– CHAPTER 3: The Party –



I grunted and gripped her tight ass harder, pulling her body against me despite the viscous resistance surrounding us. Her long, lithe legs were scissored behind me, holding her own weight while she thrashed in our lovemaking.

I grunted again and really began to pound her. Our movements were slow, but powerful and steady. I pushed our bodies forward until her backside was pressed up against the far wall. There was a glass partition there that made a distinct thumping sound each time her hips slammed into it. The glass reverberated far louder than any concrete wall would have done.

That sound, the water sloshing, and her ecstatic moans together filled the cavernous area and echoed around us until we were surrounded by an aria of lustful pleasure.

With metronomic precision, her ass banged into the glass. I’m sure her asscheeks were flattening just slightly for the viewing pleasure of anyone who happened to be on the other side of it. Not that I cared to find out. I was too busy reaching my orgasm.

All at once, she shrieked with a final call of, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Cum with me! Cum inside me! CUUUUUM!”

I did just that. My cock felt the internal spasms of her pussy going into overload, an uncoordinated assault of pressure and flowing honey vibrating against my sensitive skin while I slammed myself to the hilt inside of her and exploded. My dick spat out burst after burst after burst of creamy goodness where the sticky jism lodged itself against her inner walls.

She thrashed about uncontrollably, her hair flying into my face and her torso shaking so much she was splashing water everywhere. It was all I could do just to hold on and not lose my footgrip on the floor beneath me.

If someone were on the other side of that glass, they would undoubtedly see her asscheeks quivering against the transparent panel while my own hips quivered against hers.

In the end, the miniature tsunami settled down in the pool as the water calmed to an almost flat surface. Taylor lay her head on my shoulder and sagged against me, tightening her long legs around my waist. With the waterline coming up to our chests, natural buoyancy made her feel light as a feather, and I held her easily and tenderly while we both panted and gasped to catch our breaths.

For the umpteenth time I silently thanked Jeff Lee for designing this indoor pool area. Despite the unseasonably cold weather outside, I still got to play naked water nymph with my wife.

In the corner of my eye, I saw a disembodied head rise above the flat deck around the pool. The light face stood out in stark contrast against her jet black hair, perfectly framing her obviously Asian features. To the casual observer, the floating head might look a little strange. But I knew there was a hidden staircase recessed into the floor and the beautiful girl had only climbed high enough to see at us.

“Hi, Mia,” I said. “You been down there the whole time?”

“Yes, the whole time,” came the response in a clipped Hong Kong British accent. She rose just a little higher until her naked shoulders came into view, interrupted only by the thin string of a halter-top bikini around her neck. Her arms came up, elevating the plush bathrobe she wore as she hitched it up and onto her shoulders, wrapping the warm fabric around her body. She folded her forearms on the deck and rested her chin on them. “That looked like fun. Can I be next?”

Taylor giggled against my neck, tickling me just a bit. She said nothing but simply nuzzled her nose against my shoulder line, offering affectionate little pecking kisses along the way.

I turned back to the pretty Asian girl. With a sly grin, I tossed off a rather dirty comment in Cantonese, sending the girl into a tizzy of sexual excitement.

Taylor, who didn’t understand the words but got the meaning, giggled again and then slowly dropped her legs to the pool bottom. She was quite a tall woman and stood just a few inches below me. She began to pull back her long bangs, her arm position thrusting her large, round tits into my face. Her head twisted as she glanced around side to side. And with a sensuality in her voice that I adored tremendously, she asked, “Now where did my bikini go?”


A few minutes later, Taylor and I had toweled off and slipped into plushy bathrobes. We followed the stairs down to the Underground Bar, an intimate Zen alcove illuminated mostly by the giant aquarium-grade glass panel which ran the full length of the room, separating the pool water from our dry little hideaway. The lights outside and in the pool filtered through the water to provide a dramatic blue hue that cast over everything in the room. Muted recessed lighting in the corners chased away any real shadows, but it still took us a moment to adjust to the dimness.

A statuesque brunette was behind the bar, already mixing me up a vodka martini and a Cosmo for Taylor. She moved with a lithe grace, muscles flexing in her arms as she moved. Her bikini was brief to show off her sizeable store-bought breasts to maximum advantage. I have absolutely no problem with fake tits, and their unnatural firmness allowed for an unsupporting bikini top more effective at teasing me than preventing back pain.

“Thank you, Rebecca,” I said warmly when she handed us our drinks. Taylor offered her thanks as well before the brunette settled back into one of the chaise lounges and slipped into her own plushy robe.

Taylor and I eased ourselves down onto a wide couch to relax with my gorgeous wife nestled under my left arm. This place, with its cool blue illumination, had rapidly become a popular place to unwind. Perhaps subconsciously, everyone who came down here found themselves speaking softer and more slowly, just barely above a whisper. I saw that both Mia and Rebecca had books on side tables next to their chaises with discreet reading lamps nearby.

I surmised that Taylor and I had interrupted their quiet time when we jumped into the pool. From here, the girls must have had a clear view of the entire episode from playful splashing to stripping of swimwear to the fucking right against the glass. Searching across the viewing panel for a moment, I swore you could still see the imprint of Taylor’s asscheeks on the transparent surface. I can only imagine how things must have looked a few minutes earlier.

Mia, perhaps sensing my thoughts, settled in on the right side of me and snuggled up to my shoulder while I wrapped my right arm around her. She shed her bathrobe and slowly rubbed herself against me. Our little show must have gotten Mia quite horny and she was panting softly with arousal.

For a while, the four of us just enjoyed the peacefulness and chatted aimlessly. When you’re as loaded as I am, there’s a lot of free time to just enjoy without any worries. The flush of recent exertion left me and the first bit of alcoholic buzz was mellowing me out. Besides, having two beautiful women to cuddle with on either side does wonders for relaxing a man.

But then, Mia’s rubbing against me became rather more urgent, and she began whimpering softly.

“Give me a break, just for a minute?” I pleaded. “I’m not as young as I used to be.”

Mia pouted prettily. She was 22, but half the time she acted like a dreamy teenager. Her tongue went into my ear, “Please, John. I have this empty space inside of me. And only your thick cock can ever fill it.” Somehow, her accent made the words even more alluring. I’d first met Mia late last year doing the interior design of the new house. In the short time before she shacked up with a new boyfriend, Mia had shown us an addictive blend of nymphomania and flexible creativity: she was a gymnast in bed and she seemed to want sex constantly. And then last month she’d broken up with the boyfriend, and for the past two weeks the beautiful Chinese girl had spent nearly every day at our house.

Despite my recent climax, I felt iron hardness returning to my dick as Mia continued rubbing herself against me. “Hmm, I suppose I can’t leave such a beautiful woman with an empty hole inside…”

“John,” Rebecca’s voice floated over from her chaise. Her tone was deep and had an obviously scolding note in it. “Don’t forget that you have a workout scheduled in an hour. Don’t go wasting away all your energy.”

“Workout?” I protested. I gestured up to the glass panel. “What did you call that? Fucking underwater is murder on my legs.”

In answer, Rebecca set down her Gatorade and settled to her knees in front of me. And leaning forward so that her breasts hung downward to give me an inviting view of her cleavage, she reached up and squeezed both of my biceps. “Well then, we’ll have to focus our efforts on your upper body.”

Mia had not given up, her tongue still in my ear as she panted breathlessly. Her left arm was cradling my head while she turned my face to meet hers for a passionately deep kiss. Her lips were intoxicatingly spicy and her tongue expertly sparred with mine as she moaned erotically.

When she pulled back, I held up my index finger to Rebecca. Right now, I was thinking with my other head. “Why don’t we postpone the workout for another hour? That’ll give me plenty of time to play right now.”

“Again?” Rebecca complained.

“Johnny,” Taylor’s voice interrupted with a business-like tone that almost broke the mood. “Cassandra warned me to remind you about your conference call with the board at four o’clock. You can’t push the workout back.”

And just like that I made my decision. My right hand reached forward and cupped around the firm globe of Rebecca’s left breast, squeezing gently. My left arm was still clutching Taylor to my side. And I turned to peck Mia on the lips for a brief moment. “Fine then. Sorry Rebecca, the formal workout in the gym is cancelled. I promise I’ll make it up.”

“But ladies,” I continued. “I propose we go take a shower to clean up and we’ll see if we can’t find workout enough for everyone.”


Part of the new home design had included a wonderfully luxurious locker room extension, worthy of a professional sports team. Rather than traipse back across the mansion, the one-room co-ed dressing area had ample room to store swimsuits and other casual wear in personalized lockers, complete with vanity mirrors.

I sat back in a comfortable chair, just watching my ladies shrug off their robes and then strip out of their brief swimwear. All three girls got playful with it, flashing me glimpses of nipple or bending at the waist to drag down bikini bottoms. And once they were all naked, Taylor and Rebecca headed off to the shower while Mia came over to undress me.

It took a good three minutes for her to remove my robe and swim trunks, what with her tongue planted in the back of my mouth and all. It’s a miracle I didn’t just take her right then and there in the dressing room. But at last she pulled me up and out of my chair and led me into the wide, multi-head showering area with a ten-person capacity.

I’d clearly had sex in mind when working with Jeff on the shower design. For practical purposes, there were 10 ceiling-mounted rainfall shower heads and 30 horizontal sprays. For recreational purposes, I installed a state-of-the-art rubberized floor for comfort whenever I wanted to fuck someone flat. And a similarly textured bench was placed in the center for more convenient sexplay.

At the moment, Taylor was reclined flat on her back across the bench with Rebecca folded over her in a sixty-nine position. Six shower sprays were arcing across the room to splash over their bodies while each woman expertly ate out the other. Taylor was in full-out attack mode as she munched on Rebecca’s bare- shaven pussy.

Rebecca, meanwhile, was being a little more careful with her lover’s snatch. She’d spread Taylor’s nether lips wide, letting the chlorinated water out while darting her tongue in and out to taste my cum still embedded inside.

Once Mia got a few shower heads turned on and surrounding us, she wasted no further time. She flipped around and inverted so fast I could barely react before her legs went around my neck. My arms grasped her torso as Mia got herself positioned upside-down with her head at just the right position to suck the entire length of my cock down her throat.

This was what I meant by Mia’s flexible creativity. All I could do was hold her up while she gave me an upside-down blowjob, and I leaned my back against the wall to give me extra support, lest I drop her. But I still had to support most of Mia’s weight in my arms, so I supposed I was getting that upper body workout Rebecca had wanted for me.

The sensations Mia was producing in my cock were absolutely exquisite. Undeterred by the occasional splash of water, her head bobbed back and forth on me with incredible suction while her arms gripped my ass to keep her in position. Meanwhile, with her legs wrapped behind my head, I found myself staring down at her juicy pussy. Mia was a few inches shorter than me, but I found that by pulling her body up just a bit I could reach her with my tongue.

She was neatly trimmed, and the oozing of her honey was an obviously different texture and flavor from the water pouring around us. Mia had re-applied herself to sucking the crown of my dick and released her right hand to pump at my shaft. And all too quickly she had me at the brink of orgasm.

Taylor and Rebecca beat me to it. Their ecstatic moans echoed in the enclosed space of the shower and I turned my head to watch them twitching together. And with fire in my eyes my arousal picked up another notch. Now I wanted to FUCK someone.

Rebecca rolled off and allowed Taylor to dismount the bench and stand-up. I directed Rebecca to have a seat and spread her legs while I lowered Mia to the ground. Then turning the light Chinese girl around, I placed her on all fours on the floor where she was able to plant her face into Rebecca’s honeypot.

Settling to my knees behind Mia’s tight ass, I gripped her hips in my hands and leaning forward, burrowed my way through her constrictingly tight tunnel. Mia’s happy moan filled the room as I sank deeper and deeper down her pussy. When my crotch was pressed all the way against her buttcheeks, I let out a sigh of satisfaction and stayed there for a moment, my dick buried to the hilt.

Taylor, meanwhile, actually soaped and rinsed off. “I’m checking out, Johnny. I’ll go make sure lunch is ready.” With a final jiggle of her naked tits in my direction, she left.

Mia had not been idle in eating Rebecca out. The statuesque brunette had her eyes closed as she brushed her fingertips across her own swollen nipples and panted lustily. “Mmm, so good sweetie. Ooh, right there. Just like that! Ooh, so good!” Rebecca kept up a constant stream of directions while the Asian nympho happily munched away.

By then I was causing some distraction as I pulled back until just the tip of me was still inside and her tight pussy was closing up. And with a firm push I split her right back open and thrust all the way deep down once again.

Mia squealed and wriggled her ass, and I let my balance shift side to side as she quivered in a small orgasm. That was another thing I loved about the cute nympho, she was easily orgasmic. Some people are just blessed.

In the midst of Mia’s writhing climax I reached down and palmed a firm tit with my left hand and let my right fiddle with her engorged clit, spurring her orgasm to higher heights of pleasure. I could feel her pussy muscles spasming around my hard rod. And just when she began to recover, I pulled back and started a freshly rhythmic pumping.

