“Oh Marcus, can you believe it? Mistress Merrick is to hold a Ball.” My Lady squealed like a young girl, holding the now crumpled invitation to her breast.

“It is marvellous, my Lady.”

“It says she is to exhibit a recently silver collared slave to serve as entertainment.” She squealed again, spinning on her heels and sending her pink skirts spiralling. “Only two days to prepare. Who else shall be attending?”

“I have a list of names ready for your inspection.”

“What shall I wear?”

“Your wardrobe is prepared with attire suitable for the event — a formal, indoor affair I believe.”

The girlish glee fell from Lady Leopold’s face as she read further down the letter. “‘The owner is permitted one slave of any collar to accompany them.’ Only one! This is simply terrible. How can she force me to choose between my angels?”

I thought to suggest the newest slave in her collection. A boy of twenty, blond hair, blue eyes and well bred: George Breeston abandoned by his wealthy merchant father once his true nature to love and submit to both sexes was discovered. Only his father’s position in society swapped the noose for mere disinheritance. Had Lady Leopold not found him, the rope would have been the kinder option.

He’d arrived at the household in a ruined suit, no doubt paid for at the expense of his father. He had been timid and well-mannered from the start, a little naïve and fearful of his desires. I gave thanks to whatever deity led him into Lady Leopold’s path. Had a pimp or Molly House owner found him first they’d have exploited and soiled his sweet soul. Now wearing a green collar, he had been re-Christened Raziel.


“Yes my Lady?”

“A competition is in order. Inform the trainers to prepare my boys for play and send them to the garden.”

“Yes my Lady.” I bowed and went to my work.


I am Marcus Tillston, attendant to Lady Leopold since my retirement from slavery. Poorly chosen, I lasted only three months until I took a trainer by force. Upon being discovered, with the man on his knees, servicing my cock as I beat his arse with his own belt, I was punished for a week: tied naked to a garden statue of Apollo, my wrists bound behind the God’s neck, my feet balanced on his plinth and the discus with which he’d accidently killed his lover Hyacinth, lodged between my buttocks. I was repeatedly bought to the peak of ecstasy, but never allowed release, by visiting Lords and Ladies, trainers, servants and occasionally slaves for entertainment.

Twice more I seduced my trainers, bending the rules and their wills until they broke. I thought I had wanted to be dominated and found myself dominating. With my owner threatening to terminate my contract, Lady Leopold rescued me, offering me a reprieve.

She allowed me to work as a trainer in her household. Highly unorthodox, but I climbed my way up quickly, surprisingly apt in my new employment. I became my Lady’s personal attendant and head trainer.

Her Ladyship had a contrastingly sweet, almost childlike, innocent appearance, disguising her sadistic nature very well. Her slaves were all male and loved and cared for as treasured pets. The abused or unfortunates or orphans, scared of their desires or shunned because of them, found safety and a place where their submission was celebrated.

I entered the servant’s quarters. All downed tools and stood at my presence. “I need at least three trainers to take the boys on a walk. Her Ladyship is expecting them in the garden.”

“Yes sir.”


“My Lady, your angels approach.”

Under the shade of a fruiting apple tree, Lady Leopold sat straighter in her seat and rested her drink down on the small, round table at her side and watched as her boys and their trainers ascended the lawn. Wearing nothing but leashes attached to their collars, the ten slaves crawled elegantly beside and behind one another. Only their downcast eyes prevented them from looking like a pack of wolves, all beautiful, fit and well groomed. They were trained equally, but their individual experiences and skills as a slave showed in who followed who up the lawn and which colour collar they wore.

Lady Leopold gestured to the trainers who unclipped each of the leashes one by one, then bowed and retreated. Not to the house, but out of sight should my Lady have need of them.

“Ah, my beautiful angels,” My Lady held out her hands and her boys surrounded her feet, kissing and licking her fingers, palms and wrists. Michael, tall when stood, had chocolate brown hair that matched his dark eyes, hard muscles rippling from head to toe and nipples as dark as his cock. He wore a silver collar, the highest class of slavery. He bent and kissed her Ladyship’s slippers under her skirts. She swatted away his attentions with a giggle. He snuck my Lady a secret smile before returning his gaze to the grass staining his knees.

