”

“Now, first question: Did you have sex for your son?”

Mindy put her forefinger on her chin. “I think it was all for him, wasn’t it? I know what you mean; I’ve been asked this before. I did have sex with his principal, but just the once.” She got a ‘yuck’ look on her face. “You will not believe this jerk-off. Okay, so it’s after the PTA meeting and, of course, you’re going to want to have your son’s principal in your back pocket.”

“Of course.”

“So I’m riding him, grinding on this guy, and my little Toto comes into the bedroom in his jammies and says, ‘Mummy, I had a nightmare.’ So right away I get off the guy, go to my sweetie, let him know it’s okay… and you will not believe what this man said to my boy. He looked at my boy and said, ‘Beat it.’ You know what that got him?” She clapped her hands together and held them tightly. “Clamp! You’re gone, out, goodbye.” The people could feel Mindy tensing up. “I kicked his naked ass out of the apartment, tossed his clothes out the window, let his wiener get chilly.” Mindy did a half-salute. “See ya at the next meeting. The only man in my bed that night was my boy.”

“That’s sweet, putting your son first.”

“Heck yeah, what mom doesn’t put their kids first? Any man that’s been with me knows that. Seriously, I don’t care if you have a ten-inch cock, if you’re an ass to my kid, well, there’s the door: get the fuck out.”

Mindy was an intense mother hen. Clearly she was a mother first, woman second. Or to put it correctly, she was always a mother. As she stated, she had sex with men for her son’s benefit, including some of his teachers. Mindy noted that she didn’t give her son an unfair advantage by having sex with his teachers (“They don’t even mark the tests, someone else does that”) and was only doing what she thought she needed to do to have him on level ground with the other kids. Thanks to her intervention, Toby got an easy ride through school, male teachers keeping an eye on him, coaches getting him on any team he wanted, Toby able to pick whatever extracurricular activity was on offer. She didn’t even need to have sex with all the teachers; all Mindy did was show up to PTA meetings in full-on MILF attire: tight white t-shirts, jean shorts, and flip-flops, a pink frilly thong peeking out from the short shorts.

It wasn’t just the men who adored Mindy; the main MILF trope also applied to her: Toby’s friends thought his mom was super hot. It didn’t help that she’d open the door to them in her bathrobe, a towel, or if they got lucky, her tank top and panties. Standard hot mom behaviour, especially since the boys always came over in the morning, the time when Mindy would be the most undressed.

Mindy didn’t see this as wrong. “Jeez, those moms would complain whenever their boys saw my bare legs! Heck, what would they have done if their boys saw my nipples and fuzz?” She chuckled. “I mean, come on,” she grabbed her breasts, “they’re just boobs.”

“Yeah. You must have been so popular. Did any of the boys tease your son about him having such a foxy mom?”

“Not if I had anything to say about it! No, and if any boy did, I’d have my son’s close friends looking out for him, making sure he was looked after. My son also had the protection of his four big uncles, so no one dared hassle my kid. He had a fun childhood. I’m proud of that.”

Mindy also made sure Toby had fun at home. Part of the fun included the planning and execution of pranks, her chosen victims almost-always her son’s ever-excitable friends.

She brightened up and explained. “So, sometimes, when the boys would come over to see my son, I’d put on a fancy costume.”

Birdie had the names of the costumes Mindy wore and asked Mindy to comment on them.

Maid: “I’d pretend I was cleaning the house. Sometimes I’d dust on the door handle, bending over, letting them see a little ass. It’s not as dirty as it sounds. I mean, come on, I was giving them the G-rated version: full dress, stockings, heels. I had a triple-x version, too: pasties and a black leather thong with a white trim.”

Catwoman: “I had the Michelle Pfeiffer version, the all-over rubber suit. Their eyes popped when they saw me in that. I’d get totally into it, purring, talking with loooooongg, sexyyyyyy, drawwwwwnnnn out woooorddsss. The only issue was the heat. Fuck me! The suit was like a boiler, ugh! I had to be totally naked under that suit; I didn’t even know my nipples could get that hard.”

Nurse: “I’d open the door in my PVC outfit, white dress, hat, lipstick, the works. I’d tell them my son was too poorly to come down and play and that I was giving him all the around-the-clock attention he needed. Then Toby would come down with bandages around his crotch!”

“Your son knew about these pranks?”

“He came up with most of them! We filmed a few and my son did his computer wizardry to put them on the internet. I was ‘viral’ for a while.”

That video (of her dressed as a nurse while a group of boys cummed themselves) was one of the things that got her noticed by Tabootopia scouts, but questions about her eventual move to Tabootopia would have to be put on hold. There were more pressing matters to address.

“So, Mindy, how open were you with your son?”

“Well, I always put it like this: you know how parents tell their kids that they can tell them anything? Well, with my son, he can and has told me every issue he’s had. Like, for example, when I noticed he was getting a little more, umm… feisty. A little more… touchy with himself. I just sat him down and explained to him that he was growing up and a boy of his age needed to – Okay, some of you are thinking dirty thoughts right now.” She pointed at the crowd. “Settle down, folks, settle down …All right, so I told my son that what he was feeling was normal and if he needed to do it, the shower was the place to go, because, you know.” Mindy balled her hand, put it on her crotch and shook it. “Choo-choo-choo. Cum in the shower, goes down the drain, done and done. I swear, back when I was growing up, if my house didn’t have a shower, shoot, my brothers would’ve murdered someone!” She paused to chuckle. “Because when you’re a young boy and seeing boobs and ass and oh my God, boys are just…” She clenched her fists and did a growl. “Grrr! Just little balls of fire wanting to explode! Trust me, I know, I got a lot of masculine in me. So, yeah, I told him to cum in the shower, and it worked twofold: Calm son. Clean son.”

Tada! She did the jazz hands.

“I also made sure he got his grades up by –”

Birdie leaned forward and pointed at Mindy: “Jerking him off!”

