I was standing in the in one of the small, dark theater rooms watching a movie. A white woman was sitting on a black man. He was pumping his large cock into her fat pussy while she sucked a large white cock. A third man had moved up behind the woman to put his cock into her dilated asshole, when I noticed a petite, young, white woman slowly enter the theater. Instantly, I thought it must be full moon because women rarely frequent this place – alone.

Since the young woman had just gone from the light into dark, she really could not see anything around her. She stood by the door trying to focus her eyes. I watched intently.

Not having any luck trying to see and wisely deciding not to stand in front of the door, she stuck her hand out, felt a wall, and began to edge herself along it. She was slowly moving toward me.

She stopped when she was about a foot away from me. She did not know I was in close proximity, but her senses did.

As she watched the XXX movie, I looked at her face. It was pretty and youthful, but not beautiful. She had a clear complexion, bobbed nose, and short, dishwater blonde hair that framed an innocent, almost boyish face. Her lips were thin and her mouth was small. She was maybe 5’4″ and 105 pounds soaking wet and was lucky if she was a 32B. She looked like a tomboy. I thought she must have been teased a lot about that while growing-up.

Eventually her eyes began to focus and with the help of the soft light reflection from the large video and she noticed me. I am not a small person. I am about 5’10″ and weigh around 175 pounds. I have muscular physique and a tight round butt that had just been gangbanged about thirty minutes ago.

If the tomboy had come any sooner, she probably would not be standing by me right now, because the horny men who had just fucked my ass would have turned their attention to her. Anyway, they had left with their cocks’ limp and the place was almost empty now.

I had come in about 2 hours early. The theater was active. People were moving about. I found a vacant seat and sat down on a couch.

Within minutes, a man approached me. He walked right up to me, pulled out a soft, fat cock, and put his arms on his hips. His cock hung down about 6 inches.

Despite the fact that there were several men in the theater looking at the two of us, my sexual desire overwhelmed my shame. I leaned forward, opened my mouth, and began to lick his cockhead before I sucked it into my mouth. I was eager to find out how big it would get when fully erect.

The men would soon find out how much I loved cock – more than their wives and girlfriends, I guessed. There were no secrets, even in a darkened theater.

I began to give him a spectacular blowjob. I alternated between deep throat techniques, milking his shaft, and licking his balls. He moaned loudly and his cock grew large in my mouth.

We kept up this for a few minutes until his breathing became more ragged. I didn’t want him to come in my mouth. I had a better idea and mentioned it, but my request sounded so lame. “Do you want to fuck me?”

He pulled out a tube of lube and asked, “How do you want to do it?” Attempting not to sound so lame I replied, “However you like it”. The man pointed toward the couch.

I stepped out of my shorts, spread my stance, and bent over the arm of the couch. I didn’t have to spread my smooth cheeks for him. They parted naturally. The man stepped up to me and generously applied lube on and around my exposed, puckered anus. The lube felt cool.

I remained very still as he cautiously worked a finger past my tight sphincter muscles before pulling it back and then pushing it back in, again. A couple of minutes later, the man slipped another finger in and began to work both his fingers in and out. I could now imagine what it was going to be like to have him fuck me. My sphincter muscles contracted nervously on his fingers in anticipation.

When my anus was pliable, the man pushed his cockhead was into me. He then waited for my ass to adjust to his large cockhead. I looked back at him and saw him looking around. He was probably getting off on everyone seeing his large, thick cock sticking in my tight, expanded asshole.

The man received my cue, when I nudged my ass back, and pressed his cock in deeper. His cock felt big inside me as my stretched anus slid over it.

When his heavy balls were nestled against my cheeks, the man began to fuck me. He would withdraw just a few inches and then push back in.

As I began to make little groaning noises, his strokes gathered more momentum. He drove his cock harder and deeper into my rectum, repeatedly.

The man toned it down after a few minutes because he probably did not want to cum right away. He wanted to prolong the tight, warm grip my rectum provided his rock hard cock. I knew the feeling. I had done the same when fucking girl’s tight asses.

The man changed speed by fucking my ass shallow and not as fast as before. However, every so often he would plunge his cock in deep. I grunted hard after each deep thrust.

When my breathing had returned to normal, I began to synchronize my asshole with his strokes. I clenched my sphincter tight when his cock pushed in and relaxed it when he pulled out. I loved being fucked in the ass and getting a man’s hard cock off in my ass.

At some point, I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and glanced up. Two men were stroking their cocks as they watched my buttfucking. I motioned for them and adjusted my position.

A black man apparently needed relief first. He quickly stepped forward and penetrated my mouth with his erect cock. The second onlooker stepped forward, anxious to get some relief, too. I reached out my right hand and began to stroke his erection. He moaned and bucked against my hand as he surely imagined his cock sliding in and out of my ass or mouth.

After the two men had joined us, the man fucking me, lost his civility. Perhaps, his lust had overtaken him. I do not know. He started slamming his cock into me with all his strength. After about a dozen strokes, he grabbed my shoulders and pulled back, ensuring that he was completely inside my ass before he began riding me.

When he dropped his chest on me, I felt like a pony being bred by a stallion. He reamed my ass thoroughly, stretching my asshole wide, and almost turning it inside out with his violent thrusts.

No longer in control, the man came quickly and loudly. I felt a large volume of warm liquid flood my rectum and run into my bowels.

Almost immediately, he pulled his cock out of my sucking ass with a pop. I looked back at the man. He was standing behind me. His cock was still erect. Strings of cum hung from it. The man turned to the men around him, and simply said, “Next!”

The black man, whose cock I had stopped sucking, decided he wanted a turn in my ass, especially, since the man I had been stroking did not step forward. The black man’s big cock easily slid into my sperm-lubed ass. I guess he did not mind all the cum in my ass. Maybe he knew he would fuck it out of me and replace it with his own.

He truly groaned with pleasure as he grasped my hips and began pumping my hot, wet ass. His balls slapped against mine as he fucked me.

After only a few minutes, the black man decided he wanted to try a new position. I accommodated him by flipping onto my back on the couch and raising my knees to give him easy access. He grabbed my ankles, pushed my legs back, so that my knees were in my chest, and mounted me like a woman. Again, his swollen cock easily sank into my loosened, hot ass. After only a few minutes, the black man decided, again, he wanted to try another different position. This time he lifted my legs and placed them on his left shoulder. In this position, I soon learned that my anal cavity knotted, thus offering him more resistance. This position turned him on even more as he began to fuck me harder.

The man I had been sucking, climbed up on the couch, straddled my head, and forced his hard cock down my throat. Thankfully, I had long ago overcome my gag reflex because the pounding my ass was getting helped him push his big cock all the down my throat.

Minutes later, the black man began to moan uncontrollably. When he came, I actually felt him spray my anal walls with his cum.

The black man’s orgasm triggered the man I was sucking because only moments later, he came so hard his cock jerked out of mouth and he shot two big blasts of cum out into the dark theater, before he could put it back into my mouth.

His orgasm seemed to go on forever. He easily filled my mouth with his warm sperm – a couple of times.

Assuming that my gangbang was over, I relaxed on the couch savoring the cum taste in my mouth and my euphoric prostate. I was wrong.

Two of the quieter men stepped forward and slid their stiff cocks in my two recently vacated holes. Both men eventually dumped their loads into my now swampy rectum.

The first man who mounted my ass, had an average-length cock, but it was very thicker than the other two cocks. However, it wasn’t difficult for my anus now to stretch wider to accommodate him. He gave me a relaxing, enjoyble fuck.

Periodically, the man would pull his cock partially out of my anus, grab the base, and twirl his cockhead around in my ass. My prostate loved that. I alternated between masturbating and rubbing my erect nipples.

After my ass had received a third ejaculation, the second man surprised by me by asking if he could sit on my hard cock. He masturbated as his ass fucked me for a couple of minutes. When he was ready to cum, he stood up, rolled me over on my stomach, and came as soon as his cock plunged through my distended anus.

After I had recuperated, I stood up, and went to lean against the wall. The smell of cum and sweat dominated the room. About fifteen minutes later, the innocent looking tomboy walked in.

When she finally noticed me standing by her, I smiled at her, and began an innocuous conversation to relax her. We talked for a quite awhile. I explained why she had had never heard about me. I told her that I was a few years older and had joined the military shortly upon graduating from the same H.S. we had attended. Staying with military theme, I said I was going back to Iraq in a couple of days and that I had come here to ‘meet’ an American woman. I added that I wouldn’t have this opportunity, again – to meet an American woman for many more, long, hard months.

When she sympathized with me, I decided not to waste any more time. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard semi-erect cock. As her eyes widened, I put my hand on hers and guided it to my cock. “Not here”, she mumbled as tried to think. I could see her brain scrambling for a better response, but she never took her eyes off my cock. I responded with a personalized plea, “C’mon Honey, just suck it real quick before somebody comes in! I just wanna feel your mouth on it before I have to go back to Iraq!”

After a slight pause, I reached out and gently tugged at her shoulder. Her resistance faded quickly. She leaned over and stretched her small mouth wide in order to accept my thick cock. When her mission was accomplished, I sighed happily and then, again, as her mouth tenderly began nursing my cockhead.

She alternated caressing my oozing cockhead between her lips and tongue, before slowly creeping her mouth down my thick shaft. At this point, I couldn’t help but wonder if she would know via her taste buds and the possible musky smell of my cock that it had been up someone’s ass only 30 minutes ago.

After that passing thought, I pushed down on her shoulders. She gave way and sank to her knees. I got right over her face, almost straddling it. From this position, I forced my hard cock full-length down her throat. Tears sprung into her brown eyes and began streaming down her cheeks.

Each deep thrust of my cock down her throat bought a moan from the helpless girl. However, there was no other reaction, except to grab onto my hips for support. When her hand slide into my ass crack, I could tell she had felt something warm and sticky because her hand immediately recoiled.

I knew I had to cum quickly as I heard her wheels start turning. Try as I might though, I could not cum. Desperate, I signaled a man who was standing nearby watching and fisting his erect cock. Thank god for that and for the fact that he could see that I was in a predicament. He knew what I needed in order to cum.

When the man nodded, I reached behind me and spread my cheeks. In one big push, his banana shaped hard-on slid past my abused sphincter and into my anal cavity ’til it bottomed out. He was in so deep that my body shook for an instant.

I looked down at my cute little cock sucker. I could tell she had felt me shudder, but she kept sucking. She probably assumed I twitched because of my quickly swelling cock.

The big cock up my ass made my cock grow magically harder inside her mouth. I knew I was now closer to cumming. My thrusts quickened to a speed that she could barely handle. As a result, she had no time to think about the sticky, warm mess she had felt around my anus.

I tersely ordered her to make an ‘O’ with her mouth. When she did, I began fucking her small, tight mouth like it was her pussy.

So strong was my desire to cum, that my thrusts became animalistic. She moaned and groaned loudly with each powerful thrust I made into her mouth as her forehead also made loud slapping noises against my stomach. All too soon, I saw her eyes glaze over. I knew I had to cum ASAP. I pushed my cock all the way down her throat, knowing her throat muscles would catch my cockhead, giving it the last 1-2 strokes I needed to cum.

With her nose mashed against my stomach, I let out a deep moan, as I unabatedly began to shoot as much sperm down her throat as I could while my entire rectum squeezed the cock inside it as hard as possible.

Unfortunately, my orgasmic feeling was cut short when the little tomboy began to gag or choke on the sperm cascading down her throat. I quickly pulled my still erupting cock out of harm’s way.

Her gagging and choking caused my sperm to shoot out of her nose just like milk when she laughed. I stood there watching her gag as my cock fired off a couple of more rounds into her teary-eyed face. Several men had who had just arrived and had gathered to watch, chuckled loudly at the conclusion.

I stroked any remaining sperm out and placed my cock back in my shorts. The tomboy remained on her knees trying to get handle on her physical reactions. That is my last memory of her.

The man who had had his cock up my ass, leaned over to apologize. He said my ass had gripped his cock so hard when I had cum – that he couldn’t help but cum himself. We laughed, shook hands, and went our separate ways.

“You like this don’t you Piggy?” Holly teased as she slid down my body and wrapped her soft lips around my cock. Her pretty eyes sparkled as she looked up at me, her head slowly bobbing on my thick, turgid shaft.

“Mmmm, god yes Mistress,” I replied as she took my entire rod down her throat and swirled her tongue over its base. We had been dabbling in BDSM role playing for several months and in that time we had found that while we were both switch, Holly tended toward dominant while I preferred the submissive role.

“Are you ready Piggy,” she asked, wiping saliva from the corner of her sexy mouth and straddling my waist. Her big, natural 36dd tits bounced enticingly as she guided my cock into the wet warmth of her excited cunt. Her curvaceous body undulated over me. Her full hips and narrow waist doing a perfect belly dance with my dick buried deep inside her velvet embrace.

Holly’s eyes flashed to the corner of the room, reminding me that we were not alone during our intimate interlude. She smiled brightly at our guest and then looked down at me with a lust filled gaze.

“Yes Mistress,” I answered quickly. I looked over at him and he nodded before moving from the corner of the room to a spot by the head of the bed. He was naked, like Holly and me, and his hard cock jutted lewdly from his tall athletic body, pointing at me like an accusing finger.

“You want it don’t you Piggy,” Holly said playfully. She was in complete control but her excitement was easily seen on her pretty face as she simultaneously rode my cock slowly and watched our guest touch his hard cock to my lips. I had never been with a man. I had never considered it an option before that night but the combination of alcohol, sexual tension and my submissive nature allowed me to let Holly take control and get what she wanted. I had begun to suspect that Holly might want to have a threesome with another man in the days and weeks leading up to our tryst with Joe. She was openly bisexual and we had often talked about bringing another woman or a soft swap couple into our bed but a few weeks earlier she had said that we might have to expand our search parameters because of the difficulty we were having finding a woman to join us. I figured that she was talking about approaching a full swap couple and I suspected she was thinking of things even kinkier than those we had already discussed.

“Yes Ma’am,” I moaned softly as he rubbed clear, salty precum across my lips. I could taste his essence and it was not unpleasant. The evening had begun with dinner and drinks. It had been festive and playful but not overtly sexual at first. Holly and I were staying at a rented house on an inner coastal waterway in Fort Myers Florida with three other people, two of whom had already gone to bed and the third was rubbing his dick across my face.

Holly had started the fun that evening by suggesting we take off our suits while the five of us swam in the enclosed and mostly secluded pool. She had followed that up my making out with Michelle as the two other guys and I watched excitedly. Sadly, despite the fact that both women were attractive and naked, the kiss lacked passion and Holly later told me that Michelle did not seem to be into it. Despite her perceived disinterest the kiss must have had an effect on Michelle because shortly after it ended she and Jonathan went to bed leaving Joe, Holly and me alone and naked in the pool. That was when things really started to happen.

Holly swam over to me and pressed her soft lips against mine. Her tongue quickly penetrated my mouth and entwined with mine as her hands sought my rapidly growing cock. We had often talked about having sex in front of some one else. I knew exactly where we were headed and I was more than ready to explore our exhibitionist desires.

“Let’s fuck,” Holly said loud enough for Joe to hear. My cock twitched beneath the warm water as her words hung heavy in the night air.

“Mmmm,” I moaned and pinned her between my body and the wall of the pool. My hard dick pressed tightly against her flat stomach as my hands moved to her big beautiful breasts. I leaned down and our lips met in a soft tender kiss.

Holly’s eyes moved from me to Joe and she smiled brightly as he approached us for a better view. I lifted her out of the water and sat her on the edge of the pool with her legs spread wide. Her pussy was swollen and ready as I rubbed my dick along her slit making her moan loudly.

“Not yet baby,” she said firmly. “Lick my cunt first.”

I kissed Holly deeply and our tongues entwined. My hands slid over her sexy body and caressed her silky flesh as my passion soared. My lips trailed soft butterfly kisses as I slid down between her splayed thighs and plunged my tongue into her hot, wet cunt. The usual delicious taste of her pussy was muted by the pool water but as I licked her swollen lips and hard clit her juices started to flow.

Holly cried out and her body shook violently when she started to cum. Her fragrant juices coated my face and ran down my chin. Her hands moved to my head and her hips undulated as the waves of her climax washed over her like a tsunami. Her strong thighs quivered and squeezed my head hard as her hips bucked hard against my face.

I stood up and rubbed my wet cock across her needy pussy as I looked into her beautiful eyes.

“Please baby,” Holly said softly. She was usually much more dominant but her desire was palpable and her voice was thick with lust.

I looked at Holly’s pretty face and slowly sank my cock inside her liquid core as my heart fluttered with a powerful combination of love and desire. My hands moved to her full hips and I pumped my thick cock into her as Joe looked on. He had climbed out of the pool and sat just a few feet away from us with his dick, hard and ready, in his hand. I glanced at Joe and watched him stroke his dick. I had never seen another man’s erection in person before and my eyes were strangely drawn to it as I fucked my sexy girlfriend with hard fast strokes.

Joe seemed to match my tempo. His hand moving in time with my thrusts as though he was imagining that it was he who was fucking Holly’s silky wet cunt. Incredibly, despite the deep love that I felt for Holly the idea that he might be fantasizing about her did not make me jealous but rather it excited me knowing that he wanted her but she was all mine, body, mind and soul.

Holly’s sexy body shook again from a powerful orgasm. She gazed at me with an intense stare as she came hard. Her cunt clutched at my cock, grabbing it and trying to hold it inside her as her chest quivered and her breathing labored with the enormity of her release.

I fucked Holly hard until her climax subsided and then slowed to a languid pace allowing her to recover from the exhaustion caused by her orgasm.

“Let’s go into the bedroom,” Holly suggested as she regained her senses. “All of us.” She smiled brightly and I knew the night was about to get even more interesting.

Joe followed us into the master bedroom and watched as Holly slid between my legs. Her demeanor changed once we were inside the bedroom. She was once again in command as she looked up at me with her pretty eyes and sucked her juices from my dripping wet dick. She cleaned her juices from my cock and then mounted it as she signaled Joe to come join us. We had discussed what our boundaries would be if we ever had another woman in our bed and I hoped that the no kissing edict would apply to the new scenario but I was shocked when Joe stepped next to me and rubbed his hard dick across my lips. I had always considered myself straight but I was oddly no repulsed by the proximity of his cock to my mouth.

“Suck it Piggy,” Holly ordered when she saw the indecision on my face. She knew I needed a gentle push. Her hands slid up her flat stomach to her huge tits and squeezed them as she bounced on my achingly hard cock. She was the perfect picture of sexuality with the body of a goddess, the face of an angel and the kinky mind of a whore.