My Lady sat back and absently stroked the curly, strawberry blond head of Gabriel and addressed them all. “My dear beauties, I have marvellous news. Mistress Merrick will be opening her house to hold a Ball in honour of a slave reaching silver collar status. Though it pains me dearly, only one of you can attend by my side. I thought we could hold a little contest.”

The boys stayed silent in their submission, but I observed Uriel’s Adam’s apple bounce as he swallowed and Raphael’s beautiful arse flex with anticipation.

Lady Leopold reached beneath one of her many skirts and unfastened a velvet draw string purse. She revealed a white marble, little larger than a quail egg and rolled it between her fingers. She smile wickedly and threw it. It landed mere metres away, clearly visible in the vast sea of green.


Michael was first to react, turning and hurrying on his hands and knees with as much grace as possible. The others scrambled after him. They fought hard to reach him, Raziel at the rear of the pack. Michael won, picking the marble up with his teeth. He returned it to my Lady, dropping it into her offered hand. He panted open mouthed as she kissed his cheek. The rest of the Brotherhood returned to my Lady’s side.

“Raziel.” The fledgling slave flinched then went to kneel before my Lady. “Turn around and put your face to the floor.”

Raziel kissed the grass and spread his legs giving my Lady a perfect view of his swaying balls, hard cock and twitching anus. My Lady pressed the saliva slick marble into him.

She threw another and this time the boys ran without instruction. Raziel gave chase as hard as the others, but as he neared the front Haniel, a black collared slave, crashed against him and they both fell to the ground. Ariel, who wore a red collar, one level up from Raziel, took the bead. As the last to return again, Raziel was forced to spread his legs and receive another marble.

The next landed in the grass and the boys fought more fiercely. Azrael took the lead and won his prize. Raziel turned quickly to stay ahead of the others. Gabriel, who wore silver like Michael, grasped the boy’s ankle and he fell on his stomach with a yelp. The third marble was pushed inside him.

Another. Jophiel blocked Raziel for his fellow red collared slave, Remiel, to race to his marble. Again. The three silver collared slaves formed a wall to trap Raziel allowing Uriel, the third black wearing slave, to collect his marble.

I saw the pattern emerging. Raziel was a beautiful new toy, but unlike Lady Leopold, the boys had not yet played with him. They were working together to ensure his disgrace, anticipating his punishment. My Lady’s boys were clever.

Eventually, Raphael, the third silver slave, took the last bead, leaving poor, beaten Raziel lying on his belly where Michael had pushed him down. The boy panted his way over and sat beside the already awaiting slaves.

My Lady petted Azrael’s shaggy black hair, combing it free from his black collar. “Raziel, come.”

Though defeated, Raziel went to my Lady with grace and spread his legs again. His chest heaved under her gaze. She pushed the ninth bead inside him. He sat back on his heels, his buttocks clenching.

“My beautiful boy, after today you will strive to never disappoint me again. As punishment my boys will have their first taste of you.” A shiver of excitement ran through the kneeling angels. “But first,” she placed a silver dish from the table to the lawn, “you have to return my gifts. Marcus.”

At first I didn’t react, surprised that she had said my name at all. “My Lady?”

She offered me a leather strap. “If you would be so kind,”

“Of course my Lady,” I took the strap and approached the kneeling boy. I grasped the back of his neck and spun him, forcing his face to the ground once more, allowing my Lady and her angels to feast their eyes on the perfect view. With a light slap of the strap on each thigh he spread his legs further.

Raising the length of leather high, I readied for the first hit. Raziel’s breathing stopped and I waited for him to exhale. His chest filled and I let the strap fall. The strike on his flexing arse forced the first marble to be expelled from his body. With a clang that echoed through the grounds, the marble hit the metal dish. Raziel’s cheeks glowed red in his humiliation and the effort to supress his cry of pain.

The strap fell again, crossing the red line that had already marked his skin. A second bead hit and rolled around the dish. Raziel whimpered into the grass. I branded his left buttock with three more lashes. Three marbles hit the silver dish with a resonating clang after each lash landed. Raziel gnawed on his lower lip and tears stained his cheeks.

I moved to the right and beat the other buttock as mercilessly as the first. His chest heaved with the effort to release the marbles. With two more remaining within him and his strength failing I put more effort in my beating. It took three lashes in succession before the next marble hit the dish.

