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So guess what guys… I’m on vacation. Guess what I’m doing… I’M FREAKING WORKING :( This story is my addiction. I literally can’t sleep a full night without waking up and writing down an idea. I have an iPhone full of random cryptic notes that I have to decipher because I’ll be so tired when I randomly write down an idea. Is this what writers go through? I dream about my characters. I literally have dreams about them. Anyways. I just want to thank you guys for sticking with me. I know that I left some things out in my last chapter, but it was for a reason. I know you guys might think it is moving fast but remember that had I not started over, and put chapters 1-4 in one submission, technically this would be CH 6. OK? Happy readings my loves.


I woke up to talking outside of the room I was locked in. I had lost track of time and I had no idea how long I had been here. Maybe a couple of days. Where was Eric? Had he given up on me? Abandoned me? He didn’t wake up when I screamed his name. Maybe he wanted me to be here. I listened to the men outside. I knew one of them was my captor on his way to come and try to rape me for the hundredth time. I would just fight him and insult him until he got so angry he would beat me until I passed out. I was growing tired of being beat and my body couldn’t take anymore. He hadn’t hit my face except once when he slapped me. Maybe he was saving it for later.

“Sorry man I can’t. I got a hot little woman waiting for me,” he said.

“I can’t believe Vanessa really pulled it off,” the other guy said.

“Me either but the witch guaranteed the spell would work. That it did. The wolves were knocked out cold and the ones that were awake couldn’t move.”

“Damn man. That spell had to be powerful.”

“Yea it was. We had our inside man let us in and we walked straight through. It was a piece of cake.”

“Who is this inside man?”

“I don’t even know but he knew the security code.”

“So what’s going to happen now?”

“I don’t really know. Vanessa said something about killing the alpha. She needed his blood to complete the spell the witch gave her. She’s going to perform some ritual to bring back some old powerful dude. I wasn’t really listening.”

“How is she keeping the Alpha still? He is very powerful.”

“He was until she took control. Now he is just a weak wolf.”

“How did she do that? That is just wow.”

“Anything is possible with magic. His wolf is knocked out. Unable to help because of the magic. He’s locked in some magical room.”

“What’s going to happen to the girl?”

“Her will to fight is breaking. I’m going to break her spirit and train her. She’ll be begging for my dick in no time. There’s something different about her though. She wasn’t sleep when we found her.”

“Maybe the spell doesn’t reach humans.”

“Yea probably. Either way, I’ll be fucking her soon.”

“That’s what I’m talking about. Hey lets go fuck with some humans. I haven’t had warm meat in a while. It is night time. We can catch some unsuspecting girls.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

I heard them walking away. What was she planning? My blood was boiling. I was scared. I was pissed. Ever since Eric and I had sex, something about me was different. Something was on the surface waiting to break out. I feel asleep not long after.


“Where am I?” I said out loud.

I was walking through a forest. A clearing. Everything was beautiful. I wanted to sit down and enjoy this but my feet wouldn’t stop moving. They took me down a path. First thing I saw was a beautiful bird in a cage. I walked right to the cage. It was locked. The bird waited patiently just looking at me. I had a feeling that I was supposed to rescue this bird. I saw the lock was like a bike lock. I almost felt like I knew the combination. I reached forward and my hands had a mind of their own. Suddenly the bird was free and it flew next to me.

“Wow. What is this?” I asked out loud.

I didn’t have time to think about it, I was walking again and saw yet another cage. This time it was a snake. I guess in my dreams I wasn’t scared of animals. I unlocked the cage and the snake slithered next to me. I kept walking down the path unlocking multiple cages along the way. I looked around. I was surrounded by animals. I had unlocked a bird, snake, cheetah, bear, lion, elephant, fox, horse, monkey, rabbit, and a rhino. I had come to the last cage. A wolf. I walked up to the cage and the wolf whimpered and looked at me with sad eyes.

“I’m scared of you wolf. Will you hurt me?” I asked.

I knew the answer already. She wouldn’t hurt me. I was still afraid. Suddenly my hands were unlocking the lock and the cage door was open but she wouldn’t move.

“Are you afraid of me wolf?” I asked.

The wolf didn’t move. She just looked at me with sad eyes. I suddenly understood.

“You’re scared because I’m scared? You don’t want to hurt me by scaring me?” I asked.

