When Dean stepped off the plane he was a happy man. He’d spent most of the twelve hour flight from Australia in the bathroom with the hot redhead he’d met when he’d boarded, and then with one of the shapely air hostesses after that. He decided that he needed to take a break from all the sex. He’d spent the last week having sex every day, and there reached a point when a man just needed a break.

He got home to his cheap one bedroom apartment, and spent the day in, just watching TV. It was a relaxing change from the last week, and allowed him to recuperate a little. The next day, he looked on the internet for the addresses of local law firms, and went door to door with each of them. He made the effort to dress up like a courier, and even had a box wrapped up under his arm. He asked to see the ‘person in charge’ at each one, and most of them were men, which held no interest for Dean. It was late afternoon when he pulled up at one of the last law firms on his list. It was a massive building in the city, all glass windows. He went through the routine of asking to see the person in charge, under the pretense of having a package for them. After some waiting as the secretary talked on the phone for a while, he was directed to the elevator, and she pressed the top floor button for him. He thanked her, and she responded with a wink. He felt a sharp tingle in his dick as she did, but the doors closed before he could respond in any way. As he waited, he gradually felt his erection reach its full size, and he shifted uncomfortably, not able to do anything about it. He thought about talking to the secretary on the way out, maybe make a few ‘suggestions’ and take her back to his place. The ideas were still swirling around in his head when the doors opened, and he saw what looked like another lobby, just like the one downstairs. The secretary here spotted him and picked up the phone, said a few words, and hung up again.

He was asked to wait, so he sat down. He didn’t have to wait very long, however, because the person in charge approached him and reached out to shake his hand. Dean’s heart leapt in his chest as he looked up to see who it was. It was a woman! This is what he’d been looking for. His heart sank a little though when he took a good look at her. She wasn’t as attractive as he’d imagined. In fact she was downright masculine. Oh well, can’t have everything.

“I understand you have a package for me.” she said with a small smile. “I’d like to know why it couldn’t just be left at the front desk with the rest of the mail.”

“I can explain that ma’am, in private.” he replied. She narrowed her eyes at him, but eventually led him to her office, and fortunately there was no one else there. She sat down behind her desk, and motioned for him to sit down in the chair in front of her.

“So, what’s this about?” she asked when he’d sat down. Dean didn’t waste any more time.

“Karmina.” he said, and he saw an immediate change in her demeanor. Her eyes went blank and her face lost all expression. Dean’s heart was racing as he thought about what he was about to do.

“Are there any monitoring or surveillance devices in this offices?” he asked. She said no in a flat, monotone voice. Well, that was a relief.

“What’s you’re name?”


“Diane, how much money do you have in your personal bank account.”

Dean didn’t hear the exact figure, he jumped for joy when he heard the word ‘billion’, and the rest was just noise after that. He gave her instructions to transfer two million dollars to his bank account without question, and that she wouldn’t remember doing it afterwards. He also told her to give him her personal cellphone number, and if he were to call up and say the words ‘it’s raining penguins’, something that no one would ever think to say to her, then she’d make another transfer for the same amount without hesitation, and forget about it afterwards.

Dean checked his bank balance on his phone on the way down on the elevator. His vacation had left him with not a lot left of what he’d saved for it. From memory he figured he only had a hundred dollars left. The number on his phone was considerably bigger than a hundred. Bigger by two million. He skipped out of the building, drove home, and called his boss, telling him to suck it and that he quit.

He decided to celebrate his new-found wealth with some dinner, and headed straight for the supermarket. He was browsing the dairy aisle when he bumped into someone, literally, and both of them dropped their baskets. The woman he’d bumped into was flustered and apologized again and again as she knelt down to pick up her basket.

“I’m sorry about that.” she said for the fifth time. “I’m just all over the place today. I’m trying to get my daughter’s birthday ready on time.”

“That can be tough.” said Dean, making idle small talk with the woman while he stole glances at her chest. It was impressive, probably in the double D range, even though she was slightly shorter than him. She was also a little on the heavy side, but not what he’d call fat. She was more full-figured, and her long curly black hair was draped over her shoulders in a way that framed her chest to him perfectly. His erection returned with a vengeance, and he started to think of how he could satisfy his urges.

“It is tough.” she said, completely oblivious to his staring. “She’s turning 18 today.”

Sinful thoughts started to dance in his mind as she said this.

“Can’t your husband help you out?” he asked innocently. It sounded fake to him, and he knew it, but he hoped that she wouldn’t notice.

“Oh. No, he’s . . . uh. He’s not around to help.”

Dane’s imagination was going crazy, and he couldn’t help himself. He looked around to make sure that no one was watching, and said the magic word.


Her eyes glazed over and she remained completely still.

“What’s your name?” he asked.


“What’s your daughter’s name?”

“Haley and Vanessa.”

Dean blinked in surprise.

“You have two daughters?”


“How old are they?”

“Haley is eighteen today, and Vanessa is twenty two.”

“Where is your husband?”

“I don’t know. He left ten years ago.”

Dean’s heart began to race at the possibility before him.

“Are you in a relationship with anyone?”


“So who lives at your house?”

“Haley, Vanessa and me.”

“No one else?”


This was something that Dean hadn’t even considered when he’d thought about the possibilities of his gift. He’d thought about all of his sexual fantasies coming true, but he hadn’t thought about a mother and her daughters. Now that he was, his erection was straining at his pants, and he took the opportunity that was staring him in the face.

“Julie, when you wake up, you will trust me completely, and you will want me to come with you to your place. You will be attracted to me, and will be sad if I leave.” he said. He was taking this one slow, not making any explicit or extreme suggestions until he knew exactly what he was dealing with.

He told her to wake up, and her face lit up like a christmas tree when she saw him.

“My name’s Julie.” she said, forgetting that she’d already told him while she was under his spell.

“I’m Dean.” he replied. “Listen, it sounds like you need some help with this party. If you don’t mind, I could help.”

“That would be great!” said Julie with a big smile, and she touched his arm affectionately. Together they finished their shopping, and he helped her get it all into her car. He followed her home in his car, and before long he was helping her bring all of her groceries into the house. A young woman was at the door waiting for Julie, and she eyed Dean with surprise and suspicion.

“Who’s this?” she asked as she took some of the shopping bags out of Julie’s hands.

“Oh, this is Dean. He offered to help me with the shopping, and I just couldn’t say no. Dean this is Vanessa.”

Dean said hello, but Vanessa just stared at him. She looked just like her mother, but slimmer and not as endowed in the chest. Her breasts looked more like full C cups compared to Julie’s generous bosom. Another young woman came running into the room, but stopped short at the sight of Dean.

“Hi Haley, sweetie.” said Julie. Dean picked his moment.

“Karmina.” he said, and all three women froze and went blank.

“Haley, who else is in the house?” he said as he closed the front door.

“Mom, Vanessa and me.”

“No one else?”


“Who is coming for the birthday party?”

“No one. It’s a family party.”

This was perfect. He admired the three women in front of him, and his mouth was watering at what he had planned. Haley was the spitting image of Vanessa, only shorter, and not quite as slim, but still not as heavy as her mother. Both of the girls had long black hair, just like their mother, but neither of them were quite as curly as hers. Haley’s hair was in a neat, swishy ponytail, and Vanessa’s was loose over her shoulders.

“Are any of you in a relationship?” he asked. As horny and powerful as he felt, he didn’t want to ruin anyone’s life. All three women said no in unison.

Dean thought about what he had in front of him right now. He decided that he didn’t want to make them his slaves, at least not yet. He decided to have some fun first.

“When you wake up, all three of you will be attracted to me, and will want me to stay with you in your house. You’ll all find me sexually attractive and when you look at me you’ll only be able to think about having sex with me.”

If this was done right, then he wouldn’t be changing their individual behavior or personalities, but just adding sexual attraction to the mix, which meant that they wouldn’t act any different toward each other than normal.

When he woke them up, all three of them smiled and welcomed him to their home. He helped Julie put the groceries away, and the two girls were hanging around while they did. When he looked in their direction, he saw them quickly look away, blushing. He spent a while talking to them all, getting to know about them, and the girls were eager to tell him all about themselves. They were giggling and laughing while they talked, clearly infatuated with him, and at one point he felt Julie’s hand on his ass when she came up behind him to hand him a glass of coke.

“Hey, do you wanna see my room?” Haley asked, and practically dragged Dean out of his chair and up the stairs before he could answer. She took him to her room, and closed the door behind them. She was blushing even more now, and breathing slightly harder.

“This is my room, what do you think?” she asked. Dean looked around, and saw all sorts of things that he half-expected a teenage girl to have in their room. There was a stereo, posters of bands, stuffed animal toys on a shelf and dirty clothes on the floor. Haley kicked some of the clothes out of sight in embarrassment and seemed not sure how to stand as she moved her arms from her hips to her head then crossed across her chest. Dean watched her, amused. He noticed that her hands often wandered to below her waist, and her fingers were fiddling with the drawstring of her sweatpants. Her nipples were very prominent through her shirt.

“It’s a nice room.”

“Thanks.” she said with a nervous smile, and took a step toward him. Finally she was pressed right up against him, and she started to undo his belt as she looked into his eyes. She slowly slid down onto her knees without breaking eye contact, and she bit her lower lip as she unzipped his pants, and reached in to pull out his raging erection. It was as stiff as a steel rod, and oozing pre-cum like crazy. Haley suddenly became breathless as she looked at it, and Dean wondered if maybe she was a virgin.

She took the tip of his cock in her mouth and started to suck. After that she got lost in the moment and took the whole thing in her mouth. Dean instantly knew that she was an amateur, but still enjoyed her efforts as she enthusiastically bobbed her head up and down on his dick. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door, and Haley pulled her head up sharply. Dean’s cock popped out of her mouth with a wet ‘pop’.

“Fuck.” she said, softly, and quickly tried to stuff Dean’s hard on back into his pants. He took over and zipped up just as the door opened and Haley stood up, looking flushed and embarrassed. Vanessa was standing out in the hallway, and looked at the two of them standing in the middle of Haley’s room, with Haley trying to appear nonchalant with some saliva around her mouth.

“I need to talk to you Dean.” Vanessa said, and walked away without waiting for him to follow. He quickly caught up to her, leaving a pouting Haley alone in her room, and Vanessa led him to her room.

“I know what you were doing in there.” she said as she closed the door. She looked stern and serious as she said it, and Dean started to get a little worried.

“Look, I know what it looks like, but . . . “

“You don’t need to say anything, Dean. I just want to tell you that you don’t want to get involved with my sister.”

“Why not?” he asked, still slightly worried. She took a step closer to him, and laid a hand on his crotch.

“Because she’s a virgin, and doesn’t know how to please a man.”

She turned around to lean forward and onto her bed, so that she was standing over it, and hiked up her skirt to show that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Don’t you want a girl with a bit more experience?” she asked. Dean was caught by surprise. It looked like he was in the middle of some kind of sibling rivalry. Not that he was complaining, this was turning out to be fun. He stepped closer, and stroked her bare ass before him. She moaned slightly and moved back to pressed her ass against his crotch. Dean undid his pants again, letting them fall to the floor around his feet, and he made no hesitation in slipping his erect cock into Vanessa’s already hot and moist snatch. By now Dean was extremely horny, and he let her know this by grabbing onto her waist with both hands and pulling her hard onto his prick. He didn’t bother to start slowly either, and she didn’t seem to mind as he slammed his hips against her round ass again and again, powering his cock into her pussy. Vanessa bend down further so that she could bury her face in the sheets to stifle her screams of pleasure, but Dean wasn’t having any of that. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head back, forcing her to lean back up. He wasn’t hurting her, that he could tell, just letting her know that he was in control. She seemed to like it, and was furiously rubbing her clit as fast as she could. The sound of their fucking was loud and obscene. The sound of his hips hitting her ass, the grunts and groans from Dean and the mewling moans from Vanessa, as well as the wet sound of her pussy being penetrated over and over.

After a while, Vanessa became more frantic in her rubbing, and she was moving back onto Dean’s cock even more than before. He knew that she was getting close, and he redoubled his efforts, pulling on her hips even more to pull her onto him even harder. When her orgasm struck, it was very loud. She screamed out in raw, primal pleasure, and her whole body was shaking. Her legs gave out and she fell to the floor, draped forward over the bed. Deans dick was still rock hard, and glistening wet with her juices. It was getting painful now, and he was getting desperate for release. He started to stroke his dick, but Vanessa saw and batted his hand away. She took his whole length into her mouth and started to clean her juices off of it. It was clear that compared to her sister, Vanessa was a pro at sucking dick. She wasn’t sucking so much, but letting her lips slide over his cock, and she let a lot of saliva build up to make the whole thing even more slippery. Her tongue was working wonders on the tip too. Every time she bobbed her head up, her tongue would swish around the tip, sending waves of tingling pleasure wash through him. He could feel his orgasm brewing in his balls, and he put his hands on her head, helping her keep the rhythm.