The last proved the most difficult and I felt my muscles begin to strain. The lattice pattern glowing on his reddened behind was beautiful. He could no longer withhold his voice and screamed as the strap marred his skin. His curls were plastered to his sweat soaked skin. His body lurched and writhed trying to escape the strap. Three more lashes and the final marble was purged from him and he collapsed onto the lawn.

Panting I placed the strap on the table and flexed my tired arm. Light perspiration dampened my shirt.

“Here Marcus,” My Lady produced a leather band from her purse and offered it to me. I bowed and went back to Raziel. He didn’t struggle as I wrapped and tightened the leather around the base of his engorged cock, but whimpered when my hands left his inflamed skin.

“You shall not find release until your Brotherhood is satisfied.” My Lady declared.

Michael was first to rise, his cock jutting out high before him. He stood proud over the cowering green collared slave, lifted Raziel’s chin and kissed his mouth. Raziel responded at once. Being intimately touched by a man for the first time since his training begun, Raziel welcomed Michael’s tongue in their first shared kiss.

Michael broke it first and stroked his thumb over the lips he’d wet. Parting Raziel’s lips, Michael pressed the head of his cock through them. Raziel swallowed him down like a man staved. Uriel settled behind Raziel and parted the boy’s buttocks and licked the length of the crevice before feasting on the boy’s convulsing hole.

Gabriel and Raphael lay on their backs and shuffled under either side of Raziel. Gagged by Michael’s cock, Raziel couldn’t let out his scream of pleasure as Raphael took the hard, dangling balls into his mouth and Gabriel the tortured cock. Azrael and Ariel began to torture his pale pointed nipples with mouth, teeth and tongue. He squirmed and writhed under their treatment.

Michael took over Raziel’s bobbing head, grabbing fistfuls of golden hair, he proceeded fucking Raziel’s mouth. His eyes flicked from Raziel’s tear streaked face to Lady Leopold re-crossing her legs. Trained to prolong orgasm until his owner wished, Michael could have fucked Raziel’s throat until it was raw. Instead he allowed himself to climax, grunting and dirtying the kneeling fledgling’s mouth and face. Michael kissed the swollen lips once again before returning to his Mistress’ side.

Michael went to his knees and kissed Lady Leopold’s slipper. This time she allowed him to continue. He gave her that charming, secret smile again before disappearing under her ballooning, pale pink skirts. Nothing in her facial expression changed, but she wet her lips and set her jaw as Michael began feasting between her thighs.

Haniel quickly replaced Michael. Raziel gagged loudly on the long cock as Uriel slid into his welcoming backside. Fresh tears spilled from Raziel’s eyes as Uriel’s hips slammed against his inflamed, branded flesh. The slap of skin on skin echoed through the grounds, mixed with the crying moans gurgling from Raziel’s cock filled throat.

Like Michael, Haniel let his seed cover the kneeling slave, messing his blond hair. Uriel drove hard and shuddered until his semen filled and dripped from Raziel. He retreated and Raphael took Uriel’s place, flipping Raziel on his back, giving the other angels easier access to torment his nipples and reddening erection. Remiel straddled Raziel’s face, feeding him his cock. Remiel and Raphael kissed each other as they fucked opposite orifices of Raziel’s body.

Soon Raphael was thrusting his climax into Raziel, letting his satisfaction be known in a succession of roaring blasphemies and curses, at which my Lady giggled. Remiel held Raziel’s legs high for the next angel to fill the space between. Gabriel knelt and entered Raziel’s dripping whole, a primal growl erupting from his chest. He played with Raphael’s nipples as Raphael thrust deep and shuddered, letting Raziel taste his seed and breathe hard around the cock in his mouth and the balls blocking his nose. Raziel swallowed, his mouth over flowing, saliva and semen splattering his face. His eyes had glazed over and he held his mouth open, awaiting the next violation.

Each of the boys took their turn inside him. His face was streaked with tears. He sobbed through the pain of his bound cock and full balls. Damp hair clung to his face. His chest heaved and his legs trembled. The boys positioned him as they pleased, spreading his legs and driving his back hard into the ground or forcing his weakened thighs to ride atop them. Ariel was particularly cruel and suckled hard on Raziel’s blood red cock while the others took their turn.