Mia’s ass was kind of bony, really. There wasn’t much padding on her thin frame and I knew from experience that if I really began reaming her out I would bruise my own pelvis in addition to bruising her butt. That would just make sex painful for her in the near term. And for all of Mia’s kinks and sexual urges, pain was not on her list. She was too happy/bouncy a nympho.

So I thrust steadily, enjoying her tightness as I settled in to find my own orgasm. Mia would undoubtedly have a few more on her own.

As for Rebecca, I could HEAR that Mia was doing just fine at working over the taller brunette. You can’t be a bisexual nymphomaniac without learning a thing or two about eating pussy. And after six minutes of active sexual workout, Rebecca cried out her latest climax (her third from Mia, I think).

I lost count of how many orgasms Mia had. Some of them I’d inflicted with my hands on her tits and crotch. Some of them were self-inflicted while my hands were gripping her hips. And some seemed to come out of nowhere, with no sexual contact between us save for my cock in her snatch.

However many there were, I found myself starting down the path of no return during Mia’s second-to-last climax. They were getting stronger the longer we fucked and with this latest batch of pussy muscle massaging I’d felt my balls compressing in readiness to burst.

Mia had so much orgasmic lubrication that it was literally dripping out from around our joining every time I pulled partway out. And so my cock was a rapid blur of pistoning motion as I began drilling her at breakneck speed.

Two seconds before I exploded, Mia lit off first. Her head came out from between Rebecca’s legs and her fingers pulled out from Rebecca’s juicing pussy as she shrieked to the heavens to announce her biggest orgasm yet.

That did it for me and I yanked out of Mia and hurried around the bench to Rebecca’s head, jerking my own shaft as my cockhead expanded and began spurting out glob after glob of cum all over Rebecca’s pretty face until she managed to wrap her lips around the head and start swallowing my spunk.

I found that my voice had joined Mia’s in a chorus of ecstasy as we rode through our climaxes, and some time later my dick spit out its last wad and I collapsed to my knees and then sank back on my heels. For the umpteenth time, I mentally thanked Cassandra for recommending the rubberized floor; otherwise my kneecaps would undoubtedly be bruised by now after doggy-fucking Mia.

Rebecca, for her part, just collapsed onto her back across the rubber-textured bench, her bare tits wobbling enticingly but remaining nearly vertical. She was gasping for breath, a rarity given her remarkable athletic endurance, but Mia just has that effect on everyone. I could see the steam rising from her naked body, and it wasn’t from the water around us.

Speaking of which, I could feel my skin starting to wrinkle. I craned my neck and ordered into thin air, “Computer! Water off!”

The speaker system chirped a confirmation, then a moment later all the shower sprays ceased. I suddenly noticed how much quieter everything became; the only sounds that of three people panting in pleasurable relief.

Mia and Rebecca shared a significant look, a look I didn’t recognize, followed by an obvious glance of Mia’s up and down Rebecca’s gorgeous body. From Taylor to Cassandra to these two, I’d been noticing looks like that in just the recent past. It was as if my women possessed an innate ability to non-verbally communicate with the other girls in a way no mere man, like me, could understand.

Mia crawled over to Rebecca where the two shared a tender kiss. And then Rebecca turned to me. “My turn.” It was a statement, not a question.

For just a moment, I groaned. I was pretty tired. Now I know it’s unusual for a guy to turn down sex with a Greek Goddess brought to life, like Rebecca. I honestly thought Taylor was one of the prettiest women I’d ever seen, Cassandra had the most glorious assets, and Mia the most playful nympho I’d ever met.

But Rebecca’s impossible-zero-percent-body- fat-lean- sculpted-yet- beautifully- feminine body just screamed sexual dynamo. She was a naked Sports Illustrated fantasy come to life. And she had Angelina Jolie’s lips. No man would ever turn down someone so wonderfully fuckable.

And yet, I was Jonathan Kwong… billionaire. I had a bevy of beauties and the fact was: I could get laid any time I wanted. If I passed up this opportunity, one of my ladies would get my rocks off at a later time of my choosing.

But then Rebecca held her arms out, wrists together and palms upward. She took on a pouty expression and as if she’d spun on a dime, she switched from haughtily bold to petulantly submissive. “How do you want me?” Her voice was a purr. She’d been taking pointers from Charlotte.

My cock was already halfway there.


After I’d spunked my third load of the afternoon up Rebecca’s asshole, the three of us cleaned up and then headed for the dining room. Taylor, Cassandra, and Charlotte were already there. Mia and Rebecca went to take their usual places while I went to the head of the table.

As I sat down and Dorothy’s staff began bringing out our lunch, I surveyed the table and felt simultaneous feelings of both pride and guilt. In the past few weeks, Taylor had been making comments about my growing “harem”. It was a term that I felt had a negative moral connotation, hence the guilt. And yet I couldn’t argue that the term seemed to fit, and in fact my male ego found it a source of pride.

It had all started back in February when Rebecca and Jeremy broke up. I didn’t really know the guy, save for our occasional orgies where his buff body and big cock were big crowd pleasers. Likewise, I hadn’t really known Rebecca very well. We had a good sexual chemistry and as my private trainer, we’d become decent friends over the course of our regular in-home workouts. But after the breakup Rebecca had kind of latched onto Taylor as a friend she could talk to and confide in.

Rebecca became a frequent presence in the house to hang out with Taylor. And my own sexual encounters with her also rapidly increased as I was a convenient source of dick while she was without boyfriend. By April, she just moved in with us. We had plenty of space and Rebecca’s apartment lease was up, so she moved in and her rental payments all went to increasing the salaries of my household staff. It was a win-win situation for everyone around.

Meanwhile, Mia had completed the interior designs of our place long ago. She was just an insatiable nymphomaniac who constantly showed up at the house because between Taylor, Cassandra, Charlotte, Rebecca, and me, she knew there would be SOMEONE up for a little recreational screwing and she could trust that we wouldn’t take advantage of her naiveté.

While Mia hadn’t formally moved in with us yet, she pretty much had a guestroom already dedicated to her. And since Rebecca had set the precedent for moving in, I felt it was just a matter of time before Mia made her residence official as well.

I hadn’t set out to do so, but one couldn’t escape the fact that I was regularly fucking five beautiful women who were all living under my roof. The term “harem” fit.

So I looked across the table: Taylor and Charlotte to my left; Cassandra, Rebecca, and Mia to my right. And for a moment, I imagined that this must be what life was like at the Playboy mansion.

Every day that my life continued like this, that little twinge of guilt went away a little more. Soon there would be nothing left but pride.



“Matthews, I’m not going to tell you how to do your job,” I stared down my VP of Sales and then carefully reworded things in my head so that it wouldn’t seem like I was telling him how to do his job. “But there’s no sense making these acquisitions if you’re just going to dump them to whoever shows up at your door first. Berkshire would have given us ten percent more for that company.”

“Yes, sir,” he nodded.

“Don’t just nod. Go out there and DO it.”

“Yes, sir,” Matthews nodded and then immediately left the office, shutting the door behind him.

I leaned back in my chair and sighed. “He’s good. We still made a profit. But sometimes he sees the dollar signs in his face and he’s too quick on the trigger.”

“That’s what his wife tells me,” Cassandra deadpanned and I could HEAR her smile from behind me. “You don’t have that problem… sir.”

I turned and grinned at my assistant. She sashayed over and then sat on the edge of my desk. As she leaned over, her blouse hung away from her chest, giving me an up-close view of her full cleavage.

“It’s SUCH a turn-on when you dress down one of your employees. You just seem so… powerful…” Cassandra husked.

I smiled and then quickly reached up to snatch her head out of the air, pulling it and her towards me so that she collapsed into my lap and we pressed our lips together.

Cassandra moaned into my mouth. “Mmm… Jonathan…”

But then her tone shifted. “Jonathan, if you keep that up we’re going to be late for dinner.”

Reluctantly, I released her and Cassandra stood up to smooth out her skirt. Still feeling the power rush both from yelling at Matthews and from Cassandra’s ego- padding, I stood and then fixed my gorgeous assistant with a cold blue stare. “Miss Cooper,” I stated.

“Yes, sir.”

“Give me your panties.”

She hesitated.


A small smile crossed Cassandra’s face. “Yes, *sir*.”

She bent and slid down the white thong she was wearing, stepping out of it and then handing it over. I pocketed the flimsy white cloth and then started out the office door. Cassandra followed immediately.

We entered the elevator and spun back to face the doors. A split-second after the doors closed, I found my back slammed against the wall as Cassandra launched herself at me and shoved her tongue into the back of my mouth.

Inwardly, I smiled. There’d BETTER not be any more stops on the way down to the lobby or somebody was going to get fired.


“Hi honey. Sorry we’re late,” I bent and kissed Taylor’s cheek as we came up to the table she currently shared with Charlotte. “SOMEONE…” I nodded my head back towards Cassandra, “… got a little frisky in the elevator.”

“No problem,” My wife sipped her Cosmopolitan and smiled. “Charlotte wanted to bet me it was something like that. But I knew better than to bet against you getting… frisky.”

I shrugged. “How was the shoot?”

“Boring. As usual. Why do you think this is my second Cosmo?”

I was just about to answer when a high-pitched squeal of “Taylor!!!” sounded off a few feet away from us. All four of us turned at the sound. And then mixed surprise and happiness blossomed on Taylor’s face.

“Ashlyn! Kate! Hey!”

The stunningly beautiful redhead and her willowy platinum blonde friend had stopped their hostess. Ashlyn immediately gestured towards us and seemed to ask if they could join us. The hostess nodded and then immediately the two models slid around our booth, which was big enough for eight.

“Wow… haven’t seen you in a while,” Taylor gushed. “Well, except that you and your new boyfriend are on all the entertainment mags nowadays. I swear you two have taken the ‘it’ couple crown away from me and Johnny. How are you doing?”

“I’m good, I’m good,” Ashlyn nodded. “Just here for a shoot. Kate’s keeping me company.”

“Ah, I’m doing Valentino,” Taylor answered. “Which shoot are you on?”


“Again?” Taylor reached out and put her hand on Ashlyn’s. “What’s that? Four covers?”

Ashlyn started nodding but then our waiter came by to take drink orders. Ashlyn also got a Cosmo and Kate got a Cran-vodka. Cassandra and I ordered non- alcoholic drinks. Ashlyn rolled her eyes at our non-cocktails. But she didn’t say anything and we started up an idle conversation.

Taylor got into model-gossiping and the rest of us made small-talk. I flirted a bit with Kate and unsuccessfully tried not to flirt with Ashlyn. The whole while, Ashlyn bounced energetically in her seat. Even when our drinks arrived she seemed too wired to even drink it.

“Well you look quite happy tonight,” Taylor mused.

“Love does that to you…” Ashlyn swooned.

Taylor was mid-sip, as was I. Both of us nearly gagged on our drinks. Taylor recovered first. “Did I just hear the L-word come out of your mouth?”

“Yeah. Can you believe it?” Ashlyn grinned and turned to her friend.

Kate just rolled her eyes. “Try getting her to shut up about it.”

“Oh, Taylor. Marty is SUCH a wonderful man. Nothing at ALL like you’d painted him to be. He’s attentive and warm and he absolutely worships me.”

I was skeptical. “Really?”

Ashlyn’s eyes flashed. “Never underestimate my powers of persuasion.” She grinned predatorily at me. “If you weren’t Taylor’s husband I could have turned you into putty in my hands.”

I smiled nervously and glanced at Taylor. I wanted to believe I could have resisted a woman like Ashlyn. But the truth was, for all my love and devotion to my wife and to Cassandra, quite often my cock did my thinking for me.

“Anyways, I’ve no further need for you, Johnny. I have my own perfect sugar- daddy now.” The last sentence was directed at Taylor. “He’s gorgeous and so charming. He’s rich and on the way up. I think he’s tripled his net worth in the last year alone.”

Then Ashlyn looked at me and Cassandra. “Did you know about this huge deal he made in February? I don’t know the details, but right after it closed, he offered to buy me a Ferrari!” She giggled. “Like I know how to drive a Ferrari!”

I shared a meaningful look with Cassandra. The deal in question was the one he snatched from under my feet, still a sore subject.

“So anyways,” the redhead chatted on. “He got this new apartment on 5th Avenue. And we’re being chauffeured in this brand new Maybach. And oh, he’s been talking to be about a trip to Fiji! Didn’t you guys go to Fiji?”

I rolled my eyes. It all sounded so familiar and nostalgic for me, and yet the thought of Martin Dean doing the same with Ashlyn was starting to boil my blood once again.

“And on top of all that. Marty is aMAZing in bed. He’s got this horsecock and oh, my gawd, the things he can do with that weapon. Right, Kate?” Ashlyn turned to her friend, who blushed bright pink all the way up to her ears.

The redhead continued to tease her blonde friend. “Maybe we’ll bring you to Fiji with us, how does that sound?”

While Kate was looking embarrassed, Ashlyn was just gushing with pride. “Good lord that thing fills me up sooo well…”

It WASN’T a visual that turned me on. Ashlyn having sex would be arousing, but having it with Martin Dean simultaneously turned my blood green with envy and black with resentment.

