It was a Saturday just the same as all the others and Daisy and Laura were in town shopping. They had been best friends for years; through school, college, and now they were preparing to start University together. The pair were inseparable and liked nothing more than turning heads as they walked around town. They were both easily above average in looks: Daisy was blonde, petite and had huge eyes that anyone could get lost in; Laura was a tall and athletic brunette with stunning bone structure. They both knew how to dress for their body shapes and always made sure they were dressing to impress.

It was a sunny day and both were wearing very little: miniskirts, tiny tops and cute heeled shoes. People turned their heads and craned their necks to have a second look; girls looked on jealously and boys lustfully. They turned the corner, heading towards their favourite spot to have lunch when a man in his late 20s hailed them over. Now most people would purposely ignore such an advance but not these two. They saw the look he gave them and they wanted to bask in it some more.

“Hi girls!” he enthused, “How are you doing today?”

“Okay thanks.” replied the girls at the same time.

“Do you girls know that you are gorgeous…?”

They both smiled smugly in response but were slightly taken aback by his forthrightness.

“My name is Stuart, and I’m a photographer working for a modelling agency. This is my assistant, Hayley.”

He gestured behind him to an unassuming woman; she was pretty but neither one of the girls felt threatened by her. Hayley offered her hand to each of the girls and they shook it politely.

“Now, we both noticed you and think that you would be perfect for a shoot I’m currently working on, would you like to hear more?”

“Definitely.” said Laura.

“Could you give us a minute?” asked Daisy.

Daisy pulled her friend to one side. “I don’t think this is a good idea, what if he wants us to go somewhere with him, he’s a stranger.”

“Yeah but there’s a woman with him – we’ll be fine.” said Laura reassuringly.

That was all the encouragement that Daisy needed because they had both talked about wanting to model hundreds of times. They turned back to the man and after he gave them a few more details they found themselves following the couple back to their studio. It wasn’t far from the centre of town and looked quite upmarket. It was a large studio; there were a couple of backdrops set up as well as a ton of professional photographic equipment. There was also a rail of top-end clothing, a clean small kitchen and numerous photos on the walls. The content of the photographs was varied: some featured men, others women; some clothed, some nude. It was an impressive display of this photographer’s skill and the girls were excited by it.

“Okay, I want you to go with Hayley. She’s going to dress you and get you ready.”

As the two girls followed her towards the rail of clothes they both noticed the woman’s natural beauty. She was slender, with long dyed red hair, a pure face and on closer inspection she had one feature that the girls did truly envy her for; she had breasts that were full, large and round but still pert. In comparison the girls felt inadequate, especially Daisy who couldn’t even fill a B Cup.

Hayley was good at her job so they both felt incredibly beautiful and confident in their final outfits. Daisy wearing a red ultra mini skirt with white knee-high socks and a plain white strappy top. Laura was in thigh-high leather boots that complimented her long legs, denim shorts and a black sleeveless shirt. Their hair was tousled and let down to flow down their backs.

“Ok Stu, they’re ready now.” Hayley called over.

“Fantastic, over here then please, girls,” he replied.

He positioned them in front of the camera, standing back to back and ordered them to look natural. He carried on taking shots, ordering them to lower an arm or cross their ankles, lift their necks or lose the smile. After half an hour of shots the girls were enjoying it immensely, comfortable and revelling in the attention.

“Come look at this,” said Stuart beckoning them over.

The girls walked over to him and he showed them the camera and all the shots that had been taken. They were amazing – easily as good as the best photos they had seen on the walls. In fact, they were better than they thought they would be.

“Okay now let’s try something different…” Stuart suggested with a smile. “If you can both take off your tops and pass them to Hayley, we’ll carry on.”

Horrified, the girls naturally took a couple of steps back.

“Don’t be afraid,” said Hayley soothingly.

“You can have these shots to take away,” explained Stuart, “I’ll print them and put them in a portfolio for you. These sorts of photos could make you a career,” he continued “but if you don’t take your tops off right now and get back in front of the camera I can easily press delete on the whole lot — the wonders of digital!”

Laura looked at Daisy and in her look was a world of questions but Daisy looked back at her through those big eyes with only one answer: “Yes we should do it.” The silent conversation ended and Daisy reached down and pulled the top over her head, and as she was not wearing a bra her pert tiny tits were free. Laura hesitated, unsure as to whether she could do what her friend just did but in the end she had no say in it as Daisy walked over to her and unbuttoned her top. The shirt fell to the ground and she moved around to Laura’s back, unhooked her bra and let her ample breasts fall out.

“Happy?” questioned Daisy.

“Yes” replied Stuart.

He carried on taking shots, but the girls weren’t as relaxed anymore, their nipples were warm and it gave their breasts a sagging look that he didn’t like.

“Ok, Hayley is going to come over and get your tits looking better, she’s not going to hurt you, just try and relax you. It’ll make your upper body look amazing…”

As Hayley walked over she took her own top off.

“See? I’m nearly naked too.”

She bent down and put her mouth over Daisy’s little tits and sucked gently. Daisy moaned involuntarily and felt a small trickle inside her pussy. Next it was Laura’s turn but she wasn’t interested.

“I don’t want to be a model, I don’t want to be a model, just leave me alone!” she cried out.

“Grow up, Laura!” shouted Daisy “I want this and you are not fucking it up for me.”

Daisy strode over to Laura, with her hard nipples and ever moistening cunt. She bent down and sucked her best friend’s nipples until they hardened in her mouth.