“No! God, look at you all, jumping to these conclusions. No, what I did was, if he got good grades, was get him a men’s magazine. Maxim, FHM, Stuff, when they used to sell that. He had no computer in his room because, duh, he’d jerk himself silly if he did. So I got him safe masturbation materiel, these magazines, which were just famous women in bikinis and underwear. One of those magazines and a box of tissues was, gosh, like his Christmases all at once. I’d come home, wave the magazine in his face, and he’d light up like a Christmas tree!”

“Sounds like you two are very close.”

“Heck yeah! I was raised around boys, I know what guys are like. I can sit down with my son and talk to him like I’m one of his pals. We can tell each other anything. Like whenever I had a guy over, I’d just go up to him and say, ‘Toto, honey, I’m going to be fucking Roger tonight, so make sure you put on your headphones, kay.’ And he’d say something like (putting on a deep male voice) ‘That’s okay, Mom, because I’m going to be jacking it to, uhh, Jenny McCarthy, hurr-hurr.’”

That was an in-joke of theirs: Toby thought his mom looked like Jenny McCarthy.

Mindy went on to explain the benefits of a close mother-son relationship. For one, she knew when and with whom her son was having sex with, including what kind of sex. Yes, Mindy was able to discuss sex with her son in a frank, honest and friendly manner, going so far as to tell him the locations of the all-important g-spots. She didn’t give him a firsthand lesson, of course, just told him where it was, like a pirate drawing a visual map for a golddigger (which is how she put it).

The interview went on to go deeper into Mindy Toyboucer’s life: her move from Chicago to LA, her friendships with Selena, Veronica and Cynthia, and her relationship with her eventual husband Gerald, a relationship which brought about a lot of changes…

“I didn’t know what squirting was until I met him.”

Mindy explained how Gerald made her a ‘vag bitch’ and how, for the first time in her life, she was getting well and truly fucked. Pussy fucked. Fuzzy fucked.

Mindy slammed her fist into her palm. “Constant fuck, fuck, fuck. Shower: fucks me. Morning: fucks me. Evening and night: fucks me. No eating, just big fat cock inside me, just…” She slammed her fist again to illustrate her point. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. He fucked me.”

“He fucked you?”

“He fucked me.”

“What does that mean, you know, exactly?”

Mindy looked up and pondered. “He… fucked me? Okay, okay,” she waved her hands, “I know what you’re asking. Basically, he changed my whole view on sex. Before, I wasn’t into a guy putting it in my pussy, you know, I have a bunch of toys for that area already, but I was into him fucking me, you know, so him just getting me down and just fucking me like that, caveman style, him on top, doing me deep, sweating, pounding, ohhh. It’s controlled now, but for at least three months or more I was getting fucked three times a day – at least. I’d call him and say, ‘Well, when are you coming here to fuck me?’ I’m a little bossy like that – and he liked that. He liked I wanted it so much, and I liked that he could just – ohh! – pick me up so easily.” Her voice turned softer. “So easy… he’d just fuck me so hard and I’d cum for, ohh…” She had her fingers tickling her thighs. “Oh, sorry, got a little carried away.” She wiped her forehead. “Do I have to explain anymore?”

“No, we’re fine,” Birdie said with a little sweat dripping down her forehead.

Mindy talked about her compatibility with Gerald, how they initially connected over a shared love of ‘guy stuff’ (beer, sports, sex) and slowly went from sex buddies to becoming a couple. Gerald ticked all the boxes, including the most important one: Toby. Gerald got on very well with Toby, the two bonding while watching the perv sports (beach volleyball, women’s water polo, women’s golf).

“Gerry was all, like, concerned about fucking me in my place with my son around, but when he got to know Toby, he knew my kid was cool about me having as much fun as I wanted. That’s one of the reasons why I love Gerry: he fits into the family. One minute he’s got me twisted into a pretzel, next minute he’s playing B-Box with Toby. I love it, it’s the perfect family.”

Birdie swerved around the happy family topic and went for the jugular, a question that the perverts wanted asked.

“So, since you’re really, really close with your son, has he seen you naked?”

“Like I did a strip dance for him?”

“Uhh, yeah, that.”

“I was kidding.”


“I’m only teasing you.” Mindy reached over and squeezed Birdie’s knee. “I know what you’re asking: casual nudity, right? Well, I didn’t go around topless in the house and put these in his face.” She pointed at her tits. “But yeah, he’s seen my nipples, my vag and butt. He’s seen a lot of me on vacations –”

“Yes, yes!” said Birdie. “Now we’re finally to the bit!”

“The bit? Oh, the DVD, gotcha. Time to pay the bills.” Mindy smiled and winked at the camera.

Birdie looked into the camera. “That’s right! Right now we’re going to show you a clip from Mindy Toyboucer’s appraisal video, which is going on general release this Friday! Want to explain it?”

“So we went to Florida for vacation, me, Toby, Gerald. Now, me on the beach, that’s a wild mix. Two words: topless. Wait, that’s one word? Never mind. I’d be bottomless if the public beaches allowed it, but I’m not such a nudist that I want to go to a nude beach, you know? But anyway, as I’ve gotten, umm, more mature, I’ve changed my views on, you know, beachwear. I used to wear lots of trendy bikinis, but now I just want to, you know, walk around naked!” She flicked her hair and tilted her head to the left, a dreamy gaze in her eyes. “Free, with the wind blowing against every part of me. That’s why I love the beach here. They let you do anything here – even sex! So, anyway, I’m rambling, I’ll you watch this clip.”

“Want to set it up?”

“Oh, be surprised!”

“Roll it!”

A large flat screen was wheeled out onto the strip club stage. It was turned on and the viewers saw the interior of a hotel room. Unlike the hidden footage the Inter-Lovers had seen a day earlier, this footage was modern and of the best quality: 1080i HD, the vivid colours just pouring out of the screen. The hotel room itself had grey wallpaper, a brown door and a white-sheeted king-sized bed.

The door opened and the first to walk in was a blonde teen with spiky hair: Toby. He was 5’7, shirtless, his chest hairless, wearing board shorts and carrying two bags. He put the bags down and sat on the bed. His mom followed in, wearing a midriff-exposing white tank top with floral bikini bottoms. She took the tank top off and playfully threw it in her son’s face.