As if reading the emotions running beneath the surface of my face, Ashlyn then smirked at me, saying, “I dare say *I* may have gotten the better prize, Taylor.”

I was about to blow. But before I could do so, Taylor slipped her hand into mine and squeezed gently. “Nuh-uh, Ash. We’re not getting Johnny all riled up and competitive over your boyfriend. Johnny IS an incredible fuck when he’s angry, but not *here* in the restaurant.”

“Why not? You afraid of a little exhibition?” Ashlyn grinned with her tongue popping out to tease Taylor. “Or maybe the four of us should get together so we can compare notes?”

If the thought of Dean with Ashlyn annoyed me, the very idea of Dean with Taylor was downright infuriating. My hand reflexively squeezed Taylor’s hand hard enough to make her cry out and then suddenly Cassandra’s hand was on my thigh, pinching sharply to get my attention. Belatedly, I released Taylor’s hand.

Taylor shot a glare at me for hurting her and I felt my own ears turning red in embarrassment now.

Ashlyn’s brilliant blue eyes swiveled back and forth between me and Taylor and a little smirk spread across her face. She’d gotten to me and she knew it.

Taylor just rolled her eyes and admonished me, “Don’t be so sensitive, honey.” And then she launched right back into a new conversation with her model friends.

I couldn’t wait for dinner to be over.



“We’re heading out, honey.”

I looked up to see Taylor and Charlotte, dressed for a day out. Cassandra and I were in our home office, looking over the latest research.

“Where to?” I asked.

“Meeting up with Ashlyn and Kate.”

“Again? That’s the third time this week.”

“What can I say? It’s much more convenient to visit now that she’s moved to New York. Anyways, the weather’s getting warmer. If you’re lucky, I’ll come home with some new bikinis! Ashlyn’s got a great eye for detail and for what looks good on me.”

I sighed, “Everything looks good on you, Taylor.”

“Then I’ll have to come home with something SPECTACULAR.” My wife blew me a kiss and then headed off for the helipad.

I looked at Cassandra, who just shook her head. “Did you REALLY want me to be like THAT?” She pointed towards the open door.

I chuckled. “No. Two Taylor’s might actually have bankrupted me. I love you just the way you are,” I smiled.

“And don’t you forget it,” Cassandra grinned. “Now, the Bishop report is saying that…”


“So what do you think?” Taylor grinned, her deep blue eyes already tingeing a violet color.

I knew the look. Taylor’s eyes only went purple when she was aroused, and from the eager expression on her face, I knew to decline would be a great disappointment for her. “Inviting us to a party tomorrow? Isn’t that kind of short notice?”

“You know Ashlyn. She’s so flighty and spontaneous.”

“But do we even KNOW these people?”

“*I* know these people. They’re all in the modeling world. Many of them are my friends.”

I sighed at that thought. “Your modeling friends are pretty wild, Taylor.”

“It’s a Fourth of July barbecue, Johnny. How wild could it get? Besides, we don’t have any set plans for tomorrow and I think you’d have… well, a LOT of fun.” Taylor’s eyes smoldered purple again.

I read something extra in her eyes. “Taylor,” I said warningly. “Is this a barbecue… or an orgy?”

Taylor pouted and moved in a little closer to my chest. She was going into full on seductive mode and her eyes swiveled up to look at me through her long bangs. “Well, maybe a little of both. C’mon, Johnny. I haven’t been to a models party since before we got serious.”

Inwardly, I sighed. It wasn’t like I needed the sex. I had my “harem”. But Taylor looked really eager and she hadn’t had a boy-toy for quite a while. I knew she missed some aspects of her old modeling life before me and for that reason alone, I felt like going along. Best not to try and trap a tigress like Taylor. If I bottled her up too long, she’d find a way to bust out at some point.

“But… if Ashlyn’s doing the inviting, that means Dean will be there, too.”

Taylor waggled her head. “Yeah. But come on, it’s not like he’s going to come on to you. We’ve got a deal: he’s off-limits to me and Ashlyn’s off-limits to you. I won’t let him touch me, I swear.”

I sighed. “Okay. What time do you want to be there?”

Taylor just giggled and kissed me.


It was a warm summer afternoon when Taylor and I stepped out of the Maybach. The Southampton estate wasn’t far from our place, and I took comfort in the fact that home was only a short hop away if I wanted to remove Taylor from Martin Dean’s evil clutches.

We were led to the backyard patio where the grill was running and about forty people were assembled. I immediately noted that the majority of the people I saw were women, at least a 2 to 1 ratio. I also noted that while a few of the men were over 40, not one of the women appeared to be older than 30. Taylor was possibly the oldest female there. And of those women, they ALL looked like models. Some of them were in sheer summer dresses. Some of them were playing in the pool and wearing tiny bikinis. And some of them had gotten out of the pool, walking around wearing nothing but their tiny bikinis while their hair slicked back and beads of water dotted their cleavage.

I immediately felt a stirring in my groin looking at all the beautiful flesh around me. I was beginning to understand what Taylor meant when she said I’d have a LOT of fun.

I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised given the attendees, but despite the official occasion being a barbecue, there weren’t many people eating. I picked up a nice hunk of dead cow for myself, but Taylor contented herself to nibble tiny bits of my steak while drinking a Cosmo.

“Jonathan Kwong! So good of you to make it!” An early-forties man with dark hair graying at the temples came up and shook my hand, his Italian accent quite thick. I vaguely recognized him from my prior life, when I was Taylor’s occasional fuckbuddy. He was a fashion designer, one of the few straight ones. And his specialty was expensive lingerie.

“Hello, Giorgio. Thank you for hosting us.”

“My pleasure,” he beamed and held his hands open in a welcoming gesture. “When Ashlyn, the goddess herself, asked to bring a friend I was immediately intrigued. When she said it was the beautiful Taylor Brynn,” Giorgio turned and kissed my wife’s hand, “I was honored that you might join us.”

A look passed between the designer and Taylor that set off a warning in the back of my head. But then Giorgio was back to talking to me. “I must admit, I am so happy to have a real WOMAN grace us with her presence.”

He leaned in and whispered conspiratorially and waved across the crowd. “So many models nowadays are just flat sticks and bones. No curves. No… meloni…” He mimed cupping breasts on his own chest, and I was pretty sure ‘meloni’ translated to melons. A fitting attitude for a lingerie designer.

I had to admit he had a point. At least half of the women fit the “high-fashion model” stereotype, tall Olive Oyl prototypes. But at least the other half seemed to be capable lingerie models. Giorgio’s eyes lingered once again over my wife, who blushed at the attention.

That little green warning in the back of my head went off again. Taylor and I had an open relationship. She’d screwed other men, purely for the fun and thrill of sex. Most guys I didn’t have a problem with. Some I became friendly with, like Jeff and Jeremy. But some guys just oozed “slimeball” to me. Giorgio tripped that slimeball radar in my head.

A look passed once again between the designer and my wife. His eyes flared as if he were recalling a memory. But then Giorgio turned and excused himself to move onto other guests.

When he was gone, I leaned in to Taylor and asked softly, “Did you…?”

She turned and caught the expression in my eyes. For a moment she looked ashamed. “Once. It was a long time ago, Johnny.”

Her eyes searched my face while I soaked in that little tidbit of information. After I paused for too long, she asked with concern, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah. No big deal. We’re here to party, right?” I tried to shrug off my momentarily jealousy and instead focused my energy on the crowd. I scanned the guys to see if any others popped out to me as being unsavory types. Out of the fifteen or so, there were only a couple, and I knew enough about my wife to know she’d recognize them too. And besides, there were more than a few women I wouldn’t mind becoming more intimately familiar with myself.

Taylor seemed to relax as we started mingling with her friends. I grabbed another drink and felt the smooth alcohol start numbing away my concerns. And soon I got into the rhythm of social flirting once again.

One of the girls, a stunning Eurasian named Maile, kept trying to pull off Taylor’s summer dress and insist she join them in the pool. But Taylor waved them off, explaining that we hadn’t planned to get wet during this party and we hadn’t brought our suits.

“Who says we need suits?” Maile waggled her eyebrows. But eventually she stopped trying to drag us into the pool and just hung around to flirt with us. And with a sharp-mind and quick wit, she was *quite* fun to flirt with.

I’d met her once, years before. A light-skinned Hawaiian, born to a Swede father and Chinese mother, she’d gotten the best of both worlds with an angelic face and the physical height and curves few Asians could match. Her big tits swelled the thin fabric of her bikini. And I KNOW she deliberately leaned forward as she stood chest-deep in the pool so that I had a perfect angle to ogle her round melons.

Her Czech friend Milena was quite the looker herself, with sharp cheekbones and dainty facial features. Her tits weren’t anything spectacular, typical of a high- fashion model. Her light blonde hair was sleekly sticking to her scalp and down her neck, adding to her angular look. And when she got out of the pool on the opposite side to retrieve her purse and clothes, I had a spectacular view of her top-shelf ass and long, long legs.

Milena came around to sit with Taylor and me while Maile seemed content to remain in the water. It took me a few minutes to notice the game M&M (Taylor’s nickname for them) were playing. Milena would flirt and get my attention, often by touching my arm or leg. Maile would then be free to stare unabashedly at my crotch from her position in the pool. And when I did finally catch her, I made it a point to stare straight at Milena and chat with her while spreading my legs to the sides for Maile’s viewing pleasure.

My cock was getting hard from the flirtatious attention, and I thought this might be what a girl feels when exposing herself to someone. I had to admit, it was a little rush of power.

One time, a pair of exotic looking lingerie models slinked up to me and leaned forward subtly, shoving their tits in my face. “Hey handsome,” the one on the left said. “You’re Jonathan Kwong, aren’t you?”

I nodded and we chatted for about thirty seconds before one of them, while playing with her hair, not so subtly asked if I wanted to take them back to my house for a more private party. Taylor just cut in with a venomous, “Back off *bitch*.”

When the girls beat a hasty retreat, Maile rolled her eyes. “Those two are serial gold-diggers.”

I shrugged. “I’m used to it. Marrying Taylor cut down on a lot of the unwanted attention, though.”

“Well,” Maile leaned in and started rubbing my arm. “I’m not after your money. I just want your cock, okay?”

Taylor laughed, I blushed, and then Milena started rubbing my other arm. And as our conversation continued, with Taylor flirting with the girls just as much as I was, I began to wonder just how far this party would go. After all, when I asked if it was a barbecue or orgy, Taylor had said it was a little of both.

And I wouldn’t have minded getting into M&M’s bikinis.

But before anything *really* naughty happened, some of our other friends arrived.

“Ooh, there’s Kate and her boyfriend.” Taylor got my attention and I turned to look. The willowy blonde was on the arm of a strikingly handsome man with a decidedly Mediterranean appearance. His golden tan and thick, dark hair oozed powerful masculinity, and I saw two nearby women immediately checking him out.

Kate saw us and immediately started heading in our direction. Taylor opened her arms and the girls exchanged air kisses while the boyfriend and I sized each other up.

The blonde looked so excited and happy and she gleefully began the introductions. “Taylor, Johnny, this is my boyfriend Stavros.”

Then she gestured to us, “Stavros, this is my friend Taylor and Jonathan Kwo…” Her voice trailed off as without another word, Stavros walked off mid-introduction. He made a beeline for the two high-fashion models who’d been checking him out earlier. And within seconds, he’d turned on the charm and was talking and joking with them. Kate looked forlornly after her boyfriend as her face fell.

I wasn’t too surprised. Stavros had set off my “slimeball” radar as soon as we set eyes on each other.

“Hey, don’t worry about it,” Taylor said warmly as she wrapped her arm around Kate. “Let’s go meet up with our friends.”


We all hung out and chatted. Kate and M&M were already well-acquainted, and all the girls immediately launched into their usual model-gossip. And I suppose the four gorgeous women in a pocket together were too much to resist, because we soon had more and more guys coming over to say ‘hi’.

One pair, Mikhail (Mickey) and Nikolay (Nicky), were Russian fashion models, with the muscular physiques to match. I worked out regularly and considered myself pretty good-looking, but for a brief second I felt a little inadequate next to their sculpted bodies. Both men still wore oversized sunglasses despite the dimming light.

Personally, I thought they were dumb as bricks and absolutely ridiculous. Their English sucked and their accents were thick enough that I’m not really sure we were having the same conversation. For example, one of the girls would say,” I heard you did a shoot in Milan.” And one of the Russian boys would answer, “No, Grey Goose is shit. We only drink Stoli.”

But whatever the miscommunication, the boys eventually took their shades off and started making suggestive glances to all the girls. Taylor ate it up and she quickly had both men standing around her while she flirted back with glee, with Kate doing her best to keep up as well.

I felt no green warning in the back of my head. The Russian boys had clear sexual interested in my wife, but they weren’t slimeballs. So I contented myself to chat with M&M. Maile had gotten out of the pool and was actually sitting in my lap, claiming that we were out of chairs. I idly let my hand rub along her leg and at one point, mimed sucking on the tit she was shoving into my face.

Maile laughed and then pulled the thin fabric aside, baring her dark nipple. But when I actually leaned in to suckle it, she put her boob away and then waved her finger at me like I was being naughty.