I’m not sure how many times Michael’s clever tongue brought my Lady to orgasm, I lost count after three, but she let him continue while she watched her new angel submit to his Brotherhood.

I must admit I was unashamed by my obvious arousal, not an unusual sight in such a household. I would challenge any man or woman to watch such a beautiful display of flesh collide and connect and not feel anything. The precision in which they moulded together to make a new whole was beautiful. Using all and every means to sexually torment Raziel, pulling and biting at his nipples, teasing and licking his darkened cock, fondling and tugging his balls. His skin was darkened and patterned with purpling bite marks.

Azrael was last to penetrate his newest Brother. Both on their knees, Azrael pulled Raziel’s arms back so his chest was flush to the boy’s back and his cock buried balls deep inside him. Lady Leopold finally gestured to me. I bowed to my Lady and went to the tortured slave and loosened to band fastened to his cock.

With his sentence carried out to its full extent, his hands moved to his painfully hard erection, but retreated when Lady Leopold snapped her fingers. Tears fell silently down his face and he bit his lower lip to stifle his sobs. Each limb vibrated with exhaustion, his arse clenched and flexed around Azrael’s impaling cock.

I was reminded of my punishment, my time spent wanting more than anything to end my suffering by the complete abandon of my long awaited climax or to die in the arms of my jailors. Either would have bought sweet relief. But I knew that the longer Raziel resisted the more glorious his euphoria would be, not just by his momentous orgasm or by pleasing his Mistress, but by the surpassing of another barrier in his training: complete abandon and total loss of control, accepting humiliation in front of his Mistress and her slaves, being bought a level even lower than his fellow slaves.

Her Ladyship’s own body trembled. She sucked in her lips and pressed her eyelids shut as her latest orgasm vibrated through her. Only now did Michael retreat from under my Lady’s skirts, licking his lips pointedly before re-joining his Brotherhood at her feet.

Lady Leopold straightened in her seat and rearranged her skirts, hiding any evidence of Michael’s activities. She looked over her angels for a moment then said, “Jophiel, won’t you help your Brother Raziel.”

“Yes Milady.” He bowed to her and crawled to Raziel. Jophiel had been named well: the Beauty of God. My Lady kept his straight black hair long, growing passed his shoulder blades. His lineage was questionable as his skin glowed with traces of oriental blood, but his eyes were as green as the grass surrounding him.

He set his beautiful, full lips to work, kissing Raziel’s blood filled cock. He sucked and licked at the tender skin and stroked the shaft. Raziel’s bucking hips he thrust his cock into Jophiel’s warm, open mouth and rode hard on Azrael’s length.

Within minutes Raziel was screaming through his orgasm, ripping mine and everyone else’s eardrums to shreds. Azrael held him tighter as his fluids filled Raziel’s insides. The two collapsed into a heap. Jophiel swallowed down Raziel’ hot seed and licked his lips, breaking the wet, white thread that connected them. He returned to my Lady’s side. Ariel kissed his mouth deeply, sharing the taste of Raziel’s semen before my Lady separated them with a snap of her fingers.

“Raziel, come.” With his chest still heaving and his limbs trembling, Raziel crawled to his Mistress and sat back on his heels, knees apart and eyes down. “Will you disappoint me again Raziel?”

“No Milady.” His dry voice trembled.

“Will you seek to please me with all your being?”

“Yes Milady.”

“Did you enjoy your Brothers?”

He sucked in his lower lip, as though still tasting them all on his tongue, “Yes Milady.”

She smiled and directed her attention to the others, “And did you all enjoy Raziel, my angels?”

“Yes Milady.” The boys answered in unison.

“You are very loved Raziel.” Lady Leopold said, addressing just him. She kissed both his eyelids, smiling with girlish glee once more. “Now congratulations to Michael for being the fastest to retrieve his marble. He shall be attending Mistress Merrick’s Ball with me.

“Marcus, send word to Mistress Merrick that I accept her invitation. Tell her what transpired here today. No doubt she will love to hear of it.”

“Yes my Lady.” I went to my duties quickly, before relieving the pent up pressure in my balls, pumping my cock hard until I came thinking of beautiful, beaten Raziel.