She whimpered some more. I wasn’t afraid anymore. This wolf wouldn’t hurt me. I dropped to my knees and crawled to her. She moved away from me.

“I’m sorry for locking you up in this cage. I was afraid but I’m not scared anymore,” I told her.

She walked towards me and out the cage. I felt her rub against me. Now what? What did all this mean? They led me to a clearing. I saw a woman and a man on a rock. They were holding hands and embracing. As I walked closer, I realized that it was my dad.

“Daddy!!!” I screamed.

I ran as fast as my legs would allow. I ran straight into his arms.

“Oh daddy I’ve missed you,” I said crying. “I’m sorry I wasn’t a good daughter. I’m sorry I wasn’t around when you were murdered. I’m sorry daddy.”

He pulled me away from him and looked in my eyes.

“That was never your fault daughter. You were perfect to me. Still are,” he said.

I noticed the woman. I felt drawn to her. She was beautiful. Beautiful was an understatement. She was just… wow. She had brown skin that looked like silk. She had gray eyes like mines. Her hair was long, brown and curly, like mines. She had soft brown eyes, like mines. Who was she?

“Natalia, that is your birth mother,” He said.

“How? I look just like mom, but I look just like her,” I said.

The woman walked up to us. I was a mirror image of her. There was no denying that this woman was in fact my birth mother.

“How? Why?” I asked.

They led me to a lake and we sat down.

“When we first met, it was the second best moment of our lives. We were extremely happy,” My dad started.

“But as fate would have it, our joining was illegal and frowned upon. It was not accepted for us to be together back then,” the woman continued. “But we loved each other dearly and still do. So we ran away together and got married. Then we got pregnant. We knew it was dangerous but we were being selfish and couldn’t give you up. When you were born, it was as if our lives were created solely so you could exist. I would have been content with dying at that moment. There was nothing anybody or anyone could have said that would have made me even entertain the thought of giving you up. You were the perfect combination of us. You were created solely out of love. In just that second I knew you were my world and I would die protecting you. Your birth was the best moment of our young lives. We laid low and for the first 2 years of your life, everything was great. Your father’s side had given up finding us, but my father hadn’t. He wanted revenge. One night I was visited in my dreams and was told that my time was going to end soon. I had to protect you so I did what was necessary.”

“Why could you not be together?” I asked her.

“Because my dear heart… a witch and a were could not coexist with each other. Our species were at war and it was illegal,” she explained.

“A….. A witch? You are a witch?” I asked looking at her. I looked at my dad “And you’re a were? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“He didn’t know,” She said softly. “After I had had my dream, I knew what I had to do. I had to protect you at any cost. If they found you, you would have been killed. They only saw you as an abomination. I didn’t tell your father because I knew you would need somebody to raise you. I searched day in and day out for a woman that could past for your mother. When I finally found her, I knew it was time. She had no family, no one that would miss her if she disappeared. I erased your father’s memory and implanted only memories of her. He didn’t know he was a were. I had to bind his wolf. Not to deceive him, but to protect him. I made him fall for her, like he fell for me. Selfishly, I couldn’t bring myself to erase your memories of me out your mind so I only bound your powers and kissed you goodbye. I performed the spell and erased the woman’s entire memory and planted the memory of falling in love and being pregnant with you, watching you take your first steps, say your first words. I put her in my spot and watched from the shadows. When they woke, it was like nothing had changed. But you knew. You wouldn’t go to her and you cried every time she touched you. I knew I had made yet another selfish decision but I regretted it not. I had used so much of my power that I was drained. I watched for a month as you warmed up to her and accepted her as your mother. For what it’s worth, it broke my heart giving up the 2 things that had ever made me happy.”

I watched as tears slipped down her cheeks. I knew she was reliving the whole moment of giving me and my dad up.

“When they found me, I had no energy left to fight. I knew it would be over soon. They promised me freedom if I led them to you and your father, but I wouldn’t. I couldn’t. I lived in fear each day that they would find you but they didn’t.” She said. “The day of my death I took out everybody that was threatening to find you. I could have escaped but my father found me. I had used all my energy so it was pointless to try and fight. In his eyes I was a traitor, not his daughter. We fought and he stabbed me in the stomach. He was going to leave me there to bleed out. He told me he would find you and do you the same. I prayed to Luna for strength. I conjured up just enough strength to do one last spell. I wouldn’t let him harm you. The spell killed my father and as I lie there, I sent all my love to you. Finally, I let death overcome me. I joined my mother in heaven and continued to watch over you. I never stopped loving you.”