I smiled. There was still a lot of party left to go.


At sundown, the party was in full swing and Ashlyn and Dean still hadn’t arrived. I was starting to hope they would never come and Taylor and I could just enjoy the party without worrying about them.

Almost the minute after the sun disappeared completely over the horizon, the first set of fireworks whistled into the sky. All eyes immediately went up to track the sound and we were rewarded with explosions of color as the grand display began just off the coast.

I was rather impressed. Rather than just a hodgepodge of fireworks going off, Giorgio had put together a beautiful display. The fireworks show went on for a good ten minutes, obvious symmetry and timing going into the whole show to make it spectacular.

“Isn’t it amazing?” A female voice sounded off next to me towards the tail end. I turned to see coppery red hair, illuminated even more brilliantly by the riot of red fireworks that went off just then.

“Ashlyn!” Taylor cheered over the noise when she realized her friend had arrived. The two women hugged and then immediately turned their eyes skyward again to finish out the fireworks display.

When it was over, the house lights came back on and I turned to see that Ashlyn and Dean were standing nearby to us.

“John, good to see you,” Dean immediately stepped forward to shake my hand.

“Marty,” I replied guardedly, but politely shook his hand. But I didn’t let go of it immediately. We stared back and forth at each other for a few moments, gripping our hands tightly, and I felt a twitch wanting to start in the corner of my eye.

Our respective ladies were oblivious to our exchange. “Get a drink with me?” Ashlyn asked.

“Sure!” Taylor immediately stepped away with her friend.

Dean released my hand first. “So, how’s business?” His tone was casual.

“It’s good, it’s good.” I sighed and swallowed my pride. “Good job on that Richardson deal. It was a brilliant move.”

“Thank you. No hard feelings?” He arched an eyebrow at me.

“Well, I’ll admit I wanted to gut you like a fish when it happened, but business is business. It took some moxie to leverage yourself out like that. Could have been disastrous if things didn’t go perfectly.”

“Well,” Dean chuckled. “SOME of us don’t have your resources.”

I didn’t really know how to respond to that. But in the extra second it took me to come up with an answer, Kate showed up. “Hey Marty. Have you seen Stavros?”

The blonde looked seriously concerned and Marty stuttered for a second before answering, “Sorry, Kate, but no. Ashlyn and I just got here.”

Put out, Kate huffed, “Okay. Thanks anyways.” And then she continued circling around the crowd hunting for her boyfriend.

Stuck with the situation until our ladies returned, I turned to face the crowd as well. “Quite the party here.”

“Yeah,” Dean answered. “Only the second one, myself. I gotta say, Giorgio always has the *best* pussy hanging around him at all times.”

It was a crass statement, but I had to admit he was right. Very rarely had I ever seen such a collection of beauty in one place.

Just then, a hollering and commotion started up in the pool, drawing our attention. Two couples were chicken fighting, the two women on top clawing at each other while young, strapping men beneath them staggered to maintain their balance. Dean got a devilish grin on his face and then a second later, I saw it too. The girls weren’t trying to wrestle each other off their perches. Each was trying to strip off the other girl’s bikini.

A few seconds later, one of them won, and a dark-eyed brunette with big tits was soon screaming and laughing at herself while pretending to try and cover up her nipples. Other partygoers around the pool just started cheering while the brunette soaked up the attention.

“This is getting kind of wild,” I remarked.

“THIS is wild?” Dean gave me a look. “John, do you know what you’re getting yourself into tonight?”


Taylor and Ashlyn returned with their drinks while I was still evaluating Dean’s question. Ashlyn rolled her eyes when she saw the pool. “Alessandra’s always the first one. I’ll bet she took off her own bikini this time.”

Taylor just laughed and we watched the next chicken fight start up. But a few seconds after that got started, a loud voice complained behind us. “He’s a FUCKING asshole!”

We turned to see Kate stomping up to us, tears already in her eyes. Ashlyn and Taylor immediately went to comfort their friend. Ashlyn asked, “What happened?”

“Stavros!” Kate yelled. “He’s in a bedroom having a threesome with those two-bit bimbos!”

Taylor and Ashlyn exchanged glances, communicating something without words. “Katie, honey,” Taylor said softly. “This IS a *party*.” She emphasized the word ‘party’ as if it carried an extra significance.

“But he promised,” Kate whined. “He promised he’d stay with me tonight. And less than five seconds after we showed up he already took off without me!”

“Shh…” Ashlyn tried to soothe her friend, putting an arm around the blonde. “Come on. Hang out with us for a while and we’ll all have a good time, okay?”

Kate looked up at Dean and then me. Her brown eyebrows and dark eyes were a striking contrast to her platinum blonde hair. Even upset, she was quite pretty. Then she looked at Ashlyn and nodded, stifling her tears. “Okay.”

Taylor and Ashlyn huddled around Kate. Dean and I just looked at each other and shrugged. The girls would handle it. In the meantime, two more bikini tops had come off in the pool, and we both looked over to enjoy the view. It turned out, we got even more of a show than we’d been expecting as Alessandra, the first brunette to lose her top, was cuddled up naked with the dirty blonde she’d been fighting, the two beautiful women kissing madly with lots of tongue and roaming hands.

A moan beside me brought my attention back and I turned just in time to see Ashlyn and Kate’s lips come together, the taller redhead kissing softly while stroking the blonde’s cheeks tenderly.

“Come on,” Ashlyn said loud enough for everyone. “Let’s go find Reggie and get naked.”

Kate broke into a smile, Dean grinned, and Taylor quickly looked at me with a ‘come on’ kind of hopeful expression. They started moving off and with curiosity, I followed.

Our group of five circled the back patio and eventually came to a corner by the grill. Ashlyn immediately went up to a skinny but well-built guy in a staff uniform. “Hiiii… Reggie,” Ashlyn said playfully.

“Oh, no, girlfriend. You’re five minutes early,” the staffer held up a hand and shook it back and forth, his limp wrist and overly articulated speech marking him as a FLAMING gay man.

“Aww, come on, Reggie. Kate here needs cheering up.”

“She’ll live another five minutes. I don’t want to get in trouble with the boss. Besides,” Reggie turned to appraise me and Dean. “With such fiiine examples of man meat, you don’t need what I’ve got to get into the mood.”

I felt a twinge of uncomfortability playing along my spine as Reggie looked at me the way I’m sure I’ve stared at a gorgeous woman from time to time.

But then Ashlyn interrupted and pointed across the patio. “Well THERE!” she said victoriously. “Giorgio’s already getting started!”

“Oh, whatever, fine,” Reggie waggled both of his hands up around his shoulders. Then he turned behind him and came up with what looked like a large, round mirror with a hemispherical food cover on top of it. I half-expected there to be sushi or caviar hidden beneath it.

But then Reggie set the whole thing onto a table and grabbed the handle, lifting it away to reveal a mound of fine white powder. Ashlyn and Kate giggled, and Taylor swiveled her eyes to gauge my reaction. I leaned forward and thought, ‘Is that what I think it is?’

Just then, Reggie produced a razor and a slender glass tube. Ashlyn took both and immediately started sectioning off some of the white powder, using the razor to form a series of five parallel lines. And as my eyes opened wide in shock, Ashlyn put the glass tube to her nostril and promptly inhaled a line.

“Oh, FUCK, yeah!” she stood up, her eyes as wide as mine and a goofy grin spreading across her face.

Ashlyn handed the tube to Kate while looking at Reggie. “You always hoard the best shit, Reggie.”

“I try, girlfriend,” he bowed theatrically.

I’d had cocaine just once, in college. I was bored, I was with friends, and I thought ‘What the hell?’ The exhilaration was phenomenal, but by the next day, I had neither the access to more nor the money to buy it even if I had access. I considered it worth the one try just for experimentation’s sake and left it at that. I had many other ways of making myself happy that were far more legal.

And while I was getting over my shock at seeing the illegal stimulant, Dean bumped a line and then handed the tube to Taylor. She took one long look at me, looking for any sign of reproach. But there was none. I was still too surprised.

And so my wife expertly bent down and inhaled a line, leaving only one left for me. “Oh, shit,” Taylor stood up, wide-eyed and slightly wobbly. “I haven’t done that in YEARS.”

I was fairly certain she hadn’t done it since we’d gotten together and she’d mostly exited the modeling social scene. Almost casually, my wife turned and proffered the tube.

For a second I panicked and looked around. Then I saw what Ashlyn had been referring to earlier. Giorgio was seated at a circle of patio chairs with seven beautiful women around him. A similar mirrored tray was on the coffee table in the middle of them, and the girls were going around bumping up. By the pool was another tray, where Alessandra and others were chatting animatedly and taking their turns. And a fourth group was closer to the house. Indeed, other partygoers were coming up behind my companions as they realized the party was REALLY getting started.

“Come on, Johnny,” Taylor re-held out the tube. “Have you ever done this before?”

“Aww, a coke virgin,” Ashlyn giggled.

“Come on, man,” Dean said challengingly. “You don’t want to chicken out in front of the girls.”

For a moment I felt like I was in high school again, under intense peer pressure. But I was a man now: a powerful, rich man with a reputation. And the more I thought about it, the more I accepted my situation. This WAS a model’s party. I’d not only heard the stories, but I’d met Taylor’s friends before.

What was the worst that could happen?

I shrugged and took the glass tube from Taylor, then bent down and mimicked the others. I felt the first burn as the powder flew up my nose, and almost immediately I felt a spike of adrenaline course through my body. “Holy SHIT,” I gasped as I stood up.

Taylor slipped her hand into mine and smiled. “Ready to ROCK?”


My entire body was tingling. I was giddy and happy and yet felt totally in control of my motor skills, with none of the fuzzy edges of feeling drunk. I felt like I could do anything, with no limits. And as I looked around the party, I started craving hot pussy. My inhibitions melted away, and without a second thought I started pulling off my shirt.

And yet, even with the drug, my conscience wasn’t entirely gone. So when Ashlyn began to slide up towards me with a sultry model’s walk, crossing over with her feet with every step, I immediately held my hand up in an obvious stop gesture.

The stunning redhead frowned but stopped, and I looked over at Taylor. “We have a deal, right?” I asked my wife.

Taylor nodded quickly and turned to her friend. “Sorry, Ash. Johnny’s off-limits.”

“What? You won’t share?” Ashlyn pouted. “But it’s a party! And we’re supposed to be good friends!”

“We are. And good friends don’t try to steal the other’s man. I’m sorry Ash, but it WOULD make me jealous. You can play with everyone else. I thought I saw Alex here.”

“Oh, but Taylor… sweetie,” Dean cut in. “What about me?”

Taylor shrugged. “Sorry, Marty. You’re the other half of the deal. But don’t worry, I *think* the ratio works in your favor here.” She waved her arm expansively over the half-naked modeling crowd.

Ashlyn looked to be getting really angry as she stared at me with undisguised lust. “But… but… Oh, COME ON. Then what was the POINT in inviting you guys? Argh!” She threw her head back and then stalked away. Dean quickly went after her. Kate kind of smiled at us in embarrassment, but then she turned to follow her best friend.

“Don’t worry about them,” a sultry voice sounded off behind me and I started to turn around. “Ashlyn’s all looks and no skills. She’d think you’d be honored just to be inside of her and then expect you to do all the work.”

I came face to face with Maile, the gorgeous Eurasian lingerie model who’d been trying to get Taylor into the pool earlier. She’d lost her bikini top and her big, firm tits were capped with dark nipples that were just begging to be sucked.

“But me?” Maile continued. “All I want is to show you pleasure.” Her eyes glowed and she vibrated with an energy that could have been purely sexual but probably had a bit of blow in it.

“Maile? Are you seducing my husband?” Taylor turned and smiled.

“Absolutely,” the gorgeous woman replied.

“Where’s Milena?” Taylor continued.

“Back by the pool. Think your husband feels like playing with us tonight?”

Taylor took one look at my open drooling over Maile’s fantastic body. “I think that’s a ‘yes’.”

Minutes later, I found myself reclining on a plush cushion atop an absolutely huge blanket laying over the finely trimmed grass. The surface was as firm as a putting green but soft and giving like a mattress. I tilted my head back to gaze at the infinite stars of the night sky. And meanwhile, I had a gorgeous Hawaiian babe with my dick in her mouth.

Two feet to my left, Taylor was similarly reclined on a cushion identical to mine while Milena, the gorgeous Czech blonde, had her tongue shoved into my wife’s snatch.

And five feet to my right, Alessandra, the big-titted brunette, had a young stud laying atop her missionary-style, thrusting away with a thick cock while she squeaked constantly.

I wondered again how I’d found myself in this situation. Just when I thought I’d seen every curveball my new inherited life could throw at me, something new came up. But I had resolved myself not to be overwhelmed by my life. I’d take each new situation and each new challenge as they came and confront them head-on.

So with that juiced-up energy in my limbs, I resolved to take charge of this night for myself. Maile was a proficient cocksucker, but I wanted MORE.