James had never had to share a room with another man in his life. He’d never had a brother, he’d lucked out for his first year of college and snagged a single room, and then his whole life had changed. The guards escorted him down the halls, the sound of men stomping their boots and smacking their cell bars following him. James hung his head, his blond hair falling into his face. He was – or had once been – a cute college kid. He was a little nervous, a little bookish, his frame slender and light. With his big blue eyes, his full cocksucking lips and the cute glasses perched on his nose, he looked like the prison would eat him alive.

It had been a stupid mistake. Just once, he’d wanted to fit in. He’d had a few too many, and when his ‘friends’ had run out of beer, they had sent him out to get more. He knew that it was stupid, but he had been feeling flushed and flattered by all the attention. He hadn’t wanted the guys to leave. So he’d gotten in his car, and he’d gone to buy beer. It was only three blocks away, what could possibly go wrong?

He ran over a little girl a block away from home, beer in the back seat. Child killer. Men (though at nineteen, he was little more than a boy) like him didn’t get it easy in prison. The guards shoved him into his cell, un-cuffed him and shut the bars behind him, leaving him to his fate.

“Enjoy, princess,” one said as they walked away laughing – Steve had lost his wife to a drunk driver years earlier, and he didn’t take kindly to those that killed others through sheer stupidity. The guards could have been easy on the boy, could have put him with someone that wouldn’t make his life a living hell, that would shelter him without taking it out of his ass, but they wanted to see James suffer. He was a pretty boy – by the end of the week, he’d have bent over for half the prison. And they had made sure to bunk him up with one of the guys with the biggest cocks to ‘break him in’. Not that James knew his fate yet. He had an inkling from the TV, from rumours and jest, but surely prison couldn’t be all that bad? Ever the optimist, James didn’t want to think about what could be in store for him.

Kyle was sat up on the top bunk, his muscular back pressed against the wall as he watched his new cellmate, his expression blank. He eyed the boy up, taking in his smooth, pale skin, his lean body and his pretty face. The kid looked barely legal, and that was how Kyle liked them. He felt a tingling in his dick just looking at that innocent face, those big, cute eyes and those full lips. Kyle was betting that those lips had never been wrapped around a cock, though the kid looked like he sucked it constantly. No matter, Kyle would make sure to put those lips to good use. That ass, too.

“Turn around,” he said, his voice deep, masculine and authoritative. Kyle was a big guy. At 6’4, he was about nine or ten inches taller than Kyle, and the muscles in his legs were about the size of Kyle’s head. His arms were huge and covered in prison tattoos. The bulge in his crotch was pronounced, snaking down one leg. He wasn’t even hard yet. He had a buzz cut, his hair dark and cropped close to his skull. His legs hung off the end of the bed.

“W-what?” James stammered, his voice meek compared to Kyle’s. There was no doubt that his new cellmate was an alpha male, and James felt like a bug in his presence, like he wasn’t a real man. Fuck, the guy bled testosterone. Next to Kyle, James was nothing.

“Turn around,” Kyle insisted. “I want to check out that ass of yours.” He grinned, his dimples showing, deceptively friendly.

“N-no,” James said, his eyes widening. His hands fluttered awkwardly as if he didn’t know quite what to do with himself.

“Tch. Boy, you don’t want to make me come down there.” Kyle’s grin shifted, something dangerous lurking behind his eyes. His smile sharpened, showing one too many teeth. “Guards put you in here for a reason. You start screaming, they won’t come until you start gurgling blood. Now turn around and show me your ass.”

“You can’t do this,” James said, his eyes filling with tears. He tried to hold them back – he was a man, after all. Men didn’t cry. A wave of hopelessness went through him. His life was ruined. Just weeks ago, he had been a happy, carefree college kid. Now he was sharing a cell with a criminal and his life was ruined. He wouldn’t be able to go back to college, get a job, anything. That was even if he ever got out of this place.

“I can do whatever the fuck I want,” Kyle said, shifting on the bed. He reached a hand down between his legs and squeezed at the bulge in his orange jumpsuit, eyeing the pretty college boy. He liked it when they cried a little – it was real cute. “You wanna know why I’m in here, kid? I’m in here for raping and strangling a pretty boy like you. So think about how much you wanna push me. Like I said, they put you in here for a reason. They wanna see you suffer, boy. So turn the fuck around.”

