This is a contuniation from Jim’s Police Ride, 18 Jim keeps finding new and exciting way to occupy his time!

Jim was taken aback by the men in the room. He didn’t know what to make of it!

Corey walked in the room and said “Boys, this here is Jim. He’s been having a few hard days.” One of the men yelled out “I bet he has!”

Corey laughed, “But let me tell you this kid is sweet and innocent, I think he deserves to be taken care of, don’t you?” All the men in the room laughed as they eyed Jim. Jim felt a little uncomfortable, which I’m sure showed on his face. Corey looked at him, and turned his head to the other men.

With a flick of his head, all the men started to get up and walk towards Jim, who for a minute considered running away! He looked back towards the door and Corey slowly closed it, and locked the door behind him. Jim was getting scared as all the men started getting really closed to him, and just as all the men had Jim surrounded, they all began to laugh out loud!

This shocked Jim more than anything, he had no idea what was going on as they men bellowed loud laughs. This shortest man patted Jim on the shoulder, “Aw, come one man! We’re just fuckin with ya! Corey told us you’ve had a long day.” Jim stifled a small giggle, trying not to show his fear of what the hell was going on.

They all laughed and sat back down, as they seemed to be drinking a couple of beers. Corey leaned over and said, “These guys will take care of you for the night, they’re nice. I’ll be back after my morning shift, and we’ll find a place for you to stay. But stay here the night, ok?” Jim nodded as his chubby cheeks shook up and down.

Corey gave Jim a big kiss on his cheek and said, “Go ahead and shower up, you smell like you haven’t had one in days.” Jim again stifled a laugh and walked into the bathroom. As he closed the door, he locked it and sat on the toilet. He caught his breath. He had no idea what he was getting into! There were a lot of strange men here and he didn’t really feel comfortable. But there wasn’t really a better option, so he took off all of his clothes and began to shower.

He could really start to smell his stank, so he guessed a shower was a good idea. He began to lather his big belly up and scrubbed everywhere. He wasn’t sure the next time he would have a shower like this, so he really took care of himself. He found a razor and shaved everywhere, leaving him a nice and smooth groin area, which he liked. He washed his ass and clipped his nails and got all taken care of.

After he was done, he took a few more minutes just to lay naked in the hot steaming shower. He played with his junk for a little bit, as an old habit. Once he was all shaved and squeaky clean, he got out of the shower. He was drying off when he noticed his clothes were missing.

“Of course they are.” Jim muttered under his breath. Jim wrapped the towel around himself and popped the door open just a bit and softly muttered, “Do you guys know where my clothes are?”

Someone said, “We took them down to get clean, they’ll be ready in the morning.” This was followed by a couple of giggles. Jim rolled his eyes and closed the door. He sat and thought for a few minutes, but just decided to go out there with the towel barely covering his chubby waist.

He was expecting laughter when he walked out, but when he finally did, they all stopped talking. It looked like the shortest one dropped his jaw. After a few seconds of awkward silence, the broad shouldered one said, “Well come on, have a seat.” He walked over to a chair in silence and grabbed a pillow, which he promptly put over his groin.

They sat there for another few seconds, and then a deep voice came from the tall chubbiest one, “Need a drink?”

Jim shook his head and said, “I’m not old enough.”

The silence was broken by a thunderous laugh from the group, to which the deep voiced one said, “Kid, you’re not old enough for half the crap you’ve been through.” He handed him a beer. Jim oddly felt comforted, and took it. He decided not to drink from it yet, but he held it as the men talked among themselves.

It was very weird; they were talking about stuff like football, work and then introduced themselves. There was Mark, who was about 375 lbs, 6’2 and very broad shoulder, Nate, a deep voiced 320 lbs, 5’8 African American and Karl, a shorter 5’5 300lbs chub. This was not what he expected at all.

Karl was talking about a robbery he stopped a few weeks back, and finished his story with, “And I am telling you that I have never seen a robber pee his pants like that before!” The whole group and Jim laughed and raised there drinks and took sips. Jim did this almost without thinking.

It was only when he felt the beer reach his stomach that he realized that he had drank beer. He also hadn’t eaten well for the past few days, so he could feel it go all the way down. It was warm and tasted very good. So he decided to take small sips from it when no one was paying attention to him.