I sat up, quickly, and when Maile looked up at me, I reached down to pull her up my body. When her face became level with mine, her almond eyes brimming with lust, I rolled us over, causing Maile to shriek. And before she could react, with a husky growl I pulled her head to the side and bent my lips to her neck. I was half- biting her as I gnawed at her skin and moved my hands to pin her arms back.

Maile moaned erotically beneath me as my lips tickled her sensitive nerves and while my mouth moved along her shoulder, my hips settled between her legs.

“Fuck me,” Maile growled.

I was only too ready to comply. And while continuing to pin her arms back, I aimed with my hips and settled the head of my cock against her wet entrance. And just when I started to lean into her, Maile bucked her hips up and swallowed half my dick inside of her.

“Ohhh…” I groaned at the sensations, the cocaine buzz only heightening the feelings. And as her hips retracted back to the blanket, I went with her and impaled my cock to the hilt.

At almost the same time, Taylor moaned ecstatically, and I glanced to the right to see her legs wrap around the blonde’s head as she whimpered, “Milena! Milena! Oh you’re so *fucking good*!”

A second later, Alessandra screamed as she came, and then her man was groaning as he shoved in a final time and I watched his ass twitching as he was obviously filling up the busty brunette with his spunk.

I didn’t even know these people. It was all just so surreal. But the tight pussy wrapped around my cock was very real. And as Maile pulled her legs back until she formed a letter ‘M’, I drilled into the middle point of that letter, my cock making squishing sounds as I pistoned in and out of her dripping box.

Taylor and Milena switched into a sixty-nine while I was fucking Maile. And a different stud was now drilling Alessandra while a skinny blonde was shoving her crotch into Alessandra’s face.

I returned my gaze to the gorgeous girl beneath me. She looked so young, maybe 20 even though she was more like 24. And as I looked further around, I realized just about everyone nearby was younger than me. It was the modeling world, meant for those at their physical primes.

Alessandra seemed in her early-20s as well. The blonde in her face still seemed to be a teenager. And the two redheads further in front of me looked to be eighteen as well, and twins to boot.

And I could fuck them all if I wanted to. With that ego-centric concept in mind, and the buzzing energy in my system, I felt like a god.

I relocated my hands to Maile’s hips and bent my head to suckle at her bouncing nipples. With the new grip, I was able to really pound the shit out of her, and with my increased energy I was maintaining a hammering pace far longer than I thought possible.

“Fuck me! So good! So good! Fuck me! Fuck me!” the busty Hawaiian moaned.

Soon after, the beautiful Eurasian girl clutched me to her bosom and came, dumping her girl honey out around my cock as her feet clamped behind my ass and held me tightly.

Once she finished, without a second thought I pulled out and moved over to Taylor. She was still sixty-nining with Milena. The blonde Czech didn’t have much in the chest department, but she had a dynamite ass, an ass that was currently pointed at me while she crouched over Taylor’s head.

My wife saw me approaching and for a second she looked to take my cock into her mouth. But I waved her off and instead grabbed onto Milena’s ass just above Taylor’s face.

Milena went stiff at the unexpected touch but then she started moaning into Taylor’s pussy while I began feeding my dick into hers. The blonde went still, soaking in every sensation of every ridge penetrating into her tight pussy. And when I was fully embedded, she let out a low sigh and then turned around to look at me.

“Shit Taylor. Your husband has a thick cock!” Milena gasped with her sultry accent.

“I know…” Taylor mumbled and then went back to tonguing the blonde’s clit while I began pumping.

The blonde girl who’d been sitting on Alessandra’s face was now between the brunette’s legs, slurping out the cum of the two men who’d nutted inside her. One of those men was kneeling next to Alessandra’s head, getting a reviving blowjob.

The redhead twins had also tracked down a new guy and were giving him a double-blowjob that was certainly blowing his mind.

And Maile was still trying to recover from her incredible orgasms. Her tongue came out and she lapped slowly at her own lips, trying to sit up. “Good lord, Taylor,” Maile exclaimed. “Your husband is an amazing fuck!”

“I know…” This time both Milena and Taylor said it at the same time while I rammed myself harder and harder into Milena’s tight twat. With Taylor’s tongue on her clit and my insistent shafting of her, the Czech blonde didn’t last long. Her back suddenly clenched up and I looked down to see her butt clenching as well as the orgasm swept through her body.

I did my best just to hold onto those tight cheeks while I kept pushing through the constriction, and when she finally loosened her inner muscles I found myself about to blow.

“Urgh,” I groaned as I regrettably pulled out of Milena’s wonderful pussy. Taylor was immediately ready as she seized my prick in her hand and aimed it down into her mouth. And as my wife’s lips worked my little head and her hand jerked my rod, I began unloading wave after wave of cum into her mouth. And as I watched her throat collapsing and refilling while she swallowed me down, I grinned in satisfaction

After I finished pouring my jism into Taylor’s mouth, I backed off and sat on my haunches to cool down. Even though I’d just finished some pretty aggressive fucking, I still felt the chemical buzz that had me ready for more.

As for Taylor, she’d swallowed like a pro, but I had quite the wad this time around, and some of it leaked out of her mouth. Milena was quick to turn around and lick it up from Taylor’s cheeks, and I let an amused smile come onto my face as I watched the two hot babes swapping what sperm they had between their lips.

Meanwhile, a staff member bearing a mirrored tray came and knelt beside Maile. Quickly, her eyes popped open and she moved to take the proffered glass tube. One bump later, Maile was re-wired and ready to go.

The blonde girl and the stud left Alessandra to snort some more themselves, with Alessandra herself following soon after. A few other people around us also went to bump up again. Two minutes later, the stud was fucking the blonde and Alessandra was getting drilled doggy-style by a third different guy.

Taylor and Milena slid over, bumping their lines and then letting me go in and get my second snort of blow. And then Maile was beside us, holding the hand of a very young girl who looked fifteen, who looked nervously at the line of coke Maile was making for her.

“Are you sure it’s okay?” she asked in a quiet voice.

“Jenna, don’t be nervous. We’ve all just done it.”

The young girl with honey blonde hair put on a brave face, took the glass tube, and slowly inhaled a line. She came up coughing, holding her head dizzily for a second.

“There… was that so bad?”

Slowly, Jenna thought about it and then shook her head.

Surprisingly, Maile reached out and grabbed my wrist. Turning to the young girl, she asked, “You know the best part about blow? The sex is AMAZING.”

Jenna looked at Maile first and then at me.

Maile asked, “You wanna go for a ride?”

Jenna looked at me and I looked at Taylor, who shrugged and tilted her head toward the girl.

Then the honey blonde nodded ‘yes’.

“Lay back, Johnny,” Taylor took immediate charge of the situation. Milena helped direct me onto my back and then bent to inhale my cock and bring it from half- hard to full-blown erection.

Meanwhile, Maile was whispering encouragement into Jenna’s ear, and the young girl was starting to loosen up as she felt the buzz coursing through her body and her chest flushed with arousal.

Soon I was hard and then Maile was helping the girl into position, straddling my hips. “Be gentle,” Maile warned and then she held my dick upright in her hand.

I nodded. But then a niggling worry in the back of my head went off at how delicately the other girls were treating the situation. I knew the world of high- fashion went out of its way to pick girls who only “looked” underage, but with her baby face and slight figure, this one was pushing credulity. “How old are you Jenna?”

She blinked for a second or two before slowly saying, “Eight… eighteen.” And then she stared at me for a few more seconds to study me, her eyes piercing through her heavy black eyeliner.

Jenna was probably on the high-fashion track. She was tall and slender and her breasts were small, perky little mounds. There was no trace of hair on her pussy lips as she spread herself over my cock, and her large eyes made her seems so fragile and innocent. I wasn’t entirely sure I believed her age, but as she began to lower her pussy lips around my cock, I ceased to care.

My eyes rolled up in my head and I leaned back while inwardly concentrating on the sensations coming from my dick. Jenna was TIGHT. She was so tight, I couldn’t even get my mushroom head into her.

“Hang on, she’s a little dry,” Maile commented and then I felt Jenna lifting off me. Soon Jenna was seated nearby with her knees up and spread to the sides while Maile ate her out.

The dry comment set off an alarm inside me and when I sat up, I immediately got Jenna’s attention. “You okay?”

She nodded quickly, her mouth open as she panted lightly.

“Don’t worry, Johnny,” Taylor reassured while stroking my cock to maintain my erection. “Coke does that sometimes.”

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked Jenna with concern, not yet believing my wife.

Jenna panted softly while Maile’s tongue worked her over, and she focused her gaze on me. I recognized the look: the wild-eyed lust of a woman on cocaine. I’d seen it in Maile and I’d seen it in Taylor. I was pretty sure the drug couldn’t create lust out of thin air, but it certainly made a girl horny and reduced her inhibitions. And after a minute, Jenna pushed Maile’s head away and then moved herself to start straddling me again.

Taylor was still stroking my cock and now held it up. This time, while Jenna was still INCREDIBLY tight, she was able to slide around my head and after that it was just a matter of pressure and time before she had me fully buried in her teenaged twat.

“Ohhh…” Jenna moaned happily. And once fully seated, Maile turned Jenna’s head to hers and started kissing the young girl while Milena settled onto the young blonde’s other side and began sucking on the girl’s nipples.

I just lay there and enjoyed feeling the tight pussy.

About then, Taylor exclaimed, “Mickey! Nicky!”

I turned to see Mikhail and Nikolay waltzing up. Fully naked, the Russian boys looked like replicas of Adonis, and their cocks were still red from whatever fucking they had just finished. The two guys grinned at each other as Taylor jumped up eagerly, and soon she was kneeling between them, jerking both shafts and alternating which one she took into her mouth.

I shook my head, chuckling at my wife’s eagerness, and accepted that she was going to have her fun. Besides, with three gorgeous women writhing on top of my body, I had no moral grounds for complaint.

Speaking of which, the girls were getting much more aggressive in our sexplay. Jenna was really getting into our fucking and she was pistoning her light body up and down rapidly and rotating herself clockwise. She was whimpering the whole while, her voice squeaking every time her tight pussy came all the way down to my crotch. The pressure on my cock was almost painful, but I wouldn’t have asked her to stop for the world. She also had one hand in Maile’s crotch, and the tanned Eurasian was returning the favor, rubbing Jenna’s clit and french kissing the girl hotly.

Meanwhile, Milena had relocated herself onto my face. I let Jenna use me like a piece of meat and instead focused on gripping Milena’s toned thighs and driving her pussy onto my tongue and lips.

We were a riot of wet slapping sounds and licking noises and breathy whimpers:




“Ungh! Ungh!”

“Oh! Mmm!”

Having already cum recently, I figured I could hold out for a while, especially since I wasn’t actively thrusting into Jenna to find my own release. So when Milena squealed and came, she dismounted my face and I still had plenty of more energy to go.

Off to my right, I saw that Mickey (or was it Nicky?) was drilling Taylor doggy- style while she swallowed the other Russian’s cock. From the silly grin on my wife’s face, I knew she was having a really good time. Given the ratio in my household, it was rare she got two live, throbbing dicks at the same time.

Then Jenna stopped bouncing on my cock, regaining my attention. Maile whispered something into Jenna’s ear, and when the teen nodded, she helped Jenna off my dick. Then the young blonde scooted forward along my torso, pausing to kiss me and giggle. She looked like she was going to keep moving, but after tasting Milena on my face, Jenna paused and licked some more of the nectar off my lips which culminated in a passionate kiss.

However young she might be, Jenna was a GOOD kisser. She had just the right softness and pressure while her tongue darted into my mouth. I let my fingertips run across her cheeks, and I was amazed at how smooth and pliable her skin felt. Dirty, dirty thoughts went through my head as I locked lips with the teenager. But then I felt sudden warmth around my cock and I broke the kiss to see that Maile had re-impaled herself on my dick.

Jenna smiled when she saw and then she moved to straddle my head. I gazed lustfully at the hairless pussy so recently stretched my by shaft, her pink pussy lips slightly irritated from the fucking. And then I dove in, tasting what I already knew would be deliciously sweet honey.

I managed to get both Jenna and Maile off one more time. The coke running in my veins still had my body tingling, but the effect was starting to wear off and with it, my urge to cum was abating.

But right then, a staff member came by with the now-familiar mirrored tray. Maile was off my dick in a flash, cutting out lines, and both she and Milena bumped up again.

Jenna and I were waiting our turn when Mickey roared loud enough to get our attention and then pulled out of Taylor’s pussy. In a flash, Nicky was kneeling next to him and I winced and turned away just before Nicky started swallowing Mickey’s load.


Taylor was sitting back, grinning and wiping up a glob of Nicky’s cum from her own lips. She saw the look on my face and then just started laughing.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and then Jenna was handing me the glass tube, the wild-eyed coke expression already on her face. I bumped up and then Jenna promptly tackled me, shoving her tongue into my mouth and aggressively trying to throw me around. It was such an amazing transformation from initially nervous and reticent young girl into crazed nymphomaniac.

Eventually, Jenna rolled up onto all fours and wiggled her ass at me. My cock was rock hard again as a chemical buzz poured through my veins, amping my lust. With shaft in hand, I moved behind her and pushed my dickhead into her tight little pussy from behind. She moaned and started bucking back at me, and with a few short thrusts of my own I was once again buried to the hilt.