At the words ‘raping and strangling’, James’ future flashed before him. He had no illusions – this man could overpower him easily. Letting out a helpless sob, he turned around and gripped the bars, turning his back to the other man.

“That’s it,” Kyle said. “Now stick your ass out real pretty, show me what you’re working with, kid. If you’ve got a nice enough ass, maybe I’ll keep you around a while.”

James took a deep breath, fighting his humiliation. His cheeks flushed red and he curved his back, shoving his ass out at Kyle. Across the hall, there was another cell, two men watching and nudging each other. James avoided their eyes.

“That’s a real nice ass, kid. But I can’t see it so well with that baggy as shit jumpsuit on. Why don’t you take it off, eh?”

“I don’t want to,” James said, still sticking his ass out at the man. Tears welled up in his eyes. “Please. Don’t make me.”

Kyle rolled his eyes – the fucking fag was so pathetic. “Come on, you got underwear under them, not like it’s so bad. Strip ‘em off for me, or do I have to come down and make you do it? If I have to make you, you better believe I’ll be fucking you right up against the bars where everyone can see.”

Trembling, James peeled himself away from the bars. His hands shook as he lowered the zip on his overalls. He pulled them from his body and stepped out of them, revealing a white undershirt and a pair of white boxers.

“Tch, kind of skinny,” Kyle said. “Ah well, we’ll beef you up, get some muscle on you. Even if we can’t do anything about the size of your cock. Not that you’ll need it that much. Your bulge is real small there, though. How you expect to fuck bitches with that cock? Prolly a good thing you’re a faggot.”

“I-I’m not. I’m not a fag,” James said, his cheeks flushed. He clasped his hands in front of his groin, looking down at the floor and chewing on his lower lip cutely. “My dicks’ just average, that’s all.”

“Average.” Kyle snorted. “Sure.” He checked the kid out quickly. “Now turn around and lower your boxers down under your ass and show me that sweet ass of yours. If you tell me no again, I’m gonna get off this bed and give you a lesson in obedience, boy.”

Trembling, James turned around again. He took a deep breath, fiddling with the waistband of his boxers. “I can’t,” he sobbed, even as he lowered them over his ass, showing nice, full, pale buttocks. He stuck his ass out toward Kyle and gripped the bars again, his face flushed.

“That’s it,” Kyle encouraged. “Yeah, that’s real nice, bet that’s as smooth as a girl’s, huh? Now reach back and show me your pretty pink asshole. I wanna see your cunt, boy.”

James whimpered quietly. He hesitated for a long moment, until he heard Kyle move on the bed. James’ hands flew from the bars. He parted his own buttocks slowly, revealing his tight, pink asshole. It was obvious just looking at it that he’d never had anything bigger than an exploratory finger up there, despite any curiosity he may have had.

“That’s a really cute pussy, James,” Kyle said, rubbing his hand over the slowly growing bulge at his crotch. There was a damp spot near the head where he was starting to leak pre-cum. “I’m gonna enjoy shoving my big dick in that. Aren’t you glad you saved it for me? Open it up wider so I can see it.”

James sobbed brokenly and did as he was told – it had only taken ten minutes to turn him from a once-normal college boy to a crying, broken, obedient thing. He opened his ass up further for Kyle, showing him his tight, puckered hole, ignoring the leering men opposite their cell.

“Have you ever sucked dick, kid?” Kyle said, unzipping his jumpsuit and pulling his cock and balls out. He stroked himself a few times, rubbing his fingers over the sticky, uncut tip.

“N-no,” James stammered.

“D’you want to learn? Before you answer, I want you to know that my dick is going in you one way or the other. I can either shove it up your pretty pink asshole, or you can have a little lesson in how to suck cock. I don’t care either way. But if you even try to bite, I’m gonna give you a lesson in what it feels like to be choked to death whilst a big, thick cock fucks you up the ass. You got it?”

James broke down. He let go of his ass and grabbed the bars again, crying openly. His knees felt weak. The reality of the situation hit him – he was going to be this man’s prison bitch. He was going to be little more than a prisoner’s sex slave until he either got out of prison or he died.

“I haven’t got time for this shit, faggot. You can get over here and start licking my dick, or you can keep crying like a stupid girl whilst I ruin your asshole. It’s up to you. I don’t really give a shit as long as my thick cock gets a warm hole to fuck, you got me?”