“Yes Ma’am,” I said softly and opened my mouth allowing Joe to push the fat head of his circumcised cock past my lips. I had sucked a strap on previously, while Holly taunted me about sucking her girl cock but had never imagined that I would ever suck a real cock. The sensation was incredibly erotic and much different from my girlfriend’s latex strap on. It was warm to the touch and it moved and throbbed as though it was alive. I liked the feel and I quickly lost myself in the taboo yet erotic act of sucking another man’s cock.

“This is so hot Piggy,” Holly groaned. She was riding me roughly, squeezing her huge tits and moaning as she worked her way toward a powerful climax. “Take him deeper,” she cried out as her body trembled. She had seen me take her strap on down my throat and she knew I could deep throat Joe’s dick.

I moaned around the fat bulbous head of his cock and pushed my mouth onto his hot throbbing dick. His shaft disappeared down my throat and my nose touched the coarse fur on his pelvis as tears streamed down my cheeks.

“Suck it baby,” she cried out as powerful waves of pleasure rolled through her beautiful body. She threw her head from side to side as she came but through it all her eyes remained transfixed on the union of Joe’s cock and my hungry mouth. Her body thrashed about like a fish out of water and she cried out loudly as the waves of her climax peeked and then slowly subsided.

I continued to noisily suck and slurp on Joe’s dick as Holly collapsed on top of me. Her pretty face was just inches from mine and she began to help me with him. Her soft lips planted kisses on my face and his balls. Her hands caressed me while my hard dick remained deep inside her.

“Make him cum Piggy,” Holly encouraged.

My hand stroked his shaft as I sucked hard on his cock head. I could feel his body respond. He was close. His breathing was labored and erratic as he approached the point of no return. I felt his heavy balls tighten in my hand and his big cock exploded in my mouth.

I quickly swallowed his erupting seed as my hand milked it from his throbbing shaft. I struggled to capture all of his hot cream but there was too much and it spilled from the corners of my mouth and ran down my chin.

Joe pulled his spent went dick from my mouth and Holly kissed me deeply. Her tongue lapped the spilled cum from my face and then plunge into my mouth, ravenous and hungry. We kissed deeply and I thrust my cock into her like a man possessed. Our bodies slapped together as my own climax neared.

“I’m cumming baby,” I groaned loudly. I was consumed with passion and I needed release.

“Cum inside me baby, fill me up,” Holly panted. Her body shook from another weak climax as I pumped searing hot cum deep inside her womb.

“I love you baby,” I whispered as we continued to kiss.

“I love you too,” she replied sweetly. “Baby, that was so hot, but next time I want Joe to fuck your ass while you fuck me.”

“Oh god,” I moaned. I had never imagined sucking cock much less having a man fuck me but my body shuddered at the image she presented.

“Will you do that for me baby,” Holly asked in between passionate kisses.

“I will do anything for you my love,” I replied as Joe slipped quietly from our bedroom leaving us alone to talk about the adventures my new found freedom would allow.

I work in an office building downtown. They’re building a new parking garage next door, so I have to park at the end of the block and walk past the construction site to get to and from work every day. The first level of the garage will be underground, so the men are a good 10 or 12 feet below me as I walk by and can look right up my skirt. I love the shouts and whistles I get from the workers, so my skirts have been getting shorter and shorter as the weeks go by. And every so often, like today, I wear a garter belt and stockings as a special treat for them.

But I’m disappointed. It’s been raining all night, and the site looks deserted this morning. Then I spot the foreman and another guy over by the office trailer. I slow down to give them a chance to see me. When they do, they begin to stroll my way, pointing and pretending to be talking business. When they get close enough, I stop, bend slowly down, and begin to adjust the strap on my cum-fuck-me heels. But I accidentally catch my anklet and it breaks, falling through the chain-link and into the mud at the bottom of the pit. One of the men plucks it from the mud and attempts to hand it up to me. I squat and reach down but my hand won’t fit through the fence.

I suddenly become aware that both the men are staring at my crotch. I look down and realize that my legs are spread far enough to give them a perfect view of my smooth, shaved pussy, barely covered by a tiny, white lace thong. The foreman slowly brought his eyes up to mine, smiled, and said, “I guess you’ll have to come down here to get it. There’s a ramp at the end of the fence. I’ll meet you there and show you how to keep your pretty shoes from getting ruined.”

I made my way carefully down the ramp. True to his word, the foreman was waiting for me when I got to the end. He looked me up and down, then suddenly scooped me into his arms and began to carry me towards the trailer. He threw the door open and carried me in, his friend (who I found out later was a driver for one of the suppliers), came in behind us and shut the door. It was then that he set me down. Seeing my distress, he explained that he brought me here so that I could use the sink to clean off my ankle chain. And that he had been wanting to talk to me about something anyway.

“Do you know how dangerous it is to stroll by the construction site looking like that? Someone could get hurt because you were distracting them!” I replied that I had no idea what kind of distraction he was talking about, and headed toward the door. He stepped in front of me to block my escape and the driver came up close behind me. My heart began to pound as I realized I had lost control of the situation. If I’d ever had control at all.

He said, “We’ll show you what I’m talking about.” A pair of hands grabbed my ass cheeks and started to knead them roughly. I pulled away, only to have the foreman stop me by putting his hands on my breasts and beginning to fondle them. Against my will, my nipples started to harden beneath his fingers, and I felt a familiar tingle between my legs. He suddenly pulled my shirt and bra up over my head, leaving me naked from the waist up.

As he began to unzip his pants, he said to his friend, “Check her pussy!”, and I felt a hand dive under my skirt and between my trembling legs. Laughing, the man said, “She’s ready alright. her slutty little panties are soaked!” I heard a zipper being lowered behind me. Then the driver hiked my skirt up to my waist and bent me over. He rubbed his swollen cock head between my pussy lips, found my little fuck hole, and started to push his rock hard cock into me.

“Oh fuck! What a nice tight cunt!”, he said as he began to pop the head in and out. Then, just as I was getting used to being fucked with only the head, he grabbed my hips and rammed his cock all the way in! I screamed in surprise and pain as it slammed hard against my cervix. “Shut the bitch up”, he growled, “If the inspector shows up now and hears this slut screaming like that, he’ll call the cops!”

The foreman laughed wickedly, and replied, “I can fix that!” He reached into his pants and pulled out the fattest prick I had ever seen! I didn’t even realize I had opened my mouth until I heard him calling me a cock hungry little slut and felt his dick sliding between my lips. He began to push it steadily deeper, whispering the whole time, “That’s it slut. Suck my fat fucking cock. I’ve never been able to get a decent blowjob. You bitches always choke and make me stop.” When he was 1/2-way in, I heard him say to the driver, “See if the nasty little whore can scream now.”

The cock in my pussy was abruptly withdrawn. He braced his legs, lined his prick up to my fuck hole, and rammed it home again as hard as he could. My pussy began to twitch. “This little slut’s getting ready to cum!” , he yelled. They both began to fuck me hard and fast, and my pussy exploded for them. My cunt muscles grabbing and squeezing that cock over and over as the foreman fucked my mouth like it was another pussy. I felt the dick in my cunt respond to my orgasmic spasms by swelling and beginning to pulse. The driver exclaimed, ” Her fuck hole’s trying to milk my cock!” His friend told him to go ahead and cum in my pussy, because he was going to shoot his load down my throat any minute.

But after a couple of thrusts he said, “Fuck no! I’m not wearing a condom. And no way do I want to get a filthy slut like this pregnant!” He yanked his prick out of my pussy, lined the head up with my ass hole and started thrusting. I tried to resist by grabbing on to the man in front of me and using him to pull my ass away. At the same time shaking my head back and forth, trying to say NO. That made the foreman’s fat cock slide even further into my mouth. And when he felt my throat muscles opening up for it, he said, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep it up. This bitch is about to deep throat me!”

When the driver explained what was happening, the foreman told him to put his cock head against my ass hole again. As soon as he did, the man in front placed his hands on my shoulders and leaned his weight forward. He pushed with his hips and arms, causing his cock to slide down my throat as my virgin ass was forced onto the drivers cock. The driver grunted in satisfaction and began to pump his engorged penis in and out with gusto.

The three of us were in a sexual frenzy. Each caring only about their own needs. The men fucked my holes like animals, cocks swelling and pulsing in my ass and mouth, swollen balls tightening, preparing to drain themselves into me. The foreman was moaning loudly, and the cock in my mouth began to twitch and jump. I thrust my ass up. Allowing the cock there to fully penetrate me so I could feel his heavy, cum-filled balls pounding against my clit with every stroke.

He growled, “That’s it you filthy fucking slut. Milk my cock with your tight little ass!” He and I started cumming at the same time. My cunt squirting juice all over his balls as his prick exploded deep in my ass. I tilted my head back, reached around with my hand, slid my middle finger up the foreman’s ass, and started to wiggle it against his prostate. He cried out in ecstasy as he came with us, his cock spurting seemingly endless streams of hot sperm down the back of my throat.

I licked both the men clean before the foreman carried me back through the mud and set me back on the ramp. I turned and started up, but only got a couple of steps before he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. He kissed me roughly, said “Don’t wear any panties tomorrow, slut!”, then turned and walked away.

I made my way to the office, stopping to take a whore’s bath in the ladies room. And spent the rest of the day with a smile on my face, fantasizing about tomorrow…….

[MMF, Anal]

tag: I get together with Chantelle and Tom

The story to now: My friend Chantelle and I had a lot of sexual conversations over a couple of years during work trips (see the Prologue). She had a great sex drive and was very open-minded, but for some reason didn’t own a vibrator. She moved away with her boyfriend Tom, but during one return visit, her complaint about his absence led us to stop at an adult store and buy her a vibrator for the first time. Even with all her experience, Chantelle said she was a little nervous about using it, and I turned that nervousness into a chance to teach her how to use it (Chapter 1). In turn, she learned to use it on me, and we ended up in a great 69 (Chapter 2). That was the only time Chantelle and I ever got together, and it was over a year ago.


“I understand I owe you some thanks,” said Tom as started to grab a scoop of nachos from the plate in the middle of the table.

“Really?” I looked at him quizzically. “For what?”

He glanced around the restaurant, then leaned in close. “For Chantelle’s vibrator.”

I felt the blood drain from my face, and I choked.

As Tom pounded my back and the folks at the next table looked on, I thought about what might have led to that comment. My good friend Chantelle had moved to the southwest with Tom more than two years ago. Although Chantelle came back for occasional visits, they were usually pretty short. But on her last visit a year ago, we had a major encounter where I bought her a vibrator and taught her to use it.

Chantelle and Tom had invited me to dinner tonight while they were back visiting again. It was only the second time I’d really been out with them. Two days ago, Chantelle had stopped in my office with Tom to tell me she was back in town, and I had suggested we all go grab a beer. One beer became 3 or 4, followed by a few games of pool, and a lot of good conversation. I was pretty nervous at first, since the last time I’d seen Chantelle we ended up in a 69, and I assumed Tom didn’t know about it. I tried to keep my mind off that while we were at the bar, and it really was great to see Chantelle. I was surprised at how well Tom and I hit it off, too. All we really had in common was Chantelle, but apparently that was enough.

To my surprise, Chantelle had called me at work again yesterday, said that Tom had really enjoyed our night out, and asked me if I’d like to have dinner with them.

I barely had to think about it. “Sure, I have no plans. Actually, I’m flying solo at home because everyone else is out of town for the long weekend. I’d be happy to. We didn’t get enough time to talk yesterday. Although Tom will be there, so I’ll still have to keep it clean. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean?” Chantelle laughed: she was one of the only people I knew who got Monty Python references.

“Oh, I don’t think you need to worry about keeping it too clean. Trust me.”

Trust me? What did that mean? “Uh, OK, but I’ll still behave, although I’m sure it’ll be hard.”

“I’m sure too, hah, hah. See you tomorrow at 6 at Friday’s?”

“OK, it’s a date, see you there.”

When I arrived at the restaurant, Chantelle and Tom were sitting at the bar. Chantelle was dressed in a short jean skirt and black tank, and jumped up to run over. She gave me a very big hug that I was not expecting, and a little pat on the butt. What was that about? A butt pat? Hmm. I guess Tom is more flexible than I thought if she can get away with that.

I settled in, and we again had a lot of fun talking. Since we were in public, not to mention with Tom, I didn’t get to talk to Chantelle about her sex life very much. When got up to move to our table, though, Tom went to use the bathroom and I took the chance to not-so-subtly remind her of what we had gotten up to before.

“Still using your toys after your last trip?”

“Why am I not surprised that you’re curious? Well, they’ve gotten a work out in more ways than you know,” She replied, winking at me. Intriguing, I thought. She leaned over, putting her hand on my thigh, and whispered “and you were right, Tom likes them too.” She straightened. “But I don’t need them on this trip.” Tom came back right then, so I had no chance to follow up, and I figured that was as much as I’d learn about that. But it sounded like teaching Chantelle had worked out rather well.

Tom and I continued to hit it off. We fell into “stupid guy mode” for a while, making under-our-breath comments about a couple of hot (read: slutty) young women at the bar. After Chantelle figured out what we were saying about the DD profile of the one woman, she hit us both, and said “Don’t either one of you think I’m getting something like that! You’ll learn to live with something a little smaller than that.” She stuck out her chest, and her B-cups, toward us. Either one of us? Tom and I started comparing our taste in breasts while Chantelle glared at us until we both agreed that going big and fake was not something she should do. I remember thinking again that Tom was a pretty relaxed guy. How many people would be OK with sitting there talking about the size of their girlfriend’s tits?

About then our nachos arrived, and we started to dig in. Chantelle excused herself to go pee while we loaded up our plates. Once she was gone, I remarked to Tom, “She looks really great tonight. You’re a lucky guy.”

“Yes, I am. Glad you think so too.”

“Yeah, I do.”

And that’s when he dropped the bombshell.

“I understand I owe you some thanks.”

“Really?” I looked at him quizzically. I had no idea what he was talking about. “For what?”

He glanced around the restaurant, then leaned in close. “For Chantelle’s vibrator.”

I felt the blood drain from my face, and commenced choking on my nachos. After he pounded on my back and I recovered my composure, I finally looked at him. “Uh, sorry?” Real intelligent. And panicked.

“Her vibrator. She told me about how she bought it on her last trip here. I have to tell you, it’s been great.”

“Uh huh.” WTF? What exactly did she tell him? “I, uh. Um. Good. Glad it’s worked out.”

He laughed at what must have been a pained expression on my face. “Dude, it’s OK, it’s cool. I didn’t mind. She needs every bit of entertainment she can get. I can barely keep up as it is.”

I started breathing a little easier. But only a little. “Hard to keep up with her. Uh, yeah. I can see that. She’s um, yeah. I guess you’re still trying to keep up, right? I’m sure it’s fun trying.”

“Oh yeah, for sure. But she’s got a lot of things she wants. I’ll tell you, I’m pretty good, but I can’t do it all.” Can’t do it all? Was I going to end up having the same conversations with Tom I had with Chantelle?

After Chantelle came back to the table, we chowed on our nachos for a while, and then Tom excused himself to wash his hands. As soon as he was gone, I leaned over to Chantelle and hissed, “What did you tell him?? He knows I bought you a vibrator! What else does he know about??”

Chantelle put her hand on my arm. “Relax – he only knows that you suggested it. Although I don’t think he would have minded the lesson, even. He might have liked hearing about it. We’ve had some pretty hot conversations. And he likes to experiment.”

I was still a little ticked about being blindsided by Tom. But this sounded intriguing. “Experimenting?”

“Yup. So we’ve used the vibrator all the ways you and I did before. We still haven’t gotten my friend Jess to join us yet, but we’ve talked about what it would be like. And we’ve talked about every possible fantasy we can think of. It’s made for some veeerry exciting evenings. The stuff you taught me was worth it.”

“He must be pretty open-minded.”

“Oh, yeah. I’ve made sure of that.” Chantelle took a swallow of her drink. “You know I told you about the threesome I gave my boyfriend for a birthday present, years ago?”

“Damn right I remember! It was one of the most exciting stories you told me on all those trips.”

“Tom offered to give me the same thing.”


“We were talking about that threesome, and kind of fooling around…”

“Kind of?”

“OK, we were seriously fooling around. He wanted to know every detail.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“After that he asked if I’d ever been with two guys. I haven’t, you know. Then he asked me if I ever thought about it.”


“You know how you told me all guys fantasize about two girls? Well, I don’t know about all of us, but I definitely like the idea.”

“Wow. Nice that he offered. Have you taken him up on it?”

“Not yet. Maybe soon, though. He told me it would all be for me, since it was my present. And I think it would be fun.” She gave me a devilish smile. “We’re looking into possibilities. All he said was that we’d have to agree on who. Do you think that’s weird?”

Lucky bastard. “Hell no. You deserve to have some more fun. Do you want a guy to do Tom too? That might be harder to arrange.”

“No, he’s not really interested, and I really just want them to do me.” Then Chantelle realized what she’d blurted out, and looked a little embarrassed. “Wait, that came out wrong…”

I laughed. “No it didn’t! I have the feeling you probably know exactly what you want from this.”

“Well, there’s a few things I have in mind.”

“If you do the directing, I’ll bet Tom and this other guy would be happy to do whatever you want.”

At this point I realized that Tom had been gone a long time while we were huddled up, and I wondered where he was.

“Oh, I think he went to the bar to get another beer.” Looking over, we saw him there. “Let me go talk to him for a minute, be right back.”


Chantelle went over to the bar for a minute, talking to Tom intently. I saw her snuggle up and get a hug, whispering something in his ear. He looked at her, glanced at me, and nodded. I saw him leave some money on the counter, then they both came back to the table.

“Hey, Dave, can you give me a ride home? Tom needs to head back, and we still need to pay the bill.”

That’s weird, but making some time with Chantelle? “Sure, no problem. Tom, great to see you again, maybe I’ll see you on your next trip.”

“Yah Dave. Or you might see me sooner than you think.” For some reason, Chantelle gave him a glare, and pushed him toward the door. We sat back down to pay the bill.

Chantelle turned to me then and asked, “So tell me what you think, do you like Tom?”

“Yeah, he seems cool. I know why you like him. I think you made a good choice there. Gotta say, though, I didn’t think I’d hit it off so well with him. He’s easy to hang out with.”

“You guys do seem to get along well. The other night he told me that he liked hanging out with you too.” Chantelle seemed to be getting kind of fidgety as she asked me what I thought about Tom. We finally got our check, and dug around for the right change to leave. Just as we were about to get up, Chantelle blurted out,

“I, uh, I need to ask you about helping me out with one other thing, though.”

