OMG! I adore my father. He is not only handsome but he is so loving and caring, my protector, my daddy. He treats me like a princess and spoils me rotten. I know he is very sexual and a bit of a sexual deviant and a pervert in the way he treats my mom. My mom is a bit of a flirt and a sexually liberal woman. I bet she experimented a lot in college, I can just tell. We are not very shy with clothes around the house and my parents are not really sexually secretive either. Like the other day, I was home and they fucked in the laundry room. Last year I almost walked in on them while they were fucking against the kitchen island on their anniversary. My dad grabs my mom’s ass almost every time they kiss right in front of me and a couple times I have noticed that my mom is jacking my dad off under the blanket while we are all watching a movie. I actually think that my parents are my role models for a perfect relationship. Although I am only 18 going on 19, I know that I want my man to be just like my dad and I can only hope that I look as sexy and hot as my mom when I am her age. On many different occasions I have heard my mom call her husband “daddy.” Like “What is daddy getting for his precious daughter for her birthday this year,” or “hey daddy where are you taking your sexy girls for dinner tonight,” or “come here big daddy let me give you a hug,” or when they don’t think I am around she’d say “are you going to fuck me big daddy?” No matter what the context, hearing that makes me weak in my knees, warm in my heart, and wet in my pussy. Several times now, when I am masturbating at night, my mind replays the words daddy or even mommy and then I utter those words out physically and that is what pushes me over the edge and I came.

I am a bit of a daddy’s girl too. I played tennis in high school and I have kept myself in good shape. I am told I have a smoking body. I absolutely love wearing sexy clothes and underwear because it makes me feel great. Most importantly I love how adorable my dad looks when he looks at me prance around the house in tee shirt and panties or his dress shirt and panties, or low rider flannel shorts, and his boxers. Only recently I noticed my mom starring at my butt or my cleavage. I didn’t think of it much at first but one day I heard her on the phone saying, “she is such a hot little minx she turns her dad on for sure but she makes me quiver too. I bed she is all shaved just like her mother.” I knew she was talking about me. I grabbed mom’s old albums and found a couple pictures of her with her college friends and how close they looked and how skimpily they were dressed. I wondered if mom swung both ways. Needless to say I immediately went into my room, took off my panties, didn’t even bother to take off my shirt and masturbated myself to three or four massive orgasms thinking about, for the very first time, another woman, and my mom at that.

Since then I have increased my teasing. It makes me feel good and its harmless. I am sure many young women have fantasized about incest with their fathers and even their mothers. It feels so natural. I mean you have such an amazing biological and emotional bond and you live together and see each other every day. How can I girl not imagine what her daddy’s cock looks like when she hears her mother call him daddy in bed and moan and whimper so loud even the neighbors can tell what’s going on. And how can a young woman not wonder what her mother looks like naked when she looks so hot and dad can’t keep his hands off of her. I wonder what an older version of my own pussy looks like in my mom, her ass and oh my god her breasts and nipples.

Sometimes when my mom is not around I forget to wear panties. You should see the involuntary audio and eyeball reactions I notice every time I bend over or reach up for something in front of him. The real treat is when I find reasons to hug my mom and dad real tight. How amazing it feels when my daddy hugs me from behind and kisses my neck or cheek with so much love. He does the same thing with my mom. And strangely I love how tingly it feels when my mom gives me a quick hug from behind like when the other day I was doing dishes when she came home from work. One time my mom gave me such a tight hug from behind that lasted more than a minute that I my pussy gushed out creamy juices right there and then. And that was just because I surprised her by making dinner when I knew she had a horrible day at work. On such days I lock myself up in my room and rub my clit and finger my pussy and make myself cum several times before I can calm down.

The last two weekends have been amazing to say the least not only because what transpired between my father and me but also because how my mom reacted to it. Oh my god that woman is so sexually liberated it makes my pussy quiver just thinking about it. Right in front of us as I sit in my dad’s lap batting my eyelashes to get him to pay for my summer trip to Europe, mom starts to open and close her legs with her hands between them. She had a flustered look on her face. At first I had no idea how to respond because I was so nervous and so new to this encounter. So I kept pretending to be clueless but kept looking over at my mom’s out of control body from the corner of my eyes. I know dad loved watching his wife get all worked up because as soon as all this started I started feeling daddy’s cock against my butt. To say that it felt gynormous would be an understatement. It felt like I was leaning against a fucking stripper pole that pulsated every 10 seconds.

That first Friday I thought I was going to faint when dad hugged me and kissed me by my bedroom before going to bed. Not until tonight when mom totally fucked herself in the living room under blanket thinking we won’t notice. When dad got so worked up that his cock spurt out some cum on his boxers and on my panties. Some pre-cum even got on my bare ass cheek because how bunched up my panties were due to so much wiggling in his lap. But when he kissed me much longer with his tongue and caressed my sensitive ass and kept on pushing his gynormous cock against my gushing mound, my panties were so fucking wet that they got stuck to my hairless mound. I don’t know what came over me but I kept my panties on for a few more minutes and bunched up the back of my panties (exposing my ass cheeks) and pressed the bunched up panty-string into my crack until I came so hard I nearly passed out. I picked up a couple drops of pre-cum off of my bare but and licked it. I quickly took off my panties and started licking the back of my panties where daddy had come. His cum tasted so intoxicating it made my head spin. I don’t know what made me think of doing that but I am not complaining.

That night, I fucked my pussy hard a couple times. Still not able to sleep I went online in search of incest stories and discovered Literotica. You can imagine my state reading stories after stories of daddy and his precious daughter and a loving mother and her daughter. I went back to bed, lifted my legs up all the way and finger fucked my pussy with one hand while gently just touching my ass hole. I came a few more times before I fell asleep from sheer exhaustion.

Next day I went hiking with my college friends. It was a bonding ritual as we were all in the same major. But all day I had a big happy smile on my face. I could not get home soon enough to read more online stories and fantasize how some of those stories can be brought to real life with my mom and dad. Due to work and school our weekdays are pretty much shot. But that did not stop me from reading more stories online while I rubbed my pussy. I would lie down on the bed after reading a few and finger fuck my pussy and cum several times. At one point my pussy was so sensitive from over-stimulation that once I came while I peed. That was so fucking intense. A couple nights I pretty much skipped doing all my school work because I was so fucking horny that I had to request extensions for my assignments. Something had to be done about this situation we got going in our perfect little suburban house. So I anxiously waited for the following weekend. I wondered if my mom and dad had the same feeling.

Editor’s Note: this story contains incest content.

NOTE 1: A special thank you to Estragon and Goamz86 for editing this lengthy multi-chaptered journey.

Curiosity: Fucked the Straight Guy

I can’t explain for the life of me when I suddenly became curious. I mean I am 44 and have never found any man remotely attractive. Oh sure, I can tell when a man is good looking, the same way I am sure my wife knows when a woman is attractive…that doesn’t make her a dyke. That said, whenever I had quality alone time, which was often because I traveled for work, I often imagined sucking a cock or taking a cock up the ass. I had no interest in fucking another guy, yet the thought of getting fucked became an obsessive an unhealthy obsession.

In all truth, the obsession happened completely by accident. I was reading stories online on Literotica, like I often do, when I began reading a new author I really enjoyed. She wrote in a variety of genres that really turned my crank like lesbian, group, incest, and loving wives. After flying through her entire portfolio in a few stroke-filled days, all that was left were her gay stories. I can say in all truth, I had never read a gay story, oh sure some stories had gay sub-plots and so forth, but I had never consciously chose to read a gay story. Yet, curiosity got the best of me (a very ironic pun I agree), and I clicked on one of her stories. I read them all in one night and somehow shot a full load while reading them.

The next night, I did what I often do when I like a story; I went to the end and clicked on some of the similar themed stories. Every story was about some straight guy, who had never even considered a guy sexually, ending up on his knees sucking cock and inevitably taking a cock up his virgin butt. In almost all cases the straight guy was shy and submissive while the other was a dominant who ridiculed and verbally abused him…in many ways it felt like my marriage…minus actually having sex. I read a variety of similar stories:

-A straight guy who picks up a hitchhiker and before he knows it is having his faced used like a pussy.

-a straight guy who walks into a bathroom at a bar and accidentally walks in on a scrawny white kid sucking a black man’s large cock…a few days later the straight white guy is begging to suck the black man’s impressive rod.

-a straight guy is at a gym and goes into a sauna where an older man suggests the straight guy is a closet faggot…the straight guy denies it adamantly, yet soon he is a submissive little plaything for this older man.

I couldn’t help it, but after reading these stories what started as an intriguing fascination of ‘oh my God who would do that’ became a compulsive obsession with becoming a cocksucking faggot.

I searched for glory holes in towns I was traveling to, I read personal websites and asked a lot of questions under a newly created username bottomcurioushusband which I think was a very true descriptor.

I asked questions like:

I am 44 and suddenly curious about sucking a cock, yet I am married and straight. Has anyone else had similar desires? Maybe I am having a mid-life crisis.

How would a man who has never had anything in their ass actually go about preparing it for a hypothetical first time bottom experience?

I received many answers, some great advice and a couple of offers to meet some of the responders, which only increased my taboo desire to try it.

I went to an adult store while on a trip and bought anal lube as advised, and the smallest anal toy I could find. I rushed back to the hotel, excited to try it, flipped open my computer, pulled up one of my favourite gay submission stories, undressed and got ready. In advance, I lubed the small two-inch toy and placed probably way too much lube on my puckered anal entrance. As I read the story, my cock became rock hard quickly and I slowly pushed the toy inside me. There was resistance at first, but it quickly weakened and I felt a rush of adrenalin at having something, albeit really small, in my ass. It didn’t hurt; on the contrary, I wanted more. I tried pushing the toy deeper, but it was all in and my mood shifted from excited to frustrated. I leaned onto my back and wiggled the toy in my ass as my free hand began stroking my erection. I continued reading the story as both hands moved quickly and in less than two minutes I was shooting cum straight up in the air.

After cleaning the toy, I decided I would return to the store tomorrow and get a bigger toy. Over the next couple of days, I bought and tried progressively bigger toys, getting accustomed to things in my butt. Each time I got off from pleasuring my ass, I craved more…I craved the real thing.

About a month later, after having experimented with a wide variety of toys in my ass, including walking around all day with a butt plug in my ass; fate made my curiosity a reality. I was in a rather posh hotel when it happened. I should note I am decent looking and in great shape for my age; I had just finished working out when fate intervened. I was in the gym shower washing away my sweat when a younger guy, probably no more than twenty, joined me. Since my fascination with sucking a cock began, I have often taken quick glimpses of every man I could. No one had seemed to notice…until now.

I looked and saw a decent sized cock, semi-erect, attached to the pretty boy. He dripped rich kid prep. I didn’t glance any longer than a couple of seconds, but he seemed to notice.

“Hey old man, do you like what you see?” he asked, with a slight smile.

“Excuse me?” I responded, attempting to be oblivious to his implication.

He chuckled. “I am pretty sure you were checking out my package.”

I stammered, my face flushed, “N-n-no, I wasn’t.”

“Too bad,” he shrugged, grabbing his cock and stroking it slowly.

No matter how much I tried to look away, I couldn’t take my eyes of the growing cock. He continued this until all eight inches, two more than my cock, were fully erect.

“For a guy who isn’t a faggot, you sure are drooling over my meat,” he assessed accurately.

I stammered, hypnotized by his stiff rod, “I-I-I have never done anything like this before.”

“Hmmmm…a straight faggot. I love it.” He chuckled again.

I continued to stare at his erection, my own cock now erect too, as I winced at being called a faggot.

“And for a straight man, your cock is telling a different story.”

Suddenly, I realized I was in my own erotica story. I stood frozen, wanting to drop to my knees but unable and petrified of someone walking in. My resistance as weak as the French were in both World Wars, I questioned, “What if someone comes in?”

“We were the only two working out this morning and if they do all they will see is a straight man, oh a straight married man, sucking his first cock.”

My red face went redder as he noticed my wedding ring. I said nothing, but continued staring at his erect cock.

He finally gave me an ultimatum. “Cocksucker, I don’t have all day. Either get on your knees and suck my cock like it is obvious you want to or stop drooling and I will go wake up my girlfriend for a morning quickie.”

I hesitated only briefly before falling to my knees in front of this confident young man. I looked up and saw his smug smile that only made the embarrassment that much greater…yet, I desperately wanted to feel his cock in my mouth.

I took it in my hand and slowly moved up and down tentatively until this nameless stranger said, “I can stroke my cock myself old man, get sucking like the faggot you are.”

Accepting that his words were true, and that detached fantasy had become a living reality, I opened my mouth and leaned forward.

As soon as my mouth was wrapped around his cock, he moaned, “That’s it cocksucker, make your dream come true.”

I was tentative at first, but did to his cock what I liked having done to mine. I swirled my mouth around his cock head, creating extra saliva to attempt to bathe his cock…like my wife used to do before we were married. After creating this lake of lust, and hearing his moans increase, I got more confident and began bobbing back and forth.

“That’s it faggot, take all my cock,” the hung stranger moaned.

Suddenly determined to get all eight inches in my mouth, I continued bobbing back and forth, each time taking a little more in my mouth.

“That’s seven, cocksucker, only one more inch.”

Although I wasn’t sure I could take more in my mouth without gagging, I pushed myself further.

“There you go, sissy, you did it. You got all eight inches of my meat. Now get me off.”

Eager to taste my first load of cum, I furiously bobbed on his cock like a slutty teenage girl, not the forty-four year old married father of two I was.

“I’m getting close, faggot,” he grunted, which had my free hand going to my cock. I pumped my cock quickly while keeping a similar pace on his cock. A minute later, I heard a grunt and felt him spray his cum into my mouth. I eagerly swallowed the salty seed that was way less unpleasant than I expected. I continued to suck his cock, although slower now, milking the last of his seed.

I heard a door open and I quickly stood up, my face of shame branded on me. The unnamed young man I just pleasured smiled and complimented, “For a first time, you are a natural.”

I didn’t respond as an older man walked in. My erection still in full view, I attempted to cover it, which only made what I had just done even more obvious.

The younger man shut off his shower and said to the older gentleman, “He is a great cocksucker, if that floats your boat.” As he left, the young man said, “Thanks for the blow job, faggot.”

My face was redder than Hell itself as I wanted to flee, but then I would be in the same room as him again.

The old man shook his head in disgust, making me feel even dirtier, and he headed towards the sauna.

I finished my shower, realizing I still had a full head of shampoo, while oddly savouring the lingering after taste of my first mouthful of cum. My cock refused to shrivel and I eventually grabbed a towel and hurried to my room.

Once inside, I replayed the events of my first gay experience, as I furiously beat off. Now alone in my room, my shame disappeared and I was eager to do it again. I suddenly felt like a teenager after losing my virginity…I was addicted.

Sadly, my job called and I had to head off to work, my neglected cock begging for attention.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see my unnamed stud again, even though I made sure to be in the gym at the same time the next day. I returned to my family with a dark secret, and an even bigger craving to do it again and again.

It was two weeks later, two excruciatingly long weeks later, before I was on the road again. Confident that it was no longer just a lingering curiosity but now a burning craving, I searched for gay bars and glory holes, and stiff cocks in Atlanta. I even flew in a day early, lying to my wife (my whole life was becoming a lie), to start my hunt for cocksucking opportunities.

I checked in and headed over to a gay dance bar I read about online. It was infamous for being a great pick up joint. I arrived early, ordered a double rum, and surveyed the bar. Even though I craved sucking cock, I still didn’t find men attractive. It wasn’t like when I was single and on the prowl for pussy…then I scanned the club, choose my prey and turned on the charm (sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t).Now, I didn’t even know where to start.

I sat at the bar for a few songs before this built man, probably thirty or so, asked, “First time here?”

“Y-y-yes,” I stammered, suddenly feeling insecure in comparison to this Greek Adonis of a man.

“Can I buy you a drink?” he offered.

“S-s-sure,” I managed to agree. He snapped his fingers and the bartender quickly poured me another double and a beer for my godlike stranger.

When both had our drinks in hand, he said, “I’m Greg.”


“So what brings you to my little establishment?”

“You own this place?” I asked amazed.

He shrugged as if it was no big deal, “Yeah, have since it opened in 2008.”

“Wow,” I replied.

“So you from here?”

“No, I actually live in a suburb outside of Boston.”

“Cool. I have always wanted to go. Why you in the wonderful city of Atllanta.”

“For business,” I offered.

“No pleasure?” he smiled, flirtingly.

Shy, but hungry, I replied, “Well, maybe some pleasure.”

“Greg, there is a fight in the bathroom,” a flamboyant and screamingly gay waiter Interrupted.

“Don’t go anywhere, Evan,” he said, squeezing my leg and disappearing into the growing crowd of the bar.

I was a crazy mixture of extreme excitement and turbulent trepidation. I was eager, desperate even, to suck another cock yet the thought of maybe more was downright scary. The thought of getting fucked was still intriguing, but I wasn’t sure I was ready for it yet, even though I had prepared my ass as best I could.

I finished my second double and the bartender smiling knowingly, had a third ready instantly. I smiled back shyly.

A few minutes later, my third double half done, Greg returned. He continued our conversation as if he had never left. “So, first time here, from the great big north, married, yet at a gay club…you are an interesting fella Evan.”

He paused, finished his beer, and continued his assessment. “Based on your shy demeanour, you are a gay virgin, but curious. Am I right?”

“Yes and no,” I whispered.

“Well, now you got me curious. Let’s continue this conversation somewhere a bit quieter.” He didn’t ask my opinion, but grabbed my hand and pulled me through the crowd. We went through a door and into a room that was nicer and bigger than my hotel room. He went to the bar, topped up my drink, and suggested I join him on the leather couch. He pressed a remote control and six TV’s came on. They were all security cameras spread throughout the bar.

I scanned them and originally saw nothing of interest, until Greg said, “Can you see that?”

“What?” I asked, searching for whatever he was fascinated by.

“Camera 5. There is a dude under the table,” he pointed out.

I looked closer and indeed he was right. A stunned, “Wow,” escaped my lips.

“So back to your last statement, ‘Yes and no’.”

I blushed, but gave a short version of my one and only cocksucking experience.

“And you have craved sucking another cock every since then,” he assessed.

“Yes,” I admitted.

“But you don’t want to be fucked?”

“I don’t know,” I honestly answered.

“But you do want to suck my dick?”

I admitted, “Yes.”

“How badly?” he asked while standing up.

“Desperately,” I replied, embarrassed but hungry.

He unbuckled his pants and his cock sprang out. It was smaller than my first in length, but he made up for it in girth. I stared at it like I did my first naked girl.

“Don’t just stare at it, Evan, quench your thirst.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. Four doubles had me intoxicated, but I would have done this stone cold sober. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked just his thick mushroom top. I swirled my tongue around it, I treated it like it was the best tasting lollipop ever and I wanted it to melt in my mouth. Slowly, I took more in, once I got used to its substantial width. He moaned, always saying my name, which because of the taboo act was just as naughty as being called a faggot. “That’s it Evan. Worship my cock. You love my cock, don’t you?”

I briefly took it out of my mouth, my desire to please now controlling me. “Yes, Greg, your cock feels so good in my cocksucking mouth.”

I returned to sucking as he continued, “Evan, you are a natural born cocksucker and in time you will make a very good bottom.”

I moaned a ‘thank you’ as I began to pick up the pace.

He demanded, “Tell me you love my cock more than your wife’s pussy.”

That wasn’t even going to be a lie. I replied, “I love your cock way more than my wife’s ironclad locked-down cunt.”

“Do you know who else has a cunt, Evan?”

Confused, I quit sucking and looked up from my submissive position.

He smiled, “You do, don’t you Evan?”

Realizing his implication, I played along. “Yes, sir, I have a tight little cunt.”

“Show me your cunt, Evan,” he ordered.

My eyes went big, but while my mind processed the order, my hands were already fumbling with my pants. He watched, amused, as I struggled to get undressed.

Once naked, he bent me over and spread my ass cheeks. “Wow, you have a pretty little cunt, Evan!”

“Thank you,” I replied, although it sounded absurd.

“Do you want to have your cunt fucked, Evan?” he asked, as I felt a finger slide inside my virgin cunt.

For the second time I could make my fantasy a reality, but once I said yes there was no turning back. It was one thing to suck a cock, it was another entirely to allow a stranger to take my anal cherry. Yet, the words out of my mouth were all that mattered. “Yes, please fuck my pussy.”

“You want me to be your first?” he asked, while pumping my ass with his finger, while wiggling it around, loosening me up for his thick rod.

“Yes,” I moaned, suddenly wanting nothing more than to be fucked. To be treated like a slut. I begged, “Make me your bitch.”

He slapped my ass and added a second finger inside my virgin butt. He explained, “A virgin pussy like yours needs to prepped for my cock or else you may tear.”

I moaned, “Yes, get me ready for your thick rod.”

His fingers in my ass had me delirious with craving. Somehow he spun them around, slowly widening my ass, gaping it open, as I had read about in some online stories. “Getting closer,” he promised.

“Oh god, please, I want your cock so bad,” I whimpered, like the submissive bottom I wanted to be.

He chuckled, “You are one eager little virgin, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I have wanted this for awhile,” I admitted.

“Beg for it, Evan.”

Desperate to please him, desperate to feel his cock in my ass, I begged, “Please take my anal virginity, fuck my virgin pussy, make me the bottom I crave to be.”

His fingers left my ass and I felt empty. I looked back to see him coat his cock with lube and go behind me. “Are you ready, Evan? Ready to get your tight cunt reamed?”

I could feel his cockhead and I pushed back like the horny slut I was, “Oh god yes, make me your bitch, your slut, your faggot…aaaaaaaaaaaah fuck oh my God.” He slowly pushed forward widening my ass in a way I couldn’t begin to explain. The pain wasn’t intense, but it was definitely there. I grit my teeth and just allowed the buff stranger to slowly get my ass used to his girth.

He explained, “Your pussy is probably burning a bit right now, Evan. Don’t worry, it will dissipate in a bit and it will turn into a pleasure you have never experienced before, but have desperately craved.”

I whimpered, through gritted teeth, “Kkkkkkkk.”

Every time he pushed deeper into my no longer virgin cunt, I thought I was filled to the most I could possibly take, but then I would feel him go deeper in me. I continued to whimper like a school-girl for an eternity. The burn wasn’t going away as promised.

“Your pussy is so fucking tight Evan. I could stay in it forever,” he complimented.

My next words surprised him as it surprised me. “Oh god, Greg, please start fucking me. Use my pussy.”

He obliged, although he started slow. He warned, “Just so you know Evan, there was still another inch yet to fill your pretty little pussy entirely.”

I couldn’t believe it. Another inch. There was no way I could fit his whole cock in me. I moaned though, ignoring my insecurities, “Oh God, I love your cock in my pussy.”

“The second I saw you at the bar all timid, I knew what you wanted…what you needed…what you craved.”

As promised, the burning slowly shifted to a pleasure unlike any other. My whimpers gone, I moaned, “Yes, I needed to be fucked like the little girl I am.”

“Hmmmm, since you are a girl,” he grunted, “we should give you a girl’s name.”

The idea made my cock flinch with excitement. “Yes, rename your bitch,” I eagerly moaned. A new name meant a new life, one where I could be who I wanted to be.

“Let’s see, all we have to do Evan is take away the n and what to we got?” he asked, making me say it first.

He was now sliding his cock in and out quicker, although never completely going all the way in. I moaned, a haze of excitement and submission, “Eva, my name is Eva.”

“Good girl,” he purred and stunned me by pulling out.

Like an addicted crystal meth addict, I bellowed, “Noooooo.”

He chuckled as he went to the closet. “If you are Eva now, you should dress the part.”

I stayed on all fours, legs spread open, easily the worst position to ever be caught in, waiting submissively.

He returned with a red wig and stockings. He handed them to me and ordered, “Put these on and return to your position, Eva. I will be back in a couple of minutes.”

“You are leaving me here?”

He smiled, “Already needy. You may really have already become Eva.”

I flushed red again and after he dressed and left, I stared at the stockings. I didn’t even know how to put them on properly. Being alone gave me time to reconsider what I was doing. This becoming a girl had never been part of my fantasies, yet obeying his requests was a major turn-on. I began to put the stockings on, when the same flamboyant waiter from earlier walked in. I quickly tried to cover myself.

“Greg sent me in to make sure your feminization was going ok,” he announced, walking over to me.

“He did?” I asked dumbfounded.

The gay waiter smiled. “Yes, he will be back in a few minutes.”

“Oh,” I replied, disappointment washing over me.

“First time in stockings?” he correctly assumed.

“Um-yeah,” I replied, my frustration at putting on the stockings building.

He fell to his knees and took the crumpled stocking. “Here, let me help.”

I watched as he rolled the stocking onto his hand expertly and slowly put it on my foot and up my leg. His soft hands on my legs had my cock begging for attention. He replicated the slow procedure on my other leg. Once done, he stood back up and grabbed the wig. Once it was on, he smiled and said, “With a little make-up you would make a pretty girl.”

What should have been a major insult instead excited me. He went into the closet and returned with a make-up bag. He then sat on the couch beside me and as he called it, “Put my face on.” He put eyeliner, blush and lipstick on.

Once done, he stood up and looked me over. It felt incredible awkward, as if I was a piece of meat. He smiled, clearly impressed with his work, and said, “Greg will love you.” Without another word he left, leaving me alone and half-dressed as a girl.

Being alone was excruciating as I just waited, like a late night booty call, for him to return. I caressed my own stocking clad leg. I had always liked the silky feel of stockings even though my wife had long quit wearing them for me. It was almost an hour, my cock long since tamed and flaccid, before Greg returned.

He apologized, “Sorry for taking so long, but I am a bit short staffed tonight.”

I mumbled, “It’s ok.”

He smiled, walking over to me, “Oh my, Alex made you fucking gorgeous.”

I blushed at the strange compliment. “Thank you.”

“Are you ready to finish what we started, Eva?”

I nodded as he dropped his pants again. I took his semi-erect cock back in my mouth, preparing it for my pussy. He moaned, “That’s it Eva. Get my cock nice and hard for your tight pussy.”

I moaned, eager to make exactly that happen. My ass felt empty and I craved having it filled again. Feeling Greg’s double-wide grow in my mouth and knowing it was because of me, was a huge turn-on. One it had grown to its fully erect size, I changed my style. Unlike the last time when I slowly pleasured his cock, this time, I bobbed on it back and forth furiously.

“Good girl,” he purred as he pulled his cock out of my mouth.

Without instruction I resumed my submissive, ready-to-get-fucked, position. He lubed his cock again and returned to finish the job he started. He placed his slippery stick at my pussy and slowly re-entered me. The burning sensation immediately returned, but it was a much number pain than his first penetration.

I let out a whimper as he pushed deeper into me, my pussy eagerly attempting to open for him. “You are so fucking tight, Eva,” he grunted, his hands on my stocking-clad ankles. “And I love a girl in stockings.”

He suddenly stopped and asked, “Are you ready to have your pussy really fucked, Eva?”

“Oh god yes. Please fuck me like some cheap slut,” I begged, wanting nothing more.

“Get ready, this first stroke is a doozy,” he warned, bucking his hips forward.

I screamed, an intense pain shuddering through me as he filled my ass, my pussy, with all his cock. He again just held it there, his cock entirely inside me, allowing me to get used to it, as the pain slowly faded. He explained, “Eva. Your pussy may be the tightest I have ever felt. I just want you to stay there and get accustomed to the feeling of a big, hard, cock inside you. How does it feel?”

I whimpered, “It still hurts, but yet feels so fucking good.”

“Just relax, the hurt will go away and the sweet pleasure will take over,” he advised.

I obeyed, just allowing my ass to get used to being full. He continued, “You are so pretty, Eva. If I threw a dress on you and sent you out there you would be devoured whole. You would be sucking cock after cock after cock, while your tight pussy got drilled over and over and over again. Would you like that, Eva? To be a gangbang slut?”

Every word he said only made my decline to utter cock submission more appealing. I suddenly envisioned being taken in both holes, being used by man after man. Finally, I replied, actually wanting such an incomprehensible thing to happen to me, “Oh yes, I would love to be fucked over and over again. But first, please, fuck me. I am ready.”

“Are you sure?”

“I have never been surer of anything in my life. Please fuck my ass,” I begged.

“You mean your pussy?” he corrected.

I played along. “Yes. My pussy, my cunt, my fuckhole…please pound me like the little girl I am.”

Suddenly, I felt him begin to slowly move in and out of my ass. Each almost pull out and emptying of my ass, was soon replaced by his full manhood. The feeling of empty and full was the most thrilling and frustrating feeling ever.

I wanted it harder…I wanted it faster…I wanted it deeper. I begged, “Don’t make love to my pussy, fuck it. Fuck it hard.”

This seemed to surprise him, but he obliged and began quick hard thrusts. He grunted, “Like this, slut?”

I huffed and puffed, unable to complete a sentence, the mixture of pleasure and pain clouding my brain. “Oh-yes-aaaaah-fuck-god-fuck-yes-aaaaah.”

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he chuckled as he continued his piston like pumping of my clearly no longer virgin back end.

My cock felt stiffer than I ever felt it before, yet I was stuck in the eternal vastness of orgasm limbo. I wanted to come so bad, yet nothing happened, even though my cock was constantly feeling intense pulses of pleasure.

He pounded my pussy for a long time before warning, “I got one of the patron faggots to blow me while you were getting feminized, Eva. I am not even close yet.”

“Aaaah, good,” I squeaked out, “I don’t want this to end.”

“I need a break; you bounce back on my cock, Eva. Fuck yourself like a good little slut.”

I obeyed, like the good little slut I wanted to be, as I bent back and began bouncing back and forth, taking his cock even deeper in me. A pain returned briefly, but quickly subsided as I fucked myself on his beautiful cock. I could feel his balls slap on my ass with each backwards thrust, each thrust a constant reminder I was being fucked by a guy. I bounced back on his cock forever, until he finally picked me up, flipped me on my back, grabbed my legs together, leaned forward and hammered me from a new intense angle. I don’t know if he went deeper, but from this position, the sensation was completely different. I closed my eyes until he demanded, “Look at me when I fuck you, Eva!”

I opened my eyes and watched him. Perspiration dripped as he pulverized my pussy.

A few more minutes in this new submissive position and he began grunting more and he asked, “I’m close Eva. Where do you want my cum?”

Without hesitation I answered, “I want to taste you. Please come in my mouth.”

He quickly pulled out and shoved his cock in my eager mouth. He surprised me by holding my head with both hands and began to face-fuck me. He grunted, “Get ready, Eva.”

Seconds later I was swallowing my second ever load of cum. The taste was completely different, yet oddly similar, and I eagerly savoured every drop. Once spent, he pulled out and asked, “Do you want to come?”

My raging hard-on spoke for me. “Oh god, yes.”

He fell to his knees and took my cock in his mouth. He deep throated me easily and in less than thirty seconds I warned, “I’m going to come.”

He kept sucking and as soon as he shoved two fingers back into my gaping ass, I sprayed his throat with my cum. He didn’t slow down until long after I was done.

Finally, he stood up and smiled, “So did you enjoy yourself?”

Exhausted, yet still craving more, I replied, “It was way better than anything I fantasized.”

“You will be sore tomorrow,” he warned.

“I imagine so,” I replied, unable to get used to the emptiness in my ass.

As he got dressed, he suggested, “and if I were you I would give yourself time to recover. The biggest mistake a newbie makes is allowing his ass to be fucked too much before it is accustomed to the pleasurable violation.”


“Yep. Trust me I have a fair amount of experience in bottoming virgins like you, although I have never felt such a tight ass as yours.”

“Thanks, I guess,” I replied with an awkward smile.

He said, “If you lived here, I would regularly top you.”

“I wish,” I honestly replied.

“I need to get back to the club. Feel free to stay here till you are recovered. But be warned, Alex was checking you out.”

“He was?” I asked, not used to being checked out.

“Trust me. I imagine he had to restrain himself from gobbling your cock when he got you ready. He loves guys in drag.”

“Oh,” I replied, dazed.

“Keep the stockings. They look really good on you.”

He disappeared and I was alone and strangely craving more cock to suck. I kept the stockings on, but dumped the wig and got dressed. I returned to the club and got a lot of strange looks.

An older man, probably fifty, said, “Well, aren’t you pretty?”

I suddenly realized I still had make-up on. I was embarrassed and quickly went to the bathroom to clean myself up. I was looking at myself in the mirror when the older man reached around from behind, grabbed my cock and said, “Follow me, pretty boy.”

I mindlessly followed him into a bathroom stall. As soon as the door was closed, he pushed me onto my knees and dropped his trousers. “Is this what you want, pretty boy?”

I didn’t answer but instead took his smaller five-inch cock in my mouth. The smaller cock was a pleasant change and I easily deep-throated him. All I wanted was to feel his cum spray down my throat so I sucked his cock eagerly ignoring my usual foreplay tease.

Within a couple of minutes he was moaning, “That’s it pretty boy, I’m almost there.” A few seconds later I was swallowing his cum, which although not as sweet as my last two, quenched my thirst.

Once done, he buckled himself up and said, “Thanks pretty boy.”

I remained on my knees as he left the stall quickly.

Exhausted, I quickly washed my face and left the club.

The next day was all day meetings, followed by a supper with a new potential client. The whole evening my brain played tricks on me. I wondered if his cock was big. I wondered if the twenty-year-old waiter would allow his tip to be a blow job. I wondered how long I had to wait before getting the thrill of a cock in my ass again. When I excused myself to go the bathroom, I glimpsed at the guy beside me taking a piss.

He noticed and said, “What the fuck are you doing?”

I stammered, “N-n-nothing,” and quickly looked away embarrassed.

Back at the table, I couldn’t believe how much I craved a cock in my mouth. Every guy I saw was a faceless potential cock. Yet, I was still way to uncomfortable too actually aggressively offer my eager cocksucking services.

That night I ended up jerking off in my hotel room, before returning to the bland existence of suburbia.

The next six months I became more confident in myself and had sucked men, young and old, in over a dozen cities and had my bottom tapped eight more times. Being on the road, I left my vanilla existence behind. Living the double life was exhausting and I constantly stressed trying to balance my home life with my newfound sexuality.

Ironically, it was while at home during summer vacation that the two lives collided. It was while at home that I became the personal faggot for one of my son’s baseball teammates…but that is an entirely different story.

Curiosity: Got Him a Black Teen Top

In part one, my curiosity got the better of me and I had my first cocksucking and later my first bottom experience. Having a job where I traveled a lot allowed me to begin to have a whole new life. On the road, I was a faggot who loved sucking cock and being a bottom to complete strangers. It was exhilarating, but the emptiness I felt when at home when I had to live the father, husband vanilla life was becoming harder to do. I craved cock like someone craves nicotine. And just like when quitting smoking you go through withdrawal, I was going through withdrawal too.

I mean I love my kids. Actually, if it wasn’t for them I would have left my wife years ago. I still love her, I just don’t love-love her. The thrill is long dead. I mean she is still quite attractive, but the sexy, naughty side of her died after my daughter was born. She went through some serious postpartum depression and her vagina and sexual appetite shrivelled up like a raisin. We were going through the motions now, having sex a few times a year and just biding our time. My daughter was going into grade twelve and would be turning eighteen in a couple of months while my son just ended his first year of college. I was actually considering ending the marriage, the charade of my duel existence becoming too much. When at home, I constantly craved cock and wasn’t sure how much longer I could resist my growing need to suck cock and was I willing to risk everything to quench my thirst for cum…when my problem was solved for me.

It was at my son’s ball game when it began, innocently. I was watching the warm-ups when I noticed the outfielder, grabbing his crotch to adjust himself. Instantly, I wondered if the rumours were true about black men and their cocks. He was a tall, built, black man. Curiosity got the better of me and I spent the majority of the warm-up watching this black teenager. He adjusted himself twice more during warm-up and I assumed it was because his big black cock didn’t fit his jockstrap. Or at least that was what I was imagining in the cocksucking fantasy I was currently having.

The game started and in the bottom of the first the black boy was called to the on deck circle. His name was Jimmy Jones I learned and he warmed up like a batter on deck does. As he reached down to pick up his bat he adjusted himself. When he moved back up he was eye-to-eye with me. I quickly looked to the field casually. He went to the plate and doubled in the first run. While at second, getting his lead he adjusted himself again and looked over to where I was sitting. I didn’t think there was any way he could get a clear look at me from there, but I was suddenly self-conscious. I considered leaving as my secret desires had to remain under the surface, yet I couldn’t leave my son’s first game, even if he was on the bench. The next couple of innings went rather normal and I realized the thought that some 18-year-old kid could tell my secret was absurd…yet the next time he was in the on-deck circle he definitely looked directly at me and adjusted his package. I blushed as I tried to hide my growing hunger by looking away. I resisted the temptation to look back until he was at bat. I watched him from behind, his tight young ass seemingly wiggling at me, for me. Just before he stepped into the batter’s box, he turned around and looked directly at me, through me. Again, I quickly looked away, like a shy school-girl.

Two pitches later he homered, giving his team a 3-1 lead. He made the same moves for the rest of the game. He grabbed his crotch a few more times, I thought he looked directly at me a few more times and I quickly looked away a few more times. It had become a game of cat and mouse and I was clearly the mouse.

Up 12-3 in the eighth, Jimmy was replaced by my own son, which seemed rather ironic. My son grounded out to end the inning, unfortunately. The game ended 12-4 and I went to meet my son. On my way there, I saw a smug Jimmy walking towards me. His smile stayed until he reached me.

“Did you enjoy the show?” he asked.

I replied, acting as manly as I could considering I badly wanted to see, touch and taste this young man’s cock, “It was a good game.”

“Not that,” he said, shaking his head, his smile going wider, “Did you enjoy my show?”

“Excuse me?” I asked, feigning not to understand the implication.

Just then my son showed up. I said, “It was a good game, Simon.”

“Thanks Dad, but I didn’t do much.” He shrugged.

“Win as a team, lose as a team,” I countered.

Jimmy added his two cents’ worth, “Yes, we need back-ups too Simon. People to help keep the starters motivated.”

It seemed just a little condescending on the surface, yet, I briefly pondered if he was implying something sexual based on our very brief interactions.

An awkward pause followed before my son said, “I’m going to take a quick shower before we head home, ok.”

“Sure, sure,” I said, nervous and excited to be alone again with this confident teenager.

My son left and Jimmy asked, “So does he know?”

“Know what?” I asked, playing dumb.

“That his Daddy is a closet queer?”

“I am not!” I adamantly denied.

“You can seriously look into my face and tell me you don’t want to taste some chocolate?”

He asked, grabbing his crotch again.

Even though my words denied his assumptions, my stiff cock and red cheeks couldn’t hide my lust. I finally said, fighting my eagerness to taste the chocolate, “I need to go.”

He grabbed my shoulder and leaned into my ear, “Look faggot. I know, I always know, when some supposed straight guy is really a queer. And you are definitely a queer, aren’t you?”

“I-um-I,” I stammered, rattled by his aggressiveness.

“Look daddy. There are lots of white faggots eager to be my little fuck-toy. If you want the privilege, tell me now!” he demanded.

I didn’t make eye contact but whispered, “I do.”

“You do what?” he asked, forcing me to say it.

“I want to be your fuck-toy,” I admitted, humiliated, but added, “but please not here.”

“Fair enough, no one else needs to know you’re a faggot. But I do want to sample my merchandise today.”

“Kkkkkkkk,” I whispered, my mouth salivating over the thought of tasting his chocolate meat.

“I expect to meet you here at ten tonight, understood faggot?”

“Yes,” I submissively agreed.

“Good, don’t you dare be late, cocksucker,” he warned before leaving.

I stood there frozen for a brief time before quickly adjusting my stiff cock and going to the car to wait for Simon. In the car, I briefly pondered the potential hazards of my new predicament. On the one hand, I desperately wanted to taste him, to suck my first black cock. Plus, his confident manner only enhanced my eagerness to submit. On the other hand, it was easy to get away with it hundreds or thousands of miles away, but in my own backyard the risk of getting caught increased exponentially. Also, he knew my son. The slippery slope was getting increasingly slick.

Simon showed up and I decided to inquire more about Jimmy. But first we talked ball. “So, you just missed a double on the foul ball.”