Daisy straightened up and whispered in Laura’s ear, “This couple want to fuck us, they want us to fuck each other, they want photos of that happening and I want to fuck you… I’ve always wanted to fuck you. Please do as you are told. Now suck my nipples.”

Laura was taken aback with shock. She wished that she hadn’t been so intent on coming here with this couple but she had and now her best friend wanted to fuck her? It didn’t seem real, but waves of pleasure had swept over her when Daisy had said what she had said. It was alien to her, but it felt so right. She bent down and put her lips over Daisy’s nipple and sucked gently, listening for the moan that meant she had done it right. She looked up at Daisy and they both smiled. Stuart had not been expecting that to happen and his dick began to get harder and harder. Hayley, noticing her man’s excitement, started to get as wet as the two girls. The couple could not believe what they were seeing. They had done this same trick weekly for years: lure people back, make them comfortable, then fuck them but never had two people taken so quickly or as willingly to the idea. Time to embrace it they thought…

“Ok girls, now I want you to take the rest of your clothes off whilst looking at the camera.”

They obliged and so did Hayley, until there were three naked women in the room: one petite, one athletic and one slender. The girls carried on posing for the camera, position after position. It was only when Stuart ordered them both to lie down and part their legs that Hayley joined the shots.

“Stuart wants a shot of your slits looking really, really wet and I’m going to make that happen, ok?” explained Hayley.

She parted their legs and put her tongue as deep within one cunt as she could. She lapped at it furiously making her way out to the clitoris. Her hands explored the other; sliding first two, then three fingers inside the sopping wet hole. She loved pleasuring two girls simultaneously; feeling their waves of pleasure, feeling their pussies tighten. As she began to lose herself in their ecstatic groans, she felt Stuart’s hands grab her waist and pull her back towards his big fat prick. He couldn’t hold on any more; the bulge in his jeans had been too big and he needed his cock inside his girl while she pleasured these two nymphs.

Hayley moaned in pleasure as he thrust inside again and again and again and again. Her hand was running with the little slut’s juices and her mouth and face were dripping wet. She had never enjoyed being fucked as much as she was right now, but she wanted to see those girls ruined. She left them alone, both moments from climax and begged her man to fuck them.

“I want you both on all fours — NOW!” she ordered. “One of you face me, and the other face away. Understand?” She smiled, pleased with their obedience. “Now Laura, open your mouth and suck my man’s cock, because it needs to be really wet, ok?”

Laura followed the direction willingly, feeling his glistening head hit the back of her throat over and over, choking her slightly. She loved his prick: it was fat, so hard and his precome tasted so good. She kept her mouth wet and spread her saliva all over his dick and balls.

“Now I want you to tell me where you want his dick to go. Do you want him to fuck your friend’s cunt, or her arsehole?”

It was a choice that Laura didn’t want to make. For all her friend’s beauty she knew that she was a virgin… would she want to lose her virginity this way? She waited for her friend to shout out the answer, but Daisy didn’t utter a word.

“Arsehole,” Laura decided.

“Good answer,” Hayley smiled. “Now fuck her, Stu!”

So happy to see her man arse fucking this little whore, Hayley grabbed Daisy’s hair and shoved her face into her cunt. With the pain from being rammed in the arsehole coupled with her face being forced inside a soaking wet pussy, the noise that came from Daisy was unbelievable. Hearing her screams only made Stu fuck her harder. When he’d finally tired of her, Stu pulled out of her roughly and moved round to her sobbing face. Pushing Hayley away, he forced his dick into Daisy’s mouth and demanded she suck it clean.

“Make it nice and wet for your friend,” he commanded evilly. “It’s time to choose for her: arsehole or pussy?”

“Arsehole!” mumbled Daisy tearfully, still gagging on his cock.

The cycle began again: Stuart fucking the life out of the young girl; Hayley making Laura bend to her will and pleasure her clit. Stuart felt his cock engorge and spasm, but he knew he had to save his come for the one he loved. Ignoring her screams, he ploughed in and out of Laura as many times as he dared and when he could take it no longer he pulled his woman close, laid her down and fucked her hard.

The girls sat there shivering; exhausted, in pain and unfulfilled. But watching the photographer and his assistant fuck turned the girls on again and they began to explore one another. They kissed each other hard, their tongues forcing their way into the other’s mouth. Their hands lazily caressed each other’s breasts before Daisy’s fingers found their way down Laura’s body.

The yearning she had felt for her friend had been there for years but it was only now that she felt like she could act on it. She toyed with her best friend’s slit, her fingers sliding in and out causing Laura to lie down and begin bucking with orgasmic thrill. She writhed ecstatically as Daisy forced a third finger inside her and flicked her tongue over her swollen clitoris.

Lapping at the cunt juices she had longed to taste for many years, Daisy found herself heading towards an orgasmic frenzy and begged her friend to thrill her too. She swung her body round so her thighs were wrapped around Laura’s neck, and her eager pussy was poised over her partner’s wanton lips. Laura couldn’t wait to oblige and took Daisy into her mouth.

Looking over at the girls, Stuart and Hayley couldn’t believe their luck. Sometimes a wannabe model would fuck them for their shot at stardom, but never before had two little sluts been so willing to abase themselves and then take such pleasure in each other. Having them go down on each other was better than photos — it was their own private porn film, and how hard it made Stu was matched only by how wet it made Hayley.

As if connected, all four found their way to an almighty climax together; the girls pleasuring one another with their fingers and mouths, the couple fucking and sucking.

Half an hour later the girls left the studio hand in hand with a new portfolio each… and a promise to return next week.

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