“Sure, anything, just name it.”

“Ok, Um. Well, let’s go outside.” Outside?

We got into my car. “Tom and I agreed that he would leave so I could ask you this.” What was this about? “I was telling you about the threesome Tom offered me? We’ve been trying to figure out who to ask.” You don’t mean…Oh my. “Tom gave me the OK for this back at the bar. You guys hit it off so well that…” Chantelle took a deep breath and leaned in towards me. “Dave, I know you are just giving me a ride, but…do you want to join us tonight?”

He shoots. He scores.


After Chantelle issued her invitation, I stared at her for a second. Her eyes were darting around, alternately looking at my face and away. She’s this nervous? Instead of answering I leaned over and gave her a big kiss. I also gave her a small grope. “Dave!” She squealed, smacking my hand away.

“Just trying to show you how I feel about this idea.”

“Hmph. Well, if you put it that way… let’s try this again.” When I leaned in for a kiss this time, Chantelle took my hand and brought it to her breast. “Feel familiar?”

“It’s been so long, I almost forgot. Let me see if I can remember.” I reached down and under Chantelle’s shirt, running my hand up her to find that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipple hardened quickly, while I kissed her, and I ran my hand to the other side. “I remember the last time I played with these.”

“I do too.” She licked up the side of my neck while I fondled her, and then reached into my lap. “I remember when I played with this guy too.” Then she said softly, “I’m ready to play more.”

“I’ll bet you’re ready. Hmm, let’s see…” I took my hand out from under her shirt and ran it down to her bare leg. Placing it on the inside of her thigh, I slowly ran it up under her skirt while watching her face. I was expecting either that she’d stop me, or I’d soon run into her panties. Neither happened. Instead, I found myself touching skin at the very top of her leg where it joined her body. Smooth skin. And wet.

“Chantelle, you’re not wearing panties!” And you shaved.

“Oh, really?? How’d that happen? Actually, I figured, special occasion.” She leaned in to nibble my ear, and whispered, “Why don’t you consider it an invitation?” Then she leaned back. “But – you haven’t answered my question.”

Considering her invitation, I began stroking her. Her lips parted slightly, and I quickly found my fingers coated with her juices. “You are ready.”

“Uhm. Always.” Unable to resist, I continued to stroke Chantelle. She made no move to stop me, but now was just staring straight into my eyes. “Dave – answer?”

“Yes, Chantelle, I’ll join you.” A small shudder of relief went through her, and she visibly relaxed. “Do you think I’d keep doing this if the answer was no?”

“I have no idea. I might have a hard time stopping you even if the answer was no.”

“I’d take that.” I continued to stroke her, dipping my fingers into her and rubbing over her clit.

“We just have one small issue, Dave. Where can we go?”

“What do you mean, where can we go?”

“We’re staying at my Mom’s. And she’s out, but still, I haven’t sex there since highschool.”

“It’s kind of a mess, but do you want to come to my place? Everybody else is out of town this weekend.”

“Oh, that would be much better.” She grabbed her purse and got our her cellphone. “Let me tell Tom.” She dialed, and I slowed my stroking on her clit while she told him to meet us at my place and gave him the address. “There, that’s done.”

“So tell me, little Miss Threesome, what exactly do you want us to do you tonight?”

“Hmm, well, I’m sure you’ll figure something out.”

“I’m sure we will, but give me some hints. I know we’ll be able to make you very happy. It’s your birthday present, after all.”

She sighed against my neck as my fingers pressed more deeply into her. “What do I want…I want it all. I’ve thought about everything two guys can do to a gal. I want both of you, at the same time.”

“Both of us, huh. How?” I looked at her, and she looked back.

“Every way. Any way you want.” She whispered.

Any way?”


I whispered in Chantelle’s ear. “I know you remember last summer.” She nodded, distractedly. “Chantelle – if you tell me anything – I’m going to want everything.” As I said this I pushed my fingers into her. One finger had also slipped below and was touching her asshole, and I wiggled it too. She gasped.

“Mm, yes, Dave, it’s all yours.”

Phew. I could actually do this. I could finish what we started last summer.

Then car lights swept over us. Oops. I’d totally forgotten that we were still in the parking lot. “We’d better get going. We can, uh, talk more on the way.” I took my fingers out and licked them, then started the car.

It took us 20 minutes or so to get back to my place. Each time we came to a stoplight, I’d reach over and run my hand up Chantelle’s leg, and she’d feel my cock through my pants. It was never long enough to get anything other than a good tease, but that was enough.

When we got there, Tom was waiting in the driveway. He grinned when he saw both of us get out of the car. He gave Chantelle a quick hug, walked over and shook my hand again, and said, “Glad you decided to come! I was getting anxious.” We walked inside and into the living room.

“With an invitation like the one I got, I couldn’t say no.”

“Oh?” He cocked his eyebrow at us.

Chantelle was standing next to me. “A very nice invitation. In fact…” I took Chantelle’s hand in mine. “I can show you. But Tom… are you sure about this?”

Tom looked at me holding Chantelle’s hand, looked in her face, then looked me in the eye and simply said, “Yes.”

“Then let me show you the invitation I got.” I moved and stood right behind Chantelle, both of us facing Tom. I put my hands around her waist, and pulled her back against me. I put my head over her shoulder so I could watch Tom, and slowly slid my hands up over her shirt to her breasts. Tom watched, and didn’t say anything. So I slid my hands back down and then back up, but this time under her shirt. I began playing with Chantelle’s nipples, which hardened immediately. Tom could clearly see what I was doing, and he backed up a step to sit on the edge of the couch. I was sure there was a bulge forming in his jeans. I kissed the side of Chantelle’s neck, still watching Tom to be sure there was no problem. Her neck was flushed, and I could hear her breath already starting to be heavier. She’d gotten pretty worked up in the car, and this was rekindling her pretty fast.

“Lift your arms,” I whispered to Chantelle, and she did. I pulled off her shirt in one motion, and then reached back around and took one breast in each hand again.

I looked at Tom. “First my invitation included these.” I caressed Chantelle’s round flesh, pulling her hard nipples between my thumb and forefinger, but then cupping under them as if I was offering them to Tom. “And it was very nice.” I resumed playing, with Tom’s eyes glued to her. “But then I found something even better. Sit down, and I’ll show you.”

Tom sat down hard on the couch, and I walked Chantelle over to stand in front of him, just a few feet away.

I slid my hands down Chantelle’s side to the bottom of her skirt. She was looking down on Tom, and his gaze moved down from her face, over her chest, to my hands. I started slowly lifting her skirt, and Chantelle stood very still, just letting me expose her bit by bit. I slowly pulled her skirt up further until she was completely visible. I held up her skirt with one hand, and slid my other hand over the front of her thigh towards her pussy. “I found this, and it was warm. And wet.” As I said this, I slid my finger slowly down the crease between her leg and mound, over her lips, between her legs, and then I pulled up and in. She moved her left leg to the side a little bit, giving me better access. Her lips parted easily, and I slid between them and into her center. If it was possible, she was even wetter than before.

I was leaning over Chantelle a bit to be able to reach, and was able to glance at her face. Chantelle had closed her eyes when I pressed between her lips. I gave her a few gentle strokes, then brought my finger up to my lips and made a show of licking it. Chantelle turned to look at me as I did this, her eyes a little glazed. Her mouth was close to mine, and her lips slightly parted, and so I presented my finger to her too. She sucked it into her mouth, making a little noise as she did so. I gave her a small kiss, and looked at Tom to be sure he was still OK. He was staring at us, looking like he was just taking it all in.

I slid my wet finger back down Chantelle’s chest to her breast, wetting her nipple, before returning to her thigh. But now I reached the side zipper of her skirt and unzipped her. Her skirt fell to the floor, and she sighed. She was standing completely naked in front of her boyfriend, with another man behind her, touching her all over. I brought my left hand back to cover her breast, and I slid by other hand back to her pussy, this time not entering her, but just stroking lightly over her lips. “Tom.” I said. His gaze jerked back from her pussy to me. “Tom, you should come see how wet she is. This is one very naughty girl.”

Tom nodded jerkily, got up from the couch, and stumbled our way. He came to Chantelle and they shared a kiss. Then he leaned over to take a nipple in his mouth. He worked on it for a minute, then knelt down in front of her. I moved both my hands up to Chantelle’s breasts, and I could see Tom run one hand up her inner thigh to her pussy. I could tell when he touched her, because she moaned in my grasp. Turning her head, she sought my mouth with hers. She grabbed my right hand on her breast with her left hand, holding me tight against her (and maintaining her balance), while her other hand went down to rest on Tom’s head. Glancing down, I could see Tom staring at Chantelle’s pussy while his hand moved. Chantelle was undulating in time to whatever he was doing.

I sensed more than saw Tom remove his hand from between Chantelle’s thighs. I heard a disappointed sigh, but then Tom reached around Chantelle, and grabbed her buttocks to pull her towards him so he could bury his face in her cunt. She squealed and bucked. I had to imagine that he was tonguing her clit, and she moved her leg even further to the side to give him better access. I continued to work her nipples with my fingers, and alternated between trading kisses with her, and shifting my kissing to her neck and ear as she panted. She started to lean back against me, her hips wiggling forward against Tom. After a minute, I could tell she was already building up to her first climax.

I swung around to the front, still helping to hold Chantelle up by reaching around her back. I held on to her with my left hand, keeping my right hand one breast, and then I lowered my mouth to the other orb. I took her nipple into my mouth, flicking the tip lightly before really putting my lips and tongue on it to suck as hard as I could. I bathed her whole nipple and areola with the flat of my tongue before returning to her nipple. This time I took it between my teeth, very gently nibbling. This put her over the edge. She started bucking harder against Tom’s face, and then half fell on him, knocking him over. I tried to lower her more gently, but she ended up pulling me down too. She was still gasping, but something about the pile of bodies and the position we were in struck us all as funny, and Tom and I started laughing.

“Oh, God, stop it, you guys.” Chantelle muttered as her breathing returned to normal. We both adjusted ourselves to a slightly better position, so that Chantelle was now laying between us. We had barely made it 20 feet from the front door.

“So Tom, you see it was a hard invitation to resist.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

After a minute, I put my hand on Chantelle’s tummy, thinking how remarkable it was to have this naked body between me and Tom. Chantelle shivered, then she propped herself up on one elbow to look at me. “I think we should move somewhere else. And you guys have way too many clothes on.” She jumped up and took a few steps, then reached out to take our hands and pull us up. Playing a bit of the vamp, she wiggled her hips at us and said “Last one upstairs is the last one to get this!” as she slapped her ass. She then turned and fled up the stairs. Tom and I glanced at each other, and then both jumped for the stairs ourselves.

That Chantelle was quite the girl.

I managed to beat Tom into the bedroom by a hair, although I had the advantage of knowing which way to turn when we got upstairs. My bedroom was pretty standard, bed in the middle, night tables and lamps, a door to the master bath.

Chantelle had thrown herself on the bed, and rolled over and struck a pose on her elbow with one knee up as we entered. I walked over to stand next to the bed, right in front of her. “Now, about these clothes…”

Chantelle reached for my belt, pulling me closer to the bed. I pulled my shirt off and tossed it to one side. I went to undo my belt, but she put her hand on mine and said “No, let me.” She sat up on the edge of the bed, and taking two hands, undid my belt, then the button of my jeans. She unzipped me, brushing against my erection as she pulled down my zipper. She pushed down my jeans, and I stepped out of them, standing there in just my boxers with no doubt about my aroused state. Putting her hands on my hips, Chantelle looked up at me, and murmured in a voice too low for Tom to hear, “I’ve been thinking about this since… well, for a while.” With that, my shorts dropped to the floor, and Chantelle leaned over to engulf my head in her mouth. She put one hand behind me, and brought the other to the base of my cock. She swirled her tongue around my head and started to take me deeper into her mouth, rubbing my balls and the base of my cock at the same time.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could sense Tom moving to the base of the bed where he could watch Chantelle swallowing me. She was pulling me in deeper than I thought she could. After a few minutes, between her mouth and the pressure at the base of my cock, I was afraid I wouldn’t last long if she kept it up. “Mmm… Chantelle you may need to stop for a while. I think we have a few other things to do.”

She took a final lick and released me. She looked over at Tom and crooked a finger at him. I decided to climb on the bed behind Chantelle as she started to undress Tom to give him the same treatment I’d gotten. I kneeled in close behind her and reached around to hold her breasts as she started to work on him, my hard cock pressing against her back between us. I saw that Tom had much less hair around his package than I did, although he wasn’t totally bare like Chantelle, and I wondered if they played shaving games together too.

I began to tweak Chantelle’s nipples as she sucked Tom. Eventually I slid one hand down towards her pussy, stroking very gently. After a couple of minutes, Tom pulled away from Chantelle too, I imagine feeling just like I had. I pulled Chantelle back onto the bed, laying her on her back and laying next to her, my erection now laying against her hip. I kissed her neck for a second, then kissed down to her right breast. Tom came and took the other one, and together we licked her breasts while my right hand wandered back down over her abdomen. “You guys are sooo good to me,” I heard her say softly.

I stroked Chantelle’s bare skin very lightly, down the v of her legs, over her slit, not pushing in, just running back and forth. She parted her legs for me, but I continued to tease her on the outside, just enjoying the smoothness of her skin with my fingertips. The feel of her without hair was amazing. I could feel her heat and moisture as I reached further down, even though I hadn’t separated her lips. She began trying to push up as I ran my fingers over her mound, but I wouldn’t give her enough pressure to be satisfying. “Please…” I heard her murmur.

We were increasing Chantelle’s excitement level as we played with her and sucked her breasts, but the movement of her hips was starting to become more insistent and she started to squeeze her legs together. I moved back up to ear for a second and whispered to her, “Your skin is so smooth Chantelle. I think I’m going to have to use my tongue to find out just how smooth.” She nodded urgently, and I shifted my body around to put my face by her pussy. I licked her thigh, moving my tongue toward her pussy, and she opened her legs without urging. I licked the crease between her leg and body to where I would usually have found a fuzzy patch, and it was silky smooth. I licked across the outside of her lips to the other side, then back to the top of her slit. Not even a stray hair. I knew she was ready, and so I slid my tongue down the length of her slit while reaching with my right hand to open her up. My tongue slipped between her lips. God. It was slick, and incredibly smooth, and tasted salty. I pushed my tongue into her pussy as far as it would go, and I swear I got a true mouthful of her juices. I felt her grab my head, pulling my head to her and forcing me into her deeper.

I began to run my tongue up and down, rubbing it over her clit, then pushing it into her. I slid one finger, then two, into her as I licked. I felt Chantelle take my cock in her hand as I worked my tongue over her, stroking up and down my shaft. I wasn’t lubricated, so this was just play, but it felt good nevertheless. Glancing up, I saw that Tom was now kneeling by her side, and she had him in her other hand. If she wanted to feel both of us together, she’s got us.

After a minute, I wanted to shift so that I could get even better access. Extracting myself from her hand, I shifted around so that I was lying between her legs, looking up at her. I pushed her legs further apart and put my entire mouth over her pussy. Now I could really push my tongue in as deeply as it would go, and I heard Chantelle cry out a little as I pushed my nose against her clit as my tongue entered her. I sucked her clit into my mouth, then ran my tongue over it, and then plunged into her again.

Looking up past her belly and breasts, I could see that Tom had moved further up. Chantelle had turned her upper body to the side, and Tom was now feeding Chantelle his cock. She had both hands on him, he had one hand still on her breast, and was holding onto the headboard for dear life with the other as he looked down at her around his cock. As he thrust forward, I could see her cheeks puffing out and contracting.

I started licking Chantelle up and down, from her clit down to her vagina. Then, after dipping in her pussy one more time, I continued down towards her ass. Not much foreplay this time like we had during the summer – this time I just wanted my tongue on her. She felt where my tongue was exploring and lifted one leg a bit to give me better access between her cheeks. Another invitation I couldn’t resist. I took Chantelle’s leg and hooked it over my shoulder, then lowered my mouth to where I wanted to go.

Surrounding Chantelle’s anus with my lips, I commenced licking her with the flat of my tongue, feeling her ridged opening. I pointed my tongue and pushed in, feeling her yield just slightly, before returning to licking her from rear up to her clit. I returned below, continuing to lick over her while now pushing my nose into her cunt. My face was covered with her juices, and I had to turn to the side to get a breath now and again, but oh, was it worth it. I was unbelievably hard as I ate her. Don’t come on the sheets was all I could think as I took advantage of the complete access she was giving me to her body.

Chantelle began to writhe under me, trying to pull her leg higher to give me more access to her ass, and alternately pulling me into her with her leg to push her pussy harder against my mouth. I was licking her everywhere – feeling the hard nub of her clit, sliding my tongue into her pussy, licking past it to her rear where I couldn’t quite penetrate no matter how hard I tried… Looking up I could see her pumping Tom more rapidly in her mouth, and he had a look of intense concentration on his face as he now looked down at me working on her. I wondered if he knew I was licking her ass.

I could tell Chantelle was on the edge from this top to bottom stimulation. Giving a last lick on her asshole, I fastened my mouth to Chantelle’s clit and sucked it into my mouth, flicking at it with my tongue. At the same time I brought my hand up to her, dipped one finger into her wet pussy and then put it against her anus. She was soaked from her juices and my saliva, and I knew it wouldn’t take much to penetrate her. I pushed just a little, and she pushed down hard in turn, forcing my finger into her asshole. I heard another loud moan from her as I continued to slide in my finger in one motion until it was in to the hilt. Once she discovered what she liked, this girl sure did know how to get it!

Within seconds, Chantelle started spasming. I tried, but it was hard to keep my tongue on her as she thrashed under me and clenched her thighs around my head. She finally released me, and I returned my tongue to just licking her gently up and down as I pulled my finger from her ass. She continued to quiver slightly as I continued to lap at her.

Chantelle’s climax and the resulting action on him must have been too much for Tom, because I heard him grunt “Can’t… stop it!” and I saw him start to jerk too. He reached down to grab his cock and held it in Chantelle’s mouth as I saw his body clench once, then twice, and I saw her swallowing frantically. Her mouth opened, and Tom popped out and I saw a shot of come spurt across Chantelle’s face, landing on her cheek. Chantelle pulled him back into her mouth as he shuddered again. I saw her mouth working, and she gave him a final tug before he groaned and pulled away, collapsing on the bed. She reached up and rubbed his come off her cheek with her fingers, reaching over to his thigh and rubbing most of it off on him, then licking her fingers. Then she collapsed backward onto the pillow too.