“Oh, Mom!” Toby threw it to the side, his voice high and pitchy.

“Sniff it, Son,” she said with a chuckle, her colourful bikini top covering her heaving breasts. “Uoo!” Her eyes grew wide when she felt a hard slap on her bottom. Mindy turned and said, “Gerald!”

Gerald was an atypical dom male: 6’5, 230lbs, in shorts and shirtless. His body was cut, light muscle definition on his arms, chest and thighs. Handsome too, with short wavy dark hair, his light brown skin alluding to his Italian heritage.

“Come on, babe,” he said with a deep voice. Gerald kicked the bathroom door open, put his arms around Mindy’s midsection and dragged her into the bathroom. Cut to the chic bathroom: it had dark blue tiles on the walls and floor and a spacious shower area at the far end. Mindy and Gerald wasted no time when starting the fun, stripping on their way to the glass-encased shower. Gerald’s thick 9 inches came into view, as well as Mindy’s big boobs and surprisingly un-groomed bush. When inside the shower, he stood behind her, raised his large arms and turned the faucet on. She turned around, he lowered his head and they began to kiss loudly, fervent passion flowing down, up and within them.

The timestamp started at 8:09am. The video fast-forwarded and showed the couple fucking through the minutes. At 8:23am, Toby fell asleep on the hotel bed. While he slept, his mom and Gerald kept going at it, going into different positions: him behind her, her against the wall, him holding her up, them on the floor with her riding him, her sucking him while on her knees, a standing 69, and an on-the-floor 69. At 12:30pm, the couple noticed that the bathroom had a chair. They put that inside the rectangle shower area and she rode him while he sat, switching between reverse cowgirl and traditional cowgirl. At 2:23pm, they’d gone back to standing and were doing something that made all their previous sex acts look tame in comparison: they were using the shower to clean their bodies.

Mindy and Gerald stood side-by-side as they rubbed soap on themselves. Gerald focused on his cock, stroking it slow and easy.

Mindy noticed. “Hey, show off!” She gave him a butt bump.

“You could help, babe.”

Mindy smiled and put both hands on his piece. “Oh like this, baby!” she said in her best porn star voice.

2:25pm: a little box in the corner of the screen showed the bedroom. Toby had woken up. In his groggy state, he stood up, shuffled to the bathroom, turned the doorknob and…

“Oh yeah, baby, look at me stroke it, yeah, you love it when I stroke your big fat – Toby!”

Toby did a double-take and then jumped behind the door.

“I’m sorry, Mom.”

Mindy let go of Gerald’s cock. She blushed. “Sorry, Toby! You must have thought we were out…”

“Yeah,” Toby said while looking at the floor. “Sorry, I’ll wait for you guys to be… yeah.”

Before Toby closed the door, Mindy shouted, “Wait, hold on, Toby: Does this place charge for hot water?”

“Uhh.” He looked around the room. He spotted a chart. “Yeah, they do. By the hour.”

“Fuck!” shouted Mindy. “Fuck, fuck, oh, uhh, Toby, come take your shower now.”

“You’re kidding me, Mom.”

“Does it sound like I’m kidding? Get in here, now! Come on!”

Mindy grabbed the soap and hurriedly cleansed herself. “Where’s the shampoo? Where’s the conditioner? Fuck.”

“Relax, babe,” said Gerald. “We’ll pay.”

Mindy’s watch-every-dime upbringing was not allowing her to relax. “Just shut up and shower!” She sniffed him. “Fuck, you smell like my cum and your cum! Hurry up and get clean!”

Toby stepped into the chaos, timid and shy over the fact he was seeing his naked, soapy mother. He got right next to the shower and froze. Mom was naked. Mom was naked. Her body was there. All of it. She was not wearing clothes. She had no clothes on. She had no clothes on and was naked. He was stuck in a loop.

Mindy looked at her entranced son. She knocked on the glass. “Hello? Earth to Toby?” She grabbed her wet breasts. “These, these are tits, and this?” She parted her legs and showed her vagina. “This is my fuzzy – my pussy. Okay? Now get the fuck in here, I’m not kidding around.”

“Yes, Mom.” Toby took his shorts off and walked in with his hands over his cock, the hard and hot water pressure making him yelp. Thankfully, his mom and Gerald didn’t hear him, they too concerned with rubbing ejaculate off themselves.

Toby stood next to Gerald. Toby was used to this sight, having showered with Gerald after gym visits. What Toby was not used to was seeing what his mom had to offer. His mom was wet, naked, sweaty, dripping with lady liquids – oh, and she was hot, and therefore making Toby’s penis go erect. Awkward~.

Mindy and Gerald soaped themselves up. A minute later and Toby got the courage to put his arm out, brush past Gerald’s back and grab a bar of soap. He washed his chest while keeping his right hand on his cock.

Mindy spotted her son and groaned. “Jeez, Toby, get your cock out!”

Toby froze. “Come on, Mom.”

“Toby, I’ve taught you better than that. Come on, body confidence, let it just hang, go on.”

Gerald swiftly brushed his hand against Toby’s concealing arm. “Oops, oh, look, your cock is out.” He chuckled. “Come on, seriously, we’ve showered after sports.”

Toby’s voice was lower than usual. “Yeah, I know, but that’s us guys, that’s okay, I mean, like… Mom.”

Mindy paused while soaping herself up. She couldn’t believe what she’d heard. She turned and stood next to Gerald, her hands on her hips as she looked at her son. “And what’s so wrong about seeing me naked?”

“I-I, is it not… wrong?” he said as small trickles of soapy water went down his mother’s glorious melon-sized breasts.

“What? No! Toby, look at me. Come on, no kidding, look at me.”

Permission to look made it easier to gawp at his mother’s Playboy-worthy figure.

And with the water roaring down on her and her body gleaming under the afternoon sun, Mindy said, “Be honest, Toby: are my tits giving you an erection?”

She didn’t need to wait for a response: one look down made the answer clear.

“I, ugh, fuck, yes,” he said.