After about an hour of small talk, Jim decided he like these guys, who didn’t seem to care about him being naked or what Corey had said. He was relaxed and it felt good. He looked down and didn’t realize that there were 3 empty beer bottles in front of him!

Now he didn’t feel drunk, but he had never drank before, so he didn’t know what he felt. His vision lagged just a small bit and everything he touched felt awesome! He was talking about something and noticed that his speech wasn’t messy which was good. He just felt relaxed.

So after a bit of talk, Nate looked at Jim and said, “So how are you doing kid? Tell us your story.”

Jim was taken aback, but a little tipsy, so he said, “No man, you don’t want to hear it…it’s just been a really stressful couple of days.”

Nate smirked and said, “Well you know Mark used to be a massage therapist, why don’t you relieve some stress?” Mark got up and went behind Jim’s chair and began to rub Jim’s shoulders. Nate’s hands were very large and strong.

Jim felt his aches and knots begin to fade away after a few minutes, and then Mark and Karl began to rub Jim’s feet at the same time. He felt so good, just like he was in heaven. They kept massaging while Jim was just lying there, a little drunk and being massaged by these very large men.

Nate whispered in his ear, “So what did you do that got Corey to bring you up here?”

Jim was in ecstasy, so he just said, “He asked for a blowjob.” All then men began to to smirk, which Jim did not see because his eyes were closed.

Nate continued, “So did you enjoy Corey?”

Jim smiled and without hesitation laughed, “Yea!”

Mark said, “Well how about we show you a good time for taking care of our leader? He told us you deserved it.”

Jim opened his eyes and looked at them. “What do you mean?” he asked.

Karl said, “Well we could make you feel even more relaxed. Our biggest turn on is catering to one guy, which is why we like Corey. But since you already took care of that, how about you let us take care of you?”

Jim started to blush even more, “What do you want me to do?”

They all stifled a laugh, and all said in unison, “What do you want us to do?”

Jim was in heaven, all of these guys were at his fingertips! He was trying to figure out what to say when Mark said, “How about we see how many times we can get him to cum?” Jim lost all the breath he had! He didn’t know what to say!

He tried to form a sentence when Karl said, “I think he says yes from the look down here!” He was staring up his towel, Jim couldn’t figure out what to say and just shook his head up and down a couple of times. All the men didn’t need to be told twice.

Karl and Nate began to kiss Jim’s legs, working their way up to his inner thighs! Both of them hugged each legs and was kissing away at his inner thigh which was so ticklish! Mark had began kissing and licking Jim’s neck, while his hands were cupping Jim’s chest and twisting his nipples.

Jim was so sensitive, that he was letting out this very high pitched moan that seemed to excite all the other men! Jim finally took his towel off and just laid back in the chair. Mark came around the chair and got on his knees with everyone else. They all stared at Jim while they felt him up! Jim was dying here!

He was so rock hard by having these 3 men take care of him! He spread his legs wide apart and all 3 men came in with no hands, began bobbing for Jim’s chubby cock! All of them were mouth open and tongues out looking to get at Jim’s cock! He watched as each of the switched between sucking on him!

Karl’s sucking was light and sweet, focusing on the head of his cock, while Mark would deepthroat him like a pro! He would take it all in his hot mouth and Karl and Nate would each take a tongue to his balls!

After that Nate would come in and start rimming Jim! It felt so weird and nice! Jim had not been rimmed before, it felt really nice to have his tongue licking his hole, it was very sensitive and turn Jim on even more!! These 3 men were just going to town on Jim’s rock hard cock! He had never imagined heaven could feel so good!

Mark began to really work his shaft while Nate mouthed Jim’s hard head! And once Karl started to lick his ass, he couldn’t hold it! Mark said in between licks, “We wanna hear you moan!” To which Jim did, loudly!

He stopped trying to be quiet and just started huffing and puffing! He was moaning so loud, Mouth wide open, saying “Oh yea, OHHH yea! God, yes…” as he panted loudly. He finally felt it happening, and he said “Fuck I’m gonna cum!!”

All the men began working harder and Karl said “I want you to scream when you’re about to!”