I was crying now watching her cry. She had given up so much.

“So what am I?” I asked.

“You have the blood of a witch and the blood of an alpha wolf. So that would make you half of both,” my dad explained.

“You also have pure born witch blood. I was born a witch; my mother was born a witch, her mother and so on and so on. Your blood is very special and very powerful. It has healing qualities,” she said.

“But aren’t all witches born?” I asked.

“But our bloodline goes back since before Christ walked the earth. Since you are the last in our line, you inherited all that power and knowledge. You are very powerful,” she explained

I nodded. “What is my purpose in life? Why am I here?” I asked

“You shall find out soon dear heart. We have to go now. You know the truth, now it is up to you to determine your life. We love you and we will always watch over you,” my mom said.

“Wait I have more questions. How do I use this magic?” I asked.

“Let your body relax. Concentrate on what you want to happen and let the spell overcome you. Speak it out loud and so it shall be,” she explained fading.

“Daddy who killed you? When will I see you guys again?” I asked.

But they were already gone.


I woke up sweating. What did all that mean? I looked down and saw weird symbols on my wrists. They could pass for tattoos, but I knew what they were. It wasn’t just a dream. This was all happening so fast. I even felt different. I felt faster, slicker, stronger. I could hear better and see well. I could smell better. I was a different person. I felt powerful. I had slept the whole day away. I could feel it.

“I have to get out of here. I have to save my mate. Vanessa bound his wolf and is keeping him prisoner with magic,” I whispered out loud as the realization hit me.

Now that my birth mother had talked to me, I understood how Vanessa had succeeded. Magic was powerful. How do I tap into my own magic? I closed my eyes and let my body relax. I need to heal and I needed to heal fast. Words appeared in my thoughts I read them out loud. I felt tingling all over my body and when I opened my eyes I didn’t have a bruise or cut on me.

“Wow,” I whispered.

Suddenly I had a plan. I would have to work fast to pull it off. I listened as I heard him walking down the hall. I could smell him. He was coming to hurt me. I ran in the bathroom and waited.

“Turn into a snake,” I commanded.

Nothing happened. Oh please turn into a snake. Nothing. I had to work now or my plan would fail. I closed my eyes and willed myself to be a snake. I felt my bones crack and strangely it didn’t hurt that bad. I had gotten the hang of this pretty fast. When I opened my eyes, I was a snake. I slithered on top of the door frame and waited. I felt the vibrations of him walking before I saw him.

“Are you hiding from me little girl? You know I hate games,” he said out loud.

He walked into the bathroom and before he had a chance to react I made my move. I slid off the frame and tightened around his neck, squeezing him until he couldn’t breathe. He was pulling at me but I squeezed tighter until I heard a crack. He fell to the ground with me still around him and I knew he was dead. I willed myself to change back to a human and felt the similar tingling. When I opened my eyes I had my legs wrapped around his neck and I was naked. I blushed.

“So much for modesty,” I said out loud.

I got up and went to the bathroom for the shirt. Right where I left it. Now what? I needed a spell. I had some of the most powerful witches ever blood running through my veins, and I had Alpha blood in there too. I was a force to be reckoned with. I was powerful in my own right and I would do anything to save my mate. Anything.

“I need an invisible spell. What are those called? A… a… a… Dammit what are they called?” I asked myself frustrated. Then it hit me. “A cloaking spell.”

I walked over to the dead body and kicked him. Not so powerful now huh? OK concentrate Talia. I need a good cloaking spell that will get me out this place. I closed my eyes and let the spell take over. My lips started moving on their own. Suddenly I felt light. Like air. How do I know if it worked? Oh well. Only one way to find out. I slipped out the room and let the door close and lock. This way they wouldn’t know I was gone just yet. I walked down the hallway and peeked around the corner. I saw a guard. I jumped back before he saw me and saw another guard walk right past me. They couldn’t see me.

“Hey you!” one of the guards yelled.

My heart started beating a mile a minute. I could hear it thumping.