“Stop that right now you two!” said someone at the door, and both of them looked to see Julie standing in the open doorway, hands on her hips and red in the face. She looked furious. Haley was poking her head around the edge of the doorway, her eyes wide and glued to the scene before her, Vanessa on her knees with Dean’s rigid cock in her hand.

“Mom, I . . .”

“Don’t bother! Dean, come with me right now!!”

The moment that Vanessa had stopped sucking Dean’s dick, the pleasure she caused was quickly replaced by discomfort. Dean still hadn’t cum, and it was really getting to him. As he pulled up his pants and walked out of the room to follow Julie, he felt a small feeling of deja-vu. It was just like following Vanessa out of Haley’s room. He hoped that Julie intended for it to be the same as well, otherwise Dean would have to make a few suggestions to make it that way.

Julie led him to her room, and locked the door behind them. She was still red in the face, and her nipples were straining against the material of both her bra and shirt. Dean wondered how long she’d watched him and Vanessa before stopping them. She paced back and forth a few times before she spoke. She didn’t look directly at him.

“I don’t appreciate what you just did.” she said eventually.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, I brought you to my home because I . . .” she hesitated, and her eyes were shimmering with held-back tears.

“Because what?” Dean prompted.

“Because I thought you wanted me.” said Julie in a small voice. She sighed and sat down on her bed, burying her head in her hands. Dean tentatively sat down beside her and put a hand on her shoulder. Dean’s suggestion of trusting him was still working, because she leaned over and fell into his arms. He stroked her back as she cried into his chest.

“When my husband left, I thought that was it for me.” she said. “I thought that it was all over, that I’d never find anyone ever again.”

“Do you want to tell me about it?” Dean asked.

“I’ve never told anyone about why he left.” she sobbed. Dean could feel his erection straining through his pants, and it was pressed hard against her as she leaned into him. There was no way she could not know it was there. She didn’t pull away though.

“It might make you feel better to tell someone.” said Dean. For a while she didn’t say anything, and when she finally did, it was in a quiet voice.

“He said I sickened him.” she muttered. “He stormed out of the house and never came back because of me.”

“Why? What happened?”

“I asked him to . . . do things. You know, in bed.”

Dean’s cock twitched, and he tried to shift away from her to make it more comfortable, but she had her arms around him now, and he couldn’t move away.

“What kind of things?” Dean asked. He wondered what kind of things would make a man leave his family in disgust.

“I asked him to . . . say things.”

“What things?” Dean whispered, and stroked her back some more. He let his hands fall a little to her side, and he touched the side of her breasts. She didn’t stop him.

“I wanted him to call me his bitch.” she said. “I wanted him to dominate me, to smack me and pull my hair. I wanted him to make me his, but he didn’t want that. He said I was a freak, and that it sickened him to be with me. So he left.”

“He was an asshole, Julie.” said Dean. “You can’t blame yourself for that.”

Julie sat up and started to pace around the room again.

“You don’t understand. I haven’t been with anyone since him. I haven’t felt the touch of a man in ten years. I’ve been afraid of it because of why he left, afraid that no one would want me. When I met you I thought that I was wrong, that you could want me. But the moment you come to my home, you’re in my daughter’s room, fucking her like a dog and pulling her hair!”

Chrissie finally made the appointment, but after months of research she had decided she really wanted it more than anything. Just the thought made her tingle and make her panties moist. She had three more days to wait, the appointment was at 10pm. Chrissie closed her eyes and started masturbating under the covers, her fingers lightly touching her clit, she had a small orgasm enough to curb her appetite and she then fell asleep fingers still in her panties.

Keys, bag, phone….. She thought to herself and she stopped in front of the mirror giving herself a once over before she was out the door to catch the train to the city. Her heart was pounding in her chest and she started to wonder whether it was too late to back out, but then she thought about it again, she needed to do this she wanted to do this.

Chrissie entered the club it was dark and had that smoky musty smell about it. There were a few girls dancing around on the stripper poles as well as a few guys dancing on stage, then she noticed a couple on the main stage having sex. She was tied up and he was whipping her lightly taking orders from a few guys in the crowd. They were shouting to “fist her”, “make her suck my cock” and then the man put some nipple clamps on her, she couldn’t say anything Chrissie noticed they had her mouth gagged and her hands were tied down.

Chrissie headed to the bar and she mentioned her appointment and the bartender told her she needed to head upstairs. As she did he complimented her on having a get rack. Chrissie smiled her thanks at him and proceeded upstairs.

She saw a small desk and said to the woman sitting there “Hi I umm have an appointment for 10:00, my name is Misty” Chrissie didn’t want anyone knowing she was there so she used a fake name as most likely everyone else that came through the doors.

“Ok yes here you are, now when you booked it was 2-3 right?” the plump lady at the desk asked her

Chrissie nodded her head yes.

The woman pointed to the form Chrissie had to sign “the change rooms are over there, somebody will come to get you in a few minutes.” she told her.

Chrissie went to the room, she was shaking now because she knew it was too late to turn back. She took off her coat, underneath she was wearing a black leather corset that made her DD bust look even bigger. She also had crotch less panties on with fishnet stockings and what she called her come fuck me boots. They were thigh high stilettos that had a lace up the back. Not only were they very sexy they made her feel sexy. She was lost staring at herself in the mirror when the came the knock on her door and her heart sank “Misty?”

“Yes” she answered as she opened the door. Towering in front of her was this beast of a man. He was at least 6ft, super fit with a six pack and his arms were just as buff. He was a very nice hunk of man. He came in close to her; she could smell his thick musty and sweaty aroma.

“I’m Steve” he began and grabbed Chrissie’s hands putting handcuffs on her “I will be the one you listen to tonight, and we have understood what it is you wanted. Don’t worry you will be safe, if at any time you feel uncomfortable tell me you have had enough”

Chrissie nodded her head yes. Steve looked at her “pardon me, I didn’t hear you. When I speak to you, you answer me Yes Steve, or No Steve nothing more.” And he pushed her up against the wall.

“Yes Steve” Chrissie said looking in his eyes. He then grabbed her by the handcuffs and dragged her out of the room. Steve led her down a hallway that reminded her of a grubby hotel. That drab carpeting and out of date wallpaper with the one exception, there were people hanging around. Some were just milling around talking and drinking, others were kissing and fondling each other, there was a guy on his knees blowing another man. Steve even stopped her and had a little chat with others, showing her off like a piece of meat.

“Look what I get to play with tonight!” he said, and as he twirled Chrissie around a few hands started to swarm over her grabbing at her ass and tits.

“Have fun with that one” she heard somebody shout out as Steve started them down the hall again.

They stop at a room and Steve pushes her in and closes the door. He then leads her to the centre of the room. She was trying to look around but there was too much going on to take in. Steve had taken the handcuff and hooked Chrissie’s hands above her head.

Steve walked around her and pulled her breasts out of the corset freeing them, her nipples pointing out hard and erect. He grabbed one of them squeezing hard.

“You liked all those hands all over you didn’t you Misty? The feeling of somebody on your tits and another squeezing that ass of yours” and he came down and smacked Chrissie’s ass hard. She rocked back and forth a little hanging there and made a little noise.

“I said make no noise till I say you can” he held her face close to hers.

“Yes Steve” Chrissie replied biting her lip

Steve then started rubbing her warmth, Chrissie was already wet and was a little embarrassed by how wet she really was.

“Oh my” he whispers in her ear “you are soaked Misty, you little slut!” and that made Chrissie even more wet.

Steve was rubbing Chrissie making her even hotter and when Chrissie felt somebody from behind reach around and grab her tits giving her nipples a pinch.

“Misty this is my friend Will, he is going to be joining us tonight, I think you need two of us to take care of you.” he said sticking his finger deep in her.

“You have a great ass Misty” Will grunts as he smacks it. “Steve I think we ought to get her down and over there, I want to see how good she can suck.”

The two men grabbed her and carried her over to a table where they again had her hands above her head, but this time each one grabbed her leg and spread her wide open. They put her ankles in restraints, and then each one slowly worked their way up her legs till they were at her pussy. Chrissie was spread open, her pink folds exposed wanting to be touched and pleased. Both men started licking at her, one fingering her and both trying to lick her clit, Chrissie threw her head back closing her eyes as orgasmic waves rolled over her. She tried moving but couldn’t.

“Misty, suck Will’s cock” Steve boomed out, and Will went over to Chrissie grabbing her head and shoved himself in her mouth.

Chrissie hungrily accepted Wills member in her mouth, she loved sucking cock. Will held her head in place and was going at a nice pace while Steve continued to lick her snatch, making her squirt a little. Every time he sent her cumming she would suck on Will’s manhood even harder. The two men then switched. Steve got Chrissie sucking his balls and licking his throbbing rod, Will was at her pussy enjoying how easy it was to make her cum. Will then started licking her asshole; he then slowly pushed his finger in, with two fingers in her pussy and still sucking her clit. Steve was holding her head and fucking her mouth wildly, making her deep throat him and he got off on the sound of her gagging.

Chrissie wasn’t sure what was happening at all but she knew she loved it. She loved having these men pleasure her and use her like this. Steve then pulled his big, thick cock out of her mouth.

“I think she needs to be fucked now Will, I want at this sluts pussy” Steve orders, “Will get her sucking your cock again”

It seemed no sooner was it said , Chrissie had Steve’s rod diving deep in her and Will’s cock in her mouth at the same time. They continued pumping Chrissie making her cum again and making her deep throat them. They decided to let her up from the table, but the handcuffs stayed on.

Steve made her get on Will and ride him, while Steve watched stroking himself; every now and then he whipped her ass and ordered her to ride faster. He even got a toy and slowly slid it up her ass, while she bucked wildly on Will’s cock. Steve leaned in close to her ear pulling her hair “Misty you little slut, you want another cock? You want me to fuck your ass” as he wiggled the toy that was already in there “and Will’s cock in your pussy, I can get Mike to fill your mouth” Steve called Mike over who had stood to the side all this time and was already hard. His cock was thin and long, with a perfectly pink little mushroom head.

Chrissie blindly said “Yes Steve, I want Mike’s cock in my mouth” and with that she didn’t hesitate she started sucking Mike.

Steve stood back and watched Chrissie; she was a sight right now sucking cock, getting her pussy fucked with a toy in her ass. He then walked over took the toy out and poured some lube on her ass, working a finger in there before he spread her ass open and slowly pushed his tip in. She was so tight Steve thought. He slowly worked her open, and the three men started working Chrissie over. Will and Steve were thrusting together as Mike was holding fistfuls of her hair and Will was biting her nipples.

Chrissie couldn’t believe her dream was coming true; she wanted these three men filling all her holes at once. All three took turns with her, each one of them fucking her ass in turn. They had her in so many new positions; Chrissie had never come so much.

She was in a state of euphoria when Steve made her kneel before the three of them. They were all stroking themselves in a circle around her.

“Misty I want you to suck Will and swallow his cum” Steve ordered her

She did as she was told, and sucked Will’s dick as the other two would still pinch at her nipples or smack her ass, they even pushed her head onto Will’s cock more until he had released in her mouth, Steve made her do the same to Mike.

Steve saved his load for last, but told the other guys they could go, and they left without saying a word to Chrissie.

“You are quiet the little squirter Misty” Steve started “I wanted to try something with you” and he pulled her over to the corner.

Chrissie looked at the machine; it was a dildo on this mechanical “thing”. Steve turned it on and Chrissie saw what was about to happen, after the screw she just had she was unsure if she could handle this. But Steve never gave her an option, he put her on the table and tied her legs down and started the contraption on slow.

“Before we go on though Misty, is this ok?” Steve asked “This is not what you…..”

“Steve” she interrupted “Go ahead”

Steve started the machine going a little faster now, Chrissie lifted her head up and saw her pussy getting fucked by this thing, it felt good. Steve made it go slightly faster and he was rubbing her clit now, while stroking his still hard cock. Chrissie threw her head back as she started to feel that tingle start building, it didn’t take long till she had exploded and both the machine and Steve kept Chrissie squirting. The whole table was covered with Chrissies juices which were now dripping on to the floor. Steve couldn’t hold back any longer and shot stream after thick stream of hot cum all over Chrissie’s big tits. Chrissie was shaking as the machine slowed to a stop.

When Steve undid her from the table and she was free to move around, she just lay there. He then gave her a bottle of water and released her hands from the handcuffs and he helped her sit up.

“You ok?” Steve asked handing her a towel now.

Chrissie took it “Fuck yea, that was, great” was what she heard come out of her own mouth as she smiled and put on the robe Steve was holding out for her, she felt very spent.

They headed back to the change rooms, but another way this time. It was more discreet and quiet. They stopped and Steve showed her to a room.