“Yeah, then I grounded out,” he sighed.

“Hey, the best players only get on base 3 out of 10 at bats,” I pointed out.

“Well, the problem is getting ten at bats,” he replied, clearly frustrated. He had been a starter his whole life and I was surprised to see him on the bench, although this was Division 1 ball and much more competitive than high school.

“You just got to pay your dues,” I replied.

“I suppose. It’s just this Jimmy kid rubs it in all the time.”

“How so?” I asked, concerned for my son.

“Calls me the back-up, the white kid, or makes jokes like Simon says ‘sit on the bench’. Juvenile crap, but it does get old pretty quick. What was he talking to you about?”

I lied, “I just told him nice home run.”

Silence lingered as I realized the guy who I wanted to submit to was bullying my son. I decided I wouldn’t meet him.

That night, although tempting, I resisted and stayed home.

The next afternoon, I returned from my jog to see that Simon had a few teammates over in our backyard swimming. I noticed Jimmy, his smug smile unreadable in his intent. I also noticed he was wearing a tight blue swimming Speedo that professional swimmers wear and it did little to conceal his deadly weapon…a weapon that could be my downfall.

I greeted, “Simon you didn’t tell me we were having company.”

Simon said, “Well practice was long, it was so hot and Jimmy suggested we come take a dip in our pool.”

“He did, did he?” I replied, suddenly really worried about his intentions.

Jimmy jumped into the conversation, “I hope you don’t mind Mr. Winston.”

“Oh no, no. That’s why we put the pool in, to cool down,” I replied, realizing the innuendo I just set up.

Jimmy quickly retorted, taking the set-up, “Well, I definitely needed to cool down,” his sexual innuendo only caught by me.

Desperate to get out of this awkward situation, I said, “I’m going for a shower. After I am done, why don’t I throw some burgers on the barbecue?”

“Sounds great,” Simon agreed.

I disappeared into the house and to the bathroom for a really, really, cold shower. While in there, I tried to figure out how to play this. I figured he wouldn’t make a scene in front of his teammates so I would just act normal…whatever normal meant nowadays.

Out of the shower, I dressed and went to the kitchen to grab the burgers. I quickly marinated them and went to turn on the barbecue. Everyone was in the pool but Jimmy who was lying on a lawn-chair, his impressive package even more showcased than before. You could see the complete outline of his large stick. I tried not to stare, tried not to salivate, but it was like my eyes were being pulled by a magnet.

Jimmy noticed me staring, yet again, and stood up walking smugly to me, as was becoming the norm, as I scurried to my barbecue. I fired up the barbecue and hurried back to the kitchen, assuming he wouldn’t follow. I was wrong. He followed me in and instantly said, “So you stood me up, faggot. That will be one punishment.”

“What?” I asked.

“You heard me. Each disobedience equals one punishment. Although, you will never know when I will give it,” he confidently explained.

“Jimmy enough,” I said. “This is not going to happen.”

“Daddy-faggot, you were drooling so much out there, I thought you might crawl between my legs and suck me off right then and there in front of your son,” he smiled, adjusting his package in his skin tight Speedo.

I stammered, “I-I-I was not.”

He laughed. “Y-y-you were too. You can’t even look away now.”

He was right. I couldn’t take my eyes of the bulge so beautifully displayed in his tight blue Speedo. I shifted from denial to begging, “Please, stop.”

“Stop? I am just getting started. Training you to be my personal fuck-toy will take some time. The training begins now with your first punishment,” he explained, walking to my fridge. I watched stunned as he pilfered through my fridge until he said, “Excellent.”

He closed the fridge and walked over to me. He glanced outside before walking behind me and demanding, his voice powerful and strong, “Don’t you dare move, faggot-daddy.”

I stood frozen, confused, and yet as his hand slid inside the back of my shorts, I felt my cock flinch. I felt something cold between my ass cheeks, and with one push the cold object was in my ass. My face was red as shame overwhelmed me, yet my now stiff cock stopped any pretence that I didn’t enjoy it. The cold chill was numbing in a way I can’t explain.

He treated me condescendingly. “Good boy. This will stay in your ass until I tell you. Is that understood daddy-faggot?”

I ignored his question, asking, “W-w-what is in me?”

“A baby carrot, and it stays there all day, a reminder that you are my bitch. Is that understood?”

“Please, we can’t do this.”

“You are a faggot that craves cock. I need a white boy to deposit my seed. It is perfect,” he assessed.

“But you are my son’s friend,” I weakly protested, grasping at straws of morality.

“Simon is not my friend. He is my back-up in ball, nothing more, nothing less.” Jimmy added, “And to make this sale permanent, you should probably sample the goods.”

“What?” I asked in a stupor, both eager to submit and yet petrified to submit.

He pulled his tight Speedo down and released his almost ten-inch black snake. I stared at it in awe. It was way longer than anything I had sucked or fucked before. He smiled, “You have the same impressed look most white faggots have when they first get an up-close look at my meat. Now take a closer look.”

His big hands were on my shoulders as he pushed me onto my knees. I forgot I was at home, I forgot my son was just outside and I forgot my wife could be home any second as I stared at the biggest, most delicious looking cock I had ever seen.

Jimmy asked, “So faggot, can you still resist it?”

I didn’t even pretend to resist as I leaned forward and took it in my mouth. “Good boy,” he moaned. I bobbed eagerly on his big stick, for less than a minute when the front door opened. I quickly stood up and Jimmy said, “That was just a sample, daddy-faggot. But you understand I own you now, right?”

I nodded, ashamed, yet accepting it as the gospel.

“We will talk later, slut,” he smiled, squeezing my cock, and covering his chocolate stick just before my wife walked in.

Her usual blah look faded and she lit up as she greeted, “Jimmy. So nice to see you again.”

“You as well, Mrs. Winston. You look more beautiful every day,” he flirted shamelessly to my wife right in front of me.

I noticed my wife take a quick look below and the look in her eyes was obvious. She quickly averted her eyes, and turned to me. “How was your day?”

My wife glanced back at Jimmy as he went back outside, as I answered, “Just another day.”

The carrot in my ass was a constant reminder of what had just occurred. My wife and I briefly chatted before I headed out to make burgers while my wife got the toppings and condiments ready.

The next half hour life was pretty normal, other than the vegetable in my ass, of course. It is odd how quick you get used to something lodged in your butt. It wasn’t until I sat down to eat that I let out a little yelp in front of my wife and all the boys. My wife asked what was wrong and I said I just hit my funny bone, which wasn’t possible, but she didn’t catch on. I saw Jimmy smile, he and I the only ones who knew the real reason for my girly squeal.

After supper, I was cleaning the barbeque when Jimmy whispered in my ear, “That is the girly squeal I expect to hear a lot in the future, my faggot.” The way he stressed the word ‘my’ sent a chill up my back. It was clear I was going to be his bitch. As he went to leave and join the boys downstairs for some Xbox marathon he slapped my ass, pushing the carrot a little deeper into my ass, which only made me want it to go deeper yet.

I couldn’t sit still, and not because I had a carrot in my ass, but rather because I was anxiety riddled as I worried what Jimmy might do in my house and excited about the thought of tasting more of Jimmy’s cock.

A couple of hours later, Jimmy came upstairs and said, his sweetness dripping with deceit, “Thanks for the hospitality Mr. and Mrs. Winston.” He sounded like such a mild-mannered young man it was hard to believe he had been such a Dom just hours ago.

My wife, only seeing the gentleman, or, based on her smile, maybe she saw the same thing I did, a hung young stud, replied, “Oh, you are welcome here anytime you want, Jimmy.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Winston,” he smiled, “I may take you up on that offer.”

Once he was gone, I realized the carrot, I was currently sitting on, could not be taken out without his permission. Just as I was thinking this my cell rang. I got up and grabbed it. The number was not familiar, but that was not uncommon because of my job. “Hello.”

“I expect you in my car in five minutes.”

Before I could respond he had already hung up. I had no idea how I was going to make a believable excuse to meet him.

“Who was that?” my wife asked.

“Eddie,” I quickly lied, “He asked if I could come help him move a couch downstairs.” Eddie was our neighbour and we often helped each other so this was a believable short-term excuse.

“Ok,” she said and went back to reading some romance novel, which was quite ironic.

I quickly got ready and left the safety of normality for the completely unknown, but exciting world of submission. I walked to his car and quickly got in as if I was jumping into a getaway car. Once inside, he smiled, “That was quick. You are one eager little queer aren’t you?”

“Yes,” I replied letting go of any remaining inhibitions I had.

“Tonight, I am in a hurry, so you have five minutes to get me off or I add a new punishment.”

I looked up and he said, “Well, don’t just stare at me like some lovesick school girl, the clock has started.”

In a flash, I was fumbling with his zipper and pulling out his mostly erect cock. I ignored the fact that I was in a car, in front of my house, and devoured his cock. I sucked it eagerly and passionately, desperate to make him happy, get him off and get the salty reward I craved. I was no longer a husband, no longer a father, I was a cocksucker and it made me feel so good. As his moans increased, a chill went up my spine knowing it was me getting him excited. I never slowed down, taking over seven inches of his cock in my mouth. It wasn’t my usual slow and simmer blow job, but the end result was just the same as I felt his salty seed spray into my mouth, coating my throat. He came more than any other man I had pleasured, but I was able to swallow it all. I kept sucking, hungry to get any remaining cum, until he finally lifted me off his cock.

“Damn boy, you are on eager cocksucker. You still had a minute to spare,” he said, seemingly impressed, which strangely made me proud.

His aftertaste lingered in my mouth, as I silently waited for him to say something.

Jimmy put his cock away and asked a completely out of the blue question. “Your wife will be at work tomorrow?”

“Yes,” I answered, unsure why he was asking.

“And your daughter is at camp?”

I pondered how he knew that, but I answered, “Yes, she is a camp counsellor all summer.”

“Good,” he smiled, before asking an even odder question. “Does your wife still have her wedding dress?”

“Yeah, I am pretty sure she does,” I considered, recalling it in the corner of her closet.

“Good. I expect you wearing it, a pair of your wife’s panties and white stockings and be on your bed at one tomorrow afternoon,” he revealed.

“What?” I asked stunned. “Don’t you have practice?”

“We do, but the coach and I have a special agreement,” he said, his smile making it obvious that the special agreement included the fact that he was fucking him too.

“Coach Carter?” I asked, incredulously. He was my coach twenty-five years ago and the most intense guy I ever met. His wife was the school principal. It just didn’t seem plausible.

“Oh yeah,” Jimmy chuckled. “I knew I could turn him queer the first time I was in the shower. He saw my cock and it was only a matter of time.”

“He was straight then?” I asked.

“As an arrow,” he smiled, “but one look at my cock and he began his descent into faggothood.”

“I can’t believe it,” I said mindlessly, unable to comprehend Coach Carter, my hero growing up, being a faggot…like me.

“Oh yeah and he squealed like a little girl the first time I plugged his ass. Although I may need you to teach him how to suck cock, he still hasn’t really got the hang of it.”

I was mortified at the thought of Coach Carter knowing about my indiscretions. “Please no,” I whispered.

He laughed. “You don’t still think you have any say, do you?”

“No, but it can’t get out that I….” I paused not sure how to describe myself.

“Am a cocksucking faggot who craves my cum?”

“Yeah,” I agreed, ashamed and yet turned-on by the harsh humiliation.

“Now get out of here, faggot!” I began to leave, and he offered, “You are free to take the carrot out.”

“Thank you,” I replied.

He laughed hard, “You are welcome faggot,” and drove away.

I returned home, his sweet taste still in my mouth…craving more.

As soon as my wife was gone for work the next morning, I searched her closet for her wedding dress. It was hung up in the back corner like I recalled. I pulled it out and lay it on the bed. I searched her drawer and found a pair of white panties, but couldn’t find any white stockings. I had my own pair of beige stockings from back in Atlanta, but that was it. So I quickly drove to the mall and bought a pair of white thigh highs. The girl gave me a slightly curious look, but didn’t say anything.

Returning home around 11:30, I waited an hour for Simon to leave before rushing up to my room to get ready. I got naked, showered again quickly and got dressed. I had worn my other thigh highs a few times under my clothes to feel more girly, which was a turn-on for some reason, so I now knew how to put them on properly. Once on, I pulled my wife’s panties on, barely, leaving no breathing room for my erect cock. I sat on the bed and rubbed my own silk stocking legs. It got me even more excited as I stood up and got my wife’s dress on. Being a big, showy, dress it had lots of room to it. Fully dressed as a bride, I nervously and excitingly waited for Jimmy to arrive.

He showed up fifteen minutes late. The moment I opened the door, he smiled. “Well, aren’t you pretty?”

“Please come in,” I said, embarrassed to be potentially scene by any passerby. I quickly closed the door once he was in.

“Let’s go to your bedroom, faggot. It is time to christen you as my fuck-toy,” he announced.

My ass tingled with the thought of being filled. I led him to my room and he ordered, “Get my cock ready, slut. The first load goes down your fairy mouth.”

I obeyed eagerly, pulling down his pants and underwear and taking his cock in my mouth. Not in a hurry this time, I began by swirling my tongue around his mushroom top, creating saliva to bathe his cock.

He approved, “Yes, my slut, worship my cock.”

I continued the tender treatment, slowly going a bit deeper as time progressed, until he ordered, “Suck my balls, homo.”

I had never done that before. I reluctantly took the delicious chocolate stick out of my mouth and slid my tongue down his base to his somewhat hairy balls. I gently took one in my mouth, unsure the protocol for ball sucking. When he didn’t complain, I found the other ball and replicated the pleasure procedure. I went back and forth a couple of more times before the black stud instructed, “Now suck my cock until you can get the whole thing in your sissy mouth.”

I wasn’t sure I would be able to get all ten inches in my mouth, but I was determined to try. I returned to his beautifully stiff cock. I began slowly bobbing on his cock, each forward movement going deeper as I took more and more of his cock in my mouth.

“Good, cocksucker,” he moaned, my constant rhythm on his cock clearly working. As I continued taking more and more of his cock in my mouth, I got more and more excited. “Only a couple more inches, faggot,” he pointed out.

I didn’t slow down as I continued my quest to deep-throat his long cock. Unfortunately, before I could get the last inch in my mouth, I felt cum coat my throat. It surprised me and I gagged a bit, losing some of his cum. I made a quick recovery, extracting any last specks of cum before he pulled out.

He pointed to the floor. “You spilt some of my precious seed.”

Without hesitation, I dropped to the floor and licked up his spilt cum.

“Fuck you are one eager queer. How long you been a pipe-smoker?” he asked.

Still on the floor, in a completely subservient position, I retold my coming of age.

“Wow. And now you are a white sub for black cock.”

I didn’t say anything as he finished getting undressed. He pulled out a camera from his bag and said, “Say cheese, cum-lover.”

“Please don’t!” I pleaded, covering up my face.

“That is one punishment,” he scolded, his tone of authority clear. “Now look up at me and smile like the queer sissy you are.”

Defeated and horrified, I obeyed, looking up, but my smile was fake.

He noticed, saying, “I want a real smile. I bet the best way to get that is by fucking your white ass.”

He pulled me up, led me to the bed and demanded, “Pose.”

I did a few poses as instructed before he asked, “Does your sexy wife have any toys?”

Knowing they were probably for me, I answered, “Yes, in the second drawer.”

He retrieved my wife’s blue vibe and demanded “on all fours, my bride.”

I obeyed, awkwardly, as the dress was long and flopped everywhere. Once in position, he went behind me flipped up my dress, and took pictures of me in my wife’s panties. He took off the panties and without any lube or warning, shoved my wife’s vibe up my ass. I let out a surprised scream, which quickly shifted to shrieks of pleasure as the quick pulses teased my ass. Once in, he turned it on high and took more photos. Moving in front of me, he took more pictures, my facial expressions unable to hide the pleasure the toy in my ass was giving me. He shoved his cock back into my mouth and took even more pictures. I was petrified of what he intended to do with them, but it no longer mattered, I was his bitch.

A couple of minutes later he pulled out and asked, “Are you ready to have your ass fucked, princess?”

Wanting nothing more, I answered eagerly, “Oh god yes, fuck my ass with your big cock.”

He went behind me and pushed the vibe in deeper as he asked, “Who owns you?”

I let out a loud yelp and answered, “Yooooooou do.”

“And you will suck who I tell you to?” he asked, testing his authority over me.

“Yes, I’ll be your perfect cocksucker,” I answered, willing to do anything to feel his long black cock in me.

He pulled the toy out of my ass and put his hands on my hips. “And you will fuck who I tell you to fuck?”

I could feel his cock between my cheeks. I wanted it, needed it so badly I would promise him anything. “Yes, sir, I am your faggot to use as you please.” So immersed in my submission to the black teenager, I didn’t care about future consequences but only feeling his cock in my ass.

I felt him push forward and into me and I thanked him profusely. “Oh yes, thank you for fucking me. Use me as you wish.”

He began pumping away in my ass as he said, “Do you want to suck off Coach Carter?”

“If you want me to,” I replied, the thought of sucking my former hero suddenly a turn-on.

“Do you want me to take you to our college glory hole where you can suck cock after cock after cock?”

His cock deep in me now, I moaned, “Oh fuck yes, take me to a glory hole, or bend my ass over the hole so others can fuck me.”

He laughed. “You are such a queer. What if I just took you to a party, blindfolded you, and allowed both your holes to be used all night?”

The thought was crazy, the thought was humiliating and yet it was all I suddenly wanted. “Oh yes, Jimmy, make it happen.”

“I am almost all in you, my faggot. Think you can take the last two inches?” he asked.

“Make me take them,” I replied, desperately wanting to feel all of him. “My ass is yours. Do with it as you please.”

“Good girl,” he grunted and in one hard thrust forward filled me deeper than I thought possible. A sharp pain shot through my body, but quickly dissipated as he began pounding my ass mercilessly.

“Oh yes, yes, your cock feels so fucking good,” I moaned.

He continued to ravish my ass for another ten minutes, the only sound me huffing like a school girl until he pulled out, flipped me onto my back and in seconds coated my face with his cum. I opened my mouth to catch as much as I could, but most hit my chin, cheek, forehead and hair. Once done, he ordered, “Don’t move.”

I obeyed and he returned and took pictures of me dripping with cum in my wife’s wedding dress.

He began getting dressed and said, “You have officially been christened as my faggot. Always have your phone on in case I need to deposit a load, is that clear?”

“Yes,” I replied, and he was gone.

Over the next week, he fucked me two more times and I loved it, although the fear of getting caught was always there; a forbidden taboo that only seemed to enhance the thrill.

It was the day before my holidays were done and I was going to be heading out to Washington for a few days that my secret life was revealed to my family…but that is an entirely different story.

Curiosity: My Son too?

I was driving Simon to his game, a couple of days before I was to leave on a trip, when he said, “Dad, how do you deal with bullies?”

“There are still bullies at your age?” I asked.

“Yeah, the last week, Jimmy has gone from annoying to downright rude.”

“How so?” I asked, concerned about Jimmy’s intentions.

“Well he had me massage his feet after games, he mocks my manhood all the time and has started calling me names and implying things.”

“Like what?” I asked, even though I already knew deep down.

Simon put his head down, clearly embarrassed. Finally, he said, “He calls me Mini-cock and started calling me faggot yesterday. He asks why I always stare at his penis.”

I was suddenly angry, although I had no idea how to deal with it. I texted Jimmy that we needed to talk, but he didn’t reply. I didn’t see Jimmy until he texted me the next day at lunch and said, “I will be there in an hour, assume the position and leave the door open.”

Our last two times, I was instructed to be in stockings, panties and a different dress of my wife’s. Each time he had took pictures, had me swallow the first load and then he pounded my ass, finishing each time by coating my face. I needed to confront him about my son, but didn’t know how.

I got dressed as expected, this time in a pink flower pattern and waited in the living room. My wife was at work and Simon at practice, so it was safe. When I heard the door open, I quickly got in position, which was on my knees, hands behind my back.

He walked in, dropped his shorts and shoved his cock in my mouth without a word. Unlike the last few times, this time he grabbed my head and fucked my mouth. It was all I could do to not gag on his big, stiff cock. He was close to coming, I think, when the door suddenly opened.

I quickly took Jimmy’s cock out of my mouth to see my son at the door, his mouth dropped open.

Simon said, “Dad?”

I quickly stammered, “S-S-Simon I can explain.”

Jimmy laughed. “That I would like to hear.”

I realized I had nothing and shifted to an apology. “Ok, I can’t explain. Sorry, son, I-um….”

Jimmy interrupted, “Your daddy is a faggot; a horny cocksucker; a fairy that loves nothing better than my big cock up his butt. Isn’t that right, queer?”

Mortified and humiliated, I admitted, “Yes.”

“Yes, what?” Jimmy questioned.

“Yes, I am your faggot.”

“My bitch?”

“Your bitch.”

“My cocksucking cum deposit?”

Unable to look my son in the eye, I repeated, “Yes, your cocksucking cum deposit.”

“As is your son?” Jimmy said, throwing me for a loop.

“What?” I asked, looking up at Simon.

Simon stood frozen and confused, his red cheeks implying his own guilt. Jimmy explained, “Oh, don’t worry Daddy, he isn’t a cocksucker yet, that will happen in a couple of minutes. But like I knew you were a closet queer, I know your son is one too.”

Attempting to protect my son, I said, “Leave my son out of this.”

“Are you questioning me?”

I froze.

“I didn’t think so. Get back to sucking my cock while I talk with your son.”

I didn’t move at first, but unable to disobey Jimmy, I gave in to my weakness and took his cock into my mouth in front of my nineteen-year-old son.

Jimmy explained, “Simon, you are like your dad, you just don’t know it yet. Right now you are watching your dad sucking my cock and you are not repulsed, but rather intrigued. Am I right?”

I couldn’t see Simon with my mouth full of cock, but Simon’s lack of denial worried me.

Jimmy said, “Simon, you’re a faggot. Accept it. Is your cock hard right now? It shouldn’t be unless you are a faggot.”


“Take off your pants, Simon,” Jimmy ordered. A few seconds later, Jimmy said, “Good boy, now your underwear.” I was mortified at what he was making my son do, yet all I did was keep sucking his cock like a good fairy. A couple of seconds later, “You are solid stiff, Simon. Why?”

He finally spoke, “I-I-I have no idea.”

“Come join your dad,” Jimmy ordered.

I heard footsteps and my son was on his knees beside me.

Jimmy said, “Watch your Daddy suck cock. He is a natural cocksucker. Soon you will get your chance to smoke from my pipe.”

Having my son watch me should have been the most horrifying thing ever, yet somehow it seemed to turn me on even more. I sucked his cock slowly, letting my son see me make love to Jimmy’s cock with my mouth.

A few minutes later, Jimmy pulled out of my mouth and offered it to Simon. Simon looked at me so confused, maybe looking for help or a way out of this situation, but instead I said, “Suck Jimmy’s cock, son. Become a faggot, like daddy.”

Simon looked at me one last second, his respect of me as a protector gone, and opened his mouth. Jimmy slid his cock inside my son’s mouth and said, “Good boy, Simon. Now go nice and slow. Get used to my cock in your mouth; it will be there a lot. When your dad is gone, you become my cum deposit.”

I felt ashamed allowing my son to be dragged in to the sexual depravity that I had succumbed to, yet I had no choice. I was helpless against Jimmy’s cock; I would do anything to have it, including apparently giving my son to him. As he said earlier, he owned me and it was true.

I watched my son struggle with sucking his first cock and offered assistance. “Take your time son. His cock takes time to get used to.”

Jimmy agreed, “Listen to your sissy daddy, faggot, you will be doing this a lot.”

Simon slowed down.

I instructed, “Use your tongue and swirl around his delicious lollipop. Treat it like you would a lollipop.” I pulled the cock out of my son’s mouth and said, “Let daddy teach you.” I extended my tongue and swirled it around Jimmy’s mushroom top. I then closed my mouth and did the same thing.

Handing the erect missile back to my son. “Now you try.”

It was bizarre. The last time I handed him a stick after showing him how to use it was when we first went fishing, yet now I was teaching him to suck cock. It was so wrong, so very wrong, yet it turned me on just the same. My son copied what I had showed him. Jimmy approved, “That’s better, sissy. You may become a good cocksucker like your daddy, yet.”

For a few minutes, Simon slowly worked on Jimmy’s cock. I watched intently, taking the odd glimpse of my son’s reasonably sized, fully erect, six-inch cock.

Jimmy noticed and asked, “Is daddy hungry for his son’s cock?”

I quickly denied, “No, no, that is wrong.”

“But teaching your son how to be a cocksucker is ok?” Jimmy pointed out.

I blushed, having no answer.

“Crawl between his legs and let him feel what a great blowjob feels like,” Jimmy instructed.

I briefly considered saying no, but I knew he would make me in the end and I was hungry for cock, even if it was my son’s. I obeyed, my son moving his legs apart to allow me access to his rod, clearly eager to be blown even if it was by his father. Once in position, I did my usual blow job special. As soon as his cock was in my mouth he was no longer my son, but a delicious cock that could quench my thirst for cum. A couple of minutes in, my son shot his cum down my throat. I kept sucking, knowing at his young age he wasn’t shrinking anytime soon.

Jimmy followed a minute later. “Here it comes, faggot. Here comes your first load of cum, the first of so many.”

I quickly moved up and watched like a proud father of a son who hits his first home run as my son got his first taste of cum. I was jealous of my son…he was lucky. If only I had found out how good it was to taste cock when I was eighteen. I wasted so many years of a vanilla life.

Some cum dripped down my son’s face and I instinctively scooped it with my finger and put it in my mouth. My son stared at me with a look of confusion at what had occurred and I imagined how good it felt.

I comforted, “There is nothing to be ashamed of, son.”

Jimmy added, “Yes, we need cocksucking faggots, just like we need slutty chicks, isn`t that right, daddy-faggot.”

I sighed, “Well, that is one way to put it. But Simon, if you are like me you loved the thrill of power you had when his cock was in his mouth. You decided when he came.”

Simon finally spoke. “But I will be the laughingstock of the team.”

Jimmy said, “It can stay a secret as long as you obey like a good sissy.”

I added, attempting to relax my clearly insecure son about his newfound sexuality, “Simon. You are not a freak. You are special.”

Jimmy added, “Yes, my special personal fuck-toy.”

I sighed, hoping to relax Simon, but I continued, “Don’t be ashamed. It took me forty-four years to find out who I am. You are finding out about your sexuality way younger. You are lucky. And, it is 2012, not 1955. People come out all the time.”

“You haven’t,” Simon pointed out.

I paused. “True, son. It is complicated. I am still married and in love with your mom, even if it is a platonic love. I would hate to break her heart, or crush your sister.”

“Talking about breaks, this break is over, and it is time to break someone’s cherry,” Jimmy said.

Simon’s eyes went bigger than a cute kitten.

Jimmy ordered, “Daddy-faggot, get the lube.”

I quickly went upstairs to my hidden supply and returned, finding Simon on all fours like a puppy, his still erect cock dangling in the breeze.

Jimmy instructed, “Rim your son first.”

My fully erect and ignored cock begging for action and doing all my thinking, I eagerly obeyed, crawling behind my son, spreading his tight ass cheeks and I began rimming his virgin puckered hole. After I coated it with saliva, I struggled to push my tongue inside. I barely broke through, but his restrictive hole slowly opened up.

“Finger your son, you incestuous fag,” Jimmy ordered, continuing the verbal humiliation that only got me hornier.

I said, “Son, this will go way easier if you relax.”

“Kkkkkkkk,” he whimpered clearly nervous.

I lubed my finger generously and slowly pushed forward. My son let out the slightest of moans as his ass allowed its first violator. Once in, I wiggled around a bit, attempting to begin the gaping process. Each movement had my son making girl-like sounds.

Jimmy chuckled, “He even moans like a girl.”

Simon’s face went redder, so I slid a second finger in to distract him from the humiliating words being shot at him. Simon let out a loud squeal and said, “Oh god, Dad, that hurts.”

“It’s ok, son, the burn is only temporary. Once your ass gets used to opening up, the burn will fade and a pleasure unlike any other will consume you,” I advised and promised.

I continued the slow push forward, the slow wiggle, and the slow gaping. I asked, “How you doing, son?”

“Better,” he answered.

Staring at his tight ass, I suddenly was obsessed with being his first. My next words I think shocked all three of us. “Jimmy. May I please be the first to fuck my son?”

Jimmy laughed. “You want to take your own son’s virginity?”

“Yes,” I answered.

“What do I get in return?”

“Anything you want,” I answered, willing to do any sexual perversion he would later make me do.

“Deal. But remember you said anything,” Jimmy warned, a smile so devilish I couldn’t even begin to imagine what he had in mind.

“Understood,” I replied, adding, “You own me, Jimmy.”

“Excellent. Go fuck your son. I will film it for posterity,” he announced, pulling out a camcorder from his bag. I looked at him shocked and he explained, “I planned to film you today, but this is even better.”

Way past having any moral concerns, or worrying about what he might do with the tape, I reached for the lube and generously coated both my cock and my son’s ass.

Jimmy ordered, the camera on, “Simon, tell Daddy what you want.”

Simon clearly past caring, like his father, feeling my finger back in his ass, “I want to be fucked.”

“Where?” Jimmy asked.

“In my ass,” Simon moaned.

“By who?”

“My dad,” my son admitted.

“You mean your Daddy?”

I pulled my finger out and moved my lubed cock in position as Simon begged, like I had my first time, “Oh god yes, Daddy, fuck me. Make me a faggot like you, Daddy.”

His naughty mouth was hot and I pushed forward, breaking my son’s anal cherry. His girl-like whimpers only made it hotter as I slowly pushed forward.

“Oh god Daaaaaddy, you are filling me up.”

“You like Daddy’s cock in your ass?” I asked.

“Yeeeees,” he moaned, taking my whole cock.

Once fully in him, I paused, letting him get accustomed to a cock inside him. After a few seconds, he begged, “Fuck me Daddy. Fuck me like you like getting fucked.”

Almost busting a nut right then, I obliged, slowly moving in and out of his tight ass. Every push forward allowed a girly whimper out of him and I knew I would not last long in my son.

Getting used to a cock fucking him, he begged, “Harder daddy. Fuck your son. Drill your sissy. Oh yes, harder daddy. Treat me like a slut.”

His begging was too much and I knew I was going to come soon. A minute later, I pulled out and he whined, “Noooooooo,” as I quickly moved to his face and pumped my cock.

He opened his mouth like a good trained sub and caught the first spray of his daddy’s seed. The second spray hit his nose and forehead. The third landed on the floor. He leaned forward and took my cock back in his mouth. I moaned, “That’s it my sissy son, clean Daddy’s cock that just took her cherry.”

He moaned and swirled his tongue around my cockhead like I had taught him earlier. Jimmy put the camera down and sauntered confidently over to my kneeling son.

Jimmy positioned himself behind and said, “Well, your Daddy got you prepared for a real cock. Are you ready sissy?”

“Yes, Jimmy, shove your big black cock in me,” my son begged, taking my cock out of his mouth.

I went to the camcorder and filmed my son getting fucked. Jimmy pushed forward, going balls deep in one single thrust, and Simon let out a scream so loud I was worried the neighbours might have heard.

Jimmy grunted, fucking my son mercilessly, “Whose bitch are you?”

“I’m your bitch, Jimmy,” my son huffed.

“Who will you always obey?” Jimmy questioned.

“You Master, I will obey you always,” my son squealed.

My cock flinched at the thought of Master, instantly beginning to rise again.

“Master, I like that,” Jimmy smiled, sweat dripping off him as he really hammered away at my son.

“Yes, you own me and Daddy,” Simon admitted. “I don’t care who knows, Master.”

I was in awe at my son’s ultimate submission.

Jimmy’s smile got big. “I have such plans for you sissy, such big plans. What about your girlfriend, sissy?”

“She’s yours, Jimmy. I know she has been checking you out. It is obvious,” my son offered.

“You will set it up so I can fuck her?” Jimmy asked.

“Yeeeees, anything you want, Maaaaaster,” Simon screamed, completely in sexual delirium from the pleasure in his ass.

Both focused on what was happening, Simon continued whimpering like a school girl and Jimmy never relenting as his sword split apart my son’s ass. Five minutes, became ten, which became fifteen before Jimmy grunted and clearly filled my son’s ass with his dominant seed. My son quaked, his legs wobbled and I watched as he shot his own load on the floor without his cock ever being touched.

As Jimmy pulled out, he said amused, “Wow, you are the greatest faggot of all. I have never fucked a queer who has shot his load without being touched. Daddy you better clean that up.”

I handed Jimmy the camera and fell to the ground and slurped up my son’s cum from the floor.

Eventually, Jimmy got dressed and asked, “Simon, why were you even home, didn’t we have practice?”

“It was cancelled. Didn’t you get the text?”

Jimmy grabbed his phone, smiled, “Well, so it was.”

Based on his tone, I suddenly realized Jimmy had set this up. “Well, I am off,” Jimmy, looking at his two still erect naked faggots. Looking at our stiff cocks he said, “You two are insatiable.”

Once he was gone, Simon asked shyly, “Dad, can I um, well….”

I said asked, “You want to fuck your Dad, do you son?”

“Yes,” he sheepishly whispered.

“Son, my ass is yours whenever you want it,” I said, standing up and bending over the couch. “But my knees are killing me.”

My son stood up, went behind me and paused.

I begged, “Son, shove that big snake in me. Fuck your Daddy. Make me your bitch.”

It was as if a switch turned on my son. He shifted from submissive bottom to dominant top. He pushed forward and filled my ass. “How does my cock feel, Dad?”

“Amazing son.”

“I can’t believe you are a fucking fairy Dad,” he grunted.

“I’m your fairy, son. Use me whenever you want,” I offered.

He fucked me hard and said, “I jerk off two or three times, Daddy. Now I have two tight holes to use, don’t I?”

“Yeees, son,” I moaned.

Simon having come twice, I was in for a long ride. It was over twenty minutes of pounding and verbal humiliation as he called me a ton of names: faggot, whore, sissy, pussy, slut, cocksucker, homo, daddy-faggot and more and I agreed with every one of them. Finally, he grunted and felt his warm seed fill me.

“Take my cum, slut,” he grunted.

I replied, “Fill your slut with your juice.”

Once spent, he pulled out and saw my stiff cock ready to burst. Shifting again to girly, he asked, “Does Daddy need to come?”

“Yes,” I whimpered.

He grabbed my cock, and began pumping it. “Do you want me to suck you, Daddy?”


“Beg, Daddy.”

“Oh God son. Please suck Daddy’s cock.”

Simon took my cock in his mouth and practiced his newly acquired skill. In less than two minutes of him bobbing up and down on my rod, I warned, “I’m about to cum, son.”

In the ultimate reversal of any other gay sex act I had ever been a part of or read about, he pulled out, bent over and begged, “Come in my ass, Daddy.”

I didn`t think twice, I quickly shoved my already quivering cock in his already cum-filled ass and in four fast strokes deposited a second load of cum in my no longer straight son’s ass.

Eventually, we collapsed on the couch. Simon’s phone rang a couple of minutes later and it was Carrie, his girlfriend. Simon grabbed his clothes and left to talk to her while I sat on my couch wondering just how I was going to keep this house of cards from tumbling down. I also wondered about the word ‘anything’. Jimmy’s devious grin told me that he already had something in mind and it could be any number of humiliating things.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how one would perceive it, the house of cards was about to fall completely down and every part of my life would be forever changed…but that is another story….

Curiosity: My Wife Three?

I was gone for a few days, when I bottomed two different strangers to quench my constant need to submit. I craved Jimmy’s cock as well as my son’s, who had deposited a load of cum in my mouth in the airport bathroom before I flew out.

The flight home arrived on time, a rarity in my many travel experiences, and Simon was there to pick me up. As we waited for the luggage, Simon motioned to the bathroom where he quenched my thirst. His salty seed aftertaste in my mouth, we drove home and he told me about Jimmy taking him to a glory hole to practice. I instantly wanted to go to, wondering where a glory hole even existed in our city. Simon admitted he swallowed over twenty loads of cum and had had his ass fucked by the owner…an older woman with a strap-on. Envious, I prayed I was going to have my first glory hole experience very, very soon. He had also sucked Jimmy before each game and Jimmy kept hinting that Simon would soon be giving the whole team the pre-game pleasure.

We arrived home and I was exhausted. Simon carried my bag in and I went up the stairs to my bedroom, where I heard the clear moans of my wife. Curiosity, which had gotten me into many predicaments, got me in one more. I peeked into my room and saw my wife, in her wedding dress, bouncing up and down on Jimmy’s cock. Her eyes were closed but she was clearly enjoying riding on Jimmy’s big black pogo stick. I stared in disbelieve realizing the ‘anything’ from his earlier conversation was my wife.

I should have been furious, but instead my cock rose and it was jealousy that I felt instead. That was my cock she was playing with. I couldn’t believe my logic. I wasn’t mad at him fucking my wife, I was mad I would have to share him with my wife.

Jimmy asked my moaning wife, “What are you going to tell hubby when he gets here?”

“I-I-I don’t know,” she moaned, bouncing rapidly on his cock, seemingly taking all ten inches in her cunt.

“Are you going to tell him that your cunt belongs to me now?” he questioned.

“Yes, if that is what you want,” she moaned.

“And that he can only fuck you if he gets permission from your Master?”

“Yes, I don’t want his pathetic little cock anyway, Master, I only want yours,” she moaned, my humiliation growing.

“Well, and the other big cocks I will make you fuck,” he added.

She opened her eyes giving away a hint of fear, yet her words showed none. “I’ll fuck whoever you make me Master. I didn’t know I could feel this good.”

“Your husband doesn’t get you off?”

“Not like you do,” she screamed, her orgasm hitting her hard. She had never come from fucking in our whole sex life. Only from being eaten. The shame continued to build.

“That is three already, you have a trigger pussy, slut.”

“Give me more, Master, I want him to see me be fucked by a real man,” she begged, not knowing I was hearing every word of my belittlement.

“Get on all fours, slut,” he demanded. “It is time to take ownership of your third and final hole.”

This was where she would stop. No way would she allow him to fuck her ass. Not in a million years.

She got off his cock, onto all fours so she was facing the door, and asked, “Please be gentle, Master. I have been wearing the plug like you ordered for the past three days, but your cock is so much bigger.”

Butt plug? Three days? That was right after I left.

“Don’t worry, cunt, soon you will be taking ten inch cocks in all three holes at the same time. We just got to get you used to it,” Jimmy said casually. Jimmy grabbed lube that was on the night table and coated his cock and went behind my wife. He pulled out the plug and tossed it aside. My eyes went big. She had a wide plug in her ass for three days? I don’t know if there was anything that could surprise me anymore.

“Beg for it, bitch!” Jimmy ordered.

“Oh, Master, fuck my ass, take my anal cherry. The one place I had refused my husband, I will not refuse you. Don’t be gentle, Master. Fuck me like you would any of your teenage sluts.”

Jimmy looked directly at me through the tiny crack in the door and smiled. He pushed forward, never breaking eye contact with me as he took my wife’s ass. As soon as he penetrated her virgin ass, my wife got animated in ways she never had with me. “Oh yes, Master. Your cock feels so good in my ass.”

Jimmy said, “Good evening, Mr. Winston.”

Caught, I walked into my own bedroom. My wife looked at me and instead of feigning any sort of explanation; she smiled and began bouncing back on the cock in her ass.

“Slut, tell your husband who owns you,” Jimmy demanded, even though I already knew.

“Honey, I am sorry, but Jimmy here is my Master. He owns my cocksucking lips, my white pussy and my no longer virgin aaaaaaaaaaass,” she moaned as she bounced further back on Jimmy’s ten inch tank. “Oh god, Master, it feels so good.”

“Get undressed, faggot,” Jimmy ordered.

My wife’s head turned back to me. Ignoring her confused look, I began getting undressed. Jimmy explained, “You are not my only slut, Theresa.”

“W-w-what?” she stammered, both out of shock and because a ten-inch cock was buried between her ass cheeks.

“Go ahead faggot, tell your wife the truth,” Jimmy ordered.

Now naked and my cock fully erect, I admitted my infidelity and my sexual deviance, “I’m sorry too, Theresa, but Jimmy made me his bitch a couple of weeks ago.”