“Well… duh!? You’re a boy, and I got great tits.” She did a little jiggle and a silent ‘woo’ to celebrate. “What you’re feeling is a normal human reaction!” She cupped her hands to her mouth and repeated: “A normal human reaction!”

He blushed. “Mom, it’s just… you’re my mom”

“What? You think having your cock out will mean it will go inside one of my holes?”

Toby put his hands over his cock, as if to protect it. “Oh, Mom, that’s gross!”

She put her hands up. “Who taught you nudity is wrong? My mom showered with me and my brothers because she had to. You’ve seen pictures of your grandma when she was my age; hot, wasn’t she? Do you think my brothers got hard when looking at her? Of course they did! They jerked off in the shower when they saw mama’s knockers!”

“To you as well,” said Gerald.

“To me as well,” she said with a proud nod. “It’s what boys do: they’re chimps with constant hard-ons. So what you got hard over me? So what? It’s normal…” She looked to correct herself. “It’s our normal. My boobs are a stimulant, you know, you’re hard right now because I’m, well, hot. You getting all stiff over me has nothing to do with me being your mother, you know that, you know it’s something you can’t help.”

For Toby, it all clicked into place. “Oh… yeah, okay. Thanks, Mom.” He put his hands down and rubbed soap over his nether regions.

Gerald slapped Toby’s back. A ‘hey-well-done-on-getting-over-your-mom’s-hotness’ slap on the back. Toby smiled.

There was two minutes of silence as the family focused on their own bodies.

“Hey, you know those rap music videos?” said Mindy.

“Hmm, yeah,” said Gerald.

“I do, Mom,” said Toby.

“You know those women in those videos?” asked Mindy.

“Yeah, they’re hot.” Gerald gave a big smile and nudged Toby.

“Yeah, real hot,” replied Toby.

“Well…” With her back to her son, Mindy turned her head… and a devilish grin appeared on her face. Mindy stood still, and with an almost magical power, she got her butt to… dance!

“Did you know I could do a booty shake, Son!?”

Toby looked and had all the breath escape from his mouth: his 40-something suburban white mom was booty popping. Toby could hardly believe that his own mother had such perfect control of her butt muscles, making them dance, shake, jiggle, shimmy – oh: he just got a blood red hard-on. From his mom.

Gerald grinned. “Shake it, baby, shake it!” He slapped Mindy’s powerful butt, the hard wet smack reverberating around the room. That only made it harder for Toby.

Mindy was laughing hysterically. She went into Gerald’s arms and he hugged her, her face in his hairy chest and his hands on her butt.

Though he didn’t want to, Toby found his hand going to his instrument. He couldn’t jerk it in front of his mom, even if she was the one who caused him this discomfort.

“Mom… may I be excused?”

“Hmm? Do you want to jerk off, Toto?”

“Yeah, Mom,” he said while fidgeting with his hands.

She smiled. “Go on, have a treat, hump a pillow.”

“Mom,” he said with a red face. “I haven’t humped a pillow since I was… and you don’t need to let Gerald know.”

“Why not? He should know your little foibles.”

“Pillow humping? Nice.” Gerald gave Toby a fist bump. “I used to fuck the bed. Not as in fuck women on the bed: I’d hump a bed, like literally have sex with the bed.”

“Of course you would, at that size.” Mindy grabbed Gerald’s cock.

“Oh, baby.” Gerald’s hands squeezed Mindy’s butt cheeks.

“Okay, I’ll be… yeah.” Toby dashed out of the bathroom. He then rushed into the bedroom, found a pillow, and laid on top of it. Toby got his hands and knees in position, slid his privates on the soft velvet, and within seconds he was sputtering all over the duvet covers. Right at the same time, inside the shower, Mindy jerked Gerald’s cock and shot his load right onto the shower wall, the resulting impact a loud ‘dun’.

In synchronization, the three of them said, “Ah!”

Fade to black.

The people in the club clapped. “Bravo, bravo!”

“That was so amazing,” said Birdie.

“Yeah, that was nice, you know, being naked with my man and my son. It’s really about… the intimacy, you know? The feeling of having nothing between us, no clothing, no secrets, you know?”

“Being open and free, right?”

Mindy clicked her fingers. “Right! You get it. Some guys just don’t. They’re all, like (adopts deep male voice) ‘Do you like your son’s cock? Hurr-hurr.’ I’m all, like, ‘Uhh, you guys don’t get it at all.’”

Birdie looked for a way to divert the conversation, so as to not offend the incest fanbase. “We got another clip, want to see?”

“Sure, less work for me.”

The attention of the room went back to the big screen. An interior of a house was shown. The sun was coming down on this stylish, wide open living area. A TV was on the far end, shelves between it, couches on the sides. A king-sized mattress was on the floor. Gerald was lain out on the mattress, on his front, all stretched out and fully naked. Sitting on his back was Mindy. Apart from the band in her hair, she too was fully naked. She had a bowl of oil to her left, put her hands in it, and rubbed the oil on her man’s back.

“Ohhhhh baby, that’s so awesome,” he said while in a dreamy haze.

“Yeah, enjoy it, you’re never getting this again.” Mindy rubbed her man’s large shoulders.

“Jets beat Bears.”

“I don’t need you reminding me!” She dug her hands into his shoulder blades.

“Bet’s a bet, babe,” he said with a content smile.

“Yeah, yeah.” Mindy sighed, gave a little smile, and rubbed her hands into Gerald’s back, the hot oil seeping right into his skin.

While Mindy went hard on her man’s thick and manly back muscles, the front door opened.

“Mom, I’m home – Oh Mom what the fuck is this!?” Toby used his backpack to cover his face.

“I lost a bet,” she said with a very calm and measured tone.

Toby was instantly covered in sweat, and his shorts did nothing to hide his true feelings.

“In the fucking living room? Why are you not in the bedroom?”

Mindy looked at him with a plain expression. “And get my bed all dirty with these oils? No thanks.”

Toby squinted, shifted his head to the side and looked, just to make sure: yep, even while squinting and her being blurry, he could tell she was naked. He looked back at his backpack.