“We put your bags here for you, and there is a shower if you want to clean up before you go.” Steve points to the door.

“Thank you Steve” Chrissie looked at him “You were great and so was Mike and Will.” all she could do was smile.

“Misty I have to say something,” Steve started “Your squirting is hot, and I know a few guys who pay the girls here a lot to do that kind of stuff.” He paused a second “I was just wondering have you thought about working in a place like this? You know we are clean and we have high safety standards you know that.”

Chrissie stood there in shock, she hadn’t thought about doing this kind of thing for money, could she though? Getting paid to have great orgasms?

“Sorry” Steve started “I didn’t mean to offend or anything like that it’s just”

“Steve its ok, I just never thought about something like that before. But I will have to decline at this time.” she winked at him. “I will keep it mind however if that is ok?”

“That is great Misty.” and he kissed her hand “I will leave you now, and it was a pleasure to service you tonight.” he winked.

Steve closed the door and Chrissie fell into the chair. She was exhausted, but she mustered up enough strength to take a quick shower, pay for her night and get her cab home. When she arrived home she went straight to bed thinking of the unique job offer that had presented itself which only made her pussy tingle again wanting more.

Chapter 1

My name is Lisa. I work as a secretary in a large downtown insurance company (if I tell you the name, I will have to kill you). My friends and co-workers tell me I’m hot. I look in the mirror, and I can sort of see what they mean, but I’m not particularly confident of my ability to attract the opposite sex. So I often find myself alone on a Friday night.

This particular Friday evening, I am at a local popular hookup bar (don’t ask me to tell you the name. You already know what will happen to you). Not the sort of place you’d expect to find a hot but insecure young lady, but I didn’t promise you consistency. This is a story and you’ll just have to go with it.

I’m sitting alone at a small table for 2. The bar is relatively quiet for a Friday night, I suspect because it’s a holiday weekend, and everyone with an automobile and a stressed out week got on the road out of the city as fast as their little wheels would take them. There are 6 or 7 guys at the bar, a couple of them looking furtively my way, and there are about 6 tables with mixed groups, or all guys.

I’m sipping my second Cosmopolitan, feeling a little sorry for myself because I don’t have a car, and neither do any of my friends, but THEY all managed to hook up with someone to take them out of this godforsaken city. Maybe I am more angry than sad.

As I am drifting off into my own world, there is a tap on my shoulder. I turn to see a very attractive man, tall, slim, dressed in pressed jeans, a sweater, and athletic shoes, carrying what looks like scotch on the rocks.. He smiles at me. I’m blinded by the smile, but I keep my cool.

“Hello, pretty lady, may I join you?”

I’ve heard lines, and I love that he didn’t use one. Just straight out: you’re cute and I want to sit with you.

“Be my guest, kind sir,” I flirt.

He sits opposite me, puts his drink on the table, and looks at me.

“This is my first visit to this lovely city. I’m here with a couple of friends for a hockey game tomorrow night. Tonight, well, we heard this is a great spot to meet people and have a casual chat. Did I get good information?”

He smiles again.

“You did”, I smile back. “You may begin to chat casually at any time. I’m listening.”

He laughs.

“So, as I said, we love hockey and we love to chat. But you can’t chat at a hockey game. Too much noise. And if you’re chatting and not paying attention, you could get hit by an errant hockey puck.”

“That would be so sad. Your first visit to our fair city, and you’re killed by a flying piece of hard plastic. I think I may cry.”

He reaches out his hand and says “My name is Robert. What’s yours?”

He shakes my hand.

“I’m Lisa.”

His hand lingers in my hand, and I can feel a tingle rising in the center of my body. My kegels start to squeeze involuntarily.

“What do you do here in this city?”

I reluctantly pull my hand away.

“I’m a secretary at a big insurance company downtown. What do you do?”

“I’m a spy. I work for the CIA. I’m afraid I can’t tell you more than that, or I will have to kill you.”

I laugh much more than the joke calls for, since it is my line, and he delivers it so well.

“Gee, Lisa, I’ve used that line more than a few times, and it never before got that enthusiastic of a reaction. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

A favorite line from my favorite movie. He was rapidly overcoming my insecurities.

“Where are your friends?”

“They’re at that table in the back.”

I glance over, but can’t really see them.

“Well, aren’t they lonely without you?”

“I suspect they are. Would you like to meet them?”

“I believe I would.”

By then both of our drinks are empty, and Robert says,

“Let’s go then. I’ll get us more drinks when we reach our destination.”

We approach Robert’s table. His friends turn to greet us. Well, imagine this. I’m thinking Robert is hot, and his two pals turn out to be hotter and hottest. Now I’m a little weak in the knees (not to mention tipsy), and I put out my hand.

“I’m Lisa.”

One guy takes my hand and says “I’m James.”

He rises, bends slightly forward, and kisses the back of my hand. Well, now I have to collect the puddle forming on the floor, and I take that hand and reach out for the other friend.

“I’m Cutler. Please forgive James. He was raised by aristocracy in England, and he is unaccustomed to the relaxed ways of America.”

I laugh.

James says “Come on Cutler, that was just a perfectly executed romantic gesture, now wasn’t it, Lisa?”

James does not have an English accent. I can see this is going to be fun.

Robert orders drinks all around. The conversation gets louder and more flirty, and I am getting more drunk by the minute. I can’t take my eyes off of any one of them, which is difficult as I only have 2 eyes.

(Dear reader, you and I know where this is going, and I know you want to get to the good part, so as witty and droll as the dialogue is, I will skip the rest of it on your behalf).

Two hours later, I take a sip from my 6th Cosmo, and stifle a yawn.

“Gentlemen, I have enjoyed this evening immensely, but I am fading. Shall we call it a night?”

I start to stand up, but I stagger. Robert grabs my arm.

James says, “The knightly code of honor forbids that we leave a damsel in distress. We will escort you to your door so that you are safe from roving bandits.”

I say, “Well, how sweet. I live 3 blocks from here. Let’s go.”

Robert pays the tab, we put our jackets on, and walk out of the bar.

Chapter 2

We stroll down the street, arm in arm. Me and Robert, Cutler and James. They don’t seem to mind that they are getting quizzical stares from passersby. We arrive at my apartment. They seem prepared to drop me off, but I can’t let go of a certain fantasy I’ve had since the beginning of the evening.

“Hey, guys, how about coming up and having a glass of wine to top off the evening?”

Do I actually think there is a chance they will refuse? Right.

Robert says “That would be delightful. Lead the way.”

Up the stairs, down the hall, key in slot, open door, enter. I won’t bore you with the layout of the apartment (you don’t really care), except to say that it is one very large room (this is the city, afterall), with a couch, a chair opposite the couch, a coffee table in between, and a queen bed off to the side. Fortunately I cleaned the apartment just yesterday.

“Take off your jackets and sit down.”

I point to the couch, and they do. I walk by the chair and toss my jacket on it.

“I’m getting a bottle of wine and glasses.”

I go to the cupboard, take out a bottle of red, unscrew the cap (stop laughing, dear reader. So I like cheap wine. So sue me). I return to the table (I might add that I am walking pretty unsteadily at this point), and pour four FULL glasses of wine, emptying the bottle.

“Drink up.”

I put my glass to my lips and guzzle half the glass. The boys each take a sip.

I sit down on the chair and stare at them. I have been getting steadily more turned on throughout the evening, and my thong is pretty wet at this point. I don’t want the juice to get on my jeans, as I don’t want to have to do another wash.

“Shall we play a game?”

They nod.

I say, “I’ll start, but I’m not going to tell you what the game is, you have to guess.”

They seem to like that idea.

I stand up opposite them, and begin to unbutton my shirt, then remove it. Underneath is a black lacy bra. I reach behind, unhook it, and remove it. I am standing there naked from the waist up, and they are staring directly at my breasts. I may not be Dolly Parton, but mine are real, and they are spectacular (apologies to Seinfeld). I just stand there sipping wine, and don’t say a word.

Cutler finally says “I think I get it. We’re playing Monkey See, Monkey Do.”

“Bingo” I say, and make the sign of a gun firing at him with my thumb and forefinger.

Robert, James, and Cutler stand up as one. Robert pulls his sweater off over his head, and James and Cutler unbutton and remove their shirts. I cannot believe how beautiful they are. They simply must be gay.

Without saying anything, I sit down, remove my pumps, stand up, and unzip my jeans. I slide them down slowly, pull them off, and toss them aside. My skimpy thong is saturated at this point.

James, Cutler and Robert are still standing, so they sit down, remove their shoes, unbutton their jeans, pull them down and off, also toss them aside, and stand up. James and Cutler are wearing boxer briefs, and Robert is wearing boxers. All three are semi-erect. I can see the outline of James and Cutler’s cocks through the briefs, and I am not disappointed. Robert’s cock is sticking it’s head out the front of the boxers. I want to laugh, but I’m not about to spoil the mood.

I wait a tantalizing moment, and rip my thong down my legs, and kick it away. I can see their eyes glaze. My shaved pussy is so wet that the juice is running freely down my thigh. I reach down, touch the moisture, and return my fingers to my lips so that I can lick them seductively.

James, Robert, and Cutler drop their underwear to the floor, and kick them away. Their semi-erect cocks are going to full attention as I watch. I thought they were gorgeous clothed, but naked, they are breathtaking. Now I am sure they are gay.

“OK,” I say, “Now we are going to play a different game. I’m the drill sergeant, and you are my new recruits. James, go to the nightstand next to the bed and get the KY jelly. You two, come with me.”

We all head to the bed.

“Cutler, lay down on the bed, face up, with your head at the foot of the bed.”

He does. The other two watch from next to the bed. I climb up on the bed, facing Cutler’s head, straddle him, grab his cock, adjust it, and I plunge down on it, all the way. Cutler immediately starts pumping.

“No, you fool, stop that.”

(Men!! You have to tell them EVERYTHING).

“Now, James, get up on the bed behind me, put some KY in my ass, and stick that gorgeous tool of yours in my ass.”

I lean forward on Cutler (and kiss his mouth) so James has access. He slathers on the KY, squats over me, and plunges in. He pumps a couple of times, and I say,

“What did I just tell Cutler? Weren’t you paying attention?”

He stops in mid thrust. Both James and Cutler are plunged deep inside me, and are perfectly still.

I am so turned on that if I touched my clit, I’d come in 3 seconds, without even rubbing. I am working so hard to keep from doing that, which, frankly is a little easier being as drunk as I am.

I look up to see Robert standing in front of me, still at full attention, with a hangdog look on his face. I can’t help but laugh.

“Don’t worry, soldier, you’re not going to be left out. Step forward and put your cock in front of my face.”

He does.

“OK, now here’s the climax, so to speak, of the game. When I say go, everyone start pumping.”


James and Cutler start going at it. I’ve never had two cocks in me at once. I cannot explain the feeling of being a chicken cordon bleu stuffed with sausage. I am the most sexually aroused chicken in history (do chickens actually get sexually aroused?) The two penises feel as though they are touching each other, which I know is impossible. I have never felt so filled or fulfilled.

I lift my head, and take Robert’s throbbing manhood in my mouth (all erotic stories must include the words “throbbing manhood” somewhere. It’s the law), plunge all the way down to deep throat status, and start to suck.

None of us is going to last long. While we’re thrusting and plunging, I can see that Cutler is licking and sucking on Robert’s scrotum as I blow him. And I can hear Robert and James kissing above me. Hmm. Maybe there really is more to these guys than just pretty faces.

I am unable to groan because my mouth is currently occupied (my mom taught me never to talk with my mouth full), but I am able to hum, and I do, the sound coming out of my nose. There is such an exquisite sensation resonating throughout my body. I feel I could pass out from ecstasy. The 3 men are groaning, moaning, breathing hard, squeaking, whistling through clenched lips, and other assorted sounds. Robert’s head is thrown back.

We all reach the point of no return. A volcanic eruption rises in me, James and Cutler plunge faster and faster, I suck Robert’s cock all the way in and surround it with a licking tongue. The sounds we make get louder. The movements get faster. We can no longer hold back, and we explode. Oh, this is no ordinary dynamite explosion designed to remove big rock that is obstructing the path for the new highway. No, this is the explosion you get from a WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION. I’m afraid the neighbors may call the Dept. of Homeland Security.

We don’t stop as the explosion occurs. We continue to pump and grind and suck. We don’t want this to end. After a minute of continued juicy rubbing, we begin to slow down. I remove my mouth from Robert, collapse on top of Cutler, and James collapses on top of me. Robert falls back on the rug, spreadeagled, cum dripping on his stomach from his limp cock. Then he gets up and gets on the bed with us, and hugs his way into the mix. We could easily fall asleep in this position, but I am starting to find it hard to breathe.

“James, I love this, but you have to get off of me, or I will be smothered. Can you imagine the headlines tomorrow morning?”