Energetically wired, we then started pounding away at each other, and in a high- pitched girlish voice, Jenna began a repeatedly litany of, “Fuck me! Harder! Fuck me! Harder! Fuck me! Harder!”

I was going as hard as I could. And with the coke, I was keeping this pace a lot LONGER than I’d expected. By the time I was done abusing Jenna’s little body, she wouldn’t be able to stretch her legs for a week. But she took it all.

And as I held her little ass in my hands, a VERY dirty thought came to mind. I leaned over her back and while Jenna was whimpering beneath my assault, I whispered. “I’m gonna fuck your ass…”

“Ohhh….” Jenna whimpered and just wriggled her butt against my crotch even harder.

I pulled out and Jenna stilled her hips. I raised my angle and put my cockhead to her little pucker. And then suddenly, Milena was beside us and spreading Jenna’s asscheeks for me. And I started pushing.

“Ungh… no!” Jenna whined.

I stopped immediately. But then Jenna wiggled her butt at me and Milena nodded reassuringly, so I started pushing forward once again. A keening moan started coming out of Jenna as I stretched her sphincter. I’d been in some tight asses and even a virgin ass or two. But nothing was as hard to push through as this young girl. She was probably 5’8″, but she had the waist of someone 4’8″ and the proportionally narrow hips to match.

Finally, the head popped through and I stopped to catch my breath.

“Don’t!” Jenna wailed and then panted, “Stop!”

I went rigid. Even Milena looked up. And then, even though the heat of Jenna’s ass felt so incredibly good, I started pulling out.

“No, don’t!” Jenna shrieked and I went rigid again.

She finally seemed to realize her poor word choice and clarified, “Don’t pull out! Fuck my ass! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Fuck my ass!”

I rolled my eyes in annoyance and then with a brutal grip on Jenna’s waist, I drove every inch of my dick up her ass in one powerful lunge.

“AAAGGHHH!!!” Jenna screamed.

Maile and Taylor were sixty-nining and shoving fingers into every orifice they could find on each other. But at the scream both girls picked their heads up and looked around. Milena had released her hands from Jenna and backed away as if she didn’t want to be caught touching the screaming girl.

“Don’t stop!” Jenna whined in complaint, reminding me that I’d come to a halt with my dick in her ass when she screamed.

So I started pumping and Jenna cried, “Oh! Oh! Oh!” constantly.

After fucking Jenna’s pussy and then Maile’s pussy and then Jenna’s pussy and now Jenna’s ass, I had pretty much reached the limits of my control. The coke gave me a manic energy and I launched myself in and out of Jenna’s tight anal chute with repeated thrusts. But now, I just wanted to fucking CUM.

I ceased caring about this young girl. If she got off, good for her. But right now, she was just a strange piece of ass, a beautiful girl with a tight anal chute. And I wanted to nut inside it.

So I pounded and I pumped and I stopped listening to a word she said. My eyes were half-slits leaving nothing but my focus on the tight buttcheeks in my hands.

And then at last, the pressure in me released and with a raging yell, I slammed forward and fired blast after blast of cum into Jenna’s clenching asshole. Still yelling, I jerked my hips and coated the young girl’s bowels with more and more creamy jism. And still I kept shooting.

Dimly, I realized that she was screaming too. Whether in pain or pleasure I didn’t know nor care. But when I was done spunking every last drop into Jenna’s teenaged rectum, I simply let go of her hips and let her little body collapse onto the blanket. Her asshole was stretched obscenely wide, and for now, at least, my lust was sated.

A staff member came by with a mirrored tray while I was still kneeling. Still drunk on lust and power, I reached out for the proffered glass tube and bumped up again.

The night still wasn’t over and as Taylor came beside me with a glassy look on her face, I put my arm around her and we both started laughing crazily.

I was Jonathan Kwong… billionaire. I could do whatever the fuck I wanted.

Besides, what was the worst that could happen?


“Come on, honey. Let’s get you cleaned up.” Taylor giggled and hopped to her feet, reaching her hands down to assist me up as well.

I let her help me, but as soon as I was standing I suddenly lifted my gorgeous wife into my arms and kissed her while she laughed gaily.

But when I looked back down, I saw that Jenna wasn’t moving at all. She was sprawled face-down, her limbs askew. Maile was quick to the teenager’s side and for a moment, I started to really worry that I’d hurt the girl. But then Maile started laughing and after getting Milena’s attention, she pointed to Jenna’s face. And still with Taylor in my arms, I circled around to see.

Jenna was unconscious, but she had the biggest smile on her face as she breathed in and out shallowly. Maile turned to me and breathed, “You fuck like a GOD.”

My ego swelled with her comment and I broke out in a shit-eating grin of my own. And so, satisfied that Jenna would be okay, I turned and guided Taylor into the house.

The first bathroom we came across was occupied by a couple fucking in the shower. But we paid them no mind as Taylor cleaned me up using the sink.

As we started walking back out through the house, Taylor was getting frisky again and she constantly interrupted our progress to pull me into a heated kiss and grab my half-hard cock.

“Mm, I need you to fuck me, honey,” she husked after pinning me against the wall in a hallway.

I smiled. I had no problems having sex with my gorgeous wife. But selfishly, I wanted more strange pussy, and I only had a few shots left in me. So I asked, “You need ME to fuck you? Or you need to be fucked?”

I took Taylor’s hand and continued walking her down the hallway in a direction I thought would lead us back out to the patio. “This is a party, baby. You can fuck me anytime you want at home. There’s got to be SOMEONE else around here you wouldn’t mind taking for a ride.”

We turned the corner and stopped right in our tracks. The room we had entered could only be described as a “Great Room”: a huge, oversized-living room with three sets of patio doors out to the backyard. There were an array of couches that pretty much formed two separate conversational areas, and on the group of couches right in front of us were a few familiar faces.

Dean had a slender lingerie-model brunette bent over a chair arm while he drilled her from behind. Somehow, she was still wearing her high heels, but nothing else. And she was bracing her hands on the opposite arm while his hands cupped and massaged her swaying tits.

Ashlyn was sitting straight back on a couch. One high-fashion model was suckling at her perfect tits while another was between her legs, munching furiously.

And Giorgio, our host, was seated on the adjacent couch with four women around him, one of whom appeared to be Kate. And our young platinum blonde friend was currently bobbing her head up and down Giorgio’s horsecock.

And I mean “horsecock”. The damn thing was the largest piece of meat I’d ever seen. Kate had her mouth over the head and both hands around the shaft, with plenty of room left over for her to jerk up and down.

The moment we entered in, Giorgio’s eyes lit up. “The goddess Taylor!” he exclaimed with expressive arms. I think he elbowed one of his girls in the face, but her squeak was lost amongst the other sounds of sex in the room.

“This must be the greatest party of all time. I have the two most beautiful women in the entire world here in my house,” he said ebulliently, pointing explicitly at Ashlyn and my wife with his index fingers.

Then Giorgio started leering at Taylor’s body with obvious lust, and when I turned to look at her, I realized she was staring openly at his dick.

“Are you here to play?” he asked in his thick Italian accent.

I felt a twinge of green in my head, and then my wife turned to look at me. “You asked if there was anyone else I wanted to take for a ride…” she said softly.

My first instinct was to refuse. How the hell could I compete with that monster dick? All my ego-puffing from Jenna was gone now, leaving only my own doubts and insecurities. But as quickly as those thoughts came, they passed. This was a party. I both loved and trusted my wife. And even though Giorgio tripped my “slimeball” radar, I didn’t fear him. Besides, she’d fucked him once before.

So I nodded, and Taylor paused to plant a passionate kiss on me. I wrapped my wife up in my arms and in that single liplock, we exchanged all the love and trust we had inside each other. When she finally pulled away, I had a happy smile on my face and I just turned my wife around to face the wealthy fashion designer.

With a sultry grin, Taylor glided forward, her hips swaying in that perfect model walk. Giorgio himself seemed overjoyed, and he waved his arms to shoo away the other girls.

At first, Kate didn’t want to let go of the man’s big dick, but when Giorgio barked at her, the platinum blonde pouted and then stepped aside. And then all my focus was on my wife and her perky asscheeks as she knelt on the couch to straddle our host’s mammoth cock and then she slowly descended her way down it.

Taylor let out a long moan of satisfaction while Giorgio’s eyes lit up with glee. And I watched as he put his meaty paws on Taylor’s tits while she began to ride him.

Green jealousy did burn inside me, but one thing did catch my attention to melt away some of my inner rage. Even though Giorgio had a tremendously long dick, the extra length apparently wasn’t much use. With every thrust, Taylor had to stop herself with several inches still uncovered, wincing in pain the few times she didn’t quite stop herself in time. And the man didn’t seem to be any thicker than me. So even though he had a longer dick, if the girl couldn’t take it, he might as well not have the extra inches.

I decided to be happy with my good-sized cock that was able to fully penetrate so I could slam my pelvis into a woman’s ass.

Meanwhile, Kate stepped back next to me and started pouting as she watched Taylor riding Giorgio. “What’s wrong?” I turned and asked, having to work a little to be a good listener and not stare at Kate’s beautiful naked body.

“He wouldn’t fuck me,” she waved at our host. “He’d let me blow him for a while and he stuck that weapon in my cunt for a few minutes, but I guess I’m just not good enough for him to fuck me and finish. He came in Ashlyn. He sprayed Natasha’s tits. He’s fucking Taylor. But he wouldn’t finish with me. I should have known; I don’t have the tits to compete.” She mournfully cupped her perky B- cups.

I turned to look at Kate with a confused expression.

She just rolled her eyes. “You don’t get it, do you? Look around you, Johnny. There are more than twice as many girls here for every guy. Sure, a lot of them are lesbians but just about every girl here wants some dick. We’re coked up, we’re horny, and we want to get laid. You may not be watching, but it’s a competition.”


“We’re models. It’s in our nature. You may not care, but we’re keeping count. Ashlyn’s gotten four guys off. Melinda four I think, too; but she’s not doing as many girls.”

“Why is it such a big deal?”

“It’s a hotness meter. I’m just not that hot. Stavros is going to dump me soon. And when he does, I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

“You’ll find another guy.”

“Maybe… that’s why I was hoping Giorgio might like me. Word is he’s looking for a new mistress.”

“Uh, I was thinking more along the lines of finding a new boyfriend, Kate.”

Kate turned to me with a pained expression on her face. Her black eyeliner was running just slightly, and I first noticed that there were tears on her face. “Boyfriend, mistress, it’s all the same, Johnny. I’m just ‘New York’ to Stavros. He’s got girls in San Francisco, London, Madrid, and more stashed away all over the world. Pretty soon, he’s going to dump me and kick me out of the apartment. I *know* it. I need to find somebody new before that happens.”

“Kate, you’ve got friends. You’ll be fine. And you don’t need to make yourself someone’s mistress just to have a roof over your head.”

“What would you know about it, John Billionaire? When was the last time you were broke, hungry, and homeless?”


“Come on, Johnny,” the platinum blonde leaned in and stroked my arm while she batted her long eyelashes at me. She’d gone from bitchy to seductive in a heartbeat. In a husky voice, she asked, “Are you going to take me home and make me your ‘kept woman’?”

I’d started to lean in towards the pretty blonde as she turned seductive, images of the two of us fucking like rabbits swimming in my coked-up head. But when she mentioned “kept woman”, I stiffened up. Sure, I’d played the mistress-game with Kaitlyn and Lindsay, but neither of them were really “kept-women”. It just wasn’t in my nature to actually own sex-slaves. “Uh, no. I don’t do the mistress thing, Kate.”

“Figured.” She sighed and shook her head. “Most of the men here are just poor models, like me. There are only two other men at this party with enough money to keep me. I need to go find them. Excuse me…”

With that, Kate rudely pushed her way past me and out onto the patio.

“Don’t worry about her. She’s just freaking out over nothing,” a sultry voice sounded next to me. I turned to see Ashlyn standing beside me, stunning in her naked glory.

I’d seen her nude once before, but that was from my bedroom window while she was in the jacuzzi with Taylor. And a lot of steam had clouded the view. But now, she was three feet away with nothing between us.

Her tits were… perfect. Her face was gorgeous. Her body was svelte and toned. And her legs went on forever. Her bare pussy had just enough pink labia poking out to bring me to full hardness simply by looking at her. And the smile on her face stirred some VERY naughty thoughts in my head.

“Ooh… you look like you’re ready for another round.” The strikingly beautiful redhead took two steps towards me, and my heart started racing so fast that I knew it was about to bust out of my chest.

“What do you say, Johnny? Are you ready to find out what the Ashlyn Scott experience is all about?”

I gulped as Ashlyn stepped within inches of me. Her lips were so close to mine, and she stepped forward just enough that my erect cock bumped ever so slightly into her abdomen.

High on cocaine or not, though, I remembered my love for my wife. I was panting heavily, torn between lust and loyalty. Ashlyn was so beautiful. We could play just a little, right? Only penetrating-intercourse would really be sex, really be crossing the line, right? And I could stop myself before that.