My wife gave a look so appalling I felt like a complete loser. Jimmy held Theresa’s ass and said, “Don’t judge Theresa. He refused me the first time I offered my big black snake, unlike you.”

“But he fucked a guy,” she said, repulsed.

“So are you,” Jimmy pointed out.

“It’s not the same,” she said, glaring at me. Which I thought was ironic since she was on our bed, in her wedding dress, with a cock in her ass.

Jimmy defended me. “Oh Theresa it is all semantics. Each of you submitted to me because you wanted to…needed to. Plus, you had your lips wrapped around my cock the moment I offered it to you. So can you really judge?”

“But my husband is a faggot.”

“I fucked him. Does that make me a faggot?” Jimmy questioned.

“I-I-I don’t know,” she answered, clearly confused.

Jimmy did three quick hard pumps in my wife’s ass. My wife screamed in pleasure.

“Tell your husband about submitting to me,” he ordered.

Her face went red, but her icy glare at me showed she was furious at me and ignoring her own indiscretion. “Will you keep fucking me, Master, while I tell my faggot husband about the best sex I have ever had?”

“Sure, slut,” he agreed, returning to slowly fucking my wife’s ass.

She moaned, attempting to hurt me. “Fuck, Master, your cock is so much bigger than my husband’s. It feels so fucking good in my tight ass. Do you like his cock in your ass too, honey?”

Her sarcastic tone at the word ‘honey’ hurt, but I answered, “Yes.”

“Are you enjoying watching him take my ass for the first time?” she moaned.

“Yes,” I again sheepishly replied.

“You know he owns me now, faggot,” she said.

“Yes, he owns me too,” I admitted.

“Tell him, slut,” Jimmy ordered, slapping her ass.

“Well, Jimmy stayed over the night you left for a Xbox marathon with Simon. All evening, Jimmy would come up for snacks and chat with me always adjusting his cock. Twice in the kitchen he touched me casually and I felt a spark down below. I assumed it was all innocent until a few hours later when I woke up and his cock was tapping on my lips. I woke up alarmed and saw a naked Jimmy and his super cock staring at me. He said that Simon was asleep and it was time for me to be the white slut for black cock I fantasized about. My conscience debated for about ten seconds before I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth. His first load filled my mouth. His second load filled my unprotected cunt.”

Jimmy finally added, “Because what am I doing with you?”

“Breeding my white cunt, Master,” she moaned.

It was my turn to be angry. She was willing to allow herself to get knocked up by an 18-year-old black teen. The public humiliation if she gave birth to a black child was the ultimate degradation.

“You want him to knock you up?” I asked.

“Yes. I want to carry Master’s seed. I will never deny him,” she answered, before adding, “Apparently just like you.”

That shot was tough to argue.

Jimmy broke the silence and the frozen glares we both were giving each other. “Look, you are both my sluts. To make it official, get over here, faggot.”

I went to the bed. He pulled his cock out of my wife’s ass and into in my mouth. He explained, “Faggot, your wife is now my slut. This bed is our bed. When you are home, you can sleep on the coach or on the floor in our room or wherever. You are to obey every order your wife gives and can only have sex with her if you get permission from me first. I am your Master and your wife is your Mistress. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Master,” I said, taking his big cock out of my mouth, my life beginning to unravel.

My wife asked, “But what about Simon?”

I went red and Jimmy said, “Funny you should ask about that.”

He grabbed the remote control and pressed play. On my 46 inch TV was the replay of me begging to fuck my son.

“Oh…my…God,” my wife said to no one, her eyes glued on the screen.

I watched in detached awe as I saw myself taking my son’s virginity.

“You fucked our son?” she asked, glaring at me.

I looked down, ashamed. Jimmy said, “Don’t judge, slut. You are about to fuck him too.”

“What?” she said, shocked by this revelation.

“Simon,” Jimmy called and explained, “You see, Theresa, I don’t just have two Winston sluts…I have three.”

“No,” she said in disbelief, just as Simon arrived in the room.

He stuttered, “M-m-mom too?”

“Get undressed, faggot,” Jimmy instructed.

My wife for the first time showed reservation. She said, “Please Jimmy, not with my son. That is wrong!”

The video of me fucking my son still playing, Jimmy said, “No son, no Master.”

My wife was clearly considering her options. Jimmy seeing my wife hesitating pulled his cock out of my mouth and in one straight stroke filled my wife’s ass. “Are you having second thoughts, my sweet slut?”

“Aaaaaah, no Master,” she moaned, any bout of morality she was having gone as all she cared about was the raw feeling of a cock in her ass.

” No, Master, what?” he asked, stopping while lodged deep in her.

“No, Master I am not having second thoughts,” she moaned, trying to push on our Master’s 18-year-old cock.

“Simon come over to Mommy,” Jimmy ordered.

My wife went as red as Snow White’s apple as she watched her son’s stiff cock coming towards her.

“Ask me for permission to suck your faggot son’s cock,” Jimmy ordered, as he began fucking her ass again.

She looked at him, pleading with her eyes, but not getting the same reaction she always got with her whipped husband. Finally, she begged rather convincingly, “Master, may I please suck my son’s big cock?”

“You may, slut,” he agreed.

My wife took our son’s cock in her hand and hesitated. Jimmy stopped fucking her ass, but as soon as my wife’s lips wrapped around our son, Jimmy returned to fucking her.

I watched in voyeuristic awe at my wife sucking our son’s cock, just like I had done a week ago. Although tentative at first, once she got going she bobbed on his cock like the slut she used to be. Soon she and Jimmy were in unison, my wife going forward as Jimmy rammed his rod inside her and backed off his cock as Jimmy retreated from her ass. The fucking and sucking lasted for five minutes before Jimmy demanded, “Simon, lay on your back.”

He obeyed.

“Straddle your son, Mommy,” Jimmy instructed.

My wife so horny now that she no longer cared who was filling her, she quickly straddled her son and engulfed his cock. Without instruction, she began riding her son’s cock, still in her wedding dress, although it was slightly torn. She rode him like a bucking horse, for a couple of minutes before Jimmy got in position and returned his cock to her ass. The double fucking continued for an eternity. My son looked to be in heaven; isn’t it every boy’s dream to fuck his mother? My wife’s moans were louder than I had ever heard and when she came I thought the roof was going to come down.

“Oh my god, Master, you have made me such a slut, a mother-fucking slut. Oh yes, oh yes, I’m coming Master, your whore is coming.”

Jimmy and Simon got thrusting in both her holes as the orgasm seemed to pulse through her forever.

Simon moaned, “I am close too Mommy.”

Jimmy quickly pulled out, flipped my wife on her back and thrust into her cunt while she took her son’s cock back in her mouth. Simon’s mom sucked his cock furiously and was rewarded with her son’s cum.

Almost simultaneously, Jimmy grunted and asked, “Are you ready to be bred, my white whore.”

She pulled her son’s cock out of her mouth and begged, “Fill me with your cum while my sissy husband watches. Fill my womb with your dark seed.”

Jimmy grunted and coated my wife’s pussy walls with his baby juice.

Once he was done, he pulled out and ordered, “Come clean your wife’s pussy, cuckold!”

I eagerly crawled between her stocking-clad legs and buried my face in her cum-filled pussy. My wife smiled at me and said, “Clean my pussy, faggot. Tell me whose cunt this is.”

“It’s Master’s cunt,” I answered, between licks as I cleaned her pussy.

“And whose bed is this?” she asked, continuing the ridicule.

“Yours and Master’s,” I begrudgingly admitted.

Simon got up, still hard, while Jimmy joined my wife in what use to be my spot. He kissed her passionately while I found the last remnants of his cum.

Jimmy asked, “Do you want to see your cuckold husband get fucked?”

“Yes,” she smiled deviously.

Jimmy asked, “Simon, ready for more?”

“Yes, Master,” he said.

Jimmy ordered, “Sit on the chair. We are going to let Daddy ride you.”

Jimmy obeyed and I walked over and straddled my son, my shame no longer a factor. I had never done it this way before so it was awkward at first to get him in, but once my son’s cock broke through, I was in heaven. I slowly began bouncing up and down on my son’s cock slowly taking more in me. I looked to my bed and saw my wife cuddled in the arms of our 18-year-old Master. The white and black contrast was strange as was her smug smile. We had both cheated, with the same person and yet I was the one humiliated. Yet, instead of frustration, I was incredibly satisfied. I was soon taking all of my son’s cock in me and moaning like a bitch.

She continued her humiliation of me. “He moans like a dog in heat.”

Jimmy laughed, “Well, he is a bitch in heat. He will suck or fuck any guy.”

” He sure isn’t fucking me anymore,” my wife announced.

I ignored their ridicule and focused on my son’s juicy cock filling me. I rode him until my legs were sore. Finally my son got aggressive, bent me over and began fucking my ass. He asked, “Mommy, can Daddy be my plaything?”

“Of course, son. He is yours whenever you need to be pleased.”

“Can I fuck you again, too?” he asked eagerly, while ravishing my ass relentlessly.

“If Master says it is all right,” my wife smiled.

Jimmy agreed, “You can fuck your Mommy anytime you want, but only I can come in her baby maker. You may fill her ass or mouth, understood?”

“Yes, Master. Thanks, Master,” he grunted, seconds before shooting his load up my ass.

Once done, he pulled out, walked over to his Mother and gave her a good night kiss. Although it was not the type of kiss you usually see between a Mother and son. Simon grabbed his clothes and left.

“You may sleep on the floor tonight, faggot.” My wife scoffed at me.

“Thank you, Mistress,” I replied, cum slowly leaking out of my ass.

“Mistress, I like that,” she smiled. “That is what you will call me from now on.”

“Understood, Mistress,” I said, crawling to the foot of the bed.

As I tried to fall asleep in my new humiliating position, I felt the bed start shaking again and my wife’s moans began. “Yes, baby, fill my womb with one more big load of your spunk.”

I listened for another twenty minutes to my wife moaning and talking dirty until she was filled one last time by our Master’s seed.

This became the routine when I was at home. Jimmy fucked my wife a couple times a day, I usually cleaned her pussy and Simon usually fucked me. Simon did take me to a glory hole where the two of us father-son bonded by sucking over fifty cocks…both of us ending the night so full of cum we could barely move. We also both got fucked in the ass by the owner’s strap-on while sucking cock.

It was a couple of weeks later that I got the surprise of my life. The doorbell rang and I opened it and was staring at my parents who had just showed up for a surprise visit from twenty hours away. Meanwhile, upstairs Jimmy was fucking my wife…but that is an entirely different story.

Curiosity: Not My Parents Too?

The next week was a whirlwind of humiliation. I was forced to take all my things out of the master bedroom and was sent to live in the spare bedroom in the basement. Jimmy had taken over what was my bedroom and been living there since he stole my wife.

I was making lunch for my wife and Jimmy while he fucked her up in their bed, when the doorbell rang. I was hoping for some action myself from Jimmy, but since moving in, he had spent the majority of his time with my wife, much to my chagrin.

So when I opened the door, expecting some charity or something, I was left mouth opened and stunned. I was staring at my parents at my front door; my parents who lived twenty hours away; my parents who never showed up unannounced; my parents who rarely ever left their home. I stammered, “W-w-what are you two doing here?”

My burly ex-military Father walked in asking, “Is that any way to greet your parents?”

I quickly followed them in and said, as loud as possible, “Theresa, my parents are here.”

I heard shuffling and my wife call back, her voice showing a hint of panic, “What a surprise. I will be down in a minute.”

As I wondered how we would deal with Jimmy, I asked, giving my Mom a hug, “And what brings you two here?”

“Can’t we just stop and visit?” my Mom asked.

“Of course,” I replied, trying to act casual. “It’s just this is a very unexpected surprise.”

My Dad laughed. “I told you Maggie, Evan isn’t good with surprises.”

My Mom smiled, “That’s ok. The look on his face was worth it.”

I smiled back, knowing the real reason I had the look I had. I was in complete panic. I asked, “How long are you guys in town?”

“Oh, just overnight, we are heading up to Canada for our trip, remember,” my Mom explained.

“I remember that, I just didn’t realize you were driving the whole trip,” I replied, briefly recalling them talking about a trip to Canada. “It’s a pretty long drive.”

My Dad shrugged. “We have all the time in the world.”

My wife came down the stairs, her face still flushed, but acting like her normal hostess self. “Maggie. Doug. What a glorious surprise.”

She hugged them both and invited them into the kitchen. She gave me a nod upstairs and I took that as go see Jimmy.

I excused myself and went up to what used to be my bedroom. Jimmy was dressed, but once I arrived, he ordered, pulling down his pants, “I hadn’t come in your wife yet, so my barrel is fully loaded.”

I quickly closed the door and protested, “But my parents are down stairs.”

“Is that my problem? My problem is your parents interrupted me shooting my dark seed in your wife’s very fertile box.”

“If I do this, will you keep this a secret?”

“Probably,” he smiled. “I can even allow you the privilege of sleeping in your own bed, to keep the charade of your pretty suburbia life believable.”

“Thank you,” I replied, falling to my knees and taking his fully loaded gun in my mouth. I tasted my wife’s pussy juice on his rifle and I was eager to feel his bullets slide down my throat, I bobbed eagerly, taking almost all his cock in my mouth with each bob.

He moaned, “That’s it faggot. Suck your Master’s cock while your slut wife hosts your Mom and Dad.”

The thought of my Marine father seeing me like this was utterly mortifying in a way even worse than my son and wife learning of my sexual perversion. I continued the rapid sucking for a couple of minutes before I triggered his gun and felt his constant fire shooting at its eager target.

Once done, he pulled out and said, “Cover me and I will sneak out the front. But remember, covering for you will come at a cost.”

“What cost?” I asked, nervously.

“Oh, we will see,” he smiled, although his devious smile implied he had already concocted a plan for me.

I went downstairs and into the kitchen and made sure my parents stayed there while Jimmy sneaked out of the house.

The next few hours were visiting, talking about their trip, my job, the kids and so forth. I was just beginning to relax when my Dad returned from putting his suitcases in the spare room.”

“Son,” he asked, “Why are all your clothes in the spare room?”

I panicked, but my wife stepped in, “We are just getting ready to renovate the bedroom and thus we have just begun shuffling our clothes out.”

“Oh,” he said, relieved, clearly worried that his son was having martial issues…’if he only knew’ I thought.

A few minutes later, Simon and Jimmy walked through the front door, both sweaty from baseball practice. Simon I assumed knew of his grandparents’ arrival, but acted surprised. “Grandma, Grandpa, What a surprise!”

After getting hugs, he introduced Jimmy, shocking all of us in the process. “Grandma, Grandpa, this is my boyfriend, Jimmy. Jimmy, my grandparents.”

Jimmy, acting all innocent, greeted, “Hi, it is very nice to meet you.”

He shook my Dad’s hand, and hugged my Mom, all while I watched things slowly unravel. My Dad gave me a look of disapproval and shock.

As soon as they went downstairs, my Dad went on the offensive. “Did you know about this?”

“Yes,” I admitted, although I was as surprised as he was.

My wife intervened, saying, “Maggie, let’s go get some groceries for supper.”

My Mother was more than happy to get out of the crossfire.

My Father continued, ignoring the women’s goodbyes. “And you are allowing it to happen?” he asked, his drill sergeant attitude back in full force.

“What can I do? He is twenty and old enough to accept his sexuality,” I said, standing up to my Father.

“Well, if he was my son, he would be out of here,” my Dad adamantly announced.

“Really?” I asked, anger beginning to build. “If I had told you I was gay would you have kicked me out?”

“In a heartbeat,” he confidently replied.

“This is 2012 Dad. People have come to accept people for who they are,” I fought back. Not so much standing up for my son as I was for myself.

“I thought he had a girlfriend,” he replied, ignoring my argument.

“He does,” I retorted.

“What?” he responded, flabbergasted.

“He is bi, Dad,” I explained.

“Are you kidding me? How did you let this happen?” he questioned, blaming me for my son’s sexuality, which was ironically true, but not how he was accusing it. “If he was in the military when I was in charge he would have been sent home…in handcuffs.”

“There were no gay men in the military when you were there, Dad?” I asked.

“God, no. Queers avoided the draft and ran away to Canada,” he said, showing his prejudice.

I didn’t want to get into an ideological debate about the Vietnam War; we had already agreed to disagree on that long ago. Instead, I said, “What if your grandson was in the military, would you kick him out?”

“Of course,” he stubbornly argued. To him things were black and white and there were no shades of grey or any other color.

“Well, as often is the case Dad, we will have to agree to disagree.”

“Oh no, no. This isn’t something I can just ignore. You have allowed my grandson to become a faggot,” he continued in a rage.

After being called a faggot over and over, I had accepted that I was indeed one. But the way my Dad used the word like it was toxic had me boiling.

Suddenly Jimmy entered the room, wearing only the same speedo that had worn for my downfall. “Evan didn’t allow Simon to be a faggot. Your grandson simply is a faggot.”

“Excuse me?” my Father replied, glaring at Jimmy.

“It’s quite simple, sir. The first time Simon saw my big cock I knew he was a cocksucker,” Jimmy calmly explained.

“Don’t you dare use such language in my son’s house!” my Father roared as I realized amusedly that Jimmy was about to turn my Father. I also noticed my Father glimpsed at the beautifully outlined package in Jimmy’s too tight speedo.

Jimmy smirked, his confidence oozing through him, “Do you know what else I am sure of?”

“What is that?” my Dad asked through gritted teeth, while quickly taking another look at Jimmy’s concealed weapon.

Jimmy continued the slow reveal that had me nervous both and yet oddly excited. I had never saw eye-to-eye with my militant Father and the thought of Jimmy putting him in his place, something I could never do, was very exciting. Jimmy said, “That you are just like your son and grandson.”

“Well, of course,” my Father agreed, slowly being reeled into a trap he would not be able to get out of.

Jimmy laughed, “No, no, I mean you three are all exactly the same.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” my Father questioned, clearly perturbed by this young boy’s game. Yet, my Dad was also unable to resist glimpse after glimpse at Jimmy’s wrapped present.

“Just like Evan did and just like Simon did, you are about to submit to me, because you are a cocksucker just like them,” Jimmy revealed.

My Father looked at me confused and asked, “What the Hell is he talking about, Evan?”

Before I could respond, Jimmy snapped his fingers and, instead of responding to my Father’s question, I walked over to my Master, fell to my knees and took his massive cock in my mouth.

“What the fuck?” my Dad asked, not in a rage anymore, but instead his tone hinted at bewilderment.

While I bobbed on his cock like the cocksucking faggot I loved being, Jimmy explained, “Isn’t it obvious? Your grandson is a faggot, your son is a faggot so in theory you must be a faggot too.”

“How dare you speak to me that way!” my Dad replied, although his voice wavered showing weakness. The brittle shell of discipline and manhood was cracking.

“You can pretend to deny it. But I know the truth. Your eyes and the bulge in your pants don’t lie. You want to suck my cock just like your son and grandson regularly do,” my confident Master taunted, the big fish being slowly reeled in.

“I have had enough of this,” my Dad said, turning to leave.

“Stop!” Jimmy demanded, his voice showing an authority I was use to hearing from my Father. “Good boy,” Jimmy said a couple of seconds later, his tone instantly back to coddling. “Come join your son,” Jimmy offered.

I slowed my cocksucking, completely frustrated I couldn’t see the power struggle currently going on.

Instead of the unwavering judgmental confidence my Father had early displayed, the words out of his mouth were soft and weak. “I can’t.”

“Why?” Jimmy asked. “You can ignore your growing desire to submit to me. You can walk away and leave tomorrow for your trip to Canada or whatever, but you will always wonder.” Silence lingered for a few seconds, the only sound in the room my slobbering over Jimmy’s rod. Finally, Jimmy said, “You don’t have a lot of time. Your wife will be back in a bit. It is now or never.” Silence again lingered, before Jimmy gave the final ultimatum, pushing the envelope. “On your knees now, faggot. Your queer son here will eagerly swallow it all. He isn’t a big fan of sharing.”

A moment later, I felt my Father’s presence beside me. An unseen smile crossed my lips, only hidden from the cock in my mouth.

Jimmy pulled out of me and my Dad’s eyes were huge. He said, almost to himself, “It’s so big.”

“So I have heard,” Jimmy smiled, offering his cock to my 64-year-old Father. He tapped his black snake on my Dad’s still closed lips. Jimmy purred, “Go ahead, become a cocksucker like your son and grandson.”

My Dad looked at me, his eyes seemingly pleading for help, a complete 180 from where he stood just minutes ago. I gave him no relief, no out, instead saying, “Go ahead, Daddy, you will love it.”

He turned away from me, his eyes showing a fear I had never seen in him before, and he returned his stare to Jimmy’s stiff cock.

Jimmy sighed, “Look old man. We don’t have all day. Your wife will return soon and do you want her to see you becoming my faggot?”

Again he used the word ‘my’ like he had earlier with me weeks ago.

The fish on the hook, my Dad offered one last, pathetic, resistance. “I-um-can’t….”

His babbling was quieted when Jimmy pushed his cock in my Father’s mouth. “Suck it faggot,” Jimmy demanded, showing his sudden power over the ex-military man.

I watched in voyeuristic glee, my Dad finally on the losing end of a battle of stubbornness. He tentatively moved his head up and down on Jimmy’s sword.

A couple of minutes into the sucking, Jimmy said, “Old man, this is not your first time sucking cock, is it?”

My Father reluctantly answered, “No, it’s not.”

“Yet, you were just lambasting your son for allowing his son to be a pipe smoker.”

“I know, I know. It is a thing long in the past. Being in the middle of nowhere, with only men, well things eventually happen.”

“Well, it is no longer in the past, faggot. Get back to worshipping my big black rod,” Jimmy demanded.

Hearing that my rigid Father was also a faggot liberated so many things. I wasn’t some black sheep; I was just like my Father. My own cock was rock hard and for the first time in my life, I was considering fucking my Father. Jimmy seeing my devilish smile, somehow able to read my mind, said, “Does Evan want to fuck his Daddy?”

My Dad froze, his mouth half full of black cock.

“Yes, Master,” I replied, “I would love to fuck my Dad.”

Jimmy asked my Father. “Did you participate in ass-fucking as well?”

“I fucked some men beneath me, but I never had it done to me,” he admitted.

“So you are a virgin. Delicious!”

Talking about my Father like he wasn’t there. “You want to break your Dad’s cherry, like you did your son’s?”

My face was red at the revealing of yet another secret to my Father, but I answered, “Yes, let me take my Dad’s virginity. Let him feel the great pleasure of being a true faggot.”

“Who can argue with that?” Jimmy agreed. “Get back to cocksucking, old man.”

My Father, his face beat red, returned to giving his first blow job in years.

I stood up, thankful to be off my knees, and Jimmy suggested, “Get the lube. We will not have time to gape him like we would like to.”

My Dad froze again briefly, while I rushed upstairs to my former bedroom to get the slippery grease. I returned a minute later, and my Father was now sans his shorts and underwear, still sucking Jimmy’s cock, his old balls and sack and fully erect cock swaying in the breeze.

I went behind my Father and after greasing my pole, I generously coated his virgin hole.

Jimmy said, “I just texted Theresa, I told her we need at least half an hour.”

I nodded and suggested, “Dad, this will be way easier for you if you relax.”

Jimmy took his cock out of my Father’s mouth and called, “Simon, come and join us.”

Simon quickly came up from the basement, also just in trunks, and stared surprised at what he saw. “Wow, you did it,” he said to Jimmy.

My Father looked down, his humiliation extreme.

Both Simon and Jimmy watched as I slowly pushed forward. Briefly I was blocked, his anal entrance protesting the violation I was about to commit, but slowly, it opened, allowing my cock entrance in the forbidden zone.

My Father whimpered as I slowly broke through his final resistance. I promised, “There will be an unpleasant burn at first, Daddy. But once you get used to it, the burn will disappear and a sweet sensation like no other will emerge.”

“Kkkkkk,” he grunted, clearly in the burn phase.

I continued my slow push forward and Jimmy offered to Simon, “Your grandpa looks hungry. Why don’t you go feed him?”

Simon discarded his trunks and revealed his fully erect cock to his Grandfather he had feared his whole life. He shoved his cock into his grandpa’s mouth and watched his dad fuck his grandfather.

Finally in, I sat there lodged deep in his heat wave. It was tighter than any ass I had fucked and the power I finally had over him was the greatest feeling I have ever felt. Slowly, I began slowly moving in and out and my Dad clearly was in the burn slowly fading phase as his whimpers began shifting to moans.

Simon didn’t last long in my Father’s mouth pumping a full load down his throat. Simon joined Jimmy on the couch, slowly stroking the big black cock, while they both watched the incestuous act. The thrill of power increasing, I began to pick up the pace and watched as he moved to the third and final stage, sweet pleasure and his moans turned to squeals. I hoped he would beg, but he just took it as I increased the pace now slamming into him with each thrust forward. I took no mercy as I pounded my Dad’s virgin ass, wanting him to know it was me in charge. The hardcore pounding lasted five minutes before I coated his ass with my cum. His girly moans continued throughout until I finally pulled out of him, my cum slowly leaking out of his no longer virgin ass.

Jimmy grabbed Simon’s head and Simon devoured the big chocolate lollipop. My Dad remained in position like the submissive queer he had just become and I went to the window to make sure my wife and Mom had not returned.

Jimmy stood up and using my cum as lubricant shoved all ten inches of his python in my dad`s ass. My dad squealed like a wounded pig, his ass being torn apart by ten inches of meat. Jimmy pounded my dad mercilessly, my dad continuing whimpering with each thrust forward. A few minutes of the onslaught and Jimmy pulled out and sprayed my dad`s face with his special sauce.

As Jimmy recovered, Simon took Jimmy`s cock in his mouth, slowly slobbering on his Master’s cock, Jimmy said, “You need to cum, don’t you old man?”

“Yes,” my Dad admitted; the first words he had said since I broke his cherry.

“Tell me what you are?” Jimmy demanded.

“A faggot?” my Father quietly admitted.

“What else?” Jimmy questioned, showing his dominance.

“A cocksucker.”

“Who sucked his grandson’s cock,” Jimmy pointed out.

My Dad remained silence, his shame written all over his face.

“Be good today and I may let you come later. Now get dressed, Theresa just texted that they will be home in a few minutes,” Jimmy finished.

When the ladies returned there was no evidence of the fiery argument that was going on when they had left or the faggot orgy of sorts we had just had. My Mom seemed relieved; she hated confrontation and had spent her whole life being walked on by her husband because she couldn`t stand up for herself. My wife, with one look at Jimmy, knew exactly what had occurred while she was gone. The smile my wife returned showcased how happy she was; she had always hated my Dad.


After supper and some TV, we decided to play cards. All six of us played, while liquid courage slowly broke each of us down, setting up the potential for a crazy night.

Sexual harmless innuendo had been thrown around the table all evening and by eleven, everyone was three sheets to the wind. This was the perfect time for Jimmy to get the one person there he had not conquered. I was protective of my Mom, yet I could tell, like my wife, she loved the attention Jimmy had been giving her all night: compliments that started harmless and became more sexual, constant touches…the Jimmy treatment…. It was obvious my Mom, like the rest of us, was falling under Jimmy’s hypnotic aura. When my Mom went to the washroom, Jimmy waited a moment and then said to the table, “I may be a while.”

My Dad, realizing Jimmy’s implication gasped, “Not my wife too.”

Jimmy smiled, ignored the question, instead giving an order, “Old man, get under the table and pleasure your grandson. Faggot, get under the table and get your wife ready for my baby maker.”

Both of us looked at each other, but said nothing, instead falling to the floor to commit another humiliating act of obedience.

A few minutes later, my wife came on my face and my son shot his load down his grandfather’s throat and we returned to the table. I wasn’t surprised that Jimmy and my Mother had not returned.

My wife suggested, “Let’s go continue this evening in the living room. I have a surprise for you all. Let’s see if Master has added another conquest.”

We all followed, each curious for different reasons. My wife loved my Mom and saw her as more of a Mother than her real Mother. My son loved his grandma as she was the picture girl for perfect grandma: great presents, awesome cook and a heart of gold. My father probably couldn’t fathom his gentle wife submitting to another man. Lastly, I spent the majority of my early stroking career fantasizing about my Mother who was drop dead gorgeous when I was young and even at sixty-two was still very attractive and in amazing shape. In truth she was a trophy wife for a decorated military figure.

My wife clicked on the TV remote and changed to our auxiliary channel and we were watching my Mom, bent over the toilet, holding onto the sides for dear life, her pantyhose pulled to her ankles, her dress flipped up, as Jimmy pounded her from behind.

My shy Mom, my quiet meek never standing up to my Father Mother, was moaning in wild ecstasy and saying words I had never heard come out of her mouth. “Oh fuck. I can’t believe I’m doing this. But, fuck, shit, it feels so good, fuck. Oh my God.”

My Dad was watching, his mouth dropped open, as Jimmy replied, “It’s ok, sexy. Very few can resist my big snake. Your daughter-in-law worships it every chance she can.”

I tensed up. I was petrified of my Mom knowing about the whole charade, but Jimmy surprisingly kept that secret.

My Mom ignored the declaration, as she couldn’t stop talking in her state of delirious pleasure. “Fuck, Jimmy, I have never felt so full. I’m so close.”

“Come for me, sexy,” Jimmy said, all suave and sweet, a side I had never seen from him.

“Oh God, harder, deeper, harder. Oh God, yes, yes. Jimmy, I’m there, I’m there, I’m theeeeeeeeeeere!!!”

We all watched in perverse silence as our sexy Mother, wife, grandma and Mother-in-law quaked through an orgasm. Her whimpers echoed in surround sound around us and Jimmy never slowed down as he continued pounding my Mother. “Fuck, Maggie. I just pray my wife is this sexy and tight at sixty.”

“Oh thank you, Jimmy, aaah, I can’t handle it much more,” she whimpered, the pleasure clearly overwhelming her.

We all watched the sixty-year-old shy woman fall to her knees like an eighteen-year-old slut and devoured the big black cock. Watching my Mom suck cock was one of the most exhilarating moments ever.

Jimmy looked directly up at the camera and grunted, “Fuck, you suck cock better than all my other sluts.”

Shame hit us all I think, but not one of us took our eyes off the riveting sight.

Jimmy pulled out. My Mom, like a good porn star would do, opened her mouth awaiting her special gift. Jimmy obliged and exploded a full load of his cream on my eager Mom.

My name is James Rock and I fuck Mothers and Daughters for a living.

Perhaps I should explain. My official job isn’t Mother-Daughter Fucker, but actor, though truth be told the acting I do isn’t going to win me an Oscar. And James Rock is my stage name; my real name is a lot more boring and not the type of thing people wanting a quick jerk-off would be impressed with. Rock has a more… more hardcore sound. James… well James is a normal name – kinda like an average Joe; makes people think that it could be them fucking this cute teen and her busty mom.

I’m the owner and main star of the ‘Fuck me and my Mom’ series. You may have heard of us? Yeah, we do DVDs, but we’re mainly on the web. Fifteen years ago, when I started in this business – hell, it paid the College Fees – you put anything up on the Internet and someone would pay. But now its all niche – preggo sex, midgets, black guy and white girl (and vice versa), lesbian anal, babysitters sucking pensioners – fuck you name it the internet’s got it. You need to specialise to keep up – you spread your net too wide you don’t get a fish. So I specialise, running a few different sites, ‘Gagging Teens’, ‘Preggo Ass Fucking’ as well as tag teaming teens and matures; it pays the rent and then some.

But even in your niche you need to stand out from the competition. Plenty of my competitors get a mature model with younger one with the same hair colouring and pretend they’re a mom and daughter. Me – well, I confess I did it with some of my early shoots, but now its only real mommies and their devoted daughters. It started as a gimmick on the site – write to Jamie Rocks if you’re a mother/daughter combo wanting to get fucked.

It was a surprise when women started to write in; there was a vast untapped market out there and I took it. Lots of different reasons – Mom just divorced and daughter looking to get her back in the saddle; Mom’s wanting to make sure their daughter’s first fuck was in a safe environment; both sides wanting to bond as daughter stood on the cusp of adulthood. And, sometimes, just for fun.

Which brings me to the Gilmore Girls…

I was sitting in the car with Brandi, she’s my camera operator – one of the best in the business, pretending we’re driving over to the Gilmores. I say pretending as in reality we’d been there at seven in the morning; Brandi setting up the lights and equipment, me going over the contracts and Suze, that’s my make-up girl, just hanging round until me and Brandi were out of her hair and she could get to work on the Gilmores. But anyway Brandi lifts up the camera and I count her down; “Three, two, one.”

“So,” goes Brandi, “who we visiting today?”

I grinned, flashing my pearly white teeth at the camera, “Pair of hot sluts – Lorelai and Rory Gilmore;” I reached over and fiddled around in the dashboard compartment for the letter; we’ve timed it so I stop at a junction as I read it. It didn’t matter I’d already committed it too heart, “Dear James… hell I love polite openings… my name is Lorelai Gilmore; I’m a single Mom with a eighteen year old daughter, Rory. Here’s our picture…”

Once I edit the film I’ll add the photo. It’s a damn good one – sometimes I get Brandi to do a couple when we’re on set as the ones sent in are poor quality holiday snaps – but this, this was almost professional. A busty Milf was sitting on the edge of a bubble bath, her legs agape and dangling in the water. Between them sat this delectable teen, bath foam running up her body, but not enough to conceal a pair of pert titties. Her arms were draped over her Mom’s thighs, whilst her Mom’s hands massaging her shoulders. But it was the wanton smiles and wicked eyes that had persuaded me I wanted to fuck them.

“Nice…” I continued with the letter, “We’re extremely close; shopping, vacations, night-clubs – you name it we do it together. However, one thing we want to do but haven’t is to have sex with the same guy. We live in a place called Stars Hollow, but with the lack of action it should be called Sleepy Hollow. Please do come and make our dream a reality.”

I folded the letter and slid it into my top pocket, just in time for the lights to change.

“Great looking pair,” said Brandi, “and the Rory’s tits aren’t bad either. Bet she’ll be tight.”

“Hell yeah, all her holes are gonna be tight,” I confirmed.

There was a whoop from Brandi; faked, as I’d already gone over the positions with her and the Gilmores, “You going to bang dat ass.”

“Damn right – I’m gonna to gape that little asshole and then I’m gonna fuck her Mom’s until you could stuff a grapefruit up it,” I boasted.

“They’re pretty attractive as well – but you know what I say…” she paused for added dramatic effect, “no gal is so pretty she can’t be improved by a cum bath.”

I laughed, even though, or perhaps because, I’d written that into our script, “Them sluts – they’re going to be facialized. Damn I love my job…”

“Turn left,” instructed Brandi. I like Brandi a lot, but she does have a phobia that somehow I’ll miss a turning and we’ll end up lost in the Nevada Desert. I pulled into the drive of a nice Middle America home, white picket fences and well kept lawn.

Suze was standing at the door, “Everything ready,” I called from the car.

Suze nodded, “We’re all set up.”

“‘Kay… Brandi you want to follow me as I knock on the door. Suze, I think Lorelai should open it as she was the one who wrote. Keep Rory in the lounge, sitting on the sofa.”

I got out of the car and headed towards the front door as Brandi got the camera rolling again, time for an ad-lib, “Them fences aren’t the only things that are going to be painted white by the time I finish.”

I rang the doorbell. It opened before the first chimes had died away, “Hi James,” squeaked Lorelai, hardly able to contain her excitement.

“You must be Lorelai,” I leant forward and gave her a kiss on the cheek before standing back, both to admire the view myself and give Brandi time for a close up. Suze had done her work well. Lorelai’s mouth was endowed with bright red lipstick – cocksucking shade as my wife calls it. She was dressed in a pair of hotpants that were a size to small, with a T-shirt, which was so low cut that sudden movement would have caused a nipple slip. I moved forward again and looked down at her titties, “Those real?”

“Why don’t you touch them and see,” Lorelai licked her lips seductively as I reached forward and grabbed her tits.

“Fuck Lorelai – they’re natural; damn firm as well. I bet Rory was bottle-fed, and speaking of Rory let’s go in so you can introduce me…”

Brandi moved the camera down so it focussed on Lorelai’s swinging ass as she led us into the main room. If Rory’s tits didn’t have her Mom’s plumpness they were still a pretty fine pair, jutting out against a very thin and very tight black pullover, so stretched that you could have hung your keys on the pointed nipples. Her short skirt just about covered the cracks of her thighs, but left uncovered a pair of sexy smooth legs.

“Hi… this is my daughter Rory,” Lorelai introduced us.

As I instructed her earlier Rory gave a shy look up as her Mom sat down beside her, “Hello Mr Rock.”

“Call me James,” I sat down on the chair opposite, out of camera shot, as Brandi focussed on the two women, “So Lorelai, you and Rory do everything together…”

“Everything…” purred the Milf and leant forward so Brandi could get a cleavage shot.

“You must be close,” I said, as Lorelai was planted so near to her daughter their naked legs were rubbing against each other it was literally true.

“Very close,” confirmed Lorelai in her sexiest voice.

“What about giving her a kiss?” I asked. It was in the contract and script, neither of the two of them had balked at that, or any of my other comments. Still they acted it well as Lorelai raised an eyebrow and looked at Rory, who giggled and looked away.

“Come on Rory, give your Mom a kiss,” I put on a persuasive tone. Lorelai put out her hands and gently moved Rory’s head so they were facing. Their lips touched for less than a second and Rory turned away with a fit of the giggles; “Go on Rory, give your Mom a proper kiss.”

Shyly Rory turned her head to face her Mom again. Her head moved closer and she opened her mouth slowly. Lorelai met her, lips wide. For a few seconds they frenched each other as Lorelai’s hands moved down to grip her daughters. It was only brief, before they broke. Rory giggled again and looked away, Lorelai’s laugh was throatier and she looked seductively into the camera.

I leant back into my chair, “So Lorelai – what’s your favourite position?”

“Oh, I do anything,” the way she licked her lips and preened herself gave me a feeling that wasn’t just something she was saying for the camera.

I persisted, “But you must have a favourite? Go on tell me.”

Lorelai laughed, a sexy, hoarse sound, “Well… I love to be bent double whilst a well hung stud pounds my ass.”

“Well, I’ll see what we can do,” I laughed and turned back to Rory, “What about you Rory – you like it up the ass?”

The teen simpered and looked at the floor, murmuring something very quietly.

“Come on Rory, speak up…” I instructed.

She wasn’t much louder when she spoke again, but at least she was audible, the girl was really play the shy teen to perfection, “I’ve never done anal.”

I put a note of shocked, surprise into my voice, “Never done it up your ass,” I gave a brief pause, “Lorelai – what type of a Mom are you? That’s a failing in your motherly duties.”

Lorelai gave that sexy laugh, as she put a finger in Rory’s hair and twisted it round in a mommy like fashion, “Yeah, I’m a bad Mom; though I’m hoping to put that right.”

I gave a tut as if disapproved, in reality Rory had said she’d taken quite a few cocks up there. But for the film it was better that Rory was an anal virgin rather than the ass-fucking Queen of Stars Hollow. I paused for a few seconds, allowing Brandi to get a few seconds of the Gilmore’s faces, before I spoke again, “Anyway speaking off ass, are you going to show me yours.”

“Sure,” Lorelai jumped up and turned around, her daughter doing so more reluctantly. True to the script Lorelai pulled down her shorts and thong in one easy motion, stepping out and bending over. She pulled apart her cheeks as Brandi zoomed for a close up. Rory on the other hand just turned around and stood still as Brandi widened the view. Her Mom dropped one of her hands from a cheek and put her hand up her daughter’s skirt, “Want me to help?”

Rory paused for a second, as if considering, before shaking her head. She slid her thumbs under the elastic of the skirt, slowly pushing it down to her knees before stepping out of it. A light blue pair of panties still covered her ass.

“All of it Rory,” I said and her Mom laughed.

There was another pause from Rory, she bit her lip and briefly straightened up, as if she meant to walk away. Her Mom’s hand landed on her ass with a friendly slap, “Get them off Rory,” she said.

Her daughter complied; slowly, but seductively she peeled them down, exposing her firm butt cheeks to the camera. I didn’t want to come fully in view yet, but I did reach out my hands and give each of the Gilmores a playful squeeze, “You work out Lorelai?”