“Why are you naked?” he asked timidly.

“You think I want my clothes to get dirty? Dry cleaning is not free.”

She was foolproof. Toby had no comeback.

Gerald snickered silently. He tapped on Mindy’s thigh and pointed at Toby’s boner.

Mindy held in her giggles. She’d just got another devilish idea. She took a breath and did her best ‘mummy’ voice.

“Toby? Son? Toto? Are you upset, dear?”

Her concern made him feel guilty for his outburst – yes, him, guilty over the fact that his mother decided to be naked in the living room.

“No, Mom, I was just surprised that you’d, you know, be naked and that.”

“Son, let me see you, I want to see you’re okay. It’s okay, you can show me your face.”

Toby moved his backpack aside. “Really, Mom?” He squinted and saw a blurry outline of his nude mummy and her naked man.

“Son, come on, just let me see your face, let me see that you’re fine.”

He opened his eyes and looked right at her. Then, not a millisecond later…

“Want to be next!?” She rubbed the oil on her tits and flapped her tongue around her lips. “Uhh, baby! Come on, you’ve been a good boy, come on, come on, baby! Let Mummy oil you up!”

“MOM!” Toby tossed his bag down and dashed into his room.

Mindy giggled hysterically. Gerald chuckled.

“God, you’re so bad, baby,” he said.

“Oh, I know, I know… but I just couldn’t help myself.” She shrugged.

“You know he’s jerking off.”

“Oh shoot.” She raised her voice and addressed her son. “Toby! Toby! If you’re gonna jerk off, use the tissues I put in the closet!”

“Shut up, Mom!”

Then, not two seconds later, Toby’s door opened. He rushed to the adjacent closet, took the tissues, and then went back into his room.

Mindy then remembered something else. “Toby! Toby! Use the magazine which has that Desperate Housewife on the cover: I’m going to throw that one out because it’s old and sticky!”

“Fuck! Shut up, Mom! I’m trying to jerk –…okay, Mom…”

Mindy shook her head. “Teenagers.”

Gerald grinned. “So, while he’s having his fun…” He turned himself over and instantly had Mindy leap up. She looked down and saw her man’s gleaming, hard, red cock. Mindy looked at it like a little girl who’d just found a box of sweets. She licked her lips, lowered herself down and used the slickness of the oil to let the cock slide right in. She put her hands on his hard, slippery chest and hummed loudly.

“Oh fuck me so hard –” She paused to go back into Mom Mode. “Toby, don’t leave your room, okay?”

“Okay,” he said while in a much better mood, having just used Teri Hatcher’s breasts as target practice.

Mindy went back to her man. “Oh fuck me so hard, fuck me.”

Gerald nodded, put one hand on her hip and put his other on the back of her head. With effortless ease he pulled her down and kissed her lips. As their lips were locked, she swivelled her hips.

“Oh baby.” She tore the band from her hair and let her blonde locks flow. Mindy proceeded to ride Gerald for a good, long while, Mindy’s yoga classes having improved her staying power.

On screen, the couple’s actions were relegated to the picture-in-picture on the bottom left corner. The main shot was on Toby’s room. He was naked and reclining on his spinning chair, content with the finish, using the tissues to wipe away the white mess. As he did, he saw something quite… peculiar. He looked down and saw, to his amazement, that his piece was not deflated, not down, but going up. Way up.

Another load was building.

Unfathomable, he thought, because he knew, as a veteran masturbator, that ejaculation is always followed by a sense of closure. Like the credits in a movie, the finish is always the finish. Sure, sometimes you’d get a short one-minute post-credits scene (a Nick Fury, as he called it) but that was just a quick ‘uhh’ after the ‘UHH’. This was not that. This was a full-blown pop-another-in-the-player-because-I-want-more boner.

Toby grabbed himself and tugged to confirm. Yep, hard again, naturally. But, instead of thinking about what was going on (which is a difficult task for any erect male) he just shrugged off this anomaly and looked for a way to soothe his encore. He went with the FHM on his desk, picked up the tattered magazine, and then decided to let it retire with dignity. More cum on Teri’s face would only cheapen her beautiful glow. Toby opened his drawer to see what he had in reserve. He flipped through his magazines and settled on one he’d not jerked to in a while: March 2003 FHM, the Baywatch Blowout issue. He’d used his savings to buy this one on eBay, and for all the releases it had given him, it was well worth the shipping and handling.

Toby took it out, got to the bikini pages, and held the top of the magazine with his left hand. He jerked off with his right hand and skilfully used his left fingers to flip through the pages. He settled his focus on Pamela Anderson. Whilst jerking to Pam, Toby thought about something which he’d never really thought about before: the fact that Pamela has sons. Here she was, Pamela Anderson, sexy, hot, still making money with her body, and yet she had sons at home while she did all this. Were they okay with all those commercials, bikini shoots and sex tapes? What happens if one of them is alone at home and Baywatch is on? Do they… watch? Do they watch the iconic and defining beauty of the ’90s skip down the beach in her tight one-piece? Do they get turned on by it? Well, that’s what the purpose of the show is: jerking off. It’d make sense that those boys would get hard when watching Baywatch, watching Nicole Eggert, Yasmine Bleeth. Their mom.

What if, and this is just a ‘what if’, one of Pam’s sons is watching Baywatch, finds himself jerking off to Gena Lee Nolin, and while in mid-masturbation, from stage left comes MOM! What would Pamela’s son do if his mom came on screen while he was in the middle of jerking off? Does he keep going? Toby knew he would, even if Pamela Anderson was his mom. Heck, even if it was his own mom in a red one-piece, Toby would happily jerk off –

That thought struck him like a lightning bolt.

That’s when it became clear to Toby. That’s when he knew what caused his erection. His hard-on didn’t come from a magical force: it came from his mom. His own mother. How did he take this disturbing revelation?

Toby slapped his forehead. “Duh, of course, Mom.” He shook his head with a sly smile.

Toby smiled while hearing his mother’s soft moans. Yes, he’d heard her when he was jerking off, had before and will again. But he’d been using her as background noise, thinking of her as an accompaniment to the main course. But he was wrong: she was the main ingredient.