Jim didn’t need to be told twice! Karl got right above his cock and opened his mouth as Jim grabbed the back of Mark and Nate’s head and pushed them as close as he could to him! He squealed a large grunt/moan and came with a force that shook his entire body! He shot all the way that he got some cum right in Karl’s open mouth, you caught it like a pro! Mark and Nate were still sucking and cleaning up the huge load that Jim just shot out! He fell back in the chair and just laid as these guys lick him clean!

They were moaning and saying how sweet and hot his cum was, but he was in a daze! Karl finally said, “Ok boys, I get sloppy seconds!” He dropped to his knees and began sucking cleaning Jim still hard cock with his tongue! Jim was still very sensitive, but he wasn’t going to stop how good it felt!

Karl was sucking and sucking! His mouth was so warm and sensitive, with a tongue that could reach the entire shaft! Karl was determined to get Jim’s cum, while Jim was watching Mark and Nate make out in the corner, it was like watching porn and getting a blowjob at the same time!

Mark’s lips were kissing Nate neck while he cupped Mark’s full cock. Mark, by far, had the largest dick in the room. It was about 8 inches and very thick. Jim spent most of his viewing on Mark getting some action. Nate was smaller, at about 5 sexy inches and Karl was a little bigger, around 6 inches.

All these men were finally showing off a little, which made Karl’s blowjob that much better! Jim wasn’t sure who was enjoying it more! Karl took a small break to tell Jim, “And here’s the trick that got Mark into our gang!” Karl took the tip of Jim’s cock and put his lips kissed the tip.

Then, at the same speed and time, he drove two fingers straight up Jim’s ass and swallowed his cock at the same time. Jim’s body was in shock! All he could remember from that is shooting a load right down Karl’s open throat, which he took like a pro.

Mark turned to say “Oh just watching that makes me so rock hard!!”

Karl wiped a small amount of cum from his chin and says, “Jim, care to do something about it?” Jim did his sexy silent head shake, and mark approached him. Jim swore he walked to him in slow motion.

Marks cock was not fully erect, so it swung slowly from side to side. Jim thoughts it swung for miles. Jim was still mesmerized when Mark standing, both hands on his hips, said “Let’s see this famous mouth of yours!”

Jim grabbed his cock and couldn’t fit it in his hand! He tried to fit it in his mouth and couldn’t right away. Mark laughed, “You’re not the first to make that mistake!” The men laughed, but Jim was determined, as his testosterone was bulging in one specific area! He stretched his jaw out a few times and went in for the kill. He could hear Karl moaning while Nate sucked him off right next to him.

Jim began by swallowing the head, which wasn’t too bad. Mark’s pacific islander cock was tanned like a god and tasted exotic, so he went further. Jim took bit by bit, breathing through his nose. He sucked little by little, each time getting further down Mark’s shaft. Mark moaned loudly, saying “Oh man, this kid IS good! Now, just relax your throat, don’t force it.”

Jim did exactly that, he took a deep breath and exhaled, and took a good part of Mark with him! Mark panted loudly, which excited Jim! Nate took Karl’s sausage out of his mouth and said, “If he’s taking it all he’s gonna be there for the count! Karl, lets make it worth it!” Karl squealed “Ok, but I get that sexy ass!”

Karl then proceed to get behind Jim, who was still working on taking Mark’s huge cock! Karl slowly put one of his big sausage fingers into Jim’s fat ass and said, Nate, get under him and work that sexy worker!”

Jim had to move to all fours, and when he did he felt his throat open up more, as well as his ass! Nate got under him and grabbed Jim’s dangling cock with his mouth and began to suck slowly, but with great suction!

At the same time, Karl grabbed Jim’s ass and slowly shoved his cock into Jim! Jim moaned aloud, “OHHHHHHHH!”

But was muffled by Mark’s schlong taking up his mouth! But that was apparently all Mark needed, saying “Alright boy, lets ride!”

Mark then took Jim’s head with both hands and push the rest of himself into Jim’s mouth! Jim was afraid his gag reflex would kick in, but he turned out to be fine, which Mark took advantage of!

Karl had shoved his cock in Jim’s chubby ass and went as deep as he could, then shook around, making sure the fill Jim’s ass with as much of him as he could! This sent an “insta-boner” to Jim’s already hard cock, which was doubled by Nate deepthroating him!