James reluctantly kisses the back of my head, and gets off of me. I slip off of Cutler’s shrinking cock, and roll to the side.

There is cum and pussy juice everywhere. What a fucking mess. I laugh.

“OK, recruits, you have clean up duty. There are towels in the bathroom.”

They rise slowly from the bed, get some towels, and start to clean up. I get up and move to the bathroom to wipe myself down. I am still in a state of contained arousal, and I like it. Leave ‘em wanting more, I always say.

“Reveille is coming at 6:00 a.m, so you guys better get some sleep. Get dressed and head out.”

Talk about hangdog looks.

“Come on,” I say. “Wasn’t that the best sexual experience of you lives? Do you want to spoil it by sleeping on the rug? And all four of us waking up smelling bad?”

James says,

“Indeed, that would hardly be the chivalrous behavior in which I pride myself.”

The 3 men get dressed, I put on a teddy (I sleep in the nude, but there’s been enough nudity for one evening). I escort them to the door.

“Robert, James, Cutler. This has been the most interesting and exciting night of my life. I suspect you’d like to come back for round 2 tomorrow night, but you have a hockey game. I hope your team wins.”

I open the door and say “Thank you for a lovely evening. Do I at least get a goodnight kiss?”

They laugh. Each in his turn gives me a gentle sweet kiss on the lips, and turns to go. I close the door.

I smile to myself. I start out as shy and unconfident, and look what happens? I move to the bed, which the guys were nice enough to straighten, and wipe off all the bodily fluids from. I lay down and look over at the clock. It’s 1:15 a.m. No wonder I’m tired. I remove my teddy, get under the covers, turn to the side, and I’m asleep in seconds.

©Nora Quick 2013

Chapter Five

Sitting in my room I shook off the worry and thought over how to prepare. The magic had made it so I never had to shave nor moisturize, but still there are sacred rituals of femininity one could never give up. And I needed them now more than ever; those rituals relaxed me.

I drew a bath and scented it with relaxing salts and oils I adored, cotton blossom and light jasmine. My hair was still clean from the shower the night before, so I pinned it up and sank in. I scrubbed and scraped until all my skin was cloud-soft. I soaked until I thought the perfumes were a part of me. Then I dried off and smoothed in moisturizer that was soft and as thick as cashmere.

To impress, but classy, Julian had said.

First I dabbed on perfume that was an echo of the bath scents. My skin no longer needed concealer or foundation of any kind, a relief, so it was simple. I lined my eyes softly, smudging the eyeliner, and brushed on very subtle smoky eye shadow. I lined my lips and filled them in with blood red stain, smoothing gloss on top. I brushed through mascara darkening and lengthening my already long, thick, black lashes.

As I worked I heard all three men climb the stairs, laughing and joking, going into their own rooms to change. For a moment my heart pounded and I smiled at the memories of the previous night. For the next adventure, I vowed to push my concerns aside and live in the moment, but the urge to over-think was lurking constantly at the edges of my thoughts.

Keeping my hair pinned up I dressed carefully. I wore Cuban-heeled back-seamed stockings attached to a black and nude garter belt. Over that slid matching panties and I topped it off with the demi bra that matched. The effect was overly-stylized, a caricature of the forties style that somehow worked.

I found the black slip that was low cut enough and put it on before adding the little black dress. It was tight, skimming my curves, the neckline sweetheart and low. From the side my breasts, hefted up, looked like they were almost trying to escape, surely enough to tempt any man into sin.

I looked sexy, but not sleazy. I had a few steps to go until classy, so I did my hair carefully, curling the tips and letting it fall long, covering one eye. Lastly I added a string of freshwater pearls and four inch stiletto velvet pumps.

Sex on the hoof, sure, but still I’d be welcomed in any home in America. Just what I was going for. I knew Pierre’s night had been relaxed, casual, just the way he was. Julian’s was going to be beautiful and orchestrated just as he was. I was perhaps getting ahead of myself in wondering what Andre’s would be like.

I was nervous, no doubt about it. What made tonight different than the night before was my growing suspicion that impossibly fast, I was falling in love with them. The thought froze me in my tracks and I wished Diego was with me, but it sounded like he was romping in the back yard with a toy. Too fast, it was too fast, but I would relax and not worry. I swore it to myself and pushed the thought into the back of my mind. Somehow this was easier to ignore than the worries, and I guess that spoke volumes about me.

I came down the stairs to see them waiting in the foyer, and it was a sight that would make any woman pause and consider swooning. Each was dressed in a suit, their tie showing off each owner’s favorite color. Julian looked respondent in a grey suit, his tie glossy and green. His hair was slicked back, still damp, giving the soft-eyed artist a hard-edged look. Pierre’s navy suit highlighted the broadness of his shoulders and the trim size of his waist. His bright blue tie matched his eyes perfectly, and he wore his curling hair loose to his shoulders. He’d trimmed his beard, which now became the swooping mustache and canny goatee of a musketeer. He looked younger and happier, more…Pierre than before. Andre wore a black suit with a maroon tie nearly the same shade as his hair. He too had dampened his hair on the side and pulled it back. What shocked me was he was clean shaven. The promise of his bearded face was fulfilled in the most beautiful yet masculine arrangement of bones I’d ever seen.

But what stole my breath and nearly made me trip on the last few steps was the look in their eyes. In that moment I felt the power of the goddess, the ancient degree of control every woman was born to. In that moment I knew for the gift of touching me they would do anything. A woman could rule the world with that kind of power, but alas I had no use for it. I’d rather just take the touching. Still, knowing I had brought forth such desire was a heady cocktail that made me want to swing and dance, laughing.

I reached the bottom and they were all still watching me with a curious mix of hungry male conqueror and dutiful, humble, devotee.

“Well you three look great,” I managed on the second try, my throat parched.

Julian unfurled my coat and stepped forward. “Tonight, she’s mine.” His voice was a deep growl, wholly masculine as it made me shiver.

I didn’t like being claimed like property but I let it go, since Julian seemed so happy he fairly vibrated. He held my coat for me as Pierre let me know Diego had been attended to and left in the yard to spare our black clothes.

I kissed Julian’s cheek or at least went for it, but he turned and claimed my lips. Pulling back he had red gloss and I laughed, sending him to the mirror.

“Since you’re mussed anyway,” Pierre said and grabbed me, spinning me to him where he kissed me soundly. Chuckling, he passed me off to Andre.

“You’re a walking felony in that dress,” Andre said and bent his head slowly.

“I promise I’ll make doing time fun.”

He laughed at my words and crushed my mouth beneath his.

I flounced away and opened my small purse, pulling out my gloss but Julian stopped me. “Best wait on that. Shall we?”

Intrigued I took his hand as he escorted me. Pierre lead the way, opening doors, and Andre followed behind, closing them. Diego ran up t o us but Pierre kept him away with a rub to the head and a promise tomorrow we’d all play with him. In the Porsche Julian bundled me into the back, giving Andre shotgun. Pierre climbed into the driver’s seat and we were off.

Julian quickly shifted, turning towards me as his fine, long-boned fingers danced over my stockings, toying with the bottom of my skirt. “You’re wearing panties, aren’t you?”

I felt shocked by the question. In the car, with Andre and Pierre so close, the world just a single pane of glass away, and he got playful now?

“Julian…” I began, reaching for his wrist.

“Anna,” he playfully cooed back as his hand pushed higher, teasing my bare skin right at the edge of my stockings.

“We’re in a moving car!”

Pierre chuckled. “Don’t worry about me driving off the road. But I will adjust the mirrors and enjoy the show.”

“We can’t-” I began and Julian’s hand jumped to my face, turning me into a kiss as his other arm came around to hold me.

Well, he was the kinky one, and though it thrilled me I felt real nerves . I’d never been one for public exhibitions. I felt my mind slip away on that thought as his tongue filled my mouth and all I could feel was him wrapped around me. His hand returned and smoothed up my thigh with such delicate precision my knees drifted apart of their own volition.

He stroked the lace of my panties and found them damp. I was treated to a moan that equaled my own when his other hand slipped into my bra. Just the tips of his fingers stroked across my nipple, but it was enough and I lit up, aroused and lost to sensation.

I slouched in the seat as my hips sought out his other hand. Julian didn’t make me wait long, and deftly he shoved the lace aside and thrust two fingers into me. I cried out against his mouth, gripping his lapels like grim death.

Immediately he began to move and I pumped my hips meeting him with each thrust. Wrapped in his arms, his body covering mine, fingers and tongue buried inside me as I gripped him, mewling, I was lost.

Suddenly a trail of thought entered my mind, wondering at just where we were going and what the night was to bring. It didn’t matter; he was lean, beautiful, poetic, and kinky, and with hands made for sin pushed me over the edge with long, deep strokes, his thumb resting over my clit.

I screamed with my release, and he swallowed my cry like it was fine wine. As I came down, still locked with him, his fingers still inside me and against my breast, I stroked my hand down to his hard cock. God, he was long. Though substantial in width it was his length that was most impressive and once again I felt my womb contract wondering how it would feel inside me. I squeezed down his cloth-covered cock loving the hard feel him hot and heavy against my palm. Julian shivered sweetly, his panting breaths hitching in the most delightful way.

“Not yet,” he growled, and withdrew his fingers from my pussy to grab my hand roughly. Smiling apologetically he bent and kissed my palm, then held my hand as he sucked my juices from his fingers. All the while his other hand renewed the light butterfly-wings caress over my nipple.

“Julian!” I pled softly, but he just smiled.

“I want you hot, all through dinner.”

I could only whimper at that. He ducked his head and tugged at my dress, slip, and bra until both my nipples slid free, pebbled hard in the cool air. Julian’s other arm came around to massage a breast as his mouth claimed the peak of the other.

I cried out, head falling back, and in the rearview mirror I looked to see his cream colored hair spilling across my skin, but all I found were Pierre’s eyes, blazing hot. I held his gaze, damn near climaxing right there with only my nipples being lavished with attention.

I sensed movement and found Andre had turned his head, eying us with a secretive smile. “Those nipples are so deliciously sensitive, I love the way you squirm and moan with every lick.” His voice was a sensual rumble that suggested he was enjoying the show as much as if Andre were participating.

I couldn’t help but groan. Just what the hell was going on? Where were we going?

Julian pulled back then and righted my dress with a lot of fumbling that serviced only to make my nipples harder and my panties damper.

Pierre glided the car to a stop as Julian helped me button up my coat, and then a doorman was helping me out. I could only smile when I saw where we were, recognizing the restaurant. Julian escorted me in with Andre following up, and Pierre got the stub from the valet.

The host showed us to a shadowy booth and they insisted I sit in the most hidden corner, with Andre on the outside, Julian on my other side, and Pierre’s smiling face showing to the dining room. I let Julian select the wine and the sommelier was impressed.

Then our waiter came. I’d been here many times over the years as he worked there, a good friend from college I’d kept in touch with. We had a history that was sordid at points, but now we had comfortable friendship.


“Julio, darling! How are you?”

“Better now that you’re here.”

“Oh, Julio this is Andre, Julian, and Pierre. Boys, this is an old friend of mine, Julio.”

Julio was practically drooling. Like me he favored men, and these were three prime examples of the species. “All three? Lucky girl. Everyone drinking the cabernet?”

“I’ll take a gin ricky,” Andre said.

“Unibroue Maudite,” Pierre said with a smile to me.

“Wine for us,” I said, indicating Julian and I.

Julio poured water and took Julian’s appetizer order of oysters and crab cakes, the latter order quickly at my small grimace at oysters. When he left we discussed what to order but I knew for a fact the house surf ‘n’ turf was the best in town. I managed to convince Pierre to my way of thinking.

Julian held my hand beneath the cloth and whispered into my ear, asking polite permission to order for me. I had to decline, and explained Julio was a friend who would be confused, but I couldn’t explain more with our damned rule in place.

Once, when Julio was still trying to decide if he liked boys or girls better, he and I had played Dominant and submissive. I had ordered him and his boyfriend to put a show on for me and had greatly enjoyed the experience of men at my beck and call, but time had changed both our tastes. Julio stayed in the gay BDSM scene with and I had left it all, preferring my men a bit more masculine than submissive.

Andre ordered the porterhouse, I had the surf ‘n’ turf with the filet rare, Julian had the fancy French chicken, and Pierre had the surf ‘n’ turn, his filet medium, and agreed to the extra charge for three jumbo shrimp. With the potatoes and vegetables added on I was glad my magic kept me slim and I wondered how much time it would cost the men in the gym. Unfortunately, that got me imagining them in the gym, and so I was drooling by the time the appetizers arrived. I’d missed the drinks’ arrival completely. As much fun as thinking of them half naked and sweaty was, seeing them all dolled up was rapidly draining my IQ points.

Andre and Pierre got into a conversation about the Blackhawks as I nibbled at a crab cake. To my shock I felt one of Julian’s artist’s hands on my thigh.