And she always had been.

With his hand on his cock and his heart going at a louder and faster pace, tingling Toby entered into a den of sexual introspection. Even as a first-time visitor, he immediately knew the purpose of this sex-fuelled place: it was a place where he could explore, find answers, and discover things about himself he may (or may not) want to know. This was all very new to Toby. He’d never explored his innermost feelings before. Jerking off was always just something he did on pure instinct, no thought involved. To him, jerking off was a task which got rid of his monkey madness, something as routine as brushing his teeth.

At this moment, Toby learned that his mind was not ‘on’ during his previous jerking sessions. Before, when something turned him on, whether it be the girls’ water polo team, Sarah Shahi in a thong, or his own mother’s oiled-up breasts, he’d just look at it, confirm his erection, and go deal with it. Done and done. He never thought about why he was jerking off, just focused on doing it and being done.

This moment was not like that. Now he was lucid. His erect member was a lever, and Toby was pushing all the way down on it, getting set to step into some very dangerous territory.

“Hold on,” he whispered. “Am I getting hard while listening to my mom have sex? Wait, yeah, duh, of course.”


Toby shivered. He didn’t expect that.

“Why? Because it’s sex. Sex is hot.”

‘Is it because your mom is having sex?’

“What? No, it could be anyone having sex. It just so happens to be my mom doing it. Hey, it’s not like I’m hard over Mom; the sex turned me on, not her.”

‘Revelation time: you’re hard because it is your mom having sex. This is about her. It’s all about her.’

That hit him. Toby wriggled in his chair, hand still on cock.

“No, it’s not like that; I don’t want to have sex with my mom.”

‘You… speak the truth.’

Phew, that was a weight off his back. Toby knew he didn’t want to have sex with his mom, but having it confirmed was still nice. Yet, there was still a big issue to consider.

‘You got hard because she is your mom. Your mother is the reason you get hard. If you don’t believe me, just look, look around and tell me your mom is not the key part of all this.”

Right away, Toby’s eyes darted down, to the drawer of magazines.

‘How hot is it,’ it said, ‘that your mom bought you those magazines?’

Toby shivered.

‘Remember when she used to buy them for you? When she’d come home and wave them in your face. When she’d tell you to go do your homework in exchange for five minutes with that month’s Maxim?’

Toby agreed. Toby agreed wholeheartedly. Without noticing, he was furiously jacking himself while looking at the stack of magazines. He let the voice keep going.

‘You love that she’s so open about sex with you. You love it when she used to ask you if you ‘pulled it’ before school. Toby, your mother has influenced you, has been what you built all your fetishes on. She’s the key piece. Sure, you know her body is a turn-on – but if she wasn’t your mother, if she was just some random woman, you’d not have the same feelings for her. You like jerking off to your mom because she is your mom. You like it because it’s…’

“Taboo,” they said in unison.

Toby’s chest tightened, his arms strained, his muscles tensed, his legs shook. His mom was the key ingredient to his masturbatory fun. He knew this to be true. It felt wrong… and yet so, so good. His mother turned him on. Not just her tits, ass and bush: her, her everything got him hard. His mom turned him on – good and proper. Repeating this information to himself got him ready, steady, and with only three more strokes he was letting out the biggest stream he’d ever produced. He let it shoot up, to his chest and down his legs.

“Oh God.” Toby slumped in his chair and took a breath. Before his interior voice left, it said this: ‘Your mother has played a key role in your sexual development. Want a quick test of this theory? Think of the women you most like to masturbate to and compare them to your mother.’

“Damn, wordy for an interior voice, aren’t you?” Toby muttered.

Toby did what the voice said and found that the women he most liked were: blonde, in their 30s to 40s, and busty…

Toby decided that his ideal girlfriend would be slim and Asian; that way he’d have less chance of moaning ‘Mom’ during sex.

“Okay.” Toby stood up and looked for his pants. When clothed, he picked up his Xbox controller and went back to that. Five minutes later and with headphones in his ears, he felt normal again, which summed up all his feelings on the subject: normal.

Back to the sex.

“Oh fuck me!” Mindy shouted while she rode her man.

Gerald was holding Mindy’s hips as she was cumming.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, ohhhh fuck!” She put her legs apart. “No, fuck, fuck, no, fuck!” She felt her female ejaculate brimming up. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.” All she needed was a little push to take her to the next level. When Gerald’s thumbs pushed down on her hips, she felt herself ascend.

“Fuck!” Ka-pow! A powerful stream flew out of her and hit the wall. “UH! Uh! Uh!” Mindy’s moans got deep, hard, strong. She got her legs further apart, slid her toes on the mattress, and let more shots hit the wall: Pow, pow, pow. Her body then crumbled, and she fell on top of sticky Gerald. He quickly seized the advantage and used his left hand to put his cock back in her. That tipped her well over the edge.

“OH GOD!” Mindy felt herself vibrate, this megaton electronic shock making all of her body shake, legs and booty especially. “UH! UH! UH! UH!” Her vagina violently slammed into her man’s cock with hard and powerful force, harder than she wanted, not that she had any say in it: Mindy’s body was no longer taking commands from her. Orgasmia was in charge now.

“Uhhhhhhhh!” Mindy took out Gerald’s penis, fell on his chest, and felt a smoother stream flow out from her. Ever the lady, she then grabbed her man’s cock and squeezed out all his sex liquid, his orgasm a more serene, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!”

“Hmm.” Mindy closed her eyes and snuggled up to her man, placing her cheek on his broad manly chest. He smelt like man.

“We totally need to do this again,” she said with a hum.

“Yes, babe.”

Mindy smiled and rubbed her hand on Gerald’s chest. “I’ll ask Selena for some more oils.”

“Yeah, babe, gotta do more of this oil sex.”

They lay there quietly for a few minutes, letting the orgasms settle in. Mindy wrapped her legs around Gerald’s and nudged the top of her head on his chin.

“Hmm… Did I screamgasm?” she asked while in a sexy daze.

“Yes, loudly.”