“Horizontally,” she laughed and even Rory tittered.

“Is the front as good as the back? “What do you think Brandi?” I asked, turning to my camera operator. I have no problem breaking the fourth wall; if it’s good enough for Hamlet, it’s good enough for Fuck me and my Mom.

“It’ll be good to see some tit,” replied my camera operator.

“You heard what Brandi said, are we go to see some tittie?” I spoke to the Gilmores.

Even as I spoke Lorelai was lifting her T-shirt and dropping it to the ground. She turned round, as Brandi filmed her top half. She shook her body so the tits bounced playfully, before she slid her hands under them and lifted them up. Her tongue moved round her lips seductively as she dropped them back down, moving her fingers lightly round the aureoles. Rory had halfway lifted her pullover and paused. She turned her head to look at me and giggled, before straightening her back away and pulling the pullover off. It dropped in front of her and she kicked it away.

“Let us see them Rory,” I coaxed. Before she turned round the teen draped her arm across the nipples and slid the other one to hide her pussy. Slowly she pivoted to face me and the camera. “Drop your arm Rory,” I urged.

“Come on Rory, there’s a good girl,” Lorelai purred.

Rory gave a small smile and dropped her arm, moving it so that it rested on top of the other. Her tits were firm, like two unripened pears. Lorelai reached over and gave one a squeeze of encouragement. There was another giggle from Rory as her Mom clamped onto the tit. But the viewers, like me, were also interested in something lower down, “So Rory are we going to see your pussy? Or are you keeping that for your husband?”

Rory looked up at her Mom, who gave a nod of encouragement. Turning back to face me, Rory moved her hands to her side, showing her hairless slit. I gave a whistle, “No need to be shy with a cunt like that. What do you think Lorelai?”

“Very nice, very smooth,” Lorelai dropped a hand from the teen’s tit and used it to stroke the hairless twat, sending Rory into another fit of embarrassed giggles.

“So Rory, your Mom thinks your pussy is nice; what do you think of hers?”

Rory’s eyes flicked down as Brandi zoomed out so we could see what she was looking at. It wasn’t quiet as smooth as Rory’s, a tiny, but well kept, strip of hairs coming up from the top of the slit. Rory gave a small smile, “It looks sweet.”

I agreed.

“Sweet enough to kiss?” I asked.

Rory looked at her Mom. Lorelai gave a small nod at her daughter. Turning to me Rory gave a nervous grin, “Sweet enough,” she confirmed and dropped to her knees.

Her lips pursed and she gave a peck against Lorelai’s slit lips. The teen giggled and turned to me with a damn sweet smile. I gave her a wink as she turned back and gave a slightly longer kiss.

“What about giving it some tongue?” I suggested.

Lorelai nodded enthusiastically as Rory turned, shyly shaking her head.

“Go on,” I coaxed. Rory looked at the floor and then at the cunt. She slowly pushed her tongue in an inch, before swiftly withdrawing it.

“You enjoyed that didn’t you?” I asked.

“Yes… a little,” giggled Rory and nodded. She turned and slid her tongue in again, this time moving it slowly back and forth.

I hadn’t been wasting my time whilst we’d been talking. Even as I spoke I was getting undressed so I was as naked as the Gilmore Girls. Now, I know my limitations – as an actor I’m unlikely to be invited to join the Royal Shakespeare Company; but as porn star I’ve got a damn good muscular physique and a twelve inch cock, made to seem bigger by me shaving. I moved into the camera view, my erect penis jutting in Rory’s face. The teen stopped tonguing her Mom and let her mouth open in shock.

“Wow… it’s even bigger than on film,” she gasped.

Her Mom was more practical. She dropped to her knees in front of me. Her cocksucker lips opened and I swiftly felt the delicious feeling of them running over my cock. Lorelai moved back and forth, moving her lips over me, as my dick disappeared into her mouth. Rory bit her lips and looked at her with a mixture of apprehension and jealousy. I patted her head, “It’s big enough for two, Rory.”

Delicately her tongue went out to lick at my ball sack. She was reluctant at first, or at least appeared to be, but gradually she got into it, running her tongue all over my sack, up, down, above, below; all the time keeping her eyes on her Mom sucking me; “Swap places, Lorelai, I want to see if Rory’s a good a cocksucker as her Mom.”

Lorelai moved aside as Rory shuffled to take her place. She looked up at me, before quickly shifting eye contact; “You ever sucked cock before Rory?” I asked.

“A couple of times,” Rory admitted.

Shy is fine, but the punters don’t want them too virginal. Anyway with her body it was stretching credibility that Rory had reached eighteen without some dick. She looked up and gave me a small smile, before gingerly sliding her mouth onto the cock. Lorelai reached round and moved her daughter’s hair round the back of her neck, holding it in place as the teen bobbed down. I gave a groan as Rory took me deep. Sadly, this wasn’t a Teen Gaggers shoot, though I made a mental note to see if Rory was interested in doing a scene for that. Still it took all my strength of will to pull my cock out.

“Either you’ve been sucking a lot of cock or you’re a damn talented amateur,” I said and Rory blushed, either from pleasure or embarrassment or a mixture of both. Lorelai nudged her daughter in the ribs and repeated what I said, making her daughter go even more cherry coloured.

Gentleman that I am I reached down and took Lorelai’s hand, helping her to her feet, before doing the same for Rory. I put my arms round their waists, looking at each of them in turn, “You’re a pair of fine cocksuckers.”

I guided them over to the sofa. First I sat Rory down, then I lay Lorelai on top of her, with her back arched, her knees underneath and her mouth next to the teen’s slit. Finally I knelt behind her. I paused momentarily before driving my prick into the Milf’s open pussy. There was a shriek of pleasure from Lorelai as I entered her. I gripped her waist and began to fuck her hard.

“Oh yessss, oh yessss, fuck me, oh yessss,” Lorelai wailed. My large dick was jamming her pussy, sending waves of pleasure rippling through her. At first Rory sat primly still, in character. But it was obvious that her real sluttishness was just bursting to come to the surface, she licked her lips and ran a hand up and down her Mom’s spine.

“Oh that is so goooood,” Lorelai let out another powerful yell as I rammed her clit into her cunt wall. Rory was definitely hotting up, she was squirming her legs against her Mom’s face, trying to encourage her Mom to lick out her slot. I pulled out of Lorelai and jumping up, scooped Rory in my arms.

Positioning my arms beneath her ass, I tried to guide my cock into her snatch. Lorelai, dropped down beside me and gripping it guided it expertly into her daughter’s slit.

“Shit,” gasped Rory, throwing her head back, she let out a moan. I guess she hadn’t had anything that big in her before and I was right she was tight. Her pussy gripped my cock like it was trying to strangle it as I pushed it deep in, “Oh fuck,” screamed Rory, “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck… fuck me hard.”

Holding the petite teen I slammed her twat. I could feel her juice starting to trickle down my knob. Gradually as she lubricated me and I opened the hole, I moved faster, pushing the cock in so deep that my balls were almost following it in, “Fuck… fuck…” Rory yelled.

It wasn’t just my cock that was making her scream. Her Mom was standing behind her gripping her tits hard and pulling them apart and together. Lorelai’s tongue slid out and I pushed myself against her daughter so that I could reach it with the tip of my own.

“Oh fuck… oh my…fucking… this is…fuck,” Rory was incoherent as I moved her back to the sofa. At the last moment I twisted so that it was me sitting on it, with Rory on top. Momentarily my cock slid out of her, but it was the work of seconds to get it back in. I gripped her waist, but otherwise let her do the work as she bounced up and down. Her hair was matted against her forehead as sweat dribbled down from her body, “Fuck… what… oh… fuck, yesss…Moooom.”

This last comment was aimed at Lorelai. The Milf had dropped between my legs, holding onto my thighs as her tongue slid over her daughter’s butt. I let go off Rory’s slender waist and gripped her cheeks, pulling them apart. Lorelai slid her tongue in, licking at the top of her daughter’s ass hole. The tongue pushed in even as my cock slammed up the teen’s front hole.

[This is the final chapter of the story about the seduction of my parents, and it covers the events that were taking place between my Mom and brother, at the same time I was with my Dad for the very first time. Like the last chapter, obviously, I was not there to personally witness everything as it transpired, but I was able to get the details from my Mom's own account of things that she posted on our blog. You will notice that there are still no real quotations in the dialogue, since neither my Mom nor my brother can recall the exact words said at the time these things happened.

I personally think the events themselves are what counted, and here they are in as straight forward a fashion as possible. Like the last chapter, the story will be in Mom's words, with a few additions and observations tossed in by my brother, but those are only to fill out her recollections. As before, everyone here is older than 18, again in my Mom's words. . . ..]

The evening where Angela finally got to make love to her Daddy for the first time, was a pretty special evening for me too. My husband, James, knew exactly where I was going that night, and he knew what I was going to be doing before I left the house. James and I have done this sort of thing before, and my loving husband loves it even more when I get home, and then tell him everything that happened while I was out. I’m pretty sure that my going over to David’s apartment, coupled with his being alone with our very sexy daughter, is what ultimately put him over the top and convinced him to finally give into Angela’s “charms.” I knew it would, and I was right. Most likely you have read about that part already, and hopefully about my first time with my son, so now here is the “rest” of the story.

I will always remember that evening, not just because Angela was finally getting what she wanted, but because it involved one of the more intense moments I ever shared with David. On the night I left Angela and her Dad alone, I was over at David’s apartment, only this time I wasn’t just fucking my son, I was also there with his three roommates. They weren’t part of the original plan, but as it turns out, it was another one of those happy accidents. I should explain that they didn’t know I was David’s Mom, although one of them figured it out, but I didn’t know that until much later in the evening. At the start of the evening, all any of them knew for sure, was that David loved cougars, and I was just one more cougar coming for a little party. Lucky for me, I’m apparently not so old looking, that it prevented me from enjoying all four of them!

The whole experience was personally kind of wild for me on several levels. I was turned on because it was my son and three of his friends, and then I knew that at home, James was going to be fucking Angela for the very first time. I wanted to see James and Angela, but I also knew James well enough to know that if I pushed him, or if he had an audience, he might balk. Nope, that first time needed to be just them, and besides, James and I both were kind of excited about my playing the”hotwife” with David. What we didn’t know at the time I left the house, was that this particular “hotwife” was about to enjoy her very first ever “gang bang!”

I will not waste too much space describing everyone, except maybe David, who happens to be 6’2″, and in great shape thanks to the Army. As for David’s roommates, I won’t bother with names, except for the one who suspected something about my being David’s Mom. Him we’ll call Carl, since I will eventually get around to telling that story too. Regardless, Carl, like David, is also 6’2″ and around 180 lbs., his cock is slightly above average size, and he has brown hair and brown eyes. The other two roommates also have brown hair and eyes, so they were similar in description to Carl, except they were more average in height (around 5’10″ to 6′).

David knew I was coming to play, but he did not know about his baby sister banging their Dad, he just thought I was wanting a visit for personal reasons, in other words, I was coming over for a little fun in the sack. Anyway, I arrived dressed to play in a black suit jacket, over a black corset, the matching black skirt, black lace crotchless panties (worn over the garter belt), and seamed black stockings. You know, the ones with seams worn up the back of the legs. I even had on the obligatory black “CFMPs,” or “come fuck me pumps,” after all, I came dressed to fuck, which is what I was going to be doing!

My initial plan that evening was just to come over to David’s apartment, have a few drinks with the boys, and then let David take me into the bedroom to have his way with me. I may have even hoped that I could entice maybe one of them to join in to make it a threesome, but I wasn’t sure what David would think of the idea. Then on the drive over, I started thinking about the notion of talking them all into joining us, but again was worried about whether David really wanted that to happen or not. Sure, I warned David in advance, and he “said” the idea turned him on, but I think he was still a little surprised that I would actually go through with such a thing. I think I was maybe even more than a little surprised that they all actually took me up on it. (Knowing that Angela was fucking her Dad probably had a little something to do with my behavior, but then again, I won’t blame it on that entirely, I really do love to fuck.)

When I first got to the apartment I came in and gave David a nice hello kiss. Nothing too deep or elaborate, but it sure as hell wasn’t a “mommy kiss” either. Then I looked around at what was a disastrous mess that David and his roommates called a living room. Before I sat down, there was a lot of scrambling around the room by everyone. The boys were all scurrying around and working hard to pick things up, while David ran off to get me a nice stiff drink. Being the ever gracious host, he was trying to keep up with the pretense that this was a date with a cougar, and not his own mother, so appearances had to be maintained. (I remember thinking how good it was that he didn’t have any family pictures just lying about the place.)

Finally, when the guys cleared the couch of their coats, dirty laundry, and the empty pizza boxes, Carl invited me to sit down, while one of the other guys offered to take my jacket. I thanked him, but kept it on, since I was having some serious second thoughts about what was or was not going to happen. Thank goodness for the stiff Gin handed to me by David, otherwise the evening might have ended with my leaving without fucking anyone, to include David. I can’t explain my discomfort at this point, other than it was just a “feeling” that I was just too old for this sort of thing. More to the point, I was questioning my being attractive to someone my son’s age. Fortunately, the evening would prove me wrong on this, but initially, I wasn’t so sure about the idea, and was losing some of my confidence in the process.

I honestly enjoyed my drink, it was a little “stiff” but still enjoyable. After noticing that over half of my drink was gone, I began to loosen up, while everyone else was doing their best to talk and maybe even impress me a little. When David got up to get me a second drink, I let the first boy take my jacket, which left me on their couch in my corset top. It wasn’t exactly revealing, but it did accentuate my cleavage. I noticed that when I first took my jacket off, the boys all seemed to respond by becoming even more attentive. There was even some “rearranging” of the seating, with one of the guys now sitting just a little closer to me, and Carl sitting in the floor on the opposite side of the coffee table from me. With the courage of the Gin coursing through my system, I was starting to really get into it. As we talked about nothing, I sipped my second drink, and started allowing myself to show more flesh. I know I was flashing lots of cleavage already, and thanks to a little “wardrobe malfunction” you could almost view the dark area around my nipples. Yes, I knew there was a little “brown” showing, and as I moved on the couch, my skirt kept getting kind of “velcroed” to the cushions. When I would shift to talk to someone on the other side, my skirt would ride up a little. After a short period of time, I noticed that the skirt was now high enough to show the tops of my stockings, and the straps of my garter belt. I didn’t make much of an effort to pull my skirt back down, and at this point all four of the guys were paying very close attention to my every move. This attention was doing wonders for my confidence, and I have to admit, it was impacting the dampness of my pussy.

Sipping on my now third drink, I realized that something was either going to happen, or I was going to look damn stupid sitting on my son’s bed drunk as a skunk. Realizing that I’d better be careful, I backed off a little on the drink, although at this point it really didn’t matter. David was the brave one, and he just finally reached over, pulled me into him, and started kissing me deeply. As we started making out, I could feel his hand moving down my back and under the hem of my skirt to cup the cheeks of my ass. I already knew that my skirt was continuing to ride up, so I finally broke the kiss, stood up, and just stepped out of the skirt. I smiled at all of them, and asked them if they minded me getting comfortable. Nobody objected, so I sat back down, and started making out with David again. Here I was kissing my son, wearing just a corset, crotchless panties, garter belt, and stockings, all in front of an audience of his friends.

David continued with the deep kissing as he began moving his hands inside the top of my corset top. Finally, he kissed down my neck and onto the top of my boobs, until he freed first one and then the second of my titties completely out of the corset top. He continued to kiss around my neck and then moved down and began to lovingly to suckle on my nipples. As David was kissing and sucking my boobs, I glanced around the room briefly at the others. Perhaps it was the Gin, but to me it appeared that the others in the room were being stone silent, and staring as if they were in awe of what they were watching. David lifted his head from my chest and looked over at one of his roommates and asked if anyone would like to help him out with one of these “gorgeous titties.”

Within seconds I felt another pair of hands on my chest, and when I turned away from David, there was one of his roommates sitting next to me, playing with my boobs. I started kissing him deeply, and David got on the floor in front of me, and started tugging at my panties to get them off me. As I lifted my ass upwards off the couch, so he could pull them down, someone sat next to me and began to suck on my other boob. So, I had one boy on each boob, while David started licking my pussy slit from the bottom up to the clit. I couldn’t believe the feeling, especially when Carl just pulled his large cock out, and started jerking himself while he watched from the other side of the room. I smiled and waved him over, and hefted the weight of his gorgeous cock in my hands, as I slowly began to stroke it and lightly trace my fingers over the cock head.

As David was using his tongue to bring me to the first of GOD knows how many cums that evening, I finally begged them to get me off the couch, and to take me to a bed where we could all play. At this point, I KNEW, that I wanted Carl’s cock, and the only way to get to it, was to get everyone in an open space. The boys on either side lifted me up, and they literally carried me into David’s room where they laid me down on the bed. The moment was virtually perfect, because I now had someone sucking on each tit, and David back between my legs. This time I asked Carl to straddle my head from behind and come even closer so I could start sucking his cock. It was almost too big to do justice, but with my head tilted all the way back, I did my best sliding it past my lips and deep into my mouth. It wasn’t long before I felt a different style of tonguing on my clit, and I knew that David had given up his spot. I glanced down, and it was the shorter of the two guys who was now eating me. I couldn’t believe the feeling. I had a cock in each hand that I could stroke, a huge cock in my mouth to work on, and a pretty talented tongue working very hard on my clit.

I was starting to lose track of any reality, and each of the young men continued their rotation, until each one had licked my pussy, and I’d had a chance to suck their cocks and keep them stroked hard. Then the fun really got going. As I would keep two of their cocks hard in my hands, and one in my mouth, the first of the guys slid their cock into my pussy. Here I was being fucked, while holding two cocks and sucking another one. I was beyond horny. As one would cum inside me, the next would follow him into my pussy, and I was cumming almost continuously. They kept it going and I would get the cock with the cum and pussy juice to suck on, as they all, with the exception of David, took turns fucking and cumming inside me. The cycle continued, and honestly, I completely lost track of time, and the number of crashing orgasms I experienced that evening. The amazing thing was that even without David actually fucking me yet, the three remaining guys had no problem supplying me with hard cocks. I know for a fact that each of the young men fucked me at least twice, and in one case, the shortest of the three, he got to fuck me three times.

I had never had a gangbang before, but now I knew why they were awesome. It was intense, and I’d never cum so much in so short of time before in my entire life. Then, after taking at least 7 loads of cum, David decided that it was finally his turn. Lying next to me on the bed, he pulled me on top of him, in a “reverse cowgirl” position. Thinking that he was going into my pussy, he surprised me a little when he slid his extremely hard cock into my very wet and slippery ass. Without really thinking about it, I knew then exactly what I wanted, which is exactly what I got. With David now firmly planted in my ass, Carl climbed between my thighs, and stuck his cock into my soaking pussy. Now it was a real DP, and with the added plus of having two cocks aimed at my mouth again. I had one in each hand and alternated between them. David hung in there, and did not cum in my ass until his other two friends had each had a chance to fuck me in the DP. When we finally stopped, it was clear that I was stretched beyond anything I’d ever experienced. As they were all now sitting or lying beside us on the bed, David got me on my knees in a true doggy style fuck. My face was pushed down into the pillows, my ass was in the air, and David began to pound my asshole with all he had in him. He didn’t have to slam my ass much before he finally let out a scream and shot his load in my ass. As he fell over me from behind, I collapsed under his weight face down naked on the bed now covered in cum. It was such a grand feeling when David’s now softening cock slid very slowly from me, and I could feel the trickle of his cum as it seeped from my now quite expanded asshole.

It was obvious that most of the guys in the room were now spent, and as each one got up off the bed, they stopped long enough to give me a nice parting kiss. Within a few minutes, they had left David and I completely alone so that we could savor the moment. As David snuggled me, I felt his dick twitch against my leg, but I had to go get cleaned up. This was especially true after having David’s load in my ass, and GOD knows how much cum draining out of my pussy and onto my legs and thighs. My stockings were completely shredded, and I wanted a chance to pull myself back together, at least a little bit, before anything else happened with David. After some minimal washing, I was about to step out of the bathroom, but David was waiting on me, and I pulled him inside. We took a brief shower together, where he lovingly and gently washed me all over. Just when I thought he and I were about to have a “repeat performance” in the shower, he turned off the water and taking his time he very lovingly dried me off, and then took my hand leading me back into his bedroom.

I laid back on the bed, and he simply stood over me. Smiling down at me, he told me it was an awesome night, and that he really loved seeing me being fucked like there was no tomorrow by that many guys. I told him I loved it too, and then he laid down beside me and started kissing me very deeply again. At one point, he pulled up short and asked me if I would ever do it again with him, and I promised that I would be happy to try it, so long as he was “okay with it.” He grinned from ear to ear, and began kissing me deeply again. This time we were making love, and I realized that out of all that fucking, he hadn’t actually put his cock in my pussy all night. Now he was going to change that equation, and it was clear that he was more than ready. I was impressed that he had done such a wonderful job earlier of not cumming too quickly in the tight confines of my relatively pristine asshole. Knowing he’d held off and had the one cum already, I also knew that this time would be extraordinary. I was not disappointed. His stamina was incredible, and we made love gently at first, and then with a building passion that would far exceed either of our expectations, we were excitedly fucking one another. As his cock moved in and out, I could feel the shaft up to the head as it continued to pound into me, and with each of his thrusts, I was compelled to hump my hips up against that loving cock. Finally, after quite a while of very passionate love making, I could see him stiffen his entire body as he started cumming deep inside me. The second I felt his cum shooting into me, I too had one more very intense body shaking cum. For the second time of the night, we cleaned up and simply snuggled on the bed for at least another hour.

I now had some serious mixed emotions. On one hand, I wanted to get dressed to head home to see how James and Angela were doing after their first time. On the other, I did not want this to ever stop. Finally, after snuggling and cuddling, I decided that my curiosity about Angela was more than I could stand. Kissing my now sleeping son on his forehead, I stepped naked off the bed and began looking for my clothes. Unfortunately, or fortunately as it turns out, most of my “street” clothes were still scattered all over the living room. Rooting around on the floor, I put on what was left in the room, but after putting on all that I had in David’s room, I still wound up having to go out into the living room still pretty close to naked. Well, naked except for the corset (now with a number of cum stains), and my garter belt (also with cum stains). I shoved the tattered stockings into my purse, knowing that James would want to see them later, and I was picking up the rest of my clothes when Carl came out of his room next to their living room. I had just located my panties and was slipping them back on, when he walked out completely naked, with his sexy hard on pointed right at me like a missile.

He wasn’t pushy at all, and as I was pulling my panties on, he smiled and thanked me for coming over for such a great evening. I thanked him for a good time, and he then said, it was good seeing me again. I thought, “again?” Now I know why he’d looked a little familiar to me at first. He had been a student of mine quite a few years ago, back when he was in middle school, and he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that David was my son. David must have known too, but for some reason decided to omit that little bit of information. (That would be a discussion that would come later, preferably with my foot in his ass!)

(Did you try to put something where it doesn’t belong?)

Edited by HarleyQuin

[ALL CHARACTERS ARE OVER 18. All characters are fictional.]


This submission is intended to be a fun tease. Enjoy…


“What’s wrong, honey?”

I looked up from my bowl of Cheerios to discover my mother staring at me as we sat at the breakfast table. Previously, she had been ignoring me as she read from her e-reader and drinking her super turbo sized cup of coffee. I just gave her a half-hearted smirk and shrug meaning, ‘Whatever, nothing.’

“Come on. I can tell something is bothering you. What is it?” I ignored her.

“Is it something with you and Harley [my girlfriend]? Did you two have a fight?” I just gave her another, ‘whatever; leave me alone’ shrug. It didn’t work.

“That’s it, huh?” she guessed.

“Not really,” I growled hoping that would be enough. It wasn’t.

“What? Is she not talking to you?” Involuntarily, I shrugged.

“That’s it, huh? What did you do?” I didn’t respond.

“Did you do something wrong?” I didn’t respond.

“Did you forget to do something?” I didn’t respond.

“Did you try to put something where it doesn’t belong?” she joked and I tried not to react. “Oh my God, why are you turning red? You did, didn’t you?

“You tried to put something where it doesn’t belong,” she cackled, guessing at my discomfort. “And now she’s mad and not talking to you.”

“It’s not like that,” I growled. Seeing she expected more I continued, “Can we not talk about this?”

“What happened? Did you just try and jam it in there?” she jokingly accused me.

“Wait, you did! Jess’um Crowe, I thought you would know better,” she said in a huff; and I wondered why she was indignant?

“It wasn’t like that,” I snarled.

“So what was it?” she wondered. While I love my Mom there are times I can hate her lack of boundaries.

“Ok, since you’re not going to leave me alone. Harley was down with the program. I don’t know. I guess we both didn’t know what we were doing and I must’ve messed it up somehow.”

“I’m sorry,” she apologized while laughing. After taking a sip of her coffee and her giggles subsided she continued, “Seriously, tell me what happened and maybe I can help.

“Yes, I serious,” she argued as I looked at her incredulous. My eyebrows where probably raised so high in disbelief they merged with my hairline.

“C’mon, tell me what happened and maybe I can help,” she reiterated. Unfortunately, along with her lack of boundaries comes the fact that my mother expects me to be the same. There was no hope of getting out of having this conversation. My only hope was to get it over with as quickly and briefly as possible; then with an icepick, I could hopefully destroy the brain cells containing the memory of this conversation.

“Ok, so we were fooling around. Harley was on her hands and knees with her ass pointing at me. I spit a few times on her… on her… on her butthole. Then I umm… I umm… I pressed my dick? My cock? Is that right? (She nodded her head, ‘yes.’) Anyway I started pressing my cockhead against her ass.

“She started yelling that it hurts, which I sorta expected because isn’t it supposed to? So I kept pushing and she kept shouting that it hurts. When she yelled for me to stop I figured that meant I needed to hurry up and I just tried to ram it in her.”

“What?” my Mom asked, almost yelling at me in disbelief.

“I mean I tried to thrust or something but she moved and then I was in but then I was out and then she was screaming and suddenly standing in front of me yelling and crying. I honestly don’t know what happened,” I confessed.

“Wow,” she voiced stunned. “I don’t know if I should be upset, embarrassed or what. So you really have no clue how to do anal?” Embarrassed, I shook my head, ‘No.’

“Of course not. I couldn’t expect your father to explain how things work. And what you read in those stories are almost always bullshit and porn is even worse. They make it look like it’s all so easy.” She took a drink of her coffee. Taking a deep breath, she seemed to be gathering her thoughts.

“First, let me tell you something Buck-O, if you were to spit on me I’d knock your ass out. That’s your first of a thousand mistakes. I’m guessing Harley was clueless too. So, I’m gonna explain how you’re supposed to do anal properly.” And she casually took a sip of her coffee. As I’ve said my mother has boundaries issues. To her, explaining how to perform anal sex to her son while he was eating breakfast wasn’t off limits; nor, for her, would it be awkward.

“Okay. First thing you need to know is that anal sex is not supposed to be painful. Where the fuck do you get that idea?” Putting her hand up and shaking her head she continued, “No, don’t answer. If it’s done right it can be very enjoyable for both you and me.

“What?” she asked puzzled at my perplexed expression. “I’ve enjoyed anal many times. But…” she pointed her finger at me warningly. “…there has to be some forewarning and planning ahead. You can’t just suddenly ‘Do it.’ It doesn’t work like that.

“Alright, a girl like Harley she’s small like me. Shoot, she could be my daughter. Twenty five years ago, if I dyed my hair blonde she could be my twin sister. So anyway with that in mind, if you are going to put your locomotive in my caboose I need to know ahead of time.

Again, with that pointed finger she warned, “And not ten minutes in advance. If you are gonna park your truck in my garage, I have to first make space. Understand?”

I shrugged somewhat noncommittally. One thing about my mother is she often speaks in metaphors, analogies, symbolism and can somehow compare this to that – no matter if ‘this’ was anal sex and ‘that’ was whatever she pulled out of her… umm. It’s taken me a lifetime to learn how to follow her thinking.

She asked, “You know what an enema is, right?” and I nodded yes. “Ok, now there’s a few ways to clean the garage. I guess you can try and take a massive shit; or you can use a suppository. I, personally, prefer using an enema.

“Look at me,” she ordered and I lifted my eyes up from the bowl Cheerios I was trying to fixate on. “I need to do more then move some boxes around before you shove your tree trunk up my ass.” My mother also talks with her hands, so as she said this her hands pantomimed shifting boxes around.

“There’s a ton of different enemas, she is going to want to use a gentle one; one that is mostly diluted soapy water, and maybe some Aloe lotion. Ok, you do that four to six hours beforehand. Bring a book and plan to spend an hour or two in the bathroom. Afterwards take a nice warm, relaxing shower and then don’t eat. By the way, although they don’t show that that is what almost every porn star does.

“You don’t want a nugget appearing or any fudgy syrup on camera, do ya?” she added with an amused laugh. I just kinda awkwardly chuckled with her. My mother was talking about anal porn as if everyone watches it Wednesday night after CSI. She laughed some more before settling down by drinking from her coffee cup.

“Ok, while porn edits it out and erotica mistakenly skips it, there’s still a lot of pre-game warm-ups before you can shitcan my ass, alright?” I nodded my head and was still somewhat incredulous this conversion was actually occurring.

“First thing you have to do is decide on is what lubricant to use. And Spit Is Not a Lubricant. Got that?” she growled with that accusatory finger of hers. I enthusiastically nodded my head.

“God, who the fuck… anyway. If you are going to use a condom, you have to use a water-based lubricant. There’s a ton of them like Astro-Glide and the most common is KY because it’s available in drug stores.

“If you’re not using a condom you are better off using a petroleum based lubricant. No matter what, do not use one with a numbing agent. Pain means something is wrong. Also, you probably should avoid the ones that have warming additives in it. You don’t wanna be knee deep in my ass when I start yelling my asshole is on fire; or your cock is burning. Same goes for the scented stuff. If my anal cavity is clean it’s not going to smell like I’m dropping a deuce.

“Now, I’ll tell ya, I prefer plain old Vaseline. Yeah,” she argued seeing my skepticism. “It’s just pure petroleum jelly so you don’t have to worry about any bizarre chemicals being added; if you leave it out no one will freak out like they would if they saw ‘Anal Pleasure’ on your Mom’s nightstand.

“Finally, I like that it starts as a jelly and melts into a liquid. It gives ‘you’ [looking directly at me, I took that to mean the guy] a sign you’re going in the right direction. From my body heat and what you’re doing it’ll soften up. Also, I always wonder/worry that if it starts as a liquid do I have to be concerned with it evaporating? So I just stick with Vaseline. Ok?

“Good. The next thing is, there’s still a lot of pre-game warm-ups. They don’t show it on TV but those behemoths are out there stretching for a while before kick-off, right?” It took me a moment to decipher her train of thought. Afterwards, I nodded. “It’s the same here. I need to stretch and loosen up before it’s, ‘Game on.’ And just like you sometimes see the trainers helping the players stretch, you [jabbing her finger at me] have to help me.

“Alright, the next thing is position. The most comfortable position for me to start is on my back, sort of missionary. I’m serious,” she argued against my doubtful look.

“Trust me, let me explain and it’ll make sense in the end,” She laughed hard at her unexpected double entendre. Taking another sip of her coffee she continued, “As I was saying the best position is for me to on my back with my ass on the edge. It can be the edge of a bed, a table…. Shoot, one time it was the edge of the top of a concrete landing to a stadium’s flight of stairs. What? Why are you shocked?

“Anyhow, to loosen up my backdoor you gotta work on my front door. Makes sense right? You have to get me sexually stimulated and what’s the best way? Exactly. I hope you enjoy giving oral sex because you better. Shit, you better anyway.

“Alright, for shits n’ giggles, let’s say I’m on the edge of my bed upstairs. You will be kneeling on the floor between my legs and you’re going to go down on me, ok? I’m not going to say you must do this or that – just use your tongue, mouth and one hand to really get her going. Make her beg; make her squirm; make me so goddamn fuckin’ horny. Got it?” and she oddly acted out how she’d be squirming.

“While you’re doing that get a big glob, I mean huge glob of grease on the fingertip of your other hand. It doesn’t matter if it’s your fore or middle finger, whichever one your comfortable using. I like to use my middle finger first…” holding out her hand with her palm up and her middle finger extended, “…Oh, this is important. Make sure your fingernails are trimmed and smooth – no sharp edges. Use an emery board and round them down. You’ll ruin things on the quickness if you scratch her in a bad way.

“Now as you are licking her pussy, bring your finger up and start rubbing my asshole. No matter what you do it’s going to tickle at first. Expect that, roll with it, work with it. God, laugh. Break the mood, it’s supposed to be fun so make it fun.” And she seemed to laughing at a past memory.

“Right now the most important thing is smearing the grease from your fingertip to her butthole. Don’t even think of penetrating. That’s down the line. Just smear the grease and then reload. Don’t be cheap. If I’m letting you fuck my ass, don’t be cheap with the lubricant, Capisce? I suggest loading three fingertips full of grease.

“Remember you are doing two things at once. I hope I’m not asking too much from ya,” she snickered. “Keep paying attention to her pussy, licking it, penetrate her with your tongue; whatever, especially if she asks. As you’re doing that you’re going to start rubbing all that thick jelly you just put on my asshole. That’s all you wanna do right now. Using little circles, rub the jelly around n’ around over my sphincter. Again, don’t be cheap – get it all around.

“As you keep doing this, two things happen. First, the jelly starts to loosen up and thin becoming liquidly. Secondly, I start to become used to you playing with my butthole. The better you do this the faster I become aroused anally – and that’s you goal. If it helps think of that idiotic channel 7 sportscaster Scott Clark and his ‘Spin, Spin, Spin… you wild and crazy, death-defying, high jumping, crashing an’ smashing… blah, blah, blah…’ schtick.”

This time I couldn’t help but laugh with her at the memory of growing up with Scott Clark shouting “Spin, Spin, Spin,” while showing the craziest highlights of guys doing insane stunts during his ‘Out of this World’ segments. (If you have lived in New York anytime during the past 25 years you experienced Scott Clark.)

“Ok, so you are just twirling your finger around my butthole…” (With her finger in the air spinning in tiny circles as if) “…and playing with my pussy. Oh wait! This is very important. Whichever hand you use on her butt does not touch her pussy. Got that? Same goes for your cock. Once you fuck her ass, her pussy is now off-limits. Otherwise you’ll give her the worst fuckin’ infection ever. Your ass has bacteria that is never supposed to get inside your vagina.

“I know in porn you’ll sometimes see a girl going back an’ forth. The thing is that later when she’s in the shower washing off that load you busted on her face she’s also douching the shit out of her pussy to not get an infection. Got it?” I nodded my head in understanding, wishing I did not have the visual image she had just painted.

“Ok, now back to what I was saying. At some point you’ll know when it’s time to start penetrating her ass with your finger. It may be as obvious as me telling you to, or it may be as subtle as just sensing it. Now, you can find a girl’s clit with your tongue, right? Good.” She complimented.

“Reload your finger with more grease. Slide up and start sucking on her clit. Get her really going. Take her right to edge. As you do this slowly, I mean SLOWLY push the point of your finger against my butthole. Use steady even pressure. Eventually your finger will start entering my ass. If you feel her stiffen up or resist, keep working her clit and pussy like a mad man.

“Now once the tip of your finger is in my ass pause, about once you are in to where the base of your fingernail is at the edge of her butthole. Alright? (And she kindly pointed at the base of my fingernail.) She will be breathing hard so give me a chance to get used to what’s happening. Yes, just pushing in the tip of your finger is that noticeable. Just keep making love to her pussy and she’ll get used to it.

“Like before you’ll know when it’s time to start pushing your finger in further. Be gentle but use firm even pressure. Slowly your finger will tunnel up my ass. Now if at any time she says, ‘Stop!’ Do so. Pause and wait until she’s ready to take some more. Be patient, just keep working on her pussy. Oh… are you comfortable using toys?

“Good. What I’ve found works great is one of those mini vibrators, one of those that’s the size of a Pez dispenser or Bic lighter. Just buzz on top of her pussy lips and clit. God, I love that,” she said with a quiver and tremble.

“Ok, eventually you’ll have your finger all the way up my ass. Again pause and let me get comfortable with this. I told you there’s a lot of pre-game warm-ups. This was the most time-consuming part. It may take ten minutes or up to a half an’ hour but be patient it’ll pay off. You’re going to fuck my ass so it’s worth it, right?” she asked and I wondered what alternate universe I had woken up in this morning.

“Now, slowly withdraw your finger until you are about to your first knuckle. Do not withdraw all the way. That’s important. You want my sphincter getting used to being stretched open. Start fingering my ass and remember not to forget my pussy, K?

“Keep going and you’ll feel her ass loosen up. If you ever feel her ass is dry apply more grease immediately. Eventually you’ll be able to finger her ass easily.

“Now it’s time to start over using two fingers. Load both your fore and middle finger with grease and you are gonna basically going to start anew. Slowly push both in, pausing and all that. Don’t force it, it’ll happen.

“Now once you have both fingers shoved up my shitter, you’re going to want to start spreading your fingers apart in a V. As you do that, pull your fingers back. Your fingers will get squeezed back together but that’s fine.” With her hand, she demonstrated flaring her fingers open then while pulling them back she squeezed them together. “All you wanna do is work on getting me loosened up and ready to handle something even bigger in my ass.

“Now you’re fingering my ass with two fingers. Just keep doing it. Some girls may like for you to work a third finger (and with her fore, middle and ringer fingers she made a triangle) but I’m kinda small and so is Harley. Once you got me ready by being comfortable handling two fingers up my ass it’s now, ‘Game On.’

“Just like before you’ll know when she’s ready. Personally I’ll tell you. Still, however it happens when the coach signals it’s time for you to get out there you best be ready. You better be sporting the biggest erection ever, otherwise why bother? Your cock should be greased up and ready. Do I have to say, ‘Don’t be cheap’?

“Alright Bucky, you need to remember not to get too excited because you can fuck shit up faster than you can fuck my asshole. Remember, it’s almost as if you are starting over. I know you’d want someone to be gentle on your ass – you need to think the same way when shoving that tree branch of yours up my pooper. Take your time now and you’ll be rewarded with more play time later.

“Now standing up, line your dick up with my asshole. See why you wanted to start on your knees with her on an edge above you? Either, you hold her legs and let her guide; rest her legs on your shoulders and you guide; or maybe she holds her legs up, it doesn’t matter.

“Now here’s where it’s similar to the start of the Daytona 500. The pace car drops down to pit road. The drivers got their foot to the floor, the engines are thundering yet it still takes a bit to get up to full speed. Same thing here.

“As you try to ram your cock up my ass you gotta pass through my restrictor plate and it’s gonna take a moment to reach max speed. As you’re doing this I’m gonna be thundering louder than any NASCAR engine but like a driver you’ll know what a good screaming engine is and what a bad scream is.

“Slowly shove that big dick of yours up my ass. And just like before, don’t forget about my pussy. If you are holding her legs get her to play with herself. If she’s holding her legs open then you do it. Either way, you get to watch your cock going up her ass while watching her pussy getting pleasured. Either way, you win.

“Okay so, slowly you tunnel up my asshole. Enjoy how sweet her ass feels. Treasure the sensation. Appreciate the difference between how her ass feels compared to her pussy.” And she paused and, just casually, took a sip of her coffee.

“Just like at Daytona, it takes a bit to go from 65MPH up to 200MPH; the same goes for pounding my ass. It’s gonna take a moment or three but once you get there you’ll be able race all out without having to take your foot off the throttle. Once you get my ass as oiled up as an 800 horsepower engine you can then race at top speed.

“From the position of me on my back you won’t be able to get footlong deep in my ass but that’s ok. Just go as far as you can and then pull back. I love when you lean your body on me. If you do it right, your lower abdomen is going to rub on my pussy and clit. So you’re fucking my ass and you’re rubbing on my clit. It won’t take long for me to cum. God, there’s times I’ll have multiple orgasms. They’ll be just like, bang, bang, bang…” and she snapped her fingers for added emphasis.

This story contains scenes of – incestual – consensual domination, submission and humiliation. If any of this bothers you in any way, please stop reading now. Otherwise have fun…

Part 5: Ally whores out her mom in the sauna.