Chantelle and Tom had both come, but I certainly hadn’t, and my erection had only gotten harder with Chantelle’s orgasm. Chantelle was lying there enjoying the slow licks I was giving her pussy, but I was hoping she could come again, and after all this I was desperate with need. I stopped licking and crawled up her. My erection was painfully obvious, and I knew she could feel it poking at the entrance to her pussy. I could feel it rubbing at her, where she was wet, and still very open. She looked up at me as I whispered.

“Chantelle – I’m ready to explode. I need to be in you.” I glanced up and made eye contact with Tom. He nodded at me.

She made a little sound, and whispered, “Come on in.”

With that she grabbed me and pulled me to her. I reached down to move my cock to get the angle right, and pushed.

Ohhh, she was still soaking. I sank in almost to the hilt in one push. I couldn’t believe how smooth Chantelle felt as I slid home. I pulled back just a little, pushed once more, and I really was all the way in. Hot, wet… I almost came right there, but managed not to. I saw Chantelle’s eyes widen as I pushed in, and she whimpered a little as I penetrated her. I knew Tom was there, watching me push into his girlfriend, but at the moment I just didn’t care. There was no way not to enjoy where I was.

I began to move in and out, slowly at first, just enjoying the sensation of being inside her. Her lips sought mine, and then she was past them to my ear, where I could hear her making little breathy sounds. On the downstroke, I pushed hard against her where our bodies met, twisting and grinding just a little on her clit. She made a little “Oh!” noise the first time I did this, and I continued to push tight against her every 3rd or 4th stroke. I began to pull a little further out before thrusting in, and her breathing became a little deeper.

“Can you make it again?” I whispered in her ear.

“Mmmm, oh yeah, not long.” she whispered back. I continued to stroke in and out of her, and sped up a little. She was so wet… and thinking about that, I knew I wasn’t going to last either.

“I’m so close,” I whispered.

“Go ahead, now, now… Come in me, Dave, in… me…” She was panting too. I felt her muscles contract around my cock, and that was it. I felt my cock pulse, and I came, spurting inside of her. I came, and came, and felt it get even hotter and wetter as my semen flooded her pussy, leading me to have an even bigger final contraction. Chantelle was over the edge too, and I felt her legs wrap around me as I felt her walls squeeze around me. I heard her murmur “Oh… oh… yes…” as we gave a final movement against each other, and then I collapsed on top of her, panting. We just lay there for a minute.

After a minute, I was able to move again, and I raised myself up on my elbows, allowing her to breathe a little better. I gave her small kisses, and after another minute, I flopped over to lie by her side. We both looked over at Tom, who was sitting on the other side of Chantelle, watching. He had gotten erect again. Chantelle reached out to it. “Enjoy the show?”

“Not half as much as you.” He leaned down and gave Chantelle a kiss, and then looked at me. “Good one. Secret technique?”

I laughed. “No, just a good effort. I think the secret technique for this one is to have two studs in her bed!”

Chantelle looked around the room. “Studs? Really? Where?”

“Oh, shut up, you!” I commenced tickling Chantelle’s ribs; seeing what I was doing, Tom joined on the other side, she curled up in a ball and in short order we had her yelling “I take it back, I take it back!” We let her collapse back to the bed. She made a long, catlike stretch, pushing her breasts, then hips, up at the sky as she did, ending up with her arms lying up over her head. Tom and I lay down on either side of her again for a few minutes.

Seeing her stretch led me to place my hand on her belly, running it up under her breast. I began to stroke her nipple idly. It hadn’t been soft for long, and I rubbed over it, it came to attention again. I moved my hand to the opposite side, making small circles on that side, watching the skin of her areola wrinkle and tighten as her nipple responded. I leaned over to give a small lick with the tip of my tongue on the nipple I could reach.

Chantelle rolled onto her side to present me both breasts, trying to lift one up to me with her hand. Sensing that they might like some extra attention, I slid down the bed so that my mouth was even with her breasts. My head was on the bed, and I stuck out my tongue, wiggling it to give her the idea that I was ready. She began to feed me her breast, first teasing me by putting it just close enough for me to lick the tip of her nipple, then gradually moving in so that I could get more and more in my mouth. When I couldn’t fit any more, she pulled back and gave me her other one. I just lay there and pretended I was nursing, sucking and licking, and pulling her into my mouth with as much suction as I could muster. A couple of times I nipped at her with my teeth, causing her to jump a little.

As I nursed at Chantelle’s breasts, Tom started to give her pussy some attention. I felt him reach around her, bumping into my erection in the process, and he reached her upper leg to pull it up. This allowed him access to her from the rear, and he began to stroke her pussy. I continued to suck one of Chantelle’s nipples while playing with the other one. I felt her shiver; glancing up, her eyes were closed, and glancing down I saw Tom’s fingers disappearing into her. I saw him pull out and rub over her clit, then put his fingers back in her again.

I had a free hand, and I brought it to my mouth to get wet and then down to her pussy as well. Now Tom could continue to push his fingers in and out of her while I rubbed her clit. Chantelle started to moan. I don’t know if she knew that it was both of us playing with her, but she was certainly enjoying it. I could feel Tom’s fingers moving in and out of Chantelle, occasionally bumping into my fingers on her clit.

Chantelle’s began to move her hips back and forth between us as we stroked and fingered her. I felt Tom shift on the bed, and then his fingers withdrew from her. What’s he doing? Glancing down, I saw Tom pull Chantelle’s upper leg up higher, and then his cock came into view. He slid his cock along the length of her slit a couple of times, brushing against my hand once, and then he found the right spot and slid his cock into her wet pussy. Chantelle gave a grunt as he pushed in. Tom took a couple of strokes to get all the way in, then commenced a steady rhythm in and out of her.

I had paused my activity while I waited for Tom to get situated. Now I returned my fingers to her pussy, rubbing over her clit and the top of her mound. When I put my fingers on her clit, reaching down towards her pussy, I could feel Tom moving in and out, the base of his cock rubbing against my fingers when we were both at a particular spot. I felt myself becoming harder at the feel of Tom moving in and out, coupled with the feel of her clit. I was enjoying this. What’s going on, I feel Tom and I’m getting harder?

I was a bit conflicted about what was going on. Chantelle was obviously enjoying the action of Tom in her pussy and my fingers on her clit and my mouth at her nipples. At the same time, it was a bit strange to be touching Tom, even inadvertently. And then I wondered: well, they invited me, and this seemed to be a night for exploring, so should I just go with it? I wasn’t sure if I’d ever want to do this again, but was there something more I could do that would help both of them out? Is this the most I can do for Tom?

By now, Tom must have been able to feel my hand when he thrust fully into Chantelle. But he was making no move to pull back. I tried to think about what he might be feeling and what he might like. I know when I am fucking a girl from the back, I like having her reach down to finger her own clit and stroke my balls. Well, I was in the way and there was no way for Chantelle to reach Tom, and I was already stroking her. That left just one issue, and solution I could come up with. I wonder what he’d do if… Making a decision, I reached out and touched Tom’s balls. I’d never done this before with anyone other than me, and I was a little tentative. But I quickly realized they were no different than mine, and after a moment I cupped them like I’d had my girlfriends do to me. He gave out a little grunt of surprise, but he didn’t stop thrusting. I continued to rub him. He apparently trimmed a bit with Chantelle, because his balls were fuzzy, but with no long hairs.

I continued to rub Tom’s balls, but was careful not to neglect Chantelle’s clit. I realized after couple of minutes that I was staring down to where my hand was on her pussy and his balls, and had stopped sucking her breasts. I looked up to find that Chantelle had opened her eyes and was looking down at me and my hand.

“Dave,” she whispered. “Are you rubbing Tom?”

I looked in her eyes and swallowed. “Yes.”

“Oohhh, God, that’s so hot.” She shuddered as she heard me. “Oh, please, keep going, touch him. Touch my boyfriend’s cock. And touch me.” She sounded like she was playing out a fantasy verbally, watching the reality of it as it came true. I obliged, rubbing her clit and returning to his balls. Since he was busy thrusting in Chantelle, I didn’t think Tom would want a handjob, so I didn’t try to grab his dick. But when he pulled back, my hand on Chantelle’s clit was right there, and pressed against the base of his slick shaft as it emerged.

“Tom? Tom?” Chantelle turned a little back toward Tom. “Baby, I know Dave is touching you. That’s hot Tom. Reach around me, touch him too.” Chantelle could see my very erect cock pushing up against my belly. Tom reached around her hip, and tentatively reached out toward me. I looked at him and nodded. “Come on Tom, do it, touch his cock,” Chantelle murmured. Slowly, Tom put his hand on my cock. I jumped at his touch. He took it in his hand, and began stroking up and down. His hand was larger than Chantelle’s or mine, and the sensation was a bit different. Chantelle was looking down and made a little hiss that sounded like “yess…” Her eyes were wide as she watched Tom wrap his hand around me. “Oh, that’s good honey, rub his cock for me. Good boy!” Tom gave a few strokes up and down. It wasn’t going to get me off, but it wasn’t bad. I let him keep rubbing me, angling my hips a little to point further up.

Chantelle began to breathe much faster as she continued to keep her eyes on his hand and my cock, muttering encouragement to us. I rubbed her a little faster. She began moaning louder, and faster, and I tried to keep a thumb on her clit as I held my hand on his balls. Tom began to thrust faster into Chantelle, his hand still on my cock. I increased the speed on her clit, then returned my hand to Tom’s balls. He began to thrust madly, and he released me to grab her hip.

I could feel Tom’s balls tighten, and then he groaned and gave a deep thrust into her as he came. His body shook, trying to push deeper as I sensed him shoot his load. Chantelle came at the same time, rocking back against Tom. I returned my attention to Chantelle, grasping the upper lips of her pussy and squeezing them together over her clit, then releasing them and sliding my finger into the top of her slit to be right on her clit. I put hard pressure on her clit now as I rubbed, and this put her over the edge. With Tom’s cock still in her creamy pussy, she started to spasm as well, pushing hard against my hand. She pulled her legs together, forcing me to stop rubbing her, and actually pushing Tom out of her. She moaned as he pulled further away, but then relaxed.

Tom and Chantelle both came down slowly. “Dave, that made me so hot,” murmured Chantelle, pulling me back up to give me a kiss.

“I could tell,” I whispered back.

My cock was still hard, and Chantelle could feel it pressed against her. She reached down to take it, idly stroking it as her breathing slowed. After a minute, she asked “What do you want now, Dave?” She kissed me again, harder.

In answer, I put my hand on Chantelle’s head and pulled her down towards my cock. “I think you can figure out something I’d enjoy.”

“Mm, OK. I can definitely make you enjoy this.” Chantelle twisted around and moved down, and rolled me onto my back with my cock pointing skyward. She started with long licks up my shaft, then slowly engulfed me in her mouth, lowering herself on me until her hair was tickling my belly. “Uh,” I grunted as I felt myself hit the back of her throat. She brought two hands to bear, one on my cock, just under her mouth, the other on my balls. She began bobbing up and down on my cock, stroking it with her now-wet hand when she was concentrating her energy at the top of it, and then taking all of me in her mouth again. Just as I had with Tom, she massaged my balls gently. But then she went further, sliding her hand further down over my balls until I felt her finger tickle the ridge running from my balls back to my asshole. I grunted, and pulled my leg up a bit to offer her access if she wanted it. And she did, bringing her finger up to rub over my dripping cock, and then returning it to rub over my rear entrance. (Did you think about inserting Tom into this scene, too?)

Chantelle continued to work on my hard cock with her mouth. But she began to push her finger more insistently at my asshole. I relaxed, trying to enjoy the sensations on my cock, and to let her in. She continued to tease at my entrance, just pushing in a little and then pulling out again. It felt great, and I began pushing back as she entered me. She got the hint, and pushed deeper into me. “Ohhhh,” I groaned as she finally penetrated all the way.

I could feel my orgasm building, fueled by the pressure of Chantelle’s finger in my ass. She could tell too, and began rubbing my cock harder as she simultaneously wiggled her finger. She deep-throated me once more, and I thrust upward and exploded in her mouth.

As my spasms subsided, I saw Chantelle swallow, and lick her lips. “Mmm,” she said, “Different than Tom. Still tasty.”

“Uh, OK.” I said. What else do you say when a beautiful girl tells you that you taste different from her boyfriend?

“She does give a great blowjob, doesn’t she?” remarked Tom. I’d almost forgotten he was there.

“She sure does. Like we agreed, she’s a special girl!”

Tom got up, saying he had to go answer the call of nature, and Chantelle and I just lay back with our eyes closed, resting and snuggling just a little. After a minute she excused herself too. I lay on the bed and relaxed, thinking about the evening so far… and what was still coming.


I opened my eyes a short time later when I felt the bed shift with Tom and Chantelle getting back in. Chantelle kind of draped herself over me, and Tom snuggled up to her from behind. “Mmm. Thanks for having us over, Dave.”

“My pleasure. LIterally. Don’t tell me you two have to go now?” She laughed.

“No, not a chance! I hope we can stay for a long, long time. We have all night.” We lay there for a few minutes in a pile of naked flesh. Chantelle’s breast was pressed against my chest, and she swung her leg partly over top of my thighs, just touching my cock. I could feel her warm pussy pressed against my leg.

“Well, I sure won’t kick you out.”

“Good. I’m not sure I could move easily right now. And maybe if we stay, you can help out some more.”

“I love to be helpful!”

“I know you love it, and I appreciate it.

“Awww.” Chantelle’s leg over mine and the feel of her skin had started to wake me up, and I could feel an erection just starting to grow again slightly. Tom’s hand was running along Chantelle’s side as he spooned up to her. A little self-conscious this time with Tom so close behind her, I leaned over to give her just a small kiss. “Mmm, minty.” Her tongue flashed out to meet mine, and we exchanged French kisses for a couple of minutes. Chantelle reached down and held my penis with her hand, feeling it as it hardened.

“Hey, uh, save some of that for me too?” we heard Tom ask. Chantelle and I broke our lip lock, and she flipped over to face Tom.

“There’s always some saved for you.” And just as if she hadn’t been kissing me a few seconds earlier, Chantelle’s mouth was busy on Tom’s. Easy come, easy go. I amused myself by running my fingers down Chantelle’s side now, from under her arm to her hip, and as far down her thigh as I could easily reach. She shivered as I ran them over her rib cage. I ran them back up over her buttocks and side, and then down her spine. The strokes were light, just enough to remind her that I was there. I could see that Chantelle’s hand had gone to Tom’s cock, as it had for mine, and she was stroking him as they kissed. Things were starting to heat up again.

I didn’t interrupt Chantelle and Tom. Instead, I started to concentrate on my fingers circling in towards Chantelle’s ass and pussy from the back. I slid my hand past her hip, then back up barely touching the side of her buttock, then down over one smooth, rounded ass cheek, and then back up closer to her crack. She was starting to rub herself against Tom, and had thrown her right leg over him, opening her up a bit from behind. After a final circle around her hip and buttock, I ran my fingers slowly down her butt crack and across her anus to barely touch the back of her pussy. I stroked her very lightly, slowly working in until her lips separated. Sliding my fingers through, I could feel that she was wet again (still?). I slid one finger inside her, while the rest of my hand pressed against her butt, helping her rub against Tom. “Mmm….”

I worked a second finger into Chantelle. Then I heard Tom whisper something to Chantelle, and she rolled back over just a little to whisper to me in turn, “Tom wants another turn.”

I grumbled something incomprehensible, but withdrew my fingers from her pussy. Chantelle slid over on top of Tom and sat up astride him, then lowered herself onto his cock. She started moving up and down on him, slowly. I kneeled and took one of Chantelle’s nipples in my mouth. Tom’s hand was busy at her other breast, and I straightened so I could kiss her again. I played with her wet nipple with my hand while we kissed, my cock poking at her hip. Chantelle started stroking my cock, and I could feel it getting a little slippery as my pre-cum leaked and she spread it out on me. I kissed Chantelle again and brought my hand back to her hard nipple as I felt my cock begin to slide smoothly through her hand. She continued stroking me with her hand as she developed a rhythm moving up and down on Tom. Tom was thrusting his hips up and down with her as well, but we were able to remain enough in sync. The sensation of sliding through Chantelle’s slippery hand, rubbing against her hip, was sensational.

After a bit, Chantelle said “Need to move” and lay down on top of Tom. I shifted to look from behind, and I could now see Tom’s cock going in and out of Chantelle’s pussy, with her pretty asshole blinking above that. I could see Tom stretching Chantelle, her lips clinging to him as he pulled back. Hmm, yummy, I thought. This would be the way for her to get both of us, and she did say everything. I continued to watch her ass move up and down, and I could see her anus pushing in and out as Tom’s cock went in and out of her pussy. I leaned over, running my tongue down Chantelle’s crack toward her anus. With the movement going on and the angle, I couldn’t quite get reliably to her lovely rosebud, although I did get in a couple of licks in passing. Chantelle did make an “mmm” noise when she felt my tongue those couple of times, which I took as a welcome.

I leaned over to open the drawer on the night table. I pulled out a bottle of lube and shifted back behind Chantelle. I poured a little bit onto Chantelle’s lovely ass, watching it drip down onto her asshole. Putting more on my fingers, I began to rub it into her. I rubbed with the flat of my fingers at first, getting her very slick, all over, delighting in the feel of her opening. She slowed down to allow me to rub her, and she turned and looked over her shoulder to murmur, “That feels nice.” Well, that was definitely the point.

Once she was thoroughly slippery, I slowly pushed my index finger into her ass as she held still, just holding Tom in her pussy. I could feel her relax as I pushed in past one knuckle, to two. I began twirling my finger, and she resumed her strokes up and down Tom. After a minute I pulled my index finger out and replaced it with my middle finger, pushing in as deeply as I could. I swear I could feel Tom moving inside her through the walls of her pussy and ass – I could really feel him fucking her.

After dripping a little more lube on her ass and my hand, I began to work both of my fingers in together. She was tight enough to resist this, and I spent more time just probing at her entrance before trying to enter her. She moaned louder when I began to gradually push in. Push, pause, wiggle; push, pause wiggle. Before long both fingers were in all the way, and I began moving them in and out at a bit of a regular pace. I felt her gradually relaxing as she got used to the feeling, and soon she was bouncing on Tom again, with my fingers in her ass.

Speaking of Tom… “Does Tom know what I’m doing to you?” I leaned over and spoke softly in Chantelle’s ear. They both answered.


“Yeah, I can feel you Dave, I can feel you in her ass. And she loves it.”