James let out another heart wrenching sob, but Kyle was absolutely unmoved – he wanted to get his dick sucked, and he wanted it now. If James was incapable of sucking his dick, then he’d just shove it up the boy’s ass and be done with it. He just liked to lube up with a little throat fucking first. After all, in prison, it wasn’t like there was any lube. If the boy sucked him off a little first, it wouldn’t hurt so bad when he rammed his thick cock up his ass. If he didn’t suck it, it was no skin off Kyle’s nose.

Giving in, James straightened up. He pulled his boxers back up over his ass, ignoring the hoots and laughter from those that could see what was happening. They all knew what was coming. Turning around, he looked at Kyle. James was blushing deeply, his eyes bright with tears, his lips quivering. Kyle couldn’t wait to get those lips around his cock.

“Come on over,” Kyle said, hopping off the bed and leaning against the wall, staying by the cell entrance so he could give his buddies a show. After all, it wasn’t like they got fresh meat this pretty that often. “Kneel down. Don’t make me make you, bitch.”

Trembling all over, James did as he was told. He got down on his knees. The cement floor was cold and crushed the delicate skin at his kneecaps. For the first (though far from the last) time, he came face-to-face with the cock that he was destined to serve. It was a monster – nearly ten inches long and nearly as thick around as a can of coke. Just looking at it made James’ stomach cramp and his asshole tighten as he tried to imagine that up inside him.

“There’s a good bitch,” Kyle said, slapping the head of his dick back and forth over James’ face. He pulled the foreskin back and rubbed the head of his cock over the boy’s lips, pre-cum clinging between his dick and James’ mouth in strands. Kyle lifted his dick up. “Now suck my balls,” he said. “Every good dick suck should start with the balls. Bitches forget balls too often.”

James leaned in, trying to do as he was told. Kyle smelled musky and masculine, and the closer he got to his balls, the more the smell of him enveloped James. He tentatively stretched out his tongue and then drew back, shaking his head. “I can’t do it.” He sniffled, looking up at the bigger male, his voice small. “Please don’t make me.”

Kyle backhanded the boy viciously. “You want me to hurt you, is that it? You want me to beat the shit out of you? I don’t want to do that, but I will, if you make me. You either take my cock, or I beat you unconscious. It’s your fucking choice. You be my bitch willingly or I make it hell for you. My patience is running out, whore. Suck my balls.”

Sobbing quietly, James leaned in again. This time, he didn’t hesitate, dragging his tongue over Kyle’s balls before he took one in his sweet, hot mouth. He sucked on one, then the other, giving Kyle’s balls a nice tongue bath.

“Oh, yeah, that’s it, bitch. You’re getting the idea,” Kyle said, jerking himself off lazily, pre-cum dripping into James’ hair. Kyle just enjoyed the sensation of having a reluctant pretty boy suck his balls before deciding that he’d have enough. He wanted to ram his cock somewhere warm.

“Normally, I’d draw this lesson out, showing you how to suck cock properly, but you’ve been such a fucking tease that you’ll have to wait next time for a real lesson,” Kyle said, fisting a hand in James’ hair. He tugged the boy’s head back, rubbing the head of his cock over those pretty lips. “Now open up and suck. Don’t bite, no matter what, or I’ll rip out every single one of your fucking teeth. Shouldn’t be too hard to get hold of pliers.”

James whimpered and did as he was told, opening his mouth hesitantly, his hands gripping Kyle’s hips like he could stop the bigger man raping him if he tried hard enough. James was nothing compared to Kyle – he couldn’t stop anything.

“There’s a good bitch,” Kyle said, aiming his dick slowly into that warm mouth. “Yeah, that’s it, there you go, suck it.” His voice was low and throaty. He took his time, sinking into that hot, wet cavern at a nice, slow pace. He felt James retch when he hit the back of the boy’s throat and he just laughed, pushing past his new bitch’s gag reflex, sinking into the tightness of his throat. He was so big that James’ throat bulged visibly. The boy couldn’t stop gagging and choking, and it felt so good to feel those contractions around his throbbing dick.