Hi, my name is Therese, Ally’s mom and I am here to tell you little perverts what Ally did to me a few weeks ago. After one of our mother-daughter shopping sprees, Ally invited me to a health spa for a sauna session. I had never tried one and so I agreed, naïvely believing that is was going to be a private affair. The fact that we didn’t have our swimsuits with us wasn’t a problem according to Ally – who was a frequent sauna visitor. In retrospect, this should have been my first clue. After paying the clerk, Ally led me down a corridor towards the changing rooms. Although the two doors were clearly labeled MEN and WOMEN, Ally barged into the wrong one. I hurried in behind her to warn her, but stopped dead in my tracks when I saw two men looking at us. Luckily, they already had a large white towel wrapped around them and were about to leave anyway. When Ally started taking her clothes off – when it should have been obvious that we were in the wrong changing room – I knew she hadn’t made a mistake; she had done this on purpose. While I just stood there, nervously waiting for our two spectators to leave, Ally just continued undressing. By the time the guys actually headed out, she was down to her bra. On their way out, they both turned to stare at her rack, and got an unexpected treat as Ally simply pulled her panties down right in front of them. Needless to say, they took their sweet time closing the door, ogling her naked body for as long as they could.

I should have been shocked that she would put herself on display like that for a couple of total strangers, but over the years I had grown somewhat accustomed to Ally’s shamelessness and depravity. As soon as we were alone, I quickly undressed and wrapped a large white towel around myself. Ally – who didn’t even bother with covering herself up – walked out the changing room and led me, down several corridors, to cabin nr 3. I followed her in and looked around for a few seconds: the room was about 3 by 4 meters, completely covered in wood, with two levels of benches all around. The modest lighting in the room created a warm, comfy atmosphere. While Ally poured some water on the lava stones, I sat down carefully on the right side of the room, on the lower level of benches. Ally walked over, laid down her towel next to me and sat down on it. She didn’t say anything about me keeping my towel on and I didn’t comment on her taking hers off. We both knew better than that. For about fifteen minutes, we talked about girl stuff… nothing you perverts would be interested in.

Then, suddenly, a guy in his early twenties walked in; at first I thought he had the wrong cabin, but when he sat down across from us and started staring us up and down, I figured this probably wasn’t a gender-specific sauna. Luckily I hadn’t taken off my towel yet.

Ally – stark naked – started wriggling around on her towel and whispered:”Yummy, look at the cock on him!”

I quickly glanced at the boy’s circumcised cock and noticed that it was considerably bigger than anything I had ever seen – which wasn’t a lot, I’ll admit – and it was only half erect. It dangled, curved slightly outwards, obscenely between his open legs. Being circumcised, the tip was out in the open, and it was nicely glimmering – almost shiny! I turned beet red as I felt a tingle down between my legs and looked at Ally, trying to get her attention away from him by talking to her, but it was already too late.

“Mom, I am getting turned on!”

“Don’t be silly.” I said, trying to defuse the situation.

He grinned arrogantly as he saw us eyeing his tool and whispering.

“Hi, I am Ally… and this is my mom Therese.” Ally blurted out.

“Rick.” was all he said, in the most condescending tone, as he briefly glanced at his cock – which had grown another couple of centimeters and was starting to become fully erect – smiling, quite pleased with himself. I think the only thing bigger than his cock, was his ego!

“Mom, he’s making me horny.” Ally whispered, as a red warning sign started flashing in my head.

“Ally, control yourself.” I whispered, cursing myself for raising her so liberally. Meanwhile I caught myself staring at the young man’s cock, which was now fully hard and sticking out like a sore thumb, arching in a nearly perfect 45° angle. I did my best to ignore a second tingling between my legs.

Although she hadn’t been sitting with her legs crossed or even closed; up until now Ally’s posture had been relatively decent. This quickly changed as she leaned back against the second level of benches and pulled her left foot up, placing it on her towel. This gave Rick a prime view of her pussy, on top of the unobstructed view he already had on the rest of her young, gorgeous body. His erection bounced up and down a couple of times as he blatantly lusted after my daughter. I am ashamed to admit that I felt another stir between my legs, for the third time in even less minutes. I guess it was a normal reaction considering the circumstances, but still I was somewhat embarrassed that my body reacted in this fashion to a random, arrogant stranger. I was particularly surprised that this guy’s obvious arrogance was apparently in no way a turnoff for me. To say that the same thing was true for Ally would be an understatement: glancing at her, I could see goose bumps all over her body and I noticed that her nipples had become fully erect. She clearly had trouble keeping her hands still as both of them were fidgeting with her towel; it was probably all she could do to keep from touching herself!

“I wanna give him a blowjob.” she suddenly whispered, not taking her eyes off him. I didn’t know how to react to that statement, not that anything I might have said would have made any difference; she got up just a few seconds later and walked over to him.

“Your cock is beautiful… I would really love to suck it!”

If there’s a bigger compliment a woman can give a man, I have yet to hear it! As I was appalled by what Ally had just said – completely uninhibited by my presence – Rick beamed with pride. He didn’t say a word, but simply grinned and nodded as his body started radiating even more testosterone than before. Apparently his arrogance wasn’t totally unjustified, I thought, as I witnessed my daughter sinking to her knees in front of him! She took his fat, meaty cock in her hand and guided it to her mouth. Shame on you Ally, I thought as I clenched my legs shut, trying to ignore my own lust.

“Yeah, suck it, you fucking slut.” Rick grunted.

Now, that angered me a little bit: I’ll be the first one to admit that my Ally has some issues, sexually, but that’s no reason to call her a slut, especially proceeded by the f-word! Still, it didn’t seem to bother Ally much. Quite the opposite actually: she started bobbing her head up and down his massive erection even faster and more diligently.

“Deeper… yeah, that’s it… more, you little slut!” he moaned.

As if things weren’t bad enough, suddenly the door to our cabin opened and an elder gentleman – in his late fifties – walked in and sat down somewhere in the middle of the room, halfway between where I was sitting and where my daughter was sucking off a complete stranger. Apparently, I was the only one in the room with some sense of propriety as nor Rick, nor Ally, nor the elder gentleman seemed the least bit uneasy with the situation. Ally just kept sucking Rick’s dick while the newcomer stared at them and started tugging his own limp dick.

“That’s it girl… suck the cum out of his balls.” he said.

Ally, always up for an audience and dirty talk, reacted by moving her head to the side so the stranger could have a better look. While glancing at him, she moved the tip of Rick’s cock around in her mouth, bumping it against the inside of her cheeks, causing them to lewdly bulge outwards, one at a time. After her little trick, she started sucking Rick’s cock again, with even more drive than before. It wasn’t long before he had to give in.

“Fuck yeah, I am cumming… you stupid bitch!” he grunted disrespectfully. His offensiveness only seemed to fuel Ally’s lust as she now furiously bobbed her head up and down, jacking his shaft with her right hand, feverishly trying her best to drain him. My cunt contracted as I watched her swallow down his –no doubt massive – load. She kept jacking and sucking until his cock had gone completely limp, devouring every last one of his sperm cells.

Raising her head from his lap, she opened her empty mouth, showing it to him. Then she turned towards the elder gentleman and showed it to him too! Finally, she turned towards me and opened her mouth a third time, licking her lips suggestively. My god, that was so nasty! Maybe my daughter is a slut after all, I thought to myself, kidding myself that there was even the slightest doubt in anyone’s mind. And to alleviate the last shreds of doubt, Ally did one of the wickedest things I had ever seen; instead of getting up and sitting back down – or leaving – she shifted around on her knees and shuffled over to the elder gentleman.

“While I am at it…” she whispered, as she bent her head down in his lap and stuffed his dick in her mouth too! Although the old geezer had been tugging at it ever since he sat down, it still wasn’t fully erect. Ally quickly remedied that. She started slobbering all over his cock, generously licking his balls, getting him rock hard in under a minute. As her mother I was horrified and I wanted to reprimand her for being such a slut, but as a woman who was incredibly horny and soaking wet, I didn’t want to spoil the show – besides, knowing Ally, the last thing I wanted to do was draw any more attention to myself than absolutely necessary. In retrospect, that ship had already sailed. While she was on her knees sucking off her second stranger, she kept glancing at me. At the time I figured she was checking to see how I was reacting, when in fact she was probably thinking of how she was going to embarrass and degrade me. After getting the old man good stiff and hard, she bobbed her head up and down his dick furiously, and less than two minutes later, she took her second load of cum in her mouth. This time however, she didn’t swallow; instead, she rose to her feet and walked up to me, sashaying her hips for the guys’ benefit. As she approached me, the look in her eyes was unmistakably clear: she was going to humiliate me in front of these two strangers and if I resisted, I’d be in a lot more trouble than if I didn’t. She grabbed my towel and leisurely opened it, exposing my body to both men, then bent her head down in between my breasts and opened her mouth, letting the elder guy’s cum – mixed with quite some saliva from herself – dribble onto my chest. It ran down my stomach, into my pubic hair and finally onto my towel.

“Fuck.” Rick said. “The old hag is as much of a slut as her daughter.”

It was vulgar and disrespectful, but what he said was true: I was acting like a slut, simply for not stopping or resisting Ally. I told myself that she was too strong-willed and that it would only make things worse if I stood up to her, but the truth of the matter was that I wanted her to humiliate me, very badly in fact. While more cum and saliva was still dripping from Ally’s mouth, Rick started pumping his cock again, getting it hard in just under twenty seconds. She glanced at him over her shoulder and beckoned over him as she spat the last glob of fluids onto me. Rick got up eagerly and approached us, wanking his massive tool.

“Would you like to drill her?” Ally asked.

“She cool with that?” Rick replied casually.

“Off course, she’s just a dumb whore.” my daughter replied without blushing.

“But… but… no, you can’t…. I am… I am married.” I whimpered meekly, hoping my good housewife routine wouldn’t delay Rick for too long.

“Don’t listen to her, pound the old slut! Ram it up her soggy crack.” Ally exclaimed.

God, the filth that was coming out of my daughter’s mouth was making me so fucking horny that I was actually starting to soak my towel! Rick must have liked what she was saying too, because he positioned his giant tip against my soggy crack, put his hands on my shoulders for support and rammed it in so hard and deep that I nearly orgasmed from the first shove. It finally caused me to open my mouth and make some noise, even if it was only to moan like a common street whore. Due to the hard impacts my body was enduring, my plump tits vulgarly bounced up and down. This off course caught the eye of the old fart. He repositioned himself a little closer to the action and reached out for them, to touch and play with them at first, but after a little while he started slapping them around, gently at first, but gradually harder and nastier. Even when it got uncomfortable, I didn’t say anything: whores don’t complain, I told myself.

As Rick kept ramming his fuck stick in my loose, old cunt, the elder gentleman started wanking his half-hard cock as he addressed my daughter and asked:”Can I fuck her mouth?”

“Fuck yeah, stuff it in her cocksucking pie hole… really ram it down her throat!” my daughter said ruthlessly. He needed no more encouragement and gripped my head with both hands, getting into position. A little to everyone’s surprise – including my own – I opened my mouth eagerly and stuck out my tongue. Once I started sucking and licking his cock, it grew surprisingly fast and before long it had grown stiff enough to fuck my mouth with. For the next couple of minutes, both men really pounded into me – using me like the whore that I was. They were rough, vulgar, completely disrespectful and… they were making me cum! My body shuddered faintly as I came; my pussy clenching around one dick as I moaned quietly around the other one.

Towards the end of my orgasm, the elder gentleman suddenly exclaimed:”Take it, you fucking cum whore!” and started ejaculating in my mouth.

Due to some of his convulsions, his cock slipped out and started spewing his stale cum onto my lips and chin for a few moments. When he realized what had happened, he grabbed hold of his dick again and started smacking it against my tits, splattering some cum on them as well. Rick, meanwhile, continued to bang the shit out of me and was actually pounding harder into me than my husband had ever done. My body was rocking and trashing to the rhythm of his pounding; a second orgasm wasn’t far off!

But that’s when Rick pulled out and got up on the bench, putting his feet next to my legs, his cock dangling in front of me. Crazy with lust and lingering feelings of climax, I opened my mouth and swallowed it, tasting my own cunt. After fucking my mouth for about twenty seconds, his cock was clean as a whistle and he pulled out again, stepping down and positioning himself against my cunt again. Somewhere around this time, the old fart left the room; he’d probably had enough and didn’t want to risk dying of a heart attack. Ally was smiling widely, not taking her eyes off me and Rick as she was playing with her tits, tweaking her nipples.

“Yeah, fuck her hard.” she whispered as he rammed his cock in me again. She came closer, standing right next to him and whispered:”Cum in her face, she hates that!”

It’s true: I do hate that… I don’t even let my husband do that, and it’s one of things I am unlikely to do, even to ‘help’ my daughter with her affliction. However, I must admit that Ally rarely steers events in this direction. She must have been really fucking horny; very much like me, as I was seriously considering letting Rick give me a facial.

Rick however didn’t care what I nor Ally wanted and pushed her out of the way, continuing to fuck me with increased zeal and said:”Stop telling me what to do… I’ll fuck her however I want to!”

His determination, the arrogance in his voice and the strength with which he was pounding my cunt all helped to make the decision easier; I would let Rick decide and he could pretty much do anything he wanted to me. Of all the times Ally had degraded and humiliated me, it had rarely been with such a fine specimen of a man. I relaxed and left the decision over to him; he could pump his sperm in my cunt, he could make me swallow it or he could even splatter it in my face. I simply didn’t care… Ally however was determined to get him to cum in my face and degrade her mother in the vilest possible way, by making her submit to the one thing she knew I was reluctant to do. Words weren’t going to convince Rick, she knew that… but Ally has had sufficient experience in making people – especially men – do what she wanted them to do. As Rick pulled out and stuffed his cock in my mouth again, Ally seized the opportunity and moved behind him, pulled his moist ass cheeks apart and stuffed her face in there.

“What the…” Rick exclaimed as he turned around, pulling his massive erection out of my mouth, looking down at Ally. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Convincing you to cum in the bitch’s face!” Ally said, as she leaned forward and started licking his nutsack, now dangling in front of her, quickly moving her tongue underneath and to the back of his ball sack, as she crawled closer and swiftly maneuvered her head in between his legs, moving her tongue towards his ass crack again. By the time Rick spoke again, Ally was facing up, leaning back on her hands, his nutsack bumping against her chin as her tongue was wedged up his crack.

Less startled this time, Rick relaxed and let her work, whispering, grunting almost:”You must really want me to explode in the old cunt’s face!”

Stop it, I thought to myself; everyone was talking about me like I wasn’t even there and usually it involved a degrading insult; I couldn’t take much more! I was just one insult away from jamming a couple of fingers up my hole and drilling myself to a spectacular climax!

Rick pushed his giant throbbing cock back into my mouth, gave it a few shoves, then took it out and started wanking it inches from my face, while moaning and getting his balls and ass licked by my daughter. I closed my eyes, accepting my fate which now seemed inescapable.

“I am cumming, bitch.” Rick groaned, announcing proudly. That’s it, I thought to myself as I moved my right hand towards my cunt and stuffed three fingers in there. I couldn’t stand Rick’s type in every day life, and yet here he was, having just banged the shit out of me and about to cover my face in his no doubt thick, warm, disgusting sperm. About twenty seconds later he grunted like a caveman and started spurting his semen all over my face, covering every pore of my skin, creating a haze of gooey cum all over my nose, cheeks, closed eyes, forehead, hairline; I was a fucking mess! Just like Rick and Ally I was sweating all over my body, including my face, which prevented Rick’s cum from staying put; in a slow but steady pace his man juice started sliding down my face, down my neck, onto my tits. Despite the best efforts of my fingers, I wasn’t able to cum in a timely fashion, and once Rick’s balls were empty, the moment was gone.

As Rick sat down on the bench, catching his breath, I reached down to grab my towel and clean his cum off of me. Ally however put her hand on the towel, preventing me from taking it.

“Uhuh, we’re not done yet!” she said as she backed up and sat down on the other side of the room, right across from me. As she spread her legs, putting one foot on the bench with her, she stretched her index finger of her right hand and tapped it on her pussy as she looked at me. Rick, who had sat down on the benches perpendicular to Ally and mine, looked at us alternately, wondering how this was going to play out. I knew better than to go against Ally wishes – even if I had wanted to – and so I didn’t pick up the towel, leaving Rick’s cum exactly where it was and got on my hands and knees, crawling towards Ally in a slow, submissive pace. As soon as I was close enough, I pushed my face against her glistening cunt and started licking, pleasuring my little girl. Ally moaned, writhed and gently pulled my hair for the next ten minutes as I did my best to give her as much pleasure as I could. Although my submission and my humiliation was important to her, she still needed to get off as well.

It was getting closer to eleven and thinking back on the balance of the day only made the minutes pass slower, deliciously, painfully slow.

When Peggy finally showed up at Putt and go Ted had already found himself on the mower at the far end of the course. When he had traded off with Ted he wa shirtless and sweating and enjoying every moment of her Peggy’s attempt at a serious stare while she was so easily distracted by following the sweat roll down his chest to his stomach.

He thought of her admissions that he needed to return “them” right then and there. He had assumed that she meant the panties he had taken off of her and she froze when he had told her he was not “done” with them. Hoping her mind was revisiting them grazing his rock hard cock when he hovered in the door frame. It was as if he was dangling them just out of her reach. Enjoying the thought that she was dancing around for them, enjoying it even more when he thought of her panties as his cock, hoping he was right.

Her pleas fell on deaf ears and she was left her stomping around the shed that served as the office, instinctively picking up the clutter, grabbing the broom. Bitching the whole time how she needed “them” back. Never once mention how he came to have “them” in his posession, or what she tasted like. When they heard the mower stop Peggy had just finished her final, and now much more pleading request while her hand seemed to slowly worked the broom handle like a shaft.

She turned looking as if she might cry, which was exactly what she was hoping he would think. The problem was that she had started blurring the line between the semi reasoned argument she had developed in the car on the way over, and wanting to feel his tongue again. The problem was that she had found herself getting wetter every time she went over the argument. The word panty in particular seemed to make her tremble so just like in the car, she now refused to say it, not knowing what it would do to her. She knew she was swaying when she turned away from him.

At the third sway of her hips she felt the back of his hand slide across the roundness of her ass as he stepped into her. She felt the length of the longest dick that had ever graced her skin snake down from what seemed like her lower back, along the crack of her ass and pressing against her taint.

Before she could even think beyond his dick Ted had already counted the seconds it would take for Brad to arrive at the shed. His hands grabbed her by the hips and forced her against him, her pussy pulsating beneath the pressure.

“Come on, buy me some beer” She shot a look of disdain over her shoulder which was quelled by him lifting her to her toes and grinding his hard cock against her and breathing the word “please” in he her. Then he immediately released her and departed to her car, yelling to Brad that his mom was going to give him a ride home and that he would catch him around noon tomorrow.

The five minute trip to his house became fifteen minutes of her repeatedly trying to work a deal the beer for “them”. It would have been easy enough to stop at the seven eleven but Peggy chose instead to go to Mike’s Suds on the other side of town. She had scanned the parking lot before nervously entering the store. He had watched her through the window continually shifting her weight and stealing glances at him. Watching the way her firm calves climbed to her knees to the beginning of her thigh before disappearing beneath the fabric of her loose skirt.

It was a different skirt than the one she had been wearing earlier that day when he had her spread eagle on the kitchen table. The very thought of her standing there at the counter was enough to fully revive his hard dick as he waited for her to return to the car. Going over all of the places he knew between here and his house that he could make her pull over. He looked around the backseat and he was filled with thoughts of forcing her into it, ripping open her shirt, pulling up her skirt, moving the panties to the side and having his way with her.

When she climbed back in the car she reached between the seats so that if any one was watching they were not given the impression that she was buying beer for the young man in her car. He took the opportunity to steal a glimpse down her blouse and watch the skirt ride up on her thighs. He had shifted himself so his body leaned partially against the passenger door. This allowed his erection to be unstrained down the length of his shorts, partly for his relief, mostly to torture her.

He took a few moments to occupy himself looking out to window, to feel her stare falling occasionally on his hard-on silhouetted under the fabric of his shorts. When he had returned her stare he was brazen in its use, taking in her breasts her thighs as she continued to lobby, making it clear that she needed “them” back.. However he did in fact have a question in his mind. It revolved as to whether she was in deed talking about her panties or something else more favorable to him.

Not once since their exchange had the word panties been uttered by her. It was as if she could not bring herself to say. Nothing about what they did was wrong, nothing about that could never happen again, nothing about the panties. Just about “them” and he started to think of “them” as his tongue, his hands, his cock.

While driving the side streets on the way to Kristi’s he caught her stare. She had given up the glances and dropped the argument. Instead she cruised silently with her attention primarily on his dick. A dick which had been growing under her gaze while thinking about the awful things he she was imagining him doing to her.

She was very aware of how she had begun to slide down in the seat and his eyes were focused on her white thighs when he told her to pull over. She was relieved when she realized she was not at his house, but panicked that it was one of her rentals.

Never taking his stare from her thighs or the tension he could see in them as she dug the floor with her feet. He had smiled when she asked one last time for them. His lean against the door had given him an angle for a straight and deliberate movement. As her arm reached into the backseat for the beer he closed the gap between them. One hand went up and behind her neck, into her hair. His other with careful claws slid down across her stomach, snaring the lace of her panties under heavy fingers.

Her moment, her thoughts, her motion, was still guiding her down when she felt her panties (the word drove her nuts) under his guidance slide up against her tingling pussy and her head involuntarily arched allowing his words “How about a trade for these” fell on her neck vibrating through every hair standing on end.

There was no rebuttal she could find as he stepped from the car covering his raging hard on behind his six pack. In a panic she surveyed her surroundings, felt the slide of the lace still between her pussy lips and drove away.

Tactically he had chosen this spot by default, strategically he would eventually find out, he could not have made a better choice. Kristi’s house was three four houses down and one around the corner from his home. A location that during his formative years had given him a private view of their back deck and Kristi’s mom from his kitchen window where he spent what is his memory was hours but realty were only minutes of watching Kristi’s mom Kat in her black bikini. The rails of the deck providing a sort of censor bar that his mind was free to play behind as she laid out.

For 1988 Kristi’s family was very 1978. Her drunk father’s trans am t-top in the driveway, the T’s resting against the house. They said that Kristi and her dad had a thing going. That was why she was so loose. Ted did not have an opinion on that; all that Ted knew was that Kristi was a friend. Not just in a normal sense of the word but a friend of necessity. He was her shepherd to get her out of situations where she was a danger to herself. For her part she always spoke well of him and on occasion of someone disagreed she would kick there ass.

Kristi’s house was always where he had brought beer he was lucky enough to get. The rule were simple, you could leave it there at your own risk. Come get it when you needed it. If someone wanted you to drink it with them you had a place to hang out. But you could never expect it to all be there when you came back for it.

When Kristi ushered him into her house he was greeted by her mom looking out the window in the direction that Peggy had sped away. “So did she send you over here to negotiate rent with just a six pack”.

Peggy’s disdain for Kate was well known but they paid their rent reasonably on time and kept a precarious balancing match. She was so hoping that she had bought the beer for him and when he lied and said that she had busted him with it and given him a lecture all the way over she was visibly depressed. As she said, “It would be so sweet to have something on her”.

Under any normal circumstances he would have like to have hung out and had one of the beers to but he had a plan, a plan long in coming.

It was a Tuesday night, a schedule he knew well. If it had been a Tuesday last year he would have been with the kids till 7:00 when Larry finally got home. Larry was supposed to be home at 5 but when she worked the night shift but he liked to come home late smelling like stripper dust, that marriage of perfume and baby powder where the powder wins. Ted had never complained. Those were the hours that have him a chance to adjust the windows, shuffle through her underwear, find his magazines, her dildo, fuel his fantasies.

The sound of the garage door moved him from his place alongside the house. His attempts at pleasantries with his dad, his lustful thoughts of his stepmother Annie and Kristi’s mom Kat from the past few hours were once again pushed to the back of his mind. Since he had peeled the underwear from Peggy that morning one thought had been driving him. He had spent the pretty much the entire day with a raging hard on to which he was not willing to give attention. He knew what he wanted and he had waited patiently, the time for patience was past.

Jean’s day at work had been long and rough, and the premise of coming home to a house that she was pretty sure was a mess. The neighbor girl Diane she had hired to watch the kids was not as good as Ted was around the house. She was not sure she even left the couch. Every time she thought of Ted her hands inadvertently touched herself in various places, her thigh, the side of her hips, the nape of her neck, the cup of her breast. Ted had been good all around the house and all around every inch of her. She took one last deep breath, bracing herself for entering the house, longing to get into the shower and be free of the day, free of Faye’s attention and designs she feared for him, and to have Ted alone to herself, in her fantasy in the shower.

She had not noticed when Ted had slipped around the corner of the house and into the garage door. As she exited the car the car and opened the back seat door to her bags he was on her. Stepping from behind the car wrapped her up and pulled her too him.

Her scream of surprise was muffled by his hand at her mouth pulling her back against him. It was replaced by a shriek and a moan as his other hand squooze her breast roughly through the fabric of her uniform. Her instinct, as anyone’s would have been at this point was to resist. The more she tried the harder he fought her, the more she could tell he liked it, the wetter she found herself getting.

After of a few moments of sublime struggle he moved his mouth from her neck to her ear. “If you promise not to scream I will take my hand away”. If she was to be honest she found herself enjoying the lack of air she was getting between his hand and her struggles but she nodded her head in agreement. With both hands now free they roamed her body that was not pinned against the car. His hips found their rhythm and hers soon joined suit her ass against his big dick.

“You can’t do this” fell from her lips while his mouth devoured her neck. Her protest was as much for their enjoyment as a statement of fact. He could do this, he was going to do this, and she was going to love every minute of it.

“I have thought about this for years, and I have waited for this all day, yes I can do this”. He spun her around in his grip and taking her beneath the chin pressed her back over the car and stepped back. Ted took in her breasts heaving beneath the white polyester of her nurses uniform, the fact her hips still continued a rhythm while she was bent back onto the car. “Show me your tits”. She attempted to nod “no” but his hand tightened around her neck, finger and thumb running up under her jaw line before slipping behind her head, grabbing her by the hair and forcing a nod of yes.

He had tilted her head so that her gaze was locked on his fierce eyes. She slowly undid one set of buttons opening her shirt and undid her bra to reveal her saggy yet full breasts. She watched as his eyes devoured them. “I said show them to me”. She knew what he meant, and she watched his stare as she took them in her hands and played with them for him. Play that became rougher and rougher till it almost matched his initial assault on them. She was taking so much enjoyment from watching him watch her it was almost as if she were in a trance when he pulled her away from the car.

He walked her the two steps to the still open car door, never taking his stare off of her breasts, her never stopping the kneading. Maintaining his grip in her hair he placed her on the back seat with her feet on the garage floor. Her skirt slid up her thighs giving him a view past her tits to her almost exposed panties. “Don’t stop” were his only words, and moans were her only reply.

She was at eye level with his raging hard on and when his hand undid his shorts to release it she had to look away from his face and take it all in. It was the most beautiful cock she had ever seen, a vibrant thing, veined and powerful and seemingly alive on its own. “Look at me” his head jerked her stare back, now joining his. His fingers pried her jaws open and before another moment past he slowly slid his dick into her waiting mouth.

Within two strokes he drove it to the back of her throat. Instinctively her hands tried to come to her rescue but he would have none of that. He swatted them away sending them back to assaulting her breasts while he fucked her face.

She again felt the euphoria coming over her with the shortness of air as his cock tried to ram its way down her throat. She was so lost in trying to find anything that resembled control that when he his fingers shot down between her legs, into her pussy and pressed up against her clit. It was like a light switch had been thrown.

She had not realized how close she had been to coming. It raced over her as she clamped down tightly on her tits. Her gasp at the orgasm gave his hips the motivation and his dick the space it needed to slide down her throat. Her body in spasms, her glassy stare on his, he held her fast on his cock.

He had been thinking about this since he had been between Peggy’s thighs this morning, he had entertained new fantasies as he had ridden through town with her in her car, her begging for “them”. Now was the time he was going to get what he wanted.

She took deep uncontrolled breaths when he pulled her off of his cock. If he had tried to make her walk anywhere her legs would have failed. Instead he pushed her farther into the back seat of the car, turning her over to where on week arms and unsteady legs she was on all fours with her full ass sticking out the door.

He stepped back for a moment to examine his prize while listening to her labored breathing in the car. She swayed as lifted up her skirt around her hips, his fingers slid her mom panties down around her knees and then back up to slide in and out of her soaking pussy.

“No, you can’t, we shouldn’t” came between soft moans inside the car, again as a source of pleasure than warning. His right hand was soaking wet as it worked her towards another orgasm. He found himself having to tell his hard on that was rubbing against her soft ass that it had to patient, no matter how much it longed to be where his hand was.

His thumb wandered up the length of her soaked crack while the fingers continued to work her pussy and clit and began to probe her asshole. Causing another soft, misplaced plea of “no” from the car as she rocked back against the fingers that were violating her.

“Is this what you want?” Ted asked as he fingers her holes more and more roughly.

“Not my ass, no you can’t.”

“Oh but I think you want me in your ass, and I think you are going to tell me so”. Ted inserted his thumb and worked his knuckle around on her anus. “Look at me, look at me and tell me you do not want it”.

Jean strained too look back over her shoulders as she rested on her elbows. Seeing his tight 18 year old body, his hard dick in his free hand, and feeling his finger in her asshole, she knew what she wanted. “No I…” was all she got out of her mouth before he stepped up to her running his monster dick along her soaked crack, lubing it up slightly before giving it a couple of strokes inside her moist pussy.

“Shhh… I know what you like, you are one of those mommies who like to think about young boys shoving their dicks in your ass. You are just that kind of mommy. All dreams and no fuck aren’t you mommy? Well not this time.”

Before she could say a word, which would have been nearly impossible as she felt the orgasm he had started with his fingers and almost delivered with his dick about ready to blow. He spread her ass cheeks wide, letting his head press for a moment on her contracting anus.

She had to close her eyes and break the stare as her orgasm overcame her as he slid the full length of his dick inside of her, enjoying every moment of it as her body did the dance he had come to know as her climax. When he felt it subside he began a gentle rhythm that quickly worked him into a frenzy.

Inside the house a family was sleeping quietly, outside the garage door a world of Ted’s fantasies went about their normal business. But inside that garage Ted had reached forward and taken Jean by the shoulders lifting her from the seat, slamming her ass back against him. Her hands had returned to assaulting her breasts with the same ruthlessness that he was assaulting her ass with.

She could read his breathing and knew that he was about to come. “Come for me baby, come in Mommy’s asshole.” This was the last thing he expected to hear, and it was what drove him straight over the edge. Burying his teenage dick in the older woman’s ass he came like he never had before.

This story contains both incest and BDSM themes. This can’t be read as a stand alone story. I suggest you read part 1 and 2 first to understand the storyline. This is a series so all unanswered plot and story lines will be addressed in future submissions. Please comment and vote.


Alexis finished straightening up in the kitchen and living room. She hadn’t joined everyone else outside. She felt an overwhelming need to express to Sir that she didn’t need to relax with the others. She wanted to make it clear that she took her position in this house seriously. Deep down she felt injured by the changes that he had outlined earlier. She realized now that she did want to be treated differently despite what she had told him. On some level, she still knew that she would be special to him, but her need to satisfy him had increased with the new rules. It wasn’t about sexually satisfying him; rather it was about satisfying his need for order amidst chaos. She knew that this was one area that would allow her to stand out above the rest of the women.

Alexis thought about the last couple years that she had lived in his home. It was a wonderful time in her life. He made her feel special. She had been one of those people that floated from job to job never really feeling like anything suited her properly. Submitting herself to a man gave her a sense of worth for the first time. She wasn’t sure if she would feel that way were it any other man. There was just something about Tom that felt right. She never thought it was his success that attracted her to him, although being successful was an attractive trait. It was some other quality, or maybe a few qualities working in concert together, that made him irresistible to her. She had never been jealous or upset by the other women in his life. She really did enjoy that kinkier aspect of her submission. Alexis was worried that her feelings for him were getting away from her, and she began to worry about what would happen if this submissive life came to an end. There was a new complication that she had to figure out, and she worried that it would be poorly received.

She was wiping down the dining room table when the phone rang. Alexis jerked upright at the sound of the interruption. The ringer hadn’t been turned on in days, and the noise had startled her. She shuffled off into the living room looking for the receiver. It was 9:30pm and it seemed odd that someone would be calling so late. She found the tablet remote and used it to answer the phone. It only allowed her a speaker option.

“Good evening.” She said as she answered the call.

“Who’s this?” The voice slurred out through the speaker.

“This is Alexis. May I ask…”

“Is this Tom Bolden’s number or not?” The voice retched.

“Yes it is.” Alexis said taken aback by the rude voice on the other end. “May I ask who’s calling?”

“It’s his father. Put the little shit on the phone.”

Alexis bristled realizing that this is the call Sir had been waiting for. He sounded drunk. She knew that Sir would not appreciate hearing from him in this condition. It wasn’t her place to voice an opinion. She simply asked his father to wait a moment, pressed the mute button, and went out to the patio.

Alexis appeared in the doorway, and eyed Tom sitting a few feet away. Fran was nestled between his legs sucking and licking at his balls. He had a smile on his face, and it pained her to interrupt them. She quietly walked toward him holding the tablet and leaned over whispering in his ear.

Tom’s eyes opened wide as Alexis’ words registered. He jerked the tablet from her hand, and verified the number on the screen. He pushed Fran aside retreating to the kitchen. He set the remote on the counter and took a deep breathe. Then he hit the mute button.


“Well look who it is!” His father slurred into the phone. “Who was that answering your phone? I didn’t know that Tommy had a girlfriend.” His voice dripped with disdain.

Tom did his best to gather himself. His father had never been a heavy drinker, and he found it uncomfortable to speak to him in this state. He certainly didn’t expect the call to start so contentiously. “I… I didn’t know that you did either.”

“Ha! Look how clever little Tommy is. What? Your old man isn’t allowed to get some good pussy? What’s wrong? Did mommy run out to California to cry to her little baby? I got a message from her cunt of a sister. I know she’s there. Put her on the fucking phone.”

Tom wanted to be angry, but the reality of everything was unexpectedly overwhelming. He had hoped that when he finally spoke to his father everything would just settle itself out. He had been waiting for this call. But now, he didn’t recognize the person on the other end of the line. He was acting cruel and insensitive. Hearing his father’s voice just made him want answers. He wanted to know how everything got so fucked up. At its core, Tom was still his son and he couldn’t understand his father’s cruelty. He was awash in unfamiliar emotions. For the first time in a very long time, Tom Bolden felt completely powerless and weak.

“I… but… Dad? Why are you doing this to her? To us?” The tears welled up in his eyes. “Why are you trying to hurt her and strip everything from her?” These weren’t the words he had intended on saying when he finally spoke to him. These words just came out reflexively. In his mind he had planned to be calculated and take charge.

“Jesus Christ! How the fuck did I raise such a sissy? This is pathetic. Look at you whining… ‘but, but, but’… ‘oh how could you?’… I should have put my foot down when you said you were moving to LA to become another poor, faggoty writer. I don’t owe you shit for explanations. I don’t owe anyone anything. I’ll live my life the way I want. And if your little prude bitch of a mother doesn’t get on the phone or sit down with me soon, I’ll make sure she’s as penniless as you are.”

Tom’s voice quavered while he fought to hold on to his emotions. “What did I ever do to you? I thought that you…”

John Bolden cut him off in a dismissive snap. “Jesus! Shut the fuck up. You have her call me or I’m flying out there to raise high holy hell.” With that he hung up the phone.

Tom stood with tears rolling down his cheeks. He was angry with himself for being so emotionally affected. He was upset over his inability to control the conversation. Mostly he was devastated by how little his father seemed to think of him. He stood with his hands braced on the edge of the counter. Tom just couldn’t understand the change in his father. He had never been a violent or rude man. Something had snapped in him. It was far worse than he had originally assumed. He was furious with him, but he was also deeply pained by the reality of the situation. He looked up and saw Frank standing in the doorway. He’d heard the conversation.

Frank knew then that his mind was made up. He needed to help him. He thought that Tom’s plan was unattainable, and he noted that despite the young man’s intelligence he was thinking about the problem all wrong. Years of practicing law taught him that you didn’t always need to out litigate your opponent; it meant you had to make them think you could out litigate them and scare them into a plea. You had to demoralize them. Now this was a more manageable goal that would still require his assistance, although it always stood a chance of failing.

“Tom?” Frank said quietly. He saw the young man look up at him with desperate eyes. “Listen to me. You have to crush him. We have to crush him. You heard what he said about you? He doesn’t know who you are. He doesn’t know what you’ve accomplished. We’ll use it all against him. But… right now… I need you to get your head right.”

Tom listened to Frank speak. He knew that he was right, but the pain of his father’s words still agonized him. He was desperately grasping for some type of control over his emotions. Even Frank could see that they were overwhelming him. Everything had been surreal in the last two days, and he had not let the gravity of the situation weigh on him. It now felt like a crushing weight. Tom needed to break through his devastation and sorrow and move back toward feelings of anger. For any plan to work, he needed to channel his anger into resolve and vigilance. At this moment, he seemed very far from that end goal.


Frank walked sullenly back outside. He took a seat on the outdoor sofa and tossed back his glass of wine. Alexis came up and knelt down next to him. She knew something was wrong. She could see it in the look of consternation on his face. Fran looked worried as well. She hadn’t heard the whole conversation but bits of it had carried out through the open door.

“Is he alright, Frank?” Alexis asked in dismay.

“I think that was a serious blow, Alexis.” He said carefully. “He didn’t take that very well.”

“Is there anything I can do?” Alexis pleaded for some way to ease his pain. She didn’t know how to help him.

Marie, Anne and Abby came walking down the path oblivious to the change in mood. Anne had been cleaning the last drops of her husband’s cum from Abby’s face. Marie sensed it first. She had become very attuned to Alexis’ emotions.

“What’s wrong?” Marie asked.

“Sir just spoke to your husband.” Alexis said. “He was drunk. It was not a good conversation.”

Marie’s heart broke and she rushed toward the door to console her son. It was Frank that stood up and blocked her path. He would not let her through. He knew that the last person Tom needed to see at this moment was his mother.

“Please let me see him.” She begged.

“Not you, Marie.” Frank said sternly. “He needs to work through this on his own.”

Frank guided her to the sofa and sat her down. Everyone seemed to be at a loss for words. It seemed that nothing in this house functioned without Tom’s direction. All of the women, even Frank, needed his guidance. He was the driving force that breathed life into the whole dynamic. He was the one that made the lifestyle seem natural.

“Oh merda!” Francesca finally sighed out loud. She stood up and looked at the sad bunch. She took a few deep breathes and then brought her hands up to her breasts and twisted her nipples painfully hard. She scrunched her face as the pain shot through her breasts. Then she walked into the house to everyone’s surprise.


Tom still sat in the same position resting up against the counter. His mind reeled as he tried to accept the deterioration of his family. His father had suffered some midlife crisis. His mother had broken down and submitted to her son. Tom wasn’t sure if any of the choices that led him to this moment were the right ones. Maybe if he had told them about his success then none of this would have happened. Maybe his success would have reinvigorated their marriage. Maybe it would have given them something to be proud of together. He knew that it was useless to think of how things might have been different. It was what it was. It saddened him.

He looked up as he heard feet padding into the kitchen. Francesca had marched inside rather determined and headed in his direction. He didn’t want to talk to her right now. He didn’t want to talk to anyone at all. Tom just wanted to go to his bedroom and hide from everything.

Francesca walked right up beside him. He stood upright and looked at her gathering the strength to tell her to leave when, instead of kneeling down at his feet, she slapped him hard across the face.

“What the fuck!” Tom bellowed out so loudly that it alerted everyone on the porch. They gathered near the door close enough to see without being noticed. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

Francesca looked up at him again as his eyes narrowed in anger at her actions. She felt her stomach flutter as her nerves acted up in alarm. Then she took her hand and slapped it hard across his face again.