OK then, we’re all enjoying the same page still. I continued to move two fingers around in Chantelle’s ass. After another minute, I thought she was ready. I moved back, and pushed Tom and Chantelle’s legs apart so that I could kneel between them. Still keeping my fingers in her (I never wanted to lose that warm connection), I poured a little more lube around my fingers, and dripped some more onto my cock, spreading it out with my hand. I was super hard, and just like Chantelle had, I couldn’t resist a couple of strokes that felt really good as I moved my hand on my cock.

I pulled my fingers out of Chantelle then, and I moved up close to them. I murmured “Hold still for a minute,” and I then positioned the head of my cock at Chantelle’s anus. It was now reddish and wet, stretched by my fingers, and I thought it was ready for more. Tom was still inside Chantelle’s pussy, and he held onto her hips. I pressed in just a little, and heard Chantelle’s intake of breath. I paused, then slowly, slowly started pushing the head of my cock into her opening. “Relax, Chantelle, relax,” I murmured, and pulled back before pushing again. I felt her muscle relax and she pushed back slightly. The head of my cock popped in to an “Oh!” from Chantelle, and I held myself very still as she adjusted. “Oh, shit… wait… oh…” After a minute, I felt her begin to move again, and I pushed forward an inch. I then pulled back. “Just move when you are ready.” I murmured.

Chantelle began to gradually push herself back onto me, saying “Uh… Oh… Uh…” each time I went deeper. Tom was still in her, so she couldn’t move far, and after she worked back an inch, I’d push her back forward. When I was halfway in, I pulled almost out, then slid it back, eliciting another gasp. Even going slow, it didn’t take very long for Chantelle to take me in all the way. Chantelle’s ass felt different than her pussy, and tighter around the base of my cock. But it was just as warm and wet, and it felt awesome even to just make small movements while she adjusted to the feel of both Tom and me buried in her.

After a bit, I started to move with a bit more rhythm. Gradually, we reached the point where I was able to stroke in and out of Chantelle’s ass just like her pussy. Tom started moving again too, and like with my fingers, I swore I could feel his cock through her walls. I definitely knew when we were both in deep, with a tighter feel around my cock then, and when he was out. Chantelle grunted each time we hit a stroke and ended up deep in her at the same time. At first we didn’t have much of a rhythm, so we just fucked her independently. Then we managed to get a pattern where we would go in and out at alternate times. This fell apart as Chantelle started moving faster, and so we both continued to just move at our whim.

The times when we were both in her deeply at the same time seemed to push Chantelle towards new heights. Once, when we were all just resting for a few seconds, I heard her mutter “God, I feel so full.” She began grunting – there was no other word for it – in time with our thrusts this way. I could see that Tom’s face was sweaty and flushed underneath her as she alternately devoured his mouth with hers and placed it on his shoulder as she panted. I heard her start to say “Oh God… Oh God… Oh… Ohhh… Deep…. please…” Her vocals got me going as well, and Tom and I both sped up just a bit as she writhed in between us, grinding down on Tom as we went in and out.

“Oh… come… Both… come in me… I’m there… Oh, I’m there…” I heard Tom groan and then stiffen, thrusting hard up into Chantelle. This was it. Chantelle started to buck on top of Tom, and I sank as deeply into her as I could and then started to shoot my own load deep into her ass. “OHHH GOD….” she gasped. I could only imagine what she was feeling as I felt her anus tighten on me, and I imagined that she was squeezing Tom for all she was worth too. Chantelle thrashed between us, making incomprehensible noises through her own orgasm as we continued to pump our come into her. I felt like I pulsed a dozen times (but who’s counting), then my stamina gave out and I collapsed across Chantelle’s back.

Chantelle was still pushing up into Tom, but more slowly, as we both softened. She gave a little “ooh” when I pulled it out and her ass made a soft sucking sound, and collapsed on the bed next to them. Chantelle rolled off Tom as well, curling up a little with her legs pressed together as her body continued to shake. I spooned up to her, holding her to me, as Tom did the same on the other side. Gradually she settled down, kissed Tom and then turned her head my way to kiss me.

“Oh, God, thank you,” she said to no one in particular. “It’s like… I can still feel you. Wow.”

There was no need to reply, and we lay there in a pile for a while. Then Chantelle stirred. “You guys left me quite a mess. I’ll be back.” She scooted off the bed and rushed off to the master bathroom.

As I lay between the boys I closed my eyes and began to imagine what was to come. I had worn a small denim skirt and low cut top and both boys were wearing jeans and a t-shirt. We were just watching TV and I offered to give them a massage each, as long as I got one in return. I straddled Ty and began to rub his back, neck and shoulders. Dylan lay down on his front next to us ready for his turn and I moved onto him, running my hands up under his t-shirt.

I lay down between them and Ty began to rub my back, relaxing me. I could feel his soft hands on my bare skin. Both boys smelled wonderful. I knew the scent of the aftershave they were wearing and it turned me on to smell the masculinity of them both as they crouched over me. Dylan took his turn and in doing so, unhooked my bra. He ran his hands over my shoulders and round my sides to cup my breasts, taking my nipples between his fingers and squeezing them.

I turned onto my back and they removed my bra and top, I was lying half naked between them. They took a boob each and began to massage me into a state of lust and sexual desire. When this wasn’t enough, Dylan licked his fingers in order to make my nipples wet so he could arouse me even more.

I reached down and felt their hardening cocks beneath their jeans and began to work my magic on each of them, feeling their shafts straining to break free of their confinements. Whilst Dylan continued playing with my boobs and nipples, Ty turned his attentions to my ever-moistening pussy. I brought their cocks out from their confines in order for me to fully pay attention to their shafts and run my hands up and down their entire lengths. Meanwhile, Ty was pinching my clit and sliding his fingers inside me, feeling the juices from my pussy surround his fingers.

Dylan took my head and guided my mouth to his cock, and I obligingly opened up. I took him deep, slowly at first, enabling him to adjust to the warmth of my tongue wrapped around his hardened cock. I looked at him, cock in mouth, so he could see the glisten in my eyes; I enjoy going down on a man. This only turned him on faster and he gripped the back of my head and pushed his cock deep into my throat. He fucked my mouth hard, I should have gagged but that reflex disappeared long ago. Soon enough I could feel him shoot his load deep into the back of my throat.

Ty was ready for his turn. Still swallowing my first load of hot, sticky cum, I wrapped my lips around Ty’s cock and began to flick the underside with my tongue. He gently held my head but did not force me deep like Dylan; I was a little disappointed but knew that he would get more excited as I began to massage his balls with my free hand. I could hear Dylan getting undressed as I received another load in my throat.

“Get on your knees.” This was more like it. Dylan was used to what turned me on, a good, sharp order that I would follow without question and I knelt between the two boys. I held both cocks in my hands and took it in turns to deep throat them both. Dylan held my head and massaged one boob whilst Ty had the other. He forced me down as deep as I could go onto Ty’s cock and I heard a little moan escape Ty’s lips.

They pushed me onto my back and Dylan knelt at my head whilst Ty was between my legs. Ty spanked me and hit my pussy, catching my clit and turning me on. He sucked at my pussy lips and clit and I could feel them swell and become sensitive under his touch. Dylan held his cock at my face and slapped my cheeks a few times before making me take his cock deep again, forcing himself down on top of me.

As I sucked Dylan’s cock and he played with my rock hard nipples, I knew that I was coming closer to orgasm. Ty lifted my legs up onto his shoulders and rammed me deep and fast till I came, my pussy muscles squeezing around his cock as he pumped harder inside me. As I opened my mouth to scream in ecstasy, Dylan shot his load over my face calling me his dirty little whore. I liked being his whore, the sex was so much better that way.

I licked the cum off of my face and swallowed everything I could, not wanting to waste anything. Dylan dragged me up by my hair and Ty lay on the bed, his cock standing to attention before me. He sat near the edge with his feet on the floor and Dylan forced me to sit on his cock and not to move. I could feel my pussy wanting attention with it filled up of cock. Dylan stood behind me holding me still by my hair and playing with my nipples, I could feel my pussy dripping wet. Ty reached down and started to rub my clit furiously and I leant back against Dylan, arching my back. I knew I would not be allowed to cum unless they told me to and I tried desperately to hold it in.

“Do you think she’s waited long enough?” Ty asked and I felt Dylan nod in agreement. He pinched both my nipples hard and pulled them up towards him, twisting them and causing me to gasp in pain.

“Cum for us, slut.” I let go the orgasm I had been holding in and proceeded to squirt as I came, soaking Ty’s chest as I sat, straddling him still.

“Now clean your mess up.” Dylan once more grabbed my hair pulling me up off of Ty and then bending me over to lick my juices from Ty’s chest. He forced my head down and spanked me hard as I lapped up my own juices. He pulled my head up but continued to push me in a way that I was bent over in front of him, over Ty on the bed.

I screamed out as Dylan rammed his hard cock up my ass with no warning. His cock was bigger than Ty’s and I had no warm up at all. He held my hips as I steadied myself on Ty’s legs and pulled himself deep inside my ass over and over as hard as he could. Ty grabbed my boobs and pulled me towards him.

“Ride me, too.” He said. I climbed onto the bed straddling Ty and lowering my pussy onto his cock. As Dylan pumped my ass with his large cock, Ty lifted his hips and thrust inside my pussy. There was no way that I was going to be able to stop my impending orgasm this time. I screamed out and fell against Ty, holding him close to me as Dylan shot his load inside my ass, groaning as he did so. Ty threw me off of him and he too came to fill my ass with his cum.

They kept me bent over, holding my head against the bed and my ass high in the air. One of them pulled my ass cheeks apart to reveal their cum dripping from my ass hole, down towards my cunt. They slapped my ass and pussy, telling me I was a good pet and that I had pleased them.

I slept in their arms, their little play-thing, feeling loved and cared for as I knew they loved me. Just because my relationship with Dylan was in the past, doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to treat me. And starting my relationship with his best friend Ty, I believe there was a lot that he could teach him about his new Pet.


I awake in the same position as I fell asleep – spooning Emma, who is spooning Leah. It’s reassuring to know that last night wasn’t an incredible dream.

I blow gently in Emma’s ear. She stirs slightly, but settles back down.

“Emma,” I whisper. “Love of my life.”

Her eyes flutter open; a smile quickly follows when she realises where she is and who she’s with, the events of last night obviously a happy memory for her too.

“Emma, honey, you need to get up and get ready.”

“What for?” she asks, sleepily.

“You’ve got a job interview in two hours.”

Her sleep-addled brain struggles to process the new information.

“Interview? What?” She untangles herself from Leah, who stirs as well, and faces me.

“Well, as we’re not certain what will happen with your job at school, I thought it would be a good idea to have a backup plan. So I got you an interview at Bada Bing.”

Emma’s awake now. “The strip club! Oh my God!”

Her loud exclamation wakes Leah. “What’s going on?”

“He wants me to work at the strip club!” Emma tells her.

Leah starts giggling.

Emma playfully slaps her on the arm. “What’s so funny?”

“Your face! You almost look offended, and after what we did last night…” She dissolves into another fit of giggles.

“Actually, it’s not just stripping. It’s more of a lapdancing club than anything…” I grin.

“Oh God,” Emma laughs, and turns back to me. “Are you serious about this?”

“Absolutely. And you’d better get a move on – you’ve got one hour, fifty three minutes, and counting.”

Emma shakes her head, but grins and slides her body over mine to get out of bed. I take the opportunity for a quick grope of her glorious butt.

“I need a shower. Anyone want to join me?”

Leah starts to move, but I stop her.

“You haven’t got time. Just go, and start thinking about what you’re going to wear. May I suggest something easy to take off?”

Emma and Leah both giggle, and Emma skips out of the bedroom.


Emma thought it would be best if she went in alone. We weren’t sure if they had a “no boyfriends in the club” policy, so if I don’t go in now, I can pretend to be a regular patron when she starts work – hopefully this evening.

It did, however, leave me in the car with only my thoughts for company. We’d dropped Leah off at the train station so she could go home (they caused quite a scene when they kissed goodbye!); they arranged to meet up when Emma got back to discuss more ideas for tattoos and piercings.

Emma said she’ll get her nose and the top of her ear pierced, as I’d suggested, but thought it best to wait until after this week of slutdom and debauchery. Leah then had the idea of extending Emma’s butterfly tattoo into a butterfly-and-flower design that would run most of the way down Emma’s side and stomach, from just below her breast to her hip. I’m not sold yet, but they’re going to work on it and show me what they come up with. Emma’s promised she won’t get it done without my ok.

Leah also helped us pick the outfit Emma wore.

It was a black leather-look shirt-dress – a shirt long enough to be a dress – except it wasn’t really. I think she must have got it a size too small (or a size smaller than it was intended) because it only just covered her arse and was very tight. I think it was probably designed to be worn over leggings or jeans, but none of us wanted that.

It had poppers rather than buttons, and the top four had to be undone because you could not fasten them over her boobs – which meant fantastic cleavage. The bottom popper couldn’t be done up and, if she wanted to walk, neither could the one above that. This exposed her pussy, so she wore a black leather thong that peeked out when she walked in a pair of black matt leather crotch-high ponty-toe boots with a 5-inch stiletto heel. The boots reached up to the hem of the shirt-dress; only when she moved did she expose a tantalising glimpse of thigh and thong.

Leah did her make-up in a subtle but still sexy way, with deep-pink lip gloss, and dark eye-liner highlighting her captivating grey-blues. Her slightly-curled hair flowed around her shoulders in a golden wave.

She looked fucking incredible.

Just thinking about it has given me a semi, and…

I spot Emma hurrying back to the car, a third popper undone at the bottom of her dress as it flaps around her thighs, her thong completely on view. I didn’t know what to expect, but it’s only been 15 minutes. Is that good?

Her head’s down, and she seems a little embarrassed as she slides into the passenger seat.

“How did it go?” I ask.

“I start tonight.”


“Excellent, congratulations!” I tell her, giving her a quick hug. “I knew you had what it takes.”

“Actually, I don’t.”


“Kevin – he’s the boss – he said they only take girls with double-Ds or bigger. Company policy, apparently.”

“So, what happened?”

“I had to blow him.”


“Well, you said you wanted me to get the job, so…” I can see the worry that she might have upset me in her eyes.

“Ok, ok. I’m not mad, honestly I’m not. I’m just disappointed I wasn’t there to see it! Tell me what happened. Everything.”

“Ok, but can I tell you while we’re moving? I need to get back and start getting ready.”

I start the car and begin the shortish journey to my apartment.

“Sooo…” I prompt.

“Sooo… I went inside and told the lady at the front desk that I had an appointment and… I should have known then… she told me not to take it to heart if I didn’t get the job, that she still thought I was sexy. She must’ve known about the rule – she had huge tits!

“Anyway, she got one of the bouncers to walk me through, to wait in Kevin’s office a minute. And when he walked in the room, he took one look at me and said ‘No’.”

“No? That’s it?” I asked.

“That’s exactly what I said! That’s when he explained about the double-D policy… and he said I should be a runway or… no, that’s it, he said I should go work for Victoria’s Secret.”

“You should absolutely do that!” I exclaim.

“I don’t think I’m that good looking…”

“Oh, you really are,” I tell her, in all sincerity.

“Well, thank you, but anyway, Kevin was trying to get rid of me so I opened my top a bit and showed him my boobs, and asked if any of his girls had their’s pierced. Apparently, one of them does, and she’s like an F-cup or something, so…

“I told him that wasn’t all I had pierced. I think he thought I was bull-shitting, but I persuaded him to let me show him.

“I danced and slowly took my dress off, then I turned and showed him my arse in just my thong. I could see he was getting a hard on, so I, er, sat in his lap and gave him a lapdance.”

“Oh wow,” I mutter.

“It was pretty hot,” she admits. “That’s when I kind of lost it. I stood and hooked a leg over his shoulder and rubbed myself on his face. He started licking me through my thong – it felt so good!

“I pulled my thong to the side and I thought he’d keep going, but he just kind of stared at my pussy. Maybe he was surprised I was actually pierced. Then I heard him unzip his pants so… I wanted you to be there if I’m going to fuck some other guy, so I thought I’d blow him. He seemed to like it.”

“I bet he did!” I laugh.

“He was kind of rough, though. He grabbed my head and, like, fucked my mouth and came down my throat. I didn’t even taste it!”

“You enjoyed it, didn’t you?”

She smiles coyly. “Being used just for his pleasure… it was pretty slutty.”

“Letting a guy fuck your throat to get a job as a lapdancer? Yeah, I’d say that was the sluttiest thing you’ve done so far!”

She wriggles in her seat – a sure sign she’s horny.

“You like that, don’t you?” I ask.

“I like that you said ‘so far’,” she purrs. “I hope you know I wouldn’t do this for anyone else.”

“Not even if The Boyfriend asked you to?”

She giggles. “Oh my God, can you imagine if he could see me now?!”

“Maybe I should invite him along tonight…”

We both laugh.

“You really want me to get on a stage and get naked in front of a room full of blokes?” she asks.


“And then rub myself up against them for money?”

“God yes.”

“You and The Boyfriend are so different. It’s funny.” She giggles again.

“So, do you know how it’ll be working? You will be dancing on stage?”

“Yeah, for three songs at the start, then I’ve got to ‘work the floor’ for private dances. But sex isn’t allowed, they’d get in trouble for prostitution. Which is ironic considering how I got the job!”

“Shame,” I wink. “Are they going to supply an outfit or…”

“No, I’ve got something in mind that I spoke to Kevin about.”

“What?” I ask, perhaps too eagerly.

“You’ll have to wait and see!”



Emma locked herself away in my bedroom all afternoon to practice and perfect her routine. I gave her some privacy and went shopping – I had something really important I needed to buy.

For dinner, I cooked her favourite meal – cheeseburger and chips – and we ate in near silence. She was obviously really nervous.

“You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to,”I told her.

She smiled at me. “Oh, I want to,” she said. “It’s just a bit scary.”

We travelled to the club with plenty of time to spare – Emma chose to get ready there, so she was only wearing a flimsy summer dress and ballet flats, and carried her outfit for the evening in a small suitcase.

She guzzled from a bottle of WKD as I drove.

“You won’t look at the other girls, will you?” she asked.

“I’m only interested in you, you know that.”

“But there are some hot girls there…”

“None as hot as you,” I told her with certainty.

“I don’t know… I met a couple earlier and I’d do them.”

“God, do you know how hot it is to hear you talk like that?” She smiled coyly. “Like I keep telling you: you’re beautiful, cute and sexy. You’re perfect. No-one could ever steal you from me.”

That seemed to settle her down a bit and, when we arrived, she kissed me and told me how much she loved me, before disappearing through the staff door round back.

I made my way into the club proper to wait for Emma’s turn on stage…


I thought I’d prepared myself for the two hour delay until Emma’s debut, but this has still been the longest hour and fifty-five minutes of my life.