James had never sucked cock before. He’d never even licked one, never mind take one down his throat. The closest he had ever come to anything like that was tasting his own come one time. He gagged and retched around the bigger man’s cock, panicking. He couldn’t breathe. He tried to snort in air through his nose, pushing at Kyle’s muscular thighs. Despite his fear, he didn’t dare bite – he was more afraid of what Kyle would do to him than he was of not being able to breathe. For the moment.

“Mmm, yeah, you got a real tight throat,” Kyle said, feeling it contract around him as James choked. “Feels as nice as a good, tight pussy. Though I bet your ass will feel better.” He pulled back, leaving the fat head in James’ mouth, letting the other man suck in a breath of air before he forced himself down again.

Kyle started to fuck James’ mouth in quick, brutal slides, raping his throat mercilessly. His cock throbbed at the wet heat of it. He was so fucking boned from feeling and watching the pretty college boy gag around his huge cock. He barely let James take a breath.

“Ow, you little fuck,” Kyle said, pulling back. “Watch your teeth.” It was nothing, just a little scrape where the boy hadn’t been concentrating enough, but it wasn’t fucking acceptable when you were sucking someone off. Pulling his cock out of James’ mouth, Kyle spat in the boy’s face and backhanded him sharply, hard enough to split his lip and send his glasses flying.

James’ head whipped to the side. He flicked his tongue out, tasting blood. Reluctantly, he looked up at the other man, his eyelashes wet with tears. “I’m sorry.”

Looking down, Kyle smirked. He pressed his foot into James’ groin. “What’s this, faggot?” he asked. “Sucking off guys gets you hard, huh? Well that’s good, I guess. You’re going to be doing a lot of that, so it’s good that you get off on it like a real fag. Probably means you’ll get off on a nice ass fucking, too. You’re really gonna like it in here.”

“I’m not,” James croaked. “I don’t.” He wasn’t a fag, he didn’t get off on it. But he couldn’t deny that he was hard, his cock throbbing, tenting his white briefs. This was exactly what he barely let himself think about at night. But hushed, late night fantasy with a shameful hand moving under his bed clothes was nothing like the reality. His throat hurt. He’d been humiliated, treated like he wasn’t a man, wasn’t even human.

This man was going to rape him. And he wasn’t going to be gentle about it.

“Well, straight men don’t get off on sucking cock, do they, boy?” Kyle asked, pulling James in by his hair. “Fuck, doesn’t matter to me either way. I’ll fuck you whether you get hard for it or not, all I care about is getting off. Don’t much care either way if you get off with me. But you should be thankful. Fags just like you have paid money to suck me off. You’re a lucky kid, bitch.” Grinning, Kyle rubbed the sensitive head of his dick against James’ lips and moaned.

“Now come on, suck it properly.” He twisted his hand in James’ hair. “Open your mouth, take it inside and suck it. If you do a good enough job, maybe I’ll bust my nut in your mouth and we’ll save your ass for later. If you can’t get me to come, well – then we’ll just have to see how well your virgin asshole takes a big dick like mine.” Kyle grinned down at the boy. “Come on, you know the alternative is worse. Unless you want me to fuck your ass, I mean.”

James paused, breathing hard. He knew that he didn’t really have any choice – if he pissed Kyle off, he would pay for it. Slowly, reluctantly, he opened his mouth, letting the bigger man feed his cock to him. James sucked, hollowing his cheeks around Kyle’s throbbing dick. He could feel the veins against his tongue, and he tried hard not to let his teeth graze the sensitive skin. His own cock throbbed between his legs. His hands twitched toward his cock before he stopped them, curling them into fists.

Kyle groaned, then laughed. “You wanna touch yourself, fag?” he asked. “You don’t get to come until I do. You even try to touch your cock and I’ll beat your nuts until they’re the size of apples. Fucking faggots. No control.” He pulled out again, looking down at his dick. He was so fucking hard, and he was getting bored of that pretty mouth. Kyle was a greedy guy – he wanted to open all his presents at once.

“I guess you want my dick up your ass. Get naked and lean over the bottom bunk. I want your ass in the air.”

“No, please,” James sobbed, his voice raw and rough from the throat fucking. “I’ll suck it. I’ll make it feel so good. Please. Please don’t make me, I’ve never done anything like this, please.”

“You’ve got ten seconds before I take your disobedience out on your balls.”

A/N: Possibly more to come, if people are interested. I’d quite like to see how well James takes a big, thick cock up his tight little ass.

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