“Did you know that oysters are aphrodisiacs?” He picked one up and brought it towards his lips.

“I’ve heard something to that effect.”

“The trick is the zinc. It increases testosterone production, so this only works for men.” Green eyes locked to mine, he swallowed the oyster in one go. How he managed to make it look sensual I had no idea, but he did.

“Great, like we need you any hornier.” It came out far more breathy than I’d planned.

“You’re right.” He licked his thumb while his other hand skimmed up my thigh and immediately slipped beneath my panties. “I’m not the one who needs to be more aroused.”

I was pliant in shock as his fingertips slowly circled my clit with unerring aim. I made a small whimper which drew notice from our dining companions, and though Pierre grinned, they turned back their conversation.

I gripped the tablecloth, my knuckles almost as white as the fabric. Smiling like a kitten just discovering its claws, Julian picked up a small crab cake and brought it to my lips. “Bite into it slowly. Yes, that’s it. Feel that buttery flavor melt onto your tongue.”

I wasn’t sure exactly what was going on, but Julian seemed to have a fond connection between food and sex. Fine by me, in fact, more than fine. Perhaps I had left the fetish scene prematurely having played the wrong side. That discovery did not bother me; the tremor of fear came from the fact it was that this was happening in public, where all anyone had to do was peek around the back of the booth or walk past to the bathrooms, and they could see us. Somehow the fear spiced the arousal and pushed me higher.

I swallowed nervously as he brought another oyster up to his lips. Andre and Pierre had already taken what they wanted and were in deep discussion about some plumbing lines at the moment.

“Julian, why?”

“Because it excites me. Can’t you tell?” He leaned in close, nipping at my ear. “Put your hand on my cock, Anna.”

Slowly I removed one fisted hand from the table and settled it on his lap. As gentle as he was, still tracing my clit with just light fingertips, I was fairly brutal. Squeezing, stroking, I wanted him right there with me.

He finished the oyster and grabbed another crab puff. Holding it to my lips he bent to my ear once more. “Not yet. God, I love kissing you when you cum. I love feeling you shake in my arms. I can’t wait to be buried inside you when you scream my name.”

“Oh, god,” I moaned.

I took the damned crab cake but suddenly my appetite was for something darker than the meal. Just as orgasm loomed he stopped, moving his hand to rest on my inner thigh.

“Damn tease,” I grumbled and he just kissed my cheek.

The food arrived and Julian made a show of licking my juices from his fingers before he moved the appetizers aside. Thank the gods he let me eat in relative peace, though he was careful to brush me with his arm, his thigh, made sure his scent surrounded me.

When I’d eaten what I could and pushed my plate away Julian refilled my wine glass. The four of us had been talking about politics but as the meal wound down Andre and Pierre resumed an earlier discussion.

“You are surprisingly kinky,” I said as Julian poured his own glass.

He smiled and it was that shy, uncertain smile that was so endearing. “I am by nature creative. I enjoy unusual things, and it has given me unusual tastes. I have no shame.”

“I should-” I broke off as Julio collected our dishes and took Julian’s order of baked Alaska for desert with some port before to pass the time. “I should say not,” I said as Julio left with a knowing smile as if he knew everything we had done.

Julian pressed me back against the booth but slid my hips forward, further under the table. “Let’s see if you do.”

And with a boneless grace, he slid beneath the table. Before I could say anything Andre and Pierre moved in closer, still talking as if I weren’t there. I felt Julian’s hands on my thighs, smoothing them, spreading my legs.

As Julio returned with the port Julian pushed my panties aside and wickedly licked me, long and slow. It took everything I had not to let the top of my head blow off. There was no way I could speak so I merely nodded at my friend, wishing him away quickly.

“Where’s your date?” Julio asked as he set my glass down.

“In the, oh! Bathroom.” I was blushing furiously and Julio just laughed and winked. He set the others down as Julian teased me with just the tip of his tongue, circling my clit.

Andre and Pierre didn’t even break from their conversation so Julio was left with no feedback. Raising a dark brow my friend shook his head and walked off, fidgeting in a way that told me he was about to smoke or die laughing.

I gripped the booth and tried to remain quiet, but it was the most difficult thing I could remember doing.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, Anna, you’re supposed to be quiet,” Pierre said suddenly as Julio disappeared around the corner. Then his mouth swooped down on mine and I let myself moan. Julian was doing magical things beneath the table.

I clutched at Pierre with one hand, and Andre sought out the other. Kissing my palm and slid in closer, whispering into my ear. “I must keep watch, but that doesn’t mean I can’t drive you even more mad.”

He pulled back and I felt his broad hand stroking my breasts. As Pierre plundered my mouth and Julian possessed my aching cunt I was enthralled and lost, helplessly caught. Julian flicked at my clit as Pierre swirled his tongue around mine. Just then I felt my dress dip low and my nipples slid into cool air in the corner of a five star steakhouse in downtown Chicago.

Andre strummed his thick fingers across one nipple while his other hand massaged and stroked my other breast. I came like a rocket, grabbing onto Pierre, holding him, terrified he’d back away and let my scream fly free.

They all kept moving, drawing it out, and I was shaking, trembling, having fallen apart completely. After an eternity I came back to myself feeling Julian kissing my thighs, panties back in place, and Pierre straightening my dress. Andre drew me into a kiss before standing as Pierre moved back and I felt Julian rise.

Julian grabbed me and kissed me, pressing my own juices to my mouth. I was still on fire, still aching, needy, my blood thrumming with desire. He pulled back with a knowing smile and turned to his port.

Andre slid in on the other side of the booth and he and Pierre had resumed their conversation as if nothing happened. Something about how strange the situation was made my arousal pulse even more deeply.

“Steph?” Sean walked through the front door of the house he shared with his girlfriend as he and his buddies Kyle and Brock walked in the door. All of them were still in uniform since they had been in a hurry to get home and watch the game and had needed to make the necessary pit stops for pizza and beer. Sean had expected Steph to be hanging out in the living room waiting for them to get home but she wasn’t there. “Just put the beer in the fridge and I’ll go find Steph.” Sean motioned Brock and Kyle forward into the kitchen and climbed the steps to the bedroom two at a time.

“Steph?” Sean walked into the bedroom and found Steph asleep on top of the covers. Sean grinned as he saw the small puddle of drool pooling underneath her chin. For some reason these small imperfections always made Sean’s heart melt when he saw them. They had known each other for a long time before they ever got the chance for all of those simple day to day things that other people took for granted and Sean still found great delight in each and every one of them.

Sean walked up to the bed and slid his hand through Steph’s hair and then tightened his fingers. Just enough pressure to gently wake her up and keep her head still as she did so. “Sean?” Steph opened her eyes and took in Sean’s uniform and her eyes actually dilated with desire. That uniform fetish of her’s was also a source of delight for Sean. He thought it was adorable how hot just the sight of him in his uniform could make her. Of course the sight of him out of his uniform was equally as arousing but he was always too busy when they got to that point to appreciate the cuteness of that particular character trait. Sean heard the small intake of breath that was almost a gasp and watched as Steph wiped the drool from her chin self-consciously. “Fuck…” this was whispered under Steph’s breath as she realized that she couldn’t move her head and her breath began to sound suspiciously like panting.

“Hey Sean did you find her?” Kyle called up from downstairs and again Sean saw that flash of arousal in Steph’s eyes. Sean grinned when he spotted that flash and he suddenly realized that the game might be called on account of games of a different sort.

“Yeah I found her.” Sean called down. “Just relax and we’ll be down in a couple.” He turned back to his girlfriend with a grin, “Time to get up and serve our guests Steph.” Sean said and Steph’s eyes widened at the double entendre she heard in Sean’s voice. She knew that Sean had talked to his friends about taking part in a foursome because it was something that Steph had always been curious about.

“Today?” this was squeaked from Steph’s throat and Sean saw the arousal and fear in equal portions warring for supremacy on Steph’s face.

Sean’s hand tightened in her hair and he crouched down to look straight into her eyes. “This one is your call love.” The look of tenderness on Sean’s face coupled with the constant pull of his hand on her hair made the decision for her. She wanted this experience. She had wanted it for a very long time but she had never felt safe enough to let go and actually do it. With Sean she knew she was safe with every fibre of her being. He would keep her safe and that meant she could let go and just be.

Sean saw the moment Steph made her decision and she confirmed it by pulling slightly against his hand to reach for a kiss. Sean dropped his head and pulled Steph up the three inches so their tongues could tangle with each other passionately. Steph moaned deep in her throat as Sean’s hands slid down to her shoulder’s and held them firmly but not too hard. “Are you ready?”

The look in his eyes was mischievous and playful and Steph took a deep breath to steady her nerves. She did want this but the reality of it was overwhelming. She looked deep into his eyes and was reassured by the steadiness of his gaze. She knew he would stop everything if she said the word, but she didn’t want to stop.”Ready.” Steph said and then returned Sean’s grin with her own.

“Get yourself ready then, love and meet us in the tv room.”

Steph nodded with an answering smile and said, “Don’t get naked yourselves babe. I want the pleasure of peeling off those uniforms all by myself.” As she said this she gave a husky chuckle and Sean felt his cock start to stiffen at that sound. Oh this was going to be fun!

Sean bounced down the stairs like a kid on Christmas morning and met his buddies in the tv room. “Hey guys,” he said as he walked in. “Looks like we are PVRing the game for some other more energetic fun.” Sean chuckled as he said this and Brock and Kyle looked over at him. As his words registered with them they both broke out into identical grins that made Sean answer with one of his own.

Kyle reached up to begin taking off his uniform but Sean shook his head. “You know how Steph is about uniforms,” Sean said with a grin, “She has informed me she wants the pleasure of peeling ours off all to herself.” Those words made Kyle groan just a bit. And Sean answered that groan by grinning still wider. Steph was pretty damn hot and Sean knew that Kyle had been antsy to get his hands on those luscious tits of hers ever since Sean had brought up the possibility of this foursome. Kyle was the shortest of the guys with the stockiest build and brown hair and eyes. Right now those brown eyes with beaming with lust and Sean let out a chuckle.

When the three guys heard the sound of Steph walking down the stairs they all turned to look over so they could see her enter the room. When she did, Sean and both of his buddies groaned in unison because Steph was gorgeous. She had on a black and red bustier and matching thong and she had left her thick, dark hair long and flowing to her shoulders. Her tits were an ample 36F and her hips were slim with a softly rounded ass that filled out her thong to perfection. Perhaps even more attractive than her physical beauty however was the fact that she was comfortable in her own skin.

There is a look that a woman has in her eyes when she is aware of her sexual power and revels in it and Steph had that in spades. It was one of the things that had first attracted Sean to her and even now when they had been partners for nearly a year that self confidence that seemed to ooze unconsciously from Steph still had the capacity to make Sean want her as often as he could get his hands on her. The things they had done sexually with each other would make most people slack jawed perhaps but the thing that amazed Sean most was that no matter what kinky, delicious things they did together and occasionally with other people Steph had a way of making Sean feel like the only person in the room that mattered. Even now with the three guys looking over at her with near identical expressions of anticipation and lust Steph looked over at Sean first and held his gaze as she paused in the doorway. She waited there for a sign from him as to how he wanted to proceed and he felt his love for this woman roll over him like a tidal wave. It wasn’t that Steph wasn’t perfectly capable of taking charge sexually. She did that frequently and it was exquisite to witness but she seemed to recognize instinctively that in this situation, with his friends, he would want to be clearly in charge. The fact that he didn’t even need to verbalize those thoughts with her just made him adore her even more.

“Kyle why don’t you pull out the computer chair and take a seat.” Sean said this without breaking Steph’s gaze. Kyle rushed to obey and sat down with an audible thump. This brought a chuckle from both Sean and Brock but all of the guys heads snapped up as Steph uttered what could only be described as a growl as she sauntered with unconscious grace towards Kyle. She kneeled at his feet and reached her hands up to run them firmly from Kyle’s shoulders down his body. Steph had a huge thing for uniforms especially military ones and having three soldiers to undress and play with was a special treat. The look in Steph’s eyes was almost feral as her hands slid down Kyle’s chest to rest on his thighs. She licked her lips and then angled her head towards Sean again and saw his nod of assent before reaching forward to unzip Kyle’s pants and free his cock and balls from within the confines of his boxer briefs. Kyle leaned back in the chair to allow Steph easier access and he moaned as he watched her lean forward and begin licking his cock with long, slow licks using the flat of her tongue. She started at the base of his cock and worked her way up and around the whole circumference of his shaft. His cock had dimensions similar to the rest of Kyle’s body in that it was short but stocky but even so Steph took her time reaching the head and Kyle squirmed in his seat and bucked his hips up in a non-verbal plea for more. When she reached the head of Kyle’s shaft Steph began gently sucking the looser skin on the side of his cock into her mouth and nibbling down his length using only her lips and tongue. When she reached the base she swirled her tongue around his balls sacks and gently sucked them into her mouth. Kyle moaned harshly and Sean smirked knowing that if he could have formulated a thought in his lust addled brain it would have been to curse Sean for being the luckiest bastard alive because the whole time Steph was licking and nibbling at his length Kyle could see her eyes looking over his shoulder to where Sean was watching.