Francesca stomped her foot in her quintessentially, feisty Italian way, and stated in all seriousness. “Fuck me!” He looked at her and seethed. She banged her hand down on the counter next to him in a mini tantrum, much same way that she had when she first met Marie. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

Tom’s sadness vanished instantly as he reached forward grabbing onto each of her nipples and twisting them between his fingers. She squealed in pain even though she knew it was coming. Tom liked to torture her nipples when she misbehaved. He pushed her to her knees, hooked his fingers into her cunt and pulled her ass upward as he pushed her torso forward to floor. He took his bare foot and pressed it against her cheek squeezing her face into the ground.

“You insolent little slut!” He growled. “Is this what you wanted?”

Francesca couldn’t move her face to look at him, but she shifted her glare to the corner of her eyes just enough to see him. “Yes, Sir. Precisamente!” The words came out distorted with his foot partially covering her mouth. Her agreement angered him more.

Tom reached up grabbing the only thing in his reach — a wooden spoon. He pulled her ass up so high with the hand buried inside her pussy that her knees began to lift off the ground. He held out the spoon and battered her ass with an endless series of swats. It wasn’t a preferred tool for the punishment, but he made up for the lack of sting with the quantity of blows. He made sure it reddened regardless.

Tom dropped his pants grabbing his erection. It looked solid and mean. He crouched down behind her and slammed himself into her incredibly hard. Francesca was only slightly moist from having his fingers inside her. She would have preferred that he open her up slowly. She was too stubborn a woman to let him hear her shriek. Her eyes went wide as he split her open. Her shock was only evident to the women on the porch who looked on in horror and amazement at the unusual act of defiance from the mature Italian woman.

Tom reached forward and grabbed a clump of her hair and pulled her head back. She could hear his deep, enraged breathes. He wrapped his left hand under her waist and slowly stood up with Francesca impaled helplessly in the air. He walked her forward and dropped her down onto the kitchen table, and began to fuck her with such force that she couldn’t help but grunt as he plumbed her depths. Tom grabbed onto her ass spreading her olive toned cheeks using the leverage to fuck her harder than he’d fucked any woman. It was so forceful that the table inched forward sliding across the floor with each thrust until it butted up against the far wall.

Francesca was certain that he would be brutal. Deep down she had been upset that the night had progressed without as much as an orgasm for her. She had been so thorough with his mother yesterday, and so careful to put together an exquisite meal for his guests. She felt that she deserved to be fucked. Not that she was displeased with the evening, but she was increasingly worried it wouldn’t end the way she had hoped.

She was not going to let a phone call from his father get in the way of her well-deserved pleasure. Everyone had seemed so forlorn over his emotional reaction, but Francesca just did the only thing that occurred to her. She snapped him out of his sadness and ensured that she’d get her due. Francesca enjoyed a hard fucking. What she couldn’t have known was just how hard it would be. Tom was not just fucking her hard because of her insolence. He was fucking out all the emotional turmoil in his heart. Francesca now wondered if she could handle it.

Her pussy began to gush with the continued onslaught. He was driving her toward an incredible orgasm. Each thrust was painfully hard, but his cock was stimulating her regardless creating a very conflicting set of sensations. When it finally washed over her she couldn’t get out any words. She just squealed like a stuck pig. Usually he’d slow down after she came, but Tom just fucked her harder bringing her into a second and then a third. Francesca had never felt so dominated in her entire life. Finally, he grunted and stopped. She breathed heavily as she hung over the table.

Tom walked around the table grabbing her hair and shoving his cock straight into her throat. She gurgled and choked on his length as he forced it deep and assaulted her airway. Tom got off on hearing her struggle. ‘Glug. Glug. Glug.’ That was the only sound in the room apart from their labored breathing. She coughed up a thick, gooey strand of saliva that dripped obscenely from her mouth to his cock. Her eyes were watery smeared circles as she struggled to catch her breathe. To Tom’s surprise, no matter how hard he tried to make it difficult for Francesca, she still managed to stick out her tongue and rub the underside of his cock in an effort to please him. She kept her eyes upward looking at him, letting him know that it was okay. She was taunting him with her willingness to be used.

Tom still wasn’t pleased. So he slid back around behind her and took his saliva covered cock and squeezed it into her tight asshole. Francesca finally howled as he stretched her ass. He began pumping her again. He had put in so much effort to brutalize each hole that he had worked up a solid sweat. She could feel the beads dripping from his face and landing on her back. He rarely fucked her ass, and it seemed particularly sensitive. She was building up to another orgasm. She didn’t usually cum anally although she enjoyed getting fucked that way. Tom didn’t say a thing. He just grunted and pounded into her. What started off as a small squeak from Francesca began to crescendo into a loud moaning expression of pain and pleasure. Tom pounded her harder still, refusing to relent even for a moment. Finally she exploded so hard that her pussy leaked onto the floor. He slammed into her a few more times and let out the most primal, guttural roar that echoed through the house. And then he pushed deep and drained his balls into her ass.

Tom stepped back still breathing heavily from the energy he had exerted. He admired his work. She was laid out limply, not moving except for the rise and fall of her chest. Her pussy drooled thick strands of her own cum. After a moment, he regained a steady breathe. Dominating a woman made him feel calm. He finally felt like he was regaining control.

He looked toward the door seeing the onlookers. “Marie!” He shouted. “Come in here.”

Marie nervously walked through the doors and approached her son. She was awestruck by how ravaged he left Fran. His body coated in a sheen of sweat. She dropped down to her knees looking up at him expectantly.

Tom reached down and caressed her cheek. “Do you know how much I love you?” He asked thinking back briefly to the conversation with his father. Tom now knew what she was dealing with, and he knew how difficult the last week must have been.

“Yes, Sir.” She said smiling at his kind words.

“Clean me off.” He stated as he lifted his cock to her mouth.

Marie didn’t hesitate. His display of domination and power over Francesca had certainly amazed her, but it also made her feel like there was no more capable Dominant than her son. She had never in her life seen someone fucked quite like that. She took him into her mouth and sucked his length cleaning him thoroughly. She took great care to execute his request perfectly. This, she thought kneeling before him, is where she belonged.

Tom lifted her up and sat her down in a kitchen chair. She winced as her ass pressed in to the hard surface of the seat. Fran stirred in front of them. “Have you ever licked another woman’s pussy?” He asked.

“No, Sir.” She said nervously.

“Well… Fran needs to be cleaned. Be gentle. Show her how thankful you are for yesterday.” Tom scooted her chair up close. He lifted Fran’s legs onto the table with her knees spread wide letting her ass hang low over the edge. Marie’s face sat inches from her gaping holes. She didn’t dare ask a question or show hesitation. ******

Tom walked back out to the patio. The other women just stared at his presence. He seemed more powerful to them. Now that he had taken a moment to calm himself, Tom wasn’t upset with Fran at all. He was thankful to her for snapping him out of his funk, and grateful to have gotten a grip on his emotions. He dismissed the girls so he could have some time alone with Frank.

Frank watched him pour another glass of wine and sip it quietly. There was something about his dominance that seemed woven into his success in life. Frank always assumed that being successful was the driving factor that led him to be a capable Dominant. Now he realized he may have had it backwards. It was being a Dominant that allowed him to be so successful. Or maybe they weren’t mutually exclusive at all, and one couldn’t exist without the other. Either way, he had watched the young man vent his sorrow with a single assertive act. Now, Tom sat there across from him as if nothing had affected him. It seemed that he could compartmentalize his emotions in a way that was uncanny. For a brief moment, Frank wondered if that ability was something to be envied or pitied.

“I apologize for that.” Tom finally said. He had been angry with himself, but, not dissimilar from other missteps he had made in life, he just made a silent promise to never let it happen again and then moved on.

“Don’t. There’s no need.” Frank replied in earnest. “I’m sorry for not offering to help right away. I should have known that you wouldn’t have come to me if you had other options. It’s just not how you operate.”

Tom looked up at Frank with fire in his eyes. It was a look that not even Frank had seen in him. It made him feel uneasy. Had he not watched Tom falter earlier he wouldn’t have known his resolve had been shaken, even if it were only for a brief moment.

“You heard him?” Tom asked.

“I did.”

“That’s not the man I grew up with. I don’t know who that was, but he’s a cocky fuck.” Tom spat. “It’s that little slut, you know. He got a taste of some young, hot thing and he let it change him. He let it go to his head.”

“Yes. I think that’s it precisely.” Frank said. “What are you thinking?”

“I’m going to take it from him.” Tom stated simply. “Now, what can I do about his lawyer?”

Frank sat back and thought for a moment. “I have a friend on the bar association. I’ll have to meet him in person. I believe he might be able to convince his lawyer to step aside. We’ll see. Look, Tom, you’re not going to be able to scare off every lawyer in the state. It’s unreasonable. You just need to show him that you have muscle to flex. He’s flying high right now. All we have to do is clip his wings. Once he’s back on the ground, he’ll be vulnerable. That’s when you strike. It’s about timing.”

“I want to be exact.” Tom said. “I want him to fall hard.”

“He has no idea of your success?”


“How is that even possible?”

“I like my privacy. There was no need to tell him or my mother. She only found out yesterday.”

“Well it’s just another thing to add to the confusion. You can use that to your advantage.”

Tom sat back for a moment and took another sip of his wine. He smirked. “I want to move quickly.”

“How quickly?” Frank asked.

“I’ll buy a ticket to fly out tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow’s Friday. I need to meet my old associate at his office. I can only do that on a weekday.” Frank thought for a moment. “Can you be ready to go early in the morning?”

“Of course.”

“Let me see if I can handle the transportation.” Frank stood up and stepped away to make a call. Tom leaned back into the soft cushions and relit his cigar. He let his mind wander through the possible outcomes. He closed his eyes and thought very carefully. He needed to be exact.


Marie had brought her mouth forward inhaling the scent of Fran’s pussy. She had to admit that for someone that never had a lesbian thought a day in her life, she was certainly beginning to enjoy other women. She stuck out her tongue and licked her ass first. She savored the taste of her son’s seed. It made her wet to taste it. She leaned forward again and let her tongue dip inside her searching for more.

She looked up when she heard the other women enter the kitchen. They came and sat down at the table with her. Fran was still a bit out it. Abby reached out and touched her face stirring her back to reality.

“Are you okay, Fran?” She asked timidly. She was still getting used to being so comfortable with her employer. They all looked at her with worried expressions. She had taken an awfully brutal fucking.

Fran focused on Abby and Alexis. Then she smiled a funny, crooked smile. “You see,” Fran whispered weakly, “he’s all better now, yes? No more sadness. I fixed it.”

“It’s more like he fixed you.” Anne laughed. “He fixed the shit out of you.”

Fran tried to laugh, but her laugh turned into a moan as she felt Marie’s tongue run through the folds of her pussy. The coos coming from the attractive woman gave confidence to Marie who wasn’t sure if she was any good at satisfying a woman. She closed her eyes and thought of Alexis and Abby licking her slit. She remembered the sensations vividly. Marie let her tongue recreate the images in her mind. Francesca began to squirm in delight at the sensitive, soft touch of Sir’s mother.

Alexis stepped away from the bunch. She enjoyed being with these women, but her place was by Sir’s side. She wished to be there now. The French doors to the patio were closed. He had asked for privacy, but it pained her to be apart from him. She walked carefully to the door and thought about opening it. Then she dropped down next to it, placed her hands on her knees, and waited for him to return. The others had not even noticed her movement.


The backdoor finally opened a little while later. Anne and Abby knelt down next to the table, but Marie still had her face buried in Fran’s rear. The men walked inside deep in conversation. Tom stopped next Alexis. It wasn’t lost on him that she had waited for him apart from the other women. He reached down pulling her head against his thigh and lovingly stroked her hair. His touch felt like home to her and she leaned into him enjoying the caress. “So it’s either the Schenectady County Airport or the Saratoga County Airport.” Frank was saying. “I tried to get in to Albany, but they can’t get a flight plan approved in time.”

“Saratoga is ideal for me.” Tom stated. “That’s exactly where I need be, but it’s not a far drive from Schenectady so either is fine.”

“No, no. If that’s easier for you then we’ll do that. It doesn’t make a difference in the commute to Albany. I’ll let them know, and I’ll get you the tail number on the plane as soon as they send it.”

“That’s great. I still need to get in touch with my friend and make sure he can book me an appointment. I’d like to bring Alexis if that’s alright.”

“I don’t see a problem with that.” Frank said. Tom finally brought his attention back to the room. He watched as his mother continued to lick Fran’s pussy. He was surprised that she hadn’t stopped yet. From the look of it, Fran was a quivering mess on top of the table.

“Marie! I think she’s clean.” Tom chided her. His mother looked up at him glistening with saliva and cum. She was a little embarrassed by the way he had said it. She wondered if she had enjoyed fulfilling his request more than he intended her to. She certainly enjoyed it more than she expected.

“Sorry, Sir.” She said as she slipped to the floor. Her movements were getting a little more fluid. Although she had nowhere near the grace of Alexis, she had still improved remarkably over the course of the day.

“Fran? How do you feel?” He asked.

Fran couldn’t get a word out. She just looked up with the widest, giddy grin he had ever seen. Tom nodded approvingly. It was a good enough answer for him.

“You can still stay the night, but I have to leave early in the morning now. I apologize.” He said. “Alexis, take Fran up to my bedroom. Marie, go clean yourself up and get some rest.”

“Yes, Sir.” They said scrambling to their feet.

“Frank, would you drop Abby off on your way home?” “Sure.” He said.

“Good. I’ll see you in a few hours.”

With that the room cleared out and everyone went their separate ways. Tom stayed behind for a moment and placed a call to a childhood friend in Saratoga Springs, New York. He had details to work out for the next day, and it was imperative he did this right without delay. He couldn’t afford to let this carry on much longer. It bothered him that he let his women see him vulnerable. He needed to eliminate these problems.


Marie looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. Her face was still covered in Francesca’s cum. She didn’t recognize the woman staring back at her. It was not the timid, conservative mother that had flown out here a couple days ago. This woman was care-free and liberal and discovering herself in new ways with every passing moment. She reached up and touched her collar. She liked the way it looked. More importantly, she liked the way she felt while she was wearing it.

She twisted the handle on the faucet letting the water run. Marie had never felt so sexually alive in her entire life. It was as if she couldn’t think of anything else. She reached up and unbuckled her collar setting it aside on the counter. She inhaled deeply smelling the Italian woman’s scent still fresh on her face. How could she have enjoyed that so much, she thought to herself. The longer she stayed in this place the further she seemed to fall into this strange and satisfying lifestyle. She wondered why she didn’t just pick up and go. But, the things that she was made to do in the last forty-eight hours — the things that she did so willingly — she needed them. More and more she found it harder to question the needs she felt inside. She wished she could rationalize everything that happened since her arrival. It was easier for her to just accept it and not think too much.

Marie thought briefly of the conversation she heard when Frank and Sir had come back inside. They were planning a trip to the very place she so desperately escaped a short time ago. She knew that her husband had said something to Sir tonight that deeply troubled him. It scared her. She didn’t want him to make that trip alone, yet he hadn’t invited her to come along. She tried to shake the uneasy feeling in her belly that a storm was coming to lay waste to their family structure. It seemed that their discussion this evening was just the storm surge before the storm itself. She glanced back at the collar and remembered what her place was in her new family. Her’s was not to question, but to obey. She let out a deep sigh relieved that it didn’t have to be her concern. She trusted her son completely.

Marie washed her face and brushed her teeth. She turned to take a quick shower before bed. It was then that she looked back and saw the bruises on her ass. She gasped softly at how truly angry they appeared. They didn’t feel as painful as they looked. The sting had dissipated this afternoon. It was no longer a sharp pain, but a dull sensitive reminder to do as she was told. Marie glanced up at her face noticing her smile. She hadn’t realized that she’d been smiling at all. It had been such a long time since she wore a genuine look of happiness. She stepped into the shower and washed off her remaining cares.


After a brief conversation with his friend, Erik, who had been slightly annoyed at the disturbance in the middle of the night, Tom gathered his clothes and climbed the stairs. He was excited at the opportunity to see him. It had been a long while since Tom had gone home. Erik was the type of person that was always available for a friend. Despite a course personality, he never missed calling on a holiday or birthday to offer well wishes.

As Tom reached the upstairs hallway, he was greeted by a prone Alexis waiting outside his bedroom door. He smiled and his heart melted. Part of him felt bad about the bruise across her breasts from the crop this morning. She had gotten swept up in such an unfortunate and confusing set of events. Tom noted how well she seemed to have handled herself though. He was pleased that she had brought his mother to see Stephen. He realized that she was struggling to maintain perfection despite the fact her needs had not been met as thoroughly as usual.

Tom reached down and guided her up. He wrapped his strong arms around her and hugged her tight. “I can’t imagine my life without you in it.” He whispered softly in her ear. “Everything is going to work out. It’s going to be a bit crazy for a little while longer. I don’t want you to question how important you are to me.”

Alexis nuzzled her face into the crook of his neck. It was exactly what she needed to hear from him. She pulled her head back for a moment looking at him with her blue eyes. “Sir, can I say something and you’ll promise not to get mad or let it change anything?”

Tom could tell by her look that she was scared to say it. Somehow it seemed important for her to get it out. “I can’t promise any…”

Alexis pressed her fingers gently against his lips stopping him before he finished. And then she let it slip out. “I love you, Sir. I mean that I am absolutely in love with you… since… forever.” A flash of nervousness filled her gaze after she said it. She feared he’d think less of her, or that he’d let it affect their life together.

Tom reached up brushing back a lock of her blonde hair that had slipped down covering part of her face. “Lexi…” He said letting her words sink in. “Let me hear you say ‘I’m in love with you, Tom.’”

“No!” She said drawing her eyes away from him shyly. “I couldn’t.” That name seemed so foreign to her. She didn’t feel comfortable saying it in front of him. She felt him reach down and squeeze her hands lightly letting her know it was okay. She slowly lifted her gaze back to his. She fluttered her lashes once and then looked him directly in the eyes. “Thomas Bolden, since the day we met you’ve been my one true love. I’m in love with you, Tom, forever and always.”

“Even if we were poor? Even if we had to live on the streets in a cardboard box?”

“Even if we had to live in a shoe.” She smiled. “Like Mother Goose? The nursery rhyme?”

“I’ll even wear the bonnet and shawl and hunch over like an old British lady from the countryside.”

“You’d do that for me? That could be very sexy.” He said.

“I’d do anything for you. Anything at all.”

Tom just looked at her like his whole world was standing there right in front of him. “I’m so very in love with you too, Lexi.” In that moment he wondered why the words had never escaped his lips before. It was perhaps the truest and most sincere thing he had ever spoken. “There’s no one else in this world that can make me as happy as you do. I’ll never let you go.”

Alexis leapt onto him wrapping hear legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. She leaned in and kissed him with the most intense passion. She pulled her head back and looked at him. “I’ve always known it, Sir.” She thought her heart would explode out of her chest. Then she said in a flash of seriousness, “Don’t let it change anything, Sir. I like our life. I like this life. I love my dominant man.”

“Come on.” He said setting her down. “We have a very big day tomorrow.”

“Sir?” She said nervously tugging him back toward her. “I need to talk to you about something else… something really important.”

“Not right now, Lexi. I don’t want anything to ruin this moment.”

She was filled with such happiness as she followed him into his bedroom, but it was evident that there was still something bothering her.


Francesca was stretched out over Sir’s king size bed still wearing that atypical, crooked smile. She had never seen the inside of his bedroom before. To her it felt like the ultimate gift to be allowed into his personal sanctum. She pressed her face into his pillow smelling his scent. It was so masculine and arousing to her. It seemed that yesterday and today had been worth it after all. She felt bad for slapping him, but he had turned around and fucked her better than she’d ever been fucked. The other girls had thought he had injured her. Her pussy and her ass were definitely sore, but, for Francesca it was the most satisfying sexual experience of her life. Tom may have been fifteen years her junior, but he had fucked her like a man — dominant, confident, forceful and complete.

She knew that he was planning something for tomorrow. He seemed apologetic for having to leave early in the morning. Francesca had been married a few times and slept with her fair share of men. None offered her the satisfaction that she got from Tom. They either treated her too nicely or too poorly, but Tom made her submit and earn her pleasure and then he delivered it with adept skill. It was a combination that ignited passion inside her. So, she was satisfied to be granted the pleasure of sleeping next to him for however long it lasted.

The door opened and Tom strolled in with his natural ease. She saw Alexis follow behind him, but it didn’t bother her at all. She had a great respect for Alexis. He tossed his clothes into the hamper and then climbed up onto the bed. He bent down bringing his lips to her nipples and sucked them gently. Fran’s nipples were extremely sensitive. Tom often used them to punish her, but on occasion he used them to offer her immense pleasure. He nibbled on her thick nubs biting them just hard enough and then licking them lightly coursing pleasure through her.

“Fran, we can’t keep him up late tonight.” Alexis said softly. She pulled Tom away from her laying him back on the bed. “Help me take care of him.”

Alexis crawled between his legs and sucked his balls into her mouth massaging them lightly with her tongue. Fran joined her taking his limp length into her mouth. It was the only time Fran had ever been able to swallow his entire cock. The two women very gently tended to him. After a few minutes they looked up and saw that he drifted into sleep. Alexis knew then that he must have been exhausted.

Alexis slipped silently from the bed. She stepped into the closet and began pulling out a set of clothes for him for the next day. She pulled out a bag and dropped in a few necessities including some things for herself. Fran just sat and quietly stared at the sereneness of his sleeping form. She had always seen him move with such purpose. Now she admired how beautiful he looked at rest. She pulled the covers up from the bottom of the bed covering him, and she snuggled up alongside his warm body and rested her head on his chest and slept.


Tom had forgotten to set the alarm. He awoke to Francesca tugging on his balls with her lips. He stirred from his slumber and looked down realizing that he had fallen asleep as they went down on him. He smiled seeing Fran between his legs picking up where she had left off. She looked up at him with her lips wrapped around his sack and then pulled her head back letting them escape her mouth with a small wet pop.

“Good morning, Sir. You need to get going. I just wanted to say thank you.” She slid her bare breasts up his torso and planted a kiss on his lips.

“Good morning to you too, Fran. Please sleep in, and stay as long as you want.”

He glanced at the clock and realized that he did need to get moving. He hopped off the bed, trudged into the bathroom and joined Alexis who was already in the shower. She pulled him in, and soaped up his body paying particular attention to his nether region. He was beginning to sense a change in her. The words they exchanged last night were long overdue, but he was not sure what they meant. Of course he knew their basic meaning. He just wasn’t sure how things could move forward and not let things change between them. Neither of them wanted change, but sometimes change comes regardless.

Tom was thankful to see that she had already set out some clothing for him as he dried himself off. He slid on a pair of jeans, a light Lacoste ultra-thin, cotton hoodie and a pair of John Varvatos boat shoes. He threw an additional item or two into Alexis’ small carryon bag. He went into the back of his closet and found his red Mountainsmith climbing pack and slung it over his shoulder.

Alexis emerged from her room and met him in the hallway. She wasn’t sure what they were doing today exactly, although she had gleaned that they would be flying to upstate New York. Alexis was excited at the prospect of seeing where he grew up. She was learning more about his childhood in the last two days than she had in the last two years. She had packed four changes of clothing in her indecision. She had chosen to wear a casual knee length cream colored skirt and a sleeveless, knit ivory top. It was simple, but lovely the way it accentuated her body.

They made their way downstairs startled to find Marie kneeling in the kitchen. “Jesus, mom!” Tom blurted out. “You nearly gave me a heart attack. What are you doing up?”

“I want to come with you, Sir.” She said. “You can’t go back there by yourself.”

Tom considered the added complication. He knew that she wanted to be there to protect him. Some part of her wanted to shield him from the burden of dealing with her problems. The trip was meant to be fast, and he didn’t know what he would do with her tagging along. He reluctantly agreed. Marie disappeared into her bedroom and returned with a small bag that she had already packed. Tom guided the women out to his car, and they were soon on their way. It was 3:45am in the morning and the roads were empty. It took no time at all to get on to the 101 freeway and speed toward Van Nuys. Tom pulled off the freeway and navigated a few small surface streets before coming down a road with access to the private hangars. He checked his phone again for the exact address. By the time they were parked, he could already see Frank waiting outside next to the tarmac.

Tom walked up to him with the ladies in tow. “Hey Frank, how’re we doing?”

“They’re just pulling our bird out now.” He said nodding to the hangar behind him.

Tom heard the whir of the engines as they started up, and he watched in awe as a Gulfstream V private jet pulled out of the hangar doors onto the tarmac.

“How did I not know you had this?” Tom asked while the craft inched forward.

“First of all, I don’t own this, Tom. Our firm pays a fee to have access to a jet when we need one. Secondly, I’ve never told you because everyone that does know about it constantly asks to use it. This isn’t exactly cheap. You should be happy I’m not billing you for it.”

“Well,” Tom grinned. “I know about it now.” He turned to Alexis and Marie. “Ladies, our chariot awaits.” Frank just scowled at his comment.

“We’re flying in that?” Marie asked confused. Alexis just shrugged her shoulders. They were equally surprised.

The cabin door opened and they climbed the stairs into the extremely comfortable and spacious interior. The front of the cabin had four large plush leather seats, two facing forward and two facing backward creating a social sitting area. Beyond that was a dining table with four more seats, and a wet bar along the side of the cabin. In the rear of the plane were two additional fully reclining seats facing backwards toward a bench seat that reclined outward into a full size bed. Next to the bench was a door to comfortable bathroom. The plane was outfitted with a few LCD television screens and Wi-Fi internet service. The inlay and details of the interior were done in a maple wood trim. The captain and co-pilot waited outside the cockpit to welcome them aboard.

“This is amazing, Sir!” Marie said truly taken aback by the comfort. “I’ve never flown in anything like it.”

“Neither have I.” Tom said.

They made their way in and sat down preparing for takeoff. A short while later they were at cruising altitude on their way to Saratoga. Frank had made himself comfortable at the small table with his laptop working on some deals for his other clients. Tom had taken a moment to walk around the cabin. Alexis came over to him, and shed her clothing kneeling down.

“I’m ready to join the mile high club, Sir.” She said smiling.

“Is that so?” Tom had never had sex in an airplane and he had to admit that the prospect was exciting. Marie joined them and shed her clothing as well. She had wrapped her collar around her neck.

“Come with me.” He said making his way toward the rear of the plane. He took out his red backpack and dumped the contents on a seat. Among other things he had various lengths of rope. He pulled Marie to her feet and had her stand in the open space between the rear chairs and the bench seat. “Let me show you how to do this, Alexis. I want you to learn.”

Tom was referring to Kinbaku rope bondage. The Japanese term translated to ‘tight binding’ and referred to the intricate rope designs used in tying up the human form. He knew that Alexis had been handling the other women when he wasn’t around, and it occurred to him that maybe she had a knack for dominance.

He took out a thirty foot length of five millimeter gauge, nylon rope and handed it to her. She looked at the unwieldy amount. “We’re going to do a breast harness.” Tom said. “We’ll need to start with a lark’s head loop. Double the rope.” He instructed.

Alexis matched the loose ends of the rope together halving the length. Tom showed her how to wrap it around Marie just under her breasts passing the matching loose ends through loop at the midway point on her back and pulling them back around her body once more in the opposite direction. It created two loops around her body with the doubled rope. Alexis had seen him tie this type of harness before, but he had never shown her how it was done.

She took the ends and wrapped another loop just above the breasts and passed them through the Lark’s head on her back again pulling it taught. Then he had her take the loose ends and bring one over each of Marie’s shoulders and pass them around the rope running above her breasts and down her sternum under the ropes below her breasts. Then he took the ends together and pulled them up cinching the ropes together squeezing Marie’s breasts into a simple harness. He showed her how to bring it back over Marie’s shoulders and tie the length off on the knot on her back.

Alexis had to admit that it felt like an art form the way he contemplated each maneuver. The whole act seemed highly erotic. She wondered why he was teaching her. The way his hands guided hers made her moisten. Marie, on the other hand, had never felt anything quite like this before. The nylon rope felt so naughty against her skin. When he cinched the rope it squeezed her breasts in such an enticing fashion. He hadn’t stopped there though.

Tom had continued to tie her off lifting each breast and wrapping a tight rope around it forcing it into a perfectly round shape. She could see her breasts discolor slightly as they took on a bluish tint. He had pulled her arms behind her back tying her forearms together. He then tied them off to the original lark’s head knot securing them along the center of her back. Then he knelt her down and tied her thighs off to the sides of the cabin keeping her legs spread as wide as they would go. He tied her ankles off to the side as well preventing her legs from moving at all. Her head rested on the bench seat while the rest of her was bound tightly, exposing her in the most obscene manner. They sat back briefly and looked at her tied helplessly in the back of the plane.

“Did you like tying her up?” He asked.

“Yes, Sir. It’s so cathartic.”

Tom liked her response. That’s exactly how he felt about it. It was relaxing and conducive to self-reflection. It allowed him to purge his emotions into an artful act.

“Lick her pussy.” Tom said and he watched Alexis crawl between her legs and begin lapping away at Marie’s bald slit.

Tom pulled out his cock and knelt behind Alexis and pushed himself inside her slowly. She moaned out it Marie’s pussy. He grabbed her slim waist and began thrusting himself into her in careful, slow, long strokes. He didn’t want to go fast or fuck her hard. He wanted to enjoy feeling every inch of her while he thrust into her. He kept a steady pace as he watched Marie cum on Alexis’ tongue. After ten minutes, he felt her contract and cum on him.

Tom stood up and had Alexis sit off to the side. He stepped up behind Marie. “How does it feel?” He asked her.

“So hot, Sir. So sexy.” She panted.

Tom ran his fingers along her slit. “Who owns this body?”

“You do, Sir.” She said as he continued to rub her pussy causing her to wriggle in her restraints.

“I want to claim the rest of it.”

Tom spit on his hand to add a little more lubrication to his cock. He knelt down and very, very slowly he pushed his cock into Marie’s ass. He took extra care to be gentle allowing her to adjust to the intrusion little by little. She had let out a yelp as the head of his cock first pushed into her. Tom was patient, and after a little more time he had pressed in almost half his length and he began to rock in and out of her at a comfortable pace for both of them.

“Where’s my cock, mom?” He asked.

It felt wrong to Marie to hear him call her by that name while he was inside her. Once again, the feeling of wrongness just increased her feelings of want and need. “It’s in my ass, Sir.” She said amazed at how the words seemed to surge pleasure through her body when she spoke them.

“Say it again.” He said. “Tell me what I’m doing.”

Marie panted. His cock was sliding in and out of her with ease now that she had adjusted to his girth. “You’re fucking my ass, Sir. You’re fucking mommy in the ass.”

She was so incredibly tight that he barely lasted long at all. He poured out the first load of the day deep into her bowels. Although the experience hadn’t allowed Marie too much enjoyment, she still groaned out loud as she felt the warm spray inside her. It was a sensation that she’d never felt before.

Alexis crawled up on one of the reclining seats and fell back asleep. Tom left his mother tied up and leaking a thick stream of his cum while he pulled out his tablet and began to go through his e-mail. Marie just felt like a little slut — helpless, bound and stretched. She could feel the wet stream leaking down from her ass, across her pussy and down her inner thighs. It was so naughty and wrong. She thought if someone as much as breathed on her clit that she’d cum. Nobody did. She knelt impatiently wishing for another release that never came.


It was around 10:00am in the morning when the captain’s voice had chimed in over the intercom announcing that they were about a half hour out of Saratoga. They had made good time, due in part to decent weather and a strong Jetstream. Tom had untied his mother after about an hour of watching her restrained. They had rolled the bench seat flat into a bed and fallen asleep together.

Tom stood up and stretched his arms and his legs and then raised the blinds on one of the rear windows. The flight path had brought them across Pennsylvania, and turned north near the border of New Jersey approaching Saratoga from the south. It was flying up alongside the Catskill Mountains over the Hudson valley toward the Adirondack Mountains further north. Tom enjoyed seeing the thick green canopy of the forest below. It was always a nostalgic feeling for him when he came home.

Saratoga Springs was not a very populous city. It had history dating back to the English settlers, who moved into the area shortly after the English army had built Fort Saratoga. The Iroquois Indians had long believed that the natural mineral deposits in the local springs had healing properties, and it was the mineral springs that had birthed the tourism industry that still dominated the economy today. It was a lovely little metropolis, and Tom enjoyed his childhood there.

Alexis stirred in her seat and then came over sitting on his lap and looked out the window. She’d never been to the northeast. She had grown up for a large part of her childhood in Georgia before her parents moved to Santa Barbara, California when she was a young teenager. The plane was beginning its decent and the forested hills grew larger as they approached.

“It’s beautiful, Sir.” She said placing a kiss on his forehead. “I had no idea.”

Tom rubbed her back and contemplated his plan for the day. Erik had sent him an e-mail letting him know that he was able to book an appointment, with a little difficulty, at two o’clock. Frank was heading straight into Albany when they landed, and planned to meet them back at the airport at ten o’clock this evening. That would give them a bit of time this morning, and hopefully it would give him some time in the afternoon to meet up with his friend.

“Sir?” Alexis said softly. “About that thing I wanted to talk to you about last night. I…” Marie opened her eyes blinking them repeatedly while she adjusted to the light coming in from the window. “Are we here?” She asked groggily. “Almost.” Tom replied turning his attention back to Alexis. “Yes? What about it? You needed to talk to me about something important, right?”

Alexis looked over at Marie who was reaching back and touching the dried mess on her ass. “It’s okay, Sir. We can talk about it some other time.”

The three of them straightened themselves up, dressed and then strapped into their seats and prepared to land. The plane came to a stop about ten minutes later at the end of a small runway. Tom had driven passed this airport many times, but never gave it much thought. He had always flown commercially via Albany. He reveled in the luxury of landing such a short distance from his home town. It was unbelievable to think that with the resources one could decide to take a trip in the late evening and then have landed on the other side of the country such a short time later.


Tom and Frank stepped out of the plane into the hot, humid summer weather with the girls following close behind. The sun was bathing the trees in its golden rays. They shuffled down the steps and made their way towards the counter in the charter office. They each picked up a set of keys for two rental cars that had been delivered at their request.

“Look, Frank.” Tom said as they walked out to the parking lot. “I’m beyond grateful. If it seems awkward at all when you meet your old associate then I don’t want you to press the issue. I’m not looking to get you in any kind of trouble or uncomfortable situation.”

“We’ll see how it goes.” Frank replied. “It’s been at least six years since I’ve even been back in Albany. The trip alone is a nice getaway for LA. I’ll call you as soon as I know anything. Alright?”

“Yeah.” Tom said. “That sounds good. Good luck today.”

“You too.”

Frank climbed into his sedan and pulled out heading toward the I-87 south for a straight shot down to Albany. Tom watched him drive out into the distance, and hoped beyond all else that he would be able to figure out a way to help. Tom loaded his bags into the car. Alexis sat in the passenger seat excitedly while Marie situated herself in the back. Tom started the ignition and pulled out on to County Road 43 toward Saratoga Springs.

“Where are we going, Sir?” Alexis asked as she took in her surroundings.

“Well.” Tom said. “We’ve got some time. I’m open to suggestions.”

Marie fidgeted in the back seat. “Sir, would you… um… mind driving by his office? If his car is there I wouldn’t mind stopping back by the house to grab some things. I hadn’t planned on staying in Los Angeles for more than a few days.”


John Bolden was a mid-level executive at a manufacturing plant that produced aluminum cans and glass jars for bottling companies. He had started out as a line worker on the floor right out of high school when he first married Marie. John had worked his way up slowly, and over the course of nearly twenty-five years he had earned himself a decent position and a respectable salary. He had a deep respect for a solid work ethic, and tended to hold a more conservative viewpoint when it came to pulling one’s self up by the their bootstraps.

Tom was uncomfortable as they pulled into the parking lot of the small office building situated a few hundred yards from the plant itself. They drove slowly along a row of cars until Marie spotted his Ford Explorer parked in the next row over. Tom knew that his dad was inside, and he seethed remembering the harsh words he had slurred out in his drunken stupor last night. He was surprised that his father even made it to work. Tom assumed he would be at home nursing a nasty hangover.

Tom had sped away as quickly as possible not wanting to think about the inevitable confrontation that was coming sometime in the near future. He weaved through the suburban neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city before pulling up to his childhood home. He parked on the street in front of the house and waited for his mom to gather some belongings.

Alexis escorted Marie into the quaint one story house that sat tucked into a small grove of trees. She was very excited to see the home where Sir had grown up. She climbed the steps to the porch and smiled at the hand painted sign hanging above the door knocker that read ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’. It seemed so sweet to her. Then she felt a small pang of sadness knowing that there wasn’t much heart left in this home anymore.

She stepped inside and admired the living room. It had such a country feel to it. There were pictures of Tom as a child filling the various surfaces. Alexis thought he looked adorable. She poked her head into the kitchen. Despite the dirty dishes and cluttered surfaces, she could picture them gathered together for dinner. To her it seemed like an idyllic place to raise a family. She followed Marie as she headed off toward the master bedroom.

Alexis stopped at an open bedroom door and poked her head inside. She smiled wide as she took in Sir’s childhood room. She walked in and looked around. His dresser had a few trophies and ribbons from basketball and the Boy Scouts. She giggled picking up his gold medal from the science fair. Apparently, he’d always been a smart and resourceful individual. She snorted out loud when she saw the large poster of Kelly McGillis from the movie Top Gun hanging above his bed.

“Don’t you dare make fun of Kelly!”

Alexis turned around startled to see him standing in the doorway watching her. She was giggling. “Oh, Sir! I’m sorry it’s just…”

“Don’t you dare say it, Alexis. I made a vow to Ms. McGillis that I would defend her honor at all costs. You don’t know what it’s like to be a teenager with a perpetual hard-on. She’s the one that got me through it.”

“Oh God!” She laughed. “I’m so sorry, Sir. At least it wasn’t Tawny Kitain.”

Tom just hung his head low. He walked over to his closet and swung open the door. Plastered on the inside of the door was the infamous poster of Tawny Kitain crawling across the hood of a car from the Whitesnake music video for the song Here I Go Again.

“It was wrong of me to give all the credit to Kelly. Tawny was an inspiration as well.” Alexis couldn’t help herself and launched into a total fit of laughter. Tom walked toward her and sat on the edge of the bed. “All I ever dreamed about was having sex with a girl in this bed. It never happened.”

“Is that so, Sir?” Alexis said giving him a pouty look. “Poor baby.” She hiked up her skirt climbing onto the bed and struck the same pose as Tawny Kitain in the poster. She started belting out a parody of the song.. “Here I go again on my own. Goin’ down on the only man I’ve ever blow-own. Like a drifter you weren’t meant to jerk off alone. So I’ve made up my mind. I want you to fuck me one more ti-ime.” She tossed her hair about as she sang. Then she laughed leaning in towards him and whispered. “Fuck me, Sir.”

It was invitation that he couldn’t refuse. Tom dropped his pants and looked at the amazing woman sitting on his twin size bed. She was in a giddy mood and seemed so playful. He climbed behind her and pushed her forward fucking her from behind in nice powerful thrusts. She held the footboard at the bottom of the bed and used it to push back into him.

“Oh fuck! Fuck me. Fuck me, Sir.” She panted as he drove into her.

Marie appeared in the doorway a short time later with a suitcase packed to the gills. Alexis was looking right at her while Tom pounded her pussy. She was still in a playful mood, and she pretended to be a teenager caught in the act. “Oh gosh! I’m sorry Mrs. Bolden…. I know I shouldn’t be doing this in your house… Unggg! Shit!… it’s just that…. Ohgawd… your son has such a big… fucking… cock! Ohfuck. I’m cumming!”

Marie just gave her a mock disapproving look as she walked over. Then she leaned down next to the bed and let Tom slide his hard cock from Alexis’ pussy into her mouth. She gave it a quick polish with her tongue. Marie thought about all the times she had come in to wake him up for school when he was a little boy. Never in her right mind did she ever imagine coming to his bedside to suck his cock. She felt her pussy moisten at the thought of it. Then she shook the thought from her mind and stood back up.

“Come on, Sir. I don’t want to get caught here like this.” Marie said.

Tom knew she was right. He painfully stuffed his erection back into his pants and they left. Alexis hung on his arm on the way out. She could not have been happier in this moment. She loved him. She loved seeing pieces of his life from before they met. Everything seemed perfect to her. She even loved this quiet suburban street tucked away in the trees.