“Fuck… Toby’s gonna rip me for that.”

“It was worth it.”

“Yeah, it was… must have sounded a little dorky though.”

“I thought it was sexy. Primal.”

“Umm, well, yeah.”

Gerald wrapped his arms around Mindy and they snuggled some more.



“Did I cum?”

“Yes, babe.”

“No, I mean,” she opened her eyes and looked at him, “did I squirt?”

“Yeah, babe.” He looked at the wall. “Hard. It was hot.”

Mindy looked at the wall. Her eyes immediately got wide. “Fuck me!” She stood up, dashed over and examined it. “Oh, fuck, not on the wall. Fuck! It’s on the floor, too!” She put her hands through her hair and sighed. “Fuck!”

Gerald put his hands up. “It happens, babe.”

“I really hope this doesn’t stick to the wallpaper, I don’t want the house smelling like my jizz… fuck!” Mindy rubbed her chin, pointed her thumb at the wall and looked at Gerald. “You think it be weird if I made Toby clean this?”

“Yeah.” He nodded. “That would be weird.”

“Yeah,” she conceded. “I think a towel and spray will clean this up.” She then sniffed her armpits. “Oh, I reek! I need a shower first.” She turned to Gerald. “Alone! I need to get clean, got work in an hour. Don’t wanna go in smelling like cum and sweat.”

“Suits you, babe.”

Mindy grabbed her pussy and smirked. “Lick this once in a while and see how many sales you make.”

“Is that an offer?” He sat up.

“No, no!” Mindy backed away. “I mean it. I’m not fucking and showering, it’s not hygienic. Come on, we’re a family, let’s go make the bacon.” She slapped her hands together. “Gerry, get your prep done for that place, make that sale, come on, Mama needs that new stove.”

Gerald put his hand on his chest and did a little bow. “I’ll do it for you, babe.”

Mindy grinned. She then cupped her hands in front of her mouth and did the loudest whisper ever: “Do it and I’ll suck honey from your cock!”

Gerald stood right up. “Okay, where’s my laptop?” He picked up his bag, took his laptop out and went to go sit on the couch.

“No, no, Gerry, don’t sit down! You’re covered in oils, cum and my cum! Sit on the mattress.”

“Sure, babe.” He sat on the comfy white mattress, put his glasses on and went to work.

Mindy walked down the hallway and knocked on her son’s door. “Toby? Toby? Are you still jerking off?”

“No, Mom, I cummed already. Jeez, you think I just jerk off all day?”

Mindy gave a hardy chuckle as she went to the bathroom.

“No, Toby, but that’s sure as shit what I’d do.”

Fade to black. The audience claps.

Birdie raised her hands towards Mindy and clapped. “Well done, well done!”

“Oh stop, you’re making me blush.”

“Amazing. So, where are Gerald and Toby right now?”

“Umm, Toby’s in college and Gerald sells houses, while me, I am a model and actress in this little hidden island. Ya know, the usual.”

“Yeah, the usual! So it looks like we’re out of time. Thanks so much for coming. Anything you want to say to the people at home?”

“Yes.” Mindy puffed up her hair and did her husky porn voice. “Toby, you watching? Son, dear, I want you to rub your cock tonight! Do it while thinking of me, do it while thinking of your mom. Yeah, rub that cock,” she pushed her chest up, “and think about cumming all over Mummy’s tits and,” she went back to her regular voice, “study, go to all your classes, have fun and remember to call me once in a while.” She put back on the porn voice. “And for my man Gerald, hmm, come home early tonight because I can’t wait to suck your big fat cock,” and again back to her normal voice, “but only if you bring home the bacon – actual bacon – and remember to walk the puppy.” She addressed the crowd. “Do you want to guess the name of my new puppy?”

“Fuzzy!” they shouted.

“Aw, you guys!”

“Thank you so much for your time, Mindy.”

“My pleasure.”

Birdie looked into the camera. “Thanks for watching, we hope you all enjoyed the show. Next week, Birdie flies! In a special two-hour edition, I will be venturing out to Canada! Watch me bring a little bit of Tabootopia to this part of the world! Bye, everyone! Bye, Mindy!”

Mindy waved. “Bye!”

Cue outro music and that’s a wrap. The lights in the club went back on.

At the table of the International Lovers of Sex, Style and Sleep, the females looked dazzling, soft, sexy and sparkling. On the flipside, the two boys looked like they’d run a marathon: they were sweaty and very out of breath.

Kelly looked at Daniel and shook her head. “Seriously!? In front of all these people? And all these girls? And me?”

“The-the-the context of the mom-son relationship,” he said with clattering teeth, the cool air from the AC making him shake.

Björn nodded. “I, umm, I want to meet Toby. Umm, he was jerking to magazines his mother had bought him. Oh my gosh, umm, ahh.”

Daniel looked at his friend. “Just when I thought I’d seen every angle – a new one comes along!”

“Yes, yes.” Björn nodded.

Cynthia gave her diamond smile to the two underwear-clad boys.

“You can go use my shower.”

“Oh, thanks, I’m okay like this,” said Daniel.

“You can go use my shower.”

“Ahh, no need, thank you,” replied Björn.

“…You can go use my shower.” She pinched her nose and waved her hand in front of her face.

They got the message.

“All right.” Daniel shuffled past Kelly, as did Björn.

Daniel looked at Cynthia. “Where is –”

“Past the stage. Go on, you may meet strippers.”

“Sweet!” shouted Björn. “Now, Daniel.”


“I, umm, just got an idea: a, umm, son jerks off to a Maxim his mom bought him – and she is the Hometown Hottie!”

“That’s awesome! It has its roots in this new fetish: mothers providing masturbation material in a setting which is rooted in normalcy.”

“Ahh, yes!”

They high-fived and immediately regretted it.

“Let’s discuss this!” said Daniel.

“Umm, yes,” replied Björn.

Kelly pouted. “Dorks.”

Cynthia smiled. “They boys.”

“Yeah, dorky boys – oh, can I have a milkshake with extra sprinkles?” she said to a passing waitress.