Brock was still sitting on the couch in a pose that was meant to convey relaxed ease but he was failing miserably at it. As much as he tried to stifle the small squirming motions that his body was intent on producing, he couldn’t and Sean would have laughed at his impersonation of a kid in a candy store but at that moment Steph had finally reached the head of Kyle’s cock again and sucked him deep in a sudden movement that had all three men moaning at the erotic sight laid out before them. Steph began bobbing her head and sucking Kyle’s cock deep into her mouth. Sean could tell that all thoughts of anything except the incredible pleasure Steph was inflicting on him with her mouth and tongue had fled Kyle’s mind. Having been on the receiving end of Steph’s oral attentions for over a year now Sean could empathize.He swore that Steph could suck a man’s brain through his cock because when she focused all of her cock-sucking prowess on you there was no way that any man could resist her power. Steph sucked Kyle all the way to the back of her throat and then hollowed out her cheeks and applied hard suction all the way up his length before pulling off of him with an audible pop.

“Sean,” Steph moaned as she motioned to where Brock was sitting and Sean answered her with a grin.

“You’re up Brock.” Sean motioned his friend forward and Brock didn’t need to be told twice.

He reached up to undo his pants but his hands were slapped away by Steph as she reached to do the honour. “I get to undress my soldier boys” Steph said with a husky chuckle and a grin at Sean. Sean answered with a grin of his own as he leaned back to enjoy the show. Not to say he wouldn’t be jumping into the action in a little while but at the moment he was watching Steph ‘handle the room’ and enjoying the feel of his cock rock hard and making a wet spot on his boxers. Sean enjoyed the slow ramp up of arousal so this was plenty fine by him.

Steph undid Brock’s uniform pants and nuzzled into his cock enjoying the silky feel of his skin on her cheek. While she acquainted herself with Brock her other hand stroked Kyle slowly. Keeping him on edge but not giving him enough stimulation to come. Steph pulled Brock’s cock out of his pants and admired his impressive offering. He was longer than Kyle but not quite as wide. Steph had never seen a cock she didn’t think was exquisite in its own special way and Brock’s lovely cock was no exception. The whole time she was admiring Brock she was aware of Sean’s gaze on her like a physical caress. She had never felt so impossibly turned on in all of her 40 years. Steph would never have guessed that she would ever meet anyone with whom she could embrace all of her most kinky fantasies. She knew bone deep that Sean would keep her safe and help her realize every one of them she wanted to. Just the thought of Sean watching her perform with his friends and getting turned on by the sight of it made her moan against Brock’s dick and she felt him jump at the sensation. She turned her head and mouth towards him and sucked him deep in one quick motion, choking slightly as he hit the back of her throat. Her tongue was moving quickly, massaging the underside of his cock while her mouth pulled on him with a powerful suction.

“Holy fuck.” Brock uttered the words like a prayer and his head leaned back causing his short blond hair to gleam in a patch of sunlight. And while Steph set up a quick pace bobbing up and down on Brock and then stopping to rub her tongue back and forth along the underside of his cock her hand didn’t stop stroking Kyle. When Steph felt an involuntary jerk from Brock she switched tactics and moved her mouth over to Kyle while she started stroking Brock with long, smooth motions.

Steph saw movement from the corner where Sean had been standing and then felt his hands cupping the back of her head as she continued to suck Kyle deep into her mouth. Sean didn’t force her mouth down farther or do anything else to guide the action but the feel of his hands on her head caused a shudder to course through Steph as her anticipation ramped up. God she loved that man.

“Undress them love.” Sean said as his hands gently stroked through Steph’s long dark hair before clutching at it to give it one quick powerful jerk and then releasing it.

Steph moaned at the sensation because having her hair pulled was a huge turn on for her and no one had ever done it just perfectly right the way that Sean seemed to manage every damn time. Steph moved quickly and began to undress her soldier boys as she had cheekily called them. First Kyle and then Brock’s clothing fell into identical piles on the floor and then Steph turned her attention to Sean. She kissed his boots before unlacing them and then began to slowly remove them from his feet. This reverent treatment continued as she kissed each piece of clothing before removing it from his body. Kyle and Brock were getting impatient and Steph felt first one and then two sets of hands rubbing over her body but she was not distracted from her task. Impossibly aroused and incredibly wet, absolutely, but not distracted.

When Brock pushed her tiny bit of nothing thong to the side and slid his fingers past her soaking wet labia and into her dripping wet pussy to tap on her g-spot Steph widened her stance and moaned before kissing the t-shirt Sean wore under his uniform and pulling it up and off his body. On the other side of her Kyle was upping the ante by twisting and pulling at her luscious nipples which he had pulled up out of the top of her bustier. Sean leaned forward and took one of her nipples into his mouth and gave it a sharp bite and Steph gasped and moaned at the sensation. Between Brock pistoning in and out of her pussy with his two fingers and Kyle pulling and tugging at one nipple while Sean sucked the other into his mouth Steph could feel her legs begin to tremble and knew she was close to orgasm. Sean looked up into her eyes from his position at her breast and again bit down with perfect precision and Steph threw her head back and moaned harshly and she felt herself break apart as her orgasm hit hard and fast. Brock gentled his fingers in her pussy as he felt Steph clench and pulse around them and Kyle and Sean gently sucked and licked at her breasts as Steph tried to catch her breath.

“Fu-uck.” Steph breathed the word out in a gasping sigh and her knees buckled slightly as she fell forward into Sean.

Sean caught Steph under her arms and gently lowered her to the floor and she finished pulling off his pants and socks with hasty kisses on his clothing as they were slid off of his body and then reached for his cock with her mouth. Since Kyle was also in front of her she grabbed his cock with her other hand and began stroking. She put her other hand on Sean`s hip and pulled him closer to Kyle so that she could suck him deep and then pull off and do the same to Kyle alternating back and forth and using her hand on the off strokes.

While Steph was busy with Kyle and Sean, Brock lay on the floor and shuffled himself up so that his head lay between Steph`s spread thighs as she kneeled on the floor. He wrapped his hands around her luscious ass and pushed her thong farther out of the way as he pulled her down the six inches to place her pussy at just the right spot to stroke and suck and lick her with his lips and tongue. Steph put both of her hands on Kyle and Sean’s hips to pull them forward so that she could continue sucking and stroking them in an alternating pattern. The motions of Brock’s lips and tongue were damned distracting though and holy hell could the man eat pussy like a dream. Steph wondered vaguely if Brock would be as turned on as Sean got if she ground her pussy into his face so she decided to test it out. The groan that she felt as a vibration on her cunt answered that question with clarity and soon Steph had a definitely rhythm going which involved fucking her cunt into Brock’s willing mouth and tongue while alternately sucking and stroking Kyle and Sean.

“Steph,” Sean groaned above her and Steph looked up as she gave his cock a long and strong lick before wrapping her lips around his head and muttering hmmmm around his cock which made him groan again as the vibration passed through his cock. Sean grabbed at her hair and gave another of his perfect sharp tugs and said, “Need to be inside you Steph. Now baby girl.” Steph grinned with her mouth wrapped around his cock and gave a strong suck and pulled off with an audible pop.

“Where do you want to be Sean?” Steph asked the question and Sean felt a swelling of lust and love and heat for the woman on her knees before him grinding her pussy into his friends face and yet looking at him in a way that left no doubt in his mind as to who filled her thoughts and claimed her heart.

“Want your pussy Steph.” Sean answered with another groan as Steph leaned forward to suck his cockhead with a swirling motion meant to bring any man to his knees.

“Onto the rug babe.” Steph answered with a grin. “I am going to ride you.” Sean answered without words as he pulled away and lay back on the sheepskin rug that lay in front of the fire. He had caught flack from his friends for the fluffy white thing but it was hellishly comfortable so he was going to have the last laugh tonight when his buddies realized what the “frou frou” rug was really for! Steph gave Kyle one more strong and deep suck and then gave his cock a slight tug to pull him towards where Sean was laying on the rug. “Kyle I want to drink you down and Brock,” Steph looked down into Brock’s eyes as they peered at her hazed with lust from his position underneath her. “Grab the lube and supplies that are in the end table over there and get ready to ride me too.” That made Brock moan as he pulled his lips from her soaked pussy and moved quickly to grab lube and a condom.

Brock ripped open the package and went to put it on his dick but Steph shook her head and place it into her mouth and positioned herself over his cock before sliding the condom on with only her lips and tongue. “Fuck!” Brock hissed at the sensation and had to breathe deeply to avoiding coming on the spot at the incredibly erotic sight of Steph sliding the condom down his length with her mouth. Then Steph turned and crawled up Sean’s legs and settled her pussy over his cock before pushing down swiftly and taking him to the hilt in one motion. Sucking him into her warm, wet heat and leaning down to kiss his mouth before taking Kyle’s cock back into her hand and tilting her ass so that Brock had access as he began to prep her with his lube slicked fingers. Steph moaned because even his fingers felt impossibly thick with Sean’s cock filling her pussy to the hilt on the other side of that thin barrier of skin.


A week passed since my arrival. Each morning I woke to the startling reality that I was on a tropical island where men hunted me for sex. I had been stripped of everything, clothing, possessions and even my voice. Too scared to even attempt escape my only refuge was a small pool of clear, cool water. Food was scarce in the area and most days my stomach burned with hunger. Fortunately, Jenna, an exotic beauty about my age, had freed me from my bindings when I first had arrived on the island, saving me from unknown torment. Still, with only a stick in the sand to communicate with Jenna, I felt alone.

Jenna had survived the island’s dangers for 4 months and had showed me which foods were safe to eat, and more importantly, which were not. We timed our food excursions near and dusk and dawn. Those hours provided some relief from the tropical heat and enough light to forage but also ample shadows to provide concealment from the hunters. In the heat of the day we would loaf in or along the side of our tropical pool, beneath the comforting shade of the trees.

As the natural food supply near our pool dwindled, it forced us to forage further from its safety. A constant hunger took residence in my belly. One early morning the limited resources had me wandering far from the pool in an unfamiliar jungle. The growing desire for food and escape pushed me onward until I became disorientated, and lost. Pressing on, I found myself standing in the brush at the edge of a long sandy beach staring out across a seemingly endless ocean.

The surf pounded against the sand and ocean wind rustled through the trees. It was so beautiful here, really a tropical paradise and except for my first night and mild hunger, I had adapted and may have even enjoyed its simplicity. Still, all I could think about was escape.

I was just about to step onto the beach and run into the ocean when distant movement caught my eye. It had appeared from around a corner of the beach and was moving quickly toward me. Instinctively I crouched into the cover of the brush. It only took a few seconds for me to realize that it was another young woman. I was just about to call out to her when her pursuers came into view. The two hunters were gaining on her, running her down like lions would a gazelle. Frozen in fear, I was unable to help this other woman without falling prey myself or flee without being discovered.

The woman was beautiful — her large breasts rocking violently as she ran. Her red skin matched the fire in her hair and I deduced that the sunburn was an indication she, like me, was new to the island, perhaps one of the unfortunate girls sobbing in the darkness when I had arrived. My natural tendency for order immediately gave her the name “Red.” Her body was a bit curvier than Jenna or I, but in a sultry and womanly way.

The two men caught and pushed her to the ground on the beach just in front of the brush which concealed my position. When she climbed back to her feet they surrounded her, taunting, pushing her back and forth between them. Like the women I had seen on the island, the hunters were naked – their bodies ripped with muscles and tanned from the tropical sun. At my close proximity, I could clearly see the lust growing between their legs, cocks lengthening, stretching outward and upward. I dared not breathe.

The men forced Red to her hands and knees, taking up positions in front and behind her. The man in front of her had long dark, wavy hair and made me think of Tarzan while the man behind her had bleached, nearly white hair contrasting with his deep bronze skin, the prototypical surfer.

“Tarzan” had grabbed two handfuls of Red’s long, flaming hair and was rubbing his swollen shaft across the tenderness of her face, cheeks, nose and tightly closed lips. She firmly resisted, turning away from his cock at every opportunity, but as his grip tightened she seemed to accept her fate slowly opening her mouth to accept the swollen beast. I watched in awe. She wasn’t sucking him, rather the hunter deeply fucked her face with his cock. With each thrust, I could hear the sound of her gags and watched her spit glisten on his shaft.

Behind her, the surfer had his cock in his hand and, although I couldn’t see it clearly, I could tell by his movements he was sliding its head up and down the entrance to the woman’s pussy. With a bit of work he was able to penetrate through her reluctant folds and drive his shaft inside Red.