As if reading my mind, Ashlyn husked, “Just one kiss, Johnny. Please? I’ve always wanted to know what you taste like.”

Just one kiss. How much harm could just one kiss be? And as Ashlyn moved closer so that her breast was pushing into my chest and bent her head to meet my lips, I made my decision.

“Ashlyn, stop.”

She paused and opened her eyes. The baby blue was so stunning that I nearly lost my resolve just looking at her. I was horny, my cock was throbbing, and a chemical lust burned inside me. But I raised a hand and placed it on Ashlyn’s shoulder, gently holding her away.

“I LOVE Taylor. I can’t do this, Ash…” I pleaded.

“Why not?”

“Because you’re not just another girl. You’re her friend. Could you really do this to her if she didn’t want it?”

As if in answer, Ashlyn quickly moved forward 90% towards my lips and whimpered, waiting for me to close the last 10%. But from less than an inch away, I held back. Ashlyn licked her lips and looked at me with wide eyes. But at last, she backed away and then nodded.

“Argh!!!” Low male grunting caught my attention then. Both Ashlyn and I turned to see Giorgio’s face was bright red and a vein was popping out of his forehead as he was apparently spunking inside my wife. Taylor shuddered a few times and then gingerly pulled herself off of him. Almost immediately, a cute blonde moved between Taylor’s thighs and began to slurp Giorgio’s jism out of her.

Without realizing it, Ashlyn and I had slipped our hands together, and I squeezed her hand reflexively while I watched another man cumming inside my wife.

Ashlyn sighed and then said quietly, “Are Marty and I the ONLY ones off-limits? It’s not fair.” Ashlyn turned her head to me, clear longing and desire in her eyes. I felt the crackle of electricity passing through us, my incredible attraction for the gorgeous redhead not abating despite my decision not to betray my wife.

“Hey, take it as a complement,” I was panting heavily, not realizing I’d been holding my breath.

Ashlyn turned to me with an odd expression on her face.

“Off all the gorgeous women here, you’re the only one Taylor would get jealous over. You’re the only one she worries could change the way I feel about her. If you models are all so competitive, that puts you at the top of the food chain in her eyes.”

A sly grin quickly came over Ashlyn’s face as she thought about that. More low moaning and whimpering sounded off around us, and then Ashlyn leaned forward and hugged me. “You’re a good man, Johnny. I don’t think anyone has ever been able to refuse me before. It’s ANNOYING, but you’re a good man.”

“Uh, thanks,” I gurgled, trying to ignore her naked tits pressed into my chest and her crotch pressed against my cock.

Ashlyn grinned and then obviously rubbed her clit against my cock before backing away.

Just then, a sharp, “Marty! NO!” sounded off.

Taylor’s voice instantly got my attention and I whirled to see Marty Dean standing between Taylor’s legs, his dick apparently halfway into my wife’s pussy.

“Get the fuck off me you asshole!” Taylor cried as she flailed, pushing her hands at him and trying to shift her hips.

“Shut up bitch and take it!” Dean knocked her hands away and then leaned forward, pushing more of his cock inside her.

“JOHNNY!!!” My wife screamed. I was already on the way. My feet were heavy meat slaps on the marble floor, announcing my impending arrival. And Dean had only a second to brace himself before I left my feet and tackled him cleanly.

His hip banged into the couch as we flew through the air, rotating us. He landed partially on the same hip and rolled onto his back, the hard, unforgiving marble jarring his body with the impact as I landed on top of him.

“You fucking FUCKER!” I yelled, not being able to come up with anything cooler sounding. Immediately threw a punch at his face.

“Marty!” I heard Ashlyn screaming. And then there were multitudes of hands tugging at me.

The models were pretty ineffectual at removing me from Dean, who was still dazed from the fall. He’d probably hit his head on the floor and I sincerely hoped he had a concussion. I landed two more punches before some other guys got in the mix and pulled me away.

Miraculously, Dean got to his feet and I saw the wild-eyed cocaine energy on his face. He was still wired and ready to rumble. “You little SHIT!” he yelled at me and took two steps forward before some other guys moved in to block him off.

“You raped my wife!” I yelled right back at him.

“She’s fucking everything with a dick in here anyways!” he yelled right back.

Ashlyn quickly ran up to him and I had almost broken free of whoever was holding me back when Giorgio’s booming voice thundered in the room. “ENOUGH!”

We stopped struggling as Giorgio stepped between us and pointed a thick finger straight at Dean. “You. Leave. Now. Don’t ever come back.”



“Fucking slut isn’t worth it.” Dean shook free of the others and then turned and marched out of the room, stopping to scoop up his clothes. Ashlyn looked at us, and then pointedly looked at Taylor with an apology in her eyes. Then she ran after him.

I was soon released and I headed straight for Taylor, who was sobbing and curled into a ball. My arms quickly surrounded her and I started rocking her slowly while she buried her face against my neck.

Several others just stood around and looked at us, not sure what to do. From outside, we heard the sounds of sex, the people out there oblivious to what had gone down inside.

Eventually, Taylor got her crying under control and she tilted her deep blue eyes up to me, her dark bangs hanging heavily in her face. “Johnny, I want to go home.”

“Let’s go.”


I called for the Maybach. A few minutes later, Taylor and I were fully dressed and walking out to the front entryway. The car was idling and our driver stood by the rear door.

But to our surprise, Kate was crouched a few feet away, still completely naked while a staff member hovered over her uncertainly. I shared a look with Taylor and we moved over to her and bent down to find her sobbing.

“Kate, what’s wrong?” I asked.

“He LEFT me! He LEFT me!” she wailed.


“YES!!!” She waved to the staffer who was managing the parking lot. “He says Stavros left an hour ago with two women. He just abandoned me here!”

“Kate, I’m so sorry,” Taylor said, seemingly much stronger now that she had someone else to focus on instead of thinking about Dean.

“And you know what’s fucked up?” Kate wailed. “Ashlyn left me too! She’s gone! He says Marty and Ashlyn left just a few minutes ago. What the fuck am I supposed to do now?”

“You’re coming with us,” Taylor said sternly as she reached down and pulled Kate to her feet. “Johnny, stay here with the car.”


“I’ll be fine. I’m just going to go with Kate to find her things and we’ll be right back.” And then with her arm tightly around her friend’s waist, Taylor guided the two of them back down the walkway while Kate continued to cry against her shoulder.

I looked in amazement at my wife. She’d literally just been raped a few minutes ago. Perhaps it wasn’t overly violent nor lasted very long, but it was still forced sex. And Taylor seemed like she was going to be just fine. She had the fire and strength to push through.

I knew there would be some repercussions later. The memory would come back to Taylor soon enough and I needed to be with her to deal with it. And who knew what I would do the next time I saw Martin Dean?

But Taylor and I loved each other and we’d work it out. We always did. The sex was all fun and games; but at the end of the night, watching my wife endure what she’d just gone through and even become the pillar of support for a friend in need, I was reminded again just why she fascinated me so much. I was reminded why she was the most incredible woman I’d ever met. And why I was so lucky that she loved me.


It was a long time before Taylor came to bed that night.

Upon arrival, Cassandra had immediately shown Kate to a guest room and Edward brought her pajamas, a change of clothes, and a robe. Then after everyone took a shower and got cleaned up, Taylor kissed me and went down to Kate’s room to talk to her.

Cassandra stayed with me in the Master Suite. Despite having gotten it up one last time at the party, I no longer had any interest in sex. Instead, Cassandra sat up against the headboard and simply held me while I lay back against her chest and let her rub my head.

“Jonathan, tell me everything.”

I took a deep breath, and then I told her. Cassandra had expected the orgy and didn’t comment. When I mentioned the cocaine, she started scowling fiercely, but didn’t interrupt. And I felt the tight tension in her arms when I explained how Dean had forced himself onto Taylor.

When I was finished, Cassandra released me and we turned to face each other. I moved my back against the headboard and she sat with her legs pulled up beside her.

“Do we have grounds for a criminal case?” Cassandra asked referring to Dean.

I sighed. “I don’t think so. She had another man’s cum inside her and she was well-lubricated. And Dean didn’t finish. Plus, Taylor’s already taken a shower tonight. Besides, I don’t think we really want a lot of police scrutiny on that party.”

“So Dean gets away scot free?”

“Well, a couple dozen girls saw him force himself on a fellow model who was screaming at him to stop. Ashlyn’s gonna be getting tons of shit about her boyfriend and his rep is gonna spread pretty quickly.”

Cassandra rolled her eyes at that kind of justice. I think she would have preferred the electric chair.

“Still, I’ll ask Taylor what SHE wants to do,” I promised and Cassandra nodded.

Then Cassandra took a long, deep breath. And before I could react, she reached up and bopped me on the forehead with the heel of her hand.

“Oww!” I immediately reached to my head.

“How could you be so stupid?”

“What? I couldn’t have known Dean was going to try and rape her!”

“Not that! How could you be so stupid to do cocaine?” Her blue eyes strayed a cool grey and she folded her arms over her chest.

“Cassandra, come on. It’s not that big of a deal,” I said half-heartedly. I knew I shouldn’t have done it. My gut knew it had been wrong. I didn’t have a moral defense, but a part of me wanted to argue a ‘what’s the harm?’ But as if reading my mind, Cassandra didn’t let me continue my feeble defense.

“Don’t you recognize the harm? The risk? No, you’re probably thinking, ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’ I’ll tell you what could happen. You could DIE, Jonathan. And that would put the brakes on this joyride life of yours.”

“That’s a little extreme…”

“Maybe, maybe not,” Cassandra glowered. “You want me to tell you how many people died of cocaine overdoses last year? Come on, Jonathan, why even take the risk? And beyond the health issues, the paparazzi could snap a picture of you, which would NOT be good for business.”

“Well, I mean, it’s just a little…”

“That SHIT is ILLEGAL, Jonathan. And you are NOT above the law. Getting arrested would be even WORSE for business.” Cassandra was a woman who very rarely yelled. Hearing her voice picking up in volume frightened me even more than the weight of her words.

I held up a hand. “Alright, alright. You can stop the lecture, Cassandra.”

“I don’t think so!” NOW Cassandra was yelling. “Jonathan, nothing changes this fact: You went to a cocaine-fueled party and Taylor was raped!”

My wife’s pain hit me like a slap to the face. My heart sank and I hung my head in defeat. In the span of a few seconds, I deflated completely.

“Oh, come on, Jonathan,” Cassandra sighed, her voice immediately returning to normal.

It was my fault. I hadn’t stayed in complete control and someone I loved dearly had gotten hurt. It was my fault. I pinched my eyes shut and took a deep breath to calm myself.

“Don’t start getting all depressed, Jonathan,” Cassandra reached forward and hugged me. “Just… just promise me you won’t do those drugs again.”

I closed my eyes and nodded.

“Jonathan, really,” Cassandra sighed and started rocking me. “When have you ever needed drugs to have a good time? We have plenty of parties that don’t need drugs. Don’t we keep you satisfied?”

I managed a small smile and nodded.

We talked for a bit more, but even after we were done, Taylor still hadn’t returned.

Close to 1am I was about to get up and go hunting for my wife. Cassandra and I had switched places and she had fallen asleep in my lap while I ran my fingers through her fine blonde hair. I was feeling quite tired myself, but I willed myself to stay awake until Taylor returned.

I was trying to figure out how to lift Cassandra off me without waking her when Taylor came into the bedroom. I stopped moving immediately and her face visibly brightened when she saw that I was awake and waiting for her.

She smiled down at Cassandra and then circled the bed to slide beneath the covers from the other side.

“How is she?” I asked softly, asking about Kate.

“She’s fine. She thinks her world is about to end, but at least she’s asleep now.”

“And how are you?”

Taylor went quiet and snuggled herself against my side. I waited her out but she didn’t say anything.

“Taylor, honey?” I asked softly.

“I don’t want to think about it. Not right now,” she said heavily. “Can you just hold me?”


And so my wife drifted off to sleep. I was rather vertically inclined, not the best position in which to go to sleep. But with Cassandra’s head on my legs and Taylor’s head on my chest, I was pretty well wrapped up. And they both looked so beautiful that I couldn’t bear to wake them.

And so I simply gazed over the two most important people in my life. After all the sex with beautiful strangers, the delirium of illegal stimulants, and even the rush of a naked Ashlyn Scott trying to seduce me, here… now… I was happiest.

Just me, Taylor, and Cassandra. They were all I needed.


The next morning, we were at the dining table for breakfast when Kate stumbled in, bleary-eyed. I looked up and saw the tears coming down her face and for a moment wondered, ‘She’s STILL crying?’

Taylor immediately got up and went to her, then slowly escorted her to the table. We were all there: me, Cassandra, Charlotte, Rebecca, and Mia. Kate first surveyed everyone and then seemed scared to even sit down. But Taylor put her in a seat and then sat beside Kate, rather than return to her own spot next to me.

“A fucking text message,” Kate sobbed, holding up her cell phone. “He says I have until noon to get my stuff or he’ll throw it all out in the hallway.”