Jim was in heaven. Mark was so smooth and sensual with the way he danced inside of Jim mouth, not too hard or fast, but like a slow waltz. Mark caressed Jim’s earlobes and ran his fingers through his hair, which made Jim really feel like he was enjoying not just the super hot blowjob, but he was enjoying Jim.

While in the back, Karl and adopted Mark’s rhythm. Karl was holding onto Jim’s ass for dear life. Jim felt like Karl never wanted to let go! Karl asked, “You haven’t gotten fucked too much have you? Damn your so fucking tight!”

Jim managed an muffled, “Uh-uh.”

Karl was savoring each pump, gripping Jim harder and harder and closer and closer. Jim felt Karl’s belly hitting his back with every hump and it felt really nice! Nate was taking Jim like a champ! Nate had a deepthroat hold on Jim and wouldn’t let go! Instead of sucking back and forth, Nate was letting Jim’s cock just throttle in his mouth! Jim was in ecstasy!

Karl was the first to feel his, he began to shake violently moaning harder and harder, and then Jim could feel Karl’s hot cum fill him up! It was an odd feeling, but it was warm and he felt sexier from it! Nate sounded like he came, but Jim was too worried about Mark, who sounded like he was about to blow!

He felt Marks ass begin to shake and his thighs begin to buckle, as he pulled out his cock from Jim’s mouth and shot a humongous load onto Jim’s face! Jim never thought he would like it as much as he did, and began to lick it up, when Mark began cleaning Jim’s face, and making out with him! He had never shared kissing like this, but he could do this forever!

Jim reached down to make sure every last drop was out of Mark’s cock, which still didn’t fit in his hand! With Karl still inside of him, Mark kissing him, feeling his large cock and Nate still sucking him, He let loose a loud bear roar and felt Nate swallow his load.

Every last drop.

Jim couldn’t feel sexier. He was so happy as he laid there with the three men. All the men, were snuggling, covered in sweat and cum. The all laid on the floor and just held each other. It was so sensual and nice for Jim, who was still hard from everything going on.

All the men took turns kissing Jim, which was Jim’s favorite part. He felt so relaxed. The only thing that finally woke them up for their ecstasy was a knock on the door.

Corey entered, laughed and said, “Looks like you feel right at home kid.” With a big grin on his face. Corey then told Jim he probably needed another shower. Jim didn’t want to get up, but he hoped that some of the men would follow him.

Jim got in the shower and made it very warm and steamy. He began to rinse off, but just stood there, not closing the curtains or anything like that. He just stood in the shower letting the warm water further relax his body.

He opened his eyes to see Corey just staring at him. Jim smiled and said, “I see why you keep them around.”

Corey smirked saying, “They’re all good guys. But, how are you doing kid?”

Jim smiled and put his head back in under the water saying, “You know what? I think I’m gonna be ok.”

Corey smiled even more, and began to strip for Jim. Jim said, “Oh man, I don’t know, my body is so tired!”

Corey walked up and stepped into the shower, saying nothing and kissed Jim. He kissed Jim very passionately, licking his lips, sucking his tongue just a little.

Jim felt Corey’s cock start to slowly drag up his leg as it rose. Jim went to grab it but Corey stopped him. Corey went back to kissing him, but grabbed Jim’s hard cock as well as his own and held them together. Jim and corey were so close together and warm as Corey slowly began to stroke their cocks together. Jim couldn’t feel anything but pleasure.

Corey stroked for a few minutes, until he felt Jim moan between kisses. Corey dropped Jim and went to work on his own cock for a second, then grabbed both rather tightly. “I’ve always wanted to do this at the same time.”

He whispered into Jim’s ear as he nibbled it. He grabbed both their sausages and stroked back and forth, until he felt both cocks surge. Jim then grabbed Corey and bear hugged him as hard as he could, just as the felt warm streams of cum against each other’s bellies. They continued kissing as the dried off. They rounded up all the boys, and slept together in the room, all of them circling around Jim, who felt at home.

A few days later, Jim was dropped off at a motel in Texas. He kissed Corey goodbye, and made sure they exchanged phone numbers. He was told he could find a mutual friend if he could make it a little further south in the state. He looked towards the motel, which seems nice, and happened to notice a truck driver stop right next door….

To be continued as Jim’s encounter…

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