My attention turned back to Tarzan. I watched as he continued to impale her face repeatedly on his cock and saw his body begin to flex before with a final jerk of her hair he buried his cock deep into her throat, grunted, jerked and exploded into her. His cock filled Red’s throat and she was turning nearly purple from lack of air. Just as I thought she was going to pass out, Tarzan pulled his wet creamy cock from her mouth, throw a cloth bag on the ground in front of her, turn and walk up the beach leaving the other hunter still thrusting behind Red.

Without a thick cock down her throat, it surprised me to hear erotic moans escaping Reds open mouth and I was appalled by myself when I realized I had unconsciously buried my finger inside my own now-aching pussy. I hated that watching these two men take what they wanted from this young woman had turned me on and that I actually was imagining myself in her place. But I couldn’t help myself — my own carnal nature took over. My finger moved in and out of my pussy matching the rhythm of the Surfer’s cock as it moved in and out of the other woman. In my mind, my finger was his cock and he was fucking me.

My orgasm washed over me just as the Surfer started grunting in his own erotic explosion. I bit down so hard on my lower lip to prevent any sounds of pleasure escaping that I tasted warm, salty blood. He pulled his cock from her pussy, still twitching, cum oozing from its tip. Like Tarzan, he threw a cloth bag to the ground, turned and walked away.

My body was still quivering from orgasm as, from the bushes, I watched Red regain her strength. Overwhelmed with guilt I stayed hidden, ashamed of my inaction and even more so of the pleasure I had taken in her horror. My curiosity, although it burned to know the contents of the cloth bags was not enough to overcome my shame so I stayed hidden as I watched the woman gather the bags and quietly walk away.

It was now clear the hunters would behave as animals, beasts searching only for carnal pleasure and I was the hunted. “How many hunters are there,” I wondered, “how many prey,” and “Could I avoid my apparent fate, and did I even want to.” Eventually I began walking back in the direction of the pool, hoping to find a landmark I recognized that would get me back. My feet felt like lead as I carried more guilt than I thought possible. Wandering aimlessly, my mind raced with questions, until Jenna found me. The sight of her sent relief sweeping over me, alone on this island seemed unbearable. Back at the edge of the pool, I waded into the waters, slipped beneath the surface and tried to rinse my guilt in its cool waters.

After my swim, I dried on the large flat rock in the warm, drying rays of the sun. My week in the tropical rays had faded my tan lines, noticeably darkening my skin. Once dry, I collected some large soft leaves and made a bed in the shade for a midday nap.

Sleep did not come easy. Instead my mind replayed what I had witnessed. Had I really watched another woman get raped by two men right in front of me and done nothing? My mind tried to justify my inaction with logical thoughts of my inability to do anything even if I had tried and what might of happened to me. But instead of just guilt, I now also felt weak and powerless. It further disturbed me to know I had masturbated to a fantastic climax watching 2 hunters devour their prey. What would Jenna think if she knew? Mentally exhausted, sleep finally came, but not before one more burning question snuck into my thoughts, “what was in the cloth bags?”


My arrival on this island was terrifying, but since, it had been mostly peaceful. I had even begun to enjoy the simple life here. However, on the first day of my second week I was reminded of the danger present on this island when I witnessed two men forcibly fuck a voluptuous red-headed woman, and done nothing.

Waking into the heat of an exceptionally muggy afternoon, after a morning search for food had come up empty and I had witnessed the hunters in action, Jenna and I decided it was time to take a risk. The resources in the area around the pool were depleted leaving us two options: forage further or leave the pool all together and try to find both food and shelter on another part of the island.

Jenna had only found the pool a week before I arrived, spending her previous three and a half months bouncing from one location to another, never staying in one area for more than a couple days. It had been the only refuge I had known so neither of us wanted to leave the cooling waters of our hidden pool.

After this morning, I knew it was only a half hour walk to the ocean and its potentially vast food supply. I sketched the idea in the sand by our pool to which Jenna quickly crossed it out and wrote “danger.” The beach did pose a real danger leaving us exposed to the men who hunted us for sex, I’d seen it first hand, but I believed it was worth the risk and finally convinced Jenna.

I followed her through the sandy trails, weaving between the tropical vegetation making frequent stops to listen for danger. Jenna took us to the beach at what could only be described as a cautious half speed. When we finally reached the edge of the vegetation we stopped and waited in silence.

We were standing just feet from where I had hidden earlier today helplessly watching the red-haired woman raped by 2 hunters. A wave of guilt flushed over my body remembering my failure to act and the erotic desire I held while watching her violation. My fantasy about taking her place was replaced with fear of the reality that one day I would in fact take her place against my will.

It wasn’t long before we saw a hunter stalking along the beach waiting. Watching him, we noticed a second man hiding in the bushes just off the sand. They were lying in ambush for girls, like the fiery-haired, busty woman from earlier today, or Jenna, or me. They knew we were hungry and would eventually go to the best food source available.

The sun sunk low in the sky turning it a brilliant red. In the distance we saw a woman run from the bushes towards the ocean waters, bending over to collect mussels or other food and then watched as three hunters swarmed upon her taking turns forcing themselves into her in the shallow waters. Jenna and I watched in silence as one by one they threw a cloth bag to the ground then continued down the beach.

This was the second time in one day I had watched a woman raped and done nothing. Thankfully, this time I felt less guilt. Jenna was there with me and did not act; either to prevent it or to welcome the girl to our small group. I sensed she knew the risk of exposure too well and with our food already limited, one more would just exacerbate our needs.

In the cover of darkness we returned to the pool, defeated and painfully hungry.


Hunger pains woke me in the early morning light and I looked over to see Jenna, beautiful Jenna, sleeping peacefully. I was determined to go back to the beach in search of food, but knew she would object since the hunters frequented it. I silently crept away running through the brush toward the ocean waters, praying any area hunters would still be asleep.

I only briefly paused at the tree line before sprinting across the beach to the water. The oceans shallow waters teamed with wildlife and I reached down into the waters, harvesting whatever looked edible. As quickly as I had run to the water I held my bounty and ran back into the cover of the trees. Out of breath, I stopped 20 yards inside the cover of the brush and turned toward the beach to see if I had been noticed.

Straining my eyes up and down the beach I waited, the surf and my heart pounding in my ears. When I was sure I hadn’t been seen I turned back to the jungle coming face to face with a hunter.

The ocean life dropped from my hands as I moved to sprint away, but was caught by the steel grip of his hands. I started to scream, but then realized it would only bring more hunters.

With a single hand he pinned both my arms to a tree above my head. Fear paralyzed my body. I shut my eyes tightly, trying hard to ignore his other hand squeezing and twisting at my tender nipples.

I thought about all the things they tell you as a young woman facing an attacker; scream, fight, resist, but accepted that none of them would improve my situation. It was more likely a mob of angry monkeys would join in the attack than a knight in shining armor would come to my rescue. So, I did my best to separate my body from my soul.


Before I fell victim to material things; electronics, designer clothes, shoes and accessories; I was a girl like any other. I tried to focus on the thoughts of childhood play, running with friends across a playground. Long forgotten childhood memories began to flood my mind — I loved the park, the swings, slides, water and the cool, soft grass under my feet. While I’d abandoned the open air for stuffy malls in my early teens, my love of nature was renewed during my first year of college and now, even as things tore down around me, I appreciated the beauty of this tropical paradise.


I didn’t resist when he kicked my legs apart. I feared the pain from a cock shoved into an unwilling body. His cock pressed against the opening to my pussy and in a single stroke, penetrated me fully. It burned when he pushed through the folds of my pussy, so much so that I prayed for his cum inside to lubricate my stretching walls.

He fucked my violently, slapping me across the face when I began to cry.

I remembered the other woman penetrated from both ends by two hunters and found comfort in knowing that, had our roles been reversed, I wouldn’t blame her for inaction. Imagining watching me from the brush, I even could accept this as erotic. When he exploded inside me I finally felt relief, it was over.

Pulling his cock from inside me he released my hands and let me slump to the ground. Before he turned to walk away, he threw something toward me. I opened my eyes to see the mysterious cloth bag, but I no longer cared what was inside.

I’m not sure how long it took to gather myself, but I knew unless I made my way back to the pool, I risked another encounter. My vision was blurred from a combination of tears and the swelling which burned the left side of my face where I had been struck.

Reaching out, I pulled the bag toward me and spilled its contents. I had paid dearly for couple of bread rolls, fruit, nuts and 2 sticks of dried meat. I replaced the food in the bag and managed to find two of the mussels I’d grabbed from the ocean. Standing I slowly meandered back toward the pool in a disorientated daze, longing for Jenna’s comfort, tender touch and silent understanding.

Climbing back into the bus, Kathy seemed to have regained her composure and possibly, a second wind. She had semen all over body, especially from the hips down and her nipple had quit bleeding. She held her head up as she walked down the aisle to the seats where her ordeal was taking place and crawled up on the seats.

“Can we wipe the seat down a little bit?” She asked as she sat back with her ass on her heels.

A con tossed her Gil’s prison jumpsuit and she wiped up as much of the sweat and semen as she could with it before looking at the crowd saying;

“I shouldn’t need to go pee again for awhile, so who’s next?”

There were still a dozen cons who hadn’t fucked her, including the big man, the brother who had taken her outside to pee the last time, two other Black cons another Latino, and several white guys. They all looked at each other and the Latino and the brother that had taken her outside looked at each other, walked to the seat where Kathy knelt and crawled up with her.

Recognizing the Black con, she reached up with her right hand and gently pulled his head to hers and kissed him as deeply as her battered lips would allow.

“I’ve never kissed a Black man before,” Kathy said to him as she pulled away just long enough to say what she wanted to and then gently kissed him again.

“The only Latino I have ever kissed was my stupid ex-brother-in-law,” She said, looking at the man as she leaned over and kissed him.

“You both have very different lip textures. They feel good.” She said to both men as she took the brothers hand and slid it down to her pussy while she took the Latino’s hand and placed it on her right breast.

Both men immediately did what she intended with the Black con sliding two fingers into her vagina as he gently flicked her clit with is thumb. The Latino looked at her blood encrusted left nipple and very gently began to caress her right nipple and breast.

“MMMM, that feels good,” Kathy said as she looked at the Black con and smiled.

“You are the first one to take the time to play with my clit and it feels sooo good,” She said as her hips began to pump his hand.

“What is your name?” She asked him.

“Lewis.” He said to her.

“And you?” She asked the Latino.

He laughed, looked at the brother with his fingers in Kathy’s pussy and said;

“Rudy.” He said.

“Hello Rudy. Hello Lewis. My name is Kathy, with a “K”.” She said to them as her hips continued to pump on Lewis’ fingers.

The other cons were just watching her seduce the two cons she was dealing with at that moment and wishing it was them, when she looked at Lewis and said;

“Can you move your index finger in just a little farther? Yes, that’s it, oh yes. Right there,”

as her mouth dropped open, her head fell back on her shoulders, and her pussy juice flooded down Lewis’ fingers and hand, as she had another orgasm.

She couldn’t reach Lewis’ head as he had lain down so he had better access to her pussy with his hand, so she grabbed Rudy’s head and stuck her tongue into his mouth as he continued to massage her right breast and gently roll her nipple between his thumb and index finger.

“Oh, Ohhhh, Oooohh , Ahhhhh,” She moaned and groaned to the two cons.

After regaining her thoughts, Kathy looked at the two men and said;

“How do you want me? One in my pussy and one in my ass? Or one in my pussy and one in my mouth? How do you want me?” She asked them both seductively.

Both men knew how they wanted her. They wanted her on her back and they wanted her pussy.

“You took her outside, bro” Rudy said to Lewis,

“You take her first.”

“I would like you on your back, Kathy,” Lewis said to her.

“I have never made love with a Black man, so please don’t be too hard on me,” Kat said with a smile as she moved onto her back with her head towards the aisle, so all the other cons could see her face.

She spread her legs to open her flooded pussy to Lewis as he knelt between her legs, staring at her pussy, which was a classic cream pie from all the semen that had been shot into it. Kathy reached down and took hold of his cock, which was at least twelve inches long and three around and said;

“This should be in porno movies, Lewis.”

As she placed it into her pussy Lewis looked at her and said;

“It was.”

Then he slid it as far into her as he could get it.

“Oooohhhhhhhhhh,” Kathy moaned as she felt it slide into her cum-slick twat.

“Fuck me Lewis,” She murmured into his ear as she pulled his head down to kiss him.

“Oh yeah, baby,” Lewis said to her. “I’ll fuck you like none of these assholes has.”

He rose up on his arms and fucked her with a slow, rhythmic stroking motion that pulled and stretched her vaginal opening as her pussy lips wrapped around the big black cock that was fucking her.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.” Kathy grunted with each stroke.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Do it hard! Make my pussy never want to go white again.” She moaned as she rolled her head from side to side and pulled her own hair.