They loaded back into the car, and Tom consciously shifted back to his purely dominant persona. There was something about seeing Alexis in his room that had softened his often hard exterior demeanor. He could not afford to succumb to his deeper feelings for her. He was here to put an end to the complications that had affected his serene life. He needed to get this done. Tom hadn’t gotten any writing done in two days now. He wanted to get home and fall back into the routine that provided him with such comfort.


Frank Donovan had finally arrived in Albany. It had been awhile since he had driven in this city, but his old instincts kicked in, as they often do when visiting an old stomping ground, and he soon pulled into the parking garage of the imposing stone building that housed the New York State Bar Association.

Frank didn’t think that Albany was a very attractive city. Nor did he miss it very much after his short tenure working for a law firm there. He much preferred the chaotic frenzy of New York City life. When he was offered a position teaching a class at NYU, he jumped at the opportunity. He found a decent firm that allowed him to both practice law and teach two classes a week.

He had plenty of friends left in this city, though. Jason Horowitz, the associate he was going to see now, had taught with him at NYU before accepting a cushy position working for the bar association a few years back. They had been good friends and Frank managed to keep in touch with him throughout the years. It was often the case that someone would need references for capable attorneys in other states. Frank and Jason often called on each other to throw business to their colleagues.

Frank tapped his shoe to the catchy elevator music as the rusty old box jolted upward from the parking level. The doors opened and he stepped into a long, marble hallway lit with dim fluorescent track lighting. After a short distance he turned into a doorway marked with a nameplate for Jason Horowitz.

Frank greeted his ancient secretary who sat hunched over her desk wearing incredibly thick reading glasses. She leaned forward looking at a day planner, which she still used instead of computer calendar, not finding his name listed.

“I’m sorry. You don’t seem to be on his schedule, Mr. Donovan.” She said looking up at him with a somewhat puzzled expression.

Frank tried to be polite. “We just spoke an hour ago. I was under the impression he could give me a few minutes.”

“You spoke to Mr. Horowitz?” She asked confused.

“No.” Frank said. “I spoke to you.”

She just looked at him blankly for a moment. Then she seemed to have jogged her memory. “Oh right. Yes. Oh my. I apologize.” She pressed an intercom button on her desk and stated in her frail voice, “There is a Mr. Donovan here to see you.”

The door to the inner office opened and Jason Horowitz smiled at his old friend. “Frank! I couldn’t believe it when you called. Come in. Come in. Please. It’s great to see you.”


Tom dropped the women off at his Aunt Jane’s house on the other side of town. He needed to get moving for his two o’clock appointment. He didn’t want to be late. His aunt only lived about twenty minutes away. He hadn’t told Alexis or Marie where he was going, nor did they ask. They understood that he was here for some ulterior motives.

He had put the address into the GPS on his phone and followed the automated voice as it guided him toward the southern portion of the city into a more blue-collar neighborhood. He slowed the car down and read the numbers on the houses. He finally found what he was looking for. He pulled over and parked on the side of the street, grabbed his pack and headed toward the door. Tom took a deep breath and reached up pressing the doorbell. He had to wing this, and it worried him a little. He waited for a moment until the door finally swung open. He was staring at a very attractive woman in her mid-twenties. She was wearing a pair of juicy couture pink sweat pants and a tight white spandex work out shirt. He could see the straps of a mismatched purple bra running over her shoulders. She had shoulder length brunette hair and hazel eyes. Tom had to admit he was struck by how good looking he thought she was. He wondered why on earth a woman like this would be fucking his father. She held a phone in her hand cupping the receiver while she greeted him.

“You must be my last minute appointment.” She said. “Come on in. My name’s Angie.” She extended her hand to greet him. “You’re about twenty minutes early. You mind waiting here? I’m just wrapping up a call.” She directed him to a futon couch in the living room.

“That’ll be fine.” He said. “Take your time.”

Angie disappeared into a hallway while Tom settled himself on the couch in her living room. The house itself was older and in desperate need of a coat of paint, inside and out. Half of living room, like the video he had watched on his mother’s phone, was converted into a therapeutic massage set up. He was impressed at how professionally she had everything arranged. In his mind, he pictured her as a young floozy giving hand jobs to her clients and advertising on the internet. In reality, she had a very excellent reputation and worked with a significant amount of rehabilitation clinics that sent her patients. Tom had done his research before he arrived.

The other side of the room, where Tom was sitting now, was hardly what someone would consider a waiting area. The futon belonged more in a dorm room than a home. There was a small tube television sitting on a wicker stand that looked like it was purchased sometime in the late 80s. The rest of the area was stacked in books, piles and piles of them. Tom picked up a thick text off the coffee table. The cover read ‘Comprehensive Guide to Sports Injuries and Therapeutic Techniques’. He paged through it briefly as he waited.

After thirty minutes, he stood up and walked around the room wondering what was taking her so long. He stood near the entrance of the hallway and listened to her arguing with someone over the phone. Another ten minutes went by before she finally came back out into the living room apologizing profusely for the delay.

“Oh gosh. I’m so sorry about that.” She said. “I’m usually very prompt. I really hate bad first impressions.”

Tom smiled. There was something about this girl and this house that he found endearing. It really made this whole situation harder for him to digest. He hoped that she was going to be stuck up or bitchy or something that would make it easy for him to dislike her.

“It’s fine. Really.” He said sincerely. “I was doing some light reading.” He held up the thick clinical sports medicine book.

Angie chuckled. “Oh, good choice. You went right for the easy read.”

“I had options.” Tom said gesturing to the piles of books. “Yeah I know. I’ve been meaning to clean this up. I’m a real bibliophile. I was the girl that had more books than friends growing up.” She looked at him and then asked. “What’s your favorite book? I always find that it tells a lot about a person.”

“Easy. The Count Of Monte Cristo. Not the abridged version either. That’s a cop out. I mean the full text, fifteen hundred beautiful pages.”

She laughed. “I wouldn’t have guessed that.”

“So,” Tom said, “Everything okay? It sounded like you were having a tense conversation. I’m sorry if I’ve come at a bad time.”

“Yeah.” She sighed. “It’s just a guy I’ve been seeing. It’s supposed to be my day off. I’ve always had problems with guys being suspicious because of my profession. Everyone has this impression of a masseuse sleeping with every client they have.”

“Oh.” Tom said mocking his disappointment. “So, I guess you’re letting me down easy before we get started.”

“Very funny.” She said giving him a dismissive look.

“Where’d you meet him?” Tom asked knowing the answer already.

Angie’s face reddened in embarrassment. “He was a… um… client.” She said then quickly defending herself. “But that was a one-time thing! Oh, don’t look at me like that!”

“Oh. Yeah. He has no reason to be suspicious. Just once?” Tom prodded her light heartedly. “Hey, I’m not one to judge. I’m certainly not a perfect person.”

“Okay. Maybe twice. But it’s not what you think. They were both very nice men. It wasn’t a one night stand or anything. They were relationships.”

“I guess as long as you like him that’s all that matters. Is it worth dealing with a little jealousy?”

“Yeah. I guess it’s complicated. But I like him.” She said. “What about you? What brings you to my place?”

“Back problems.”

“Auto accident? Sports injury? A fall? Heavy lifting?” She asked getting down to business. “What’s the cause?”

“Sex.” Tom said.

“Oh, shut up. Now you’re just poking fun at me. Really, I need to know how it happened to help you properly.”

“I’m being serious.” Tom replied. “It was sex.”

“So next you’re going to tell me that you’re some miracle worker in the bedroom? You’re so good that you threw out your back in the process? I should be awed your unparalleled prowess, right?”

“No.” Tom said. “I’m in town visiting a friend. I was having back pain. You were the recommended person to come and see. Don’t get me wrong. You’re very attractive. But, I really need you to fix my back or make it better or whatever magic you can work.”

Angie looked at this man with a funny, confounded expression. There was something very disarming about him that she liked. He was good looking, but he was also comfortable and confident. She led him over to the massage table. She stepped out while he disrobed before climbing on top of it and covering himself with a towel. Once he was settled she returned.

“So, Don Juan, where does it hurt?” She asked. Tom explained his faux injury to her, and she immediately got to work. He had to admit that although his back hadn’t hurt at all, it certainly felt good to get a massage. The young girl had surprisingly strong hands and she expertly kneaded his muscles.

“What do you do for a living?” She said after a long quiet lapse of time.

“I’m a writer.” He said.

“Oh really?” She said. “Anything I’d know.”

“Maybe.” He said and then listed off his novels.

“No way! Are you being serious?” She was noticeably shocked by his answer. She had only read one of his books, but she was certainly aware of his reputation as an accomplished author.

“Yes. Why would I lie about that?”

“I dunno.” She shrugged. Then she had a realization thinking about the content of his writing. “Wait. So you really did throw your back out having sex?”

Tom chuckled. “Why would I lie about that either?”

“I just thought…” Then she trailed off not knowing how to finish. Angie was truly confused on how to handle this situation. When she thought about it she realized that he had been honest and pleasant since he arrived. Now she felt like she had been just a little standoffish and made glaring assumptions that he was trying to get into her pants.

“Well this just got awkward.” Tom joked.

“No, no. I’m fine. It’s fine. Really.” She said. She felt nervous though. For one thing, he was a very successful writer. She was used to older clients that didn’t have glamorous careers. She thought maybe it was because he said she was very attractive. Angie didn’t really think of herself that way at all. She was an extremely reserved and shy girl.

There was a long awkward silence. Tom felt like he was starting to get the upper hand. Revealing his career had thrown her off. He waited another few moments and then he simply said, “cock.”

Angie jumped. “Wh-what?”

Tom laughed playfully. “I thought maybe that would get you to relax. Cock. Say it. I never understood why people get so uptight when it comes to sex. It’s a pretty strong theme in my books. I’m used to it.”

“V-vagina.” She squeaked out playing along.

“Vagina?” Tom said poking a little fun. “You can’t say vagina! That’s like saying penis or areola or clitoris. Geez. I meant say something nasty like cock or pussy or cunt. Cunt always sounds so harsh.”

Angie finally cracked a big smile and then let out a very genuine laugh. “I’m sorry… I’m not used to someone like you. It’s… it’s refreshing.”

“Well, thank you.” He said. “It’s too bad we started this whole thing off vowing not to sleep together.”

“I don’t remember making a vow.” She joked back finally starting to lighten up.

“Well just because you changed your mind doesn’t mean you can just charm your way under my towel. Besides, we both know you were serious about not being that kind of girl.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?!” She said feigning insult.

“I bet that with both guys you slept with, that it didn’t happen during your session. I bet you let them take you out somewhere first. You got to know them. Then you slept with them. Am I wrong?”

Angie was genuinely surprised at how well he seemed to read her. “You’re not wrong.” She answered a little annoyed at letting him have the pleasure of being right. “But you’re saying I don’t have it in me. That’s an unfair assumption.”

Tom rolled over on the table being careful not to let the towel slip as he got onto his back. He straightened it making sure he was covered properly. Angie looked at him feeling nervous for a moment. He was wearing his wry smile, and she couldn’t deny that somehow over the course of the conversation she had gotten a bit turned on. She wasn’t even sure why. It was something about his natural ease that made her feel uncharacteristically comfortable with a conversation she wouldn’t normally entertain.

“Alright then,” Tom said. “If I’m being unfair then go ahead and whip that towel off.”

“What?!” It caught her off guard. “But… I…”

“I’m not asking you to sleep with me. I’m just saying that you don’t even have the nerve to pull the towel off.” Tom stated simply as he took in her nervous glare. “Aw. It’s okay. Let’s just get back to the massage. That’s something you do very well. It’s my fault for talking about sex. Sometimes I just don’t realize how uncomfortable shy girls can get.”

Angie’s face scrunched. She didn’t want him to be right again. She could be playful if she wanted. She was never one to live dangerously or act on impulse, but she felt it was a conscious choice not an inability. Before she even realized what she was doing, she reached out and snatched the towel from his lap leaving him naked on the table in front of her.

Angie’s eyes took in the cock between his legs. “Whoa.” She said in utter surprise.

“Ha!” He said. “I guess I was wrong. You did have it in you.”

“Is that for real?” She asked.

“What?” He asked looking at her. “You mean this?” He reached down and grabbed it in his hand. “What’s wrong with it?”

“It’s gigantic!” She said.

“Oh. I guess. I don’t really go around comparing it to other guys.” He said nonchalantly. “Can I have the towel back now?”

She just stared at his cock unmoving. “Can I… Can I touch it?” She squeaked out in a soft breathy voice.

Those words were music to Tom’s ears. Even he was surprised that he’d managed to talk her into anything. It made him feel more confident. He really did like this girl. She was sweet, and a bit naïve. However, when he looked past that, he saw her for what she was — the source of all his problems. He just smiled at her and didn’t say a word. Angie reached forward without waiting for an answer and wrapped her fingers around his cock. Tom groaned when he felt her pump him slowly. It had grown to its full length and it throbbed in her hand. He looked at her and thought about all the ways he was going to defile her.


Frank had struck a bit of luck in his conversation with Jason. While his friend was not really in a position to help him with Tom’s current issue, it appeared that, had he done any research, he was able to help himself. Their meeting had turned into a lunch at the steakhouse, 677 Prime, down on Broadway. They were joined by Kevin Walsh, a senior partner at Siegal, Barnes, Copeland and Walsh, which was the firm handling John Bolden’s case. Kevin was a former student of Frank’s. He wasn’t personally handling the case in question, but he was certainly able to sway his partners on whether or not to pursue a client.

Jason was in the middle of an animated story. “So, the guy had broken into this house and robbed it blind. The couple comes home in the middle of it. He panics and ties them up at gun point in the living room. He’d basically stolen everything. I mean everything. He even loaded some of the furniture into this big truck out by the street. Who steals furniture? So, he’s going back in for a television and he trips on the way out the front door. He drops the TV and his feet kick up and he lands on the brick walkway knocking himself unconscious. The cops find him that way after a neighbor reports some unusual activity and he’s arrested and taken to St. Peter’s hospital to be treated for a concussion. It should have been an open and shut case, but Frank comes in and sues the couple on a slip and fall for not maintaining their property or posting a caution sign. The guy ends up getting only thirty days in jail for the robbery. Frank convinced the jury it wasn’t a robbery if he didn’t get away with anything. Then he’s awarded a million in settlement for his injuries. It was astounding. Frank was legend after that.”

The three of them laughed heartily. Kevin just shook his head in disbelief. “How can you live with yourself, Frank? I mean sometimes I’m not sure how we do it. There are so many bad people out there that get off scott free because of a sneaky attorney or some legal loophole.”

“I couldn’t after a while.” Frank said staring at the ice in his glass as he swirled it around contemplatively. “That’s why I picked up and left. I do strictly entertainment law. I bleed money from rich studios, publishers and the like and give it to equally rich writers, directors and actors. I feel far less guilty when I take my cut now.”

“Doesn’t matter what kind of law you practice.” Jason said. “There’s always someone that loathes the lawyer involved. It’s an inherent part of the game.”

“True enough.” Kevin said. Then he continued, “So look, Frank, I got in touch with one of the other partners on the way over here. We couldn’t care less if we drop this case. It’s not worth much money at all. I’ve got my secretary drawing up a letter of recusal as we speak. It’ll outline the firm’s opinion that the matter isn’t worth pursuing and that he will have to find legal representation elsewhere. I can have it mailed out today.”

Frank was very sincere. “I really appreciate it. If you don’t mind, I’d like to pick up the letter myself. Tom wants to deliver it personally, and I’d prefer if you held off telling his father that you’re dropping the case.”

“That’s your prerogative. Sounds like some fucked up family shit to me. I’m not sure it’s going to do much though.” Kevin noted honestly.

“It doesn’t have to. It just has to make a point.”

Strangely, it was a fact that made sense to all three of them. In the legal world, these men were all used to playing dirty when they needed. Neither Jason nor Kevin wanted to press it any more than they had already. It wasn’t there concern. In their eyes, this was just a favor earned somewhere down the line. Frank knew it.


By the time Tom had arrived back outside his Aunt’s house, it was already a little after five o’clock in the evening. He noticed his mom’s car, which had been parked here since she left for California, was now gone. He opened the door with a spare key hidden in a flower pot. Tom made himself comfortable on the couch in the living room, and checked his messages. Alexis had texted him that they went out to grab a bite to eat and would be back shortly. He also had a text from Frank that said he was successful in his mission. Tom breathed a sigh of relief.

He was pleased with how ragged and worn out he left the little home wrecker after he had finished with her. Tom had taken the time to swipe his father’s Viagra when they stopped by his home earlier. He had popped one in the car on the way to meet the young girl, and by the time she had wrapped her hand around his cock, it had begun to work. It gave him the extra boost he needed to make sure she’d never forget their encounter.

In between their fucking, Tom had learned quite a bit about Angie. Her mother had died when she was young, and she had foregone college to take care of her ailing father. He had a terminal illness and was bedridden. Angie had learned therapeutic massage to help him. He had been in an out of various clinics and hospitals, and she had met plenty of people in the medical community that appreciated her new skills. So eventually she had gotten certified in a variety of massage and therapeutic techniques. To save money she worked out of the house she’d inherited from her father after he passed. Now she was considering sports medicine as a more lucrative career.

Tom felt slightly bad for her dramatic and emotionally difficult journey. Angie, on the other hand, did not look for sympathy. She was forced to grow up quickly and deal with real life well before most girls her age. One of the consequences being that she didn’t make friends, date guys or go to parties. It made sense to Tom that she was attracted to older men. She just didn’t have the ability to socially connect with people in her age group. It also made it easier for him to manipulate her.

While he didn’t consider himself a bad person, Tom certainly felt a small bit of guilt that she had been caught in the middle of a very personal family matter. She didn’t even know that she was being used. He had answered her questions when she asked about the sexual lifestyle in his books, and he told her a bit about how he lived. He made sure to leave out any specific details that might hint toward his relation to her new boyfriend. By the end of their encounter, she was hanging off him more satisfied than she thought possible. John Bolden was the furthest thing from her mind.


Jane Harmon drove up to her house after a long day at the office immediately realizing something was amiss. She did not see her sister’s car parked in the driveway. It also appeared that there was a new car parked on the street out front. She had just spoken to her nephew yesterday, and she knew that her sister was in California. Jane couldn’t imagine that she would have flown back to Saratoga Springs without calling first.

She parked her car and grabbed her legal briefs from the passenger seat before heading for the door. She hadn’t made it far at all when her brother-in-law’s Ford Explorer came screeching to halt on the street, and John jumped out of the car fuming as he stormed up to confront her.

“The fuck did you think you were doing?” He yelled stomping up and startling her. “You think you can just come into my home whenever you please? I know you were there.”

She stuttered in confusion. “I… I have no idea what you’re talking about, John.” She stated in honesty. “I haven’t been to your house since Marie came here last week. I… I told you she’s not here. She went out to Los Angeles to stay with Tom. I left you a… uh… message yesterday.”

“Bullshit.” He seethed. “I just got home from work thirty minutes ago, and someone has been through the house. Her clothes are missing.”

John was certainly aware that his wife was in California. He had a vague recollection of the phone call he placed yesterday. It could have only been Jane who stopped in to grab her belongings, and he was furious over the unannounced intrusion. Jane, on the other hand, really didn’t understand what he was talking about.


Tom heard the argument starting up outside. He had peered through the window, and seen his father’s car. He had not expected this complication. Tom didn’t want to see his father until he was ready to sit down with him to discuss his unreasonable approach to the pending divorce. The only thing worse than this was the possibility of his mother and Alexis coming home in the middle of this altercation. Tom had to get him out of here before it got out of hand. He stood up and walked outside.

“Hey, Aunt Jane!” He shouted out cheerily doing his best to maintain a confident, pleasant demeanor. “I’m sorry I didn’t call you, but I flew in today to visit my friend.” He walked up and placed a kiss on her cheek.

“Tom?” She said confused. “I… oh. I wish you had called.” She looked nervously toward John and then back at her nephew. Jane couldn’t have been more startled.

“I know. I’m really sorry for just stopping in unannounced. My friend Erik’s grandfather passed away, and I wanted to be here for the wake. It all happened last minute.” He lied. “Why don’t you go inside, and we’ll catch up in a minute. Give me a minute with my dad, okay?”

John was equally caught off guard by his son. He had just spoken to him last night, and now that he was here John remembered the conversation from last night. He didn’t regret it, but it made standing here feel slightly more awkward.

“Um, yeah. Okay.” She said and began to turn around and head toward the front door.

Tom turned to look at his father. His aunt still wasn’t out of earshot. “You’re a stupid prick showing up here.” Tom said in a measured and clipped tone. He walked up pointing his finger in his father’s face. “I stopped by the house this morning. I’m pretty sure that’s allowed. And, yes, I grabbed some shit for mom. You have a problem with that?”

John was shocked at the entirely different tone his son had taken with him. It angered him to be talked down to by his own kid. He began to form some type of response, but Tom didn’t give him the opportunity to get it out.

Tom continued walked up on him forcing John to take a step backwards. “I didn’t appreciate getting a drunk phone call last night. You know, I can’t remember ever having a bad word to say to you. Your head is all fucked up. I guess you just want to alienate everyone in our family. Is that the plan? You want to be estranged from me and mom? Stupid thing is I’ve spent the last couple days convincing her to sit down with you and have a conversation. I’m so close too. But you just want to fuck it all up.”

“Who do you think you…” John tried to cut in.

“No!” Tom snapped at him. “You answer my questions. Didn’t you want to sit down and have a conversation with her… face to face? Isn’t that what you told me last night?”

John narrowed his gaze fuming. “Yes. That’s exactly…”

“Then shut your mouth.” Tom barked. “Damnit. You don’t even know when someone is trying to help you. You give me a day or two longer. I’ll make sure you both sit down together to discuss whatever you need to discuss. Right now, I suggest you get back in your car and never come back here again. There isn’t a reason for you to ever be at this house. If you show up here again, I’ll make sure you’re taken away in cop car.” Tom stopped for a moment and calmed himself. “You know, I haven’t seen you in over a year. Isn’t it sad that this is how this had to go? I would’ve liked to know how you’re doing. I hope you figure out whatever mid-life bullshit you’re going through.”

John just stood there silenced by his son. His words hit home just a little, and he watched as Tom turned around without even saying goodbye and walked back up the driveway. John took a second to look around slightly disoriented after being put in his place. Then he walked back to his car fuming inside but unsure what to do about it. Then he drove off.


Tom met his aunt on the porch. She had stood there listening to the conversation unfold. She was dumbfounded by his ability to diffuse the situation. She likened it to the conversation she had with him yesterday on the phone. It was so confident and forceful. Tom just reached up and gave her a hug and then they walked inside.

“I’m sorry about your friend’s grandfather.” She said.

“That wasn’t true. I just made that up.” He stated dismissively. “God, he’s such a prick. Anyway, yeah, sorry about not calling. My mom is here too. She just went out to grab a bite to eat.”

“Marie is here? But how did you get here so quickly? Why didn’t you call me first?”

“It was all last minute. We took a private jet out early this morning at landed at the Saratoga County Airport. I had some things to take care of with my parent’s divorce. I just want to get this finished.”

“A private jet?” This was all very sudden and confusing. She had only just learned of his success and wealth.

“Yeah. My lawyer’s firm leases one. He went down to figure some things out regarding the lawsuit in Albany.”

“What stuff?” Jane asked perplexed.

“Between you and me…” Then he paused for a moment before continuing, “You know what? Hold on.” He dug into his bag and pulled out one of his contracts. “Look if you want to be a part of everything then I’m going to need you to sign this. I really wish my mom hadn’t told you about my career or anything. This is just to protect myself. I maintain a low profile, and this helps ensure that.”

She looked at it reading it over. Jane was familiar with legal jargon, and she was impressed at the professional and thorough nature of the agreement. It didn’t seem particularly dangerous to sign it. The odd thing was the lack of description of what type of information it was protecting. It just ensured that any details of her nephew’s career and home life were to remain confidential.

Jane was certainly curious about her nephew. His career was intriguing to her. She wanted to know more about it. She felt like she needed to know, although she was afraid to ask the questions that she really wanted to ask. She was certain that his in depth accounts of sex and submission in his books must have been garnered by some type of experience.

Jane signed her name on it and handed the papers back to him. “That seems awfully paranoid.” She said. Tom just smirked. “Now what has he been doing with the case? Has he contacted your dad’s attorney? You should have told me. I’m representing her. I need to know these things.”

Tom just looked at her annoyed. It wasn’t her fault. He was annoyed by everything involving this case and the complications it had added to his life. “My dad doesn’t have an attorney.”

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“I mean that as of this afternoon, the firm representing him has recused itself. No one there is interested in offering him legal representation.”

“How is that possible?”

“Why does it matter, Jane?” He shot back. She was confused by the turn of events. She was confused by everything about her nephew at the moment. This certainly wasn’t the boy she remembered.

“But he’ll just find another attorney.” She stammered.

“I hope that this is settled before that ever happens.” He said.

“How do you plan on making that happen?” Jane didn’t think it was possible. Yet she had no idea how he got the law firm to recuse itself either, so she hadn’t ruled out his ability.

“What do you think is one thing that is driving his confidence? What do you think is the very source of all this? What do you think he values most of all at the moment?” Tom asked in a rather conspiratorially fashion.

“You mean that little tramp?” She wondered why he would bring up that girl.

“Yeah. That’s what I mean.” Tom said. “He thinks that he can just treat all of us like shit, and then head off into the sunset with his little twenty-something lover. He thinks that his life is going to be perfect. That he can relive his youth. It’s the only thing that’s keeping him from the reality of being a fifty-one year old husband and father.” He continued as his aunt looked on with intrigue. “So I stopped by her place today, and I fucked the shit out of her.”

Jane gasped at the comment. “You didn’t! I mean how?” Her mind reeled at the thought of it. She couldn’t believe he could be so blasé about the whole thing. If it was true, she wondered how he made it happen. Surely it wasn’t possible to show up and just ask to have sex with someone.

Tom walked up to his aunt. He knew that things were going to continue to get complicated. He wouldn’t allow it to blow up on him unexpectedly as it had with his mother. Tom decided to lay the seeds ahead of time. Some part of him enjoyed the thought of it. He knew from the second his mother told him that his aunt masturbated to his books that this would be the inevitable conclusion.

He leaned in close and whispered. “My mom says you’re a fan of my books. Says you masturbate while reading them.” His aunt bristled and her muscles tightened as he spoke the words. “You’d be surprised what I’m capable of, Aunt Jane. She’s a nice girl, you know. The little tramp I mean. A home wrecker for sure. But a nice girl. I fucked her so good she’ll never be able to enjoy an intimate encounter with my father ever again. And I’ll tell you something else… I filmed it. So now my father can know what it’s like to get fucked over. He’ll know what it was like for my mother to watch that video over and over. Then I’ll have taken the one thing he cares about most.”

Tom stepped away and grabbed the small Sony video camera from his bag. “My mom said you asked her if she thought I was into anything kinky. It’s the closet sluts like you that amuse me the most. So feminist and into your girl power and all that bullshit. Then you sit at home alone and dream of man dominating you. I bet you wonder what’s on the tape. Go ahead and watch it. I dare you. But, if you mention a word of this conversation to anyone, including my mother, I guarantee you haven’t seen a fraction of what I’m capable of.”

Tom left her there shaken and confused, and walked into the kitchen to make himself something to eat. He was starving. It seemed like an awfully harsh thing to say to his aunt. It had taken a lot of consideration to figure out how to handle her. In the end, he knew that she’d get nosey and there would be some kind of confrontation. It seemed easier to let her find out about his lifestyle first. He was afraid if she discovered that her sister was fucking her own son that the backlash would be harder to control. Tom noted that if he could control his aunt, or at least let her succumb to her inner needs, then he could control her reaction. Tom knew deep down that if his aunt played the video and watched the lurid encounter then her fate would be sealed. If she set it aside, things would be far more complicated.


Jane stood in her living room flushed and embarrassed. Her nephew had just said some of the nastiest things that any man had ever said to her. She wondered why she sat there so quietly and let him get away with it. He had called her a slut. Normally she’d slap anyone that used such derogatory language, but she had stood there and accepted his observation as if it were a fact.

The strange thing for Jane was the realization that his words hinted at the questions she wanted to ask him about his books. It seemed to her that he must be into some type of alternative lifestyle. There were plenty of things that didn’t make sense though. Why would her sister tell him about their conversation? Why did he think he could be so brash with her? What was he capable of? It was clear that he had taken charge of the situation with his father. She secretly loved the thought of humiliating him. Jane never liked her brother-in-law. She held the camera in her hand staring at it as if were toxic. Part of her thought she should set it down. Part of her wanted to ignore it. It was hard for Jane to watch the video of John and that little tramp, but it was part of the case and she didn’t have a choice. This video was of her nephew. She wondered what it would say about her if she willingly watched it. She’d see him fucking this girl. Somehow she thought it would make her some sort of pervert. If she didn’t watch it then she could deny her absolute curiosity.

After a few minutes of contemplation, Jane realized that her will power was weak. She flipped open the screen on the camcorder and played the single file stored in its memory. She sat down completely overcome by the images that appeared on the screen. It wasn’t possible for her to ignore the lust and need that coursed through her.


Alexis and Marie had completely lost track of time. They had only intended on going out for a quick bite to eat. Neither of them knew where Tom had disappeared to, or when he’d be back. It started off with a quick detour on the way to a local diner, but soon Marie had driven Alexis by all the major landmarks of Tom’s life. They had seen his school, his local hangouts as a teenager and many other significant places from his childhood.

Marie knew that she had been right about Alexis’ importance to her son. Although they had only known each other for a few days, it was easy to see how genuinely he cared for her. Now that Alexis had a chance to see the place that shaped him into the person he’d become, Marie realized that this girl loved him more than she had thought. It was sixth sense that every mother has about a significant other in their child’s life. Despite her recent submission and her love for her son, she approved of Alexis and wished to foster their relationship.

“You know his birthday is coming up soon.” Marie had said as they drove around enjoying the sights.

“I do.” Alexis replied. “He’s never been one to celebrate his birthday though.”

“Well,” Marie said, “I’d like to do something for him. Maybe throw him a surprise party or something.”

Alexis glanced over at her. “I’m not so sure that’s a good idea. You know how he is about controlling everything. I think he might get upset.”

Marie smiled. “I don’t know why he feels like he can’t be a normal person. He was so upset last night after talking to his father. He’s not a robot. I expect him to have feelings. It’s okay to be sad.”

“I know, Marie. It’s just how he is though. I think all the girls last night appreciated the rare glimpse of his humanity. It just makes me love him more.”

I had spent my birthday getting sucked, fucked and dressed up by my mom, who blew my dick and fed me my cum, my dad, who gave me my first taste of cock, my kid sister Grace, who gave me her eighteen year old virgin pussy, my big sister Gail, who dressed me up in sexy girly lingerie, and my big brother Adam, who fucked my sissy ass for the first time. It had been quite a day, but it wasn’t over yet, not at all. Even as I felt my brother’s spunk run down my thighs over my thigh high stockings, I heard my mom tell me that all the rest of the family would be here shortly for a party and more surprising erotic treats.

Fortunately, Gail had the forethought to bring spare clothing and I was able to clean up my cumsoaked ass, cock and thighs and slip into a new pair of black lace panties and another set of thigh high nylons. Pretty soon, I looked just the pretty girl I had been before and ready for my big birthday party, where all my extended family were going to see me dolled up and slutty.

This family was my dad’s brother, my Uncle Pete, and his three sons, Rob, Dave and Jamie, and my mom’s sister, my Aunt Helen, her husband Uncle John, and their twin daughters Kelly and Joanne. Thus far today, it had been a pretty strange birthday, but with the whole extended family about to join in, I could sense it getting even stranger. I wondered what sort of presents they’d have in store for me.

Aunt Helen and her family arrived first. They were quite a mismatched pair, Helen was tall, long legged and busty like her sister, my mother, only with long tresses of blonde hair, a total fantasy babe even in her 40s. Her husband, however, was a timid, skinny little man with thin light hair and a wispy moustache. There was no difficulty in telling which of them was in control in their household, it was obvious just from the way Helen moved around the room. The twins, my cousins, were not as tall or as curvy as their mother, but were two cute and naughty 19 year olds, dressed in short pleated mini-skirts and thigh high stockings. Kelly had her mother’s blonde hair tied into pigtails, while Joanne’s was dyed in a gothic black bob.

‘Happy birthday, sweetie,’ Aunt Helen strode in, kissing me on each cheeks, barely seeming to register that I was dressed in high heels and lingerie.

‘Cute outfit,’ Kelly giggled.

‘Yeah, you sexy little thing,’ her sister chimed in.

Uncle John just looked nervously at the floor, as if this wild incestuous affair was not really his proper environment. I’d never have thought it was mine before the events of today.

‘Now,’ Aunt Helen announced loudly to the room, ‘Time for a present for the birthday girlyboy.’

She reached into her bag and pulled out a massive rubber cock. It was jet black, but with a completely realistic shape of bulges, veins and contours and must have been almost eight inches in length, longer even than my dad’s thick hardness. It had a strapon harness that my aunt was preparing.

I watched open mouthed as my aunt shed her thin dress and dropped it to the floor. She was wearing no bra and her beautiful breasts dangled free, hardly sagging at all for a woman of her age. She slid off her dark red panties and slipped into the strapon harness. Now she looked like a hot curvy older woman but with a cock that would put most men to shame. It certainly managed to shame the dick in my lace panties.

‘Here’s your present, honey,’ my aunt grinned, ‘Another nice, fat cock for you, only this time it’s your auntie’s dick!’

‘Wow, Aunt Helen,’ I gasped, ‘It’s so big.’

‘Don’t worry, baby, it’s just the way my husband likes it,’ she replied, grinning.

Over in the corner of the room, Uncle John blushed bright red. Even seeing his cocklusting nephew dressed in a babydoll and stockings, he was embarrassed to have people know he liked getting screwed with his wife’s strapon.

I, however, had no such worries, not I who had loved feeling my dad shoot his cummy load down my throat, who had spread his stockinged legs to take his brother’s dick inside him. No, I simply got to my knees, opened my lips and started sucking. It was real big in my pink mouth, stretching it wide open, but I loved the feel of going down on another family dick, even a fake one.

After getting her strapon nice and slippery wet, my aunt made me turn around and, for the second time that afternoon, I gave a show to a room full of my family of me spreading my legs and getting a cock up the ass. I started to feel really good as my aunt’s monster strapon impaled me even deeper than my brother had. I was riding my ass up to meet my busty aunt’s thrusts and all the time my own dick was getting hard once again.

Unfortunately, we were interrupted in the middle of this kinky scene by some more arrivals, this was Dad’s side of the family. Uncle Pete, like my dad, tall and broad shouldered, came in followed by his three sons. Or rather, he was followed by his two eldest sons. Jamie, the youngest, who I had always found superior and a little mean spirited around me, I could not see for a moment. Then I saw that Rob, the eldest son, had something in his hand, it looked like a chain or lead.

Sure enough, on the end of the lead, attached to a choker round his neck, was the third brother, crawling on all fours. Jamie, however, looked nothing like his usual preening superior self. He had been dressed like me in lingerie, white thigh high nylons, a black lace thong, leather mini-skirt and a leather corset laced tight to give him feminine curves. His dark hair was tied in pigtails like his cousin Kelly and he was made up with dramatic slutty make up.

‘Here you go, son,’ my uncle said to me as my cousin crawled over the floor toward me, ‘We’ve brought you a present, a little something to play with.’

‘I’m not into this,’ pouted my sissified cousin.

‘But you’re gonna do it and like it,’ said Rob, pulling the lead forcefully, choking his brother a little, as he handed it to me.

‘Rob’s usually the family bitch,’ Dave, the middle brother explained, ‘He’s quite enjoying having the day off being the submissive dolled up one.’

It thrilled me to hear how much my family members casually mentioned the dirty incestuous sex they liked to have together. I could certainly get used to days like today. I was equally excited by the chance to play with my present. I had always been irritated by Jamie’s superior attitude, so to have him be submissive with me was a bit of a turn on. I also had to admit that he looked hot as a girl in leather and pigtails. Hot enough, in fact, that I, still in my pretty pink lingerie, felt a little jealous.

My black lace panties were already filled out by a hard erection given by my aunt’s naughty strapon fucking and now I made my crossdressed cousin slide my panties aside and start licking my dick like a little slut while his father and brothers encouraged him, slapping and spanking his ass cheeks, which waved barely covered by his tiny thong and very short black leather mini-skirt.

‘Come on, son, be a slut for the birthday boy,’ Uncle Pete said, slapping his son’s ass, encouraging him to greater lengths than he had so far managed in his not so eager cocksucking.

I could see, spilling out of the thong and dangling out from the tiny mini-skirt, Jamie’s surprisingly large, thick eight inch cock. No wonder he was usually so cocky. Strangely, seeing that feminine corset and skirt and submissive attitude paired with an, as yet, limp monster dick, was an even greater turn on than if it had been a tight pussy like my sister’s.

I experienced another awkward pang of jealousy at seeing that my cousin not only matched me for girly good looks but had a dick that dwarfed mine. Still, he was the one on my lead, and he was the one who’s ass was about to get fucked. As I made sure to make clear as I made him turn from me and take off his thong. Just like my brother had done with me, I thrust my cock deep and hard up into my cousin’s sissified ass. It felt every bit as tight and stimulating as my sister’s virgin cunt had just that morning.

I was really getting into being on top this time. If my aunt could tap my ass this hard, I could certainly do the same to my cousin, slamming into his hole so our stockings rubbed hard together and my balls slapped against his, his massive dick flopping against his leather skirt.

‘Mmm, Jamie, you make a good submissive slut,’ I said, slapping his ass, really enjoying myself, ‘I don’t know why you don’t do this more often.’

‘Ohh,’ he whimpered, ‘I’ll get you back for this, cousin. Just you wait.’

That made me think that perhaps I wasn’t humiliating my crossdressed cousin enough just screwing him in front of the family. I called his big brother over and had him get his cock out too. Soon I had my cousin blowing his own brother while I pounded his ass, getting Rob’s dick nice and hard with his painted lips like I could only imagine had happened in reverse so many times.

I could see why Rob was the one the all male family made play the girl most of the time, he had a slender feminine body with long legs and a face that I could just imagine as a woman, wide eyes with long lashes and a mouth with full soft lips. I wondered what they’d be like wrapped around a cock like his brother’s were.

That got me really excited, watching the brotherly sissy suck show and imagining how it was in their house as I fucked my cousin’s tight ass. Meanwhile, I felt fingers exploring my own dark hole and, soon, my aunt decided to finish what she had started by sticking her strapon up into me just as I was doing with my cousin, matching me thrust for thrust albeit dwarfing me with the size of her rubber dick.

‘Oh brother, you’d better be ready for a big, dirty load in the face,’ Rob gasped as he pulled his dick from his brother’s lips and jerked it off until he shot a great mass of sticky spunk all over him, into his pigtailed hair, over his painted lips, dripping onto his leather corset.

I pulled out of his ass and made him turn around to face his cummy sissy face toward me. As my aunt pumped my ass with her strapon, she grabbed my ready to cum dick and, pointing it right in Jamie’s face, pumped the spunk right out of me, bathing him in another load and leaving him kneeling in leather and lingerie in the middle of the family party with cum dripping over his face, well and truly fucked.

My birthday presents had all been pretty incredible, but if I thought my birthday fun was over now that I’d enjoyed presents from the whole family, I was mistaken. It turned out the party was only just getting started and now my mom, dressed in a tight, tiny, sexy little black dress, suggested it was time for some party games. Only these weren’t the kinds of games I would ever have expected to see at a family party!

‘OK, kids,’ she grinned, ‘How about a little game of Daddy Sucking. The rules are quite simple, each daddy picks a daughter and each daughter sucks off her daddy’s dick as best she can. The first daughter to get a mouthful of cum is the winner.’

‘And what does the winner get to win?’ Joanne smirked.

‘A very special prize,’ my Mom responded, opening a bag to reveal a shining silver vibrator, ‘Whoever first gets a face load of Daddy’s spunk, gets this to play with for good.’