In deference to Emma, I sit with my back to the stage. I’ve been getting the odd funny look from the middle-aged businessman on the table next to me, but he’s looked bored the whole time anyway. He seems like the kind of guy who visits these kind of clubs for something to do in the evenings when travelling away from home. The archetype rich loner moping over a gin and tonic.

Then, over the tannoy: “Please welcome, for her first appearance at Bada Bing, Miss Emma!”

I spin around to face the stage and…

Oh my God. That’s perfect.

Emma’s dressed as a teacher.

She’s wearing a tight white blouse, unbuttoned far enough to hint at ridiculous cleavage (it’s never looked that good before); a black leather knee-length skirt with a slit up the back almost to her arse that flashes fishnet holdup stockings; and her black patent leather pointy-toe Louboutin pumps, with their trademark red sole and 4 ¾” stiletto heels.

Her blonde hair is tied up in a bun; her pouting lips a bright, glossy red. She peers over the top of black-rimmed glasses, which can’t hide her long fake lashes or how heavy and slutty her eye-makeup is done, and slaps an old-school wooden ruler into her palm.

I can tell she’s a little nervous, but considering this is the first time she’s done this kind of thing, she’s hiding it remarkably well. I’m so proud of her.

She struts down the narrow catwalk that reaches into the audience and spots me staring. I mouth “Wow!” at her, and she allows herself the slightest of smiles.

Reaching the edge of the stage, she turns so she’s facing away from everyone; then bends at the waist, keeping her legs straight, and places the ruler on the floor. The front row must have a fantastic view up the slit in her skirt.

Swaying her hips back to the main stage, she undoes her bun and shakes her hair loose, and it shimmers around her shoulders in a lustrous golden wave.

Her hands run over her body and pause over her breasts; then she unbuttons her blouse to unveil the reason why her cleavage is so captivating – she’s wearing a black latex corset that’s pushing her c-cups up to a shelf of delectable flesh.

The blouse comes off completely and she throws it to the side of the stage.

Losing herself to the music, she lets her hands slide down over her narrowed waist to her hips; then to the hem of her skirt, pulling it up, showing the latex-top to her stockings and a couple of inches of thigh, but agonisingly not quite high enough to see her crotch.

She smiles naughtily at the growing anticipation of her audience.

She looks like she was born to do this.

She spins around to face away from us and spreads her legs wide, letting the skirt ride up and hint at her bare arse cheeks.

She moves her feet back together and gropes her own arse through the hot leather skirt. Slowly, oh so slowly, she unzips the skirt – the lower part of her tramp stamp, and the “t” of a black latex thong, coming into view.

She wiggles her hips as she tugs the tight skirt down over them, revealing her arse to everyone – her legs perfectly straight and together as she pulls the skirt all the way down to her sexy Louboutin heels.

She delicately steps out of the leather pooled on the floor and kicks it away, then dances back down the catwalk, falling to her knees just a couple of feet from the gathered men eagerly waving money at her.

She slides across to them, holding her stocking-top open so they can slide the notes inside. Each man takes the opportunity to stroke her leg and, as Emma doesn’t do anything to stop any of them, the next one goes a little further – until a particularly loud yuppie-type rubs his fingers over the smooth latex covering her cunt. The look on his face as he feels her clit piercing is priceless. She enjoys it for two seconds, then spins away, back to her feet, continuing her dance.

Her eyes search out mine, and I recognise the look in them – she’s given herself over to her horniness. There’s no telling how far she’ll go now.

I’m both turned on and a little worried.

Emma, back on the main stage, undoes the top clasp on her corset, then the second. Her boobs nearly spill out and, when she leans forward seductively, they do. I swear I hear a gasp over the pounding music as her pierced tits escape their latex prison; her silver rings glinting in the spotlights.

Quickly, she unclasps the remainder of her corset and throws it away, letting her breasts bounce free.

In case everyone hadn’t grasped by now that this seemingly cute girl was actually very naughty, Emma dips two fingers inside her thong, then licks her glistening digits clean of her obvious arousal.

Getting down on her hands and knees, she crawls, slowly and alluringly, to the front row.

What must be hundreds of pounds is being waved in the air to entice her.

She makes her way around; note after note stuffed into her latex stocking-tops. All the guys cop a feel – most stroking a leg, a couple being brave enough to cup a pierced tit. She doesn’t do anything to stop any of them, but she never stops moving; not letting any of them go too far.

She does pause by one guy though, and it’s the bored businessman who was sat on the table next to mine. Emma obviously got his attention, and now he’s got hers – they’re having a little conversation. It ends with them seemingly agreeing on something, and the guy slipping more than one folded note into her stocking-tops.

Completing her circuit, Emma stands; with so much cash fanning out, this will definitely pay better than her teaching job!

Facing her audience, she pulls at the sides of her latex thong… teasing… every eye in the place is on her, and on her barely hidden treasure.

She pulls the thin strip of shiny material aside and displays her pierced pussy to the room. And the room moans.

She runs a finger between her lips and, even in the dim light and from a little distance away, I can see she’s dripping wet.

I knew she’d enjoy it.

She turns, her arse pointing at her crowd, and peels the thong over her butt and down her long legs.

Slipping the thong off her feet, she holds the pose – bent at the waist, her legs straight and together – then slides her feet apart until there’s a metre between them, and her cunt and arsehole could not be more visible.

She picks up the old wooden ruler and runs it up her leg, teasing herself as much as everyone else.

SMACK! She gives herself a sharp, sudden whack on the arse with the ruler. Then two more in quick succession; her eyes closed, she’s biting her own lip as though to stop from screaming… or moaning.

The ruler spanks down on her pussy, and she can’t hide her moan this time; and again, surprisingly hard. She’s always said she doesn’t particularly like pain, but I don’t think she’s acting now.

Her eyes wild, she spins to the no-longer-bored businessman and stuffs her thong in his top pocket, flashing him her filthiest grin – their conversation must have been bartering!

Now wearing just her stockings, heels and glasses, she sits herself down at the front of the catwalk, no more than 4 feet from the edge, and she spreads her legs so wide that the customers on either side get a Louboutin-clad foot each.

As the men fondle her heels and caress her calves, she licks the ruler with her pierced tongue, making it wet… she isn’t, is she?

She is.

She lowers the ruler to her pussy and pushes it in – no teasing, no easing it gently in – she just shoves 10 of the 12 inches straight up inside her.

She holds it there for a moment; then pulls it slowly back out, her juices colouring the wood, highlighting how deep it was inside her.

Her red-painted nails take a good grip of it and she begins fucking herself with long, steady strokes.

More and more people have moved closer to get a good look, so I have to stand and move closer myself. I’d feel a little self-conscious about the major wood I’m sporting, except there isn’t a trouser in the place that isn’t tenting.

Even the other girls working the floor have stopped to watch.

I get sight of Emma and she’s slamming the ruler into her dripping cunt. She’s locked eyes with one of the younger audience members, who’s got hold of her foot and is rubbing her black Louboutin firmly on his hard-on. Over the other side of the catwalk, her other high heel is being sucked by the now-eager businessman.

I don’t think there’s supposed to be so much audience participation.

Emma lies back; her free hand finds her pierced clit and rubs in rhythm with the thrusts of the ruler. She closes her eyes, her breaths shortening into quick pants. I recognise the signs, she’s about to…

Her orgasm hits her like an earthquake and her cum sprays into the air, sprinkling a few of the lucky ones near enough to her pulsating pussy. Her jerking limbs fly free of her adoring audience; the ruler clatters on the stage and is immediately grabbed by one of the punters. Her blushed and bejewelled breasts quiver with each ripple through her body, the fingers on her clit slowing to a gentle caress as she relaxes with a satisfied grin.

As she lies on stage, recovering, she is showered with cash.

I never believed my sweet friend would, or could, have changed so much. With every day, and with every slutty act, my admiration and love for her grows more and more.

I love her so much it scares me.


Fifteen minutes later and Emma coyly totters out into the bar and, if anything, she looks even hotter.

She’s wearing a black wetlook lingerie set, with silver zips done up vertically over her nipples and pussy; the halterneck top looks a size too small because her tits are nearly popping out, and the tiny low French-cut style bottoms hug her pert arse like a second skin.

Dave was starting to get anxious. The tv was on in front of him but he barely registered what was on the screen. His eyes spent most of the time glancing desperately at his phone on the armrest next to him, yet every time he unlocked it the same disappointing clock face shone back at him. No new messages.

Sarah was now an hour and a half late. It wasn’t too unusual for her to be late but the fact that this was their date night and she hadn’t even text to let him know what was up had Dave incredibly worried. Dave knew he was a worrier but he also knew his girlfriend and if anything she hated people worrying over her.

His mind was running through all the horrible things that could have happened for a third time when he heard a key in the door. His heart almost leapt out his throat and a hot surge of relief surged from his toes up to his head.

His relief however was swiftly replaced by annoyance. Now that he knew everything was ok, he was free to let himself feel anger at Sarah’s lack of communication. jumping up from his seat and went to confront her in the hall.

The anger didn’t last long though, as soon as he saw Sarah’s face he knew she was sorry. Her stressed and weary eyes gave him a puppy dog look that melted any frustration he was feeling.

But before either of them could say anything a man followed Sarah through the door.

‘Oh hey Colin, I…’

But he obviously didn’t feel like chatting as he pushed past Sarah and ran upstairs without so much as a second glance at Dave. His head was in his hands but it was pretty clear that he’d been crying pretty heavily. Dave directed his confusion towards Sarah;

‘Look I’m sorry sweetie. I’ll explain later I promise.’

She gave him a desperately apologetic look and ran upstairs after Colin. Dave stood in the hall staring up at the empty staircase for a few seconds before giving a defeated sigh and wandered off to the kitchen. It looked like he’d have to make his own plans for the night so he grabbed himself a beer and browsed through his dvd shelf for a mindless action film that Sarah would hate.

Colin was a work friend of Sarah’s. He was a nice guy and Dave usually got on well with him but he could be an awful drama queen at times and as he and Sarah were “besties” it usually fell to her to pick up the pieces. Dave was well versed in the procedure at this point, as this type of thing had started to happen quite frequently since Colin officially came out, so he knew the rest of the night would be a write off.

He was 5 minutes into “Shoot ‘Em Up” when Sarah returned down. Dave felt two hands creep down his shoulders and cross over his chest. A warm cheek pressed up against his ear and he turned away from the ridiculous action scene to be greeted by a strong, passionate kiss. The angle was a bit awkward for Dave but he wasn’t going to object while Sarah’s tongue danced cheekily around his mouth. It was a good deal longer than their usual kisses and it had done a considerable amount to improve Dave’s mood but he still decided to tease Sarah a bit for what she had done to him.

‘Finally decided to give some attention then?’

‘Oh baby, I’m so sorry. I really am. I should have called.’

‘It’s ok I’m just teasing you. I’m just happy you’re ok. I was getting pretty worried.’

‘Oh no I thought you might be. I really did try to get in touch but you know Colin when he gets going, you can’t take any attention away from him or he’ll go into hysterics.’

‘Looks like a pretty bad one this time.’

Sarah sighed deeply and rolled her eyes.

‘Yeah. The chap is not right at all these days. I thought things would get a lot better for him when he finally came out.’

‘Sometimes it’s not all that easy it seems.’

‘I guess not. Well I better get the wine and head back before he feels abandoned on top of everything.’

‘Wine? This must be a bad one then.’

‘Yeah I think we can consider the night a bust I’m afraid.’

‘I kind of anticipated that.’

Sarah suddenly dropped her lighthearted tone and looked into Dave’s eyes with sincerity.

‘I will make this up to. I promise baby.’

‘Oh yeah? You’ll watch a dumb action flick with me for next date night then?’

‘I was thinking dumb action flick with a hint of blowjob actually.’

Dave nearly spat out the sip of beer he’d just taken. Sarah was never usually that blunt about sex.

‘Tha’…that…will do nicely.’ he stammered, trying to come across as casual. Sarah walked off giggling at his utter failure to do so.

Dave could hear her bare feet stick ever so slightly to the wooden floor as she made her way to the kitchen. He leaned back in the chair and admired her as she swayed out of the room. She had changed into her pajamas since she’d come in, just an old tshirt and a pair of cotton shorts but she still made it look sexy as hell. Both were slightly too small meaning even from behind you could catch a glimpse of her unsupported breasts trying to swing beneath her shirt with each step and the shorts came only covered half her ass so Dave was treated to an ample view of the flesh atop those smooth bare legs.

He continued to appreciate her through the kitchen door as she grabbed two bottles of wine from the shelf, gave an adorably valiant effort at a sexy model spin and blew Dave a kiss before skipping back up the stairs.

Dave’s cock stirred in his jeans and he had to concentrate pretty hard on what Sarah had said about making it up to him to calm it back down again.

Dave was beginning to doze off mid way through his second action movie when Sarah returned. He could tell straight away that those two wine bottle must have been mostly emptied. Sarah was even less inhibited than earlier, she strode into the room she climbed up on Dave’s lap. Kneeling astride him, she grabbed his head and gave him another long, hard kiss.

Dave’s cock immediately swelled and Sarah must have felt it as she started to grind on his crotch. To his frustrated dick this felt amazing, even through his jeans. Dave grabbed Sarah’s waist tightly and started to grind back. Their kissing intensified and Sarah’s hands started to wander around Dave’s chest. A low moan escaped Sarah’s mouth and this seemed to bring her out of the passion and back to reality. Dave’s cock nearly cried out as she stopped her grinding and sat back on his knees giving him and even more apologetic puppy dog look than earlier.

‘Im sorry baby. Got a bit carried away.’

Dave knew her too well. He wasn’t getting any tonight. He wanted to scream out in frustration but he knew it wasn’t Sarah’s fault. The situation with Colin must be pretty serious if she was this horny and still denying them both release. He buried his frustration and tried to be supportive.

‘That’s ok. I see you’ve changed, are you two heading out?’

With Sarah’s bold entrance he only just noticed her change of attire, She had obviously spent the last few hours dolling herself up. Her hair was washed and straightened, styled so her chestnut fringe crossed over her left eye. Her makeup had been touched up to add thick black eyeliner which contrasted nicely with her deep crimson eyeshadow and matching glossy lipstick. Her pyjamas had been replaced with a black lace corset, done up tightly so her cleavage strained against straps, aching to be set free. A black frilly skirt took the place of her shorts though it didn’t cover much more of her ass, leaving a good portion of skin between its hem and the top of her thigh-high stockings. The heels which completed the outfit were so high Dave was impressed she managed to get down the stairs in them considering her tipsy state.

‘Hehe. No. Do you think I’d go out dressed like this without you? I actually came down to talk to you about this. I have a big favour to ask.’

Dave gave her a look that said, ‘Oh really?’

‘I know, I know. I’m sorry. I’m asking a lot of you tonight. But this is really important. Please.’

Dave chuckled, ‘Of course sweetie, anything.’

‘Well don’t commit to anything before you’ve heard me out.’

She paused for a second and Dave noticed that she actually looked a bit nervous. He was starting to worry about what was going on.

‘So Colin up there is really in a bad way. He’s been having a fairly shit time of it for a while. It’s pretty obvious that coming out didn’t bring him the relief and happiness that we all thought it would and he’s just confessed why to me. It turns out that what was making him unhappy wasn’t hiding his desire for men but actually hiding his desire to be a woman.’

‘Sorry, his what?’

‘Well he says he thought when he started sleeping with men that would help him feel feminine but it obviously didn’t do enough for him because he was still unsatisfied and deeply depressed. He was more confused and unhappy than when he tried to be straight because he had hoped coming out would finally mean he could be happy. He tells me he finally worked it out a few weeks ago, he tried dressing up and when he saw himself in the mirror everything just felt right for once.’

‘Dressing up? What do you mean?’

‘Sorry I meant in women’s clothes. Apparently his sister left some at his place and he got curious one night. He says he realised he had always been a woman deep down and that’s why he’s been so unhappy, what he saw in the mirror never reflected how he felt he should look. He’s been dressing more and more since and last night he finally plucked up the confidence to go out in public.’

Dave guessed what had happened before Sarah said anything.


‘Yeah.’ she nodded her head looking glum and angry at the same time, ‘He got a less than polite response apparently.’

‘That explains the wine then. But what’s this got to do with me? You said you needed a favour?’

‘Yeah…so I thought the best way to cheer him up would be to have a girly night and show him some tips, tricks, styles you know all that girly stuff you have no interest in.’

Dave nodded. It made sense, even as a straight guy he could tell always tell that Sarah had a flair for all that stuff. It was just a hobby to her but she always seemed to know exactly what to do to perfect whatever look she was going for. Most of the time Dave couldn’t tell exactly what she had done differently, just that the end result was that it all just worked and she looked amazing.

‘Anyway we got a little tipsy and decided to doll ourselves up, to put my advice to the test. Hence…’

She motioned to her outfit and Dave’s eyes lingered for a second on that amazing cleavage before returning his concentration to what she was saying.

‘The thing is, Colin is very happy with the result. He says its way above anything he managed to achieve by himself. I’ve sent him into the bathroom to try a few finishing touches himself. But my plan is to try and coax him into coming down here. I snuck down to tell you first to make sure you were ok with it but more importantly to prepare you for the shock because I think the confidence boost he would get by showing off his new look would do wonders but too strong a reaction from you might destroy him.’

Dave felt bit uncomfortable. He wanted to help Sarah, and Colin for that matter, but this seemed like it would be an extremely awkward situation and Dave did not flourish in those kinds of environments.

‘So what? You want me to act like everythings normal?’

‘Well no because then he’ll know I talked to you. You should act shocked but pleasantly so. And maybe give him a bit of attention you know how he loves that.’

Dave sighed. This was definitely going to be awkward.

‘Ok I’ll try my best. But you know how awful I am with this stuff.’

‘Don’t worry, you’ll do great.’

There was some movement upstairs so Sarah jumped up and started to head back upstairs. Before she reached the door however she turned back and said;

‘Oh yeah don’t forget to start referring to him as a girl now that’ll do wonders for the confidence. I think he’s going to go by either Collette or Colleen so keep that in mind.’

And then she was gone. Dave tried to settle back into the movie but he was all tense and nervous now. It wasn’t that he had a problem with the transvestite thing just the thoughts of having to compliment a guy always made him cringe. Also he was awful at lying and, though he had faith in Sarah’s abilities, Dave had seen a few drag queens before and they didn’t give him much hope for the outcome.

Sarah was going to have to pay him back big for this one.

“David and Curtis” – Emily G.