“Damn, I love fuckin white bitches,” Lewis said as he reached down with his right hand and found her clit. He stroked it in time with his hip thrusts and watched her breasts swell with passion and her face flush as she moved towards orgasm.

“Lewis,” Rudy said to the big black con who was fucking Kathy. “I can’t take it anymore. Roll her over on top of you so I can fuck her ass.”

Lewis dropped down on top of Kathy, grasped her shoulders and rolled her over on top of himself so that her ass was accessible to Rudy. Lewis grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them as wide as he could for Rudy. His rising desire to unload his cum in her plump, married pussy was quickly draining the gentleness that Kathy had initially inspired in him and he looked at Rudy, who had positioned himself behind Kathy and said;

“Drive it in and do her good.”

Rudy looked down at the head of his dick resting right at Kathy’s asshole and pushed forward.

“Shit, her ass feels fucking great.” He said as the swollen, brownish-purple head popped past her already stretched sphincter and slid up her well lubricated ass until his balls touched Lewis’ cock, which was buried in her pussy.

“Aaahhhhh!” Kathy yelped as he bottomed out against her wide-spread ass cheeks.

“So, you want me to show you why white bitches like you never go back to little white cocks after having a black one in their cunt?” Lewis asked Kathy.

“No problem.” He said as he took both of her breasts in his hands and squeezed them together so that he could suck her nipples and he pulled his cock out of her and slammed it back in again.

He wrapped his lips around her nipples and started sucking and tonguing them. The bite on her left nipple broke open and blood flowed from it again as Lewis released his grip on that tit.

“OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH, Aahhhhhhhh.” Kathy moaned as her tits were manhandled, tweaked, twisted and pinched.

The cocks pumping in and out of her pussy and ass had reached a perfect synchronization with Lewis pulling out of her pussy as Rudy drove into her ass. Each man could feel the cock of the other moving in and out through the thin walls of Kathy’s ass and pussy and each could feel his own orgasm building as they increased the speed of their thrusts.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.” Was the only sound that Kathy was making, as a layer of sweat formed on her body and dripped down onto Lewis to mingle with his. Rudy was sweating so heavily that it dripped onto Kathy’s back and ass with each impact of his hips against her ass.

Lewis’ twelve inch dick was battering her cervix and vagina and was ready to explode in her. Rudy’s cock was hammering away at her asshole and both were making an obscene slurping sound as they reached their climaxes.

“Fuck!” Lewis said loudly as his cock shot deep into Kathy’s pussy. He kept fucking her until his dick went limp and fell out with the same slurping noise that it had made when it was banging her.

Rudy’s orgasm was so intense that he seemed to be trying to crawl into her ass as he pushed against her plump cheeks and his cock fired spurt after spurt into her bowels.

“Ahhhhhhh” Kathy said as she lowered her head and rested it on Lewis’ chest.

Both men were somewhat disappointed that they hadn’t been able to make her scream and squeal like she had when the cons first started fucking her, but that would change before long as those who had not yet used at least one of the plumper’s holes battered her cum-stained body with their cocks.

“Time to get off.” Lewis said to Kat as he rolled her off of him and forced Rudy to pull his cock out of her ass.

As Kathy lay on the seat three more cons crawled up next to her, with one of them lying on his back and pulling her on top so that he was in her cunt. He was only about six or seven inches in length and she was relieved that he wasn’t another giant cock. Assuming that the guy positioning himself behind her was going to fuck her ass, Kathy reached back and, in an act of complete submission to her tormentors, she spread her ass so that he had unrestricted access to her battered and bruised asshole.

“What the fuck are you doing, bitch?” The kneeling con asked her indignantly.

“I am spreading my ass for you.” She said, somewhat confused.

“I don’t want to fuck your cum filled ass, ho. I am going to fuck your pussy.” The con informed her.

“But, there is already a cock in my pussy. So how are you going to do that?” She asked naively.

“Just like this, you stupid, fat bitch.” He said as he forced his cock into her pussy next to the one that was already there.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, OOHHHH, SHIT!” Kathy screamed as her vagina was stretched far beyond anything she had experienced since giving birth to her children.

She was trying to crawl away from the stretching, tearing pain in her pussy, but both men had a firm grip on her hips and she was unable to move as they both drilled into her cunt. They settled into a steady stroking with both pulling out and driving in at the same time.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God!” Kathy panted as sweat poured from her body as she tried to control the pain in her twat.

“Hey bro, toss me that flashlight,” She heard the con behind her say, but she had no idea what he wanted it for, since both he and his friend below her were buried in her pussy, then she heard several cons laugh as she felt him pull out of her pussy.

“OH GGGOOOODDDDDD!” She screamed as the con took the two-cell maglight he had asked for and shoved it into her asshole and then immediately shoved his cock back into her pussy.

Now with each thrust into her pussy, he banged into the flashlight and drove it further into her ass, causing her to scream in pain.

“Oh please stop, please stop. Oh God, please stop. Take the thing in my ass out of me! OH PLEASE STOP!” Kathy begged, but it only caused the cons to laugh louder as they made comments about other sadistic things they could do to the ravaged woman in front of them.

The two cons fucking her redoubled their thrusts into her pussy as she broke down crying and sobs wracked her body. They slammed into her as hard as they could and then squirted their cum into her to join all the other that she carried in her pussy. Both yanked their deflating cocks out of her at the same time and the one that had been behind her took hold of the flashlight he had buried in her ass and yanked it out as she collapsed on the seat.

“Come here, cunt. You haven’t swallowed any cock in a while and I want that “world’s best blow job” NOW!” Said the con who had threatened to kill her earlier, as he pulled her into a sitting position and stepped in front of her with his cock standing straight out.

“Start sucking, you fat piece of ass,” He said as he placed his hands on the sides of her head and pulled her face towards his swollen cock.

“Wait a minute dude.” One of the black cons who hadn’t used her yet said.

“Let’s do her right,” He said as he laid down with his cock sticking into the air.

“Sit on it bitch!” He said to Kathy. “Put your ass on my cock and slide on down it.”

She did as she was told without a word, rising up on her knees and putting the head of his cock into her leaking asshole and slid down it.

“Get on LaShawn,” He said to the con who had taken her outside to pee the first time.

The con got up on the seat, but didn’t kneel. He positioned himself above her ass, supporting his weight with his thigh muscles, and put the head of his cock against Kathy’s asshole, and then he pushed.

“OH FUCK!” Kat screamed as LaShawn’s big cock popped into her asshole slid in until his balls smacked against those of the other con.

“GOD! OH MY GOD! YOU ARE FUCKING TEARING MY ASSHOLE APART” She whined as the two men stroked, pumped and fucked her, now bleeding, ass.

“Her bitch, take your mind off your ass being fucked and suck my cock.” The con waiting to fuck her mouth said to her as he shoved his cock past her lips and bottoming out against the back of her throat.

“AAAARGGGHHH, UMMMMPPHH,” She squealed as the cock tried to slide further down her throat.

She reached up and put her hand against his hips to stop the advancing penis. With the other hand she took hold of the shaft and pulled her head back, allowing her tongue to run along the bottom of the con’s meat stick, then she slid her head back down until the swollen head made contact with the back of her throat again.

“Uummmmmmmm,” The plump mature redhead moaned as she increased the speed of her head bobbing.

“Fuck me” She moaned around the cock in her mouth as the two well hung black cons worked on her well stretched out asshole.

“You want to be fucked?” One of the two asked her as he took a firmer grip on her hips. “You got it, bitch! Make those fat ass cheeks shake Shawn!”

Both men quit trying to stop their orgasm and pounded away on Kathy’s plump ass. Her ass cheeks bounced, rippled and shook as the two huge cocks pummeled her asshole and she had tears running down her cheeks that dripped onto the con below her. All the while, she kept up her sucking, tonguing and slurping of the cock in her mouth. Her eyes were closed and she was humming and moaning, sending waves of pleasure through the man as she tried to suck the cum out of his balls.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah” He chanted and moaned as his balls tightened and cum swirled around in his prostate and balls.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHH FUCK, SUCK MY COCK YOU FAT WHORE!” He said loudly as the first jet of semen shot up the length of his shaft and erupted into Kathy’s mouth.

“Give it all to me,” She said around the cock as she swallowed every drop of semen that came from the dick she had been sucking. As that cock went limp and fell out of her mouth, she shoved her hips back at the two cocks in her ass and gyrated her hips in a circle, causing both to groan and empty their balls up her ass.

“OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH,” Kathy moaned as the two men’s cum shot up her ass, ran down their cocks and was splattered all over her ass cheeks as they continued to stroke and squirt.

Looking up at the con she had sucked off, Kathy said;

“How was that blow job?”

“When we are done with your fat cunt, I am going to cut you from your clit to your throat. That was the worst suck job I have ever had.” The con said.

“Hey, mother-fucker,” LaShawn said to the con threatening Kathy. “Your eyes just rolled back in your head, your tongue stuck out, and you spent two full minutes coming in that woman’s mouth. Don’t tell her it was the worst you ever had. You just want to hurt her. So fuck you. You ain’t touching her.”

Kathy had slid off the two black cocks and crawled up against the side of the bus again and was fighting for control as the two cons glared at one another when the big man said;

“No decision has been made about her, so back off the threats so we can fuck her some more.”

As he spoke, he felt a small, soft hand slide into his big, calloused one and he looked down at her face looking up at him.

“Please fuck me,” Kathy softly said to the big man as she moved back into the center of the seat and laid on her back with her legs spread.

The mere sight of her moving into that position caused his cock to spring to life, swelling to its full length of 12 inches in a matter of seconds. It was a full four inches in circumference and the head was a deep purple-blue. He shoved the other con out of the way and crawled up between Kathy’s legs, positioning the head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy.

“Put it in, Jayne.” The big man said looking down at Kathy’s face.

“Okay, I will do that for us.” She said as she wrapped her hand around the huge dick and placed its head inside her vaginal opening.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh,” She moaned as the big cock slid into her cum-lubricated pussy. When it made contact with her cervix, the big man stopped and just watched her face.

“Do you like this, Jayne?” The big man asked Kat.

“Yes, it feels wonderful.” She said back to him.

“Good, I want to make you feel good.” The con said to her as be pulled out until just the head of his dick rested in her cunt, then he slid back in.

“Oooooooowwwwwwww.” She whimpered as the stroking became constant and quicker. Her clit was being rubbed with each stroke and her heart rate was increasing, as was her breathing. Her hips were pumping in time with the big man’s thrusting hips and she was moaning and groaning as her pussy was being filled with cock.

“Fuck me harder, please.” Kathy moaned to the big man as his huge cock continued to slide in and out of her pussy.

“Okay, Jayne. I’ll fuck you hard, just the way you like it.” He said back to her as he slid his hands down her thighs and flipped her ankles up over his shoulders so that her pussy was completely open to his probing cock.

“Oh, oh, oh.” She grunted in time with the thrusts of the big man’s hips.

He was looking down at Kathy and seemed mesmerized by her cantaloupe sized tits moving back and forth on her chest as he pumped into her and the sight caused him to increase the speed of his thrusts.

“Damn, baby. Your pussy is so fucking good, I just want to fill it with my cum.” The big con panted as he began to reach the point on no control.

“Yes, yes, fill my pussy with your cum. Fuck my cunt, make me beg you to stop.” Kathy said to him as she moved closer to her own orgasm.

The big man leaned forward and slid his hands under her shoulders as he sat back on his heels, raising her up onto his cock as he did.

“OH SHIT!” Kathy said as she slid down the twelve inch cock that she was impaled on.

“Wrap your arms around my neck.” The con told her as he reached down, grabbed her ass in his huge hands and slid her up and down on his cock.

“Oh, ouch, ouch, oh, ouch.” Kathy grunted as she bounced up and down on the big cock up her twat.

She could feel the swollen head getting larger as it slammed into her cervix and she knew that he was nearing his orgasm as she urged him on saying;

“Oh baby, fuck me. Do my plump pussy so good. Make me ride your giant cock. Pound me twat and fill me up with all your sweet, sticky cum.”

“Oh yeah, fuck I am going to dump all my cum in you pussy. ” The big con said as he picked her up and slammed her down on his cock with increasing urgency.

“OH FUCK!” He groaned as his cock erupted in Kathy’s plump, married pussy. It shot into her with such force that it squirted out around his cock and ran down the big man’s legs. It combined with the sperm laden semen of all the other cons that had dumped their loads in her and carried some blood from the pounding her cervix had endured during her ordeal.

“Oh that was good.” She said as her own orgasm subsided and the big con slowly laid her back down on the bus seat and slowly pulled his deflating cock out of her slurping pussy.

As he pulled away from her seat and cum drenched body she took hold of his hand and said;

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