The three dads, my own, his brother Uncle Pete and my mom’s brother-in-law Uncle John, stood in a row in the centre of the room. Each now had to pick a daughter, except for Uncle Pete, who, given his family all consisted of men, had to take my little toy from his leash and use his dolled up son Jamie. My dad, meanwhile, ended up with Grace, so eager and lustful since her first sexual experience just that morning, while John, seeming the most awkward about the whole affair blushed and stammered while his two cute twins bickered between them about who would be the one to get to suck their dad’s cock.

‘You know I’ve wanted Dad’s dick for ages, sis,’ Kelly pouted.

‘Oh, but so I have I,’ her dark haired twin replied, ‘I was just saying the other day how jealous I am of Mom getting to suck him off whenever she wants!’

‘Yes, Jo-Jo, but I said it first,’ came back my cousin with the blonde pigtails, ‘I think that means I should be the first to do it.’

‘Mom!’ Joanne pleaded for her mother’s intervention like a squabbling child.

‘Let your sister have a go, Jo,’ my naked, busty aunt replied, giving her daughter a suggestive smirk, ‘Don’t worry, after today, you’ll have plenty of chances to have a go with your daddy’s dick.’

John blushed heavily, but offered no objection as his nineteen year old daughter, dressed in a tiny pleated mini-skirt and stockings, came over and started to strip him. Grace was doing the same to our dad and, with a little prompting from his brothers and the chain around his neck, so was sissified Jamie. In a few minutes all three stood stark naked with their cocks beginning to get a little hard.

My dad’s was the most impressive, it made my girly mouth water seeing it get hard as Grace wrapped her slender fingers around the throbbing shaft. I couldn’t help but think about how good it had felt when that had been the first dick I held in my mouth. His brother’s was almost as long and thick and was harder and stiffer at the thought of his crossdressed son getting his lips around its veiny flesh. Pete didn’t really wait for Jamie to suck him, he took his son’s head in his hand and shoved his dick down his throat, making Jamie gasp with surprise. John meanwhile, still looked awkward, no doubt partially embarrassed that his cock was below average size and appeared small amongst some of the others here. Still, as Kelly got to her knees and started flicking her tongue over his limp flesh, it got pretty hard pretty fast.

Soon the only sound in the room was that of three teenage hotties slurping on the quivering meat of three middle aged fathers, who couldn’t believe their luck in getting serviced by their teen daughters in front of the whole family. The rest of us were watching in rapt silence, partly turned on by the three hot blowjobs and partly excited to see who would win the contest.

‘That’s good, Grace, that’s real good,’ my dad sighed, ‘Cocksucking must come naturally to you kids, this is the second time one of you’s given me a first time blowjob today, and it’s the second time it’s been so good.’

‘Mmm, take it, swallow my cock, son,’ my Uncle Pete was moaning as he thrust hard and fast into Jamie’s throat. I wondered whether Jamie was wanting to win, and whether he’d want that shiny vibrator if he did. I noticed, however, that beneath his tight leather skirt, his huge flapping dick was beginning to get hard. Perhaps he really was an incestuous cocklover like so many in his family.

‘Ohhh, oh God, Kelly, yes,’ Kelly’s father was gasping and sweating as his daughter gave him incredible head.

Now the competition was really getting going. Jamie began to respond to his father’s thrusts, deep throating his dad’s cock, seeming not to care about appearing to not enjoy his sissy role. Grace, however, was really giving it her all in getting our dad off. He seemed really on the brink, even despite his having cum in my mouth earlier that day.

Seeing this, Kelly, one hand stroking her dad’s shaft as it slipped between her lips, reached her other hand behind him. She had obviously been paying attention to her mother’s remarks about her father liking strapon dick, because she saw the way to get an extra advantage and slid two fingers right up her dad’s ass. In seconds, Uncle John had blown a massive load in my cousin’s face and she had won.

Kelly licked the cum from around her lips as, moments later, our dad unloaded his own sticky spunk all over Grace. The two cousins moved over to join in each other in a salty liplock, trading their dad’s cum between their wet mouths.

Jamie was still going down eagerly on his dad’s cock even though the game was over, his own dick flapping about beneath his tiny leather skirt. Uncle Pete gave a gasp and, with that, the last of the dads gave up his seed to his offspring. Pete filled Jamie’s mouth with hot spunk until it leaked all over his son’s chin and onto his leather corset.

‘Oh boy, that was some real good cocksucking there, son,’ Pete sighed, ‘We’ll have to make you our bitch more often.’

‘Yeah, Grace, you too, there’s obviously some real cocksucking gene in this household,’ my dad responded, ‘And I’m going to take more advantage of it in future.’

‘None of them give head quite so good as my Kelly, though,’ her quiet, meek dad grinned, patting her pigtailed head as she looked up at him with his cum still glistening on her lips, ‘Kelly – Queen of the Daddy Suckers!’

‘Well done honey,’ her mom, Aunt Helen added, ‘Looks like you’re the star slut of the family. And in this family that’s saying something!’

‘I’d have got dad off even quicker,’ pouted her dark haired twin, Joanne.

My mom presented Kelly with the shining vibrator and both twin’s faces took on an expression of delight. Kelly turned it on and, as it thrummed with arousing power, her sister took a hold of it and ran it down Kelly’s chest and into her panties, rubbing the vibrating toy over her clit.

Mom wasn’t at all finished with introducing party games, however, and, while her twin nieces enjoyed some play of their own, she introduced a new game for all the guys at the party, except for me the birthday boy.

The game was ‘Dress Poker’ and worked like ‘Strip Poker’ but in reverse. All the guys that weren’t already naked, so Adam, Rob and Dave, along with Jamie who was allowed out of his leather corset and mini-skirt, stripped completely naked. They were not just naked, their bodies had been shaved of all their hair, including Uncle John’s little moustache.

They sat around the poker table naked while all the girls, and me in my lingerie, sat around and watched. Every time one of them lost a hand, rather than stripping off clothing, they now had to put something on.

Mom had picked each of the six guys out a cute girly outfit with lingerie, stockings, a tight short skirted party dress and heels. Some seemed a little reluctant at the opportunity to wear the costumes but most appeared confident that their skills at the game would result in them being the one who ended up all dressed up and had to endure the final forfeit. The first one to lose completely and become dolled up in a totally feminine way would be given to me as an extra birthday present to play with.

I was quite eager with the anticipation. I had seen what a cute fuckable girl Jamie could make, and could tell that his brother Rob would be similar. But I had no idea how my dad or my brother would look in lingerie nor either of my uncles. The thought of any of them dolled up like a slutty girl would have been bizarre and even disturbing for me days earlier, but now it seemed exciting.

While all the other bodies were totally male when naked, Jamie still had his slutty make up and hair in pigtails, which gave him the look of the girliest of them all. It also, it seemed, enabled him to bluff better, as he started doing pretty well at the game.

Dad lost the first hand and my mom, his wife, with a mock ceremonial gesture, brought over a pair of purple satin panties with black lace bows and slid them over her husband’s cock. He blushed a little at being dressed in panties in front of the whole family, while I enjoyed the sight of the first cock I had ever tasted being outlined against that feminine purple material.

After a little while, the game began to develop, my dad had started poorly and his purple panties were soon joined by a matching bra in purple satin with a black lace bow between the cups, a garter belt and black thigh high stockings with lacy tops, before most of the other guys were even in panties, with his brother Pete in nothing but a crimson thong, but then his luck had started to turn.

Meanwhile, my mom had laced her other son, Adam, into a tight corset of blue-green satin with white laces that gave his toned body a more feminine curve, and a black thong that barely contained his semi-erect cock. That was as far as the feminisation of my brother got at this point, although he was obviously enjoying either wearing the panties and corset or the sight of his cousins opposite.

While Jamie, made up and hair in pigtails had only reached the stage of wearing a pair of black cotton panties with red hearts, his two brothers were almost entirely girlified.

Dave, the middle brother was wearing a dark blue satin bra decorated all over with black lace and a matching pair of boyshort panties. Over this was a lacy black suspender belt holding up a pair of black thigh high stockings that ended in six inch heeled stiletto shoes. He was just a dress, wig and make up away from losing and didn’t look thrilled about the possibility. Slightly less feminine facially than his brothers, the sight of those long legs in stockings, however, made him remain a pretty desirable option.

My attention was mainly, however, on Rob, the eldest brother and, apparently, the family bitch. He looked amazingly feminine and girlish in baby pink. His French cut panties were pink with white frills and he had a thin pink babydoll above. He was also wearing pink fishnet stockings, pink sandals and his face had been made up with baby pink lipstick and eyeshadow. My dick was getting hard just waiting for him to win a wig and dress and then become mine to play with.

It seemed finely poised between which of these two brothers would lose the final few hands, but it turned out that there was one part of the table that I hadn’t been paying attention to. It seemed that the quietest member of the group was about to hit a losing streak.

Uncle John, my mother’s brother-in-law, father of the cute twins who had just helped his daughter win a vibrator, a small, skinny man formerly with a wispy moustache who appeared often overlooked, now began to add a pair of virginal white lace panties, a tight white lace basque with a bridal appearance, white stockings, a white 50s style party dress tight around the waist with a short wide skirt, white platforms, and, before I really knew what was happening a blonde Marilyn Monroe wig.

In a moment, the final hand was lost and John’s wife, Aunt Helen came over with her make up kit, giving her husband blush, lipstick and eyeliner. He had his back to me throughout this and I could see nothing of him, but I had to confess myself disappointed to not get either of the two pretty brothers closer in age to his daughters.

That disappointment lasted exactly until the moment John turned around. No wonder his daughters were so cute, as a girl the anonymous looking Uncle John was a knockout MILF. I couldn’t believe the transformation.

‘Wow, dad,’ Joanne, his daughter, remarked, ‘You’re a hottie.’

‘I almost want you more now than when I was sucking your daddy dick,’ Kelly laughed.

I was only too happy now to claim my prize and stood up in the middle of the room, my dick pushing my black lace panties aside, and had John kneel before me, sliding my dick into his mouth the way his daughter had done to him just a little earlier.

He was certainly a natural when it came to sucking dick and I remembered how his wife had told us he loved to take a strapon. I wondered if blowing his nephew now was his first real dick.

Meanwhile, his daughters, not content to watch their dolled up crossdressed daddy blowing their cousin’s dick, came over to join us. They both knelt behind their dad while his attention was all on sucking me off. Kelly lifted her dad’s skirt around his waist and Joanne pushed his panties aside.

I heard a buzzing sound and saw that Kelly had turned on her new vibrator. As Joanne fingered her father’s ass open, her twin sister slid the vibrator right up inside him. My uncle continued blowing my cock but I could see his eyes widen with pleasure and his dick become hard again, pushing his skirt out, as his daughters invaded his ass with their vibrator.

‘Mmm, that feels good,’ he moaned.

‘John loves his ass played with,’ Aunt Helen chimed in, ‘Why don’t you fuck it? He’d love to feel a real cock inside him.’

I suddenly realised the reason John had so quickly lost so many hands to transform into a sexy woman. He wanted to lose. He wanted my cock in his eager ass. I was only too happy to oblige.

I lay back on the ground, stretching my stockinged legs out and had John sit astride me, his stockings rubbing against mine. He slid his ass down onto my erect pole and rode me while his two daughters played with his dick.

I could feel my orgasm coming and that’s when Kelly turned to using her vibrator on me. While Joanne took over sucking her dad off, her sister stuck her vibrator in and out of my ass until both me and girlified Uncle John came together in an explosion of sticky cum that covered both twin sisters’ cute, eager faces.

While I had been enjoying my Uncle John’s newfound girly good looks and then cleaning myself up, my mother had set up another game for me with the remaining guys, all of whom had been forced into the full feminine outfits that she had picked out for them during the poker game.

I came back into the room, still in my stockings and babydoll but without the panties that I had well and truly soaked in cum. My dick hung naked between my legs. I could see all of the guys in my family fully dressed as girls.

My dad was there in a long black ball gown, slit up his leg to show his stockings and a glimpse of his purple panties. He wore a wig of shoulder length black hair that made him look quite womanly. Beside him my brother Adam had a short green party dress over the blue green corset I had seen earlier on. His own brother Pete was in a crimson corset and short black mini skirt that showed off some impressive legs.

Uncle Pete had obviously passed these looks onto his sons as all three looked great in stockings and skirts. Rob, the eldest, was in very girly pink, a dress that had lots of white lace frills and layers to its short skirt. Dave, the middle brother wore a very tight navy blue dress whose skirt just about covered the tops of his stockings and against which the outline of his semi hard cock was clearly visible. Jamie, the youngest, was in a strappy leather look that fit with his earlier role as my plaything on a lead.

Finally, there was John, cleaned up and back in his all white outfit, its virginal qualities slightly counteracted by the drops of cum just about visible still on his thighs.

‘OK guys, the final game is simply this,’ my mom explained, ‘A beauty contest for all the girly guys in our family in honour of our younger son who just loves to be dressed up all girly. And the winner gets to wear my own sexiest lingerie as he gets to fuck me. Which guy in the family wouldn’t want that?’

‘I’m not thrilled wearing panties,’ Adam, my more masculine brother complained, ‘But hell, I’d love to fuck my mom.’

‘I’m with you man, it’s normally my brothers in skirts, I’m not that sissy,’ long legged, tight skirted Dave replied, his obvious semi hardon contradicting his stated views a little, ‘But I’d happily wear one to screw my aunt.’

‘That’s sweet guys,’ she smiled, ‘All we need now is a judge for the contest.’ The doorbell rang, ‘And here he is now.’

I started to feel a little nervous as I joined the line up of my crossdressed family. Not only was my outfit only semi complete with my dick hanging out, but also an additional person was coming in to judge us. What they’d think to see the whole family dressed like slutty babes I had no idea.

My heart skipped a beat as I saw who entered the room with my mother. I was my granddad, Dad and Pete’s own dad. My granddad was in his 60s but still looked pretty good for his age. He was well built with a full head of dark hair. He was also the kind of guy that didn’t take a lot of crap and was no doubt not going to react brilliantly to seeing a room full of the guys in his family dressed as girls.

‘Well, what a lot of sissy boys my family have turned out to be,’ he sneered, ‘Should have known you were none of you anything but a bunch of girls.’

‘Now then, dad,’ Mom said to her father-in-law, ‘I know you. I know you’d fuck anything in a skirt. Don’t forget when I first met your elder son, you’d still be using the younger as a bitch to fuck. No wonder he’s passed it down to his own sons.’

I guess I shouldn’t have been any more surprised by my family’s mixed up incestuous tendencies but the idea of my Uncle Pete getting girlified and fucked by his own dad when he was my age just as I had been in my family and his son, my cousin Jamie, had in his, was quite an odd yet enticing one.

‘Yes sweetcheeks, I always had one hell of a sex drive that anybody around had to deal with,’ he grinned, ‘I thought I might pass it on to my family, but I guess it just turned them into big girls.’

‘Don’t forget I know just what you like,’ Mom replied, ‘And I know that anybody, boys or girls, dressed in sexy lingerie gets you off. So, I’ve asked you here to judge between all the new made girls which makes the sexiest.’

I wondered how my granddad would react to all this. He seemed to show a fair amount of disdain for our dressing up. Yet he obviously had enjoyed fucking his feminised son in the past.

I guess I shouldn’t have worried too much as it soon became obvious that, like the rest of the family, his urges were too strong to stand in the way of anything else. Like my mom said, I guess he liked to fuck anything in a skirt. Whatever the reason, I could soon see him eyeing up our girly bodies with a hungry, horny expression.

‘OK, my girly sissy sons and grandsons, come over here and let me get a look at you,’ he said.

We lined up to be inspected and he went along the row eyeing us up. When he got to me he stopped and lingered a little longer, seeming to like how my babydoll gave me a more revealing look than the others even though my dick was poking out of the bottom.

‘Alright, you all look like proper girls, but can you act like one,’ he said, ‘Get over here.’

This last he said to my dad, his firstborn son and the oldest of the group, dressed in that long ball gown. As soon as he was standing before his own father, the gown was gone, torn off his body to reveal his purple lingerie and stockings.

‘Not bad, it’s a shame we never had you play the girl before, son,’ his dad smirked, groping the purple bra where his son’s breasts would be.

He stood back, pushed his son to his knees and began to unbutton his pants. My dad looked deeply embarrassed as the whole family watched him dressed in purple panties as his own dad pulled his dick out in front of him.

This in itself was a fresh cause of embarrassment. Everyone in the room looked shocked and impressed. His dick was enormous. None of the other eight guys in the family standing in this room could nearly match him for length or girth and he wasn’t even fully hard. Yes, granddad, the only guy in the room still a guy, certainly had reason to remain the big man of the family.

He started stroking his dick in front of my dad, waving it in his face, slapping him across the lips with it, teasing him to start sucking it.

‘OK, son, show me what a good girl you can be,’ he smirked.

With some blushes, my dad reached out and began to blow his dad’s cock. It was a little awkward but it certainly made granddad get harder and more and more aroused as my dad licked and sucked his way around the huge, hard shaft.

‘Sorry, sissy, not good enough,’ granddad said, pushing his son away, ‘Come on up someone else.’

Uncle Pete and Uncle John came over and both knelt before granddad’s big beast together. Between them they began to stroke at the shaft, each of their tongues flicking back and forth to take little licks. Both were obviously a little more expert and experienced in the area than my dad.

Dad meanwhile, still in his purple lingerie and stockings had gone to sit with the girls, where Aunt Helen was caressing his hardon through the purple satin of his panties as he watched his brother and her husband blowing his dad’s dick.

‘No,’ granddad rejected these two as well, ‘Sorry girly men but my desires are more for a younger model.’

Pete and John too joined the girls on the other side of the room. Joanne and Kelly looked thrilled to be given back their dolled up dad to play with. Indeed, in a few seconds they had him sat on the couch and Kelly was running her vibrator around his nipples in the white lace basque while Joanne had slipped into a strapon like her mother’s and was waving it in her dad’s face, suggesting him to suck it.

Pete, meanwhile, still dressed in a red corset and stockings, his dick hard enough to push his black miniskirt right up, had sat beside my dad. As Helen caressed dad’s arousal and dad’s eyes were still on his own father, Helen pulled Pete over by his cock as it poked out of the skirt. Soon, she had pushed my dad’s mouth right down on his brother’s cock, reversing the relationship that they had had when they were younger, while she herself began to suck my dad.

Granddad, while this was going on, had summoned Pete’s three sons over to him. All three knelt beneath him and began sucking his dick between them, passing it back and forth, eagerly swallowing, sucking and licking as their hands ran all over their own sexy dressed up bodies.

Unable to resist the pressure of his very tight dress, Dave pulled the skirt up around his waist and freed his rock hard erection. This he began to jerk off furiously as he licked his granddad’s manhood. In a few moments, he had grabbed Jamie and pushed him down so that he was swallowing Dave’s erection rather than his own.

Granddad reacted to this by sending them both away. Now just Rob was blowing his dick. Girly Rob in his baby pink outfit seemed a particular favourite of his granddad who was really enjoying the girliest sissy’s oral attentions as Rob swallowed and licked away at his massive veiny cock.

As soon as leather dressed Jamie joined the girls he was grabbed by my two sisters. Grace, the younger, lay on her back, spread her legs and gave a moan of sheer pleasure as her crossdressed cousin plunged his big thickness right into her. Gail, meanwhile, positioned herself behind Jamie, lifted his leather skirt and stuck a huge strapon right up his ass. It was almost as if one sister was fucking another with dressed up Jamie as their fucktoy in the middle.

There was just me and my brother Adam left. Not stopping baby pink Rob from still licking his massive manhood, my granddad brought the two of us in. Adam pushed Rob aside and began almost aggressively to swallow our granddad’s cock. For someone who was unsure about the whole girly dress up thing he was certainly keen to swallow dick. Obviously his mind was on the prize, our mom’s body.

What he couldn’t see, however, was Dave, our very horny cousin in the tight dress with the rock hard erection. While all the other rejects had found someone to play with, he was left holding his boner and watching his brother and cousins sucking off their elderly well endowed relative. He was obviously desperate for some action.

With Adam distracted by his deep throating a massive family member, Dave saw his chance. He got up behind Adam, whose green party dress was short enough that the skirt had ridden right up, and slid his black thong down around his knees. Before Adam knew what was happening, his cousin had plunged his hard dick right up into his ass.

Adam was having his virgin ass fucked hard for the first time and he had no way of concentrating on the even bigger dick in front of him. He turned from granddad and tried to get Dave off him, something that wasn’t easy with his panties around his knees and his dick flapping around beneath his skirt. He soon gave up and gave in to having his ass pounded by his cousin, promising himself that as soon as Dave had filled him with juicy spunk, he’d get his revenge the other way around.

So, now it was just Dave and me, the two cousins in our girly pink babydolls, looking so pretty and feminine as we shared our granddad’s dick between our pink painted lips. He looked gorgeous and I wondered if I could possibly win this beauty contest. I began to alternate kissing my crossdressed cousin and licking my granddad’s cock.

‘OK girly grandsons, it’s just between you two now,’ Granddad said, ‘So lie back and let’s see how you fuck.’

We lay on our backs side by side, two sexy girly babes in pink, both spreading our stockinged legs wide open waiting for granddad’s dick. He went to Rob first. Rob’s legs were long and sexy and he lifted and opened them and his granddad slid between, impaling Rob’s ass. Rob knew just how to get his ass fucked and seemed to love every minute of his granddad sliding in and out of him.

I reached across instinctively and took Rob’s throbbing dick from out of his frilly pink panties and started to stroke it, jerking him off as our granddad fucked him. After a moment, he began to do the same to him.

Then it was my turn. I followed Rob’s lead in letting my stockinged legs open high and wide and let my granddad right in. I’d had a few cocks, real and strapon, up my ass during the day and was beginning to get used to it but still my granddad’s largeness felt like it was tearing in and opening me up further.

I sighed and moaned with pleasure as my family patriarch had his way with my girly ass and my cousin stroked my dick. As I turned my head around the room from looking at my granddad’s ageing but still trim body, I could see the whole party had descended into a total family orgy.

My dad in his purple lingerie had my Aunt Helen, his sister-in-law, on her back and was fucking her wet pussy while both shared sucking on the dick of Uncle Pete, my dad’s brother, dressed in a crimson corset and stockings. My dad was swallowing his dick while Helen licked at his balls.

My cousin Jamie had blown his sticky load in my formerly virgin sister Grace and now my other sister Gail was making him eat his spunk out of her, while she continued screwing his ass with a strapon.

Jamie’s brother Dave was on all fours beside them, also licking at Grace’s cunt and tasting his own brother’s sperm. His tight dress had been torn off to reveal him in just a blue satin bra, stockings and suspenders. His dick flapped about as my brother Adam, in a tight corset and stockings ploughed hard and roughly into his ass. Dave’s own cum was leaking from Adam’s hole showing that my brother hadn’t had things all his way.

Finally, my female cousins Kelly and Joanne had their father, still in bridal style white lingerie, down on all fours between them as they spit roasted him, fucking him from either end with big strapons, firing him back and forth between them.

In fact, my mom was the only person in the room not fucking as she remained the one stood watching, paying attention to the outcome of what was supposedly still a beauty contest, watching eagerly as her son, the birthday boy, dressed in a babydoll and stockings, had his ass torn open by her father-in-law.

‘Oh yeah, sissy grandson, you girly slut,’ my granddad sighed, ‘Happy Birthday, you’re the winner.’

He shoved his dick hard inside me and began to cum, filling me with stream after stream of his white sticky juices until it couldn’t fit inside me any more. I’d already had my brother and my dad cum inside me today, why not my granddad, I figured.

I felt a warm glow as he pulled out and spunk leaked out of my just fucked ass. I was the winner, the sexiest boygirl at my party. I could not have hoped for a better conclusion to the birthday party than this.

Once again, I left the room to clean myself up before coming downstairs to collect my prize, my mom would let me wear her best lingerie, wear it as I fucked her pussy.

I woke up in mom’s bed with a pang of regret. Not over my actions with mom, or my actions with Carmen. My regret was that all this fun would have to come to an end today. My sister Nadine was coming home today.

Apparently we lucked out, having forgotten temporarily about Nadine’s return home, she did not arrive home early or even when expected when her flight changed. I slept with mom again. I smiled as I looked over at her naked body only covered by sheets. I knew my cum was inside of her and that was a tempting thought, but I knew we had to stop…for now.

I woke mom up seeing that it was her normal wake-up time for work. We both took a shower together and washed each other lovingly. Nothing sexual happened beside a few erotic kisses.

“Do you think Carmen’s jealous?” I asked mom.

She smiled in return.

“Of course she is. What woman wouldn’t be jealous knowing a sexy man like yourself prefers his “old” mom to her?” Mom said teasingly.

We both laughed.

“You know, we will have to put our sexual affairs on hold for now.” Mom said regretfully.

“I know. I was about to mention it myself.” I responded.

We kissed passionately and I dried off as she started getting ready for work. I went back to my own room for the time being.

A soft knock on the door came with surprise.

I opened the door to see that it was Carmen. Dressed to kill. My mouth dropped open as I took in the sight of her in short mini skirt and top with lot’s of cleavage showing. It was only a Tuesday. She couldn’t be going to a club. Especially not in the morning like this. I wondered what was up.

“I’m going out to catch up with an old friend. I might be a little late tonight so don’t worry. Say hi to Nadine for me, will you?” Carmen said and kissed my cheek as she departed.

I looked on at her as she left. I was shocked. I wondered what friend she could be talking about. No man in particular was ever that important to her for her to be this dressed up early in the morning.

I shut the door and began to dress up casually in a pair of jogging sweats and shirt. I figured I’d get in some exercise while being home alone. I ran down the stairs after saying bye to mom with a kiss on the cheek.

I ran smack into Nadine almost knocking her over as I rounded the corner from the living room to the dining room.

Nadine smiled as she regained her balance. She was dressed in a red skirt that came down to her knees and a white blouse with matching red jacket. She looked dressed for business, but much like mom this was her normal feminine way of dressing. I smiled at her and was surprised to see how beautiful she looked in reality compared to my memory of her.

She smiled and we hugged without saying a word.

“Going jogging?” She asked as I looked ready for a workout or a jog.

“Yep. Care to join me?” I asked teasingly as I knew Nadine was normally too shy to bother, even if I was her brother.

“Yeah sure. Give me a few minutes to change.” She said carrying a suitcase up the steps with her.

I stood and watched as she went up the steps. Too many surprises for me lately. Mom came down the steps.

“How come you aren’t gone yet?” Mom said putting earrings in her ears and looking every bit the business woman, yet sexy at the same time. “Nadine just came in. She is changing to go jogging with me.” I said and mom’s eyebrows arched in surprise.

She hurried up the steps and I heard her call Nadine’s name and knew they were hugging. A part of me was turned on knowing Nadine must be in some state of undress, but then again that is my naturally perverted mind.

Mom came down the steps with Nadine following her. Nadine had her long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail and was wearing black sweats which matched my own. Mom hugged Nadine and then me as she left for work.

“Well let’s go.” I said with a bit of nervousness.

Not having been in this neighborhood much we decided to explore and took different routes as we jogged and caught up on each other’s lives. I saw more than one guy turn and look at Nadine. Who could blame them? She was a striking beauty much like mom. Unlike her, Nadine’s hair was blonde, but she picked up a lot of mom’s femininity and fashion sense, as well as her mannerisms and charm, along with those qualities that made both women stand out in a crowd.

I glanced at my sister from time to time. She was still a little shy around me, but she had warmed up some since the last time we were together. We kept pace with one another, even though it was apparent she kept in shape more than I did.

I stopped to catch my breath after we did a few miles and I leaned over with my hands on my knees while Nadine jogged in place.

“Come on! Don’t tell me you can’t keep up with me anymore!” Nadine said laughing.

“Very funny! I still work out when I can. I just am not as young as I used to be.” I said gasping for air.

“Bull! You are twenty-five. Don’t give me that!” Nadine said with humor in her voice.

Was this my little sister? The one who always had trouble talking to me or being around me?

After I caught my second wind we jogged back to the house. I kept pace with her, but not easily. She was very much in shape. Reminding me that I had to pick up my workouts despite my job. I must have been slacking off for awhile. I thought back to when it happened and I realized that Marissa’s rejections of my sexual advances was very much a part of it.

I stopped jogging as the house was in sight as the thought of Marissa depressed me. Our marriage down the drain. My friendship with Tony lost as well. Nadine noticing that I was no longer beside her stopped jogging and walked back to me.

“What’s wrong Mike?” She asked putting a hand on my shoulder.

“Just thought about Marissa. I shouldn’t have done that.” I said shaking my head.

“It’s ok. I’m here big bro.” Nadine said putting her arm around my shoulders.

We walked like that to the house. Despite what happened between me and mom, and me and Carmen, I still felt a wave of grief wash over me. Maybe it was because our fun was put on hold and I was left with time to think about all that has happened.

We walked into the house together. I sat on the couch and Nadine sat down next to me, which was unusual for her, she used to be too shy to be in the same room most of the time, let alone next to me like this.

I noticed her looking at me with concern on her face. She hugged me, which surprised me, but made me feel better for the moment.

I still had images of Marissa, my ex-wife, riding my best friend. The look on her face was pure pleasure. The thought still haunted me that for three months my wife had an affair with Tony, while I went without sexual contact. Not only was she frigid, she had a mean streak going on during that whole time. I wasn’t so much upset about the loss of our marriage anymore, not since mom and Carmen took my mind off of it, no, now I was upset at the meanness of their actions. My supposed loving wife and supposed best friend betrayed me about as well as a man could be betrayed.

My short grief turned to anger quickly. I held Nadine as her head was buried in my chest, but anger washed over me.


Mom arrived home from work as I unpacked clothes, and other personal belongings shipped from my old house, in my room. Nadine was napping off the jet lag. Carmen was still gone.

“Where is everyone?” Mom asked with a hint of seduction in her voice.

“Nadine is catching up on sleep and Carmen is out somewhere, supposedly with a friend. She was dressed to kill though so I think the friend must be a man.” I said.

“So we are alone? Hmmmm I’m tempted, what about you?” Mom asked.

“More than tempted baby!” I said as I grabbed her and kissed her passionately.

She pulled back to catch her breath. She giggled some but then took over and initiated another passionate kiss. My hands went up her work skirt and teased her pussy through her black panties. My fingers pushed her panties aside and played with her warm flesh. She moaned and nibbled on my earlobe as she wrapped her arms around my neck to keep her balance. Mom’s moans were sexy and soft. Her voice was the stuff of dreams so hearing her moan was an added pleasure.

I walked mom back up to the kitchen counter and pulled her panties down her soft, sexy, legs. She stepped out of them and let them lay on the kitchen floor. She spread her legs for me as I lifted her skirt and undid the button and zipper of my shorts I had changed into after showering earlier.

“Should we?” Mom asked seriously, sensuously.

I looked into her eyes as I pulled out my hardened cock. I saw her glance down at it and gasp. No matter how many times we made love, each time was like the first. I thrust into mom and she put her arms on my shoulders again and moaned as she bit her lip. Her legs wrapped around my ass as I watched her.

My thrusts were slow. We kissed and felt each other’s bodies through our clothes. The urgency was gone because we had done this enough times that now we knew there was no stopping us. The excitement and possibility of getting caught by Nadine was a real turn-on.

We heard a sound and paused for a moment. A toilet flushed upstairs and we realized it was Nadine. Our pace picked up because neither of us wanted to stop, but we both wanted to cum. I bit her gently on the side of the neck and she gasped again. Mom was meeting my upward thrusts with her downward thrusts.

Before now, mom had been pretty passive in our lovemaking, allowing me to be the more dominant one for the most part. Now she was proving to be my equal which was exciting. Here my beautiful mother, who was still very young, (she had me in her teenage years) who many men would kill to sleep with, was actively participating in our forbidden love affair.

Our thrusts picked up speed with the fear of being caught by Nadine. I paused as I thought I heard another sound, but we continued on when Nadine did not show up. Maybe it was just a normal sound of the house settling for the day.

“Oh baby. Fuck me! Fuck your mother!” Mom said as her tongue met mine and her pussy covered my hard cock.

It was still very new and exciting to hear my mother talk like this. She was usually the prim and proper woman. She still dressed every bit the lady she was. But she had opened up since our love affair began. I began to think that mom had not had much sexual experience before me. Yes she had three kids, but dad was always busy with work and rarely home. Sure her and dad were together for years, but he was more married to his job as a police officer, a detective to be exact, than his lovely wife. I suspected he had affairs for years. Now I was beginning to think my suspicions were real as I saw mom grow with our lovemaking.

“Oh God! Do you like my pussy baby?” Mom asked all sexed up.

“I love it!” I said as I thrust in and out of her.

My hands caressed her ass as I guided her up and down on my cock. My legs were getting tired so I laid down on the kitchen floor with my cock still in my loving mother.

“Baby!” Mom whispered loudly as my cock was fully inserted in her and her body had a tremor from the deepness of my penetration.

Mom started riding me in this position with lust as her eyes were closed and sweat formed on her face. She looked about as sexy as a woman had ever looked. My hands were still planted on her firm ass, underneath her work skirt. Her nipples poked through her bra and blouse and were pointy and begged to be sucked on. I resisted the temptation in case if we had to quickly dress.

“Ooooh.” Mom moaned as my fingers played with her clit while she rode me.

I turned the tables on her and flipped her over on her back, and kissed her with all the passion I had pent up, while continuing our love-making. Thrusting my cock in and out of her as she arched her back and met my kisses at the same time.

“Hmmmm.” Mom moaned

I was grunting as I felt my cum stirring in my balls.

“Cum with me baby.” Mom whispered repeatedly into my ear as she licked and sucked it.

“Oh I’m going to cum!” I moaned into her other ear.

“Yeah. Cum for me baby!” Mom whispered fiercely. “Yeah, I’m cumming!” I whispered loudly into her ear.

“Oh fuck. I’m cumming with you baby!” She moaned back.

I exploded into her again noticing her body rocking with tremors and spasms.

“God I needed that baby!” Mom exclaimed as I laid on top of her.

I rolled off and just laid there on the bare floor next to her.

“A shame to let this go to waste.” Mom said grabbing my cock, referring to the cum coating it.

She leaned down and licked the cum off slowly, savoring the taste. I laid back and watched her with a smile on my face. She grabbed her panties and slowly put her legs into them and pulled them up in a sort of reverse tease. I straightened up as well. Mom rinsed her mouth out at the sink and applied fresh lipstick in case Nadine came down soon.

We both fussed over our clothes because we preferred our clothes wrinkle-free and it might show a sign of our actions if we showed any sign of difference to Nadine. Mom started dinner as I went upstairs to wake Nadine for supper.

“Dinner-time.” I said as I knocked on Nadine’s door.

I heard her moan and thought she was still in the cusp of sleep. I tried the doorknob and opened it. I was shocked to see my sister lying on the bed with legs spread and her hand working over her pussy. She had a sheet over her, but it was obvious what she was doing. I closed the door since she didn’t spot me. I took a moment to pause there, unsure of what to do.

“I’m cumming!” Nadine shouted.

I wasn’t sure if she meant coming downstairs for dinner or cumming, or both. Most likely the latter. I had to laugh because the moment reminded me of a similar moment in the first American Pie movie.

I went back downstairs and sat at the dinner table shaking my head.

“What is it?” Mom asked.

“Nothing. Just a random thought popped into my head.” I said holding in my laughter. “Care to share?” Mom asked, her interest apparently high.

“Just thinking about Marissa. I’m glad it’s over.” I lied (at least about my thoughts being about Marissa, I was glad it was over).

“Oh.” Mom said sounding jealous.

I stood up and followed her to the stove. I turned her around and kissed her on the lips and she smiled. She reapplied more lipstick as I sat down again.

“Is Nadine coming down for dinner?” Mom asked.

“She said she was coming.” I said, glad mom was facing the stove because I could not hide the smile that came to my face.

“What is it?” Mom asked turning to me, apparently catching on to the humor in my comment about Nadine.

“Nothing mom. Really. I’m just happy, that’s all.” I said which was a great deal of the truth because I did feel happy.

“Ok, well just be sure to tame it down some or else Nadine might catch on to something going on here.” Mom said in a mock scolding manner.

I stuck my tongue out at her and she did the same and we both laughed.

Nadine came down the steps and we tried to act normal. Nadine looked puzzled back and forth at me and mom. She yawned and stretched before sitting down next to me. Mom finished making supper and dished it out for us. Mom sat down across from me. Nadine ate fast, focusing totally on her food. I looked up a few times from my dinner to see my mother look at me longingly before returning to her meal. Thankfully Nadine seemed lost in her food and didn’t notice the apparent tension between me and mom.

“So what’s on for tonight?” Nadine said when she cleaned off her plate before either me or mom were halfway through ours.

“A movie in the basement. I think maybe Shawshank Redemption. I just love that movie.” Mom said.

I was at first nervous when she said a movie because of what happened the last times we watched movies in the basement with Carmen, but when she mentioned Shawshank Redemption I was relieved because that was a non-erotic movie.

“Sounds good to me. Never saw it.” Nadine said wiping her mouth and drinking her soda from a glass.

“Wow. Never saw it? You should like it. Good movie. Hell of a story.” I said.

I remembered Nadine was not a big Stephen King fan like myself. She strayed away from horror and read mostly romance novels.

“Cool.” Nadine said looking out the corner of her eyes at me.

I began to suspect there might have been some truth to Carmen’s statement about Nadine having a crush on me. I saw glimpses of it from time to time, but it was so subtle that you had to know about it and look for it.

We went down to the basement and watched the movie. We all relaxed on the couch with me in-between my mom and sister. Both women let their legs rest on the couch as I sat up straight. I was relieved nothing sexual happened despite the looks of sexual hunger coming from mom in my direction. Nadine was focused on the movie and did not notice one bit.

Since it was summer, mom put on another Stephen King movie that Nadine neglected to see after Shawshank Redemption ended. The Green Mile. Nadine loved both movies and vowed to read the novels we had in the den/library. Mom yawned and winked at me as Nadine got the DVDs out of the player and put them back in their cases.

It was late for a work night, for mom. Nadine looked tired as well. Apparently the “naps” she took today were not restful enough. We all said out goodnights in the living room. Mom and Nadine went to bed. I noticed Carmen’s car pulling up the driveway and waited for her.

She walked in the front door and it was obvious she had sex with someone. Her hair was messed up and there was a “just fucked” look about her. I was a little shocked, but, again, it was Carmen for you.

“Where’s mom and Nadine?” Carmen asked.

“They both went to bed. I’m headed there myself.” I said as I watched her noticing she was somewhat drunk as well as freshly fucked.

“You might want to put that off. I have some news for you.” Carmen said. “What is it?” I asked.

“Come sit down on the couch next to me.” Carmen said as she plopped on the couch and let her heels drop off onto the floor lazily.

I followed her and sat down next to her. Carmen breathed deeply and then let it out in one long tense-filled release.

“As you can tell I just had sex, but you would be surprised who it was with. Tony. I seduced him. I’m going to get revenge on those fuckers for you big bro.” Carmen said and kissed my cheek.

Shock hit me. I couldn’t believe Carmen was capable of such a thing. I knew out of the three women in the house, Carmen was the boldest for sure, but still, I was hurt and partly angry.

“Why?” Was all I could ask.

“I’m going to make him fall for me then when he leaves that bitch I will dump his ass. Revenge on both of them. Sweet isn’t it?” Carmen said laughing.

I laughed a little with her as even though her actions were shocking, she did have a point. My sister might be many things but she was protective of me as much as I was of her.

“Did you use a condom?” I asked, sickened at the thought of Tony cumming inside of her, still sickened at the fact that he was with her period.

“Of course. You will be happy to know the man can’t fuck to save his life. Probably the worst sex I ever had, even masturbating is better than that fucker.” Carmen said.

I wasn’t sure if she was just saying this to ease my mind or really meant it. She sounded convincing, but then again she was drunk.

“He isn’t anything compared to you babe!” Carmen said and leaned over and kissed me softly on the lips.

She staggered to the steps. I walked behind her and made sure she got to bed. I had to undress her and put her under the covers as she passed out drunk on the bed. I admired her body while undressing her and felt her up a little. She moaned a bit in her sleep, but was dead to the world. Not that she would have minded my actions anyway. Not since what happened between us yesterday and the night before.

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