“We’ll help you go get it, okay?” Taylor assured her. It wasn’t even 9am yet. Charlotte immediately got up from the table and picked up her laptop from a nearby countertop.

“But for now,” Taylor continued. “Let’s get some food in you, okay?”

Right then, Kate’s stomach growled rather loudly, causing everyone to try and stifle their chuckles. But then Kate started giggling herself, breaking the tension and a few warmer laughs sounded off. Biting back her tears, Kate nodded gratefully.

Dorothy came out and explained Kate’s breakfast options and took her order. And then the room went silent as we realized all of us were looking at her.

Taylor blinked and then shook her head in realization. “Oh, Cassandra, Charlotte, you already know Kate. Rebecca, Mia, this is my friend Kate. She’s a fellow model.”


“Pleased to meet you.”

Kate looked at them for a second and then at me. “Are they… your girlfriends?” There was a trace of hope in her voice.

Rebecca grinned and then looked at me. Mia just blushed.

Rebecca started, “No, we’re just friends. I’m actually renting a room.”

“And I just spend a lot of time here,” Mia said.

I smiled warmly and gestured, “Rebecca has been our personal trainer since before the wedding. Mia is the interior designer for this whole place.”

Kate gawked and looked around in amazement. “Really? Because this place is gorgeous!”

Mia blushed and looked down. “Well, most of the credit has to go to Jeff. He’s the architect. I just threw up some paint and some pictures.”

I continued on, “And the floors and the furniture and the…”

“Alright, alright,” Mia waved me off.

“You all seem so happy,” Kate said mournfully. “I’m sorry to be a rainy cloud on your morning.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Rebecca waved her off.

Charlotte interrupted just then, putting a hand to her Bluetooth earpiece. “Do you have a lot of things? I mean, do you need a moving truck?” she asked Kate.

“Oh, no. Nothing like that. Most of it belongs to Stavros so there’ll just be a few suitcases.”

“So, like a big SUV would do?”

“That would be plenty big enough.”

Charlotte nodded and then turned to Taylor. “Returning here, ma’am?”

Taylor nodded but then Kate interrupted, “Oh, no. I wouldn’t want to impose. I’m sure Ashlyn and Marty would put me up for a bit.”

Taylor visibly stiffened. It was a sudden enough move that everyone in the room caught it.

Kate was the first to ask, “What?”

Taylor went practically catatonic and I immediately got out of my chair and went to her. I could see the fright in her eyes and from the expression on her face, it looked like she was reliving the experience.

I immediately wrapped my wife up in my arms as she began to shudder against my shoulder and clutched herself to me. Huskily, I whispered, “You didn’t tell her?”

Taylor managed to burble, “I didn’t want to think about it last night.”

“What?” Kate asked again with concern, certain that something she had done had set Taylor off.

I looked over at the blonde model with a mournful expression on my face. Then patiently I said, “Martin Dean raped Taylor last night. It was less than a minute, but he did force himself on her while she tried to fight him off.”

Abject horror went into Kate’s face. “No… no!” she said in disbelief. Rebecca, Mia, and Charlotte similarly gasped in shock.

Charlotte actually started to get angry. “That sonofabitch!”

I just nodded. “Everyone saw it. That’s why he and Ashlyn left in such a hurry. Giorgio kicked him out.”

“Marty wouldn’t!” Kate said weakly.

“He was coked up and drunk, Kate.”

“Oh, Taylor!” Kate was suddenly off her chair and kneeling next to my wife and me. “I’m so sorry! I’m such an idiot! I spent all night talking your ear off about Stavros and everything!”

“It’s okay, Katie,” Taylor sighed soothingly and seemed to relax. “It’s okay. I didn’t really want to talk about it last night anyways and it made me feel better to help you out.”

I started to relax my grip and Taylor bent and pecked me on the cheek. I took that as my cue to let her assert herself without me as a crutch, and she sat up straight and focused on Kate. “Come on,” Taylor said with a smile on her face. “Your breakfast is getting cold.”


Stavros wasn’t home when we came to the apartment. Taylor insisted that we go along as Kate’s backup in case we ran into him. And then we got Kate’s clothes, jewelry, and a very few personal effects packed away with calm efficiency.

Kate herself seemed resigned to her fate and she didn’t linger. She just threw everything into her suitcases and kept moving. I whistled at the girl’s shoe collection, which took up an entire huge suitcase by itself.

At 11:50am, we were just heading out the door when Kate got a text message. She went still and Taylor asked, “What?”

“It’s Ashlyn,” Kate said tonelessly. “She wants to meet for lunch.”

Taylor and I looked at each other and then at Kate. “You want us to come with you?”

Kate nodded quickly.

“Okay, but tell her you don’t want Dean coming too,” Taylor said coldly.

Instead of texting, Kate held down her speed-dial and then put the phone to her ear. After a short pause, she said, “Hey. Yeah, it’s me.” Her voice was anything but enthusiastic.

From then on we only got half the conversation.

“Oh, you heard? … News travels fast… He’s moving Elena in? That bitch! … No, no. I’m over it. Stavros is an asshole anyways…”

Then Kate’s eyes swiveled up to us. “No, no. I got a place to stay… Yeah, really… Uh, I’ll talk about it when I see you, okay? … Sure… The deli’s fine. I’ll meet you there…”

Kate licked her lips and furrowed her brow, and then she seemed to wince when she looked up at Taylor. “Uh, one more thing, Ash. You need to come alone… Because… Because I know what he did to Taylor, Ash…”

There was a long silence as Ashlyn was apparently talking for quite a bit. “Yeah, I’m with Taylor and Johnny right now. They’re helping me move out and I’m staying with them… Okay, okay… Yeah, Giuseppe’s does sound better for this… See you in a bit… Bye.”

Kate closed her phone and looked up at us. “Giuseppe’s at 12:30? She’s coming alone.”

Taylor just nodded.


We’d sent Charlotte back to the house with the cargo van. Kate, Taylor, and I found a quiet booth and settled in to wait for Ashlyn to arrive. We were closer to the restaurant and figured we had at least ten minutes.

At first, everyone was quiet in the awkward silence. And then, Kate glanced at Taylor before looking at me. “Johnny, do you remember what we were talking about at the party?”

My mind flashed back over to Kate’s claims of the girls keeping score and her need for what amounted to a “patron” to keep her in an apartment as his kept mistress. “Uh, yeah,” I answered carefully and reached for my water glass.

“Do you think I’m fuckable?”

I nearly spit out my water. “Excuse me?”

Taylor looked back and forth between us.

“Do you…” Kate leaned forward and slowly reached up, pulling the strap of her borrowed dress down her shoulder until it slipped off. “… think I’m fuckable?”

“Kate…” Taylor said with a slight warning tone. “You don’t need to.”

“Please, Johnny. I just need to know.”

I read a serious undercurrent behind what Kate was asking. She wasn’t just asking me if I wanted to have sex with her. Pretty much every straight guy on the planet would consider Kate ‘fuckable’. She had a beautiful face, a slender body, and a casual sensuality anyone could appreciate.

Kate was asking if I measured her against the other women I knew. Would she just be a fuck and run? Or would I consider her girlfriend material… for ME. This couldn’t be a simple yes or no answer.

“Kate, you’re welcome to stay with us for as long as you need,” I began, and Kate’s face visibly fell. “I just want to help.”

“So I’m a pity case, thanks,” she said sarcastically.

“No, Kate, you’re a friend. You’re Taylor’s friend and… well… you’re at least an acquaintance of mine.”

“But I’m not fuckable?”

I sighed and closed my eyes. For a moment, I pictured the platinum blonde kneeling before me, her dark eyes focused down on my cock as she… serviced… me. I knew what she looked like naked, and even though she didn’t have big tits or the most amazing figure I’d ever seen, Kate DID stir something extra inside me, that something extra that separated the pretty girls from the women who inspired my lust.

I winced as I looked at Taylor. “Kate, I am very attracted to you. At Giorgio’s party, I wanted to have sex with you and I would have cum with you, okay? But… well, you didn’t seem interested at the time.”

Kate seemed to soften at my words. She looked at Taylor and then exhaled slowly, her eyes flicking up and down between me and the table in front of her. “I would have liked that.” She gave a faint smile as she settled for looking at the table. “Taylor raves about you in bed and I DID want to feel that. But I was running out of time. I knew Stavros was going to dump me and I had to try for the other two guys. Going after you would have been a waste of time. I kinda knew you weren’t the type to have kept mistresses hanging out around the world.”

I shrugged. Taylor slid her hand onto my leg underneath the table and I squeezed it. I turned to Kate and said, “I’ve got more than I can handle under my roof already.”

Taylor blushed.

Kate looked at me. “But you ARE sleeping with all those women under your roof, right?”

I sat up straight, abashed for a moment.

“Oh, no. I’m not criticizing,” Kate waved me off. “I just wanted to confirm what I’d already figured. I see the way they look at you. Those girls are all intimately familiar with you.”

I nodded.

“I will, too,” Kate said earnestly.

“Excuse me?”

“I’ll sleep with you, too. You may not have kept mistresses, but maybe I can be your first. I won’t get in the way of your marriage or anything. I just need someone to take care of me and maybe a little spending money every now and again. You seem to have more than enough. And anytime you want me, I’ll make myself available to you.”

“Kate, that’s not how it works,” Taylor said urgently.

“Kate, you don’t HAVE to do anything,” I stated. “I already said you can stay with us for as long as you need. You don’t have to sleep with me.”

“I told you. I don’t. Want. To be. A pity case,” she said with clenched teeth.

“It’s not about pity.”

“Then what? If I don’t give you something in exchange for taking care of me, then that’s charity no matter how you sugarcoat it. I don’t have any money. I don’t have a modeling contract. And I don’t have any other skills. All I have is my body.”

Taylor said with concern, “Kate, you’re sounding dangerously close to-”

“I’m not a WHORE!” Kate said a little too loudly. Several other people in the restaurant turned to look. Abashed, Kate closed her eyes and calmed down.

After a slight growl escaped her throat, Kate looked straight at the table again. “And I’m NOT going back to Kansas.”

We were all quiet for a long few minutes. I squeezed Taylor’s hand and she sighed with weariness. I got the impression that she’d had a similar conversation with Kate last night.

But then the silence was broken when Kate started sobbing again. Her mascara began to run and she buried her face in her hands. Taylor and I looked at the broken-down young woman and I couldn’t help but feel the pity that she so desperately didn’t want.

“Why don’t you want me?” Kate looked up at me through tear-streaked eyes. “Why am I not good enough for you?”

My heart went out to her for her situation. But while attracted to her, I couldn’t justify in my conscience to sleep with her in this situation. Somehow, Kate had to break free of the notion she needed to whore herself out to some rich man to eek out her existence.

Taylor took Kate’s hand and leaned in. “Look, we’ll figure this out, okay? Just stay with us for a little while and we’ll work on it. I can help you find another modeling contract. If you need a job to pay the bills, Johnny’s got lots of connections even if you don’t have the formal skills.”

“I don’t even have a high school diploma, Taylor.”

“Whatever. We’ll figure it out.”

“That’s still charity,” Kate moaned.

I stifled my urge to say she needed a little charity if her life was as messed up as she thought. Kate’s self-esteem was fragile enough as it was.

“It’s not charity, Kate,” Taylor seemed to read my mind and glared at me for even thinking it. “It’s connections. It’s the way the world works. I know people who know people who can help you out, okay? This is Manhattan.”

Kate stopped sniffling and sat up. Then she squeezed Taylor’s hand. “Okay.”

Ashlyn chose that moment to arrive. She took one look at Kate’s running mascara and then the look of hate in Taylor’s eyes over what her boyfriend had done. Nervously, the stunning redhead looked around and asked, “How’s everyone doing?”


“You have to believe me, Taylor. He’s not like that,” Ashlyn pleaded. Lunch was practically forgotten. Not that the girls would have eaten much of it anyways.

“Cocaine doesn’t make you do anything more than what you already want to do inside,” I stated emphatically.

“Everyone gets a little carried away when they’re loaded,” Ashlyn said defensively. “I’m not excusing what he did. It was horrible! I’m just trying to say it was a product of the circumstances.”

“Sticking your dick into a woman screaming ‘NO’ is not an accident, Ashlyn,” Taylor said hotly.

Once again, Taylor’s words were a little too loud and got the attention of a few other restaurant patrons. She quieted down as they turned to look at our booth once again.

Ashlyn sighed and looked down. And with her eyes still downcast, she said, “Look, I don’t know what you want from me, Taylor.”

“I want you to LEAVE HIM,” my wife hissed. “You’re my friend and I don’t want to see you with that kind of monster! He’s bad news and we’ve been telling you that from the beginning!”

Ashlyn fixed me with a cold gaze. “He ever rape a woman before?”

My jaw waggled a bit. “Uh, no.”

“Then it’s a one-time, misstep over the line. Everybody makes mistakes.”

“He HAS had several complaints for assaulting women,” I added in a hurry.

“Can you prove it?”

“Uh, no,” I admitted. “Nothing criminal was ever filed. But just like this, we can’t really file an official charge against him. But everyone saw it. Oh and there would be records with human resources at the firm.”

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