“Come hold my post while I go pee. That douche never gives us bathroom breaks man,” he said.

I let a breath of air; one I didn’t even know I was holding, out. That was like something out of a TV show or movie. I started walking. I had to find a way out now. This magic could wear off at any moment. I saw an open window and looked down. We were about 7 floors up. I climbed out the window and stood on the ledge with my back against the brick wall. I willed the cloaking spell to wear off.

“Now what? I can’t go back in or I’ll get caught,” I said out loud.

These guy were truly dumb. They didn’t even have guards outside. Then again who would be dumb enough to try to climb out the freaking window Natalia? While I was having that internal argument I lost my footing and slipped off the ledge. I closed my eyes and waited to hit the ground but I never did. I opened my eyes and I was flying. Oh my God I was a bird. I was flying. I tested my wings and let them take me. This was truly magical. I flew and flew until I saw a forest. I could land there and rest. I flew overhead checking the forest and making sure I didn’t see anybody or any traps. It was clear. I flew straight down and landed. I had no idea how tired I would be. I willed myself to change from a bird to a human. At that same moment I felt Eric’s pain.

“Don’t worry Eric, I’m on the way,” I said.

I had no idea where I was but I would figure it out for him. I had a lot of making up to do. I laid down on the cold forest ground. I was lost, naked, tired, hungry and drained.

“Keeping going Tal. You gotta find shelter,”

The little voice in my head was right. The sun was going to be setting soon and it was going to get very cold. I didn’t have any power for a spell. I stumbled through the forest for about an hour. I had almost given up until I fell into someone’s backyard. I crawled to the backdoor and pulled myself to my feet. I rang the doorbell over and over until an older heavyset black woman answered the door.

“Help me,” I begged.

“I’ll help you child,” she said.

I didn’t miss the evil smile she gave me. Shit I need to run. But it was too late. I had only saw the evil look in her eyes 1 second before passing out in her arms.

“Wake up sweetie. You need to eat.”

I opened my eyes and saw the older woman. I was lying in a bed. More than likely her bed. She had pictures everywhere.

“How long was I out?” I asked.

“Only a night,” she said.

“Well I should get going. Thank you for all you have done,” I said getting up.

I had on basketball shorts and a tank top. That was nice of her.

“Oh no child you have to eat,” she said with that same evil smile.

She pulled me out the bed and into the kitchen. I could handle myself against her if necessary, but something told me she wasn’t a bad person.

“JERMAINE!” She yelled.

“Coming Ma!” a man yelled back.

I looked at her. She had that same evil look in her eyes. A boy or should I say a man ran downstairs and I had to admit he was stunning. He had dark chocolate skin, beautiful brown eyes and he was tall and in shape. I could tell because he was shirtless. He smiled when he saw me and he had the second prettiest smile ever. I had to admit, he was beautiful. He was my type all the way around. Had I not met Eric, I would’ve been attracted to him. But Eric was it for me. His body called to me. His lips, eyes, nose all of it was perfect and I couldn’t wait to be with him again. I heard the woman clear her throat.

“Oh sorry huh?” I asked blushing.

It had looked like I was staring at her son, but I was really thinking about Eric. Oops.

“This is my son Jermaine. Jermaine this is… What was your name again?” she asked.

“Natalia,” I said shaking his hand.

“Natalia, nice to meet you. I must say you are gorgeous,” he said.

I blushed and looked at his mom; she had stars in her eyes.

“Thank you. You are handsome yourself,” I said.

“You know Jermaine is single and looking. You and him would give me beautiful grandchildren,” she said with that same evil look.

Now I understood. She wanted to hook me up with her son. That is where the evil look came from; she was formulating a plan to get us together.

“Well I have to go to work. I won’t question you about what you were doing naked on my back porch at sunset because I’m sure you won’t tell me, but please keep in touch,” she said walking out. “Oh and I wouldn’t be mad if you guys stayed together. Let me know if you need some privacy. I can stay away for a couple of nights.”

What a woman. She was weird and funny at the same time. Now to let her son down. I didn’t want to lead him on or anything.

“I’m sorry Natalia, but I’m just going to get it all out there. I’ m not interested in you. I kind of already have somebody I’m pursuing and I’m only interested in her,” He said waiting for me to cry.

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