If it weren’t for their coloring, David and Curtis could be twins. David is 6’3, very dark hair and eyes. Curtis is 6’4, light brown and hazel. Both have light skin, strong hands, and runner’s builds. I met them both on Craigslist, about a year apart.

David was looking for a writing partner. We became friends, and lovers. My readers know him from some of my stories, like “Punishment”, “My First Spanking” and “Another Spanking, Please”. David is a pretty kinky guy. He’s also the only guy I can be fully submissive to. I trust him, and he loves me. That makes for some really spectacular sex.

Curtis happened to read “Punishment”, and emailed me. We started chatting, and when he convinced me to G-chat with him one night, he made me cum. That created the story “How Curtis Got Me Off”. From there, things between us escalated. Finally I just had to meet him, to find out if kissing him in the real world carried the same erotic intensity it had online.

It did.

Curtis met me at the top of the escalator at Triangle Square, late last Sunday night. I told him ahead of time to “Just kiss me. Don’t even say Hi.” He followed directions well.

The kiss was electrifying. When it ended, I took his hand and led him to my car. He tried to speak; I put my finger to his lips and shook my head. I didn’t have to tell him twice. And I took him home. Just like that.

When we arrived at my place I led him straight to my bed. Why waste time? I knew what I wanted, and we’re not kids anymore. If you want to know what happened next, read “Curtis Got Me Off Again”. That’s not what I’m here to share with you right now.

I want to tell you about what happened after that night:

My promises to David were that I would come to his house every Friday night at 7:00pm. I would prepare myself according to his instructions, received by Wednesday at 5:00pm each week. And from 7:00pm on Friday, until 7:00am on Saturday, he could do with me whatever he wished. He knew my hard limits and respected them. Everything within those limits, he didn’t have to ask. The other promise was that if I was intimate with someone else, I would tell him. It hadn’t happened, until now.

Monday morning, after Curtis left my house, I sent David a text. It said “I crossed over.” He knew that meant I’d met someone I knew online, in person, and had been intimate with them.

He didn’t respond for several hours. I became stressed, and upset.

Finally, his return text: “You will be punished on Friday. Do not contact me until then.” I was right to be stressed; he was upset too. And now I would spend four and a half days worrying about it.

When the email arrived on Wednesday afternoon I was relieved. Whatever the instructions were, at least he still wanted me to come to him on Friday.

I was surprised to see it was a shorter list than usual:

•Wear only stockings, a garter belt, a thong, a sheer bra, and very high heels. All black.

•Be fully shaved.

•Bring the guy.

•If you cannot fulfill all of these requirements, never contact me again.

Oh shit. I had to find a way to get Curtis to come with me.

I called Curtis, and told him everything. He knew about David, and my deal with him. Curtis had accepted that, so that wasn’t the tricky part. When I told him David’s demand, I got my second surprise of the day. I was expecting to have to beg, but all he said was “Yeah, sure. Sounds like fun.”

It was.

Friday night at 6pm, Curtis came and picked me up. I was on edge. No orgasm for two days (David’s standing rule prior to our meetings). I had barely eaten or slept. Curtis and I were both highly aroused, nervous, and curious. I asked Curtis to rub my shoulders, to release some of the tension.

He sat on my couch with his knees together and I straddled his legs. His hands went to work and ten minutes later I was almost relaxed. We both laughed when I stood up. I was so aroused that I left a wet mark on his jeans.

It was time to leave. I wrapped a coat around myself and we walked to his car. I was grateful Curtis was driving. My thoughts were so scattered I probably would have gotten lost.

On the way to David’s condo, Curtis asked me about him. What did I think tonight would be like? Was David likely to try to hit him? What did I want him to do if he did?

I really didn’t have many answers, other than “David probably won’t try to punch you. If he does, stop him. Otherwise just do what he tells you. And whatever you do, don’t step in and try to stop whatever he does to me.” I tried to sound more confident than I felt.

When we arrived at David’s condo, we had to park a few spaces from the door. I shrugged out of my coat. David insisted that I not cover myself when I arrive at his home. In tonight’s outfit, that meant I had to walk about 20 feet across a public space in lingerie. I didn’t care. I just wanted to get inside and get this over with. The suspense was worse than any punishment could be. I walked quickly to the alcove. Curtis followed, glancing around nervously to see if anyone was watching me.

Standing beside me at the door, Curtis looked nervous too. I squeezed his hand, and then reached out and pressed the doorbell.

David must have been standing there, waiting. The door flew open and his hand closed over my upper arm and yanked me inside. Curtis stepped in behind me and closed the door, and for a moment, the three of us just looked at each other. Awkward.

I saw in David’s face the recognition that he and Curtis were extremely alike. I hoped that would help me. Finally, I started to introduce them. I got no further than David, this is…” He cut me off by raising his hand; the international sign for “Stop”.

I fell silent and looked at my feet.

“I’m David”, he said, and I saw him shake Curtis’ hand.

“Hi, I’m Curtis.” It was so polite, we could have been standing in a bar. Except I was nearly naked, and waiting to be punished.

David pulled a sleep mask, like you get on an airline, from his pocket. He put it over my head and pulled it down so it covered my mouth. He moved behind me and took my shoulders in his hands, and guided me towards his front door. When I was just inches from it, facing the door, he said “Don’t move.” He left me standing there, and invited Curtis in to sit down.

I heard them sit, and David said “Obviously you know the situation here. I don’t fault you for it; Emily is… Emily.”

They both sighed, not quite a laugh. David went on:

“I’m sure Emily told you how I feel about her.”

Curtis murmured his assent.

“So please don’t worry tonight about me injuring her. Sit back, and just enjoy the show, ok? If it gets too much for you, walk out. She’ll be fine.”

Curtis said “OK.” There was a pause, then he started to ask “So if I get really turned on…” He let the question hang.

“Do whatever makes you happy. I’ll let you know if I want you to touch her. But unless you’re going home, don’t leave your chair until I invite you.” David’s voice was firm. He was gearing up to get started.

I shifted my weight from one foot to the other and felt the lips of my shaved pussy slide against each other. I was ready…

David approached me quietly. He wrapped his hand around the back of my neck and used his thumb to tilt my head to one side. Leaning down, he whispered in my ear. “You’re going to suffer for this, you know. This won’t be like your other playtimes here. I’m furious with you.”

I gave the expected response. “Yes, Master.” My voice was weak. He may have thought it was fear or remorse. It wasn’t. I was excited.

“Come and confess your sin.” He led me to the chair in the middle of the room. I stole a glance at Curtis. He was sitting ten feet away and slightly to my left, at the end of the couch. There was another chair about 6 feet away and slightly to my right. David would sit there and interrogate me. We had played a game like this before, but last time it was make-believe.

David pushed me down gently. I sat in the chair. He tapped the back of the seat and I shifted so my back was against it. My arms hung by my sides. A thick leather belt appeared, and strapped me to the chair. David positioned it just below my breasts, and cinched it tight so it held my arms firmly too.

I took a moment to be grateful that the belt was securing me to the chair, instead of being used to whip me. …Yet.

David then crouched in front of me. He grasped my left ankle and moved it to the outside of the chair leg, securing it there with a velcro cuff. He did the same to my right ankle. My knees were wide apart. I felt very exposed, my freshly shaved pussy barely covered by the thin lace thong. He knew that, and blew a puff of air there before he stood up. It heightened my discomfort. He smiled, and went and sat down.

The interrogation began.

“Emily, tell us why we’re here tonight.” He was stern. It made me nervous and I wanted to giggle but I knew from experience that was a bad idea.

“I misbehaved, Master. I’m sorry you’re angry with me.” But not sorry I did it, I thought.

“Tell us, Emily, what exactly did you do?”

I wondered how much detail David wanted. Did he want to know that my whole body tingled when Curtis kissed me? How when Curtis went down on me, he remembered that I’d said to use two fingers to make me cum, and it was the best orgasm I’d had in months? And that afterwards, Curtis had wrapped his hands around my feet, rubbing them and kissing them, and it was so intimate it brought my heart undone?

“Master, I had an erotic encounter with Curtis. He met me at Triangle Square and when he kissed me I lost my mind and took him home. I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m sorry you’re angry with me, Master. Please punish me so that you can forgive me.” Please punish me, I love to be spanked.

David looked at me blankly for a moment. Apparently this was not an answer that would satisfy him.

“Emily, I asked you what exactly you did. Was than an exact answer you just gave me?”

“No, Master. Please let me try again.”

“Perhaps you need something to sharpen your mind?” David stood as he said this, and walked over beside me. He picked up a long thin reed from underneath my chair. With a flick of his wrist, it stung my inner thigh just above the top of my stocking. I yelped – the thin reed really hurts.

“Thank you, Master”. I glanced at Curtis. He looked shocked. He better toughen up. This was going to get a lot worse for me. David lay the reed between my legs so I would remember to answer his questions properly. He took his seat again.

For the next 30 minutes, I did as he asked. In fine detail, I told David exactly what had transpired the previous Sunday night. Re-living it, with Curtis watching me, was both slightly embarrassing and deeply arousing.

David asked many questions, about how exactly Curtis and I had stimulated each other with our tongues, and which positions he had fucked me in and the level of pleasure each had brought me. I was essentially critiquing Curtis’ performance. He took it well; probably because overall it had been an excellent night.

Finally David was satisfied I had held nothing back.

“What do you think your punishment should be?” he asked. It was rhetorical. He already knew what he wanted to do. The tools were laid out beneath my chair. I gave the safe answer.

“You should punish me as it pleases you, Master.” He smiled, and stood and walked to me again. He picked up the reed from between my legs and teased the front of my thong. A sudden flick of his wrist brought another yelp from me as the reed struck my other thigh. I had been given matching red lines above my stocking-tops.

He stepped behind me and unbuckled the belt. I rolled my shoulders to get the blood moving down my arms again. David looked at Curtis.

“Do you want to come and hold her wrists?” Curtis stood quickly, eager to join in. “Stand here”, David said, and pointed to the left side of my chair. Being right-handed, he would stand on the right to whip me.

Curtis stood next to me. I gave him a brave smile. David took my wrists and raised my arms above my head and told Curtis to hold them there firmly. With my ankles still strapped to the chair legs, he would need to be ready to steady me if I lost my balance.

David stepped back, and swung that wide belt in a big lazy arc. It connected heavily with my abs. “One.” I knew to count without being told. The belt hurt less than the thin reed, but there would be more blows and they would leave a lasting mark.

Curtis flinched more sharply than I did. The next swing of the belt landed slightly higher. “Two.” I knew David would work his way up to just below my breasts, then down to my upper thighs. This was really just a warmup. “Three…”. There would be ten marks when he was finished. We had done this often enough; my mind wandered back to last Sunday night. “Four!” That one was harder; David must have noticed my mental shift. “Five!” …Ok, I thought, I’ll pay attention. On it went. Finally, “Ten.”

David dropped the belt and told Curtis to let go of my wrists. When Curtis stepped back, he saw how red my stomach was and flinched again. I almost smiled at him, but David should only be pushed so far.

“Curtis, why don’t you release her ankles and go and sit down.” The warmup was complete.

Curtis undid the velcro and let the restraints drop. He went back to the couch, but sat in the middle this time, so he was directly in front of me. David moved me aside and sat in the chair. That told me a spanking was coming my way. He tapped his thigh, and I lay across his lap. I stretched my legs out straight so only the toes of my shoes touched the floor. David liked to see the muscle tension in my calves, and having such long arms meant he could slap them too, if he chose to.

I put my hands on the ground to steady myself, and raised my ass higher. I love to be spanked by David. The first slap landed. All I could think about was the next one, like an addict waiting for her fix.

He covered my ass, making it an even rosy red. We don’t bother to count when he’s spanking me vigorously like this. He prefers to do it with speed rather than total accuracy. In just a couple of minutes I was burning. Curtis was definitely enjoying this part of the show.

David was eventually satisfied that the slightest touch on my ass would make me flinch. He stopped spanking me and reached under the chair. When he sat up he pulled my thong aside and ran his fingers over the lips of my pussy. I felt his hard cock twitch under me; an involuntary reaction to his fingers discovering how wet the spanking had made me.

He stroked my pussy, sliding his fingers over the very sensitive shaved lips. He was careful not to touch my clit, even when I pressed against his hand. When his fingers were entirely slippery, he started to stroke my ass, getting me ready to be penetrated. David dipped his fingers into my pussy, just a couple of inches in, and then started to finger my ass. One finger at a time, sliding in and out an inch or so.

It amused me that even though Curtis had done this to me a few days ago, it was challenging to have him sitting ten feet away just watching. I felt like an exhibit at an erotic zoo. David must have read my mind, because he said “Curtis, come and remove her panties.”

There must have been an unspoken exchange between them, because after Curtis pulled my thong down to my knees, his tongue slid from my clit, up to my ass, and teased me there. I went very still and focused on the sensations. His beard was sharp against my well-spanked cheeks; the contrast of his soft lips and tongue on my asshole was intensely pleasurable. David gave me a few minutes to just lay in his lap and enjoy Curtis preparing me for the next stage of my punishment. I relaxed as fully as I had earlier, when Curtis was rubbing my shoulders.

When David decided I was ready, he sent Curtis back to the couch. He inserted a small probe into my pussy. He slid it in and out, twisting it and coating it in my juices. Then he pressed it to my ass. I tensed up for a moment, so he stopped and said “Open up for me, Emily. You know you want to…” He was right. I relaxed, and he slid the probe all the way into me. It was a small one, only a couple of inches around and barely three inches long. The stopper was large and pressed firmly against my asshole to stop the probe from going all the way in. The pressure it created centered my attention there.

“On your knees, Emily”. I dropped out of David’s lap onto my knees beside the chair. Still seated, he turned to face me and freed his cock. I looked into his eyes.

“May I pleasure you, Master?” He nodded, and I grasped his shaft with one hand and wrapped my lips around the head. It was already slick and I caught all the drips before I started to suck on him in earnest.

Having an audience clearly aroused him more that I expected. He stopped me before I even found my rhythm. We had never had another guy with us and I wondered what David would tell me to do next.

David tucked his cock away and zipped his fly. “Stand, Emily” he said, not offering to help me up. In my very high heels, with my panties around my knees, it was tricky. Eventually I was standing and regained my balance.

“Remove your panties now.”

“Yes, Master.” I had worn my thong over the top of my garter belt, so I was able to step out of it easily.

“Give it to Curtis.”

“Yes, Master.” I crossed the room and handed Curtis my thong.

“Now offer yourself to him.” I knew what this meant.

“Yes, Master.” I turned away from Curtis and paused, unsure whether I should speak. David realized what was needed and said “Curtis, hold her hips firmly.”

Curtis grasped my hips, and I bent all the way forward and wrapped my hands around my ankles.

He must have looked at David for directions, because David said “You have five minutes. Do as you please. If she cums, she’ll receive an even more vigorous whipping, so see if you can force it out of her.”

Curtis teased me with his tongue again, focussing on my clit. I squirmed, trying to make it hard for him to center on it; I knew from experience he could make me cum if he really was determined to. And he tried, but I held out on him. Even with his nose bumping the probe in my ass, I was able to hold off, but the effort made me break a sweat.

If his hands had been free, he probably would have been successful, but he kept ahold of my hips.

“One minute.” David told him time was nearly up.

Still holding my hips, Curtis stood. He brought me upright too, then turned me around and pressed down so I would kneel. I opened his fly without being asked and sucked his cock, trying to draw every drop of precum I could get out of the dripping tip.

“Ten seconds.” Feeling rushed now, I found it difficult not to move my hand too fast as it slid up and down his shaft.

“Done,” David said. I released Curtis from my mouth immediately. His cock bobbed in my face. I looked up at him and winked; a private moment between us. His lips twitched in response; not quite a smile.

“Did you enjoy that, Emily? Pleasing another man in front of your Master?” I thought Yes, actually that was really fucking hot.

I looked over my shoulder at David. “Yes, Master. Thank you for the opportunity, Master.” I was provoking him slightly. He knew it.

“Come here, Emily.” I started to stand. “No, crawl to me.” I crossed the room on hands and knees. I stopped in front of him and sat back on my heels, hands clasped behind my back. I looked at the bulge in his pants, hoping he would feed me his cock again.

“Do you want my cock in your mouth, Emily?” he asked, a dangerous edge in his voice.

“Yes, Master. Always, Master.”

“And yet you crossed over for Curtis.” Uh oh, he was still pissed at me.

While working at a University, I began taking a few courses in the evening which interested me. Having a Masters in engineering, these classes were usually the polar opposite in the liberal arts field, just for fun. The people I met were very different and amusing from those I worked with on a daily basis. As an example, I helped an art school professor with a photo editing program she was having problems with. Most of her photos were of herself and others nude. She pointed out one nude subject was her husband. She told me that she would love to photograph me and her husband together for the contrast. He is much shorter with darker hair and skin. She also warned that her husband has a tendency to become erect while being photographed. She proved her point showing me a multitude of pics where he was indeed sportin wood. I took her card, sounds like it might be fun.

Most of the professors are not quite that interesting, but many of the students make up for it. I was about ten years older than a majority of the other students. These young girls had a tendency to dress sexier and much more scantily than in my day. One of the graduate students that I found sexy, Carla, was rather flirtatious with me and we ended up dating. She was a student teacher, desiring to become a professor herself. Our relationship continued to grow and it has been marvelous. She is smart, pretty, and always in the mood to make love.

In an undergraduate class, I sat in the back enjoying the young scenery. They were too young, but well worth looking at. One very pretty girl who liked teasing me with her big titties, ended up being a friend’s daughter. Once we figured this out, she teased me even more, brushing her breasts across my arm. Beside me in the class sat a young man, John, who exhibited a bit of a feminine flair. Years earlier I would have stereotyped him as gay. As it did not matter either way, we became friends without it being an issue or of any concern.

About mid-way through the semester, I spent Friday night at Carla’s apartment, this led to lovemaking through the night and the following Saturday. Come late afternoon we were still in our bath robes, following a shower together, when the doorbell rang. As Carla opened the door, she found John standing there. John was in the class which she was a teaching assistant. She had promised to look over a writing assignment and offer suggestions. Though forgotten, she turned to retrieve his paper, while I invited him in.

Not in class, and likely due to a joint or two, John was much funnier and out going. Carla mentioned to me previously that she went to a night club one evening with a gay friend, who she thought I knew. Turns out her friend was John. While Carla reviewed her suggestions to John, I noticed that her robe was hanging open for him to see her lovely breasts. He did look a couple of times, but he spent more time gazing towards my robe which upon closer inspection was slightly open exposing one testicle. Amused, I did not bother correcting this and became even more amused as he was calling Carla his T and A, short for “teaching assistant” but obviously dripping with dual meaning.