While Kelly made her order, Cynthia looked to her right and saw Regina and Tammie being uncharacteristically quiet. Regina and Tammie had glazed looks as they silently watched their prey, watching her walk, chat, sign autographs, and occasionally kiss a cheek or two.

They were on the hunt.

Cynthia stood up. “Bye, all of you. I have to get back to work.”

“Bye, Ms Cynthia,” said a cheery Kelly.

“Bye,” Regina said while keeping her eyes locked on her blonde bouncy target.

“See ya,” Tammie said with a slithery whisper.

Cynthia went back to her office. As soon as she was gone, the girls shuffled out of the booth and stood up. They adjusted their bikinis and walked towards Mindy.

Mindy was on her knees and fluffing a boy’s hair. “Why aren’t you just a handsome little tyke? Come on, give me one, right here.” She pointed at her cheek. The boy planted one on her. “Aw you little stud, you.” Mindy hugged him, let him get some primo boobage, then stood up and got thanked by his parents. “Thanks for the support, thanks, bye – oh!” She bumped into Regina and Tammie. “Why if it isn’t my favourite bi-racial lesbians! Oh look at you, you’re in bikinis, wow.” Her eyes went to Regina’s breasts. “Oh my God, look how perky those are, gosh.” Then to Tammie’s abs. “Oh you’re making me so jealous with these bodies. So, what can I do for ya? Want a picture…?”

Tammie stepped forward. “I just wanna say… that you’re so awesome!” Tammie grinned. “Your use of the Jet Rammer Twelve really taught me a lot, so much.”

“Thanks! JR Twelve still lacks the punch, you know? It goes ‘brr’ instead of ‘bizzz’. I want a ‘bizzz’ machine, not a ‘brr.’”

Mindy explained her fully scientific pleasure methods, Tammie ahhing and umming. Regina interjected with a few ‘that can go there?’ queries. Kelly also joined in and asked about Mindy’s grooming regime (“It’s a jungle sometimes,” was Mindy’s response, though she did appreciate Kelly’s styling tips).

“Hey, I gotta get going,” said Mindy. “Wanna get home before my man does; feel like doing it doggy tonight, over the sink, dishwasher giving me a little extra kick. See ya, Tammie, Regina, Kelly. You gals stop by my office; we’ll get something done together.”

“I’d love that,” replied Tammie.

“Thanks, Miss Mindy,” said Kelly.

“Yeah, thanks.” Regina shrugged.

“You gotta stop shrugging,” said Mindy. “It can’t be good for your shoulders.”

“Yeah, maybe –” Regina stopped herself mid-shrug. “Yeah…”

“Bye!” Mindy went up the stairs and out of the club.

A little while later, Björn and Daniel returned.

“Aw, we missed Mindy,” said Daniel. “But we got these shirts.” Daniel pointed to his and Björn’s baby blue Ocean’s New Gazer t-shirts. The shirts had the company name in bubble letters, an animated Cynthia winking behind the logo.

Kelly grabbed Daniel’s arm and walked with him.”Come on, Daniel. We’re going to the hotel.”

“You okay, Kelly?”

They climbed up the stairs.

“Well, it’s…” She blushed. “You spent most of your time with Björn, your jerking buddy. I mean, not me? You’d rather jerk off with him than spend time with me?”

“Aw, Kelly.” Daniel kissed the top of her head, looked behind him and saw Björn ogle the bikisisini-clad TamGina.

“Kelly, Björn and I are not going to be able to spend much time together when we get to NBU. Me and him will be doing different things, different courses, while me and you, we’ll be living together. We got our own place; we got lots and lots of time to be with each other. So, for today, I thought I’d hang out with my best friend because we won’t get that much time when college starts.”

“Aww.” Kelly melted. They opened the door. They squinted when hit by the powerful rays of the sun. “You’re looking out for your crazy little buddy. That’s so sweet.”

Daniel went with that. “Yes, that’s it. Also, with Björn not around us anymore, we can go back to doing boyfriend-girlfriend sex, the kind that grosses him out.”

“Really? Like flower petals, lotions, costumes – massages!”

“Hush, let’s save it for later.”

“Ooohhh, Daniel.” Kelly rubbed her cheek on his arm, happy as happy could be.

Back in the club, Regina, Tammie and Björn got ready to go. They walked towards the stairs – and then stopped when they saw something going on under the staircase. There was Teresa, tall, sexy and proud, exchanging saliva with another female. The teens stepped closer, the kissing sounds getting louder and more tense.

“That’s…” Regina recognized the other girl from the tone in her moan, having just heard her speak for an hour or so.

“Birdie!” shouted Björn.

Birdie stopped, looked at the teens, wiped her mouth, and did a little huff.

“Oh… she wore me down, okay?”


Back in the hotel, Regina and Tammie sadly wore shirts and shorts over their bodies, Kelly putting a shirt over her body as well. Daniel and Björn discovered pants and used those to cover their war-hero underwear.

The teens were already packed, their backpacks at the door. Before they got going, they relaxed and sat around the bed, chit-chatting. Whilst they did, Björn went on his laptop and visited the official NBU website.

“Oh wow, umm, look!” He turned his laptop and showed everyone the front page of the website.

The headline read: “It is official: Tammie Kwon and Regina Cestin are coming to New Babylon University!”

Accompanying the headline was a professionally done porn-style nude picture of Tammie and Regina: they were covering their breasts and standing butt cheek-to-cheek.

Björn was impressed. “Umm, wow, you two are a big deal.”

Regina sighed. “So embarrassing…”

Tammie puffed her chest up. “Duh, of course I get star treatment. I’m a star.”

Daniel took the laptop, clicked the image and began reading the opening paragraph of the story. “Tammie Kwon and Regina Cestin are due to arrive shortly on campus, having recently completed their induction challenge. They were accompanied by two boys and a cute and sexy girl known as Kelly Vanderbosch. We are proud to welcome all five of these students to our prestigious establishment and are very eager to give them a full NBU welcome! Also, as of right now, tickets are available for the upcoming NBU event, ‘Tammie vs. Polly II’.”

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