As they finished up, I handed each of them a glass while I opened a bottle of wine, inviting him into the living room. Apparently already a bit buzzed, John loosened up more. He was very funny and suggestive. He whined to Carla that he had spent half the semester sitting beside me in hopes of getting laid, but she stole me away. As Carla bent over in front of us pouring more wine, he complimented her, “If I was not gay, I would be all over that sexy ass.” Slapping it lightly as only a gay man could get away with in front of a girl’s boyfriend.

His teasing of Carla continued through the evening. Noticing that she was resting her hand on her abdomen, being sore from our lovemaking, he asked her if she had gotten “fucked a bit hard last night?” Carla smiled, nodding yes, asking if he was jealous? I enjoyed their playful banter finding it flattering. Mockingly she exaggerated her soreness continuing to hold her abdomen as she returned from a restroom trip. He played along asking just how big is his cock? The questioning continued talking about me in third person as if I was not present, is he circumcised, shaved, bent left or right, describe the veins, does he like it rough…? All while he mockingly rubbed his own cock through his jeans.

While I laughed, Carla informed me he was only partially joking. He had listened with intent interest to Carla recounting our love making on the evening that they had a drink in the night club together. “He really does have a huge crush on you!” He reminded Carla, “Don’t forget, I have a huge crush on you as well. Yours is the only ass without a set of balls dangling that makes my cock hard.” It was truly amazing how he could say anything he wanted and neither Carla nor I ever took the least offense. “and speaking of hard cocks, Mommy could you tell me the bedtime story about his cock again?”

John had us both rolling in laughter. With great show, Carla teased him opening my robe slightly, just to close it before exposing my cock. She slowly untied the sash to my robe swinging it burlesque style to his cheers of encouragement. Again beginning to open my robe she stopped short, “I will show you his cock if you promise to not miss anymore of my classes, if you promise to read all of the assignments, and you promise to study for the final.” With his promise, she exposed my cock to him, completely removing my robe.

Finding this all rather exciting, I informed Carla that I would not be sitting there the only one naked. Feigning making a run for it, she allowed herself to easily be caught. She pretended to put up a fight as I disrobed her and bent her over my lap. Slapping her ass lightly, I spread her big sexy ass cheeks showing John her puckered little asshole. I continued to hold her in place while John began questioning if I had fucked her ass with my big cock? Lightly fingering it, I told him how she had a virgin ass. We had tried a couple of times, but backed off as my cock head is fairly large. I could see his cock straining against his jeans, which were a couple sizes too small to begin with. I showed him how I had been massaging her ass getting it ready for me to fuck. Coming closer, he joined us on the couch, telling her in a calm voice to “relax your gorgeous ass, enjoy the fingers opening your tight little asshole.” She moaned softly moving her ass in time with my fingers. “Maybe a smaller cock would be the place to start” he suggested as he hand joined mine fingering her ass. Noticing that both of us were fondling her, she pulled away indignantly, only to sit in between us with one hand resting on each of our thighs.

I pointed to John’s hard cock straining against his jeans only inches from her hand, “your sexy ass is the cause of that.” She reached for his belt offering to help, noting it was not fair for him to be clothed. He was too big and strong for her, easily fending her off, even if it was a halfhearted defense. Still nude, I joined in wrestling John to the ground holding him there while Carla removed his shoes, sox, jeans, and underwear. I had to change holds on him, so she could get his shirt off, this resulted in his hard cock being pressed against my belly. This was an odd feeling for me which he compounded by intentionally rubbing it against me. After she had him completely nude, I stepped back to notice that he had left a little stream of pre-cum on me.

We resumed our positions on the couch with Carla between us. She stroked both of our cocks, while John and my hands converged between her legs, my fingers massaging her pussy with John’s on her asshole. Carla teased me that I had already spilled cum on my belly, as she leaned down licking it off. The information that it was John’s cum did not appear to bother her in the least as the two of them were soon licking the length of my cock in turn. The pair together pulled me into the bedroom pushing me back onto the bed, with John taking command of my cock.

With surprising command, he told Carla to mount my cock. Her pussy was very wet, slowly sliding down upon my cock. As she took my entire cock, resting to adjust to it’s size, John interrupted her plan of continuing. His hands on her big sexy ass held her in place, spreading her cheeks while his tongue probed her tight little asshole intermittently licking down to her cock filled pussy and my balls. Carla ground her clit against me, moaning loudly every time his tongue penetrated her ass. With such encouragement, it is not surprising that his attention was soon focused on fucking her ass as fast and hard as he could, though his hand continued to hold my balls.

Her moans soon turned to orgasm alternately pushing back against his tongue, then hard down on my cock. Exhausted, she collapsed on top of me, while continuing to moan mildly with John fingering her ass. Completely relaxed she offered no protest as John began rubbing his cock against her ass. His cock head penetrating her ass brought a squeal from her lips followed by moaning commands, “fuck my asshole, fuck my pussy, two cocks, fuck me, fuck me.”

I felt his cock going deeper into her ass putting pressure against my cock filling her pussy. He was soon laying on top of her whispering in her ear. I caught bits and pieces “relax your fat ass, … big cock filling your cunt, … I am going to fuck your sexy female ass.” Soon we were sliding our cocks in and out alternating his stroke with mine. He echoed my thoughts of his cock feeling good rubbing against mine telling Carla how good my big cock felt in her cunt. We were soon fucking Carla in unison, her moans approaching screams. His moans were soon accompanying hers as they came together. I pushed both of their collapsed bodies off of me, needing to find release myself. I mounted Carla and began fucking her harder and faster than we had ever fucked before. A finger penetrating my ass launched me into orgasm. We slept.

I awoke to my cock and balls being sucked. Carla was looking down at my face smiling, leaving it slowly to dawn on me that it was not her bringing pleasure to my cock. While she kissed me, whispering in my ears, “relax, ” John worked my cock, balls and inserted a finger into my ass. I felt the finger rubbing lubricant into my ass which soon tingled with a sense of numbing. I could barely discern the difference in pressure as one finger became two exercising my ass.

The two of them rolled me on my stomach, something Carla has done more than once in the morning, waking me with a back message. This did not happen as Carla laid beside me, telling me “relax, you are so fucking sex” as John’s cock rubbed against my ass in slow calming strokes. His cock head penetrating my ass surprised me. I jerked, which only resulted in half his cock being buried in my ass. While Carla kissed my neck, ears, and lips, whispering terms of endearment and encouragement, John’s cock pressed deeper into my ass. My cock lay under me, hard and needing pussy.

Coming fully awake, I asked John to climb off. He complied with disappointment. I pulled Carla down and underneath me. Her pussy was very wet, but also very swollen from the hard double fucking she had received. She squirmed as I held her down pressing my cock in to the hilt with no foreplay. I looked over my shoulder making eye contact with John who realized that my ass was available after all. Once again I felt the head of his cock entering my ass.

We once again found a matching rhythm as I took half strokes fucking Carla’s sweet tight pussy in time with John’s extreme lustful fucking of my ass. Nearing orgasm, John proclaimed the fulfillment of his desire, my virgin ass. I have to admit, it felt wonderful, but I found no disappointment as he came in my ass. Pulling out, the discomfort left my ass, leaving me free to continue fucking Carla, filling her pussy with another load of cum. I again dosed off only vaguely conscious of John licking my cum from Carla’s pussy.

Chapter 1: Giselle

I wasn’t ashamed to admit it. I loved having sex. I loved the attention and being desired. My only loyalty was to my body and the goal of obtaining ultimate satisfaction. Typically, I wasn’t interested in a relationship. My mind was on whatever was underneath your clothes and how quickly I could get it inside of me or in my mouth. Throughout high school, I was branded the slut, whore, girl who sucked cock and occasionally kissed girls….I think you get the point and made many enemies along the way. But that was more than five years ago. Ask me if I cared. Go ahead, ask me.

It was with this attitude that I found myself standing at the bar in a nightclub just outside of the small, everybody-knows-everybody town that I lived in. I often cursed under my breath and occasionally out loud if the situation called for it, about why I had to have been born into a family of a small town. I wanted the big city life. I blew the only opportunity I had to get out of here either due to stupidity or lack of interest in my education. It didn’t bother me much except for when I was on schedule at my dead end job at the Harris’ dry cleaning store or sitting at home alone because the only sources of entertainment within five miles were the town’s year-round carnival or the stuffy theater located right by the town’s version of a mall which was actually a few stores thrown together into a strip plaza. I usually passed on being seen at either of those lame places.

My mini skirt was barely covering my protruding ass. To occupy my time, I worked out regularly, which always helped when I would go into the city looking for someone to work my love hole. My white strapless top exposed the top of my brown mounds. I carelessly scanned the room. There were clusters of people everywhere. Some I recognized and some I did not. I made sure to pretend not to see the few I did recognize for fear of them approaching me to socialize. My eyes locked on a guy at the opposite end of the bar. He was tall; at least six feet. He had thick, neatly threaded cornrows in his hair and several forearm tattoos. His fitted t-shirt outlined his hard pecks and sculpted stomach. I gave a shy smile, attempting to draw him in. He took the bait and began to make his way to me, pushing and shoving through the crowd.

Once he finally became in arms reach of me, he led me without a word to the dance floor. We grinded on each other for a few songs causing friction between our lower bodies. My plump backside pressing against his lap. I soon felt a bulge pressing up against me. He made sure to press it against my center with his pelvis once I turned to face him. I inwardly applauded myself for deciding on my five inch stilettos as part of my outfit for the night. They enhanced my shapely legs and brought me within inches of my dance partner’s face when he looked down at me with heavenly, honey brown eyes. He wrapped his arms around my waist and brought his face down to mine. Our lips nearly touching, he spun me around before turning me back to face him. His eyes pierced mine, causing a silent shiver up my spine and stirring that sexual desire that lived in the pit of my stomach. The DJ paused for a break. We were both covered in beads of sweat. Our skin glistening once the lights passed over us. He leaned down to my ear,

“I have a table over here”, he said pointing, “let’s sit for awhile”. I obliged and followed him to the table in the direction in which he pointed. Once seated, he offered to get me another drink and made his way over to the bar. I better scope out a back up in case this guy falls through, I thought. Just then, a long red-haired, shorter man waltzed over to our table and sat down. He seemed to not have noticed me sitting there because his eyes widened once his eyes met mine. His eyes were mesmerizing to say the least,

“I’m Brent”, he introduced himself. Sloppily reaching his hand out to mine, he took my hand and kissed it. His lips felt nice on my warm skin. His emerald green eyes were glazed from his buzz but were still drawing me in. He had tanned skin and broad shoulders, visible through the white tank top that exposed his muscular upper body.

“I’m Giselle”. Nodding approvingly and smiling slyly, he said, slurring his words.

“You with Jase?” he asked, pointing towards the bar where ‘Jase’ stood. I nodded. I actually didn’t know what his name was but I assumed he meant the butter pecan delight, which aroused me on the dance floor. My panties still stuck to my engorged labia from the wetness he created.

Just then, Jase-short for Jason, as I learned his name to be, came back to the table and started to introduce Brent and me. He paused. It was then he realized that he hadn’t learned my name. Very close to his ear, I said,

“We’ve met and I’m Giselle”. He smiled, looking me directly in my eyes. I started sipping my drink and Jason and I struck up a conversation. He told me how he grew up in the city and his experiences as a college student at Capesford which is not too far from here. Deep down, I envied his enthusiasm as he talked so eagerly about a life that I knew nothing about. Sure, I had been on the campuses of a few colleges but I wasn’t there to be lectured. Eventually, he laid his hand on my inner thigh that was closest to where he was seated at the small table and began stroking me ever so gently with his fingertips. The boldness of his actions incinerated my love canal and the desire within me poured out, soaking my panties even more. Once his fingertips made it up to the meeting of my thighs, I parted them slightly, inviting him closer to my juicy lips. He looked me in my eyes again. His expression indicated that he knew that he had me exactly where he wanted me and casually said in my ear,

“Its time to get out of here, are you coming with us?”

“Oh yes!” I exclaimed.

The three of us made our way through the crowd, into the parking lot and to Brent’s car. Brent was visibly intoxicated so Jason opted to drive. Brent climbed into the backseat with me and he flirted with me all the way to Jason’s apartment, putting his arm around my shoulders and locking eye contact with me as we spoke to each other. He totally reeked of rum but I’m sure I did too. I saw Jason watching us in the backseat but he never intervened. I got the impression that they intended to share me.

Once inside, I was impressed with the spacious and open format of Jason’s apartment that was a short distance from the club. Brent led me to the wet bar centered in its own space that was down a few steps and separate from the main living area. The main living area was directly in front of the entrance. Brent attempted to play bartender. I felt Jason walk up behind me and wrap his arms around my waist. Next, he slid his hands up my skirt, massaging my firm, round ass cheeks. I parted my legs and looked back at him, devilishly smiling. Brent reached out from behind the bar and massaged my throbbing nipples that pierced the cloth of my shirt now slightly lowered because I hadn’t bothered to adjust it. I threw my head back on Jason’s shoulder and let out a slight moan. Jason began to tease my clit through my panties, while Brent stumbled from behind the bar and lowered my shirt beneath my breasts.

“Damn! These are nice!” he said. Jason, still standing behind me, pressing his hard cock up against me, took my right breast firmly in his right hand, squeezing it. Brent dipped his head down to nibble on the other.

“I like her skin, reminds me of milk chocolate”, Jason mumbled in between kisses on my neck. I relished in the probing and kissing that was taking place. Two for one, isn’t bad at all. Brent took me by the hand and led me to the rear of the house into a bedroom that had a large bed, fit for the romping that we were about to do. Brent slid my shirt off completely. Next he slid my mini skirt up and above my head, forcing me to raise my arms. Jason ran his hands along the sides of my now nude- except for my panties, panting body. Brent took off his pants. Jason appeared after disappearing into the adjoining bathroom, in just his boxer briefs.

Getting on my knees, I alternated between the two huge cocks in my face. Brent’s cock was narrower than Jason’s but thicker than most cocks I’d ever seen with a tip that continued to swell as I took him into my wet mouth. Jason was even thicker with deep veins reminiscent of bright, long outstretched lighting bolts across a dark sky and thrust himself into the back of my throat, stretching my mouth wider and wider. Brent pushed me back on the bed and Jason ripped my panties right off of me.

Brent lowered his cock into my mouth again, straddling my face. Nearly in the 69 position, he lowered his mouth to my sensitive, stone hard nipples. He arched his back and lay his hands flat on the bed and pumped his throbbing hard shaft into the depths of my throat, causing me to make involuntary, soft, gurgling sounds. He threw his head back in ecstasy and moaned loudly as he felt his climax surging through his cock that somehow fit every groove and pocket in my throat like a curvy-edged puzzle piece.

Jason went for my pussy. He danced his warm, wet tongue on my clit. Sliding his tongue between my swollen lips, sucking up all my juices, never missing or leaving behind a drop. He kissed my lips and pressed his hands against the underside of my thighs, parting my shapely thighs, diving deeper into my sweet nectar. Urging him deeper, I arched my back which caused the spurting cock in my mouth to slide deeper into my throat. I felt my hot, foamy lava seeping from my slit as I came.

I felt Brent begin to buck and jerk his hips, as his orgasm took over him. I looked up at him as he rolled his head back. I inadvertently made sopping, slurping noises that were muzzled by his wide girth. The wideness stretching my mouth, causing the corners of my mouth to sting, the skin stretching and nearly torn. I felt his hot, salty cum shoot into my mouth, scorching the back of my throat. He moaned triumphantly and I made sure to catch every drop. He lay on the bed next to me and began massaging my nipples again.

I looked down at Jason as he was looking up at me, his eyes dark with lust while his expert tongue licked my juices from his own thick lips. He stood and climbed on the bed, straddling my waist. He wedged his arm beneath me and lifted me with ease, his large biceps flexing.

He entered me smoothly since I was wet from his licking and suckling of my juices. I felt my pussy stretch, attempting to accommodate his large, thick penis. He pushed deeper and deeper inside me, causing me to moan as I looked deep into his captivating, brown eyes. He bit on my bottom lip as I dug my nails into his back. He pounded into my hungry cunt with animalistic savagery harder and faster as we both inched towards climax. The sweat from his chiseled body dripped down on me.

I felt him stiffen inside my tight walls that hugged the length of him and felt hot streaks of semen splatter against my insides as he began to cum inside me. He moaned loudly and his limp body fell onto me, his cock softening while still inside me. He rolled off the bed and I closed my eyes as I felt my juices mixed with his, cascading from my center.

I looked up to see Brent entering the room and he gestured for me to get up. I stood to my feet and felt clumps of hot cum trickle out of my freshly fucked cunt onto the floor. He sat down on the bed and pulled me towards him. Surprisingly, he was already stiff and his delicious cock was pointing straight up into the air. He grabbed and squeezed my lovely ass as I stood facing him. He slipped a single finger into my pussy and then pushed the same finger into my ass. I encountered pure ecstasy from his probing finger. I slowly lowered my pussy that had begun to resume its natural tightness over his erect cock and took all of him in one full stroke. I began to speed up, raising myself up and down and up and down, as my breasts bounced freely in his face. I felt myself coming. He felt it too and cupped my breasts together and made a trail of his saliva from one nipple to the next. He instructed me to turn around.

I turned and again lowered my juicy cunt onto his cock. He spanked me as I bounced up and down. He blurted other obscenities and then held my arms, pulling them toward him, as he thrust himself into me over and over again, my ass slapping down on his lap. I looked back at him, his face was construed and his eyes were closed. I felt myself inching toward another riveting orgasm, bubbling in the pit of my stomach.

“Give me your cum!” he ordered. The only light illuminating the room came from the adjacent bathroom, in which Jason was. I felt my heart rate rise and my breaths became shorter on each intrusion of his cock. My heart thudded loudly in my chest and I screamed,

“Oh shit, I’m fucking coming!” Brent pounded me even harder as he felt my warm stream, run down his shaft. He swung me around, by hooking my limp arms with the insides of his elbows, his cock buried deep inside me, bending me over the edge of the bed and removed his cock from inside my burning hot love hole. I felt his cock spurt streams of fiery hot cum all over my ass, as he pumped his cock and moaned. We were both sweating and panting rapidly, his broad chest heaving. I rubbed his cum into my skin and licked the remaining sticky droplets from my fingertips, while looking at him seductively.

Brent laughed, “Don’t start!” he said looking at me as he made his way towards the bathroom.

After the three of us showered together, we slept together on the bed that was our fucking nest. I drifted off to sleep with a satisfied grin on my face.

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